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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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Last night when I was Listening to Jake Tapper on CNN he referred to the Tea Party Libertarians as being the left.  That is such a misnomer as to be almost amusing.  Libertarians just as the John Birch Society believe our Constitution of the United States was meant to be guided by the Ten commandments and led by a kind dictatorship over government and Democracy. Any laws established by the government when it is not based according to their interpretation of the ten Commandments, is against the Constitution according to the Libertarians and the far right of the Republican Party.  As such the passage of these laws by government then becomes  an infringement on the Constitutional rights of the American people, according to their teachings.

In this concept, they, the Libertarians, are the voice of morality  for America and demand a strict following of their guidelines. I encourage you to read my previous post entitled,” The American Libertarian,” to understand they believe in the elimination of almost all government Agencies and any one telling them what to do with their lives or with their property. I repeat: They maintain that law made by government and outside of  their Religious beliefs is against the Constitution. This includes the IRS and the collection of any taxes for any reason by the government.

“The Stand Your Ground Laws,” have been passed by lobbyist and money from the Tea Party by  Republican State Governors and Legislatures as they believe that government had and has no right to establish law but common men were/are meant to establish the law of the land according to the Ten Commandments and their interpretation of the same.  They totally ignore the truth which is: it was our forefathers who escaped oppression by Religious beliefs in Europe and were very much aware of the effects that it had on an unjust system in Europe, who set up both the Federal and State governments as well as the Constitution of our Nation to take precedence over Religion with the right of government to establish law as the intent of our forefathers.

Much in the same way the far right fights to throw out evolution and replace it with Creationism in the teachings of the books of our children, there have been an attempt made by the Libertarians to re-write history. Just as they are responsible for denying funding to Head Start, they are strongly against public and State College education and funding of either, because they know the Public schools and State Universities  teach legitimate history over their beliefs of Religion being in control of the rights of the people. Instead  of public and further education, although they are educated themselves , they encourage home schooling by their followers and vouchers for the military to attend Private Schools on the GI Bill.

According to the  far right, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address over previous History to this, clearly shows that the United States was intended to be a New Nation created (mind you not evolved) on Liberty and dedicated to the Proposition that all men are created equal, and it is the intent of our founding fathers, to put Religion before government. Of course, all men created equal in their interpretation applies only to the white heterosexual male race, since the Bible has verses degrading the liberal acceptance of other races, homosexuality, and the strength of diversity in our Nation. The Libertarians make a few exceptions from Conservatives but are most definitely tied much closer to the beliefs of the right than they are the left.

We as a Nation also accept this truth as being self-evident that all men are created equal but in government that  includes ALL men, women,  nationalities, skin colors and creeds. It is the way the Libertarians and far right interpret the many meanings of government and Democracy that changes the scope of the beliefs intended by Abraham Lincoln. They often confuse the Gettysburg Address for the Constitution since the Republican Party did not come into being until our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, and that is where they mark the beginning of the Republic.

The Libertarians apply the ten commandments to law and there in lies their belief it was our forefathers who established Liberty for all men and in doing so gives the superiority or the right to govern through a kind dictatorship ran by the white race and freedom from government establishing laws on persons or property.  Since Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican they maintain He  is the Father of America, while they discount the fact that the Constitution and government was established a 100 years before this.  Anyone who can throw out evolution can throw out historical fact as well.

Unlike the Liberal and moderate beliefs of the practice that the poor and middle class pay into government so in times of need the government will lend a hand to those of us in need the Libertarians believe any and all efforts by government to give aid to the people is an infringements on the duty of the Churches and a form of Socialism. They along with the right-wing branch of the Republican Party are in the belief of, “every man for themselves’, and feel when Government pays back to the people through Social Security, Obama care, Medicare, taxes, pretty much everything government does, the government is infringing on the rights of the free market and the responsibility of the Churches.

To uphold a Democracy of the people, for the people, and by the people where all people and beliefs are equal, regardless of race. Creed, or gender, does not make our Nation or Liberals, Godless, as has been suggested too many times by the right.  We must remain ever observant instead of the rights and the role that government does and must play  in our lives if we are to remain a Just Nation under God with Freedom and Mercy for all.  The very definition of a Democracy is the acceptance of Diversity and the right of all people to worship freely as they so choose. Just as we pride ourselves in Freedom of speech we need to be tolerant of all beliefs, in order to remain a Great Nation.  As our forefathers knew and understood, too much bloodshed had resulted over wars began as a result of differences in and acceptance or rejection in  Religious beliefs.  For that Reason Government was given the right to watch over our Nation’s people.

For those who are going to report the News, since the Tea Party Libertarians feel that any form of birth control and divorce is against the moral fiber of the Ten Commandments, along with other legal practices that have been approved by Government, I recommend you do a little research yourself before misspeaking. It just doesn’t get more right of right than are the Libertarians.  The Libertarians just like the Conservatives  feel government has no right  to grant or make laws that establish rights viewed against Religious views, even when to not do so infringes on the rights of the people. Nor was our Nation ever intended according to their beliefs to act according to established law but instead of Christian  law and be guided by a kind dictatorship over government and Democracy.

As a liberal myself, I do not want to claim anything the Libertarians  believe as being remotely close to being left, since facts are they are not. Calling themselves the original liberals is far from anything the Liberals ever did believe in and an insult to the left.  Lets face it, if they were liberal they would be imbedded in the Democrat Party instead of the Republican Party.  If the media is struggling in what to call the Libertarians  and do not want to refer to them as the right then either Isolationists or Obstructionist right of the Party is appropriate.  The Libertarians over step continually the intent of our forefathers and instead of being a governing body they are both isolationists in the belief that a strong military was intended for our purpose of defense only and not to fight against tyranny around the World and obstructionists in the Senate and Congress or any governing body.

The liberal wing or left of government along with the moderates have always believed in the acceptance of everyone regardless of race, gender, or beliefs and have passed laws to righten those laws  that existed and continue to exist against the people due to the oppression or lack of equality on our citizens by Religion.  Liberals or the left have maintained a Democracy of diversity under the intent of our founding fathers, since the establishment of our constitution and the initiation of both Federal and States Government. To compare Libertarians or the Tea Party with the left is just more of the errors that get reported by a media who does not investigate what they report, any longer. For more details on the Tea Party I again refer you to my previous post entitled, “An American Libertarian.”

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It’s that time again folks.  Just when we can’t  take another campaign of lies it  starts heating up again.  The reason all politicians need to take so many breaks to go home to their constituency is to take home the pork that drives up the deficit with them and to convince the people of their States that they need their vote. It no longer is about what they stand for but how many lies they can tell about the opposition.  The people we elect don’t work in Washington for us but instead work in their own home States to win the next election.

The reason more moderate Conservative Republicans do not stop the lies and nonsense  about  President Obama denying the people their Constitutional rights, on the lies the far-right are spreading by the likes of Ted Cruce, and Rush Limbaugh, along with the Tea Party, is because they are afraid of the money and the powers-that-be in the Tea Party. They are afraid that it will cost them their own elections if they start telling us, the people, the truth about the dirty tricks that are pulled by the Tea Party.

If I would compare it to anything myself, I would compare the fear of the so-called rational Conservatives to the Tea Party  with the need of the people who attended Trump University.  Students for the most part do not have money or are not stupid but it is like they lost all touch of their common sense for an opportunity to rub elbows with Donald Trump.

Trump University was nothing more than a rip off that cost 5000 students $35,000.00 each.  Most of us  have to wonder why anyone would pay a non-credited school that price much less attend any school just to see Trump but that is what some of the students are claiming.  They said, “We thought we would at least be able to see Donald Trump but instead we only got to take our pictures with a cardboard cut out of him,” as though that was their biggest complaint after having been exposed as suckers. Isn’t it scary as hell to think that any of these people might hold power over any of us in the future?

It should scare all of us in just how easy it is for some  People in America to be taken in by other people who carry a large credit line or billfold and never have to prove anything. It could cost Trump millions for running a scam but the right-wing or the Tea Party bully tricks seemingly are working in their own Party as well as in the opposition.

Where the large majority of us can and do understand that men like Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are for the most part self-serving and entertainment worthy of being not much more than a joke; too many others will  too often take what they say serious .  The majority of us do see through their rhetoric and do view them as a bunch of cheap tricks and hot air, knowing there exists amongst us those who cannot separate truth from fiction and instead think these men credible.  Many others who know better treat them as being credible and pay them lip service because they feel that if they invoke this same mentality they can win or there will be something in it for them if they do.

It can be compared to thinking a mirage in the desert is the real thing.  Others know if they don’t accept this type of hate and rhetoric,  that these men spit out, as based on fact, and is often heard at  CPAC,  they will pay too great of a price in what it will cost them so they just generally accept the fact that these men who spread hate and lies are just part of the bigger picture and are a stepping stone  to their access to power. In much  the same way  Conservatives and Republicans alike, understand without taking the Tea Party money and support they will lose their elections.

These are not always stupid people but people who can be and are taken in by both money and power and are by nature controlled by greed, the idea of being part of the power or fame, or think they can change a system they are passionate about changing. They never do, of course, as they either get out or accept that the hate and rhetoric is part of what they have to accept and instead of making changes or a difference  they simply get absorbed into what is wrong in the Republican Party in the first place.

Do not mistake me  for a moment in what  I am saying, as  those in the Conservative cause are so dedicated to their principles that they are very sincere in the belief, ” that they and only they,” have the right to talk about family values and hold the high ground of morality for what is the right thing to do for all of us. Since it is so black and white to them they are often blind-sided to the idea that they are out-of-place since each person in America regardless of race, creed, gender, or color have a right to choose their own identity and destiny.

