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The great majority of Americans whether we are Republican, Independent, or Democrat want the  Republican ran Congressional committees to stop their witch hunts on the Obama Administration and to begin the business of governing.  We realize that no President has done more to try to stop the leaks coming out of Washington than what President Obama has. The press has made the fact clear to all of us that President Obama has tightened up the reports to the point that information coming out is next to impossible to gain and unlike any President before him, has ever attempted to do, while still allowing the American public the right to know.

These leaks existed in previous Administrations as well and no matter how outraged the Republicans led by John McCain gets, only the Republican majority and the naive or some would say the hateful or stupid amongst us, believe that the Obama Administration is promoting the leaks to gain political support from the voters.  Instead we see it as the Republican own political maneuvering in an effort to tarnish our President in an election year.

Doesn’t it make far more sense to all of us that the leaks on the Ben Laden attacks are coming from within the Seals themselves?  Lets say for instance that the Navy Seal who is writing a book under a false name let his editor and publisher  read his book that is due out and ready for release on Sept.11 may be responsible for the leaks on the Ben Laden raid.   Since the Navy Seal went around the military, they do not know  how many security breaches this man may have leaked because the Navy Seal, whose responsibility it is to protect the secrets and security of all Navy Seal operations, has not allowed the military to review his book prior to him publishing it.  The witch hunt to blame President Obama is just more of the Republicans attempts to try to make the American public believe that President Obama would stoop to any level to promote his own standing, and is unfit to lead.

A similar attempt by the Republican Conservatives to do so, did not help the cause of the Conservative movement with the use of the Starr committee during the Clinton years and will not work for the Conservatives now.  Quite frankly the views held towards the Conservative and Tea Party bickering amongst the few moderates that are left in the Party, in Congress, can not sink any lower and to do yet another witch hunt does nothing but hurt their own cause.

We, who do pay attention to such matters, are well aware of the attacks being done in the Middle East against the Taliban, the extinction of Osama Ben Laden, and the precautions being taken to make certain that weapons and chemical warfare does not end up in their hands by our President,Panetta, and Hilary Clinton.  It does not take leaking classified materials to the American public and thereby jeopardizing our own military soldiers to tell us the kind of ‘bang up job’ that has been done by all three as well as their staffs.

To suggest that our President would authorize the leaks to improve his political standing is as crazy as it sounds to those of us who operate on the level of common sense and hold even a small iota of intelligence.  It only assures us that the level that the Republican Party has sunk, in our eyes, is as low as it can get.  The only thing lower than the attacks being made on President Obama by the Congress are the attacks coming out of the mouth of Michelle Bachman while she spreads the rumors of infiltration in the Obama Administration.  When we add to that the accusations that the Democratic Budget committee are all Communists, one has to question if paranoia has driven them all mad.

To hold just another Congressional witch hunt or a Senate investigation instead of getting back to governing while the American middle class dwindles in size due to the lack of regard for those who remain under-employed because of  Mitch McConnell’s and Eric Cantor’s personal hate against our President, that began on the day he was sworn in, while he  has worked tirelessly to try to pass a jobs package for us, is only hurting the Tea Party and  the Conservative cause.

We would like to see the leaks stopped but for the fox to guard its own henhouse which is being done by the Republicans today is at the crux of the problem. Their own operative agent was exposed and endangered by the leaks in their own Party, if we will recall the incidence ,during the Bush Administration.

We have sat for 4 years with the Republicans doing nothing but filibustering every effort being attempted to promote the cause of the middle class and working poor while the bickering goes on in their own Party amongst them and the Democratic opposition. Nothing gets done except just more accusations and attempts to stop President Obama from leading us out of the morass that was caused under the Republican leadership or the lack of the same. Because of their lack of action or success they have been nicknamed the “Do Nothing” Congress and their favorability by the American Public has fallen lower than any Congress in the history of the United States.

The Republican majority in the House have stopped  the appointment of Federal judges being appointed to our Federal Courts, tried to deny us consumer protection by refusing to vote on the Obama appointee, delayed the “Violence Against Women Bill”,refused to move on any bill that did not lead to stopping or removing regulations on those who caused the decline in our economy, they begrudgingly passed one job package only because it was an election year and they needed to return home to face their own voters,  they have worked with the States to pass voter restrictions on those of us who would vote against them,they spent months prolonging the debate over passing tax relief for the middle class and fighting amongst themselves over petty arguments before they agreed to passing it, and instead of governing they have begun and started one witch hunt after the other to prove our President unfit to lead, Muslim and a non-citizen.

