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Just as hardship can make us grateful to those who are in our lives rather than take them for granted as we too often do when things are going our way, so can the bad days teach us a real appreciation for the good days in our lives. When we have time in life to develop our dreams or memories we will often find delayed gratification makes us much more grateful when we do reap what we worked a lifetime to achieve.

Its not that I am deliberately trying to rush the up coming Holidays, as it is that I need to be accomplishing a long list of details before my husband and I leave our lives here in the cold temperatures of the North to join the snow birds who migrate each winter to the Southern regions. Since my enjoyment is not spent on Social media or the internet when I go South, but instead I use my time to pick up and to acknowledge other perspectives, I do not write while migrating:)

In many ways it is the time I spend away from the internet and media that reassures me of the goodness of Americans. The internet and social media has become way too much a part of the lives of cowards and the disgruntled to the point it is sometimes way too easy to think they are the majority when they are such a small part of what, in truth, is the bigger picture of America.

I welcome the diversity I meet when I do get away from my writing and instead learn different cuisines and different cultures and what does make America great. I also get to meet a great deal of tourists from other parts of the World and admire them for their ability to speak more than one language, unlike most Americans.

More and more younger people are reversing the order of past generations to move to vacation spots, to work for less when they are young, with the reasoning they want to enjoy their lives while they have the health to enjoy the activities they find there, instead of waiting until they retire and are so old they can no longer enjoy the activities.

It is a good argument on the surface of things but when the younger generations do not spend time establishing themselves when they are young, they will not be able to do so when they are older, as many of them believe they can earn a better income, later, when they tire of playing.

Without a resume of accomplishment in the work force these young couples are in essences trading a very few years for a life-time of hard work and difficulties because instant gratification does not equate to gratitude or satisfaction in ourselves but instead often denies us the right to succeed later, in life, when no one will hire us without a work record that lives up to our own special abilities. It is when we fail to succeed in areas where we would have achieved or excelled in our youth, we fail ourselves as well as our own satisfaction and enjoyment in life.

There is a reason for developing dreams and delaying gratification for those years and time when we can be more relaxed and comfortable with life and reap what we sow, as there is an innate need in the breast of mankind to join a pecking order or to develop a sense of accomplishment, through bonding with the knowledge, often deep within ourselves, before we truly can enjoy the freedom that comes along with appreciation and gratitude for the lifetime of hardwork and accomplishment otherwise never recognized by others but by the people we shared our lives with, while gaining our own perspectives of life.

Without appreciation and gratitude for achieving the climb to the top, many of us often times will join others who feel we can never fill our need to achieve so it instead becomes a distant dissatisfaction with ourselves, while we blame those closest to us, when we fail to live up to our full ability to achieve in our youth.

Just as mountain ranges grow to different heights so does the
competency levels of each of us have the capabilities to grow to
our own heights of ideas and choices according to our talents and ability to become the best we can be, by reaching out and challenging ourselves while we still have the exuberance of youth and the ambition to perform. When we ourselves choose to exert neither, we place ourselves into denial while blaming circumstances or finding excuses. All of us will run into those who attempt to put up road blocks in our paths, but the spirit in all of us will succeed on pure determination when we empower ourselves to reach our goals.

Too often when we think the idea of enjoying the activities or instant gratification now, instead of waiting for the sense of accomplishment we feel later,is the fault of others when our expectation fail to live up to the dream we had before embarking to parts unknown, it is too easy to forget why we exist to improve upon our own lives, to learn from our mistakes, as well as to help improve the lives of others.

Peace only comes when we do deal with the humbleness and compassion that makes us human and tells us that we no longer have to prove ourselves as our lives speak for themselves. Those who profess they only want to be happy often fail to understand that happiness can only come with achievement. We often find in every generation those who succeeded against the most difficult of circumstances while an equal number fail when they had every reason to succeed.

When reality sets in and those days we spent in the sunshine taking it easy while working beneath our own ability to succeed, in vacation resort-like settings as a metaphor, are replaced with going hungry when the tourist trade leaves or being displaced when the storms move in, the young who work for less, so they can enjoy life now, experience a far different reality from those of us who are bankrolled by the success of our lives before we leave home to enjoy the spoils of our individual victories. Facing obstacles of life during difficult periods is what makes victors of all of us, regardless of our abilities to reach new heights and different levels of success.

The whole point of retirement is slowing down enough to enjoy the sunsets and to smell the roses while basking in the freedom to move elsewhere as the weather changes. Many of us get a taste of it on vacation during our younger years and know the importance of being able to save for more time to spend together knowing first we must earn the right of passage as we understand a life, unfulfilled in achievement for other’s needs as well as the needs of our loved ones, is a life never totally reached.

When we older folks go to the vacation spots filled with peace of mind and the sense of having given life our best shot, and satisfied knowing that we both failed and achieved, we would have it no other way because we did it together, and if we are both fortunate enough to live to retirement we are fortunate enough. It was never the activities that ever did matter, as it was always the effort put forward in the final analysis of life.

It is in being able to look past the wrinkles and weight gain of our partners who worked hand in hand with us, while we remain humble in knowing just how fortunate we are to be sharing together what we worked a life-time to gain. No amount of activities can ever replace those moments when we sit together enjoying the company of each other, without even having to say or explain a thing because we both already know and understand; “These are truly the golden years of our lives,” only earned through our own completion of goals beginning in our youth.

I wish all of us the peace and love of the Season, where ever you may be and however you choose to spend it. I ask all of us to keep those who suffer, especially in the Philippines and all the children who go to bed hungry in our generosity, as the majority of us do , each year. It is that kindness in most of us that makes all mankind a step above the rest wherever we live in the World. Spend it your way! God Bless and Happy Holidays!

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To my followers:  I apologize for filling your e-mail boxes too many times due to my often necessary corrections, I make.  I don’t always find my notes, spelling, or memory organized so often need to go back and make certain of my facts, correct spelling errors, names,  and to update what I believe to be important to the post.  Thank you for your patience with me and most humble apologies. Thank you for reading and following my Blog.

The hate and self-righteousness of the Religious-right groups are all the same, when it comes to a woman’s right to procreate and gays to marry but they split when it comes to other conservative views.

Where some conservative groups support civil rights and immigration the more extreme are strongly against it.  Sadly, many of the more moderate conservative groups and elected officials fail to see their own actions as denial of the equality granted to all Americans or the civil rights granted by law to women and minorities, through their own actions.

These groups, whether moderate or extreme, all are as equally against stem-cell research even while professing they believe life begins at conception.  The only embryos that government scientists seeks are those thousands that are destroyed every week by couples who decide to not try to become pregnant from the insertion of  the fertilized eggs  because they have been divorced, have personal health problems or personal reasons, or do not want anymore children.

Even when couples wish to sign over these embryos to Science they are prevented from doing so, because of the refusal of conservatives to pass laws so that they can. These same groups do not protest these parents the right to destroy these embryos but instead deny science the possibilities through research to spare suffering in debilating diseases, injuries, or to prolong the life of others that would otherwise be cut short, while they claim to protect the sanctity of life.

When the Church members fail to see when they place signs along our high-ways telling non-members of their own Churches that abortion is no different from murder as it stops a beating heart, and is against the commandment, “That thou shall not kill,”  even when it involves the death of the mother due to pre-existing diseases or rape, that they deny women the right to make choices on their own procreation, but instead argue as all religious and hate groups do, that it is their right under freedom of speech.

The  Churches who are supporters of the conservative movement have the right to teach their members what they believe but not to use their teaching to influence non-members or government officials. The religious view is marriage is between one man and one woman and a Christian right to refuse, but they  fail too often to understand they prevent equality when they spend millions so a ballot is placed before the voters who are encouraged to vote against the civil rights of the gay population. So with that in mind I include the full range of conservatives in this post from bottom up to top down.