None of us deny that there does exist right and wrong in America and as such we do need to continually work towards a more perfect Union but when an entire group of people, whose perception of the truth or the differences amongst us are already misconstrued, are turned loose with the power that exist and the feelings of arrogance that they and they  alone are right and everyone else who disagrees with them are wrong, then we have an unjust system on all levels of Society.

Without considering the differences in cultural, religious beliefs, economical back grounds, and often times what may be wrong for one person to act on but life threatening if another doesn’t have the accessibility to act on the same behavior, then we should all be able to understand the heresy in the  black and white mentality and that its perceptions are seriously flawed. At the very least we should be able to accept the injustice that accompanies that mentality when we deny equality or choices from any American Adult to choose, when the capacity to do so is their inalienable right to do so.

When anyone outside of their black and white beliefs or narrow visions, is a person or are  people who excel beyond  their chosen spectrum of acceptance, the general belief of these Conservative fanatics is that the person who succeeds when  they deem they had no right to,  breaks through their barrier and  too often they genuinely feel threatened as though these people are robbing everything they are entitled to themselves, from them.

They themselves do not always have to be held up to the standards of their own moral virtues, but “By Damn,” the opposition or under class better bend to it.  Is it any wonder then when those of us who check out these often out spoken politicians own records, we  realize they often sound like hypocrites even though the same fails to register with them? It is not a rare exception, when a person or people who live/ lives beyond or outside of the Conservatives  perceived expectations, then literally they become their enemy because in the Conservatives’ moral convictions, it simply was not intended to apply to them or be that way.

They often over-look entirely the right of choice by the workers, minorities, and women or literally the common decency they extend to what they call, “One of our own,” or those who they can mold, because they are so convinced those rights belong to the Upper class of Society, which most commonly is the white heterosexual male. When they themselves are taken less seriously by the voters than what they take themselves they are left clueless. So convinced are they that they hold the moral high ground and the right to speak for the Nation they feel that they alone have the right to dictate, “what is what’. Gone are the old guard Republicans such as, Bob Dole, who felt America had a moral obligation to feed its hungry, and to  provide for the poor, disabled, and elderly through maintaining a strong government healthcare system, in this Republican Party.

Since they all have aides and speech writers of their own, they learn to measure their steps by saying what they think the people want to hear and can sometimes even ignore  the fact that Grover Norquist is always standing by with pen and pledge and not too unsubtle threats that if they do not comply to his and the Tea Party mentality and approval, then they can kiss any election win good-bye nor need they attempt to run for office, if they are foolish enough to think they can win without Tea Party money or support.  The mere fact that this group of bandits still refuse to believe their hand-picked candidate, Mitt Romney  was a joke, should tell the majority of us why the powers-that-be in the Republican Party are in essence destroying the GOP. When we combine that knowledge with its refusal of accepting equality in its platform at their National conventions ,then we understand the  mockery that these people are making out of what was once, “The Proud Old Party,”

Both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Conservatives  know they can lose their own elections  to the money and power behind the Tea Party, so instead of standing up to them and disputing their lies they play along with them, as to do so, they will be rewarded in their next election wins without competition, even when they know  what the right-wing and Tea Party  are saying  is plain ridiculous and there are no grounds to impeach our President. They view the Tea Party and fanatics as the lesser of two evils because they are so convinced anything less than Conservative is simply wrong or evil.

Conservative  Republicans will suggest that it is getting close to meeting standards of Impeachment where the few Democrat Conservatives will remain quiet and in doing so add to the weight of  the erroneous beliefs of those who are both brain washed and misguided into believing  that Americans are losing their freedoms, even though these politicians lower their own image and values in the process.  The only freedoms that we are losing are coming from this bunch of right-wing bandits and their propaganda.  I don’t know which is more pathetic.  Those who play along with Impeachment of our President, even though they know it is an insane suggestion or those who really believe they have grounds to do the same.

I realize that the Liberals talked about doing the same to George W. Bush as well, and certainly they can have similar actions when it comes to their refusal to budge, but there was that little problem thing that Bush did and it was to lie to the Congress in  order to go to war over weapons of Destruction that both the U.N. and intelligence told them Iraq did not have. They did not actually say they wanted to get out the oil that rightfully belonged  to British Petroleum and Halliburton, as that might have been classified as an illegal war. There may have been some grounds there if the Liberals had started 5 different committees on it like the Republicans have on Benghazi.

It cost these same Conservatives the election when they tried to go after Bill Clinton, for impeachment,  so why doesn’t the far-right and those who kiss their butts wake up to the dangers they cause in their own party when they even whisper such a thing.  Don’t they think the rest of the Nation catches on to their infiltration attempts?  Won’t even their fondest believers eventually wise up after a while and see a pattern forming here, right under their nose? They have gotten away with it for so long that they actually  are  working on the next generation of believers.

All the tea party and far-right fanatics  do is spread hate and lies and hurt their own Party. They never accomplish anything beyond campaigning and winning on their fear tactics.  Nothing gets done for ‘we the people’ beyond the pork they bring home. Is it possible these people stoop to this level because they only run in order to line their own pockets or is it to  make sure the white male gains back  what they think is their rightful Supremacy over women and minorities? Certainly a self-respecting Conservative with any values at all, which they all claim to be the “gatekeepers of”,  must know  these campaign messages of the Tea Party and right-wing fanatics do not sound too far-flung from what the Ku Klux  Klan sounded like in the 1950s

These same  right-wing fanatics and Tea Party Conservatives  create a Civil war in their own Party and try to deliberately slow down our Nation to a  trickle  when it  comes to hiring the middle class, job growth, and making major gains on the GNP. The main stream Republicans are afraid of them and can’t get along with them but that does not stop them from faulting President Obama in public as being a weak leader when they themselves cannot get them to budge and it is their elected job to do so.

The mainstream Republicans  instead refuse to agree with President Obama’s  agenda in public even when they acknowledge it is the right thing to do in private. These Conservatives cannot get along with these fanatics and show leadership in their own Parties so in their effort to not offend the Tea Party they play along with their lies. They have their well established media flashing the same rhetoric.  The right-wing Republicans along with the Tea Party who in many instances are even farther right-wing than the fanatics,  have made it clear that they have dug in their heels and will not pass anything that either the Democrats in the Senate or President Obama hands them.

One would think a person with any intelligence at all, would realize that President Obama is not running so the 2014 and 2016 elections should be about the positive points in the candidates who are running but ‘nope’ they are starting out this election no different from what they did in 2010 when the Tea Party won by a landslide. They are so arrogant as to think the majority of Americans will support them in their attempts to shut down the government in order to stop Obama care, because no one feels they dare stand up to them in their own Party.

It pretty much gets down to ,”If we tell the people the truth about ourselves or what we are really thinking or planning, we will never win so let’s go out there and spread any lies we can against President Obama.”  The sad thing is , it worked for them in 2010 so will it work for them again in 2014? If it does then are not we the voters to blame?

They are so intent in the blame game and spreading hate that it has not yet occurred to them they  are skating on thin ice themselves  when they totally dismiss the anger they create amongst the American people when they push forward to destroy the voters rights act while “doing nothing’, but obstruct the needs of the people.

Clearly there is enough evidence by now in the lack of courage in the few level-headed left in the Republican Party to stand up to them, so it is going to take the majority vote of the people to clean these obstructionist in our recovery, out.  When are the people they represent going to vote them out by recognizing they are either foe or coward, and replace them with people of courage? If that kind of politician can even exist in the Republican Party in Washington anymore.  If the Republicans can once more have a Party that is something more than an embarrassment, they need to stand up against the fanatics of the Tea Party, so when will they get started ?  That’s my question for the day.

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In my opinion, with an election coming up in 2014 and Congress doing absolutely nothing but forming another committee to try to find unfounded tie-ins with the Obama Administration to scandal, without any proof what-so-ever even existing, we now have another leak being promoted as proof of Government becoming Big Brother in the minds of the paranoid, far-right, far-left with strong support from defense attorneys, and the GOP.

I offer my own opinion in today’s post along with others’ who have been here and done that, and after observing years of trial and error with both the media and politics in general. I remind everyone the Obama Administration is also being accused of spying on individual citizens and the media in an effort to stop the leaks, at the very time they are accused of promoting leaks for political gain, by the exact same politicians and media.

The more the attempts were made by many of the same type of groups during the Roosevelt Administration during the recovery from the Great Depression, and later on the Clinton Administration following the decline of the 1980’s, the more FDR’s and Clinton’s popularity increased with the American public. These Presidents simply did not have as much of the made-up speculation, due to the fact the number of the Conservative and Tea Party groups and Social media have increased greatly during the Obama Administration.

Isn’t it enough that Rep. Isis is calling Eric Holder and President Obama, along with anyone who speaks for the Obama Administration and disagrees with his witch hunts, “Liars?” At no time in history has our President or Attorney General ever been shown such dis-respect by the Congress who are elected to carry out the Agenda of the President or come up with a comparable agenda of their own in order to give aide to the American people in need. Are any of us still so blinded by lies that we believe that Congress is doing their job for the American people?

“Fast and Furious”, proved nothing other than it was the Bush Administration who provided the guns that got into the hands of the drug cartels in Mexico and the Obama Administration did not act soon enough to stop the program, but stop it Eric Holder and his team did, even though the GOP, themselves, initiated the program before President Obama took office. The committee was not even formed until after Eric Holder had already stopped it. This Isis led committee, did not prevent the funding of this witch hunt, by tax payers, over a three year period while a Republican controlled Congress did nothing toward job creation.

