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Trump, the GOP candidate for president is the very epitome of what has been defeating America for decades. A haze of sleazy has fallen over our Nation,along with a laizze-faire apathy where no one cares, while we have become a nation that condones hate and rudeness against our fellow man.

This attitude has not only been promoted by the personalities of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Pahlin but also led by the conservative media starting with Fox Network.  It was,however,initiated by the GOP, itself.  In order to smear the government, while placing themselves above it or as our savior to the rescue, they found it necessary to justify the welfare of their own lock in trade, namely banks and corporations, with the goal being to remove all restrictions against them to compensate for a heavy handed government.

By making the government ,led by Barack Obama,the enemy of the people, it became fair game to resurrect all the hate that had been kept quieted, previously. No one group brought it forward,better,nor encouraged white supremistst groups to speak at their Conventions more, than have the tea party members. 2009 was their coming out in numbers year, to open up and justify all the hate only previously voiced in private by the bigots and “the good old boy universe.” When the LGBT community were at long last granted their right to recognition,by Barack Obama, the Churches came out in droves, denying them their rights,and justifying the behavior of the GOP!

What Trump has said,and continues to say, no matter how badly we wish to deny it, is nothing more than has been said for years by the right wing of politics. The people we think of as sleazy Anericans,have not always been found in places we may think they are,but instead many of them are at home in the board rooms of America.  They are now upset as hell for the fact that Trump is exposing them! The cover up of government as the enemy, has worked so well to disguise them, and they wished to keep it that way!

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Today, Republican sweet heart and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio of Florida voted against Americans defending the Geneva Convention and International law that was signed into law in 1925, making any use of chemical weapons an act of war crimes. Like Mitt Romney, Rubio, was for it before he was against it.

After undeniable proof of Satellites showing planes departing from the Assad bases loaded with and releasing chemical weapons and sarin gas in both the hair samples of blood of the children who died, 7 Conservative and Liberal Democrats  and Conservative and Tea party Libertarian Republicans sitting on the special committee  voted “No” to strikes in Syria in closed committee today, even knowing clearly that Syria was using weapons of mass destructions and threatening not just the welfare of their own people but all our allies in the region.

I am no less pleased with the Liberals such as Chris Murphy from Connecticut but the liberals do not pretend to represent someone who they aren’t. Anyone who thinks true Liberals  are going to be big supporters of military strikes 100% of the time, are not thinking clearly. I expected their no votes.  They foolishly think that humanitarian objectives to feed the 3,000,000 refugees starving in the sandstorms and heat of the desert will not be joined by the influx of terrorists in Jordan and meet a worse fate. To them it is some how preferable to taking out weapons of mass destruction. It doesn’t occur to them that our ally Jordan can and will be over-thrown if we do not make it possible for the refugees to return home after the strike.

It might not be so head-shaking of an announcement if not just a little more than a year ago, Mitt Romney as the Conservative and Tea Party favorite had not have said, ” if any movement of chemical weapons were seen to be moving in Syria , He, unlike President Barack Obama , would order immediate strikes against Assad.  He would not hesitate to send in troops to prevent the Hezbollah from getting their hands on chemical weapons.”

This of course after making his one and only trip on foreign affairs to meet with Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel to re-assure him that if he would be elected President he would not hesitate to send in troops to prevent Iran from getting Nuclear weapons.  Remember his and the Conservative out-rage against President Obama for not making certain Jerusalem belonged to Israel? I don’t remember any attempts on the part of the Tea Party or Conservatives to attempt to pass an initiative or bill towards that means, do you?

Mitt,  later of course during the Presidential debates, sounded more like President Obama’s speech writer in an effort to win the Liberal vote. With an election coming up, is that now their new approach with their vote today? It should be no surprise to any of us that Mitt Romney was a  hand-picked choice of the Tea Party and Grover Norquist and became an expert at saying what ever it took to win the elections. We already knew that about Mitt but we did think that there might be some sincerity in his concern for Israel’s interests. We are all  going to have to pick up shovels for sure, if we are going to be prepared for the boat load of manure coming our way, on Obama care and the next election. The phones and recordings are ringing loudly in the red States.

I guess the good news is; they are already accusing President Obama for doing the right thing just in order to avoid all their numerous committees against him and the government, while they try to distract from their own  pathetic votes against our allies and the Geneva Convention. Their other big attack remains  Obama care following town hall meetings and a month’s vacation of campaigning.  Since  we already know what their messages are, without having to answer our phones, it might be a good deal to just unplug them.

But I digress, as the real sweet heart and party favorite of the right-wing Conservatives was Rick Santorum.   He was the runner-up candidate to Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries.  Remember him; just over a year ago when he said on NBC, “If he became President he would demand that Iran open up all their suspected nuclear program or face air strikes.”

Don’t forget just months ago He launched a campaign against Chuck  Hagel claiming Hagel hated Israel and was a neo-con who loved Iran.  The conservatives never did trust Mitt Romney as they didn’t trust that he was a true Conservative. If both candidates were not lying in order to win elections or the Conservatives and Tea Party today are not putting politics before the lives of children and the Geneva Convention, and over the common decency of humanity, then don’t we all have to ask, “Where did the love go between Israel and the Conservatives and Libertarians after today’s vote?”

Who are the real Conservatives and Libertarians paid and bought for by the Tea Party? If we pay attention to what it is that they are all saying we notice they all say the exact same thing.  They may have different adjectives and colloquialisms but it is like they take a page from the same  book and repeat identically the same way.  It goes like this: “if Obama is going to make the decision without us why bother.” “President Obama got in too late so now has no credibility,” “Obama waffles because it isn’t his red line but the World’s red line” “Because of President Obama’s weak leadership the cost of getting in is too high ,” It never has to do with them.

We of course are suppose to be too stupid to know that President Obama did not establish the red line in 1925 of International law or The red line established by the Geneva Convention in the 1950’s, and later by congress in 1993.  They complained when President Obama was being advised to go in without their vote and now are complaining because he waited to get their vote.  All 300 plus of them say the exact same thing always! 

Surely, they must understand that if the Israelis did not feel threatened by chemical weapons being used in Syria they would not be test firing missiles or handing out gas masks.  Are they friend or foe to our allies and friends in the Region?  Was it just lies as we suspected in order to win an election?  Is all that talk of immigration reform by Marco Rubio just more  of the same?  Is that why Mitch McConnell started campaigning the day after President Obama was elected and his seat appears to always be empty?

Yes both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum lost their campaigns so why do either have any relevance now, you might ask? The answer of course was because their supporters were out-raged while these men professed that President Barack Obama was failing to protect our good ally and friend the Israelis and cheered wildly when both men talked tough about not hesitating to put boots on the ground or commit to air strikes in order to protect our ally. So is the truth that it is President Obama who has tried every peaceful and humanitarian rescue only to fail to stop a tyrant,  and is now asking for air strikes in order to prevent boots on the ground later, the reason these crowds have reversed themselves on the need to protect our allies that is driving their anger? If it is what does that say about the American people.

When are the Heads of other Nations, who depend on our military, which is the only military large enough and capable enough and equipped with the latest in technology to under go the strikes, going to stand up and speak out for not just President Obama but for their own people and humanity in general?  The Syrian people  as do Jordan both need their humanitarian aid as well as their courage to say the Assad regime needs to go.  Do we in President Barack Obama and the nine others who have voiced their out rage and support publicly have the only Heads of State who are not afraid to voice opinion?  Where are the other World Democracies who are hiding in the shadows while asking, “What is America going to do about it?”

Are we to now believe that the 39% of the Republican Conservative base who have consistently showed support for the Iraq war and George Bush now convinced that all war or military strikes are wrong?  Does it mean nothing now when it comes to Assad refusing to up hold the Geneva Convention and International law and killing children and adults with weapons of mass destruction and endangering Israel along with our other good friends and allies in the region along with our National Security? Are we to believe that the South has gone hippie and turned into peaceniks?

Rand Paul of Kentucky, another of the tea party favorite of course, is claiming that he has not heard one single person say they are in favor of the strikes in Syria.  He also claims he gets standing ovations in Kentucky when he speaks out against it.

