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I have no doubt, as much as we get upset about politicians,most people who will show up to vote will do so based on the propaganda and lies that come out of the media mouths of such people like Sarah Palin,Sean Hanity,Rush Limbaugh, and the majority of the Fox News team in general.

When we add the promises never kept by the GOP candidates and PR politicians,who have been everywhere from town hall meetings,meet and greets, and done media time paid for by the Koch Brothers and their cronies, we can all be certain no one has told the voter who they court,the truth yet. Nor will those who vote for the GOP majority have taken time as a majority to search for the truth before they vote. Instead they will show up to vote on nothing more than propaganda and false hope.

How much of that is both the fault of the Democrat Party who never confront the onslaught of the GOP lies but add some of their own promises that they,themselves, will never be able to keep? Why doesn’t the Democrat PR teams do as an effective job at exposing the lies and the propaganda, as does the Christian Coalition and the Conservatives do in promoting it?

Like it or not, the conservatives do have a far better organized machine in place when it comes to selling their lies,than does the Democrats do in exposing their lies. If the predictions are correct,then the tea party is once more going to gain heavy inroads into both our State legislatures and take over control of the Senate as well.

How much responsibility do we the Democrat voter need to take for not showing up at the election polls to vote in midterm elections? The Social media is almost entirely flooded by the paid for hate,lies,and propaganda of the conservatives. Don’t too many on our side of the aisle simply let it past instead of refuting their lies?

Do both we and our candidates let the opposition campaigns win when we and they do or say nothing to combat it? We have almost all the facts on our side where history shows that budgets get balanced under Democratic leadership and our economy and job market improves, under the leadership of the Democrat Party. So why don’t both the Party and we,promote those facts more,in an effort to confront their lies? Why have generations of Democrats allowed the Republican lies convince the American public that Republicans do better in these areas?

Vote Democrat on November 4th. Our future depends on it!


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I’m writing this in response to a complaint filed on my blog,by a person who was actually attempting to run their spam past me. I too recognize the mistakes made,primarily in the beginning of my writing,and I blanch just a little myself.  I began writing my blog to warn people of the encroaching problems and half truths that were accompaning the Tea Party candidates, in 2009.  I knew their real goal was to prevent Obama care from happening.

I had no doubt,what their mission was nor who was financing them, since much of what was being said had eerie overtones from both the Joe McCarthy and John Birch Society days.  I knew  Grover Norquist,was an enthusiastic supporter,of both, and no one in the Republican Party got past Grover.

I hadn’t written for years,seriously,as the majority of my endeavors up to that point were spent in research,study,and oil painting.  I still have an occasional mistake, but I feel the message is more important than grammar correctness.  If you disagree with me,then I request that you not burden yourself to lower your higher grammatical standards,over my own.  My attempt is to bring common sense back to the voter or to offer self help or guidance.  I don’t now,nor did I ever profess to be,a teacher of grammar or spelling correctness

To those who share my concerns of what the religious right and conservative right, paid for by the Koch Brothers in the name of Tea Party Patriotism and Christian values, is doing to our States and in Washington,I urge you to vote. It saddens me when they are nothing more than a Trojan Horse to hide in,while they deny Americans their Constitutional rights,outside of their own,”Good Old Boy” system.

The dollars are into unheard of amounts that they are spending to spread falsehoods and propaganda against their competition,and they must be stopped, while the people still have the ability to do so.  Vote November 4th,for the future of the next generations that will follow us,or for your own futures to be pulled from the slavery they are attempting to bind you in,to better serve the needs of the white male and their favored Corporate and Oil Refinery Billionaires. A tragedy is taking place in our Nation and it must be stopped beginning with the mid-term elections,when turn out is statistically low. Only we can stop it!

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I need to apologize to my earnest followers, for not returning to my blog as I had hoped.  Much has happened in both my personal experience of travel, remodel, and enjoyment of my husbands retirement.  At my age, we find ourselves always balancing the good with health problems sometimes co-existing at the same time, as being part of life.

I would just warn you, that the influence of the media such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news, has only grown more hateful, and short of facts, even while most of my readers are already aware of their false propaganda, spreading. When we think they can not outdo their spread of false information, through capitalizing on the ignorance of the voter, we find out just how wrong we are.

Through even more outrageous mockery of our President and their opposition, and through even more spending by the Tea Partyand the Religious Right, they show no shame. Their colors show to the already aware amongst us,during yet another election year;While they continue to bamboozle the voter with their self-serving and deliberate distortion of facts. The majority of Republican conservatives continue to show us just how wrong we are to think they cannot get worse, by increasing spending and false information in triplicate. Both are playing out within our States and through their representatives in Washington.

The only thing that is going down in both monetary value and funding, is the treatment of both the workers and the poor who are increasingly one and the same, as the conservatives and tea party members continue to deny both a fair wage, as the “yes people,” to Corporate America.  What is taking place against the rights of women and their health issues is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice, going unanswered in 31 States, where laws were passed giving the rights to both rapists and the fetus, over the rights of a woman, to the pursuit of justice in America.

These laws were passed and added to the Republican platform without protests, and under lies being broadcasted against the opposition.  Vote against the Republican Candidates for re-election and election on November 3rd, and keep voting against them until the Republican Party hears the voice of the people over the idiots now running their party! Democracy depends on it!

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This will be my final political post,thank Goodness!  After having written on the truth of the far right and the Tea Party and their negative effects on the Republican Party and the cynicism across America that they lap up, with their below par candidates for two years, I welcome the end of writing anymore on the subject of politics.

My husband will be retiring at the end of the year and we hope to travel.  I welcome and look forward to being out of the loop on the political scene and playing in the sunshine.  Since this is my last political post and I have watched Americans throw away 6 Billion dollars on campaigns of lies, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  The sad thing is that the majority of the large donors spent it to buy their candidate of choice.  I applaud those who spent in an effort to stop the corrupt from taking office.

I am afraid that those who want a prostitute to perform in their favor in their politicians do so, to get their own greed fulfilled and are the largest contributors.  It would be nice to think the Republican Party itself would be spending those dollars instead to throw the bums out.  Men such as Sam Adelson and the Koch Brothers in the Republican Party, are stealing the votes from American citizens who are either to flip-flop themselves to make decisions or too bored to care. The sad thing is when the greed is coming from the Christian ministries who are more business driven than Christ driven and give of the money collected for the poor, in their efforts to sway the elections in their own Churches.

Unless and until men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist are shaken loose from the strong hold or the bully pulpit of the Republican Party the Republican Party will continue to prostitute themselves for the Tea Party and the ridiculous right who will and are destroying Democracy in America. This Tea Party driven Party will not even stand for a Republican saying “Hi” to a Democrat when they meet in the hall without threatening them on their re-election support.  Both parties use to break early for a drink together and now they cannot even acknowledge they know each other due to this insane hatred driven by the Tea Party.

The Republicans instead blame President Obama for not working with them when they filibustered more than anytime in our history against President Obama’s agenda and they met ten days after he was signed into office where all Republicans were forced to sign a pledge making President Obama a one term President, at their CPAC retreat. Those who refused to sign the pledge along with  Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana, were ran out of the Republican Party by the Tea Party in the primaries because he had the audacity to say,”We need to work together on a healthcare program.”  The ironic part is that the Democrats never ran against Senator Lugar all these years because he was respected by both sides of the aisle before the Tea Party entered the fray on the lie of paying down the deficit.  The good news is the Democrat is leading in the Senate race in Indiana against the Tea Party selected Republican who defeated Senator Lugar, and for the first time in 30 plus years, a Democrat is  expected to win the Senate seat the Tea Party forced Senator Lugar to leave.

