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I need to apologize to my earnest followers, for not returning to my blog as I had hoped.  Much has happened in both my personal experience of travel, remodel, and enjoyment of my husbands retirement.  At my age, we find ourselves always balancing the good with health problems sometimes co-existing at the same time, as being part of life.

I would just warn you, that the influence of the media such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news, has only grown more hateful, and short of facts, even while most of my readers are already aware of their false propaganda, spreading. When we think they can not outdo their spread of false information, through capitalizing on the ignorance of the voter, we find out just how wrong we are.

Through even more outrageous mockery of our President and their opposition, and through even more spending by the Tea Partyand the Religious Right, they show no shame. Their colors show to the already aware amongst us,during yet another election year;While they continue to bamboozle the voter with their self-serving and deliberate distortion of facts. The majority of Republican conservatives continue to show us just how wrong we are to think they cannot get worse, by increasing spending and false information in triplicate. Both are playing out within our States and through their representatives in Washington.

The only thing that is going down in both monetary value and funding, is the treatment of both the workers and the poor who are increasingly one and the same, as the conservatives and tea party members continue to deny both a fair wage, as the “yes people,” to Corporate America.  What is taking place against the rights of women and their health issues is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice, going unanswered in 31 States, where laws were passed giving the rights to both rapists and the fetus, over the rights of a woman, to the pursuit of justice in America.

These laws were passed and added to the Republican platform without protests, and under lies being broadcasted against the opposition.  Vote against the Republican Candidates for re-election and election on November 3rd, and keep voting against them until the Republican Party hears the voice of the people over the idiots now running their party! Democracy depends on it!

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Hi everyone! I’m afraid I haven’t had much time, as of late, for my blog but plan to be back in full force before the fall elections. I have voted in my own State primaries, and sad to report, I had the shortest primary ballot that I can remember ever having.

I’m afraid there is little to no acceptance for choices on the Democrat ticket, this year, since my State like all other red states appear to be taken over by tea party funding. I’m sure the Democrat machine is more supportive in some of your Blue States, than it is in the Red States, that go overwhelmingly for Republicans,anyway. At least it is my fondest hope, they are!

I’m not ready to come back full time to my blog yet, as at this stage, we are looking at a home remodel,here,followed later by an extended trip out of the heat. I just wanted to remind you, my readers, that the only way we can lose is to believe we are powerless and not vote.

Statistically Democrats do not get out to vote in the off years and in 2010, because of it, 72 new tea party paid Republicans took office in Washington and our States and have been chipping away at the equality of women and minorities ever since! Vote!

Thanks for your continued support of my blog and for your remaining loyalty! Later then!

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If you have been as tired of the lies around the government shut down this week, as I have been, I suggest that you do as I have done and start handing out awards to those who stooped the lowest in their efforts to forsake their jobs in government this week.  It wont accomplish anything as far as Congress doing their job is concerned but it makes me feel better to know I refuse to buy into their programmed and staged B.S. How many witch hunts,complaints, tax payer’s dollars,  and committees have these same Republicans formed in an effort to find fault in the failure of other government Agencies to do their jobs have we had to hear about and pay for during these last five years, do you think?

The Republicans can act as children and as the selfish or spoiled brats they are and even like little mighty dictators all they want but they are elected to do the best job they can for the people, their behavior does not change these facts. On a personal level. as far as I am concerned, I am relieving my frustration over the shut down with a greater crises looming Oct. 16 and knowing these same people will be there acting just like they have been acting, by awarding the Republican majority by painting them with the broadest brush or scope in my vocabulary.

If my idea fails to make you feel better or less hopeless then I suggest you e-mail the little dictators of the Republican Party and Tea Party libertarians in Congress, as I have, and let them know they fool no one when they behave like children and make a mockery out of our Congress and Democracy, as they have done. Don’t we all get tired of their continue playing us as stupid? Do any of us truly believe a word that they say anymore?  HOW bright are they to think they would have won but Mitt Romney was just the wrong choice in 2012? Aren’t they still showing us that they did not learn anything nor did they care to learn, when it came to “we the people?”.

When we understand, even when the Republicans insist on playing games despite their denial to the contrary, that these are real lives they are dealing with, it is hard to not get frustrated by the Republican antics.  Have any of us suffered from so much dementia that we fail to remember all the times these same people insisted on negotiations and discussions in an effort to delay the passage of Obama care, while premium costs were rising at 40%, in the first place?  I recommend in our e-mails that we remind them that their job is to pay all of the bills including those of healthcare and at no time were they elected to cherry pick which bills they could pay and which ones they would default on. The Republicans  who have received by their own failure, my awards this week then are the following:

1. Republican House speaker Boehner’s claim that they are following the wishes of their constituency who are egging them to stay on the path they are on deserves an award for the most crap thrown against the wall  in hopes it sticks award; as clearly it does not include the people as much as it includes the lobbyists who line their pockets.  When the polls show that 90% of the people were against shutting down of the government and 10% supported it, we need not ask who is placing the needs and wants of the lobbyists against the wishes of the people who sent them to Washington.

2. As I mentioned previously, Huffington Post, caught Tea Party head Rand Paul and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in their lies of acknowledging they are lying so I will award them the Pinocchio award since they have behaved like the children they are and have consistently lied for more than four years, and only stepped it up with more of the same with  the government shutdown.  Both men have acted over the years as wood caricatures who have no concern of the needs of the people.  Instead of being the puppets however they have been the string pullers.  They get the Pinocchio award then for obvious reason.

3. Mark Rubio, who has had design on the Presidency, and who was more than glad to stand along side of Tea Party radical Ted Cruz until the press started exposing the Tea Party Libertarians for the dictators that they are, gets the cowardly Lion award of the week, by me.  Now that exposure of the Tea Party radicalism is coming to light and they no longer can hide behind their real purpose in Washington, Mark Rubio decided this week to try to distance himself from the Tea Party, who brought him there.

4. And the biggest hypocrite award of the week goes to Tea Party House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, for lining up what are supposed to be lab researchers and Doctors in white coats from NIH who are supposedly upset with the Democrats not being stupid enough to figure out that the Republicans are cherry picking health concerns so as not to lose future elections. The fact that the Center for Disease Control has been totally shut down by these same Republicans has not gone by unnoticed by anyone.  With Eric Cantor professing his love of pediatrics Cancer research he and the so-called medical profession who he lined up on stage, failed to point out that these same Republicans decreased the budget of the NIH by 1.7 billion dollars in 2012 by refusing to stop the sequester.  Now in their compassion for children  and cancer research they are willing to finance back to the 2013 levels that still denies the jobs and research money of 1.7 billion dollars while Eric Cantor says the Democrats refuse to vote on initiating the cut  and therefore are responsible.

5. And finally then, to all of the Tea Party and Conservatives Republicans in Washington, in an effort to restrain my own frustrations I would like to say: “The greatest Jerks in Washington award, goes to the entire Republican Party this week.”  Please step forward and take your bows while the American public restrains their feet from kicking your derrieres while you bend over. I can promise you, many of us will see to it that these are the last awards you will receive from the people who elect you.

Every dog eventually shows their spots and the Republicans have done far greater damage to their own party than any legislature before them in the recent history of time and since the greed of the 1880’s. They are fooling no one but themselves, those they thought they had indoctrinated, which do not consist of the majority of the white race, and those fools who lined  their pockets. I even saw a  person who will influence votes for years to come, refer to the Republicans as being the RepubliCONs. It was not a typo, I assure all Republicans!

After thought: I give the like on the bottom to you who so aptly named the current GOP by your clever remark and continue to try to remove the advertisement from my like button that has been disabled but gone ignored apparently by Word press.

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For those who want to know where they can find  the list of the Tea Party Congressional caucus I refer you to http//www. cnn political ticker.blog.com or to http//www. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_Party_Caucus.  Either list of the Tea Party members in Congress are shown on both these  sites.  Unless you think they alone are responsible for the Government shut-down I remind you that this list does not include Speaker Boehner nor those Conservative members who circled our States before Obama care had even been voted on to tell us what disaster Obama care would be to us if it was voted on and passed and who are as equally at fault for this calamity we call government in our Nations Capital.  The lists do include those tea party members responsible from Ted Cruz of Texas to Mark Rubio of Florida.

