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I’ve said it before and I will repeat it again today: something is terribly wrong with the polls that are being reported.  I am not a math genius but I do know enough to know that all polls can only score 100% of their polling area and it is rare when they do get a 100% response.

I am watching CNN and the question is:”Who would do better for our economy,” and the score results are:

Barack Obama–46%

Mitt Romney– 55%

Perhaps CNN did not catch it but it is impossible to do a poll that will end up with 101% which is, of course, what we get when we add 46 to 55.  What makes it even more ridiculous is that we know in every poll that there are always the “undecideds” and those numbers simply are not being shown on any polls on any networks or cable networks, that I have watched, and I do try to watch them all on the days the polls come out.  The same poll results I see on CNN are the same I see elsewhere.  I know we have many  Private colleges doing the polling and that we are really behind other civilized Nations when it comes to math but the polls this year, in my estimation are ridiculous.

At no time in history will more money be spent for the vote in the 7 to 10% undecided range and they are not even being factored into the poll results until we do get to” who do you favor,”  poll and then they do allow for that percentage on those polls.  I don’t know why the others are flawed other than I know college students do like to sleep in so maybe the poll taking is not always being done accurately. We also know that people are less likely to answer their phones when they are unable to make a payment or during an election year so is a little fudging of the results happening?  Another possibility is that many of the college students favor tea party favorite Ron Paul, so does  that  make a difference do we think?  I make no accusations other than the fact that I have followed politics for many years and never have I seen what appears to be such flawed polling. In days past that would have caught the eye of an investigative reporter and we would have all known why these polls are appearing so flawed this election year.

Now on the subject of pessimism, why do the polls show people are pessimistic about the future of our economy is my next question: Let’s see could it possibly be because we have these paid people all over social networking  and the media telling people Barack Obama is a Muslim and has never been vetted and should be tried for treason; Maybe instead it is the lie that The Obama Administration is too incompetent to recover a strong and lasting recovery, despite the facts that dispute that; Maybe it is because our common sense kicks in and makes us realize that Barack Obama is trying to recover a decline in education while Mitt Romney blames him for the fact that 1/2 of the Seniors in highschool  will not graduate in the cities and we say,” hmm hasn’t Obama only been in office for 3 years, so how can he be blamed for the lack of seniors graduating? (we might hold him responsible for 3 year olds but seniors were on Bush’s watch)

Don’t we have our intelligence insulted when we are told an Equity Capitalist knows anything about what job lost feels like for the middle class or that they create jobs over profits to their investors? Maybe it is because we take one look at Mitt Romney  when he says,”We envy him for his wealth,” and we get nauseated to think that anyone would think we have fallen that badly? Could anyone be envious of  Mitt Romney? I hardly doubt anyone who is not family could think Mitt Romney, “Is all that!”

How about the good old standby that circulates every decade and that is that we have 173 days now before the world comes to an end;  If we do not vote for the Ryan Plan there will not be any money to pay social security for future generations,perhaps (America is still one of the richest Countries in the World even with our deficit, and the people will never let them not care for our elderly.  They may try it but the people have to vote on it first so do not fall for these lies) Are we sick of hearing things from the lunatic fringe that President Obama is a Socialist or communist; Well you get the idea,at a time when the truth is totally missing and these same people who spread these lies are the same trying to deny women birth control or rights to their own bodies and health or gays and minorities the civil rights they still have yet to receive, we have a bunch of loud mouth Republicans running around yelling “Stand your Ground” and it’s enough to depress even the most patient people.

We know the Tea Party and Patriot groups are hitting especially hard with the lies against President Obama when it comes to his treatment of the military veterans.  No Presidents have done more for the Vets since Roosevelt, but this is a sector of voters that the Republican Party has been able to win since the start of the cold war.  Since the majority of Iraq veterans support President Obama as does the American people in the way that President Obama is dealing with both wars, the Republicans will really have egg on their face if they lose this group of voters in their own Red States, not to mention they need their vote. So many lies and so little truth coming out of the mouths of those who won the election in 2010 on these same lies.  Is it any wonder we are pessimistic about the future?

What we are not hearing is that people are turning 66 and 65 respectively and because of this they are now drawing Social Security instead of unemployment (we can draw at 65 and wait until we are 66 if we are lucky enough to still have a job.  The Soldiers came home from war in 1946 so the major baby booms are really hitting this year) but the same people are claiming people just got tired of looking.  Have we heard that we have reached the bottom on the housing market and prices are  climbing again in the most depressed markets?  Some of us have not heard that we have had 26 steady months of growth.  Others have not heard the economists say that there is not that much wrong with the Obama Administration  recovery program if we could just get the Republicans out of their way.

We haven’t heard the economists who say that we could turn it around and put people back to work again in 18 months if we could just remove the Republicans. Some of us haven’t heard that companies are coming back because of the high cost of the import market.  Others haven’t heard that manufacturing jobs have increased 38% in just the last two months alone.  We did not hear because of Barack Obama’s Administration he was able to prevent us from falling into a Depression greater than the Great Depression.

Does it surprise you that in spite of the spending sign ticking away behind him that Mitt Romney, as all of the Republicans in Congress knows, President Obama’s spending has flat lined and he has spent less than any President since Dwight D Eisenhower following the Korean War?  Would you be surprised to hear that statistically Republican Presidents  spend far more in Corporate welfare and tax incentives throughout history than what Democrat presidents spend? Despite all the pork the Republican Congress has loaded on, they along with Mitt Romney are deliberately lying to us, the American public, when they speak about President Obama’s out of control spending and the media does not call them on these lies.Do you know that for the first time since 2008 people are able to quit their job and find another one to replace it? There  are even signs that the European Market looks more hopeful.

When Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans tell us that this is the slowest recovery from any recession since the Great Depression they fail to tell us it is also the worse recession that any President has inherited and would have been worse than the Great Depression if President Obama had not been sworn in when he was.  In January of 2009 when President Obama was sworn in unemployment had reached 9.9%. It was under 4% when George W. Bush took office. It was the only time in history that unemployment fell to 4% as  statistically it runs around 5.5% even during a robust economy, yet Mitt Romney has suggested that if President Obama does not get it down to 4% then he is a failure, even though Mitt himself is only holding himself to 6% unemployment.

If Europe and Greece doesn’t fall apart as it has plagued our recovery along with the tsunami in Japan, President Obama will have dropped it by 2% by Jan. of 2013, or in three years,despite these difficulties, and a Congress who has refused to pass his job’s bills.  This is the same percentage point drop that Mitt Romney is promising he will drop it in 4 years, while he is claiming  the slow recovery under Barack Obama  is too slow and again claiming President Obama does not understand how an economy works but he does. President Obama has had to deal with nothing else since taking office and has gained back 4.2 million jobs lost. The Bush budget followed through until Jan. of 2010 and the Democrats by law were unable to change it; that is why the stimulus bill was a Godsend to the economy and acknowledged as the same by economists.

What Romney is not telling us when he says he will cut unemployment to 6% in four years is:That is the number unemployment is projected to be in another four years by  the Congressional  Office of Economic Affairs, whose business it is to project those figures, even under the Obama Administration. Mitt’s claim to reduce unemployment to 6%  while campaigning, is the same figure projected to happen  if Mitt Romney does not win and President Obama remains in office.  It is just another attempt to lay claim to the accomplishment done under a Democratic President.  If you have been following my posts then you know the Republicans are famous for taking credit even when they haven’t been in office, throughout history. It totally defeats Mitt’s claims that he can do better than what President Obama has done.

There are much more positive results because of the Obama Administration but the Democratic Party are not as vocal nor do they have the media support that the Republicans have,despite the Conservative’s complaint of the liberal media.  Republicans also have a history of being more  natural at lying even before the Tea Party adds to their lies,especially when it is a Mitt Romney campaign ran by Carl Rove. Wouldn’t we all rather see a fairly mild contest as we experienced between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama again over the nasty display shown during the Republican primaries?

Mitt cannot talk about being Governor of Massachusetts because he ran as a liberal with all kinds of promises and then went after jobs the same way he did at Bain Capital, to the point only 3 States did worse than he did and these were the States that did not have nearly the job opportunity as Massachusetts had, such as Mississippi and New Mexico.  His healthcare was the brainchild of a man by the name of Gruber and identical to what they call Obama care. The fact that the Romney campaign has  a mail box number in Park City, Utah, where  millions of dollars are being sent to his campaign and no names are attached to the donations that pays for these lies, only helps add to our over-all pessimism.

