Trump-Sleazy America

Trump, the GOP candidate for president is the very epitome of what has been defeating America for decades. A haze of sleazy has fallen over our Nation,along with a laizze-faire apathy where no one cares, while we have become a nation that condones hate and rudeness against our fellow man.

This attitude has not only been promoted by the personalities of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Pahlin but also led by the conservative media starting with Fox Network.  It was,however,initiated by the GOP, itself.  In order to smear the government, while placing themselves above it or as our savior to the rescue, they found it necessary to justify the welfare of their own lock in trade, namely banks and corporations, with the goal being to remove all restrictions against them to compensate for a heavy handed government.

By making the government ,led by Barack Obama,the enemy of the people, it became fair game to resurrect all the hate that had been kept quieted, previously. No one group brought it forward,better,nor encouraged white supremistst groups to speak at their Conventions more, than have the tea party members. 2009 was their coming out in numbers year, to open up and justify all the hate only previously voiced in private by the bigots and “the good old boy universe.” When the LGBT community were at long last granted their right to recognition,by Barack Obama, the Churches came out in droves, denying them their rights,and justifying the behavior of the GOP!

What Trump has said,and continues to say, no matter how badly we wish to deny it, is nothing more than has been said for years by the right wing of politics. The people we think of as sleazy Anericans,have not always been found in places we may think they are,but instead many of them are at home in the board rooms of America.  They are now upset as hell for the fact that Trump is exposing them! The cover up of government as the enemy, has worked so well to disguise them, and they wished to keep it that way!

It is approximated that Trump won the primaries due to the 10 million voters who voted for him.  The question exist,”Will they now allow their vote to destroy us as a nation?”

All the lies that have been printed and told, from the right of the aisle ,have been as effective against their own, as it has been against the left of the aisle.  When any one individual or group begins using lies to represent the truth they must be very careful in their efforts or approach of doing so.  Anyone surprised that such behavior on the part of the GOP, has landed them a nightmare,should not be so surprised.

When white supremest groups are invited to speak at their CPAC conventions, when the voice of the NRA spreads lies and vile,but speaks for our elected GOP representatives,when a group expounds Christian values and behaves differently, and media is hired to advocate lies over truth, then what kind of candidate did the GOP think  they would eventually invite to their table?

There is an old saying in America that needs to be paid attention to,it is,”Be careful of what you ask for, as you may get it!”

Trump-A Serious Mistake

Any Country of voters,who elects a fascist despot to run it’s Nation, and base their decision on frustration,anger,or hate, over specific concern for the state of our Nation,are acting out of ignorance and revenge against a perceived enemy, known only to themselves.

This is not the action of patriotism nor does it remotely exhibit the use of common sense! It is one thing to become so fed up by the status quo to want to leave behind the idea, “We are fed up, and will not take it anymore!” But quite another to destroy our Nation in the process.  A more common sense approach is to vote for the qualified candidate instead, which obviously we know if we are not letting our logic be clouded by ignorance.

We cannot claim to be the defender of Christian values,and then elect an immoral man to run our Nation. As Anericsns and Christians, we have an obligation to pay the debt we incurr.  If health problems or immaturity interfere with our ability to do so, then perhaps some allowances can be made if in filing bankruptcy once,we learn from it. When a mult-millionaire,who has the ability to pay, files bankruptsy five times and fails to pay his workers, it is nothing more than  the immorality of greed!

We cannot claim to be the defenders of American and  Christian values and elect an immoral man as president.  When politi-facts tell us that no person in history has ever  told more lies while campaigning, had suits filed against them for the serious crimes of child molestation, rape, or been involved in 140 legal filings on fraud, we no longer can excuse ourselves from the ignorance of not knowing Trump had a history of immorality.

As parents,aunts,uncles,grandparents,we have an obligation much greater than ourselves.  That obligation is to vote in the best interests of future generations!  We owe them much more than our show of frustration,anger, and hate! We owe them a tomorrow!  Vote Democrat in November!

It is true that there are fewer disgruntled Americans who still have the ability to use common sense than there are angry,bigoted,Americans whose common sense, “flew the coop,” years ago.  Believe it or not, there are not as many Bobby Joes, or Betty Lous as the Trump team would like us to believe, in comparison to free thinking, average intelligence, voters who have not lost all touch with common sense.

The only thing preventing Hillary from a landslide victory is the Koch Brothers and Tea Party connections to all who are willing to buy the race,and the lack of turn out by the Democrat voters.  Both have the ability to topple any candidate running against the GOP candidate, no matter how anti-democracy that candidate may be. It does, however,take both ingredients for Trump to win. Only the Democrat turn out, alone, can prevent the victory!

If the Democrats show a lack of interest in this election in their turn out to vote, and in making the sacrifices necessary to vote, becomes low numbers, then we will make Trump,Mr. President! Our not voting is as responsible for men like Trump as is the GOP making them their candidate of choice!  Vote Democrat in November!

Source: Democrats will defeat themselves!

Too often we turn to our Nation and expect its leaders to meet our demands,instead of remembering the words of John F. Kennedy,when he spoke them,”Ask not what our Country can do for you, but what you can do for our Country.”

Although it is true,that we have elected officials who do very little for the majority of our citizens, in comparison to the tax credits and corporate welfare handed out to the wealthy, by the GOP side of the aisle, the poor turn outs of Democrats during the midterm elections almost guarantees them the control of Congress and an equal amount of control of the Senate. The grassroots movement during the Obama years should not remain just an inspiration to all of us, but rather a constant held up by all Americans.

Gone are the days when the American people reached 18 and became responsible for the requirements mandatory as members of the military draft, no one has asked Americans to conserve or use stamps constricting or limiting their diet,or to contribute equipment needed to fulfill the needs of our tasks, or donate the  cast iron toys from our children’s toy chest, since Workd War 11. We are asked nothing more of our Nation beyond what we choose to contribute of our time,pay our taxes,and to vote.  That one responsibility of voting, belongs to each of us regardless of race,creed, gender, or color.

It’s sometimes very difficult for some to reach their voting polls,and will be made even worse by the efforts of the GOP to make it so,today,and especially in prime minority districts, but without your votes Americans lose what has always made us great,and that is the diversity of our people. The more we refuse to pay the price for freedom,the more the GOP under the guidance of Donald Trump, is prepared to take it from all of us. Please make voting not only your right but also your responsibility in November, as we remember what it is that we can do for our Nation!

I have no doubt, as much as we get upset about politicians,most people who will show up to vote will do so based on the propaganda and lies that come out of the media mouths of such people like Sarah Palin,Sean Hanity,Rush Limbaugh, and the majority of the Fox News team in general.

When we add the promises never kept by the GOP candidates and PR politicians,who have been everywhere from town hall meetings,meet and greets, and done media time paid for by the Koch Brothers and their cronies, we can all be certain no one has told the voter who they court,the truth yet. Nor will those who vote for the GOP majority have taken time as a majority to search for the truth before they vote. Instead they will show up to vote on nothing more than propaganda and false hope.

How much of that is both the fault of the Democrat Party who never confront the onslaught of the GOP lies but add some of their own promises that they,themselves, will never be able to keep? Why doesn’t the Democrat PR teams do as an effective job at exposing the lies and the propaganda, as does the Christian Coalition and the Conservatives do in promoting it?

Like it or not, the conservatives do have a far better organized machine in place when it comes to selling their lies,than does the Democrats do in exposing their lies. If the predictions are correct,then the tea party is once more going to gain heavy inroads into both our State legislatures and take over control of the Senate as well.

How much responsibility do we the Democrat voter need to take for not showing up at the election polls to vote in midterm elections? The Social media is almost entirely flooded by the paid for hate,lies,and propaganda of the conservatives. Don’t too many on our side of the aisle simply let it past instead of refuting their lies?

Do both we and our candidates let the opposition campaigns win when we and they do or say nothing to combat it? We have almost all the facts on our side where history shows that budgets get balanced under Democratic leadership and our economy and job market improves, under the leadership of the Democrat Party. So why don’t both the Party and we,promote those facts more,in an effort to confront their lies? Why have generations of Democrats allowed the Republican lies convince the American public that Republicans do better in these areas?

Vote Democrat on November 4th. Our future depends on it!


I’m writing this in response to a complaint filed on my blog,by a person who was actually attempting to run their spam past me. I too recognize the mistakes made,primarily in the beginning of my writing,and I blanch just a little myself.  I began writing my blog to warn people of the encroaching problems and half truths that were accompaning the Tea Party candidates, in 2009.  I knew their real goal was to prevent Obama care from happening.

I had no doubt,what their mission was nor who was financing them, since much of what was being said had eerie overtones from both the Joe McCarthy and John Birch Society days.  I knew  Grover Norquist,was an enthusiastic supporter,of both, and no one in the Republican Party got past Grover.

I hadn’t written for years,seriously,as the majority of my endeavors up to that point were spent in research,study,and oil painting.  I still have an occasional mistake, but I feel the message is more important than grammar correctness.  If you disagree with me,then I request that you not burden yourself to lower your higher grammatical standards,over my own.  My attempt is to bring common sense back to the voter or to offer self help or guidance.  I don’t now,nor did I ever profess to be,a teacher of grammar or spelling correctness

To those who share my concerns of what the religious right and conservative right, paid for by the Koch Brothers in the name of Tea Party Patriotism and Christian values, is doing to our States and in Washington,I urge you to vote. It saddens me when they are nothing more than a Trojan Horse to hide in,while they deny Americans their Constitutional rights,outside of their own,”Good Old Boy” system.

The dollars are into unheard of amounts that they are spending to spread falsehoods and propaganda against their competition,and they must be stopped, while the people still have the ability to do so.  Vote November 4th,for the future of the next generations that will follow us,or for your own futures to be pulled from the slavery they are attempting to bind you in,to better serve the needs of the white male and their favored Corporate and Oil Refinery Billionaires. A tragedy is taking place in our Nation and it must be stopped beginning with the mid-term elections,when turn out is statistically low. Only we can stop it!

I need to apologize to my earnest followers, for not returning to my blog as I had hoped.  Much has happened in both my personal experience of travel, remodel, and enjoyment of my husbands retirement.  At my age, we find ourselves always balancing the good with health problems sometimes co-existing at the same time, as being part of life.

I would just warn you, that the influence of the media such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news, has only grown more hateful, and short of facts, even while most of my readers are already aware of their false propaganda, spreading. When we think they can not outdo their spread of false information, through capitalizing on the ignorance of the voter, we find out just how wrong we are.

Through even more outrageous mockery of our President and their opposition, and through even more spending by the Tea Partyand the Religious Right, they show no shame. Their colors show to the already aware amongst us,during yet another election year;While they continue to bamboozle the voter with their self-serving and deliberate distortion of facts. The majority of Republican conservatives continue to show us just how wrong we are to think they cannot get worse, by increasing spending and false information in triplicate. Both are playing out within our States and through their representatives in Washington.

The only thing that is going down in both monetary value and funding, is the treatment of both the workers and the poor who are increasingly one and the same, as the conservatives and tea party members continue to deny both a fair wage, as the “yes people,” to Corporate America.  What is taking place against the rights of women and their health issues is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice, going unanswered in 31 States, where laws were passed giving the rights to both rapists and the fetus, over the rights of a woman, to the pursuit of justice in America.

These laws were passed and added to the Republican platform without protests, and under lies being broadcasted against the opposition.  Vote against the Republican Candidates for re-election and election on November 3rd, and keep voting against them until the Republican Party hears the voice of the people over the idiots now running their party! Democracy depends on it!

Just a minute!

Hi everyone! I’m afraid I haven’t had much time, as of late, for my blog but plan to be back in full force before the fall elections. I have voted in my own State primaries, and sad to report, I had the shortest primary ballot that I can remember ever having.

I’m afraid there is little to no acceptance for choices on the Democrat ticket, this year, since my State like all other red states appear to be taken over by tea party funding. I’m sure the Democrat machine is more supportive in some of your Blue States, than it is in the Red States, that go overwhelmingly for Republicans,anyway. At least it is my fondest hope, they are!

I’m not ready to come back full time to my blog yet, as at this stage, we are looking at a home remodel,here,followed later by an extended trip out of the heat. I just wanted to remind you, my readers, that the only way we can lose is to believe we are powerless and not vote.

Statistically Democrats do not get out to vote in the off years and in 2010, because of it, 72 new tea party paid Republicans took office in Washington and our States and have been chipping away at the equality of women and minorities ever since! Vote!

Thanks for your continued support of my blog and for your remaining loyalty! Later then!

I am still surprised when I hear wives and young women being criticized by other women as to why they stay with their politician husbands, following the out break of scandal. Sure it may leave our own excuses or defenses a little more weakened as to why we make or made our decisions under similar circumstances, but is that any reason to point fingers, when others decide differently? In 2013 men are 100% responsible for their own behavior.

Yes, we can agree that the young women who are involved in sex or sexting and come forward and acknowledge their own poor behavior, are showing extremely poor judgment in believing they can some how capitalize on the same. To judge young women any farther than this, unless they become so outwardly obvious and acknowledge they are out for the almighty buck or to destroy a career, should not lie in the character of any of us who judge these often naïve and impressionable women; Nor does it further the equality of women to determine what is appropriate behavior when a woman does decide to remain in her marriage.  That choice belongs to the two people who are in the marriage to decide be they men or women.

Women have been manipulated by the powerful and branded as Jezebels since Biblical days in an effort to give men who behave poorly in sexual behavior, an out for their own sick and often narcissistic behavior. As women in America, we if not men, should be able to rise above the continuation of judgments against each other regardless of media exploitation, political leanings, or the circumstances of the same.

I have heard women, who are thought of as being credible accuse Huma Weiner of having political gain for herself and ambitions of her own as being the reason she stands behind her husband Anthony Weiner. Other people are accusing the young woman (I will not give her name credence or blame in my blog) of dressing sexy in order to trap Anthony Weiner. There is much more gossip against the women involved in the Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal but to repeat any more beyond this is to only add to the gossip.  When will women ever be able to dress in the manner they feel the most comfortable with themselves, before we quit judging them for doing so?

Accusing women of the faults that lie in men goes way back to the days of the discovery of the Old Testament of the Bible. When we realize the largest area of the Country in the region where the Old Testament of the Bible was written, was made up of  many Pagans before Christianity, then we need to understand also the culture present in the belief of its people at the time the old Testament was written.

We can understand why people who were raised generations in advance of Science held women responsible for the behavior of men because it was written In Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 26:My Son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe My ways, For a whore is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a strange pit. She also lieth in wait as for Prey and increases the transgressors in men.”

The belief was also promoted and still exists today that it was Eve who enticed Adam to eat of the apple instead of it being a mutual decision as we now know transcriptions clearly shows it to have been mutual and these artifacts have been preserved in the archives of the Church. As more Historical facts becomes available along with the knowledge of mankind changes we do need to consider both into our own moral framework as a civilized Society.

The Early Church so believed that married men who had sex with prostitutes were not responsible for the sin of adultery, because they were enticed by women and had no control over their own sex drive. They saw no separation between the animal world and human kind and judged the need of man to procreate or have sex for mankind’s survival as being on the same level between man and animal.

Sex with sheep amongst herders was not only practiced but acceptable behavior in its day. When Science discovered it was leading to madness and death in men due to an outbreak of syphilis then the acceptance of the same changed.

These beliefs were held well into the 17th Century but as the need for man to learn became more prominent it took the knowledge of Science to grow in order to gain knowledge about mankind and what free-will and intellect does as far as understanding the differences in what makes mankind the absorber of knowledge and truth over the animal kingdom.

Even into the Victorian era and yet today some Religions still refuse to give up the idea that even incest that takes place in children is not the fault of child or women entisement. The Conservative following have the numbers of rape due to incest, much lower than what in truth they still remain today. What we now refer to as sexual sociopaths was referred to as sexual deviants in the Victorian era and was just the beginning of the era in which men were being held responsible for their own sexual vulgarities.

Those Religions who throw out all study of Science still cling to the Bible verses of the Old Testament while totally dismissing the knowledge learned of men and sexual peculiarities or sexual predators, that we have gained knowledge of today through the knowledge of Science.

If we still have not learned that women do not create the character flaw in men who think they are too powerful to fail and that Science shows that it is more likely the absence of fathers in the home or early childhood abuse through incest that leads to feelings of rejection that increase the libido in both these women and these men, then what rock have we taken residence under?

Yes, both women and men who have reached adulthood are equally responsible for the choices they make in their lives.  When Anthony Weiner was made aware of his own short comings and illness and still behaved badly, by running again for public office knowing full well he was lying, then how can any of us judge his wife harshly or the women he continued to show his private parts to? If a mother is concerned about what the absence of a father, in the life of her child will make and decides to stay in the marriage, that is her decision to make without being called ambitious or any of us offering her anything beyond understanding.  Todays children need their parents in their lives and if the couple reaches an agreement on how they will deal with their marriage must we always feel their decisions reflects on all women?

If  young adult women are being manipulated or making a poor call of judgment that too should be their decision to make. Why do we so often see or hear those who seemingly have made the biggest mess of their own marriages or those who also behaved poorly when young women or men, too often become the harshest judges against other women or men?  Did we listen or was it our own responsibility to learn for ourselves, what our real values were or where we placed them?  Did we not have that right to do so?

We all should understand the options given all of us to use our own intellect and free-will should be the greatest entitlements that all of us will ever receive, shouldn’t we? What right does the media, un-related people, or pundits have of making any calls in the personal lives of people who use their own hearts and minds to call the shots in their own marriages or personal lives, have in the first place? If you don’t like the man, Anthony Weiner, then do not contribute or vote for him and if you are doing so for fear of what others may think then isn’t that more your problem than theirs?

The Karma we put out is also the Karma we get back, or if you prefer, “what goes around comes around”, and I suspect that was also the Plan of our Maker, when He gave both genders free-will and intellect from the beginning of mankind.  Who amongst us, has not already learned the same or will not learn it before we breathe our last breath? As the saying goes,” An unkempt garden, produces poor fruit”.   Does our own back yard need our attention or weeding?

As women we have enough Conservative movements underway who will deny us the equality already granted us before we have been successful in getting full equality, without attacking or sitting in judgment of each other.  As long as we, women, let the divisiveness amongst us continue to do so, we can all understand it will only cause further harm to those who most need our help. If it does not happen now, then it will tomorrow, or the next time we, ourselves or loved ones, need understanding the most.   I have learned to be a realist and understand what true unity requires of all of us.  Make it count!

Delayed Gratification

Just as hardship can make us grateful to those who are in our lives rather than take them for granted as we too often do when things are going our way, so can the bad days teach us a real appreciation for the good days in our lives. When we have time in life to develop our dreams or memories we will often find delayed gratification makes us much more grateful when we do reap what we worked a lifetime to achieve.

Its not that I am deliberately trying to rush the up coming Holidays, as it is that I need to be accomplishing a long list of details before my husband and I leave our lives here in the cold temperatures of the North to join the snow birds who migrate each winter to the Southern regions. Since my enjoyment is not spent on Social media or the internet when I go South, but instead I use my time to pick up and to acknowledge other perspectives, I do not write while migrating:)

In many ways it is the time I spend away from the internet and media that reassures me of the goodness of Americans. The internet and social media has become way too much a part of the lives of cowards and the disgruntled to the point it is sometimes way too easy to think they are the majority when they are such a small part of what, in truth, is the bigger picture of America.

I welcome the diversity I meet when I do get away from my writing and instead learn different cuisines and different cultures and what does make America great. I also get to meet a great deal of tourists from other parts of the World and admire them for their ability to speak more than one language, unlike most Americans.

More and more younger people are reversing the order of past generations to move to vacation spots, to work for less when they are young, with the reasoning they want to enjoy their lives while they have the health to enjoy the activities they find there, instead of waiting until they retire and are so old they can no longer enjoy the activities.

It is a good argument on the surface of things but when the younger generations do not spend time establishing themselves when they are young, they will not be able to do so when they are older, as many of them believe they can earn a better income, later, when they tire of playing.

Without a resume of accomplishment in the work force these young couples are in essences trading a very few years for a life-time of hard work and difficulties because instant gratification does not equate to gratitude or satisfaction in ourselves but instead often denies us the right to succeed later, in life, when no one will hire us without a work record that lives up to our own special abilities. It is when we fail to succeed in areas where we would have achieved or excelled in our youth, we fail ourselves as well as our own satisfaction and enjoyment in life.

There is a reason for developing dreams and delaying gratification for those years and time when we can be more relaxed and comfortable with life and reap what we sow, as there is an innate need in the breast of mankind to join a pecking order or to develop a sense of accomplishment, through bonding with the knowledge, often deep within ourselves, before we truly can enjoy the freedom that comes along with appreciation and gratitude for the lifetime of hardwork and accomplishment otherwise never recognized by others but by the people we shared our lives with, while gaining our own perspectives of life.

Without appreciation and gratitude for achieving the climb to the top, many of us often times will join others who feel we can never fill our need to achieve so it instead becomes a distant dissatisfaction with ourselves, while we blame those closest to us, when we fail to live up to our full ability to achieve in our youth.

Just as mountain ranges grow to different heights so does the
competency levels of each of us have the capabilities to grow to
our own heights of ideas and choices according to our talents and ability to become the best we can be, by reaching out and challenging ourselves while we still have the exuberance of youth and the ambition to perform. When we ourselves choose to exert neither, we place ourselves into denial while blaming circumstances or finding excuses. All of us will run into those who attempt to put up road blocks in our paths, but the spirit in all of us will succeed on pure determination when we empower ourselves to reach our goals.

Too often when we think the idea of enjoying the activities or instant gratification now, instead of waiting for the sense of accomplishment we feel later,is the fault of others when our expectation fail to live up to the dream we had before embarking to parts unknown, it is too easy to forget why we exist to improve upon our own lives, to learn from our mistakes, as well as to help improve the lives of others.

Peace only comes when we do deal with the humbleness and compassion that makes us human and tells us that we no longer have to prove ourselves as our lives speak for themselves. Those who profess they only want to be happy often fail to understand that happiness can only come with achievement. We often find in every generation those who succeeded against the most difficult of circumstances while an equal number fail when they had every reason to succeed.

When reality sets in and those days we spent in the sunshine taking it easy while working beneath our own ability to succeed, in vacation resort-like settings as a metaphor, are replaced with going hungry when the tourist trade leaves or being displaced when the storms move in, the young who work for less, so they can enjoy life now, experience a far different reality from those of us who are bankrolled by the success of our lives before we leave home to enjoy the spoils of our individual victories. Facing obstacles of life during difficult periods is what makes victors of all of us, regardless of our abilities to reach new heights and different levels of success.

The whole point of retirement is slowing down enough to enjoy the sunsets and to smell the roses while basking in the freedom to move elsewhere as the weather changes. Many of us get a taste of it on vacation during our younger years and know the importance of being able to save for more time to spend together knowing first we must earn the right of passage as we understand a life, unfulfilled in achievement for other’s needs as well as the needs of our loved ones, is a life never totally reached.

When we older folks go to the vacation spots filled with peace of mind and the sense of having given life our best shot, and satisfied knowing that we both failed and achieved, we would have it no other way because we did it together, and if we are both fortunate enough to live to retirement we are fortunate enough. It was never the activities that ever did matter, as it was always the effort put forward in the final analysis of life.

It is in being able to look past the wrinkles and weight gain of our partners who worked hand in hand with us, while we remain humble in knowing just how fortunate we are to be sharing together what we worked a life-time to gain. No amount of activities can ever replace those moments when we sit together enjoying the company of each other, without even having to say or explain a thing because we both already know and understand; “These are truly the golden years of our lives,” only earned through our own completion of goals beginning in our youth.

I wish all of us the peace and love of the Season, where ever you may be and however you choose to spend it. I ask all of us to keep those who suffer, especially in the Philippines and all the children who go to bed hungry in our generosity, as the majority of us do , each year. It is that kindness in most of us that makes all mankind a step above the rest wherever we live in the World. Spend it your way! God Bless and Happy Holidays!

It may come as a surprise to some of you, who are younger than ourselves, but many of the same things that frustrate you, have frustrated us the older generations, over the years, as well

The stresses you face today are many of the stresses we were up against and are the same frustrations that drove us as well. Just like every other generation before you, however, you do have some only unique to your own generation.

Many in our generation failed at the responsibilities that were their own and often laughed or bragged to us about how they may not have paid their bills on time but always landed on their feet while not giving two cents notice to the fact they were not providing for their future retirements, knowing full well that Social Security would not fill all of their needs. We even heard people say, “You have to be a damn fool to save for old age.”

By no means were they the majority as an equal amount of people who had parents that invested in the stock market said to our generation, “Just buy the stock and leave your money in it,” or “land is the one thing that will always increase in value as God is making no more land,” only for some in our generation to see the values of both fall so great as to bankrupt them.

Many others thought they had done everything right only to find out they had made high risk investments, when they were ready to retire and had nothing in reserve.

Every generation has had to deal with the apple shiners in the market place who looked pretty and impressed the bosses or were too lazy to breathe strenuously on their own. It was a continual frustrations with all of us who had to train them or worse yet, train lazy family members, to only find our jobs were ended when they were ready to take over their family businesses.

None took more advantage of their parents inability or guilt to say “no”, though, more so than has some done so in your generation. I understand your lack of willingness to share a collective financial pool with them thinking that you can do better on your own without them.

Rare is the person, who does not learn the lesson that whether we plan for it or not, we all must learn that plans are what many of us do, while life has a way of showing us that we only amuse ourselves in thinking we have control over our lives. For that reason alone, if you do achieve financial freedom you more than most generations before you do need controls in place over your medical care and costs through affordable health care now and Social Security later.

When the young amongst you share the belief that the tea party and Republicans share and professes, that they can invest in the stock market over placing money into Social Security, we older people understand as many of you do, who had parents ripped off understand, just as soon as the corrupt get insider tips and dump a company of its assets or management is failing to invest in your pension funds, it will be you who lose everything just as some of our generation, did.

You have the lessons that many generations before you had to learn, and too many of your generation and especially those who get elected are going around America spouting off their great ability to achieve success for you if you only elect them, just as too many other generations did, but at no time in recent history did other generations have the heavily paid for machines willing to invest billions in order to tell lies to get their candidate of their choice elected, as today.

The one thing we do have on our side is the ability to use technology to research credible web sights. Recently a white conservative candidate placed pictures of minorities taken from the inter-net all over his web sight to give the appearance of being minority friendly, only to beat out the candidate who actually is, so we all must use our own due diligence in selecting credible web sites.

The conservative pipe dreams being promoted by them as a replacement for healthcare and Social Security will ultimately find yourselves penniless when you are ready to retire and without the ability to buy medication or food to sustain yourselves, because they did away with healthcare and Social Security for the middle class and the poor, and you voted for them, just as too many of our generation continue to do so.

You will be confronted with even greater realties than our generation faced but instead you will have to deal with poverty as your grandparents or great-grandparents did because you are being fed a “sale of goods,” by the Conservatives and Tea Party who have also been responsible for the falling of your own wages, by eliminating unions and establishing, “the right to work laws.”

You, just like ourselves who retired well, will be responsible for not only your own salvation but for paying off the debt incurred by our generation because we have had a Congress with a conservative majority for the last 14 years out of 16 who refused to pay the bills, while they expressed concerns about spending money on the needs of the middle class, while they instead invested government money into pork and the rich got richer.

This frustrates many of us in the older generations who made sound investments, while not listening to the charlatans who told us ,”You have to spend money to make money,” of our day as well as it does you.

To clarify that statement, it is true that if we have extra cash to invest in our futures, it does sometimes take money to grow our business, to make sound investments, or to pay our obligations, if we lose our jobs. What I am talking about are those who think we have cash not invested, laying around so they are as entitled to it as we are if they promise to pay it back, because they can’t afford their own lifestyle. In much the same way the Tea party through the Ryan plan is suggesting just that to all of you who have already paid into Social Security.

When Congress fails to pay their bills they only increase added debt with money we pay in that could be better utilized towards health care or job creation. We can compare it to a family member who thinks we can pay high interests rates if we cash in our IRA early, risk the lost of our homes to foreclosure by taking equity out of our homes, pay penalties for early withdrawals, or are convinced we can take out a second mortgage in order for them to live a better lifestyle. It frustrates all of us, regardless of our age, that Congress does nothing but campaign in their own best interests.

Not all of you, anymore than all of us, but many of you did have parents who did or who could entrust enough faith in you to make your choices matter and to assume your responsibilities, and who found while taking care of our own needs, our concerns and frustrations are as great as your own for your futures despite all you have already learned in self-sufficiency.

Many of us had to learn or already knew the conservatives have done nothing about paying off the debt they refused to pay when the economy was good, nor have the tea party done anything but obstruct the justice we all earned to help us care for ourselves. We know they get away with it too many times because they hind behind the shield of family values and religious freedom, which is far from how they actually vote or which lobbyist they promote and who promoted them.

It worries us greatly that if we as a Nation continue on the vein of the Tea Party and Conservative movement, steeped in a history of lies that only benefit themselves and Capitalism, and they continue with their platform that is self-limiting to choices of all races and genders, that our children and grandchildren will never understand the freedom of Democracy that, you, better than any generations before you, have promoted.

You are our future and our pride and joy so the frustrations many of we older people feel, who have not hid behind denial, has been filled with the same frustrations by our own generations refusal in some cases but their inability in other cases, to deal with their problems. a

We as much as your generation know and understand that it is you who must deal with the after affects created by both generations before you, and those who fail to understand the disaster taking place in the Republican Party, due to the tea party and the religious right-wing mentalities drive to destroy our own Constitutional rights, both as women and minorities.

When you think we aren’t there ready to stand with you, some of you might be surprised to find out that as independent and willing as you are to get on without our help, we are standing beside you at the election polls.

Enjoy your day and know that America always does come along and rights itself in the election polls, despite those who would try to stop us from doing so, as we are a Nation of many blessings and a majority of common sense and decency. We all have had to develop patience in and with the process, before the light comes on for those who are slower to catch on, than some of the more aware are. It seems to be the American way that eventually does draw us all together as one voice to correct the wrongs of a few misguided amongst us. Nothing spells success faster than voting them out of office. It works every time!

OH, But We Do!

It is with great pleasure that I direct this post to those believers in the GOP and media who think, “we older people just do not understand.

The common theme that runs through the Tea Party and conservative mentality is, “Older people just don’t understand.” This has been the song of the Harvard business graduates for years. You Ivy league boys have been so fed on your own importance that some of you, seem to think if we are older and middle class, we simply do not understand what the younger generations are up against and certainly will never know the pressures to succeed as you who are the elite must deal with, when it comes to balancing budgets or the difficulties the younger generations are living through.

Every older generation must deal with the arrogance of the young, who believe that everything they read in their history books are true, when they are in college, and once they get out and must apply it to real life, often find that it really didn’t matter if they did go to Harvard or JUCO, it was all about being at the right place at the right time or who Daddy owed a favor to or if he could sit you up in your own medical practice or law firm. Like Mitt Romney said, “If you don’t have the money, ask your parents for it.” The rest of us were out pounding the pavement, long before the internet, and grateful to get any job we could because we started out our lives in debt.

Todays’ generations are no different from what our own was, as we too had to out think, out work, out sacrifice, and out position the next person to move up the ladder, if we were a member of the poor or middle class with an education. Much about what all college students read about have absolutely nothing to do with what were the common nuances, beliefs, and or actions felt by the people at the time, when history does most certainly repeat itself, so the young think every idea or philosophy they derive or read about is brand new and has never been tried or endured before.

That was certainly true in the age that my husband and I graduated, as we were the first generation to actually see history move forward with a progress dedicated to the needs of the people. The generations before us saw manufacturing move as rapidly as we saw improvements being made in the requirements of what people would never again be willing to settle for in the way they would be treated by others. Each generation brings with it both set-backs and improvements and the older generations are well versed on both.

Generations had before us, began the movements to bring civil rights and equality forward along with financial and health care for the elderly through government. It wasn’t until social security was passed we would see it set up in a government trust fund and taken out of our checks as early as our teen years, for the first time, with our generation.

We were the first generation to actually see the FICA taxes removed from 16 through 66 to provide for our retirement. Every generation prior to us would pay in for a part of those years and gain cost of living raises the longer they lived.

Prior to this in the 1940’s and going back into the 1800’s, and all years earlier, as America was developing as a Democracy, America was building it’s foundation on Capitalism and it was all about the almighty dollar and serving the needs of the ruling class or the wealthy over the needs of the workers.

Some of today’s Ivy league graduates are with the conservative movement while denying workers minimum wage or equal rights is nothing new and certainly everything we older people know about and understand. We were the first who heard all the same arguments then that the Tea Party and Conservatives are saying about minimum wage bankrupting small business then just as they are today. Oh! But how the older generations does understand your brand of conservatism!

As I have said often, before unions and fair wages, the wealthy provided pentinence to the workers, for wages. The wealthy wives or mothers, who were considered the Elite ladies were expected to dress in full refinery and regality and go out in their buggies to show their refinery to the poor each day, because so out of tune was this generation of Rockefellers, Vander Belts and RothChilds that they actually believed if they got all dressed up in their best it would actually raise the spirits of the poor and downtrodden.

They refused to believe the workers were paid so little that they could only use flour sacks for clothing but instead these wealthy women thought the workers wives would want to buy silk and copy their dresses. Sadly the mentality hasn’t changed much beyond that today. The distain for the wealthy by the poor still carries over from those day just as even today we find people still gather at that magic hour of ten in the morning or two in the afternoons, to socialize, just as they did then to be seen in their fancy buggies by the workers.

If we had a dime for every 40 year old who came out of an Ivy League college with a business degree and who felt they were an expert on matters of budgets, we could fill barrels full of our dimes to sort out, before we would be lucky enough to find a hand full of nickels from the great many of them who do go into politics and even have a clue of how the poor or middle class feel or thinks, much less are credible when they say,” the older generation just does not understand.”

We look at the Kennedy’s sufferings and loss as well as the suffering of Roosevelt due to polio and add the farm boy beginnings of Truman to politics and we can understand why these men knew what previous generations had not learned. They knew and understood just as did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who came out of humble beginnings know and understand,”A Nation where people continue to being put last over the almighty buck is a Nation that will fade into anonymity.”

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why the hardships and suffering of both the Kennedys and Roosevelt over-rode the wealth of the Kennedy’s and Roosevelt, but why their pain taught them instead compassion for the people. It is no less of a stretch to those of us who understand the sacrifices made in agriculture as to why farm life taught Truman how to speak frankly in all of their dealings in government by putting the needs of the people before, Capitalism.

The needs of their own elite class, when viewed through the eyes of suffering was as shallow to them then as it is to the middle class today who are falling farther behind into poverty while the richer are getting richer. These new young brilliant Harvard grads of the todays conservative movement and tea party, who cannot think beyond enriching themselves, as though their fresh new ideas aren’t the same ideas that our parents and grandparents hated and warned us against, will never understand as they accuse older people of not understanding them.

Our parents knew, just as yours’ do, unless we were educated we would be taken advantage of just as they were, We paid for our own education costs in most cases just as you do, but they made the sacrifices necessary while telling us about the tactics, the tea party now believes are new and fresh ideas.

As our Dads, and in some cases moms, returned from world war two, We would be the first educated generation who could call the bluff of the employers who were no longer willing to show us any loyalty in exchange for the hours we worked, while many felt we were over-paid when the laws were passed during our tender to pay minimum wage.

We were educated so they could not treat us as poorly as what had been forced on our ancestors, previously. It was we who grew the private sectors who are responsible for the jobs you now work. We knew that to rely on jobs that were offered by the elite would mean our families would go hungry as those jobs went to their friends and who their friends knew and who they felt obligated to hire. We found that minimum wages hurting the private sector was as much of a ruse then as it is today because when families are provided for our work ethics increase. The jobs become part of us and your profits increase the better we can care for our families. We older people know very well the arguments of Conservatives.

Our parents were the poor or lower middle class in most cases and knew they were dependent on the wealthy to support their families. They were always over-worked and under paid by the wealthier amongst them. They knew this mentality most certainly would arise in their treatment of us if we were not educated. Our grandparents and parents always knew and feared that the mentality of the tea party and conservative movements would return. Many of us in the older generations have always understood exactly what the conservative movement is all about, while we have watched our ancestors worse fears realized.

You are not the first generation to get out of college and be lucky that you found part time work nor are you the first generation who may not ever be able to find work in your own field. You are dealing with, however, the largest generation of adult males who ever felt less shame by living at home or moving home to live off of mom and dad, for years, because their lifestyle is the only lifestyle too many of them will even accept living. Starting at the bottom and working their way up, just as other adult males and women and minorities always have done will not afford them with the lifestyle that some amongst them feel their right to live.

Women and minorities are not taking jobs from them, but in some cases,they simply have not yet learned the lessons that the older generations have and that is what goes around comes around. The less effort they make towards employment or inspiration applied to the job market the less anyone wants to hire them. When adults fail to venture out on their own to seek
independence in their youth,the more it hurts their future outlooks towards employment. In short they put themselves, many times, in a real catch 22 because of their refusal to make sacrifices, by moving to the location of the jobs.

When we combine that reality with the reality that many times they do want to work but greed and profits matter to those who hire way too much, then we see too much significance placed on
the worship of the almighty buck. This has always been the truth in the lives of all of us if we are educated or not. When
It is more important than your own willingness to pay your way or for the needs of the people, all generations always will lose but the younger generations have far more years to lose than do the older generations.

We, war babies, placed our money in the government Social Security Trust Fund, in good faith for some as long as 50 years, to be paid back to us when we retired and could no longer compete with you for jobs. During the time the middle class paid out far more than the wealthy ever have in percentages
so when we retired and needed food and medicine we had our trust funds that the wealthy take for granted.