If the conservative Republicans in all our Red States and those now kissing the butts of the Tea Party, had not  spread such dire predictions and lies against our President and Obama care, in 2010, the playing field would not have been set for us to vote for these pathetic little dictators in 2010. Because of the lies told in our Town Hall meetings prior to the 2010 elections of the Tea Party members, we were fooled into electing them with scare tactics and lies told against Obama care.

These Conservative Republicans were out in full force before the majority of the Senate and Congress voted on Obama care and before the Tea Party members were added or were elected in 2010, so we must hold those Republicans equally responsible as we would not now be looking at a government shut down with defunding of government looming on Oct. 17, if not for these Republicans as well.  We have had nothing but one drama after the other since the 40 tea party members took office in 2010 and  we have no one other than both the Conservatives Democrats and Republicans, who kiss their butts and cater to these little dictators in the Tea Party to blame.

Washington seems to be great these days at only one thing and that is to pass blame on our President and those Democrats who have fought tirelessly for the middle class and doing the right thing. The Republicans know if they do not cater to the tea party anarchist, just as Boehner is doing, they will lose their next election and be replaced by the chosen of the tea party majority in any State in our Union due to the ungodly amount  of wealth behind  the Tea Party and their nasty smear campaigns against anyone who opposes them. With Michelle Bachman as their National Chairman we should already know and understand what those smear campaigns can consist of after getting a taste of her proven lies.

If you are as sick of the Tea Party’s threats, maneuvers, bullying techniques, and intimidation, and the damage they have done to our economy, the GOP, and job lost as I am, I ask you to put the blame where it belongs and send an email to every Republican in your State who are both a Senator and a Congressional member and tell them, “We The People Have had Enough!” before we all lose our healthcare, Social Security, life saving machines and research shut down permanently, and GI benefits and military pay ceases because the government has no money to pay their bills when these “little dictators” who know nothing or care nothing about governing again repeat the same on Oct 17th.

Do not think that their cherry picking now will even begin to be paid for after the 17th if they refuse to finance the government in its entirety then. As the richest Nation in the World we the people should not have to tolerate their holding us hostage every two to three months nor their refusal to promote jobs with a crumbling infrastructure that is desperate for our attention just as Obama care is to our lowering of the cost of premiums and health care costs.

Make no mistakes about it the Tea Party or Libertarian members are not interested in a government of Democracy but instead a government based on Dictatorship as long as they are the dictators in charge. Our future depends on the voice of the people expressing their disgusts against these little Napoleons and anarchists in Washington D.C. and our States.

Once we get the list of our representatives in our own individual States we can go to their names and find their e-mail add. and send our messages.  They need to hear from all of us as to why we hold them in such low esteem and their lies can no longer cover for their lack of governing for the people, of the people, and by the people. Thank you.

late addition: For those of you who still refuse to believe that the Republican Conservatives are in bed with The Tea Party I urge you to check out, “Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul AND Mitch McConnell Discussing Their Actual Government Shutdown Concerns,” as caught on tape by Huffington Post when neither the Conservative minority leader or the Main Force behind the Tea Party thought no one was listening. Every search engine is carrying it.

late addition 2: Due to the bottom feeders who attach their own advertisement to my like buttons such as the one below I am discontinuing the use of my like button on my post.  Since I pay to have my blog my way I find the free loaders below highly offensive and to date Word press does not seem concerned about them.  I welcome any and all comments and your remembering me on Facebook and twitter.  Again Thanks

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No position on earth is lonelier than the position of Head of a Nation such as our own; we are not only the largest economic Country in the World but also the most powerful militarily and the oldest Democracy.  The person on top of the mountain is almost always the most resented and hated of all by those who think they have the right to make those decisions which we ask our Presidents to make and set the Agenda that we elect our Presidents to do.  Regardless of the decisions made by our Presidents throughout History there are those who will be offended far more often than they will  praise the man of power over them.

This is true in a Corporation or any position of power even if it is just a matter of people who have more wealth and power than we do.  It is the nature of people around the World to hate and segregate the person or people who have power over us.  We do not  want the burden or necessarily the money that goes along with the power, as the majority of us want to earn a fair day’s pay or win the money for ourselves through a lottery.  Just as the Nations who do not have a military powerful enough to defend against terrorists, themselves, need to rely on our military to protect them, many of them also resent us for their own feelings of inadequacy to defend their own needs.

The same is true of all of us  who are dependent on the bosses we work for in the workplace.  We often think they do nothing while we do all the work because our work shows where theirs’ does not.  We are dependent on their mercy to provide for our families and when they are less than understanding or merciful to  our own needs we resent them for the power they have over us and hate them for their inability to understand our needs.  Other times even when they do attempt to please us it will be impossible to please everyone. That is not to say that there are tyrants that do hire us to work for them and that comes with a different set of rules.

The majority of us, however, are not very introspective as people when it comes to our own incompetency on the job, in foreign affairs, or military operations, nor are those around the world who resent  Americans for their power.  We often need to be evaluated as a World power, boss, and Head of Nation, and military.  President Obama has turned to both us and the World for that evaluation, which is very rare indeed.

Sure we all Love Bill and Hillary Clinton now but the hatred over both Clintons when they were in the White House, was fodder for discussion pressed forward by News Agencies such as Fox News and the right of politics, nightly, when they were in power of the White House.  If Hillary decides to run as President and wins we can bet on the fact it will start and begin again, and as a woman in Power, the criticism will be that much greater, from the right. There were those whose hatred was so palpable  against Bill Clinton when he was in office that their faces turned red every time the name Bill Clinton was mentioned. The worst of them now claims He and Bill together solved the problems, as though he never hated Clinton.

When I remember the hatred in the Conservative held power across America, then and now I remember a growing hatred that took root and has grown even larger now, to the point it divides our Nation today.  We have not seen such growing hatred since the hatred by  Democrats over the crimes of the Nixon Administration and the Forgiveness of his crimes by President Ford. Some claim that it was the outrage against President Gerald Ford that started the grassroots of Conservatism.

None of that hatred, however, approached the level of hatred we have seen against, President Barack Obama, continually displayed by men like Ted Cruz, Senator Issis, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and others along with the majority of those Conservatives and Libertarians who have been paid for and bought by the Tea Party and by the Conservative movement and media as a whole, today.

In this atmosphere of hate in the Senate and Congress pressed on by men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist, we ask our President to lead and in other cases demand that he does while he is continually criticized both by the Conservative right and Tea Party libertarians who pat themselves on the back for being gatekeepers of family values.  Is it any wonder the majority of free thinking adults in America see so much hypocrisy in the Conservative movement?

Those who have not paid attention for the last two and a half years as the crises in Syria has grown are now asking our President for the use of diplomacy.  It is not just those here at home but also those who blocked any attempts or efforts by the Obama Administrations doing just that with the World community through the UN. Both Russia and China have blocked any and all efforts to even place the crises taking place in Syria on the table for discussion.

There are other Nations in the United Nation whose trade and or debt is held by China or who have oil distribution or interests as well as trade interests in Iran or Russia who are just as guilty of not voting in favor of  any efforts made by the United States, when it came to diplomacy in Syria.  Because of these Nations in the UN’s refusal to do so Putin walks around with a strut that allows Syria to go on with impunity, even while these Nations of the United Nation depend on our military  for their Defense. These same Nations signed the International agreement of law that bans the list of weapons of mass destruction and are members of NATO.

The great majority of us who follow the votes or lack of votes of support for the United States and the “right thing to do,” have found the U.N irrelevant for years and especially on Syria.  There seems to be a complete absent of understanding not just here but elsewhere in the World, that when elected President Obama not only demanded but pressed for diplomacy, not with just our allies and friends, but also with our enemies and was met with out-rage and criticism on both the World Stage and by the Conservatives, here at home. Therefore it is almost amusing, if not so maddening, that Russia, Members of the UN, Iran, and the Conservative following  are now saying more can be done towards diplomacy.