My guess is the Democrats will catch up to the head start that Mitt has had since last Fall and show him for the person that he is, since as of today none of us really know who Mitt Romney is. The only thing we know for certain is this man is proving to be the person who  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum called him and that is a liar every time he opens his mouth and a Etch-a-Sketch man who changes views depending which group he is talking to at the moment.  I am sure that once he debates President Obama in regards to all the lies he has told we will all realize this is not a man we would want in our homes much less in the White House.

If that sounds a little harsh on my part it is because I can accept almost anything about a person unless they mistreat people or pets, lie to win,or are a bully.  When one person has proven to others they have a history of all three character flaws, then it would be less than honest of me to say anything differently. When we elect people of such character,  we get back the same kind of performance. The more willing we are to over-look such a lack of character in the person who would lead the free world the more our needs get over-looked as well. When Mitt has to prove his own mettle and confront the lies he is telling on stage at a debate, then we will all take comfort in knowing that the most honest as well as likeable man for the office of President and the only one willing to stand up for us is also the most competent and that is of course, Barack Obama.

It should give us all hope to know that it is an election year and we do have a choice and can do something about what is happening to the middle class as well as to the Republican Party. We can replace all of those who would lie to us and  feed us a pessimistic future if we are smart enough to not vote Republican.  When they hide from us what their real plans are then “We the People need to stop them at the polls, before they can follow through with their plans of taking workers back to the 1920’s before there were Unions; before they take civil rights back to the 1950’s when minorities and women could not decide for themselves; and before they take our economy back to the failures of 2008 respectively.

Doesn’t that make you think more positively already? I just want to turn up the music and dance knowing over the next couple of elections we can eliminate these self-ordained judges who think they have a right to rule over the rest of us, so the Republican Party can rid itself of the  do-nothings who feed on what was once “The Proud Old Party”. The Democrats and Unions had to go through a similar cleansing in the 70’s and if the Democrats who are running for re-election do not start speaking up on equality for those of us who elect them, since a few of them seem to be a little too chummy with Wall Street as well, a few of those may find their gig is up as well.

It won’t stop the lies on the social networks or the Conservative media as they will just rev up with a whole new set of lies for the 2014 campaigns but we can delete those anytime we want to. Barack Obama will get us out of this if we just keep the Faith and replace the Republicans in November, both in our States and Congress. “We the People” still have that power. If we don’t take that choice then we can’t really complain can we?

Smile and let the good mood and nice weather take over today.Don’t let the lies get you down as it is way too soon to not to think the worse in the lies, is yet to come. It can always be worse, we could live in a swing State. Those of you who do, have my sympathy.  If it gets too bad we have extra rooms:)Enjoy your day and unplug the answer machine.

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After listening all these years to the Reverend Wright stories, how Barack OBama is not a citizen or a Christian and knowing those stories are so brainwashed into the Conservative groups that God Himself could not convince them that it is all lies, we are now comparing Reverend Wright to Bain Capital?  Do  these  people think we have totally lost our sanity altogether or do they think we are just stupid?

Democrat mayor Corey Booker of Newark New Jersey only added to the controversy that both should be off-limits and dug himself an even bigger hole with a half-hearted response.  I don’t doubt he is angry that he is being lied about and used by the Republican campaign but his need to support his wealthy constituents showed in his apology and explanation.  The Republicans are claiming that he has been silenced by the Democratic Party and have formed what they call a  “We Stand With Cory” group and are asking people for signatures.  It is a regret that he will not soon lose and obviously didn’t think it through before he spoke as the comparison of the two is insane.  It will tarnish his own halo for a while. He denies it all and says he has not been silenced.

First of all if they were arguing that Reverend Wright and all those other lies they are telling against President OBama along with Mitt Romney’s Mormonism were off grounds and not fair game, I think we could all welcome that.  The Republicans will not let go of the lies they still spread against President Obama , of course, as they are even trying to keep his name off of the ballots in places in Georgia and the same is being threatened in Arizona, if he doesn’t once more show his birth certificate as he has already done,because they are so convinced that he is not a citizen and was never vetted. They are especially ignorant and lying in their attacks Of President OBama, but the Democrats are not supposed to be able to present the truth on Mitt Romney when they have proof of the same. Even their own Donald Trump has recently repeated these lies. Lets not forget either that the very man who Tea Party Darlings, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, are promoting to run for Vice President is calling the Democrats who are working out a budget to help decrease the deficit of being communists;  all 81 of them.  Now Democrats can’t say in Mitt’s Religion he believes he can become one of their many gods in Heaven and earn his godhood on earth when it is the true doctrine in his Faith, and it is wrong to say so?

Taking Bain Capital off the table when it  is totally different from those lies told by the Tea Party and Conservatives on President Obama, as Mitt Romney IS Bain Capital, is just another one of the attempts by the media and the Republican Party to try to blind side the American voters.  Mitt Romney likes to brag about the jobs he created  instead of  acknowledging the heartache and destruction he created in the American people’s lives.  For those who just want to say that Vulture Capitalism is the way that business works, that’s fine, but it does take someone who is fairly heartless to do that kind of work, in most of our minds. It  is also what makes Capitalism cheap and destructive.

Yes part of business is that the best workers in America get fired but we do not have to pretend this is justice.  Its one thing for a company to not be able to pay its people anymore and to  tell us ,we will have to be laid off.  We all understand that not all business makes it and that our jobs are not always going to be permanent.  We can handle the reality that no one’s job is guaranteed nor are any of us replaceable but when they come in and lie to us by telling us that we will be kept on and then turn around and fire us while taking our pension funds when they are done with us,they step all over our dignity to boot.

How many of us have been told that our company is going to be sold but everyone will be kept on until the last of the inventory is out the door and their people are in place and then we receive our pink slips, after they have assured us our jobs are safe?  It is the way they operate that is immoral to the majority of us because they have no respect at all for the truth or the fact that we feel like fools because we believed their lies and the lost of dignity that goes along with it.

It is altogether different when it comes to a simple failure of business not making it than it is when we have vulture capitalist deliberately studying any recent downturn in business, that might be recoverable if given time, deliberately pouncing on that weakness and bankrupting the Company we work for, on purpose, so they can take out the remaining profits and Equity in a company for their own investors. When they take  our pensions funds as well, and do not have the decency to offer any compensation in the process, it takes  people of a heartless nature to function in these jobs.When this goes ignored as being fact as to what was part of Mitt Romney’s  career in a campaign then it is ridiculous for the media or the Republicans to say that Rev. Wright and Bain Capital is off grounds.  One has nothing to do with the other.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges; one is about Religion and the Republican lies that accompanies it and the other is about what Mitt Romney did the majority of his working life.  The American people have a right to know if the person running as President will stand up for us because they can relate to us. Mitt as owner got to choose when he would retire and send his accounts over Seas to avoid paying taxes and is now bragging about how he created jobs when he ended far more than he created.  If they do not want to talk about Bain Capital while  lying about what Barack Obama is not guilty of doing as President, then what will Mitt himself talk about since Mitt is Bain Capital.

It works like this Americans, no conversation of Reverend Wright  then no conversation on Mormonism.  No conversation on the truth of Mitt Romney at Bain capital being Mitt’s History then No conversation on the lies of Barack Obama being President.  First we let the religions go but do they think we are insane enough  that we can’t talk about the jobs the candidates for President have had?  Get real Bain Capital is what it is, like all Equity Companies first and foremost it leverages and bankrupts Companies to grow the wealth for its investors and it is not in the market to create jobs.

When exactly did Wall Street and people who snuff out the jobs of others, and take our pension funds in the process, become the Holy Grail?  The middle class has been denied by the need for business to gain profits for so long that we are becoming the working poor. Don’t we have to ask if this is the white male Republican’s approach to “family values,” that they like to use to deny us our own equality? Have the Tea Party and Conservative Republicans replaced common decency in our own lives so that we share their worship of Wall Street and the profits that puts us out of a job? Are we now suppose to acknowledge their lies as the truth and applaud them when our children go hungry because profits are our new God? doesn’t the Ryan Plan backed by Mitt Romney and the Republican Party complement this same kind of mentality?

Do the Republicans really think that the need for these greedy bastards to make a profit is more important than the survival of the middle class to the point that they can waste us in favor of investments and we have no right to speak out about it?

We know the Wall Street lobbyists own the Congress but have they made us their slaves as well? If profits are more important than people then we  need to change their priority by stopping the right to work laws that make it possible for them to  get rid of the Unions who use to protect us against their  greed. When we are afraid to take our vacations for fear we will lose our jobs, we can no longer afford to elect the Republicans who eliminate our rights. We need to  let the Unions back in to protect those rights. The only way we can do that is by getting rid of a Republican majority in our States since they are the ones passing the right to work laws right under our noses.  Mitt Romney has been busy campaigning and telling the workers he can bring back more jobs since he supports the right to work  law. Haven’t we already found out that these kind of jobs will not educate our kids or give us dicretionary spending so that the Middle class can once more re-build our economy on discretionary spending that is being robbed from us by these laws?

