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For those who do not know what CPAC means, it is the initials for Conservative Political Action committee that is meeting for the second day today, to firm up their straw poll for which candidate they will support. Early forecasts, and if you read my post yesterday it should be no surprise to anyone, if applause is any indicator, it appears that Rick Santorum will be their choice.

If I may digress from the title for a moment, when Rick Santorum was asked what he thought about the changes being made in the military for women in combat; He said, and I quote,”I do not think that it is a good idea to put women on the front lines as it would offer too many distractions because of emotions.”

This is another typically insane statement that comes out of the disturbed mind of Rick Santorum. Everyone appears to be puzzled by exactly what he means. Does he think women are too emotional to do the job or does he think it will distract the male troops if they get an erection? When he exclaims,”It’s hot down there”, one can only believe he is talking of the later, unless perhaps he has a venereal disease for which he needs to be treated with anti-biotics.

The man is so focused against women libertine and against contraception, just being wrong in his mind,it’s anyone’s guess what he is saying. His ideals are even extreme when it comes to the teachings of the Catholic Church, which he professes to be a member of. He clearly speaks as a man who only sees women as a womb and therefore incapable of anything other than procreation. Apparently he is in favor of the idea that women just lay there and conceive since the fear of pregnancy or pleasure, would be a sin for women, in his convoluted mind.

The really offensive thing, and it only follows up with the bigotry in the Conservative group and Tea Party belief, is that the White Nationalists are speaking at this Convention to not only promote their own ideology but that which the John Birch Society embraces and from which the Tea Party springs, as well.

The official interpretation of the White Nationalists is that it is an intellectual society as well as political that advocates National identity for the white race with subgroups of White separation and White supremacy although they try to play down the supremacy group while in conversation. They use statistics and social science to define their self-conscious white identity. They challenge immigration,civil rights and racial integration, no different from what the Tea Party does.

White people are defined by them to mean people of White European descent with non-Jewish roots. The truth is they are no different from the judges, ministers, and lawyers who use to wear white robes and hoods with the exception that they do not go around burning crosses or killing innocent people.

For those of us who know that the Conservatives claim to be so pro-Israel, we have to question as to why they would tolerate such bigots at their conventions, much less let them speak.

The answer of course is that when Rick Santorum made the comment in Iowa, “we needed to make black people get off welfare and work for their pay check.” he spoke out loud what the Conservatives really say behind closed doors. Only Newt said it out loud in front of the World when he said,”Black youth need to be put to work as janitors in the schools and babysitters at the illegal age of ten. The bigots are gathering to train their subjects.

If the Conservative and Tea Party connections, do not scare us all then those of you who are bigots, all I can say is, I am sorry that you allow yourself to hate because it only destroys you.Many times when we think we are better than someone else that “Karma” will follow us to the point that it will either turn our own children or our grand children against us.

Those of you who think your genealogy will withstand the “white test” could be surprised to find yourself the victim of discriminatory practices, by the time these bigots finish their studies.

There were laws prohibiting marriage in Europe, as well as America. People were not allowed to marry outside of their Class, Religion or Race. This did not prevent couples from falling in love, although it was forbidden by law.

As a result of the lack of effective birth control for women, unlawful pregnancies did occur. If they married or considered marriage, they were put in jails and frequently sentenced to death. Other times they would be hung and beaten by what was known as mob justice or vigilantes. Fathers and husbands had a right to punish their daughters or wives in any manner they saw fit.

The Ku Klux Klan killed Catholics, Jews, and African-Americans, while others looked the other way and denied any knowledge of the same. Bombings of Churches and Synagogues along with homes of families and lawyers, who worked towards civil rights and in defense of the same, were a constant in the South. If they did not seek illegal abortions under duress, then adoptions were sit up that gave the child different backgrounds and a new identity.

The hate that existed amongst races and religions,were more violent because of prosecution today, but the hate being directed towards people of the Muslim religion and against gay marriages, today, is the same, as the bigotry against inter racial marriage was then.

It is government and the laws that prevent the constant and continued violence that they were able to get away with then. The Conservatives and Tea Party have a continued refrain as to the interference of government in our lives, since they believe equality of the races, women, and workers is theirs to determine. In truth, they see us as the”lesser of God’s creatures,”for which the Bible gave them dominance over. They quoted the Bible against inter racial marriages then as they do against gay marriages today.

No one ever spoke of or ever told children, who were conceived out of marriage, that they had been adopted out to other families. Closet secrets were to remain in the closet and anyone who failed to “Honor” the secrets, was usually sent away from the family or made the “Black Sheep” of the community. Other times the community would literally pour hot tar on them and then pour feathers over them, if anyone divulged any truths that were to remain secret. They had many ways to force people to remain silent through acts of humiliations, if anyone was to tell the truth.

If the children were too young to remember the adoption, they grew up never knowing they were adopted but in many cases always longing for something that they felt missing in their lives. The adopted child simply took on the religious beliefs of the family who adopted them along with their nationality or race.This produced many of our ancestors. It was not until 1967 in Pace vs. Alabama, The Supreme Court ruled that inter racial marriages were legal.

At other times, the family who declare European descent, and think their ancestors did not marry or have a family member of a different race forced to produce a child in their family, should reacess their thinking, as it is very rare in America, when a member of our own family was not placed in a compromised position by those who felt entitled to commit injustice against a member of our own family.

All of us have members of our families who would be of questionable descent on their list of “unacceptables”. Men of all nationalities as well as men of white European descent, throughout the world, have forced themselves on women of all races,creed and color since the beginning of time. When these bigots determine who can pass their tests, they go back many generations as what they really are after is dominance of the entire human race.

The attacks on women or on other occasions, the secret affairs by women, have produced children who became our ancestors, even if they did not marry them out right;as a result rare is the family that would not be considered a mixed race family by these bigots. We cannot let the bigots amongst us return us to the 1700’s mentality, with our help.

When they claim, “President OBama is causing Class Warfare.” they are doing nothing more than using diversion tactics in an effort to cover up the truth. It is no different from the tar and feathering of another time in history. By now we should all be aware of their intentions to deny equality to all but the 1%, while President OBama fights on for the best interests of all of us.

When people of different backgrounds and ideas meet to discuss different thoughts,actions, or theories we become the most advanced and strongest in the job market. It is through new inventions and ideas that we lead the World in productivity. This is what has always given us the step-up and advanced us as a Nation over the rest of the World.

Even with our economy, that is slowly recovering, we are still considered the safest Country in the world for other Nations to invest. When we accept the differences that exist in all of us, regardless of race,creed, and color, we also lead the World in the acceptance of morality and human rights.