Any efforts to convince us or any other Nation that negotiations or anything for that matter is as it appears or is always black and white and we believe that,  those who do are all bound to lose.  There are those who simply do not want to hear the truth or believe that negotiations with tyrants such as Assad is even a possibility while others believe that negotiations always are possible even after they have been attempted repeatedly while 100,000 Syrians have died.

In a World where we deal with rational leaders or those who refuse to hide in the shadows, once negotiations are repeatedly tried and exhausted, it does require military intervention. When any tyrant feels that their position of power is being protected or threatened they do not negotiate but instead dig in deeper. It is no different to get this kind of a tyrant to reason or to even talk to us about possibilities, than it is to get a person in a coma to.  It is not until they see for themselves that their regime will be demolished by the power and technology of a military so great as to destroy their entire hold of power in 5 minutes ,will a tyrant consider coming to the table to negotiate. Then and only then will they come to the table if they understand that they can be left in power as long as they give up weapons of mass destruction and follow international law in regards to the same. This is what is being offered to Assad of Syria.

Some tyrants are so deranged as was Saddam Hussein and Hitler that negotiations could not even be considered as an option so they fought to their deaths rather than give up their power. We ,however, are not asking Assad to do that but instead to sign agreement to stop the use of banned weapons. Assad has been notified and attempts made for him to come to the table for two and half years by the  Obama Administration and the requests have been ignored by him.

We are at the point that we need military strikes to get the Assad Regimes attention in order to let him know that outside of his cozy neighborhood of Iran and China and Russia, we are serious.  Will the saber-rattling lead to more?  It very well could but if it does our allies in the Region will take on the battle, after we weaken the Assad Regime’s ability to use weapons of mass destruction against our friends and allies.  If atomic weapons, which we still believe are not developed in the region, are used by Iran then the whole World will get involved and take action. We cannot hide in the shadows against the threat of tyranny and expect to maintain the credibility and right of power necessary to prevent tyrants from taking over the World as well as our Nation.

Do we the American people, want America as a Nation that cowers and says “NO” when innocent children are being killed, raped, and tortured?  Is that the Nation that “We the People”, the Senate and Congress want America to become? In a Democracy we all have a voice to decide that question  through the people we elect.

Are we going to lose all credibility on the World Stage, because we refuse to stand up to those who break International law and commit war crimes so grievous as to destroy innocent children? You bet we are and we should lose credibility because as the Nation with the most powerful and the latest technological military in the World, we have already decided that we will finance a military not only to keep us safe but to safe guard our allies around the World as well. This is not just President Obama’s credibility and responsibility but ours and our elected officials as well.  What freedoms we gain as a Nation we are also many times called on to pay back for that freedom, no differently from those who depend on us for that military capability.

When we elect a government,” of the people, for the people. and by the people,” we ask those we elect to government to make those decisions that give them special powers to view information protected from the rest of us through intelligence and for reasons of safeguarding our own Security as well as our allies.  They need to hear us but they also sometimes need to over-ride us because of the classified information they receive.  I find it ironic that a Congress who has refused to hear a thing we have said for over 5 years is now ducking their own responsibility once again, and instead holding the war protestors responsible for the decisions they make, by again blaming the Obama Administration.  What else is new, huh?

It is a heavy decision for all of us, but most especially for those we elect, as what ever vote they cast there will always be those who are suspect by the nature that our Nation has been divided.  “We the People” are the only ones who can change that by uniting together behind our President or deciding to remain divided on the Strike that our President says needs to happen.

Unlike popular opinion, by too many politicians, and other paid lobbyists and voices, it is not the main job of our elected officials to gain our votes through election and re-election by lies, threats or intimidation but to protect our Nation and that of our Allies against Tyranny. It is our job to seek out information on the candidates, to listen to the candidate who most represents our own views, to check their voting records, to understand the platforms of the Parties they represent, and to determine their credibility without influence from outside sources, and then to vote in a convenient location and time provided equally to all of our convenience, regardless of race, nationality or Creed.

Didn’t President Barack Obama win the majority of our votes on trust?  I know that is why I stand beside, behind, and with Him. Each of us are given that right to decide for ourselves, however none of us, have a right to demand our President, Secretary of State or Nation, or Commander-in-Chief of military operations to broadcast to us point by point what their military plans are  or what they plan to do.

We do not have the right to know anymore than do the Senate or Congress, outside of the Security and Intelligence committees. The rest of or the main body of the Senate and Congress do get briefings of a greater significance than we do, but not equivalent to those who serve on the Special Security and intelligence Committees, nor are they entitled to the same. This raises the hackles of both the Libertarians and Conservatives when Diane Feinstein says trust me more so than when one of their own does.

Most of the posturing that is going on by the Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians in Washington, is just white noise to make “we the People” believe that the main body of Senate and Congress are being denied their just due, and to make us believe they have no obligation beyond voting for the people rather than for the oath of office they are sworn to uphold.

They are not obligated to vote with or according to the voice of the people who elect them in matters of National or World Security. Kind of ironic that Congress is even trying to suggest that they have acted in the best interests of the people in the past 5 years, isn’t it? Will the Libertarians and Conservatives in the Democratic and Republican Parties then follow through on their responsibility under the oath of office they swore to uphold against tyranny or will they justify their way out of that obligation out of allegiance to Grover Norquist?  Will the liberals also be swayed by the powers that be?  Who knows from this bunch?

If we all knew what the Special committees knew, and there being no love lost between Parties, it would only give the enemy incentive to buy information or knowledge so that any attack by us would only render our operations weaker and put our own people in harm’s way.  Just like the banter being bandied about over Snowdon’s lack of loyalty to maintain the allegiance of secrecy to an oath taken by all who are hired in the Department he was employed in, there will always be those who can justify wrong over right or right over wrong depending on our own perspectives. The American mind just like the World’s mind  is often persuadable  by a little money or lack of conscious sworn under oath to uphold the clearance of secrecy granted. Intelligence is supposed to be kept secret and is not intended to be reality television. If it was it would not be intelligence.

We have already heard more than what most of us have heard in the past about the plans and the reasoning behind the strike. Those retired officers in the military are not privileged to any classified information on the current strike nor are  men like Rumsfeld or any one else in the Pentagon, who are not directly involved with the immediate operation, nor are the media, entitled to anymore information than we are.  What we read and hear from most of them on the plans of the strike are nothing more than their opinions or speculation. Much of what we read through Social media is the opinion of those who have little to no knowledge beyond what they read on Social media and that which is written by those paid on social media to spread lies. By the same token much of what we watch on television  or read in print through the media is to spread conjecture or to sway opinions slanted usually by the owners who sign their pay checks.

There is an old saying in America, and I will attempt to clean it up but it says,  “Opinions are like rectums, we all have one but nobody wants to see it.”  We do well to remember that when we listen to excuses of elected officials who take an oath of office to defend against tyranny and  then  abdicate from their responsibility to do so; just as we should those who do not have our best interests at heart or dictators.  If we take the opinions of Russian television, or people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, seriously, we are really listening to flawed opinions.  That also includes all news agencies, as well as, those who report less than the news.  Any information gained in conversation when it is not on the level of reporting news, on the Social networks, as talk News networks, talk shows, or printed as opinion,  are simply that, their opinions.

Because we are not use to having information on strikes shared with us, we don’t know what to do with it as most Presidents in the lives of most of us, have never given that choice to “We the People” or the World to hear to the degree as President Obama has. Because our President, Barack Obama, has always given, “We the People,” the right to speak our own opinions as well as shown the United Nations its due respect, we have taken it for granted that this has been the nature of all other Presidents when it has been far from the nature of the White House to do so. The great majority of Presidents have shared limited information with us and the U.N. after attacks. America has never bent from its right to defend our Constitution or against tyranny aimed at either us or our allies, and as such there are enemies who do hate us. When President Bush said we would hunt down Osama Ben Laden following 9/11  very few in the U.N. backed us up then  and including when the Obama Administration took him down.