It was the conservative groups who felt no obligation to the poor and middle class, not unlike the tea party, who spent our money on Capitalism over the needs of the people. Now when one Paul Ryan is saying to us, “We can’t afford you,” it isn’t that we don’t understand it so much as it is that we are in disbelief of his own callousness. We understand that bills need to be paid but it would appear that those in the tea party elected and conservative movement, who we elect, are the ones confused on that simple fact or that it takes raising taxes in a just way to put receipts into our National treasury.

Paul Ryan can parade his mother around as he did, during his last campaign, but I’m sure it will be all of us who lose when people fail to matter entirely to the GOP. When John Boehner says, “We might as well go home for Christmas because Congress isn’t going to do anything, anyway,We older people do understand and are not so confused as to not understand the simple truths, much better than you realize.

When jets and bullets become more important to the tea party and conservative GOP and their media, than education, medicine or food for the poor and elderly or more so than minimum wages that will support our families, I’m pretty sure the entire middle class and poor understand exactly what they mean, regardless of our ages.

It seems to be the conservatives who do not understand that it is we, the middle class, who pay them to represent us the people. I’m sorry,but it is not the older generation who does not understand but they who will learn when the heart is removed from any cause, we all lose when we elect those who see no real value in the people they serve.

Perhaps when you, the younger generations of the tea party and conservative movements find that wisdom applicable to your great wealth of wisdom, then you all will work together again by putting the needs of the people, first, for the sake of all of those who understand you, as we older people will be long gone before you learn the practical lessons of life that all of us already had to learn before you.

No matter how much jubilation you are getting now,over the slow start off of Obama care,by 2016 it will be a non-argument because you the tea party populists and Republicans refused to pass legislature for the people when we needed immigration, jobs, and tax reform along with wage increases. It is you who failed to change the GOP platform to one of equality .

Texas has already began disenfranchising minorities and women at their election polls just as you did last time and on your platform but it will not buy you an ice cube in Alaska much less a vote, any better this time, than it did last election.

We’ll remember that, for you, as you continue to practice your own theories. This time you can’t turn and say to each other, “let’s not do anything, but lie and say we did.” Oh! Not only do women and minorities of all ages understand you,but many of we older white people, who you think you can count on to elect or re-elect you sure do understand you, as well!

Freedom of speech is a very dear subject to my heart, as without it I would not be able to write my own posts, but something is very lacking in the rationale of too many when our public officials behave as they do and still do not get the message from the majority of us, that they cannot talk or behave as they do and still represent us because the majority of us “just want them to cease and desist or go away.”

In reviewing the past week we have seen news coverage on Mayor Ford of Toronto Canada swinging his arms and threatening murder while he announces even as the highest member of law enforcement in his City, he plans to stay. What kind of image are regular Tonrontians willing to allow this seriously disturbed man to stoop to before they do something that says, “You can no longer make us look like the back end of a bad joke, and run away our tourists trade.”

Incognito of the Miami Dolphins is on tape throwing around racial epithets that should be as equally offensive to anyone who has purchased a ticket to watch the Miami Dolphins play,as it is to the African-American race. Instead we hear other players and fans dismissing his words as locker room talk. He has gotten away with his extremes for way too long as if his behavior was typical he would not have been disciplined for it twice while playing college ball at Nebraska to the point he found it necessary to leave.

If we continue to worship our football players in America and do not hold them responsible for their bad behaviors aren’t we guilty of telling them they can do anything and say anything as our laws and rules of common decency do not apply to them?

Sarah Palin who single-handedly helped crash John McCain’s’ attempt to run for president is on a book tour once more trying to cash in,” on her also ran status,” to put more cash in her pocket by selling a book that ultimately is nothing more than a disguise to promote the belief than Americans are only Christians and to turn the voters into the belief that one Atheist in California who files lawsuits is representative of those who are not Christians.

There is not a single American citizen, who follows the laws of our States, who cannot worship in the Church of their choice or celebrate Christmas in the way they choose despite Sarah Palin’s statements to promote her own book. We too often forget that it is the people who are discriminated against by the Churches, who choose not to belong to the Churches that do discriminate against them. Instead the innuendoes of Palin’s speeches and book are underpinned by her belief that we should all hate atheists or those who have different spiritual beliefs from us because according to her they all worship almighty government.

Who are the people who continue to give Sarah Palin the venue that allows her to speak when clearly her views are so misconstrued and she has been on a self-promotion cause to put dollars in her own pockets since “she also ran.?” Don’t people who continue to promote people like Sarah Palin hold responsibility for promoting con artists and scammers on the American people?

Before this we had Paul Ryan’s budget plans that represent austere attacks against the elderly and the poor, run as vice president of our Nation. The Tea Party and many elected politicians in the Conservative movement still promote Ryan’s plan as their answer to healthcare as they use fear tactics against Obama care.

The Tea Party and right-wing conservative movements, own actions and campaigns drum up false beliefs that both the elderly and poor are someone draining the pockets of our children and grandchildren by adding to the further division in our Nation that they and they alone create with one witch hunt in Washington after another. In doing so it helps subtract from our noticing it is them who are failing us through government by their own failure to govern for the people.Will we finally show the conservative movement in America that we have had enough of both their and the Tea party movement’s failures to govern
at the election polls by holding them and not just Ted Cruz, responsible?

Anthony Weiner’s persistent efforts to run for office after flashing himself on the internet and the refusal of the mayor in California who apparently failed to understand that groping women is not only offensive but also illegal as he was acting as the protector of laws in California are just more of the same coverage that has taken place in the last few months. Luckily we do have people both in Virginia and California, anyway, if not elsewhere who, were willing to tell both of these men that they will no longer tolerate women being treated as a man’s “play thing,” or as second class citizens.

There was a time in America when we were raising children, we only had to tell them to avoid a neighbor, who had child predator tendencies, or one who ranted and raved against minorities or threatened to kill someone when they got drunk. What parents are dealing with today, is so much greater than what previous generations had to deal with and for that reason we all must assume the responsibility and challenges that are facing us as a Nation. We can’t simply blame others while we do nothing to help towards making the changes.

People who are behaving as our public figures are today were the butt end of every joke told. Those who tried to capitalize on us to make a few bucks with their exaggerations and lies, were people who we simply didn’t hire or answer the door bell when they visited because we had enough common sense to know they were selling an inferior product or were so full of themselves that they lied about themselves at a cost to us.

We didn’t have political parties or media such as CNN or Fox News welcoming or interviewing these incorrigibles, as though their views or opinions were important or mattered; Instead we had media who pointed only to their fallacies if they did interview a member of the White Supremacy, KKK, or any one who would have dared to invite a hate group to their meetings.

Those of us who were inspired by John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King never wanted to invite a member of a hate group to our meetings, as these conservatives had the exact same mentality then as they have today, but they are now almost all Republicans who attend CPAC, and invite all these hate groups in.

The conservatives have always denied both women and minorities their Constitutional rights. No politician could have set at any meeting with just one of them, much less whole groups, in the 1960’s, and expected to win another election, if the media discovered it then, regardless of which party they represented. The Dixie Democrats proved it when they were the politicians who held the same conservative views, we see today, and we ran them all out of office, at the election polls.

We stood up against the John Birch Society who spawned the tea party and their fight against Democracy. We didn’t need arming ourselves because politicians did not pass,”Stand Your Ground laws or profess a return to vigilantism,” because the media did not show these politicians any credibility when they did try to defeat Democracy.

We didn’t need forming militias or hate groups anymore then than we do today, once we became aware of who was behind this mentality. We had private owned media then instead of corporate owned and they were committed to telling us who was believable, over those who were protecting their own best interests.

We had as a generation grown tired of the lies told to us by previous generations, just as had the media. The good news is common sense and decency still exists in the majority of us, today, who have felt the pain of their lies. We only needed then just as we do today, people who were/are willing to stand up against the insanity and injustice, and show the courage and voting out of this mentality, at the election polls, in order to right a wrong. We still have that commodity in the majority of us who do not bury our brains or common sense behind hate or rhetoric.

We need to add more people who are willing to use their brains through common sense and standing together for common decency in order to advance justice for all of us and to show future generations, regardless of our age, we have the decency to do just that by eliminating those who discriminate against us while excusing their right to.

Justice sometimes does take what seems to most of us as being far too long and has been slow in coming to too many. If we quit passing blame we can continue to correct that by all of us working together to promote equality for all of us in the way we speak, the example we set, and how we vote. Those trying to effect change through fear tactics and hate need to be turned into the dinosaurs they are instead of promoted as heroes.

When a football member behaved as Incognito did at Nebraska, they still had enough back bone to see one way or another Incognito wasn’t going to be a part of their team. If a person was elected to govern we expected to see positive results. We didn’t want politicians who read “Green Eggs And Ham,” on the Senate floor or any person who professed to be with either the conservative movement or tea Party to shut down government, while the economy and middle class lives are still dependent of the functioning of government.

Haven’t we listened for too long to the conservatives in both the media and government, who speak out against Hollywood types lowering the morals in our Country while they themselves are setting standards so low that apparently truth has taken a second chair to the lies they tell. No generation ever woke up one morning and heard hate and rhetoric surround them. It starts in small almost unheard of innuendoes until it grows so loud as to come crashing down on us in such loud crescendos to the point we can no longer stop it from taking place.

Why would the next generations who will no longer stand for promoting hate, want to be guided by us, if we cannot hold our own public figures responsible for their own poor behavior by not buying the book, switching the channels or turning the televisions and radios off, buying a ticket, or by refusing to vote for them?

Haven’t we been complacent or indifferent long enough to what really should matter to us, by making certain we have the facts in spite of their influence to turn us against each other. How long can Democracy last if we accept the conservative and tea party view to represent us?

Sometimes we forget that it is not about them but about ourselves and the history we leave behind as well, when it comes those who we allow to represent us.

We all will be judged as a generation of Society for what is happening today because it is we who allowed the behavior to take place, when the truth is told by history. Yes we are each responsible for the individual behavior we exhibit but as a Nation who is governed by a Democracy, each of us hold responsibility for ignoring the current behavior as much as we do for doing nothing to prevent it from taking place.

Will we be on the lists of, “the lost generations?” The old true and tried phrase, “I don’t vote,” can no longer be used as an excuse as to why we did nothing when it came to assuming our own responsibilities. We need to stand up and be counted ourselves before we can hope to be thought of as credible in the eyes of future generations.

Isn’t it time we all ask, “where can we make a difference that counts,” instead of looking all the time to pass blame? With the Holidays coming up that message should be especially poignant to all of us, if we are going to matter to more than just ourselves.

So many of us are true believers in the Season ahead where we still have the right and freedom to celebrate as we choose according to our own Spiritual beliefs. The fear tactics being used by the conservative and tea party movement who are only self-serving, needs to be stopped before they do win. As a Nation, we have already tolerated too much of their attempts to disillusion us by their own media and tactics.

We need to remember, sometimes, we can only feel better by forgetting for one moment how stressed we are and instead by replacing the negatives in our lives towards positives that can and do matter, one person at a time, because we are part of a much greater picture, than just now or just ourselves.

When we stand up for our neighbors just as we do ourselves, We will all feel better about ourselves when we fill in the need to get back to what matters to all of us. In that vein, I hope everyone of us have a good week knowing we all matter and we, ourselves, can make a difference!

We need not look any further than Mayor Ford of Toronto, Canada, to see a person on the latest video circulating with the Mayor ranting and raving to understand what rant and raving looks like in it’s extreme.

People who absorb much of the nastiness of others along with life’s stresses often will blow with the help of alcohol. I certainly am not suggesting that Canadians need excuse Mayor Ford’s behavior, as an elected official, but instead I think we can all agree we are witnessing the effects of alcohol on the brain and he needs treatment.

I admit when I was still drinking, while dealing with accepting the fact I was becoming more disabled from chronic pain everyday, going through empty nest syndrome, and dealing with 3 women who took it on themselves to make certain I knew their point of view on a family matter was not in synch with my own, I did a little ranting and raving myself.

If I hadn’t of unloaded at the time, I’m not sure that I would be alive today. Stresses in our lives often build and we do sometimes in life, need to emit, but never to the extreme that Mayor Ford did.

My major upset with my entire extended family at the time was their refusal to understand why I was not the person to be taking care of a verbally abusive elderly person, which most rational people would understand and act accordingly. People who are facing disability themselves, are not in a position to care for another person who is also looking at the same future but extremely abusive as well. Most rational people do know and understand this, but because they refused to accept my own circumstances as being real, denial became their weapon of choice.

My own circumstances have already been written about by me in previous posts, but it would have been an equally heavy load to bare for anyone, much less someone who was fighting for their own health to stabilize. I found the betrayal I was going through way too much to have to deal with along with the total lack of understanding from those who felt I was letting them down. Needless to say I had no choice but to eliminate those people whose only concern was for their own beliefs and points of view from my life. Many times we can deal better without our loved ones’ opinions when it comes to dealing with our own problems than we can dealing with those who only have ulterior motives.

For years I pretty much accepted people for their own short comings and to have my own body turn against me at the same time I was experiencing the loss of motherhood while my sisters and mother were turning the knife, was a heavy load to bare all at the same time. Its not that I hadn’t experienced their criticism over the years or game playing in the past, but when compounded by other serious problems of my own, it was the straw that would have broken the back of a healthy back much less one that was already as injured as my own.

I didn’t deny their right to their opinions and still don’t but since I was the one who they took for granted would think as they did or do, and found their views self-serving rather than understanding or even practical I really wasn’t left with any choice but to spend my life criticizing them as they had criticized me, or walking away. When no one is listening it is never possible to find solutions. Since it was me stuck with the problems, it was my responsibility to find the solutions so I took care of it.

As I include what became the turning point in my life today, I want to point out how we too often may think life’s upsets or tragedies are very unfair, only to find out with time, it is true many times what we think are the worse storms of our lives are followed by sunshine and clear skies. It was when I was pushed as far as I could be pushed I found the real joy in my life. For the first time in my entire life I could truly enjoy the success of my marriage, children, grandchildren and my own struggles. I had given so much of myself away, through no one’s fault but my own, that I had lost my passion for life.

Perhaps its the people who are drawn to me that I find are too listless or unevolved in life, because when I really get passionate about my writing, collecting of antiques, travel,
and painting I often hear one person still partially in my life refer to my rant and raving during a difficult time being the same as my joy and passion for life today.

I don’t pretend to understand why it is so difficult for some to ever get passionate about anything. I just know those who I do know that never do, never raise their voice an octave regardless of what kind of excitement is taking place in their lives. They also accuse all people who do get passionate and raise their voices in excitement as ranting and raving.

There is a parable in the Bible that says”…….An God will vomit forward the lukewarm…” I can relate to that, because there are too many people sometimes in the life of all of us who never get excited about anything and if we surround ourselves with too many who don’t,we do lose that passion we are all reaching for in life.

Nothing brings down anyone more than someone whose opinions, ideas, or actions are as changeable as the wind. Too often people who lack passion themselves become a real downer in our own lives if we allow them to as most caring people can and do become affected by the moods of those people who we surround ourselves with on a regular bases.

I find the same people who accuse passionate people of ranting or raving when they are simply exuberant about life almost resentful of those who do get a kick out of life.

My own experience is: I find people who misunderstand or are pretty well lukewarm about most things in life, are quick to criticize a smile, a different point of view, judge those who express themselves through the joy of living differently from what their lives may be. They tend to be too quick to blame instead of achieving on their own,and too many times hear nothing but their own inner voices.

I feel sorry for people who do not even want to in some cases, or can’t in others, get passionate about their own lives. I don’t expect them to get the excitement out of life that I get out of my own, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could at the very least understand the difference between passion as verses rant and raving?

Find something this weekend that you can share with your friends and see if you surround yourselves with people who are passionate about life, lukewarm, or simply don’t give a damn. It takes a real friend to share our excitement with us! Have a good weekend all.

Con and Scam Artists

We all hear about or know someone who has fallen for the lines of con or scam artists, and often wonder how can they be so gullible. It is only after they are scammed out of their life savings they recognize they have been scammed or conned or worse yet marry them only to find they are still married to several others.

Today’s post is as much about those of us who think it could not happen to us, as it is about those who get conned or scammed, since on some level we all have been conned or scammed by someone even though we may not have a clue that it was done deliberately, yet.

As a Nation of people, I like so many others often write about the problems that exist instead of those whose lives are very much functional and who are successful in finding their way through what almost always will feel like a maze during some time or period in our lives. There are many successful people who accomplish much in both their homes and their lives who are often humbled first by the experience of it, because we are both a generous and a forgiving people as a majority.

I write about people who are truly trusting or those who fail to understand that people who think,” their ship is always going to come in,” without any effort on their part or they just haven’t met the right person yet. This can include all of us at some point in our lives and people who prey on others to get what they want can always recognize us, usually when they open their mouths because we will listen when others ignore them or hang up the phone.

We often see both older people as well as younger ones who are taken in by the hardship stories told by what has become known sometimes as the bad boys’ or sexy girls’ appeal. Others have a feeling that they have been drawn out and will some day win a lottery, so when scam artists call and say if we send them the taxes on an estate that we just inherited, they will send us a small fortune.

This happens most frequently in elderly people, who are the number one victims of telephone scams. It isn’t until they are repeatedly asked or threatened by bodily harm that they realize they have been conned out of their entire life savings. Some still do not understand even that there never was an inheritance as they lived their lives so certain that they would eventually win either a lottery or be handed something for nothing since they knew someone else who had won and they just knew it was their turn to win.

People, but mainly women, quite often ask themselves, do I have a mark on my forehead that goes off like a beacon that draws these type of people out or is the problem me? The problem is that con artists are good at what they do as they have put in a life time of practice towards recognizing people who are at their most vulnerable state. They always pick on the most trusting amongst us, because we many times are the only ones who will listen to their tales of hardship.

The great majority of us will get burnt once by a con artist either calling as a charitable organization, what we think is a friend asking us for help after having been refused by their own family, or by our own family member. We all get those phone calls telling us we won a free trip only to have the extra expenses be more than what we won, or we dated a scam artist and after we learned from that mistake we recognized the next con artists’ attempts to get their hands into our wallets or to win our hearts.

Many statements or cliché’s told to us in life are true and no matter how many times they are repeated to all of us, some will dismiss it and think it does not apply to them because the voice they hear the loudest is always their own and that is almost always certain to be, “my ship has finally come in.” No matter how many people tell all of us, “You get what you pay for,” “you never get something for nothing in life,” or “If it is too good to be true, then it usually isn’t,” we all will at some time in our life ignore those truths. If we are lucky it will cost us very little and we will come out of it a bit wiser for having learned the experience. Others are not so fortunate and never get another chance to learn from their mistake.

Those who we often shake our heads over or spend sleepless nights over worrying about their safety, if they are a member of our own family, are sometimes so immune to the fact that they seek out bad boys so are bound to fail in their relationships, so rarely will they ever learn that if they hear someone say, “I am a hit man,” or “I have mob connections”, then these probably aren’t the kind of guys they should be dating.

Some women are many times addicted to the thrill they get when they are with these bad boys while they hang on to the fantasy that they will always be treated as their queen even while they are being knocked around.

We see just as many men who are so into wanting arm candy that they will marry the first stripper that says yes, and then bemoan their uncanny luck when it comes to picking out women. Some people who are trusting by nature will spend a life time trusting others before they evaluate the character of the people they choose to surround themselves with, and then blame anyone but themselves when the relationship or marriage fails or they lose everything they have, including their own self-respect.

It is hard to sympathize with them even though they are usually the best and sometimes the most competent amongst us when it comes to other areas of their lives. They often make good and loyal friends because they will listen when others fail to, and therefore it is both their trusting nature and their loving spirit that gets them involved in these bad or poor relationships.

We will sometimes find people who are not all that trusting and who seldom date because they do not get taken in by the unscrupulous or the lines, but the con man or woman are so charming and will ask questions as though they are interested in us, but are in fact only asking to find out what our vulnerabilities are so they can later tell us exactly what we want to hear or promise us they can make all our dreams come true. When we meet them through the internet we do not have the same ability to detect the warning signals going off as we often have when we meet them in person and can make a character judgment of their true nature, on our own.

It is especially easy to run into these people who are all over the internet, to the point it has become a national crises in many of the lives of our children who are picked off by predators for their own sexual desires. As parents we need to supervise their internet usage as they are the most vulnerable when it comes to the unscrupulous con and scam artists amongst us.

We must first recognize our own vulnerabilities, as an adult as well, before taking on another relationship and many times we do but a good friend will often say ,”I just met or work with this man/woman who would be perfect for you, you just have to meet him/her.” Our friends or family members are not always the best judge of character as they too can be taken in by charming con or scam artists, who use them in order to meet us.

We cannot be so paranoid as not to trust anyone we meet but we need to be able to trust our own ability to access or evaluate the people we meet and to understand if we are in a position to begin another relationship, before we automatically believe everything a stranger tells us or commit ourselves.

What happens in movies or romance novels is fiction or fantasy and not the kind of reality any of us can afford to base our futures on when we do feel ready to begin a relationship. What happens in fiction and movies is not real. It is not the typical behavior of adults and unless we look for typical behavior we can be scammed or conned. If we have just been through a relationship or are not the best judge of character, ourselves, then we can turn to someone who we do trust to do that for us if they have a better history of being able to do so, than we do.

Other times people too often turn to others to fill their own feelings of loneliness when in truth only we can fill our own void. The majority of us fill that void through charitable work or through interests, be it hobbies, social functions, or travel while others turn to making their own dreams come true through achievement of making a difference in the life of another or through self-improvement.

Anytime we meet someone and they tell us they are in the CIA and cannot share their job with us, they are studying to be Doctors or lawyers but are never at the hospitals to all hours and on weekends or in classes and studying late hours, they disappear for days or a day or two and give us reasons that make red flags go off in our own minds, or they tell us they served in the special forces and were trained to kill, we should question why we feel inclined to date them or to begin a relationship with them. These are almost always common lines told by all con or scam artists. People who truly do work for the CIA or were in the special forces only discuss this information with their colleagues if they discuss it at all. It is not a line used to get women interested in their great manly prowess.

Men or women who claim they are all alone and have no family to attend the wedding, to introduce us to, or take us home to on Holidays do exist if they were raised in orphanages or are estranged from their families but we should always be aware of these relationships because many times they have a great deal of family. We should be just as leery of those who claim their family is on Holiday and currently out of touch since people today are as easily reached on cruises, over-seas, or anywhere in the World as they are in our own local. If the family is absent it may be due to the fact they are already married or they have worn out their welcome by always having their hands out or through telling an exuberant amount of lies, to the point they cannot be trusted anymore by their own family members.

Families break up due to any number of reasons and sometimes family members will also walk out on other members who have relied on them too much and shown little to no gratitude or appreciation in return but instead acted as though they were entitled to the generosity shown them. The chances that we will meet these successful members is very remote along side of the con artists who are trying to impress us with their accomplishments or compliment us by telling us everything we want to hear.

Successful people have very little they need impress anyone else with and are humble enough to understand many times they were simply in the right place at the right time or fortunate enough to know the right people, in some cases, while other times they are highly impressed with their own importance and too arrogant to be complimenting us or anyone beyond bragging about their own accomplishment or success story. Some do tell us what we want to hear only if they are interested in a one night stand.

We need to always be aware of those who claim to have properties around the Country but hang out in bars or at our place instead of working. We should know the chances are great that we are being conned, if they do not have a job to go to like everyone else does. Even when they say they have trust funds or are retired, they are not going to be sitting idle or be found in the places where we hang out in. When we have to pick up their meal ticket because their funds are temporarily held up in Court, we should understand we are dating a con man.

Too many times they will first throw around their money or appear to buy us expensive jewelry, usually taken from the home of the last person they scammed, before they start professing to be temporarily out of funds. They may even have pictures of these properties that they claim to own but titles they never have unless they conned someone else out of signing over titles to their own property because the previous person was so desperate to keep them. These are not people who should ever be in our lives but instead they are criminals and no matter how much we want to believe they care about us, they only care about themselves.

Those who deliberately seek out people of low moral character are not conned as they know very well what they are going along with or getting themselves into but will either pay to keep them in their lives financially or by accepting abuse and mistreatment at their hands, since they share the same lack of concern for anyone other than themselves, as do these men or women, they get involved with.

We should never mistake either for people who are conned or influenced by others, no matter how much they try to convince us of their innocence. They deliberately are looking for each other, and will only leave when they find someone they feel can provide for them better or serve their own needs to a greater advantage to themselves. We should never mistake the innocent people who truly do get conned due to their own trusting natures and generous spirits with one who is looking to con but only gets out-conned themselves.

Mental Illness

Todays post is based on my own practical learning, experience, and views and is not intended to replace medical fact but to share the knowledge I have learned through life and living.

Too often we think convicts are the only people who are narcissists or who exhibit anti-social personalities. In a court of law mental illness often gets dismissed behind the defendant knowing right from wrong so if they are judged sane then in the minds of too many,mental illness does not exist but instead they are pure evil.

In our own lives we will excuse friends and families for not knowing the difference between right and wrong because they suffer from mental illness, and other times think they are just a little eccentric. over worked, or different from ourselves. Other times when people think they act like we do, we often think they are perfectly normal, because we are normal. No one believes their ideas or lives are anything less than normal because if they do then they may need to expect more or less of themselves. It is when we cajole, shame, or manipulate adults through control, shame, guilt, abuse or threats or we allow it to happen that the whole family ends up dysfunctional.

No family can be complete or mentally whole when ruled by the dictates of one. At the same token every family needs structure that can only be improved upon by both adults agreeing to the achievable standards before they marry or have children.

If there is one term that has destroyed more marriages and is at the root of unhappiness or good mental health than any other, in my estimation, it is the term “soul mate.” There is no such thing as two people sharing an identical thought 100% of the time due to the differences in their own childhoods much less being, “soul mates”, unless one is trying to please at a sacrifice to themselves or only one or neither have a definition of their own goals.

When what we think is cute in each other becomes irritating it loses the magic of what too many once felt were “soul mates’, when it was only fantasy. It is our differences that should compliment the needs of all of us, that makes a family whole. We often see parents who have tried to replace needs with wants to the destruction of our own needs and because of this we destroy our own ability to be happy, that we only are responsible for achieving. A healthy family will all work together to make sure everyone’s needs gets met.

No person is perfectly mentally well, we all have a few idiosyncrasies or dysfunctions that we bring into our new relationships/marriages because there is no such thing as normal. One who does not think as we do but rather shares a broader view than what the group does, is neither eccentric or suffers from mental illness.

The more evolved a person becomes in those things, such as activities, learning, people, hobbies, and occupations or just current events in general and their cultural backgrounds vary the less like us they are. Everything done in moderation is a sign of good health but when one person is limited as to what their interests are while another wants to absorb it and experience it all, we will not always think alike if we are neighbors, friends, married, or related.

This does not make the person who does not behave or think as we do eccentric when they find subjects we do not enjoy or when they are repulsed by gossip, because they find it boring or demeaning. Many people literally find the great majority of conversations as being repetitive or small talk, and a total waste of time, but are instead driven to enjoy so many more facets of their lives yet, unexplored. Some people would rather talk while others would rather do, and both behaviors are totally acceptable behavior when we are both enjoying our lives.

Many times people are called anti-social, snobs, or shy because it is literally stressful for them to enjoy the same old same old as we do. They do not feel obliged to socialize with what has become redundant or familiar. Their interests may be less likely what we would call normal but who is to say that they couldn’t much better adjust to another culture much quicker than we ourselves could adjust to, and in doing so make us and our views look way out of bounds of normalcy or eccentric?

We often find the more social people are before the loss of a loved one, the more difficult time they have when recovering from the lost. Good mental health is being able to accept ourselves and our choices as well as everyone’s else’s right to do the same for themselves, without name calling, labeling, or judging. When we do all three, especially when they do nothing more than wish us well, its ourselves we need to question.

People who hear and use the word anti-Social personality disorder use it too often as a term they think means that these are people who do not like to entertain or leave home and socialize with others. Anti-social and people who prefer the company of spouses or family over socializing with many, have nothing in common.

Instead anti-social personality disorder is quite the opposite as they often times are the most social and charming in our group,family or neighborhood. They often are the first to offer help as long as they get something out of it worth more than they offer us and almost always say the things we want to hear, in an effort to manipulate us.

Anti-social personality disorder or socio-path, is common in the behavior of con and scam operators. They are always very charming and usually very sociable, although there are sometimes loners but both lack any conscious beyond their own feelings of victimization. it is a serious personality disorder that use to be known as sociopath and can be seen in both harmless individuals but is almost always found in murderers and rapists, and goes hand in hand with lying and what is known to mankind, some times as evil.

Todays post then is to clear up misunderstandings too often held and repeated and part of what is often behind the difficulties we, get ourselves into or are led into, and why we too often make judgment calls against others or gossip against each other even knowing to do so is often baring ‘false witness against our neighbors.’

Mental illness if it is bi-polar, personality disorders which can include narcissists and sociopaths, schizophrenia, paranoia, or a neuroses does not mean people who suffer from these illnesses are any more dangerous to a community than is the person who suffers from arthritis or cancer.

Almost always those who act out through acts of rape or murder have any one or several of these mental illnesses present but the seriousness or depravity of their actions is not because they do not know what they are doing is wrong but instead their mental illness is so severe they lack control in some cases, while others are drug or alcohol induced, or they simply choose the behavior.

It is a disgrace in the way people who suffer from mental illness are too often judged by the behavior of the most depraved amongst us and are denied the health care they need. We as a Society still act ashamed to admit that a member of our own personal circle suffers from mental illness and requires our medical help, when they do initially develop depression and mental illness is still acute. It is not just a phase, they will out grow. It needs to be treated. When we consider the numbers of people who commit depraved crimes against those who suffer from mental illness and never do, the numbers are not even close in comparison or degree.

Sometimes due to the person speaking, suffering depression or mental illness own lack of knowledge or ability to understand the effects of their disease, they themselves, will fail to understand the full realm of consequences to others their mental illness have on those who they truly feel has victimized them instead of it being their own behavior that caused them to feel victimized.

I have known people who are feeling lonely or suffering from depression accuse or asks me if I don’t get lonely or accuse me of suffering from depression, when I am getting a real thrill or enjoyment out of life, because they themselves are lonely or depressed.

In the same conversations they speak about another time when everything was simpler or happier without realizing they suffered the same emotions at the same stage as the next generations did, but their imagination becomes better than their memory. They either transfer their own bad feelings on to another, remember a fantasy they held that had unattainable goals that could never exist, or no longer recall the disappointment that followed the broken promises they felt when they were younger.

To mistake lack of rationality from not knowing right from wrong; or to excuse it, will only perpetuate the already poor behavior in those who suffer from mental illness and make them feel even more victimized in the process. Too many friends and families are torn apart because of a member or members of a family or group’s refusal to get medical help for the person who does suffer from mental illness.

When the personality or views of those who suffer from mental illness is closer to our own, than to the rationality of the person who is seeking help for the person who suffers, we often will view the person trying to get help for our loved one as being mentally sick or as an aggressor who is victimizing the person who needs help because they are being honest about the need. It fits into the thinking, “Sometime I think the whole world is nuts, except for you and me, and some days I wonder about you.”

As a family, a friend, and as a Society we need to understand treating mental illness is a much greater need over owning guns, for instance, when we neither plan to hunt or to feed ourselves or to injure another.

the facts are that guns in our homes are rarely used to protect ourselves, but are accountable for third of all deaths in our children, and it can be rationally justified as a reason for stockpiling guns in our homes, then irrational thinking must be a new trend of acceptance and is running rampant in America. if we think the new Patriot or militia groups bred on hate can justify arming ourselves, aren’t we a member of an equally irrational group planning a revolution in America?

When families struggle enough due to insurance companies refusal to pay for the expenses of mental illness, that often takes long term treatments, incurred with hospitalizations or evaluations, shouldn’t we put down the guns and help the mentally ill get the help they need or at the very least understand that all families are effected at some level by a family member who should have gotten treatment but were either denied medical help or the friends and family chose to over-look or not understand the nature of the illness?

If we quit putting mentally ill people into prisons the same way we do drug addicts who also suffer from mental illness, we would have far less crime and a greater appreciation for why arming ourselves while ignoring mental health treatment needs never solves anything but instead brings more grief to our loved ones as well as ourselves.

We have a military, home Security, FBI. and law enforcement, whose job it is to protect us and laws that say they must or be held responsible. If we let go of our own paranoia over them doing their jobs then perhaps we could all find life much less depressing and just down right enjoyable. We need to get back to showing our children and grandchildren that we actually have real family values, in the way we treat others, before we can profess to teach them through our own example.

The truth when it comes to Republicans is before Obama care was even drawn up and voted on, they were going all over the red States and telling anyone who attended their town hall meetings horror stories against Obama care.

The Republicans have been trying to stop both Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid since the 1980’s and the conservatives since the 1950’s.

The Republicans certainly are not now going to see Obama care passed, since they are a conservative majority, while they are working on trying to pass the Ryan plan with vouchers going into the pockets of private insurance companies.

The self-serving goal of the conservative movement is not in the best interests of the people, and that is fact. They can’t hardly eliminate government insurance if they can’t eliminate the Social Security trust fund and then add another trust fund to government with the affordable health care act.

While the tea party and conservatives continue to state emphatically that the people have heard horror stories on Obama care they absolve themselves entirely from using these scare tactics, that they themselves initiated.

The private Insurance companies got away with ever-increasing profits for years with selling worthless policies and kicking people with pre-existing diseases off of their policies. By selling these worthless policies so that business could claim to be providing health care to their employees, while corporations were getting tax relief from tax breaks, and the employees felt the brunt of the high premium costs that provided little to nothing, Obama care would not even be necessary.

Obama care is offering the people better coverage so that Insurance Companies can no longer get together and set their own prices with escalating higher premiums while offering the workers little to nothing in coverage.

What the private insurance companies would cover has been dropping even while the premiums have been rising, because no one was regulating it before Obama care became law. If the employees are insured or stricken with serious disease or a family member suffers the same, they just kicked them off the policy because of pre-existing diseases as companies like UPS is trying to do before having to adopt Obama care, and if it cost Corporation or business more, then the employees were fired because of increasing costs to the Corporations or companies.

While these same hypocrites who are talking about the horrors they hear from the people, and denying they led most of the people to believe many of these horror stories by giving them false information they started themselves, they are now backing it up with the Obama care sight not being safe.

The same Republicans and tea party conservatives who tried to stop or repeal Obama care 42 times are now finding the perfect excuse that Obama care is a failure by hiding behind the system sight failures. Their talking points also stress,”if big business gets a delay then the people should get a delay.”

We are all too stupid to see what is behind their reasoning, of course, because another of their talking points is the older people just do not understand as they do what a disaster it will be to our economy. Since when did paying for our own use for a policy that protects us, while offering us good secured health care and peace of mind if the worse should happen to us or our loved ones, so we do not have to pay for those who refuse to get health care, become a horror story to anyone but the Republicans and the insurance companies? The better insurance we have the more we will have to put back into the economy instead of into the pocket of the Board of Directors who own major stock control of the insurance companies.

It is just more of the hypocrisy and they’re all on the same page with their talking points to make us feel cheated, some how, as they themselves are using these talking points to confuse us. In all of the Democrat or Blue States where they chose to adopt Obama care and two of the Red States, all systems are running smoothly and reporting favorable response to their successful enrollment.

It is only through the middle and into the South of our Country where the worst reporting or horror stories are being told by the Republican talking points, and where the State’s leadership are still trying to stop Obama care from working, that we are hearing stories of disgusts over Obama care. If any of us are confused as to where these horror stories have risen, we need not be. The facts are, we are seeing the worse results in States where a great deal of that responsibility of propaganda and horror stories are still being told by Republicans due to their leaders still refusing to co-operate with setting up and installing Obama care.

Small business does not have to provide insurance anymore than they ever did. Small business over-whelming numbers of employees are paid by the hour. Insurance has always been the hourly workers responsibility to buy through the company or business, where they work. Insurance was never a part of the benefit package for hourly workers, which Corporations provided their monthly or bi-monthly paid waged workers. Corporations often got a break from the tax system as well as the Insurance companies themselves, if they bought the increasingly becoming worthless policies they were more times than not offering their employees.

After the primarily Republican and tea party conservatives started all these horror stories against Obama care,they are not now about to tell the people the reason they are asking for a year delay is because it is just more of their effort to prevent Obama care from ever taking place.

In 1972 the Federal government enacted the anti-kickback Law. It was suppose to prevent insurance companies, agents, and politicians alike from promoting one insurance company over the other or to lie against government Medicare and Medicaid. Fraudulent practices can have a wide range effect on a customer’s decision to get health care. Passing the law and trying to enforce it are often separate endeavors in the world of capitalism and politics.

Fraudulent practices can effect the patients financial well-being and health and unfairly strengthen a company’s standing in the market place, as well as increase the amount of premium costs to individuals who must purchase the product. Federal penalties are suppose to reduce the number of fraudulent incidents and thereby lower the over-all costs to the Federal health-care system. It would appear to the great majority of us who hear these conservatives repeating the disaster of Obama care before it was even decided on, that they are doing as poor of a job towards promoting affordable health care to us, over capitalism, as they are in governing in Congress.

As long as the Obama care sight is not working smoothly, the Republicans can buy more time to delay Obama care, with their continued talking points and scare the people into believing their private information is not safe so we refuse to sign up, there by making Obama care unaffordable and that is exactly what they want.