We keep hearing from the media that all of this money being spent is necessary in order to win over the Independent vote. We see the polls changing every time they are taken and I don’t know about the rest of Americans, but  this election smells like rotten eggs.  It has been the biggest disgrace ever enacted on the American public, in all the years that I have been following politics.  These corrupt politicians and the people who back them have destroyed any decency left in the election system in America.  The voter suppression belongs in a third world Country governed by a dictatorship and certainly not in America! Instead the “true to the vote group” which is a self-appointed watch dog group of the Tea Party are claiming voter fraud where none exists and intimating voters at the polls who would vote for President Obama in States ran by Tea Party and Republican Governors. This same group have mailed out misleading information confusing the minority voters with erroneous information.

Sure politics have always had a stretching of the truth and we always needed to read between the lines.  In the 1950’s Democrat candidate Adlai Stevenson said to the Republican majority,”If you quit lying about us we will quit telling the truth about you.”The biggest difference is that we saw two men who would stand on the stage of their Parties and accept their Party’s election because they were driven to help the American people over a need to fill their own pockets.  We could believe that they were men of honor until Richard Nixon exposed them for the fraud that they were.  Even so they did not promote or refuse to stop the hate and lies that we have seen this year in candidate Romney, and his campaign contributors.   May we never see it again!

The political season use to be fun before the venom and mean spirited of the Tea Party and the far right won the majority control of the Republican Party and they along with their hate groups entered the picture. It is impossible to have an honest debate with them today because they can only come back with the lies and half-truths that have been programmed into them.  They do not have an original or independent thought or reasoning for their explanation or debate when we do try to press them into doing so. We use to be able to join together and have parties with red,white, and blue banners hung for decorations and discuss our differences and our own reasoning without name calling.  Elections were a time of celebration with both Parties being represented and now they are just a screaming match or those who judge the harshest get up and leave in a huff.

Anyone who believes the accuracy of the polls taking place this year must be in that undecided column that put the blame on Independents. Polls simply do not swing as much or as frequently as the polls have swung this year unless the majority of American pollsters are schizophrenic and the majority of us know better than to believe that they have lost touch, to that degree with reality,yet. Certainly the polls have not shown the conviction of the Americans voters. We may be getting close to a Nation of shallow voters but we are not quite there yet.  The media, depending on their own choice of candidates, just kept changing to the polls they preferred that were closer to the truth they wanted to hear, I suspect is closer to the truth.

I maintain many Independents are not Independent but instead uninterested in a two-party system or politics in general,looking for an utopia that doesn’t exist on earth or in our lives,has special interests of their own they want promoted over the view of the majority, or are ashamed to have their name tied to the far right of the Republican Party but in truth will either not vote or will vote Republican once they walk in the booth anyway.  They just don’t want their friends to know.

It works the same way with the Independents who use to call themselves Democrat but the liberals have been so maligned by the Christian community, in which they are a member of, that they fear to stand up for their beliefs that are opposite of their religious community. They too will vote Democrat when they enter the booths to vote. The fastest way to get attention is America is to tell the politicians or your friends that you are undecided or Independent. Neither will stop trying to convert you to their cause if you do.  I can’t imagine why anyone would tell anyone that they were either unless they do love the attention.

True Independents saw absolutely nothing this year that they would vote for because it is a sin to discuss Science and environment in the Republican Party today. Because the Liberals are accused of trying to be Jesus Christ and dividing the Red Sea or mocked when they talk about things like global warming that threatens the coast of our Great Nation, they play it safe and say nothing.

This election year was a disgrace to all of us, who do believe in the political system and like a good healthy debate with the opposition, but instead the waters were poisoned by both hate and lies by the far right and the media that feeds into it.  We heard absolutely nothing on details from Mitt Romney, other than, “I will not answer that before the election,I’ll have to check on that and get back to you on that, or No I will not show you my taxes.”

Anyone who would vote for a candidate, who would represent himself as Mitt Romney has, is voting strictly because they believe all the lies and hate that have been spread across America by the Tea Party and the people who would call themselves Christian or the Far right; or they would vote for Romney’s dog, as long as it was Republican.

These American citizens will continue until their deathbeds to either vote out of ignorance for what the Republican Party today represents, or against their own best interests.  Too many think that as a Nation we pay too much out in welfare for the poor and it is socialism to do so.  The real truth is: far more money goes out in welfare to the wealthy,oil companies, and corporations and is protected by the Republican Party.

I have yet to meet the person who did not give back for the Blessings they received ever become a true success in life.  Many of them if they do gain wealth, find that they are alone in life, without any real friends. Even their own children stand around with their hands out.  Those who hold the attitude of resentment against the less fortunate, in my experience, almost always fail in life. The true joy in life comes from giving back and making a difference in someone else’s life, without them knowing we did.

For the Romney campaign to tolerate an ad stating American generosity is supporting socialism because many of us enjoy giving,in my estimation is inexcusable.The more generous we are to others the more happiness and contentment we gain for ourselves.  This is un-imaginable to the selfish who collects things and people for their own needs and pleasure, so they hide behind the lie of Socialism instead. Obviously a self-professed Billionaire who made his money in one generation did not experience socialism in America so to profess his concern for the same lies is just more of the disgrace that was allowed to run by the Romney campaign. It is the same kind of campaign ad that was offered to the John McCain campaign and refused by him for being in poor taste.

Our economy is coming back thanks to the tireless efforts of President Barack Obama and these American citizens would rather see Mitt Romney get the credit for it while President Obama takes the blame for the Republican greed that caused the mess he inherited.  Throughout history messes made by Republicans and paid for by the middle class have been cleaned up along with budgets balanced  by Democrat Presidents. It is a total misconception that Democrats spend money and Republicans balance budgets.

Who in their right mind, who lives on the planet earth, would elect a President, like Mitt Romney, who refused to come clean with the people of his own Party and those who would vote for him? He has only shared what he feels about us, the 47% ,with the “fat Cats” whose taxes he has promised to decrease by 5 trillion more dollars and have it added to our deficit while he lies to his own constituency. It befuddles the mind and reasoning of common sense. I repeat:  May we never see another election year like the one we have seen this year! Please Vote on Tues. if you do not have an opportunity to vote sooner.  We need to get rid of the spread of hate in America before it consumes yet more American minds and drives reality and common sense out of our elections, entirely. Vote the bums out!

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Mitt Romney has said,” government does not give jobs or build businesses but private business is what makes our lives better and gives us jobs.”  Mitt Romney is going to have a hard time convincing those on the East Coast,that government does not make their lives better or won’t give them jobs.  We in the Heartland have learned following tornadoes as have those in the South and on the West Coast  learned following  hurricanes and earthquakes and already know, that Mitt Romney is wrong because yes government does. We have all learned, regardless of the situations in our lives, that government does rebuild our lives,our businesses,gives us checks to rebuild our homes, and gives us jobs to repair our transportation and infra-structure when we need them most.

With the Army Corp of Engineers building up and rebuilding walls to protect the American people on the East Coast from future storms and government paid firemen,first responders, and police protecting their lives and property,the military reserves making rescues and protecting their property from looters, bringing gasoline in when gas stations run out, giving aid to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to feed the hungry,offering roofs over their heads, working to turn the power back on,repairing their transportation systems,rebuilding bridges and the boardwalk, removing strewn garbage and wreckage from their property, pumping water out of their homes,businesses, and subways,they as we already know, are seeing just how much Americans do depend on our government to be there for them and to give a damn without gouging them in the process. It doesn’t matter what race, religion,skin color,how much money they have, if they are employed, or what social economic position they belong to, they all need government to be there for them now, just as we have had to depend on them in the past or will need to in the future.

Is there an American left in the Nation that believes private Industry along with private Insurance Companies would do the same for us, without gouging us on prices in the process? We know that the system is rigged to keep smaller businesses out by lobbyists who pay the Republican Party in forms of gifts and feel entitled to the contracts in return, and they demand all things business belongs to them,the 1%, unless they choose to reject it. The Republican Party has become their prostitute of the night who when taken out to dinner are expected to perform.