If we, or the Congress, or Senate ,or the World, refuse to take this strike against Syria as seriously as they should or refuse to accept our or their own responsibility to trust those in charge of this operation, as it being the only action left to us as a Nation, and the right thing to do, then those in charge of this operation have every responsibility and duty, according to our Constitution and the Geneva Convention, to follow their own conscious as it is their duty as elected officials to limit tyranny in the World along with every other Nation of NATO, since the announced strikes are neither a Declaration of War or an announcement of war.

When others refuse to defend against tyranny and 198 Nations have signed on to do just that, we are left defenseless except with the support of a few of our own allies, to act alone.  As the only Nation powerful and committed enough to stand up against tyranny in the World, since this is neither a declaration or announcement of war, we will set the example to the whole World that terrorists, tyrants, and infamy can not reign as long as we The United States of America are willing to show the courage required of us. We all wish for peace and hope for the day that the Middle East decides as we do, but until then it is the duty of good people to defend against Nations who allow for and promote tyrants.

It then becomes our responsibility as a Nation and the World’s duty to support those who do decide if the strike is the only available option they have, to make the Assad Regime, follow the laws that are supported by 198 other Nations. That law refuses to allow any head of any Nation to destroy its own people and has been  a matter of International Law since 1925.  We elect officials so when in time of criminal activity and torture, they will make their decisions matter to humanity. That is what Democracies do. God Bless all of us and God Bless the United States of America.

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Somewhere over the last 30 years some women have seemingly forgotten we were granted the power of Free will, no differently from the male gender, by our Maker or Creator.

The very same people who relied on birth control, themselves, seem to be very remote in their own memories when it comes to granting the equality of choice to future generations.

It is reminiscent of the older Prostitute, who gains respectability through marriage, and then sits in judgment of the young woman who gets pregnant out of marriage the first time she has sex or when the often told joke in the South touched more on truth than humor.

It was often repeated in the South, accordingly:” I know I got her pregnant Paw but I hain’t going to marry her.” Why not Son? “Because she was a virgin when I met her.” “Well then son if she hain’t good enough for her own family, then she hain’t good enough for our own.”

As the numbers of rape done through strangers, acquaintances, and incest are being denied amongst those who now understand the life-long horrors done to women by rape, while the numbers remain constant or grow, the same people who are most aware, seemingly, want to deny women in even greater numbers, their right to choose.

Too often women, who understand and fight for both our equality and inalienable legal rights granted through “The Equal Rights Amendment”, and our moral right of free will, that separates us from the animal species, are branded as if the fight for equality is a dirty word and done by evil women who are branded as feminists.

Sadly, because of the negative twist that is too often applied to the word feminist it is a word that too many times gets used as a word of disrespect amongst those who deny the equality of genders. Feminists ranks right up there with the word “bitch” that is too often applied to competent women.

When I read the series of books entitled the “Good Wife” or see women gather to learn to better please their husbands in bible groups or in scrap booking groups in individual homes, I am left with a sense of deja vu all over again. Throughout history women have been there and done that while being made to feel the guilt of a marriage that fails.

The Conservative movement in America is really doing a major disservice to the equality of women who come out of cultures who have not advanced to the equality entitled to all Americans or who are made to carry the guilt of blame of what are determined to be deteriorating families in the eyes of the “Good Old Boy” system.

It is true that there are both men and women who marry and neither remains faithful and it is equally true women file for far more divorces than what men do. What women fail to hear are the reasons that women are left to file for divorce.

Men rarely take the vows of matrimony as serious as women do. If it wasn’t for a woman’s insistence of marriage many men would be content to reproduce themselves without the benefit of marriage vows and without legal restrictions to support the child. It is a fact that women to a larger percentage over men, marry for life.

When vows are broken through infidelity, domestic abuse is present, refusal to maintain a family financially exists, and trust is lost, Divorce is most often the burden left for women to carry through on. Although women are guilty of all the same above faults these are faults largely attributable to failures in men.

Men are much more likely to use the lack of a divorce as an excuse to not re-marry again but to move in together without strings attached over women’s desire to re-stabilize their own future prospects. When these above faults are present in the men who women marry too many times women are made to feel guilt that they some how caused the weakness in these men who never had the character of backbone in the first place.

Women are better educated and as such they are becoming the larger bread earners in America today. Men are more content to stay home to help out and raise families, than they have been in the past but a man’s idea of child rearing too often means hiring a nanny or cleaning Lady so he can be free to discover himself.

When parents fail to teach empathy and responsibility to children so children grow up understanding the world isn’t just about them and their wants and needs but also about the wants and needs of those we hold most dear, friends, neighbors, and family who depend on us, families fail. Laziness, Selfishness, or a lack of empathy is not now nor has it ever been gender specific.

I urge all women of all races and backgrounds to remember the word Feminists is a word we all need to be proud of, as it is or should be, the battle cry of all women who seek the justice of moral free will and inalienable legal rights for all people.

It should never matter if Americans are men or women or if they are people who work, breathe, eat, pray, love, vote, drive, gather, marry, remain single, dedicate their lives to others, raise families, stay at home, or discover their own substantial worth or value in America, they are all equal because of the efforts and sacrifices of feminists.

We can never forget that without Civil Rights workers, suffragists, and feminists we would never be able to vote in 2014; Nor would we rank any higher in the eyes of mankind as any one other than a man’s property or chattel.

We need to stop the deterioration taking place by the Conservative movement in America, in an effort to gain back our moral right to free will granted to us by our Creator and our legal rights of equality granted to us by the Equal Rights Amendment by voting as the most powerful block of voters in 2014.

The disgrace in America is not deterioration of families because of the feminists but rather deterioration of respect due to those Americans who hide behind Religious Freedom as an excuse to deny Americans the equality due all of us regardless, of sexual orientation, race, Creed, or gender through the Conservative movements and paid for groups who speak for individual Conservatives in America.

When we become like too many members of the Tea Party who openly say: “it is not my problem if their house falls in the bay, if they do not have Social Security, or if a poor man in a coma dies due to lack of insurance.”; then we can no longer deny the lack of empathy for all Americans is at the crux of the problem.

When we tell those who promote these ideas and attitudes that they are dead wrong at the voting polls through our votes next year perhaps they too will see the faults in their reasoning.

In order for women to right the wrongs, and trust me, it will take women as history has always dictated that it does. We need to begin to turn around the narcissistic movements under way in America through consensus of sisterhood.

It is equally important that we use the elections on the horizon, by joining in fellowship with those politicians whose records prove they also seek justice for all, regardless of gender.

We begin now, by both parents empowering our own children and grandchildren with the power of empathy for all by teaching them charity and sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. We need not be fooled by those who conclude the false assumption,” that a hand up”, is just another name for Socialism.

If both parents fail in teaching the future generations understanding and compassion for others’ rights beyond their own, then Democracy will fail for all of us. Lets get started living by teaching through our own example today. Our actions must match our spoken words if we are to be successful in our own endeavors as parents of the next generations.

The Free will of all future generations depend on it, if we are ever going to have equality for all. None of us ever know if we will be the next one to need a hand-up tomorrow and that we can all take to the bank, even politicians.

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I’ll put my two cents into the fray as this case over many others, seems to me, to have captured the Nation’s attention and taken on a life of it’s own to a maniacal level. It also is the longest running trial in the history of Arizona.

I am always amazed by the hate that comes from people when a liar and a murderer is put on trial. Despite what the pundits may think about Jodi Arias’ defense team they gave her an iron clad case that will stand up against any appeals some other defense team may try to file, on appeal. We forget that this is the job of any Defense attorneys under the law. When the evidence was so clearly stacked against Jodi and her lies, it became even more important that a defense team put on an aggressive defense. To do anything less would only come back and hurt the Alexander family even greater.