It has always been the differences between us that stimulates thought and engineering in American Democracy, and has made us the greatest Democracy in the World. To allow these bigots to destroy our acceptance of diversity is no different from if we, ourselves, participate in the destruction of our own Democracy.

I will digress again and offer an update on the Wisconsin recall of Tea Party Governor Scott Walker, as another thing that must never change us back to the mentality that these bigots are suggesting and before Unions were established to protect our rights as workers, is the right for the American worker to receive an honest day’s pay for an honest days’ work.

After the Koch brothers pumped millions of dollars into their efforts to save Scott Walker, the legitimacy of the million signatures that were gathered on the petition to recall him, have been verified and found accurate. It is the largest ever done in history.

Scott Walker’s Pacs are running ads that are filled with lies with the 4 million dollars pumped into his fight to remain in office, from Tea Party interests.

Those who do not know what the problem is, Scott Walker, has been Union busting in the State and has laid off more workers in Wisconsin, than any State in the United States, as well as, set back the teaching staff, to the point Wisconsin schools may never recover.

The up and coming bright star of the Republican Party and Tea Party darling, governor Mitch Daniels, of Indiana is doing the same thing with the Republican majority in his State by passing through, “the right to work laws.” This has also been attempted in Ohio.

The Republicans in Virginia, under the guidance of Bob McDonnell, who is on the A-list as a vice Presidential candidate, have passed through the legislation, a bill that would ban all birth control. They have also passed a bill stating that all women, including rape and incest victims, must be probed by a totally intrusive, sometimes painful, and unnecessary vaginal ultrasound, before abortion can be allowed.This includes women whose lives are endangered by pregnancy.

The legal definition of rape is any unwanted penetration of a person’s body. For the State Republican legislators of Virginia to deny women their Constitutional right to their own body and instead declare it legal to penetrate a woman’s body with a vaginal ultrasound, is nothing more than legalizing rape against women.

All this is unconstitutional and very humiliating and an unnecessary expense for young girls who are victims of rape and only subjects them to another rape as it does all women. It is totally degrading to women’s rights for the State to say it has the right to choose how women’s’ bodies and health will be treated. The Republican majority also passed the”right to work laws that breaks up the Unions so that factories and Corporations can lower wages to the workers, while increasing hours that workers must work.

While the Conservatives all yell,” about too much government,” it is too much of the bigoted Tea Party and Conservatives, who are responsible for our corroding rights, as American citizens, instead. While the Republicans stir up Religious rights being infringed on in Congress, they are only throwing up more smoke screens to deny the right of every woman to make the decision in their own health, in their Doctor’s office.

Government as does Unions,protects the rights of women,minorities, and workers, and that is why they make so many inaccurate statements and complaints about government interference and against Unions, while they themselves totally abuse our rights to choose,to determine our own health issues,lifestyle, earn an income, in a safe working environment, that will provide for our families and maintain our human dignity, because their real interests lies in doing away with both government and Unions that protect us.

Finally then I will close with this; If we do not educate ourself further on the sameness along with the differences between ourself and other ideas,races,political parties,and,religions,we will never truly know ourselves. When we refuse others the right to accept what they have an equal right to we refuse ourselves, as well as the next generations, their rights to earn dignity from a job well done.

Our Forefathers understood that morality could not be legislated. They understood as the rational members amongst us do, that none of the Churches much less mankind itself, would or could ever agree on what rules of morality would apply.

No two Churches in America have yet agreed 100% conclusively on what they determine to be moral. Even inside their own Church there are many extreme interpretations of morality that often lead to splinter groups or Churches breaking away to establish their own Church with their own definition of morality. When they do come close to agreeing they argue over how it should be handled and who will be in charge of determining the rules and administering the same. That argument, with a 70% majority of Tea Party and Conservative membership, has entered the Republican Party and renders them ineffective with agreeing on anything or more importantly, to represent “We the People”.

It is the Tea Party, Conservatives and bigots,once more trying to infringe on the rights of American citizens,while hiding behind Religious Rights, who would do away with the Equal rights Amendment along with decisions of the Supreme Court and our Constitution that protects us all.

European descent means nothing to how we live, it is how we think, feel,act towards others, and accept other people, who are different from ourselves, that says it all.Ignorance is always at the key root of bigotry and hate, and often followed by greed. Once we learn about others we learn more about ourselves. If we vote in ignorance then every member of our own family will pay for the mistake we make in November, generations after us.

Good luck in your studies, if you are ready to let go of the your own misconceptions. I hope so for your sake that you will take this advice that I offer. Usually I don’t offer advice to others but in this case I will make an exception as I want all my readers, along with our neighbors and fellow citizens, to know the pure joy of acceptance of the equal rights of every American citizen.

Under my own logo I totally discourage taking advice from others who are unfamiliar with our own feelings and circumstances so it is a true contradiction for me to offer it, otherwise. Orson Welles said it best when he said,”Giving good advice is utterly pointless as the wise do not need it and the stupid do not listen;” with that I wish you all a friendly week-end everyone. Don’t forget to hug someone or a pet.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney was the winner of the straw poll but only because his group bought votes. Just another prime example of politics at it’s worse.

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In Griswold vs. Connecticut the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the use of contraceptives could not be prohibited by any State and that is was a private matter protected by the clause in the 14th Amendment. The use of contraceptives is a personal decision granted to American citizens.

In Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court made it clear that abortion is a personal decision and a woman’s right and should be made between a woman and her Doctor.

The Conservative movement in America is screaming about Government being in the bedroom but in truth it is they who have filed case after case with Conservative judges to the point that the number of cases in the Court system are backlogged when it comes to their attempts to control sex and birth control in America. They are spending today and tomorrow at their annual meeting to firm up their decision to who can best control us as a Nation.

The Conservatives constant interference into the private rights of American citizens should be a concern to all of us, as it boils down to a bunch of white males or “Good Old Boys” and 33% of the American population, who have become so involved into denying the private rights of American citizens, to the point they have lost all touch with reality in most cases.

Their lack of respect for the Constitution and Supreme Court that grants the private rights of women and gays has made them totally disrespectful towards both. They are telling both women and gays that we do not have a right to enjoy the freedom granted us by law and under the Constitution of America. In their back rooms they practice bigotry and hate towards other nationalities and beliefs, in the most bigoted manner, while they deny that prejudice exist in America.

It is this hate in them along with their obsession over the sexual act itself that is destroying the Democracy that we all have a right to enjoy. All four candidates running on the Republican ticket are leaning so far right as to curry the favor of the Conservatives to the point they are making a mockery out of our Constitution and the Supreme Court that was given the clear power to grant us the rights of Freedom to choose for ourselves.