We should also know that we as a private business will not qualify when it comes to gaining contracts from the government, if it is turned over to private Industry, because instead of government deciding our fate the Wall Street lobbyists tell the politicians what our fate is once they are done deciding it themselves. The Republicans are not against the Federal government sponsoring their pork programs they are just against the Federal government sponsoring our programs. When Mitt Romney said,”We need to eliminate FEMA and send it back to the States or better yet turn it over to private Industry, he was speaking for his own belief system which is the same and just more of the problem that created the mess we have spent 4 years trying to climb out of in order to correct the system. We cannot afford their policies and it has been proven that it does not work.

If their cronies are given contracts during the rebuilding of the East Coast won’t there be companies who proceed with business as usual, by charging the people exorbitant costs through the use of government?We may find at times that the wheels of government and the bureaucracy of red tape moves too slowly but in the end they will eventually make it right and we cannot always say that about those who take our money and give us nothing in return. Regardless of what we think of government aren’t they the ones that we find we rely on the most in a disaster situation?Isn’t it important because of lobbyist, who get an unfair break in free enterprise over our own needs, that we keep the needs of the people in the hands of government?

Don’t we rely on our government to maintain many of these same services on any day of our lives, to keep our town,cities,businesses,lending,agriculture and our health care running smoothly?  Isn’t it government that guarantees us that if we pay into the system or fight for the Democracy, we hold dear, then we will be provided for in our older years or on our return from battle?  Do we really believe that private business would protect us from safety in air flight,against diseases and pay for new discoveries in medicine that will heal us ,without price gouging in the open market? Will they protect the life of we the consumers against inferior and often dangerous products and produce if they stand to make a profit?  How efficient and willing will private business be to let go of their own profits in order to defend us against criminal activity,abusers, against terrorist,global warming,pollution that chokes the life out of our children and destroys their futures, find new discoveries that improve our health and longevity of life without forcing us to over-pay for their discoveries or services?

Don’t we need that protection from the greed of Private Industry more now than we ever have, with a Tea Party filled Republican Party that does not believe in a middle class being entitled to a good wage for a honest days work or Democracy? Don’t we need government to defend our right to equality regardless of gender,race,creed,or color of our skin? Don’t we need government to enforce the laws that protect us against these would be abusers,makes sure education is available to all Americans,and frees itself of corruption because “We the People” vote for those who will while we eliminate those who won’t?

When our own community is decimated by Mother Nature or man-made fires or disasters, we need people in government to be there for us who are knowledgeable on helping us regain our footing.We need people who do believe in the warnings given to us from Scientists on global warming and other man-made disasters being there to help us correct the problems before they arise if we are fortunate enough to get a warning, and certainly after a crises occurs. We all depend on our early warning systems provided to us by our government.  We do not need a Republican Party who refuses to accept these realities by making certain it is not part of their platform or they do away with a government who protects our needs, in favor of private Industry, who too often charges us outlandish prices when they do help or cancels our policies after we have paid into them for years..

We have heard for a year how the Republicans will repeal affordable healthcare or Obama care and turn Medicare into vouchers while sending Medicaid back to the States.  Is there anyone left, who thinks after New York and New Jersey along with other States like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Connecticut get done rebuilding from their recent hardships, that they will have funds left to care for the healthcare needs of their people if the Republicans repeal Obama care and send Medicaid back to the States while they get rid of the Federal governmental Agencies that protects all of us? Like everything else about Mitt Romney, he like every Republican before him will not tell us what he will replace it with but we should know it will be with private Industry making a generous profit and at added expense to all of us, because it is the Republican way to make sure it is always at the expense of the middle class.

As sad as it is to all of us, as a Nation, to know so many people are suffering and have suffered unimaginable lost, isn’t this a wake up call to all of us that “We do need Government in our lives?” When we hear men who belong to the Tea Party, such as Ron Paul say,”We shouldn’t have to pay for it because they lost their house,”doesn’t it make our skin crawl? Don’t we want government there for us when we face our next tragedy?  As Americans aren’t we all,” One Nation under God conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal with freedom and justice  for all?”

It is true that sometimes out of tragedy there often comes a reminder to all of us that we do need each other and it does take all of us pulling together with the help of our government, to come back better and stronger than ever.  This has been the focal point of the Obama/Biden campaign from the beginning, and they need to be thanked by all of us for not having lost sight of that message and for having led consistently and admirably by putting in the good fight for us, the American citizens.

When we forgot just how important it is that as Americans we all pull together, they never lost sight of the fact that we all are in it together, because we are Americans and that is what Americans do. They will continue to insist that we all play by the same rules from Wall Street to Main Street. We know we can trust their character as being real because they have earned our trust and lived our lives. They fight for us because they have not forgotten from where they came.

If you haven’t already voted for the candidates who will make certain that those who lead our government will be there to guarantee all of us our rights and freedoms as Americans, in a United Nation, then I urge you to make certain that you do. Vote!

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(late addition: I interrupt this moment in politics to say my heartfelt concern goes out to all of you who are fighting the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  I would also like to tell all Americans to donate any food stuffs to your neighbors who may be without.  The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army,  and other organizations responding  to this crises cannot use food stuff due to the risk of contamination.  Money is always desperately needed.  Those who are not directly effected by the storm but still confused on who to vote for, I encourage you to read my following Posts.  Again  my concern for all of you is genuine regardless if you are still in shock, waiting for the power to come on, or mourning your loss.  May God Bless you all!)

How much more cruelty or lies do we or President Obama have to endure or hear out of the Romney  campaign and his fellow Republican campaigners this season from the Republicans who support Mitt Romney? When we remember his attacks against his fellow Republicans in the primaries it seems as though his campaign has gone on for ever and gotten nastier as each week has passed.  I can’t possibly list all the messages of hate that have been told or is being told against the Man who holds the office of President, but to call Mitt Romney’s campaign a campaign of decency and class is as big of a lie or stretch of the imagination, as any Mitt himself has told.

I thought plutocrats were taught at least a minimum amount of restraint in their messages of disrespect against the highest office of our Land and the men who hold that office, but it appears that they get more attention by being louts than they do by appearing respectable. What is going on with the supporters of Mitt Romney and his campaign is a total complete disrespect mixed with hate-mongering towards our President and I suffice it to say that it would never happen if President Obama was white. For American Citizens to tolerate such low-level campaigning that will cost a Billion plus dollars before it’s over should sicken us all.

I venture to say that the majority of voting is over or will be in the next week as those of us who do care have already voted and knowing how badly the sleazy Republican bunch is trying to cause mayhem at the polls or lie to the voters elsewhere it is wise to vote early.   I have decided to list just a few of the low-life comments being made by Republican candidates and by Mitt Romney supporters. I hesitate in doing so because there are those who feel to print it is to give it credibility but I feel that if it does not get spoken about then the general public will be electing someone who does not represent their values and views. This is not an election to have voter remorse over the day after because as a Nation we have way too much at stake this election to mess it up now with our votes or to tolerate the hate spreading across America, when we are a Nation who embraces the diversity that has led to us being World Leaders in Democracy.

Ann Coulter in a twitter tweak called our President a retard which isn’t only ignorance directed at our President but millions of handicapped people who struggle daily and have far more class than the likes of Ann Coulter, has ever had or I venture, will ever have. Any of us who have been Blessed enough to hold one of these children knows the strength of perseverance and courage that they hold, and as a Nation we should be ashamed of people who would down grade their qualities in such nasty terms.  All children born with the tests of hardships should be elevated to their rightful place as should our President.

The racism is so high that even the most naive of people can’t help but trip over it from the comments of President Obama being lazy and taking naps and how the African-American people need to be taken off of welfare and taught to become janitors and babysitters from Newt Gingrich to the many derogatory remarks made by Senator John  Sununu.Senator Sununu, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager never fails to bring up the race issue and to suggest that somehow as a Senator it is o.k. to malign our President or any race of people as an elected official, every chance he can, is to take civilization back to the 1950’s.  Where have these cave men been living?

