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With this being an election year we are finding much is again being said about the fact that those who are graduating from college either are not finding employment or are taking jobs unrelated to their fields or beneath their qualifications. This is always worthy of notice during election years but never so much as it is during a recovering economy. Welcome to the reality that we all face when understanding politics and getting out of college. The degree has never guaranteed us that we will be starting out as CEO of any company unless perhaps our Fathers or Mothers own the business or sit on the Board, nor have the politicians ever changed an economy that guaranteed us jobs. They can simply deny us the ability to get the degree by denying us affordable student loans.

Of the three generations who I am personally attached to, who did graduate from college during strong and boisterous economies or mixed to poor economies, these were the facts when leaving college as well. As long as we have an economy we will find the directions that it takes ever-changing. When the economy changes then the need for different professional choices, often changes along with it. The experts have been trying to make an intelligent guess as to which degree will benefit us best long-term for three generations that I know of, and probably longer than that.

Certainly the automobile, railroads,inter-State system,manufacturing, opening global markets, and the internet changed how we all were able to change to different professions and see the world differently. Remember those courses that you took that you thought was a waste of time and you only took them to fill your requirements for graduation? Do not be surprised if you find that they are the direction that will lead you to the job you ultimately will take and become successful at doing.

The college degree has never guaranteed anyone a job. It does not prevent us from waiting tables or taking minimum wage jobs or starting in businesses at entry-level. What it does do is open doors for us so that we can and do have an opportunity to show how competent,imaginative,
and just how dedicated to working hard we really are.

If Mom and Dad paid for college and we did not work to pay our own expenses while in highschool or college then even with the degree we are going to have to get work experience first before any employer will consider us for a job. This is not a product of a bad economy but instead the product of a lazy student. Work requires working with or without a college degree. Without previous work experience we do not have the opportunity to show the employer the discipline that we did learn during the college years.

Discipline was the reason we took what we called”stupid subjects’ that had nothing at all to do with our degree at the time we took them. It taught us to consider other possibilities and to think outside of the narrow box that we placed ourselves in. Many a boss before you felt as you did and when given the opportunity to prove themselves they learned that the only way the degree works for us is to just get over ourselves and to work at something, even if it does not pay well. Even if it is in community or charitable work,flipping hamburgers,selling products,work in motel chains, we all need to prove to ourselves first, that we are willing to start low and make the sacrifices necessary that are made by all people and every generation many times before us.

When we do prove ourselves we can move onto the next step of the proverbial ladder.Those who do not have the degree often find the ladder is missing when their skill levels are resourced out or shipped to an over-seas market;it is literally yanked out from underneath of them. The degree is our built-in protection to readjust to the needs of the market place. With the degree we are able to stretch our ability to adjust to other markets. We all need to know and understand that the first job we get following college rarely, if ever, is anything more than the next step we take. When we don’t take the first step we fall behind everyone else who does.

You are certainly not the first generation to get out of college to find that armed with the degree you are going to find that bosses are not standing around to hold the door open for you or to pat you on the back and say what a fine job you did in college. Nothing disappears faster than yesterday when it comes to finding our own futures today and “Nothing is gained when nothing is ventured”,through our own strengths.

When I hear families say none of their sons or daughters or their twins can find work, I like so many others who realized the American dream do question why you aren’t all joining together to share expenses instead of depending on the hospitality of Mom and Dad. If I wonder that then you can also bet so is any future employer also curious, and it will and does lead to their not being willing to hire you.

With profit margins always being the underlying source of Capitalism, no one will take adults serious when they continue to rely on their parents for handouts. The longer you are unemployed the longer your ability to be hired or rehired does become. We may need temporary help once in our lives but to become dependent on it not only hurts your parents, it hurts you as well.

Many things can get in the way of those who do not get an education but it is only ourselves,who prevent ourselves from working up the ladder of success with a College degree. Your future is only limited by your lack of imagination and ambition. By your insistence to continue living the lifestyle that was provided to you by your parents, you will not ever find the level of job performance that is required unless you are given both the job and lifestyle by family members. Many a college graduate started measuring people for suits, waiting tables, flipping hamburgers,as entry-level bank or insurance employees, and at minimum wage. Many, if not all of the rest of us, learn to eat a diet of canned soup for days and in other cases to drop down to 1 meal a day. The credit card is destroyed and rent is shared by enough roommates that makes it feasible for us to enjoy a little of the college life after graduation.

Other times we find that the college life depicted in too many minds existed in the movie industry only;those who tried to live it often flunked out before achieving the degree. The rest of us were waiting tables and often working two jobs. Some of us already had families,held a job and went to college at night school. Others did what ever it took so they did not have to have roommates after college if it meant working two or three jobs. This attitude that todays college graduates are somehow an unique or special generation because they did get educated and there are no jobs waiting for them has been the reality of all college graduates of at least the last three generations, that I am aware of having both experiencing as well as knowing.

Sometimes there are fields that appear to hire while others like drama will require exceptional talent and not usually be the career choice of many either yesterday or tomorrow. It however will give us the imagination and inspiration to find ways to turn it into a job that uses unique qualities not found elsewhere. In the past if we specialized in degrees that pertained to teaching and nursing we were almost always going to be hired but with the lay offs in education, you will find yourselves facing the reality that people with art degrees and business degrees have faced since graduating college for generations before you.

The door is opened for you to explore other possibilities, so now what are you going to do with it? You may have to teach English in Mexico or China. You may have to move to a rural area. You may have to accept the fact that the college degree will not make you a great success unless you, yourself, are willing to add the ingredients of both imagination and ambition along with it, but I do assure you that once you do, you still can become all you wanted to become.

You may be like all the other people who graduated before you and discover that the job you take is not in the field you thought you would excel in but excel you can. Many find they took the easier subjects in college in order to get that degree instead of challenging themselves in more difficult arenas. That attitude will never cut it in any kind of economy or competitive field, now that you do have that degree, if you are going to make it work for you.

It is still and always will be in the hands of those who are willing to go that extra mile to get out of the home of Mom and Dad and to prove their own mastery over their own level of ambition and willingness to go where the jobs are that will give back to us the value that the degree really gives to all of us who make the sacrifices to get it.

Until the global economy pulls itself out of the malaise and greed that has rendered itself ineffective from buying American products and the College graduates do the same then our economy will not rebound at a more progressive rate regardless of what Mitt Romney and the Republicans try to convince us, otherwise. To compare this recovery with that of Reagan’s is to compare apples and oranges.

We were not relying as heavily on the European and South American markets for trade then nor were our hands tied by the huge deficit occurred as a result of not paying off two wars. Reagan also raised taxes to replenish the Treasury and we had restrictions placed on the corruption of corporations and banking, whereas they were lifted under a Republican majority later and it led to the worse financial crises in America since the Great Depression. Combine that with the fact todays Conservative led Republican Party refuses to raise taxes on the wealthy or to cut Corporate welfare or subsidies, and we have an entirely different problem to deal with than what Reagan had.