When a criminal is given less than a stellar defense team, there are too many times when the family will be subjected to more heart-ache and suffering with a brand new trial, if the defense attorneys are found to be incompetent in defending their clients against crime and especially in death cases. Those of us who do care for the welfare of the victims’ families should hope to see a good defense put on just as we would hope for if we wanted to spare our own families against more heart-ache of a new trial on appeal.

One murder trial for any family is always one too many to have to endure. This was not a time to have a defense team who refused to only question the prosecutor’s findings or to have a lawyer who fell asleep at the trial. The better the evidence as was available at this trial, and put on by the prosecutor’s side,the more of a defense we should want to see offered even though it sometimes may make our skin crawl.

Since I do not hang out with people found guilty of murder you must excuse me if I sound cynical but don’t all murderers lie? I have never heard a murderer confess to the fact they have any memory of the crime, while they are stabbing someone, or a defense attorney who would advise their client to acknowledge the fact that they did, if they did have.

Aren’t all who murder and on trial, defending themselves, arrogant, narcissistic, and sociopaths? Don’t defense attorneys in their efforts to defend these offenders often put the victims on trial in an effort to lessen the punishment of the people they are defending? We all hate that they do but their job in a criminal case is to save the life of their client or to win acquittal. The only people who usually do understand the job of Defense attorneys are the people who are unfairly accused. Didn’t Jodie lie on the stand because of the arrogance that she could convince a jury of her innocence?

Unless a defendant has told so many public lies already, Defense lawyers will not put them on a stand. The more arrogant they are the more they do choose to go against the advice of their lawyers, who are hired to give them Justice under the law. Defense attorneys either buy into the lies and promote the same that was told to them, while adding their own personality and propensity to ignore the facts, or they truly believe their client to be innocent. In many cases they are.

The Defense attorney will also advise those clients who are innocent to take the stand or not to as well, and a jury should never buy into innocence or guilt if the defendant does or does not take the stand. Doesn’t all defense attorneys attempt to degrade the scientific evidence or accuse the police of sloppy handling of the evidence or produce their own opposing evidence, when the client can afford the same ? Don’t all who murder, leave behind loved ones to grieve, their own families included?

So what makes this case so much different from all the other cases of murder to the point that the Jury, who sacrificed greatly of their time away from loved ones who they could not speak to about what was going on in their lives for five months, that they are now receiving death threats from the angry or insane that should be in therapy themselves?

It is not uncommon that jurors do think they can convict someone of the death penalty until they actually are appointed judge and jury and have the life of another person in their hands. Until and when we all acknowledge that it is the insane Arizona Law itself that is responsible for the problem the jury was confronted with, then calmer heads will not prevail.

The facts of life in America are or should be the following:

1. Either we as a Nation accept the fact that our State is a Death Penalty State or we do not. When the majority vote accepts it as the same, then the Judges should Pronounce sentences according the Statutes of the Laws in that State, once the jury finds the offender guilty of first degree murder, even when it does include death penalties.

2. Why Arizona or any other States do decide to keep the Death Penalty and hold the jury responsible for the decision of death when they have already found Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder with extenuating circumstance of extreme cruelty, is beyond me.

3.The Judges themselves are bound by the Statutes of law in their own States as to how much time the criminal needs to spend in jail with every other crime committed in the United States. Why shouldn’t it also be the judges decisions, once hearing oral arguments from the lawyers, to determine punishment? They are given that freedom when they disagree with the juries decisions on first degree murder anyway, in other States that have the death penalty.

4.Either the States accept the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment or they establish life imprisonment. Once the voters of the States accept that they want to retain the death penalty and the Prosecutors prove first degree murder with extreme cruelty doesn’t common sense tell all of us that the Jury has served and performed their duties? The defendant becomes the criminal since they have been found guilty in a Court of law by their peers, at this point, and that should be all that is asked of any jury anywhere.

5. Who amongst us could actually send another person to death when our knowledge of the person’s intent and our own interpretation of the law is so overwhelmingly lacking? I don’t think we could find 12 jurors, who do not hate and based on the level of evidence, who could all handle in good faith, the responsibility of killing another human being.

6. We as a Nation who asks our jurors to do just that aren’t understanding the full realm of consciousness that plays a role in asking jurors to do the job that should be worked out between people of law, in my estimation.

Even though Democracy is made up of majority rule we should always understand that States that vote for the Death Penalty are not made up of the same view in 100% of its population. Many of those who never question their ability to find a person guilty and believe they can ask for the death penalty are the first to crumble when placed under the pressure of deciding the fate of another.

The only time we ask our citizens to be 100% in agreement is when they serve on a Jury. It is not very realistic for anyone to believe they are in 100% agreement, when many decisions are made by juries, despite the fact they agree to the same when they are polled. Even twins, married couples, best friends, and siblings are rarely in 100% agreement. It is not unusual for people who serve on juries to suffer nightmares, afterwards, when they were convinced by their own conscious or by others, at the time of the verdict, their decisions were the correct ones.

Jurors are told not to give in to pressure but to vote their own common sense and conscious. Seldom is that allowed to be applied by the time juries end their discussions.

The only way I can perceive that 12 people who are not related to the victims or friends of the same, do not have biases or bigotries with preconceived notions, are not tired of the case after 5 months and want to go home, do not have an axe to grind, or any other negative influences of anger and such, as all objective jurors must be, could all in good faith,100% of the time find the death penalty against another human being would be:

1. If they were bullied into the same as they often are
2. If they were tired of listening to another person on the jury
3. If they discounted guilt or innocence because the person on trial or the defense attorney did not present themselves well.
4. If they were made to feel their point of view was stupid or foolish
5. If they are a crowd pleaser
6. If they are too shy or intimidated to speak up for what they believe
7. If they vote out of empathy for the victim’s family over interpretation of the law
8. If they went into the discussions liking the prosecution team better and believing that Prosecutors are always more ethical and honest than are Defense Attorneys
9. If they felt that the defendant would not be on trial unless they are guilty
10.If the evidence against the extenuating circumstances and pleas of the families over-rides the interpretation of the law, which is always subjective, when left to self-interpretation by juries who are not trained in law
11,If they just plain do not like the defendants and want to find them guilty
12.If they made up their minds of guilt before the trial and ending arguments were heard
13.If they believe, “an eye for an eye”, when that has never applied to the law in any State and is not part of any jury instructions,EVER
14.If their own feelings for sparing life is not over-weighed by their feelings of death being justified under any and all circumstances in murder cases
15.They are sick of the case and blame the defense attorney or the prosecutors the most for prolonging it, regardless
16.If in very remote cases the Defendant ask their attorney not to present evidence but instead to ask for the death penalty during the penalty phase of the case.
17.On equally rare occasions, the jurors all are unanimous in the belief that there is absolutely no reason that the Court should show mercy due to a difficult childhood, mental illness, or up-bringing even when the judges inform them that this needs to be taken into consideration during their discussions in the penalty phase prior to reaching a unanimous verdict

People do murder in approximately one third of all murder cases after having a child hood of loving parents and pampered lives,and in these murder cases 100% verdicts of asking for death are made simpler for jurors who can do so in clear conscious, just as they can for those very rare times that the murderer asks for the death penalty. Approximately one third of all murders are committed by people who were never disciplined as children or told “No”, they could not have something when they were children.

These murderers were never made to take responsibility for their own actions or behavior. In the case of neglect we can find a child who grows up feeling unloved and unworthy of the important values of life. A good defense attorney will evoke sympathy of the jurors for these clients even though it is a more difficult of a job to do so with many juries, when physical or sexual abuse or mental illness are absent.

It is the job of Defense Attorneys to attempt to evoke sympathy for their client during the penalty phase of a trial, usually through witnesses or family members. If the defense attorneys do not present an earnest effort during this phase of the trial,the clients can prove ineffective representation in some cases when on appeal.