When a couple of Catholic Bishops complained that Religious rights had never been so stepped on by President OBama it was nothing more than the same old smoke screen thrown up every time that the Christian Churches in America become concerned that their right to control women is slipping.

Since 98% of sexually active Catholics use birth control and since the Church cannot force them to not use it, they are trying to force government to ban all contraception used by women, and in the process, deny all women their Constitutional right to their own health issues.

It is Religion interfering into government while President OBama is insisting that women’s healthcare needs are as important as men’s. In Griswold vs. Connecticut it is specifically spelled out that no State under the 14th amendment can deny women the coverage of insurance for contraception.

Since our forefathers clearly formed the Constitution making both separation of Church and State law as well as the decisions of the Supreme Court the last law of the land including over Religion, then it is religion that is transgressing over the law of separation of Church and State in their efforts to force government to abide by their teachings.

Pro choice is not pro abortion but instead the choice of women to determine their own health issues. The Churches promote the label of pro-choice being pro abortion when it is instead the right of women to ensure The Equal Rights Amendment that guarantees women the right to make decisions on their own bodies and health issues. It is not only abortion that the Churches are fighting against as it is the use of all contraception by women, through forcing the government to do what they cannot do in their own Churches, they are clearly trying to usurp the authority of our Constitution and Supreme Court decisions.

We experienced the same thing with labeling by the Conservative attacks against the liberals during the McGovern years. Since then the word Liberal or Progressive has been held in the same position and demonized as a product of Satan, amongst the Conservatives; To think that in the year 2012,anyone who wanted to advance the cause of women, gays and minorities would be branded as sinner and destructive towards Religious rights, blows the minds of most free thinking and rational people.

I have already reported 28 States have already made in mandatory that Religious Institutions provide contraception for women. The largest Catholic University in America. Depaul University, along with numberous other Catholic Hospitals and Universities have always provided for contraception.

In their efforts to defeat President OBama and swing the vote back to their candidate of choice, Rick Santorum, they threw  up a smoke screen to win and control the elections in the swing States and called out the Evangelicals to assist, and it worked for them. The truth is they do not like Mitt Romney as they think that the Mormon Religion is a cult and not a member of Christianity. Personally, I believe he is every bit as destructive to our right to be free as all the other candidates, as he too claims to do away with contraception. It is banned already in the Mormon Church.

If we have ever been raised Christian then we all know that we are born with an automatic defense system to protect the Church. That is because we are brain washed into believing from almost “day one” that the Church has always been under attack since the day of Christ. We take a Sacrament to protect the Church in some cases, so we become defensive anytime we hear anyone speak against it, even when others know what is being said is nothing more than the simple truth. they have come to rely on that when shoving their candidate of choice onto the American voters.

This is true in most other religions as well. Christianity survived because of the women after Christ death and Resurrection and it was the women of the Church who gave alms to the poor and established much of what would draw Pagans to the Christian Church. that has been lost in the teachings of too many, today.

The need to control women and gays has never been greater than what it is today, across America,by the Conservatives to the point it has reached the point of a sick obsession. Rick Santorum would convince all Americans that the 40% of Americans who are single or from single family homes, are all nothing but losers, and therefore not worthy of the Constitutional rights of the perfect family that consist of both Mom and Dad in a home where the couple are married.

When a candidate like Rick Santorum is their candidate of choice in the year 2012, we can begin to worry until we realize that worry is not necessary when we realize that we are rational and aware. If he is President he has said he will ban the use of all contraception because the libertine movement of women and the use of contraception is just plain wrong. How he plans on doing that with the Supreme Court being the last law of the land, he does not say.

Rick Santorum has also said that gay sex is not same person sex but man on dog sex. He like Michelle Bachman, another Tea Party favorite, would point missiles towards Iran without the use of sanctions or diplomacy. He claims that President OBama is protecting Iran to attack Israel. Clearly this man does not plan to lead by putting the Equality of Americans, truth, or common sense, above his own bigoted views of hate. We are looking at a very disturbed mind indeed, and the people who would vote for such a person are equally disturbed, in my estimation.

Although the polls show that these same 33% of women oppose the use of contraception the other 58% of women believe it to be our own personal right, since it is, and has been established in the Supreme Court. The great majority of us would like to think that if we were being denied our rights of equality we would make certain that the person trying to deny us the same would not be the person we would elect to office of the President.

This seems to go right over the head of some women when they are told to vote their conscience. Unless we have been brainwashed ourself, we cannot possibly understand why women do constantly vote against their own best interests and for inequality, without being made to feel guilty when they do get the courage to do the right thing for all Americans, and demand their own God-given as well as State given right to free will and equality.

It flys into the face of all of us who use our brains to rationalize, that Trump would promote the Birther Belief that these 33% of our population still cling to, when they firmly believe that President Barack OBama is a Muslim and not a citizen of the United States. That is until we realize that Trump is the Master of Paper Capitalism, that got our economy into the mess it is in. Without backing the Birther belief, he stands to lose the Republican support of getting banks to loan him money without collateral or assets to back it. This 33% are being held hostage by the greedy in the Conservative Party, from this brainwashing, to the point that they are trying to remove President OBama’s name from their election ballots in Georgia.

The Republican Party, is being controlled by the Conservatives and Tea Party, and are doing their best to destroy the Democracy that has always made us Great. They believe that their own personal need to control humanity is more recognizable and entitled, than the right granted each of us under the Constitution and the Supreme court.They will not be stopped until they appoint their own judges that will deny all minorities, gays and women equality in America, while promoting their causes.

The Conservative Party, joined by the Tea Party, within the Republican Party in America today,is nothing more than a bunch of Rednecks and Bullies in Suits, who plan to keep their woman in place. The Republicans are arrogant enough to think they, not the working poor or the middle class, have the right to keep us subjugated to them, through lowering our standards of living and denying us both the Unions that protect our wages and working conditions, while they eliminate the Government Departments that protect our rights and offer us jobs.

The Conservatives can be likened to a bunch of people who go out and eat an expensive meal which they may pay $300.00 a person for, and then come home and try to deny the baby sitter the $10.00 that she has earned by giving her $6.50 instead. They feel that they are the entitled amongst us and therefore they have a right to deny the rest of us our just due.

They have taken their religious convictions into the political arena to the point their real and only political zeal in to deny the rest of us both our God-given rights as well as our State given rights. When we are told it is a matter of conscience, what they really mean, it is a matter of conscience as long as we agree with their interpretation of the same. When we don’t, they will do everything in their power to pass laws and to block us from the equality that is our right to own.