We currently have not one but 5 different GOP Congressional committees investigating the exact same unfortunate occurrence that happened in our Embassy, while they still do nothing about job creation, making the changes that they criticize in Obama care, education, or lowering the deficit.

Corporate America is still sitting on a mountain of cash and slow to hire, not only because of European markets, but also because of the uncertainty of Congress to do something in regards to the jobs market. Luckily because of the programs by the Obama Administration, that did not require Congressional over-sight, all areas are improving and 7 conservative Governors, in their own States, are accepting Obama care. They were amongst the most vocal of all conservatives against President Obama’s health care.

9/11 changed the landscape of America forever. We are forced to accept the fact that we will all be monitored in interest of public safety, as a result of the attacks. It is our new reality. Anyone who thought we could continue as a Nation under the same lack of intelligence gathering, as was in place prior to 9/11, just were not considering how wide of a change was needed for government to gather the necessary intelligence to keep us safe.

The press comparing President Obama to George W. Bush is ridiculous except for the fact that both men knew then, as they know now,we have the capabilities to shoot down any attempts to attack America from outside of our borders but the concern must be for gathering of intelligence inside our own borders.

Government then, just as it does now, needed to put together a list of the names and telephone numbers of all of the American people as well as those who are here on visa and green cards, to have a clearer view of the contacts outside of our borders as well as those inside our borders.

Regardless of the media coverage nothing exists that government is doing anything differently from doing exactly that, and in doing so Homeland security is doing their job. Their own Agency was began by the Republican majority, as a new agency to government, following 9/11. Any thing being spoken of as fact beyond this type of gathering is nothing other than pure speculation on the part of both social media as well as previously established media.

If any of us are surprised the intelligence gathering is necessary within our own borders then just where do we think it needs to be gathered? The terrorists attacks, just as the Boston marathon attack, was done by terrorists already inside our borders. They may be influenced or brain washed by outside factions, through the internet, or over-seas visits, but it is inside our Country we need to be the most concern about protecting. I repeat: No one has a better military or defense system than America has, if anyone would decide to attack us from the outside.

Terrorist attacks did not come from outside of United States, but instead by people already here. This means that intelligence gathering occurring in the United States needs to be gathered in the United States.

We have over 1000 hate and subversive groups within our borders who are home-grown. There are any number of groups outside our borders who would work towards gaining sympathizers within our borders and gladly finance terrorism within the borders of our Nation.

In my opinion, taken from already established fact and history, all the media Bru-ha-ha over government over-reaching and paranoia spreading, over being able to trust government, is just more of the same politics being played out on the platform of the media. When they have no proof of the same and the facts speak for improvement in the economy, then attack the current Administration in office. This is especially grievous when those attacks are originating from the exact same sources who are not doing the job for which they were elected. It has always been the behavior of opposing parties but it has never before been when Government is doing their job to protect us.

Are we, as Americans, truly so paranoid we would think Government cares if Johnny is potty trained or if Aunt Mary is going to the casino or if Ethel missed Church on Sunday, and government is listening in and gathering intelligence on the same? There are not enough hours in the day or Agency’s available to spy on the pretty boring and non-eventful not to mention shallow conversations a great deal of us have on both the internet and cell phone.

The media making a mountain out of a mole-hill on a leak of intelligence gathering that should never have happened in the first place is just more of the same, in my view. Are there any Americans left who do not already know that government is hated by the far-right Conservatives, the Tea Party. and Republicans in general, and they pay their own media to promote the same?

Much of the broadcasted attempts by media found to be scandal, are the same behavior and programs that have been used and are currently being used in Corporate at their own conventions in an effort to inspire workers who must sit hours behind a computer program, and to give them a chance to let down their hair. They are seen as a reward for record profits or as a program to motivate the workers. Corporate just as government will use exercise programs to promote the health of their workers. These programs cost Corporate no different from what they do government and are used in an effort to compensate their workers for and to increase productivity.

The deficit is going down, jobs are increasing even with 10,000 Americans per week turning 65, and while many are drawing unemployment benefits until they reach the age of 66 and retire. Other seniors decided to continue to work while drawing Social Security and have since been laid off and continue to draw unemployment along with their Social Security checks. In both cases it shows up on the unemployment records or as people no longer looking for work and helps paint a gloomier unemployment number. The GOP’s refusal to prevent our going over the cliff has hurt job growth just as the uncertainty of Congress acting in regards to unemployment, a poor European market, and a slower demand for product has left big business slow to hire.

Despite All of the GOP investigating committees, instead of doing the job they were elected to do, they cannot discount the economy is coming back with 37% of big business announcing that they will be hiring thus making the economy still stronger by 2014, despite the Senate filibusters and the “do nothing” Congress. When they can’t point a finger of failure at the party in office, or the Obama Administration to be precise, then they will attempt to create scandal based on nothing other than speculation.

Housing is up, interests rates remain low on both housing and student loans, the stock market hit record highs, health care costs are going down, Social Security solvency has risen another 6 years and increased through 2032, despite the rate of retiring Seniors, People who could not buy insurance before and students are now able to buy or stay on their parents’ policies,consumer confidence is up, and Americans are about to see a greater over-all improvement in the economy ahead. America still has an economy that other Nations wish they could come close to matching and which most economist grade a medium to strong B with the majority of all economists being very optimistic about the increased growth over the next 2 years.

If the Republicans do not attack the Obama Administration now, then they will not gain the seats they want in the Senate and Congress in 2014. They and the few members of the far left have plenty of media who will suggest Government is becoming Big Brother even though intellectually they all know or should, that 9/11 changed the nature of intelligence gathering in America forever.

I remind everyone the law of our land based on common sense is, ” The hand of one is the hand of all.” Basically it means that just because the hate propaganda began out of our borders and entered into United States or was already present and home grown, all parties who conspired with or planned or will conspire with or plan attacks in the future, are as guilty as the person who plants the bombs or pulls the triggers.

If Face book, Google, Micro-soft, or Verizon or anyone, for that matter, are knowingly or unknowingly helping Government to track down criminals or terrorists, in an effort to keep Americans safe, where were our minds when it came to the future of intelligence gathering after 9/11?

These same internet groups, along with search engines when we allow them to establish cookies, monitor us anyway, and have always monitored us for far less reason. They want to find out what we like and what we buy and to pass that information on to Corporate America. Haven’t you ever asked yourselves how it is that they have any criminal records, our phone numbers, our credit rating, where we are employed, for a price and made available to anyone who pays for the same, or how they can map us exactly to the houses or apartments we live in?

Chat lines, Twitter, internet dating services, and any social media that have chatting, along with Face book,when we try to increase our friends’ list in an attempt to appear popular, know what we say to any number of strangers we include on our friends’ list. Anyone else who is part of that same Star’s, politician’s or new agencies’ repertoire also have access to what you say.

What we don’t know many times is if the name they are using is real or made up because all they need is an email address. Anyone can get those through any number of outlets such as Hotmail, AOL, I-cloud, or G-mail without showing proof of identity. We don’t even know for sure if they aren’t related to News Agencies, terrorists, criminals, or Big business. They do not just have our information and conversations but also have the same of everyone else on our friends’ list and their friends’ list as well. There was a reason our parents told us not to speak to strangers.

Clearly all of us should have known, if not then but certainly by now, that this is going on. We all need to accept as fact; every time we allow a site or search engine to set cookies, we are being monitored as to what we like, buy, or our public record, and what sites we visit.

Our Social sites very well may be monitored by the criminal element, terrorists, or Big Business, if we are angry or disgruntled Americans who promote hate we can be a candidate to be drafted by subversive or hate groups who are often very charming in their agreement with us, if we have a close relative who dies and they need their ID to use as fake ID, if we sound like people who would make good mules to take drugs across the border or into the United States without suspicion of the same, if we announce plane reservations when we are leaving America and when we are returning and even on what flights, we are often telling the World, come get me.

If we promote hate or swear, or brand others with labels, have a felony record, brag about being wiped out, stoned, or getting drunk, or put nudity in Social venues or on-line and talk about deviant sexual behavior, it can be used as a reason to fire us for our views or behavior. It can also be used as a legal reason as to not hire us in the private sector, when we are qualified in every other way, by Big Business. Americans talk entirely too much about their personal lives and research facts way too little, in life, on cell phones, and on the internet, thinking they some how have anonymity or only their friends can see it.

Government cannot do the same nor can they listen to our conversations but instead they can investigate through phone numbers and internet contacts, any correlation we may have to or with acknowledged and registered hate groups, deviant sexual behavior that is considered criminal, those who have huge potential to turn terrorists through their associations, have legal reasons to be suspected of crime or been found guilty of known criminal activity, or are already known terrorists through gathering of our telephone numbers and internet contacts. This has been the law going back to my farthest memory and way before the establishment of Homeland Security or waaaayy before the establishment of Social media or before the Obama Administration.

Do any of us really mind if government is now doing their jobs more effectively, since too many of us have been too slack in our own behavior of allowing strangers into our lives or our own children on-line? Don’t we need government to monitor or look for that kind of activity in order to keep “We the People”, safe, against our own naivety?

If we want to, instead, become out-raged and believe the media hype and speculation against the Obama Administration and those who protect us; currently being played out by the media, is not for political gain by the conservatives of both parties with strong emphasis on the Tea Party and like members of the GOP in 2014, then what can I say more, than I have already said? Not much. Have a good weekend everyone, knowing no one has the time or hours to spend listening to the mundane subjects and conversations, the great majority of us talk about or are forced to listen to, now or at any time in our lives.