There are of course rumors going around that Rand Paul is making threats against those who refuse to speak out against the strikes and the future of their election success.  Just so he wouldn’t be able to repeat in public again the idea that he hasn’t heard a single person in favor of the strikes, my Republican friend sent him an email reminding him that she was in favor of the strikes and just kind of wondering out loud how he planned on winning as President if the only thing he was going to do was to surround himself with anti-war protestors.  Sooner or later that boy is going to need a spoon full of reality just as Marco Rubio is, if they ever do think they can carry an election or make up their own Constitution and law.

I have a few questions to ask all of you who are weary of war and against the strikes to stop a despot from torturing children and breaking the laws of humanity.  Would we be better off to try to stop the Assad regime from ruthless and horrendous murders  and rape or is it better to stand back and do nothing while tyrants control our allies and the World?  Would you tolerate them doing the same thing in your/our own Country before taking a stand to do the right thing? Would your freedom have been better if that had been the justification of those who fought Stalin or Hitler? How much lip service about how you feel so bad or hate what is going on can we stand, before our National Security interests and the lives of our friends and allies are destroyed, will make a difference?  You seem to think you know better that to do nothing will some how solve the problem. When was it ever not true that, “Bullshit walked while actions talked?”

I’ve spent enough time in the South to know that the people of the South depend on and like their military. It is the main employer in areas of the South.  The military first and for most job is to protect and to go when called.  It is not the military that is weary since they do know when good men do nothing it will be their job to risk it all to protect our allies and the Syrians, out of honor. The more we delay the more our own military will have to face sarin gas and will have to put boots on the ground.  Make no mistakes about it if we do not act now we most certainly will have to later. Will that make a difference to you when we jeopardize their lives further? The thought that people of the South are going to become “peaceniks” any time too soon is the same as saying, “Some day Rush Limbaugh is going to tell the truth.”  or “men in history who chose to do nothing did not perish.” Think about what it is we all are jeopardizing when we tuck our children and grandchildren into bed tonight. They need us to be the heroes in their lives.

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It’s that time again folks.  Just when we can’t  take another campaign of lies it  starts heating up again.  The reason all politicians need to take so many breaks to go home to their constituency is to take home the pork that drives up the deficit with them and to convince the people of their States that they need their vote. It no longer is about what they stand for but how many lies they can tell about the opposition.  The people we elect don’t work in Washington for us but instead work in their own home States to win the next election.

The reason more moderate Conservative Republicans do not stop the lies and nonsense  about  President Obama denying the people their Constitutional rights, on the lies the far-right are spreading by the likes of Ted Cruce, and Rush Limbaugh, along with the Tea Party, is because they are afraid of the money and the powers-that-be in the Tea Party. They are afraid that it will cost them their own elections if they start telling us, the people, the truth about the dirty tricks that are pulled by the Tea Party.

If I would compare it to anything myself, I would compare the fear of the so-called rational Conservatives to the Tea Party  with the need of the people who attended Trump University.  Students for the most part do not have money or are not stupid but it is like they lost all touch of their common sense for an opportunity to rub elbows with Donald Trump.

Trump University was nothing more than a rip off that cost 5000 students $35,000.00 each.  Most of us  have to wonder why anyone would pay a non-credited school that price much less attend any school just to see Trump but that is what some of the students are claiming.  They said, “We thought we would at least be able to see Donald Trump but instead we only got to take our pictures with a cardboard cut out of him,” as though that was their biggest complaint after having been exposed as suckers. Isn’t it scary as hell to think that any of these people might hold power over any of us in the future?

It should scare all of us in just how easy it is for some  People in America to be taken in by other people who carry a large credit line or billfold and never have to prove anything. It could cost Trump millions for running a scam but the right-wing or the Tea Party bully tricks seemingly are working in their own Party as well as in the opposition.

Where the large majority of us can and do understand that men like Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are for the most part self-serving and entertainment worthy of being not much more than a joke; too many others will  too often take what they say serious .  The majority of us do see through their rhetoric and do view them as a bunch of cheap tricks and hot air, knowing there exists amongst us those who cannot separate truth from fiction and instead think these men credible.  Many others who know better treat them as being credible and pay them lip service because they feel that if they invoke this same mentality they can win or there will be something in it for them if they do.

It can be compared to thinking a mirage in the desert is the real thing.  Others know if they don’t accept this type of hate and rhetoric,  that these men spit out, as based on fact, and is often heard at  CPAC,  they will pay too great of a price in what it will cost them so they just generally accept the fact that these men who spread hate and lies are just part of the bigger picture and are a stepping stone  to their access to power. In much  the same way  Conservatives and Republicans alike, understand without taking the Tea Party money and support they will lose their elections.

These are not always stupid people but people who can be and are taken in by both money and power and are by nature controlled by greed, the idea of being part of the power or fame, or think they can change a system they are passionate about changing. They never do, of course, as they either get out or accept that the hate and rhetoric is part of what they have to accept and instead of making changes or a difference  they simply get absorbed into what is wrong in the Republican Party in the first place.

Do not mistake me  for a moment in what  I am saying, as  those in the Conservative cause are so dedicated to their principles that they are very sincere in the belief, ” that they and only they,” have the right to talk about family values and hold the high ground of morality for what is the right thing to do for all of us. Since it is so black and white to them they are often blind-sided to the idea that they are out-of-place since each person in America regardless of race, creed, gender, or color have a right to choose their own identity and destiny.

None of us deny that there does exist right and wrong in America and as such we do need to continually work towards a more perfect Union but when an entire group of people, whose perception of the truth or the differences amongst us are already misconstrued, are turned loose with the power that exist and the feelings of arrogance that they and they  alone are right and everyone else who disagrees with them are wrong, then we have an unjust system on all levels of Society.

Without considering the differences in cultural, religious beliefs, economical back grounds, and often times what may be wrong for one person to act on but life threatening if another doesn’t have the accessibility to act on the same behavior, then we should all be able to understand the heresy in the  black and white mentality and that its perceptions are seriously flawed. At the very least we should be able to accept the injustice that accompanies that mentality when we deny equality or choices from any American Adult to choose, when the capacity to do so is their inalienable right to do so.

When anyone outside of their black and white beliefs or narrow visions, is a person or are  people who excel beyond  their chosen spectrum of acceptance, the general belief of these Conservative fanatics is that the person who succeeds when  they deem they had no right to,  breaks through their barrier and  too often they genuinely feel threatened as though these people are robbing everything they are entitled to themselves, from them.

They themselves do not always have to be held up to the standards of their own moral virtues, but “By Damn,” the opposition or under class better bend to it.  Is it any wonder then when those of us who check out these often out spoken politicians own records, we  realize they often sound like hypocrites even though the same fails to register with them? It is not a rare exception, when a person or people who live/ lives beyond or outside of the Conservatives  perceived expectations, then literally they become their enemy because in the Conservatives’ moral convictions, it simply was not intended to apply to them or be that way.

They often over-look entirely the right of choice by the workers, minorities, and women or literally the common decency they extend to what they call, “One of our own,” or those who they can mold, because they are so convinced those rights belong to the Upper class of Society, which most commonly is the white heterosexual male. When they themselves are taken less seriously by the voters than what they take themselves they are left clueless. So convinced are they that they hold the moral high ground and the right to speak for the Nation they feel that they alone have the right to dictate, “what is what’. Gone are the old guard Republicans such as, Bob Dole, who felt America had a moral obligation to feed its hungry, and to  provide for the poor, disabled, and elderly through maintaining a strong government healthcare system, in this Republican Party.

Since they all have aides and speech writers of their own, they learn to measure their steps by saying what they think the people want to hear and can sometimes even ignore  the fact that Grover Norquist is always standing by with pen and pledge and not too unsubtle threats that if they do not comply to his and the Tea Party mentality and approval, then they can kiss any election win good-bye nor need they attempt to run for office, if they are foolish enough to think they can win without Tea Party money or support.  The mere fact that this group of bandits still refuse to believe their hand-picked candidate, Mitt Romney  was a joke, should tell the majority of us why the powers-that-be in the Republican Party are in essence destroying the GOP. When we combine that knowledge with its refusal of accepting equality in its platform at their National conventions ,then we understand the  mockery that these people are making out of what was once, “The Proud Old Party,”

Both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Conservatives  know they can lose their own elections  to the money and power behind the Tea Party, so instead of standing up to them and disputing their lies they play along with them, as to do so, they will be rewarded in their next election wins without competition, even when they know  what the right-wing and Tea Party  are saying  is plain ridiculous and there are no grounds to impeach our President. They view the Tea Party and fanatics as the lesser of two evils because they are so convinced anything less than Conservative is simply wrong or evil.