Since the Conservative base only makes up a third of our Nation,but they have to throw up more smoke screens to upset us as a Nation and use their politicians, such as Boehner to yell louder about the injustices of President Obama against Religious rights, while they block legislation to improve the lives of small businesses, the working poor, and the middle class. The Republican Party itself has grown to 70% of Conservatives, in the last 10 years and that explains the ruination of the Republican Party to get any agreement on anything.

All this hate is to convince Americans the Conservatives and Tea Party base, are the moral majority with the right to control the lives of the rest of us. Sadly, they instead are promoting hate through their sick obsession to control the human race on their terms, and by denying all of us both our God given as well as our State given rights to free will and the pursuit of happiness, while calling President OBama dangerous.

It is time we stop all the upset and drama being created by the Conservatives and Tea Party, so we can get back to solving the problems that our wounded Nation needs us to do, by electing those Democrats who will work for us, and with our President that we elect. Make sure before you do that you check their voting record out, as 20% of the Democratic Party are Conservative, as well as, a few lean so left that they create stunned growth as well.

We Americans always have been and always will be the strongest, without these Redneck Bullies trying to control our lives and destroying our freedoms. We need to eliminate their little band of thugs, at the election polls in November.

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I would tell you President OBama, “Do not back down on the bullying being done by the Right-wing Conservatives.” The fact that the Catholic Church has declared war against you publicly, only indicates just how desperate the Conservatives have gotten this week. Catholics usually keep that information close to their vests, unless they are feeling desperate. Women and children of incest and rape are depending on you not to back down.

Women, gays and minorities, as well as, the working poor and middle class are behind you and backing you. The low turn outs in all of the States in both of their caucuses and primaries all show that. Mitt Romney only won 8% of the total vote in Florida while winning 16,900 votes out of a population of 2,900,000 in Nevada. The lower than normal turn out also happened in Iowa.

Rick Santorum’s sweep also is equally weak even in highly Catholic Districts. Out of a population in Mo. of 6,010,688 in a pretend race he did his best in a highly Evangelical State. There he won 138,957 votes out of a population of 6,010,688.

In a military State and heavily populated Catholic State he only won 26,372 votes in Colorado out of a population of 5,024,748. Going to war without using Diplomacy first and the Ryan Plan are both very unpopular in the State.

In an older population of Protestant descent, as Minnesota is, he only won 21,436 votes out of a population of 5,344,868. These are like all the other turn outs in all the other States where turnout is less than 2008 results, when the Republicans lost badly to the Democrats.

Clearly the voters understand and know that Rick Santorum has not yet shown his millions gained from office and lobbying in his tax forms. The fact that he voted twice for increased gifts from lobbyists and piled on ear marks has taken from the clean image and lack of character, the Evangelicals would like to hide. Being a lobbyist himself, at a time when the top ten Corporations pay more for lobbyists than they do in taxes, will follow him on the campaign trail no differently from what Mitt’s millions will him. Rick Santorum has to talk about social issues because economically his record is a disaster, until it comes to his own gains.

He voted against discrimination towards gays as being a hate crime and is against women’s rights to their own reproductive health. So his Social issues are not much better outside of the world of the “Good Old Boys”. States like Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana are not likely to forget that before he was a Conservative he was a Tea Party candidate who are anti-Unions, as he talks about bringing back factory jobs. There is a reason that highly Catholic Pennsylvania did not want him back for a second term.

I urge you, Mr. President, not to back down to the bullying as those of us who back you are looking to you for your leadership to not let the bullies win. If you need to make a concession do not make it at a risk to women’s health or the rights of gays,minorities or the working poor and middle class, as we are your constituency.

Thank you for making the best decision you can make for us as we do know that we cannot celebrate in your win, if you do not make some compromises as well.

If they are going to win elections with lies in the Super Pacs then more power to you, if you do compromise in using Super Pacs, as well. We do understand that in a war that has been declared by the right-wing, Tea Party and Republican Party against You and the Democrats, you will need to fight “fire with fire.” Hope to celebrate your win in November.

Thanks for the job that you are doing and have done under such hateful attacks. It’s time to let those who support the “Good Old Boys”in Washington and those who are “hopefuls” take a drink from their own verbal poison.

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Last week when President OBama announced that Catholic Colleges and Hospitals would be made to cover Birth Control, not abortions, for all women, we saw several Catholic heads yell,”that it was an outrage that President OBama would force them to go against their religious Convictions.” All the Republican candidates, Mitt, Newt, and Santorum have picked it up and are running with it.

Time out for the truth: 28 States have made in mandatory that all Religious Institutions must provide for the healthcare needs of women including birth control. It has existed in these States for years, and was decided by the Supreme Courts in their States as to be Constitutional as well as sent back to the States by the United States Supreme Court to give that decision to the States. On the Federal level the United States Supreme Court has ruled the same. Because other States know they would lose if they fought it in their States they also insist that coverage for birth control in Religious hospitals and Institutions be covered.

There was a time in History that the Mormon Church claimed interference with Religious Freedom when it came to practice of Polygamy. Fundamentalist Mormons still try to argue it. Seven Day Adventist who believe that Jesus heals, and fail to get their children medical treatment in cases of neglect or serious illness, claim it is against their religious rights when Government decides to prosecute. There is a current case on the docket where parents are being prosecuted because they let their son die from untreated cancer although he complained bitterly to them as well as his teachers about being in severe pain.

Our Founding fathers established the Supreme Court to be the highest Court of the land and no one can claim religious rights above the law of the Supreme Court. It has been tested by Religion throughout the course of history but it is well established in our Constitution, that no law or belief supersedes the Law of man through the Supreme Court. What the right wing conservatives really want is to appoint the Supreme Court Justices that they think will side with their views by winning the election for the Republicans, just as they have appointed conservatives judges in all of our States.

This is not abortion on any level nor is President OBama requiring abortion coverage on the Federal Level. What is really at debate here,is the Catholic Church is insisting that the Plan B birth control or more commonly known as the morning after pill, not be given to rape victims, since they call it an abortion pill instead of a birth control pill. It like all other birth control, be it an IUD, pill, or condom, simply stops the sperm from reaching the egg since it takes 72 hours to do so. If a woman is pregnant, like all the other forms of birth control, it is not effective against preventing pregnancy after the fact. (sorry about constantly repeating myself on this issue but until people really understand what the Plan B birth control pill is, it is necessary that we do)

The Catholic Church is insisting that rape victims, of all beliefs, not be given the Plan B birth control pill following rape, when victims of rape are transported to their hospitals. They instead are declaring interference with Religious Rights, in an attempt to tie the hands of the nursing and Doctor staff, when it comes to sparing victims further suffering from the fear of pregnancy, when the staff provides the victims with the morning after pill. This includes children of the ages of 12 to 15,as well as University students and public school children, who are victims of rape.