The Tea Party drive to eliminate the Unions through the Republican Party is leaving us defenseless to the point our wages are becoming less and our hours longer. Where are the Democrats who use to fight for our cause?  It would appear to me that they are leaving President Obama and Joe Biden to fight this battle for us, alone. Do we only have two good men left in politics? The Democrats need to be speaking loud enough so that they convince us that they are still the Party of equality for everyone.

We can no longer pretend that the Republican Party wants us to kiss the holy feet of the people who want to become the ruling class in a free Democracy by bending down to the great almighty wealth in America?  We may agree that campaigns are not about comparing Religions but when they start it and will not drop it on Barack Obama’s Faith then they cannot move on to comparing the religion aspects that were lies in the first place in Barack Obama’s life to the job of Mitt Romney, and then say now four years later both are off the table, and think the middle class is too stupid to see through what they are doing.  DUH! Do we think just maybe they only want to berate Barack Obama while bragging about Mitt Romney and they think we are too stupid to recognize that, do we think?

If they are going to lie about President Obama’s job performance then we are as entitled to talk about the facts in Mitt Romneys career.  Just because Mitt wants to talk about the companies like Staples and Burger King that they either took over or started as being Mitt’s background doesn’t mean he can deny that he also swept through companies and destroyed the future of employees while taking their pension funds as well. If we as citizens just dismiss this and instead say that is just how business works then we give up our own moral objectivity to the vulture Capitalist of America that stagnates business  because of the fear they create in business.

We the People cannot be told that we must bend down and kiss the feet of Wall Street and deny that the banks are gambling if the Equity Companies pay off their loans or not and then be told this is not fair game to speak about when Mitt Romney ‘s very job was a part of this scene. To deny that this helped lead to the catastrophe that led to the lay off of 780,00 people per month in 2008 and it is what Mitt wants to return to is to lie to the middle class and working poor one more time.  Just because they want us to see the pretty side of Equity firms while denying the ugly under-belly does not mean the middle class workers and the working poor are buying into their lies any longer.

We have taken responsibility for those who would roll the dice at our expense long enough and we will no longer deny that Mitt is one of them instead of one of us, simply because the Republicans and media are telling us that Mitt’s job performance is off grounds while he brags about having more experience than Barack Obama and denies the recovery taking place under the Obama Administration. Vote for reality in November.

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If we listen to Mitt Romney speak we become acutely aware of the fact that he is promoting the same  lie that has been promoted since the 70’s and that is that “trickle down economics” works.  To quote him exactly,”When Companies do well we all do well.”  The truth is when we have jobs the companies do well and we all do well.

It is a fact and has been since the beginning of an economy that wasnt totally dependent on agriculture in America, that consumers with discretionary spending is what makes economies better.  When that income is robbed from the middle class,with” the right to work laws,” then the very people who have been the biggest consumers since World War II, are also unable to buy the products produced by American companies.  When we don’t spend then companies fail.  Business without consumer’s  money do not ever create jobs.

Economist know as all of us should know that during times of a bad or slow economy that it is made worse when the spending stops.  When we increase spending on intra-structures and highway building, with construction of new homes, or even with government helping out with foreclosures on our homes and with food stamps we give people the ability to eat or to spend again. Obama has tried to consistently pass the bills that would give jobs to the middle class while the Republican have refused to vote on them by filibustering.

Economies recover and grow if Congress pays on the deficit during a good economy and spends during a poor economy.  It has worked to keep the deficits down since Democrats Roosevelt and Truman did so following the Great Depression and Democrat Clinton did in the 1990’s. The Congress have simply  refused to pay on the deficit since George W. Bush took over the White House or to pay for two wars, when the economy was doing well, even when Bill Clinton handed the Republican majority a balanced budget and a surplus.

The Republicans make a lot of noise over balanced budgets when there is a Democrat President in office but have a history of doing nothing and not even so much as a whisper about it, when there is a Republican President in office and they are the majority. Even the media is silent on the lack of one in most cases. The last time that the Republicans balanced a budget under their own leadership was in the 1950’s under Dwight D. Eisenhower although they like to credit themselves with the Democrat President’s success to do so.  A great deal of the hate against Bill Clinton and the Conservative’s attempt to dig up dirt on him was due to the fact that he balanced the budgets during both of his terms in the White House and was only the second President in history to do so.

Before any of us believe what Mitt Romney says and that is he and Bill Clinton think alike, make sure you hear what Bill Clinton says about that, before you believe a thing that Mitt Romney says.  The Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton for heaven’s sake!  Bill Clinton is not campaigning for Barack Obama because he thinks that Mitt Romney can make a better recovery of the economy than what President Obama’s administration is doing and that we  can all be certain of.

Bill Clinton is also a big supporter of Obama’s healthcare program so is Romney lying on that as well when he says they think alike? Why is Romney telling the Billionaires that he will cut their taxes by 4.6 trillion and add it to the deficit if he plans on taking their taxes from 0 to 12% to 39% like Bill Clinton did, if the two of them think alike? They have absolutely no kind of history in common in their records of running government as history will tell us in the way that Mitt Romney ran the jobs creation into the hole in Massachusetts.

The need of the consumers being met with good wages, affordable housing, and discretionary spending is what builds economies. We can all be assured that Mitt Romney has no history at all in either government or his career experience of doing any of this. When the Tea Party governors are trying to run the Unions out of the States that guarantee the workers the fair wages by voting on the “right to work laws,” and Mitt Romney has promised his supporters, “I will eliminate the housing and development Dept.(HUD)when I am elected.”  Then we should all understand the working poor and the middle class having fair wages backed by the Unions, controlled rents in reasonable markets,extra income over expenses, because we are the main consumers in America, will not happen under a Mitt Romney Presidency and businesses  will and do cease to exist when we the consumers are denied a fair days pay for a days work.  If you read my post “Mitt Romney and Bain Capital”, then we all understand why business begins hoarding money, as well.

“Trickle down economics has been a lie told to the American workers for so long that it has become the biggest lie told in America today.  When Mitt says,” when companies do well we all do well,” he is totally wrong, as it is when we have jobs and discretionary spending then we all do well.  When we have Corporations refusing to hire and instead hoarding their money to protect themselves against the Vulture Capitalist like Bain Capital then the economy fails.

The wealthy should invest in the middle class but instead they have been robbing from the middle class by not paying their fair share in taxes.  Corporations are getting tax breaks from the Republican majority to invest over-seas, over investing to create more jobs for the working poor or middle class here.These same Corporations are being paid our income taxes to keep us employed, instead of it going to our individual States, and that is leading to our States going broke, so we are being hit twice by the Capitalism that is protected by Congress. In allowing Wall Street’s  greed to grow, we the middle class get absolutely nothing out of “trickle down economics.”

Mitt and all the other Republicans have  promoted the idea of “When Companies do well we all do well” since the beginning of Reaganomics.  While their income has grown by 150% ours has fallen by 30% in the same time period.

It should have become very clear to all of us that we have been lied to for way too long by those who stand to profit the most. I assure you that it isn’t the working poor or the middle class who are the ones profiting when Corporations do well. Even with President Obama placing regulations back in place, Wall Street is doing as well now as they did during the Clinton years.

Regulations are not making companies unable to hire, as Mitt Romney claims, and that has been well proven by the Obama Administration.  Regulations simply slows down the greed and makes it more difficult for Companies to default on their promises or loans. In short it makes the boards more responsible to the shareholders and makes it more difficult for them to “throw the dice”, so to speak.

It is the tax incentives offered through the Obama Administration that is helping the Private sector, who are the ones hiring. They always have been the main job creators in America. Without us buying the products,making their products, and selling their products Corporations are left to invest in an effort to fend off the Vulture capitalists, and that is what is happening today.

The less income consumers have to spend  the less Corporations need to create jobs. When the consumers  over-seas and here at home are buying those products, and when we have discretionary cash to buy those products, because we have jobs that pay a fair days wage, then we will all do well again. Don’t let the Mitt Romneys, Republicans and Tea Party members of this world keep lying to us for another 40 years or America will truly be back to where it was at the turn of the twentieth century and that is with the middle class having been replaced, by the working poor and the rich getting even richer. Vote in November.

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I begin this post with my apologies for saying that Mitt Romney was nothing more than a hatchet man as he also spent his time establishing businesses that would make a profit of gross proportions for himself and his friends, as well.Speaking for most of the people I  speak for, I don’t think anyone begrudge Mitt’s success as an investment  success but to use it as a background that makes him more experienced at creating jobs than President OBama, when it simply rings hollow with most of us who are in or have been in business, is more than most of us can stomach.