Conservative  Republicans will suggest that it is getting close to meeting standards of Impeachment where the few Democrat Conservatives will remain quiet and in doing so add to the weight of  the erroneous beliefs of those who are both brain washed and misguided into believing  that Americans are losing their freedoms, even though these politicians lower their own image and values in the process.  The only freedoms that we are losing are coming from this bunch of right-wing bandits and their propaganda.  I don’t know which is more pathetic.  Those who play along with Impeachment of our President, even though they know it is an insane suggestion or those who really believe they have grounds to do the same.

I realize that the Liberals talked about doing the same to George W. Bush as well, and certainly they can have similar actions when it comes to their refusal to budge, but there was that little problem thing that Bush did and it was to lie to the Congress in  order to go to war over weapons of Destruction that both the U.N. and intelligence told them Iraq did not have. They did not actually say they wanted to get out the oil that rightfully belonged  to British Petroleum and Halliburton, as that might have been classified as an illegal war. There may have been some grounds there if the Liberals had started 5 different committees on it like the Republicans have on Benghazi.

It cost these same Conservatives the election when they tried to go after Bill Clinton, for impeachment,  so why doesn’t the far-right and those who kiss their butts wake up to the dangers they cause in their own party when they even whisper such a thing.  Don’t they think the rest of the Nation catches on to their infiltration attempts?  Won’t even their fondest believers eventually wise up after a while and see a pattern forming here, right under their nose? They have gotten away with it for so long that they actually  are  working on the next generation of believers.

All the tea party and far-right fanatics  do is spread hate and lies and hurt their own Party. They never accomplish anything beyond campaigning and winning on their fear tactics.  Nothing gets done for ‘we the people’ beyond the pork they bring home. Is it possible these people stoop to this level because they only run in order to line their own pockets or is it to  make sure the white male gains back  what they think is their rightful Supremacy over women and minorities? Certainly a self-respecting Conservative with any values at all, which they all claim to be the “gatekeepers of”,  must know  these campaign messages of the Tea Party and right-wing fanatics do not sound too far-flung from what the Ku Klux  Klan sounded like in the 1950s

These same  right-wing fanatics and Tea Party Conservatives  create a Civil war in their own Party and try to deliberately slow down our Nation to a  trickle  when it  comes to hiring the middle class, job growth, and making major gains on the GNP. The main stream Republicans are afraid of them and can’t get along with them but that does not stop them from faulting President Obama in public as being a weak leader when they themselves cannot get them to budge and it is their elected job to do so.

The mainstream Republicans  instead refuse to agree with President Obama’s  agenda in public even when they acknowledge it is the right thing to do in private. These Conservatives cannot get along with these fanatics and show leadership in their own Parties so in their effort to not offend the Tea Party they play along with their lies. They have their well established media flashing the same rhetoric.  The right-wing Republicans along with the Tea Party who in many instances are even farther right-wing than the fanatics,  have made it clear that they have dug in their heels and will not pass anything that either the Democrats in the Senate or President Obama hands them.

One would think a person with any intelligence at all, would realize that President Obama is not running so the 2014 and 2016 elections should be about the positive points in the candidates who are running but ‘nope’ they are starting out this election no different from what they did in 2010 when the Tea Party won by a landslide. They are so arrogant as to think the majority of Americans will support them in their attempts to shut down the government in order to stop Obama care, because no one feels they dare stand up to them in their own Party.

It pretty much gets down to ,”If we tell the people the truth about ourselves or what we are really thinking or planning, we will never win so let’s go out there and spread any lies we can against President Obama.”  The sad thing is , it worked for them in 2010 so will it work for them again in 2014? If it does then are not we the voters to blame?

They are so intent in the blame game and spreading hate that it has not yet occurred to them they  are skating on thin ice themselves  when they totally dismiss the anger they create amongst the American people when they push forward to destroy the voters rights act while “doing nothing’, but obstruct the needs of the people.

Clearly there is enough evidence by now in the lack of courage in the few level-headed left in the Republican Party to stand up to them, so it is going to take the majority vote of the people to clean these obstructionist in our recovery, out.  When are the people they represent going to vote them out by recognizing they are either foe or coward, and replace them with people of courage? If that kind of politician can even exist in the Republican Party in Washington anymore.  If the Republicans can once more have a Party that is something more than an embarrassment, they need to stand up against the fanatics of the Tea Party, so when will they get started ?  That’s my question for the day.

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Just when I thought it impossible for the Republican Party to shoot themselves in the foot worse than they already have, they proved me wrong this week.

During the Republican National Convention held this week, the Republican majority voted to ban CNN from coverage of their primary debates. The reason for their attempts to stop “freedom of Speech” that does not agree with their terminology of the same, is because CNN is doing a documentary on the life and years of Hillary Clinton and the Republicans think it an unfair stunt on the part of CNN to sway voters.

Isn’t that also the same behavior that we are seeing them do in Congress and the Senate when they cannot control the direction that Congress or the Senate takes? Don’t they just vote to shut out the opposition by filibusters or by refusing to act on anything that would improve the lives and jobs of the people?

Hillary hasn’t even said if she plans to run yet and already the Republicans have voted against CNN covering their debates claiming that CNN, who are planning on producing a documentary, are in fact planning to run an info-commercial.

Not even CNN has made the final plans for the documentary but already the Republicans are calling it an info-commercial. How paranoid is that? Shouldn’t we all take notice about this ridiculous behavior that led the Republicans to take a vote against CNN for daring to make its own decisions on what it has a right to air? Can we over look the fact that each of these Republicans who voted were elected to represent us? Clearly the Republicans are more concerned about their own speculations being accepted as fact, over the reality of what is yet to come.

According to the spokesperson for CNN, It is a documentary where no one has yet been interviewed and CNN does not yet have its own format completed nor anyone pacifically chosen, be they pro or con in favor or against Hillary. The plans for what is in truth a documentary on the level of free speech and under the terminology of all of the rest of us, is just at the infant stages and will take many more months before it becomes developed fully by CNN. CNN plans on presenting a historically correct documentary of the truth surrounding the life of Hillary.

The Republicans also are holding what they call “the lame stream media” responsible for the embarrassing lost they suffered as a result of having picked Mitt Romney as their candidate of choice. They refuse to accept that it was their pick, Mitt Romney, who hung himself with his own words and who lost as a result of it, but instead the media that cost Mitt to lose.

The Republicans believe it was an unfair question to ask of the candidates when they were asked about their views on immigration. When Mitt Romney said,” he believed in self-deportation,” it followed him through out his campaign and in their arrogance the Republican Party believes that it cost them the election.

The Republicans decided this week they do not want anyone asking what they term as, “an irrelevant question of their candidates for political debates in the United States.” They felt immigration was not of interest to the white voters. They apparently, disregard the fact that all office of political elections up to and including the President of the United States is to be elected to represent all Americans regardless of Creed, Class, Gender, or Race.

These Republicans who met this week to discuss their platform truly are arrogant or out-of-touch enough to believe if they surround themselves with only their hand picked Moderators, (expect heavy coverage by Fox News, of course) and they alone ask the candidates the questions they can eliminate questions that are irrelevant to the white population.

I never thought I would ever live long enough in America, that I would ever see any politician much less the majority Republican Party feel it would behoove them or they could show such gross ignorance as to deny News Agencies anywhere around the World, much less the United States, to coverage of the Congressional, State, or office of Presidential debates. When a Party starts picking and choosing according to their interests over that of the people, who elect them, as to what news can and cannot be reported we are viewing the destruction of a Nation who prides itself as the best Democracy in the World.

The Republicans however proudly announced this week, they are banning CNN from coverage of the Republican debates. It is the majority decision of these so-called-geniuses to further lame themselves in an attempt to prevent full disclosure of the views these candidates hold on the issues that Americans would be interested in, over what the Republicans are wanting to disclose. Apparently they are afraid their hand picked candidates can be tripped up and tell the truth and in doing so lose their elections.

When we consider all the needs of the people that are looming yet; from lost of income in the middle class, sky rocketing costs in education, and the further growth of jobs and the economy that they could have spent time with while at the RNC this week, they instead announced their vote to deny media representation of the candidates by CNN.