Some clients are such loners or reprehensible the attorney alone will fight for the client since no one else will speak for them, the client wants to spare their own families and doesn’t want anyone else to speak for them, or the client does ask for the death penalty themselves. When a lack of defense is offered during the penalty phase, unless requested by the clients, and the case is repealed because of it, a new trial can be ordered making it necessary for the victims’ families to have to go through the same kind of agony that only a case of murder can bring with it.

Could those of us who have suffered abuse or have family members afflicted with mental illness totally disregard mercy for those who suffered from either or both 100%, realistically, even knowing their crime showed extreme cruelty? Jurors who agree to totally disregard mercy towards abusive upbringing or mental illness as a reason to find in favor of the death penalty a 100%, without understanding case study in law, are not by nature equipped to do so.

Sadly, the other previously acknowledged 15 factors on the list of 17 above scenarios, happen too often in juries. For that reason alone, it should be the biggest argument for why Judges should determine the penalty phase once the defendant has been found guilty by their peers in a court of law.

Lawyers always work out the penalty phase and agree on sentencing, and a Judge accepts the penalty, in first degree murder cases when a murderer pleads guilty. Why should it be any different once a defendant is found guilty by their peers in a Court of law? Judges have been given that discretion, even when Jurors are asked to decide death in the penalty phase in Capital Death States, elsewhere. There has already been plenty of precedence set for Judges to over-rule the decisions of jurors made during the penalty phase, for many years now. Shouldn’t we ask ourselves in a Capital murder case, when judges are all bound by preceding law,”Why” jurors are asked to decide death in Capital Murder? .

This jury acted exactly as it should have and should be congratulated for their efforts to seek justice. If more of us made an effort to understand what is expected of a Death Penalty Jury we would either change our own States to life in imprisonment without parole or acknowledge that this jury, unlike many others showed all of us that they do know more than most when it comes to finding Justice under the law according to their own conscious.

I am always amazed by those who call themselves Christian, and then turn around and support the worse that is seen in juries over the best that is seen, as this one has demonstrated the best of juries. It is nice to see that Arizona can still put together a jury of justice despite some of its’ other more inane or insane laws. I think the whole fascination with this entire case should leave us all shaking our heads, to be honest. My prayers are with the Alexander and Arias Families. God Bless you!

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While I took a break to remodel, read, paint and to travel I have experienced the dichotomy of the American and political brain when it comes to words not being put forth into actions and the handling of disasters.

Sadness spread by the hurricane on the East Coast followed much later by the tragedy in NewTown, only to be brought to an increased crescendo in Boston and now the disasters in Moore, Oklahoma will certainly(or should) rain on the parade of the Isis witch hunts or the GOP’s strategy sessions to degrade our President’s attempts to help the American middle class even further.

I will explain myself further if I am the only one who is correlating the dichotomy of the contradiction of the American politics in America:

1. At a time that politicians in Oklahoma are passing the personhood bill to ensure all rights of human life to a fetus who in many cases may not even be viable to sustain life outside of the womb and in other cases can lead to the death of a woman, they fail to see the importance of providing tornado shelters for the alive children in their States.

2. AT a time when Isis appears on the network and cable news assuring the public that he is going to work with President Obama to pass immigration changes he continues to attack and berate Eric Holder and President Obama as being in cahoot’s to lie to The American people and of intimidation and corruption, while off camera.

3. While the GOP and Conservatives in the Democrat Party reach out in an effort to express horror over the NewTown shootings they hands down vote down measures that would and do protect the American people and our children from future attacks in our schools, on our streets and in our homes. 

4. The above mentioned; along with the Tea Party, white supremacists groups,members of Washington D.C.’s political power, lobbyists, and our States show up at the NRA Convention where they help promote the lies to the NRA membership of 75,000 strong that these efforts to safeguard our children are only efforts by the Obama Administration and the Liberals to take away their guns.

5. Anyone who can not see the dichotomy of the Tea Party and Conservative cause that bans equal rights to women in their National Platform but profess concern for future generations while professing to be God Fearing and protectors of the Faith, Constitution, and Democracy clearly are not seeing reality.  To continually operate opposite of speech in action is a clear cut reality of not just the far right, Tea Party, and Conservative cause but also of the way too many amongst us vote.

6. The two headed monster of dichotomy in America is alive and healthy in too many of the burbs and rural areas in the Red States and the Conservative hold outs in the Blue States across America.  I noticed the very large billboards advertising the various number of Churches while we were driving into Pensacola Florida. 

Would Christ truly approve of such commercialization knowing over a 5 year period that those billboards cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 per sign and each Church has their own sign of advertisement? Couldn’t that money be better utilized elsewhere, since all the churches are also listed in both the motel room directories as well as the yellow pages? 

I also saw many of the Breadbasket and Bible belt States accusing a caring and compassionate Democracy that treats ALL American’s needs as being the practice of Socialism. Those billboards and signs are interspersed amongst the States that claim Christian values along our highways as well.

Since so many, I noticed, are also driving around with bumper stickers that read: “Put Christ back in Christmas,” to the point they fail to see the over-whelming generosity towards the less fortunate and the most innocent amongst us at Christmas time, of non-Christians and Christians alike, is the most Christ-like behavior we can express; couldn’t we argue that perhaps the majority of us are failing to see the obvious while the politicians and their paid for media are playing us for fools because too many of us are disengaged or in denial?

Where is the outrage when the IRS does question legitimately the huge numbers of groups who clearly are political that hides behind Religious or freedom of ideology just to get tax breaks that are not legal? 

Where is the outrage when the same people who start the witch hunts failed themselves to legislate the necessary funds that would have safeguarded our Embassys over seas? 

Where is the outrage when the innocent amongst us are left unprotected because the members of the GOP refuse to allocate the funding necessary to keep our children safe, or for that matter pass laws that would limit the amount of fire power by limiting the number of bullets in the size of the magazines?

We the People keep speaking to the political leaders across the Nation and their reponse is to actually accuse the government for interfering while we continually see the need for government to help us but our elected officials are refusing to do anything that will help us. 

Perhaps the only part of government we truly do need to down size and eliminate are our elected officials in Congress who claim to be on our side when tragedy strikes but votes against us when they have both a moral responsibility to vote for our needs and are elected to show competency as our elected officials.

While the media broadcasts and the GOP tries to tie a link with the mismanaged, scandalous and sometimes misunderstood depts. of government to our President has anyone even noticed that the deficit is going down, the previously uninsured can now get insurance while healthcare costs have gone down, the interests rates charged to students who are interested in improving their education and skills have remained low, the students who wish to go on with their education are now covered on their parent’s insurance, The GNP (Gross National Product) has doubled, housing has gone up and the economy is improving due to the changes made by the Obama Administration that is putting Americans back to work?

Where is the media reporting on the truth when Americans need to know? Hasn’t our President gone the extra step when it comes to tragedy and disaster in our Nation? Isn’t his concern and efforts for immigration change once more being stymied by those who insist they want the Latino and Hispanic vote, as usual? What bill other than the ones that apply to them personally along with their lobbyist, who purchased them, have the Conservatives in the Senate and the Congress passed in the last five years, that they were not pressured into doing because of their fear of not being re-elected? Have we forgotten that they only begrudgingly passed funds necessary to help those hit by the hurricane on our East Coast or to bring relief to the middle class and unemployed?

I will continue staying tuned in with my concerns while enjoying the retirement that my husband and I balanced the budget for that enables our enjoyment in the last quarter of our lives.

Every now and then when nothing has changed; as the GOP readies it’s strategy, with the help of the TEA Party, to enter under qualified candidates who are financially supported in the 100s of thousands and even millions of dollars and owe their souls to the cause of the Tea Party political machine; over those candidates who would put the American people first, I will check in with my readers. The Conservative and Tea Party groups claims of Social ideology over political based control or greed hurts my ears if it doesn’t yours.

With the 2014 elections coming up in less than 18 months can we not all smell the manure of another attempt to denigrate the Obama Administration
with increased witch hunts and lies spread by the Tea Party as we heard in 2010?

