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I hate to draw attention to any of the radical or hate groups in America but this one explains a lot of the unexplainable when it comes to the explanation of why the Tea Party and Conservatives are refusing to do anything in Congress, and what we will never hear the media tell us.

Some say to do so only gives them credibility but in my post entitled “Patriot And Hate Groups”, I told you, when I first began blogging, I found very few tags on Word press that covered what my Blog would be about, so I made quite a few tags of my own. 

Since many of my posts stress the fact that the Tea Party, in my estimation, and the right-wing conservative group in general, is a real threat to our Democracy, it just naturally followed that I would tag those post as,” we the people.” I understand it was pretty naïve of me but I did not even know this radical group by the same name even existed at the time, but I was well aware of the radicalism and threats made by many groups who harbor resentment towards paying taxes and of course like everyone else I read extensively on Ruby Ridge, which was such a group.

 Little did I know there was a hate group already on word press by that name using the same tag but I continued to use the tag when I realized the truth, anyway ,in hopes that these people who expound so much hate on the tag, while claiming to love America, would read one of my posts and at least pause with their hate and rhetoric for a minute. 

I am smart enough to know and understand that hate is never reached through the use of common sense, as those who hate do not deal in common sense or rational thinking.  To hate is the nemesis to love and a fine line often runs between the two, but love like truth, ultimately are the qualities that heal and will always win out over hate and lies.

If you have noticed, as I have, all the hate and rhetoric that the We the People tag has on word press and they often write about the government and  tyranny and conspiracy on the part of the Government, and promote it on Word press and wondered what and why the rhetoric is so grievous against President Obama, I will explain why, in my post today.

We the people foundation advertises themselves as a non-profit educational and research center founded by a man by the name of Robert L.  Schulz.

The We the People Foundation continually file law suits against the Federal government and just in general harass our government with one law suit after another because they claim that paying taxes of any kind, including with holding tax on wages, that goes towards unemployment benefits and Social Security, Medicare benefits  when we retire or if we are laid off, according to the We the people is illegal for government to collect, but they mainly focus on the illegality of paying Income Tax.

They claim that paying any kind of taxes are illegal and are supportive of the Patriot movement across America and the Tea Party, in general, but hate all government and all Presidents. They have been found to file unfounded law suits time and time again and been fined for their resistance to pay taxes but instead of paying they just become more radical and file more law suits.

With their expounding views against taxes too many times they encourage people to take up the sword and arm themselves against the tyranny of government, and in doing so they create what is known as a resister which is different from a tax protestor as the protestors are funded and hide behind their first amendment right to protest where as the resisters they encourage to refuse to pay taxes are often fined and placed in prison, since it is against the law not to pay taxes.

The We the People Foundation support and basically start rumors against government and conspiracy theories and promote the Patriot groups who arm themselves against what they call tyranny because according to them when a government of any kind, not just the United States, collects taxes it is illegal to do so.

They are an anti-tax protest group who have gathered information on if not all Americans  then most and their Social Security numbers.  In 2007 they were ordered to hand over all telephone, e-mailing addresses, home addresses and Social Security numbers they illegally had gotten on American Citizens and after several more Court battles with the government, they eventually claim they handed them all over.

It is just one of the many law suits that The Federal government has had to battle them over because according to them the 16th amendment to our Constitution was never ratified and therefore it is against their Constitutional rights through the first amendment to have to pay taxes.

They continually file lawsuits against the Federal government and continually lose but they never tell their supporters  that they lose.  If law suits are filed often enough on the same subject then anyone is bound to gain a small crumb or concession so when they do they glorify it out of all proportion as proof that they are being unfairly attacked by government. It is alleged much of the Tea Party and Conservative’s refusal are based on the same principle they often speak of and is the reason that Grover Norquist demands all Republicans sign the pledge, ” No more taxes,” before they can win an office in the Republican Party and why Ted Cruz along with the religious  right were  heard saying the Tea Party are men of courage, because when they shut down government they stood on Principle.

They are the group behind the conspiracy theory and the report  that went out that President Obama is not an American citizen and why  someone in the crowd when Republicans are doing their Town Hall meetings or campaigning, inevitably will speak up and asks, “When are you going to impeach President Obama.”

They also spread many other conspiracy theories that often get repeated by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Adam West, and many other tea Party members but they are just one of 1360 Patriot groups who spread and bring forward conspiracy theories against the Federal government and its employees with their main focus on Eric Holder and President Obama, or any Democrat or Republican who refuses to sign the “No more Taxes” pledge by Grover Norquist. That my friends is who the WE the People Foundation is, and  what they have always been all about as they claim to be an education and research non-profit group.

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Some would argue that Patriot and Hate Groups are one and the same and some organizations, who keep track of the home-grown terrorists in America, have grouped both together. Others believe it is wrong to list or group or even number them as then one will slip under the radar.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center who does keep track and count the number of groups, at last count there were 1008 hate groups in America and 1360 Patriot groups.  Many of the so-called Conservative groups are also on one of these lists as well. They all have different or share the same hates but they are organized primarily with one group of people in mind although there are a number of groups who share both hatred of the Jews and deny the Holocaust even happened, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, immigration reform, and the gay communities, The far-right religious communities especially hate the gay community and see them as the damnation of our Nation.  The African-American community hate both Latinos and whites.

Some believe government was never intended to be any higher than local or County or the sheriff’s office, others believe in States Rights, still others are Nazi sympathizers while others are paranoid enough to believe the Democrats are Communist infiltrators. They  all pretty much hate the IRS and the  Liberals.  It is no accident that the Conservative Republican  Party is on a witch hunt every other week to delay any kind of Agenda in the Obama Administration, with some of the media falling into their irrational thinking or trap, and currying their favor by reporting it on what they call a fair and balanced approach or giving legitimacy to their often self ideation and complaints.

Anything and any one we can imagine irrational people  or people suffering from defiant or confrontational disorders against people of authority could possibly think of to hate, there is a group for that hate, but the one thing that draws them all together is their hatred of laws, law enforcers, taxes and Federal government, as according to them, government is taking over their lives.  They are known to use patriotic names, religious names and harmless every day household names in an effort to fly under the radar.  They are all home-grown and the militia and hate groups are mostly terrorists groups.

Many Senators, from Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Michelle Bachman of Minnesota along with other tea party and far-right conservatives have spoken before these groups. Some of these groups are invited to speak annually at CPAC or the Conservative Convention.  Of course they all claim that the FBI and groups such as the Southern Poverty law Center are unfairly spying on them and they are peaceful groups who have a right to gather.  No one denies that they have a right to gather but there are seven steps taken in any hate or militia groups.

The first three steps are meeting and setting up the leadership under the already self-appointed leader if it is a new organization, while talking about the core of their beliefs system. If it is a long-held group like the John Birch Society,the predecessor of the Tea Party, that is already in every State of the United States, the Ku-Klux-Klan, Aryan Nation, or Black militants they elect the leader and discuss new and old business. The next four steps of any hate or militia group is violence. Some of these groups claim to have as many as 50,000 in the membership while others claim 5000. The number in many cases are greatly exaggerated.

Many are ex-military who train the militia and a great deal of the camps are in the South but they are in many locations.  The most hate groups are in Florida, Texas, and California but they are spread around the Nation no differently from the Patriot or Conservative groups.  What they all have in common with the exception of the Black groups, are a supreme hatred of President Obama and Obama care.  They all believe America is going to Hell in a hand basket and  the Democrats in office and the government in general has walked all over the Constitution to the point the Constitution is no longer being respected by the government regulatory agencies or law enforcement.

The great majority of these Patriot and hate groups, but not all, believe that America was founded on Religious persecution and as such the Constitution was written with the belief that Religion would be in charge of government and be guided according to biblical beliefs or the Bible.

These hate and Patriot groups totally ignore the truth, which is the letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Baptist Church, clearly spelled out separation of  Church and State.  Our founding Fathers escaped persecution from Religion and State religion in Europe and deliberately made certain that Religion was left out of the body of the Constitution, but only added Religion as the first Amendment after writing the Constitution.  The agreement with Religion was that unlike Europe, the government would not start a religion of it’s own and in exchange for government not starting a Church, religion would not influence voters from the pulpits. In the 1940’s the people voted to give religion, freedom from taxation, but that was not to include their profitable businesses such as hospitals, schools, banks, corporations, businesses or land holdings.

In these Patriot and hate groups there are  memberships of the far right Religious groups also tied in with the Conservative groups.  There are, I believe, three Church of Christ Churches who believe that the Bible refers to them as Christ Church and they can track their roots back to Biblical Days when in Truth the Church Of Christ broke away from the Methodists and it is easily traced.