The loudest battle cry of the extremists groups is to arm themselves in what they believe is their lost of freedom, according to them due to government.  There are many problems with these groups that is self-evident to the rational thinking sector of our Nation, but the biggest failure in the thinking in my opinion, is both the irrationality in their beliefs and their own failure to see or understand in promoting their beliefs, they more so than government in recent history, are denying others the very freedom and Democracy they claim they are being denied by government.

Government does bear the burden of shame for what was done in our earlier history to the Native Americans, African-Americans through slavery and followed by the Jim Crow laws, and to women being nothing more than chattel to their fathers or the men they married.  The attempt to rectify in part some of these injustices were corrected by the passage of the Civil rights Bill, the elimination of the Jim Crow laws, the equal rights Amendment, and the Amendment to pay Native Americans for the land that our government deemed was their rightful claim, by both political parties  than began in the 1960’s.

In the 1980’s President Reagan brought in Grover Norquist and the escalation of conservatism began.  Any further progress made in  improvements to the needs of the people would stop as debt began escalating with trickle down economics under Grover Norquist and the escalation of right-wing organizations. The majority of civil and equal rights passed were  against the beliefs of many Conservatives. Sadly many of these laws still stick in the throat of many of these hate groups who fought to prevent the passage of the laws passed in an effort to correct previous injustices.

Over the years 8 studies have been done with some going back as far as the 1920’s on similar groups, however the numbers are rising today because of the growing numbers in Patriot groups spawned by the John Birch Society or what is better known as the far-right or Populist movement spawned through the tea party  and the Conservative out growth of non-profit organization that fund them.  If we take a good look into the Tea Party leadership, itself we see some where in their own personal lives they or a family member have been disciplined by government.

The rising promise of the Conservative movement is in the hopes of the bright new stars, according to both them and the media who side with them, of both Rand Paul and Mark Rubio.  Both have themselves been disciplined or had a family member who was by an arm ofgovernment.

In Rand Paul’s case, when he was working as an eye surgeon he had two malpractice suits filed against him with one dismissed and the other settled out of Court for $50,000.00.  It would ultimately lead to him establishing his own regulatory or review board and appointing family members to it, although it is not recognized by either the medical board or the State. We know with Mark Rubio, he has a very problematic brother-in-law who has a history of drug dealing and jail time.

The tea Party wants all of us to believe that they are the rescuers and the real Christians who stand on principle, as Cruz made clear when they shut down government but when truth is told it is the members like Ted Cruz, who are the most radical and harbor the worse of the worse, as they are already attempting to delay the free flow of Democracy in the extremists movements.

We can always bet that it is the worse of religious fanatics and tea party behind the extremists, since they are more desperate to win than are the moderate conservatives who are ready to retire rather than have to fight the tea party radicals. We often find when the membership in these religious right-wing hate groups, have a dis-proportionally amount of DUI’s, or other offenses or law transgressions of what they view as negative results from government interference.

So when the extremists in the conservative movements are told that paying taxes is unconstitutionaland the government is over stepping its authority because of the Bill of Rights; and government has lied to them through out American history as the Constitution gave religion and not government control over the governance of the people, many in these groups who have been spawned out of personal histories of hate, feel, “Wow here is a group who understands me and the problems I have had to face.”

Where In other groups, who base many of their beliefs on the old testament and especially the Chapter of Genesis in the Old Testament, they believe the self-righteous will be freed from the chains and oppression that binds them, and it is the government that binds or restricts them, unjustly.

They believe it was the intent for government to be small and when mankind is prevented to do anything they please on their own property as long as it does not interfere with the Constitutional rights of their neighbors, government is overstepping their boundaries.  One would preclude this would give men the right to control their families, if we take a closer look, as the tea party and fellow conservatives equal attempts to pass bills that deny both women and minorities their rights through either immigration laws or procreation.

The conservatives in Congress refuse to sign the bill that denies the right for any person to  abuse another, because they argue the gay population who are added to the Senate bill, have never been allowed to exist by law. They refuse to allow them civil liberties or the right to marry as they claim gay people are not recognized by law so have no rights under the law, and therefore  do not exist by law. They often declare according to the Bible gay people are an abomination in the eyes of God and America was established on the belief of Christian values. All conservatives believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and therefore they have a legal right to deny marriage to the gay population and to deny them the right to adopt or to raise children.

The hate groups and self-righteous believe themselves to be the ones who will bring change and win back the right of freedom for all American citizens.  The great majority are Fundamentalists who believe that no matter how injurious the sin or crime we all can be forgiven of all sins if we just repent and then in doing so are born again through Jesus Christ. No one who believes differently from them, will be or can be saved according to the beliefs of most of them. They are saved for all eternity while they await the Rapture and Armageddon where the righteous will rise to Heaven and the damned will fall to hell.

Many are very sincere  in their belief that they are the saviors of a society who has gone to hell in a hand basket and by eliminating government or rendering it to miniscule size they will save the United States from itself, by putting Religion back in its Constitutional place intended by our founding Fathers, and  is in leadership over government that was never intended to lead our Nation through Democracy, but by a benevolent or Religious leadership.

This is the belief of all hate, religious and libertarian groups who participate in or finance either. They all believe they have a proclamation from God to save Americans from the damnation they are causing and an abiding hate towards government where the atheist or godless people on the left or the liberals according to their beliefs are denying Christians their rights to prayer and worship through  the Court system and government.

In the more right=wing fanatic groups they believe that liberals are Satan worshipers and the root of all evil and a godless people.  The most despised in these groups are atheist even more so that minorities.  They are the reason that when other hate is dropping the hatred towards atheists are rising.

These groups do not see themselves as hate groups or self-righteous but instead claim a love of God and Country,  They neither see themselves as being a hate group or self-righteous but as the only ones who have the insight and permission by God to save our Nation before it is destroyed by the left or the Liberals in the Democrat Party.

The members of these hate and self-righteous groups do not see or even want to see or understand that it is their beliefs that deny people their rights when they insist their religious beliefs should rule government.  They are blinded by their beliefs in government being ruled by them, who would bring back freedom to the people.

We have already seen the behavior of their Conservative leadership, as it wasn’t just the tea Party who shut down government but their fellow conservatives who voted against reopening government as well, does to the lack of freedom many of us experienced when their self-righteousness claim of standing on Principle was influenced by Ted Cruz,  led to the shut down of government by the Republicans was viewed for what it is.

They believe  it is against their rights when government feeds the people, gives the unemployed and hungry food stamps, or regulates the safety of the rest of us to make sure we are protected against the criminal element in air ports or at the borders against terrorism, or regulatory boards in consumer goods or in our health against unscrupulous Doctors or those who make products that our children and we eat or toys they play with, or cars we drive or ban drug use that harms our children.

The members of these hate and self-righteous groups have been so manipulated and controlled by their leadership they very honestly, in most cases, are innocent of the ability to understand what it is that they themselves are doing to deny the freedom of the people as they must stand on principle of saving our Country from the liberals as those who manipulate and control them have them so convinced they have a moral obligation to be soldiers in Christ Kingdom or be destroyed by damnation.

It, of course, is we the people whose rights are being denied by them. They feel they are being robbed and their rights denied when they are taxed to pay for any of these Departments or taxed period because taxation is illegal.  They especially hate Obama care as that is just another tax and they do not think they should be forced into paying for insurance as most of them have gotten by on either their spouses’ policies, or without insurance and free health care provided by their churches, or the American people, in the increased charges in premiums and deductibles to us

The Conservatives along with the tea party are those responsible for passing bills in many of our States that have passed into law the Person hood Bills that give rights to the embryo over the rights of women and have passed laws or want to pass them if elected that would demand a woman have ultra-sound which is the vaginal probe before getting an abortion even in cases of rape through incest or rape period. They are dead set against immigration so be prepared to see a similar fight as we saw when President Obama has attempted to do anything.

