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For those of you who do not already know so, all anyone needs to do is type in the above title of this post, into Google and any or all candidates, who have ever served in the Senate or Congress voting record will come up. Just change the name if you are interested in another candidate.( Please accept my apologies if you searched according to the title. It no longer exists on the Rick Santorum web site but instead you can go to: http://www.issues2000.org/senate/Rick_Santorum.htm and find it there)

The reason Rick Santorum was not elected again in Pennsylvania is that he voted with the Republican majority to make it acceptable to accept gifts and then larger gifts from the lobbyists and when he proved to act on the same, the scandals followed him.He likes to talk about his humble roots but after 4 years in Congress and 6 in the Senate he came out quite wealthy, as are all of the serious Republican candidates. When he loses he can become quite obsessive and bitter. He fell out of favor with the conservatives of Pennsylvania, when he supported Arlen Specter, when Arlen switched to the Democratic Party to make a run for the Senate and is pro-choice.

Santorum is first and foremost, a Tea Party candidate who advocates firing missiles into Iran, which makes him as dangerous as Ron Paul in the reverse. He flip-flops, although he calls it compromise in double speak, as he is also a dyed in the wool Bush Republican who supported his party 94% of the time, and still promotes deregulation to bring back factory jobs when that has proven to be the cause that lead to lay offs, and was at the crux of the greed that led to the firing of 8 million workers in America by 2008, before Bush left office.

Because of those deregulations being lifted, we have yet to be able to hire back more than just over 2 million of those laid off workers, thanks to the fearce fight by the Say “NO” Republicans, who refuse to vote on the OBama jobs bill. When deregulations were lifted even more aggressively, during the Bush years, more jobs went over-seas and more greed followed in the manufacturing districts.

Rick Santorum is making progress in Iowa because he is courting the Evangelical and Fundamentalist in Iowa by staying on course of the anti-abortion movement and courting those Reagan democrats and republicans who are still insisting that trickle down economics works instead of accepting the truth that trickle down economics only trickle up into the pockets of the wealthy.

I don’t personally think anyone is left that believes it does trickle down, but it has worked so well for the establishment in the Republican Party for so long, that Rick Santorum like Mitt Romney is still using the same old lies, that were told us when the Republicans were in control of both the House and Senate.

I believe, that both the hate driven right-wing conservatives as well as the hate driven far right extremists in the Tea Party, were so convinced that their lies against Barack OBama were so effective that it did not matter who ran for election, as long as they could be controlled by the 1%. The GOP clearly allowed just anyone to run on the Republican ticket, because they were convinced anyone could beat out OBama.

As a result the Republican Party ended up with, “washed out has beens” who all have skeletons in their closets and on file and who can only win with the nasty attack ads of the Super Pac ran by Mitt Romneys buddies. These “has beens” always run on their own personal agendas in interests of the 1%, as in Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum and then add ridiculous, to make themselves seem more legit, such as in Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman, who run as Tea Party darlings but on conservative issues, without reality or factual information.

Mitt, Newt and Rick Santorum all admit that they have made mistakes, when they are confronted on their past records, because the conservatives would rather forgive Republicans than question their own hate against OBama. 21 months of positive growth under OBama, instead of having gone into a deep Depression, as was predicted, is not good enough for those who would destroy our government that pays their wages. We can not afford more Republicans’ screw ups as we, the middle class, have already paid too high of a price for the last decade, because of the “Republican mistakes.”

In any case, the arrogance and conceit of the GOP’s, “that anyone can beat Barack OBama and their true conviction that the lies were bought,” by the American voters, is the real reason no one will walk away from an Iowa caucus with a clear majority vote other than Barack OBama, in my opinion.

The Republicans simply have not run a real or convincing candidate in 2012, that can beat out anyone much less win on the lies that worked for them in 2010. Instead they have too unconvincingly tried to spread these same old worn out lies, against OBama, again in 2012.

We have much more at stake in 2012 when it comes to everyone working together to return our economy around together. The 2010 Tea Party candidates have proven to be the John Birch obstructionists, or the right-wing conservative 1950’s and 60’s no taxation movement,or cut from similar cloth,that the rest of us always knew they were. A liar always does defeat themselves, and Iowan’s have known more than their share of them, over their political history.

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I wish everyone Merry Christmas and the best of Holidays! Last year I wrote a great deal about giving and Christmas and/or Holiday Cheer but I spent this week on politics for two reasons:

The first being from the stories being reported, I recognized there are still in America, many wonderful and generous people, who do understand and get that this time of year is about the Good will that we show those less fortunate or who struggle and do need our help. It does not stop the giving, that many times goes on throughout the year, as well. I have always believed in anonymous giving, myself, but whether you do or not, the important thing is that we give. Too many times those who can justify anything, are quick to say Christ has been taken out of Christmas and we have commercialized Christmas instead, when at least 90% of all shopping, if not more than that, is given away to bring joy to others.

I have always believed if we are Christians or of another Faith or Belief, Christ would Bless the American people, because we do have a great and generous heart during this time of His celebrated birth, as we do during times of great tragedy, as well as throughout the year. Somehow those who would criticize the American giver,in my opinion, are simply bitter that some one other than themselves are receiving. How else can we explain it differently, when it is the spirit of generosity of a person’s heart that joins with their actions,in compassion and empathy, in order for us to give to others, that they are criticizing.

I know in my heart and mind, that many of us will give up our time when we cannot afford to give from our wallet. Those of us who appreciate that we still have a home, will show our appreciation by helping those who do not have a home. Many will remember the shut-ins who are sick and suffering while others have sacrificed all year to bring joy to the children in their own lives, as well as, those who would not receive, otherwise.

People eat, who would not be fed without those who give food or food stamps, because when the food comes to their homes or neighborhoods, they are able to keep their poverty better hidden and their pride and dignity intact. The food pantries as well as food stamps, give them the selections, that we all take for granted, because of those who donate or pay taxes,(they pay taxes in most cases,as well) and the paid and free volunteer staffs, who accommodate the hungry. The educational benefits given to others can and does turn around the lives of many.As many needs as there are,there are people trying to help others.