Colin Powell went to great efforts to explain how Mitt Romney being all over the map scared him and he like, many other Americans, sees our economy turning around and feels that President Obama is on the right track to recovery.  Senator Sununu was quick to say that Colin Powell’s endorsement for President Obama had nothing to do with the President’s accomplishments and Colin Powell was not being political in his endorsement but only proud of his race. The truth is the Republican Party is filled with rascist and that is the main reason Senator McConnell said the only goal the Republicans in Congress had was to make sure President Obama was a one term President. All of the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge the successes of President Obama.  For every success made by our President they deliberately threw in diversions with the criticisms of Cheney and John McCain gaining the attention instead of the American people being able to celebrate our President’s accomplishments.

For four years we have heard Republican members of the Senate and Congress malign our President while whining that President Obama does not spend enough time with them.  They have started one witch hunt after the other on our President or his cabinet and each time they find nothing just as they did with the Clintons on Whitewater they get nastier and more vocal. Their hate mongering racist comments over the years should sicken all decent Americans but instead there are those who accept this kind of talk and support Mitt Romney.

Just 4 years ago only 23% of our population wanted Mitt to be President while 77% of us were aware of the fact that his kind of doing business was not the kind of business man we needed to recover the mess that was left behind by the greed of the Republican majority. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both expected to lose their own home States in this election.  I’m not sure that any President or vice President team in History has ever lost his own home State by as far as Mitt Romney is behind in the polls, following having been Governor in that same State.  If this was a Democrat who was losing their home State by an estimated 20% or larger, we can be certain it would be all over the news alerts. The campaign to spread lies by the Patriot groups gained it’s feet and left too many of us who knew the truth 4 years ago, confused today, while others are accepting what they would never have accepted then.

Billionaire Thomas Peterffy is running an ad that he is paying for, talking about the sins of Socialism, which suggest that President Obama without naming him and the Democrats are Socialists so he is going to vote Republican.  Democracy around the World has always provided for the needs of their people and America does not come close to the tax bases that those countries pay out nor do we provide the healthcare that they do.  Anyone who would  suggest because Our Nation is now giving back to those who fought for this Country and to the elderly who have paid in while providing food stamps to those whose income has dropped due to unemployment, that we are now some how becoming a Socialist State is suggesting total ignorance on their part.

It is a slap in the face to all of us who have paid for and earned the benefits now due us and just more of the hate propaganda taking place with the Romney campaign. Other groups have tried to run this kind of garbage in the past and other Republican candidates for office, have refused it. This is nothing more than neo-con talk coming from the mentality that goes back to the scare tactics of the George McCarthy era.  Didn’t we learn how much damage that did to innocent Americans?  Where is Mitt Romney and why isn’t he stopping that kind of ad if he is not a Neo-Con himself?

Trump is at it again and offering to donate to President Obama’s charity of choice if he shows him his college transcripts and saying our President isn’t all that smart.  What Trump really is after is promoting the belief that all African-Americans as well as our President are given special treatment under affirmative action and promoting again that if President Obama shows his birth certificate he will put it to rest even though our President has shown it already and it was broadcast across print media as well as the air-ways.

No other President in history has ever been put through this kind of microscope and had his word so maligned.  Even George Romney who was born in Mexico was not asked to prove his citizenship.  President Obama was born in Hawaii and because of the maligning efforts made by men like Trump, two out of five Republicans still believe President Obama is not an American.  There are idiots running around the blog-0-sphere claiming President Obama after being a Senator and a President has never been vetted.  No one much less the President of the United States of America should have to endure the treatment shown him by these idiots.

I wish I could say that this was all just because of it being an election year but this kind of talk isn’t just taking place by idiots on the blogosphere and Trump but by other idiots as well, such as the head  of the NRA,Rascist groups, Ted Nugent,Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who are the worse kind of bigots in America, since they have  the platforms provided for them to incite the worse kind of hate. This spread of bigotry and hate has gone on for four years and is the conversation taking place across America by the ignorant people of America.  I have been to two antique auctions where two different auctioneers amongst their lilly white crowds have felt comfortable by taking a swipe at our President.  At the last one a real ass of an auctioneer suggested the crowd buy the old National Geographics because we could find President Obama’s grandmother in one of them.  I will give the crowd this, at neither auction did any one laugh at either auctioneer who felt comfortable taking a swipe at our President, because the majority of us whether we are Republicans, Independent, or Democrats are not ignorant or jerks.

When I hear Ann Romney saying,” stop already on the talk against Mitt Romney”, who has throughout his political career been all over the map on what he believes to the point that if we looked at the film footage we would be dizzy when we walked out,  I can’t help but think,”You have some nerve Lady!”  I can appreciate that Mitt is her husband and she loves him but after the really horrific conversations against President Obama in comparison to those against Mitt Romney that have taken place against President Obama right under Mitt Romney’s nose and he has done nothing to stop it, how dare Ann Romney get on her high prancing horse over what is being said about Mitt Romney.  When Mitt’s words and behavior is all over the map and Mitt changes his views faster than most of us change our under pants what are we suppose to say about him? The man keeps proving  he will do anything and say anything to get elected.

I have yet to hear any suggestions against Mitt’s Religion, remember Reverend Wright being used against President Obama, and when I report on the views of the Mormon Religion it is because I am simply repeating their belief and Mitt Romney’s belief and that does not come close to equaling the playing field of all the hate that has been spread about Reverend Wright and our President being Muslim.  Why does President Obama’s religion matter and Mitt Romney’s doesn’t when Mitt comes from what has always been thought of as a Religion that denies equality to women?

As of 2010 the Security Agency’s of America were able to place over 800 Patriot Groups in America and of those 330 are militia groups.  They go by Patriotic And Christian Names and use names to make the American Citizens think our goals are their goals when in truth it is anything but what the majority of Americans would support. Not all specialize in violence but it explains the movement to fire more policemen and replace them with vigilante groups in 17 States where the “Stand Your Ground law” has passed.

These groups are backed by the John Birch Society and other radical groups who do not necessarily support Democracy, with their aim and power to shrink the government being given to the elected officials of the Tea Party in the Republican Party.  They advocate New World Order which is nothing more than going back to the 1800s, where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. They want to go back to the days when ruthless men operated without a conscious like Vanderbilt,Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and Carnegie,  under the guise of free enterprise. They were able to grow monopolies,banking, and corporations without government regulations at this time in History but they are equally as bent on returning us to another time in History and that was when Woodrow Wilson was President and before the Roosevelt programs were put in place creating  a strong middle class.

Too many of these same type of ruthless business men without a conscious still exist today, but many of the family board members or directors are not willing to take the risk their ancestors did or in some cases they are not as competent because they have lost the edge that their earlier ancestors had so many Corporations are run by mostly men who are paid exorbitant prices to get their profits up. They continue to feed us the belief that when business does well we do well or “trickle Down Economics’ which has proven to be a disaster to the middle class.  Instead when we have a strong middle class and we have discretionary spending the economy does well.  The top of the food chain only reinvest it to make themselves richer while competing amongst the top of the ladder while the poor and middle class gets poorer under this system.

Just as greed was referred to then, as being ambitious, it still is today and just as employee wages were cut then with hours being extended by the workers,this same practice is being done today,except the jobs are being outsourced to China and India in exchange for cheap labor. With their efforts to ban Unions or to run them out and to deny employee negotiations,they have passed”the right to work laws” and it is their plan to keep the factories here at lower wages, when it is to cost prohibitive to send the work over seas or demand for the product made is greater here than over seas and to import it back in is too costly.