Although these groups have a disdain for Atheists over minorities it certainly does not stop them from believing that the white male race is the most discriminated against and lessen the hatred many of them have against minorities or believing that the passage of civil rights by the Democrats in the 1960’s was ever legal.

They want most of the government eliminated while maintaining a strong military. Unless we want Religion in charge of government as it has been since 60 AD in the middle East, we who do not hate need  to vote this conservative element out of the government before we find ourselves living in permanent war zones due to the various Religious factions fighting against each other as they do in the Middle East.

Anyone who fails to believe that this benevolent leader they are talking about who would replace Democracy would be any less of a dictator as we have seen throughout history with other dictators, in my estimation, want to remain in denial, is being brain washed through hate, or simply chooses to remain ignorant of the facts.

Much of the growth of these groups is due to poverty and the lack of employment yet the Republican Congress refuses to pass through the jobs bills that has passed the Senate  as it is a conservative majority who must sign no more taxes and without increasing the taxes our government cannot afford to care for the needs of our people.

History tells us that much of these radical views or extremists groups dwindle to nothing when the middle class is made financially sound; that of course would not meet their needs if these Patriot or hate groups did not vote for them or indoctrinate the people by signing them up for the cause.

We need to stop it before the cancer grows any further in both 2014 and 2016 and not quit until we eliminate them all.  It has never been more important to vote against this element that grows, than it is, in the coming elections. If we are not vigilant to the dangers of Democracy no one will be.  We certainly cannot count on the media to update us or make us aware of what is happening to the Destruction of the Republican Party or to our Democracy, for which we stand.  Enjoy the weekend all.

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We get it CNN.  You don’t like Obama care and will report over and over and over again about how the affordable health care site is failing.  Why aren’t you asking instead,” if the Republican Congress is ever going to do their job,” and ” if they plan on spending another 15 years blaming Democrats for the fact that they have failed to do right by the middle class,” or “If they feel bad at all for taking a pay check while attempting to divide our Nation?”

Clearly the Republican party did not learn a thing, as the House does not have just one committee looking into Sibelius and the healthcare.gov system but has three.

Where is Edward R. Morrow, who was not afraid to confront Joseph McCarthy and ask him how long did he think McCarthy could continue to divide America with his insanity of communist behind every tree and destroy his own party in an attempt to destroy the Democrats?  How refreshing it was then to see broad casting reporters actually doing their job instead of treating the same Republicans  who are the problem preventing  a successful recovery as the so called problem solvers.

Are we the American people not suppose to notice that we are being brain washed on the hate against  Obama care under the cover of the interview on the Sibelius and health care site?  Are we suppose to be so stupid that we do not catch on that each Republican interviewed places another attack bite in  against Obama care?  Isn’t that just more of the same crap we heard when the Republicans shut down our government, against President Obama?

Is everyone who does not perform perfectly  so the media and Republican party  cannot find anything to fault, suppose to be replaced or fired by the Obama administration?

If so why aren’t the media and the Republican party placing the same standards to both their Congress and their own staffs? I don’t want to have to live in a world where I can no longer count on a two party system to do their job or a media who only finds fault and thinks they can cover for it by reporting a tid bit of humor or hand out awards for people who exemplify real courage once a year.  I want to see some legitimate reporters who are asking the tough questions of the people who are responsible for the division in our Nation and the slow down of our economy, as do all people of common sense.

The facts are, the media has as much responsibility to represent the majority view in America, as do our elected officials. It is the job of the media to inform and not to criticize or speculate. The majority view said through the election polls, “We want a President who cares for us and will fight for us the middle class and the majority, and we know it is not the Conservative’s choice but President Obama and in electing him we are electing Obama care as well.”

If it had not been for redistricting in many of our States, Congress would not of had a Republican majority in Congress.  Those are the facts, people, and the media needs to stand up and inform us as to why we have to keep settling for less in both Washington and in our media or start reporting on what really matters to us. If they do not then they leave us with the only option to look elsewhere for our news. I know the younger  generation have already figured that out for themselves, but aren’t we all entitled to quality news service on the cable we pay for?  It is not always convenient due to our hectic schedules to grab network news so too many of us have foolishly, obviously, depended too much on cable news.

President Obama and Sibelius who have said over and over again they are working to fix the system, are being scrutinized and faulted for if they use the right terminology to explain the failure, by the media who has gotten so petty over their criticism of them, they fail to see they are failing at their jobs to inform the public of real meat issues. If we interviewed you, the media and the Republican Congress, and held your feet to the fire in the same way you continue doing to the Obama Administration, could you pass the litmus test under fire with the exact perfection of doing your job without error or terminology?

If it isn’t enough that the Republicans are being interviewed as the problem solvers instead of the people who are dividing our Nation with one witch hunt after the other, they are also constantly criticizing anyone but themselves who have serious problems in their own party and House that needs fixing.

It does not take three committees to do anything in Washington, unless of course you are a politician who wants to go home and tell your constituency, I sat on the committee that really put their feet to the fire over Obama care.  I  don’t know if I resent the media or the conservatives more for treating the American people like we are too stupid to know the difference. Is it asking to much to have honest broadcast reporters who confront the real problems in America other than reporters who continue to find fault with the Party that struggles to find solutions for the middle class with a
Republican party who refuses to give a damn about us and cannot even get along with themselves or fix the problems for Americans, while the media instead plays into the hands of the party who constantly fail the American people?

I have never heard a reporter ask a member of the tea party libertarians yet, if they are in truth a member of the John Birch Society or why they are accusing our government of committing tyranny because our government needs to collect taxes to pay for the needs of the our hungry, unemployed, or middle class. Nor do they ask these conservatives why they feel President Obama should be held for treason, even when they know this mentality exists in the Republican party. If they do any investigating at all you can bet it will be against a Democrat or White house staff in the Obama Administration even though the Democrats have done a good job of weeding out their own while the Republicans continue to embrace their own radicals and subversive elements.

I don’t deny that there is a hand full of conservative Democrats left yet who are from conservative States who are as guilty on most issues as the Republican tea party and conservatives except they believe in Social Security and Medicare. Since we are all as tired of some in the media using them as an excuse for the media to say,” the Democrats are as much to blame,” or “the Democrats are wanting to delay Obama care,” or they say,” even Democrats are passing legislation to delay”….. yadda, yadda, yadda.  I don’t think too many of us would care if they were replaced by moderate Democrats since they either straddle the aisle, don’t vote, or vote with the Republican conservatives anyway. It would be almost worth it, if it meant they were not constantly used as excuses to replace the Republican media mentality.

We should all expect the media to interview those in the Republican party, who fail to work for us, the people, while they investigate  where these manifestations of ideas are coming from in the Republican party that divides us as a Nation and what is their reasoning for these ideas, by these same radicals who claim to represent us in the Republican Party. We know they won’t tell us the truth but is it asking to much of the media to make us aware that they exist and are doing great harm to both the Republican Party and Democracy?

No one ever asks the Republicans why  hate groups of white supremacy are invited to the Conservative conventions when they know they are.  The media is doing a miserable job of informing us, and we deserve better. This same media  is using exactly the same smoke screen they used and was placed before the American voters to point the finger at Obama care,  no differently from what was used to get the Tea Party members elected to the White house and our States in 2010. It is official, the media is now showing they cannot ask the tough questions that need answers or be objective either.

Aren’t they Just spokes people for a severely broken Republican party that is being ran over by a bunch of radicals yelling tyranny because the poor dears have to pay the same taxes that their families member did in the 1950’s and to pay a dime more is soooooooooooooo disturbing to them because, “Gosh darn it, it’s just not fair to be a pampered American citizen and  not  feel gratitude enough for it, to make certain America  remains strong with a two party system where both parties work at what being an American citizen and representative of the people is intended to be.

When will this media start reporting the truth, which is,” People you may have thought you had healthcare for less but what you had were cheap over paid policies that would have covered nothing if you actually did get sick or had serious bodily injury.  Instead of reporting the obvious, which is we all know the Obama care system is being over ran partly because reporters and Republicans looking to find fault with it, are helping to over-run it, and there by adding to the heavy traffic but also because the system sucks.  We get it.