When your voices are heard about the injustices taking place in America on the backs of the middle class due to excessive greed in Capitalism and its refusal to use their profits to better us all so we can better ourselves, then they will continue with an overbalanced and unjust system that weighs heavily on the backs of the middle class while taking welfare and subsidies that only make the wealthy richer. Not many of us can claim to make 20 million a year while unemployed unless we earned it on the backs of others, won a lottery, or inherited the same. It is time for a more equitable tax system where everyone pays to variable degrees of ability into the Treasury, so that America can still defend itself and it’s future without becoming reliant on others who would defeat us all.

With discipline and independence along with imagination and ambition, no one can stop the spirit of the American worker. Rare is the person lucky enough to have a job provided for them regardless how the economy is doing, so we who do not have that potential then must try harder to show others that, “Yes We Can,” regardless of how good or bad the economy is when we do get out. Don’t deny yourself your own success on your own terms, regardless how high or low you set the bar. It still is and always will be up to you to prove it to yourself before you prove it to anyone else that you are willing to go that extra mile to make the sacrifices often involved to get started towards reaching your own goals of success. Make every day count since there are so few of them. Good Luck and Good Reality!

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We who heard Rick Santorum’s comment, “Barack OBama is such a snob he thinks everyone needs to be educated,” were amazed to hear a Tea Party and Conservative representative admit that both the Tea Party and Conservatives would acknowledge their drive to eliminate funding for public schools and State supported education. The student being under attack does not come as a surprise. I agree he did not exactly say that in those words but even though both are educated as a group they believe in vouchers going to Private schools instead and are against paying taxes to public or State schools. Their ideology is often fraught with contradictions. Santorum’s comment was intended to appeal to the home schooled children in America as well as those who do not have a college degree and supported him.

The reason that education is under attack by the right-wing is for the obvious, in that education, according to the belief of the right produces Atheists or non-God fearing individuals. This is a long held belief going back to the 1700’s. Education has always been under-attack by the Religious right or the right-wing Conservatives.

The less obvious reason today is the fact that more women than men are getting college educations in far larger numbers and the attitude still exists amongst them that education makes women “uppity,” and less likely to take orders from a man. With far more jobs requiring an education today, they over look the reason why more women are hired today than in the past. They believe, as I have said many times,that women are taking jobs from the white male who are rightfully entitled to those jobs even when they lack the same level of education.

With education and State Universities teaching our young people to think for themselves or individualism and the power to solve problems, the right-wing believes that the answers that are taught by Religion are replaced instead by answers found in Science and this underminds Religion and leaves people as Atheists or Calvinists.

Some religious beliefs are tied so tightly to the literal interpretation of the Bible that anything or anyone who disputes it are heretics.When education replaces the history that is often taught them through the Bible and not always accurately, by Religious leaders, then they blame the educators for teaching their students heresy.With the Conservative majority of 70% in the Republican Party, we will not see Science on the platform of the Republican Party in Tampa, Florida, when they officially select their Presidential candidate later this year.

At an earlier time in our history, before the McCarthy era, College professors were under literal attacks by Religious leaders and many fled to other parts of the Country or Europe because the Religious leaders were accusing them of being infidels who were teaching the young atheism. It was no different from the lies that were spread by the Conservatives during what became known as McCarthism and was of course named after Joe McCarthy who felt there was a Communist behind every tree and a conspiracy between Hollywood and the Democratic Party.

Carl Rove’s group has an ad out that calls President OBama the entertainment President because he is adding humor to his message while campaigning. I’m amazed with all the vile lies that have come out of the mouths of the Conservatives and Tea Party against our President, that he is even able to smile. God Bless him for not being the mean spirited and angry old man that Mitch McConnel and Boehner are. I wouldn’t be surprised if they drummed up conspiracy theories in Hollywood with the Democrats again. After all, all the other lies voiced by Joe McCarthy has been said against the Democrats today, that were said then. It is as though they have the playbook of that seriously disturbed man and are using it again.

Excuse me for the fact that I digressed. The belief that college professors outside of the conservative private schools are Godless people, still exists in areas of our Nation and explains why education along with educators are still degraded by some members of the Right-wing Conservatives. To hear another grown man call the President of the United States, and the only person running in this election when he openly annouces that he is from humble roots, to me, sounded as immature as it is.

Of course, in order to hold groups together the masses need to believe as their spiritual directors teach and that is why people who attend Churches are quite often referred to as flocks. When young people are taught to think for themselves or to express theories that are derived my their own efforts,they become more invested in their own abilities to solve problems as well as to question the theories taught them by others. State Universities teaches other subjects based on the beliefs of other Religions that Religious leaders feel is in direct conflict with Christianity. Many of the subjects are not part of any State curriculum but instead electives and choices given to students. It runs the gamut from pre-Bible to Hinduism

With individualism in any kind of organizations or groups or even in cliques we lose the ability to control the direction that others take when it comes to self expression of their own individual thinking. When control is lost many believe that we end up with unrest and anarchy amongst the masses. In earlier days people who were different were thought to be such a threat that many were stoned to death or burned at stakes because they were so feared by the majority. Many were simply just brighter or more talented or accepted others to a greater extent than they were accustomed to in their towns or villages. The superior intelligence of the Jewish people has been grounds for hatred against them since the developement of civilization, by other nationalities.

The Republican Party will double the amount of interests on student loans in July, if Congress does not vote to extend the lower interests of 3.2% that is currently in place on student loans. Republicans do not like student loans,not because of some of their attitudes or ideas against education, but because they have limited tolerance for the poor in America and our college students are amongst the poorest. Not all college students are born with a silver spoon in their mouths or attend Harvard or Princeton. Many find that the only way they can attend college is on student loans. Any jobs that they hold along with getting the degree goes for rent,clothing,gas and food. Many in the Republican Party do not see education as an investment in the future of America but instead as a way for banks to make money.

As a collective unit the poor do not vote for the Republican Party and we often hear the Republicans say that they are draining the resources in America. This of course is so far from the truth of where the tax payer’s dollars are spent as to be declared rediculous by all outside of Washington economists. A far greater amount is paid into Corporate welfare than goes to the poor. The poor do not have a voice in how America is ran nor are they homeowners who can add a proportionately level of income to Capitalism, as a rule, so the Republican Party pretty much shuns them. Mitt Romney has openly admitted to the fact that he does not care for the poor as they have a safety net already. That so-called safety net is slated for removal by the Republican Party under the Ryan Plan. Instead we will hear the Republicans say, along with Mitt Romney,”the fact that the Republicans do not care about the poor,” is just a myth or a diversion tactic used by the Democrats and Barack OBama, in an election year.

When the Democrat majority lowered the interests rates to 3.2% all the Republican Party saw was the interests that would be lost to Capitalism, and banking especially. That is why when a student asked Mitt Romney if he planned on lowering interest rates on student loans in his last run for the President in 2008 his reply was,”No siree, we are not going to give away any cheap money here.” He can now agree on a temporary extension since it comes up for vote again in July before he would be in office.