There are a couple of Baptist Churches with the Hillsboro Baptist Church having the most notoriety and some radical Catholic churches from the traditional Churches on the list of the far-right religious hate groups just as There are any number of Evangelicals Churches who spring up almost weekly as they claim the best way to get out of taxation is to just start a Church. There are close to as many religious hate groups as there are political and they are mostly joined together under the right-wing and Tea Party cause.

Both hate groups and Patriot groups are held together by the strong beliefs in, ” it is against the intent of the Founding Fathers and our Constitution for government to have become as large as it has and to collect taxes.” They believe that the Churches were intended to feed the poor and the hungry and not government. They want the Department of Agriculture totally eliminated along with the majority of all regulatory agencies and law enforcement.

And then finally there are a large number of Internet Patriot and Hate Groups whose only report is to recruit and to spread rumors and lies through social media.

I quite innocently stepped into one and it was almost laughable.  When I first got on Word press the tags were very limited.  The majority of women wrote about fashion, make up, poetry, and recipes so I just started tagging my post with my own tags. One of my tags mostly used, because I quite often write about the dangers to Democracy in our Country taking place today, so I  just  naturally tagged my posts: “We the People.”  Little did I know it is just one of the many Patriot Internet Hate Groups entitled “WE the People.”

I was shocked when I first read about what some of them write about against President Obama and their general stupidity.  I’m sorry, I don’t like to call people names or label them but when anyone claims to love America and then expresses the kind of opinions and hate they do against anyone there is no other term to accurately call it. I still tag “We the People,” in hopes that one of my posts can cut through their extremely radical beliefs.

So long story short I write for two reasons with the first being; understanding what is happening on a common sense level with America today and who shut down our government and why; and to hopefully make a difference in at least one person’s life other than my own family and friends.  Have a good day all.

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The definition of a monger according to Webster Dictionary is someone who tries to stir up or spread something that is petty or discreditable. When we add power to it and we are talking about what is taking place in Washington, if I had a newer dictionary, I would have undoubtedly  seen the Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party with either Michelle Bachman or Ted Cruz as their leader.

Less we mistakenly believe that a power monger has power or credibility let me assure my readers many times they have neither.  They are the people who like to make others believe they do.  They run from Harvard grads to men like Donald Trump to truckers who pass their time listening to Christian Broadcast Networks and pack heat to be the first in line to unload their cargo, outside of Washington.

They all share callousness for others, selfishness, over exaggerated egos, (some say small penises),are by nature control freaks and like to rub shoulders with those in power who they think if they network with them, they can become powerful as well.  Most have the gift of gab and average to good looks and can out preach the preachers on the campaign trails.

Many have what most of us would consider exemplary backgrounds as they’re some who are ex-military, ministers, police, or Doctors.  We often find them as queen or lord of their manor and if they have a job they don’t want to do, that may compromise their good name, then they will manipulate another into doing so.

Any hand up they get they feel they deserve but if even so much as a dollar goes to feeding a hungry child and it comes out of their pockets their voices echo loudly, “take care of yourself, you lousy child!” Perhaps it is more symbolic than literal since they believe no one should have to pay taxes and without taxes there is no government, but even so they fail to see that shutting down of government makes the already hungry children even hungrier.  The generosity of Americans is second to done until they are forced to pay and then just like trying to get out of paying or dodging their responsibility to pay their taxes is rapid, so does their generosity fade when forced into it.

When the Conservative right-wing or Tea Party paid members enter Washington as politicians they have no qualms what-so-ever in shutting down the government because they will still get their pay checks and be able to use their gyms and pay their rent or make their house payment. If we can not they don’t care since that isn’t their problem while they once more yell, “take care of yourself, you lousy freeloaders.”

They have lived the majority of their lives without anyone ever telling them they are jerks because they have always gotten by with manipulating others into doing their bidding.  Many have been raised to believe they are the “golden boys,” or “the prettiest and most entitled of all,” as children growing up.  Others felt they were mistreated or their exceptional intelligence lacked appreciation and understanding, as children. Those who have come up through different means and back grounds know to keep it quiet and live in fear as if they are found out they will be shunned by the rich and famous. When they find the Tea Party or religious-right they often feel they belong for the first time in their life.

When they join the Tea Party they have no need to think that the government belongs to the people because they do not now nor have they ever believed in a Democracy based on fairness to everyone. Women, minorities and gays are allowed in to organize in areas where the white male would fear to tread and to better organize grass roots and party affiliations but will never be the Head of the Party, once fully established. They simply serve the purpose to bring an appearance of softness and acceptance in the far-right conservative movement and tea party populace mentality, and will be the first to be rejected or defunded, as the lambs to the wolves, once they are established.

It is their way or the highway.  Compromise is for suckers or their subordinates, it certainly does not apply to them. They are often very ambitious when it applies to their own pedigree or future but make no mistakes about it they will lie, cheat and steal to reach their goals unless Daddy has a wallet large enough to stretch along with the ego of the Tea Party member.

Their one and only  goal is to make it to the top and then they will become this kindred spirit of a dictator that will decide himself who needs his attention as government will no longer be necessary.  Families and Churches will take care of their own. What they fail to understand is that a person without character will always remain a selfish jerk especially with power.  Many a dictator has had to learn that the hard way so these so-called enlightened people refuse to accept that they themselves are the scourge of humanity.

They all belong to the Republican Party because the very definition of what the Democratic Party stands for is so revolting to their so-called senses that even they could not imagine having the power it would take to change a party of the people into one of callous disregard for the people’s government.

They have been fed on and indoctrinated with the belief that Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower were members of the Gestapo from the beginning of their indoctrination.  They truly believe a compassionate Democracy is how  socialism entered America, through these Presidents.

They don’t care about tax reform, immigration reform, head start, abuse against the vulnerable, education through public schools, middle class jobs, minimum wage, farm subsidies helping feed the poor, Planned parenthood or free preventative medicine offered through free mammograms and pap’s smears through Obama care, social security, Medicare, or health care of any kind because it all, to them, is just more socialism and cuts into their own personal pockets through what they get from the lobbyists and their personal ownership of their own ‘cash cows.’ It is all about them and what they gain and just lip service to get elected or re-elected when they claim to care.

The only way they can make it all go away or to put an end to government as we know it is: to refuse to raise taxes, to defund government, refuse to pay down the deficit, refuse to work on tax reform, and refuse to pass bills that will improve the lives of the American people. The right wing and tea party Republicans are not known as the Filibustering Senate or the do nothing Congress because they have done anything differently than that  for the last 12 years.

They certainly are not going to scuff their shoes on the door step of a Democrat by compromising, much less become a member of any party they find so degrading as to be made up of minorities, women, and gays who are given full equality to the white male nor people who hold concerns for the safety and needs of people when it does not apply to their future endeavors; after all they are the Tea Party, Americans will bow to their supreme knowledge or be left out in the cold.

For those who  fail to understand what is happening with our government, I have just told you who and why and when.  It’s up to you to believe me or not to, as you’re never going to get the truth from a member of the far right or a Tea party financed member of the Republican party nor from the media, whose bread and butter comes from and is often financed by a like mentality.

The Tea Party itself will tell anyone who wants to listen that they are the ones who care about the people when no one else in Washington does.  The biggest thing they do and what they feel gives them the most power is their propensity to lie or to confuse.

Once we see their true colors in Washington and our States in every election they run in, as we haven’t seen anything yet, and the more people enter their eminent domain, the less we are going to like them. Shallow is as shallow does and the well needs to run dry on the Tea Party and right-wing Republicans. Vote them out in 2014, 2016, and until they are all gone and if we need to lessen our frustrations in between we can email them and let them know what we think their chances for re-elections are:) Enjoy the weekend with a good book or your loved ones. Everybody needs a break from the jerks of the world.

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So who are these Republican Libertarians who are supported by the name of Tea Party? There are minor variances between them but they have been brought to prominence by the Tea Party name. They won in Our Country in a landside in 2010 on the fear tactics and inaccuracies told against Obama care and against President Obama, himself.  72 new Tea Party or Libertarians entered into our State Capitals and Nation in 2010. Although there had been others like Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul a number of years earlier. They take their name from Liberty lest we be mistaken they have any connection what-so-ever with genuine Patriotism.

They run a number of their own military camps under the auspice of Patriot names  and are strong supporters of  our military as long as the military protects us as a Nation here at home, but does not stand up against tyranny or help any other Nations who may require our help.  When I see the organized war protestors with professionally printed signs all saying the same thing, I personally believe that the majority of supporters who are protesting and showing up at Republican and Conservative held Town meetings and against our going into Syria are members of the Libertarian belief or Tea Party. It does not take a rocket Scientist to notice they are too well-organized to be at random individual protestors and they crave the attention of the media that they receive.