We the people do not need the delay because the people are being offered legitimate health care coverage through Obama care and, the sooner the better. It is big Business that needs the delay so they can accept the fact they will have to provide legitimate health care and pay legitimate costs if they are going to continue to offer it in employee package deals, and to understand they will lose both the incentives they have gotten from tax breaks and insurance companies.

Because government health care insurance is 7 times larger than all insurance companies combined, if the Republicans cannot stop Obama care from taking place, the Insurance companies are going to have to compete and stop their practices of higher premiums with little to no coverage and stop kicking off people with pre-existing conditions in order to increase their profits. They have gotten by with doing just that for years and by only insuring healthy people.

The Republicans know as we all should know by now, they will lose their own package deals from the insurance lobbyists when they cannot continue to broker a deal for the insurance companies’ profits.

Yes the Obama care system is frustrating but it will be running smoothly given enough time. People will not be penalized as long as the system is not performing correctly. It took 7 years before the first Social Security checks were mailed out and that was not nearly as complicated as trying to run a secured sight.

It took Power ball years before I could get up and check my numbers because the system was over ran by high traffic. Obama care isn’t about making the people pay unjustly for pathetic insurance policies but instead making certain that Insurance companies and their paid for Republican politicians can no longer get by with punishing the people. If government insurance was so bad, then why do all the politicians continue using their free policies that the rest of us pay for? The horror stories will become decreased greatly once the Republican Party can no longer use their talking points and we can help them by voting them out of office.

One of the main reasons we are seeing so many disgruntled and displaced people joining up in the conglomerations of Hate groups, John Birch and Tea Party like groups, combined with the religious-right is because we have a whole group of kids who were never forced into getting out of bed or taught goals or application of work standards.

The other problem being,as the behavior problems started, more and more children were sent to what is known as Jesus camps. The camps had a two fold mission, stress the importance of loving Jesus and indoctrinate them in serving the Lord much in the same way Al-Qaida indoctrinates their followers. They are suppose to come out of these camps as Soldiers willing to fight for the Lord.

I don’t know for sure when it started but I know by the 1980’s class room time was taken up in many public schools with disruptive kids to the point that school time was turned into basically assignment time. Instead of teachers being able to teach, class room time got shorten while extra curricular increased. This meant that instead of having time allotted for student-teacher time much of what was learned was done by home work being sent home for the students to be taught by parents or if parents were absent to help it either did not get done or students taught themselves.

When the time shortened in the class rooms meant that time had to be shared by the behavior problems who were disruptive then the teacher student time lessened even further. Add to that the attempt to correct the increasing problems later with the no child left behind program and we ended up with a whole generation of children who either taught themselves, were tutored by those who could afford tutoring, or by parents out of work, or they went through 9 years of school only to drop out in frustration or due to hardship and necessity due to a lack of parents working.

Although the idea and concept of no child left behind had the right idea and intention it would prove to be a dismal failure because the discrepancy in family incomes were also widening. We started seeing children skipping schools in increased numbers, shop lifting increased, street gangs increased with girls gangs and children joining at younger ages since they would not be held as adults as the older gang member would be, and more and more children roamed malls.

While this is all taking place with our children, parents are being over-whelmed with increased work hours because pay is beginning to go down. Parents are having to add on another job or work holiday time because they get time and a half and the families need every extra dollar they can get.

Where a high school diploma previously meant these same parents use to be able to make a good living and maintain a home those jobs were becoming fewer and fewer between as they were being replaced by automation and technology, so instead of the man of the house being able to earn a good living, although he was seldom ever seen at home; while the wife stayed home or worked part time for minimum wage to pay for little extras, a high school education now meant both parents worked minimum wage and picked up any hours they could get and while their application increased to their jobs, many of their children were being spoiled as they had been when their parents had more.

As the stresses in the work force and the homes increased so did divorces increase leaving parents fighting over custody of the children who were/are often used as pawns between the parents. With children being used as pawns between warring parents eventually the parent who had visitation rights failed to show up or keep promises made to the children.

Since women statistically had custody the fathers dropped out of the lives of their children and single parent homes began to increase with absentee dads. In cases of dads getting custody moms failed to show up to see their children. Many men quit working out of spite against paying child support and what was once a middle class family was thrown into poverty with women needing to work more jobs and children becoming latch-key children, who raised themselves, unless moms remarried.

Single parent homes also increased in the poorer neighborhoods with baby daddies who were very rarely a part of the family structure in single parent homes, and it led to increased gang activities in children where increased street violence became everyday happenstance. Drug exposure increased throwing parents into jails over treatment and children being shifted to different family members or foster homes, in both the poor and middle class homes. It has now become a three generational problem going well into the fourth generation in many families.

On the other end of the spectrum as education increased parents hours increased with it. Because these educated adults knew and understood competition for fewer jobs were increasing they began over-whelming their children with the need for and importance in sports, and other extra-curricular activities if they were going to get into the best colleges.

All this driving but lack of conversation while the children caught up with home work on the way to activities saw one of the parents running continuously in transporting of children in pushing them to be their best to the point of exhaustion on the part of the child as well as the parent.

They lived in the car and came home exhausted while disappearing to their rooms. The sad thing is while these children were being coached they were never able to think for themselves but instead, just like when they were attending Jesus Camps, they were being told what to do and how to think. So ultimately despite the wide discrepancy in education and incomes in children of these generations both suffered from the insecurity brought on by absent parenting and exposure to the alcohol and drug cultures.

Long story short we end up with a whole generation of kids who got a better education than their parents had and on the opposite end a generation of dropouts and neither were ever taught application, ambition, nor did either have much parental input into their years when it was necessary for them to transcend from child to adulthood and the responsibilities that goes along with each of these growth stages.

If they were not being neglected to grow up on their own or taught by gangs then they were being neglected through being trained by coaches or by strict disciplinarians in Jesus camps who were to be ran as al-Qaida groups in the rural areas or by nannies in the upwardly mobile neighborhoods. The idea that sports build character from the past was fading fast as more and more pressure was placed on coaches to win or leave by the alumni children felt the pressure placed on them.

There hasn’t ever been a generation that did not deal with the lack of competition they got from the indifferent or lazy on the work force. Every generation has dealt with both the under and over educated but this is the first decade they aren’t even trying to show up for work. What else are they going to do when they get out of college or drop out of high school and can’t even get minimum wage? They come home and mooch off of Dad and Mom,of course, or if they drop out of high school they marry young in order to feel loved and hit the Streets as drug runners, prostitutes, or anything that will give them whatever everyone else has.

The number one thing that none of them want to do, regardless of their back grounds is to bust their backs like their parents did on one specter of background while another has no choice but to remain unemployed since they dropped out and in no way are they going to work a two-bit job has often covered for the fact that they cannot even find a job, so we end up with grown men not working,

As they feed each other with the idea they are told they become more convinced they are victims and being discriminated against and that all jobs are going to minorities and women, even though the majority of them have no interests beyond video games and partying. They are ripe for the picking as being picked off by militia and hate groups where with a gun in their hands they feel like somebody.

Whether these kids were from the poor neighborhoods or the upper class neighborhoods they both had absentee parents, because when parents were there it was all about competition and being your best and join, join, join, but when they went home exhausted they faced the same absentee parents because no one sit down at the table any longer and shared their ups and downs of the day. Application, ambition, and goal setting never got taught to these generations.

When parents did not have jobs they hung out with their kids and let them drink a beer or smoke a joint and was their friend instead of their parent. When parents who earned good incomes had time it was spent as friends to their kids because they felt guilty they had spent so little time with them so money had no boundaries.

They threw the biggest and best parties while their kids friends entertained them with even bigger parties. In the poorer neighborhoods where mom and dad both dropped out,alcohol and drugs lessened their sense of feeling like failures, while on the other hand both worked so many hours for less pay they did not have family time, or sometimes both were in and out of prison due to the use of drugs.

In both neighborhoods the one thing that did and could draw them together, providing there was time, were the Churches and when Dad could not go then the kids and mom went. Sunday and Wednesday were Bible reading time and summers Bible or Jesus camps. In many cases it was the only time in the lives of both walks of life that these children felt the genuine comradeship of shared interests off of the sports or the academic fields or being left alone to entertain and teach themselves. Religion and Faith in God has always been the nectar and in many cases the only luxury of the poor.

Without the ability to work in some due to the lack of education, the lack of desire or interests in others to work when they have an education but were never told no, the entire lack of teaching by parents and not by a coach or friend or camp councilor in
earlier application and ambition, we have idle men who are finding a lot of free time to play but not to work.

Women have pretty much grown up the care takers in the family so in many ways they like minorities who are generations behind white males, when it comes to being denied the ability to succeed
have faired much better because they are better educated, more driven, better organized, less dependent on others to fulfill their needs, and accustomed to working harder for less.

Many parents during this time were parents and taught their children an even balance of responsibility to care for their own needs while giving them a balance of guidance, application, education and teaching the necessity to earn ambition and to set goals through providing for themselves. Their exposure to religion was one of giving their children choices instead of enforced indoctrination In short they were parents who behaved as parents whether they divorced or remained married. But because their kids were exposed to the dysfunctional homes their job as parents had increased pressures not felt by other parents in the past and those pressures continue, today.

Unless we learn importance of being educated and taught ambition and application through practicality and self expression,with hands on work experience and attention from both parents and business input, and beginning early teaching our sons something other than sports the trend will continue with boys not growing into men and taking on responsibility but instead feeling like victims.

With parents refusal to be parents but instead friends to their children and their lack of acknowledgement when it comes to application and teaching the importance of self-respect through their own example, of both establishing goals and ambition or work is not punishment but the thrill of rising to a challenge, we are going to see more and more hate groups and self-righteous organization brainwashing and manipulating those who cover their own sense of failure by joining hate groups and being driven by religious fanatics.

Not only are these politicians already into our government this same mentality is growing daily in our own families where parents being parents and teaching their children the importance of education, ambition, and application has been on a decline in favor of parents being friends and doing everything themselves to compensate for their own guilt; or the opposite of that is
parents who are not educated having to work sometimes 3 jobs just to feed their families because minimum wage has not increased since 1989 and cannot sustain a families needs.

As a society of people we need to do better by getting rid of the Grover Norquist Conservatives and Tea party who are forced to sign either the tea party or Grover’s “No More Taxes” pledge and with schools, parents, and businesses working together again to strengthen the middle class and needs of families again by training our people for better paying jobs, teaching our kids early with skills they can apply to real life, and by increased receipts paid back into our government treasuries.

We just learned what happens when government is shut down by these groups and how important government is to our economy. Our kids and grand kids need to know, as a Nation, we support them so they will not be left with a debt that is unattainable for them to pay, while government fails, due to lack of funding. They will need to be able to provide for their children, while government continues to feed the hungry, and provide health care and housing for the elderly who have paid into the Social Security trust funds, as we did.

Our children and grandchildren need a government, that is funded, and is able to provide protection, against the radicals and extremists groups denying future generations the Democracy we have enjoyed. With out taxes or receipts, because of the ever increasing debt in government, too many will adapt to the mentality of the radicals and extremists views to eliminate a strong government and a Democracy, over that of a dictatorship.

We need to take ownership of our own failures instead of doing nothing by passing blame, in order to begin to find solutions for those failures, if we are to succeed, as a Nation. It all begins in our homes, schools, and communities and with follow up at the election polls. Texas is already trying to eliminate women and minorities with voter ID requirements although they have only had 1 reported fraud case in their recent history, so be aware, that this bunch of Republicans are offering just more of the same.

To my followers:  I apologize for filling your e-mail boxes too many times due to my often necessary corrections, I make.  I don’t always find my notes, spelling, or memory organized so often need to go back and make certain of my facts, correct spelling errors, names,  and to update what I believe to be important to the post.  Thank you for your patience with me and most humble apologies. Thank you for reading and following my Blog.

The hate and self-righteousness of the Religious-right groups are all the same, when it comes to a woman’s right to procreate and gays to marry but they split when it comes to other conservative views.

Where some conservative groups support civil rights and immigration the more extreme are strongly against it.  Sadly, many of the more moderate conservative groups and elected officials fail to see their own actions as denial of the equality granted to all Americans or the civil rights granted by law to women and minorities, through their own actions.

These groups, whether moderate or extreme, all are as equally against stem-cell research even while professing they believe life begins at conception.  The only embryos that government scientists seeks are those thousands that are destroyed every week by couples who decide to not try to become pregnant from the insertion of  the fertilized eggs  because they have been divorced, have personal health problems or personal reasons, or do not want anymore children.

Even when couples wish to sign over these embryos to Science they are prevented from doing so, because of the refusal of conservatives to pass laws so that they can. These same groups do not protest these parents the right to destroy these embryos but instead deny science the possibilities through research to spare suffering in debilating diseases, injuries, or to prolong the life of others that would otherwise be cut short, while they claim to protect the sanctity of life.

When the Church members fail to see when they place signs along our high-ways telling non-members of their own Churches that abortion is no different from murder as it stops a beating heart, and is against the commandment, “That thou shall not kill,”  even when it involves the death of the mother due to pre-existing diseases or rape, that they deny women the right to make choices on their own procreation, but instead argue as all religious and hate groups do, that it is their right under freedom of speech.

The  Churches who are supporters of the conservative movement have the right to teach their members what they believe but not to use their teaching to influence non-members or government officials. The religious view is marriage is between one man and one woman and a Christian right to refuse, but they  fail too often to understand they prevent equality when they spend millions so a ballot is placed before the voters who are encouraged to vote against the civil rights of the gay population. So with that in mind I include the full range of conservatives in this post from bottom up to top down.

The loudest battle cry of the extremists groups is to arm themselves in what they believe is their lost of freedom, according to them due to government.  There are many problems with these groups that is self-evident to the rational thinking sector of our Nation, but the biggest failure in the thinking in my opinion, is both the irrationality in their beliefs and their own failure to see or understand in promoting their beliefs, they more so than government in recent history, are denying others the very freedom and Democracy they claim they are being denied by government.

Government does bear the burden of shame for what was done in our earlier history to the Native Americans, African-Americans through slavery and followed by the Jim Crow laws, and to women being nothing more than chattel to their fathers or the men they married.  The attempt to rectify in part some of these injustices were corrected by the passage of the Civil rights Bill, the elimination of the Jim Crow laws, the equal rights Amendment, and the Amendment to pay Native Americans for the land that our government deemed was their rightful claim, by both political parties  than began in the 1960’s.

In the 1980’s President Reagan brought in Grover Norquist and the escalation of conservatism began.  Any further progress made in  improvements to the needs of the people would stop as debt began escalating with trickle down economics under Grover Norquist and the escalation of right-wing organizations. The majority of civil and equal rights passed were  against the beliefs of many Conservatives. Sadly many of these laws still stick in the throat of many of these hate groups who fought to prevent the passage of the laws passed in an effort to correct previous injustices.

Over the years 8 studies have been done with some going back as far as the 1920’s on similar groups, however the numbers are rising today because of the growing numbers in Patriot groups spawned by the John Birch Society or what is better known as the far-right or Populist movement spawned through the tea party  and the Conservative out growth of non-profit organization that fund them.  If we take a good look into the Tea Party leadership, itself we see some where in their own personal lives they or a family member have been disciplined by government.

The rising promise of the Conservative movement is in the hopes of the bright new stars, according to both them and the media who side with them, of both Rand Paul and Mark Rubio.  Both have themselves been disciplined or had a family member who was by an arm ofgovernment.

In Rand Paul’s case, when he was working as an eye surgeon he had two malpractice suits filed against him with one dismissed and the other settled out of Court for $50,000.00.  It would ultimately lead to him establishing his own regulatory or review board and appointing family members to it, although it is not recognized by either the medical board or the State. We know with Mark Rubio, he has a very problematic brother-in-law who has a history of drug dealing and jail time.

The tea Party wants all of us to believe that they are the rescuers and the real Christians who stand on principle, as Cruz made clear when they shut down government but when truth is told it is the members like Ted Cruz, who are the most radical and harbor the worse of the worse, as they are already attempting to delay the free flow of Democracy in the extremists movements.

We can always bet that it is the worse of religious fanatics and tea party behind the extremists, since they are more desperate to win than are the moderate conservatives who are ready to retire rather than have to fight the tea party radicals. We often find when the membership in these religious right-wing hate groups, have a dis-proportionally amount of DUI’s, or other offenses or law transgressions of what they view as negative results from government interference.

So when the extremists in the conservative movements are told that paying taxes is unconstitutionaland the government is over stepping its authority because of the Bill of Rights; and government has lied to them through out American history as the Constitution gave religion and not government control over the governance of the people, many in these groups who have been spawned out of personal histories of hate, feel, “Wow here is a group who understands me and the problems I have had to face.”

Where In other groups, who base many of their beliefs on the old testament and especially the Chapter of Genesis in the Old Testament, they believe the self-righteous will be freed from the chains and oppression that binds them, and it is the government that binds or restricts them, unjustly.

They believe it was the intent for government to be small and when mankind is prevented to do anything they please on their own property as long as it does not interfere with the Constitutional rights of their neighbors, government is overstepping their boundaries.  One would preclude this would give men the right to control their families, if we take a closer look, as the tea party and fellow conservatives equal attempts to pass bills that deny both women and minorities their rights through either immigration laws or procreation.

The conservatives in Congress refuse to sign the bill that denies the right for any person to  abuse another, because they argue the gay population who are added to the Senate bill, have never been allowed to exist by law. They refuse to allow them civil liberties or the right to marry as they claim gay people are not recognized by law so have no rights under the law, and therefore  do not exist by law. They often declare according to the Bible gay people are an abomination in the eyes of God and America was established on the belief of Christian values. All conservatives believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and therefore they have a legal right to deny marriage to the gay population and to deny them the right to adopt or to raise children.

The hate groups and self-righteous believe themselves to be the ones who will bring change and win back the right of freedom for all American citizens.  The great majority are Fundamentalists who believe that no matter how injurious the sin or crime we all can be forgiven of all sins if we just repent and then in doing so are born again through Jesus Christ. No one who believes differently from them, will be or can be saved according to the beliefs of most of them. They are saved for all eternity while they await the Rapture and Armageddon where the righteous will rise to Heaven and the damned will fall to hell.

Many are very sincere  in their belief that they are the saviors of a society who has gone to hell in a hand basket and by eliminating government or rendering it to miniscule size they will save the United States from itself, by putting Religion back in its Constitutional place intended by our founding Fathers, and  is in leadership over government that was never intended to lead our Nation through Democracy, but by a benevolent or Religious leadership.

This is the belief of all hate, religious and libertarian groups who participate in or finance either. They all believe they have a proclamation from God to save Americans from the damnation they are causing and an abiding hate towards government where the atheist or godless people on the left or the liberals according to their beliefs are denying Christians their rights to prayer and worship through  the Court system and government.

In the more right=wing fanatic groups they believe that liberals are Satan worshipers and the root of all evil and a godless people.  The most despised in these groups are atheist even more so that minorities.  They are the reason that when other hate is dropping the hatred towards atheists are rising.

These groups do not see themselves as hate groups or self-righteous but instead claim a love of God and Country,  They neither see themselves as being a hate group or self-righteous but as the only ones who have the insight and permission by God to save our Nation before it is destroyed by the left or the Liberals in the Democrat Party.

The members of these hate and self-righteous groups do not see or even want to see or understand that it is their beliefs that deny people their rights when they insist their religious beliefs should rule government.  They are blinded by their beliefs in government being ruled by them, who would bring back freedom to the people.

We have already seen the behavior of their Conservative leadership, as it wasn’t just the tea Party who shut down government but their fellow conservatives who voted against reopening government as well, does to the lack of freedom many of us experienced when their self-righteousness claim of standing on Principle was influenced by Ted Cruz,  led to the shut down of government by the Republicans was viewed for what it is.

They believe  it is against their rights when government feeds the people, gives the unemployed and hungry food stamps, or regulates the safety of the rest of us to make sure we are protected against the criminal element in air ports or at the borders against terrorism, or regulatory boards in consumer goods or in our health against unscrupulous Doctors or those who make products that our children and we eat or toys they play with, or cars we drive or ban drug use that harms our children.

The members of these hate and self-righteous groups have been so manipulated and controlled by their leadership they very honestly, in most cases, are innocent of the ability to understand what it is that they themselves are doing to deny the freedom of the people as they must stand on principle of saving our Country from the liberals as those who manipulate and control them have them so convinced they have a moral obligation to be soldiers in Christ Kingdom or be destroyed by damnation.

It, of course, is we the people whose rights are being denied by them. They feel they are being robbed and their rights denied when they are taxed to pay for any of these Departments or taxed period because taxation is illegal.  They especially hate Obama care as that is just another tax and they do not think they should be forced into paying for insurance as most of them have gotten by on either their spouses’ policies, or without insurance and free health care provided by their churches, or the American people, in the increased charges in premiums and deductibles to us

The Conservatives along with the tea party are those responsible for passing bills in many of our States that have passed into law the Person hood Bills that give rights to the embryo over the rights of women and have passed laws or want to pass them if elected that would demand a woman have ultra-sound which is the vaginal probe before getting an abortion even in cases of rape through incest or rape period. They are dead set against immigration so be prepared to see a similar fight as we saw when President Obama has attempted to do anything.

Although these groups have a disdain for Atheists over minorities it certainly does not stop them from believing that the white male race is the most discriminated against and lessen the hatred many of them have against minorities or believing that the passage of civil rights by the Democrats in the 1960’s was ever legal.

They want most of the government eliminated while maintaining a strong military. Unless we want Religion in charge of government as it has been since 60 AD in the middle East, we who do not hate need  to vote this conservative element out of the government before we find ourselves living in permanent war zones due to the various Religious factions fighting against each other as they do in the Middle East.

Anyone who fails to believe that this benevolent leader they are talking about who would replace Democracy would be any less of a dictator as we have seen throughout history with other dictators, in my estimation, want to remain in denial, is being brain washed through hate, or simply chooses to remain ignorant of the facts.

Much of the growth of these groups is due to poverty and the lack of employment yet the Republican Congress refuses to pass through the jobs bills that has passed the Senate  as it is a conservative majority who must sign no more taxes and without increasing the taxes our government cannot afford to care for the needs of our people.

History tells us that much of these radical views or extremists groups dwindle to nothing when the middle class is made financially sound; that of course would not meet their needs if these Patriot or hate groups did not vote for them or indoctrinate the people by signing them up for the cause.

We need to stop it before the cancer grows any further in both 2014 and 2016 and not quit until we eliminate them all.  It has never been more important to vote against this element that grows, than it is, in the coming elections. If we are not vigilant to the dangers of Democracy no one will be.  We certainly cannot count on the media to update us or make us aware of what is happening to the Destruction of the Republican Party or to our Democracy, for which we stand.  Enjoy the weekend all.

The concentration of media  Companies in the World  pretty much is  owned due to media convergence or consolidation, so when we turn on television and it all sounds alike, we are greatly persuaded as a Nation by broadcasts television, especially if we do not seek out reading material or books that give us an authors point of view or form an individual or  separate view inspired by academics,  but we constantly absorb the same broadcasting agents day after day.

Much the same is true if a journalist writes a piece and it gets picked up by move on.org or the Church of Christ and it is rewritten to either reflect their far-right or liberal views.  We then become reliant on news print for many of our own formed opinions or views on the political or world slant we often take on in forming what we think is our own opinion.  Many of us are influenced by something or someone else, when we often think our own ideas are unique or unusual.

In cases where people either don’t care or are indifferent to what is happening politically and neither watch or read the news, we also find Americans who either do not vote or if they do they are influenced to vote by a spouse, pastor, or parent or some other authority figure.

If the only information we get is from radio that is 66% owned by Christian Broadcasts networks, we can be greatly effected or influenced by people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh if we listen to Christian talk radio and not even be aware of their influence on us.  Just as Sarah Palin  never goes away but blends into this right-wing mentality we are finding people more and more falling for  more extreme and radical beliefs which is having a detrimental effect on the leadership in the Conservative movement that is being elected by a majority in Conservative States.

It pretty much gets down to a power of control within the Republican Party as to if the extremist or the more moderates conservatives will come out the victors. We are seeing this going on in the Republican party today, but make no mistakes about it much of what has influenced their views is all the same.  It all depends if they are Conservatives from top down or bottom up.

Even  if our thinking or belief system  is not an independent thought or one borrowed of independent thinking that has not been persuaded by academics or what is sometimes considered a charismatic leaders view, we find that most concepts of political or rational thinking is very limited in range since mankind only uses 10% of their brain.

When the brain is constantly  influenced by the same or like thinking day after day eventually as a people we can often become brain washed by the contributing factors that we hear or listen to over a great length of time or if as in Religious beliefs, we feel a spiritual obligation to believe then we can become so encompassed into the belief of another as to be led by their beliefs.  We often refer to the Sheppard as being Christ and His people as the flock or lambs. When a charismatic minister or priest gains the spiritual power over their flock we/they can readily be influenced politically, if the leadership or priest is of the desire to change or persuade election results..

Too many Charismatic leaders are influencing the thinking of people who are interpreting the Bible and believing mankind needs to return to the Biblical days in preparation of the Rapture and they are being misguided in their thinking just as often occurs in other sectors of Society.

In reading the signs they are preparing for Armageddon at an expense to individual expression and views.  Many who are part of the far Religious right believe that the Democrats are responsible for a one World view and globalization because it was President Clinton who signed the World trade agreements, even though it had been agreed on prior to his getting into office.

if Hillary Clinton decides to run and is elected we can bet this same group of right-wing religious fanatics and tea party power  and control will continue to attempt to limit any power Hillary or any President, who may run and win.  They believe that they or Religion was intended to control a small government and that taxation is unconstitutional and it all plays into both the Conservative view which the tea party really is as well as into the view of the Religious right.

Since George W. Bush was elected by the Conservative right, or Evangelicals, they were highly offended when President Bush went against the efforts to control him or government.  He offended the two most powerful religious right leaders, Pat Robertson and Dr. James Dobson who control and influences much of the Evangelicalism and the Conservatives in America.

One or the other if a candidate for the Republican Party is elected through conservatism will ultimately influence the election and be funded by the small minority or 1% of our Nation. George W. Bush often went against their sometimes extreme beliefs so when it came to the choice for President in the Republican elections the conservatives combined with the religious right I previously mentioned in an earlier post. They  were going to make certain they could control the choice of Republican President or at very least have more influence over him than they had over Bush, and that is what led to such a pathetic field of  Republican candidates in the last election.

Just as the small handful under the guise of liberal or moderate Democrats will decide who are the most likely to win in the Democratic Party will be left up to a handful of powerful people in the Democratic Party.  Soros is to the Democrats as are the Koch Brothers are to Conservatives. Although we are being led to believe that somehow the tea party libertarians are different from the conservatives they in truth are one and same with just more or less extreme views.  Which extreme or less extreme view will ultimately win out in the power base struggle within the Party is left to be seen,

The large media conglomerates around the world and who control the news we hear in the media and who greatly affect our minds when we watch broadcast news networks are the following:  Viacom, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, News Corporation, Bertelsmann AG, Sony , Comcast, Vivendi, Televisa, The Walt Disney Company, Hearst Corporation, organizabcoes Globo, and Lagare Group.

As of 2012, the Walt Disney Company was the largest media conglomerate in the United States, with News Corporation, Time Warner and Viacom ranking second, third, and fourth respectively, and if we become dependent on them for forming our opinions or world or political views then we are or can be as greatly influenced by our views as those who we often feel or think are brain washed in the far right religious views.

For that reason if we always watch MSNBC we can be greatly influenced through liberal views where as if we watch Fox news we will be influenced in our thinking in the far right views.  If networks who are more moderate fail to offer  a more moderate or balanced view, we ultimately end up more married to either a left or right view in both our thinking and politically.  When we think of how limited we are by the control of the powers that be through the media, we are becoming more and more entrapped in our convictions that are being influenced through religion, the media, and politicians just as much as we are influenced through the academics that the conservatives accuse of teaching Godless views.

In Nations described as authoritarian by international think-tanks and NGOs like Human Rights Watch, China, Cuba, and Russia, media ownership is generally something very close to complete state control over information or indirect ways,  If we who live in a Democracy, even one as developed as our own, do not doubt or question what we hear or are viewing but instead hear the same thing repeated again and again as we are hearing against Obama care we can be just as much turned against what is in truth of value to us.

The Republicans began their list of talking points against Obama care in town hall meetings mostly in smaller rural areas, before Obama care was even completed, and so married are they to those talking points, that in the State of Kentucky where they already love Obama care and the system is operating smoothly, although it is considered a Republican State, two Republican Senators found it necessary to take out a full-page ad with their talking points repeated for one more time against Obama care.

We all need to be concerned and to monitor what the media and those who would attempt to influence us by repeating anything over and over again or we will all end up being nothing more than robots void of independent thought or action, at all, or lambs to the altar to only be sacrificed for the cause, in the name of hate,  while professing Christian love.

Once we reach the point or time in our life that we view everything as black or white or refuse to listen to another point of view or as a broadcaster or reporter fail to report the balance of both sides while claiming to be balance or moderate, then as a media outlet, you become less effective than those who have converted the already liberal or conservative believers to their news.

It is as necessary for any news agency to practice what they advertise,  if they wish to maintain their credibility as it is to those of us who monitor them. We should always expect our news outlets to be as they report themselves to be.  It has cost Fox news a great deal of credibility in its insistence of being the no-spin zone as once the viewing public finds the news shows reporting opposite of what they advertise, they will lose viewership of those who deal in the ability to  still think for themselves.  Have a good day all.

Media, Enough Already

We get it CNN.  You don’t like Obama care and will report over and over and over again about how the affordable health care site is failing.  Why aren’t you asking instead,” if the Republican Congress is ever going to do their job,” and ” if they plan on spending another 15 years blaming Democrats for the fact that they have failed to do right by the middle class,” or “If they feel bad at all for taking a pay check while attempting to divide our Nation?”

Clearly the Republican party did not learn a thing, as the House does not have just one committee looking into Sibelius and the healthcare.gov system but has three.

Where is Edward R. Morrow, who was not afraid to confront Joseph McCarthy and ask him how long did he think McCarthy could continue to divide America with his insanity of communist behind every tree and destroy his own party in an attempt to destroy the Democrats?  How refreshing it was then to see broad casting reporters actually doing their job instead of treating the same Republicans  who are the problem preventing  a successful recovery as the so called problem solvers.

Are we the American people not suppose to notice that we are being brain washed on the hate against  Obama care under the cover of the interview on the Sibelius and health care site?  Are we suppose to be so stupid that we do not catch on that each Republican interviewed places another attack bite in  against Obama care?  Isn’t that just more of the same crap we heard when the Republicans shut down our government, against President Obama?

Is everyone who does not perform perfectly  so the media and Republican party  cannot find anything to fault, suppose to be replaced or fired by the Obama administration?

If so why aren’t the media and the Republican party placing the same standards to both their Congress and their own staffs? I don’t want to have to live in a world where I can no longer count on a two party system to do their job or a media who only finds fault and thinks they can cover for it by reporting a tid bit of humor or hand out awards for people who exemplify real courage once a year.  I want to see some legitimate reporters who are asking the tough questions of the people who are responsible for the division in our Nation and the slow down of our economy, as do all people of common sense.

The facts are, the media has as much responsibility to represent the majority view in America, as do our elected officials. It is the job of the media to inform and not to criticize or speculate. The majority view said through the election polls, “We want a President who cares for us and will fight for us the middle class and the majority, and we know it is not the Conservative’s choice but President Obama and in electing him we are electing Obama care as well.”

If it had not been for redistricting in many of our States, Congress would not of had a Republican majority in Congress.  Those are the facts, people, and the media needs to stand up and inform us as to why we have to keep settling for less in both Washington and in our media or start reporting on what really matters to us. If they do not then they leave us with the only option to look elsewhere for our news. I know the younger  generation have already figured that out for themselves, but aren’t we all entitled to quality news service on the cable we pay for?  It is not always convenient due to our hectic schedules to grab network news so too many of us have foolishly, obviously, depended too much on cable news.

President Obama and Sibelius who have said over and over again they are working to fix the system, are being scrutinized and faulted for if they use the right terminology to explain the failure, by the media who has gotten so petty over their criticism of them, they fail to see they are failing at their jobs to inform the public of real meat issues. If we interviewed you, the media and the Republican Congress, and held your feet to the fire in the same way you continue doing to the Obama Administration, could you pass the litmus test under fire with the exact perfection of doing your job without error or terminology?

If it isn’t enough that the Republicans are being interviewed as the problem solvers instead of the people who are dividing our Nation with one witch hunt after the other, they are also constantly criticizing anyone but themselves who have serious problems in their own party and House that needs fixing.

It does not take three committees to do anything in Washington, unless of course you are a politician who wants to go home and tell your constituency, I sat on the committee that really put their feet to the fire over Obama care.  I  don’t know if I resent the media or the conservatives more for treating the American people like we are too stupid to know the difference. Is it asking to much to have honest broadcast reporters who confront the real problems in America other than reporters who continue to find fault with the Party that struggles to find solutions for the middle class with a
Republican party who refuses to give a damn about us and cannot even get along with themselves or fix the problems for Americans, while the media instead plays into the hands of the party who constantly fail the American people?

I have never heard a reporter ask a member of the tea party libertarians yet, if they are in truth a member of the John Birch Society or why they are accusing our government of committing tyranny because our government needs to collect taxes to pay for the needs of the our hungry, unemployed, or middle class. Nor do they ask these conservatives why they feel President Obama should be held for treason, even when they know this mentality exists in the Republican party. If they do any investigating at all you can bet it will be against a Democrat or White house staff in the Obama Administration even though the Democrats have done a good job of weeding out their own while the Republicans continue to embrace their own radicals and subversive elements.

I don’t deny that there is a hand full of conservative Democrats left yet who are from conservative States who are as guilty on most issues as the Republican tea party and conservatives except they believe in Social Security and Medicare. Since we are all as tired of some in the media using them as an excuse for the media to say,” the Democrats are as much to blame,” or “the Democrats are wanting to delay Obama care,” or they say,” even Democrats are passing legislation to delay”….. yadda, yadda, yadda.  I don’t think too many of us would care if they were replaced by moderate Democrats since they either straddle the aisle, don’t vote, or vote with the Republican conservatives anyway. It would be almost worth it, if it meant they were not constantly used as excuses to replace the Republican media mentality.

We should all expect the media to interview those in the Republican party, who fail to work for us, the people, while they investigate  where these manifestations of ideas are coming from in the Republican party that divides us as a Nation and what is their reasoning for these ideas, by these same radicals who claim to represent us in the Republican Party. We know they won’t tell us the truth but is it asking to much of the media to make us aware that they exist and are doing great harm to both the Republican Party and Democracy?

No one ever asks the Republicans why  hate groups of white supremacy are invited to the Conservative conventions when they know they are.  The media is doing a miserable job of informing us, and we deserve better. This same media  is using exactly the same smoke screen they used and was placed before the American voters to point the finger at Obama care,  no differently from what was used to get the Tea Party members elected to the White house and our States in 2010. It is official, the media is now showing they cannot ask the tough questions that need answers or be objective either.

Aren’t they Just spokes people for a severely broken Republican party that is being ran over by a bunch of radicals yelling tyranny because the poor dears have to pay the same taxes that their families member did in the 1950’s and to pay a dime more is soooooooooooooo disturbing to them because, “Gosh darn it, it’s just not fair to be a pampered American citizen and  not  feel gratitude enough for it, to make certain America  remains strong with a two party system where both parties work at what being an American citizen and representative of the people is intended to be.

When will this media start reporting the truth, which is,” People you may have thought you had healthcare for less but what you had were cheap over paid policies that would have covered nothing if you actually did get sick or had serious bodily injury.  Instead of reporting the obvious, which is we all know the Obama care system is being over ran partly because reporters and Republicans looking to find fault with it, are helping to over-run it, and there by adding to the heavy traffic but also because the system sucks.  We get it.

Why are the media not reporting on sabotage by House conservatives in our government?  Why are these witch hunts by the Republicans that are  happening over nothing more than human error being tolerated?  Do Sibelius and President Obama both have to draw a pint of blood to prove their sincerity in their own frustrations with the failure of the system to perform according to their expectations?

I like to hear instead why the Republicans in Congress have failed consistently to do their jobs for the American people.  Why don’t we have some reporting on what really should be reported on?  Is cable news going to go the way of news print before they start asking the Congress the questions they need to be asking or are they just going to become one big far-right propaganda media and join Fox news? A great deal of tolerance has been asked of us and expected of us due to the crises created in our lives by the tea party and conservative Republicans, and we the people deserve so much better than we are getting from both the media and the Republican Party.

Instead of the media or CNN imparticularly grilling the conservatives over why they refuse to put the Americans first and why they refuse to deal with immigration and why they refuse to pass the farm bill and why they refuse to pass the bill that protects the vulnerable against abuse that has passed from the Senate, as responsible reporters, do we have to hear CNN every 20 minutes interviewing Republicans who get the pro-right-wing conservative agenda before the American people?  Is it any wonder their ratings fall every political year?

I for one am glad that the head of our Nations health, Katherine Sibelius, knows less about computers than she knows about the health concerns of the people and that President Obama cares more about the people than he does about computers, if it was the other way around we would just have another confused and self serving political party in Washington.

Isn’t it refreshing when we take a look at the Republican Congress to know at least some one in Washington cares? That both are on our side is  two more than we have seen in the conservative movement for 30 years.

We are not stupid media, we have tried to get up on, this system, that is being over whelmed by people who cannot get through, and we know it has other problems as well. We do not need to have a media adding to some of our frustrations or pointing out the obvious every hour on the hour or day after day. If the media wants to let us know when the system is working smoothly, that would be nice to know. Other wise, Enough, already! Thank you!