Many believe that both sides of the aisle will vote to continue it temporarily since it is an election year. However, It is just another one of those investments in our future that is slated to be done away with under the Ryan Plan, if we end up with a Republican majority, in November. Your vote is needed for your own future as well as ours. Vote in November.

Addition: In support of Mitt Romney, Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, both announced yesterday they would extend the current student loan interests rate at 3.2% for another year. We can all bet if a Republican majority is elected, it will be gone after that. The Ryan Plan claims to be tax reform but it is the biggest disgrace in our Nation yet when it comes to tax inequity provisions because it is balancing the budget on the backs of the poor,students,middle class workers and the elderly while leaving Corporate welfare and oil subsidies alone along with the wealthy untouched while lowering their taxes even further. It is a disgrace in the eyes of many but what the Republicans have taken a oath to defend and to pass.

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I would like to point out that during an election year no one will hear the word hate leave the mouth of a right-wing Conservative or a Tea Party member. It is after the election that the vile remarks will begin again in the public square, if President OBama is re-elected.

With 420 Conservative spokes-people from Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity to Fox News reporters Sarah Palin,John Stossel, and Bill O’Reilly, before we even get into the lies of the Republican Party, we will not hear the word hate unless it is used to describe how the liberals feel, by them.

They will play nice and instead lie like a pirate everytime they open their mouths in regard to the Democrats who are all left wing liberals,socialists,commies,or leftists in their vocabulary, what they call the liberal media (anyone who calls them out on their lies),and when it comes to their kind in the Republican Party and the truth about the protection they give to the 1%.

Their latest hate program seems to be the Chevy Colt that they claim catches on fire and is so cheap none of them would be caught dead in it because if they were ever in it, according to them, they would be dead due to the fact so many Colts have caught on fire. They claim that President OBama pumped so much of American tax dollars into it and it is just a pile of junk. It is exhausting to try to straighten out Mitt Romney’s lies but to tackle 420 Conservative broadcasts and print networks without the 100’s of thousands of lies spread on Twitter,Facebook,and other social networks, it is impossible to tackle them all, so I will stay with this lie for now.

When the American Automobile Industry was going broke it was George W. Bush with the Democrat majority in Congress who were the ones that made the decision to bail out the Automobile Industry. Men like Mitt Romney and other Republicans said,”let it declare bankruptsy,” because they built cheap cars anyway.

This inflamed the man who was running General Motors so much at the time, even though he is a Conservative,he decided to prove that any American automobile was as good as any European or German car, any day. He built the Chevorlet Colt and its proto-type came out in 2007 just in time for the annual auto show. This happened 18 months before President OBama took office. I repeat the prototype was already sitting on the floor, at the annual car show, in 2007.

Barack OBama did not take office until January of 2009. By the end of that year and prior to 2010 the Tea Party along with the Conservatives had already spread enough lies about President OBama, who had not even been in office for a year, that the majority of “We the People” elected a Republican majority both in our States and the Congress to replace the Democrats that President OBama hadn’t even gotten started working with, much less were to blame for the deficit increase. Anyone who doubts that their campaign, then and now, is based on anything other than lies and hate better re-assess their own judgement.

The truth is that the Chevy Colt was elected as the best car in its field both in Europe and in America in 2011. 33,000 Chevy Colts a month are being sold and coming off the assembly lines. President Obama has helped fund the auto industry in it’s pursuit of low emissions since and has been a strong supporter in his belief that they could make it work, and as a result General Motors is now the number one auto industry in the World.

It saved the jobs of a million plus employees in the automobile industry and helped increase manufacturing jobs by 34% in the last two years alone. When the government did a very comprehensive crash test on the Colt, one car and one car only caught on fire 3 weeks later. If that is not enough time to leave a car crash then clearly none of us would be alive to do so following any kind of crash in any kind of vehicle. There is absolutely no proof what-so-ever that the Chevy Colt is unsafe.

The Chevy Colt is so green safe and technological fit that it is leap years ahead of its competion anywhere in the world. It is the model that all other automobile industries are following World Wide. The fact that it runs on both lithium batteries, as well as the fact that it has a gas tank that will kick in for another 300 miles, it is able to get 250 miles per gallon on a tank of gas. Everything that Bill O’Reilly and team has said against it on Fox News is a lie, everything that Sean Hannity has said about it is a lie, everything that anyone who has repeated what they have said is a lie.

That is how badly both the Tea Party and Conservative media, along with their polticians are in bed with the oil companies of America. Any car that gets 250 miles on a gallon of gas threatens to make America energy efficient and lessens the need for dependency on oil. If I may borrow a few words, “Now You have the Rest of the story.”

Anyone left who still believes that either the Right-Wing Conservatives or the Tea Party have the best interests of “We the People” at heart over their own interests and campaigns are simply lighting up too many “funny sticks”, or have lost all touch with reality, in my estimation. Vote the Republicans all out in November.

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What moves the human mind to blame the victims instead of those who do harm to those who we have an obligation to protect, is the fear that we as a Society will expose that which makes us most vulnerable to fear itself. What is taking place in the military and has been going on for generations in both the military and on college campuses in rape of women is mankinds’ ineptitude to understand or grasp that rape itself is a lifetime crime. It is not just a momentary act that leaves a woman distraught that she can cure by taking an aspirin and a hot bath and then go to bed for a few days.

If the crime of rape was faced with a harsher penalty by the groups and organizations that are suppose to protect women then perhaps we would not have these Republican men and Conservative women trying harder to change the few laws that do protect women from unwanted conception. If we do not begin with the very real fear that exist in all of us and confront and face it we will always be a victim to that fear.

If the Republican majority understood that a rape victim is stolen of the joy of child birth and instead raped again when she is forced to carry the seed of the one person who changed and altered her life forever, while denying her the right to be the person she was on the path of becoming or could have been then just maybe we could stop blaming women for rape. Instead of a life of freedom and joy many will live a life of fear and hopelessness compromised at times by rage for the rest of their lives.

Many turn to drugs,alcohol, and prostitution because they are left numb and short of self respect that is made worse by a Society who blames them further.Perhaps as an officer of the Military,a head of an University and as elected official in our Country, we would join together to make the penalties against these crimes much greater; beginning with incest that starts usually around the age of 8 and goes unreported and denied in the majority of families, if we could ever elect politicians who do not have the attitude that rape is just rough sex and she wanted it because she was drinking or dressed sexy.

Do they think that when men lean over and show their cracks they then should be raped? Of course they don’t, but it is those double standards that control the Republican Party and the reason women vote over-whelmingly for the Democratic party. No matter how many billions of dollars that the oil companies run with women and minorities as their spokes people it will not change the vote of minorities and women to their protectors in the Republican party.

All anyone ever need to ask a woman who does survive a torturous rape is, “what was going through your mind,” and they will almost universally say, “I was just praying I would die”. The sad thing are the number of women who, almost universally will say, “the biggest fear in a woman’s life is that we are all susceptible to rape” and instead of getting outraged when another woman is raped, they will turn around and be the first to say,”It was the way she was dressed” or “If she had not been drinking” or anything that blames the victim of quilt towards enduring such a demeaning and terrifying act against the very dignity of that which we all hold dear and that is our own bodies.