This same group of Republicans are announcing their tour through the South and South east to stop Obama care, while claiming that it is the number one concern of the people who attend their town meetings to stop it. I hardly think so unless, like always the Republicans are using scare tactics in their telling of their own brand of truth, that is based on speculation over fact. By doing this they can rally the troops to support their shutting down of government in an effort to stop forward movement of Obama care.

Instead of the Republicans accepting the truth which is they lost the elections because:

1. They refused to acknowledge or change their platform or to acknowledge their own efforts to eliminate the equality of women over their attempts to pass laws that would require mandatory vaginal probes along with maintaining in private their views of rape and pregnancy

2. They refused to acknowledge their attempts to deny voters the ability to vote in heavily populated minority districts and lost the votes of all the minorities because of their refusal to change their platform

3. They lost because of Mitt’s own words against the poor and the entitlements of 49% of the population that he viewed as free loaders

4. They lost because of their own bickering over giving the middle class tax breaks and their lack of response in Congress to do anything

5. They lost because they refused to pass either immigration or tax reform

They truly believe they can convince the white race to vote for them in unity, despite their doing nothing to help the middle class. They believe they only need the white race in order to win. Several elected Republicans have indicated to the press, “they believe they need do nothing as they can win on the white vote alone.”

I, already know they are fighting a losing battle in their efforts to win, if they do not think that the white race does not care about fairness and equality in the way Americans worship, work, and live. The issues these Republicans raise in their arrogance is simply doing nothing more than making their own Republican Party irrelevant if they think Americans do not care about the diversity that makes us great as a Democracy or the Freedom of the press.

When the Republican Party leadership led by both the Tea Party and Conservatives do drop their arrogance and remove their blinders long enough they will see and understand, themselves, that they can never win the votes of white women regardless of age and the young white vote, by pulling the stunts that they are doing through their own propaganda campaigns and fear tactics alone. The American public simply will not stand for such tactics.

Living in a Red State and hearing long time Republican voters saying, “They keep it up and they will make their own Party irrelevant” or “I think I am becoming a Democrat,” is becoming more of a true statement than a joke amongst old Republican Party liners, who have voted faithfully for the Republican Party.

The Nation stood firm for the acceptance of Civil Rights in America in the 1960’s. Even the State of Nebraska voted Democrat, for the one and only time in its history, when others fought against civil rights and equality and tried to disavow the same. What the Republican Party is doing today to divide the Nation, is just more salt on the wound of a battle that lasted way too long and led to the shame of our Nation before “We the People” did the right thing and granted equality long over-due to both women and minorities.

As White Americans we do recognize the destruction of Democracy once any Party stoops to such new lows. Instead of cleaning up their own Party, that cost them the election, they are now simply attempting to rob Americans of the Diversity that has made us the Democracy we are.

For the Republicans, to think for one moment they can continue as they have and be granted the white vote in its entirety is to be caught up in a fantasy. Any attempts to deny equality in the name of family values, is not going to work. These Republicans are so intent on eliminating and destroying government they have lost all touch with reality. If this is just a preview of what is to come in 2014 and 2016, need I say anything more?

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The uproar in the Republican Party leadership and the Conservative media, over the Todd Aiken comments on rape is so hypocritical and only infuriates the members of the Republican Party, because like President Obama giving amnesty to the latino and Hispanic population who were brought here as children, it draws attention to what the real divide in the two parties has been about while the Republican Party wants to keep this quiet since they know that it will cost them the women’s vote; even while they lie and some in the media promotes the same lie, that it is women who want this since they overwhelmingly choose the pro-life view that the Good Old Boys continue to force on women.

The Republican Party’s growing war against women was brought to the fore front in what the Tea Party and Conservatives have really believed on rape going back to 1988 when the then Republican representative from Delaware, alluded to the same view. This was the belief of Church officials going back to the 1300’s and was even used as a way to know if a woman had been of loose morals prior to a rape. Doctor John Wilkie reported the same insane belief in 1999 and Todd  Aiken was quoting him about women not being able to get pregnant in a legitimate rape.

Dr. Willkie is a supporter of candidate Romney going back to 2007. He was so important to Romney that he headlined Dr. John Willkie as a supporter at the time. Mitt Romney now calling for the resignation of Missouri Senator Todd Aiken of Missouri to resign in as fake  of an act of disgust for his comment on rape as is the rest of the Republican Party’s pretence to be alarmed by the same.

The belief that good girls secrete a fluid, out of fear and therefore cannot get pregnant in a legitimate or what they prefer to call a forcible rape, has always been the universal view amongst them.  They are now  trying to attack  Todd Aiken for saying out loud what they have grown to accept and for the media to promote his view as an extreme view of the right and not the view of Romney and Ryan, is as big of a lie as everything else that the Republicans are trying to keep quiet in their move to deny  minorities and women both their civil and equal rights.

They had hoped they could go into their Convention next week without drawing attention to the fact that their own platform denies women any rights at all to their own decision to contraception or their health but instead give those rights to the fertilized egg, in what they call the Personhood bill that they have attempted to try to pass on the floor or attach to the bills that Democrats have tried to pass since 2004.

The law of “Personhood” has already  been  passed in Virginia,Oklahoma,Kansas,Nebraska,Idaho and Arizona.  Women are back to crossing the border into Mexico from Arizona and again being aborted by unlicensed abortion practitioners in an unclean environment or are getting what is a prescription abortion pill,without direction from a Dr. or pharmacist in the United States, just as they had been forced into doing prior to the passage of Roe vs.Wade.

Because women are being handed these pills they are taking as much as the whole bottle that is leading to hemorrhaging again as it did  in the 1950’s.  Even in the 1930’s, 18% of pregnant women got illegal abortions.  Wealthy women always had a Dr. who would perform an abortion in a clean environment and they would list it as a miscarriage.  Men who feel they can make women subservient to them again by keeping them pregnant abound in the Republican Party. There are more than 1000 more bills pending in other States that run the gamut from pressing criminal charges on women who seek abortion to banning the use of birth control for women.

There is not, nor have there ever been any laws to ban condoms,surgery for men, or testosterone decreasing drugs for men,or Viagra by these same hypocrites who are attempting to have the fertilized egg rights increased over the rights of women, while they out-law the use of birth control for women, as well. By ignoring the use of birth control or non-birth control in men they are stripping women of the right to make decisions for their own procreation and instead giving the right to men, to determine the size of the family or the number of fatherless children they produce. 38 States have already removed Insurance coverage  to women for any form of birth control for women, while they continue paying for men, including Viagra .Drug Companies continue to develop a birth control pill for men without any protests from the Republican Party.

When we live in a society where too many men are refusing to work, or being paid cash under the table, rather than pay child support and single mothers are instead getting support from our States, these elected Tea Party and Conservatives in the Republican Party and to a much lesser degree 16 Conservative Democrats are supporting the decisions of men in procreation, over women.

In doing so they are trying to limit divorces that  they think will force women into choosing between poverty or being subservient to men by forcing too many women to remain in abusive or miserable marriages or relationships. If they were truly trying to stop or prevent abortions they would not be attempting to ban the morning after pill or birth control for women, because even an idiot would understand that to do so, will only increase the number of abortions.

By making birth control and abortion for women illegal and pressing criminal charges against women, it will only take women back to the 1950’s when they were dying of infections or hemorrhaging in back alley abortions again. If they are stupid enough to think they can take  free will from women that God granted us all,including women, away from us then we need to get them out of Republican Party since clearly they are only proving they do not have a clue how women do feel or think.

Paul Ryan, is denying that they are banning birth control for women, even though he has introduced or co-sponsored or voted  for 62 bills that limit women the right to their own health and to making their own decisions, on procreation. Mitt Romney in the Republican primary debates said, and I quote,”I hope that the Congress passes legislation that bans all abortions because if they do, as President, I will sign it into law in a heart beat.”  the Mormon Church, of which he is a Bishop, also denies women the rights to the use of birth control. The media that now tries to promote the out rage of the Republicans against Todd Aiken of Missouri for his comments on rape are as hypocritical as the Republican Party, itself, is over their so-called outrage.

In 2008 the Republican representative from Texas made the comment”Rape is inevitable as the weather so a woman might as well set back and enjoy it,” and many in the Party have held the idea or belief that this is what cost John McCain the women’s vote in 2008 and they sure as the hell were not going to make that mistake again.  Paul Aiken did make that mistake on repeating their over-all view on rape and in doing so he committed the unforgivable sin in the Republican Party and they acted in agreement over what they feel is betrayal by Todd Aiken for exposing their belief.