The National Debt

Every time I think I can take a break from the lies being told on social media, by the far right, I read yet another lie.  The lie being told in order for the right-wing Conservative movement and the tea party, to be able to hang on to their brainwashing and fear tactics,claiming globalization and a one world view by the liberals and Democrats is,” that the interests collected off our debt goes 100% into the banks.

Do we think that it is possible, they are same people who govern in the Tea party as they seem to have no clue of how government works.  They certainly don’t have experience with governing. Is it stupidity that excuses them from paying the Nations bills for 2 years in Congress? Gee could it possibly be? I  wonder, don’t these hate groups on the internet ever realize that people who know better, reads these lies or don’t they care since the great majority are brain washed anyway into believing what they write?

As I already explained,the Congress is in charge of paying the bills and the Republicans have had control of Congress 15 out of the last 19 years and did not pay for the two wars.  Since before the Tea Party entered Congress beginning in 2010 Congress have not paid a bill.

The largest bill and that which causes the greatest debt is the interests that we own on the National debt, that cost us 220 billion dollars a year.  When we consider the interests rates are at a low, we understand if they do not pay the bills now when the interests rates are low, the debt will keep building when the rates continue to go up, as they must eventually do.  The Federal government cannot continue saving the economy because of the Republicans in Congress refusal to pass the jobs bill  that has already passed the Senate while creating a self-inflicted crises every couple of months because of their refusal to govern.

To correct one of the many erroneous lies, being told by the right-wing one more time, the banks do not get 100% of the interests due on our debt.  Payment is two-fold through the bond market.  The division is  following:

1. Debt is held by the public, such as treasury securities held by investors outside of the federal government, including that held by individuals, corporations, the Federal Reserve System and foreign, State, and local government

2. Debt held by government accounts or intergovernmental debt, such as non-marketable treasury securities held in accounts administered by the federal government that are owed to program beneficiaries, such as Social Security Trust fund.  Debt held by government accounts represents the cumulative surpluses, including interests earnings, of these accounts that have been invested in Treasury securities.

In general, public debt increases as a result of government spending and decreases as a result of government tax or other receipts, though in practice Treasury securities are not issued or redeemed on a day-to-day basis. The amount that Treasury can borrow is limited to the debt ceiling.

Both the lack of Congress to govern and their creating unnecessary crisis, the sequester because the Republican majority in Congress didn’t care if we went over the cliff anymore than it bothered them to close down government, all cost us a slow down in our economy, uncertainty, and added on more debt.

The conservatives thought they could continue to point their fingers at the Democrats in the Senate and President Obama, because it has worked for them for 15 out of 19 years. After all they have the Christian right as well as the media on their side and they work the people over pretty well when it comes to passing off the blame to President Obama, Obama care, and the Senate.  The conservatives just have to blame the tea party Libertarians and the tea party blame the conservatives because if you can’t tell the truth then confuse the people.

After thinking, but not knowing for sure in my past post, I decided to check it out and the United Stares was last free of debt in 1836 which was  quite a while before the civil war in 1860.  I knew it was in the 1800’s sometimes because the government was not giving out free land through the Kinkaid Act*until the 1940’s in the West and immigrants did not start arriving in larger groups until after the crash of the 1880’s. They had a large influx during the Civil war but they were mainly hired as mercenaries to replace the sons of the North from going to war, and escaping the Prussians as well as dictatorships.

Even while the Civil war was taking place that cost our Nation, just as any war does, plans were underway to build the inter-continental rail-road that was paid for by the government issuing bonds to the wealthy, and both incurred a debt that was not achievable to paying off, since there was no middle class and the poor could not pay taxes only the wealthy paid taxes and no one has ever been able to raise a flag out of respect of the majority of them being willing to pay much, then any more than now.  Plus A Country can’t borrow without a good credit rating nor can it have an established credit rating if it has no debt.’

In the 1940’s, It was the combination of the Kincaid act, the Roosevelt programs and the GI Bill,that would bring immigrants to the United States; to own land after making improvements on it in the West and mid west,  returning soldiers from World War 2 could own homes and get an education, and the elderly were cared for through Social Security, that brought back a booming economy, followed by commercial airlines, radio going to television, automobiles becoming affordable and the inter-state giving jobs that established a booming economy and a strong middle class.

During this boom, and a strong middle class, Democrats Roosevelt, Truman, and Republican Eisenhower were in office and it was the last time government balanced a budget until Clinton balanced a budget that he took the  Republicans screaming into with Newt Gingrich’s help because Newt had the dirt on them. The Republican party has refused to stand behind, Newt, since, as a result of it.

Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower are detested by the conservative right and tea party since Joseph McCarthy, just as the far-right today, saw a compassionate Democracy as being no different from socialism.  The right-wing also despises these same Presidents today, because their hero was/is Joseph McCarthy. It would become known as the era of McCarthyism, because Joseph McCarthy claimed the Army, Democrats, and Hollywood were all communist sympathizers and it cost many fortunes and lost of income because innocent people were forced into having to defend their loyalty to the United States and many were never hired again in Hollywood and lost their election bids because of the lies spread by Joseph McCarthy.

All three Presidents also often referred to Joseph McCarthy as a buffoon as he started one witch hunt after the other, but Eisenhower was afraid to confront him in public due to McCarthy’s often told lies and hateful retaliation. Just as moderate Republicans are afraid to confront the tea party today. History has been a little kinder to Joseph McCarthy today due to his friendship with the Kennedys, as there was a bit of truth in some of what he said since the military fought with Russia, against Germany, in World War 2, and also because the people who write history today did not live through the period of hate that is reminiscent with today’s politics.

The two parties fought amongst themselves even to the point of a fist fight, and Adlai Stevenson’s often repeated line to the Republicans when he ran against Eisenhower was, ‘ We’ll quit telling the truth about you if you quit lying about us. ”  Never would either party ever desert the needs of the people in the history of our Nation as this Republican Congress has and continues to do.  Every government up until the last 30 years of Conservative majority, knew and appreciated the fact that an economy was only as healthy as its middle class as was evidenced throughout history, and including our own.

*Although the Kinkaid act was enacted in the East and  humid reasons as early as 1904-1910 in the arid regions out West, land through the Kinkaid Act was still being granted to those who would settle the land and make improvements on it  up until 1941. Since the drought of the dirty thirties and the Great Depression hit at the same time in the Midwest and western regions, many others left land idle during the 1930’s and did not return.  It would be the 1940’s before much of the land became productive enough to produce a middle class existence in families, who were not large land holders. It would take learning better erosion control, rotating crops, and planting of shelter belts.(trees) The last land granted under the Kinkaid act happened in 1941.

Robert Louis Shulz is the Founder and Chairman of WE the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress and a Constitutional activist.  Most of us would think then that he is a lawyer, but no his training is as an engineer, and has no formal training in law.

He has filed over 100 law suits against the Federal government stating that paying taxes is Unconstitutional because the 16th amendment to the Constitution was never ratified.  On August 8, 2007 an injunction was filed against him stating the following:

The district court found that Shulz illegal activities were harming individuals, who were exposing themselves by following the ill-conceived instructions. It required that Schulz provide the identity and contact information of recipients of the tax materials, and to enable government to  monitor Shulz obligation under the injunction to provide a copy of the district court’s order to recipients’ materials. They also found that this illegal material handed out to the recipients of this ill-conceived reasoning against paying their taxes was doing harm to the government.

The Court had to go to Court again after Robert L. Shulz  and find him in contempt of Court on April 7, 2008, for failure to follow the Injunction and Court order, and at that time charged him with $2000 per day to comply with Court Order.

On May 8, 2008 Robert L Shulz filed agreement to the effect that he had turned over all records which included, telephone number, e-mail and mailing addresses, and Social Security numbers of all the people on his mailing address.

It would be much later when the United States government would find that this same group was behind much of the thinking that would spawn other movements in the United States that included right-wing religious groups as well as Conservative groups and organizations, and hate groups.  (See my earlier post “Who is: The We the People Foundation”)

I hate to draw attention to any of the radical or hate groups in America but this one explains a lot of the unexplainable when it comes to the explanation of why the Tea Party and Conservatives are refusing to do anything in Congress, and what we will never hear the media tell us.

Some say to do so only gives them credibility but in my post entitled “Patriot And Hate Groups”, I told you, when I first began blogging, I found very few tags on Word press that covered what my Blog would be about, so I made quite a few tags of my own. 

Since many of my posts stress the fact that the Tea Party, in my estimation, and the right-wing conservative group in general, is a real threat to our Democracy, it just naturally followed that I would tag those post as,” we the people.” I understand it was pretty naïve of me but I did not even know this radical group by the same name even existed at the time, but I was well aware of the radicalism and threats made by many groups who harbor resentment towards paying taxes and of course like everyone else I read extensively on Ruby Ridge, which was such a group.

 Little did I know there was a hate group already on word press by that name using the same tag but I continued to use the tag when I realized the truth, anyway ,in hopes that these people who expound so much hate on the tag, while claiming to love America, would read one of my posts and at least pause with their hate and rhetoric for a minute. 

I am smart enough to know and understand that hate is never reached through the use of common sense, as those who hate do not deal in common sense or rational thinking.  To hate is the nemesis to love and a fine line often runs between the two, but love like truth, ultimately are the qualities that heal and will always win out over hate and lies.

If you have noticed, as I have, all the hate and rhetoric that the We the People tag has on word press and they often write about the government and  tyranny and conspiracy on the part of the Government, and promote it on Word press and wondered what and why the rhetoric is so grievous against President Obama, I will explain why, in my post today.

We the people foundation advertises themselves as a non-profit educational and research center founded by a man by the name of Robert L.  Schulz.

The We the People Foundation continually file law suits against the Federal government and just in general harass our government with one law suit after another because they claim that paying taxes of any kind, including with holding tax on wages, that goes towards unemployment benefits and Social Security, Medicare benefits  when we retire or if we are laid off, according to the We the people is illegal for government to collect, but they mainly focus on the illegality of paying Income Tax.

They claim that paying any kind of taxes are illegal and are supportive of the Patriot movement across America and the Tea Party, in general, but hate all government and all Presidents. They have been found to file unfounded law suits time and time again and been fined for their resistance to pay taxes but instead of paying they just become more radical and file more law suits.

With their expounding views against taxes too many times they encourage people to take up the sword and arm themselves against the tyranny of government, and in doing so they create what is known as a resister which is different from a tax protestor as the protestors are funded and hide behind their first amendment right to protest where as the resisters they encourage to refuse to pay taxes are often fined and placed in prison, since it is against the law not to pay taxes.

The We the People Foundation support and basically start rumors against government and conspiracy theories and promote the Patriot groups who arm themselves against what they call tyranny because according to them when a government of any kind, not just the United States, collects taxes it is illegal to do so.

They are an anti-tax protest group who have gathered information on if not all Americans  then most and their Social Security numbers.  In 2007 they were ordered to hand over all telephone, e-mailing addresses, home addresses and Social Security numbers they illegally had gotten on American Citizens and after several more Court battles with the government, they eventually claim they handed them all over.

It is just one of the many law suits that The Federal government has had to battle them over because according to them the 16th amendment to our Constitution was never ratified and therefore it is against their Constitutional rights through the first amendment to have to pay taxes.

They continually file lawsuits against the Federal government and continually lose but they never tell their supporters  that they lose.  If law suits are filed often enough on the same subject then anyone is bound to gain a small crumb or concession so when they do they glorify it out of all proportion as proof that they are being unfairly attacked by government. It is alleged much of the Tea Party and Conservative’s refusal are based on the same principle they often speak of and is the reason that Grover Norquist demands all Republicans sign the pledge, ” No more taxes,” before they can win an office in the Republican Party and why Ted Cruz along with the religious  right were  heard saying the Tea Party are men of courage, because when they shut down government they stood on Principle.

They are the group behind the conspiracy theory and the report  that went out that President Obama is not an American citizen and why  someone in the crowd when Republicans are doing their Town Hall meetings or campaigning, inevitably will speak up and asks, “When are you going to impeach President Obama.”

They also spread many other conspiracy theories that often get repeated by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Adam West, and many other tea Party members but they are just one of 1360 Patriot groups who spread and bring forward conspiracy theories against the Federal government and its employees with their main focus on Eric Holder and President Obama, or any Democrat or Republican who refuses to sign the “No more Taxes” pledge by Grover Norquist. That my friends is who the WE the People Foundation is, and  what they have always been all about as they claim to be an education and research non-profit group.

It never amazes me, because I have grown use to it by now, what comes out of the media circuit on a Sunday morning, or during the week, for that matter. The same media that never fails to let their opinion of disgust show, can be the first to praise when it should be held.

I’m sorry, but if 800 Republican women  and a booth full of tea party members old enough to have great-grandchildren was the best they could gather in Texas, they just got the tail-end of what represents the sentiments of Texans.

The media’s attempt to portray Cruz as a hero, in his home State, won’t come close to the tongue lashing that the main-liner Republicans are going to give him when he comes out of the clouds long enough to understand just how much shame he brought to the proud old party  and the main-line supporters of Texas politics. He may have the Church goers praise but he doesn’t yet have the check signers praise, and in politics but especially Texan politics that is all that matters.

The media attempts to glorify Ted Cruz, means very little when we realize, Texas also is where the men folk speak for Texan politics and women are still referred to as “the  little woman”, It is the place where a good Christian wife was exemplified in the book series or self-help book series to a good Christian wife called,” the Good Wife”. It teaches That, “A Good wife should have her hair done, look and dress her best at all times, and have a hot meal waiting to do what ever it takes, to please her man.” Cuz honey, if a man starts straying, a wife just isn’t doing her job.” Texas is where, ” Honey if you don’t do it our way, it “ain’t” getting done.”

It’s not a place where the hired help is over paid and certainly not a place where any one in that crowd was hurting because of Obama care, as Cruz would have the media believe.  In that group if they had to peel off a  $5.00 bill and hand it to a Hispanic house keeper they would consider her well paid and if it was minimum wage, financially they’d be “hurtin,” but to drop a $100 bill to a pretty lady bringing  a man a drink would be the right thing to do.  I know Texas.

More women than what showed  up to cheer Cruz, show up at Macy’s, if a dress is on sale, or if a wedding salon is discounting wedding gowns, even if they aren’t engaged, yet.  Texas women can love you one week and be your worse enemy the next week.  After all, they were away from home and  wasn’t it a Republican Convention?  It’s not like Cruz walked out on a football field to a heroes welcome.

In Texas, where everyone is Republican, 800 women is just a “gatherin,” heck that’s not even a crowd.  They’re more people than that attending a wedding or a funeral.  If I know, Texas politics, and I think I do, the powers that be are staying quiet long enough now to find out just how much Cruz embarrassed them. I’m guessing Cruz is not as popular in Texas as the media would like us to believe.  He hurt the Republican Party and he hurt them bad. The question is if he shamed them, and if he did, the  Texan backers will be falling away like flies.

Of course, if the media keeps kissing the butt of a self-glorifying profiteer, who refers to himself and the tea party as “men of courage,” while everyone else call them obstructionists whose agenda is only to disrupt the free flow of Democracy, then perhaps he has a proud future in Texas’ politics.

Every time a Democrat tries to explain what really happened with this out growth of self-glorifying misfits, the media removes their mic while the philosophy of Ted with promises of more to come, is given all the time he needs.

Not a single Democrat was even interviewed by CNN following the re-opening of our government, that I ever saw.  instead it was all about the Republicans and Grover Norquist sitting in to explain how proud he was of Ted Cruz. The Republicans won’t even give us a chance, “to let it go…. and heal,” so we can get on with our lives, before the next crises hits.

My word, who doesn’t know by now the Republicans have the majority in Congress and they are the ones who do the spending, and every day a Republican is being interviewed about how they need to get the spending down, they are blaming President Obama.  How do we the American people let them get by with it!

Since 1995 Republicans have held the majority control in Congress all but for  4 years of the 19 years or for 15 years out of 19 years.  Democrats only had control between, 2007-2011, or 4 years out of the last 19.  I actually saw a paid tea party defender say the government was in the black during the Clinton years, thanks to the Republicans. I don’t think our government has ever been in the black since the Civil war or the 1800’s. As a matter of fact I’m certain of it.

George W.Bush inherited a surplus left unused from the Budget from Clinton, when Bush took office and had a majority in both the House and Senate for 6 years and never paid for the wars. Historically when a budget is balanced then Congress has paid the bills during a strong economy but the Republicans who inherited a strong economy did not pay down the deficit.  Clinton took the Republicans screaming into balancing a budget, and they hated him for it.  Newt Gingrich had the dirt on the Republicans as well as himself, and after the Conservatives spent $250 million looking for dirt on Clinton over White water and couldn’t find anything, they couldn’t very well not balance a budget under Clinton with Newt knowing what he did,  Newt had better control over his Republican Party than John Boehner has.

I repeat,  America has not run on a debt free system or been in the black, since the Civil War, I’m almost positive of it because I understand the history that led to the other great Depression in the 1880’s followed by another in the 1930’s, America has had 6 balanced budgets since the 1700’s, with 4 of them being under Democrat Presidents. Since credit rating is based on how we pay our bills and not on debt, even private Business with the assets of our government, would never operate out of debt.  Because this Congress, since the influx of the Tea Party, refuses to pay the bills is why the United States credit rating has dropped, for the first time in its, history.

The United States government saw their first trillion-dollar debt, during peace time, only under Ronald Reagan and a Republican majority. Trickle down economics never worked any better then than it does now. The only reason no news agency ever mentions or educates the public on the truth or ever interrupts a Republican who says we need to pay down our debt, with a response of. “Isn’t that your job to do so,” is because the media is all owned by Republicans, the last time I checked.

In my opinion, the Republicans, whether they be conservatives or tea party, are not going to give up with the exaggerations and lies against Obama care, any more than they have ever done, until they look like the fools they are behaving as.

If the media is impressing anyone with the praise of Cruz or leaving any of us thinking the shellacking the Republicans took is going to change them, all I can tell you is; the impeachment attempt of Clinton did not faze them, so I doubt this will either. From where I sit the impeachment of Richard Nixon did not even  shame or humble them enough to change them.  They just bought better press and it sounds like they already have done it again. “I’m sorry, I don’t only know Texas, I also know Conservative politics.”  What really matters is that we all know the difference.

A later addition: When my husband and I reached the point we were debt free and could pay cash for a nice car, I was upset because our credit rating dropped.  I, like many people, did not know that credit rating is based on our ability to pay off debt.  If we make payments a few days ahead of their due date and more than a minimum payment, and have the ability to pay. because our debt ratio s less than our earnings, our credit rating is always higher than if we have no debt at all and the credit Agencies cannot find debt on us.  I know its crazy but its the way it’s done.

Isn’t It Insanity!

Lets really analyze this for a moment.  Just how insane must we look to the Christ that we profess to love and who loves US unconditionally. I thought Christians were suppose to turn around and love thy neighbor unconditionally or at least as much as themselves.

As Christians paying out millions of dollars for militias, hate groups, and to prevent Democracy through elections because a same sex couple may fall in love and marry in a civil marriage, is insane!  When did we get so worked up over people loving each other that it sent us into a tizzy of hate that we had to arm ourselves by establishing militias or paying in millions of dollars to a group or organization to promote hate for us?

Where are our religious rights being trodden on?  Aren’t the Christians the ones who are denying equal rights to the gay couple, that is guaranteed to them both under the Constitution and in a Democracy as stated in the Constitution?

Just because the Catholic Church paid 1.8 million and the Mormon Church matched it with 3 million to make sure that Prop 8 passed and gays could not marry, did not make our voting for it legal to do so. Equality is the law. The conservative Judge who brought it forward to be voted on, was acting outside of the law, when he gave his o.k. for it to be placed on the ballot. The gay couples are not demanding that you the Churches marry them and neither is the government.  Your Constitutional rights to worship or marry are not being denied.  You are denying them, theirs!

Christians did not get their rights trampled on, the gay population did and thank God we still have a system that works to guarantee us our legal rights even after attempts are made to take those rights away because if we did not we would be denied our rights as well by someone with a bigger wallet than our own.

Despite the Christian attempts to deny the gay population equality, if they ever would win against the gay population would we be judged next because we weren’t considered Christian enough, and wouldn’t we want the law on our side, as well? Christians did not get their Constitutional rights denied them, their vote was simply illegal. No church has a right to enforce their beliefs on anyone, even when we are a member of their Church.  God gave us all, both men and women, the free will to decide.  We do not get to decide the will of God, for Him. This we can all take to the bank.

If the Religious and conservative right along with the Tea Party are ever successful in their fight to deny women the right to their own decisions on procreation and the gays to their equal rights, under the law, then no one will have equality or Democracy and we will be ruled instead by a member of a hate group, that some of you currently pay for, so your side can win. What is it that you will win, if you think you win? Has everybody gone mad! There are 18 different Christian hate groups being paid money to make sure they spread hate, against the gay population alone, and we call that Christian?

Do we have to ask why our children are being bullied or committing suicide? With the kind of mentality that is being whipped up into a lather by people like Ted Cruz or Ralph Reed and they are being called heroes by the religious right, what does that say about Christianity? Aren’t they instead an obvious case study in psychology and shouldn’t they be at very least test subjects for insanity? Do we like paying for all of those who are on the internet projecting hate and telling lies, while being paid for by Christians through the Faith outreach programs?  Is that Christian?

Christians are paying money into a group of misfits who are sitting around to plot the next execution of a police officer who is here to defend us, and the Christians scream that government is stepping on their Constitutional rights?

Did it ever occur to any of you, that we are being played against each other so the Tea Party and right-wing can take away the power of the rational people in the Republican Party, with the help of the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson so they can get out of paying taxes, and they can’t do it without our help, because they need our vote at the election polls?

Wouldn’t we all rather pay a little more in taxes and see the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson pay their fair share, as well, and work towards a stronger economy by supporting our President in getting through his jobs package that was passed through the Senate and the Congress is failing to even look at it? Do you hate African Americans and minorities to such an extent that you wish yourselves to fail?  The truth always does win out and rational people know you are on the wrong side of Christian values. Wouldn’t we all be better off getting back to work and helping each other again instead of listening to constant hate and lies?

Hasn’t it always worked better when we all worked together instead of being told the FBI is compiling a list and Christians are protesting government is taking away their Constitutional rights.  Wouldn’t it be fun just to sit down at a table of our friends or family, who vote differently from what we do, and laugh again, like we did before the Tea Party came to prominence? Just how do we expect the FBI and Homeland security to go about finding these home grown terrorists, as well as the Al-Qaida  terrorists?  Do we  think the terrorists come up and introduce themselves to the FBI and homeland security?

Would we rather continue hearing,” its all those damn liberals fault because they want to stop Christians from prayer and especially President Obama who is shoving Obama care on us.” Did it become a sin for a President to want to make an effort to make sure children and our mom and dad who cannot get insurance, can get it so they don’t die and the rest of us can quit paying your hospital cost because you don’t want to have to share in the cost of it? When did asking Christians to pay their fair share become denying you your Constitutional rights!

I could go on and on and on about the insanity taking place today by people who ordinarily pride themselves in being good Christians and instead they are paying to form 1008 hate groups and 1360 Patriot groups with militias who are arming themselves in the name of Christian values.

Who is denying who their Constitutional rights, folks?  I can only pray that everyone buying into  hate, does wake up and wake up soon before it is your loved ones who are shot first by the militia you are arming or before you find out, like sacrificial lambs to the altar, you will be the first to go into this mayhem of lies and insanity. Two wrongs have never made a right.

We don’t live in the year 80 AD nor were those fantasies told us by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Pahlin, Ted Cruz, or Rush Limbush ever real.  Politicians were never given the right to steal from the tax payers to give to the Christians because if they ever tried it they would get their butts thrown in jail.

The government would not be stepping all over the Constitutional rights of Christians if they put a member of the Tea Party in jail, for taking the peoples money from government, instead they would be putting a common thief in jail.  It is a privilege to live in America and people all over the world envy us for that freedom, To not pay taxes for that privilege would be a total lack of character on the part of anyone who calls themselves Christian or American.

Pope Francis said it best when he said,” Who am I to judge the gay if they love God?’ and “The church is making to much to do about abortion and social issues, when they need to get back to serving the people.”

The only thing I can add to that is if Christians don’t quit paying political groups through their place of worship for the hate and lies that are being told to them by the  Charlatans, none of us will stand the test of hate against us next.

Pray that the Republican Party is able to repair itself and kick out people like the Koch Brothers, Sam Adelson, the religious zealots who have lost their way to hate and militias, and the tea party so that they can heal their own Party and  be made whole again. If The Republican Party does not, we all will lose, and lose big! What is happening in the Republican Party in the name of Christ, is no different from spitting in the face of God.

The real problems destroying and hurting families today, and sadly never gets discussed, are parents wanting to be friends instead of parents, abuse of the vulnerable, and drugs and alcohol.  That is where the focus needs to be on the family.

We don’t need to make certain  that equality is denied to anyone, because quite frankly, none of us were given the power to play God in another person’s life or to deny equality granted to all Americans in a Democracy; or to arm ourselves or a militia, while being told lies, mixed with hate or bullets, if we don’t get our way.  It is insane to think  what is happening is even anywhere close to being Christian or rational! Think about it, who is denying who their Constitutional rights to freedom?  Is it you?

It is well established fact that Ralph Reed who runs the Faith and Freedom coalition of America is an ally with Grover Norquist and that both Newt Gingrich and Carl Rove, who was the so-called brains along with Ted Cruz swinging the Evangelicals to voting for George W. Bush, have spoken before the Faith and Freedom Coalition of America.

Fred Koch father of the Koch Brothers was owner of the second largest business in America and was a founding member of the John Birch Society.  Many say the tea party adapted all of the beliefs of the John Birch Society with the exception of dropping their opposition to the Mormon Religion which has a strong presence in the Tea Party. Others claim that they are the same organization but the John Birch Society simply dropped its prejudice against the Mormons. The John Birch Society is organized and present in every State of the United States with clear affiliation to the Christian Right who believe taxation of any kind is unconstitutional and they share the belief that Religion was intended to rule over government and their Constitutional rights are being trodden on by government tyranny, due to the liberals, and  Democrats  who refuse to accept conservative views in government.

It is also well established fact that the Faith and Freedom Coalition is highly funded by the Koch Brothers investment interests.  Those who do not know how the Koch Brothers got their billions, it was pretty much gained and inherited from their father from the proceeds of oil refinery and there in lies the tie with the Conservative and Religious right to being watch dogs in the Republican Party for oil investments, and the out cry against accepting approval of the Keystone Pipeline. It is just one big happy family in the Republican Party held by a Conservative majority and Tea Party Obstructionists.  I will break it all down for those who may be confused.

Pat Robertson who ran for President had at his helm Ralph Reed when Pat Robertson was the founder of Christian Coalition of America.  When Christian Coalition of America turned to Faith and Freedom Coalition of America and was established by the Tea Party, Reed made the transition, as a good ally of Grover Norquist, to run the newly established Faith and Freedom Coalition of America and Pat Robertson went back to running Christian Coalition of America. Both Religious backed Coalitions have the same beliefs because both were headed by Reed.

Grover Norquist tie in with the Tea Party goes back to the 1960’s when he worked as an aide to Barry Goldwater, when Barry Goldwater was a Presidential Candidate.  Barry Goldwater was adamant against civil and equal rights and a  strong sympathizer of McCarthyism  and the John Birch Society which is the predecessor of the Tea Party and there in lies the connection of Grover Norquist to the Tea Party, to the right-wing religious and conservative movement in America, and to Ralph Reed through Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, to the Koch brothers Faith and Freedom supported Coalition, to Ralph Reed who headed both. Pat Robertson has equally strong opinions on the subject of gay rights, as do all religious right advocates.

They promote and broadcasts  the much maligned views against the gay community,  they detest:civil rights, women’s rights, President Barack Obama, Obama care, and promote the lost of religious freedom, destruction of the Constitution under liberals, the take over of the Constitutions and persecution of Christians by regulatory Agencies and law enforcement.

They are the power and support behind  the current Religious right and right-wing Conservative and Tea Party Republican Platform that are against all of the following: abortion even in cases of rape because good girls do not get raped according to their beliefs, gay rights, a woman’s right to her own reproductive rights,  welfare, Medicare, Social Security, Obama care, food stamps, the Department of Agriculture, the Federal government regulatory agencies, the FBI and the IRS, and just about everything except vaginal probes to prove a woman isn’t lying about her pregnancy,  They were behind the people’s government shut down and the crass behavior of Tea Party member Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. Many of these religious right groups just as Grover Norquist of the heritage Foundation praised Ted Cruz for being a hero on CNN.

So why should we care about any of them and why should they matter to any of us, who do not accept the Republican platform as an Independent and a Republican and we  just vote for the candidate any way?

What are you going to vote for when the candidate you vote for both in your State and Washington has to first pass the Faith and Freedom Coalition of America’s  inspection?

The answer is pretty simple.  Remember last election when as an Independent and Republican you were watching the primary debates and wondering why the Republican Party had such a pathetic bunch of Republicans running for the office of President and the Democrats were laughing their heads off and doing high-fives knowing none of these so-called geniuses could find their way out of a box much less win the Presidency?

Well guess who the Coalition of Faith And Freedom interviewed before the field of primary candidates could be approved by the powers that be in the Republican Party? Make no doubts about it,you have the Faith And Freedom Coalition paid for by the Koch Brothers fielded by the religious right and right wing conservatives and Tea Party to thank for that weak field of Republican candidates who ran in the Republican primaries.

But I digress, these geniuses under the leadership of Reed, Rove, and Grover Norquist, and their minions with willingness to sign the Grover Norquist, “no more taxes pledge’, interviewed for the position of Presidency to the Republican Party and ran for the primaries after completing their try outs they are the following:

Tim Pawlenty

Mitt Romney

Michelle Bachman

Herman Cain

John Huntsman

Ron Paul

Rick Santorum

Newt Gingrich apparently was not deemed Koch money worthy as he was financed by his own  organization Contract With America which was formed on the same concept as Grover Norquist Heritage Foundation.  Newt has sponsored a couple tea party members for elected office and gained his largest contribution from Sam Adelson owner of the Casino sands and a strong conservative ally.

The last candidate on the list to run for President on the Republican ticket was Governor Rick Perry who was sponsored by another radical rightwing and religious right group called Focus on the Family ran by Dobson.

Want to bet that the line up is going to be more of the same in 2016? We already know they think the same can defeat the Democrats is 2014 and the media is already predicting that the Republicans shutting down government was just a blimp on the political screen but how do we the voters feel or think about that regardless of our Party affiliation?

Do we really want to spend the rest of our lives living with part-time employment and uncertainty because the Tea Party, right-wing conservatives, and the religious right who own and control the Republican Party refuses to do their job and govern by starting one witch hunt after the other and kicking the can down the road?

I won’t even ask the Democrats.  This time I am asking the Independents and Republicans, Do you really want more of the same representing you in Washington?  You decide, it is your turn to do something to change 30 years of the status quo by not making the already bad, worse.

Some would argue that Patriot and Hate Groups are one and the same and some organizations, who keep track of the home-grown terrorists in America, have grouped both together. Others believe it is wrong to list or group or even number them as then one will slip under the radar.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center who does keep track and count the number of groups, at last count there were 1008 hate groups in America and 1360 Patriot groups.  Many of the so-called Conservative groups are also on one of these lists as well. They all have different or share the same hates but they are organized primarily with one group of people in mind although there are a number of groups who share both hatred of the Jews and deny the Holocaust even happened, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, immigration reform, and the gay communities, The far-right religious communities especially hate the gay community and see them as the damnation of our Nation.  The African-American community hate both Latinos and whites.

Some believe government was never intended to be any higher than local or County or the sheriff’s office, others believe in States Rights, still others are Nazi sympathizers while others are paranoid enough to believe the Democrats are Communist infiltrators. They  all pretty much hate the IRS and the  Liberals.  It is no accident that the Conservative Republican  Party is on a witch hunt every other week to delay any kind of Agenda in the Obama Administration, with some of the media falling into their irrational thinking or trap, and currying their favor by reporting it on what they call a fair and balanced approach or giving legitimacy to their often self ideation and complaints.

Anything and any one we can imagine irrational people  or people suffering from defiant or confrontational disorders against people of authority could possibly think of to hate, there is a group for that hate, but the one thing that draws them all together is their hatred of laws, law enforcers, taxes and Federal government, as according to them, government is taking over their lives.  They are known to use patriotic names, religious names and harmless every day household names in an effort to fly under the radar.  They are all home-grown and the militia and hate groups are mostly terrorists groups.

Many Senators, from Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Michelle Bachman of Minnesota along with other tea party and far-right conservatives have spoken before these groups. Some of these groups are invited to speak annually at CPAC or the Conservative Convention.  Of course they all claim that the FBI and groups such as the Southern Poverty law Center are unfairly spying on them and they are peaceful groups who have a right to gather.  No one denies that they have a right to gather but there are seven steps taken in any hate or militia groups.

The first three steps are meeting and setting up the leadership under the already self-appointed leader if it is a new organization, while talking about the core of their beliefs system. If it is a long-held group like the John Birch Society,the predecessor of the Tea Party, that is already in every State of the United States, the Ku-Klux-Klan, Aryan Nation, or Black militants they elect the leader and discuss new and old business. The next four steps of any hate or militia group is violence. Some of these groups claim to have as many as 50,000 in the membership while others claim 5000. The number in many cases are greatly exaggerated.

Many are ex-military who train the militia and a great deal of the camps are in the South but they are in many locations.  The most hate groups are in Florida, Texas, and California but they are spread around the Nation no differently from the Patriot or Conservative groups.  What they all have in common with the exception of the Black groups, are a supreme hatred of President Obama and Obama care.  They all believe America is going to Hell in a hand basket and  the Democrats in office and the government in general has walked all over the Constitution to the point the Constitution is no longer being respected by the government regulatory agencies or law enforcement.

The great majority of these Patriot and hate groups, but not all, believe that America was founded on Religious persecution and as such the Constitution was written with the belief that Religion would be in charge of government and be guided according to biblical beliefs or the Bible.

These hate and Patriot groups totally ignore the truth, which is the letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Baptist Church, clearly spelled out separation of  Church and State.  Our founding Fathers escaped persecution from Religion and State religion in Europe and deliberately made certain that Religion was left out of the body of the Constitution, but only added Religion as the first Amendment after writing the Constitution.  The agreement with Religion was that unlike Europe, the government would not start a religion of it’s own and in exchange for government not starting a Church, religion would not influence voters from the pulpits. In the 1940’s the people voted to give religion, freedom from taxation, but that was not to include their profitable businesses such as hospitals, schools, banks, corporations, businesses or land holdings.

In these Patriot and hate groups there are  memberships of the far right Religious groups also tied in with the Conservative groups.  There are, I believe, three Church of Christ Churches who believe that the Bible refers to them as Christ Church and they can track their roots back to Biblical Days when in Truth the Church Of Christ broke away from the Methodists and it is easily traced.

There are a couple of Baptist Churches with the Hillsboro Baptist Church having the most notoriety and some radical Catholic churches from the traditional Churches on the list of the far-right religious hate groups just as There are any number of Evangelicals Churches who spring up almost weekly as they claim the best way to get out of taxation is to just start a Church. There are close to as many religious hate groups as there are political and they are mostly joined together under the right-wing and Tea Party cause.

Both hate groups and Patriot groups are held together by the strong beliefs in, ” it is against the intent of the Founding Fathers and our Constitution for government to have become as large as it has and to collect taxes.” They believe that the Churches were intended to feed the poor and the hungry and not government. They want the Department of Agriculture totally eliminated along with the majority of all regulatory agencies and law enforcement.

And then finally there are a large number of Internet Patriot and Hate Groups whose only report is to recruit and to spread rumors and lies through social media.

I quite innocently stepped into one and it was almost laughable.  When I first got on Word press the tags were very limited.  The majority of women wrote about fashion, make up, poetry, and recipes so I just started tagging my post with my own tags. One of my tags mostly used, because I quite often write about the dangers to Democracy in our Country taking place today, so I  just  naturally tagged my posts: “We the People.”  Little did I know it is just one of the many Patriot Internet Hate Groups entitled “WE the People.”

I was shocked when I first read about what some of them write about against President Obama and their general stupidity.  I’m sorry, I don’t like to call people names or label them but when anyone claims to love America and then expresses the kind of opinions and hate they do against anyone there is no other term to accurately call it. I still tag “We the People,” in hopes that one of my posts can cut through their extremely radical beliefs.

So long story short I write for two reasons with the first being; understanding what is happening on a common sense level with America today and who shut down our government and why; and to hopefully make a difference in at least one person’s life other than my own family and friends.  Have a good day all.

Yes folks, Crazy Cruz and the Cruzers and the Conservatives crashed, only to once more for the 14th time, prolong the crises in Washington until Jan. 15th.

We all deserve to be totally upset and displeased by them for what they continually cost us, the American people, because they refuse to do the job for which they were elected.  These same elected officials who keep yelling about spending and debt have added billions to what is unnecessary spending every time they behave poorly, just as they have done for the last 16 days and we pay for it.

When we realize there are 218 Republicans in the Congress and only 30 of them voted last night in favor of opening up government and to approve the debt ceiling so our government would not default, we all have a pretty good idea of who they are who are not doing their job in Washington, don’t we? 188 Republicans in the House of Representative would have preferred to seen our credit rating fall again and government default on paying their bills and the American people continue to suffer than compromise, on what was necessary for our Nation, despite their totally poor behavior and lost of any credibility.