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Too often as a Nation, we over look the risks and dangers of in-action.  We too many times talk about needing to help draw attention to both guns and mental illness but then the reminders of the tragedy passes and the powerful lobbyists again, win.

The facts are: we do nothing about the out of control gun ownership in our Nation because of the lies that lead to fear tactics, told and spread by the National Rifle Associations and many of their colleagues. People who run for office know and understand that the NRA is only second in power to the American Medical Ass. or the A.M.A.  With men like the Koch brothers backing the NRA, Republicans and Conservative Democrats know they will lose their jobs or never get elected if they even whisper, “gun control”, so as a Nation we keep talking about doing something and then we forget about it until the next tragedy.

When those who claim that,”we need to  grieve first,” I am in agreement with you if that is what it will take to give you the strength later to claim your responsibility to protect the children.  I am equally supportive of those of us who express our views now, as it is when we put a time clock on our expression of anguish, that we too often fail to do anything that will be heard by those who are responsible for such a needless tragedy. In America we need to accord the grieving of all people on their own time frame, because as a Nation we all share in the grief.  When we start judging each other in how or when they grieve or express that grief, then we fail to understand our own need to stop the in-action in us.

What always amazes me is the public outrage or disbelief that these tragedies often happen in small or rural communities.  Mental illness and gun ownership is as prevalent in one area of America as the other. If we recognize that abuse happens in one out of every three homes in America regardless of the social economic situation, and a person needs to be mentally unstable on some level or suffering from depression on another, in order to commit murder/suicide, then we can and should accept that our children are not safe anywhere as long as gun enthusiasts rights are protected by the lobbyists who control our Nation and politicians.

Depression that is sometimes brought on by circumstances in our lives, holds no favorites nor does it care what the size of the community is or the type of community we reside in.  The sad thing is that mental illness is easily recognized by those who refuse to spend their lives in denial, and as equally and as readily treatable.  When Politicians, the law or the courts, or insurance companies refuse to help parents by passing laws that aid in the treatment of mental illness and carrying them long-term on insurance policies, then the public will too often suffer the consequences. We as a society should never condemn the parents for the real frustrations and sometimes fear that they are left to deal with in the interim. We instead need to point the finger at those who are more committed to profit over the safety of our children and ourselves.

We know mental illness results as much from genetics as it does from environment and just as compassionate people should not fault people for the unfortunate circumstances of many physical diseases, we should not condemn those who suffer from mental illness.  When we do not demand the coverage of Insurance Companies to cover mental illness, but too many times complain because our premium costs go up instead, then we also play into the neglect of the needs of our own or are responsible for our own in-action. When we refuse to believe that as a Nation we all must protect the needs of our children, then we fail more than just our children but we fail ourselves, as well.

As a Nation we are hearing the underpinnings of the refusal to cover the cost of the health care for our elderly,disabled, and poor even though Nations less advanced than our own cover 100% of the costs of all of its citizens, without stating as fact, that as a Nation they can no longer afford to do so. When we refuse to invest in the needs of our people, we refuse to keep our children safe as well.  In order for our children to be totally safe in America we must demand that the 17 Republican State Legislatures who passed into law the, “Stand Your Ground Laws”,over-ride the law effective, immediately.

We already have a history of knowing when lay people are not effectively trained, do pull a gun on another or fire back, too many times we will fire into a crowd wildly which leads to more death, or we will freeze up and not fire at all. Shooting at a target or a gun club does not offer us the same reality as actually shooting at another human being does. Guns in the hands of those of us who are not trained or of the mindset, only causes more death and destruction, when called on to defend ourselves or others. Even trained policemen are slow to use their guns due to the collateral damage that is often present. Using guns to protect against guns is simply another fallacy offered by The N.R.A. and those who protect the use of guns. The Stand Your Ground Laws,  have already shown that they are just another death, waiting to happen in our children.

We can no longer let the lies that the hunter will lose his guns or it is against the Constitution to interfere with the right to bear arms over ride our own common sense, while we let the power of those who run our Nation through preying on the ignorance of others to continue. It amazes me and should all of us, that the argument that if they don’t have a gun they will use a knife has led people to believe that as many people would die in as rapid succession with a knife as an assault rifle or a hand gun, has appeased the minds of those who pay membership into the NRA or those who are supposed Represent us in government.

The guns that are meant for self-defense or offense serve absolutely no needs and only adds to the destruction of the meat of the game animals and leads to the lost of human life. Military type weapons and ammunition do not belong in a home where our most innocent of people live or visit.  When the investigation is finished in New Town, Connecticut, we will do doubt hear as we always do, the guns that killed came from the home of the mother,  who was killed and who made the same mistake that too many others make and felt that a gun was safe in the home or would protect her.

Statistically, we kill many more people with guns of self-protection than lives we save as a result of owning the same. When 34 people per day or 32,000 people per year, die in America each year as a result of guns, then shouldn’t we start talking honestly about a person’s right to live over the rights of a person to own a gun?  When we compare our death rates with the use of a gun to those of 600 per year to Britain,who have much stricter gun laws, then something is terribly wrong when we don’t have meaningful dialog on the right of Americans to live over the right of a person to use a gun at will.

If we as a Nation place weapons into categories and then ban those categories we do not deny the hunter but instead deny those who would and do kill. If laws are enforced and placed on us to make us responsible for the handling of the weapon used for protection, then the unstable will not be able to own guns. When the Republican Party refused to reinstate the Brady bill in 2004 or the Violence Against Women Bill in 2011, they made it clear that it is not the people they are safe guarding and investing in, but the lobbyists instead.

When the NRA refuses to take action to ban bullets and ammunition when the only purpose they have, is to penetrate the vests of law enforcement, but instead lobbies millions into campaigns to guarantee the use of the same, then we the American public need to have our voices heard. When we demand that the responsible thing is done to keep all of us safe, then we will no longer need to ask “Why?” When irrational acts are done by those through irrational behavior, then we must as a Nation quit denying, “that guns do not kill but people do.” Without guns, irrational people cannot slaughter our young people or those who would protect them, in mass.

When guns are not kept safe in our homes or those who would use a gun to end life, knows where grandpa keeps the key, we must be held responsible for keeping guns and ammunition unprotected in our homes by the understanding that life is more precious than the need for recreational sport, with a fire arm.  Just as we wouldn’t turn rattle snakes loose in our homes or watch our children do drugs, and then deny that they would not kill, we must quit denying that guns do not kill.

There needs to be laws established to protect the gun as well as the people. If laws were made that would ban the use of a recreational gun, to those who it is not registered to and enforced by a stiff penalty of law, perhaps the most recent tragedy, just as in Columbine,would never have happened. If they refuse to pass the laws then we as responsible parents must understand that guns do kill.  Just as we do not offer our prescription drugs to children without penalty of law why would we offer a gun to anyone who it is not registered to use? Recreational guns could just as easily be stored at gun clubs or shooting ranges or stored in gun safes by responsible adults in the home. If we can put on a seat belt then surely we can safeguard the use of a gun.

We, the American People, can no longer let the memories of our children lost ,be in vain.  It does not matter if they died in Milwaukee, NewTown, Aurora, or on the streets of Detroit, Chicago or Philadelphia, their deaths just as their lives did, need to bring forward meaning to all of us. Their short-lived lives must stand for the end to the destruction done in our Nation by guns that only serve the purpose to kill our innocent people. We can no longer deny that the gun in the hands of the unstable kills.

These adults and children’s lives need to stand for the good in all of us that seeks out and demands the end to such tragedy in our Nation.  We cannot forget the trauma also experienced by the survivors in these terribly destructive killings of our loving adults and innocent children. We cannot allow such destructive behavior to continue to make our children to feel that adults do not stand for their need to feel safe. We cannot continue with the mentality that just because some one is a member of our family that their outbursts,with draw from Society, or fantasy of killing is normal.

When we as a Nation put politics, denial of reality, or sacristy of gun use in the hands of the unstable, over the sacristy of life, then we need to ask ourselves,” just how misconstrued is the American love of the gun over the value of life?”  We all need to take responsibility for common sense guiding us over a misconstrued value system.

Sadly the N.R.A. fights against any and all laws to use common sense in the handling of a gun and the storage of the same. Every lawyer knows and understands that any attempt to control the storage or use of a gun will lead to years of litigation by the N.R.A., just as every Conservative Democrats or Republican candidate understands it will lead to lost of their election run if they refuse to support the stand of the N.R.A.

Do not let the media fool you into believing it is as much Democrats as Republicans in Washington as less than 30 Democrats in Washington are Conservative out of  approximately 289 with only 47 Democrats,both liberal and Conservative in the Congress, as verses 196 Conservative Republicans including the Tea Party in the Republican Party married to the NRA.  When photo opts of our Republican leadership are taken in the presence of the NRA leadership representatives, each election year are seen as a proud moment of the Republican Party, then we need to ask, “Would our voices be louder than the lobbyists if we refused to vote for any candidate who protected or promoted the NRA and their colleagues’ memberships?”

Isn’t it going, “to take a village,” just as much as a city of people who are willing to stop the insanity of killings in our Nation and those who believe that we have a moral obligation to protect our children, to join together, to make the changes?  We have more than ample enough evidence to know that the politicians have no plan in doing anything but talking about it, because they are afraid to take a stand against the lobbyists.