The  OBama Administration has worked hard to gain 4.2 million jobs for the middle class and working poor while Mitt’s experience has been to take away jobs from the working class, in an effort to profit the already wealthy.  To run an equity company and all that it entails takes a personality type different from what most of us possess.  When Mitt accuses us of envy, I can assure him that we have many emotions on the subject but envy in how he accomplished his own financial gain does not even register with us.  Disdain maybe more like it.

Not all capitalism meets with the moral register of most of us.  Just because there may be huge gains in it or just as many losses does not always make it right in the minds of those of us who would object to the way Mitt has made his money. The Mafia made a lot of money in business that was legal as well, but just because it may be legal ,many times capitalism can also be morally objectable to the senses of those of us who have tried to add to the lives of others, in business. There are many legal ways to make money that enhances the life of everyone involved and we need to keep checks and balances on  capitalism as a reminder of that.

Mitt Romney along with Partners, T Coleman Andrews III and Eric Kris started   Bain Capital in 1984,and it’s reported wealth  has been established to be worth $66 Billion dollars today with a work force of 400 plus.  They began the private equity company on borrowed money of 37 million dollars.  Most equity companies do borrow their money from banks rather than use their own personal money as capital.

If we type in jobs created into any equity company, we will get 0 results since equity companies are not in the business of creating jobs but instead to make profits for their investors. They are often known as venture capitalist or by the slang word of “Vulture Capitalists”. They are the predators of the business world who take advantage of a weakness in a Company to prey upon.  The great proportion of investors in Bain Capital is and have always been the owners and professional personnel that works in the company where as many others are financed through mutual funds funded by, cities, States, and outside investors traded over Wall Street.  Bain Capital remains private.

Bain capital has been both an investment company as well as a buyout company that moves in and bankrupts Companies and takes out the profit for its shareholders.  It is the manner of the way an equity company runs that makes its real goal that of gaining profits for the owners of the company and sometimes efforts to streamline companies by laying off a great many of the people in an effort to make a company more profitable.

Bain Capital takes  its profit of 20% with terribly high fees off the top and at times  their profits grow 16 fold while the Companies  they take over go bankrupt and employees lose both their jobs and pensions.  When the companies do not go bankrupt after a take over then only approximately a third of the people are hired back if that and they often find their wages half of what it was before these equity companies take over the companies they work for.

Bain Capital is currently in the process of working American Airlines through bankruptcy so one would have to question if there is a conflict  of interest with Mitt Romney even running for President since airlines are heavily government subsidized.  It  is believed that he still has ownership in Bain Capital and it is in a blind trust.

Because of the way these equity companies are structured there is not a single Corporation or Company that finds itself losing profits because of the uncertainty of the economy that does feel comfortable in not stock piling money over creating jobs.  Everyone of them are susceptible to take over by an equity  company who has more wealth than they have, and they know that. Equity companies do not only swallow up the assets of other companies but also the jobs of the working class.  Instead of promoting job growth they prevent it.  Equity companies bully their way in with the first sign of financial weakness in a Corporation or company.  They are not invited in unless a company sometimes feels that restructuring may help save the company by the board of directors.

Mitt took two  leave of absences as CEO from Bain Capital to run as Senator of Massachusetts where he lost against Ted Kennedy and again for Governor when he won a one term election as Governor of Massachusetts. He had planned to return but never did.  Mitt worked with both Goldman Sachs and the Frist family of Indiana in partnership of take overs and with other investors.  No doubt it is his connections with Wall Street that helps explain the great amount of wealth that is pouring into his campaign.

Mitt Romney, if truth be told and we find it very lacking in his campaigns, is not a job creator but instead a wealth creator for his buddies on Wall Street.  Although he has not worked for Bain Capital for years many believe that part of his retirement package  included retaining partial ownership of Bain Capital and it is impossible to learn more since Mitt has always in all of his campaigns ,which is his right to do, refused to give full disclosure of his assets as well as his earnings over any length of time.

When asked if Bain Capital has created more jobs than jobs they lost, both Bain Capital and Mitt Romney refuse to answer the question.  It would be foolish of all of us to not to understand if Mitt created more jobs than he caused people to lose, he would be exaggerating those figures as much as he has his jump of creating 10,000 jobs while running against Ted Kennedy in 1994 to claiming to have created 100,000 today without having worked a day at Bain capital since.

As owner of Bain Capital,if Mitt wants to take credit for jobs created a decade after leaving as CEO then he needs to also take blame  for initiating the process that caused lay-offs at both Armco Steel in Kansas City as well as the steel Company in South Carolina that he merged together and both would end up failing and causing massive layoffs with employees being screwed out of their benefits and pensions.I personally had a friend who worked at Armco from the 1960’s and had over 20 years put in when  they were all escorted out. Just as he lost everything so did the majority of the others see their dreams of retirement go down the drain.

After Mitt ran a dirty campaign taking advantage of his fellow Republicans, with more money to spend, he is now finding that we are all tired of the same old lies that have been around since 2008 on President OBama, so he now claims  to be seeking the higher ground. Since Mitt Romney’s past history disputes his lies, yesterday is a hard argument for Mitt to defend or win on against President OBama.

He can not attack the Religious issue again as too many conservatives are suspect about his own Mormonism. What worked with,” the also rans,” in the Republican primary will backfire on him if team Romney repeats it against President OBama.  His campaign is struggling on the best way to re-initiate the hate campaign that worked so successfully for the Republicans and  the Tea Party in 2010.  The fact that President OBama is likeable while we do not have a clue who Mitt Romney is, makes the hate campaign against President OBama susceptible to blow up in their own faces both with women and Independent voters.

So once more Mitt Romney is using the Carl Rove approach and that is to attack the opposition of what we ourselves are guilty of doing.  Since Mitt used the character assassination attack to win the primary he is now using the reverse by accusing Barack OBama of character assassination against him, while he claims he plans on running a clean campaign.  In Republican language that means if the opposition has a truckload of facts that disputes the lies that Mitt is telling then the opposition are guilty of character assassination.  Lets face it, Mitt cannot produce the facts against Barack OBama that the OBama campaign can on him  from all of their film footage of what Mitt said in order to win before, so he is pretending to take the high road with more lies on his own accomplishments.

Mary Matalin, who ran the George W. Bush campaign openly announced on CNN that Mitt Romney wants to return to the Bush policies.  Although I do not agree with her politics, I have always found her dedication and honesty in a Party that lacks both when speaking to the American people,refreshing. When the Republicans attack President OBama for not keeping his promises, they have to be very careful as we know that President OBama kept the promise made by George W. Bush, when he stood at the sight of the attacks of 9/11 and promised we Americans that getting Osama Bin Laden was his first mission.  The last thing Mitt Romney wants to do is to be honest enough to admit that if elected he will set his sail with the Bush Administration;or in other word, tell the truth.  When a campaign  runs on lies, then they all know as we do, that their house of cards can all come tumbling down.  With all their bravo they are still trying to find the right mix  of lies that will work for them while denying they want to finish what the Bush Administration started.

Mitts true job experience during a job recovery that can be undone by greed just as the economy failed by that same greed  under the Bush Administration needs to be avoided at all cost since,it is the common practice and legal for equity companies or what most understand better as “take over companies,” to drain the pension funds of workers in companies in order to have their fees paid.  Bain Capital takes 20% of company assets off the top before they even begin to restructure or to bankrupt a company, as is common practice with Equity Companies. These are the loans that the large Banks gamble on as to if they will be paid, since equity companies borrow money as I said previously.  We have just seen a prime example of what happens in J.P. Morgan Chase when they place a wrong bet.  Mitt Romney says the Banks do not need tighter restrictions placed on them while they run their banks as a casino.

After Mitt resigned as CEO of  Bain Capital, as I said previously, he kept partial ownership of Bain Capital.  When we have the media asking how did Mitt Romney make his millions don’t we have to all scratch our heads and wonder how come they don’t know or if they are deliberately misleading us?  Of course a partial ownership of a $66 billion dollar Company paying profits and dividends into a well-managed  fund with profits being sent over-seas to avoid paying taxes would create millions if not billions of dollars over time.  One might even have reason to believe that Mitt Romney’s wealth is grossly under reported.

Bain Capital also own interests in Hong Kong, London and many other  countries, and those who have checked out the facts as far as it takes them which is often limited due to the secrecy of Equity companies, believe that Bain Capital also holds  interests in Iran. They continue to own companies whose worth are into the Billions.