My empathy as always is with the suffering and tragedy of the American people. Will we ever have Republican and Conservative legislatures who acknowledge that the needs of “We the People”, needs to be their first and main concern by doing something in Congress and our States that would indicate the same?

Don’t we already have enough proof of the stall tactics of the GOP and Tea Party sponsored candidates to do nothing but to eliminate the pay scale of the middle class jobs, to lower education abilities,to protect capitalism over the people, or their failure to do that which is right for the American People as equals? Will we the majority of the electoral body get out of denial and get engaged in the true dichotomy of American politics? And so it goes………..

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The Doctrine of Celestial marriage in the Mormon Church, which basically states that women will join their first husbands for eternity on the various planets that allow for a man of the Mormon Faith  to become God like on that planet, denies women the right to divorce in the Mormon Church.

The more children attributed to a Mormon man in the celestial heavens then the more power that man will have on the celestial planets that he over-sees. Due to this Covenant in the Mormon belief, women are strongly encouraged to not use birth control in order to bring greater glory to their husbands and themselves in their after-life. Unless a woman can fully document adultery by letter in very detailed and humiliating terms to the elders, divorce is never allowed in the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church does not allow for either abuse of wife or children in a marriage by a husband or father because if either exists, it is their belief, that it is the fault of or error of the wife and child to honor or to perform to the wishes of the husband or father.  Since both is considered the blame of women and children neither are grounds for a divorce in the Mormon Church but can only be obtained through civil divorce, and to do so leads to excommunication from the Church when a woman does file for divorce.

The Mormon Church hires a full battalion of lawyers who will defeat any law firm of any less than substantial size, if a women sues for legal support or half of what is rightly hers in no-fault States following a divorce, or a child sues against rape or incest charges after they are excommunicated from the Later Day Saints or the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church refuses to acknowledge the fault of men against crimes of humanity in their Patriarchal Society and in a man’s family. The view prominently held by the elders and Bishops of the Church who are not ordained ministers but instead lay men such  as Mitt Romney, is the blame of the women or children to follow Church Law towards accepting the wishes and the final authority of the Man of the family.

Women can only be joined to their husbands in the temple if they have never allowed a another man other than their husbands to touch them. 16 years old sons have the power to advise their mothers as the Mormon Church advocates a Patriarchal Society with women being the child bearers and  home makers. A son nor a man can be seen doing house work on any level since this is women’s work. Mitt not knowing what he picked up at the Store is very likely the truth, since more than likely his shopping trips were done by the efforts of his handlers to appease the American public who will vote for him over it being a habit of his to shop. The handlers have worked over time in the campaign from having Mitt Romney appear in blue jeans to making him look like just a common “Joe” of the people.

Once a woman, usually as a very young woman since the Mormon Church promotes marriage in its young people, visits the temple for the first time she is given the sacrament of Endowment, and shown how to wear the “sacred undergarments’.  They are always white and consists of a top and bottom that is binding to remind her of her commitment to God and her husband.  Women are banned from wearing shorts,swim suits, or any clothing that is considered provocative and in most cases from wearing short sleeves.  The virginity of a woman is her responsibility, regardless of the attention or force placed on her by a man, as good girls cannot become pregnant by rape if they do not allow a man to have his way with them or dress provocative as to encourage impure thoughts or actions by a man.

Since the Mormon Religion teaches that the more children men have in the Celestial planets the more God like they are and will become, other women can be assigned to a married man in the Celestial Heavens, even though polygamy is banned in the Mormon Church on earth and only practiced by fundamentalists who have been excommunicated by the Mormon Church.

A woman who fails to marry a Mormon man in her first marriage is often assigned to the Bishops of her Church along with her children, in the after life, if she marries a Mormon man as her second choice. However, the Church is much quicker to accept pregnant brides in the temple and rarely will accept a divorced woman unless she can properly document adultery in her first marriage.

Because virginity is so important in the Teachings of  the Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church a woman who is engaged or spoken for, while her future husband goes over-seas to preach the Mormon Faith and to gain converts, will often stay with the family of the husband to be, as did Ann Romney stay with Mitt Romney’s parents while Mitt was in France furthering his Faith.

While men are over seas they cannot be in the company of other women, watch television or listen to music and women while their fiance is over seas must  give up their own choices for those two years waiting for their future husbands.  The teachings of Mormonism believes that when young people are taught these restraints for their Church they will remain in the Church for a life time.  The returning men must marry within 6 months of returning home.  Many brides who marry in the temple are pregnant, some figures say as high as 70%, but the Mormon Church would rather see pregnant brides than tolerate divorce.

The Mormon Church in America is the only Religion that has ever been given full and complete dispensation from the Military draft on grounds of religious beliefs. No Mormon will ever serve in the military so we should question if Mitt Romney is even fit to be Commander-in-Chief since being in the military has already been contested by him on Religious convictions during the Viet Nam War. Because  George Romney ran against Richard Nixon for President during this time in history, attention was drawn to  Mitt Romney protesting in favor of the draft and against over-turning it, during the Viet Nam War, and it caused many to see Mitt as a hypocrite even then. Mitt was in a castle in France with Religious Dispensation during this time while Ann Romney was living in the home of Mitt Romney’s father George Romney, waiting for Mitt’s return and their eventual marriage.

Although the Mormon Church has never held as other Religions do that Eve made Adam eat of the apple in the Garden of Eden, it does believe that it is the intent of God for women to be home makers and to produce as many children as the husbands want. All women in the Mormon Faith are expected to be married and to bear children for the men of the homes. Because the number of children produced increases the man chances to become God like in the Celestial Heavens, birth control is greatly frowned on. In a Patriarchal Society that is promoted by the Mormon Church, the Father and husband are the only voice of the home and what they say is the same as if God Himself has spoken.  In more liberal homes a husband will listen with compassion to the needs of his wife and children but what he says is the final word and must not be disobeyed.

Since patriarchal authority is so much the Covenant of the Mormon Church and without this belief both men and women are denied the ability to gain Heaven, the Mormon Church put in billions of dollars in today’s monetary values to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment from 1921 to 1971 when it was finally passed by a majority of the Congress.

They used the argument as did all the Churches who fought against equality for women did, that the equal rights amendment was not necessary for women because it was already guaranteed in the Constitution.  This same argument is used by today’s Tea Party members and was used throughout history to deny civil rights to minorities in the past and is still used to deny equality to the gay population today, as well.

The Republican Party’s majority refusal to even acknowledge the gay population with claims that they are not recognized by any laws, is no different from the argument that was used for generations by the “Good Old Boy”System.  This argument existed for centuries when it came to in-equality for women and minorities and made it possible for both to be denied their equal rights guaranteed in our Constitution.  Without the Equal Rights Amendment that guarantees our Civil rights of equality, the Good Old Boys ” made up of white males, had control over women and minorities, under these exact same claims and arguments.

Can we trust Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to stand up for equality for women and a fair wage of equal pay for equal work or for that matter to sign into law any Bill or Act that protects women and minorities against the abuse of the “Good Old Boy” system or in the equality that protects procreation for women today? When Mitt refuses to say he will support equal pay for equal work for women and says he gave women flexible hours  so they could go home and cook dinner for their families isn’t he playing into the stereo-type of his Mormon faith?  In many homes outside of his religion, men often do the cooking.

Flexible hours are as important for men as they are women and should not be gender specific and certainly not based on women cooking dinner, unless of course we are as out of touch with real life as Mitt Romney is out of touch. The true purpose of flexible hours is to make it possible for both sexes to be able to go to Dental, Dr., and business appointments as well as to be with their children if they need to see a Dr. and to attend their activities.  Do any of us think Romney understands the real purpose of flex hours outside of the Mormon Church?

Make no mistakes about it, Mitt Romney, is guided by his Mormon Religion as a Bishop of that Religion and has never said as John Kennedy said,”that if his (Catholic) Religion interferes with his duties as President to all people of all Faiths and all Americans, that he will resign as President of the United States.”