Why are the media not reporting on sabotage by House conservatives in our government?  Why are these witch hunts by the Republicans that are  happening over nothing more than human error being tolerated?  Do Sibelius and President Obama both have to draw a pint of blood to prove their sincerity in their own frustrations with the failure of the system to perform according to their expectations?

I like to hear instead why the Republicans in Congress have failed consistently to do their jobs for the American people.  Why don’t we have some reporting on what really should be reported on?  Is cable news going to go the way of news print before they start asking the Congress the questions they need to be asking or are they just going to become one big far-right propaganda media and join Fox news? A great deal of tolerance has been asked of us and expected of us due to the crises created in our lives by the tea party and conservative Republicans, and we the people deserve so much better than we are getting from both the media and the Republican Party.

Instead of the media or CNN imparticularly grilling the conservatives over why they refuse to put the Americans first and why they refuse to deal with immigration and why they refuse to pass the farm bill and why they refuse to pass the bill that protects the vulnerable against abuse that has passed from the Senate, as responsible reporters, do we have to hear CNN every 20 minutes interviewing Republicans who get the pro-right-wing conservative agenda before the American people?  Is it any wonder their ratings fall every political year?

I for one am glad that the head of our Nations health, Katherine Sibelius, knows less about computers than she knows about the health concerns of the people and that President Obama cares more about the people than he does about computers, if it was the other way around we would just have another confused and self serving political party in Washington.

Isn’t it refreshing when we take a look at the Republican Congress to know at least some one in Washington cares? That both are on our side is  two more than we have seen in the conservative movement for 30 years.

We are not stupid media, we have tried to get up on, this system, that is being over whelmed by people who cannot get through, and we know it has other problems as well. We do not need to have a media adding to some of our frustrations or pointing out the obvious every hour on the hour or day after day. If the media wants to let us know when the system is working smoothly, that would be nice to know. Other wise, Enough, already! Thank you!

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Every time I think I can take a break from the lies being told on social media, by the far right, I read yet another lie.  The lie being told in order for the right-wing Conservative movement and the tea party, to be able to hang on to their brainwashing and fear tactics,claiming globalization and a one world view by the liberals and Democrats is,” that the interests collected off our debt goes 100% into the banks.

Do we think that it is possible, they are same people who govern in the Tea party as they seem to have no clue of how government works.  They certainly don’t have experience with governing. Is it stupidity that excuses them from paying the Nations bills for 2 years in Congress? Gee could it possibly be? I  wonder, don’t these hate groups on the internet ever realize that people who know better, reads these lies or don’t they care since the great majority are brain washed anyway into believing what they write?

As I already explained,the Congress is in charge of paying the bills and the Republicans have had control of Congress 15 out of the last 19 years and did not pay for the two wars.  Since before the Tea Party entered Congress beginning in 2010 Congress have not paid a bill.

The largest bill and that which causes the greatest debt is the interests that we own on the National debt, that cost us 220 billion dollars a year.  When we consider the interests rates are at a low, we understand if they do not pay the bills now when the interests rates are low, the debt will keep building when the rates continue to go up, as they must eventually do.  The Federal government cannot continue saving the economy because of the Republicans in Congress refusal to pass the jobs bill  that has already passed the Senate while creating a self-inflicted crises every couple of months because of their refusal to govern.

To correct one of the many erroneous lies, being told by the right-wing one more time, the banks do not get 100% of the interests due on our debt.  Payment is two-fold through the bond market.  The division is  following:

1. Debt is held by the public, such as treasury securities held by investors outside of the federal government, including that held by individuals, corporations, the Federal Reserve System and foreign, State, and local government

2. Debt held by government accounts or intergovernmental debt, such as non-marketable treasury securities held in accounts administered by the federal government that are owed to program beneficiaries, such as Social Security Trust fund.  Debt held by government accounts represents the cumulative surpluses, including interests earnings, of these accounts that have been invested in Treasury securities.

In general, public debt increases as a result of government spending and decreases as a result of government tax or other receipts, though in practice Treasury securities are not issued or redeemed on a day-to-day basis. The amount that Treasury can borrow is limited to the debt ceiling.

Both the lack of Congress to govern and their creating unnecessary crisis, the sequester because the Republican majority in Congress didn’t care if we went over the cliff anymore than it bothered them to close down government, all cost us a slow down in our economy, uncertainty, and added on more debt.

The conservatives thought they could continue to point their fingers at the Democrats in the Senate and President Obama, because it has worked for them for 15 out of 19 years. After all they have the Christian right as well as the media on their side and they work the people over pretty well when it comes to passing off the blame to President Obama, Obama care, and the Senate.  The conservatives just have to blame the tea party Libertarians and the tea party blame the conservatives because if you can’t tell the truth then confuse the people.

After thinking, but not knowing for sure in my past post, I decided to check it out and the United Stares was last free of debt in 1836 which was  quite a while before the civil war in 1860.  I knew it was in the 1800’s sometimes because the government was not giving out free land through the Kinkaid Act*until the 1940’s in the West and immigrants did not start arriving in larger groups until after the crash of the 1880’s. They had a large influx during the Civil war but they were mainly hired as mercenaries to replace the sons of the North from going to war, and escaping the Prussians as well as dictatorships.

Even while the Civil war was taking place that cost our Nation, just as any war does, plans were underway to build the inter-continental rail-road that was paid for by the government issuing bonds to the wealthy, and both incurred a debt that was not achievable to paying off, since there was no middle class and the poor could not pay taxes only the wealthy paid taxes and no one has ever been able to raise a flag out of respect of the majority of them being willing to pay much, then any more than now.  Plus A Country can’t borrow without a good credit rating nor can it have an established credit rating if it has no debt.’

In the 1940’s, It was the combination of the Kincaid act, the Roosevelt programs and the GI Bill,that would bring immigrants to the United States; to own land after making improvements on it in the West and mid west,  returning soldiers from World War 2 could own homes and get an education, and the elderly were cared for through Social Security, that brought back a booming economy, followed by commercial airlines, radio going to television, automobiles becoming affordable and the inter-state giving jobs that established a booming economy and a strong middle class.

During this boom, and a strong middle class, Democrats Roosevelt, Truman, and Republican Eisenhower were in office and it was the last time government balanced a budget until Clinton balanced a budget that he took the  Republicans screaming into with Newt Gingrich’s help because Newt had the dirt on them. The Republican party has refused to stand behind, Newt, since, as a result of it.

Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower are detested by the conservative right and tea party since Joseph McCarthy, just as the far-right today, saw a compassionate Democracy as being no different from socialism.  The right-wing also despises these same Presidents today, because their hero was/is Joseph McCarthy. It would become known as the era of McCarthyism, because Joseph McCarthy claimed the Army, Democrats, and Hollywood were all communist sympathizers and it cost many fortunes and lost of income because innocent people were forced into having to defend their loyalty to the United States and many were never hired again in Hollywood and lost their election bids because of the lies spread by Joseph McCarthy.

All three Presidents also often referred to Joseph McCarthy as a buffoon as he started one witch hunt after the other, but Eisenhower was afraid to confront him in public due to McCarthy’s often told lies and hateful retaliation. Just as moderate Republicans are afraid to confront the tea party today. History has been a little kinder to Joseph McCarthy today due to his friendship with the Kennedys, as there was a bit of truth in some of what he said since the military fought with Russia, against Germany, in World War 2, and also because the people who write history today did not live through the period of hate that is reminiscent with today’s politics.

The two parties fought amongst themselves even to the point of a fist fight, and Adlai Stevenson’s often repeated line to the Republicans when he ran against Eisenhower was, ‘ We’ll quit telling the truth about you if you quit lying about us. ”  Never would either party ever desert the needs of the people in the history of our Nation as this Republican Congress has and continues to do.  Every government up until the last 30 years of Conservative majority, knew and appreciated the fact that an economy was only as healthy as its middle class as was evidenced throughout history, and including our own.