If any of us think that Mitt Romney could ever feel what the lost of dignity feels like when we are fired from a job after we have poured our loyalty in,and dreamt of our investments and pensions when we retire only to have them taken from us; then perhaps this information will at last make it quite clear to all of us why Mitt Romney cannot relate to the suffering of the working poor and middle class. It must be humanly impossible, not that I ever tried it, to continue bringing in money made on the backs of the people he was responsible for firing, while promising jobs.

How can he have compassion for the working poor and middle class and still retain his own self-respect unless he has the ability to lie to himself along with all of us?  If he could he would not have begun a company on borrowed cash, whose main objective was to make himself and a few of his buddies wealthy,while doing it through firing people and taking their hard-earned savings.I quote Mitt Romney himself, “Don’t you just love to fire people?  I just love to fire people….”

When the work experience Mitt  has, is to grow wealth for himself and a hand full of others while firing the working poor and middle class, and as losing jobs as governor of a State that fell to 47 out of 50 in jobs creation, then we should have a better understanding as to why Mitt Romney does not have a conscious of empathy left for us. Any one who thinks he will be a representative of us instead of the 1% just isn’t believing what they are hearing when the truth is told to them, in my opinion.

For Mitt to develop a sudden conscious for the working class people, would cause Mitt to have emotions that he was not capable of expressing.  I suggest that is exactly why the majority of us do not feel as there is any sincerity in Mitt Romney when he is out campaigning.  He is not one of us and no matter how much he promises us jobs he will never sound sincere in those promises, simply because that is not the direction Mitt Romney will take and he knows that.

On the other hand if the rumors of him being a bully in highschool while remaining in command of a total lack of  feelings, when it came to the feelings of others is true, then we could all believe  and accept the fact that Mitt  found his calling while still in highschool couldn’t we? Have a good day everybody and don’t let the idiots get you down:)

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If we are to believe the polls, we are hearing that the women’s vote is turning towards the Republicans and Mitt Romney.  If they have a list of Mormon families on that list then it would be an understandable explanation in the change in the polls.

If you, as  women are as aware as I think you are, then you already understand as I do, that equal pay for equal work that President OBama signed into law, will be revoked or moved against by the Republicans, as soon as we have another Republican majority in both the House and Senate.  Just where this poll has come from should leave us all suspect.

Just because they are using women in the GOP to speak out and say,”Look we are women,so  if there was an attack on women we would not be supporting it,” leaves me doubting that the majority of women are buying into the Mitt Romney warm and fuzzy campaign in favor of winning the women’s vote by saying,” look I hired women speal.” When we understand that women have provided cheap labor for years for the Republican Party because of their refusal to past the Lillie Ledbetter Bill then it makes perfectly good sense as to why Mitt Romney would hire women.  When we add to that Mormon women spend hours of volunteer time to promote the jobs of the males in their Faith, then it makes even more sense why half of Mitt Romney’s staff were women.

If women  in America, are truly buying into the idea that the Republican Party is not responsible for passing 1000 new bills in our States that would deny women the right to their own decisions while denying other Americans, then I am crushed by my fellow sisters lack of following on the bills that are not just being initiated against women but against other Americans as well.  Historically it has been women who have led the fight against injustices and prejudices being led by the white male race in America.  We ourselves have had to fight against this hateful and narrow view for so long that we are more apt to recognize it when they try to disguise it under other bills.

One thing both Republicans and Democrats have been able to agree on for the last forty some years is that violence of any kind in the home is simply wrong.  When it is acted out in a home and our children are exposed to this behavior, study after study shows how this behavior is passed on and acted out on the future generations to come. If we do not all know by now, we all should know, that gay couples live together and adopt children, often not chosen by straight couples.  If it had not have been for gay couples adopting children with aids for these many years these children along with  special needs children would not have ever known the experience of living in a loving home. Gay couples just like,immigrants, and Native American families are not immune to violence in the home anymore than straight white couples are.

Even in 1994 the Violence against Women Act passed with unanimous vote with both parties.  Just to show all of us just how hateful the Republican Party has become, they have added a stipulation this year to the bill that Native Americans,the gay population, and immigrants not be protected under this law.  Not even the Republican Party has  excluded anyone in the home from protection against violence  before.

We know that the Republican Party refuses to pass any laws banning hate crimes against the gay population because they claim there are no laws that recognize them,The Republican Party totally spurns the rights granted the gay community in both our Constitution and Equal Rights Amendment and instead in their arrogance, play God, in denying these civil rights granted to all Americans. To deny other groups as well, is at very least an inhumane movement being acted out against our minority population by the Republican Party.

What they are doing along with their women cohorts is simply a disgrace against humanity in the name of the obstructionist in the Congress. That their women cohorts are not speaking out in outrage, just reassures me ,that they are being held as hostage in their own Party or they lack the very backbone of the nurturing aspects of Women who are the superior gender and leaders in the field, when it comes to the protection of human rights and equality for all Americans.

When the same Party passes the “Stand Your Ground Law” in 17 States that will increase the threat against minorities and women in America even further, but cannot pass “The Violence Against Women Act” without conditions based in “Good Old Boys Mentality”, is there any doubts left as to the direction the Republican Party is taking America? Why were so many of us, so outraged by Mitt Romney putting his dog on the roof of his car, but then we  are mute on the subject of bigotry threatening the freedoms of all of us?  If we women are outraged and speaking out, I am sorry but I cannot hear you!   If we do not stand up against this injustice, then no one will.

We can not nor should we tolerate the behavior of these bigots, who would deny protection to the very people who need it most.  When we understand that the Republican Congress has announced they will not vote in favor of renewing the “The Violence Against Women act,” unless the gay community,Native Americans, and immigrants are removed from protection under the Bill, and this includes the women in their Party as well, then we understand even clearer the lack of common decency taking place in the Republican Party today.

The Republican answer that these groups are already covered so therefore do not need to be spelled out in this Bill is the exact same argument that was used when women and African-Americans had to fight for their Civil rights by adding “The Equal Rights Amendment,” to the Constitution.   If the Republicans agree to protection for these groups then they have to deny the bigotry that is denying these groups their Civil Rights as well. I am speaking of the illegal actions that are taking place on our borders against the Mexicans and Latinos, against those who practice different Religions from Christianity, and the “hate crimes” against the Gay community.

If the Republicans acknowledge protection of these groups under law, then they open the doors for those who will revoke the laws established in various States against these groups, and this is what drives the Republican Party to fight against adding these groups to the,” Violence Against Women Bill.” As long as they are not added to the Bill they have no protection against Violence in their homes or States, by law.They refuse to even acknowledge the reality of the Gay community.

It is identical to what took place with both African-Americans and women before the addition of the “Equal Rights Amendment.” They argued women and African-Americans were already protected under the Constitution then as well. These groups are also protected under the Equal Rights Amendment but have no legal recourse to fight against the injustice of the laws that are being established in the States, just as the African-Americans were unable to fight against the”Jim Crow” laws.

How long will we women allow the Republican spokes people along with the Republican Party to define us as not caring about these things before we do speak up?  Even the main stream media is promoting the idea; that, we women, only care about jobs and the economy.  The last time I checked I still cared about the bills being passed in the States that would deny us the rights to our own health issues,contraception and conception along with the injustices being played out in these States against these groups.  I bet you do too. It is not just enough that we vote as  we need to speak up as well.  When we do we will scare the hell out of these bigots who cannot win the elections without us. It is the only way to stop them from making these unjust laws that deny our own rights as well as those of our fellow Americans, in our own States.

President OBama has said he will veto the bill if the Congress does not remove these stipulations against these groups by not including them in the Violence Against Women Act and instead pass the Senate bill which does not have these stipulations in it. To hold such a necessary and common decency bill hostage is a disgrace to all of us, who take pride in being an American, but especially to all of those who shed blood,sacrificed. or died so that we could all be free.  Vote the bums out in November.

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We keep hearing how Mitt Romney will do so much better on turning around the economy and gaining jobs for the people and  women especially, because he is such an astute business man in comparison to President Obama so lets check the facts.

In the last year alone while Mitt Romney has been unemployed and campaigning for 6 years, the OBama Administration has added 1 million new jobs for women alone.  While Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts in the 1990’s when the economy was at its best, Massachusetts fell to 47th in the Nation when it came to job creation.  Mitt was such an unpopular governor that he knew better that  to run for the second term as his own resources told him he would lose and lose badly.  He is telling the people that he did not run again because he accomplished what he wanted to do in the first term.  If taking a State to a record low in job performance is the job he wanted to do then why are people falling for the idea that this man can create jobs, other than for the millions of dollars that are pouring into his campaign from unknown sources or just because he can out lie everyone else?