We have already seen Mitt Romney outsource jobs as Governor of Massachusetts and to gain wealth for the wealthy at Bain Capital. Mitt Romney left his own State in such a mess when it came to contracts on infra-structure and unemployment that he was not wanted back by the voters so he only served one term.  Even today he is losing his own State by a whopping 25% in Favor of President Obama while he instead claims he was a successful Governor despite the fact that Massachusetts fell to 47th in the Nation in job creation.Can we really trust Mitt Romney to get jobs in America for the middle class when his record indicate otherwise?

Since Mitt Romney does not specify that it was his actions as Governor of Massachusetts that created number 1 schools in Massachusetts, he does not get a “liar pants on fire,” from Politico but instead an incomplete. Massachusetts has always had good schools and to question if they are number 1 in the Nation is legitimate enough to do so. Maryland, instead, holds the record of having the Number 1 schools in the Nation and many credit the Democrats for making it possible. When we understand that Mitt Romney hired the same Paul Ryan team that made up the Ryan plan to do his budget can we trust that Mitt will not reward the wealthy and punish the elderly and middle class?  Is that why Mitt refuses to tell us which loop holes he will close?  Can we trust the fact that Mitt Romney will not do away with Medicare in favor of vouchers or Obama care in favor of the greed of Capitalism?

Can we trust Mitt Romney not to appoint the next two Supreme court Judges as the next two retire, to protect the equal and civil rights of All Americans.  If he chooses instead from his Mormon base, in which there is a strong fraternity, then can’t we be certain that the Equal Rights Amendment along with Roe vs. Wade will be thrown out by a majority of Conservative judges who consistently vote as Judge Scalia votes? We are that close in this election to denying equality to many in America and to defeating Democracy as we have known it.

If it is your son or daughter or grandson and granddaughter can  you afford to  gamble on that when the past actions and statements of both Mitt Romney and Tea Partier Paul Ryan, disallows for the equality of all Americans?  Did Mitt Romney really mean what he said against 47% of American voters and Paul Ryan agreed with, on the 30% of Americans? Was it just coincidence that they are both on record as saying the same thing against the American people they claim refuse to work and would rather be victims?  You decide, and then re-elect President Barack Obama and vote Democrat in November.

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In his recent interview Mitt Romney accused the reporter of being small-minded because he wanted to know more about Romney’s intentions on his tax returns.  With 54% of the American people wanting to know if, this time Romney will be honest on his tax returns, unlike when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts, I applaud the media for staying on the subject.

Unless and until we understand just how a person running for President treats their own taxes we, as the majority of American voters, do not in truth know if they will view jobs and the economy with the same honesty or careless disregard. As Einstein is often quoted,”He who lies in small matters will also lie in large matters.” It really doesn’t matter to us as to what they say on the campaign trail but rather what kind of character and respect they show towards truth, our right to know, and how they behave when no one else is looking……

The truth is that the Romney’s had a home in Utah where taxes are lower than in Massachusetts so Romney had been filing as a resident in Utah for years when he ran for Governor in Massachusetts.  Since we have to be a resident of a State for the last 7  years before running for a political office, people questioned if Mitt could even run for Governor since he had been paying resident taxes in Utah instead of Massachusetts.

Mitt’s refusal to show his taxes then, caught up to him,  as it will now since taxes are a matter of public record.  Someone will find them because no matter how hard the Romney team think they are hidden you can bet they will be found now just as they were then.  It is only the arrogance of Mitt Romney that thinks he can pull a fast one now as he did in Massachusetts.

His exact words in Massachusetts were the same as they are today,”You are just going to have to take my word for it, I have paid residence taxes in both Utah and Massachusetts.”  When they tracked down his taxes they found that Mitt was lying about paying taxes in Massachusetts.  The Republican Party has and continues to slant taxes towards the wealthy, so Mitt qualified for the grace period and was able to pay 7 years of back taxes up in Massachusetts and run for Governor.

Between 2008 and 2009 when the stock market fell from 12,000 to 7,000 under the Bush Administration, many Seniors who had their money invested in stocks through investment companies, lost their entire retirements and pensions that were also invested in the stock Market. Many of us lost our 401k’s as well but those of us who were young enough could recover our losses since the Stock market has consistently ran into highs of 13,000 under President Obama.  It is important that we see Mitt’s returns for those years since he plans on going back to Bush economics.

We want to see those years, Mitt, and it is not small-minded of us to want to see them.  We want to know if you had previous knowledge and if you along with your Billionaire friends helped create the crash with your early withdraw of investments.  We want to know what loss you suffered since millions of us did not have insider trade knowledge.

We want to know how much of your income is shifted to your family members to get out of paying taxes and why it is when you pay taxes on all five of your married sons why the gift taxes we have to pay are so exorbitantly high when we  pay gift taxes on our children but  it is so low for you paying a million dollars per family per year on the 6 families together, that your total taxes combined are only 13.9% even though all 6 families are millionaires. We the American people want to know how you can avoid paying taxes by putting 100 million dollars into an I.R.A. when we can only put in $1250.00 per person or $2500.00 per couple.

The blame game of blaming the Obama Administration for looking for ammunition and just asking more questions if you turn over the taxes that we the American public are entitled to see is as much bull as it both smells like and sounds like.  If there is no smoking gun then there is no need for ammunition,now is there?  In a “gun happy”Country we are not too stupid to understand that one.  The media and we the people are within our rights to demand it of, you.  The smoke screens may work with the indoctrinated that your campaign hand picks but don’t include the rest of us in it because voter suppression just goes so far once we do get to the polls.

We want to know before the election, Mitt Romney, because we do not want to feel that we are responsible for electing another G.W. Bush or Richard Nixon.  If your greed or failure to do your patriotic duty, to do your fair share, has not changed since the days that you hid out in a Mansion in France during the Viet Nam draft, then we have a right to know.

We need to know if you are avoiding paying your fair share and if it is so important to you that it will again sell all of us short and risk Democracy in the process. Your choice for Vp gives us even more cause to question your refusal to show us the transparency that we are owed.  The choice of Paul Ryan for VP, leaves us doubting you more than we already were..  You need to understand, Mitt Romney, that your selection of a Tea Party member of Congress, who neither believes in Democracy nor the working poor and middle class and has proven it with his votes in Congress for 14 years, makes it even more important to all of us that you show us your taxes, just as every President has since your own father said,”It was the only honest thing to do and anyone who runs for President that doesn’t show their taxes has something to hide,”

Mr. Romney, we need to know why Sheldon Adelson has said he will put 100 million into your campaign in order to defeat President Obama.  We need to know why the two of you met on the 36th floor of the Venetian Casino in the high rollers room to discuss strategy and what Sheldon Adelson wants in return.  Since Sheldon Adelson owns the casino the only answer we can come up with, other than perhaps he wants you to take federal regulations off of slot machines, is that you are lying to us.

We are neither stupid nor naive and we do know and understand that people like  the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson,who are putting millions into “American’s For Prosperity”,your and all Republicans’ campaigns, and” Citizens United” do want something from you in return. The wealthy do not just throw away money nor do that kind of men have the best interests of the middle class and working poor in mind.  The same groups along with the Koch Brothers have already proven that in Wisconsin, with the re-call against Tea Party Governor Scott Walker being prevented because of their money.

The American people have been burnt long enough by those who skirt the law and cheat the system and as long as you, Mitt Romney, refuse to show us the transparency that “We the People” are owed ,the small mind is your own,  and we do need to know so we, the American voter do not have just another Republican President in charge of America, whose only goal it is to get what they and their cronies want.  Too many of you in the Republican Party in our States and Washington have already shed our blood and drained us dry.

If you, Mitt Romney, can’t show us your taxes then why would we have anything left to give you at the polls in November? It’s never been more important that every one of voting age votes as it is this year, if we do want our protection back for not only our equal rights and a fair days pay for a fair days work, but also  to right the wrong that has been robbed from us by those who refuse to pay their fair share.  Vote in November.

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