The Republican platform next week, states that all abortions will be banned by the Republican Party,  in all cases of  a fertilized egg including all rapes and when women’s lives are in jeopardy.  This has been the big secret that they wanted to keep even though it has already been adopted to their platform and has been the same since 2004 but has gone unreported. They will deny women any and all rights and instead turn all those rights over to the fertilized egg, by passing what they call “the Personhood Bill” and in doing so it will deny women all use of contraception.

Aiken and Ryan sponsored the  HR3 bill together on the House floor that tries to define rape and denies women of rape their own rights.  The belief in the Republican Party, that they are trying to distance themselves from Todd Aiken’s belief, along with their own belief that good girls do not get pregnant when raped but those who they call whores (any non-virgins) do because of their behavior,how they dress, or the fact that they are drinking alcohol,or fall for a man’s lie of,” come in for a drink”, then they  ask for rape, is as common in their belief as the sun rising. They have been and do separate various degrees of rape from being forcible rape and therefore the fault of the womans’ behavior, and to deny that they do is just more of the lies of “Good Old Boys.”

For them to come out in force now and pretend that they have not been trying to define different levels of rape and attach bills of Personhood to a fertilized egg on every attempt made by President Obama and the Democrats to pass through bills on immigration and on bills that would help balance the budget or give job relief to the middle class,or farmers and ranchers relief in a comprehensive farm bill, is nothing more than the lies that have existed for 4 years in the Republican Party.

In a study done in 1996 and reported in the American Journal of gynecological and obstetrics, approximately 32,000 women per year who are raped get pregnant or 5% of all women raped.  If any of us believe that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will allow these women the choice to choose abortion to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy, then it is time you get out of denial before the next people they decide to take away freedoms and rights from is yourself.

As much as Romney denies now, that he will follow his Party platform, we can relate it to the same as when he says,”You are just going to have to take my word for it when I say, I pay taxes.” If you believe him then take to heart what Grover Norquist,who is the Republican Party, has said,”We do not need a President who comes in here with an agenda or plans on making policy changes, all we need is a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to sign.”

As long as the Republican Party could promote through the media that it was President Obama who would not co-operate with them and was  responsible for the divisiveness between the two parties and the media  promoted  that idea then they could defeat President Obama and do as Mitch McConnell promoted and that is make President Obama a one term President.  They took a pledge under the guidance of Grover Norquist, to do the same at the CPAC retreat, ten days after President Obama was signed into office, and 95% of the Republican Party agreed to it.  All newcomers to the Senate and Congress in 2010 were also asked to sign it, and since they were all Tea Party members they knew they would, with Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell leading the pack. It caused the Tea Party favorite to win the election in Kentucky against Senator Lugar because Lugar refused to sign it and instead voted for Obama’s affordable health care.

With their efforts to defeat President Obama,they are pumping in billions of dollars through right-wing groups such as Citizens United,The Christian Coalition,Americans for Prosperity,The Christian Family Group,etc. while Romney/Ryan supporters are writing $10 million dollar checks to defeat affordable healthcare that provides free screening for all of us and birth control for women. The lies are astronomical coming out of the Republican campaigns this year. They think if they buy enough ads and keep repeating the lies, while they campaign with the same lies, that we will eventually believe their lies and vote for them.  As far back as 1962 or 60 years ago, Adlai Stevenson who ran for President against Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50’s, said and I quote,”If the Republicans will quit lying about us,(the Democrats) we will quit telling the truth about them.” Its way past time we show them what we do think of their lies.

Vote in November even though it will mean sacrificing our time getting picture ID,a birth certificate and two proofs of residency, standing in line, and time away from our work and families, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States.  In some cases,if you are in college,it may even mean skipping school and going home to vote. We need to show them that no matter how difficult they make it for us to vote, they cannot nor will they deny women,minorities, and immigrants equality nor will they break our spirits in the efforts to deny us our freedom. The important thing is that we Vote or we will be the ones who lose, the most, and you will be next.

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Democrats must be high-fiving around America today over the disastrous choice of Mitt Romney for his Vice President. Mitt has clearly chosen wealth over humanity today in his choice for the VP.  We already knew that was the direction he was headed but the choice of Paul Ryan leaves us no doubt.

The Romney/Ryan plan is nothing more than a return to “Trickle Down Economics” on steroids or the Bush Economics moved to an increased sucking sound out of the pocket of Seniors,the working poor, and the middle class. I will present proof of those facts further down in this post, but first I want all of us to remember those days when American workers were being laid off at the rate of 750,000 workers per month as our jobs were being shipped overseas.

The Ryan plan takes wealth for the wealthy even further by doing away with taxes on all the investment income made by people like Mitt Romney, which will take the taxes that many Billionaires pay down to zero; but then again,we have not seen Mitt’s tax returns for the last 6 years, while he lived on that same kind of income, so which of us even knows if that is not what Mitt and his cronies pay with all their loopholes, already?

I urge Catholics not to be swayed by Paul Ryan’s claims of being Catholic as he may be in good standing with his Church but even Jesuits and Priests will claim privately that his own interpretation of Catholic doctrine are self-arrived and he arrives to those conclusions on his own, without benefit of Church views. The nuns are clearly out in protests as to what the Paul Ryan plan does against the poor and humanity in general.

In 2010 the Tea Party swept into our Government by pulling the wool over our eyes.  Too few people understood that they are even more extreme than the far right is because they believe that Our Constitution neither called for America to be a Democracy or for the formation of a middle class.  The Conservatives do not know yet that the Tea Party is not on their side.  The Tea Party does not believe in a government of the people, for the people, and by the people but instead they believe in self-rule by the political elitists and in promoting wealth.

Without government,police and our fire departments or public schools the poor would be protected and taught by them in,” for profit schools,”  and there would be no middle class in America. In this extreme direction there would be no elected officials  by “We the People” but instead they would be chosen  by the affiliation of Churches and the wealthy. To a great extent that direction has already been attempted by the far-right extremists that are following the Grover Norquist’s direction in the Republican Party. The Tea Party takes it another step further into self-rule by the elitists. This is the bold new plan of the Tea Party that they like to  talk about while holding the whole truth from the American People.  The John Birch Society of the 1960’s tried and failed the same attempt through the election of Barry Goldwater.

I offer you the following fact checks that show that Paul Ryan’s plan takes from the middle class and working poor and instead distributes it to the already,’ wealthy”

False claim:  Paul Ryan claims his recovery plan will improve the economy,keep promises for the retired,close tax loopholes, and even that it preserves current Medicare.

fact check;  In realty the Republican budget would do none of that. Ryan’s budget plan would end the Medicare guarantee and shift costs to Seniors according to the Independent Congressional Budget Office,while protecting tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and Big oil Companies.  The plan also threatens to destroy millions of jobs, while increasing the deficit.

False claim: Ryan writes, “The plan to Prosperity” which builds on reforms and bi-partisan solutions offered over the last year, provides a future of economic prosperity and opportunity….”

Fact check:  Ryan’s Plan threatens the economy and will cost  American’s jobs.

the Ryan plan will  cost the American people 1.3 million jobs in 2013.  The Ryan plan does not just slow job growth ,it aggressively slows growth.  Against the current policy baseline, the budget cuts discretionary programs by about $120 billion over the next two years and mandatory programs by 284 billion over the next two years sucking demand out of the economy when it is most needed and leads to job lost. In would lead to approximately 1.3 million jobs lost in 2013 and 2.8 millions jobs lost in 2014 or 4.2 million jobs lost through 2014.   This is according to the Economic Policy institute that is independent of Washington.

False claim:  Ryan’s plan ,”delivers on the promise to the American people”……and strengthens health and retirement security….

Fact check: Ryan’s plan ends Medicare and would force Seniors to pay more coverage out of their pockets.

According to the Congressional Budget Office:  Ryan’s plan would likely shrink medicare benefits and increase the numbers of the uninsured.  “Medicaid benefits under Ryan’s plan will fail to exist . The number of people uninsured  could be much higher because it would repeal President Obama’s affordable care program.  Ryan’s plan would switch some of the healthcare of those who are uninsured to government subsidies to private insurance companies. What Seniors cannot pay would be granted under subsidies to private insurance Companies.