We know that the OBama Administration has filled all the 4.2 million jobs that were lost on his watch in just over two years.  The jobs lost before He was sworn in as President were lost by Companies sending jobs over-seas and still receiving tax breaks from  “We the People.” Clearly the OBama Administration is creating jobs at a much better and higher rate than what Mitt Romney has any experience of doing.

The jobs sent over-seas during the Bush Administration will only come back to America when the expense of paying Chinese and India workers become more troublesome and less cost-effective.  These are not jobs that Mitt Romney will win back when he has announced that he plans to go back to the Bush years when these jobs were lost and take off the regulations that led to the greed and lost of jobs.  None of us have to be able to understand the economy to understand that much.

More and more economist outside of Washington as well as more inside of Washington have said that the economy and unemployment both can be turned around at greater rate than it has been currently, if we just got the Republicans out-of-the-way of the OBama Administrations efforts to do both.  A couple of the most respected economist have even said that we could do it as quickly as 18 months if the Republicans would back off and start working with the OBama Administrations efforts to do so.

The OBama Administration placed regulations back  on Wall Street and banking and they have still made money, even though the Republicans, Mitt Romney as well,  claims that this restricts Capitalism. If this were true then the Dow Jones would not have raised from a low of 7800 the last year of the Bush Administration back to its normal range during the Clinton years of  1300 plus.  When the Republicans yell that regulations placed on Banking and Wall Street lowers our gross national product and ties the hands of Capitalism then clearly  the Dow Jones would not have risen during the OBama Administration. Regulations placed on them only helps prevent the greed of the “rich getting richer,” at a lost to the working poor and middle class.

Despite those facts, Mitt Romney, on the campaign trail,  is saying he will bring back a robust economy and give jobs if elected, because he will take off regulations.  We know for a fact that this slowed the economy to a stand still in the previous Administration.  We all have been paying for that mistake as will our grandchildren pay as well for it.  Mitt says nothing about how he will be able to manufacture jobs other than to remove regulations while bragging about his great business ability that made him and the Companies he worked for richer.  When “We the People” or the middle class do not have discretionary spending or jobs then we know the economy will not recover without regulations on Wall Street.  The Bush Administration proved that to us already.

When we see what a mess that lifting regulations created during the Bush Administration then we know the tax payers were forced to bail them out, and we have a good idea of what greed does when left unchecked.  This along with getting rid of Planned Parenthood, Passing the Marriage Amendment that would deny woman equal rights, and laying off people by getting rid of Government agencys that protect us from consumer frauds and bad goods to education and housing for the working poor are just a few of the ways Mitt Romney wants to help women and Americans in general.

When Mitt Romney ran against Ted Kennedy he campaigned on the fact that he had created 10,000 new jobs.  He has not worked a day since then but now that he is running for President these same 10,000 jobs have grown ten-fold and he now claims to have created 100,000 jobs and we can bet it will raise to at least a half of a million jobs the closer we get to November because of  the lack of truth being told by the Romney and his campaign from the beginning.  The lack of truth will get worse before it ever gets better. If we hold our breaths waiting for the truth to come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth we will all succumb to our own demise.

When both Newt and Rick Santorum called Mitt Romney a liar or Mr. Etch-A-Sketch  it was because he is the same man, with the same lack of character as he was when running against them, and that will not be any different, when running against Barack OBama. Those statements were the honest and truthful statements that came out of the Republican Primarys.  Just because he says he will create jobs, does not mean that Mitt has a history of doing so without firing 2 to every 1 he hires. When we realize that Mitt was highly invested in Wall Street at the time greed ran rapid with his own Over-Seas Bank Acounts, and he himself has admitted that was how he gained his own wealth, then don’t we have an even better idea as to why Mit’s concern  is for the wealthy?

Before you vote just ask yourself this question,”Will I lose my job and pension or 401k  so that Mitt  Romney can create a job with less pay and benefits  for another person?” When you answer it honestly,since that is the business acumen that  Mitt got as governor of Massachusetts and at Baine Capital, then you will have a much better understanding of just what kind of jobs Mitt Romney will create. Mitt Romney has never created jobs but instead has created wealth for the wealthy.

Mitt Romney while govenor and 8 years of Republican control truly gave “We the People” nothing other than the working poor and middle class, “got another day older and deeper in debt.”  What miracle has taken place in the Republican Party that would change that, pray tell? Does the fact that Boehner and Mitch McConnell, both have announced that they plan to continue doing nothing  about jobs for ” We The People,:  and the fact the right-wing conservatives only goal is to defeat President OBama, while Mitt Romney plans on lowering taxes for Billionaires another 4.6 trillion and adding it to the deficit, give any of us any hope on the future of jobs or our economy if Mitt wins?  Vote in November.

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If the Tea Party and Evangelicals speak for the majority of Americans in this election year then we can all be certain that we will hear neither the truth or anything based on reality.  The combination of both along with the Conservative media is destroying Democracy as we know it and understand it and yet even the mainstream media is giving more time to their views over that of the views of the majority held views, as Romney slips in the polls. It was said first by Thomas Jefferson:”When we force our Religion on to others then we run the risk of them forcing their’s on us.”

In fairness to the Evangelicals I do believe they are being used as lambs to the slaughter by the Carl Rove groups, the Tea Party, and Grover Norquist  as well as the conservative media to the point they will be the first to fall or be discarded if these groups do get what they want this election year.  When we are brainwashed with lies then we all begin to believe these lies; when we are fed with hate then we all begin to hate;when we are armed with weapons we become violent and the scenario continues throughout our lives.

With the introduction in the 17 States of “Stand Your ground laws”,with 1000 bills passed by the Tea Party led governors against women’s rights to their own procreation and health,with the lies spread that President OBama is not a citizen or a Christian,With the introduction of the “right to work laws” that strip away our protection from the Unions, with even the lunatic fringe calling for treason against President OBama and the list of lies continuing we the majority will not and cannot sit back and just assume that this election will be won on truth and common sense.

These groups were infiltrated in Church camps as young people and even in some of the more severe training camps they bragged about using the same techniques that were used by Ben Laden.  This is a severely brainwashed group of people in some cases that truly believe they are Christ’s soldiers and speaking for God. When they lie for the most part they have no reality of the fact that they are lying since they believe what they are told and hear by the limited views that they live.  Even when they lie they have no real contact with the morality of what they are doing as they believe that the more lies told is the way they win elections.The empathy that we feel for our fellow man is missing in many of these Tea Party members who believe they are the superior race and have a right to wrestle it back from those they felt stole it from them.  When we consider that they are being armed and fed this bunk from everyone from the NRA to every white Supremest group along with the Tea Party and the Carl Rove groups then we understand why common sense and truth will not win this election.

They deliberately concentrate on the strengths of President OBama and then attack it with lies.  President OBama and  his wife Michelle have done more for the Veterans than any other President since Roosevelt, and are only second to him in their efforts to help the military vets.  These groups therefore spread lies about how OBama is attacking the veterans and threatening their benefits in his effort to trim spending in the defense budget.  The truth is of course that President OBama has raised the benefits along with lowered taxes on their housing and are giving companies tax breaks to hire vets.  The only place President OBama is cutting back on spending on the defense budget is eliminating obsolete technology and equipment.

Another example of their campaign of lies has been to attack President OBama who has done more for the Jews than any other President in recent history by saying he is deserting the Jewish population. This is the old Carl Rove and Grover Norquist tactics that worked for them to defeat Senator Lugar of Tennessee because he dared to break the filibustering that the Republicans began on the first day of President OBama taking office.  These same tactics won the election for George W. Bush when they attacked the heroism of John Kerry to cover the fact that George W. Bush hid out in order to avoid going to Viet Nam while John Kerry volunteered for one of the most risky positions in the war.

Because their lies are so effective with these groups who have been brainwashed into believing their hate propaganda against President OBama they can literally guarantee these voters to their candidate of choice.  They only need to credit themselves with the strength of President OBama through lies as we see Mitt Romney doing with the automobile industry and the mainstream media along with 420 conservative outlets running the same lies,and they can guarantee the votes of the people brainwashed into believing the lies.

Any time we the majority,the working poor and the middle class become comfortable in thinking we will not need to vote because people know the truth and will vote with their common sense we will be the losers this election year.  It has never been more important for us to stop this infiltration of lies and the promotion of the lie that Mitt Romney will give us jobs as they only keep talking about jobs while doing nothing to pass bills that will give us jobs.  We can all bet that if the Republicans or Mitt Romney had a jobs bill that would guarantee the working poor or the middle class jobs that President OBama would have signed it into law.  It is just like their health care that denies health to the working poor and middle class while promoting welfare for Corporations when they do try something like the Ryan Plan.