The equal rights of women along with the middle class under the guidance of Republicans John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Cantor are being held hostage in both the Congress and Senate by the Republican Tea Party and Conservative members. This is not being reported by the media but it is taking place right under our noses and we are fed up!  To blame the Democrat majority for a lack of compromise when the Republicans refuse to grant equal rights to women or tax breaks for the middle class unless Billionaires and Exon Oil get a bigger break is the tragedy taking place amongst the Republican majority and we can no longer tolerate the behavior of these obstructionists who do not govern for us but against us while arguing amongst themselves.

When our elected officials in the Republican Party demand that women of incest and rape be victimized again by refusing them the help they need  and that government has a right to disallow women the right to their own health issues and conception, while denying that they are responsible for an open assault against women, it is time that “We the People” replace them both in Washington and in our States. When the Republicans attempt to fire teachers in an effort to eliminate the Public school system it is time to replace them.  When the Republican majority  fights to increase the power of the lobbyist and Capitalism  at an expense to the middle class and working poor while eliminating government Agencys that protect us, it is time for “We the People” to fire them both in our States and Washington.

When the Republican majority fight to eliminate minimum wages while lowering  the wages of the middle class even further with “the right to work laws”, then it is time to tell them “their time is up.” When the Paul Ryan plan to increase the wealth of the already wealthy by cutting their taxes further, while eliminating the benefits that seniors have paid for and increasing taxes on the working poor and middle class families, and every Republican that is elected to Washington must agree to this or lose the financial backing of the GOP and support of the Tea Party, then it is time to tell them that we have had enough of their politics and fire or replace them all both in our States and Washington.

Electing new faces in the Republican Party with campaign money being provided by Conservatives speak and backed groups and the Tea Party will not change this disparity  between the wealthy and the middle class, as all new candidates running for an office in our States as Governor and in Washington on the Republican ticket must agree to the Ryan plan if their campaigns will be supported or financed by either or both. These groups have entered every State in the Nation and given money to every candidate running on the Republican ticket in all 50 States.  In exchange for their financial support they must support the Paul Ryan plan that is running the Romney economic team. If we the voters do not tell them that we are aware of their high-handed tactics and lies, then we can be assured of the fact that the middle class and the working poor will continue to lose along with the Seniors in America.

This insanity must stop before the Republican Party dies in shambles from the right-wing extremists who have taken over their Party.  Even though I am a Democrat, I like many in the Republican Party do not want to see the “Proud old Party,” hang itself at the expense of the middle class and working poor, any longer.  It is past time that “We the People” take back the power granted to us through our Constitution and fire them all and not replace them with more Conservative and Tea Party elected who will continue their assault on women and the middle class both in Washington and in our States. We need to vote out those who will destroy the Party of Lincoln and demand that our Congress gets back to governing in November through our votes.

If they cannot or will not stop the insanity in their own Party then “WE the People”  need to send them the message that we are fed up with them through our votes in November, by eliminating those who refuse to protect the interests of “We the People.”  We all deserve a Congress and Senate in Washington and Governors in our States who will govern and work for us, who send them to Washington and the Governor mansions in our States, and pay their wages.   Vote in November.

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I would like to begin my Post today by extending my sincere sympathy to all of the Americans who are suffering  in Aurora, Colorado,and elsewhere, due to a gun purchaser gone bad.

Sadly, before we deal with this problem we will first have to see more families suffer personal loss.  When we as a Nation refuse to recognize the symptoms  and deal with mental illness as the disease it is but instead sweep it under the rug in embarrassment and denial, while allowing the NRA the control they have in our government, we will and do predict another tragedy waiting in another neighborhood in America.

Common sense tells all of us this, but instead we just rush out and buy more guns that only add to another tragedy.  We have allowed the powerful lobbyists in America to tell us that the unstable with guns is a safer way to protect ourselves against more guns. Many of us will pay a harsher price for more guns being made available to the unstable Americans that we refuse to acknowledge in our own families and neighborhoods and still we will buy more guns, instead of seeking the help they need because of the stigmatization that is placed on mental illness in America.

An accidental and real killing in our own homes with guns that either are mishandled or used to play Russian roulette by children, unfortunately, denotes more stable behavior currently than acknowledging a family member suffers from a disease that is genetically transmitted through no fault of their own, and needs professional help.