Anyone who would criticize the giving that is so predominate this time of year, and profess that we have taken Christ out of Christmas, have lost touch with their own humanity,as in compassion and empathy for someone other than ourselves, in my opinion. We are never more Christ-like ourselves,than when we give for reasons of love, without expectation of return. Giving back,for the kindness and generosity that we receive from others in our lives, is what both we Christians and Americans do. We Christians are not alone in our generosity, as those who celebrate Hanukkah as well as those who believe in the Muslim Holidays, share in our generosity, as well, even though it was more a part of the practice of early Christians to give alms to the poor, than it was other religions.

Just as this time of year is about bringing Joy to others, instead of what we get out of it, and it has nothing to do with trying to force our own beliefs on others, is alive and well with many of us; still other Americans, believe that if we do not spend this time on our knees and in worship, then we take Christ out of Christmas. Mankind judges way too harshly, the love and the way we express it in my opinion. I think that what we do in sincerity and with a pure heart is always smiled on, regardless of those who would complain otherwise. I swell up with pride every time I hear the media announce the generosity of my fellow Americans who gave anonymously so that others can enjoy this Season.

Entirely too much of what is wrong with a few, is what we almost always hear about by the naysayers and in the media, who would rather report shootings or pepper spray over sale items in stores, by the very few who do not or never will represent those who are generous of both heart and spirit. I commend CNN for taking their time out to recognize just a few of the gracious donors in America as well as the World. We may not all be able to give as much as those who can accomplish more with name recognition or great wealth, but so many of our small contributions do add up to make other lives better. I commend all of you who do give and share generously of your own time and good fortune.

The second reason, that I stayed on politics this week, is because after spending three years listening to the right-wing and far right-wing as in Tea Party, destroy our right to enjoy the accomplishments of President Barack OBama, we Independents, Republicans, and Democrats, who voted for him and have seen through the lies, have instead had to listen to 3 straight years of complaints and lies being told about him.

Even when OBama brought justice to Osama Ben Laden, instead of our being able to say thanks or feel vindicated just a little for the great harm Osama Ben Laden, did to us as Americans and the suffering he caused so many American families, OBama was having to show his birth certificate, to prove he was a citizen.

Just to be able to see the Republicans eat crow and stop their “pie holes” from more lies,even though spin it they are, we Democrats could smile, and smile we did. I could not miss the opportunity, to just once, not to take the smile off my face, knowing they in their hate lost. That they caved,and it wasn’t for the wealthy but instead for those who have had to suffer the most for the Republican arrogance and obstructionism, just makes it that much sweeter, especially when they announced just 2 weeks ago they had no intentions of giving in.

When Boehner professed; to quote him,”Sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing,” and then repeated it several times, it should have said a lot to all of us. What I would like to tell him and all of the Republicans,is, “Doing the right thing for the people is never difficult, if you keep in mind why you were sent to Washington.” When you recognize,as we do, it is “We the People” who elect you and we expect all of you to do the right thing, then it will become as natural as tying your shoes, combing your hair or eating when your hungry. The laws of the land and the Constitution as well as the oath of office you take,is or should be your guidelines, mixed with the compassion and desire to want to do the right thing, for all Americans, regardless of race,creed,color, or gender, should make it simple enough, since we pay your wages.

It may not be all in the Christmas Spirit, but somehow I do not think Christ would mind if those who have led by lies or the lack of leadership themselves, as the Republicans in Congress have, would be exposed for their own lack of leadership and lies.I just feel that maybe He too is smiling this Christmas and or Holiday Season, even though I do not speak for Him or pretend to.

Regardless of why you subscribe to my blog, press the like button, make a comment, or just stop by, I wish you all the very Best, this Holiday Season.I appreciate each and every time you visit. I wish all who are traveling a safe and uncomplicated trip. May all things that make you smile come your way during the Holiday Season and if you are gathering with your family or their family or spending a quiet Holiday at home alone, remember to Hug the cook!God Bless us all!

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For three years now, the Republicans have been able to get by with convincing too many people, that OBama has not been able to lead. The candidates as a group, took out a week to use the word “appeasement” while trying to do fund-raising, when meeting with the Jewish members of our society, thinking apparently, we Americans were so out of touch ourselves, with what an insulting word that is to the Jewish population or perhaps it is their own arrogance that blinds them all.

The fact that Mitt Romney and the rest of them are back to saying that OBama cannot lead shows all of us just how poorly out of touch they really are with the American People. If we follow the news or politics at all, and are above the age of three, we certainly can see where the entire bunch of Republican candidates, are picking up a key word and all using it. My word, don’t they have any awareness or imagination at all?

Here we sit in America, with Republican leaders Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and Boehner at a stalemate, when it comes to leading 100 Tea Party Freshmen, in the House, to agree to pass through the pay roll tax cut bill that would stop a raise in taxes on the poor and middle class and they apparently lack such poor leadership skills in their own Party to be able to make it happen. Yet we continue to hear criticism from them that OBama can’t lead these obstructionist, when they are failing their own responsibility to lead them in their own Party. Is it any wonder the American public is becoming more aware each day, just who the ineffective leaders are and always have been? Lies do tend to get exposed by and catch up to liars first.

Get Real Republicans, if you can’t convince your own party to not raise taxes, when that is the oath you all signed and agreed to, then how can OBama bring reason to your Party, when you just say “NO” to any suggestion he ever makes? The Republicans, before the Tea Party candidates even entered the House, had taken an oath amongst them, to universally swear not to raise taxes across the board. Now when it comes to raising taxes on the middle class you cannot even reach an agreement on not doing that in your own partisan Party?

All I can say is if Mitt Romney, plans to continue using the old and worn out idea that, “Obama lacks leadership,” as he campaigns for the White House this week, he is looking like the out of touch rich multi-millionaire that he is and has always been. Turn on the television Mitt because every 15 minutes we are being made aware of the fact that the true and real problem with the stalemate in Congress is and has always been the lack of the Republicans to be able to lead in their own party.