“We the People” need to know and understand that neither the Evangelicals or the Tea Party speaks for us and vote for our jobs and our President who is working to save them along with our rights in November.  Vote for Barack OBama and a Congress that will work with him in November.

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At a time when we have all these right-wing zealots and the Republican Party spouting off about marriage having been about one man and one woman for 3000 or 5000 years,depending on their own lack of knowledge on history or deliberate attempts to wipe out the same, let’s get real and tell the truth on the subject of marriage.

Although the Bible is not a good barometer of use when it comes to accurate dates in history, due to the difficulty of understanding the language and errors made in interpretation and differences in cultural ideas of time lapses as to what length of time meant accurately, I will begin with it. As Americans we are and have always been made up of different beliefs or Faiths and certainly are not all Christians, so as to not to offend or to give the  Mitt Romney view that,” America is One Country under Christ instead of his acknowledging God,” the Bible is the most accurate Book to use when explaining those who would defeat equality in America through adding the “Marriage Amendment to our Constitution.

“The Good Book” has been used  to promote predjudice in America since the invention of the Republican Party. The people who protest the right of civil unions between gay people, use the Bible as their basis to interfere with the Constitution of the United States as to why they have a God-given right to deny gays their Civil Rights.It was not all that long ago that the Bible was still used against,women, minorities and marriage of different faiths and different races, to deny them equality as well.

No one, the Republicans included, can come up with an accurate reason to strip the Civil Rights away from the gay population so instead they, Mitt Romney included, talk about adding Amendments to the Constitution to do that for them.  It is not enough for them that women,minorities, Jews,Japanese and people of other Faiths have had to fight against this same bigotry and illegal action in the past in order to save their own Civil Rights.  What is sad are those who have apparently forgotten their own battles against this same hate movement in America and now want to deny the rights of others, in my opinion.

In the Bible we read that King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  Abraham, the Father of Religion, first wife could not bear children as she was barren and he took a second wife in order to produce his prodigy.  We know of wives who took many husbands in the days of the Bible when their husbands were killed off in wars or when women were rare in the areas. The argument that marriage has been between “one man and one woman'” for 3000 to 5000 years that they are making today only holds true if they mean one woman at a time up to as many as 700 as in the case of King Solomon, or up to two in the case of Abraham. Please understand that these are only two examples that I use here, that clearly disputes  their argument when they try to use the Bible to prove their point. The same Bible that those who profess to be devoutly Religious use to deny the rights of gays is apparently put away when it disputes their own words.

When we have people like Tony Perkins saying marriage has been between one man and one woman for 5000 years and he claims to be a head of research then we should all be concern about the inaccuracies on marriage being thrown about.  It is especially significant when we know and understand that Tony Perkins was a member of the Republican legislature for two terms and heads  what he calls the Family Research Council.  That dude has to be one pathetic researcher as not even the Bible backs his claims.( I apologize for my temporary delay on the subject of marriage but if we do not understand that these people abound in the name of Christianity or that the Carl Rove sponsored group has received 77 million dollars by “unknowns” we do not get a clear picture of what is happening to the rights of the American People in the name of “marriage.)

In Europe and elsewhere in the World, marriages had many practices that a civilized World has refused to practice and as a result marriage has evolved since the beginning of its institution when mankind has evolved and become more civilized. In the past   marriages were often as a result of cousins marrying cousins and was a practice that was carried to the New Country called the United States of America after the Revolutionary War.  Polygamy was still a common custom and there were times that brothers even married sisters in an effort to escape war crimes and prosecution.

When women were barren or unable to have children it was a common practice for brothers or cousins to loan out their wives to bear children to the  men whose wife could not bear children or who were not married. Without the use of their brothers wives they could not become fathers and bare prodigy to help with the work on their land. Priests and ministers who knew of someone in their Churches or Parishes who were not married or widowed and had children to be raised often arranged marriages sight unseen.

Some people today in America still have arranged marriages as was the custom between adjoining land owners still in America well past the turn of the twentieth century. Marriage has evolved over the years in many different patterns and many different ways since the beginning of mankind.  Since women were the property of men they were unable to deny these unions when their fathers or husbands spoke.Since women were considered the property of men they could not legally inherit that which their fathers or husbands owned  when the men died.Women were nothing more than the modern-day slave under the name of marriage, without any rights or voice at all, until they won the right to vote. Even then the turn around has been a slow progress.

What is happening in the name of the  Marriage Amendment that they are pushing today is nothing more than a return to those days. In an effort to ban the Equal Rights Amendment that made it possible for women to share equally in what they helped earn, through death and divorce,women are the most wealthy in America today.  This wealth and power frightens the bigots along with their concern for the increase in divorce. Because women make up the majority of voters, today, these Christian sponsored groups with the help of the right-wing legislatures are trying to eliminate the divorce laws in the Marriage Amendment. When the laws changed 40 years ago, men and women were no longer lawfully bound to abusive marriages or made to stay in miserable marriages. The movement to deny divorce is part of their involvement in the , “one man one woman” Marriage Amendment that they want to add to the Constitution. (again I digress from the history of marriage, but  it is important that I do)

In America polygamy was still the norm well into the 1800’s and would be outlawed twice once in 1861 and again in 1882.  The only way that  Utah was allowed to gain its Statehood was to deny the practice of polygamy It would not be until 1910 that the Church of Later Day Saints would finally ban polygamy entirely.  Fundamentalist Mormons still practice it in more tolerant States today. Family members marrying their own direct lineage would not be banned until the turn of the 20th Century. If people of mixed race tried to marry they were imprisoned up to and including 1957.

When we hear Mitt Romney say that marriage has always been between one man and one woman for 3000 years we need to know and understand that many civil liberties in marriages, have both been taken away from women in these Unions as well as many extra liberties are given to the male population, in the name of marriage since the beginning of any type of marriage. It is especially curious as to why Mitt Romney, who himself is  an offspring of plural marriage, would say,”Polygamy would be just awful,” when his own father’s birth-rite is as a result of the same and his grandfather escaped to Mexico instead of giving up his plural wives.

1000 new bills have been added in the States by Conservative Judges and Republican legislatures banning women to the rights of procreation as well as their own health issues,in just the last two years, which is demonstrative of the drive under-way to once more deny women the ability to make decisions for themselves and would relegate all women once more to the position of second class citizenry by these fanatics.  If we do not think that what is being done to the gay community in America is also being done to us then we have not tuned into what is really happening with these Republicans who are producing bills against our own rights.

When we understand that marriage evolves as mankind becomes more civilized, then we understand even clearer what his movement backwards by the Conservative right and Tea Party right-wing is doing to the freedoms of all of us who have already fought the battles for our civil rights and won with the addition of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1971. Although the gay population is also included in that Amendment their rights are still denied them under the definition of marriage by the Churches in America.

With the movement of the Republican Church backed Amendment being added, in the name of marriage of,” one man and one woman,” to the Constitution then we all are in jeopardy of losing our rights all over again, as well. When the working poor and middle class Americans understand the injustices that are being carried out right under our own noses in our own States where there is a majority of Republican legislatures led by Tea Party sponsored governors, who will do to away with all of our rights that are protected by government and our Unions with  the addition of the “right to work laws” and all the way to the”one man and one woman” bill in the name of marriage, then we should also understand the need to fight inequality against all Americans, including the gay population.

When we as a free Society, vote to eliminate rights for one American population, we vote to eliminate rights for all Americans,ourselves included with added time, because of the inclusions they keep hidden in these bills when they pass them.  We need to rip the mask off of what is being worn as a disguise in the name of marriage by these right-wing Republicans who are being bought and paid for by the backers of Carl Rove and the Tea Party, before those who pay for our demise  will become the ruling class of our free Society, at an even greater risk to the working poor and middle class.

If we do not stop them now, then it isn’t just the gay community who will continue to lose their equality under the law but all of us who will lose our equality in a Democracy,as well. These bigots really do want to take us back to the Revolutionary war era and do not call themselves Patriot groups because they have the rights of the working class at heart.  All we need to ask ourselves is what jobs bill have the Republican majority offered or passed in 10 years or what jobs are they offering us, the working poor or middle class that they keep talking about, Mitt Romney included? Vote to stop their drive to deny “We the People” our equality in November by voting out the Republicans in our States and in Washington, while we still hold the power over them.