When profit due to a large order of ammunition is more important than reporting that order to a law enforcement Agency then we as a society fail on our obligations to keep all of our children safe.  To compare a one time incidence that occurred with Timothy McVeigh’s use of fertilizer in Oklahoma to the hundreds of thousands rounds of ammunition ordered by civilians as an excuse not to regulate ammunition, is just a cowards cop-out  and the fear of our politicians to acknowledge the same or to stand up to the threats made by the NRA.

Since it affects every family in America, on some level, we only add to the disgrace of our failure to acknowledge that  family members who suffer from mental illness or drug abuse are not getting the medical care that they need but instead we are buying more guns to turn the mentally unstable loose to use them against us again and again.  God help us all when those who arm themselves start shooting back at each other in a mall or public place under the current “stand your ground laws.”  We can be certain when this happens that the size of the massacre will double and only end in an even larger lost of innocents and life  when the untrained amongst us start shooting back, but still we buy more guns that can easily end up in the wrong hands in our own homes and neighborhoods.

While America is burning and States from Nebraska west to Oregon are seeing fires claim more pasture land and crops than at any other time in their history as a State, I would also like to extend my condolences to the people in these States that also include Colorado, Wyoming,Nevada, Utah and Idaho.  To all the families who have lost their homes and whose livelihoods are threatened by these fires, my prayers and thoughts are with all of you. My husband and I traveled through these States and smelled the smoke and saw the destruction and we did not need to speak to the people affected most by these fires as their concern showed on their faces.  It was as prevalent in the faces of the people who they do business with as it was in those who make their living through ranching and farming and yet we have heard little to nothing about it through the media. I know that this winter will be particularly difficult for you when it comes to the herds that you feed and manage.

When we add the drought that spreads from Indiana to Ohio and South and West to Oregon, we add hardship not only to the families that earn their living providing for “We the People” but we will see increased prices at the stores and lack of food for the charities that feed the poor as well.  The fact that the agricultural programs were drastically cut by Washington during the Bush years, will only add to all of our hardships.

Now I would like to correct just another erroneous statement being spread by Mitt Romney on the campaign trail. President Barack Obama and those of us who constitute the middle class and working poor do not begrudge you, Mitt Romney, the financial success that you have gained.  We also aspire to dreams of financial success through hard work and dedication.  It is not about the’ have nots’ versus the Billionaires,so much as it is about the arrogance that you, Mitt Romney, hold dear.

When a person reaches financial success  and refuses to acknowledge that they did not gain that success alone but rather through the sweat and tears of others then we react to your arrogance when you say you do not care for the poor because they already have enough. Every truly successful person in America, as well as elsewhere, is humble enough to say,”I did not earn my success alone as it took an entire crew of people to help me get to where I have gotten.”  We have not even heard a whisper from you, Mitt Romney, in regards to any manner of this fact.  Instead we only hear you say,” President Obama discourages people from becoming successful” when we know that he works tirelessly for reform in education, preventing outsourcing,bringing in and establishing manufacturing jobs, and the acceptance and promotion of the rights and freedoms of all of us.

We begrudge you your acknowledged success when you refuse to acknowledge that you gained more wealth by using tax dodges for yourself as well as offered your wealth for other people to gain their wealth through not paying their fair share of taxes with your over-seas accounts, as well.  We begrudge you your wealth by your refusing to be honest about the way your financial success was gained.  We begrudge the fact that when you speak about your financial success you only speak about the Olympics or starting up Staples instead of acknowledging that a great deal of your financial success was gained by the skillful management of your funds by others.

Your arrogance, Mitt Romney, and constant statement of fact that “You gained it all yourself and do not have to apologize for it” rings hollow to us when you refuse to disclose to us just how you did it by showing us your tax returns for 10 years, like every other candidate running for the office of President with the exception of John McCain.

We wish that  you would have told us that you, Mitt Romney, suffered great regret when you did find it necessary to fire people, so  we can be assured that you do have  our future success in mind, if you win, and will fight for our right to feed and educate our families in the most prosperous Country in the World.  Sadly, instead we hear you say,as you did in Wisconsin, “Didn’t Barack Obama get the message that Wisconsin sent him and that is that we need to fire more people such as teachers,policemen and firemen, instead of hiring more?”