Once you do turn on the television, Mitt, you will find that,as always,both the right and far right have the Leadership, in your own Party by the proverbial “ahem” and are not letting go, and in the mean time you are sounding like a, “Screeching Peacock.” How do you think you can convince the American people, when the Republican voters are afraid of you anyway, that you will be able to lead 100 obstructionist in the Republican Party any better than your own predecessors?

Just for this week anyway,Mitt, for your own sake so that you look like less than a fool, drop the idea that it is OBama that cannot lead your Party, as we all are very much aware of the fact that it is Cantor,Boehner and McConnell that cannot lead your and their own party.

Since the American mind, has approximately a 15 minutes retention span it maybe something, Mitt, that you and the Republicans can go back to again, but it will be on film and in the meantime develop a little imagination, because you really are sounding like Fox News and the Bush Republicans of the past.

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Ron Paul who has been referred to as, “The God Father” of the Tea Party is smashing the Tea Party darlings out of the game in Iowa. What irony that the Republican Party nor the Tea Party want to acknowledge his possible win in Iowa and both are scared to death that he will win. Ron Paul is the epitome of what the Tea Party has advocated and is what led to the Tea Party winning in 2010.

This probably will be Michelle Bachman’s last showing as Ron Paul will hit the polls and the showing of their darling hard in Iowa. I wrote a previous post,about the Evangelicals of Iowa predicting earlier in the fall, that they and Iowa would take her all the way to the White House. Rick Perry, their other darling, has enough money to continue for a while longer. In its urgency to win again as they did in 2010 the Tea Party will simply, in the long run, end up with egg on its face. In its attempts to run and support too many candidates in the race for President on the Republican ticket,and to feed their hate against OBama, the Tea Party will choke this time around.

Though the Tea Party likes to think of itself as a new movement to protest government spending and balancing the budget, I would refer to them instead as nothing more than obstructionists. They are not much different from the longest running right-wing movement of tax protestors of the 1950’s and 60’s.

They represent both Conservative and Libertarian views and both have proven to be the thorn in the side of government for years. Neither have really accomplished anything positive but instead interfere with common sense and the civil rights of the people,while hurting the workers and the middle class ability to realize the American dream,even though they claim to be a new movement in America and call themselves Patriots, their mentality and ideology has existed under other names,for years.

When they refuse to pay their fair share or eliminate government and defense, then it is the middle class who does pay the difference when it comes to taking care of our own defense, education,safety,aging parents,grandparents,our own chronically ill children,disability, and hunger when we find that the circumstances in our own lives will and do change. If life and circumstances were perfect, then none of us would have to pay but, often times, when we least expect it,we do find that life is beyond our own control or under attack, and that we do need government in our lives to balance both justice and survival. Reality is we or a loved one, many times, will need medical help or the law to defend us, and without government none of us have reason to believe we will ever receive justice.

The tax relief for the middle class is currently being held up by the Tea Party freshmen elected to the House in the 2010 election over stupid things like farm dust and eliminating unemployment for millionaires who do not collect unemployment anyway. Sorry Boehner and Republicans, “when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

The freshman members are putting stupid restrictions out now,to be included in the tax break for the middle class, because they will eventually move on to include the middle class and lift restrictions that will help the oil Companies. Since all people are entitled to unemployment, as we all pay into it, by denying millionaires, who never collect unemployment anyway, their civil rights to collect it they can say later, “see we do not represent the wealthy as we denied them unemployment,” while they send the message that the wealthy do not draw unemployment, as only the poor do.”

Ultimately more lies will spread about the poor bankrupting us all and the young 20 to 30 years olds, who have not yet been exposed to the way these people have operated throughout the beginning of time will jump on it, as well. Ron Paul is currently being supported by the younger people and college students who think they can make it on their own and pay their way without government, and like Ron Paul, eliminate the government and pay down the deficit.

In order to safeguard against a Depression, people have to go back to work first, before we start cutting the entitlements that put food on the table or dealing with the deficit, but the Great Depression is so far removed from their lives that it is not real to them. Trickle down economics does not work as it trickles up into the pockets of the wealthy who are not creating more jobs. In the long run the only thing that will turn around unemployment and the economy is when the middle class do go back to work because the private sector starts hiring. Once the economy starts rebounding again, and it will after having had 21 months of positive growth, then the private sector will be forced into hiring, and I think we can all agree we need to take on the deficit then.

Many of the 20 to 30-year-olds who are falling for the Ron Paul message of eliminating government, are still living at home or on the wallet of their parents, or on their parents grocery and insurance bill, or not paying on their own debt, while they attend college. Others are holding down jobs, but still living at home and have not yet had to deal with the realities of pre-mature babies, daycare, paying off their own health care. While still others who are independent and on their own, still think about today and a pair of shoes, a trip they are planning, the new love in their life, or what ball game or concert, they want to attend, and do not concern themselves with a future, as many of them believe they will never collect Social Security, anyway.

There are other older lifetime Libertarians that find Ron Paul a breath of fresh air, since he is a very likable person as well as intelligent and the first Libertarian to run, who is not so far off the wall as to be ridiculous,at least when he speaks, in a long time. Unlike other campaigns when he has run in the past, his is very organized in Iowa. Ron Paul is no different from Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich until the real Ron Paul, Newt or Mitt stand up. Ron Paul has as much ability to destroy Democracy as Mitt and Newt have, as at heart, they are all bigots and concerned about their own private agendas and politics over the concerns of the people.

We cannot exclude the rest of the Republicans who are courting the Evangelicals with no intentions of following through, as all anyone needs to do is to look at Rick Santorum’s voting record and it is easy to see Partisan Party or Establishment all the way. His economic plan is all about deregulations that led to 8 million people being laid off in 2008 under the Bush administration. He also voted twice to allow legislatures to accept larger and more gifts from lobbyists and that ultimately led to his not being re-elected again. Michelle Bachman or Rick Perry answering the red phone at 3 A.m. is just too scary for anyone above the age of 6 to consider voting for, other than as a protest vote.

