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Trump, the GOP candidate for president is the very epitome of what has been defeating America for decades. A haze of sleazy has fallen over our Nation,along with a laizze-faire apathy where no one cares, while we have become a nation that condones hate and rudeness against our fellow man.

This attitude has not only been promoted by the personalities of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Pahlin but also led by the conservative media starting with Fox Network.  It was,however,initiated by the GOP, itself.  In order to smear the government, while placing themselves above it or as our savior to the rescue, they found it necessary to justify the welfare of their own lock in trade, namely banks and corporations, with the goal being to remove all restrictions against them to compensate for a heavy handed government.

By making the government ,led by Barack Obama,the enemy of the people, it became fair game to resurrect all the hate that had been kept quieted, previously. No one group brought it forward,better,nor encouraged white supremistst groups to speak at their Conventions more, than have the tea party members. 2009 was their coming out in numbers year, to open up and justify all the hate only previously voiced in private by the bigots and “the good old boy universe.” When the LGBT community were at long last granted their right to recognition,by Barack Obama, the Churches came out in droves, denying them their rights,and justifying the behavior of the GOP!

What Trump has said,and continues to say, no matter how badly we wish to deny it, is nothing more than has been said for years by the right wing of politics. The people we think of as sleazy Anericans,have not always been found in places we may think they are,but instead many of them are at home in the board rooms of America.  They are now upset as hell for the fact that Trump is exposing them! The cover up of government as the enemy, has worked so well to disguise them, and they wished to keep it that way!

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The answer to that is a resounding, “NO”. If we can’t find the truth in our own families how are we going to find the truth in politics? I write heavily on the side of the Democratic party simply because there are so many lies being spread against them. I doubt that, although I share their philosophy as a whole, that all of the Democrats elected are even aware of what their party stands for. Just ask the people of Nebraska about Ben Nelson’s representation of the Democratic Party and support for George Bush and voting along Republican lines.

I would not be married for 40 years to the man I love, who is Republican, if I did not respect him. Clearly his arguments are as sound as mind are. I become concern when I read all the right wing’s rhetoric that ties itself to the Republican Party and then frustrated that the general well being of our Country is being lost behind their onslaught of lies. Certainly one has grounds to say the same for individual members of the Democratic party.

That is my concern then that it no longer appears to be Democrats vs. Republicans but if we believe the Fox Network or the Christian Broadcast Networks or the internet then the Democrats are nothing more than left wing Liberals out to destroy America. Lets face it our 8 trillion dollar debt was able to grow in silence although reputable networks showed the massive debt ticking away on their networks. Even when the Republicans were in full control and causing the majority spending that led to the mess that we are in today, no one, was speaking up. It was not until George Bush came front and center and announced that the economy was in worse shape than what anyone knew and they were working towards bailing out the automobile industry, that word began spreading.

I try to be a fair person, but my common sense began bouncing off the wall at how quickly it went from the Republicans adding to this massive debt into being OBama’s fault for the whole thing. If all we ever hear is one voice and that is of the right-wing we should be concern. What in God’s name then is it that makes us believe it as though it is gospel?

Let’s face it, to be a politician takes an unique personality, in the first place. To begin with it is the only job in America that the employee has to buy the job. The same way that massive groups of Americans are moved by the charismatic personalities in their own families as well as the Evangelicals and the Fundamentalists ,especially, but all Churches in general attract members as a result of charismatic personalities, so do we the people elect our politicans.

The unfortunate truth is that the most competent people amongst us are not driven my the ego of our politicians. They have to believe that they know better than all the rest of us, how to solve the ills of society, not much different than the leaders of our churches and the family member that in a sense holds all of hostage. The salary is not enough to pay for their expenses once they get to Washington and with an over blown ego to begin with doesn’t it make sense that they could be persuaded with both special interests and cash shortages that it will be just this one time?