Since President OBama is simply following through on the Federal level the hypocrites during an election year are now out in full force. As long as the Catholic Church is hiring people from all different faiths or non faiths, they do not have a right to disclude their Constitutional rights to use birth control, by people of different faiths or non-faiths, in their Insurance programs or refuse other people on other insurance programs the right to use birth control. They can insist that their own membership not use birth control but 98% of all sexually active Catholics do use birth control. Birth control is also used in treatment for a number of other health problems in women, who are not sexually active.

In a previous post I said that the Catholic Church has the legal right to not carry insurance in cases that apply to their hospitals, charities, or organizations. This is true. However if they do provide insurance, because they want to attract the most qualified workers, they must follow the law as stated in the Constitutional rights of non-Catholic members, as well as, all women’s health needs. The Catholic Church does cover Viagra along with all health needs for men. Since a large percentage of rapists are impotent one could argue that it is wrong for them to insure the coverage of Viagra.

Mitt Romney himself, while Governor of Massachusetts, which is a State that insists that all birth control be covered for women, said nothing about it while Governor of the State but since it plays well to blame President OBama as being against the Catholic Church or Religious rights in general, Mitt is now making much to do about it, as is Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

To do so plays well with the right-wing conservatives and Evangelicals. What they don’t realize is that when women go into the booth to vote they will all find that women in general, Catholics included, will find it for what it is and just another political maneuver against women to decide for themselves their right to make the decision on their own reproductive well-being and health. Perhaps they do know that, and that is the reason that Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum along with the Tea Party are all on the same page in an effort to make the women majority voters second class citizens without rights to their own body and health. This hate is what unites them all against President Barack OBama, afterall.

It may play well with the conservatives, just as the Susan B. Komen Foundation, removing funding to Planned Parenthood did, but in the end when women organize to throw their support together, we find Karen Handel resigning and Susan B, Komen returning funding to Planned Parenthood. 3 million more donor dollars, also added by others outside of the Foundation, were added to Planned Parenthood who is the winner in the debate.

When “Good Old Boys”, try to deny women their Constitutional rights under the law, it is the “Good Old Boys’ who lose. This plays a large role in why Rick Santorum, who is both a Tea Party Darling as well as Conservative choice won big in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota yesterday. The candidates would all be wise to choose another topic such as what it is they plan on doing towards bringing jobs to the communities since they profess that is their strong point.

We know the Republican philosophy of “trickle down economics” does not work for the working poor and middle class,but only makes Corporations and the wealthy richer, so how are they going to help the working poor and middle class without promoting that Capitalism provides jobs, when we know that they are shipping the jobs overseas instead?

That seems to be lacking in all of these Republican candidates campaign messages. There are no concrete blue prints amongst any of them, since their real intentions, along with the help of the Tea Party, is to cut costs for Corporations by eliminating Government Departments that protect the rights of workers,along with all the Unions who establish wages and working conditions for all of us.

The Republican Party also want the conservatives to appoint their own Supreme Court Justices in an effort to deny equal rights to women,minorities and gays, through their Religious beliefs. If they were honest with us, we wouldn’t find their truth to be a popular subject so instead they keep throwing up smoke screens as though we are all too stupid to see through them.

Since the total truth of the Republican plan will not win them an election, then we keep hearing all of these lies and attacks. If that wins them the election then we only have ourselves to blame.

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With all the hoopla going on amongst the members of the Romney camp, they should be very concerned about the fact that in a State that is more than 25% Mormon, that they were faced with another low turn out in the State.

32,894 votes were cast for four candidates in the State of Nevada. These were not votes for Romney, as he only got 16,900 of these votes. When we realize that there are 2,900,000 people in the State and he only got 8% of the population votes in Florida, then the Republicans need to be concern about the lack of enthusiasm both for their candidates,as well as,lower their hoopla. Both States show that the turnout for the current candidates is lower than the turnout in 2008, coming off of a very bad year for the Republican Party.

As more information comes out about jobs being outsourced and the terrible working conditions of the Factories that Apple hires to do their work, then the Republicans can expect their numbers to drop even further. When the Chinese workers at the Apple plants are being hired at less than a dollar an hour and 1.4 million jobs that American workers could be doing are being worked in sweat shops of China, because the American Corporation has been held up as a leader of American ingenuity by the Republicans,it should make all of our blood boil, a little, at least.

Mitch Daniels held Apple up as a prime example of American Industry, in his rebuttal speech following President OBama’s State of the Union Address, to counter-act the accomplishments done by President OBama, in working out the Auto Industry, when Mitt Romney said, “let it go broke”. Instead the Foxtronn Factory, that makes Apple products in China, have to put nets around their factory in China to catch the workers who work such long hours they are jumping off the buildings in order to commit suicide, while the American Auto Companies have become number 1 in the World.

The Republicans keep saying that they will all unite together to make certain OBama is stopped. That may be true with the Mormon majority, but the American people regardless of Religious affiliations, will not tolerate the abuse of workers by Corporations,the inequality of women, the lost of their own jobs while they see them going over seas, the lack of honesty in campaigns where Mitt is deliberating taking out of context and using President OBama’s own words in his campaign against our President, or using President’s Obama’s words of enthusiasm when he thinks he can apply them to himself,the constant hate being expressed by all of the Republican candidates but Ron Paul,the full-out racism that does exist in the Republican Party,a total lack of any kind of plan that will make a difference in the lives of the working poor and middle class, and stick together out of hate for Barack OBama, once they do recognize that he is and has been, the only one that is working for them.

In my estimation that is the reason we are already seeing the low numbers in all of the States that have held their caucus or primaries to date, and it will continue until May.There are only so many hate ads that they can count on, before the American Public turns a deaf ear to them.

The only thing the Republicans have to show the American people is the Ryan Plan that would totally undo Social Security, as we know it, and bankrupt future generations, as instead of being protected by Government when they are older, they would be dependent on the mercy of Corporations.

We already know that means if they cannot make a profit off of Government welfare, at the expense to the working poor and middle class doing so, then it is the American people who will suffer.

The facts are that if the Republicans had not raided Social Security, we Baby Boomers had provided enough out of our paychecks to fund it through 2072. The Republicans could not wait to raid it, after their questionable win over Al Gore, while not placing it towards any balanced budget but instead just let it fall into that “sink hole”, they created when Cheney spoke for all of them and said ,”the deficit does not matter.”