Although Ron Paul calls himself a Republican he will be ignored by the Party and considered nothing more than a thorn in their side. Ron Paul if he decides to run on the Libertarian ticket and as a third-party candidate has the possibility of hurting both the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party, after he eliminates the Tea Party candidates. As Democrats we must know that we cannot simply dismiss him, as many of the students and 20 and 30-year-old Evangelicals, will vote for Ron Paul if he does run on the 3rd party ticket.

The humor in it all, is as “The God Father” of the Tea Party, he looks to have enough wind behind him to destroy the Tea Party candidates as well as scare the hell out of the Republicans. Ron Paul represents the epitome of the Tea Party who won for the Republicans on what he represents, in 2010. I have never seen the day that hate doesn’t eventually choke those who promote it. Do we dare say,”What goes around comes around?”

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If you have been reading my posts on Newt, I hope you did not draw the conclusion that I had a personal grudge against him because when it comes to lies and flip-flopping Mitt Romney is not much different. I will explain later what the Mormon Religion does to make certain divorce does not happen in their Church.

Although Mitt, like Cheney, never spent a day in the military, both were unmerciful, against John Kerry when he ran for President and is an American war hero. The attack was against Kerry flip-flopping by Mitt who holds the title to being the worse flip flopper in America(vaults are filled with film footage of Mitt saying what works for the crowd he is with)

He has announced if elected he would go to War with Iran, while he is very critical against OBama for his foreign policy. At best we can only hope he is posturing because to do so would spell harm against the American and Israel people, unlike any we have seen to date. I have no doubt, history will show the accomplishments of Hiliary and Obama to be positive ones, even while the Republican Party lies about their record.

Iran has open trade with both Russia and China, as well as, are aligned with them. Talk about starting World War 111, not to mention China calling our debt due. Anyone candidate suggesting we do go to war with Iran over what OBama has done, and that is to set up an ally in Iraq, either is talking tough or just plain out of touch with reality.

The Republicans have made much about how OBama has let Israel down, to the point that the Jewish people have hired a PR firm and a spoke person to explain to the American public just how well OBama has worked for them. Do we think any Corporate or Conservative owned media will let her have air time? Anyone who does not understand that making an ally in Iraq will do far more for both the Americans as well as the Israel people, over attacking Iran, who does not have nuclear weapons then ,again, I offer to sell you the Brooklyn bridge.

For those of you who did not see the interview with Sanjay Gupta on CNN with Jonathan Gruber, you missed out on a lot of facts about Mitt Romney. Who is Jonathan Gruber you ask? He is the economist from MIT who set up the identical healthcare program in Massachusetts for Mitt Romney, with mandates that Mitt denies, that he set up with OBama. When he set it up in Massachusetts there was a conservative right-wing on the board who raved about the program until OBama adopted the same, and he has done everything to try to defeat it, since Obama adopted it.

But back to Mitt,he likes to brag about how healthcare did not cost the taxpayers anything in Massachusetts. Jonathan Gruber came right out and said that is so far from the truth along with other things that Mitt is saying. The truth is the Federal government pays for their healthcare and the American people pay for it in their tax dollars. What Jonathan Gruber explains is that they themselves do not know, nor does anyone else know for sure at this point, if the plan will work and they have pretty much thrown spaghetti against the wall to see what will stick and what won’t.

The Dr.s do support what has become known as OBama care because there is so much corruption in both the insurance Companies as well as Business laying off people, who develop illness in the family, when their healthcare goes up due to illness. For years Insurance Companies have had the luxury of covering anyone they chose and deciding what they would cover as premiums continue to climb.

What Jonathan Gruber has designed closes the loop holes that insurance companies have been able to walk through when determining who had pre-existing disease and what they could cover, as well as, prevent Corporations from laying off people who have illness or a child who will need extended care. Go to Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN and check out the interview for yourselves. It was aired very early Sunday morning.

If any of us still have any doubts why the Republican Party hates OBama care, and do not believe that they fight to protect the profits of the Insurance Companies who contribute to their campaigns, just as hard as they do the oil Companies; then along with the Brooklyn Bridge, I have some real good swamp land to sell you as well.

About the personal side of Mitt and why we do need to be concern about Mormonism. I would be the first to say under normal circumstances and other religions their religion would not matter, as hopefully, we would have a President who could set his religion aside and take an oath of office for Presidency of the United States and put Country first. In the Mormon religion their religion dictates before Country, marriage and family, it must come first. Mitt is a bishop in the Mormon religion who spent millions of dollars to defeat the Equal Right Amendment since 1920.

Women are universally second class citizens, although they will deny it. They cannot gain Heaven if they are not tied to a man. It should scare all women, even if we are not religiously orientated, to think that Mitt Romney and the Board of the Church he needs to put first, can determine who will go to Heaven over God. Defeating equal rights is not only a necessity in their faith it is a matter of their doctrine. When women or children are battered or abused, they are told by their bishops, to go back and pray and try harder and The bishops will then talk to the man. No one is removed from the homes to be protected against the abuse.

Getting help for the battered and abused is happening in almost all other Religions today.The majority of almost all other religions do recognize all abuse, although some may have come to it late,they are getting protection for the battered and abused. Unlike the Catholic Church acknowledging pedophilia in their ranks and other ministers brought forward to face charges, the Mormon Church still refuses to acknowledge pedophilia or incest exists in their Church, and because they have so much money they hold the cases up in courts for years when families do find the courage to leave the Church and find a law firm large enough to withstand the filings that they file under the Freedom of Religion Act as well as the nuisance charges they file.

The Mormon Church is not ran by a team of clerical but by laymen who are also business owners or CEO’s in most cases. In order to be a Bishop in the Church the man needs to hold wealth. It is estimated that the Mormon Church takes in between 5 to 7 billion dollars a year on tithing alone. They own billions in land as well as Corporations that also contribute to the wealth of the Church. Of course, their deliberate delays and nuisance filings along with their great wealth, will bankrupt any law firm who does not join with another and the family they represent, and then the cases get dropped. Women are not allowed to divorce without threat of losing their right to go to Heaven.