*Although the Kinkaid act was enacted in the East and  humid reasons as early as 1904-1910 in the arid regions out West, land through the Kinkaid Act was still being granted to those who would settle the land and make improvements on it  up until 1941. Since the drought of the dirty thirties and the Great Depression hit at the same time in the Midwest and western regions, many others left land idle during the 1930’s and did not return.  It would be the 1940’s before much of the land became productive enough to produce a middle class existence in families, who were not large land holders. It would take learning better erosion control, rotating crops, and planting of shelter belts.(trees) The last land granted under the Kinkaid act happened in 1941.

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Robert Louis Shulz is the Founder and Chairman of WE the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress and a Constitutional activist.  Most of us would think then that he is a lawyer, but no his training is as an engineer, and has no formal training in law.

He has filed over 100 law suits against the Federal government stating that paying taxes is Unconstitutional because the 16th amendment to the Constitution was never ratified.  On August 8, 2007 an injunction was filed against him stating the following:

The district court found that Shulz illegal activities were harming individuals, who were exposing themselves by following the ill-conceived instructions. It required that Schulz provide the identity and contact information of recipients of the tax materials, and to enable government to  monitor Shulz obligation under the injunction to provide a copy of the district court’s order to recipients’ materials. They also found that this illegal material handed out to the recipients of this ill-conceived reasoning against paying their taxes was doing harm to the government.

The Court had to go to Court again after Robert L. Shulz  and find him in contempt of Court on April 7, 2008, for failure to follow the Injunction and Court order, and at that time charged him with $2000 per day to comply with Court Order.

On May 8, 2008 Robert L Shulz filed agreement to the effect that he had turned over all records which included, telephone number, e-mail and mailing addresses, and Social Security numbers of all the people on his mailing address.

It would be much later when the United States government would find that this same group was behind much of the thinking that would spawn other movements in the United States that included right-wing religious groups as well as Conservative groups and organizations, and hate groups.  (See my earlier post “Who is: The We the People Foundation”)

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I hate to draw attention to any of the radical or hate groups in America but this one explains a lot of the unexplainable when it comes to the explanation of why the Tea Party and Conservatives are refusing to do anything in Congress, and what we will never hear the media tell us.

Some say to do so only gives them credibility but in my post entitled “Patriot And Hate Groups”, I told you, when I first began blogging, I found very few tags on Word press that covered what my Blog would be about, so I made quite a few tags of my own. 

Since many of my posts stress the fact that the Tea Party, in my estimation, and the right-wing conservative group in general, is a real threat to our Democracy, it just naturally followed that I would tag those post as,” we the people.” I understand it was pretty naïve of me but I did not even know this radical group by the same name even existed at the time, but I was well aware of the radicalism and threats made by many groups who harbor resentment towards paying taxes and of course like everyone else I read extensively on Ruby Ridge, which was such a group.

 Little did I know there was a hate group already on word press by that name using the same tag but I continued to use the tag when I realized the truth, anyway ,in hopes that these people who expound so much hate on the tag, while claiming to love America, would read one of my posts and at least pause with their hate and rhetoric for a minute. 

I am smart enough to know and understand that hate is never reached through the use of common sense, as those who hate do not deal in common sense or rational thinking.  To hate is the nemesis to love and a fine line often runs between the two, but love like truth, ultimately are the qualities that heal and will always win out over hate and lies.

If you have noticed, as I have, all the hate and rhetoric that the We the People tag has on word press and they often write about the government and  tyranny and conspiracy on the part of the Government, and promote it on Word press and wondered what and why the rhetoric is so grievous against President Obama, I will explain why, in my post today.

We the people foundation advertises themselves as a non-profit educational and research center founded by a man by the name of Robert L.  Schulz.

The We the People Foundation continually file law suits against the Federal government and just in general harass our government with one law suit after another because they claim that paying taxes of any kind, including with holding tax on wages, that goes towards unemployment benefits and Social Security, Medicare benefits  when we retire or if we are laid off, according to the We the people is illegal for government to collect, but they mainly focus on the illegality of paying Income Tax.

They claim that paying any kind of taxes are illegal and are supportive of the Patriot movement across America and the Tea Party, in general, but hate all government and all Presidents. They have been found to file unfounded law suits time and time again and been fined for their resistance to pay taxes but instead of paying they just become more radical and file more law suits.

With their expounding views against taxes too many times they encourage people to take up the sword and arm themselves against the tyranny of government, and in doing so they create what is known as a resister which is different from a tax protestor as the protestors are funded and hide behind their first amendment right to protest where as the resisters they encourage to refuse to pay taxes are often fined and placed in prison, since it is against the law not to pay taxes.

The We the People Foundation support and basically start rumors against government and conspiracy theories and promote the Patriot groups who arm themselves against what they call tyranny because according to them when a government of any kind, not just the United States, collects taxes it is illegal to do so.

They are an anti-tax protest group who have gathered information on if not all Americans  then most and their Social Security numbers.  In 2007 they were ordered to hand over all telephone, e-mailing addresses, home addresses and Social Security numbers they illegally had gotten on American Citizens and after several more Court battles with the government, they eventually claim they handed them all over.

It is just one of the many law suits that The Federal government has had to battle them over because according to them the 16th amendment to our Constitution was never ratified and therefore it is against their Constitutional rights through the first amendment to have to pay taxes.

They continually file lawsuits against the Federal government and continually lose but they never tell their supporters  that they lose.  If law suits are filed often enough on the same subject then anyone is bound to gain a small crumb or concession so when they do they glorify it out of all proportion as proof that they are being unfairly attacked by government. It is alleged much of the Tea Party and Conservative’s refusal are based on the same principle they often speak of and is the reason that Grover Norquist demands all Republicans sign the pledge, ” No more taxes,” before they can win an office in the Republican Party and why Ted Cruz along with the religious  right were  heard saying the Tea Party are men of courage, because when they shut down government they stood on Principle.

They are the group behind the conspiracy theory and the report  that went out that President Obama is not an American citizen and why  someone in the crowd when Republicans are doing their Town Hall meetings or campaigning, inevitably will speak up and asks, “When are you going to impeach President Obama.”

They also spread many other conspiracy theories that often get repeated by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Adam West, and many other tea Party members but they are just one of 1360 Patriot groups who spread and bring forward conspiracy theories against the Federal government and its employees with their main focus on Eric Holder and President Obama, or any Democrat or Republican who refuses to sign the “No more Taxes” pledge by Grover Norquist. That my friends is who the WE the People Foundation is, and  what they have always been all about as they claim to be an education and research non-profit group.

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Some would argue that Patriot and Hate Groups are one and the same and some organizations, who keep track of the home-grown terrorists in America, have grouped both together. Others believe it is wrong to list or group or even number them as then one will slip under the radar.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center who does keep track and count the number of groups, at last count there were 1008 hate groups in America and 1360 Patriot groups.  Many of the so-called Conservative groups are also on one of these lists as well. They all have different or share the same hates but they are organized primarily with one group of people in mind although there are a number of groups who share both hatred of the Jews and deny the Holocaust even happened, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, immigration reform, and the gay communities, The far-right religious communities especially hate the gay community and see them as the damnation of our Nation.  The African-American community hate both Latinos and whites.

Some believe government was never intended to be any higher than local or County or the sheriff’s office, others believe in States Rights, still others are Nazi sympathizers while others are paranoid enough to believe the Democrats are Communist infiltrators. They  all pretty much hate the IRS and the  Liberals.  It is no accident that the Conservative Republican  Party is on a witch hunt every other week to delay any kind of Agenda in the Obama Administration, with some of the media falling into their irrational thinking or trap, and currying their favor by reporting it on what they call a fair and balanced approach or giving legitimacy to their often self ideation and complaints.