With all their clamoring about the debt, they themselves are responsible for both spending and paying the Nation’s bills.  President Obama can only present his agenda which they have turned down every year he has tried to get something done, by deliberately doing nothing but adding their own pork to it.  Presidents do not do the spending, Congress does.  Presidents can only approve or veto it and the fact that this Congress passes nothing President Obama has a surplus of ink, since he has neither had a bill to accept or reject from this Congress when it comes to job bills, immigration, or the farm bill.

President OBama spoke this morning and said that Washington needs to sit down and work out an agreement now on both the farm bill and immigration.  After 5 years of Congress doing nothing, do any of us really think a whole load of Republicans who got exposed for their childish behavior in Washington, are now going to act or change and work for the American people on a budget agreement or to play fair on immigration or to feed the hungry?

The Conservatives in the Senate and Congress did agree to cut 39 billion out of the food stamp budget when one child every five minutes is dying due to hunger or hunger related diseases in the United States. They did not specify the cuts were to eliminate fraud nor form a committee to look into fraud, which I think all of us will agree does exist, but they just said over the next 10 years we are going to eliminate food stamps and unemployment benefits.

The Tea Party wants to totally eliminate the Dept. of Agriculture because they claim that it doesn’t do anything any more but give out food stamps and there is some truth in their role of distribution, in both food stamps and distribution of farm subsidies, for the poor but by eliminating that department, we as a Nation are asking more children in America to die of starvation or starvation related diseases.

One of the tea party elected officials to Washington, from one of the largest agricultural states in our Nation, is Adrian Smith of Nebraska, who was paid for and bought by the tea party and elected specifically to help eliminate the Department of Agriculture. One third of all of his campaign funding came from the Club For Growth, which is a conservative group, that believes in the banning of all taxes.

As of 2009 there were 512 anti-war and anti-government Patriot groups listed and by 2012 they have grown to 1360 extremists groups according to the latest figures kept by the Southern Poverty Law group. Some are anti-immigration and anti-Semitism.  The Club for growth is just one of the  Patriot groups who are anti-government and anti-tax. Some of these Patriot groups support racism and militias but others of the group who are considered more conservative groups fund campaign money to some of the Conservatives and tea party members.

The main intent of those who fund politicians is to eliminate all regulatory agencies of government along with Obama care. Because of these groups the Republicans were able to out spend liberal Democrats 34 to 1 in 2010 and 2012.  The Club for Growth, keeps record of how their paid for politicians vote, as they all do.  Their push is to make certain their paid for politicians push for the defunding of Obama care in 2013. These groups are behind the reason Cruz and the Cruzers shut down the people’s government.

Our problem in Washington is two-fold as the far-right Republican Congress has been bought and paid for by anti-tax and anti-government groups and as a result of that, the lack of proceeds coming in from the taxes collected are not sufficient enough to pay for the needs of our people. Since our taxes, as is, our spending are as low as they were in the 1950’s, due to the Tea Party extremists and the Conservative majority in the Republican Party, we simply aren’t getting the debt paid down or able to fund the needs of the people.  Do we think they will compromise when it comes to passage of the farm bill due to the Tea Party of Ted Cruz’ caucus who has said he isn’t done shutting down government yet?

The main reason the farm bill passed out of the Senate, and remains untouched in the Congress, is because the far right Conservatives from the South and Midwest  farm belt such as, Adrian Smith from Nebraska, continues to run unopposed in their States because of the huge contributions paid into their campaigns, each time they or he runs by an arm of the tea party conservative  anti-tax and anti-government groups, even though all of these Red States along with the State of Nebraska is about 90% dependent on agriculture and small producers in the State.

The Conservatives would have us all believe that huge pay outs in the farm bill goes to large producers when there are many smaller producers than there are large producers in many of our States. Without our farm producers getting protection a year of fires, floods, blizzards as happened in Rapid City already this year, and winds and drought can wipe out our farmers who if they are lucky break even when they average out the risk they are up against with Mother Nature.  Some years are better and others are worse. The larger the operation the greater the lost when disaster hits. Some States have already suffered fires and drought for two years and require aid just as the ranchers in Rapid City do, who lost whole herds of cattle in the recent storm. Without operating capital to insure or produce a crop, they are often forced to sell the land that has been in their families sometimes for 5 generations.

The hypocrisy of all of this is far more tax dollars are paid out in tax breaks and corporate gifts to both Corporations and oil companies, than even comes close to that paid out in farm commodities that go to the poor. They  get paid just to hire people in the United States.  The Conservatives, of course, do not want to touch those tax breaks or freebies as those are the lobbyist that put money in their own pockets. They pile on more pork than do the liberal Democrats.  As a Nation, we should never stop as long as even one child goes hungry in the Richest Country in the World. Do any of us who elect these Republicans to Congress out of the Red States really believe they are looking out for our best interests, when most of us are pretty dependent on agriculture and those who feed our Nation?

Going clear back to Reagan days the Conservatives have been promising every election year that they were going to fix the problems with immigration.  Even the Tea Party acknowledged after Mitt Romney’s humiliating lost that they needed to do something on immigration in order to gain the growing Latino vote, but then after a few weeks it just all fizzled out and the next thing we hear is they think Mitt Romney was just the wrong candidate; and they have enough of the white vote to win, if they just get a  better organized grass-roots organization to get out the vote and to get more people registered.

Don’t we all think that both the farm bill and the immigration bill will continue to sit in Congress or be a non-starter and never pass?  I hate to sound so cynical but after the last 16 days aren’t we all entitled to feel that way when it comes to this Republican Party?

Listening to Gardner of the Heritage Foundation, Grover Norguist brain child, praise the courage shown by Ted Cruz and the Conservatives while faulting the moderate Republicans who voted in favor of re-opening government, spelled out clearly why Congress fails to function. It was scary to listen to and just more of the same controversy that divides us as a Nation, but now we have our answer for certain where the problem in  Washington lies, don’t we? Thank God we have a few weeks before it begins again. WHEW!

Drug addicts  use to be a problem that effected inner-cities or poverty.  It still exists there as strongly as ever, and probably much worse with prostitutes as they are often introduced to drugs so they will continue prostituting in order to get the drugs. What most people are not aware of is that alcohol and drug addiction has become a three generational problem in both the middle and upper classes of America.  Just as children and house wives are prostituting to get money to keep up with their classmates, neighbors, or to get drugs so are the number of prostitutes increasing with the lack of Congress to pass job bills for people who want to work in our current economy.

Sending drug addicts to juvenile delinquency halls or jail without any or only token treatment or understanding of why they do drugs and have no fear of the lost of their lives, has become the tragedy carried over from the 20th century into this one.

Drug addiction affects every level of society and because we imprison drug addicts instead of rehabilitate them, unless they are Hollywood or music celebrities, and fail to put them through psychological testing much in the same manner we do first time offenders or people who are  alcoholics, the numbers increase and the addiction worsens.  They simply learn other ways to get drugs and feed their addiction from more experienced hard liner drug abusers when they are sent to prison or juvey..

Too many of us have had the attitude for too  long, “it isn’t my problem, my kid doesn’t do drugs”, and when I hear parents say that, I want to say,” Are you sure?” There is no answer sadly, to that kind of attitude because too many already have the attitude, “If they are stupid enough to do drugs and get caught they should go to jail.” What people do not realize too many times is the kind of back ground many of these kids have had to endure and if we do not reach out and help these kids it certainly will be our problem.  The break-ins in our homes, cars, and property when we leave for vacation are almost always drug or drug and alcohol party related.

When we send adults drug addicts to jail, because of their drug use, before they are sent to jail, many of these same alcohol or drug addicts are leaving behind children who are also addicts. We are now past the third generation of drug addicts in our Society in both the middle and upper classes of America. It is not their peers who addict these children many times, but instead their parents who are drugged or stoned and pass it to their kids as early sometimes as 8 years old.  Because of the diminished effects in judgment of these parents, it is not unusual at all, that these parents have passed to their children a blunt which is marijuana laced with cocaine, meth, the parents own narcotic prescriptions to calm an upset child, or played friend instead of parent to their children’s keg parties or they brag about their daughter or sons going to fraternity parties with college kids.

The great majority of us who are capable of common sense are all to aware of the fact that high school kids and most of our college kids should avoid a fraternity party because of what happens at these parties way too much.

The probability that our own child or grand child is a frequent attendee of these parties is not rare in homes where parents have the attitude,” They are grown up now, what can you do?” or “I trust my child they would never get pregnant or do drugs.” Sadly because parents are turning their adolescents out because they trust them, they often are the first to get pregnant or to try drugs. They may look like adults but they are still children.  Their friends parents let their child do it and they are really cool is the judgment of children. As long as they are still making remarks like that they are not mature enough yet to deal with or to stand up to peer pressure.

Every time I hear many of the statements made by parents of 13 to 15 year olds I just want to grab the parents and say, “Do you know your child is going to the den of inequity by going to parties where college boys are present and the parents leave or drink with them, or they are at clubs where drugs are everywhere and with fake IDs that aren’t checked very well?”

“What parents can do is to make sure their children are where they tell us they are going even if it means showing up and embarrassing them when we do find out they are not at the library studying, set a curfew, and do not let them go to unsupervised parties until they start talking in conversational terms commonly used or heard amongst adults.  Know who their friends are and delay dating until they are mature enough to handle the stresses in their lives with out a great deal of drama. Do not fall for the old, ” you do not trust me lines like my friend’s parents do,” as that is just another of those lines kids who are still too dramatic, to use their own common sense, use all the time.

Mature teenagers who are assured that they are loved and have parents for parents instead of parents for friends are not intimated in the least bit to say “No thanks, my parents would kill me, or ‘my mother or father are always up when I go home and” if I ever tried it they would know it,’ and I’d be grounded for life,” or ” I have a curfew and I need to get home before I get killed.”  They know of course they will not get killed but they value the fact that they do know they can use their parents as an excuse to stand up against peer pressure because they will be disciplined if they do not follow rules.  We have rules on the job, on the highways, in the malls with drink cups and every where we go so why some parents do not think we need rules when raising the next generation of adults, has never registered on my yard stick of common sense.  It isn’t just a phase folks it may be their lives.

We all need to understand that drugs and drug addicts are our problem, and our children cannot go anywhere without being exposed to them. When we think a third generational child of drug addiction is someone else’s problem then I can assure everyone who has that attitude, that one out of three of you and in other cases all of you, will indeed have that problem if not today or tomorrow but sometime in the future,  Sadly that attitude does go hand-in- hand with denial.

The more immature children who have their parents complete trust are exposed to the life style, and it only takes once because they are still immature, for them to think or say, ‘if my parents don’t care about me, then I’ll just show them.”;  Insecurity is prevalent in children who do not have guidelines to follow or do not feel loved because they feel they do not get their parents attention enough. It rarely is true but too often it is the child’s perception and that is all it takes for them to reason the way they do.

Drugs do come in to school yards and church functions just like they do other places. It very well is likely our child will be the first generational drug user in our family followed by our grand child and great-grandchild. I’m not trying to use scare  tactics on parents who have their hands full,as it is, but trying instead to bring an awareness to parents to when we  can trust the judgment of our teenagers and let go so they can learn from their mistakes while we are still  close by to catch them if they fall or we are able to supervise their behavior and are observant enough to understand the pressures of absentee parenting that our own children have to deal with everyday through their exposure to it.

The trashing of ex-NFL player’s home, Brian Holloway, in New Jersey when kids were bragging about the fact they urinated on the floors and broke windows and showed it on social media, themselves, is just  part of a bigger picture of  alcohol and drug use, and the lack of parenting we are seeing in our teenagers.  The fact that Holloway was willing to give them a break by having them come back and clean up and only 5 kids and one parent came, is just part of the mentality of misplaced priorities that is lacking in what is being taught to our kids by their parents.

The bigger and more damaging picture is these same parents of these 300 kids are now considering suing Brian Holloway for showing the camera footage of their children doing $20,000.00 worth of damage to his home, when their kids showed pictures of themselves doing it and bragging about it on social media, should tell all of us as parents,  there is a clear lack of maturity, teaching, and supervision going on in homes by parents. These kids come from what are considered, “good homes,” because they show well, but how can kids be expected to know right from wrong when parents behave poorly?

Clearly these kids and kids like them in America are not being parented in the values necessary to be the next generation leaders of tomorrow and our kids are going to school and being affected by this same mentality all over our Nation.  This sadly, is not an isolated moment.  Children everywhere are being exposed by the pressures of this lack of mentality has on them, and are being trusted by absentee parenting who have no idea of how our own children are being affected by it because, “I trust my child”, or “what are you going to do, they are adults now?” This is clearly sending the wrong message to all of our kids, when they are not taught guidelines or rules are not enforced by parents who have no rules.

Our kids deserve parents who love and teach them instead of parents who encourage more bad behavior and are more concerned they will be embarrassed rather than doing their job of teaching their kids values and character. The sad thing is that this has been affecting children for three generations in all levels of society.  It is not just some of todays parents who are failing their kids, it has been going on for what now seems forever and nothing ever gets done about it except our children become more hardened criminals due to the lack of parenting.

It is time we acknowledge that indifference in parenting, drug addiction and mental illness is everywhere including rural areas, and quit talking and start treating both the sick and addicts as a medical problem instead of as a criminal problem because in too many States law enforcement are filling up our jails with parents and kids and releasing them again and again untreated and in doing so, it is ruining families and has been doing so for too long.

The lack of judgment in these parents who are addicts and parents in general who deny or ignore the mental disorders that goes along with addiction are indeed the major crises of family dysfunction in America, and the reason for the deterioration taking place in families. We need to start talking honestly about drug use and mental illness in the United States, just as we need to talk in the same manner about parenting.  It is ridiculous that both subjects are still considered taboo subjects in families.

We need to quit blaming and start treating.  It is way past time we quit blaming single parents, video games, and movies for ruining families.  The problem is every bit as prevalent in homes where both parents live, although alcohol and drugs do tear marriages and families part when one parent uses while the other one doesn’t.  Too often though. the person living with the alcoholic or drug addict starts using as well and then the children are totally lost to parents who no longer deal in reality.

The problems of games and movies may have minor to some major effect on the already unstable of our children but they do not even qualify in numbers next to the destruction done by  families when mom and dad are absent in the teaching of values to their children, jailed instead of treated, and the child who is already addicted as well, is shifted from one family member or foster home to the other because no one can get along with them. These children, through no fault of their own, are dealing with conduct disorder, drug disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder due to the fact their parents who wanted to be their buddies or their peers said, “What are you chicken?”

We can not continue to sweep these major problems effecting the well-being of our families under the rug anymore, as the shame of not treating the sick is going hand in hand with the attitude of all drug and alcohol abusers who live amongst us and who truly don’t give a damn anymore.   Those who lack empathy for others,  are not just in the Tea Party movement in America, but they are the drug and alcohol users in our own families and/or in our friends’ families. As a Nation we have failed these families for too long.

I hope when the Conservatives and Tea party members of the Republican Party, realize and understand in their total disregard for the people who cannot get affordable health care, they take time to pay attention to the needs of families in America better than they have taken care of the needs of government. Families do need intervention that treats instead of always punishing and after the last 16 days I can only hope the crazy Cruz and the Cruzers Caucus learned something about compassion for the people now, but I’m  pretty sure it is “we the People” who learned more than we ever wanted to know about the deficit of character in Washington.

I am taking a step away from politics for now because by now people have either tuned in to what has happened to the government shut down or tuned out and anymore I have to say on the subject for now, is only preaching to the choir, who does understand the problem.  Instead, I am going  to write on a subject that is to often responsible for the most destruction done in families of adult children’s lives and marriages.

I have read entirely too much recently on the beliefs being projected by too many and that is that some how adult children need to be guided or influenced through out their life time by parents who set the example.  Too many are hearing this, and being told this, and the fallacy lies in the idea that if the parents belonged to an individual religion then they did a good job of parenting or parents always know more than the adult children.

Many times, It simply is not always true, as often younger adults hold more wisdom than did the parents ever have. I know my own children will smile about this post, because as someone who did not have parents I could turn to for advice, I too believed a parents’ job was never done and do find myself offering unsolicited advice, although I constantly work at biting my own tongue.

The facts on the subject are two-fold.  If children are raised never doubting or questioning their parents’ love, and are raised to take responsibility for their own success or failure, by the time they reach adulthood they will resent further guidance from parents attempts to influence or to guide them once they do become adults. If on the other hand parents were more absorbed in their own lives during the adolescent and teen years than they were in parenting, there may always be a feeling of a void in the lives of our adult children, who feel regardless of how old they are, they always will need the help and advice of their parents.

Just as parenting must be individualized according to the needs of the child, so must we quit believing there is a magic book, pill, person, or pattern that says all adult children must follow the influence of their parents in order to find success and a parent of adult children must parent for a life time. The truth is more parents today need to let go and accept that their children, just like they weren’t, will not always be perfect.  Sometimes they will make mistakes and may even embarrass us.  They, just like we did before them, will learn far more from the mistakes they make than they will from parents who insist they listen to them and follow their example.

The third truth, and one often left unspoken is the lack of maturity in a child that follows throughout adulthood and often into old age. It is not uncommon when a disability or mental illness is present that we do experience the adult child who can not or will not ever be capable of being an adult as prescribed by the standards of adulthood.  It is not uncommon when parents add to what is already a complicated genetic pool, by refusing to allow these children to grow up and to remain co-dependent for life.  Other times these adult children simply do not have the capacity to be able to mature beyond the age of their disability and too many times these parents are ostracized for it. For the sake of all of these families, who already feel too much judgment against them, I will not deal with them in this post.

We have our children for a very short time so if we do not do the best job we can as far as setting an example, teaching them right from wrong, and influencing a value system that works according to their own independent choices by the time they are 18, we cannot expect then to parent adult children, later.

Adult children need room to make both choices and mistakes in order to learn from those choices and mistakes, just as we did. If we failed to teach our children independence and maintain rules that would guide them throughout their lives by the time they were 18, then we can expect that we can continue influencing them as long as they live under our roof. Not all children grow up by the age of 18 and some will require our help and guidance through their mid twenties if they are still students.

If they on the other hand are adult children who are neither disabled or suffer from mental illness and are mooching off of us, their parents, while manipulating us with their own hard luck stories or using us through our own guilt, and they are too old to be living at home and we find they still are, we must acknowledge to our own selves that we have formed a co-dependency with our child that can follow failure in their lives and marriages, for years to come. Rare is an adult child who cannot share living expenses with a friend if they are not to lazy to choose to.  If they can play they can also work to earn their keep. If they don’t have friends then they probably do suffer from depression and may need medical help.

It is our responsibility as adult parents to tell our adult children to leave and to quit paying their expenses or doing their laundry, if they are still living at home as adult children and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. When we want them to stay then too often we are guilty of refusing to raise them to become adults, because something is lacking in us or our own marriages as parents of adult children. I am not talking bout adult children who sometimes must move home to help out with aging parents, and one should not be confused by the other, as those who move home to help with aging parents should be applauded for their maturity.

When a couple marries, and they still rely heavily on the influence, finances, and guidance of their parents over that of their spouses, then the percentages of their marriages failing because they have never accepted the responsibility of being independent adults increases greatly. They may remain married due to maintaining a life style they have become comfortable with or to please mom and dad but the kind of marriage they have will often worsen, year after year, until the couple becomes almost like strangers to each other.

When a couple marries they need to turn to each other over the influence of a parent.  They must choose their own religion, where they will live, if they will have children and if so how many, and any decisions that an adult makes is expected to be made by the adult couple without unsolicited or unwanted advice from parents. If they do ask us for help or advice, we must always remember to keep the advice short and the finances limited according to our terms and not their wants.

We will always need and want to give financial gifts to our adult children and if they are gracious about it and it does not interfere with the relationship of the couple or does not mean sacrificing on the part of the parents but is understood as a gift unless they choose to repay it, then parents can gift their adult children.  First we must understand that the couple agrees and not sneak money to our own children.

In adult couples any advice offered by parents when it is neither asked for or wanted often becomes the dividing force between couples.  Many marriages have failed as a result of an adult child turning to a parent against the advice of their spouse or when an adult behaves like a child and says, “daddy or mommy says…….”, or “mommy and daddy don’t think like that.” The couple needs to be adult enough to blend together the beliefs and understanding of the backgrounds of both families.

If one adult child came from an abusive home and the other a loving home they need to be able to recognize the mistakes that were made in both homes and be able to establish their own rules for their own homes.  It certainly does not mean that a child who was abused will be abusive nor a child who comes from a loving home will be loving. Both can reverse the trend in their own homes as often those who learned abuse or neglect will make certain their own children will never have to feel the pain and lost while those who were never told “no”, can be terribly abusive as adults just as adults can repeat the mistakes of their own childhoods.

When we have children following our own example too often we have adult children repeating the same mistakes from one generation to the next. When abuse is occurring in a home then all adults must report the same to legal authorities or Social Services. Sometimes for the sake of the children, if we know  for a fact that abuse is taking place it is best to call Social  Services or the authorities so we can remain anonymous incase the abused need to save their own pride, and ask for our help, later. Reporting simply because we do not like their agreed on parenting skill will definitely lead to being tossed out of own children’s’ lives.

The important thing to remember is for adults to behave as adults if they want to be treated as adults and that includes the parents as well. To be adults means we must be older than 16 and old enough to make rational decisions.

Dating should always be restricted in adolescents and until the teenager is old enough to understand healthy relationships from abusive or controlling ones and the consequences of having sex. Once our children start dating they will listen to their peers before they will listen to their parents and be influenced by their behavior over our own. That does not mean the job of parenting stops at this point. It is o.k. parents if our teenagers become upset with us and the rules since it is the nature of teenagers to do so. When a parents reaction is lowered to the high drama of a teenager’s the parent needs to understand it is their place to keep their own emotions from boiling over and adding to the distress. This is the time in parenting where our own example should count the most. Most teenagers are ready to date by the age of 15 or 16.

Adults must date prior to getting married or starting a committed relationship in order to understand better what their preference in a mate is and to better understand their reaction to a person who they are willing to commit to in the future. Both people in a relationship must determine what being an adult entails before they marry. When they do so, then they need to be allowed to set their own example, influence their own children, and parent for that very short time they have, before it is time for them to have to let go of their children.

Adult children must understand if they fail or succeed in their lives that they are no different from the rest of us who learned from trial and error how to become adults and parents.

The belief;” just because parents of adult children are older they can somehow continue to parent adult children,” is ridiculous.  What parents of real adults can do is to offer their never-ending support in compliments and understanding of the stress often experienced in the lives of all of their children and spoil the grandkids rotten if they have approval from their parents.

In our hearts we are always parents until we die, but in our actions we must know when to keep quiet and when to speak or suffer the consequences of the wrath of adult children, justifiably. Letting go of our adult children so they can better learn the lessons necessary to pass on to their children, who will represent the next generation, is always difficult and many times we do shed tears in the process.  Those who never do let go of their adult children will almost always shed many more tears for opposite reasons.  Believe me, if we raised them to be adults, and then we try to tell them what they need or should do, we will feel wrath over understanding.  It may sting when they do become upset with us, but when we realize ,” Hey we did o.k. as parents,” we recover rapidly.

Every time John McCain offers an ounce of  hope from recovering from his own embarrassment of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate he opens his mouth and brings more humiliation down on himself.

For those who missed it over the weekend John McCain said, ” The Democrats are going to have to pay for humiliating the Republicans.”  Is there anyone left in America who does not agree that this child-like behavior by the Republican Party, itself, is at the root of the problem that is wrong in the Republican Party?

Haven’t we had enough of an absent Republican Party who is so busy on the witch hunt committees against the Obama Administration, ran by Republican Congressman Darrell Isis, that no one is left in the Republican Party other than obstructionist, to govern?

Isn’t it just more insults too many, when these arrogant members of the Republican Party and Republican Congressman Darrel Isis, appears on television and calls Social Security and Obama care, entitlements when the American people pay for them, while our people struggle? Do they not get,  “Hell yes, if we pay for it we pay for the service!” How long do they think they can insult hard working Americans who pay for their health care, by suggesting they are free loaders, and not find themselves,ostracized?

No one has turned the American people against them or humiliated the Republican Party ,other than themselves, due to their own behavior.  They drew attention to themselves when they decided to expose themselves and their own behavior.  For 12 years they have hidden behind blaming Democrats for their own refusal to pay for two  wars during the Bush Administration and for 5 years for blocking through filibustering or obstructing any and all attempts made by the Obama Administration to bring relief to the middle class and help to minorities and women.

We have heard absolutely every nasty criticism made by the Republicans against Harry Reid, Eric Holder, President Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Nancy Pelosi, the people’s government, and every other group or person they could attack for 12 years, while they have failed to do anything other than Mitch McConnell  saying ,” Our only interest is to make sure President Obama is a one term President.”

Does John McCain now seriously believe that we believe this same bunch of loafers and dodgers of their responsibility to govern, changed just because they added another few tea Party members to Congress in 2012? Does he really think the American people believe the Republicans have not spent 12 years making the Democrats and the American people pay for their own failures to govern? Even I, John McCain, was so humiliated for you when you made that statement, I wanted to reach out and give you a hug and say, ” God forgive him for he knows not what he says.”

Just because President Obama refused to go out and supervise the play ground of these Republicans behaving like the tea party bullies led by Ted Cruz that they are and children seeking revenge because President Obama had the nerve to pass through Obama care to help relieve premium costs and bring about health care for those who could not get it, are we now suppose to believe it was President Obama who humiliated the Republicans because he did not settle the Republicans own quibbles amongst themselves or their own bullies did not listen to reason and common sense in their own party?

The Republicans had the vote and the ball was in their hands and their end zone, to make certain the people’s government was not shut down, and they made the decision to drop the ball on the people. For all the posturing going on about the tea party alone being responsible. if Boehner had of followed procedure and brought it to a vote, the Republicans could have prevented a shut down from ever happening. If the Republican body had have put as much pressure on Boehner as did the tea party they could have prevented the shut down.  Instead the entire Republican Party are responsible and have behaved badly. For John McCain to now blame the Democrats for letting the Republicans humiliate themselves is absurd. The Republicans thought they could continue to win on their criticisms of President Obama and the Democratic leaders, and Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were overheard on an open mic saying just that.

The Republicans humiliated themselves by openly exposing themselves as a party who could care less about the majority of American people because it was their intent to once more appeal to their own constituency by making an issue out of Obama care for the forty-first time,  because they wanted to attract attention to their base and believed in doing so they would win the respect of the voters. Sorry Republicans, you pushed it too far and the hot air balloon blew up in your own faces.

It is not the job of the President or the Democrats to save the Republicans from humiliating themselves;  Just because you have cried wolf forty- one times too many and it finally blew up in your own faces to the point you exposed your own childish and vindictive behavior, to the voters. You have no one to blame but yourself, and to declare on public television that you are seeking revenge against the Democrats because you humiliated yourselves, is comparable to a child’s temper tantrum.

Sorry again,  John McCain, and fellow Republicans but  there comes the day that you have to face the enemy and acknowledge that the enemy is you.  Just like President Obama and the Democrats did not pick Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, they did not pick this fight either. The Democrats in the House and Senate were all ready as was President Obama  to sign the Senate bill passed before the government was shut down.  25 Republicans in the House also said they were as well, but then failed to stand up for their convictions, as every conservative media outlet attacked them by saying,” the moderates were the worse thing to happen to the Republican Party.”

You, the Republican Party, humiliated yourselves by picking a fight that the American people refused to let you win. You exposed yourselves, for just how low  your own members will stoop because of their own brand of hate and need to win, even when winning meant holding the people’s government for ransom at the obvious prolonged suffering of the American people.

The truth sometimes hurts and change can be difficult, but it is the only way you, the Republican Party, can erase the humiliation you created yourselves and hope ‘we the people’, can some time down the road, notice through your own actions, you are willing to change. It is your job to stop the intimidation of the bullies of the tea party minority in your own party,  The Democrats, President, OR WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU AND OBVIOUSLY NONE OF YOU ANY LONGER UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR JOB IS.

Our children and people have sacrificed at the hands of your selfishness for too long.We are praying that you do wake up and, “smell the roses”, before we or you have to pay a greater cost because of your own refusal to compromise! the clicking you are hearing is from the people turning off your paid for conservative media, that you can no longer depend on to spread your own brand of lies. Good Luck!

What is Character

The much reviled by the Tea Party crowd, Harry S. Truman, who in truth was hated by the opposition during his term of office for his outspokenness and honesty said, “Any  politician who gets rich is a crook.” The household terminology during the Truman Administration was, “Give them hell, Harry!”

Like it or not, Harry S. Truman, was one of our greatest Presidents because his down home approach and humbleness and ability to place the common man above himself and his ego, spoke of his character. Most people who take the high road are not necessarily liked by many but they are respected by all, and that is what matters. Shutting down government earns the respect of no one but the dysfunctional. Without  respect none of us can ever own character and without character in our leadership, as a Nation we will fail.

The bling on a person’s hand or around their neck or the kind of car they drive or how ritzy the neighborhood they live in may be, is not what gains respect for a person.  It is how he or she treats others on the barometer of choosing right over wrong, even when it is difficult and means swallowing our own pride at times, is what builds both the back bone and character of a person; Being able to speak out for the downtrodden and sometimes those held in hostage by others, is the character of a human being.

It is also the job of the office of a politician, but there is a real disconnect in today’s conservative right and tea party paid Republican Party who have a misguided impression that if they say the right things when they campaign to their benefactors and they tell the public who votes for them what they want to hear although they have no intentions of following through on it, then it is the winning that matters. Unfortunately they become so convinced when they do get to Washington the voters will acknowledge their character and hold them in high esteem or forget their bad behavior they fail to understand first of all they have to earn our respect.

There was a lot done about the sexual behavior of Bill Clinton that enraged the far-right, but what the people knew was that Bill Clinton gave a damn about us,’ and was working for us.  When the right-wing conservatives tried to impeach him on his personal life they failed and never learned, they did not find the people who were not on the right, agreeing with them. Just because the far right religious community maybe praising men like Ted Cruz and the cruzers, the majority of us see him as nothing more than a mouth playing the fall guy for the tea party and right-wing.  There is no character or real concern for the people in the movement.  Without that there is also a real void of character or respect for the movement in the majority of us. “fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.”

The problem with the dug in obstructionists in the Republican Party led by John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan is they have yet to learn that doing the right thing for the majority, and not just those who brought them there, is what their job entails. Shutting down government because they don’t get their way entirely when the Democrats have already conceded to them everything they wanted except defunding Obama care is not working for the people but instead the behavior of what is often referred to as, “spoiled brats in childhood.” Governing is not about them and their egos but about keeping their own selfish aims out of governing.

Character is not something that perhaps the younger crowd always demands of the people they hang out with or for that matter neither do many older adults but it is what most of us expect of our politicians.  We know that in many ways that analogy, itself, is a pipe dream but we do expect to see some proof of character in the fact that they give a damn about us. at most. Without character through proof of action, we have nothing more than robots in our elected politicians in Washington taking their orders from men like Grover Norquist or from oil companies, real estate companies, and insurance companies lobbyist paying them for their votes in The Senate and Congress even when that means filibustering, stalling and obstructing.

Since those of us who follow politics closely have seen nothing else from this Conservative and tea party leadership with Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner bowing to the freshmen of the tea party demands, why wouldn’t we want to replace them all in the elections?

They’re hoping by election time we will forget they are holding the people’s government hostage while they demand ransom, because there are a small amount of them to be replaced in 2014, but 2016 is what matters, and they are certain we will all forget by then, as if their behavior has been normal up to this time:) This has been the pattern and behavior of all of them who have remained there and the new ones who have joined them in the right-wing of the Republican Party for 12 years.  They are the ones who created the mess that President Obama inherited.

These Republicans really think what they are doing now will just be a minor blimp on the screen of politics, just because the media says this is normal behavior? Give us all a break!

When our infrastructure is collapsing and endangering lives and could put thousands of our people to work, our children are going hungry and the only action they take is to cut food stamps, while our people are working part time and haven’t seen an increase in minimum wage since 1989, and they block any efforts to adjust for the tax rates of the wealthy, while they continue to ignore immigration and passing abuse laws against the vulnerable just because the Democrats in the Senate included Native Americans and the gay population and this Republican Party ,unlike every Republican party before them refuses to pass it, because they refuse to accept the gay population, and they think we do not care that they do their job and pay the bills that drive up our debt higher, while they sit there and do nothing but obstruct, stall and delay for 12 years and we won’t remember that?

We know this is not normal behavior nor has it ever been in the history of these United States, for an elected party to behave as poorly as this one has and for such an extended time, as has those in the right-wing of the Party are doing now and have been doing for too long.

We applauded Bill Clinton for standing up to the bullies in the conservative movement and for letting them shut down government before he capitulated to their demands because we knew he just like President Obama was fighting for us, and we knew our economy could withstand it for a day or two then. That’s not the same economy we have today and we want something done for us instead of all this pathetic behavior of rewarding the wealthy and the lobbyists, that has taken place for too long.  We have ran out of patience with this Republican Party.This is totally different because we the people have already over-extended our patience with this Republican Party. At one time even conservatives gave a damn about the people. This is no Bob Dole Republican Party.

This right-wing Republican Party is all about them and their egos and  we sense a total absence of character, in the people holding our government hostage. It is that lack of character that is going to follow this Republican Party long after they decide when government can start-up again.

The media can report all they want that Republicans are blaming Democrats and Democrats are blaming Republicans but just how it is sitting out here with us common folks, in these Red States, the barometer is not showing that to be entirely accurate.

The Press, just like the Republicans. read too much of their own press these days instead of bothering to research the facts. This Conservative controlled Republican Party, quite frankly, has blown it with the American people because they proved through their own actions: When they campaigned it was just a shell filled full of hot air making promises they had no intention of keeping, and lacking the character to be honest enough to admit it.  For those who didn’t know, that is my analogy of “what is character.” I know many do agree with it as well. I’m sorry we have to continue seeing the lack of it in Washington, but we all have the power to change it at the election polls.

The funny thing around Washington is that no one accuses the Democrats and President Obama of obstruction.  Even the media are slow to use that word when  blaming both sides, when it comes to what is going on in Washington.  I, on the other hand am willing to use the word and make it applicable to what has happened in Washington for the last 12 years.

Even Republicans have been known to use the word in private when some have said, “the problem we have is coming from some obstructionists in our own Party.”  It is a word that is always applied to those members who caucus with the Tea Party and the Conservative right-wing. The truth is: when any elected official is sent to Washington and instead of agreeing on compromise they choose to obstruct the forward movement of government, they simply wear the armor of cowards by delaying governing.

Think about it. When elected officials obstruct, they do nothing towards accomplishing solutions.  Bills do not get passed, the interest on our debt grows every mini-second, the deficit does not get paid down, job growth does not occur, judges do not get appointed in our State Federal or Supreme Courts so we end up with the same Conservative judges well into President Obama’s Presidency, the GNP creeps along at best, the economy falters as world markets get nervous, American businesses get nervous due to uncertainty and do not hire in the private sector, budgets do not get balanced because the economy remains to weak, and what it all costs us, our children and grandkids becomes astronomical because at some time the piper will have to be paid and it is only more suffering leaped on the middle class.

Just because the Republican Party refuses to do their jobs and pay the bills and governed unless they are promised they will win, is outrageous and the workings of a corrupted government. All this before anything else like tax reform or immigration reform  or minimum wage can even be discussed much less voted on.

This is not, nor has it ever been, a liberal versus a conservative stand-off but instead a Republican hostage situation of our government.  Both parties have said that if John Boehner had called for a vote in Congress our government never did need to shut down, because all they needed were 217 votes in Congress to pass a clear CR. Every Station but Fox and CNN counted 200 Democrats who would approve of the Senate’s Bill with 25 Republicans willing to vote in favor of it as well. They had the numbers to prevent the shut down with a pretty certain guarantee of raising the debt ceiling on Oct 17th.

John Boehner, has simply blown it further out of the water by standing behind the arguments of the Tea Party, who have accomplished absolutely nothing but more debt with obstruction of our government, and out of the fear he would lose his house speaker job if he did not agree to the demands of the Tea Party and the far right.  This has been at the heart of the problem in Washington all along.  The Republican Party cannot get along with themselves so they just simply blame the Democrats and President, instead of tell the American public the truth.

These grinning smiling right-wingers and tea party members who are being hailed as heroes by the religious right, are a disgrace not only to those who elect them, but also to themselves. With all their talk of changing Washington and the Republican Party they instead have done nothing but bring disgrace to the Republican Party and Washington. They have managed to make an already screwed up system worse, when we all thought it could not be any worse. They have been so funded by the right that even though they aren’t very wealthy before they win their elections, they are all millionaires when their campaign finances are settled. The American public has been had!

The next time one of your Republican friends or the media wants to blame the Democrats or the media places the blame on both Parties, make sure you point out that it isn’t any ones fault other than those who wear the armor of cowards and obstruct in the Republican Party.  They accomplish nothing favorable to the future of our Nation or to our own future, even when government Is not shut down.

We should all understand not only is the party who obstructs not healthy rationally  to our National economy but to our own, as well.  Each time they play the stall tactic of obstruction and delay and refuse to do anything now but put it off another 6 weeks or three months it continues to cost all of us dearly in establishing a weaker than necessary rebound in our GNP and our own job market, because business is afraid to hire full-time employees due to their uncertainty of what these irrational obstructionists will or won’t do next.

The hoopla about the President and Republicans now talking when the warning remains that if President Obama wants this stupidity stopped and instead gets back to the business of governing, he is now going to have to give up quite a bit, should give all of us reason enough to know it is just another delay tactic to get them through the next election.