The low turn outs now, are only indicative of just what the Reagan Democrats and Independents, who they cannot win an election without, are already seeing in the “same old same old,” Bush Republicans who are running for election.

The Republican Party needs to be concern when more people in the State of Wisconsin sign a petition to get Tea Party Governor Scott Brown recalled, than what have turned out to vote for the Republican candidates in the last Florida primary and Nevada caucus combined.We don’t expect them to be honest enough to say so, but if they aren’t concern, they should be.

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We often hear Mitt Romney say, “I earned what I have gotten and I should not be criticized for it.” I wonder if we, or even he knows how much truth that is lacking in that statement? The education he received and did not have to pay for, the contacts both in business and politically that he had because of his family background and his Religion, and the debt he did not begin his life with, are all reasons that Mitt cannot honestly say he earned everything he has and the reason he cannot relate to us, the working poor and middle class workers.

All of us would be CEO’s sitting on some board or the other if we did nothing but accept those gifts given to us by our parents and had the contacts that he has had.Well maybe at least 80% of us would. The wealthy have plenty non-achievers in their families, as well, but they keep that covered up and away from public view unless they get arrested.

Mitt’s father was CEO of American Motors from 1954 to 1962. He was Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.His father George served as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969 to 1973. His wife and Mitt’s mother ran for the United States Senate. George Romney ran for President in 1968 against Richard Nixon. The general consensus was that he was an ineffective campaigner. Does that sound familiar to us or comparable to Mitt?

With all that in his background and Mitt living in a castle in France, while he did Church work for the Mormon Church, is it any wonder that Mitt Romney does not have a clue as to how the working poor and middle class live?

All he knows are the preconceived notions or perhaps bigotry he grew up hearing or associated with while rubbing elbows with the wealthy and political of the Republican Party and the Schools he attended, and has always been surrounded by. His handlers can give him an idea of what the problems are but every time he goes off script he does not use the wrong word, as he says he does, but instead he says what he thinks and believes because he has never come close to living the way the normal American lives their life.

He put 100 million dollars tax-free into trust for his five sons who each get paid 1 million dollars a year tax-free, since Mitt and his wife pay the taxes on it. It accounts for part of the 13.9% tax that Mitt released to the public. In short then when the 13.9% paid out not only covers Mitt’s and his wife’s taxes but that of 5 adult family members and their wives, divided by six in total, the rates that the Romney family pay in taxes each, amounts to closer to 2.5% while he says the poor have a safety net. Of course every time the wealthy get out of paying taxes the government defict rises while we get taxed for it.

Talk about welfare or a safety net, as all we can give our children, without being taxed gift taxes is $13,000.00 per child per year or $26,000.00 per married couple. Mitt’s accountants figured out how he could gift his sons a 100 million and do it tax-free. Is this the kind of help that Mitt did not get? Do any of us think that we could live this way and not become a success in anything we chose to do, since Mormons for the most part do work in Companies and Corporations that are owned by the Mormon Church.

The reason there are so many Mormons in Nevada, is because the Mormon people are allowed to work in the casinos owned by the Church, but not gamble or drink in them. It is also the reason Mitt will win the caucus in Nevada on Saturday, since Mormons do tend to vote for the Mormon candidate.

The Mormons own the land that many of the Casinos are built on in Las Vegas, as they were the original settlers of Las Vegas. The casinos on the strip do not own the land that they sit on but instead they lease it from the Mormon Church. Most of the casinos today are traded on Wall Street and it is Wall Street who is putting money into the Super Pacs who are burning thousand dollar bills in Mitt Romney’s campaign. If the Mormon church was not a Church it would be on the top of the list of Forbes’ 500 because of its huge amount of unreported and untaxed wealth.

In saying President OBama is naive in his handling of withdrawing from Afghanistan, Mitt Romney, might as well be talking about himself. President Barack OBama and Paneta have proven to the American Public, with Hiliary Clinton’s hard work, that they are well versed in knowing how to get their man or woman, and knows when to bring them home, which ever the case may be. I don’t think we have to worry too much about any of them.

It should frighten all of us, however, to think that Mitt Romney, will some day be Commander-in-Chief and totally taken advantage of by those in both the Military as well as the Pentagon,and the Congress and Senate, if he should ever win an election, as President of United States;or worse yet,will lead them in “hatchet man” style. This is not a family who has ever volunteered to serve or been drafted into the military service.

In America, we mainly get it right or people themselves know and understand when they are politician material. Both Mitt Romney himself,as well as,the GOP have gotten it wrong with Mitt Romney. Unless of course the Republicans are looking for a “Hatchet Man” which is what Mitt Romney really is. A politician he isn’t, nor will he ever be, when it comes to having the good sense to say the right thing and it is called for under strategic situations.

Do we need a “hatchet man” in Washington, who will not deal with the deficit, but instead with the jobs of the working poor and middle class? Haven’t we had our employment and benefits cut enough? Do we the working poor and middle class voter really need some one as President, who has a history of being a “Hatchet Man” in the office of President?

The fact that he won Florida and only got 8% of the vote, out of the entire population of 8 million plus in Florida, should tell us that he will not be much of a threat to the Democrats, but still, don’t we have to ask why this man is even running and use our common sense when asking the question?

It would do us all well to know, that his old Mormon own company, Baine and Company, is being paid 14 million dollars a month to help American Airlines work out under their labor costs. American Airlines, who needs to put 97 million dollars into their pension fund instead only put in 6.5 million. If we do the math that is 168 million dollars per year paid to Baine & Company to get American Airlines out of paying the workers what they are owed.

Luckily Barack OBama’s appointee to the government ran office that protects employees against Corporations from cheating the workers out of their pensions, and Baine and Company from not clamming onto the pension funds, saw it coming and filed a lien against American Airlines before Baine and Company could drain American Airlines dry. Corporations should be made to fund the pension funds just like we fund Social Security but they don’t.

With the Tea Party and Republicans moving to eliminate Government Departments along with regulations on Corporations while refusing even to let President OBama appoint a head to The consumer’s Agency that protects us against bad drugs and food and toy imports; and the Tea Party Republicans in Ohio,Wisconsin, and Indiana Union Busting, do any of us think that the government department that protects our pension funds will even exist under a Republican Majority?

Getting rid of the worker’s earned benefits and jobs is the kind of experience we are talking about, when we are talking about who Mitt Romney is and what he can relate to and the kind of experience he has. He will never be able to relate to us and our needs unless he is coached, and with the current Republican Congress and mentality, do any of us think they will coach him in doing anything but going back to what they started during the Bush years, when 780,000 workers per month were being laid off?

How much hate does one need to carry, in order to vote for Mitt Romney over Barack OBama? Only those who do carry hate can answer the question.