General motors has come up with the combo fuel and electric  car of the future in the Colt that cuts the need for gasoline down to almost nothing and lessens the need for gasoline at the pumps while cutting down on carbon emissions, and Mitt Romney has said he will stop funding on electric cars and wind towers, if he is elected.Only the original test car that was put through vigorous tests that would not occur with normal driving, started on fire and the fire was eliminated quickly without doing damage to the dummy.  Instead the far right has spread stories about all the Chevy Colts catching on fire. It has been chosen as the car of  the year two years in a row and is the proto-type that other foreign automobiles are following. These Republicans are not interested in saving money out of the pockets of the middle class while making us energy-efficient despite Romney’s campaign promises to do so.

Mitt Romney has said,”I heard that Jeep was going to be outsourced to China,” while campaigning in Ohio, in an effort to win over voters in that State, while Detroit and Chrystler have moved quickly to deny that there is any truth what-so-ever in what Romney is saying, and a figment of Mitt Romney’s imagination.  This has not stopped his campaign from making three different ads stating the very same lie,however.

He has done the same thing with stating that President Obama wants to hand out welfare without work and that has been made clear as being a lie by everyone,even in his own Party. The same man who refused to bet on the American workers and the automobile Industry is so desperate now that he is trying to win on nothing more than lies, while refusing to show the American people what he is hiding by not turning over his own tax returns,when other Presidents have done this throughout history.  His own dad said,” Anyone who runs for the office of President and refuses to turn over at least ten years of his tax returns does not do so because they have something to hide.”

If we, the middle class, refuse to learn from our past mistakes of history and instead only accept the glorifying lack of details when it comes to the Romney claims, that we have no way of knowing are the truth or exists,because Mitt Romney refuses to come clean with us the American people, then shouldn’t we be more observant and ever alert to the idea that if we keep falling for their lies, we will lose?  As members of the middle class, it is our job to understand that they will use any technique possible to gain our vote because of their own greed.  If we keep voting for those who lie over telling us the truth, we will most certainly repeat a history of injustice against our own needs, again and again.

Decreasing the wages of the middle class and stepping up profits for the oil Companies along with speculative Trade on Wall Street began a decade ago under the Bush Administration but increased rapidly with the election of 72 Tea Party members to our States and Washington with a Republican controlled legislature in the 2010 election, when they won another Republican majority. Mitt Romney’s campaign is laying the blame for lower wages in the lap of President Obama, when he knows himself, that Obama has worked tirelessly in an effort to defeat the Republican efforts to eliminate the middle class on the lie of “trickle down economics.”

The “Fat Cats” are getting back inferior products from foreign markets and they know they are looking at a catastrophe in the making and it is only a matter of time before the law suits become cost prohibitive, because of their failure to keep the American public safe, while they eliminate the Unions in our  States with Tea Party elected governors cutting costs on the labor force and laying off teachers,policemen and firemen in the process. Men like Romney felt they had a better chance of taking control over the UAW and lowering wages to the workers if they let Detroit go bankrupt than what they had  if the Automobile Industry came back as it has, thanks to President Obama. They hate President Obama because he is stepping in and stopping their efforts to lay off more of us as well as policemen,teachers and firemen and working to bring back manufacturing jobs by stopping the money going out without Corporations paying taxes on the money coming back in but instead their profits are being kept over seas.  President Obama wants to stop this practice and  instead reward Companies who remain here.

The Republicans look at the wealth of government and see dollar signs that could be going to free enterprise instead, in their efforts to refer to it as entrepreneurship.  In the meantime they are stockpiling their money until they see “blood in the Streets”, speaking figuratively. If it does happen that they shrink the size of government while eliminating Obama care and Medicaid by sending it to the States, and turning healthcare over to free enterprise our paychecks will continue to shrink while our costs goes up. Can any one of us even imagine what the rise in our home owner’s insurance would go to in a natural disaster if we replaced FEMA with Private Insurance as Mitt Romney has suggested would be the idea situation? One thing we know for certain, is when it comes to paying out on Insurance the cost never goes down but continues to escalate even when we put controls on Insurance Companies to compete.  Can we imagine what it would do to our incomes if we did not have those controls or eliminated FEMA as Mitt Romney says would be the idea situation?

They refer to their greed in the business world as having been ambitious and  successful, or survival of the fittest as larger Companies  swallow up smaller Companies. To a great extent this has always been the truth as Capitalism is based on competition but when a Republican majority does not vote just once but twice to raise the gifts they receive from lobbyist then fair trade is eliminated and competition fails to exists, due to the corruption of the Party. Do we really believe that the Insurance Companies they would hire would be concerned about the costs of our policies over their own profit?  The little man gets shut out when his pockets are not as deep and even when he has a better product than the large Corporations or Countries like China and India, who hire the lobbyist, because they have the money to grease the palms of the politicians both in our States and Washington.

The system then becomes rigged against Americans of the middle class over those of the upper 1% who sell an inferior product. These Republicans are a real threat to small business who hires 60% of the workers and will have no compunction in taking them over because this is the same expertise that Romney gained while at Bain Capital. By using Federal funds to save the Olympics he is touting his success story.  They are not against Federal funds when it comes to bailing out their own interests.

Men like Donald Trump who is on top of the food chain in small business and has made his wealth on paper collateral over real collateral from day one, is salivating at the lips to have Mitt Romney elected along with the return of the Bush policy’s and the return of paper collateral.  Banks loaned money that they did not have and it was not protected by real collateral and it is what caused the banking industry to fail and required us to bail it out. President Obama placed regulations back in place so banks could no longer operate by throwing the dice on men like Donald Trump and that is behind Donald Trump’s continual birther reports against President Obama.

The Business men who are referred to as “the men of Industry”,believed in the 1800’s, just as they do now that workers were the property of the wealthy, before government passed laws to protect our rights and Unions came into power to protect the rights and working conditions of the workers. They think that programs initiated by Roosevelt such as the GI Bill, Social Security, and Farm Aide are handouts instead of acknowledging that the military risk sacrificing their lives and we pay into government to buy crop insurance and to insure our ability to live independently, just as we would savings accounts. If they can put that money into Wall Street instead of the government they can gain further profits for the owners and Directors of their boards.

Medicare certainly cost us less since the Government Insurance Company is 6 times larger than all the Insurance Companies combined and government can buy healthcare in larger blocks and keep the cost down for us over what we would have to pay if we had to buy healthcare from unregulated private Industry, but they do not tell us that, but instead lie to us on the truth about the Romney/Ryan Plan. The leaders of course do not tell their followers their honest reasons for doing what they do, since the Leaders of these Patriot groups only make up 1%  of the organizations that promote the lies, and could not accomplish their goals without the majority of workers who fall for their techniques and spiel.

These Patriot groups who back the Tea Party, advocate the elimination of government and promote conspiracy theories amongst those who have been told they are getting a raw deal from government, and sadly these groups place a much larger threat to America than most of us are aware of because they operate in secret. It explains what is happening in America and the increase of power being given to the Tea Party and the insane theories that are being promoted by people like Glen Beck,Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman,Sarah Palin and Senator Allen West of Florida, against the 81 members of the Budget committee in the Democrat Party who are working on shrinking the deficit, while the leaders of these Patriot and Christian named Groups encourage the attacks on Obama care with hate and lies, just as they do against President Obama.

They also  deny women and minorities equality since neither had equality in the 1800’s,when only white males could own property, and the “Good Old Boy” system is again well and healthy. Without the women’s and minorities’ vote the Republicans believe they could gain control and stay in control long enough to finally eliminate the government Agencys that protect consumers along with the middle class and poor. Members of these groups are responsible for the increase of hate and bigotry in America, under organizations like the Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform ran by Grover Norquist.

Those groups who do not support a militia or are not active members of Government in the Republican Party, find their homes in other locations across the Nation. They are embedded in some of the Christian Ministries,On the Internet, and in the media, both in print and on the air-ways. They all promote White supremacy and overturning of The Equal Rights Amendment, while they deny that bigotry exists in the United States through their spokes people. Mitt Romney has said he will appoint Senator Allen West of Florida to his Cabinet,if he is elected.