Anyone holding out hope that Congress will vote to approve the air strikes in Syria are wasting their time in an attempt of futility since this Congress has not passed any bills or legislation from President Obama since he has taken office, unless they were shamed into it or fearful of the lost of future elections as was the case when they eventually voted to pass on lowering taxes for the middle class. The Tea Party money paid into this Republican Congress campaigns holds the members hostage to passing any votes without the approval of the Tea Party Libertarians.  So strong is the belief by the Libertarians that our military should never fight against tyranny, they will block any and all efforts or attempts made by Congress towards approval of the air strikes in Syria.

Grover Norquist is their mentor and hero, amongst others, as Grover worked as an aid to Barry Goldwater when Barry Goldwater was heavily  supporting Richard Nixon after the break-in of Watergate, and McCarthyism which he felt were all lies told by Liberals. Barry Goldwater, as is, Grover Norquist, were and are strong supporters of the John Birch Society where many of their by-laws derive from.  Because they accept Mormonism while the John Birch Society was totally against the belief that the Mormon Religion was Christian, they have made a few revisions. Many believe that the Tea Party Libertarians sprung from combinations but have heavy Corporate support. The John Birch Society was began by the disturbed mind of the Brach Candy heir.

Barry Goldwater pretty much suffered several break downs and lived in a State of alcoholism in the 1960’s when he ran against LB Johnson for President.  Although he had his followers and was loved by African-Americans in the South, the rest of the World viewed him somewhere between a mental case and dangerous.  He lost by a landside to Lyndon Baines Johnson because States who typically vote Republican thought Barry Goldwater’s beliefs dangerous to Society as well as Democracy.  That view was held by many when the hippie movement began as well.  Grover Norquist would be hired by President Reagan and thereby the rebirth of Conservatism according to some even though it never disappeared entirely after the 1950’s.

Libertarians believe in property and the freedom to do anything they want to do supposedly as long as it does not encroach on others’ civil rights.  The key here is they determine which are ours’ as well as theirs’ civil rights and deny it as they do. All these really insulting beliefs and measures against women when it comes to rape, vaginal probes, and taking jobs from the white males are brainchild’s of the Libertarian but also shared by the Conservative belief.

The reason why the Libertarians have not been rejected by the Republican Party, since they are obstructionists more than a governing body, is because they do share many of the same beliefs as the Conservatives and they spend a huge amount of money on campaigns to the point no one can win an election without them. The Republican Party is made up of more than 70% of Conservatives.  The moderate Republicans are a dying breed.

The Socialism beliefs of and in our government and the Democrats being Communists is also their brainchild.  That was also the belief of Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater hated Unions and wanted them all eliminated and I must admit that the Tea Party Governors are well on their way to realize Barry Goldwater’s dream for him with the passage of their “right to work laws.”  They hold that they were the first Liberals in our Nation, since lets face it, the Liberals have a good record in government when it comes to both equal rights and human rights, but in my opinion and that of most all Liberals that I know, these Libertarians are only trying to ride the shirt tails of liberals in order to gain an established History.  The Libertarians are anything but liberals.  A true Liberal believes in helping everyone who needs help, where Libertarians believe in every man for himself.

Libertarians pride themselves as having risen from the period of enlightenment.  Required reading is always Communist Ayn Rand along with the Barry Goldwater memoirs.  They believe a Dictatorship is often more orderly and welcoming and much more efficient than a Democracy and  our forefathers never intended America to become established as a government of a Democracy.

The Libertarians bend and sometimes re-write the Constitution to fit their beliefs, while they profess it is our government who denies us our Constitutional rights. They increasingly encourage their followers to believe that the Constitution does not give government authority over the people, but instead, the people the authority over government.

Laws in regard to personal property and the actions of the people who do not infringe on the civil rights of others are Unconstitutional according to these Conservatives and Libertarians; and to enforce these laws  over the people is a denial of the people’s Constitutional rights according to them. They disregard the fact that our established Federal and State governments most definitely gave the Senate, Congress. Our executive Branch of the office of the President, and the Supreme Court along with our States the right to pass and enforce laws  and authority over the people.  Just exactly who does the Tea Party Conservatives and their followers think set up our Federal and State governments with explicit rights to establish laws over the people, if not for our Constitution and forefathers?

They maintain that people have been brainwashed into believing that the mere word Dictator is someone to fear and dictatorships are always bad but they profess faith in a kind dictatorship over Democracy, was the intent of our forefathers and disregard entirely the influx of Europeans and other Nationalities who fled to America to escape oppression from Dictators.

They are good at convincing the Conservatives, and when we see every now and then someone in the crowd want to know when the Republicans are going to Impeach President Obama, or when an elected official states President Obama should be impeached.  The Libertarians are responsible for putting that nonsense in the minds of the gullible.  John McCain would say it wasn’t right and then reverse it and threaten impeachment when obviously someone who could directly effect his own re-election laid on the heat.

The Libertarians profess to believe there should be no government Agencies to distribute food stamps or surpluses to the poor and to do so is illegal as it is Socialism.  They Believe that Democrat Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and Republican Eisenhower, turned our Nation into Socialism, by the initiation of programs from Social Security, to farm surpluses to feed the poor, to rural conservation programs.  They do not support any government programs that help others through government, since they do not believe that it was ever the intent of our forefathers to have government give us a hand up in our lives, but the responsibility of the Churches.  Government according to them was only intended for the purpose of maintaining a strong military and to maintain a legislature. Anything else that government does was intended to be handled by the open market place.

The battle over the middle class paying taxes was held up as a result of the Tea Party bringing up almost any insane attempts to limit or pass insignificant legislation over the call of reducing taxes for the middle class.  They only passed tax reductions for the middle class when they were eventually shamed into it and knew it would cost them future elections if they didn’t and only agreed to bringing the taxes back to current levels when Grover Norquist gave his o.k. as long as they refused to raise taxes on the wealthy. This is a pretty common attempt to obstruct legislation by them in their attempts to stall on passing anything in Congress and has been successful  as many Conservatives who take Tea Party campaign support are expected to vote with them as well. Since they are systematically weeding out the old guard Conservatives by choosing their own younger candidates who agree with their beliefs, any of the Republicans who did pass legislation before have been weeded out.

They do not believe that anyone under any circumstances was ever intended to pay taxes and that the Department of the IRS should be eliminated along with all government Agencies that both bill for and collect taxes.  They believe that government collecting taxes for any purposes is no different from a person who robs a bank. With every man for himself, he would be obligated to take care of a pregnant wife at home, but people who could not afford property of their own would live together in communes.

With qualified health care workers living in these communes the cost of healthcare would be minimal.This would eliminate the need for Social Security and many other government Agencies from Medicaid to Medicare and most definitely Obama care as the poor and the elderly would be provided for in communes through the support of Churches and health care purchased on the open market through vouchers with household support given by those who could work and provide income.

There are many more tenements to their beliefs but all pretty self-serving to their superior knowledge and vision that fails the common man.  What it all boils down to,  when it is all said and done, there is no Liberty about any of their beliefs other than for those who partake of the Upper Class, and unless we are a white male who works in the free market place that would replace  government. They of course would tell the rest of us how we should live in a cheaper and more orderly way and while they run a kind and orderly Dictatorship.  According to their beliefs, American government  was intended by our forefathers from the beginning, to be a small entity in the life of it citizens along with being a kinder dictatorship as viewed in Roman days.  I don’t know for sure who those Roman dudes were that were so kind because from what I remember they were out killing everyone who wasn’t Catholic or Christian in their Crusades?

Obviously they have, nor did they ever have any intention beyond what they promised in their  campaigns in 2010, of budget reducing. They are not fiscal conservatives because they are some of the worse offenders when it comes to passing bills on “PorK” spending. There really hasn’t been a  desire on their part to reduce budgets but instead to stop the payment of all taxes so the United States government treasury would dry up, and default on its payments.  The Congress hasn’t paid a bill for 2 years so apparently they are well on their way.  They could care less about budgets or balances nor are they in  any way concerned about paying down a deficit, because according to them the money that is derived from taxes is illegal anyway.

In what the Leaders of the Tea Party think of as their great wisdom and free spirit where no one pays taxes, is the dream or utopia of all deserving Americans, they fail to see absolutely everything they believe in is a total contradiction of the very belief of Freedom or Liberty to which they ascribe, or without inclusion of other Nations  who depend on us militarily while living in isolation, none of us will be able to maintain freedom In this little world of nice dictatorships and enlightenment.