When men are raped they receive even less understanding, if that is possible, from their own gender. Too many are called queers or gay in the worse derogatory manner involved. Of course people who are in the business do know and understand that the reason it is human nature to accuse the abused,manipulated,disabled,and many others who are confronted with life altering changes is somewhere in our own minds exist the idea,”but for the grace of God, go I.” If we cannot blame the victims then we have to accept that we ourselves are vulnerable to the same misfortunes of life.

Instead of joining together and taking control over that fear so that we can make changes still necessary in America, we as a Nation, do nothing and instead blame the victims. A good point of what our response too often is by the “powers that be,” is playing out this election year in the obvious attempt to throw up the proverbial smokescreen by the oil company ads. We see the oil Company ads running with women and minority spokes people because we know both have been victims of the Republican Party and will continue being as long as we have these Tea Party sponsored and right wing conservatives controlling the Republican Party.

We also know that the welfare that we all pay to the oil companies across America is because of the support of the Republican Party.When the oil companies use the two groups most mistreated and ignored by the Republican Party in their ads, they are transferring the message that we and the Republican Party supports you. The oil companies and the Republican Party are joined together at the hip because of their lobbyists who pay into both their income and campaigns.

The second part of victimization that takes place in our Country is to pat us on the head or to throw us a crumb in an election year and then never carry through on it. Do we really believe that Mitt Romney supports student aide or jobs for the middle class over the greed of the 1%?How far to the center do we think he will go after having made promises that will be collected on by both the Conservatives and Tea Party? Victimize the groups and then placate them with warm and fuzzy feelings, during an election year has always won the Republicans vote from both groups but rarely if ever a majority.

The Republicans need to understand as do the Corporations that women and minorities who have been left behind for generations, are not buying into their campaigns, nor are we going to change our views on Mitts flip flopping or your own views that are well established against us. The old Romney trick of “I was for it before I was against it” or “Mr. Etch-a-Sketch was given way too much public exposure on his way to the primaries. All the time in the world will not change that picture of Mitt Romney in the minds of us who were crossed between amusement and disgust by the foolish answers of a man so out of touch with our needs as to be living on a different planet other than where we live.

Nor can the Republicans refuse to work with the President that we elect for jobs for the middle class and then shout out in outrage that he does not involve you further when your only interest is to cut further the income and jobs of the middle class while protecting the 1%. Since the beginning of the Republican Party it has always been with both women and minorities this attitude that we will free you from slavery and the kitchen but we white males will stay in charge to make sure you perform according to our rules and dictates. The Conservatives with the help of the Tea Party has taken it to such disgusting levels that they have harmed the Republican Party itself.

When President Barack OBama was elected as President the Congress established that same pecking order and understanding with him and when he understood himself to be their leader instead, then it became an all out war. “We the People,” who do not support hate and bigotry, both know and understand that this has been the most pathetic Congress in history and it was only made worse with the addition of some 72 Tea Party sponsored candidates who were added Nationally in 2010.

If we now blame President Barack OBama for the greed that he has no control over at the pumps and ignor the truth that he tackled the unpopular agenda that the Republicans had been able to control or block for a decade in both the military and work place, such as passing The Lillian Ledbetter act,the gay issue in the military and healthcare, then we too are blaming the victim of the Republican lies. To live in America and to deny that a do nothing Congress did not fight President OBama in every effort he tried to make for the middle class of America, and that he was only able to pass those things that he did while the Democrats had control, is to deny reality, period!

Give the Republican Party the wake up call that they need and the message that their bully days are over and that they do not control the middle class. We will no longer fall for your lies in November. They need to be humbled by the fact that “We the People” still hold the power over them, and no longer buy into “trickle down economics” nor will we tolerate their attempts to weaken or to eliminate the Equal Rights Amendment. Show up at the polls and vote in November, as we all are counting on your wisdom.

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Living in a Society that is both civilized and advanced requires educating ourselves to levels equal to or greater than those who do threaten both our fiscal as well as our personal safety.

We do not always need to sit in a class room to educate ourselves when all things relevant is just a keyboard away. Not all people have the luxury of formal education but to own a computer and to not check out the facts but instead to say,”politics bores me because they are all alike,” is no excuse to not educate ourselves on the differences before we vote. If we only check those sites that agree with our own views then we operate from ignorance rather than intelligence as to consider the view of the opposition is what education really entails. All candidates who have held previous office will have a voting record that can be easilly checked out at any.GOV website as well as elsewhere on the net.

It is not the responsibility of people who write blogs to refer us to their chosen sites and lets face it,it is quite lazy of us to depend on that as a source of our information as many of those websites are slanted to project the view of the person responsible for either writng it or presenting it. If the Democracy that brave men and women have fought and died for in order to preserve freedom for all of us is not worth our time to check out credible websites on our own, that are free from political views, then we should question our own value system.

The Conservatives are in such control of the Republican Party today, they will not allow either Science or global warming to be part of their platform at their National Convention, that will be held to select their candidate for President later this year.

When we as a Society need to change our text books, as they have in Kansas and elsewhere, to eliminate and get rid of the the theory of evolution and to replace it with only Creationism;when a Republican majority passes laws that state life begins two weeks before conception or before the sperm meets the egg;When men meet to determine that women are not entitled to equal pay for the same job or to protest their firing as men are allowed to do, or to decide on the use of birth control;when laws are backed up in our States in regard to the rights of Americans in the bedroom and to marry; when people of a different colored skin than the white male are being stopped in automobiles to check if they have a green card;when children born in America are denied citizenship; when workers’ Unions are being eliminated and the list that is being made longer each year by the Tea Party and right-wing Conservatives, individually or together, to eliminate both public schools and our freedoms; it does not take a high level of intelligence to realize that someone or something is drastically denying reality by setting up a smoke screen to divert our attention elsewhere through the use of lies in the Republican Party.

When children are bullied and both are punished equally then do any of us have to question why children return with a gun to their classrooms?
Children are no different from adults in that what they really want is respect from adults for doing what is right and respect for what belongs to them.Why can’t an adult act like an adult and make the children sit down and disguss why the bully feels entitled to pick on someone who refuses to stoop to their level of ignorance and use fists to solve anything?

Perhaps respecting each other and our differences needs to be taught in class rooms since parents obviously are not teaching it at home. Sometimes it requires nothing more than keeping the bullies a few minutes longer by allowing the child or children who are being abused to leave a few minutes earlier with or without parents support, and yet adults that are suppose to keep our children safe will not take those few minutes to assure the safety of our children.

School boards can make rules and ask that they be enforced when common courtesy is missing in the home, if they themselves do not fear the child or parents position in the community. Most people who have an iota of common sense will and would question what is taking place in America that makes us not want to seek justice in an intelligent way over that of showing children how to be a better bully by punishing the already abused with the same punishment that the bully receives. Too many schools will expell the innocent along with the guilty when they do try to defend themselves. Years of research shows that children who are taught to respect others do not become criminals where as those who have no respect for others,do.