When the press talks about Mitt, being an honorable man, this may be true in the eyes of his religion, but since it is the Bishop who advises in the Church, he has skeletons of his own, that should and would worry all the rest of us, who abhor this kind of treatment. Mitt certainly is not the man to talk about giving back the soul to America, but it does not seem to stop him while campaigning. Most of the decisions he is making, as Bishop of the Mormon Church, may be upstanding in his own Religion, that he has a Constitutional right to practice, but we do need to ask,since it also comes before all else, what kind of President would he make?

He is part of the establishment and just like the Mormon Church, that bought out Coca Cola along with other undivulged Corporations,land holdings,banks etc., Mitt is wealthy. He is the only candidate who has ever ran for office, in the history of the Country, who refuses to show his tax returns. He can do that as it is not against the law but we do need to ask what it is that he is afraid for us to find out?

He has never been poor or middle class. He is worth 190 million dollars, has worked as a hatchet man who has laid off many people, and would not understand, any different from those who support the Tea Party, in my opinion, that to pay off the deficit while people are being laid off would throw our Country into a serious Depression worse than the Great Depression. First of all, we need to get the middle class back to work and grow our economy in the process, and that will lead to paying off the deficit. Mitt, In my opinion, since his flip-flopping is totally void of all sincerity, would proceed as usual, just as was started aggressively during the Bush years, and “We the People” would beg to have the Democrats back.

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I was watching a cable network show the other day, and the question asked of the viewing public was,”When will the government tell us the truth about the Iraq War?”,there were a various number of answers and of course the ever stupid one blaming OBama, but in truth just how much do we need to know?

Those of us who do not bore ourselves with research,read, or study foreign policy probably did not understand that British Petroleum owns 66% of Iraq oil rights and American Corporations owns 18% with Iraq having more oil than, any Country in the Middle East. American oil reserves were at one of the lowest if not the lowest before we went into Iraq. Since we had sanctions against Saddam Hussein he was refusing or making it difficult at least for British Petroleum and American oil companies to get their oil out to the refineries.

Cheney served on the board of Halliburton for years, before becoming Vice President and I believe history will show that he spear-headed the movement into Iraq and the war as plenty have indicated the same. Once an oil man always an oil man is fairly common as with most other occupations. Our other allies did not go to war with us because it was a commerce problem not a problem for war.The American people as well as members of the military, Congress and the Senate were incorrectly led to believe that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and when none were found just as the people on the ground, whose job it was to report back to the U.N., had told the United Nations previously before our going to war, then the people were lied to and told they had faulty information.

Since I did know this,as I regularly check out foreign policy.gov, and I believe that oil is no excuse to go to war, I was very much against the war in Iraq. I believe unless the people or our allies ask us for help, as the Libya people did, we should remain neutral other than when we are attacked on our soil or the soil of our allies or for humane reasons when we are asked to intercede.

America was very much justified to go into Afghanistan and Pakistan,once we had been attacked as we were by Osama Ben Laden. I believe we are justified, to enter any country to eliminate him. I am neither a Pacifist or a Hawk, but I do believe that America should and does have a right to eliminate injustice when asked by those who need our help, since we have the most superior of all military in the World. However after once entering and they feel confidant to continue as Iraq did, we do need to leave when they ask us to. Many times communications or sanctions can solve more than war, and we owe it to our young men and women to open up communications before going to war.

Although I would never advocate that the American voter bury their heads in the sand, or not educate themselves, before going to the polls to vote on the candidates, who do run for office, a great deal of American interests does need to remain in secret in order to better protect our own shores from terrorism,to safeguard our military personnel over-seas, and to serve Democracy. It is no different from a drug bust ever being made, a murder solved, a chop-shop broken up or any crime solved, if the press and criminals were all aware of what the authorities were doing.

The important thing is that our military, regardless of what they were told, fought with honor and after leaving Kuwait today, will all be home, with the exception of 160 troops who are still training the Iraqi troops and those who will remain to protect our Embassy, in Iraq. We need to understand that those who have and are coming home, in so many ways, their war is still going on and may continue doing so for years, while they battle against both physical and emotional wounds. Their families who are making the adjustments and who sacrificed right along with them, will learn as all war families do, that a different person from whom they knew, has returned home. We Americans must never forget their sacrifice when or if the legislatures try to dismiss the long-term care that many will need and have earned.

Our men and women fought with honor, in many cases, to save and spare their own comrades while the great majority of we Americans went on with our lives. It is now time that we rise to the occasion of meeting their needs. We all must remember that 1/3 of our homeless are military vets, when we take umbrage with the poor, and fight for them, when they can no longer fight for themselves.

Before you accuse me of seeing UFO’s and or The Loch Ness Monster, since the Day of the Trojan Horse, much of what has been told to the people, is not always as is, when it comes to matters of war. Even the Civil War began as a war over secession over high tariffs charged by the North to the South and later changed to a war over slavery.For those who think the movies resemble war-time then we all need to reassess reality. There has been much conversation, about the drone that was lost by the CIA into Iran. So much of espionage looks different to the civilian population than it does to those who do know exactly what they are doing.

Because the press sometimes keeps us too well-informed, I can simply say, if I was Iran, I would at least take the smirk off of my face if not consider destroying it, rather than risk the fact that it wasn’t a deliberate “Oops” moment. Do we even know if it is fully equipped or with what or was it set down to mislead? It would not be the first spy plane, that was set down to mislead those we were at war with. I acknowledge that it also may not be anything less than reported, but we too quickly want to believe the worse in the news about OBama or are too quick to accept the spin doctors who promote or pay for the lies that we hear, instead of realizing none of us know a damn thing, if we do not ever question what we read or hear.

A good example of what is currently being reported as fact is that the Republicans are expounding and that is that the Keystone pipeline will produce 20,000 jobs and not cause the American tax payers anything. The truth is the Company itself as well as Cornell University, who makes a point of checking the facts out, says it will produce 6500 part-time jobs and lead to 50 permanent jobs while the Republicans continue to hold up the tax break to the middle class tax payers, without the Keystone Pipeline included.