The Libertarian followers fail to see these contradictions, sometimes entirely, as what the Leaders are promoting is in truth very  much closer to that of Communism and Socialism where a Dictatorship rules and the rest of the peons serve the Leaders while the Leaders partake of all the riches. So convinced are they of the utopia presented to them they fail to rationalize or use much common sense when it applies to, a kinder dictatorship.  A kinder Democracy, on the other hand, where we are given equality and choices and always trying to continually improve for the benefit of all  Americans is far more worthy of an effort than anything they suggest, We wouldn’t of course pay the Libertarians homage under that system and perhaps there lies the rub.

They refuse to accept that a benevolent Democracy is the eventual goal of all of us and men and women have fought and died for our right to maintain it.  Our forefathers may never have ever imagined that Democracy could be refined as well as it has, but none the less, the majority of Americans demand on maintaining and improving on it. We neither want or need the Libertarians or Tea Party corrupting what works for the American people even though we understand it requires vigilance and improvement.

Not only are the Libertarians a bunch of self-serving egos who think of themselves more enlightened than the rest of us bozos, but in my view they are dangerous as hell to both our way of life and to our Nation to which the rest of us stand.

This is far more information about their beliefs than I ever cared to share but with the organized war protestors being promoted by both the media and those elected officials in the House and Congress,  I felt it time to write a post explaining a small iota of their beliefs, so those who have wondered what divided our Nation and where the escalation of lies and hate have come from would better understand it came in with the Libertarian or Tea Party movement through the social media.The language used by some of  those who hide in the Social media and spread hate is almost always filled with anger and name calling and palpable against anything President Obama or Vice President Biden  and their staffs say or do.

When the local leadership gather together in public they are very easy to spot as a group, as they are always in men’s suit or sport jackets and women are in heels and dresses, even on a casual Friday, and as a group usually walking and carrying briefcases.  I tried very hard not to hit them with the water spray when I was cleaning off the sidewalk in Portland;) Publicly when Libertarians take the stage of public representation and or campaigning they present the persona of being polite, self-assured and often soft spoken, always attractive, always clean-cut looking and well-groomed adults, not too unlike the young missionaries who dress to  work for the Mormon Church. Check it out if  you haven’t noticed it yourself already and you will see what I mean.

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When Wayne LaPierre, Vice President of the NRA held his press conference today, and got up to speak I got so sick to my stomach of his propaganda that I hate to write this post drawing attention to his speech.  If I don’t talk about it and point out just how severely insensitive the man was then, I like to many others will let that type of mentality pass off to those who do not know the heart of the American citizen, think his brand of callousness lies in the hearts of the majority of Americans.  As expected he blamed everyone but the NRA. Politicians politicizing it, demonic behavior, gun free school zones as an advertisement for the disturbed,video games, the lack of guards in our schools, the entertainment industry and the media.

If anyone read my post yesterday entitled,”Why Do We Lead The World In Suicide’ then you know I pointed out the cultural differences that we all must share in and the responsibility we all must take to keep our children safe.  We do not need guns in schools because they offer a false sense of security to those who carry a gun.  They also offer a challenge to those like Timothy McVeigh who went to a bomb where armed guards were, instead.

The facts are that the majority of us who own a gun will not and cannot shoot to kill another human being and we will either freeze up when called on to do so or we will shoot wildly into a crowd and kill more innocent people. Even policemen, who are trained to use a gun, know to shoot their guns is the last possible choice they have to make,since we have an established record of collateral damage and more lives lost as a result of having to use a gun in a crowd, throughout our History. Armed guards in banks and air ports know not to shoot where people are gathering.  The guards only end up being another victim when a person enters the space or establishment and far more guards are killed in businesses,Court Houses, or banks than are armed robbers, because they do not want to harm the innocent around them.

I don’t know what kind of sick home Wayne LaPierre grew up in or raised his children in but his statement that,” today’s children will see 16,000 murder scenes by the time they reach the ripe old age of 18,” is so totally inaccurate that if it wasn’t such a serious subject it would be laughable.  Movies of sexual or violent content are rated in America and children who do not have an ID of proof of age cannot get into a PG13 or R rated movie.  I know that to be a fact, even when they are accompanied by an adult.

I don’t doubt there are irresponsible parents who could care less about the movies their children watch at home but to declare them as the norm is totally adding salt to the wound of parents who do not allow their children to watch these movies or play these games.  Many homes have controls on their computers and televisions that will not allow the viewing of these shows and television warns adults when something is not appropriate or wrong for children to watch as well.  Even our news programs will place a warning prior to showing it.

Facts number two are that the very same movies named and the very same video games that Wayne LaPierre named play in Countries like Britain and Japan and are the very same video games played in both Countries. A ten-year study shows that they do not influence children to kill but violence in a home acted out by parents can and does. The Industrial or Civilized Nations have as much porn and as many people who prostitute.  They work to buy and over spend as well.  All the same things we have in our culture they have as well.

Britain and Japan are as civilized and advanced as we are and have the same kind of Democracies as we do. Britain’s Military is as strong as our own. The prices and costs in Japan are extravagant along side of what we pay for the same. The raining London skies and the Cramped Tokyo Apts. lead to as much depression and thoughts of suicide in these Countries as much as they do in our own but they do not stigmatize mental illness the way we do. They have free treatment facilities where anyone who is suffering from mental illness or delusional thinking can get help free, at any hour.

What separates all other advanced or civilized Countries from the United States is they do not have a powerful lobbyist that has brain washed gun enthusiasts into believing that the right to own a gun is a higher right than the right for people to be able to live.  When murder happens they do not have a Wayne Lapierre blaming everyone and everything else but themselves for the murders in their Country because they have gun laws that lessen those deaths.  Britain averages 600 murders per year in total and Japan has practically none while the United States has 18,000 suicides or 32,000 murders per year.

The facts are that no other civilized Nation tolerates the mentality that the NRA has and the irrational thinking that they hold nor do they use the lies or the scare tactics and the despicable words the NRA uses to blame everyone but themselves. The National Rifle Association leadership, needs to convince gun enthusiasts that everyone else is wrong and they are right otherwise they may lose their own power through lost of membership dues.

They are amongst the most powerful lobbyists in the Nation and no conservative politician from either the Democrat or the Republican Party can get elected without the support of the NRA.  Other Countries refuse to fight murder and suicide by using guns to protect against guns because they are rational enough to understand that people cannot kill unless they have months of training or are disturbed enough to commit suicide/murder. These certified programs that Texas and Utah like to talk about are three-days of watching videos and training at a gun range while shooting at a target in order to get a certificate to carry a gun in school.

To give teachers and school workers,  in places like Utah and Texas a certificate of completion of  a gun training course does not qualify them for training that allows another human being to fire under threat of gun fire or to kill another human being while looking into the eyes of someone who is just a kid themselves. How much more desensitizing of our behavior towards the power of the gun over the value of life are we going to tolerate in teaching our children, as a Nation, before we yell enough! Do we really want our youngest and most innocent strapped with the knowledge or fear that their teacher or the nice man with a gun or themselves can be killed at any given moment?

Teachers are trained to keep our children safe and we want their thoughts to go first towards protecting our children, over running in fear or stopping to kill. Teachers who care are not trained to kill the next young man who walks into the building armed to shoot. Many times they are students or past students of theirs and they are not going to be able to shoot to kill.  It is irrational thinking on our part to think they can and equally as unfair as to think they should. We may think if it is our lives or the lives of a child we all can shoot to kill but it is pure and literal nonsense. Firing a gun is not like going out to the paint ball course and shooting paint balls at each other. The fear or the need to survive under pressure of assault in the untrained, takes over control of all rational thoughts that we have when our lives are not under threat of danger. We freeze,run, or if we shoot we shoot wildly injuring far more others than lives we save.  Firing at a target is not the same as looking a human being in the eyes and firing.

It takes a well trained or a disturbed mind to do so and even then that trauma follows those who are trained perfectly, the rest of their lives.  Ask any military personnel or policemen how devastating the effects are of taking another life in defense of the Country, is on their lives, even when it is done for a higher honor.  I have lived with the results of those who fought in wars and too many times they are haunted by it forever. Many come home and turn to alcohol just to live past the nightmares that enter their sleeping hours or become workaholics in an effort to forget.  Their marriages and their lives quite often fall apart.

The mistake the media made was to allow that kind of propaganda that is spread across America by the NRA and some of its followers to even be broadcasted. As soon as they knew they had been had by the National Rifle Association they should have shut them off just as they do when a politician says something that is not of their political persuasion.  When this propaganda is spread it only leads to desensitize the minds of those who are already desensitized to the point that it starts making perfectly good sense to them.