It is way past time we  eliminate all of these Republican bums, until they are all gone.  We have not seen a full year without obstruction by these Republicans since President Obama has been sworn into office. It is way past time they go! Our disgust and showing up at polls to vote has to outweigh the huge amounts of money they are given to win in both our States and Washington. If we don’t isn’t it as much our fault as theirs?

The definition of a monger according to Webster Dictionary is someone who tries to stir up or spread something that is petty or discreditable. When we add power to it and we are talking about what is taking place in Washington, if I had a newer dictionary, I would have undoubtedly  seen the Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party with either Michelle Bachman or Ted Cruz as their leader.

Less we mistakenly believe that a power monger has power or credibility let me assure my readers many times they have neither.  They are the people who like to make others believe they do.  They run from Harvard grads to men like Donald Trump to truckers who pass their time listening to Christian Broadcast Networks and pack heat to be the first in line to unload their cargo, outside of Washington.

They all share callousness for others, selfishness, over exaggerated egos, (some say small penises),are by nature control freaks and like to rub shoulders with those in power who they think if they network with them, they can become powerful as well.  Most have the gift of gab and average to good looks and can out preach the preachers on the campaign trails.

Many have what most of us would consider exemplary backgrounds as they’re some who are ex-military, ministers, police, or Doctors.  We often find them as queen or lord of their manor and if they have a job they don’t want to do, that may compromise their good name, then they will manipulate another into doing so.

Any hand up they get they feel they deserve but if even so much as a dollar goes to feeding a hungry child and it comes out of their pockets their voices echo loudly, “take care of yourself, you lousy child!” Perhaps it is more symbolic than literal since they believe no one should have to pay taxes and without taxes there is no government, but even so they fail to see that shutting down of government makes the already hungry children even hungrier.  The generosity of Americans is second to done until they are forced to pay and then just like trying to get out of paying or dodging their responsibility to pay their taxes is rapid, so does their generosity fade when forced into it.

When the Conservative right-wing or Tea Party paid members enter Washington as politicians they have no qualms what-so-ever in shutting down the government because they will still get their pay checks and be able to use their gyms and pay their rent or make their house payment. If we can not they don’t care since that isn’t their problem while they once more yell, “take care of yourself, you lousy freeloaders.”

They have lived the majority of their lives without anyone ever telling them they are jerks because they have always gotten by with manipulating others into doing their bidding.  Many have been raised to believe they are the “golden boys,” or “the prettiest and most entitled of all,” as children growing up.  Others felt they were mistreated or their exceptional intelligence lacked appreciation and understanding, as children. Those who have come up through different means and back grounds know to keep it quiet and live in fear as if they are found out they will be shunned by the rich and famous. When they find the Tea Party or religious-right they often feel they belong for the first time in their life.

When they join the Tea Party they have no need to think that the government belongs to the people because they do not now nor have they ever believed in a Democracy based on fairness to everyone. Women, minorities and gays are allowed in to organize in areas where the white male would fear to tread and to better organize grass roots and party affiliations but will never be the Head of the Party, once fully established. They simply serve the purpose to bring an appearance of softness and acceptance in the far-right conservative movement and tea party populace mentality, and will be the first to be rejected or defunded, as the lambs to the wolves, once they are established.

It is their way or the highway.  Compromise is for suckers or their subordinates, it certainly does not apply to them. They are often very ambitious when it applies to their own pedigree or future but make no mistakes about it they will lie, cheat and steal to reach their goals unless Daddy has a wallet large enough to stretch along with the ego of the Tea Party member.

Their one and only  goal is to make it to the top and then they will become this kindred spirit of a dictator that will decide himself who needs his attention as government will no longer be necessary.  Families and Churches will take care of their own. What they fail to understand is that a person without character will always remain a selfish jerk especially with power.  Many a dictator has had to learn that the hard way so these so-called enlightened people refuse to accept that they themselves are the scourge of humanity.

They all belong to the Republican Party because the very definition of what the Democratic Party stands for is so revolting to their so-called senses that even they could not imagine having the power it would take to change a party of the people into one of callous disregard for the people’s government.

They have been fed on and indoctrinated with the belief that Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower were members of the Gestapo from the beginning of their indoctrination.  They truly believe a compassionate Democracy is how  socialism entered America, through these Presidents.

They don’t care about tax reform, immigration reform, head start, abuse against the vulnerable, education through public schools, middle class jobs, minimum wage, farm subsidies helping feed the poor, Planned parenthood or free preventative medicine offered through free mammograms and pap’s smears through Obama care, social security, Medicare, or health care of any kind because it all, to them, is just more socialism and cuts into their own personal pockets through what they get from the lobbyists and their personal ownership of their own ‘cash cows.’ It is all about them and what they gain and just lip service to get elected or re-elected when they claim to care.

The only way they can make it all go away or to put an end to government as we know it is: to refuse to raise taxes, to defund government, refuse to pay down the deficit, refuse to work on tax reform, and refuse to pass bills that will improve the lives of the American people. The right wing and tea party Republicans are not known as the Filibustering Senate or the do nothing Congress because they have done anything differently than that  for the last 12 years.

They certainly are not going to scuff their shoes on the door step of a Democrat by compromising, much less become a member of any party they find so degrading as to be made up of minorities, women, and gays who are given full equality to the white male nor people who hold concerns for the safety and needs of people when it does not apply to their future endeavors; after all they are the Tea Party, Americans will bow to their supreme knowledge or be left out in the cold.

For those who  fail to understand what is happening with our government, I have just told you who and why and when.  It’s up to you to believe me or not to, as you’re never going to get the truth from a member of the far right or a Tea party financed member of the Republican party nor from the media, whose bread and butter comes from and is often financed by a like mentality.

The Tea Party itself will tell anyone who wants to listen that they are the ones who care about the people when no one else in Washington does.  The biggest thing they do and what they feel gives them the most power is their propensity to lie or to confuse.

Once we see their true colors in Washington and our States in every election they run in, as we haven’t seen anything yet, and the more people enter their eminent domain, the less we are going to like them. Shallow is as shallow does and the well needs to run dry on the Tea Party and right-wing Republicans. Vote them out in 2014, 2016, and until they are all gone and if we need to lessen our frustrations in between we can email them and let them know what we think their chances for re-elections are:) Enjoy the weekend with a good book or your loved ones. Everybody needs a break from the jerks of the world.

For anyone who does not know by now, who Tony Perkins is, I remind you  he heads just another of the right-wing conservative organizations of the religious right. He runs a small conservative organization called the Family Research Council and has been attacked for his far right views and lack of decent human understanding for years, by pretty much everyone who have both knowledge and compassion and are in touch with reality.  He is the man who says,” he is not against gays but instead compares their gayness to that of drug addicts.” He believes  being gay is curable and the new curse of families and he will stop at no measures to see that men like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is turned from villain to hero.

Republican Tony Perkins of Louisiana  is making a bid to run for Congress in Washington from Louisiana in 2014 and leaning heavily on his good buddy Ted Cruz of Texas to speak before the Evangelical forums to help support his election. We all hear a great deal in the media about the influence of the Catholic Church on its parishioners when it comes to preaching about the unfair attack’s on Religion by government on the issue of birth control but the media totally ignores the subject of how much tax-free dollars are given to the Churches in America or the over 200 Conservative groups through which the Religious right of the Protestant Fundamentalist persuasion send their tax-free dollars to buy the Republican Party’s favor. It was with 73% of the Evangelical Churches vote that President George W. Bush was re-elected for the second term of office and 69% of their vote for his first run as President.

The truth is when the facts are checked out, many Catholics use birth control and do not feel persuaded to the extent that fundamentalist do nor does the Church stand on the pulpit as was done in the fundamentalist Churches and threaten the expulsion of their members if they vote for a democrat or do not make reparation for voting for democrat candidates as some Protestant fundamentalist preachers did when it came to their members voting for John Kerry.

As the Churches put more pressure on politicians the media reports less accurately about the truth of huge tax exemptions not ever applying before to hospitals, colleges, ranches, land, banks or other businesses owned by the Churches who often bury their holdings so deep that there is no record of their ownership.  The Mormon Church alone would top the 500 most richest if it was not a Church but yet does not pay a dime on its holdings. At one time they owned Coca Cola when it was still the  largest company  traded on wall street.

With Obama care asking for birth control to be paid for by insurance companies and not by the Churches themselves, these right-wing religious organizations are claiming that religious freedom is being trampled on to a greater volume and winning voters over to the religious right organizations who support both the Tea Party and conservatives re-elections and election bids. They pay out primarily to the Republican candidates and a few Conservatives Democrats in States where Republicans cannot win.

When these groups yell religious freedom and the liberals and the government intrusion on Religious freedom, then many of the American people believe that government is intruding on their rights to worship by being told so by these right-wing religious organizations, in both the Tea Party and Conservative movement. The religious right then too often encourages the belief of intrusion on religious freedom in an effort to win elections for the Republican party, with their more than 200 right-wing religious organizations.

The Churches alone have been given tax exemption legally, but never were they ever given tax exemption for profitable businesses.  Since Churches do not have to file taxes or declare ownership to IRS it is impossible to track just how much of corporate, businesses and land holdings they own.  They do claim more entitlement to do so as time goes on and as more Evangelical Churches spring up with their Prosperity ministers the voices get louder and yet the media fails to report the truth out of fear, themselves, of the right-wing extremists or they interview both Republicans and Democrats with the misguided belief that we think by blaming both sides they are reporting fairly.

The Conservatives through these tax-free organizations and people like the Koch brothers, out spent the Liberals 34 to 1 in our last election as well as in 2010, and it is these new freshmen tea party and right-wing members, such as Ted Cruz, who joined Congress along with the Senate in 2010 and 2012, who are responsible along with the old-established tea party and conservative members for shutting down the people’s government..

The Religious-right leaders are praising Ted  Cruz for single-handedly shutting down the United States Government. Sen. Ted Cruz has been slammed a number of times by his fellow Republicans for engineering the shut down of the government in an effort to defund Obama care but several leaders of the Religious Right are praising him.

This view has been held as well amongst the Republicans who are willing to acknowledge the truth in private, while publicly they blame President Obama for the shut down. Ted Cruz of Texas in truth is just one of the Tea Party and Conservative members along with Paul Ryan, Mark Rubio, Tom Coburn, Adrian Smith. Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor and Rand Paul who are equally responsible for the shut down. (see my post, “List of Tea Party Caucus,” to find the web sites where the list of tea party members is complete)

Another right-wing organization, “Focus on the Family’s”, political arm “Citizen Link”, claims that Ted Cruz’s fake filibustering against Obama care  and against  the Continuing Resolution or a clean CR that would defund Obama care was the behavior of a brave man elected to government to grandstand on Principle.”

On his radio program, Tony Perkins praised, “Republican  Senator Ted Cruz and his Tea Party allies for shutting down the government.  He said, “I think they are acting heroic, I think they are heroes.”

Another right-winger, head of the conservative group called,” American Family Association,” and radio host Bryan Fischer recently said, “Everything you see around here (meaning government shut down in Washington) is a result of Sen. Ted Cruz, Teddie and the Cruzers, carrying the load for the Conservative movement.  You cannot overestimate the role of Ted Cruz, it shows you how one man with courage can make a huge difference in what happens politically.”

Thanks to these Conservative right-wing groups the over-whelming support of the government shut down because a great deal of the far right support money comes out of the pockets of the poor and the ungodly wealthy, and they do not want to see Obama care passed, we have a general knowledge and understanding that only those voices in Washington who fight to get air time are blaming President Obama failure  to meet with them, for the government shut down along with house Speaker John Boehner and Majority leader Tea Party member Eric Cantor. (See my previous post, “Prosperity Ministers And Greed”)

Minority Senate Leader,Mitch McConnell, who has fallen in line so far with the far right and Tea Party views that they are no longer considering running a candidate against him in the Kentucky primaries, for the moment is safe from their wrath for being so obliging.  Mitch has been campaigning out of fear of losing his re-election for 5 years in his home State. This so-called courage on the far right that has led to the government shut down, even while House Speaker John Boehner, denies it is the Republicans failure to negotiate on any levels with the White House, due to these right-wing and tea party Libertarians members, is causing a great deal of harm to our economy.

Unless we have an economy recovered well enough due to a stronger job market and a GNP we will never be able to begin paying down the deficit of the Reagan and Bushes years, again, as we did during the Clinton years.  If the Conservatives had paid off debt during these years as was  done throughout our history when the economy was good or improved and both Reagan and Bushes had not of ran the debt up instead, we would not be haggling over the deficit or the debt every 2 to 3 month now; Nor would the Republicans gotten away  with blaming the democrats for the mess that President Obama inherited. Many economist state emphatically the debt rose due to the trickle down and supply side economics that were a miserable failure incurred  due to the Conservative held Republican Party for 12 years,.

While this same group of ransom seekers are now claiming to stop spending they are in essence paying furloughed workers to do nothing while the work of the people’s government remains undone and the safety of the  people remains in jeopardy. This same group of Republicans have voted to pay for the back wages of the furloughed workers but it does not pay for the gas or the house payments due now for our police and fire and other strategic department workers who remain on active duty.  It is the job of the Congress to pay the bills and to set the budgets but it does not stop the lies that Obama care just like Medicare will bankrupt our Nation.  Their main concern as always lies in the special interests of the lobbyists who line their pockets, of  both health care interests and insurance companies over the needs of the people.

Private money has had to be raised in order to ship home the bodies of our war heroes, killed in action in Afghanistan, because the Pentagon has been defunded to such a large depth that it no longer can afford shipping home of our wounded and killed in action. The Center for Disease Control is shut down along with decreased staffs throughout our States. Many of our strategic government Agencies are running  either on skeletal crews or on unpaid labor.  A Nation as great as our own needs to be ashamed of this tea party and right-wing conservative action of the Republican Party and make certain that these callous and shameful acts by the far-right and tea party never again has the ability to take root by voting the bums out of office in 2014 and 2016.

Common sense through out our history has always been that one barometer backed up by the thinking of “crying wolf one time too many,” that the common man could rely on as to who was telling the truth and who wasn’t.  What Politicians said in order to get elected have been suspect for just as long.  The majority of us always knew when any one Party cried wolf one time too many it was time to discount everything they said.

What leaves me perplexed are the polls that show 57% of  the American public blame President Barack Obama for the government shut down. When does crying wolf one time too many happen with this Republican Party before we all wake up and wise up and recognize they do not have our best interests at heart? Are we so out of touch that if they keep repeating the same lies over and over again that they brain wash us into believing their lies.  Give us a break, enough of their assumptions that we are too dense to figure it out, has been spread for too long and too far at this point.

The only way my common sense isn’t going off the charts on this one is to consider how inaccurate the polls by the same media reports were when President Obama won in 2012.

We must all know by now as a Nation and understand that the Republicans attempts to hi-jack the passage of Obama care for two years with the exact say arguments they are using today, did smell like a skunk then as well.

Their arguments to stop it then were identical to why they refuse to take the blame for shutting down the government today. Sure we recognize if the Republicans were filibustering Obama care in the Senate, refusing to pass it in the Congress then there must be some concern about obstructionists on their part, and something is not quite right with their reasoning.  Is there a single person amongst us who does not remember the ever rising cost of healthcare at the time or premiums at the time were rising at 40% that same year, when President Barack Obama followed through on enacting Obama care, and those costs are dropping under what have already been enacted by Obama care?

This same Republican Filibustering Senate Led by minority leader Mitch McConnell and the same Congress led by majority leader Eric Cantor with House Speaker Boehner have only been made worse with the addition of the 40 Tea Party Libertarians in 2010,  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist anymore to figure out: the interests of the people, high premium costs, and job growth of the middle class are not their interests. These Republicans have made 41 attempts to shut down, repeal, or to find Obama care unconstitutional.

The Republicans in Congress, along with the little dictator, Ted Cruz, whose job it is to pay all of the bills and to pass laws safeguarding the safety of we the people, have taken a page out of the terrorists handbooks by holding the people’s  government hostage through acts of ransom and extortion.  We all know those are criminal acts for which we would be imprisoned, so why aren’t these same Republicans facing criminal charges or facing impeachment? Instead they continue to be paid.

While using up the time President Obama has in office to get the rest of his agenda accomplished these same Republicans are doing nothing to pass the Bill protecting our women and children against abuse, immigration reform has failed to even be brought up for discussion, they are jeopardizing the funding of our military  families health care and transport home of our war heroes, our safety in airports and in diseases control have been jeopardized or shut down, children are going hungry at even greater numbers and the list of what these Republicans have jeopardized while they have done nothing, but campaign for 5 years, has become astronomical to the cost to us, the people. Yet none of  this is not enough proof to 57% of the population; that the Republicans have cried wolf with the same old same old arguments too often as to have lost all credibility with the voters?

That run away spending they keep bringing up is just another one of their massive lies.  Our taxes and spending both are as low as they were in the 1950’s when we were fighting the Korean War.

The fact that these same Republicans are now threatening to return the gross national product back to where it was before President Obama was sworn in and when most of these same Republicans were in office during the Bush years; to help create the fall should make all of us wise enough to know exactly what the tea party Republicans with their good buddies the Conservatives are up to.  Do we need a boulder to fall on our heads or do they before they understand that we are aware of what they are doing has nothing to do with what is in the best interests of the people, anymore than it has had to do with what is in the best interests of women, minorities, and the middle class for the last three decades.

Remember when the same media and networks were touting the polls showing Mitt Romney was leading and pulling away from President Obama as a clear winner in the elections and Grover Norquists refused to believe Mitt Romney had lost the election in Minnesota and Michigan so held out against Romney seceding the lost to  President Obama because they thought for sure they had stacked the deck high enough that they could not lose those States?

If the polls are more accurate now than they were in 2012, it makes absolutely no sense that 57% of the American Public hold President Obama responsible for not being stupid enough to once more meet with them so they can defeat necessary health care for the people, when we know  the Republican Party is offering nothing in return.  Can any of us deny that the Republicans have sat on their butts and done nothing but obstruct for the 5 years that President Obama has been in office?

The American people are better educated and wiser under the educational efforts made by President Obama and every generation has their members who are pliable or a bit obtuse, but I simply refuse to believe that “crying wolf 40 times too many”, as the Republicans have done, isn’t still a reliable source of common sense to cast doubts on the Republican veracity, no matter how many times the media says both are at fault.  Do their noses need to grow before we need to be told which of  them are telling the truth and acting accordingly to what is in the best interests of “We the People,” over their health care and insurance lobbyists?

I certainly have more faith in the American people than I do have in the polls and the Republican tea party Libertarians and Conservatives and I’m pretty sure the majority does agree with me. The dangerous game being played is by the Republicans and they are all playing it at all of our expense, and yet they continue to play us for stupid? The only recourse we have is at the voting polls, at this point, polls or no accurate polls. (excuse the pun)

The hardest job to do on earth is the job of the stay at home mom—Oprah

Periodically, I read or hear people who are disillusioned about stay at home moms say: “I wish I could watch television all day or only had to worry about one child, like other stay at home moms.”; or “I see how slovenly the homes of stay at home moms are on television.” or “She never worked a day in her life as all she ever did was sat on her butt.” Of course the same people who make these remarks never fail to accept invitations of hospitality to the meals and homes of the stay-at-home-moms. Too many have the attitude, “what else are they going to do, as they don’t work, anyway.” The list is endless and the innuendoes ever-present about how lazy a stay at home Mom is and how they never work as hard as the working woman so have no idea just what other women have to deal with.  This same criticism came up with the Democratic chair woman in regards to Mrs. Romney and I wrote about it then, as well.

I am here to correct the false hood that stay-at- home- moms are pampered or lazy one more time.  I begin by saying some of the laziest people I have ever known were those who were employed.  I rarely met a stay-at-home mom who had time to even set down and eat much less spend the mornings sleeping in or the afternoons watching television.  Stay at home moms shovel the snow, fix the appliances and plumbing,, mow the lawns, paint the rooms, and scour the toilets as well as run the errands that are common for husbands to pick up.  When I suggested to my children we get tools for their dad for Father’s Day even at the age of 3 and 4 they asked me, “Why Mommy, when you are the one who uses all the tools?”

I never bought a home that anyone else wanted but always got the best buy in the best neighborhood because I was a stay-at-home-Mom and could tear the walls down and take it back to bare 2 by 4’s at the same time I mudded, textured, painted and wall papered the walls, stripped the wood. and removed cabinet doors and replaced hardware while running children to dance, swimming, baton lessons, and gymnastics and teaching religion classes all as a volunteer.  I could close off a room and tear one room down as easy as I could build one back up and save thousands of dollars in the process. I did this on three different homes while a stay-at-home-mom.

In my free time I worked as a volunteer EMT, attended advanced classes, worked the blood mobile, ran for elections, served on boards, taught CPR, and volunteered for Red Cross.  When I had the time I helped campaign for my husband and friends who were running for office.  I baked cookies and invited a large area of people into my home when a dispute over a bus driver took place.  Our softball parties usually meant cooking for upwards of 40 people no differently than did the foot ball games.  I never asked anyone to bring in a warm dish or to help out with food preparation.

When my schedule lessened a little then I wall papered and painted for friends and family as well as cooked for them when they were sick or lost a loved one and even shampooed rugs to help fight the dust bunnies for them.  I had a widowed mother who turned to me for help and advice when I was still just in my twenties. My luxury in life was preparing a desert and cleaning my home for an afternoon of bridge playing while the children remained out-of-the-way as much as possible so as not to disturb the older ladies. I would repeat the same activities when it was our turn to entertain 22 couples for our card playing clubs held in our homes and required coming up with hor’deurves fixed from scratch and not just chips and salsa.

I was both a chauffeur and a chaperone for play dates and sports activities and birthdays and often substituted for mothers who worked when their child required transportation or was sent home sick. Many stay at home mothers are library assistants, teachers’ helpers, day care and shut-in  readers. I often baked for funerals and remember peeling and preparing scalloped potatoes for 250 at the same time I got an emergency ambulance transport call of 75 miles.

The list is endless to what  a stay-at-home mom does.  I would point out that the greatest number of hoarders suffer from mental illness and have jobs out of the home and do not represent stay-at-home-moms anymore than they are exclusive to working moms.  Many days I was a stay-at-home-mom holding the hand of working moms who complained endlessly about their jobs while I was pouring them coffee, I dreamt about the easy days of life I had when I was paid to run an office and hand out work assignments to 200 women and men who worked under me.

No I never got paid a dime or ever got many compliments as a stay-at-home-mom and often I had to learn imaginative ways to stretch a dime but what I did get were: the skills of self-education, the confidence of taking a project from start to finish without passing my responsibility on to someone else, the knowledge that men have passed off the most boring jobs on to women for years, the gratitude of a job well done, and the confidence and understanding that nothing a woman sets her mind to is not attainable, when she does it herself.

My greatest Blessing in life is: through my example my two daughters are carrying out the example I set for them  to even a greater depth than what I had the capacity to teach as my life became limited at too early of an age due to spinal stenosis.  I could not be more proud as a mother and a grandmother than if I had taught them through the example of having been a CEO.

Knowing I did it all without reward of salary taught me far more than if I had have been paid well. Just as there are lazy employees there are lazy stay-at-home moms but one is not synonymous with the other.  The employee who works the hardest always has had to compensate for the lazy on the job and in any field of work. The negative of life or the squeaky wheel will always get the most attention.  The only way we change that or make life more fair is to quit making false assumptions and broad speculations.

A pay check does not eliminate laziness anymore than does a married couple work fewer hours or less harder than a single parent. Less is expected of a single parent than what is expected of a couple. lazy is lazy and has no background dictated as to if it takes place at home or on the job or in Congress.

For the more informed, statistics show that both parents work much harder today than did grandmother or grandfather or mom and dad.  Far more hours are expected of parents today than yesterday.  Past generations may have had far more children but children worked for the parents.  Older children took care of younger children and all children did chores that fall on the shoulders of parents, alone, today. Past generations went to bed when it got dark where todays parents often have to work into the midnight hours both at home and on the job.  Education was free and college education unheard of in many homes; and when it was feasible it was cheap and did not require extra hours of work. All the requirements of parents today from toys to technology to play time did not exist then nor was the wardrobe required then as it is today  for both working parents and stay-at-home-moms and dads who represent their communities through volunteerism, elections or board positions, today.  One good set of clothing for Sunday Church or funerals was the only requirement needed then and the reason closets in older homes are so small.

Long story short then, if a person ask if they are lazy they probably have the answer to their own question.  It is not a question often asked by todays parents or certainly not by many stay at home moms who know the difficulty of their jobs. Quite frankly, to suggest that all stay at home moms are pampered or lazy is judgmental, a tad bit moronic, and is a false statement to make, not to mention prejudicial.

Stay-at-home parents, whether they be moms or dads need to be applauded instead for the slack we help pick up for both working parents who earn pay checks and for our time given, the often mundane work we do, and the cost we often absorb ourselves in order to work for the needs of others free of charge without strings attached. The work we do as volunteers for our families, friends, strangers and in and out of our communities never did denote laziness.

Doing the right thing for others, on the other hand, does not make heroes out of us any more than parents who need or want to work should ever feel guilty because they do.  If we can at least erase the mentality that too many have and lose the notion that earning a paycheck means ambition while the lack of one means laziness, then we can perhaps let go of stereotyping the stay-at-home-moms as well as the working moms.

If we can’t accept a woman’s right to stay at home and a woman’s right to work out of the home, as being equal and respectable rights and move ahead with accepting stay-at-home-dads when the moms are better trained and educated and can and want to work, then as a Society we will continue to refuse the rights of each individual to determine if they want to accept  role reversal as agreed upon in individual families and Nations. Since each generation is susceptible to seeing the next generation make changes to what they felt was always the way it should be, the friction of change is often palpable in families and Society, and yet change must always take place in an ever-changing World and economy.

When we fail to challenge those boundaries. too often we fail to understand, the rights of all our people in a Nation, or the need and equality for educational advancement and other exploratory fields of research in order to maintain a civilized society. Without change and advancement any Nation fails to excel on the world stage and in the understanding of the need for competition and the acceptance of all of its people. Change is always the mechanism that must  pull us forward as a civilized Nation at any time in our history.

When we fail to prepare our people towards a necessary change while  teaching  an awareness of choices then the failure towards teaching the necessity of advancement in a civilized Nation will most certainly fail future generations.   Going backwards to another time in history out of fear of change or as a solution to prevent divorce or equality, simply stagnates the future of the next generations.

It is when we understand the 1950’s were never a time of “Father knows Best,” but instead a time when women and minorities were refused equality through often brutal measures and the tragedy of the Jim Crow laws that  often condoned or looked the other way when death and hangings in the African-American population were occurring, we understand the necessity of change in a civilized Nation.

The memory  of those tragedies and the pathetic treatment of both wives and children because of the lack of birth-control that often trapped both women and men into sometimes loveless marriages due to what was known as shot-gun weddings are scars we who lived through that era will never forget. Doctors could not accept  that parents  were responsible for the wounds, broken bones, burns, and the mistreatment and death of their own children, for far too long.

When husbands determined wives were their right to dictate to as they saw fit because the Bible said, “wives obey your husbands,” and men were not held accountable for their abuse to women, because no law existed to hold men responsible for the devastation permeated against women. A married man could not even be held responsible for the beatings or rape of his wife because that was not considered a crime any more than incest or child abuse was a crime against children, in the 1950’s.

Conservatives who  think women, minorities or children of today can go back to those days by romanticizing them into a kinder and gentler time, are irrational in their thinking as are those who promote it as a time of family values and a time to return to. When we  understand the truth of that era and the years preceding it only changed due to the change in attitudes and our laws because of the injustice against our people of that era, then we can understand why we readily need to move forward always, into acceptance of progress through change or fail our own people in the lack of action to do so.

Sadly,  before we can accept equality on equal footing of genders and a woman’s right to choose along with the acceptance of the diversity of our people, we first must let go of old bugga-boos and acknowledge that traditional roles or changing of traditional roles are the individual rights of all the people, based on Democracy for all, in our Nation. Hopefully we will get there and progress according to the needs of the people despite the efforts to prevent it by some interests in the paid for by the Tea party and Conservative held views in too many of our States and Congress. AMEN!

If you have been as tired of the lies around the government shut down this week, as I have been, I suggest that you do as I have done and start handing out awards to those who stooped the lowest in their efforts to forsake their jobs in government this week.  It wont accomplish anything as far as Congress doing their job is concerned but it makes me feel better to know I refuse to buy into their programmed and staged B.S. How many witch hunts,complaints, tax payer’s dollars,  and committees have these same Republicans formed in an effort to find fault in the failure of other government Agencies to do their jobs have we had to hear about and pay for during these last five years, do you think?

The Republicans can act as children and as the selfish or spoiled brats they are and even like little mighty dictators all they want but they are elected to do the best job they can for the people, their behavior does not change these facts. On a personal level. as far as I am concerned, I am relieving my frustration over the shut down with a greater crises looming Oct. 16 and knowing these same people will be there acting just like they have been acting, by awarding the Republican majority by painting them with the broadest brush or scope in my vocabulary.

If my idea fails to make you feel better or less hopeless then I suggest you e-mail the little dictators of the Republican Party and Tea Party libertarians in Congress, as I have, and let them know they fool no one when they behave like children and make a mockery out of our Congress and Democracy, as they have done. Don’t we all get tired of their continue playing us as stupid? Do any of us truly believe a word that they say anymore?  HOW bright are they to think they would have won but Mitt Romney was just the wrong choice in 2012? Aren’t they still showing us that they did not learn anything nor did they care to learn, when it came to “we the people?”.

When we understand, even when the Republicans insist on playing games despite their denial to the contrary, that these are real lives they are dealing with, it is hard to not get frustrated by the Republican antics.  Have any of us suffered from so much dementia that we fail to remember all the times these same people insisted on negotiations and discussions in an effort to delay the passage of Obama care, while premium costs were rising at 40%, in the first place?  I recommend in our e-mails that we remind them that their job is to pay all of the bills including those of healthcare and at no time were they elected to cherry pick which bills they could pay and which ones they would default on. The Republicans  who have received by their own failure, my awards this week then are the following:

1. Republican House speaker Boehner’s claim that they are following the wishes of their constituency who are egging them to stay on the path they are on deserves an award for the most crap thrown against the wall  in hopes it sticks award; as clearly it does not include the people as much as it includes the lobbyists who line their pockets.  When the polls show that 90% of the people were against shutting down of the government and 10% supported it, we need not ask who is placing the needs and wants of the lobbyists against the wishes of the people who sent them to Washington.

2. As I mentioned previously, Huffington Post, caught Tea Party head Rand Paul and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in their lies of acknowledging they are lying so I will award them the Pinocchio award since they have behaved like the children they are and have consistently lied for more than four years, and only stepped it up with more of the same with  the government shutdown.  Both men have acted over the years as wood caricatures who have no concern of the needs of the people.  Instead of being the puppets however they have been the string pullers.  They get the Pinocchio award then for obvious reason.

3. Mark Rubio, who has had design on the Presidency, and who was more than glad to stand along side of Tea Party radical Ted Cruz until the press started exposing the Tea Party Libertarians for the dictators that they are, gets the cowardly Lion award of the week, by me.  Now that exposure of the Tea Party radicalism is coming to light and they no longer can hide behind their real purpose in Washington, Mark Rubio decided this week to try to distance himself from the Tea Party, who brought him there.

4. And the biggest hypocrite award of the week goes to Tea Party House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, for lining up what are supposed to be lab researchers and Doctors in white coats from NIH who are supposedly upset with the Democrats not being stupid enough to figure out that the Republicans are cherry picking health concerns so as not to lose future elections. The fact that the Center for Disease Control has been totally shut down by these same Republicans has not gone by unnoticed by anyone.  With Eric Cantor professing his love of pediatrics Cancer research he and the so-called medical profession who he lined up on stage, failed to point out that these same Republicans decreased the budget of the NIH by 1.7 billion dollars in 2012 by refusing to stop the sequester.  Now in their compassion for children  and cancer research they are willing to finance back to the 2013 levels that still denies the jobs and research money of 1.7 billion dollars while Eric Cantor says the Democrats refuse to vote on initiating the cut  and therefore are responsible.

5. And finally then, to all of the Tea Party and Conservatives Republicans in Washington, in an effort to restrain my own frustrations I would like to say: “The greatest Jerks in Washington award, goes to the entire Republican Party this week.”  Please step forward and take your bows while the American public restrains their feet from kicking your derrieres while you bend over. I can promise you, many of us will see to it that these are the last awards you will receive from the people who elect you.

Every dog eventually shows their spots and the Republicans have done far greater damage to their own party than any legislature before them in the recent history of time and since the greed of the 1880’s. They are fooling no one but themselves, those they thought they had indoctrinated, which do not consist of the majority of the white race, and those fools who lined  their pockets. I even saw a  person who will influence votes for years to come, refer to the Republicans as being the RepubliCONs. It was not a typo, I assure all Republicans!

After thought: I give the like on the bottom to you who so aptly named the current GOP by your clever remark and continue to try to remove the advertisement from my like button that has been disabled but gone ignored apparently by Word press.

For those who want to know where they can find  the list of the Tea Party Congressional caucus I refer you to http//www. cnn political ticker.blog.com or to http//www. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_Party_Caucus.  Either list of the Tea Party members in Congress are shown on both these  sites.  Unless you think they alone are responsible for the Government shut-down I remind you that this list does not include Speaker Boehner nor those Conservative members who circled our States before Obama care had even been voted on to tell us what disaster Obama care would be to us if it was voted on and passed and who are as equally at fault for this calamity we call government in our Nations Capital.  The lists do include those tea party members responsible from Ted Cruz of Texas to Mark Rubio of Florida.

If the conservative Republicans in all our Red States and those now kissing the butts of the Tea Party, had not  spread such dire predictions and lies against our President and Obama care, in 2010, the playing field would not have been set for us to vote for these pathetic little dictators in 2010. Because of the lies told in our Town Hall meetings prior to the 2010 elections of the Tea Party members, we were fooled into electing them with scare tactics and lies told against Obama care.

These Conservative Republicans were out in full force before the majority of the Senate and Congress voted on Obama care and before the Tea Party members were added or were elected in 2010, so we must hold those Republicans equally responsible as we would not now be looking at a government shut down with defunding of government looming on Oct. 17, if not for these Republicans as well.  We have had nothing but one drama after the other since the 40 tea party members took office in 2010 and  we have no one other than both the Conservatives Democrats and Republicans, who kiss their butts and cater to these little dictators in the Tea Party to blame.

Washington seems to be great these days at only one thing and that is to pass blame on our President and those Democrats who have fought tirelessly for the middle class and doing the right thing. The Republicans know if they do not cater to the tea party anarchist, just as Boehner is doing, they will lose their next election and be replaced by the chosen of the tea party majority in any State in our Union due to the ungodly amount  of wealth behind  the Tea Party and their nasty smear campaigns against anyone who opposes them. With Michelle Bachman as their National Chairman we should already know and understand what those smear campaigns can consist of after getting a taste of her proven lies.

If you are as sick of the Tea Party’s threats, maneuvers, bullying techniques, and intimidation, and the damage they have done to our economy, the GOP, and job lost as I am, I ask you to put the blame where it belongs and send an email to every Republican in your State who are both a Senator and a Congressional member and tell them, “We The People Have had Enough!” before we all lose our healthcare, Social Security, life saving machines and research shut down permanently, and GI benefits and military pay ceases because the government has no money to pay their bills when these “little dictators” who know nothing or care nothing about governing again repeat the same on Oct 17th.

Do not think that their cherry picking now will even begin to be paid for after the 17th if they refuse to finance the government in its entirety then. As the richest Nation in the World we the people should not have to tolerate their holding us hostage every two to three months nor their refusal to promote jobs with a crumbling infrastructure that is desperate for our attention just as Obama care is to our lowering of the cost of premiums and health care costs.

Make no mistakes about it the Tea Party or Libertarian members are not interested in a government of Democracy but instead a government based on Dictatorship as long as they are the dictators in charge. Our future depends on the voice of the people expressing their disgusts against these little Napoleons and anarchists in Washington D.C. and our States.

Once we get the list of our representatives in our own individual States we can go to their names and find their e-mail add. and send our messages.  They need to hear from all of us as to why we hold them in such low esteem and their lies can no longer cover for their lack of governing for the people, of the people, and by the people. Thank you.

late addition: For those of you who still refuse to believe that the Republican Conservatives are in bed with The Tea Party I urge you to check out, “Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul AND Mitch McConnell Discussing Their Actual Government Shutdown Concerns,” as caught on tape by Huffington Post when neither the Conservative minority leader or the Main Force behind the Tea Party thought no one was listening. Every search engine is carrying it.

late addition 2: Due to the bottom feeders who attach their own advertisement to my like buttons such as the one below I am discontinuing the use of my like button on my post.  Since I pay to have my blog my way I find the free loaders below highly offensive and to date Word press does not seem concerned about them.  I welcome any and all comments and your remembering me on Facebook and twitter.  Again Thanks

Why Blame Republicans?

For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

Since I have spoken about the greed in politics and business it would be a failure on my part to not speak about the greed in Religion.  Todays post is about just a small sector of that greed as it pertains to the Evangelical belief but by no means is it only a part of their belief as a large part of the same belief is shared by other Religions, such as the Mormon Faith, as well, they just are not as outwardly obvious about it.

Prosperity ministers who are  outwardly preaching the value of greed in America are a new twist to the teaching of Religion.  They are a growing breed of ministers tied to the Charismatic Evangelical movement.  They run the gamut of people who show no shame in their high pitch sales job of the merits of rewards that come along with giving to those who use more subtle nuances.  People like the Joyce Meyer’s ministries from Missouri are very aggressive in claiming entitlement to a rich life style due to God’s gifts to her while others like  Joel Osteen of Texas are less verbose, but both types are prosperity ministers.