I think it does us all well to remember:”that a great deal of what we don’t know, does not hurt us,” when we are ignorant of those who do protect our best interest in the World. The inter-net along with some establishment owned networks, some cable television news,radio air ways and print owned by Murdoch and the establishment make it a habit to spin the truth to those of us who would remain better off not knowing their brand of so-called truth. Let’s face it,most of all the lies we hear, even when it is not on the inter-net,media, newsprint or from a politician, do come from an insecurity complex or a narcissist, or an ego or the establishment. As teenagers we seem to know this and sadly, as adults we resign ourselves to accepting it,or worse yet, go into denial and believe the lies.

What we all need to remember is just where our priorities should be and what we should make a point to know and that is during this Christmas, or if you prefer Holiday Season, our goals need to be “Goodwill towards our fellow-man, woman and child,who are in need and or suffering whether it be our own family or our neighbors, and especially that our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our military families.”

I will use this medium to tell all military families.”Thanks to you all” for your service and sacrifices for us, and speaking for myself,I greatly appreciate your heroism, even though I was against the reason we went to war, I am capable of admitting that I was wrong, when I hear about the dreadful treatment suffered by the people under Saddam Hussein.

I just like some of you,would have felt better about the sacrifices you were asked to make, if America had gone to war for humane reasons or if the Iraqi people had asked us to come in, and without the lie of weapons. I have lived enough years to know that even when life may look its darkest or the reasoning behind it is not always sound, more times than not, another door will open and flood brightly with light on the justice of it all. It will all make sense with time, when the press stops reporting the negatives and lies against Obama being weak, and catches on to the protection Iraq will have as an ally of America. War is hell and rare has it been when the troops left, they did not feel the quilt of leaving behind the misplaced people.

The possibility of having a new ally sitting between Israel and Iran, not to mention getting rid of a cruel dictator, is already telling us your time was worth much more than perhaps you can now appreciate, as you gave us more than any of us dared hope for more than a decade ago when Saddam Hussein turned against America, after we set him up with technology and weapons. The potential for a civil war looms great, and I ask patience of us all, while the Kurds, Sunni and Shiites fight for supremacy, as I know it will be hard on the Iraqi people and require more sacrifice on their part, as well. Once there is a victor, then we will begin to see your sacrifices recognized, right along with theirs’.

Once trade opens up between our two Countries and the American people see our economy turn around because Corporations will be forced into hiring back the workers out of need to produce, as we join with our ally in shared interest of rebuilding Iraq and bringing security back to the Iraqi people, then your efforts will become a part of the history you sacrificed for, and the naysayers will know just how much you did contribute to the American welfare, on the back of your own suffering. What the politicians could not accomplish you will accomplish and we will all be better Blessed for your sacrifices.

I am confident that we learned our lessons from what happened with Saddam Hussein and have another chance to be more firm, observant and ever watchful, thanks to your sacrifices. Never forget,” your second wind.” as those of us who care, respect you when you lose sight of it. God Bless you all and again, Thanks! Welcome home where you belong!

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Something is seriously wrong in America when the Republican candidates have to convince the voters they are indeed Social Conservatives. Have we Americans lost touch entirely with the fact that Religion, stated in our Constitution as well as the law of our Land, should play no role at all in politics? How many of us remember or know, this is the same bunch of people who supported McCarthyism and saw communists behind every tree and brought a great deal of harm and destruction into the lives of innocent American citizens?

There is one reason and only one reason why Newt is advocating playing nice. That reason is because he has so many skeletons in his closet that speaks of corruption and borders on insanity. Once his opposition decides to start pointing this out and using their brand of speculation and half-truths, which the Republicans are famous for, Newt knows that his own party can do far more damage to him than what will be done to him by the Democrats if he makes it to the general election. No one plays dirtier than a Republican Politician who professes to be Conservative, or for that matter Newt of the past, when they get pissed off. That has also been displayed by those who would dare to call themselves, Christians, or the Social Conservatives since their beginning.

For those who really want to believe that the grandfather Newt is a changed man and no longer operates from his own narcism and now has a contrite heart and truly wants to play “NICE”, I only have two words for you and they are:”Get real!”

I for one can’t wait until the truth does roll out of his closet and for once, when it does start, all they have to do is to tell the truth. Part of me does feel sorry for a man who would be naive enough to think that it won’t come out. The question is: Will Newt then be contrite or the same compulsive angry deceitful person he has always been?

If his response to Michelle Bachman in regards to Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae is any indicator, then we know the deceitful part of Newt is still there, and I wouldn’t bet a buck, much less $10,000.00, that the rest of his personality isn’t being disguised, temporarily. Hate isn’t worth it folks. I understand there is not a legitimate candidate in the Republican bunch but that is what happens when the candidates have to meet the criteria for both the Conservatives and Tea Party. You end up with Turkeys who do not have the good sense to get in out of the rain of hate, they create.

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As the Republicans,Tea Party, and right-wing conservatives and many of their followers are recommending eliminating government or bankrupting it entirely lets take a view of what life without government would entail;

For those who advocate eliminating the Post Office entirely and turning it over to free enterprise, rest assured that just as health care escalated when the County Hospitals were eliminated and bought out by private interests and made the Indiana Frist families Billionaires,(for those who do not remember; the younger Frist was elected, by the right-wing Conservatives, to the Senate in 1994 at the time they were buying out the hospitals across America) so would the cost escalate to both private citizens as well as small businesses whose business does rely on the mail if the Post offices were eliminated. I just spent $15.00 to mail a 3 pound pkg. to my daughter by UPS by the time I paid postage and handling. This same pkg. would have cost me $2.38 and arrived a day earlier if I had shipped it through the Post Office. I used UPS as I wanted to be able to make certain it arrived the day my daughter works at home. Both would have been and was shipped regular mail.