No person who hunts wild game, even after hours of target practice, will escape what is known as buck fever. It takes practice to be able to shoot game animals before becoming an accurate enough shot to make the bullet connect with the game animal being shot. Even seasoned bird hunters will experience buck fever when switching to larger game animals.  Buck fever is the name commonly given to the hunter who will both sub-consciously and automatically pull up on their gun when shooting rather than to kill the animal.

It is not an automatic reaction in clear thinking humans to kill with a gun on instinct and it requires months to train people to kill out of a necessity or a higher pursuit of justice. Both the Police Academies and Military training requires men and women shooting blanks or live rounds above the heads of those in the fields to acclimate them to the reality of being able to fire at a human being every bit as much as it takes hours to train humans to remain calm, in order to kill out of necessity in war or when under attack. These are not normal traits that we adapt to on a first reaction under attack.

The guns Mr. NRA said the media is lying about and the politicians are trying to find fame in and that are being politicized hold magazines that leads to massive deaths.  Does it really matter if they are military or assault weapons when they fire in rapid succession?  Don’t they kill just as quickly and destroy the lives of our innocent just as well. They certainly cannot be used for hunting anymore than the ammunition they protect can be used to hunt when its only purpose is to pierce the vests of policemen and police women who are killed in the act of duty by the same.

I have acknowledged that it is our culture and the love of the gun  that needs to share responsiblity with the NRA for gun deaths in America but it does not hold a candle to the deaths that are caused by people arming themselves with a false bravado of thinking they will be able to shoot to kill.   Nothing inspires the fantasy  or gives forth the power to kill more than those who are too meek to murder or encourages those who are disturbed enough to murder faster, than the thrust of a gun. The gun feeds those fantasies in the minds of the disturbed faster than anything else that they can do.

Those who will cause murder have no conscious and we cannot try to rationalize  our minds with theirs. I repeat, people who are armed are killed  far more often by the perpetrators than what the perpetrators are killed. They always have the element of surprise over us and a great many of them do not have the same fear of death because many of them are seeking out suicide by cop.

Guns in the hands of those who are not thinking realistically only offers us a false sense of security that is quickly over taken by the perpetrators. Those who are disturbed do not hear the noises and sounds we hear as many are disturbed or can only hear the voices in their own heads.  They do not even hear the screams around them that make us run out of fear but as soon as we think we can pull a gun and shoot we will be dead with or without our three-day certificate that gives us a license to carry a gun. It is a fact!

I am sick of the hate and the fear tactics of the NRA and if you viewed the same that I did and could not see that expressed yourselves, I can only respond that Americans are much more sicker than I thought.  The NRA fear and propaganda tactics are not only false but they are irrational and have no place in the power that runs America. It sickens me that such trash talk was allowed to be spoken on our media services at a time we are already sicken by the deaths of our innocent, by guns.

Instead of talking about banning ammunition and magazines that only serves to kill humans along with high powerful and assault weapons, Wayne Lapiere and the NRA paid for monkeys successfully changed the subject to arming personnel in our schools where our children would be subjected to even more violence.  Anyone who thinks the bullies or gangs who hang out in some of our schools across America would not find a gun a worthy challenge to be taken, are not being realistic about what really does go on when the disturbed are made to feel powerful behind a gun.

What can I say other than may the Season offer some design of light into the hearts and minds of all of us and may we be infused by the Holy Spirit and Guardian that guides us towards common sense and intelligence to know the difference.  May God help us all in letting the goodness in all of us shine through the insanity of it all. God Bless us and God Bless America.

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If the Tea Party and Evangelicals speak for the majority of Americans in this election year then we can all be certain that we will hear neither the truth or anything based on reality.  The combination of both along with the Conservative media is destroying Democracy as we know it and understand it and yet even the mainstream media is giving more time to their views over that of the views of the majority held views, as Romney slips in the polls. It was said first by Thomas Jefferson:”When we force our Religion on to others then we run the risk of them forcing their’s on us.”

In fairness to the Evangelicals I do believe they are being used as lambs to the slaughter by the Carl Rove groups, the Tea Party, and Grover Norquist  as well as the conservative media to the point they will be the first to fall or be discarded if these groups do get what they want this election year.  When we are brainwashed with lies then we all begin to believe these lies; when we are fed with hate then we all begin to hate;when we are armed with weapons we become violent and the scenario continues throughout our lives.

With the introduction in the 17 States of “Stand Your ground laws”,with 1000 bills passed by the Tea Party led governors against women’s rights to their own procreation and health,with the lies spread that President OBama is not a citizen or a Christian,With the introduction of the “right to work laws” that strip away our protection from the Unions, with even the lunatic fringe calling for treason against President OBama and the list of lies continuing we the majority will not and cannot sit back and just assume that this election will be won on truth and common sense.

These groups were infiltrated in Church camps as young people and even in some of the more severe training camps they bragged about using the same techniques that were used by Ben Laden.  This is a severely brainwashed group of people in some cases that truly believe they are Christ’s soldiers and speaking for God. When they lie for the most part they have no reality of the fact that they are lying since they believe what they are told and hear by the limited views that they live.  Even when they lie they have no real contact with the morality of what they are doing as they believe that the more lies told is the way they win elections.The empathy that we feel for our fellow man is missing in many of these Tea Party members who believe they are the superior race and have a right to wrestle it back from those they felt stole it from them.  When we consider that they are being armed and fed this bunk from everyone from the NRA to every white Supremest group along with the Tea Party and the Carl Rove groups then we understand why common sense and truth will not win this election.

They deliberately concentrate on the strengths of President OBama and then attack it with lies.  President OBama and  his wife Michelle have done more for the Veterans than any other President since Roosevelt, and are only second to him in their efforts to help the military vets.  These groups therefore spread lies about how OBama is attacking the veterans and threatening their benefits in his effort to trim spending in the defense budget.  The truth is of course that President OBama has raised the benefits along with lowered taxes on their housing and are giving companies tax breaks to hire vets.  The only place President OBama is cutting back on spending on the defense budget is eliminating obsolete technology and equipment.

Another example of their campaign of lies has been to attack President OBama who has done more for the Jews than any other President in recent history by saying he is deserting the Jewish population. This is the old Carl Rove and Grover Norquist tactics that worked for them to defeat Senator Lugar of Tennessee because he dared to break the filibustering that the Republicans began on the first day of President OBama taking office.  These same tactics won the election for George W. Bush when they attacked the heroism of John Kerry to cover the fact that George W. Bush hid out in order to avoid going to Viet Nam while John Kerry volunteered for one of the most risky positions in the war.

Because their lies are so effective with these groups who have been brainwashed into believing their hate propaganda against President OBama they can literally guarantee these voters to their candidate of choice.  They only need to credit themselves with the strength of President OBama through lies as we see Mitt Romney doing with the automobile industry and the mainstream media along with 420 conservative outlets running the same lies,and they can guarantee the votes of the people brainwashed into believing the lies.

Any time we the majority,the working poor and the middle class become comfortable in thinking we will not need to vote because people know the truth and will vote with their common sense we will be the losers this election year.  It has never been more important for us to stop this infiltration of lies and the promotion of the lie that Mitt Romney will give us jobs as they only keep talking about jobs while doing nothing to pass bills that will give us jobs.  We can all bet that if the Republicans or Mitt Romney had a jobs bill that would guarantee the working poor or the middle class jobs that President OBama would have signed it into law.  It is just like their health care that denies health to the working poor and middle class while promoting welfare for Corporations when they do try something like the Ryan Plan.

“We the People” need to know and understand that neither the Evangelicals or the Tea Party speaks for us and vote for our jobs and our President who is working to save them along with our rights in November.  Vote for Barack OBama and a Congress that will work with him in November.

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Can any of us possibly imagine how difficult of a job we would have if we were Barack OBama? Just imagine trying to move ahead or walk at all, with a two ton ball and chain of Congress strapped to our ankles, while they yell, “,”No,” No” No,” every time we tried to free the middle class from the inequity that exists under the Bush tax breaks.

Could any of us do it for four years and come back for 4 more? Especially when they yell victim, while they do nothing for being paid $850,000.00 a year, and paying 14% or less, in taxes, by the government they want to eliminate? Those of us who still do have jobs are averaging 30% plus, if we make more than $70.000.00 or less. Clearly they have made the Bush tax cuts about them, instead of about we who elect them to office.

The reason we hear so much noise but no solutions in the Republican party, is because they have nothing to give. Most if not all of the trillions dollars of debt accumulation, is a direct result of the Bush tax cuts, that they refuse to raise on the 1%. Instead they accuse the workers and Barack OBama who has tried to help us keep food on the table as being welfare whores who expect the wealthy to feed us when it is such an insult as well as a lie.