Instead some Americans voted in the “Stand your ground law” that was inacted by the Republican majority in 17 States that will give the bullies of America even more power to bully those who refuse to let ignorance rule their lives by the use of fists or force. These same Republicans are eliminating Unions who set the standards of safety and establishes the level of wages for all middle class workers by voting in favor of “the right to work laws” that require workers to work longer hours and to receive less pay.

To the rest of the World whose economy is at a minus rate and the best that the economy is expected to grow in the Nations who use the euro is .03% our growth rate at 2.3% is a booming economy. We always have looked like a bunch of whiners to a world economy that has faltered and stopped many times while we continue growth at a larger or much greater rate than they do. We also are much more under taxed than these Nations are, while the Republicans talk about lowering taxes even further and driving our deficit even higher. Common sense should tell all of us if we just keep borrowing on our accounts and never put anything back in that we will go broke and farther in debt. That is exactly what has happened and is happening in America because our federal tax rates are the same as they were in the 1950’s and we are not putting money back into the United States Treasury to pay for our bills and yet Mitt Romney and the Republicans want to lower the taxes paid by the wealthy another 4.6 trillion dollars.

When we have politicians and voters both of the attitude that the only thing that is important in a free Country is to make sure President OBama loses and instead their candidate wins, even when he is a well documented liar,was unpopular in his own constituency and State and quit rather than run again because he knew he would lose if the people of Massachusetts voted; when he did win the election he took his own State to being 47 in the Nation for job gain and amongst the largest for job lost, while the economy was still healthy on the very same things he is running on in order to increase job growth today and denies his intent to return to the Bush era politics; we know he supports the Ryan Plan that literally robs money from our own pockets, after we have already paid in, to give to the 1%;he embraces the likes of a man such as Ted Nugent instead of standing up against hate;and we can expand that list further, then America and Americans are being offered far less than what we deserve as a free and rightfully Proud Nation. Intelligence as well as common sense should be the reason for our votes in November if we are to defeat ignorance in America. Vote in November.

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If you do not know yet what happened after the meeting with the Secret Service Agents and Ted Nugent, I think by now we do know better than to think that we will hear the real truth, but what appears to be the result of the meeting is that the NRA deleted the tape in which Ted Nugent made his threats in St. Lewis. Sadly, they only deleted the one That the NRA had, as it went virile and is still all over U-tube througout the internet.

To be certain, Mitt Romney’s claim that he did not seek out the endorsement of Ted Nugent is a lie. A reporter was nearby at the gun show that Ted Nugent was attending when he recieved the call directly from Mitt, himself. When Ted asked and was reassured that Mitt Romney would do nothing to change the gun laws then Ted Nugent said he would endorce Mitt Romney.

The reason the support of Ted Nugent and the NRA is so important to Mitt Romney is because the Conservatives will not support him if he does not get the support of the NRA. It was Mitt Romney who when thirsting for the office of Govenor of Massachusetts and campaigning for election as Govenor of the State, who said, “I support stiffer gun control laws.”

He had to make sure that tape could not be used against him in this campaign by seeking out the support of Ted Nugent as well as the NRA. It is the old,”I was for it before I was against it” Mitt Romney, who needs to cover his back from so many lies he has made in his campaigns, it is amazing the man hasn’t grown long fingernails and a wart on his chin, just trying to deny, deny, and deny and cover up. He also needs to have the polls show that he can beat President OBama if he is going to get campaign dollars and support from “We the People”, so now you know if you read my post yesterday, another reason I am suspicious of the polls. The thing about a liar is if they lie on small things they definitely will lie on important things.

Since Ted Nugent is such a low life, that in order to get out of the draft in the 60’s, he crapped and peed in his clothes for a month and refused to change or shower and then showed up at the draft board in order to get out of being drafted and going to Viet Nam. Romney on the other hand hid out in a Castle in France and behind his Mormonism in order to avoid the same draft. Some of us feel that the character of Mitt Romney and Ted Nugent may not be all that far apart. Truth has no basis in either of their lives when it comes to getting what works out best for their own interests, and the rest of America be damned, is the way some of us view both of them.

Let me make something very clear to the NRA and all people who have been told by them that President OBama would take their guns away from them: this is a total and out and out lie that has been spread through the NRA and Republicans. It got started by them in 2008 when President OBama was running for office and is still promoted heavilly by them.

At no time has Barack OBama said anything about changing the gun laws, nor has he even whispered the word gun in his campaigns or while in office. That is why you will never see the NRA,Conservatives, Republicans,or Tea Party running any kind of tape that shows that Barack OBama was going to do anything against your Constitutional rights. I repeat.”he has not even so much as whispered anything in regards to it or the word gun.”

You are the jerks who are attempting to take over the rights of the American people,and not just the women and minorities. This so called “might means power”mentality of the right wing erodes our individual rights to the freedom to live in a non-threatening Society. More guns and more ammo and “you don’t have to take that off of them,” ignorance stands in the direct way of all of our rights to feel safe in a Democracy, that we have all enjoyed.

It is that same mentality, “if he is bullying you then hit him back” of the playground that permeates the right-wing bullies who will deplete our freedoms as a Nation. When we all understand that serious crime does not come from understanding our differences but instead from striking back when sticken, then perhaps we will all enjoy a kinder and gentler Nation. To use the God given good sense given to most of us to communicate our differences is lost on these bullies.

I personally am amazed why people in America are having to ask themselves why there are so many more bullies today, and it never dawns on most, that it comes from the home and the attitudes of abuse. Words spoken in hate and anger to our children or about another group of Society in an effort to demean them, will always result in both rage and the acting out of violence against others. Until we learn to educate ourselves on the mentality that incites both, our children along with the rest of Society, will always be the victims of this ignorance. Ted Nugent calling people cockroaches and the NRA doing nothing to stop this language then must take responsibility for promoting it since it is their board he sits on and represents. Clearly Ted Nugent himself is so filled with talk of violence he is encapable of human decency.

Because the lies spread by The NRA and the likes of Ted Nugent have been able to increase power,prestige, and win over the arm of the Tea Party as well as the Conservatives by increasing the igorance of “take your stand”, that is acted out in these insane laws in 17 States of “Stand Your Ground Laws,” all of us, who live in those States or elsewhwere, are susceptible to the Zimmermans or Barnie Fifes on any given day.

People who are non aggressive and non-violent without a gun become morons and a threat to all of us with a gun in their hands. Typically, without the gun to make them feel like a Clint Eastwood or a John Wayne, they are non-violent individuals and it defeats the argument, “guns don’t kill people–people kill people.” A gun in the wrong hands will always be at fault in the “Take Your Stand laws’,where a person feels they have the lawful right and support of the law to settle a score while armed. Add alcohol or drugs to it and even the armed meek amongst us is a time bomb ready to go off.