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I warned in my post,”Bring Back Investigative Reporting”, that there was a U-Tube video, that set up Planned Parenthood that went virile, and no news Agency investigated the obvious falsehood that was tied to the video on this blog in Dec., although they reported it. I also warned in my post, “Who are the pro-choice,”in Jan., that there was a drive underway, by the right-wing conservatives, to remove all funding from Planned Parenthood and to shut it down.

Since all candidates running on the Republican ticket are of that mind-set, it simply projects the future of poor and middle class women in America,who can no longer afford health Insurance, if a Republican candidate wins the general election in November.

With the right-wing and Tea Party influence and an already out of control Republican Party, we can bet it will become part of their platform at the Republican Convention this summer.If the right-wing has had the power to keep Science and Global warming off of the platform we can almost bet they will win on this, as well.

The public in America are being lied to about Planned Parenthood in every sector of America, when it comes to abortion in Planned Parenthood. Republican Senator John Kyl, who is second in charge, stood on the floor and said 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. The internet lists a site that says 95% of what they do is abortion.

Priests and Ministers across America are exaggerating the truth, by including the Plan B or morning after pill which is nothing more than a birth control pill. It takes the sperm 72 hours to reach the egg and the Plan B or more commonly known as the morning after pill, prevents the sperm from reaching the egg, just like every other form of birth control, including the condom.

Bill O’Reilly on Fox News says that 50% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion. We don’t even need to get into Christian Broadcasting Network and Rush Limbaugh, when it comes to the lack of truth in reporting,because the truth is that only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, is to deal with abortion, at a time in our Country where a live child is dying every 5 minutes due to starvation and or related disorders.Since the majority of abortion occur in the poor, statistics show that when the economy does better then abortions drop accordingly, as well.

In over 200,000 cases, women have been counciled out of getting abortions so the 277,000 reported abortions done last year could have been even greater without Planned Parenthood. The amount of abortions are very small in comparison to the deaths in live births that happen as a result of Poverty in America. If we eliminated the loop holes and the laws that allows for greed amongst the 1% and instead paid the 99% a just wage as we did 20 plus years ago,before Newt Gingrich won back control of the House and Senate for the Republicans, we would see abortions drop substantially. Planned Parenthood isn’t the problem but part of the solution as they served the health needs of 2,900,000 patients last year, and it includes both men and women.

The goal of the Susan B. Komen Foundation is to eradicate all Breast Cancer so it seems odd that they would remove all funds to Planned Parenthood who does 700,000 mammograms a year on women who cannot afford insurance.

That is until we look even further at the climate that is going on in Washington. The Vice President, who has joined the Susan B. Komen Foundation, Karen Handel, was a Tea Party darling in the gubernatorial race in Georgia,in 2010. Sarah Palin, spoke for her and threw total support behind her. Karen Handel lost the race.

When Karen Handel was running for Governor of Georgia in 2010, as a Tea Party darling, she said the following:”I am pro-life and I do not support the mission of Planned Parenthood,” also,”As a pro-life governor, I will eliminate any grants that support abortion to Planned Parenthood.” The President of the Susan B. Komen foundation is also Republican.

Don’t forget that I have reported in another post, that the State of Georgia, conservative Republicans are currently being fought by the Democrats, because they are attempting to remove Barack OBama’s name from the Ballots in both their primaries and general election. They claim, even after seeing President OBama’s birth certificate, that he is not a citizen of United States.The environment that Karen Handel has sprung from, before she took over the position at Susan B. Komen foundation, is already nuts according to those of us who do understand the insanity that is coming out of the State of Georgia, as well as, the need for uninsured women amongst us, to get quality health care in the prevention of Breast Cancer.

We need to look towards Washington where conservative Republican, Cliff Stearns, is threatening to do a Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood,then it all makes sense as to why the Susan B. Komen foundation is withdrawing funding.

It is just total interference into the equal rights of women,to take care of their own reproductive health as well as their health in general and to get quality healthcare, who could not afford to get it elsewhere, both by the groups who represent the Churches, as well as, the right-wing Republicans, who will ultimately use the Tea Party candidate as a scape goat once their mission is accomplished. There is not room for both in the same Party. The Tea Party will be the loser.

In my opinion there is not room for two varying ideologys on conservative values with such extremes dividing both. It is like getting the Evangelicals and Catholics to agree on Doctrine;or the Republicans in Congress to agree to President’s OBama two trillion-dollar budget cut, in order to balance the budget and to pay down the deficit. It simply won’t happen in either case.

The Spokesperson for Susan B. Komen, acknowledged that the reason for the withdraw of funding was due to the Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood, initially, according to the head of Planned Parenthood, but she was immediately silenced and instead the public was told, by the President of the Susan B, Komen Foundation, that it is not a political decision.

Representative Waxman, Democrat from California, says the Congressional Investigation, is nothing more than trumped-up charges. Diana DeGette from Colorado, calls it a “witch hunt.”

The reason I believe them, has nothing to do with my being Democrat, but everything to do with the fact that the signs have been obvious to any one with common sense, since before 2010, that they would have the Tea Party candidates do their dirty work and would shut down Planned Parenthood.

Once they find a scapegoat, then they will be able to keep their hands clean. Otherwise too many women, as in the case of Newt Gingrich, would choose not to vote for the conservatives in the future, and we women, are the majority voters, in America.

Todays enthusiasm amongst the young people in the Tea Party reminds me of the same enthusiasm that existed in the John Birch Society when Barry Goldwater was running against Richard Nixon. They sunk Goldwater in the end and the moderates prevailed. I predict the same will happen with Gingrich and Santorum and Mitt will defeat himself. Don’t be surprised though to see Ron Paul turn his delegates over to Mitt at the convention. Because of his son, Rand’s future in Politics, he will need to side with the moderates, in the end.

Union Busting, is going on in the States of Wisconsin with the recall of Tea Party paid for Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and the Tea Party paid for Republican Governor Mitch Daniels,of Indiana (He did the rebuttal for the Republicans after the State of the Union Address, by Barack OBama, and Mitch Daniels registered a ” Liar Pants On Fire” with Poilitifacts).  It was also attempted in Ohio before they signed a referendum against them.

The Union Busting by the Tea Party in these States are being done against the workers.Since the Unions establish the wages we all get, it is an attack by the Republicans against all workers of the working poor and middle class. The Tea Party elected governors, are hiding behind “the right to work law” and forcing it through legislation in States where there is a Republican majority in the States, in an effort to eliminate all Unions.