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“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with the truth in large matters.”  Albert Einstein

We all have heard by now that Mitt Romney found great humor in being a bully while in highschool. While the media tries to make their usual dismissals of,” boys will be boys”, we have heard from those involved that this wasn’t just a prank but an out-and-out assault against a student who did not meet with Mitt Romney’s approval when it came to his appearance. For those that do not know Mitt led a group of classmates in the act of wrestling down a younger student and cutting off his hair because Romney did not like the fact that the student wore his hair over one eye.  Mitt has been quoted as saying,” that it was just wrong to wear his hair like that.”  He also said,”atta girl”, every time another student spoke up in class. The Conservative spokes people as well as the Romney campaign heads are trying to cloud the fact as well as dismiss it as a prank and  something that happened years ago and is ridiculous to even discuss.

The real reason that we should care about this is because Mitt Romney says,”He doesn’t remember it.”  This is something that his fellow classmates, who were involved in, have deep regrets of having done all these years later.  The victim was scared to death and had tears in his eyes.  Mitt saying he doesn’t remember is something I find personally disturbing as that in itself is symptomatic of an uncaring personality who does abuse.  We form our personalities by the age of 3 and grow old as we grew young.  When empathy for others is missing in highschool it also is missing in adulthood as a general rule. As Dr. Phil is famous for saying,”the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.”

The  thing that leaders and bosses who do have empathy find difficult to do is to have to fire someone who has put their loyalty and life into a job.  This is the reason that “hatchet men”, are hard to find and are paid well.  This accounts for a great deal but certainly not all of Mitt Romney’s income.  It also explains why a bully or an abuser would find it easy to lay off people making $40.00 an hour and take away their pensions in the process while bragging about forming $10.00 an hour jobs for  people at Staples.  Mitt Romney understands how to restructure Companies to the benefit of the owners but does he have any real understanding of the people he fires?

Is the reason he can’t relate to the pain of the middle class the same reason he coud not relate to the tears and pain he caused others while in highschool?  As someone who attended an all girl’s boarding Academy in the 1960’s and socialized with boys who also attended all boys boarding Academies later in life. I can assure everyone the subject of what was called fruits and queers were very much front and center in these schools in the 1960’s.  For Mitt to indicate that it was not spoken of in the 1960’s is just another one of his convenient memory lapses or lies.

Anytime  all girls board together or all boys board together there is always the fear of sexual experimentation taking place between them on the part of the staff.  It is true now and has been true for generations and including the 1960’s. The idea of or possibility of gay behavior is always front and center in the Private boarding Academies in America especially those that have Church affiliation.  Any girls found sharing the same bed by studying together or even a group of girls on the same bed laughing together was punished with quick action in the 1960’s as was any boy who was found with his hands under the covers.

The students were not stupid and we shared many jokes in regards to the paranoia of the staff thinking that the staff thought we were queers as did the boys who attended  boy’s Academy.  Thursday was gay day and anyone who wore yellow in the 1960’s on a Thursday was accused of being a queer.  Any girls who skipped or held hands were also called the same.  In the 1960’s it was the talk of all boarding schools across America and for Mitt Romney to deny that was not a part of his motive when he said,”atta girl”, is just another one of his convenient memory lags or another one of his lies. Character in our leaders should matter as without it we will be the ones that get cheated next.

And finally then the fact that these same people who protest the portrayal of, Mitt Romney, as a bully all these years later, are the same ones who are still saying that President Barack OBama was not vetted before taking office;They are still  passing it  around amongst them and are the same people who are still spreading the lies about President OBama, all over the social media. They are the same people who are calling an act of a bully just a prank. President OBama was even forced to show his birth certificate by these same people.  When he was investigated as a 3-year-old,as to where he attended grade school, who his Father was,and what his Religion is,and the disgusting list of investigations that took place on the background and checking of the same from infancy until today still did not convince them that President OBama is a qualified and honest leader.

Even after all their attempts to prove he was unfit some of these same people still claim President Barack OBama is not a citizen of the United States or a Christian.  How dare these Carl Rove hypocrites now yell when we find that the same Mitt Romney, who cannot remember being a bully in highschool because he could not relate to the pain and tears of others, is not too unlike the Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.  Even those who will vote for him are finding Mitt Romney cannot relate to the pain of the working poor or the middle class today, either.

When the media pretends that none of this was reported then it just adds insult to injury as to the level the Tea Party and Conservatives  have influenced both the Republicans as well as the main stream media. Mitt Romney’s highschool days are certainly fair game when  Mitt takes credit for things he neither accomplished or failed to do as an adult,  while blaming President OBama for both his own weaknesses and does the same for the obstructionist of the Republican Congress. We cannot even accuse him of selective memory as there seems to be no truth in that anymore than what comes from his mouth.

When we understand how far back the problem with lying runs in Mitt then we have a better understanding of the theory that ,”We grow old as we grew young.”  When we walk into the voting booth then we will be able to answer for ourselves in November,the question,”How important is character to us and are we able to sacrifice just a little longer knowing our President is working for us?” Vote in November.

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It was not that long ago, when we consider the amount of time than mankind has lived, when we or our family members were all on the list of the despised and hated.  The Republicans need to acknowledge that their time of discrimination has ended.  A new wave of acceptance has reached America.

Just as the Republican Party, the Churches, and the red necks of America fought against the acceptance of a Catholic President, a Black President,  and while other’s believed the Mormon Faith was a  cult, the last prejudice against an entire sector of people in America is falling.  Even though the Republican Party and those remaining Churches who still refuse to accept the gay population of America have many friends and colleagues that are gay, they still are denying the equality to them than no man has a right to deny any American who pays into our tax base,fights for our Country, and  is a citizen of America.

When we ourselves are victims of prejudice we have a full understanding of the ways in which we are discriminated against and the names and ways the bigots try to hide behind Christian values, as a more endearing or kinder excuse to gain acceptance of their views, over that of acknowledging prejudice.  The argument against marriage in the gay community sounds eerily the same as it did before Jews could marry into the white population or the reverse discrimination when Jews were not allowed to marry outside of their faith,before Catholics could marry Protestants or again the reverse discrimination when Protestants could not marry Catholics, and before inter-racial marriages were allowed. We all felt that discrimination or our family members did when we fell in love with someone outside of our religious convictions and were not allowed to marry them without threat of excommunication.  The very people who were discriminated against, not that many years ago and those who still are, have clearly forgotten what discrimination felt or feels like and looks like when they were denied the right to marry because discrimination has always been raised to a higher level behind the excuse of Christian values.

For those who argue that the beliefs of the Churches  is not mean-spirited, that may be true to those who do not deal with the situation on a personal level, but when I remember being a Catholic and marrying a Protestant during this period of time, I can assure you it felt like hate.  To be told that my husband as a non-Catholic could not go to Heaven or the reverse from a Protestant mother-in-law that the Catholic Church was storing guns in their basement to attack non-Catholics while she tried her damnest to break us up and to invoke her Preacher’s name; it still is very difficult for me to believe that hate did not feed into these views of prejudice. It did not even come close to the hate during that same time and the Bible being quoted against the sin of a”white woman laying down with a black man.”  The views out of the Christian communities in the past as well as against the gay population today, are very much fed on hate when we are the people who are involved with loving the person who the Churches deny us the right to marry.

The Republicans along with too many of the Churches are dead wrong on this issue.  Either we are a Country of equality for all or a few in this Nation, that call themselves Republicans, are the ruling class of America and have the right to tell the rest of American people what  their rights and place in America are.  The last I remember they were not given the power to discriminate against anyone in our Constitution but instead only in their Churches.Seperation of Church and State is the law in America.

For Romney to say,” that the gay people have rights as they can visit each other in the hospital when they are sick,” seems to be a generous concession on the part of the Republican Party who has appointed themselves as the ruling class.  Without marriage children will always be considered ill-legitimate in America.  Without marriage a committed couple remains single for life.  Without marriage siblings have a larger right in many States to the property and assets that  a committed couple spends their lifetime working together to earn.  To claim that marriage is just the right of heterosexuals and to hide behind Religion sounds a lot like it sounded when slaves were refused the right to marry on Religious convictions when inter-racial marriages were wrong because of religious convictions, and when Jews, Catholics and Mormons were burnt out of their homes for fear that one of their children would marry a white Protestant, because they were considered to be lesser than the white Protestant, by the religious convictions in the community of their day.

How far back do we have to fall or how much rule will we tolerate giving over to the Republican Party over all of us, who are ourselves or family members of discrimination,  before we all vote for equality and justice for all in America?  When the same Party denies that the gay population falls into the arena of hate crimes, while voting against it, and they have a History of yelling, “Religious Convictions,” for 200 years now, haven’t we who are or were one of those discriminated against, forgotten our own roots?  It is time to quiet that over-worn excuse that allows their hate to grow while dividing the civility of the American people. Vote for equality for all Americans in November.

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