Anything and any one we can imagine irrational people  or people suffering from defiant or confrontational disorders against people of authority could possibly think of to hate, there is a group for that hate, but the one thing that draws them all together is their hatred of laws, law enforcers, taxes and Federal government, as according to them, government is taking over their lives.  They are known to use patriotic names, religious names and harmless every day household names in an effort to fly under the radar.  They are all home-grown and the militia and hate groups are mostly terrorists groups.

Many Senators, from Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Michelle Bachman of Minnesota along with other tea party and far-right conservatives have spoken before these groups. Some of these groups are invited to speak annually at CPAC or the Conservative Convention.  Of course they all claim that the FBI and groups such as the Southern Poverty law Center are unfairly spying on them and they are peaceful groups who have a right to gather.  No one denies that they have a right to gather but there are seven steps taken in any hate or militia groups.

The first three steps are meeting and setting up the leadership under the already self-appointed leader if it is a new organization, while talking about the core of their beliefs system. If it is a long-held group like the John Birch Society,the predecessor of the Tea Party, that is already in every State of the United States, the Ku-Klux-Klan, Aryan Nation, or Black militants they elect the leader and discuss new and old business. The next four steps of any hate or militia group is violence. Some of these groups claim to have as many as 50,000 in the membership while others claim 5000. The number in many cases are greatly exaggerated.

Many are ex-military who train the militia and a great deal of the camps are in the South but they are in many locations.  The most hate groups are in Florida, Texas, and California but they are spread around the Nation no differently from the Patriot or Conservative groups.  What they all have in common with the exception of the Black groups, are a supreme hatred of President Obama and Obama care.  They all believe America is going to Hell in a hand basket and  the Democrats in office and the government in general has walked all over the Constitution to the point the Constitution is no longer being respected by the government regulatory agencies or law enforcement.

The great majority of these Patriot and hate groups, but not all, believe that America was founded on Religious persecution and as such the Constitution was written with the belief that Religion would be in charge of government and be guided according to biblical beliefs or the Bible.

These hate and Patriot groups totally ignore the truth, which is the letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Baptist Church, clearly spelled out separation of  Church and State.  Our founding Fathers escaped persecution from Religion and State religion in Europe and deliberately made certain that Religion was left out of the body of the Constitution, but only added Religion as the first Amendment after writing the Constitution.  The agreement with Religion was that unlike Europe, the government would not start a religion of it’s own and in exchange for government not starting a Church, religion would not influence voters from the pulpits. In the 1940’s the people voted to give religion, freedom from taxation, but that was not to include their profitable businesses such as hospitals, schools, banks, corporations, businesses or land holdings.

In these Patriot and hate groups there are  memberships of the far right Religious groups also tied in with the Conservative groups.  There are, I believe, three Church of Christ Churches who believe that the Bible refers to them as Christ Church and they can track their roots back to Biblical Days when in Truth the Church Of Christ broke away from the Methodists and it is easily traced.

There are a couple of Baptist Churches with the Hillsboro Baptist Church having the most notoriety and some radical Catholic churches from the traditional Churches on the list of the far-right religious hate groups just as There are any number of Evangelicals Churches who spring up almost weekly as they claim the best way to get out of taxation is to just start a Church. There are close to as many religious hate groups as there are political and they are mostly joined together under the right-wing and Tea Party cause.

Both hate groups and Patriot groups are held together by the strong beliefs in, ” it is against the intent of the Founding Fathers and our Constitution for government to have become as large as it has and to collect taxes.” They believe that the Churches were intended to feed the poor and the hungry and not government. They want the Department of Agriculture totally eliminated along with the majority of all regulatory agencies and law enforcement.

And then finally there are a large number of Internet Patriot and Hate Groups whose only report is to recruit and to spread rumors and lies through social media.

I quite innocently stepped into one and it was almost laughable.  When I first got on Word press the tags were very limited.  The majority of women wrote about fashion, make up, poetry, and recipes so I just started tagging my post with my own tags. One of my tags mostly used, because I quite often write about the dangers to Democracy in our Country taking place today, so I  just  naturally tagged my posts: “We the People.”  Little did I know it is just one of the many Patriot Internet Hate Groups entitled “WE the People.”

I was shocked when I first read about what some of them write about against President Obama and their general stupidity.  I’m sorry, I don’t like to call people names or label them but when anyone claims to love America and then expresses the kind of opinions and hate they do against anyone there is no other term to accurately call it. I still tag “We the People,” in hopes that one of my posts can cut through their extremely radical beliefs.

So long story short I write for two reasons with the first being; understanding what is happening on a common sense level with America today and who shut down our government and why; and to hopefully make a difference in at least one person’s life other than my own family and friends.  Have a good day all.

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Yes folks, Crazy Cruz and the Cruzers and the Conservatives crashed, only to once more for the 14th time, prolong the crises in Washington until Jan. 15th.

We all deserve to be totally upset and displeased by them for what they continually cost us, the American people, because they refuse to do the job for which they were elected.  These same elected officials who keep yelling about spending and debt have added billions to what is unnecessary spending every time they behave poorly, just as they have done for the last 16 days and we pay for it.

When we realize there are 218 Republicans in the Congress and only 30 of them voted last night in favor of opening up government and to approve the debt ceiling so our government would not default, we all have a pretty good idea of who they are who are not doing their job in Washington, don’t we? 188 Republicans in the House of Representative would have preferred to seen our credit rating fall again and government default on paying their bills and the American people continue to suffer than compromise, on what was necessary for our Nation, despite their totally poor behavior and lost of any credibility.

With all their clamoring about the debt, they themselves are responsible for both spending and paying the Nation’s bills.  President Obama can only present his agenda which they have turned down every year he has tried to get something done, by deliberately doing nothing but adding their own pork to it.  Presidents do not do the spending, Congress does.  Presidents can only approve or veto it and the fact that this Congress passes nothing President Obama has a surplus of ink, since he has neither had a bill to accept or reject from this Congress when it comes to job bills, immigration, or the farm bill.

President OBama spoke this morning and said that Washington needs to sit down and work out an agreement now on both the farm bill and immigration.  After 5 years of Congress doing nothing, do any of us really think a whole load of Republicans who got exposed for their childish behavior in Washington, are now going to act or change and work for the American people on a budget agreement or to play fair on immigration or to feed the hungry?

The Conservatives in the Senate and Congress did agree to cut 39 billion out of the food stamp budget when one child every five minutes is dying due to hunger or hunger related diseases in the United States. They did not specify the cuts were to eliminate fraud nor form a committee to look into fraud, which I think all of us will agree does exist, but they just said over the next 10 years we are going to eliminate food stamps and unemployment benefits.

The Tea Party wants to totally eliminate the Dept. of Agriculture because they claim that it doesn’t do anything any more but give out food stamps and there is some truth in their role of distribution, in both food stamps and distribution of farm subsidies, for the poor but by eliminating that department, we as a Nation are asking more children in America to die of starvation or starvation related diseases.

One of the tea party elected officials to Washington, from one of the largest agricultural states in our Nation, is Adrian Smith of Nebraska, who was paid for and bought by the tea party and elected specifically to help eliminate the Department of Agriculture. One third of all of his campaign funding came from the Club For Growth, which is a conservative group, that believes in the banning of all taxes.

As of 2009 there were 512 anti-war and anti-government Patriot groups listed and by 2012 they have grown to 1360 extremists groups according to the latest figures kept by the Southern Poverty Law group. Some are anti-immigration and anti-Semitism.  The Club for growth is just one of the  Patriot groups who are anti-government and anti-tax. Some of these Patriot groups support racism and militias but others of the group who are considered more conservative groups fund campaign money to some of the Conservatives and tea party members.