When Americans became bored with the often boring and staid teachings of or disillusioned with Traditional Religion and divorce became more prevalent or lifestyles changed, people began looking for more entertaining ways to worship, and many turned to Evangelicals to provide them with Spiritual guidance.  Although Evangelicals  originate primarily from Methodists and Presbyterian beliefs along with the 1700’s Piety and Puritan beliefs of the Bible preaching’s, to tie Evangelicals to any one belief factor would be wrong.  They’re definitely the majority who see themselves as Conservative Christians but there are also those who are liberal and even some who would be considered as really non-committed who do not believe it necessary to attend Church Services and Bible Studies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Evangelicals are popular with the African-Americans through the Baptist Church just as the faith is practiced by all members and Nationalities in America and all walks of life.  It is the largest growing Religion in America with an estimated 28.3% or 90 million Christians in America. Brazil is only larger in percentages than the United States is in growth.

To pen point any similarities beyond their belief in  “Born Again” and “Catholics as Heretics who do not teach the literal interpretation of the Bible”, would do them a disservice as even though they have a high number of Republican Conservatives, through the minority population, they have an equally large number of Liberal Democrats. Some want nothing to do with the mention of politics while others feel they should be front and center in the influence of politicians and their decisions. Many believe in Rapture and await the second coming of Christ, others believe in healing of the sick and disabled by the laying on of hands, while others speak in tongue.  Many credit their success as a direct Blessing from God and believe they are guided by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. They accept most of Protestant beliefs but the crowds many times are more exuberant and reactive than in Traditional Religion.

Many of the ministers, due to their own lack of training in Divinity and Seminaries, often expound their own interpretations of the Bible and so the messages often vary from one Church to the next with individual understanding or interpretation of the chapters and verse of the Bible. Some are guided through life by a literal interpretation of marriage:” being of one man and one woman,” while others allow for gay rights. Many hate to be perceived as fundamentalists as they were in the 1700’s when Evangelical beliefs initially arose in Europe.

Not all Evangelicals are Charismatic nor believe in Prosperity Ministers nor are all obsessed with Heaven and Hell.  One thing that is certain is if they do preach the Word many have little to no training in Divinity, although many do have honorary Dr. degrees without formal education from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and  other Evangelical Universities. Some get their degree to preach from a mail order house out of California while others get theirs for a fee over the internet.

They all believe they were given a calling and were inspired to preach when God appeared to them. Some are very simple people who come from the coal mines in the Appalachians. Others have high school diplomas while some do have Associate degrees or two years and still others have Bachelor degrees of four years of college, from non-credited schools ran by the Evangelical ministries. Others have had Seminary training in other more traditional Protestant Religions and have left that faith to start their own Evangelical Church.  Universal, Grace, Life, Good Will, Glad Tidings, etc.  are usually a part of the name of these Churches over that of Jesus, the Apostles, or Saints most commonly found in other more Traditional Religions.

Prosperity ministers are those ministers who pretty much share tears in the wickedness of their ways before “they got drunk on Jesus,” and before God appeared to them and made them rich.  They are very charismatic and crack jokes and do a sales job on their parishioners, telling them if they give to their Church until it hurts they will be Blessed ten fold and maybe even 100 fold.  If their parishioners think they can give 10 dollars or even a 100 dollars and it does not mean deprivation or sacrifice on their part, for God, then they do not really believe in God.  If a thousand dollars really hurts then they should give a thousand dollars and not worry about the bills as God will provide, If they really believe. They play on the guilt of the poor by making them feel like the reason they are poor is because they do not believe hard enough.  The great majority of the money they receive comes from their radio or television ministries and is established fact that the poor give at a higher percentage rate of their income than do the wealthy.

They tell their followers how they did not have a dime, the wolves, were at their door, the bill collectors calling constantly and when they took their last few dollars to Church and gave it to God they were Blessed with manna from Heaven. Their  good fortune just fell from the skies.  They quote the passages of the Bible that says “and God Blessed and rewarded them with good fortune”, and totally over look the parts of the Bible that say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to gain Heaven,” and Christ’s teaching’s about  mankind’s need to give away all his riches to serve the poor, in order to gain heaven.

Prosperity ministers beliefs that they have found the Blessings of God’s favor through becoming rich is so prevalent that they take parishioners money to buy $10 million dollar corporate jets, $200,000.00 in antique furnishings, they drive Mercedes and BMW’s in the $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 dollar range and feel entitled while living in million dollar homes while giving their children all the best that their parishioner’s money can buy.  So warped are their beliefs of entitlements to wealth and so charismatic are their sales pitch that they can and do convince  their followers, they are God’s voice on earth, even without seminary training or practical applications in divinity. Some even claim they are living out their gift from God now, while others in their Congregations struggle to make ends meet.

Their followers, just as do the ministers, fail to see the hypocrisy in the message they preach when they preach the need of every one to take responsibility for their own needs; and the poor could be rich if they just believed.  Since they offer the poor hope they are often times kept poor through their weekly contributions to the Prosperity Ministers, as every dime is followed by more from the poor with the poor being the Prosperity Ministers greatest contributors.  The prosperity ministers and parishioners fail to reach the understanding of the ministers dependency on the Mercy of the people, before they gained their own riches. God does not deal in dollars but sales people certainly do, and it would do us all well to begin there with that introspective thought.

Because these ministers forgive every sin through their “Born Again Beliefs”, regardless of how grievous the sins, without individual confession and penance and they relate to their parishioners about their own sinfulness and really stress how they were sinners, People flock towards the ability to be born again and all their past sins forgiven.

In the more conservative Evangelical Churches, parishioners are often shamed into living exemplary lives just as their ministers do, even though there are some who are no different from the rest of us with the same foibles and mistakes or sins committed by all of us. In the more Conservative Churches the parishioners cling to the belief that often these uneducated clergy can speak for God and give them a greater place in Heaven and a get out of Hell free card, if they only embrace their lives in the constant presence of Christ and continue to give of their money, which they are told is in most cases intended for the poor. This is true unless they are Prosperity ministers as good deeds are encouraged in most Evangelical Churches. The  Prosperity clergy often claim to draw salaries that do not compensate for the riches they gain. Many of the more liberal parishioners belong for the fellowship more than they do for the strict observance of the teachings as is common in many Religions, who do not set strict guidelines.

As a neighbor of mind once said, “I would hate to think I was such a bad sinner that I would have to spend my life in Church.” I have always enjoyed travel because I love the diversity that is America over tying myself to one group for a life time but that is just my own personal choice and many people are comfortable and justifiably so in their own communities.

I like many believe that: Spirituality just like physical and mental needs are a necessity of mankind in the fulfillment of life and living but are dollars really a part of what makes mankind great or saves us from hell? Can we really buy ourselves into Heaven or are we better judged for the value of our compassion for, the time we place on, and we give of ourselves to humanity? We do need to sometimes question the motives behind what appears to be an exorbitant lifestyle of riches regardless of the person or people who are promoting the same, at the expense of the people.  We cannot wear blinders just because those vulgar displays of wealth are arising from our ministries any more than we can when they come from our politicians.  Both depend on the generosity of the people and should be suspect and held responsible for such displays.

The great majority of us want to see people who have made wealth through hard work and sweat equity enjoy the fruits of their labor as it offers hope to those of us who dream. Certainly ministers and some politicians put in long hours and hard work as well, but when their income is earned on the charity of the poor, the vulnerable, or the greed of lobbyists, the majority of us see these excessive lifestyles of displayed wealth as being vulgar.  It is not what we want of either our clergy or our politicians whose main concerns should be dedicated to the needs of the people. When a family of 4 or more make $50,000.00 a year and they are pressured or cajoled into writing $10,000.00 checks so they can prove the power of their faith in God or a politician can get elected, and the clergy and politicians cannot understand the immorality of their exorbitant lifestyle, then who can we turn to when we ask for legitimacy in our Churches or our government ?

Does the riches gained by our politicians who are threatening to deny payment of Social Security to the elderly, wages to the Military and middle class, and GI benefits, by shutting down government over Obama care, mean they are deserving to be great and Blessed? Wouldn’t we all do better with their compassion shown and their time given to our needs without strings attached?  Something else to ponder that’s for sure. Doesn’t take much common sense to figure out, does it?;)

It Is Not Obama Care

We are hearing companies along with Republicans say that they the companies are going to have to switch workers to part-time due to Obama Care.  The truth is, those companies who do not want to switch from their regular group insurance companies,  they currently are using, can stay with their same company if they wish to. These are companies who commonly hire workers who are paid weekly or monthly salaries.

Any company who wishes to stay with their current insurance company may do so and not be effected by the changes of Obama care.  The reason we are hearing Republicans and companies yell so loudly and so much miss-information has been given against Obama care is because if employees are paid hourly wages, some of the companies have never had to carry insurance coverage on their employees, in the past.

By not offering health care coverage to their hourly workers the rest of us who do have health care coverage have had to pick up the health care costs of those who did not have coverage in our own premium costs.  The un-insured  typically use the extreme high cost of hospital emergency room care over Dr. room visits and drive up the costs of our own health care costs, in the past.

Without coverage for pre-natal healthcare complications in the past we have had to pay exorbitant high costs for premature births and other complications due to the lack of pre-natal treatment in pregnant mothers, as well. If  Companies did offer any kind of group coverage for hourly workers, the deductibles were so large that a normal family of four would never benefit from any use of insurance coverage short of an accident in the family, even though they were charged, just like the rest of us, for their premium costs at a decelerated rate for their ineffective health care coverage.

The main reason we are hearing so much negative press against Obama care by Republicans, Religious Leaders, and Companies who are claiming  they will have to switch from full-time workers to  part-time workers is because:

1. those companies who are going to have to offer health care to their workers who are paid hourly wages, when they never have had to before or what they offered before was worthless coverage, are not wanting to take away from their profits to offer effective health care to their workers

2. what these companies offered before, will now actually have to give effective health care coverage with a lower deductibles thus making the coverage actually more than worthless and also offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, The Insurance companies who have gotten by for years by pocketing these premium payments while not paying for health care costs will not be able to continue to do so

3. by using Obama care as an excuse  or whipping post for companies to go to part-time workers over full-time workers, they can also avoid paying hourly workers increased minimum wage

4. Religious communities who believe in the cure of prayer over the use of medicine such as the 7th Day Adventists etc, or the Amish way over the English way, refuse to take out insurance even though we who pay premiums ultimately pay 100% of their health care costs when they can afford to pay for it but refuse medical treatment until it becomes an emergency status

5. States, Large Organizations, Big Business, Private Hospitals, Schools, and Cities who are currently being paid upwards of billions of dollars in incentives from stock options to tax incentives to provide health care to their employees, out of our premium costs, will all lose out on this free gratis money when employees are no longer restricted under Obama care to use employer insurance but instead are allowed to shop around for better group insurance with better coverage and lower deductibles

As the Republicans, Religious leaders, and employers blame Obama care for the shift from full-time to part-time  work, none of us should be fooled by yet another ploy by others or companies to get around paying a fair days pay for the work being done.  In another time of our history, when markets changed then the Companies offered training at their place of employment or paid for the training of its employees elsewhere.

Some companies are doing that today yet, and in some cases it is the employees themselves who are failing to take advantage of the training.  Not all companies who have a record of working with their employees are part of the complaints being voiced against Obama care. It is the Companies who are hiding behind the excuse of Obama care and who hire primarily hourly wage workers while having never offered  any thing other than only token to lousy insurance coverage in the past, who are the most vocal against Obama care. The Republicans are simply picking their complaints up while trying to convince the rest of us, that defunding Obama care is in our best interests.

Do not be fooled by any of the nonsense that is being played out  in an effort to shut down government over Obama care, as only the Companies who are refusing to put their workers first, are the ones who are threatening to go to part-time over full-time due to Obama care.

No business who hires under 50 employees are even effected by Obama care, so any talk of small Mom and Pop stores being unfairly charged is just more of the lies that we hear by the Republicans and their allies rhetoric machine.  Dropping employees from full-time to part-time has everything to do with getting out of paying or even broaching the subject of an increase in minimum wage, more than it does from Obama care.

Just as there are companies who are hiding behind the excuse of Obama care to charge higher premium costs while attempting to eliminate coverage or the inclusion of children and spouses there are companies who have offered better coverage for less cost through weight lost and smoking cessation.   Many of these companies do feel they may have to drop employees for fear of being penalized for those companies who do not.  Just like Social Security required dozens of revisions before an equitable plan was worked out the Obama administrations has allowed room for a delay while working out these problems in the meantime.

States and Companies who are interested in putting their workers first have been working with the Obama Administration to initiate the induction of the same over the past year with registration beginning Oct. 1 and Insurance under Obama care going into effect on Jan. 1. Anyone currently without Insurance can begin registering for affordable health care by Oct. 1 by going to healthcare.gov and registering. Nothing is changing that will add to unjust charges to the workers due to Obama care or to Mom and Pop stores other than an improvement in lower health care costs  and better provisions for all of us, while taking the strain of premium costs off those of us who have  previously been charged with the costs of those 40 million Americans who never had or could not get  healthcare coverage due to pre-existing disease in the past.

Obama care is simply more of an equitable and just system for all of us, when everyone who can afford to help pay for the medical services we all  get and use. Eventually every one of us along with our loved ones, will and do most assuredly use the services of Medical care, or die too young as a result of ignored treatment. If and when we refuse medical care or to carry health care insurance, we hamper our loved ones with an unnecessary burden, that we should all be honest enough to acknowledge. It has always been the law in all our States and considered a crime to let severely ill children suffer or die, needlessly, due to with-holding medical care despite Religious convictions or beliefs.

Obama care or affordable health care is not so complicated that the polls are showing that 70% of us do not understand it, as it is the first attempt ever made to reign in the costs of both premiums and health care for all Americans under retirement age in our Nation’s history.  It just like Social Security before it will require adjustments as time and needs goes on.

Obama care is only complicated by those Republicans who are more concerned about the profits of Big business and the lobbyists who pay for their campaigns to make sure we are left confused and that we believe that Obama care is wrong. Those who refer to it as the Devil’s seed to make sure they are entitled to continued free health care, even though they can afford to pay, are simply immoral enough to believe we can pay for the medical care they receive. Either way we only need to remember to replace those politicians who will and do attempt to defund Obama care at the expense of shutting down of our government, at the election polls in all of our States in 2014 and 2016. Simple enough just like Obama care is simple enough.:)

Through out history there has always been a mix between frustrations, amusement, and arrogance that allows mankind to justify their own actions.  The thinking of mankind has always existed, since the beginning of time and is not only prevalent today, but has always been.  The Human mind is not only complicated but also relatively easy to understand once we understand the role of greed that is clearly present in the mind of too many.

When we hear the Tea Party say that government has no rights to establish law on property rights as long as no one is acting against the civil rights of others, it may sound like a very natural belief or philosophy to have, and even inspire some of us who are tired of dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s to join their cause.  It is when we get into the history of why these laws have been passed or have been established, we start seeing that the Tea Party Libertarian’s belief has no depth or morality to it.

We all need water to drink and food to eat, in order to live.  Even soda and sugary drinks require water.  If government allowed property owners to run with impunity over others by dumping toxic wastes in our ground water or our air, then the entire Nation would ultimately die off. Those who produce our food  we eat would no longer be able to produce due to toxic waste, not only in our water but saturated into the soil as well.  Without government deciding the rights of everyone over those who do act out with impunity with the use of their property, no one would be held responsible for their careless or criminal acts against the entire Nation.

These careless property owners could not be held responsible for acting out against our civil rights with the reasoning of the Tea Party, under a dictator rather than a Democracy, since the dictator would decide if it was the right of the property owner to determine the rights of the use of their property over the needs of the people.

With this reasoning any lending institution could charge any interests rates they wanted to charge since it is their lending institution the usury laws against these lending institutions would be unconstitutional, by their justifications. Just as an apartment owner would not have to fix the drains or pipes in their buildings since they own the building and the renters property damage would not be the problems of the property owners because the property owner would have a right to do whatever they wanted with their property despite the rents they are paid, since clothing and the property of the renters  could be viewed as material goods over their civil rights to own property.

In the Tea Party’s attempts to present a picture of utopia to those who are limited by toxic waste, mining, or loaning practices, the presentation of, “We can do whatever we want to do as long as property owners do not offend the civil rights of others,” may sound justifiable in their world or utopia, but it is when we dig further, look at history before us, or even review import practices today, we will see the errors in their thinking. If we don’t want to look back but only deal with the present we only need to look at the recalls on people who are made sick on imports today that are not regulated by their government as our products are, and we can see the fallacy and misrepresentations of the arguments made when the Tea Party says, “Property owners can do anything they want with their property.”

“The Stand Your Ground Laws” supported with money and scare tactics from backers of the Conservative and Tea Party are a prime example of the justifications used by their reasoning.  Where it is true that we as a Nation are sick of drug users and gangs, who only exist because of the sell of drugs, breaking into our homes to steal there are too many of those in favor of these laws that have used justification over sound judgment. We are already seeing those who favor these  laws, who were not of the criminal element before, being able to justify criminal activity to get around hate crimes, to kill the innocent, or against law enforcement.

When it is clear to the World that not all people should be given passes to  the property of guns, we find each time  that fact is proven out,  more money flows out to make certain everyone has a right to arm themselves.  When efforts to pass gun laws against those who should never have access to guns are attempted in order to  protect the innocent, the stronger the lobbyists threats become against those who would pass laws to deny the use of weapons to the disturbed, under-aged, and careless gun users.

Even when a third of all deaths of children in our Nation are as a result of guns in the home, those same politicians who refuse to pass laws to restrict the use of guns in the hands of the unstable and immature are the first to scream out against the tragedy of innocent deaths. Instead these same politicians deflect the argument in favor of gun laws by the majority of us, through passing the blame of lost of innocent life elsewhere or through justification of the rights to bear arms. We all know that as long as there are no or only weak laws against gun ownership, as currently exists, more people will die needlessly, due to those who claim to interfere with the property rights of gun ownership is Unconstitutional,

The property of a gun in the hands of some will always interfere with the civil rights of others much in the same way the carelessness of neighbors in the use of their own property will as well.  Common sense alone should make us all understand that as long as people are careless or have criminal intent all arguments of the Tea Party about government passing laws to protect the best interests of the people through establishing property laws are a necessity in order to prevent further lawlessness .

When it was decided in the 1920’s to take cocaine out of products from cola to cough syrup the medical profession protested against drug abusers as being charged with a criminal offense over an illness and instead said it needed to be treated as an addiction to be treated by the medical staffs for the drug addiction it is. Both government, then, and the Churches said it needed to be prosecuted as criminal activity as they were able to point to and  justify  that families would be charged for an unnecessary expense, the drug addicts would steal to feed their addiction, and making it illegal and prosecuting them in a Court of law  would deter criminal activity.

As drug use accelerates in our Nation and fills our prisons we are seeing all the arguments used then to justify charging drug addiction as a crime fall apart, just as we did when laws were passed against alcohol with the same reasoning. Instead of it deterring people from the use of drugs  as government and the Churches thought it would, it has led to far greater crimes and torn apart families further, who if treated would have had the ability to lead productive lives and been spared from becoming  generational criminals.

Instead of passing mandatory laws to treat the drug addictions as it was suggested then by the medical profession, the justifications used in favor of jails have proven to be false, as it only increased the criminal activity. “The Stand Your Ground Laws” much like the laws passed due to drug addiction, is just  more justification towards lawlessness than it is to protect the rights of all Americans. Without laws passed by government to require mandatory treatment against drug use, however, we also make all the arguments against drug use being enforced as a mandatory treatment, just as problematic.

Without laws passed on property rights or against drugs by government, I will use an example of the predicament that a friend of mind is presented with, today.  With the passage of the loosening of restrictions against marijuana laws, in some States, she and her husband are confronted with problems that never existed before in the State.  They bought land to build a cabin on and to just enjoy both producing their own food and to enjoy life away from emerging population growths.  Since the passage of these bills are relatively new in these States, the laws have yet to catch up with the reality that is happening in these States.

Marijuana producers who have seen that there is money to be made in the trade of marijuana, both legally and illegally, are moving in and producing large amounts of marijuana, near the property sight of where my friend wishes to build their cabin on the property they own, even though these States limit marijuana growth to personal use. Because it is illegal to produce large amounts of marijuana in these States and because of drug cartels  coming across the border to get in on the possible cash cow that exists in legalization of marijuana, they are moving in to produce it in areas that had previously not been hampered by crime, or in what others might refer to as  the Wilderness.

Since it is illegal to produce large amounts of marijuana, due to it’s ill effects on our younger population and has been proven as fact by all experts in their field from medical, to social workers, to employers, and by law enforcement who makes the arrests, the people hired to grow marijuana on  these farms are of the criminal element. The use of marijuana and IF those who grow or smoke it are law-abiding and its use is for medical reasons may be justifiable for a greater need of the ill, but the argument of adult recreational use is only credible to those who already do use it and like alcohol comes with a far greater risk to the innocent and our larger population.

My friends who moved their camper and trailer onto their new property to start their cabin building project cannot hire credible people to come into the area to build because nothing they leave there remains by the criminal element in the area, who have been hired to grow the marijuana. My friends have found that to be true as well with the break-ins of their own camper and trailers and law enforcement has told them that they should clear out as the laws of the State, at this point, says that they can only keep the illegal growers under surveillance and prosecute the illegal people who are growing the crop, but they seem to know when law enforcement is coming and disappear before they arrive. Without laws being passed on the landowner who allows illegal growing of marijuana on his property, my friends are held captive against going ahead with their rights to use their property as they wish.

This was also true when our Nation was being settled by the first settlers in the West.  Large landowners would wait until smaller landholders proved up the land and then burn them out or run them out in order to take  over title to their lands. The same is true in Cities where a neighbor wishes to cut down a tree or limb on their property and it falls and destroys the house or roof of their neighbors. Just as it is with unlicensed builders or Construction personnel who build shoddy products  and require all people in the business to be licensed as well as be governed according to the greed of those who preceded them. Where zoning laws are not part of the towns and cities in the past, other laws have needed to be put in place as there had been a disregard of the cost of upkeep of the Streets and roads paid for others by heavy equipment or in other cases prostitution and the selling drugs and sexual predators have moved into school zones or suburbs.

Since laws are made and passed on property owners, out of necessity to protect all of us, the justifications and arguments that government is denying us our Constitutional rights, made by both the Tea Party and Conservatives, is more justification to aid those who have no qualms against careless or criminal acts than it is of sound reasoning.  The truth is: laws passed by government are always behind the carelessness or criminal activity of others. Property Laws are not made or passed until after other property owners have already had their rights trampled on.

The mind when it belongs to those of us who have little to no understanding of laws, can justify we all should be able to do anything we want with our own property, until or unless we are encroaching on the civil rights of others, can justify the argument made by the Tea Party and Conservatives. We can even be convinced that intrinsically bad laws passed by both the influence and power of the Conservatives  and Tea Party to protect individual rights over laws that protects the rights of all of us, are good laws.

The Tea Party and Conservatives passage of, “the stand your ground laws,” and the “right to work laws” in I believe 32 States now, are bad laws for the poor and middle class, just as imprisonment for drug abusers is.  The wealthy have always been slapped on the hands with 30 days or over-night imprisonment and then sent off to treatment centers, if jailed at all, while the poor and middle class drug abusers often spend years in prison. Both ‘the stand your ground laws’ and ‘the right to work laws,’ will enhance the rights of the wealthy who will ultimately be the only people who can afford to own property.

When we understand that “the stand your ground laws” have already been used as a defense to kill the innocent who only tried to take steps off their trip home by cutting across property, we only need ask if these laws can also be used to justify the killing of those who pick the crops in the field or orchards, do the gardening  work, clean stables, or clean the pools of the wealthy and try to collect their payments, or will meter readers, delivery people, or those who solicit be safe? The way the law reads now is; the property owner only needs to say they felt threatened by anyone who entered their property, in order to shoot to kill. Will hired guards be able to shoot to kill anyone  who comes in to try to help organize the workers to stand up to unfair labor laws in their place of employment, as they did in the 1800’s under,” the stand your ground laws? Will history, as it often does, repeat itself, before we understand just what bad laws these are?

When we take a clearer look at both ‘the stand your ground’ and ‘the right to work,’ laws, we recognize the ability to abuse the rights of the poor and middle class and to get by with doing the same abounds by those who can afford to own property. When we take it a step further we realize as the reduced wages in the poor and middle class is increased following the “right to work laws,” and as such over time the only people who will be able to afford property or to hire others will be the wealthy, it doesn’t take a long stretch of the imagination to be able to understand who will be hurt by these laws and who will be protected by both these laws.

The ‘right to work laws’ in an effort to eliminate government and Unions, adds to the end of the middle class as we know it, as both government and Unions establish rights for the workers.  With ‘the right to work laws,’ in effect to replace both government and Unions the rights of the workers along with minimum wage and benefits for the middle class and poor, is already being eliminated in favor of increased profits with over-seas workers and part-time employment, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. With talks going on between Wendy’s and Burger King to trade their workers back and forth to work half days at both places, by working  full-time  and working both places a half day, will eliminate the need for minimum wage, and benefits since part-time workers are not entitled to either. If it is successful we can bet other companies will follow.

It is with common sense and clear reasoning that we are  able to understand the need for property rights, restrictions, and laws that are fair and equitable to all of us, once we understand that not all people are as concerned as we are with a fair days pay for a hard days work, keeping out toxic waste from our land and water, or with the rights of those who do not have the ability to stand up to large property owners, criminal activity, or just careless neighbors, that government does need to intercede on behalf of the people without any of us yelling, “Unconstitutional.”

When mankind does quit using justifications to justify greed, criminal activity, and power over the less fortunate, then the argument may lay more in  favor of the Tea Party but until then, we need to understand that government does not make property law but people who disregard the rights of others, establish law that government is forced into making in order to protect the greater good of all of us.

If any of us are standing around expecting that mankind will change after thousands of years we aren’t really using the common sense we all have an entitlement to use. Have a great weekend and let up on the justifications, as they become to easy and habit-forming, instead just be honest and  accept that sometimes we are entitled to just be lazy and the “honey do” list or the “bucket list” can wait. We are all more complete when we do things as time and energy are part of our day so we can act on what needs to be done and when we confront life with common sense over justifications or excuses. Enjoy!

The problem with the media today, as far as I see it is, they are so caught up in getting the first interviews with politicians who do not serve on the Intelligence or Security committees but are known to be partisan to a degree of incompetence, that the media itself is rendered incompetent.  To claim  these opinions, speculations, and partisan leanings do not sway public opinion is to claim the sun never sets.  They in kind then lead the American people to believe that President Obama and his team are weak leaders even when there have been clear-cut history of similarities in the World of Geo-politics played out around the World, throughout history.

I was within miles of SAC headquarters, I believe it was October, 1962, as I with my junior class participating in a mock UN meet, when the nuclear threat from the Cuban missile crises was imminent and President John F. Kennedy had our missiles aimed at Cuba.

Kennedy was in a real bind of credibility at the time because just a month before this he had promised the American people,” Cuba would never get missiles and the United States not go to war against Cuba and Russia.”  Because we had like 5000 missiles to Nikita Khrushchev of Russia only having 300 and we had missiles set up in Italy and Turkey pointed at Russia no one thought Khrushchev would be foolish enough to build missiles or nuclear war heads in our hemisphere.  It would be quite by accident a month after Kennedy made his announcement that a U_2 boat picked up the fact that Russia was indeed building 6 missile sites in Cuba, even though Russia had denied it.

At the time of the accidental discovery of nuclear missiles sites being built by Russia in Cuba were discovered, many of the elected officials and even some of those on the Intelligence Committees thought Kennedy battling with the wording and action between a blockade or strike was a sign of weakness, and made no bones about it then ,as people have over President Obama, today.

We did not  have both Liberals and Republican Senators playing to their base in order to reassure their own re-elections, while criticizing President Kennedy’s leadership and siding with the personal attacks against President Kennedy, with Khrushchev. Plenty of them hated Kennedy for not going to a full-out war against Russia, at the time, but the egos of those left out of the planning stages were not more important than negotiations then as it is today, nor were they racing to get on camera to express that opinion.

Much of it was printed then as print led the other sources of media then, and there were a few very vocal dissidents but we just viewed it as the sour grapes it was, The great majority  held their tongues during the planning stages, even though President Kennedy had plenty of  doubters and enemies of his own. When it comes against President Obama and they are the same ones who fought against President Obama retiring obsolete weapons and were outraged when he said, “diplomacy over war,” or “they were for it before they were against it’, it seems disingenuous now.

Lets face it, when haven’t they criticized President Obama every chance they have gotten for everything he has attempted?  When it was known they, cried wolf”  against President Kennedy too often the  media as well as the people paid little attention to the criticisms in print having any credibility.  When the Republicans just switch out faces today and take turns on their attacks against President Obama, then it all should just become one big blur after the other as it does weaken our own credibility as a Nation.  Do any of us who vote  elect them to get on camera to air their disgust against our President who wins the majority vote, even when an election is looming? Don’t most of us, already know they are just playing to their base of  financial support for their next re-election?

The biggest difference between then and today is we did not have News media expressing their views, speculations, or tripping over their feet to get the latest interviews of those most partisan; or the clearly slanted views of reporting, while they accuse every move made or not being made as being done for political reasons or as a goof. There were no panels with limited information discussing what is happening or what could happen.  The media simply reported the news based on the available facts in the 1960’s when President Kennedy was in the White House and out of respect for the office of Presidency they kept their mouths shut about the personal lives of the families.

We didn’t have Conservatives moving in favor of impeachment because of the personal lives of our elected officials or dirty tricks by the Tea Party. There was no Grover Norquist’s threatening,” sign the pledge or lose your elections.”  We were concerned about what kind of elected officials they were when it came to the job they did, when elected, and just like  the rest of us now, we felt  when we are off the job, our personal lives just like theirs was the business of their families and their own.

The Social media were non-existent in the 1960’s, so people were forced to think for themselves and to draw their own conclusions, without being swayed by the anti-war or the anti-peace groups and their opinions and speculation nor the partisan opinions. The anti-war groups would arrive at the end of the 1960’s and primarily on the College campuses, as many students were graduating and getting their draft notices with the escalation of the war in Viet Nam. They paid attention to the war more so then,  than they had earlier.

My husband volunteered to join as an officer, following getting his College degree but didn’t pass the physical due to an inherited back problem.  I had two brothers and a sister who all volunteered, however, in Viet Nam, with one in espionage in the Air Force, while another was a paratrooper and gunner in the Army, and the last being a nurse in the Navy. My sister would marry a Marine so my family represented the four branches of military and would have mixed opinions following the war. Not all of the baby boomers were protestors or in communes.

I will not deny, however, that many of the girls in our group in high school, yet in 1962, were not falling apart with the announcement of strikes being eminent against Cuba, as we were within striking distance of the SAC base but the war protestors had not yet arrived by then as Kennedy had only sent in advisers to Viet Nam at that point, and would be assassinated a year later, following the missile crises.  Some of us were nervous in 1962,since we were unwittingly and ironically holding our Mock UN meet, when we were being placed on National alert to the Cuban crises.

The great majority of us were not so cynical or paranoid then  as not to trust in the World leaders even though there would be 16 days of slow an unnerving debate amongst our leaders, if it was going to be a strike, blockade, or an all out nuclear war, while we waited. At the time the United States had no plans made because the intelligence simply was not there until  after the fact and by accident, when it was discovered.

The EXCOMM hurriedly discussed any options and came up with 6 possibilities and they were:

1. Do nothing.  Our vulnerability to missiles were being threaten all the time during the cold war just as it  is today by terrorists

2. Diplomacy; Get Russia to come to the table then, as the Obama team has tried to get them today over Syria

3.Warning: Send Castro a warning of the dire threat he is in, as we have done with both Iran  and Syria for two years.

4.Air strikes; hit all the missile sites in Cuba, using our Air Force

5. Blockade: Use our Navy against Russia’s efforts to send missiles into Cuba

6. Full force military use against Cuba

Unlike his advisers who wanted to go to war John F. Kennedy held out while his full Joint Chiefs of Staff were advocating war. Kennedy was skeptical that Russia would not strike back and history would later review that it is as close as we have ever come to Nuclear warfare, because even when we did learn of the missile site, our intelligence had not shown that Russia had sent in 100 planes already equipped with nuclear warheads.

It was not revealed until 50 years later that if Kennedy had not drawn back from his initial assessment of war, and risked the view of being perceived as being weak, and which  trust me, was not popular by Congress then either, and if he had not taken time to open up negotiations over protests, it is estimated that 100,000 Cubans along with 100,000 Americans would have died from nuclear war; and with the number of war heads we had in the region of Russia and USSR at the time, those numbers could not even compute.  How many would have died if we had gone to a full-out war is anyone’s guess if Kennedy had not have risked putting his own credibility on the line no differently from the courage that has been shown by President Barack Obama, today? China was claiming an army of 600,000 strong that they would turnover to the cause of Russia’s use against us.

At no time of our or Russia’s history have the people come closer to perishing as they did during the Cuban Missile crisis.  It was estimated that the United States was one hour away from pulling the trigger when Kennedy said lets rethink this. It was a long 16 days, unlike to-day while we waited not knowing if we would be in war or what was going on because in those days we did not have media speculating on what could go wrong on what our President should do, or people with nothing more that partisan views who were armed with nothing more than partisan opinions being raced after for interviews.  We did not have panels or slanted views as to who might be negotiating or who might look weak or who would listen to the people or not going on in the media. We never knew how lucky we were then to be able to watch the news and to only get pertinent facts.

Instead the American people waited for 16 days while heads of State negotiated not only with the UN but also with the Northern allies and Western allies while people who were chosen around the World to make those decisions were allowed to make them without paranoia or criticism by those who were retired or played no role in the decision-making.

There have been plenty of opportunity for the media to discuss the wisdom learned from Wars going back to the beginning of mankind, when “haste made waste.” or inaction spelled disaster.” It is when we fail to understand the differences in our chosen leaderships that we fail ourselves. If the media doesn’t want to go back that far then educate the American people, without political spin or opinion, along with the World population with historical facts on, World War 1, World War 2, Kosovo, A number of the African Wars, Grenada, or the Cuban missile crisis etc. while we wait on the decisions being made by our President and World Leaders.

The truth is the polls show 3 out of 4 American people have little to no knowledge beyond Viet Nam,  Iraq, and Afghanistan on what has been learned from strikes or wars  or the difference between the leaders who did and do show courage.  Not all people’s eyes glaze over when foreign affairs and the importance of the same are discussed, so perhaps if we were made to find it as interesting as Honey Boo Boo, without spin or criticism, we would read or watch something than was less than criticism.

I just do not think that the American people’s’ level of intelligence has dropped to the point that the majority of us want to hear about stinking feet or passing gas by Honey Boo Boo. I know the media is not going to change if those who sign their checks do not change, but gives us enough credit to know and understand when today’s people are asked, “if they have seen such action as that taking place before?” and they answer,” never,” or “Only with Watergate,” we know we  get nothing other than the media spin; even when the media professes to tell both sides we still get their opinion.  When reporters stand outside of the White House, and are announced to be experts in information coming from the White House, and we hear instead about what they think President Obama REALLY MEANS  we know we are getting that reporter’s slanted views, as well

Is it any wonder too many turn to inaccurate information on Social media, when we do?  I had no problem understanding what President Obama and his team have said or was saying because I have time to watch it and I understand what is at risk in the region. That any elected member of the Congress or Senate does, should scare all of us. Not everyone has the luxury of retirement as I do but even with that,  I am more willing to believe that people’s’ confusion comes instead from the media. It would do us all well for the media to stop speculating and instead give factual history with less mouths running.   I can only hope, I guess that the media will bring back people like Edward R. Morrow or Huntley and Brinkley, as if the media did more educating and less speculating, we would all better understand.

It simply is not true that Nations as great and powerful as ours and their leaders, have not been here plenty of times before. This is and has been the way of war throughout history.  The biggest difference is we have not always had a media tripping over their own reviews to get out the latest interviews both on the News networks and in print or the social media running wild with criticism along with a partisan Congress and Senate whose made tongue, is criticism, to the degree it is today. Nor did we always have owners who were buying television networks or newsprint so they could present their own slanted views and demanding reporters report their views.

When we vote it would do us all well to remember why we might need some of the older population left in the media, politics, and on our Intelligence and Security  committees.  They remember the history others either don’t bother with or want to remember, and they can stay out of the news if they are not getting the heat like John McCain has, more often than not. When we reach a certain age and we do it on our own, some of us, are more times often humbled by the legacy of truth, over politics.

One thing for certain is: none of us can spend the rest of our lives blaming all our politicians for older men like Rumsfeld and Cheney, and think Democracy will last.  Sometimes we have to look for heroes and when we ourselves quit complaining about the lack of them, we will and do find them in history as well as in our own leadership, today.  Age coupled with a positive attitude, is not always a bad thing to have on our side, nor is one exclusive of the other:)

One More Time

Last night when I was Listening to Jake Tapper on CNN he referred to the Tea Party Libertarians as being the left.  That is such a misnomer as to be almost amusing.  Libertarians just as the John Birch Society believe our Constitution of the United States was meant to be guided by the Ten commandments and led by a kind dictatorship over government and Democracy. Any laws established by the government when it is not based according to their interpretation of the ten Commandments, is against the Constitution according to the Libertarians and the far right of the Republican Party.  As such the passage of these laws by government then becomes  an infringement on the Constitutional rights of the American people, according to their teachings.