The rights of people to have a registered gun in their home has never been at issue.Statistics show guns are more often used against a member of the immediate family, carried off to schools by children, and/or jobs and used against the innocent in far greater numbers than the gun is ever used against an intruder. It is and would still remain a sacred law of the land even with President OBama being re-elected, since no one in the Democratic PARTY has challenged anyone’s right to do so.

No one politician, much less President, in the history of our Nation has ever tried to remove the hunting guns from the hunter but the NRA always minipulates the hunters, who are their main source of income, into believing removing or controling assault rifles, which would blow game hunting to smithereens, is just the first step of the hunters losing their guns. They also protect the ammunition which only purpose is to penetrate the vests worn by law inforcement with the same lies.The main lie that has worked for the NRA since the beginning of the NRA orgainization, is that hunters are under attack by the Liberals.

To make a law that allows the ‘Barnie Fife’s of America’, to carry a gun should shake all of us who live in those States as well as we who do not, to the roots. There was a reason that Andy only allowed Barnie to have one bullet and kept it in the drawer and only let him have it if there was a real genuine criminal on the loose. Sadly fiction is sometimes wiser than the facts being told in America.

There simply are too many “want-to-be cops” and “would be criminals”, who will and do get a false sense of courage from a gun and do and will use the law against the innocent. Defense lawyers all over the Nation will use this law to get their clients who kill their wives or wives who kill their husbands off. They only need to claim they thought it was an intruder. It does not begin to tell the truth of what can and will happen to the innocents on our streets,in our schools, or workplace, as we have just seen in Florida.

For the Republicans who all allowed this bill to come to fruition and sponsored this bill, we should make sure none of them are ever re-elected in our States, and certainly never sit in an office in Washington. If this is the mentality who will appoint Supreme Court Justices of like mentality, then we may as well all kiss our Freedoms good-by. For them to say that was not their intention of the law is either a direct display of their stupidity or proof to what extent they are capable of lying. The NRA, if not the most powerful lobbyist in America, then they are close to it, was owed it’s debt by the Republican Party. In States where Republicans passed and moved forward laws not once but twice to receive more and bigger gifts from lobbyists we are seeing the pay off that the NRA expected to see in return. It is called “Stand Your Ground Laws.”

For anyone who does have these laws in place that brings back the Old West to your States, let me say,” you are seeing the prime example of your fine Republicans at work.” The Republican Party is not what it use to be and as voters you really need to wake up.

These laws would never have been passed if the Republicans had not agreed to upping the anti on the gifts they received from lobbyists and then lied to us about the need for such a law. The NRA inacted it’s pound of flesh for the gifts it gave. Your and our lives are not safe as there are many more deaths of the innocent ahead, if you do not demand change in your own States, by contacting both your legislatures and the NRA that you support directly, and by voting them all out in November. Failure to do so only means that you hold responsibility for Trayvon Martin”s death along with all the other children and innocents who will follow. This post is not a lie,scare tactic,bullying or anything other than fact, they however are guilty of all the above. Vote wisely in November.

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Do you often wonder who these Fickle or shallow voters are that are polled by Companies hired by the different Networks and Cable News shows? I do, because everyone I know who does follow politics and will vote, picks the person they are going to vote for early and they never change or vary from that, short of the candidate dying or coming up with something really scandalous, and even then, it has to be proven before the person changes their vote.

Most voters are so dedicated to the seriousness as well as the priviledge of voting that they remain dedicated and committed to their decisions, in my experience. I know people who take their vote more seriously than they do the person they are marrying. Once our candidate is chosen we either help campaign for them in real or conversation or we shut off the negative that is out there against them.

People may be undecided early on, especially those who feel that they have to stay in one Party or the Other as well as Independents, but in my experience, they are not fickle voters. Lord help us if the polls are right and the voters are changing their minds and attitudes on nothing more than the T.V. and Radio ads or Conservative radio, Websites or Fox News.

It is humanely impossible, in my estimation, to even grasp that 1000 people would change their minds from one month to the next on the way they will vote and who they will vote for once the candidates are chosen. That leaves me asking if the poll takers call a certain section of the Country,the polls only have 10 people who are easily influenced by negative ads,the poll takers get hung up on when they take the poll so in order to get paid they fudge the numbers,the poll takers fail to make the calls and then do an estimate , or the poll takers simply add their own views to the numbers? I have known a very sweet person who did do the poll taking on a Gallup Poll, and in that instance, they did call the same people each week and it was a large poll.

Polls are interesting to me as it gives me an opportunity to ask myself just how really out of touch are these people who are being polled, at times? When they change to my views, then I congratulate the wisdom of the people. I am, of course, a devoted and loyal person to the people I will vote for in November, but then again, I am that way in everything I do, until I get lied to.

It’s difficult for me to believe that people would hate any candidate unless they do have the reputation of being a liar. I think we as Americans can and could forgive anything other than a bigot or a liar. Neither are true to themselves much less anyone else, so it becomes futile in the act of forgiveness not to mention emotionally exhausting.

So much established fact, is already out there that Romney and his campaign are both, but according to the polls his lies are changing the vote of the American people. It makes no sense to me unless we do have gullible voters in America who change their vote according to the direction the wind blows and I find that foreign to any voter I have ever known.

For that reason and that reason alone, I pretty much take the Polls for what they are and see them as interesting yet fraught with error. We Americans do want to vote for a winner and as long as Barack OBama is leading we will have a run away election, and for that reason, I do think numbers get changed on polls. I have never been one to go down a ballot and vote for a straight Party ticket but will for the first time this year. I have always felt to do that was the act of an uninformed voter. However, when we live in a State where those running are either Tea Party backed or Conservative to the core, it is just the opposite of uninformed, it is instead a wise decision to make certain they all are voted out of office.

Enjoy your day everybody and give the people that upset you a break as “what goes around comes around” is true. You never have to have a bad thought or lift a finger towards revenge, it just amazingly happens to those who are patient enough to wait and keep good thoughts.At the same token, it mostly backfires and reverses itself on those,who remain bitter or revengeful so on that note, I do wish you all a grateful day.

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I try to remain out of the fray that gets into name calling but there are some times when the names fit the person so perfectly and when that happens then I am no different from the masses in that I find it necessary to speak the obvious.

I took interest in politics at a very young age and as a result I go back to the days of my Father’s interests and remember clearly the Adlai Stevenson and the Ike Eisenhauser race of the 1950’s. The Conservatives were angry then and talking the same rhetoric that they do today in how it is illegal to pay taxes and no one should have to pay any taxes. The same bunch who is always eager to send the young men and women, as long as it is not their children or grand children to war, do not feel they owe Our Country anything of a monetary value.

One escapes all of the hate and stupidity once we start out of the Bible Belt of America and instead they get into the gang wars of the cities. Armeggedon and Biblical wars seem to justify this mentality in some, in the more rural areas of America. With the National Rifle Association or better known as the NRA meeting in St. Louis this year they divided the difference between the redneck territory of America.