The main intent of those who fund politicians is to eliminate all regulatory agencies of government along with Obama care. Because of these groups the Republicans were able to out spend liberal Democrats 34 to 1 in 2010 and 2012.  The Club for Growth, keeps record of how their paid for politicians vote, as they all do.  Their push is to make certain their paid for politicians push for the defunding of Obama care in 2013. These groups are behind the reason Cruz and the Cruzers shut down the people’s government.

Our problem in Washington is two-fold as the far-right Republican Congress has been bought and paid for by anti-tax and anti-government groups and as a result of that, the lack of proceeds coming in from the taxes collected are not sufficient enough to pay for the needs of our people. Since our taxes, as is, our spending are as low as they were in the 1950’s, due to the Tea Party extremists and the Conservative majority in the Republican Party, we simply aren’t getting the debt paid down or able to fund the needs of the people.  Do we think they will compromise when it comes to passage of the farm bill due to the Tea Party of Ted Cruz’ caucus who has said he isn’t done shutting down government yet?

The main reason the farm bill passed out of the Senate, and remains untouched in the Congress, is because the far right Conservatives from the South and Midwest  farm belt such as, Adrian Smith from Nebraska, continues to run unopposed in their States because of the huge contributions paid into their campaigns, each time they or he runs by an arm of the tea party conservative  anti-tax and anti-government groups, even though all of these Red States along with the State of Nebraska is about 90% dependent on agriculture and small producers in the State.

The Conservatives would have us all believe that huge pay outs in the farm bill goes to large producers when there are many smaller producers than there are large producers in many of our States. Without our farm producers getting protection a year of fires, floods, blizzards as happened in Rapid City already this year, and winds and drought can wipe out our farmers who if they are lucky break even when they average out the risk they are up against with Mother Nature.  Some years are better and others are worse. The larger the operation the greater the lost when disaster hits. Some States have already suffered fires and drought for two years and require aid just as the ranchers in Rapid City do, who lost whole herds of cattle in the recent storm. Without operating capital to insure or produce a crop, they are often forced to sell the land that has been in their families sometimes for 5 generations.

The hypocrisy of all of this is far more tax dollars are paid out in tax breaks and corporate gifts to both Corporations and oil companies, than even comes close to that paid out in farm commodities that go to the poor. They  get paid just to hire people in the United States.  The Conservatives, of course, do not want to touch those tax breaks or freebies as those are the lobbyist that put money in their own pockets. They pile on more pork than do the liberal Democrats.  As a Nation, we should never stop as long as even one child goes hungry in the Richest Country in the World. Do any of us who elect these Republicans to Congress out of the Red States really believe they are looking out for our best interests, when most of us are pretty dependent on agriculture and those who feed our Nation?

Going clear back to Reagan days the Conservatives have been promising every election year that they were going to fix the problems with immigration.  Even the Tea Party acknowledged after Mitt Romney’s humiliating lost that they needed to do something on immigration in order to gain the growing Latino vote, but then after a few weeks it just all fizzled out and the next thing we hear is they think Mitt Romney was just the wrong candidate; and they have enough of the white vote to win, if they just get a  better organized grass-roots organization to get out the vote and to get more people registered.

Don’t we all think that both the farm bill and the immigration bill will continue to sit in Congress or be a non-starter and never pass?  I hate to sound so cynical but after the last 16 days aren’t we all entitled to feel that way when it comes to this Republican Party?

Listening to Gardner of the Heritage Foundation, Grover Norguist brain child, praise the courage shown by Ted Cruz and the Conservatives while faulting the moderate Republicans who voted in favor of re-opening government, spelled out clearly why Congress fails to function. It was scary to listen to and just more of the same controversy that divides us as a Nation, but now we have our answer for certain where the problem in  Washington lies, don’t we? Thank God we have a few weeks before it begins again. WHEW!

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I am taking a step away from politics for now because by now people have either tuned in to what has happened to the government shut down or tuned out and anymore I have to say on the subject for now, is only preaching to the choir, who does understand the problem.  Instead, I am going  to write on a subject that is to often responsible for the most destruction done in families of adult children’s lives and marriages.

I have read entirely too much recently on the beliefs being projected by too many and that is that some how adult children need to be guided or influenced through out their life time by parents who set the example.  Too many are hearing this, and being told this, and the fallacy lies in the idea that if the parents belonged to an individual religion then they did a good job of parenting or parents always know more than the adult children.

Many times, It simply is not always true, as often younger adults hold more wisdom than did the parents ever have. I know my own children will smile about this post, because as someone who did not have parents I could turn to for advice, I too believed a parents’ job was never done and do find myself offering unsolicited advice, although I constantly work at biting my own tongue.

The facts on the subject are two-fold.  If children are raised never doubting or questioning their parents’ love, and are raised to take responsibility for their own success or failure, by the time they reach adulthood they will resent further guidance from parents attempts to influence or to guide them once they do become adults. If on the other hand parents were more absorbed in their own lives during the adolescent and teen years than they were in parenting, there may always be a feeling of a void in the lives of our adult children, who feel regardless of how old they are, they always will need the help and advice of their parents.

Just as parenting must be individualized according to the needs of the child, so must we quit believing there is a magic book, pill, person, or pattern that says all adult children must follow the influence of their parents in order to find success and a parent of adult children must parent for a life time. The truth is more parents today need to let go and accept that their children, just like they weren’t, will not always be perfect.  Sometimes they will make mistakes and may even embarrass us.  They, just like we did before them, will learn far more from the mistakes they make than they will from parents who insist they listen to them and follow their example.

The third truth, and one often left unspoken is the lack of maturity in a child that follows throughout adulthood and often into old age. It is not uncommon when a disability or mental illness is present that we do experience the adult child who can not or will not ever be capable of being an adult as prescribed by the standards of adulthood.  It is not uncommon when parents add to what is already a complicated genetic pool, by refusing to allow these children to grow up and to remain co-dependent for life.  Other times these adult children simply do not have the capacity to be able to mature beyond the age of their disability and too many times these parents are ostracized for it. For the sake of all of these families, who already feel too much judgment against them, I will not deal with them in this post.

We have our children for a very short time so if we do not do the best job we can as far as setting an example, teaching them right from wrong, and influencing a value system that works according to their own independent choices by the time they are 18, we cannot expect then to parent adult children, later.

Adult children need room to make both choices and mistakes in order to learn from those choices and mistakes, just as we did. If we failed to teach our children independence and maintain rules that would guide them throughout their lives by the time they were 18, then we can expect that we can continue influencing them as long as they live under our roof. Not all children grow up by the age of 18 and some will require our help and guidance through their mid twenties if they are still students.

If they on the other hand are adult children who are neither disabled or suffer from mental illness and are mooching off of us, their parents, while manipulating us with their own hard luck stories or using us through our own guilt, and they are too old to be living at home and we find they still are, we must acknowledge to our own selves that we have formed a co-dependency with our child that can follow failure in their lives and marriages, for years to come. Rare is an adult child who cannot share living expenses with a friend if they are not to lazy to choose to.  If they can play they can also work to earn their keep. If they don’t have friends then they probably do suffer from depression and may need medical help.

It is our responsibility as adult parents to tell our adult children to leave and to quit paying their expenses or doing their laundry, if they are still living at home as adult children and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. When we want them to stay then too often we are guilty of refusing to raise them to become adults, because something is lacking in us or our own marriages as parents of adult children. I am not talking bout adult children who sometimes must move home to help out with aging parents, and one should not be confused by the other, as those who move home to help with aging parents should be applauded for their maturity.

When a couple marries, and they still rely heavily on the influence, finances, and guidance of their parents over that of their spouses, then the percentages of their marriages failing because they have never accepted the responsibility of being independent adults increases greatly. They may remain married due to maintaining a life style they have become comfortable with or to please mom and dad but the kind of marriage they have will often worsen, year after year, until the couple becomes almost like strangers to each other.