Those politicians, who are committed to do otherwise, need our help and commitment to them at the election polls and need to hear our voices just as much as the law makers and politicians need to keep us safe. Do any of us even know who the Federal Judges in our States are, that we keep electing each election? I repeat:”When the voices and the votes of we the American people”, are counted and become more powerful than the lobbyists in Washington and our States, then we will have a Nation that protects its children.

If  we had spoken up as much for the rights of our children to be safe, as others did for the fetus, do any of us doubt that the politicians would act differently in the hours they put in, on the floor of the House or the Senate to protect our children against violence? When it comes to making and establishing gun laws, don’t we believe that if our voices are heard and our votes counted, that the politicians would develop more of a dialog in doing something to keep our children safe?

All the money paid the politicians by the lobbyists and men like Sam Adelson or the Koch Brothers cannot win an election for the politicians who refuse to act in the best interests of the American people if we simply refuse to vote for them or re-elect them.  The real power still lies in the hands of the common sense approach of the people, when we choose to invoke the same at the election polls.

When our voices and actions are as empty as the politicians, then the more powerful the Insurance lobbyists,NRA,and the American Insurance under writers will remain.  It is time that we make the changes in ourselves now, by moving forward instead of shaking our heads and passing the buck. I have enough faith in the power of the people to believe that we can make a difference in the safety of the lives of our children, so no other family has to ever suffer the tragedy taking place in our Nation today.

I am wishing everyone the Blessings of the Holiday Season and compassion for the grieving of those who have lost the most, along with those of us who have lost as a Nation. God Help us all.

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Too often I have heard throughout my lifetime, “It is not fair,” or “someone should do something about it,”or similar statements. We all know people who face the most tragic life’s lessons and still keep moving on without ever giving up, but too many of us refuse to accept or acknowledge the fact that there are others who suffer much worse hardships from our own.

There are those who believe,” that they need to do nothing to help others because they already get enough help” or “such and such is lucky” or “never had a problem in their lives.”  It has also been my experience that people who believe this are the first to react the most poorly when they chip a nail or break a heel off of their shoe or their car gets scratched or their tie begins to unravel.

The people who really learn the importance that we place on things is pretty shallow,are those who will be humbled in some way by life and learn from the experience when they do. It isn’t always fair and the suffering is often very real, but it is how we accept or deal with the tragedies of life, that is the real test of mankind.  We can always rebuild things and many times re-heal bodies but if we give up or curse others,the price we pay can and will lead to defeat. Even when we exhaust all possibilities there does come the day that we must accept our own limitations and embrace the factors that make us the person we are, the person we accept. Often times in life we are presented with  re-inventing a new way to live life to its best abilities without making comparisons in life.

I certainly am not suggesting that we do not grieve an important lost of a  home,job,or even health.  What I am saying is that the longer we dwell on the injustice of the same, the longer we ultimately pay a price much larger than what we ever should have had to pay.  When we look at others and say, “they are lucky,” too many times we are being unrealistic about the sacrifices they made in order to achieve their success or giving ourselves an excuse for the fact that we would rather quit, drink beer, or shop than make the sacrifices needed. When we recognize that no one escapes life without a few bruises and some heart ache we realize that the difference is in how they handle or recover from the lost, is what sometimes separates them from us.

The reality is, people who are willing to get back up and dust themselves off following failure or mistakes,which we all will face at some point or time in our lives, will succeed with each time they vow to come back better than ever.  It has to be there in action and without resentment or fear overcoming our determination to move on or to begin again. As long as we have people in our lives we all will either experience the just or unjust.

Anyone of us can be grateful when things are going our way, the difficult part is learning gratitude when we feel that our life is not, by seeking out what is good in our lives.  No one will ever experience a life where they do not have something or someone good in it, unless they flee from it or reject the idea or the person who does support them. Other times it is our own gift of determination and awareness that refuses to give up, that makes us get up and move on. It is when we waste time blaming others that we weaken our own chances to start over again. When we understand the lesson taught us we will reach gratitude in the process, even though our loss may seem insurmountable in the beginning.  Starting over can be the best thing we ever do, if we learn from our past. If we refuse to accept our own role in it, then too often we will fail. It is the price we pay that often becomes our best teacher in life and teaches us gratitude for the lessons learned.

Life often gets down to how we deal with the insignificant that too often gets blown out of proportion. Sometimes we do find people are in the right place at the right time but too often we refuse to accept that it is not a place that we would ever have traveled to or a job we would have wanted or were qualified for taking. People who base everything on the almighty dollar often fail to understand or appreciate the joy found around the table of a family who has food on the table or a person who is content with just having the people in their lives that they do.

Life for most of us is as rewarding as the lessons it teaches us and the price we pay for it. It is when we learn not to repeat the mistakes but to be grateful for the lessons learned that we become comfortable with what we accept as our own success. When we hear people complain that they just never got the breaks another person did, too many times it was under their own feet but they refused to take the next step or  make the right move that would have given them more.

People do determine their own goals early in life.  It does appear that some people make one mistake and pay for it all of their lives while others mess up all the time and end up a success.  We fail to see that each time the person messes up they often learn what will or wont work towards their own goals.  What made the difference is that they were not afraid to start all over again. We all have different ideas of what exactly success is;for some it is wealth but for many others it is being comfortable in their own body by giving more of themselves than what they took  in life.  A proud Father or Mother can find joy in the Children that become adults and in the way they repeat the lessons taught them.  Many will find a warm roof over their head a welcoming step that predicts the success of their lives.  As people we are not all looking for the same ideas or have the same beliefs, but whatever steps we take we have to be willing to learn from them.

What is happening with all the excuses and the blame being passed around in the Conservative movement as well as the Republican Party,following the election, is the same thing that makes them fail to understand their own mistakes.  Unless and until they accept the responsibility for their own failure to hear the majority of voters, they are bound to repeat their mistakes again and again. We can all take a lesson from their failure to take responsibility for accepting their own mistakes and their own out of touch sensibilities to the needs of the people.

My husband and I together began our lives in poverty with him being a student and my working towards paying his tuition right along with his working a part-time job.  What we had together, was an education and it is what opened the door that began our future towards retiring well.  We have been poor and we know how it feels to go without eating because there was no money nor anyone who we would accept help from, if it had been offered.  We had a great deal of pride and determination to achieve over what we had money in our pockets.

We have been lower middle class and upper middle class and will retire comfortably. It didn’t just happen without our going without along the way.  Even today I just buy enough clothes and shoes to cover me.  The biggest waste of money a couple will ever make is on clothing, despite this idea,” that we must dress for success.”  A few good pieces of clothing intermixed with other pieces is all that is really necessary, to “dress for success.” If we do make it to CEO or are CFO of  a large firm, where this makes a difference, the wardrobe will be compensatory in the wages, as well.

As my husband retires and we plan the next journey of our life I know personally that the places that we have lived and the things we have done will take their right of passage just as they indicate the sacrifices we were willing to make. The employers we had that rewarded hard work, parents who taught us how to live morally,and the schools we came from,all figure into the success that we worked for as well as the children we raised into adulthood, who will contribute to the success of their own lives.

We could never have accomplished what we did on our own, as it took finding an appreciative and grateful employer who was willing to reward our hard work.  It took me a lifetime of living with chronic physical pain, while accepting my own limitations but helping others with the problems in life they faced, and the two of us never giving up on our dream. It is about accepting the price we pay in life and not letting it get us down nor spending a moments notice on what someone else had.  As we drive away to explore the next journey in our lives and to once more view the great beauty of America and her people,I pray that we accept what lies around the corner just as we always have. Too many times we let bitterness replace the gratitude for the lessons we should have learned, for the price we paid in living. Be grateful everyone and have a great day!

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In the beginning of mankind it was necessary for us to form together in a herd just as it is for animals to form herds and to gather together in flocks for survival.  A group of people or a tribe could defend against danger or against predators more effectively if they maintained a large group or herd.

They could forage together more effectively for roots,grains and berries,hunting that provided the meat, and gather together for warmth. Absolutely everything was shared by the group with a leader chosen by them to lead and he,because rarely was a woman trusted as a leader,was entitled pretty much  to anything he felt entitled to, as long as he kept the needs of the people first. He would always be served first before the group and any gem stones,feathers,or tools made were presented to him first before the others could share the spoils.  Just as the animal world has a hierarchy so did mankind.

In the animal world the male fights for the position against the weaker and the same was often true in the early days of mankind until after mankind advanced enough to the point that the title of leader was then passed down to the first borned son, generation after generation. Long before there was a government, long before there were Democracies,long before politics and political Parties, long before there was a Republican Party who referred to working together and picking a just leader of the people, who made sure the people were provided for,Socialism; mankind depended on a just and fair leader of the people. The people in return rewarded their leaders, so to declare as Mitt Romney did that the people were jealous of his wealth, made as much sense as too many other ridiculous statements he made in his campaign.In a civilized World today we still need leaders who care as much for the needs of the people as they did then, even though we no longer need to gather together in herds for our survival.

The protests that we often see in the Streets of a free Nation only arise because the people feel that they are being disenfranchised or starved to death by leadership.  The fact that the Republican Party with the help of the media, such as Fox News, only scoffed at the Occupy movement moving across America to stop the greed of the 1% over the needs of the 99%, has a great deal to do with why the Republican Party lost the election this year.  They had become so accustomed to ignoring the needs of the workers that they apparently felt they could run any candidate that they wanted to that would bend to the wishes of the far right and we the poor and middle class would succumb to their wishes because they used the herd mentality against their followers by whipping them into a feeding frenzy against President Obama.

