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I want to apologize to my subscribers and readers for my lack of keeping up with my posts, recently, but conditions beyond my control have prevented me from writing. Those problems still exist but with continued rest will improve in the next several months, with a little hope and a prayer, as is typical for my condition:)

I simply cannot continue the recovery, knowing that the Republican Party, who has been shamed into it, is now saying they plan on renewing the payroll tax break, that OBama passed into law last year, and that OBama is misrepresenting them. OBama believes it unfair that the American middle class has to pay 680 million dollars a year so the wealthy 1% can continue getting the Bush tax break. He wants to discontinue this tax break in order to pay for the poor and middle class wage earners’ payroll tax break instead. The Republicans refuse to let the Bush tax break for the wealthy 1% to end and instead thinks that they should freeze the wages of all government employees which includes police, FDA inspectors etc. and lay off 200,000 middle class government employees in order to pay for the continued tax break to all middle class wage earners.

This is the same group of people who for years have said that the Bush tax breaks have not cost the middle class tax payers anything. Please understand that they did not pay 6 to 7 trillion dollars of debt, which they made and added to the deficit, while they controlled the government and this led to the mess we are in. It was the Democrats who balanced the budget last and that was during the Clinton Administration. Now they are backtracking saying the payroll tax breaks that help only the poor and middle class and not the wealthy 1%,since they do not earn wages, has to be paid for.

Anyone believing that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy do not cost the middle class and poor, must also believe that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, the tea party darling,programs are working. The truth is he has laid off more teachers and hurt the education of future generations of Wisconsin, in ways that will be felt for years. He has not added jobs as promised but lost almost 10,000 jobs in the month of Oct., alone. The list does not end there, and I personally wish all those who are signing the petition to force his resignation, the best of luck. I’ll never know why he was voted into office in the first place, but congratulations Wisconsin for wising up in less than a year!

People of Massachusetts are finding another Tea Party darling, Scott Brown, is creating the same loss of jobs in their State. Governor Scott Rollover of Florida, also a Tea Party electee, cut education by 1.3 billion in Florida and when it cost his popularity to fall to 26% he is now trying to budget back 1 billion to education. What is it in the name of Scott that makes the Tea Party so enthused?

The number two Republican Senator John Kyl,went on record in the Senate claiming that Planned Parenthood needed to be eliminated as 90% of everything they do is abortions. That is another bold-faced lie, folks, as only 3% of what they do is abortions. The other 97% that they do is to educate our and your daughters and grand daughters in able to make certain they can lead a life that will be fulfilling to them without being pregnant and raising a child in abject poverty, so that they and their child, will not suffer hunger pains on a daily basis and think this lifestyle, is normal in a civilized world whose compassion alone should never tolerate our children going hungry. They offer both counseling as well as treat victims of rape and incest as well as the diseases that come from these crimes and often lead to prostitution, when counseling is not available.

I trust that my subscribers and readers have gotten as big a kick out of watching the turkey debate for the Republican primaries, as I have. I decided I could either let their lies and half-truths, as well as, their flip-flops upset me or treat it as the comedy show it has turned out to be.

After watching Herman Caine’s denials does anyone of us who deals in logic and reality think he remembers his own acts of adultery and indiscretions any better than he remembers what took place in Libya? What about Romney? Doesn’t he realize how many vaults are filled with film footage of what he now denies saying? Let’s not forget Perry who does not know the voting age and even knows himself he is a joke. Michell Bachman apparently does not know the founding fathers and signers of the Constitution did not fight against slavery but instead had slave quarters in their own homes. It would be 16 presidents later before slavery was outlawed.Are lies and ignorance the new acceptance level for candidates who wish to run on the Republican ticket?

Only Newt can go into a race with a straight face knowing he campaigned hard to impeach Clinton at the same time he was having an adulterous relationship with his second wife to be, and lying about it. He would later marry her and present his first wife with divorce papers while she was in surgery having cancer removed.

Since the level of poverty is raising every day, by the numbers of people needing government help and the Republicans are only protecting the 1%, please understand, it maybe you, your child or grandchild, Newt speaks of when he says,”children of the poor should be forcefully removed from all families who receive government aid and placed in orphanages to be adopted out by parents who cannot have children.” He also thinks child labor laws should be removed and poor children put to work as janitors and factory workers in order to save Corporate and schools from paying Union workers. Newt is as mean as they get and even his own party kicked him out as Speaker of the House and fined him $300,000 because of his lack of ethics.

When word press does not delete or edit out the info I give on the other Republican candidates, I will update you further. Believe me, none of them are any improvement over Newt. Please, help me make certain Americans are informed enough to not repeat 2010, by electing these yahoos into the Presidency of the United States.None of them care a “tinkers damn” for the American workers no matter how much they say they, “Get it.”We all need to wise up as the Wisconsin voters are.

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