I am ashamed for the Republican Party and those who would call themselves Republican even when they are not ashamed of their own words or behavior.  To them it is just doing business as usual the “heck” with who gets hurt in the process.  When it comes to the great majority of the rest of you Republicans,I want to give you a hug, because you more so than the rest of Americans are getting a bum rap by these people who would profess to represent you. I know there are many good Republican people because I have been married to one  for 45 years and live in a State surrounded by Republicans and I know that this is not the language and expression of belief of most of you; Because I do know you, this is what leads me to question,” how in the World could anyone who is Republican tolerate such deception, hate and bigotry by voting Republican?”

What must the rest of the Civilized World think of these primitive men and women who wish to call the shots in the most powerful Nation in the World while they refuse to give anything back to their Country? We are the only Civilized Nation that does not provide for the healthcare needs of all of our citizens. I am embarrassed for all of us who have these out of touch bigots speaking for us when it represents nothing that lies in the hearts of the majority of we, Americans.  We are a Proud Nation that will not nor do we stoop to this level.  We are as concerned by injustice against other people and their women around the World as we are our own,so why do they get by with this if it is not us who tolerates it?

To have two Senate candidates such as Richard  Mourdock and Todd Aiken running for re-election and the Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, who has lowered the level of respect for women by suggesting that rape is something women lie about because legitimate rape only happens to good girls, and for the Republicans not to protests this loudly and for Mitt to choose it as well as endorse it, I’m sorry, but I do have to ask,”If those are Republican values then shouldn’t we thank God the rest of us have another choice we can make for the highest offices of the land?” Where do these men come from to be able to say some women are not victims of rape but to instead suggest that if women rid themselves of the sperm of demonic behavior, which rape is, that women will be jailed?

As I mentioned before I have already voted, so maybe this does not apply to others who have voted as well, because you have not turned on Television, or are one of our heroes fighting in Afghanistan, or live outside of the U.S and  voted unaware of what is going on in the Republican Party. I’m sure many  others have voted as well, but those of you who haven’t,  I ask you to really think about what kind or quality of a President and Vice President Mitt Romney and Paul  Ryan will  make when they do nothing to stop such hate and a lack of human decency for the middle class,the poor, women,minorities, and  the man in the Highest Office in America?

Will they be willing to negotiate with others who they do not agree with, if our life or loved ones are endangered, or will Mitt say, “it isn’t worth moving heaven and earth to find us or the enemy who attacks us?” Instead  of an effort to level his own hate campaign off a little Mitt chose Paul Ryan, who along with Todd Aiken stood in Congress to try to attach a bill to legislation that would define legitimate rape.  Mitt is also endorsing Mourdock who has said “that rape is the will of God” and refuses to back down from his endorsement. Instead the Republican candidates come back the next day and all say they misspoke just as Mitt Romney claims he did,” when he told the “Fat Cats” that 47% of us think of ourselves as victims and want hand-outs.”How many times can they claim that they didn’t mean it and misspoke before they lose all credibility with all of us?  How well do you think that will work with nuclear disarmament?”

Doing nothing to stop the ads or the talk has to make more Republicans stop and ask, “Do I want this representing me and my proud old party in the World,” I would think.  This kind of behavior is what makes bullies on the play ground.  Do we want our children and grandchildren to go back to believing that other races are beneath them and think it is o.k to speak this way and to treat the handicapped,women and our President this way?

Do we need to ask why more children are becoming bullies on the buses,Facebook, and playgrounds that too often leads to the tragedy of suicide in our children,these most innocent of all amongst us? If our leaders continue to speak in the manner that has gone on with the Romney campaign and their cohorts, what kind of future are we leaving our children and grandchildren, if as the adults in their lives we condone this behavior, by voting for those who promote this hate and send us deeper into poverty, because of their own greed? I repeat;”This is not who we are and we must send the message to our Nation and the World, that turns to us for leadership, by showing them that we are not this kind of America.” It is way past time that “We the People” throw these bums out and turn off those who promote hate on the air ways and across Twitter and Facebook and the blogosphere.

Vote early to avoid the mayhem that is being attempted by the sleazy get out the vote bunch of Republicans who have no values, while the words echo out of their mouths and land on the ears of too many who believe them, regardless of how hollow and nasty those words are. When you do vote do yourself and loved ones along with the World a Favor, by Voting  Democrat.

(to learn more about the behavior taking place at the polls see my previous post entitled “The Heritage Foundation And Grover Norquist ties”)

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The Heritage Foundation bills itself as a Conservative think tank when in truth they are lobbyist and responsible for hiring the people who spread the lies against the Democrat majority and President Obama both on the blog-o-sphere and the air waves. It, along with Grover Norquist, was responsible in helping elect President George W. Bush.  They sponsor Rush Limbaugh and work in unison with Grover Norquist refusal to raise taxes. Grover Norquist is a frequent guest as are Tea Party members Ron and Rand Paul on CNN

Phillip Morris Tobacco  along with the Choctaw Indian Tribe and Time Warner who owns CNN are large contributors. CNN likes to call their polls following the debates Scientific and the erratic campaign of Mitt Romney as being mostly true but their poll following the debates have  always had more Republicans than Democrats in it as CNN claims that Republicans watch the debates more than Democrats.  I point that out so when we see other Networks with a double-digit difference in favor of President Obama we understand why CNN is trying to spin it in favor of Mitt Romney.  What I saw of Mitt Romney was anything but Presidential as he was sweating,blinking his eyes and licking his lip which again are symptomatic body language of someone who is less than honest. I sure wouldn’t want Mitt Romney negotiating for my release if  I was ever held hostage ,negotiating nuclear disarmament with Korea or unfair trade practices with China.  As the saying goes”Never let them see you sweat” or”He who blinks first loses.”

But I digress, many believe that the Heritage Foundation along with Grover Norquist also played a major role in helping defeat John McCain because they were the ones responsible for putting Tea Party candidate Sarah Palin on the ticket.  When they did so, John McCain’s support, fell into the dunking tank as far as most women were concerned. I personally  think that any Republican was going to lose the election following George W. Bush and the Tea Party knew that so set John McCain up so  he wouldn’t be in their way this year.

Remember when we did not know Sarah Palin was a Tea Party member but only speaking at their Convention?If we would have known the truth then, The Tea Party would not have been able to ride in on their “Trojan Horse” and claimed they wanted to clean up the Republican Party after The Bush Administration debacle. No one whispered the same in the Republican Party but instead left us puzzled as to why they would support the Tea Party.

Too many voters were led to believe by the media that the Tea Party was a brand new grass-roots movement and many of the followers had to make sacrifices to attend their Conference in Indiana, in 2010, even though the Tea Party members have been part of the majority and the members financially well backed for at least 13 years because Paul Ryan has been a member of Congress for that long as has Ron Paul, and in the World of Politics that makes them old timers. The lies have spread like wild-fire against President Obama since their so-called grass-roots movement with the Help of the Heritage Foundation.

This election year in Maricopa County Arizona, Hispanic voters are being told to show up two days after the election to vote on November 8th instead of November 6th.  The officials there are saying it was just a mistake made in their printing and that might be believable if it was not for the fact that voters in Ottawa,County in North West Ohio, who voted heavily for President Obama in 2008, were not being told the same thing by Republican officials.  Voters are being intimated by the Conservative vote group in Texas and elsewhere by asking questions that are not any of their business and asking for unnecessary ID.  Please be aware that this is all organized mayhem in order to run off the voters for President Obama by these sleazy groups being supported by the Republican Conservative base and the Tea Party.