So convinced were they that the deck was stacked in their favor to win that even when they lost Paul Ryan said,”We only lost because of the turn out in the Urban area” while denying they lost 40% of the over 55 vote,the youth vote, the women’s vote in the suburban areas,the gay vote,the Asian vote,the Hispanic vote,the Jewish vote, as well as the agriculture and blue-collar vote in States like New Hampshire,Iowa,Colorado, and Ohio as well.  They even lost the Catholic vote as well as both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney lost their own home States, and yet in their denial, they are still trying to claim they ran a good campaign.

None of us are so stupid that we do not realize that when Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney speak of the Urban vote they are talking about the poor and the African-American vote and when they insult one of us they insult all of us.  We know that first and foremost, we all are Americans together, and the Republicans are not granted leadership unless the American majority,made up of all American minorities, say they are our choice.

They cannot divide us even while they claim that our President is responsible for doing so. When Mitt Romney in his continued arrogance claimed they only lost because of the gifts (Obama care) given to those in the Urban area and free birth control to the young women, by President Obama, he only added more insults to the already bruised majority of us combined, who voted against the arrogance of the Republican Party as much as we voted in favor of the man we felt could better care for all of the American people.

If the GOP continues to refuse to accept the fact that they cannot run a bunch of clowns who are not interested in the people but instead pretend they are by spending billions of dollars and making voting against those who will not vote for them,as miserable as possible, they will continue to lose.  The middle class has lost too much income while the wealth of the wealthy has grown,for to long for the Republican Party to think they can continue to disenfranchise us as a group.

Modern mankind, often led by women who are also the majority voters, will not be fooled into subjection by their leaders, on a pact of lies and  billions of dollars. Adding conservative women to your party that are led by the beliefs of the far right will not fool those of us who do know that we are as equal as anyone else in America. The GOP’s problem runs much deeper than just winning back the Latino/Hispanic voters.  As Haley Barbour said,”The GOP needs to find a good Proctologist”, or as I say,” they need to get their heads out of their b….s long enough to understand they lost overwhelmingly,” and we both mean the same thing.  Republicans lost this election because they offered nothing different from what we have been paying for the last decade and will be paying for  generations to come,  and because we are not a right-wing Nation who denies equality to its people.

The blue-collar workers cannot be forced into giving up their Unions in favor for less pay and longer hours under the Republican control in our States,nor can they continue to fire teachers,policemen, and firemen and then expect our votes.  They may have won 53% of the white vote but basically that is about all they won and with those numbers they lost. It is no one’s fault but their own so it is time they quit making ugly excuses instead.  It is time that men like John McCain accepts that he lost in 2008 and give his along with the bigots like John Sununu, in the Republican Party, bitterness from his and their lost, a rest.

If the GOP wants to continue with their insistence that women are denied the right of equality to their own bodies while they try to win back the Latino/Hispanic vote while dismissing the rest of the minorities in America, they are going to continue to lose because just as the leadership in early mankind needed to be ever cognizant of the needs of the members in the herd,or be threatened by the uprise of the herd, today’s leadership needs to be aware of the fact that the needs of the people are fair and just as well.

We may be modern mankind with all of our own flaws but we still recognize a group of Bullshippers when we see and hear them.  You lost Republicans so lick your wounds and start rebuilding a Party that reflects the needs of the people over your own greed and run legitimate candidates with legitimate concerns for the people of all races,genders,gender orientations,and religious beliefs, over the lobbyists and the bigots, and you will again win over the vote of some of the people who do accept the needs of capitalism to grow as well.

Capitalism cannot continue to stockpile trillions while the workers go without food and homes and then turn around and  expect the workers to vote for the Republican Party who protects Wall Street at the expense of the people.  You lost, accept it, and get to work rebuilding a respectable Party over the disaster based in greed that you now own.  You fooled no one but a few but mainly yourselves.  The truth hurts sometimes but only when we own it can we make necessary improvements towards change in ourselves.  No one doubts that the GOP needs to tear down their structure and rebuild except those of you who march to the drum of  Carl Rove,Grover Norquist, the Tea Party, and the far right,still.

Good Luck and get to work adding moderates to your Party because the angry old white men are a dying breed and it is time you all learn to accept it. We do want to see two healthy political parties again,but it must be based on the needs of the people and have some truth in what it tells the people as well as the needs of capitalism, with a genuine leader at its helm.  We the voters are not going away.  Once burnt twice learned.  We do not need another Bush as in Jeb Bush, either. We are sincere in our wishes to see the Republican Party and their platform rebuilt on reality and on a new foundation. Once we do, and are convinced the people matter, then some of the voters will return to the GOP.

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I cannot sign off of politics until I say Thank You Voters! Three times I have watched elections, in my life time ,where the “Good Old Boys” tried to disenfranchise us. Never have I ever seen it get this close to the edge of destroying Democracy and I hope I never do again.

Until and unless, you the Republican Party, recognizes that women,African-Americans,Asians,Latinos,Hindus,Muslims,Jews,Hispanics,the gay community,American Natives,the elderly, the poor,the handicapped, the youth, and any other minority group are as protected by our Constitution and as equal to all the rights of life,liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as the white Christian male or the Plutocrat, the Republican Party will be rejected by us.   Tonight we proved to you that we are the growing majority. We are born with all the same rights as any American citizen or immigrant who comes here and works,loves,and breathes on American soil. We did send you, the Republican Party, a mandate because it is our numbers that are growing.

If anyone doubts our unity or the Republican lack of the same, all anyone needs to do is look at the tape of the limited races who were in the Romney crowd as verses the diversity of races in our President’s crowd.  The differences of representation were massive. When we join together in unity and tell you, the Republicans, that we must be recognized as equals by you, have no doubts about it, we are unified. None of us will ever deny any of the rest of us the right to our own healthcare,procreation,or equality in the job force or on the pay scale. Each of us will protect the full right to equality for all of us, and you did get a mandate from us.

As soon as our President won the elections tonight the Republicans started talking about now President Obama is going to have to make the effort to go to Congress and work with the Republicans, because he did not win a mandate.  As a member of the new majority, I think I speak for all of us when I say,” you are wrong.”  It is you who needs the new attitude adjustment.  Tonight you got a mandate from us that you will not treat our President like he is less than you are and YOU will work with him on His agenda, and compromise. We are tired of your filibusters and witch hunts and you must stop the behavior and instead use your time to help “We the People” who elects you secondarily to our President and Vice President.

If you as a Republican or one of the “Good Old Boys’ refuse to accept the fact that “We the People” spoke tonight and told you that President Barack Obama and Joe Biden are our choice, and now you must compromise, then you will find a Taxi-cab waiting at the corner for you when you come up for re-election too. We will not tolerate a Congress ran on filibusters or bills being attached that denies any of us our right to our own health decisions or our own bodies or Constitutional rights. It is clear to all of us that you refused to take our message to heart and to listen to us, the American voters, the first time we elected President Obama from your horrid disrespect of him and your refusal to hear us through him, these last four years.

We will not Tolerate another CPAC retreat where all Republican members must sign a pledge to vote against our President’s Agenda or not raise taxes on the wealthy. We will not vote for people who do not tell us the truth or whom we cannot trust because their lies are self-evident.  Too many of us would prefer to see all the Bush tax cuts run out  on those of us who can afford it, so we can replenish our Treasury.

We know that affordable health care needs more work and we expect you to make concessions and to co-operate with our President, so we can take temporary care of the unemployed middle class, the students who are our future, the abused and mistreated, the hungry, ill,elderly,handicapped and,any others of the groups you have chosen to disenfranchise, when they need a hand up.  We will not tolerate anymore bigots in our government who feel superior to anyone member or feel entitled to encourage their own to disrespect our President or any one group in our new majority nor can you ever run another campaign as dishonorable as the one that was ran this year.

We expect you to stop paper capitalism for the lobbyists, by recognizing that regulations do not eliminate profits but instead it eliminates greed. When you work together to cut the deficit you must first deny Corporate and oil company welfare, before denying us Medicare and Medicaid. We will not continue letting you convince us that the EPA is heavy-handed while we watch our children gasp for air. You must not interfere as President Obama appoints his own Federal and Supreme Court judges simply because they are not Conservative judges.

We know we will have to listen for a month at least, while you, the pundits, and Conservative media refuse to accept that you, the Republicans, lost because you offered your own party such pathetic choices both in the primaries and the general election.  I know you will never put the blame on your own backward mentality nor acknowledge the fault lies in the GOP. If you cannot eliminate the Tea Party and “Good Old Boys” from your own ranks, then we the American voters will have to do it for you. We have the power to disenfranchise you because we want to live in a United Nation where everyone is treated equal.   We much prefer that you sweep out your own trash.

Thank goodness this year and half of an election is over.  I never thought for a minute the polls were right as I know too many Republicans who said they could not vote for Mitt Romney, even while my State went 100% Republican. The Republicans were embarrassed watching the long list of right-wingers step forward in the Republican primary debates and shook their heads saying,”There isn’t a one of them I can vote for if they do win the primary,” and their minds never changed. My great concern all along was not that we didn’t want President Barack Obama and Joe Biden back but that your dirty tricks would cause them to lose.

I am always moved to tears of joy, when I see Democracy is still alive and well and that we will never be anything less than a Great Democracy,because character and hope will always win out over fraud and cynicism. No matter how hard you Republicans try to stack the deck against us, Democracy and the entitlement of freedom granted to all of us through our Constitution and Equal Rights Amendment, will eventually  always win.  We the majority, will recognize anyone who tries to return under another cloak of lies or to  deny our rights to our own health issues or equality for all.

