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Everyone who has ever had emotional pain or hurt,have been bullied, abused or mistreated and are quick to get angry or to hate, needs to read the post on http//jennygoat.livejournal.com. entitled “Forgiveness Is Not Forgetting”. A short ad will run sometimes in order to make the connection so we can get on it, but it is neither spam or a virus, and if it is a problem to you, just hit the back button and then the forward button, back to it.

It explains the effects on us that we all have suffered at one time in our life, and explains to all of us in lay man terms, as to why we do have hate and anger and often times deny it. I don’t commonly recommend other blogs but this is an exception that I am willing to make.

It also explains the history and explanations on abortion that many of us rarely or ever hear. I hope you find it helpful.

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The thing most young people do not understand, is the life that we are living today and the kind of person we will become, has very little to nothing, to do with today, but everything to do with tomorrow. When we are young, just as it is hard for us to understand our own longevity, we think we still have time to make all the necessary changes to become the human being we want to become.

The truth is, that is what today is all about. Today is about putting together a life, of truth, honesty, fairness, to not just ourselves, but especially to people who others find difficult to like. It is about developing a kind spirit today. It is about being able to look back with a sober and clear conscience, never having to disappear into denial,drugs and alcohol and being able to smile because we reached out and beyond ourselves to give and to love when others spewed hate. It is about earning the income and putting together a savings, that will guarantee us a nice nest egg so we can retire and understanding that with investments, there are no guarantees. So we need to put a little collateral into humanity as well.

To think that you can eliminate social security today and then pay for it later, is ludicrous. Those shoes you buy today will earn nothing along side of retiring with dignity and independence. To send brave people to war and lower their benefits so you can pay less out of your check, to know you ran the unions of the working class out-of-town on lies, so the wealthy could lower minimum wage for all, and you were a leader in the movement, how will you feel about that when you do get older and can reflect back on your life?

This is the time, It is about reaching to others and giving of our time and help along with our understanding, even if it means you risk getting slapped for it. It is about developing our compassion and empathy for all of God’s creatures, large and small. It is about showing our respect and appreciation so our children learn the same. It is about being the best and doing the most now, because these are the years we will all reflect back on to gain our own sense of joy and accomplishment when we reach the age we can no longer carry on.

How much hate can people carry now, and how many lies, can they tell in the name of God or the Bible now? How good will you feel knowing you worked over-time destroying a good man’s name, one who worked laboriously to save our Nation, who history will determine was and is a good man?What is it teaching your children? Do you think they will grow up as admirable members of society or possibly bullies? Will they have learned to offer mercy and respect at their parents knees? Will they be grateful for the times you were not home because you were spreading hate and lies, instead? Will they learn the same works for them, and use it against you instead? Will you have taught them how to be proud new members and warriors of the skin heads or for the KKK because you taught them how to hate well? Perhaps they already have a mean spirit, just like their mommy or daddy. Does that make you proud? Very little that we do today is about today, it is all about tomorrow.

I think we will all be glad we can look back on that sorry state of affairs, some are living today, and will have to reflect on later, and be grateful we avoided the mentality of Christian behavior today,in order to find the peace of our old age. But like another generation of drop-outs, perhaps they have hope in turning to the “born again Christians” and we all will give thanks that they will find mercy over hate. As much as we would want them to be able to enjoy all the warm memories that go along with love, be able to smile from the heart and have warm thoughts and memories, at least, “if the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” they can begin towards that direction and until then, We were just wondering is all? Since very little we do today is about today but it is all about tomorrow.

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When we as an individual or a group of people join together to make an accusation or generalization about the member or members of another person or group of people, and view them all to be just alike, we are always wrong in our assumption, generalities, and judgements. There are never any exceptions to that truth, as we are the person or persons in error, when we do behave in the same manner. (See the post: “When Truth Speaks Over Lies” previously written in this blog)

So why do we do it? And why is it the Church groups of America, often are the first to do it? What is going on in the name of Jesus or God in regards to the Gay Community is and needs to be recognized as the disgrace and shame that it is, and be stopped as does the hate and lies, that divide us as a Democracy. I am going to pick on religion until the divide in America stops, because I know as you all know, a great deal of the views in America that divide us are coming from the different religious communities,inter-net sites,blogs, bullies, social media,various Churches,right of politics,the pulpits,Fox News, The Christian broadcasting Network, from the Church presses, and the list goes on.

Regardless of the right-wing denial, and what we hear, the hate in America, is not being generated by liberals,Atheist,Gays, or non-Church attending people in America. We all know that for certain. There have been plenty of times that the liberals and the right-wing were at war,but this time it is the Christians, after their own perceived right to judge and to infringe, on the Constitutional rights of equality for all Americans as well as all of our right to choose. God help us before they destroy Democracy and our freedom to choose for all of us,permanently.

For the sake, of a nine-year old little girl in Tucson, who had such high hopes for Democracy,the recent suicides of our young people, as well as all of our own children who are alive and look to us for their protection, we need to join together and show empathy and compassion for all Americans, including our President, Barack OBama, who inherited an extremely difficult task. Our religious views and beliefs belong between us and our Redeemer and stop at the Church doors. None of us, have a right to judge or deny, another or to infringe on their rights and choices,especially when we all are of a different race,creed,gender,religious view,or color, either the right to succeed or to fail.

To do so or to think differently from that and to certainly judge, destroys the very fiber of both civilization and Democracy. We know that for certain,as well. Law was ordained to both govern rights and freedoms in our Constitution,and never was it the right of religion to ever think it did have the power or was it ever, the intent of the writers of the Constitution to give that power to religion. Much less, have religion attempt to take the power from government which is “We the People” or to deny government or us, the same power of law. I can only pray that you who are doing it, stop the spread of the lies and hate now,before you do wake up and realize that you are naively involved in an immoral power struggle, and the enemy is YOU.

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