In order to live comfortably then as a politician, most need to be wealthy before they get to Washington. Since when did people that are accustomed to having their butts kissed, their meals picked up and people hired to do the monotous work, ever know what living in America entailed? Just to attend functions necessary to be able to network in Washington, itself, will not pay for a poor mans livelyhood. To think that any politician no matter how much that they convince us otherwise, is not part of Washington, is ludicrous!

The minute they do win the election, which required the beginning of the lies, as their campaign slogans should all read the same, “I am here to bullshit my way through until I win your vote,” they are hit with the influence of Washington. Have no doubts about it, in order to be able to run and win the elections, due to handlers and special interests, unless they have paid for their own campaigns, they have already made promises to special interest of some type.

This is not just a phenominal thing that happens in Washington. It exists in State and City elections as well. I am not neither against Religion or Republicans as both play a necessary as well as major place in our lives. No one wants a one party system. That is why only one State in the Union, has a uni-cameral, and that is Nebraska. To be Democrat and to live in the State means the only way a Democrat’s vote is going to win is if the Republicans approve of the candidate. So far the only Democrat president that has won their approval has been L.B. Johnson. That means generations of families that vote Democrat have never won a presidential election. None of us want that.

I myself would never had been able to survive the 30 plus years of pain that I have lived with if I did not believe in God, and without religion, I would have never known of His generosity, to me. Ask anybody that deals with people on a regular basis, in death and they will all tell you the same thing, “On the death bed there are no atheist”. Having held the hands of people that are dieing I have been puzzled as to why they continue to live following the death rattles, and it seems to be Universal, that when a person dies they need to be able to let go Spiritually as well as physically.

I do believe though, just as governments, have no right to interfer in religion that religion has no right to tie itself or it’s followers to government. Just as the choice of Church is ours the candidate also should be ours to choose. Unless those of us that are still left with a monicum of common sense, speak up against the lies of the right wing,who else will? One thing that we can all agree with is no one family member, church or politican is the holder of the truth so why do you all speak as they are?

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The recent re-opening of the Tiger Woods scandal is the perfect example of the insanity that we live in. As much as we would like to blame the media, the truth is that we the public drives what the media reports.

The reason there was no sincerity in the apology made is because Tiger as well as those of us that still have our sanity, were more than satisfied in believing that Tiger was taking care of his private life, in the matter he chose to. It is only the interests of Accenture and other Corporate sponsors testing the waters of perceptions of the American public, before they make the final decision to drop him permanently, that reopened it. By now you all know what I think of that subject so I will give it a rest.

Why aren’t we as a public, much more upset by the inter-net,the Gerry Falwell’s, the Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck types that constantly lie and have those lies fanned by the ill informed and under educated, taking everything they say as gospel? If anything in this Country should be pulling us together, it is that we all agree, that when the lies are told that competent media should point out the errors, but Isn’t it also our responsibility?

If we or the media does not stop these lies now, then who will we blame when the radio stations and television networks, sound no different than the airway propaganda in communistic societies, sound? Some days when you listen to their rant and raves, it does sound as though, we are already there. Who will determine when broadcasting has over stepped it’s, ‘truth in reporting’? Will we then insist that it stop by boycotting it’s sponsors, or since the Christian Broadcasting Network and Fox news carries them, boycotting both networks, and letting them know we are fed up, or will we still think it is the other guys’ problem? Part of it,I am sure, is nothing more than the arrogance of the media and the lack of direction orthe huge amount of apathy that some of us carry in ourselves, that exists today. Some people are just so use to having anyone but themselves, take care of or suffer the hardships of life, that they simply will never care!

I know the press argues that it is freedom of speech. I like many, think they simply are not as courageous at taking these, ‘sue happy’ individuals on, for fear of their loss of personal comfort, as their predecessors did. I also believe to a certain respect these type of lies are suiting the pocket book or wallet of the employer that hires them or perhaps the Sponsors. Individual or private ownership of news reporting, no longer exist in our country, so it is much more difficult to go against the establishment, when told to yank or stop production of the story, that does alert the public to “truth in reporting.”.

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