Think about it, The Republicans have a one term candidate from Pennsylvania, another one term candidate from Massachusetts, and a one term House Speaker, that the voters did not want back and their own party did not want back as speaker, or would support, and they think they can fool the rest of us,into wanting them back? The only thing holding any of them in the race is their Super Pacs that are paid for by the Mormon church or Billionaires, and they call the working poor and middle class food stamp whores?

If we listen carefully, we will hear them say the economy is worse today than it was five years ago. Of course, we know they have to say five years ago because four years ago, the Republicans were responsible for laying off 8 million factory workers, and to date OBama through the improvement of the car industry, has been only able to hire 2 million of them back, because of the refusal of the Republicans to stop or release the tax breaks given to Corporations who build over-seas.

The other 6 million jobs went over seas to both China and India who they can hire at slave labor rates. They like to brag about how some lowly Chinese woman, was able to feed her children because American Business moved over there, after closing down the mines in Minnesota, and gave her a job at a dollar an hour so she could feed her children.

The same way that the oil companies like to advertise temporary jobs to build pipelines and to drill natural gas to ship to both China and Japan while exaggerating the numbers they will hire while the jobs will only last until the job is done and is some cases that is only for months or weeks, where others might last a year. Certainly nothing the middle class can count on as far as making mortage payments or moving their families with them.

While giving a Chinese worker a job at a dollar an hour, might win an argument with those who feed into that kind of stuff, and might even be admirable if it was being done by one of the Christian groups, it does not hold water, when politicians are elected to put Americans to work.

When the truth is instead: Corporations are closing down American jobs while the Republicans are giving American Corporations tax breaks to promote slave wages in foreign countries,or the oil companies are depleting our own natural resources by charging Japan and China for the natural gas rights with British Petroleum owning the oil rights, in the Gulf, while the Republicans are professing to make America, energy independent.

Do we really think the conservatives know anything other than how to deny rights to Americans, when they promote family values? It seems to be their driving force to press their own Christians views on the many Americans who are the majority, and believe instead that, “We are all created equal,” over choosing who are and are not in their eyes.”

The other day one of the 99% stopped Mitt Romney and asked him what was in his tax forms that he was hiding, and Mitt Romney yelled back at him.” that he should quit dividing up America, and it was people like him that brought disgrace by dividing Americans and he should be ashamed.”

First of all we either need to send Mitt to math classes or perhaps politics 101? 99% is the majority Mitt. To accuse them of dividing the Country when they are the 99%, who do all of the dirty work for the 1% and the odds of finding any better odds of uniting anyone, including even the Republican Party, at a 99%, simply does not exist.

The real truth is that the 1% have never been confronted because the 99% were worried about losing their jobs. Guess what Mitt? They have no jobs because of the refusal to hire by the 1%. The 1% no longer are special or hold special privilege or loyalty, to the 99% any longer, because all they are getting is, “All wind, and no action.”

It is no accident that George “Dubya” Bush is in hiding and not a single Republican candidate has him out campaigning for them. Not one of them want him to remind, their possible voters,they are just more Bush Republicans who refuse to tell the truth.

As a matter of fact, those few honest news outlets left are being called liberal when they do tell the truth. What an honor that truth, at long last, has been given its rightful place of honor, where it has long deserved to live and that is in the camp of the liberal.

The only plans the Republicans do have is to return to the politics they started during the Bush years. That is why we are hearing so many lies being told by this group of candidates with their checkered pasts. They are so busy hiding or covering up the truth on themselves, that they have to lie in order to survive their own primaries.

Anyone who thinks that any of them will raise the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy, in order to stop the bleed of trillions of dollars out of our Treasury, so we can actually start paying down the deficit, simply are not facing reality.

If any of them think they will offer full-time,long-lasting jobs with good benefits and retirement pensions, once they are elected then all I can say is, “denial will not make it true.”

When the Republicans, cannot talk about accomplishments, and if we listen carefully, not a one of them can without fudging on the truth, then all we can plan for in our futures, if any of them win the general election is just, “more wind, and no actions,” taken to save the middle class and the working poor. Re-elect Barack OBama in November.

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The Ryan Plan,that all Republicans have signed on to 100%, like most of what I write about, will not affect my husband and I, but I have real concern about it when it comes to my children and grandchildren. I have no doubt that they waited to apply it to, the 50 and under crowd, because they were afraid of the great power that the AARP is able to influence and knew it would be defeated if they even tried to deal with them.

It is only an introductory way to eliminate Social Security in Government and turn over Social Security Insurance to the private sector. Since Social Security Insurance is 6 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, the private sector has been salivating over take over for years, and to gain more of the profits for themselves.

To think that the average cost of health care per senior is between $7000 to $16,000.00 per year,now, and despite what we Americans have been told, the government does a pretty good job of keeping the cost down.They can buy health care in a much larger block than what individual private insurance companies can or ever will be able to, and in doing so, it keeps the cost down that the public has to pay. The Ryan Plan would cap all people in 2022 to $8000 a year with the cost of healthcare going up at a growing rate every year, certainly the senior citizens, will not be cared for at this rate.

If the people find that they do not have enough coverage then, they will be able to buy the difference from private Insurance companies. Of course, when many senior citizens are unable to buy, then the private insurance companies will end up with government subsidizing the difference. Surprise! surprise! The private sector, grows rich as a result of Corporate welfare provided by the government and paid for by the public.

There are no bigger welfare whores,than the 1%, who feel more entitled to all the welfare that government can give them, than any other of the population in America. By the people thinking they can invest their own money into social security by investing into the stock market, they will be guaranteed to be victims of the private sector and the private Insurance Companies will be the winners.

Unless we are a member of the wealthy class or work at Wall Street, we will not get the “insiders’ trading tips.” (although they are illegal, everyone does it and then denies it happens). Playing the stock market and investing our retirement futures in Wall Street, for the, “regular Joes” is no different from betting our future on slot machines or roulette wheels.

As any of us know, when a chain store of any size moves into our communities, they usually charge decreased prices in order to get us into the store, and then they gradually raise the prices once they get us in the habit of shopping there. This is also true of any and all insurance companies.

It may sound like a good deal, the first couple of years, but then when it does eventually take control and push government out, it is the American public who has to pay the price in both premium jumps, as well as, the huge jump in exchange for Corporate welfare. When the insurance companies are paid the difference between what the public can pay and what the private insurance companies are charging, then the public pays again when government makes up the difference for the corporate welfare whores.

The other concern is that employees would not need to choose the plan at their work place that Unions will guarantee but the Republicans are trying to eliminate the unions and instead employees could opt out and choose their own. This sounds all well and good until we understand that slowly and surely that all guaranteed coverage would be drained away until employees would find their coverage worthless.

The Republicans fight against all and any regulations on the greed of the private sector from pollution to price controls, and as long as the private sector or Capitalism is not under the control of government, our children and grandchildren are all looking at exorbitant costs either at the market place or at the tax levels. Either way it ends up with them, “Owing their souls to the Company Store,” or the 1%”.

While Newt Gingrich campaigns and says, “OBama is being a Saul Alinsky,” who OBama would have been 10 years of age when he died, what Newt is really saying is that the Republicans under his Presidency, will continue as usual, until every penny they can drain is drained of the middle class today.(Saul Alinsky was all about the reverse in that the have-nots be supported by the haves).Newt, of course, made his 100 million off of government taxpayers and as a lobbyist to Congress but of course, according to him, he is a Federalist, Christian, and a defender of the Constitution. Anyone who believes that would sit in a crowd and “boo”, if the media asked Newt about his character.

The main reason that Newt finds it necessary to demean Barack OBama all the time with lies, is he has little to no understanding, about the fact that the majority of the middle class go on food stamps temporally. When Republican Bob Dole initiated the food stamp program to help farm subsidies, which were at an all time low, Newt was irate over it. Newt wouldn’t know what the Constitution does say as was proven by his ethics violations.

He still holds a grudge against food stamps, all these years later. That is typical Newt Gingrich behavior, as well as, demeaning everyone that disagrees with him. He is the same mean and angry Newt he has always been, while his conservative followers, have forgiven him and say because he is a grandfather and he has sought forgiveness, he is a different man. The man is proving in his campaign that he still needs extensive psychological help. He is still the erratic canon he has always been.

The last thing that the working poor and the middle class want to do, is be in the position where they do have to go on food stamps. All they are asking for is that the 1% pay their fair share, and give them a full-time job so they can work and have a chance to provide for their futures, with a job that offers benefits and possibility for retirement. No one out works or are harder workers than Americans. The economy rebounds when the middle class are made strong and have discretionary money to spend. It is a proven commodity.