(please note as this is my study and comments through the rest of this post)  What Seniors cannot pay would be shifted to the costs of the working poor and middle class in both insurance policies being increased with even higher deductibles as well as tax increases, while adding to the increase wealth of the Insurance companies and increase taxes to both the working poor and middle class workers.  Medicare under the current program keeps costs down because the Government Insurance Company is currently 6 times larger than all the Insurance companies combined and as such it can and does buy healthcare in a larger package while keeping cost down to Seniors and the tax payers.

Long term care patients from the brain-damaged,to Parkinson’s to Alzheimer will not have medical coverage,nor will our children who have already been dealt an unfair blow from diseases like autism,cerebral palsy,juvenile diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis,juvenile arthritis,and many brain injuries or diseases etc. will not be provided for in the Ryan plan, since it will do away with Medicaid and they plan on repealing Obama care on the first day they foolishly think they will be elected by those of us who share their greed over humanity.

I personally feel that the greater number of American voters will not watch our parents or children suffer endlessly or needlessly without medical care or by passing it on at even a larger cost to the next generations, so that the Republicans can increase Defense spending even further on weaponry without removing the obsolete weapons and technology that President Obama is requesting, while we become a Country without a conscious.  Our Defense spending  on weaponry doubled under the Bush Administration and Congress along with the Tea Party plan to increase it even further, even though we are no longer in Iraq and our troops are coming home from Afghanistan.  Is that the priority of “We the People”over the health needs of our loved ones and do any of us even think they care?

Even some Republicans have said the Ryan plan could spell disaster to their  political futures if the American Public ever truly understands to what a degree it does do away with healthcare to Seniors,the working poor and the middle class.  In my opinion along with many much brighter economists than I, the Ryan plan spells disaster to humanity while increasing the wealth of the ultra-wealthy. Currently this sector of the 1% already own 46% of the wealth in America and the Romney/Ryan plan backed by the Tea Party members and Conservatives will insure them another very large piece of that pie.

In my opinion Mitt Romney just committed political suicide knowing he did not have a prayer of winning so decided to further support the Tea Party Newcomer. A great deal of us do not know Paul Ryan who is a career politician in Washington going back through all of the Bush years, but what is familiar to all of us is the Ryan Plan that will mark both him and Mitt Romney as people who do not understand that 49% of all retirees do not have a supplemental program to Medicare and depend on their Social Security check that they paid for, some for as long as 50 years.  Seniors now feel that they are receiving  what they feel is truly no different from if their money was being taken from  a savings account that they paid into..

The Republicans sadly do see Social Security and Medicare as nothing different from just another entitlement the same as welfare and the Ryan Plan does throw that into the face of Seniors whether that is their intention or not.  The Romney/Ryan team can ill afford to offend Seniors in an election year as they are the generation that is most likely to smell Bull when they hear it and many have a long memory of when Roosevelt fought for their right to have the same.  When we realize that the money these same Seniors paid the government had been protected and did pay for our care through 2072 and the Bush Administration could not wait to get their hands on it and deplete it in its entirety and the current Congress continues to take from it, the Ryan Plan has more than just a sieve with holes in it to the Senior population whose livelihood depends on Social Security and medicare.

I repeat; the Tea Party are actually against Democracy along with government giving any American a helping hand or job, while they are strongly and closely allied to the NRA who promotes bigotry and hate groups in America against all equality for women, liberals,minorities,gays and transgender Americans and instead promotes the Superiority of the White heterosexual male. The Tea Party initiated “the right to work laws that decreases the pay of the middle class by 36%.  The Tea Party claims to be defenders of decreasing the budget but the Ryan Plan that is being adopted by Mitt Romney, if he wins, actually adds to the deficit another 4.6 trillion in costs to the poor and middle class while cutting the taxes paid by that amount to billionaires.  This has been fact checked and found to be true.

I can go much further on the way the American Public along with the Conservatives people have been deceived by the Tea Party both with lies and false claims but I am sure that the Obama Campaign along with the Democrats in our States will spell that out plainly in the near future. Never has it ever been made clearer in an election that this election is IF we believe in humanity in America or in Wealth.

There are many different ways that the deficit can be paid down in a Country where trade both speculative and real along with currency and retail averages 3 trillion dollars per day (Forex Index).  In comparison to what America trades even a 1.6% to a 2.3% growth that we currently have is the envy of Europe and speaks trillions for America.  This election is about preserving us, along with the humanity that makes America number one in a Democracy of the people, for the people, and by the people.

I urge you to listen carefully,check voting records. and then vote the Republicans out of office until their greed is corrected and they return back to ,”We The People”. The gap between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is widening to the point that it should be a clear vote for those of us who do want to see Americans prosper and not just the rich.

If “We The People” do not stop the greed in the Republican Party it will continue to threaten the mere existence of the middle class until it does die of extinction. We the middle class and working poor must show them that “We The People” are not too stupid to understand that they will not win in their efforts to eliminate us, nor will we any longer buy into their lies.

It’s never been more important to Vote in November.  We all must make sure we have all the voting requirements necessary to vote, since it is “We the People,”who the Republicans are trying to block voting on in our States with the help of the lead of Tea Party elected Governors. Early voting in the Democrat Counties of Ohio has been cut by the Republicans of your State while leaving it open in the Republican Counties.  Pennsylvania and Michigan voters be aware of the cut in voting days in your States.The days following Church services in Michigan, when the African-American majority typically votes, have been cut in the State of Michigan, as well.  All others check out if the law has changed in your States on early voting by contacting your city or county legislature or the Democrat campaign headquarters closest to you.  Check also with the Motors Vehicle Dept. to see if your picture ID is current to meet the requirements of voting rammed through by the Republicans in you State. Vote!

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I try to remain out of the fray that gets into name calling but there are some times when the names fit the person so perfectly and when that happens then I am no different from the masses in that I find it necessary to speak the obvious.

I took interest in politics at a very young age and as a result I go back to the days of my Father’s interests and remember clearly the Adlai Stevenson and the Ike Eisenhauser race of the 1950’s. The Conservatives were angry then and talking the same rhetoric that they do today in how it is illegal to pay taxes and no one should have to pay any taxes. The same bunch who is always eager to send the young men and women, as long as it is not their children or grand children to war, do not feel they owe Our Country anything of a monetary value.

One escapes all of the hate and stupidity once we start out of the Bible Belt of America and instead they get into the gang wars of the cities. Armeggedon and Biblical wars seem to justify this mentality in some, in the more rural areas of America. With the National Rifle Association or better known as the NRA meeting in St. Louis this year they divided the difference between the redneck territory of America.

Mitt Romney, like every Repubican President before him, met with the NRA and spoke while asking for their support,and as such he does need to stand up and speak out in regards to the hate coming out of the mouth of board member of the NRA, Ted Nugent,whose words are clearly being said in an effort to incite violence against our President. It is a disgrace to all Americans that the Republicans have not seen it as their duty and responsibility and demanded that Ted Nugent cease and desist or they will withdraw from the membership of the NRA. Instead Mitt and the gang continue to curry the favor of Ted Nugent and the NRA that he represents. What Ted Nugent is saying is not a suicide threat as suicide patients go to hospitals and not jails, and to say so is only a cop out.

There has not been an election, in my memory, where the NRA has not stirred up the waters of hate or convinced a certain sector of America of believing that the Democrats or Liberals will take away their guns.

They gather together and nod their heads and agree that they will eliminate all Democrats and Liberals who protect the rights of gays,minorities,and women at the election polls, before they have their hunting rifles taken from them. Because of this insanity and bigotry fed into the Bible belt by the NRA they have been an important and intricate part of the Republican Party going back to the beginning of their roots. Typically every Republican running for the office of President, whether they have ever shot a gun or gone hunting, will meet with them for their support since they are one of their greatest indoctrination forces in the the Heartland and points South,North,East and West in America. Many Republican Presidential Candidates will put on the clothing of a hunter and go out and pose for a photo opp.

The truth is that the Democratic Party pretty much leaves the NRA alone. The Brady bill that led to pre-registration of guns, prior to buying a gun and was long over-due, was passed because it was President Ronald Reagan who was shot, and passed through by the support of Republican Party, itself.