Mitt Romney, like every Repubican President before him, met with the NRA and spoke while asking for their support,and as such he does need to stand up and speak out in regards to the hate coming out of the mouth of board member of the NRA, Ted Nugent,whose words are clearly being said in an effort to incite violence against our President. It is a disgrace to all Americans that the Republicans have not seen it as their duty and responsibility and demanded that Ted Nugent cease and desist or they will withdraw from the membership of the NRA. Instead Mitt and the gang continue to curry the favor of Ted Nugent and the NRA that he represents. What Ted Nugent is saying is not a suicide threat as suicide patients go to hospitals and not jails, and to say so is only a cop out.

There has not been an election, in my memory, where the NRA has not stirred up the waters of hate or convinced a certain sector of America of believing that the Democrats or Liberals will take away their guns.

They gather together and nod their heads and agree that they will eliminate all Democrats and Liberals who protect the rights of gays,minorities,and women at the election polls, before they have their hunting rifles taken from them. Because of this insanity and bigotry fed into the Bible belt by the NRA they have been an important and intricate part of the Republican Party going back to the beginning of their roots. Typically every Republican running for the office of President, whether they have ever shot a gun or gone hunting, will meet with them for their support since they are one of their greatest indoctrination forces in the the Heartland and points South,North,East and West in America. Many Republican Presidential Candidates will put on the clothing of a hunter and go out and pose for a photo opp.

The truth is that the Democratic Party pretty much leaves the NRA alone. The Brady bill that led to pre-registration of guns, prior to buying a gun and was long over-due, was passed because it was President Ronald Reagan who was shot, and passed through by the support of Republican Party, itself.

All the stupidity and scare tactics are played out with words like Socialists and Communists and crude slang for African Americans,Latinos,American Arabs,Viet Namese and any minority in their area,and gays, being chatted by the skin heads and red necks of America, every election year. Each election year the Red necks gather around a beer and talk about the damn commies,gays and minorities infiltrating America and threatening to take away their guns. Because of the influence and often stupidity fed by the NRA into American Society the Red Necks truely believe that the Democrats are out to destroy their Constitutional right to bear arms. In some of the more red neck groups along with the hate groups there is more talk about hunkering down and arming themselves against the damn Liberals in their manmade bunkers. Ammunition and gun sales go up along with cammoflage and the NRA accomplishes it’s goal of making the paranoid amongst us just a little more paranoid.

What makes Ted Nugent both an idiot and a coward with his statement,”if President OBama is re-elected he, Ted Nugent, will either be dead or in jail next year.” is he is deliberately promoting that one of those paranoid rednecks around him, ends up dead or in jail by assassinating our President. It is the same lack of responsibility that the Pro Life members take when an abortion clinic is blown up and the people inside are all killed by one of their own who wants to become a infamous hero in their eyes. Unfortunately this type of rhetoric works in the mentally embalanced in any group or organization.It is a direct attempt to incite a threat of assasination by an man of questionable skill and intelligence.

If Ted Nugent was not the coward he is he would have made a direct threat and the Secret service would throw his butt in jail and pump him sunshine. By talking in the words that he did he sounds tough and ready to give his life to the cause when in truth he is much too big of a coward to do anything other than to threaten the life of an Honorable man who stands head and shoulders above the likes of Ted Nugent.

I will not give further credence to the words of an idiot other than to prove my point in that this Tea Party member has also said that “Sarah Palin is the most capable politician in America.” If that does not prove what an idiot he is, then I rest my case.

Sadly in America there is an arm of the Tea Party who does feed hate and advocate violence and keeps the Conservative base of the Republican Party stirred up and convinced that President OBama is a worse enemy of the people than what Hitler was to Germany.

The redneck community often feels as though they are victimized by government because everyone else around them, in their minds, do not work as hard as they do but has more than they do. When it is not their fault, which it never is in their minds, then it is the government’s fault and people who run it. They believe that all the jobs they are qualified for are being denied them and instead going to women, minorities, and gays. They in their misguided minds see the white male as being entitled to first choices as that has always been the norm in their experience. Women belong at home taking orders from the man just as do the minorities need to understand that the white male gives the orders, and do not compete with them in the work force. The only thing that separates them from the hate of the Ku Klux Klan is the different names they call themselves. They do not nor will they ever see government as the protector of the people.

The Tea Party ideology that feeds into this mentality only leads to the kind of hate that is coming out of the mouth of Ted Nugent. I have said for years and truly mean it, we are under a greater threat from these type of terrorists groups within our own Country than we are from the terrorists outside of our boundaries.

These cowards who spew hate are not just located in sections of the cities but are far greater in the rural areas of America. Each year their rhetoric becomes louder and more hateful and because of that it is important that the Republican Party takes a strong stand against this kind of hate that does come out of the mouth of a very hateful man such as Ted Nugent, and the groups that feed into it.

I believe we have seen the lack of leadership in the man who wants to be President in, Mitt Romney, in regards to his lack of handling this situation with Ted Nugent. If the best Mitt can do is to correct the language of a would be terrorist, who threatens the life of Our President, is “watch your language,” then just what kind of a leader will he make?

Is the same man who professes to be a great business leader and a protector of the people even capable of leading?A man who can only understand the needs of the weathy, is just another politician too many in the minds of many. I think at heart this is the real thing that concerns all of us about Mitt Romney. A man who has been a liberal, a moderate and now a conservative because it suits his needs to be elected is always capable of becoming whatever the “Powers that Be” want him to become. With Ted Nugent exposing the under belly of the Tea Party and the mentality of the Conservative, can any of us afford to have a President who will be easilly influenced by this hate and unable to pronounce that such hate will not be tolerated in America, as our leader? You decide in November.

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When Mitt and Anne Romney showed up for their recent $50,000.00 a person fund raiser, Garrett Haake of NBC was rewarded with an opportunity seldom heard by the press. The press are never invited to private fund raisers but it is a common practice that a few reporters will show up outside in event they have an opportunity to pick up some information.

Garrett Haake got the opportunity to do just this when he was able to listen into the Romney fund raiser along with another reporter quite by accident.With a question and answer session taking place in an outdoor tent, it was not difficult to do. Garrett Haake of NBC then reported the following:

After the Republican Party acted in “Outrage” about the Hilary Rosen statement, a very happy and delighted Ann Romney was overheard to say.” that she felt as though she had been given an early birthday gift when Hilary attacked her motherhood.”

Mitt Romney himself told his would be supporters,”I have no interest in telling the truth in my campaign as I did that when running against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, when I announced that I would close down the Dept. of education and it proved to be a disaster.”

He went on to say,” I would never tell the voters this, but I am telling my supporters this, and once I am elected to the office of President I will make it my goal to shut down HUD entirely and emmerge the Dept. of education into another Dept. without closing it entirely.” “This information is to remain secret as I have found out that to tell the truth does not pay.” At this same fundraiser he promised that he would lower the taxes on the wealthy by another 5 trillion dollars. Of course to do this only adds 5 trillion dollars more to the deficit.