You do not have nor will you ever have a monopoly on,”We the People.”  Good day,good luck, and happy thoughts to all of us. I am so proud of all of us regardless of how we voted because I know the hate and lies comes from them and not the majority of us! We want a strong two Party system where everyone plays by the same rules and understands and respects that we are all entitled to make our own decisions,we are Free, and we belong, regardless of the playing field. America belongs to all of us regardless of race,gender,creed,color or gender orientation.  As the 1970’s Helen Reddy song said,”Hear us Roar!

P.S. to Lars—We aren’t dead yet.  America is on its way back to being better and stronger than ever with a new majority! Just watch us as we move forward and grow by doing what Denmark has, and invest in our people.:)

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This will be my final political post,thank Goodness!  After having written on the truth of the far right and the Tea Party and their negative effects on the Republican Party and the cynicism across America that they lap up, with their below par candidates for two years, I welcome the end of writing anymore on the subject of politics.

My husband will be retiring at the end of the year and we hope to travel.  I welcome and look forward to being out of the loop on the political scene and playing in the sunshine.  Since this is my last political post and I have watched Americans throw away 6 Billion dollars on campaigns of lies, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  The sad thing is that the majority of the large donors spent it to buy their candidate of choice.  I applaud those who spent in an effort to stop the corrupt from taking office.

I am afraid that those who want a prostitute to perform in their favor in their politicians do so, to get their own greed fulfilled and are the largest contributors.  It would be nice to think the Republican Party itself would be spending those dollars instead to throw the bums out.  Men such as Sam Adelson and the Koch Brothers in the Republican Party, are stealing the votes from American citizens who are either to flip-flop themselves to make decisions or too bored to care. The sad thing is when the greed is coming from the Christian ministries who are more business driven than Christ driven and give of the money collected for the poor, in their efforts to sway the elections in their own Churches.

Unless and until men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist are shaken loose from the strong hold or the bully pulpit of the Republican Party the Republican Party will continue to prostitute themselves for the Tea Party and the ridiculous right who will and are destroying Democracy in America. This Tea Party driven Party will not even stand for a Republican saying “Hi” to a Democrat when they meet in the hall without threatening them on their re-election support.  Both parties use to break early for a drink together and now they cannot even acknowledge they know each other due to this insane hatred driven by the Tea Party.

The Republicans instead blame President Obama for not working with them when they filibustered more than anytime in our history against President Obama’s agenda and they met ten days after he was signed into office where all Republicans were forced to sign a pledge making President Obama a one term President, at their CPAC retreat. Those who refused to sign the pledge along with  Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana, were ran out of the Republican Party by the Tea Party in the primaries because he had the audacity to say,”We need to work together on a healthcare program.”  The ironic part is that the Democrats never ran against Senator Lugar all these years because he was respected by both sides of the aisle before the Tea Party entered the fray on the lie of paying down the deficit.  The good news is the Democrat is leading in the Senate race in Indiana against the Tea Party selected Republican who defeated Senator Lugar, and for the first time in 30 plus years, a Democrat is  expected to win the Senate seat the Tea Party forced Senator Lugar to leave.

We keep hearing from the media that all of this money being spent is necessary in order to win over the Independent vote. We see the polls changing every time they are taken and I don’t know about the rest of Americans, but  this election smells like rotten eggs.  It has been the biggest disgrace ever enacted on the American public, in all the years that I have been following politics.  These corrupt politicians and the people who back them have destroyed any decency left in the election system in America.  The voter suppression belongs in a third world Country governed by a dictatorship and certainly not in America! Instead the “true to the vote group” which is a self-appointed watch dog group of the Tea Party are claiming voter fraud where none exists and intimating voters at the polls who would vote for President Obama in States ran by Tea Party and Republican Governors. This same group have mailed out misleading information confusing the minority voters with erroneous information.

Sure politics have always had a stretching of the truth and we always needed to read between the lines.  In the 1950’s Democrat candidate Adlai Stevenson said to the Republican majority,”If you quit lying about us we will quit telling the truth about you.”The biggest difference is that we saw two men who would stand on the stage of their Parties and accept their Party’s election because they were driven to help the American people over a need to fill their own pockets.  We could believe that they were men of honor until Richard Nixon exposed them for the fraud that they were.  Even so they did not promote or refuse to stop the hate and lies that we have seen this year in candidate Romney, and his campaign contributors.   May we never see it again!

The political season use to be fun before the venom and mean spirited of the Tea Party and the far right won the majority control of the Republican Party and they along with their hate groups entered the picture. It is impossible to have an honest debate with them today because they can only come back with the lies and half-truths that have been programmed into them.  They do not have an original or independent thought or reasoning for their explanation or debate when we do try to press them into doing so. We use to be able to join together and have parties with red,white, and blue banners hung for decorations and discuss our differences and our own reasoning without name calling.  Elections were a time of celebration with both Parties being represented and now they are just a screaming match or those who judge the harshest get up and leave in a huff.

Anyone who believes the accuracy of the polls taking place this year must be in that undecided column that put the blame on Independents. Polls simply do not swing as much or as frequently as the polls have swung this year unless the majority of American pollsters are schizophrenic and the majority of us know better than to believe that they have lost touch, to that degree with reality,yet. Certainly the polls have not shown the conviction of the Americans voters. We may be getting close to a Nation of shallow voters but we are not quite there yet.  The media, depending on their own choice of candidates, just kept changing to the polls they preferred that were closer to the truth they wanted to hear, I suspect is closer to the truth.

I maintain many Independents are not Independent but instead uninterested in a two-party system or politics in general,looking for an utopia that doesn’t exist on earth or in our lives,has special interests of their own they want promoted over the view of the majority, or are ashamed to have their name tied to the far right of the Republican Party but in truth will either not vote or will vote Republican once they walk in the booth anyway.  They just don’t want their friends to know.

It works the same way with the Independents who use to call themselves Democrat but the liberals have been so maligned by the Christian community, in which they are a member of, that they fear to stand up for their beliefs that are opposite of their religious community. They too will vote Democrat when they enter the booths to vote. The fastest way to get attention is America is to tell the politicians or your friends that you are undecided or Independent. Neither will stop trying to convert you to their cause if you do.  I can’t imagine why anyone would tell anyone that they were either unless they do love the attention.

True Independents saw absolutely nothing this year that they would vote for because it is a sin to discuss Science and environment in the Republican Party today. Because the Liberals are accused of trying to be Jesus Christ and dividing the Red Sea or mocked when they talk about things like global warming that threatens the coast of our Great Nation, they play it safe and say nothing.

This election year was a disgrace to all of us, who do believe in the political system and like a good healthy debate with the opposition, but instead the waters were poisoned by both hate and lies by the far right and the media that feeds into it.  We heard absolutely nothing on details from Mitt Romney, other than, “I will not answer that before the election,I’ll have to check on that and get back to you on that, or No I will not show you my taxes.”

Anyone who would vote for a candidate, who would represent himself as Mitt Romney has, is voting strictly because they believe all the lies and hate that have been spread across America by the Tea Party and the people who would call themselves Christian or the Far right; or they would vote for Romney’s dog, as long as it was Republican.

These American citizens will continue until their deathbeds to either vote out of ignorance for what the Republican Party today represents, or against their own best interests.  Too many think that as a Nation we pay too much out in welfare for the poor and it is socialism to do so.  The real truth is: far more money goes out in welfare to the wealthy,oil companies, and corporations and is protected by the Republican Party.

I have yet to meet the person who did not give back for the Blessings they received ever become a true success in life.  Many of them if they do gain wealth, find that they are alone in life, without any real friends. Even their own children stand around with their hands out.  Those who hold the attitude of resentment against the less fortunate, in my experience, almost always fail in life. The true joy in life comes from giving back and making a difference in someone else’s life, without them knowing we did.

For the Romney campaign to tolerate an ad stating American generosity is supporting socialism because many of us enjoy giving,in my estimation is inexcusable.The more generous we are to others the more happiness and contentment we gain for ourselves.  This is un-imaginable to the selfish who collects things and people for their own needs and pleasure, so they hide behind the lie of Socialism instead. Obviously a self-professed Billionaire who made his money in one generation did not experience socialism in America so to profess his concern for the same lies is just more of the disgrace that was allowed to run by the Romney campaign. It is the same kind of campaign ad that was offered to the John McCain campaign and refused by him for being in poor taste.

Our economy is coming back thanks to the tireless efforts of President Barack Obama and these American citizens would rather see Mitt Romney get the credit for it while President Obama takes the blame for the Republican greed that caused the mess he inherited.  Throughout history messes made by Republicans and paid for by the middle class have been cleaned up along with budgets balanced  by Democrat Presidents. It is a total misconception that Democrats spend money and Republicans balance budgets.

Who in their right mind, who lives on the planet earth, would elect a President, like Mitt Romney, who refused to come clean with the people of his own Party and those who would vote for him? He has only shared what he feels about us, the 47% ,with the “fat Cats” whose taxes he has promised to decrease by 5 trillion more dollars and have it added to our deficit while he lies to his own constituency. It befuddles the mind and reasoning of common sense. I repeat:  May we never see another election year like the one we have seen this year! Please Vote on Tues. if you do not have an opportunity to vote sooner.  We need to get rid of the spread of hate in America before it consumes yet more American minds and drives reality and common sense out of our elections, entirely. Vote the bums out!