All the stupidity and scare tactics are played out with words like Socialists and Communists and crude slang for African Americans,Latinos,American Arabs,Viet Namese and any minority in their area,and gays, being chatted by the skin heads and red necks of America, every election year. Each election year the Red necks gather around a beer and talk about the damn commies,gays and minorities infiltrating America and threatening to take away their guns. Because of the influence and often stupidity fed by the NRA into American Society the Red Necks truely believe that the Democrats are out to destroy their Constitutional right to bear arms. In some of the more red neck groups along with the hate groups there is more talk about hunkering down and arming themselves against the damn Liberals in their manmade bunkers. Ammunition and gun sales go up along with cammoflage and the NRA accomplishes it’s goal of making the paranoid amongst us just a little more paranoid.

What makes Ted Nugent both an idiot and a coward with his statement,”if President OBama is re-elected he, Ted Nugent, will either be dead or in jail next year.” is he is deliberately promoting that one of those paranoid rednecks around him, ends up dead or in jail by assassinating our President. It is the same lack of responsibility that the Pro Life members take when an abortion clinic is blown up and the people inside are all killed by one of their own who wants to become a infamous hero in their eyes. Unfortunately this type of rhetoric works in the mentally embalanced in any group or organization.It is a direct attempt to incite a threat of assasination by an man of questionable skill and intelligence.

If Ted Nugent was not the coward he is he would have made a direct threat and the Secret service would throw his butt in jail and pump him sunshine. By talking in the words that he did he sounds tough and ready to give his life to the cause when in truth he is much too big of a coward to do anything other than to threaten the life of an Honorable man who stands head and shoulders above the likes of Ted Nugent.

I will not give further credence to the words of an idiot other than to prove my point in that this Tea Party member has also said that “Sarah Palin is the most capable politician in America.” If that does not prove what an idiot he is, then I rest my case.

Sadly in America there is an arm of the Tea Party who does feed hate and advocate violence and keeps the Conservative base of the Republican Party stirred up and convinced that President OBama is a worse enemy of the people than what Hitler was to Germany.

The redneck community often feels as though they are victimized by government because everyone else around them, in their minds, do not work as hard as they do but has more than they do. When it is not their fault, which it never is in their minds, then it is the government’s fault and people who run it. They believe that all the jobs they are qualified for are being denied them and instead going to women, minorities, and gays. They in their misguided minds see the white male as being entitled to first choices as that has always been the norm in their experience. Women belong at home taking orders from the man just as do the minorities need to understand that the white male gives the orders, and do not compete with them in the work force. The only thing that separates them from the hate of the Ku Klux Klan is the different names they call themselves. They do not nor will they ever see government as the protector of the people.

The Tea Party ideology that feeds into this mentality only leads to the kind of hate that is coming out of the mouth of Ted Nugent. I have said for years and truly mean it, we are under a greater threat from these type of terrorists groups within our own Country than we are from the terrorists outside of our boundaries.

These cowards who spew hate are not just located in sections of the cities but are far greater in the rural areas of America. Each year their rhetoric becomes louder and more hateful and because of that it is important that the Republican Party takes a strong stand against this kind of hate that does come out of the mouth of a very hateful man such as Ted Nugent, and the groups that feed into it.

I believe we have seen the lack of leadership in the man who wants to be President in, Mitt Romney, in regards to his lack of handling this situation with Ted Nugent. If the best Mitt can do is to correct the language of a would be terrorist, who threatens the life of Our President, is “watch your language,” then just what kind of a leader will he make?

Is the same man who professes to be a great business leader and a protector of the people even capable of leading?A man who can only understand the needs of the weathy, is just another politician too many in the minds of many. I think at heart this is the real thing that concerns all of us about Mitt Romney. A man who has been a liberal, a moderate and now a conservative because it suits his needs to be elected is always capable of becoming whatever the “Powers that Be” want him to become. With Ted Nugent exposing the under belly of the Tea Party and the mentality of the Conservative, can any of us afford to have a President who will be easilly influenced by this hate and unable to pronounce that such hate will not be tolerated in America, as our leader? You decide in November.

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When Mitt and Anne Romney showed up for their recent $50,000.00 a person fund raiser, Garrett Haake of NBC was rewarded with an opportunity seldom heard by the press. The press are never invited to private fund raisers but it is a common practice that a few reporters will show up outside in event they have an opportunity to pick up some information.

Garrett Haake got the opportunity to do just this when he was able to listen into the Romney fund raiser along with another reporter quite by accident.With a question and answer session taking place in an outdoor tent, it was not difficult to do. Garrett Haake of NBC then reported the following:

After the Republican Party acted in “Outrage” about the Hilary Rosen statement, a very happy and delighted Ann Romney was overheard to say.” that she felt as though she had been given an early birthday gift when Hilary attacked her motherhood.”

Mitt Romney himself told his would be supporters,”I have no interest in telling the truth in my campaign as I did that when running against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, when I announced that I would close down the Dept. of education and it proved to be a disaster.”

He went on to say,” I would never tell the voters this, but I am telling my supporters this, and once I am elected to the office of President I will make it my goal to shut down HUD entirely and emmerge the Dept. of education into another Dept. without closing it entirely.” “This information is to remain secret as I have found out that to tell the truth does not pay.” At this same fundraiser he promised that he would lower the taxes on the wealthy by another 5 trillion dollars. Of course to do this only adds 5 trillion dollars more to the deficit.

While Mitt claims that he will balance the budget and hire back the American worker, when he is campaigning and speaking to the American people,his history as Govenor and at Baine Capital, is one of laying off people at higher levels and with benefits and instead opening up jobs for people at far less pay and without benefits. While the Republicans continue to blame President OBama for the 14 trillion dollar deficit they refuse to acknowledge that the Congress that they have controlled since 2010 hold the purse strings to spending.

The Statements made by Mitt, would be bad enough if it had not been for the fact that these are the areas where the Republican Party, and Mitt Romney especially, have spent weeks attacking the OBama Administration on. Anyone that does not know the extent the Hilary Rosen statement outraged both Parties, myself included by now, and the benefits that the Republican Party gained from it, then apparently have not turned into the news. To find out that they felt it a birthday gift and actually celebrated it, at the same time voicing outrage, should not surprise any of us about the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney made a great deal of President OBama’s open mike comment when in Russia and campaigned energetically on the moment. Foreign policy is one area that it has been established that all Presidents must operate in secrecy without showing their hand to the enemy. However, when it comes to elections and campaigns to openly lie to the American people on which areas of government the candidate plans on closing down is simply lying. There is no other way around it.

The office of housing for urban development or commonly know as HUD has and does deal with the poor who are mainly minority and are the families that Mitt Romney previously has said.”he does not care about as they have a safety net already.” This is mainly a group that do not vote Republican but instead vote for the Democrats. HUD is one of those safety nets whose job it is to protect the poor against the greed of Apartment owners.

At a time when the young and upperwardly mobile people are moving downtown and remodeling and buying into areas that have prominently been held by the working poor, who do not have transportation nor can afford to live in the suburbs, many would say that HUD is not doing enough to protect the poor against the ever rising rents that seem to have no limits on where they are going.

The Republicans make no bones about their resentment of the aide given to both the poor and single moms while saying nothing about The huge amounts given to Corporate welfare. When it cost less to buy a condo than it does to rent one then we do know that the restraints or safety net for the poor has become a joke.

We also know that this Republican campaign, where Michelle Bachman has said ,”The Republicans are the Party that really care about women” is just another “Tea Party darling,” lie. The real affront to women are these ‘also ran Tea Party sponsored candidates”, who continuely try to assault the intelligence of the American people. It is as if when they lose, they are kept around to tell lies that are offensive to all of us who really do care about the future of women and the middle class.

When Mitt Romney and the Republican Party claim that they care about women issues and that the “War on Women” is just a lie started by the Democrats, then we do not need to look any further than the statements made by Mitt Romney at his fundraiser when he said, “He would never tell the American voter this and telling the truth does not pay.”

When we add to that: the pure hypocrisy that the same Party that denies it, is trying to stop birth control while they promote lies against Planned Parenthood, who takes care of the health issues of both the working poor and single Moms, and Mitt Romney has said,”Planned Parenthood, I will get rid of that”;The Star of the Conservative right and Tea Party,Rick Santorum, who in 2005 and again while campaigning, long before they yelled “Religious rights,” said,”he believed all the States should have the right to ban birth control regardless because it is just Plain wrong,” and still the Republicans deny their efforts to ban birth control.