The pompous Republicans running on the Conservative ticket,and in Congress, like all conservatives, can only stoop to name calling when they haven’t a leg to stand on and they would rather lie that find solutions for anyone other than the profit that goes into the pockets of the 1%. Their so-called million oil jobs (an exaggeration when we look at the true reality of the jobs) is nothing more than temporary jobs, because they would not dream of getting their finger nails dirty, while the workers do the dirty work and the oil companies, drain our natural gas, to sell to China and Japan.

This election year is more about the price future generations,if we are over 50, will have to pay than the current, because the economy is recovering and they will be able to fill those temporary jobs that will ruin the pristine beauty and touchy eco-systems, in time.

What kind of future, will that leave, should frighten all of us for both our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ sake . Electing conservatives, who either believe it doesn’t matter because Christ is coming or the World is ending, or they are just plain arrogant Jackasses, will not solve the problems of today, much less tomorrow. Vote the Republican bums out and re-elect Barack OBama in November.

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The Churches in America have the right to deny people of their choosing the right to worship,marry, get abortions and even to deny insurance coverage when it is their Church,charity, or hospitals.

We often object to their lack of sensibilities, not to mention their lack of empathy and compassion, and intolerance against people of their choosing. Christ clearly showed the Christian Churches that they needed to embrace all people, and all people are the Children of God.

At the time of Christ, people who suffered from leprosy, would be shipped off and held separate from society. They were shunned by everyone because of the fear mongering of the time. Christ went into their colony’s to embrace them to teach all Christians, of his acceptance of all people. The only real power given to the Churches were to forgive the sins of mankind when they asked for forgiveness, and to leave the judging of their behavior to God. We were all granted free will by God after Adam and Eve together made the decision to eat of the apple or pomegranate.

Our common sense alone, if not our religion or spiritual beliefs, should tell us that after the failure of the Garden of Eden, God who is all Omnipotent as well as all Wise, recognized that He could not give mankind free will and then deny them the right to use it when it came to making the decisions in their lives for themselves. No man or woman are ever given the right to deny that which God has granted, except when it comes to failure to obey the laws of a free Democracy.

Mankind is meant to be governed both by their own conscience and then by the law of the land that governs us all and supersedes that of our own conscious or free will. It is the Supreme Court as dictated by the Constitution who has the right to tell all Americans what laws we are to live and abide by, when it comes to those who govern us all.

The bigotry in the Churches, with Churches receiving government subsidies and the Churches controlling both elections and the men who govern, certainly was never established by Christ. He would abhor it, if He would return today.

Their argument is that they can feed the poor cheaper than government, because they have a volunteer staff. The early Christians established feeding the poor long before the government did, and now it would appear that giving alms to the poor needs to be subsidized, in order for the Churches to fulfill that part of their faith.

The simple truth is religion has a right to point out sin to their people who attend their Churches and then it is up to the free will, of both men and women, to choose how they will live their lives, within the boundaries of the law of the land. As Christians and as non-Christians, we have the equal right to choose how we will vote and worship, and pursue the rights of our own conscience through the guidance of our religious or non religious beliefs, while living within the boundaries of the law of the land.

As citizens of a Free Democracy, we have a responsibility to abide by the laws of the land. When we refuse to abide by the laws of the Justice Department we will be punished by the laws of government, accordingly. When we refuse to accept the laws established by government then government has the right to tell us what behavior is acceptable or isn’t. Churches can do the same within their own Churches but cannot over reach the right of government to establish and make laws that protect both the Constitution and its citizenry.

The next time we complain about stupid laws and government interference, it would do us well to understand that stupid laws are as a result of too many conservative judges that also come with conservatives who are elected, many times if not more than or at least equivalent to, liberal judges, even though liberal judges get blamed for the majority of the stupid laws.

There is a large sector of people who will deliberately enter our properties, if we do not make them safe against intruders, and then turn around and sue us because they get injured. Others will fake falls from grapes or water, they deliberately place on the floor or spill, and then sue. Laws are made by government to protect us against thievery,horrendous crimes,excessive greed, the corrupt,mother nature,to protect us at the workplace,protect us from foreign terrorists, and to protect us against our own carelessness.

The rest of the balance of laws come from the fact that people have little to no consideration for their neighbors and as a result laws are made to protect the citizenry against the thoughtless and selfish, who do abuse. If too many people do not protect their neighbors property against damage when they trim or remove their trees, for example, the next thing we know is that no one will be allowed to trim their trees. Stupid,inconsiderate, and thoughtless people, are more times than not, responsible for way more stupid laws, than what government will ever be. Government simply protects the rest of us against them.

The same false information, can be said about Churches, who have lost total sight of where their place in Society, should remain. When we protest against the fact that they have over stepped their boundaries,we hear all kinds of names from liberal leftist, commies,Atheist,Calvinist to heathens, because they have led people to believe that they have a God-given right to advise those who govern.

When elected officials fail to govern according to the Churches views of acceptance and decency, then they find they will not be elected or the conservatives will begin committees to try to find fault in them. As is what happened to Bill Clinton and has happened to Barack OBama. No one is above their scrutiny, unless they agree fully with their views. Elected officials who put Country first, quickly find they are under attack by the conservatives. Sadly the Churches clearly bring their views of bigotry and intolerance into the fray of government.

When Churches over step their boundaries and deny civil marriages which is a State right, or they enrage people against planned Parenthood and demand that government deny birth control and abortions to the poor, they are interfering with the rights of both gay and women, and denying government the ability to govern.

In a sense they do tell gays and women that their lives do not matter and they are disposable, as it is all about their right to govern and we are sitting back and watching entire blocks of people in the right-wing or Evangelicals and Fundamentalism govern in America.

When this same view is brought into the political arena and controls the way politicians govern then religion has over-stepped their and our boundaries, as well. The fact that the Conservatives are governing according to the approval of the Tea Party fundamentalists and Evangelicals and they are an entire block of electors, is a gross over-step of power by religion. The Republicans play to that base in order to win votes and that is what needs to be stopped.

Our sensibilities as Christians, if we truly believe that “All men are created equal, under God,”are highly offended by the way that the poor,women,gays, and minorities are treated as disposable people. With the 1% having voice over those of the middle class we are now finding that the middle class are becoming every bit as disposable as the rest of the people have been for centuries.

Certainly the history of the Churches views, with the exception of the Baptist Churches of the time, held that slavery was a God-given right as the African-Americans were not capable of making decisions for themselves. If we listen to Newt Gingrich today, we realize that too many still have the same, or close to it, bigotry yet today. Women’s lives have been worth less than that of a fetus since the beginning of the Catholic Church,even when it is a child who is forcefully raped. Minorities have always been expected to remain in their place and to speak when spoken to, with the understanding they could have jobs, no one else wanted.

There is zero tolerance for the gay population amongst Christian Churches, to the point that the Republican legislators even refused to acknowledge the threats being made on the gay population,in the name of the Bible, as the hate crimes, they are, in America. The poor have never been heard and have had to starve or be made to lose all rights to their own sense of dignity to feel worthy of charity. The middle class are now the new disposable people.

What is so appalling about all of this is that we the American public have tolerated the views of the Christian Churches, to govern our Country since the beginning of American Independence although our Founding fathers gave the Churches of America no power over government what so ever. It was through amendments, years later, that religion was added to our Constitution. It was spelled out and made clear that Religion was to stay out of the business of government and in exchange for them doing so government would not begin a religion of its own.

Unfortunately, abuse of power by religion, has led the American people to believe that the Atheists of America are threatening the rights of religion to practice when it is the opposite, in that religion through the conservatives, have and are threatening the rights of the politicians to govern and in doing so “We the People” have lost the power granted us in the Constitution, with equality for all.

A Republican President in America, who does not agree to the Churches views on gay, races, and women’s rights or the lack of them,and acceptance or rejection of non-Christians, are not being supported by the Republican Party today. The abuse of power by religion, is the reason and the only reason that every President in America has been chosen either by the Protestant Churches, Catholic Church, or the Evangelicals.

Watching just how pathetic the candidates for election in the Republican Party are this year, and how they are pandering to the Evangelicals should frighten all of us who believe in diversity and therefore Democracy. Knowing that others who do not have the support of the Churches, will never have the backing they need to win, needs to be changed by “We the People”, before we find that we are all disposable and are trained to serve their needs.

It has already gotten there, in too many ways, and we need to stop it by stopping the elected officials, who govern by their Churches beliefs, instead of by what is the best for All Americans as stated in our Constitution. Those who govern need to get back to Country First, and the Churches need to go back to understanding, themselves, that both men and women and all Americans are given the inalienable right to choose the pursuit of happiness regardless of race,creed,gender or color, as long as we obey the law of government that should govern all of us.