The Heritage Foundation was behind electing John Roberts to the Supreme Court and in making  large sums of money in campaigns legal.  They have convinced too many Conservative voters that electing President Obama means bringing in Socialism and Communism to our government and to America. Senator Allen West claim that”All 81 Democrats serving on the budget Committee to reduce waste and to support a plan to reduce the deficit are all Communists,” is supported by Tea Party members, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, along with the Heritage Foundation.  Mitt Romney has said he will appoint Allen West of Florida to his cabinet if Mitt Romney is elected.

They are no different from the McCarthy era of the 1950’s nor the John Birch Society of the 1960’s except they accept Mormons who are as far right as they are,  and have paid for and continue to finance the Tea Party. They spread the rumor that the Tea Party was grassroots in the 2010 election and were concerned about spending when their real goal is to eliminate all moderate Republicans and take over the Republican Party while promoting the end of the FDR programs and equal rights for women.

Mitt Romney became their choice for President when Newt Gingrich lost his bid to win the primaries.  Do not be fooled by Mitt Romney’s apparent swing to the middle in his debates as the handlers knew if Mitt Romney stayed right where he has been campaigning he would lose the moderate vote. They cannot win without the moderate vote so Mitt Romney is saying everything that appeals to the moderates while wooing the right-wing in the Primary elections.  They are so far right that they make the Conservative right look liberal. The war on women is real as they try to bring back the white male race to what they feel is the entitlement of the white male to prominence over minorities and women in the work force even though they are less educated and many times less qualified for the current job market.

Grover Norquist, who often speaks for them and sits on the board of the National Rifle Association, has informed the Conservative people we do not need a President that comes in here with an agenda of his own but instead a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to, has always been a member of the extreme right and worked as an aide for Presidential hopeful,Barry Goldwater,who was financed and  supported by The John Birch Society in the 1960’s.

Mitt’s professed views on rape and women equality,even though they were not the same in the primaries as they are now, makes no difference  as the Tea Party attempt to stack the Senate, Congress and Governorships in our States with strong pro-life stances and with a majority to do away with the rights of women to make choices on their own health and body and to do away with Unions that protect the working conditions and rights of the workers.  It will not matter as to what Mitt Romney’s views are as with a majority vote Mitt Romney will sign into law the inequality of women. The Heritage Foundation supports and backs the heroes of Conservatism such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and as a result have led the Conservatives to believe that they are telling them the truth because their views on women inequality is even more harsh than the view of most Conservatives against Women’s rights.

It is the aim of both The Heritage Foundation and Grover Norquist’s along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and to turn it all over to private Industry by cutting government to half the size it currently is today.  In doing so they will eliminate all controls and regulations as they did under the Bush Administration and do away with the Consumer Protection Agencys as well as the government Agencys that protect the rights of the poor and middle class.  As Mitt Romney has said,”I will get rid of HUD,turn Teacher’s Unions over to another government Agency, and do away with Planned Parenthood and Obama care the first day I am elected”.

The Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform co-mingle and are one and the same in their belief system and strong supporters of the Tea Party and their supporters through their Foundations.  Both are lobbyists for their own causes and any and all Republican candidates, who take so much as a dime of their money, must sign an agreement to not raise taxes as they want government to go broke so they can shrink it to half of its size and turn the government wealth over to Private Industry.  Unlike the Conservatives the Tea Party does not believe in Democracy nor does Grover Norquist.

Americans For Tax Reform was founded and is ran by Grover Norquist.  Both the Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform have pumped in 4 million dollars into the Tea Party in an effort for the lies to be spread against Democrats, President Obama, and Obama care, prior to this election year.  Since they saw to it that the money paid in by outside groups does not have to be reported by getting John Roberts elected as a Supreme Court Justice and swinging the vote to their side on unlimited dollars going into campaigns, no one knows for certain to what a degree their dollars have gone into the Mitt Romney Campaign once Newt Gingrich was defeated in the primaries.

Mitt used an unlisted mail box in Park City, Utah to receive his cash funding during the Republican primaries. They flooded the State of Nebraska and pumped money into the pockets of all Republican candidates and are supporting Republican Deb Fisher against Democrat Bob Kerry  in the Senate Race even though they hold no other interest in the State due to the Law that does not allow Corporations into Nebraska to compete against Agriculture. The Republican Congressman of Nebraska who is running for re-election, Adrian Smith, has always had their backing and votes with them.Their  interest is two fold: to sign all Republicans to their pledge to not raise taxes or let the Bush taxes run out on the wealthy while increasing their tax breaks in exchange for paying for both Nebraska campaigns and to do away with the Equal Rights of Women.

Nebraska has already approved the Personhood Bill that gives all rights to the egg while denying women,including those of rape and incest, the right to make decisions on their own body and health. In their efforts to stack the Supreme Court with Conservative Justices it is their belief that they will over throw Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the States where Roe vs. Wade will be over thrown  in favor of the Bill guaranteeing Personhood to the egg and thereby deny women the right to make decisions of their own on their own health issues.  The Personhood bill criminalizes abortion, irregardless of the circumstances, while criminalizing Doctors who would attempt to save a woman’s life or to prescribe the Morning After Pill (Plan B) following a rape, as those rights under the Personhood Bill would go to the egg even when women are not pregnant. Nebraska is only one example of many States voting in or attempting to vote in laws of Personhood, by Tea Party controlled Republican Governors  and legislatures in our States.

Grover Norquist has said,” Conservatives protest in favor of values when in truth they have no values.”  The Conservatives do not know yet that they are being ripped off by the Tea Party and the Heritage Foundation along with Americans For Tax Reform because Mitt Romney could never win this election without the Conservative vote any more than he can win it without the moderate Republican vote, and they know it.  After George W.Bush won election Grover Norquist said,”Pat Robertson’s staff is so much a part of the White House, Thems is Us, and Us is Thems,” while saying Conservatives do not have any values and are against business.

Mitt Romney is telling us that President Obama will ruin entrepreneurship because by charging more taxes to small business they will all go out of business. He is calling for people like the Koch Brothers and Florida Resorts to tell their people that they better vote for him or lose their jobs and they along with other CEO’s are threatening their employees with the same.  Only 1% of 1% of small business makes a million dollars or more per year and the other 99.99% of small business will profit under President Obama’s tax plan.  Despite these facts, Mitt Romney, continues to claim that 60% of  the people hired by small business will lose their jobs if President Obama’s Tax plans go into effect as small business employs 60% of all workers in America.

In closing then the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform are as big of a lie as what Mitt Romney and the Tea Party spreads. It is no accident that Mitt swung to the middle so far on his first debate that he totally left President Obama in a daze.  In both his second and third debate he continued to deny almost everything that he has said on the campaign trail in order to influence the moderate vote while assuring the Conservatives of his opposite stand on the campaign trail.

MITT ROMNEY AGREED WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA SO MUCH  ON  LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE ON FOREIGN POLICY THAT HE SOUNDED MORE LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VICE PRESIDENT CHOICE.  After listening to Mitt Romney talk about how President Obama is doing everything right on Foreign Affairs we would have to be stupid to get rid of the Inventor of these ideas as President Obama’s Administration has done everything right according to Mitt Romney during the debate but on the campaign trail Mitt Romney has been vicious in his attacks against President Obama’s foreign policy.The Tea Party  are in all of our States backing all Republican candidates both in our States and in Washington in an effort to take over the Republican Party and to deny equality to both women and minorities and to send us back to the 1950’s.

They will not be stopped, unless we stop them together at the election polls.  Vote for the re-election of President Obama and for Democrats now or on November 6. They have tried so hard to rig the system that if we do not vote we will all lose, if Mitt Romney and the Republicans are elected or re-elected in November. That includes you as well, Republicans.  There is not a single moderate amongst them even if they think they will be because the only way they can win their election is by taking Tea Party advanced money, and that includes Mitt Romney, as moderate hopefuls for President, were cut out of the vetting system, before the selection of candidates for the Republican primaries. Why do you think they had such a pathetic selection in the primaries?  Your original instincts on, Mitt Romney,saying what ever it takes to win the election even when his actions and private conversations held before the “Fat Cats” prove differently, were not wrong. Trust them now.  Vote!