In States like Arizona and Kansas the Republican legislature moved to ban birth control outright;The Tea Party sponsored Govenor of Virginia tried to make the vaginal probe law and then later tried to unsuccessfully deny it; the Republicans openly try to deny aide to single moms, who are not receiving child support from dead beat dads, and then use the argument,”If they cannot afford to have children then they shouldn’t have them,” and the list goes so much further; how can any rational human being doubt that the Republicans are not the Party who favor women? Also after the Republican Party tries to deny women both birth control and the majority of Republicans vote against a fair wage with equal pay so that women have an ability to raise their family and rise up above poverty, do any of us even need to deny that women are under attack by the Republican Party?

It is part of the old Carl Rove strategy as well, when caught in our lies just deny,deny and then deny again. Most of us, who are old enough, remember when Richard Nixon did the same when caught red-handed with the Watergate break in.We all know how well that didn’t turn out.

If the only way the Republicans can win is on the lies of Mitt Romney and by trying to elect a “hatchet man” to do away with the government offices that protect “We the People” then isn’t it time to eliminate the Republicans? We neither need to point out the truth or argue with the Republicans in regards to their denying rights to women because the facts speak for themselves whether Democrats declare it a war or not. It is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans who will vote,because we are not stupid, nor do we go into denial when we know we are being lied to. Vote for Truth and Fairness in November.

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I have been interested in and followed politics for many years, but never have I heard so many lies as I heard in 2010 and already this election year; for that reason I am including the following quotes as a reminder to all in the Conservative movement,Tea Party movement, and the Republican Party to understand the value of Truth.

Lies are not only a corrupt way to win elections they also erode the very foundation of what “We the People” hold dear in Democracy. The truly great men of History did recognize the Honor of truth. An election won on lies is never won by great men or women but only by losers, as no person who wins on lies, can ever win the respect of A Nation or the World, for long.

Regardless of what the bigots or the 1% do towards stroking their ego or how much wealth they endow their campaign with, or how great their own lust for power and greed or to rub elbows with the wealthy is, none will ever measure up with the great men in history, unless they run an honorable campaign based on truth.

It is up to “WE the People” to recognize the truth over the lies before we vote. Sadly, there are more lies than truth coming from those who want to represent us in both the incumbents as well as those who wish to lead in the Republican Party all over our Great Country. When women lose their right to choose it will only be a matter of time for everyone else in the middleclass to lose their right to choose,as well. If we waste our votes on their lies, then we only erode our own freedom. Here then are the quotes on Truth that I have selected:

1.It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak it and another to hear it–Henry David Thoreau

2. A Nation that is afraid to let it’s people judge the truth or falsehood in the marketplace, is a Nation that is afraid of it’s people—John F. Kennedy

3.Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to Society—–Thomas Jefferson

4. Morality is the basis of things and truth is morality—Mahatma Ghandi

5.The object of a Superior man is the Truth—Confuscious

6.The truth is incontrovertible,malice may attack it,ignorance may deride it but in the end it remains—-Winston Churchill

7.When I despair, I remember throughout all history it is love and truth that have always won. There have been Tyrants and murderers, and for awhile they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.—-Mahatma Ghandi

8.I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarilly defeated is stronger than evil triumphant—-Martin Luther King Jr.

9.I am for truth no matter who tells it, I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I am a human being first and as such I am for whatever or whoever benefits humanity the most.—Malcolm X

10.Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted with truth in large matters—-Albert Einstein

11. Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you.—-Stephen Klein

12. Above all do not lie to yourself, as the man who lies to himself and listens to his own lies comes to the point that he cannot distinguish the truth in him or around him, so loses all respect for himself and others,in losing all respect he ceases to love.–Fyodor Dostoyesky from “The Brothers Karamzov

I hope you enjoyed my, “Ode to truth”, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Heaven knows after a long Republican primary bordering on insanity at times, the majority of us can agree on one thing and that is truth in the Republican Party is long over-due.

Hug those close to you and send love to those far from you this weekend if YOU have been meaning to call or e-mail. If not then just enjoy your space.

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Once more I watched Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, spread the fallacy about Corporate taxes being the highest in America than anywhere else in the World, over the weekend, and the reporter do nothing to clarify that Statement.

The following is a direct quote taken from the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities as of 2005:”The U.S. corporate tax burden is smaller than average for developed countries(1)Corporations in 19 of the member States of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developement paid 16.1 percent of their profits in taxes between 2000 and 2005,on average, while corporations in the United States paid 13.4 percent.

Neverless, some have argued that U.S. corporate tax rates unduly burden U.S. Companies by pointing to the Country’s top statutory rate which is 35%. For example a recent Wall Street Journal editorial calling for corporate tax cuts noted that this is the second highest top statutory tax rate amongst developed countries (2)While true this gives the false impression that corporate tax burden is greater here than in developed countries. Because the U.S. tax code offers so many deductions,credits, and other mechanisms by which corporations can reduce their taxes the actual percentages of profits that the U.S.corporations pay in taxes—or what analysts refer to as their effective tax rate——-is not high ,compared to other developed countries.

Because the average U.S. corporate tax burden is low,many economists believe a revenue corporate tax reform that reduces statutory corporate tax rates,while broadening the tax base by eliminating costly tax breaks could improve efficiency and likely benefit the U.S. economy."

Since the finding was published in 2005 the U.S. statutory tax rate has risen to 38% and is tied with Japan. The overall tax rates with the Bush tax cuts in place,have lowered the rates most corporations pay to even less that those of other developed Countries since this report was printed in 2005, however, with some Corporations paying 0% of their profits in taxes due to the welfare and entitlements given to Corporations by the Bush tax breaks. When the Republicans complain about high corporate taxes paid by American Corporations they or nor do reporters, that I have seen, ever point out that with the deductions they gain they pay 0 to very little in taxes along side of other developed Countries.

With the new slogan in the Republican Party being "Drill Baby Drill", when it comes to convincing the American public that gas prices will drop at the pumps, it is just another of the half truths coming out of the mouths of the Republican Party.

60% of all the increase we are paying is estimated to be as a direct result of speculators on Wall Street in the commonities market betting on if the price of oil will go up or if it will drop. Since all of our oil drilled is traded on the global market not an ounce
of it is guaranteed for U.S. consumption.

If America opened up all of our National Parks tomorrow, for Oil exploration and drilling, it would not make one drop of difference as to the price we pay at the pumps. We have so little oil in America along side of other oil producing Nations, even with totally ignoring carbons if it was all drilled tomorrow we would still need to buy on the global market. America uses 20% of all world production although that has fallen in the last 3 years by a percentage point or two. America has such little oil within the boundaries of America that Saudi Arabia would not lose sleep even with drilling both in California and Alaska. We stand to gain far more in both solar and wind power as that cannot be sold on a global market but instead can only be used within the continental United States boundaries. The Obama Administraation is pushing for more research and development of the same in order to make us energy independent from the global markets.

As it is,we are drilling for more oil and natural gas in America than at any time in our history and it has not made any difference at the gas pumps. The Republicans saying it did in 2008 are ignoring the fact that prices fell due to the drop of use during a recession. Since oil lobbyist pay an average of 8.8 billion dollars a year in contributions to legislatures, in Washington, it just pays for the Republicans who gain much of that to say, "drill baby drill." Another fallacy is the amount of jobs created by the drilling.With opened up drilling in the U.S. over the last four years only,70,000 jobs have been added.The exagerations in jobs created by both the Republicans and the billions paid in ads by the oil Companies is another one of those half truths. It has accounted for less than .01% of the drop in unemployment.

Once more the Republicans continue to play the American people for the fools that has always worked for them in the past. The Tea Party lies mixed in with their old worn out half truths in 2010,
won them a great deal of seats that none of us can any longer afford they hold in November. Vote their cronies out now and get them out in the following election so that we the American people can laugh again, and know,"We got the last laugh on them."

The Tea Party are still Republicans and instead of meaning what they say, they go the opposiite direction,no different from their other party members.Right now that is the only thing that we can count on in the Republican Party. It shouldn't be enough for any of us who go to the polls to vote on unless we are the gullible fools that they continue to play us for. Its in our hands with our votes at the polls in November. If we don't vote them out then we have no right to bitch. America needs to get back to happier times and the majority of us want you to step up to the plate and to vote for truth and Democracy for all of us.

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