If the Churches are doing their job, inside of the doors of their Churches, by teaching their congregations the difference between right and wrong, true love of everyone with the understanding that we are to forgive our enemies but God ,only, has the power to forgive all, acceptance of all people and the equality of everyone, in the eyes of the Lord, then Americans of all beliefs, will make choices of their free will that is either, pleasing or displeasing to God.

This is the right of every American citizen, and is both their God-given and State-given right under God and The Democracy of a Free government. We need to elect Republicans who understand that while eliminating those who pander to the Evangelicals and right-wing of conservative politics. We need politicians who understand that they are to represent the needs of the people and Country First, period.

We begin, first and foremost, by acknowledging that the interference of religion and the intolerance they bring with them, is what is leading to the deterioration of freedom and Democracy for all of us.

When WE take back our own power, given to “We the People” through the Constitution, by eliminating those who refuse to put Country first; and elect officials who are willing to work together, in both the Congress and Senate, to do the job that the majority agree,is what we elect them to do, we will return to the Democracy of the people,by the people, and for the people, regardless of religious belief, gender, race,color, or sexual orientation.

Sadly as things are in the Republican Party today, it is all about the 1%, while the middle class has become as disposable as the poor have always been, with the Republicans trying to lean so far right, they are making a Circus out of Democracy.

Re-elect Barack OBama, who has given a voice to those of us who are not being heard, and re-elect and elect the Democrats that will work with him. If we don’t replace the Republicans who refuse to work for the middle class then we send ourselves to the disposable pile.

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First of all I need to establish with my readers just what Psycho behavior is, according to my standards of the definition. It is someone like Newt Gingrich, who attacks John King, for asking him the question in rebuttal to the statement made by his second wife. Newt came out venomous against John King and the media and established, “how dare he ask that question?”

He got a standing ovation from the right-wing crowd that appears to follow him in these debates or perhaps the conservative right are every bit as psycho as Newt. Lets not forget that the Conservatives spent 100s of thousands,of tax payer’s money, on the Star committee trying to track down any kind of dirt they could get on Bill and Hiliary Clinton from the Whitewater investment firm, where the judge even had a friend of their’s jailed for weeks, when she refused to answer personal questions that pertained to the Clintons to the attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton.

They even at one time accused the Clinton’s of murdering a dear friend of their’s, who unfortunately committed suicide. The Conservatives, were vicious against Hiliary when she tried to bring healthcare to the people, just as they were and still are, against OBama, and were with Bill Clinton, and no one lead the attack more than Newt Gingrich.

This is the same group of people who,with Newt as their leader, moved towards impeachment and spent many millions more, of taxpayers dollars, in their drive to have Bill Clinton impeached when he was president. Newt was just as verbal,”of how dare Bill Clinton lie, at the same time, he himself was lying to everyone and having an affair, with the woman who now says he wanted to have an open marriage.

Bill OReilly ranted and raved for months into years on Fox News against the Clintons and especially Bill. Bill O’Reilly was paying quite a bit at the time for phone sex, himself, at the time and even had to dismiss it as not that serious on the air. The atmosphere was filled with hate at the time, due to the conservative’s, Newt, and his friends. If ABC refused to hear Newt’s friends out, then congratulations for not falling for the same old tricks of the psycho right! Newt took great umbrage with that on the stage, last night and called the fact that his ex said he wanted to have an open marriage, a lie and got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Someone needs to tell Newt, and that crowd, that it does not matter if he said the words or not. He lived the ideology of an open marriage, whether he has friends that testify or not. It’s not about words Newt, although you seem to forget that, it is all about actions, that matter. No matter how verbose you are, when your behavior represents the need for anger-management courses, then you need say nothing else.

When a person is having an affair, while still married, he is living the life of an open marriage. It is that simple. No pain in a marriage effects both the spouse and children worse, than adultery. Both will spend the rest of their life seeking out approval and having issues with trust, unless they seek help. Statistically,children but girls especially, will act out the behavior of the cheating parent.

We know while his first wife, and the mother of his children was living with cancer, Newt was having an affair with what would become his second wife, during the Clinton impeachments, that he was spear heading right along with the Star committee, who was selected by the conservatives. We know when his second wife developed M.S., he was having an affair with Calista, his current wife. It is an open marriage, regardless of what Newt calls it, his friends call it, the debate psycho crowd calls it, or the psycho Conservatives call it, when a person is married and having sex with another person.

More recent happenings by the right are: denying the child in Colorado, the ability to attend private school, because her parents are gay. Denying insurance to all their employees because a gay person, maybe, working amongst them. Defiling the funerals of our brave soldiers while screaming.” it is God’s punishment because of Gays in America.” Denying gay people the right to worship and civil marriage.Denying gays, and people of the Muslim religions, the pursuit of happiness, as guaranteed in our Constitution, for all American citizens. Firing a nun, from being a Hospital Administrator, in Arizona, because she allowed Doctors to perform an abortion in order to save the life of a young woman who suffered from serious lung disease, and could not survive a pregnancy. Accusing OBama of being Muslim and a non-citizen of America

There is no end to the list of the denial of freedoms taking place in the name of Christianity and marriage, by the right-wing in America. It has a lot to do with why there are fewer marriages taking place, in my opinion. Their do as I tell you, but not as I do, mentality is choking all of us who do not share in their own hate campaigns in America.

When the question of marriage is asked of them,and it does not favor them or the person they are trying to deny is a cheater and has lived his life in open marriage, then it is grounds to boo, with their crowd. Instead they talk about their Christian values of forgiveness. Give us a break–PULEEEEESE! When forgiveness works for their side then they forgive, but when hate works for them, there isn’t even a drop of empathy or forgiveness in the room.

Now that the Conservatives are on stage apparently, lies are a good thing, as there is no limit to the amount of lies, they are telling. We recognize it in the moderate, Mitt Romney before he opens his mouth, so we can’t conclusively say it is just the conservatives, as much as. it is the candidates running on the Republican ticket. Rick Santorum stood on stage in front of a military crowd and said,”OBama is refusing to cut social entitlements, but instead is cutting back on defense and the health care for the military, who fought in the wars, It is despicable!.” If there had been a truth-meter running the needle would have broken off when it turned to lies.

OBama is cutting back both in waste on Social Security,medicare, and Medicaid in an effort to help balance the budget, that is if the say “NO” Republicans will agree with him. As far as cutting back on defense, OBama, is cutting in areas where there are automatic cuts, such as eliminating old technology and equipment, along with the fact that they do not need to spend as much due to the fact that he has brought the troops home from Iraq and is cutting back in Afghanistan.” No president in history along with his wife Michelle, have done or continue doing more for the American soldiers and their families, who have fought in these wars, than what Barack and Michelle have and continue doing both in healthcare for the wounded as well as for those who suffer from post stress syndrome.

It is the Republican’s own out of control lies and their own hypocrisy, that weakens their own credibility, and makes the media entitled to pursue any and all questions on marriage and character, or the lack of it, especially when it applies to them in the reverse. It does not make the media liberal leftist. It makes the media legitimate; Which is something they obviously need to look up, in Websters Dictionary, as clearly they will not find it in the Bible from which they preach. They will need to, if they are going to return to reality, and leave their psycho world.

If the platform of the right is going to lie every time it suits them,are against education to our children, and come out against gay marriage, then the question of marriage and truth, are fair game on the platform, where debate is occurring in the Republican Party and every candidate up there is trying to out lean right the next candidate.

I applaud John King for having the courage to ask the tough question, despite the psycho Newt and his followers. It is not only an insult to all women but all Americans, to be treated like we are too stupid to know the difference between an open marriage as verses a committed marriage. My own marriage, certainly would not have lasted 42 years and counting, if I used Newt’s or the Conservative’s terminology for truth.It is high time that we as a Country, stand up against those who poison our political arena while accusing those who seek the truth, of stooping to their own pathetic levels.

Regardless if they call themselves: Evangelicals or fundamentalists, or we call them right-wing. They are the ones who tried to make it impossible for Bill Clinton to try to govern or lead our Nation, and have done and are doing the same to Barack Obama.

If the media, in its efforts to try to sort out and learn the truth, over lies,in the Man who will lead our Free Nation, is the new Liberal leftist, then more power to the liberals! The best barometer of future behavior is past behaviors and both the psychoes as well as the hypocrites need to be confronted, no matter how nasty their spokes people get. Trust me, I know first hand just how mean and nasty, they can and do get. Congratulations, to John King of CNN and ABC news, for not falling into their web of deceit! I personally applaud you both!

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