When a couple marries they need to turn to each other over the influence of a parent.  They must choose their own religion, where they will live, if they will have children and if so how many, and any decisions that an adult makes is expected to be made by the adult couple without unsolicited or unwanted advice from parents. If they do ask us for help or advice, we must always remember to keep the advice short and the finances limited according to our terms and not their wants.

We will always need and want to give financial gifts to our adult children and if they are gracious about it and it does not interfere with the relationship of the couple or does not mean sacrificing on the part of the parents but is understood as a gift unless they choose to repay it, then parents can gift their adult children.  First we must understand that the couple agrees and not sneak money to our own children.

In adult couples any advice offered by parents when it is neither asked for or wanted often becomes the dividing force between couples.  Many marriages have failed as a result of an adult child turning to a parent against the advice of their spouse or when an adult behaves like a child and says, “daddy or mommy says…….”, or “mommy and daddy don’t think like that.” The couple needs to be adult enough to blend together the beliefs and understanding of the backgrounds of both families.

If one adult child came from an abusive home and the other a loving home they need to be able to recognize the mistakes that were made in both homes and be able to establish their own rules for their own homes.  It certainly does not mean that a child who was abused will be abusive nor a child who comes from a loving home will be loving. Both can reverse the trend in their own homes as often those who learned abuse or neglect will make certain their own children will never have to feel the pain and lost while those who were never told “no”, can be terribly abusive as adults just as adults can repeat the mistakes of their own childhoods.

When we have children following our own example too often we have adult children repeating the same mistakes from one generation to the next. When abuse is occurring in a home then all adults must report the same to legal authorities or Social Services. Sometimes for the sake of the children, if we know  for a fact that abuse is taking place it is best to call Social  Services or the authorities so we can remain anonymous incase the abused need to save their own pride, and ask for our help, later. Reporting simply because we do not like their agreed on parenting skill will definitely lead to being tossed out of own children’s’ lives.

The important thing to remember is for adults to behave as adults if they want to be treated as adults and that includes the parents as well. To be adults means we must be older than 16 and old enough to make rational decisions.

Dating should always be restricted in adolescents and until the teenager is old enough to understand healthy relationships from abusive or controlling ones and the consequences of having sex. Once our children start dating they will listen to their peers before they will listen to their parents and be influenced by their behavior over our own. That does not mean the job of parenting stops at this point. It is o.k. parents if our teenagers become upset with us and the rules since it is the nature of teenagers to do so. When a parents reaction is lowered to the high drama of a teenager’s the parent needs to understand it is their place to keep their own emotions from boiling over and adding to the distress. This is the time in parenting where our own example should count the most. Most teenagers are ready to date by the age of 15 or 16.

Adults must date prior to getting married or starting a committed relationship in order to understand better what their preference in a mate is and to better understand their reaction to a person who they are willing to commit to in the future. Both people in a relationship must determine what being an adult entails before they marry. When they do so, then they need to be allowed to set their own example, influence their own children, and parent for that very short time they have, before it is time for them to have to let go of their children.

Adult children must understand if they fail or succeed in their lives that they are no different from the rest of us who learned from trial and error how to become adults and parents.

The belief;” just because parents of adult children are older they can somehow continue to parent adult children,” is ridiculous.  What parents of real adults can do is to offer their never-ending support in compliments and understanding of the stress often experienced in the lives of all of their children and spoil the grandkids rotten if they have approval from their parents.

In our hearts we are always parents until we die, but in our actions we must know when to keep quiet and when to speak or suffer the consequences of the wrath of adult children, justifiably. Letting go of our adult children so they can better learn the lessons necessary to pass on to their children, who will represent the next generation, is always difficult and many times we do shed tears in the process.  Those who never do let go of their adult children will almost always shed many more tears for opposite reasons.  Believe me, if we raised them to be adults, and then we try to tell them what they need or should do, we will feel wrath over understanding.  It may sting when they do become upset with us, but when we realize ,” Hey we did o.k. as parents,” we recover rapidly.

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The funny thing around Washington is that no one accuses the Democrats and President Obama of obstruction.  Even the media are slow to use that word when  blaming both sides, when it comes to what is going on in Washington.  I, on the other hand am willing to use the word and make it applicable to what has happened in Washington for the last 12 years.

Even Republicans have been known to use the word in private when some have said, “the problem we have is coming from some obstructionists in our own Party.”  It is a word that is always applied to those members who caucus with the Tea Party and the Conservative right-wing. The truth is: when any elected official is sent to Washington and instead of agreeing on compromise they choose to obstruct the forward movement of government, they simply wear the armor of cowards by delaying governing.

Think about it. When elected officials obstruct, they do nothing towards accomplishing solutions.  Bills do not get passed, the interest on our debt grows every mini-second, the deficit does not get paid down, job growth does not occur, judges do not get appointed in our State Federal or Supreme Courts so we end up with the same Conservative judges well into President Obama’s Presidency, the GNP creeps along at best, the economy falters as world markets get nervous, American businesses get nervous due to uncertainty and do not hire in the private sector, budgets do not get balanced because the economy remains to weak, and what it all costs us, our children and grandkids becomes astronomical because at some time the piper will have to be paid and it is only more suffering leaped on the middle class.

Just because the Republican Party refuses to do their jobs and pay the bills and governed unless they are promised they will win, is outrageous and the workings of a corrupted government. All this before anything else like tax reform or immigration reform  or minimum wage can even be discussed much less voted on.

This is not, nor has it ever been, a liberal versus a conservative stand-off but instead a Republican hostage situation of our government.  Both parties have said that if John Boehner had called for a vote in Congress our government never did need to shut down, because all they needed were 217 votes in Congress to pass a clear CR. Every Station but Fox and CNN counted 200 Democrats who would approve of the Senate’s Bill with 25 Republicans willing to vote in favor of it as well. They had the numbers to prevent the shut down with a pretty certain guarantee of raising the debt ceiling on Oct 17th.

John Boehner, has simply blown it further out of the water by standing behind the arguments of the Tea Party, who have accomplished absolutely nothing but more debt with obstruction of our government, and out of the fear he would lose his house speaker job if he did not agree to the demands of the Tea Party and the far right.  This has been at the heart of the problem in Washington all along.  The Republican Party cannot get along with themselves so they just simply blame the Democrats and President, instead of tell the American public the truth.

These grinning smiling right-wingers and tea party members who are being hailed as heroes by the religious right, are a disgrace not only to those who elect them, but also to themselves. With all their talk of changing Washington and the Republican Party they instead have done nothing but bring disgrace to the Republican Party and Washington. They have managed to make an already screwed up system worse, when we all thought it could not be any worse. They have been so funded by the right that even though they aren’t very wealthy before they win their elections, they are all millionaires when their campaign finances are settled. The American public has been had!

The next time one of your Republican friends or the media wants to blame the Democrats or the media places the blame on both Parties, make sure you point out that it isn’t any ones fault other than those who wear the armor of cowards and obstruct in the Republican Party.  They accomplish nothing favorable to the future of our Nation or to our own future, even when government Is not shut down.

We should all understand not only is the party who obstructs not healthy rationally  to our National economy but to our own, as well.  Each time they play the stall tactic of obstruction and delay and refuse to do anything now but put it off another 6 weeks or three months it continues to cost all of us dearly in establishing a weaker than necessary rebound in our GNP and our own job market, because business is afraid to hire full-time employees due to their uncertainty of what these irrational obstructionists will or won’t do next.

The hoopla about the President and Republicans now talking when the warning remains that if President Obama wants this stupidity stopped and instead gets back to the business of governing, he is now going to have to give up quite a bit, should give all of us reason enough to know it is just another delay tactic to get them through the next election.

It is way past time we  eliminate all of these Republican bums, until they are all gone.  We have not seen a full year without obstruction by these Republicans since President Obama has been sworn into office. It is way past time they go! Our disgust and showing up at polls to vote has to outweigh the huge amounts of money they are given to win in both our States and Washington. If we don’t isn’t it as much our fault as theirs?

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