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The Doctrine of Celestial marriage in the Mormon Church, which basically states that women will join their first husbands for eternity on the various planets that allow for a man of the Mormon Faith  to become God like on that planet, denies women the right to divorce in the Mormon Church.

The more children attributed to a Mormon man in the celestial heavens then the more power that man will have on the celestial planets that he over-sees. Due to this Covenant in the Mormon belief, women are strongly encouraged to not use birth control in order to bring greater glory to their husbands and themselves in their after-life. Unless a woman can fully document adultery by letter in very detailed and humiliating terms to the elders, divorce is never allowed in the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church does not allow for either abuse of wife or children in a marriage by a husband or father because if either exists, it is their belief, that it is the fault of or error of the wife and child to honor or to perform to the wishes of the husband or father.  Since both is considered the blame of women and children neither are grounds for a divorce in the Mormon Church but can only be obtained through civil divorce, and to do so leads to excommunication from the Church when a woman does file for divorce.

The Mormon Church hires a full battalion of lawyers who will defeat any law firm of any less than substantial size, if a women sues for legal support or half of what is rightly hers in no-fault States following a divorce, or a child sues against rape or incest charges after they are excommunicated from the Later Day Saints or the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church refuses to acknowledge the fault of men against crimes of humanity in their Patriarchal Society and in a man’s family. The view prominently held by the elders and Bishops of the Church who are not ordained ministers but instead lay men such  as Mitt Romney, is the blame of the women or children to follow Church Law towards accepting the wishes and the final authority of the Man of the family.

Women can only be joined to their husbands in the temple if they have never allowed a another man other than their husbands to touch them. 16 years old sons have the power to advise their mothers as the Mormon Church advocates a Patriarchal Society with women being the child bearers and  home makers. A son nor a man can be seen doing house work on any level since this is women’s work. Mitt not knowing what he picked up at the Store is very likely the truth, since more than likely his shopping trips were done by the efforts of his handlers to appease the American public who will vote for him over it being a habit of his to shop. The handlers have worked over time in the campaign from having Mitt Romney appear in blue jeans to making him look like just a common “Joe” of the people.

Once a woman, usually as a very young woman since the Mormon Church promotes marriage in its young people, visits the temple for the first time she is given the sacrament of Endowment, and shown how to wear the “sacred undergarments’.  They are always white and consists of a top and bottom that is binding to remind her of her commitment to God and her husband.  Women are banned from wearing shorts,swim suits, or any clothing that is considered provocative and in most cases from wearing short sleeves.  The virginity of a woman is her responsibility, regardless of the attention or force placed on her by a man, as good girls cannot become pregnant by rape if they do not allow a man to have his way with them or dress provocative as to encourage impure thoughts or actions by a man.

Since the Mormon Religion teaches that the more children men have in the Celestial planets the more God like they are and will become, other women can be assigned to a married man in the Celestial Heavens, even though polygamy is banned in the Mormon Church on earth and only practiced by fundamentalists who have been excommunicated by the Mormon Church.

A woman who fails to marry a Mormon man in her first marriage is often assigned to the Bishops of her Church along with her children, in the after life, if she marries a Mormon man as her second choice. However, the Church is much quicker to accept pregnant brides in the temple and rarely will accept a divorced woman unless she can properly document adultery in her first marriage.

Because virginity is so important in the Teachings of  the Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church a woman who is engaged or spoken for, while her future husband goes over-seas to preach the Mormon Faith and to gain converts, will often stay with the family of the husband to be, as did Ann Romney stay with Mitt Romney’s parents while Mitt was in France furthering his Faith.

While men are over seas they cannot be in the company of other women, watch television or listen to music and women while their fiance is over seas must  give up their own choices for those two years waiting for their future husbands.  The teachings of Mormonism believes that when young people are taught these restraints for their Church they will remain in the Church for a life time.  The returning men must marry within 6 months of returning home.  Many brides who marry in the temple are pregnant, some figures say as high as 70%, but the Mormon Church would rather see pregnant brides than tolerate divorce.

The Mormon Church in America is the only Religion that has ever been given full and complete dispensation from the Military draft on grounds of religious beliefs. No Mormon will ever serve in the military so we should question if Mitt Romney is even fit to be Commander-in-Chief since being in the military has already been contested by him on Religious convictions during the Viet Nam War. Because  George Romney ran against Richard Nixon for President during this time in history, attention was drawn to  Mitt Romney protesting in favor of the draft and against over-turning it, during the Viet Nam War, and it caused many to see Mitt as a hypocrite even then. Mitt was in a castle in France with Religious Dispensation during this time while Ann Romney was living in the home of Mitt Romney’s father George Romney, waiting for Mitt’s return and their eventual marriage.

Although the Mormon Church has never held as other Religions do that Eve made Adam eat of the apple in the Garden of Eden, it does believe that it is the intent of God for women to be home makers and to produce as many children as the husbands want. All women in the Mormon Faith are expected to be married and to bear children for the men of the homes. Because the number of children produced increases the man chances to become God like in the Celestial Heavens, birth control is greatly frowned on. In a Patriarchal Society that is promoted by the Mormon Church, the Father and husband are the only voice of the home and what they say is the same as if God Himself has spoken.  In more liberal homes a husband will listen with compassion to the needs of his wife and children but what he says is the final word and must not be disobeyed.

Since patriarchal authority is so much the Covenant of the Mormon Church and without this belief both men and women are denied the ability to gain Heaven, the Mormon Church put in billions of dollars in today’s monetary values to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment from 1921 to 1971 when it was finally passed by a majority of the Congress.

They used the argument as did all the Churches who fought against equality for women did, that the equal rights amendment was not necessary for women because it was already guaranteed in the Constitution.  This same argument is used by today’s Tea Party members and was used throughout history to deny civil rights to minorities in the past and is still used to deny equality to the gay population today, as well.

The Republican Party’s majority refusal to even acknowledge the gay population with claims that they are not recognized by any laws, is no different from the argument that was used for generations by the “Good Old Boy”System.  This argument existed for centuries when it came to in-equality for women and minorities and made it possible for both to be denied their equal rights guaranteed in our Constitution.  Without the Equal Rights Amendment that guarantees our Civil rights of equality, the Good Old Boys ” made up of white males, had control over women and minorities, under these exact same claims and arguments.

Can we trust Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to stand up for equality for women and a fair wage of equal pay for equal work or for that matter to sign into law any Bill or Act that protects women and minorities against the abuse of the “Good Old Boy” system or in the equality that protects procreation for women today? When Mitt refuses to say he will support equal pay for equal work for women and says he gave women flexible hours  so they could go home and cook dinner for their families isn’t he playing into the stereo-type of his Mormon faith?  In many homes outside of his religion, men often do the cooking.

Flexible hours are as important for men as they are women and should not be gender specific and certainly not based on women cooking dinner, unless of course we are as out of touch with real life as Mitt Romney is out of touch. The true purpose of flexible hours is to make it possible for both sexes to be able to go to Dental, Dr., and business appointments as well as to be with their children if they need to see a Dr. and to attend their activities.  Do any of us think Romney understands the real purpose of flex hours outside of the Mormon Church?

Make no mistakes about it, Mitt Romney, is guided by his Mormon Religion as a Bishop of that Religion and has never said as John Kennedy said,”that if his (Catholic) Religion interferes with his duties as President to all people of all Faiths and all Americans, that he will resign as President of the United States.”

We have already seen Mitt Romney outsource jobs as Governor of Massachusetts and to gain wealth for the wealthy at Bain Capital. Mitt Romney left his own State in such a mess when it came to contracts on infra-structure and unemployment that he was not wanted back by the voters so he only served one term.  Even today he is losing his own State by a whopping 25% in Favor of President Obama while he instead claims he was a successful Governor despite the fact that Massachusetts fell to 47th in the Nation in job creation.Can we really trust Mitt Romney to get jobs in America for the middle class when his record indicate otherwise?

Since Mitt Romney does not specify that it was his actions as Governor of Massachusetts that created number 1 schools in Massachusetts, he does not get a “liar pants on fire,” from Politico but instead an incomplete. Massachusetts has always had good schools and to question if they are number 1 in the Nation is legitimate enough to do so. Maryland, instead, holds the record of having the Number 1 schools in the Nation and many credit the Democrats for making it possible. When we understand that Mitt Romney hired the same Paul Ryan team that made up the Ryan plan to do his budget can we trust that Mitt will not reward the wealthy and punish the elderly and middle class?  Is that why Mitt refuses to tell us which loop holes he will close?  Can we trust the fact that Mitt Romney will not do away with Medicare in favor of vouchers or Obama care in favor of the greed of Capitalism?

Can we trust Mitt Romney not to appoint the next two Supreme court Judges as the next two retire, to protect the equal and civil rights of All Americans.  If he chooses instead from his Mormon base, in which there is a strong fraternity, then can’t we be certain that the Equal Rights Amendment along with Roe vs. Wade will be thrown out by a majority of Conservative judges who consistently vote as Judge Scalia votes? We are that close in this election to denying equality to many in America and to defeating Democracy as we have known it.

If it is your son or daughter or grandson and granddaughter can  you afford to  gamble on that when the past actions and statements of both Mitt Romney and Tea Partier Paul Ryan, disallows for the equality of all Americans?  Did Mitt Romney really mean what he said against 47% of American voters and Paul Ryan agreed with, on the 30% of Americans? Was it just coincidence that they are both on record as saying the same thing against the American people they claim refuse to work and would rather be victims?  You decide, and then re-elect President Barack Obama and vote Democrat in November.

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