In this concept, they, the Libertarians, are the voice of morality  for America and demand a strict following of their guidelines. I encourage you to read my previous post entitled,” The American Libertarian,” to understand they believe in the elimination of almost all government Agencies and any one telling them what to do with their lives or with their property. I repeat: They maintain that law made by government and outside of  their Religious beliefs is against the Constitution. This includes the IRS and the collection of any taxes for any reason by the government.

“The Stand Your Ground Laws,” have been passed by lobbyist and money from the Tea Party by  Republican State Governors and Legislatures as they believe that government had and has no right to establish law but common men were/are meant to establish the law of the land according to the Ten Commandments and their interpretation of the same.  They totally ignore the truth which is: it was our forefathers who escaped oppression by Religious beliefs in Europe and were very much aware of the effects that it had on an unjust system in Europe, who set up both the Federal and State governments as well as the Constitution of our Nation to take precedence over Religion with the right of government to establish law as the intent of our forefathers.

Much in the same way the far right fights to throw out evolution and replace it with Creationism in the teachings of the books of our children, there have been an attempt made by the Libertarians to re-write history. Just as they are responsible for denying funding to Head Start, they are strongly against public and State College education and funding of either, because they know the Public schools and State Universities  teach legitimate history over their beliefs of Religion being in control of the rights of the people. Instead  of public and further education, although they are educated themselves , they encourage home schooling by their followers and vouchers for the military to attend Private Schools on the GI Bill.

According to the  far right, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address over previous History to this, clearly shows that the United States was intended to be a New Nation created (mind you not evolved) on Liberty and dedicated to the Proposition that all men are created equal, and it is the intent of our founding fathers, to put Religion before government. Of course, all men created equal in their interpretation applies only to the white heterosexual male race, since the Bible has verses degrading the liberal acceptance of other races, homosexuality, and the strength of diversity in our Nation. The Libertarians make a few exceptions from Conservatives but are most definitely tied much closer to the beliefs of the right than they are the left.

We as a Nation also accept this truth as being self-evident that all men are created equal but in government that  includes ALL men, women,  nationalities, skin colors and creeds. It is the way the Libertarians and far right interpret the many meanings of government and Democracy that changes the scope of the beliefs intended by Abraham Lincoln. They often confuse the Gettysburg Address for the Constitution since the Republican Party did not come into being until our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, and that is where they mark the beginning of the Republic.

The Libertarians apply the ten commandments to law and there in lies their belief it was our forefathers who established Liberty for all men and in doing so gives the superiority or the right to govern through a kind dictatorship ran by the white race and freedom from government establishing laws on persons or property.  Since Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican they maintain He  is the Father of America, while they discount the fact that the Constitution and government was established a 100 years before this.  Anyone who can throw out evolution can throw out historical fact as well.

Unlike the Liberal and moderate beliefs of the practice that the poor and middle class pay into government so in times of need the government will lend a hand to those of us in need the Libertarians believe any and all efforts by government to give aid to the people is an infringements on the duty of the Churches and a form of Socialism. They along with the right-wing branch of the Republican Party are in the belief of, “every man for themselves’, and feel when Government pays back to the people through Social Security, Obama care, Medicare, taxes, pretty much everything government does, the government is infringing on the rights of the free market and the responsibility of the Churches.

To uphold a Democracy of the people, for the people, and by the people where all people and beliefs are equal, regardless of race. Creed, or gender, does not make our Nation or Liberals, Godless, as has been suggested too many times by the right.  We must remain ever observant instead of the rights and the role that government does and must play  in our lives if we are to remain a Just Nation under God with Freedom and Mercy for all.  The very definition of a Democracy is the acceptance of Diversity and the right of all people to worship freely as they so choose. Just as we pride ourselves in Freedom of speech we need to be tolerant of all beliefs, in order to remain a Great Nation.  As our forefathers knew and understood, too much bloodshed had resulted over wars began as a result of differences in and acceptance or rejection in  Religious beliefs.  For that Reason Government was given the right to watch over our Nation’s people.

For those who are going to report the News, since the Tea Party Libertarians feel that any form of birth control and divorce is against the moral fiber of the Ten Commandments, along with other legal practices that have been approved by Government, I recommend you do a little research yourself before misspeaking. It just doesn’t get more right of right than are the Libertarians.  The Libertarians just like the Conservatives  feel government has no right  to grant or make laws that establish rights viewed against Religious views, even when to not do so infringes on the rights of the people. Nor was our Nation ever intended according to their beliefs to act according to established law but instead of Christian  law and be guided by a kind dictatorship over government and Democracy.

As a liberal myself, I do not want to claim anything the Libertarians  believe as being remotely close to being left, since facts are they are not. Calling themselves the original liberals is far from anything the Liberals ever did believe in and an insult to the left.  Lets face it, if they were liberal they would be imbedded in the Democrat Party instead of the Republican Party.  If the media is struggling in what to call the Libertarians  and do not want to refer to them as the right then either Isolationists or Obstructionist right of the Party is appropriate.  The Libertarians over step continually the intent of our forefathers and instead of being a governing body they are both isolationists in the belief that a strong military was intended for our purpose of defense only and not to fight against tyranny around the World and obstructionists in the Senate and Congress or any governing body.

The liberal wing or left of government along with the moderates have always believed in the acceptance of everyone regardless of race, gender, or beliefs and have passed laws to righten those laws  that existed and continue to exist against the people due to the oppression or lack of equality on our citizens by Religion.  Liberals or the left have maintained a Democracy of diversity under the intent of our founding fathers, since the establishment of our constitution and the initiation of both Federal and States Government. To compare Libertarians or the Tea Party with the left is just more of the errors that get reported by a media who does not investigate what they report, any longer. For more details on the Tea Party I again refer you to my previous post entitled, “An American Libertarian.”

An American Libertarian

So who are these Republican Libertarians who are supported by the name of Tea Party? There are minor variances between them but they have been brought to prominence by the Tea Party name. They won in Our Country in a landside in 2010 on the fear tactics and inaccuracies told against Obama care and against President Obama, himself.  72 new Tea Party or Libertarians entered into our State Capitals and Nation in 2010. Although there had been others like Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul a number of years earlier. They take their name from Liberty lest we be mistaken they have any connection what-so-ever with genuine Patriotism.

They run a number of their own military camps under the auspice of Patriot names  and are strong supporters of  our military as long as the military protects us as a Nation here at home, but does not stand up against tyranny or help any other Nations who may require our help.  When I see the organized war protestors with professionally printed signs all saying the same thing, I personally believe that the majority of supporters who are protesting and showing up at Republican and Conservative held Town meetings and against our going into Syria are members of the Libertarian belief or Tea Party. It does not take a rocket Scientist to notice they are too well-organized to be at random individual protestors and they crave the attention of the media that they receive.

Anyone holding out hope that Congress will vote to approve the air strikes in Syria are wasting their time in an attempt of futility since this Congress has not passed any bills or legislation from President Obama since he has taken office, unless they were shamed into it or fearful of the lost of future elections as was the case when they eventually voted to pass on lowering taxes for the middle class. The Tea Party money paid into this Republican Congress campaigns holds the members hostage to passing any votes without the approval of the Tea Party Libertarians.  So strong is the belief by the Libertarians that our military should never fight against tyranny, they will block any and all efforts or attempts made by Congress towards approval of the air strikes in Syria.

Grover Norquist is their mentor and hero, amongst others, as Grover worked as an aid to Barry Goldwater when Barry Goldwater was heavily  supporting Richard Nixon after the break-in of Watergate, and McCarthyism which he felt were all lies told by Liberals. Barry Goldwater, as is, Grover Norquist, were and are strong supporters of the John Birch Society where many of their by-laws derive from.  Because they accept Mormonism while the John Birch Society was totally against the belief that the Mormon Religion was Christian, they have made a few revisions. Many believe that the Tea Party Libertarians sprung from combinations but have heavy Corporate support. The John Birch Society was began by the disturbed mind of the Brach Candy heir.

Barry Goldwater pretty much suffered several break downs and lived in a State of alcoholism in the 1960’s when he ran against LB Johnson for President.  Although he had his followers and was loved by African-Americans in the South, the rest of the World viewed him somewhere between a mental case and dangerous.  He lost by a landside to Lyndon Baines Johnson because States who typically vote Republican thought Barry Goldwater’s beliefs dangerous to Society as well as Democracy.  That view was held by many when the hippie movement began as well.  Grover Norquist would be hired by President Reagan and thereby the rebirth of Conservatism according to some even though it never disappeared entirely after the 1950’s.

Libertarians believe in property and the freedom to do anything they want to do supposedly as long as it does not encroach on others’ civil rights.  The key here is they determine which are ours’ as well as theirs’ civil rights and deny it as they do. All these really insulting beliefs and measures against women when it comes to rape, vaginal probes, and taking jobs from the white males are brainchild’s of the Libertarian but also shared by the Conservative belief.

The reason why the Libertarians have not been rejected by the Republican Party, since they are obstructionists more than a governing body, is because they do share many of the same beliefs as the Conservatives and they spend a huge amount of money on campaigns to the point no one can win an election without them. The Republican Party is made up of more than 70% of Conservatives.  The moderate Republicans are a dying breed.

The Socialism beliefs of and in our government and the Democrats being Communists is also their brainchild.  That was also the belief of Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater hated Unions and wanted them all eliminated and I must admit that the Tea Party Governors are well on their way to realize Barry Goldwater’s dream for him with the passage of their “right to work laws.”  They hold that they were the first Liberals in our Nation, since lets face it, the Liberals have a good record in government when it comes to both equal rights and human rights, but in my opinion and that of most all Liberals that I know, these Libertarians are only trying to ride the shirt tails of liberals in order to gain an established History.  The Libertarians are anything but liberals.  A true Liberal believes in helping everyone who needs help, where Libertarians believe in every man for himself.

Libertarians pride themselves as having risen from the period of enlightenment.  Required reading is always Communist Ayn Rand along with the Barry Goldwater memoirs.  They believe a Dictatorship is often more orderly and welcoming and much more efficient than a Democracy and  our forefathers never intended America to become established as a government of a Democracy.

The Libertarians bend and sometimes re-write the Constitution to fit their beliefs, while they profess it is our government who denies us our Constitutional rights. They increasingly encourage their followers to believe that the Constitution does not give government authority over the people, but instead, the people the authority over government.

Laws in regard to personal property and the actions of the people who do not infringe on the civil rights of others are Unconstitutional according to these Conservatives and Libertarians; and to enforce these laws  over the people is a denial of the people’s Constitutional rights according to them. They disregard the fact that our established Federal and State governments most definitely gave the Senate, Congress. Our executive Branch of the office of the President, and the Supreme Court along with our States the right to pass and enforce laws  and authority over the people.  Just exactly who does the Tea Party Conservatives and their followers think set up our Federal and State governments with explicit rights to establish laws over the people, if not for our Constitution and forefathers?

They maintain that people have been brainwashed into believing that the mere word Dictator is someone to fear and dictatorships are always bad but they profess faith in a kind dictatorship over Democracy, was the intent of our forefathers and disregard entirely the influx of Europeans and other Nationalities who fled to America to escape oppression from Dictators.

They are good at convincing the Conservatives, and when we see every now and then someone in the crowd want to know when the Republicans are going to Impeach President Obama, or when an elected official states President Obama should be impeached.  The Libertarians are responsible for putting that nonsense in the minds of the gullible.  John McCain would say it wasn’t right and then reverse it and threaten impeachment when obviously someone who could directly effect his own re-election laid on the heat.

The Libertarians profess to believe there should be no government Agencies to distribute food stamps or surpluses to the poor and to do so is illegal as it is Socialism.  They Believe that Democrat Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and Republican Eisenhower, turned our Nation into Socialism, by the initiation of programs from Social Security, to farm surpluses to feed the poor, to rural conservation programs.  They do not support any government programs that help others through government, since they do not believe that it was ever the intent of our forefathers to have government give us a hand up in our lives, but the responsibility of the Churches.  Government according to them was only intended for the purpose of maintaining a strong military and to maintain a legislature. Anything else that government does was intended to be handled by the open market place.

The battle over the middle class paying taxes was held up as a result of the Tea Party bringing up almost any insane attempts to limit or pass insignificant legislation over the call of reducing taxes for the middle class.  They only passed tax reductions for the middle class when they were eventually shamed into it and knew it would cost them future elections if they didn’t and only agreed to bringing the taxes back to current levels when Grover Norquist gave his o.k. as long as they refused to raise taxes on the wealthy. This is a pretty common attempt to obstruct legislation by them in their attempts to stall on passing anything in Congress and has been successful  as many Conservatives who take Tea Party campaign support are expected to vote with them as well. Since they are systematically weeding out the old guard Conservatives by choosing their own younger candidates who agree with their beliefs, any of the Republicans who did pass legislation before have been weeded out.

They do not believe that anyone under any circumstances was ever intended to pay taxes and that the Department of the IRS should be eliminated along with all government Agencies that both bill for and collect taxes.  They believe that government collecting taxes for any purposes is no different from a person who robs a bank. With every man for himself, he would be obligated to take care of a pregnant wife at home, but people who could not afford property of their own would live together in communes.

With qualified health care workers living in these communes the cost of healthcare would be minimal.This would eliminate the need for Social Security and many other government Agencies from Medicaid to Medicare and most definitely Obama care as the poor and the elderly would be provided for in communes through the support of Churches and health care purchased on the open market through vouchers with household support given by those who could work and provide income.

There are many more tenements to their beliefs but all pretty self-serving to their superior knowledge and vision that fails the common man.  What it all boils down to,  when it is all said and done, there is no Liberty about any of their beliefs other than for those who partake of the Upper Class, and unless we are a white male who works in the free market place that would replace  government. They of course would tell the rest of us how we should live in a cheaper and more orderly way and while they run a kind and orderly Dictatorship.  According to their beliefs, American government  was intended by our forefathers from the beginning, to be a small entity in the life of it citizens along with being a kinder dictatorship as viewed in Roman days.  I don’t know for sure who those Roman dudes were that were so kind because from what I remember they were out killing everyone who wasn’t Catholic or Christian in their Crusades?

Obviously they have, nor did they ever have any intention beyond what they promised in their  campaigns in 2010, of budget reducing. They are not fiscal conservatives because they are some of the worse offenders when it comes to passing bills on “PorK” spending. There really hasn’t been a  desire on their part to reduce budgets but instead to stop the payment of all taxes so the United States government treasury would dry up, and default on its payments.  The Congress hasn’t paid a bill for 2 years so apparently they are well on their way.  They could care less about budgets or balances nor are they in  any way concerned about paying down a deficit, because according to them the money that is derived from taxes is illegal anyway.

In what the Leaders of the Tea Party think of as their great wisdom and free spirit where no one pays taxes, is the dream or utopia of all deserving Americans, they fail to see absolutely everything they believe in is a total contradiction of the very belief of Freedom or Liberty to which they ascribe, or without inclusion of other Nations  who depend on us militarily while living in isolation, none of us will be able to maintain freedom In this little world of nice dictatorships and enlightenment.

The Libertarian followers fail to see these contradictions, sometimes entirely, as what the Leaders are promoting is in truth very  much closer to that of Communism and Socialism where a Dictatorship rules and the rest of the peons serve the Leaders while the Leaders partake of all the riches. So convinced are they of the utopia presented to them they fail to rationalize or use much common sense when it applies to, a kinder dictatorship.  A kinder Democracy, on the other hand, where we are given equality and choices and always trying to continually improve for the benefit of all  Americans is far more worthy of an effort than anything they suggest, We wouldn’t of course pay the Libertarians homage under that system and perhaps there lies the rub.

They refuse to accept that a benevolent Democracy is the eventual goal of all of us and men and women have fought and died for our right to maintain it.  Our forefathers may never have ever imagined that Democracy could be refined as well as it has, but none the less, the majority of Americans demand on maintaining and improving on it. We neither want or need the Libertarians or Tea Party corrupting what works for the American people even though we understand it requires vigilance and improvement.

Not only are the Libertarians a bunch of self-serving egos who think of themselves more enlightened than the rest of us bozos, but in my view they are dangerous as hell to both our way of life and to our Nation to which the rest of us stand.

This is far more information about their beliefs than I ever cared to share but with the organized war protestors being promoted by both the media and those elected officials in the House and Congress,  I felt it time to write a post explaining a small iota of their beliefs, so those who have wondered what divided our Nation and where the escalation of lies and hate have come from would better understand it came in with the Libertarian or Tea Party movement through the social media.The language used by some of  those who hide in the Social media and spread hate is almost always filled with anger and name calling and palpable against anything President Obama or Vice President Biden  and their staffs say or do.

When the local leadership gather together in public they are very easy to spot as a group, as they are always in men’s suit or sport jackets and women are in heels and dresses, even on a casual Friday, and as a group usually walking and carrying briefcases.  I tried very hard not to hit them with the water spray when I was cleaning off the sidewalk in Portland;) Publicly when Libertarians take the stage of public representation and or campaigning they present the persona of being polite, self-assured and often soft spoken, always attractive, always clean-cut looking and well-groomed adults, not too unlike the young missionaries who dress to  work for the Mormon Church. Check it out if  you haven’t noticed it yourself already and you will see what I mean.

I have always identified myself as a Liberal.  The fact that America does need to do air-strikes in Syria to help our Allies and I support it, does not change my identity as a Liberal.

In my book, there are two kinds of Liberals.  Those who believe,” it is not our problem,” when it comes to war or air strikes, and call themselves a liberal even though the very definition of that statement itself, erases all doubts that they are not a Liberal; and The genuine Liberal, as I am, who sees any person or people on earth at an unfair disadvantage , and asks ,” If not me, then who?”

Is there no significance to those marchers on the street and those politicians in Washington these are our allies who are not just asking for our help, but they are begging for it?  Never mind upholding our own credibility and International law, do we only care when it is a matter of our oil or business interests  and otherwise lining up dead bodies of Syrian children “Is not our Problem?”

I am not very proud of the politicians in Washington or those who are making professional posters while they march in the Streets right now.  I don’t give a damn if it is Charlie Reagle who is against the strikes.  God knows Charlie, just because he is a Liberal Democrat is not always right and in this matter he is dead wrong! President Obama didn’t just get out of bed one morning and say “Let me See, who will we aim airstrikes at today.”  Anyone with a heart and vision can look at the Obama Team and see it in the faces of all of these men, they really wrestled over having to make their decision. A record of a mans’ past always tells the truth about him, today.  They all have records of getting out of wars, and are not planning for a war but a strike.

This is not Iraq, this is only to even out the playing field for our allies.  When I hear the politicians in Washington say, “Oh it is just gas and it’s against International law but no big deal,” my stomach flips and my mouth drops.  Do we no longer have the hearts of Americans who believe when duty or our Allies call, we come?”

To ask for diplomacy when the Obama Administration has tried doing just that for 2 years, and no one is listening because a tyrant is in charge of Syria and protected by Russia, while Putin struts, it then becomes time to, “step up and man up.” To attempt nothing else is the knee jerk response of cowards as brave men go where others fear to tread,  Will sarin gas still mean nothing if we delay to the point the only option we have is to send  our own men in masks and boots on the ground? Do we deny that the code and history of the United States is and has always been bravery, when others fail to show up? Do we just bury those brave men who preceded us in graves and forget the History of our Nation?

If we do not go in with air strikes and help our allies we leave the door open for every terrorists in the World to enter when our allies and friends like Jordan,Lebanon’s and Turkey’s resources are already stretched and they are vulnerable.

Where are our Conservative Congress members who less than just  a year ago backed Mitt Romney in his continual speeches of our need to do air strike in favor of our ally and friend Israel? Was that just another one of their many ruses to alienate the American public against President Obama’s call for diplomacy then, as we expected, and now they are proving it was nothing more than “Hot Air”? Do we not have to defend against the take over of our military, intelligence capabilities, and air strip facilities in the region? Opinions of what can happen and speculations in the face of disaster, are nothing more than the weapons of losers.  Calmer heads have and will plan for every eventuality.  To deny that reality is just another cop-out by those who refuse to accept that there are no reasons of value when we fail our allies.

Terrorists will go in to any Nation and feed their hungry and offer aid and when we leave our allies forced to take the help of terrorists because no one else came to help, then we really stand alone.   Since when did United States draw a line between ourselves and our allies?

There were many against our going into World War 2, and The older Kennedy who was the Democrat base, refused to talk to Democrat Roosevelt when he made the decision to join the war, so we have been here before.  How much different would our own world have looked like today if that generation had refused to go with  their allies to defeat a mad man like Hitler, do we even dare to try to imagine? They committed to a full fledge war. President Obama is only talking about a few missiles.

Do we cower in fear over speculation if it does go bad as many feel might happen or do we not do as we have always done throughout our proud history of the Oldest and most refined Democracy in the World? Can we not trust todays military to act while we support them as a Nation and hope for the best and plan for the worse?  To do nothing out of fear of what can happen is a serious malady of our Leadership in the halls of Washington, as well as a severe insult to all the brave people who preceded and died for Democracy so the World could free itself of tyrants. Are we as a Nation not willing anymore to stand up for what is right? Do we now say with the best and most powerful military in the World we cannot trust the military to act when called on or to do their job? I ask again, do we now replace bravery with fear and speculation and if we do how long do we believe our own freedom will last?

Reaching out with air strikes does not open up Syria for terrorists taking over as much as it levels the playing field so the Syrian people can eventually go back home, and help take the drain off our allies. Terrorists at heart, are cowards.  They will be the first to leave when confronted with our or any military air strikes.  They like all other bullies will run or stay and die.  There are only those two kinds of terrorist for the most part.

There is enough money in the defense budget to pay for this strike.  The funds for defense have already been allocated. The Arab Nations that include Saudi Arabia and the Turks have offered to pay for the Air strikes as well as any troops willing to volunteer on the ground. They are willing to foot the entire bill, yet we hear how President Obama has no Countries willing to help. Nations from Canada to Poland to France including a total of 24 Nations and Organizations have said if there is proof of sarin, which is now undeniable by everyone, they would help where needed. As far as Iran saber-rattling when wasn’t Iran and Korea saber-rattling?  Do we really believe they will do less of it if we fail to, Man Up,” and refuse to help our allies?

We are not trying to replace one bad actor with another or one bad dictator with another, but only leveling the field  in favor of our allies to fight on after we leave. It is and still will be a civil war where they decide who comes and who stays.  We are only trying to enforce International law, while going when called to assist our allies.

For those who say and actually believe we haven’t support, “we can’t go it alone,” then I ask, “When did America refuse to stand alone if need be, for Humanitarian reasons and our allies?” We have had more offers of help than we can use so I am hearing every single argument against air strikes, and not one of them to date holds any water as far as our not standing with our allies in time of need or for humanitarian reasons, or because it will really be a mess if we wait into we are forced to act later, and we will be. I am not just picking up a poster to demand we  stay out of Syria like too many other of my fellow Liberals, but instead asking why not Syria ?  What I am finding  are all the arguments to stay out are based on nothing of solid value or reasoning that represents the America that we and our allies could always before count on, “to do the right thing.”

If our not helping is our pay back for those who failed to come to our aid after 9/11,  are we now going to stoop to their level?  Do two wrongs make a right?  Are Americans now saying we are not going to stand up with and for our allies? The very definition of allies means we are not going in alone, we have their backs and they have ours  Do we still need Mother Britain or else we won’t do the right thing? Do none of the other offers of help and more who have promised help, not matter if Britain does not enter with us or is it just more excuses?

It is our place, our responsibility , and our credibility to stand along side of our allies in time of need and against tyranny.  The United States needs to honor their commitment.  We are not some rogue Nation who rattles  swords and talks tough, we act when it is the right thing to do and when Nations start lining up dead children.

We are a proud Nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  We have met on the battle field throughout our History to prove that no man stands alone to dictatorships who destroys their own people. When the American people along with our elected officials fail to understand what our responsibilities are when we are in possession of the largest and the best military in the World, and no ally will call and we will fail to come; then it is time that our elected officials swallow their fear and develop a spine and a back bone and stand up to protect our allies from tyranny and infamy. After all it is part of the oath of office, they all take when sworn in. “The only thing to fear is fear itself!”

No position on earth is lonelier than the position of Head of a Nation such as our own; we are not only the largest economic Country in the World but also the most powerful militarily and the oldest Democracy.  The person on top of the mountain is almost always the most resented and hated of all by those who think they have the right to make those decisions which we ask our Presidents to make and set the Agenda that we elect our Presidents to do.  Regardless of the decisions made by our Presidents throughout History there are those who will be offended far more often than they will  praise the man of power over them.

This is true in a Corporation or any position of power even if it is just a matter of people who have more wealth and power than we do.  It is the nature of people around the World to hate and segregate the person or people who have power over us.  We do not  want the burden or necessarily the money that goes along with the power, as the majority of us want to earn a fair day’s pay or win the money for ourselves through a lottery.  Just as the Nations who do not have a military powerful enough to defend against terrorists, themselves, need to rely on our military to protect them, many of them also resent us for their own feelings of inadequacy to defend their own needs.

The same is true of all of us  who are dependent on the bosses we work for in the workplace.  We often think they do nothing while we do all the work because our work shows where theirs’ does not.  We are dependent on their mercy to provide for our families and when they are less than understanding or merciful to  our own needs we resent them for the power they have over us and hate them for their inability to understand our needs.  Other times even when they do attempt to please us it will be impossible to please everyone. That is not to say that there are tyrants that do hire us to work for them and that comes with a different set of rules.

The majority of us, however, are not very introspective as people when it comes to our own incompetency on the job, in foreign affairs, or military operations, nor are those around the world who resent  Americans for their power.  We often need to be evaluated as a World power, boss, and Head of Nation, and military.  President Obama has turned to both us and the World for that evaluation, which is very rare indeed.

Sure we all Love Bill and Hillary Clinton now but the hatred over both Clintons when they were in the White House, was fodder for discussion pressed forward by News Agencies such as Fox News and the right of politics, nightly, when they were in power of the White House.  If Hillary decides to run as President and wins we can bet on the fact it will start and begin again, and as a woman in Power, the criticism will be that much greater, from the right. There were those whose hatred was so palpable  against Bill Clinton when he was in office that their faces turned red every time the name Bill Clinton was mentioned. The worst of them now claims He and Bill together solved the problems, as though he never hated Clinton.

When I remember the hatred in the Conservative held power across America, then and now I remember a growing hatred that took root and has grown even larger now, to the point it divides our Nation today.  We have not seen such growing hatred since the hatred by  Democrats over the crimes of the Nixon Administration and the Forgiveness of his crimes by President Ford. Some claim that it was the outrage against President Gerald Ford that started the grassroots of Conservatism.

None of that hatred, however, approached the level of hatred we have seen against, President Barack Obama, continually displayed by men like Ted Cruz, Senator Issis, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and others along with the majority of those Conservatives and Libertarians who have been paid for and bought by the Tea Party and by the Conservative movement and media as a whole, today.

In this atmosphere of hate in the Senate and Congress pressed on by men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist, we ask our President to lead and in other cases demand that he does while he is continually criticized both by the Conservative right and Tea Party libertarians who pat themselves on the back for being gatekeepers of family values.  Is it any wonder the majority of free thinking adults in America see so much hypocrisy in the Conservative movement?

Those who have not paid attention for the last two and a half years as the crises in Syria has grown are now asking our President for the use of diplomacy.  It is not just those here at home but also those who blocked any attempts or efforts by the Obama Administrations doing just that with the World community through the UN. Both Russia and China have blocked any and all efforts to even place the crises taking place in Syria on the table for discussion.

There are other Nations in the United Nation whose trade and or debt is held by China or who have oil distribution or interests as well as trade interests in Iran or Russia who are just as guilty of not voting in favor of  any efforts made by the United States, when it came to diplomacy in Syria.  Because of these Nations in the UN’s refusal to do so Putin walks around with a strut that allows Syria to go on with impunity, even while these Nations of the United Nation depend on our military  for their Defense. These same Nations signed the International agreement of law that bans the list of weapons of mass destruction and are members of NATO.

The great majority of us who follow the votes or lack of votes of support for the United States and the “right thing to do,” have found the U.N irrelevant for years and especially on Syria.  There seems to be a complete absent of understanding not just here but elsewhere in the World, that when elected President Obama not only demanded but pressed for diplomacy, not with just our allies and friends, but also with our enemies and was met with out-rage and criticism on both the World Stage and by the Conservatives, here at home. Therefore it is almost amusing, if not so maddening, that Russia, Members of the UN, Iran, and the Conservative following  are now saying more can be done towards diplomacy.

Any efforts to convince us or any other Nation that negotiations or anything for that matter is as it appears or is always black and white and we believe that,  those who do are all bound to lose.  There are those who simply do not want to hear the truth or believe that negotiations with tyrants such as Assad is even a possibility while others believe that negotiations always are possible even after they have been attempted repeatedly while 100,000 Syrians have died.

In a World where we deal with rational leaders or those who refuse to hide in the shadows, once negotiations are repeatedly tried and exhausted, it does require military intervention. When any tyrant feels that their position of power is being protected or threatened they do not negotiate but instead dig in deeper. It is no different to get this kind of a tyrant to reason or to even talk to us about possibilities, than it is to get a person in a coma to.  It is not until they see for themselves that their regime will be demolished by the power and technology of a military so great as to destroy their entire hold of power in 5 minutes ,will a tyrant consider coming to the table to negotiate. Then and only then will they come to the table if they understand that they can be left in power as long as they give up weapons of mass destruction and follow international law in regards to the same. This is what is being offered to Assad of Syria.

Some tyrants are so deranged as was Saddam Hussein and Hitler that negotiations could not even be considered as an option so they fought to their deaths rather than give up their power. We ,however, are not asking Assad to do that but instead to sign agreement to stop the use of banned weapons. Assad has been notified and attempts made for him to come to the table for two and half years by the  Obama Administration and the requests have been ignored by him.

We are at the point that we need military strikes to get the Assad Regimes attention in order to let him know that outside of his cozy neighborhood of Iran and China and Russia, we are serious.  Will the saber-rattling lead to more?  It very well could but if it does our allies in the Region will take on the battle, after we weaken the Assad Regime’s ability to use weapons of mass destruction against our friends and allies.  If atomic weapons, which we still believe are not developed in the region, are used by Iran then the whole World will get involved and take action. We cannot hide in the shadows against the threat of tyranny and expect to maintain the credibility and right of power necessary to prevent tyrants from taking over the World as well as our Nation.

Do we the American people, want America as a Nation that cowers and says “NO” when innocent children are being killed, raped, and tortured?  Is that the Nation that “We the People”, the Senate and Congress want America to become? In a Democracy we all have a voice to decide that question  through the people we elect.

Are we going to lose all credibility on the World Stage, because we refuse to stand up to those who break International law and commit war crimes so grievous as to destroy innocent children? You bet we are and we should lose credibility because as the Nation with the most powerful and the latest technological military in the World, we have already decided that we will finance a military not only to keep us safe but to safe guard our allies around the World as well. This is not just President Obama’s credibility and responsibility but ours and our elected officials as well.  What freedoms we gain as a Nation we are also many times called on to pay back for that freedom, no differently from those who depend on us for that military capability.

When we elect a government,” of the people, for the people. and by the people,” we ask those we elect to government to make those decisions that give them special powers to view information protected from the rest of us through intelligence and for reasons of safeguarding our own Security as well as our allies.  They need to hear us but they also sometimes need to over-ride us because of the classified information they receive.  I find it ironic that a Congress who has refused to hear a thing we have said for over 5 years is now ducking their own responsibility once again, and instead holding the war protestors responsible for the decisions they make, by again blaming the Obama Administration.  What else is new, huh?

It is a heavy decision for all of us, but most especially for those we elect, as what ever vote they cast there will always be those who are suspect by the nature that our Nation has been divided.  “We the People” are the only ones who can change that by uniting together behind our President or deciding to remain divided on the Strike that our President says needs to happen.

Unlike popular opinion, by too many politicians, and other paid lobbyists and voices, it is not the main job of our elected officials to gain our votes through election and re-election by lies, threats or intimidation but to protect our Nation and that of our Allies against Tyranny. It is our job to seek out information on the candidates, to listen to the candidate who most represents our own views, to check their voting records, to understand the platforms of the Parties they represent, and to determine their credibility without influence from outside sources, and then to vote in a convenient location and time provided equally to all of our convenience, regardless of race, nationality or Creed.

Didn’t President Barack Obama win the majority of our votes on trust?  I know that is why I stand beside, behind, and with Him. Each of us are given that right to decide for ourselves, however none of us, have a right to demand our President, Secretary of State or Nation, or Commander-in-Chief of military operations to broadcast to us point by point what their military plans are  or what they plan to do.

We do not have the right to know anymore than do the Senate or Congress, outside of the Security and Intelligence committees. The rest of or the main body of the Senate and Congress do get briefings of a greater significance than we do, but not equivalent to those who serve on the Special Security and intelligence Committees, nor are they entitled to the same. This raises the hackles of both the Libertarians and Conservatives when Diane Feinstein says trust me more so than when one of their own does.

Most of the posturing that is going on by the Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians in Washington, is just white noise to make “we the People” believe that the main body of Senate and Congress are being denied their just due, and to make us believe they have no obligation beyond voting for the people rather than for the oath of office they are sworn to uphold.

They are not obligated to vote with or according to the voice of the people who elect them in matters of National or World Security. Kind of ironic that Congress is even trying to suggest that they have acted in the best interests of the people in the past 5 years, isn’t it? Will the Libertarians and Conservatives in the Democratic and Republican Parties then follow through on their responsibility under the oath of office they swore to uphold against tyranny or will they justify their way out of that obligation out of allegiance to Grover Norquist?  Will the liberals also be swayed by the powers that be?  Who knows from this bunch?

If we all knew what the Special committees knew, and there being no love lost between Parties, it would only give the enemy incentive to buy information or knowledge so that any attack by us would only render our operations weaker and put our own people in harm’s way.  Just like the banter being bandied about over Snowdon’s lack of loyalty to maintain the allegiance of secrecy to an oath taken by all who are hired in the Department he was employed in, there will always be those who can justify wrong over right or right over wrong depending on our own perspectives. The American mind just like the World’s mind  is often persuadable  by a little money or lack of conscious sworn under oath to uphold the clearance of secrecy granted. Intelligence is supposed to be kept secret and is not intended to be reality television. If it was it would not be intelligence.

We have already heard more than what most of us have heard in the past about the plans and the reasoning behind the strike. Those retired officers in the military are not privileged to any classified information on the current strike nor are  men like Rumsfeld or any one else in the Pentagon, who are not directly involved with the immediate operation, nor are the media, entitled to anymore information than we are.  What we read and hear from most of them on the plans of the strike are nothing more than their opinions or speculation. Much of what we read through Social media is the opinion of those who have little to no knowledge beyond what they read on Social media and that which is written by those paid on social media to spread lies. By the same token much of what we watch on television  or read in print through the media is to spread conjecture or to sway opinions slanted usually by the owners who sign their pay checks.

There is an old saying in America, and I will attempt to clean it up but it says,  “Opinions are like rectums, we all have one but nobody wants to see it.”  We do well to remember that when we listen to excuses of elected officials who take an oath of office to defend against tyranny and  then  abdicate from their responsibility to do so; just as we should those who do not have our best interests at heart or dictators.  If we take the opinions of Russian television, or people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, seriously, we are really listening to flawed opinions.  That also includes all news agencies, as well as, those who report less than the news.  Any information gained in conversation when it is not on the level of reporting news, on the Social networks, as talk News networks, talk shows, or printed as opinion,  are simply that, their opinions.

Because we are not use to having information on strikes shared with us, we don’t know what to do with it as most Presidents in the lives of most of us, have never given that choice to “We the People” or the World to hear to the degree as President Obama has. Because our President, Barack Obama, has always given, “We the People,” the right to speak our own opinions as well as shown the United Nations its due respect, we have taken it for granted that this has been the nature of all other Presidents when it has been far from the nature of the White House to do so. The great majority of Presidents have shared limited information with us and the U.N. after attacks. America has never bent from its right to defend our Constitution or against tyranny aimed at either us or our allies, and as such there are enemies who do hate us. When President Bush said we would hunt down Osama Ben Laden following 9/11  very few in the U.N. backed us up then  and including when the Obama Administration took him down.

If we, or the Congress, or Senate ,or the World, refuse to take this strike against Syria as seriously as they should or refuse to accept our or their own responsibility to trust those in charge of this operation, as it being the only action left to us as a Nation, and the right thing to do, then those in charge of this operation have every responsibility and duty, according to our Constitution and the Geneva Convention, to follow their own conscious as it is their duty as elected officials to limit tyranny in the World along with every other Nation of NATO, since the announced strikes are neither a Declaration of War or an announcement of war.

When others refuse to defend against tyranny and 198 Nations have signed on to do just that, we are left defenseless except with the support of a few of our own allies, to act alone.  As the only Nation powerful and committed enough to stand up against tyranny in the World, since this is neither a declaration or announcement of war, we will set the example to the whole World that terrorists, tyrants, and infamy can not reign as long as we The United States of America are willing to show the courage required of us. We all wish for peace and hope for the day that the Middle East decides as we do, but until then it is the duty of good people to defend against Nations who allow for and promote tyrants.

It then becomes our responsibility as a Nation and the World’s duty to support those who do decide if the strike is the only available option they have, to make the Assad Regime, follow the laws that are supported by 198 other Nations. That law refuses to allow any head of any Nation to destroy its own people and has been  a matter of International Law since 1925.  We elect officials so when in time of criminal activity and torture, they will make their decisions matter to humanity. That is what Democracies do. God Bless all of us and God Bless the United States of America.

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