In doing so they can pay the working poor and middle class less in wages and require that they work longer hours. Once a man who has political ambition, gains a reputation as a Union Buster, he will never again get the blue-collar workers vote. When the Conservatives are done with them doing their dirty work, they will simply blame them to cover their own butts. No Politician in America can win an election without the vote of women,or the poor, or the middle class, and that is why each election year the Republicans court us and then turn to the protection of Wall Street and their profits.

Finally then I believe this Congressional Investigation, against the Planned Parenthood, also smells just like the Star Committee that was formed and set up by the Conservatives to try to get all the dirt on the Clintons that they could get, at taxpayers expenses, in the 1990’s. Once we know how these Conservatives work, in their dirty little games, we never forget it.

Anyone who thinks this was not politically driven needs to educate themselves further on how much destruction is being done in America by these groups in the name of Christianity. It has been said much better than I can say it, long before me, and that is:”Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive…”

I urge you to do your homework, before you vote in November. Our education standards, and our equal rights in a Democracy as women, and as the poor and middle class in America, as we have known it, is at stake. Good luck in your pursuits.

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Senators and Congressmen like to speak about how their salaries have been frozen at $174,000.00 a year for four years. When they tell the public that they do not tell us that they are amongst the fastest growing people in America when it comes to wealth accumulation.

When they mention their base pay they do not speak of the amounts they get in healthcare,pensions,compensation for travel expenses, housing allowances,their food allowances or entertainment costs.

They do not speak of the income they derive from insider trading on the stock market or what they gain in gifts from lobbyist. The Republicans voted not once but twice during the Bush years to allow for and to extend the gifts given to them by lobbyists.

While the middle class wages have remained stagnant or have flat lined over the past 20 years or so, the income of the Congress and Senate has grown at 150 times greater the rate of the normal American middle class citizen. The government that they are fighting to do away with has made them all wealthy.

The typical Congressman who comes into Congress with modest means, and stays for 10 to 15 years will be making on the average of $850,000.00 a year by the time they leave, once all their compensations, gifts,investments gained through the insider trading, and benefits are added up. They are amongst the largest group of those who receive entitlements in our Nation. They will leave with 5 to 6 million dollars on the average.

There perhaps are many reasons, not a few being their own wallets, as to why the Republicans refuse to lift the Bush Tax cuts that are draining our treasury and building our deficit to the point that it is bankrupting our government, of the people, for the people, and by the people. Both Parties are guilty of getting wealthy off of the middle class but only the Democrats, are fighting to save the middle class as we know it. Our government and “We the People” pay them very well.

Mitt Romney said.”He does not care about the poor who are protected by a safety net just those who fall between the holes.” How many of us think that Mitt even knows that the safety net is so pathetic that a child dies in the United States every 5 minutes due to starvation related diseases?

This is Republican speak for the constant words spoken in regards to the “haves” supporting the “have nots.” They either truly believe that the poor do not work and are dependent on the wealthy for welfare or it is politically popular to show disdain towards the poor in the current climate of “me first and only,” as represented by the Tea Party mentality. Could he be so out of touch that he truly believes the food on their table is so well provided for by the wealthy, that the safety net includes a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs,and that food stamps pay for the needs of the poor?

We can only hope that the man who believes he can represent the middle class is not that out of touch but instead, it was said to please the Tea Party as it has become so popular this year, because it plays well with the Tea Party who also believes this garbage.

If not, then it only reiterates what we all know about Mitt, and that is he does not have a clue that many of the middle class that he professes to want to help are these same poor that he says he is not concerned about.

It is not the truth and has never been the truth that the tax dollars of the “haves” pay for the “have nots” and provide them with a safety net. The truth is when the middle class and the poor do fall on hard times, because their wages keep getting cut by Corporations or they get laid off, it is the government in government subsidies that help feed the poor while the Churches or the schools, in most of the cases, distribute it free.

This has been paid for by the working poor and middle class from their taxes, while they were employed ,and it continues being paid for by the working poor and the middle class, who pay for the large percentage of the government subsidies and certainly not the wealthy. It simply is more of the bigotry that we are hearing in the Republican Party.

The wealthy do not support anyone, as they have lawyers and lobbyist that make certain that they do not pay their fair share in taxes. They have loopholes given to them by the Bush tax cuts and found for them by their lawyers, that gets them out of paying taxes that do not exist for the rest of us.

The average middle class and working poor Americans, who have raised their families, and own their home can deduct their house mortgage, a small percentage for charity,and that is all, providing they do not travel for a living. Those who do have children can deduct their children and day care. If we rent we have even less tax cuts. The wealthy have pages after pages of tax loop holes that do not exist for the rest of us, because they were not granted in the Bush tax cuts. In some cases, they pay no taxes at all. It is so common that none of us should be surprised to find that would be true if Mitt Romney was made to release his taxes back the 12 years that President Barack OBama has.

It is the working poor and the middle class who support the wealthys’ entitlements, with their loop holes and tax breaks and Corporate welfare, and yet they refuse to let go of the bigotry that they spread against the poor. Newt Gingrich is in an uproar over Mitt’s statement even though, Newt said, “The children of the poor should be taken away from their parents and placed into orphanages,” when he served in the House.

The fact that Mitt Romney has placed his wealth over seas in the Cayman Islands, and in the past in Swiss banks, and speaks in such a callous regard about the poor, who he really thinks that the wealthy are supporting, is the best indicator we all have that he will do nothing towards lifting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and it will be business as usual in the Republican Party, if he is elected.

Although the Republican candidates made their multi-millions outside of government, with the exception of Santorum and Newt, we can bet they will add to it and protect it over their claimed desire to find jobs for the middle class and working poor if elected. It is amazing just how many free entitlements the wealthy politicians feel they deserve for free, while they call the Social Security and Medicare that we paid for since the 1950’s out of each pay check we earned,at a much higher rate, than we are today, entitlements.

We can no longer afford to make politicians wealthy when they are looking out for their own best interests over our own and while bankrupting the government that employs them. It is time to throw them out and let them live a comfortable life, as Mitt has been doing for 10 years, off the interests their multi-millions make.

In passing, do we think Rick Santorum will show his taxes for 12 years? When people find out that he gained his millions off of government employ and as a lobbyist won’t that fly in the face of the idea he likes to project, and that is, he is just a regular “Joe”? Seems to me, if he does his own taxes and they are on his computer, all he has to do is load the printing carrier with paper, and press the print button.

Have a good day all and if it sucks instead, then take out time to smile at someone who has had a worse day than you have, or hug your kids, pet, or loved ones. It’s amazing the difference a smile and/ or a hug can make towards lifting our spirits. If that doesn’t work then have a dish of ice cream. It is o.k. as long as we do not make a continued habit of it.

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