We know of the huge numbers of the middle class who had their own dreams of financial success ruined permanently and were fired by you when you outsourced their jobs or drained the remaining profits and retirement funds from the Companies where they worked, and then sent their job over-seas to enrich the pockets of the already wealthy. Unfortunately, instead of saying that the middle class suffered, at the expense of your actions,  you are claiming that President Obama said you did not build your business alone when you do know that is true and are taking the President’s statements out of context.

We all know that No man ,woman, or child has ever built their idea or business into a success in a vacuum.  We had the help of a teacher,or an employer who understood our strengths and paid us a fair wage in the process, or a banker who believed in us,or a family member funding us, or the loyalty and dedication of our employees or a family member who helped encourage us,etc..  To turn around what President Obama said only makes you more offensive to those who struggle amongst us and did not have the help that you or we had due to the greed of those who they had to deal with in order to realize THEIR dream.

We,along with those who struggle like you and your financial success even less when you say,”Don’t you just love firing people?  I just love firing people.” It is not only those who have lost hope that are looking towards you for credibility but also those of us who also know and understand that we realized the American dream because we also had the help that you have had, who recognize that you are only giving lip service to the middle class who you would have vote for you.  Many of us who realized the American Dream will remain always grateful to those who helped us make it and acknowledge that it wasn’t us alone who realized it, unlike yourself.

If you would listen to the American people you too would realize that it is not “class warfare” nor envy Mitt Romney, instead it is as the British headlines state, it is that, “Mitt is a Twit”, and  you only prove that you refuse to understand us the middle class and working poor each time you open your mouth.

None of us believe even for a micro-second that if regulations are lifted on Banks and the Wealthy that it will trickle down to us in form of jobs or income, unless like you they do not have a clue that it is the middle class with discretionary spending who are the ones that both hire us as well as turn around a bad economy.  We know that it is the Obama Administration that fights for the small business owner and who tries to pass through Congress the chance for the Middle Class to regain its footing.  The Tea Party members along with the Conservative Republicans are the ones who deny him and us the opportunity to improve our own circumstances and we have run out of patience with the lies that you continue to promote.   It is your problem to deal with, Mitt Romney, and instead of attacking the one person in Washington who is fighting for us you need to first understand us.

We personally do not think the wealthiest of Americans paying miniscule taxes is a problem that needs to be decreased even further.  You are clearly running to help those who need the least amount of help in America and we who deal in reality have picked up on what it is that you truly do care about.  Sadly, it is not us the working poor or the middle class, unless you plan on firing even more of us, which you openly admitted to in Wisconsin.

Too many of us know you never will understand that your success was gained on our backs.  This is what hurts you far more than any campaign ads ran against you ever can.  Own it Mitt Romney before it buries you in your lies.  It isn’t as the main-stream media likes to refer to as,” just a difference in philosophies.” but instead all about the statements you made while running for Governor in Massachusetts, the Republican primaries, and now while you run for the bid for the office of President. I like many who have followed your career, Mitt Romney, know  “Oh what a web you weave when first you practice to deceive.”

Unlike the other statement running rapid in America, “that the Democrats are not enthusiastic about the election this year”, those who spread that misconception, be they media or complainers, I can only say for many of us, “You are dead wrong.” We have changed perhaps our enthusiasm to more of a determination to defeat the conservatives and Tea Party members who will deny us our freedoms, along with any member of Congress who does not understand the needs of “We the People.”  Anyone who sees that as a lack of enthusiasm will certainly fail to also see the commitments we Democrats are making to this election year.

The Youth vote,Women, the gay and transgender populations,the white-collar members who have realized who makes us successful,blue-collar workers in States where it will matter,  minorities, and finally the Senior vote who understands that the Paul Ryan team, who are formulating the Mitt Romney economic plan, will deny Seniors their paid for benefits are all ready to show up and vote for the Re-election of the Man who understands truly why Americans mourn and that OUR Country burning is also  his as well as all of our problem.  We know President Obama gets that while you, Mitt Romney, worries instead about cutting the taxes of Billionaires another 4.6 trillion and adding it to our deficit while embracing the very thing that led to our economy failing and that is the policy’s of the Bush  leadership.

We have a choice in November so I urge all of us to make a point to show up and vote for the candidate who you feel is the candidate of your choice.  It’s not a tough call to make,folks, but a very important election year to have your vote count.  Your freedom and financial success depends on it. Re-elect Barack Obama.

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