Without government there would not be any hot lunches for school children, Veteran hospitals, or State own mental Institutions that are reasonably priced because of food subsidies provided by government,The schools,hospitals and institutions themselves would risk being shut down or closed in many areas where they may be considered too cost prohibitive, there would be no Food or Drug Agencies making sure that the food we imported or produced locally, was safe, or drug companies were not putting unsafe drugs on the market. The cost of both would sky-rocket even further without any government controls over them. Only the wealthy could afford birth control as was true before the middle class was established.

No one would oversee air safety,traffic control,piracy, Nuclear plants,mines, drilling, pipelines,factories or any facilities that would lead to the destruction of both our environment and then humanity. There would be no crime labs to check on the guilt or innocence of our citizenry to make certain even more innocent people would not be rounded up and corralled as guilty or the guilty went free with the right lawyer since all labs would be private and only available to the wealthy, due to the high cost to the middle class and poor. There would not be any one to oversee the weapons on the street and we would return to a lawless society. There would be no FBI to look for and to try to find our lost children, no CIA to protect us against terrorism. No one to guarantee our right of freedom of speech,free assembly or our right to protest injustice. There would be no free press.

All workers unions would be eliminated as is going on presently with the Republicans and the Tea Party. The song “Big John” that went like the following was not just a song but the reality of life before unions and the establishment of the middle class:”I loaded 16 ton and what did I get? Another day older and deeper in debt.” I owe my soul to the Company store.” They could only buy from the stores owned by the wealthy who charged exorbitant prices and made it impossible for them to ever get out of debt to the employer. There was no minimum wage,benefits or pensions rest assured 401K’s would not exist. It was reality folks and would be again without government and Unions.

There would be no Feds to make certain banks were not lending money at such high costs as to be usury. There would be no Pell grants for the children who would be tomorrow leaders to be able to afford The best of Colleges. There would be no protection for children and women against abusers and batters. Only those who could afford to would be able to prevent having their homes burn to the ground as firemen would be volunteer or paid for by free enterprise. Only the wealthy would have protection against crime. People would be killing each other at even greater numbers as they drove drunk or texted. Infancy death rates would escalate even higher as only the wealthy could pay for premature birth care.

I could continue this all day and not come up with all the ways that both the poor and middle class would go unprotected and our well-being jeopardized much worse without government than what it is with it, but instead I challenge you to ask yourself,”why it is that the Republicans who do protect the 1% are trying so hard to eliminate government entirely even if it means bankrupting it with a flat tax of 15% across the board that would add another trillion dollars to the deficit at the same time they are adding Keystone Pipeline rights to the payroll tax cut and screaming that we need to pay for it?” Why did the Republicans add another 6 to 7 trillion dollars to the deficit while they had control and did not balance the budget once while they had control but now that we are in a situation where unemployment is high and Corporations are raping the workers they now insist that the money that would help the middle class be paid for?

Really think about it and use both your intelligence and common sense:what kind of future do you,your children,your parents, and your grand parents really have without government? When we eliminate government we eliminate,”We the People.”I believe that whether we voters are Democrat,Independent,or Republican, we can all agree that if we elect anymore Republicans, right-wing conservatives, or Tea Party candidates or keep the current ones who are in the Senate, that the Senate and President elect will return to business as usual during the Bush years to finish what they started, if we really look at the facts.

Re-elect the Democrats, who did not crawl in bed with the Republicans, and Barack OBama along with those who have worked tirelessly for Democracy and the middle class majority in 2012. Even a Tea Party, Conservative and Republican, when given a mandate and made to fear losing their election in 2014, will start co-operating with “We the People” and the man we elected to the Presidency, if we give them a strong idea of just what we think of them in 2012.

They will only quit saying”NO”if we show them how fed up we really are with our vote,despite their pure hatred for Barack OBama because he put restrictions back on Wall Street and stopped what the Republicans had pushed aggressively under the Bush Administration: (See”Who Are The 1%?”, written earlier by me.) They also hate him because he refuses to give in to the wealthy at an expense to the middle class but if he doesn’t give them at least a part of what they want then he gains nothing for the poor and middle class, at all. It is time to throw all the bums out. Do not believe the press who would have us believe that the Democrats are no different from the Republicans because the Democrats have been fighting for the unemployed as well as the employed poor and middle class;In other words for us.

Don’t be one of the idiots who blame OBama for the war in Iraq but instead the man who brought the troops home over open objection from Cheney and McCain and the man smart enough to marry the woman who has worked tirelessly for the families of our wounded and displaced war heroes.It was OBama who fulfilled the promise to the American people and brought down Osama Ben Ladin as well. It’s time we stop the Republican lies and work with those who will continue to work with us in 2012.

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Yesterday when the Senator from California said it made as much sense to hold all of the Muslim Faith responsible for the Taliban as it does to hold the 700 Club responsible for the Aryan Nation, or words to that effect, the Representative of Florida Family Ass. started spouting off against the Senator infringing on religion’s constitutional rights. Before this he was justifying his groups right to put pressure on Lowes to withdraw their ads on the All American Muslims show while bragging about having effectively stopped Home Depot from doing the same.

Lets make something perfectly clear:In America wrong is wrong. If you are a member of the Westboro Baptist Church showing up at a trial to defend the murder’s right to kill a gay person or to protest your hate at the funerals of military war heroes, you will be listed on the hate crime list. No one in America is above the law when it comes to promoting hate or when it comes to promoting murder anymore than they are when they promote bigotry. The Aryan Nation sadly is not the only radical Christian religion that has killed and promotes White Supremacy or hate. No one religion has a Constitutional right to be protected against the truth when they promote and break the law against separation of Church and State.

What the Constitution does say is that Religion cannot promote one political candidate over another and that Churches clearly cannot enter into the political arena. Because some Churches set up other groups to promote their views, they claim not to be advising their congregations on who to vote for. Instead they use other areas such as film,videos, and documentaries that are expressly and purposely made to represent their views while telling them anything else they read or hear is a lie or they will use groups to promote the wishes of the Churches, in some cases, and other times they do preach from the pulpit the danger of risking one’s soul, if they do not vote for the Republican candidate and if they are not pro-life over a woman’s right to choose by law.