While Mitt claims that he will balance the budget and hire back the American worker, when he is campaigning and speaking to the American people,his history as Govenor and at Baine Capital, is one of laying off people at higher levels and with benefits and instead opening up jobs for people at far less pay and without benefits. While the Republicans continue to blame President OBama for the 14 trillion dollar deficit they refuse to acknowledge that the Congress that they have controlled since 2010 hold the purse strings to spending.

The Statements made by Mitt, would be bad enough if it had not been for the fact that these are the areas where the Republican Party, and Mitt Romney especially, have spent weeks attacking the OBama Administration on. Anyone that does not know the extent the Hilary Rosen statement outraged both Parties, myself included by now, and the benefits that the Republican Party gained from it, then apparently have not turned into the news. To find out that they felt it a birthday gift and actually celebrated it, at the same time voicing outrage, should not surprise any of us about the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney made a great deal of President OBama’s open mike comment when in Russia and campaigned energetically on the moment. Foreign policy is one area that it has been established that all Presidents must operate in secrecy without showing their hand to the enemy. However, when it comes to elections and campaigns to openly lie to the American people on which areas of government the candidate plans on closing down is simply lying. There is no other way around it.

The office of housing for urban development or commonly know as HUD has and does deal with the poor who are mainly minority and are the families that Mitt Romney previously has said.”he does not care about as they have a safety net already.” This is mainly a group that do not vote Republican but instead vote for the Democrats. HUD is one of those safety nets whose job it is to protect the poor against the greed of Apartment owners.

At a time when the young and upperwardly mobile people are moving downtown and remodeling and buying into areas that have prominently been held by the working poor, who do not have transportation nor can afford to live in the suburbs, many would say that HUD is not doing enough to protect the poor against the ever rising rents that seem to have no limits on where they are going.

The Republicans make no bones about their resentment of the aide given to both the poor and single moms while saying nothing about The huge amounts given to Corporate welfare. When it cost less to buy a condo than it does to rent one then we do know that the restraints or safety net for the poor has become a joke.

We also know that this Republican campaign, where Michelle Bachman has said ,”The Republicans are the Party that really care about women” is just another “Tea Party darling,” lie. The real affront to women are these ‘also ran Tea Party sponsored candidates”, who continuely try to assault the intelligence of the American people. It is as if when they lose, they are kept around to tell lies that are offensive to all of us who really do care about the future of women and the middle class.

When Mitt Romney and the Republican Party claim that they care about women issues and that the “War on Women” is just a lie started by the Democrats, then we do not need to look any further than the statements made by Mitt Romney at his fundraiser when he said, “He would never tell the American voter this and telling the truth does not pay.”

When we add to that: the pure hypocrisy that the same Party that denies it, is trying to stop birth control while they promote lies against Planned Parenthood, who takes care of the health issues of both the working poor and single Moms, and Mitt Romney has said,”Planned Parenthood, I will get rid of that”;The Star of the Conservative right and Tea Party,Rick Santorum, who in 2005 and again while campaigning, long before they yelled “Religious rights,” said,”he believed all the States should have the right to ban birth control regardless because it is just Plain wrong,” and still the Republicans deny their efforts to ban birth control.

In States like Arizona and Kansas the Republican legislature moved to ban birth control outright;The Tea Party sponsored Govenor of Virginia tried to make the vaginal probe law and then later tried to unsuccessfully deny it; the Republicans openly try to deny aide to single moms, who are not receiving child support from dead beat dads, and then use the argument,”If they cannot afford to have children then they shouldn’t have them,” and the list goes so much further; how can any rational human being doubt that the Republicans are not the Party who favor women? Also after the Republican Party tries to deny women both birth control and the majority of Republicans vote against a fair wage with equal pay so that women have an ability to raise their family and rise up above poverty, do any of us even need to deny that women are under attack by the Republican Party?

It is part of the old Carl Rove strategy as well, when caught in our lies just deny,deny and then deny again. Most of us, who are old enough, remember when Richard Nixon did the same when caught red-handed with the Watergate break in.We all know how well that didn’t turn out.

If the only way the Republicans can win is on the lies of Mitt Romney and by trying to elect a “hatchet man” to do away with the government offices that protect “We the People” then isn’t it time to eliminate the Republicans? We neither need to point out the truth or argue with the Republicans in regards to their denying rights to women because the facts speak for themselves whether Democrats declare it a war or not. It is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans who will vote,because we are not stupid, nor do we go into denial when we know we are being lied to. Vote for Truth and Fairness in November.

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I have been interested in and followed politics for many years, but never have I heard so many lies as I heard in 2010 and already this election year; for that reason I am including the following quotes as a reminder to all in the Conservative movement,Tea Party movement, and the Republican Party to understand the value of Truth.

Lies are not only a corrupt way to win elections they also erode the very foundation of what “We the People” hold dear in Democracy. The truly great men of History did recognize the Honor of truth. An election won on lies is never won by great men or women but only by losers, as no person who wins on lies, can ever win the respect of A Nation or the World, for long.

Regardless of what the bigots or the 1% do towards stroking their ego or how much wealth they endow their campaign with, or how great their own lust for power and greed or to rub elbows with the wealthy is, none will ever measure up with the great men in history, unless they run an honorable campaign based on truth.

It is up to “WE the People” to recognize the truth over the lies before we vote. Sadly, there are more lies than truth coming from those who want to represent us in both the incumbents as well as those who wish to lead in the Republican Party all over our Great Country. When women lose their right to choose it will only be a matter of time for everyone else in the middleclass to lose their right to choose,as well. If we waste our votes on their lies, then we only erode our own freedom. Here then are the quotes on Truth that I have selected:

1.It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak it and another to hear it–Henry David Thoreau

2. A Nation that is afraid to let it’s people judge the truth or falsehood in the marketplace, is a Nation that is afraid of it’s people—John F. Kennedy

3.Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to Society—–Thomas Jefferson

4. Morality is the basis of things and truth is morality—Mahatma Ghandi

5.The object of a Superior man is the Truth—Confuscious

6.The truth is incontrovertible,malice may attack it,ignorance may deride it but in the end it remains—-Winston Churchill

7.When I despair, I remember throughout all history it is love and truth that have always won. There have been Tyrants and murderers, and for awhile they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.—-Mahatma Ghandi

8.I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarilly defeated is stronger than evil triumphant—-Martin Luther King Jr.

9.I am for truth no matter who tells it, I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I am a human being first and as such I am for whatever or whoever benefits humanity the most.—Malcolm X

10.Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted with truth in large matters—-Albert Einstein

11. Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you.—-Stephen Klein

12. Above all do not lie to yourself, as the man who lies to himself and listens to his own lies comes to the point that he cannot distinguish the truth in him or around him, so loses all respect for himself and others,in losing all respect he ceases to love.–Fyodor Dostoyesky from “The Brothers Karamzov

I hope you enjoyed my, “Ode to truth”, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Heaven knows after a long Republican primary bordering on insanity at times, the majority of us can agree on one thing and that is truth in the Republican Party is long over-due.

Hug those close to you and send love to those far from you this weekend if YOU have been meaning to call or e-mail. If not then just enjoy your space.

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