The law of separation of Church and State has flagrantly been broken and abused by Religion in the process of elections; Not to mention the transgression of their members’ civil rights. The Constitution specifically spells out that no Church can influence or otherwise act on, the way it’s members vote in the political process. What makes our Constitution so special is that it is clear that the law precedes and protects the Individual rights over all other groups or organizations.

If religion feels they are being unfairly attacked then they should do something about preventing the image and example that they themselves are establishing in America. No one gets to take advantage of the law or Constitution to strengthen their own views at an expense to others’ Constitutional rights, even if they think they can use God’s law against man’s law.

When we hear about religion being under attack it is because they are bringing it upon themselves by feeling, in most cases, they have a right and duty to speak out because God’s law is superior to man’s law, but when others report that they are breaking the law of the Constitution by interfering in elections or the civil rights of other Americans, then they scream discrimination against religious rights. To accuse Lowes of promoting terrorism and to attack the program American Muslims is very typical of these extremists who are interfering with the rights of all minorities.

If it was just a matter of speaking out for their candidates it would be bad enough, but the fact that they are given freedom from taxation and then put many millions of dollars into campaigning for their own views, it then becomes a gross over-step of the Constitution on their part.

At no time does the Constitution allow anyone group to break the law. I repeat:”No one is above the law in America” and when they show stupidity, bigotry, hate, or infringe on the rights of other American’s Constitutional rights with threats or fear tactics,it is and should be reported.

I applaud TLC for trying to bring clarity to what the Muslim Religion really is but as long as we have groups trying to teach their own brand of stupidity and hate in America, with threats, it is always going to be an uphill battle to stop this brand of propaganda and misguided mentality. Unless we do move to stop it with stronger legislation against this type of hate sadly,”It is what it is.”

The majority of, we Christians, do understand that hate does not have room in our hearts if we do call ourselves Christian and as such we deplore and work towards stopping the hate and bigotry that we do acknowledge exists in America, even if it is only one person at a time. The “skirt will win out over the pants”, or if you prefer “the brooms over the bats”,or since we have room to include both genders we can also say,” the real over the hypocrites”, as we work towards disenfranchising the hateful amongst us. When those who hate learn acceptance of the diversity in America and the value it brings to our Democracy then we will all begin living the Democracy all Americans have a right to live.
Re-elect OBama who has worked tirelessly for Democracy and the American middleclass, even though it has not always been popular with those who would defeat him, in 2012.

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I am tired of hearing the Republican business mentality talk about how Americans and California especially, have people who do not want to work and the more government helps people, it makes them lazier. The conversation against the teachers and their Unions, and the efforts by the Republicans to eliminate it, also should stick in our minds, as it is not just the best of highschool teachers but college professors, as well, who are being eliminated in these efforts.

Are their teachers that should be removed? Of course there are but their numbers do not match the talent in American schools who are being eliminated by the Republican and business propaganda that too many are falling for. As someone who has written extensively, myself, on entitlement in families and taking responsibility for ourself, I do not deny that some of that does exist.

Every family will have either an immediate or extended member, somewhere in its midst, who refuses to grow up unless they are forced into it and kicked out of the nest. To group the entire family in this group or millions of Americans together as being lazy, or to have this cavalier attitude because these people do exist, then we are right in denying all Americans jobs is just more of the selfish attitude that is permeating the Republican Party who believes that all Americans have an even chance to gain wealth and that illness,disability and bigotry does not exist in America.

The dignity of most Americans is directly tied to the jobs they work. We as a Country often define ourselves by the jobs that we hold. The hope that lies in the belly of the American worker to improve on the station of their life to succeed to the American dream is still alive and healthy in America, despite Corporate’s attempts to crush that dream. When the Republicans speak they talk about the 1 out of many who does feel entitlement and throw the baby out in the dishwater.

If the American worker did not want to work, as so many of these out of touch Republicans and paid media reporters claim, then the seasonal construction jobs offered would go unfilled along with the Christmas jobs that are offered part-time in the retail markets. People would not line up for blocks when a rumor is started that such and such are hiring. We would not have more people applying for a job than what jobs are available.

When the People who own or are the Corporations of America own 40% of the wealth of America, and networks as well as cable television along with newsprint push the idea that the problem in America is a bunch of lazy Americans who do not want a job and instead want entitlement programs, then we simply continue what the Republicans want everyone to believe and do a huge disfavor to American workers, as well as, to our own Democracy.

I challenge every Republican to quit fighting the workers and instead move towards pressuring Corporate to just offer the jobs and see how fast people do show up to fill these jobs. I am not talking about the $2.25 jobs that are dependent on tips or the $5.00 an hour jobs that won’t even pay for the gasoline or babysitter, even though most of these jobs are currently being filled. I am talking about offering the American worker a descent job that will bring back respectability to the dignity of the person, who has an opportunity to realize their own value, and just see how quickly people will get off of unemployment and foodstamps and how rapidly our economy will improve.

Of course we know that instead the Republicans and Tea Party will continue to try to defeat the teacher’s Union who would train the American workers for the new and changing work force, as well as, prevent jobs from happening by trying to lay off more middle class workers or including the Keystone pipeline for the wealthy oil Companies into a job package, instead. They are doing it while blaming OBama, for not working for jobs while they, themselves, do nothing but try to tax the middle class further, and defeat the jobs bill being fought for by Obama.

I am so tired of hearing these egotistical selfish human beings who represent business, through both the Republican Party and the media, take themselves seriously when they talk about Americans and entitlement. If Newt did pray for redemption and forgiveness then how much of the 100 million dollars that he made, using his influences, is he willing to give back to the taxpayers?

If Corporate and Private business started offering the jobs and the Bush tax breaks were lifted on the wealthy they could balance the budget tomorrow. The only people more disgusting than the paid media are those who are equally out of touch as the Republican Party, and getting wealthier by the minute, who represent this bigotry and mentality and the greed that feeds it. Yes folks, I am talking about the Florida Family Ass who forced Lowes into denying that they caved under the pressure of the Right Wing Conservatives.

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