(Late edition to my readers:  Today Colin Powell endorsed President Obama because he was concerned about Mitt Romney’s change of views at the debate and feels he is all over the map and may have neo-conservative views in his foreign policy and is not coming clean with the voters. For those of you who are concerned about balanced budgets,the economy and jobs, and why people vote Republican, I urge you to read my post entitled,” The History Of Balanced Budgets” and the question and answers that follow.  It was written on May 2,2012, and can be either typed into this site where it says search or you can simply press on May 2012 at the side of this post and find it.  Thank you!)

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It seems to fail Mitt Romney entirely to what extent We the American People were affected by 9/11.  When asked how he felt about President Barack Obama’s show of strength in taking out Osama Ben Laden his reply was,”I would have done the same thing.  Even Jimmy Carter would have made the same decision.” As Americans we were suppose to ignore or forget his original statement, “That getting Osama Ben Laden was not worth moving Heaven and earth to go after him.”

While the political right fed media and the Romney/Ryan team yell about the weaknesses in the Obama Administration foreign policy, it has been the Obama Administration who  has eliminated Ben Laden along with 20 to 30 of his closest leaders that was making this reminder of 9/11 more palatable to the American public.

Certainly, this has been a show of force and resolve on the part of the Obama Administration to bring some justice to the families who both lost their loved ones, along with many  who were heroes, in the eyes of the American people.

The fact that the right-wing accuses the main stream media of giving President Obama a free ride on foreign affairs is as insane and as ludicrous as their comments are. We can all rest assured that if the Obama Administration had a record of failure, the main stream media would be reporting the same, just as the Conservative media along with the Romney campaign belittles and denies President Obama’s successes.

After ten years of looking for justice for the destruction done to our American families we were able to feel some relief from the sadness that permeated America for ten years because we have been a Country without justice until the Obama team brought us that longed for justice. The Romney team along with Mitt Romney just do not seem to understand that tarnishing that record only shows their own desperation.

Mitt Romney shooting from the lip at a time that we are again reminded of our mourning on 9/11 with the attack of our Embassy and the death of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, before their families are even notified, only convinces those of us who do follow World events, just how incompetent and insensitive Mitt Romney truly is. The apology from the Embassy for a dreadful movie film trailer produced by a right-wing American citizen, was simply issued to stave off attacks six hours before the attacks even occurred on the American Embassy, and had nothing to do with an apology from President Obama.

When we realize that, Mitt Romney, made the same shameful remarks against the Obama Administration, while Hillary Clinton was involved in sensitive meetings working for the freedom of a Chinese dissident; he then followed that shooting from the lip by quickly insulting the Olympic committee in London; and followed that up with the insults to the Arabs in Israel; and the list of lies and misspoken statements goes on, we do need to question if Mitt Romney is even capable of leading America.

After the attacks on the World Trade Buildings, then President George W. Bush, apologized to the Muslim Nations for the blame being placed on them as a result of the radical behavior of the right-wing extremists in their land.  By Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigning on the weakness of the Obama Administration on foreign affairs, they themselves, are feeding into the right-wing extremists who are part of our own Society.

Obviously to those of us who deal in reality and common sense, the poorly produced  film made under false pretenses in L.A. by an American citizen, unrelated to the Obama Administration, plays a major role in the upset feeding into the extremists on the right in the Middle East. President Obama could not have prevented the U-Tube production and has no blame to play in the role of this misguided American’s attempt to ridicule Mohammed.  At the same time it does not give extremists the right to kill and maim the people who have helped them gain their freedom, if Democracy is truly the goal of their people.We as a government under an Obama Administration would never condone such hatred against another’s religion or our own people, and this view has been stressed by the Obama Administration and was voiced by then President George W. Bush, as well.

To use a time when America is just recovering from a time of grieving to being able to feel that ever slight sense of celebration, knowing that justice has been served, and then to be placed back into that mourning by the loss of more Americans by these extremist groups, who spew hate and violence in the Middle East, is a merry-go-round of emotions for All Americans.  The fact that the Romney/Ryan team would use that to stir up hatred for the Obama Administration and to try to get political gain for themselves, only shows to what a degree of desperation they will stoop in order to win.

If we do not question the competency as well as the human decency of this behavior by both the Romney and Ryan ticket along with the media who continues to feed us the notion that the Obama Administration has gotten a free ride on foreign affairs, then we have not paid attention to the weakening of the moral fiber by the right-wing in our own Country.

We need to send a message of our own to the Republican Party who seems to ignore the moderate and the liberal amongst us, but instead prefer to feed the coffers of the right-wing extremists in our own Country, just what we think of their efforts to  destroy our moral fiber, as a Nation, at the election polls in November.

We need to go to the polls with family or friends, for a two-fold reason:  in order to both entertain ourselves in the long lines, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States, and to make this an election of notable history in which “We the People” take back our rights from those who do pander to the right-wing, in our Country. We will not sit back while they continue to produce so-called leaders who do not hear us or feel our pain.  It is way past time that We the American Voters place the shame on those who continuously show us their own callous disregard to our needs, in an effort to gain their own political power.  Vote

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With the Republican Convention getting ready to start the Republican hopefuls and delegates are looking forward to their largest and most major celebration that they will be able to celebrate, from all of the States in the United States, for the next four years.  Watching  the possible hurricane hitting Tampa, I’m sure must concern most of you enough but I am equally certain that you are determined not to let it get in the way of your celebratory mood.  It is your time to voice your beliefs and to gain that hoped for momentum.

If we do not agree with the Republicans,then we can show up at the election polls no matter how difficult they may make voting for us, in our States.  We who are born with the privilege of being Americans, those who have chosen America as your new Country, or ran from a cruel dictatorship out of fear of oppression, or left a Country that could not feed you or you left poverty behind, As Americans,  we do understand and get that people who do not necessarily agree with us,are entitled to their own celebrations and self-expression.  We are of all beliefs,races,gender preferences, and pretty much grounded enough in our own individual feelings and beliefs, when it comes to our candidate of choice, and our rights protected under Our Constitution. We will affect change to the best of our ability through peaceful means.

Unfortunately, there are those amongst us who lack the intelligence of a corn cob who are either anarchists or terrorists, take your pick, who think they speak for the rest of us with their expressions of hate and violence.  We can not blame a mental illness on them because those who suffer from mental illness are many times delusional through no fault of their own, and believe their thoughts that guide them over their minds, and lack the ability to know the difference.  They often suffer from depilatory disease,  and need our empathy, but sadly we too often spurn them.

The hate groups on the other hand usually are delusional as well but unlike those who suffer from a very destructive disease, this  bunch of losers, who do not want to work towards changing our system peacefully,  through their votes, but instead  try to force their views on others with violence, are cowards.  Having your guns and home-made bombs and possessing only hate and mischief where the rest of us have a heart, you destroy the peace amongst us.  If you do not affect our safety directly then you destroy our ability to get to our homes,our jobs, and our families.

Whether you are terrorists or anarchists, it doesn’t matter as one is as dumb as the other, since you or your group are simply mean and inhumane. You accomplish absolutely nothing but feeding the hatred of the people who share your own lack of common sense. You both maim and injure and often kill the innocent, along with yourselves.  If you are only attempting to draw attention to your plight and it back fires on you and instead some one is injured or killed, then if you are not blown up at the scene, you will be injected with a needle on death row.

We see people in the Middle East blowing themselves up with bombs all the time and throughout history going back to 72 AD they have never accomplished a thing as far as changing policy,power,or bringing hope to their people.  Many of them are living under dictatorships and believe they will see Allah, but what in the World do Americans, who are spoiled and given so much more than what the rest of the World will ever see, think they have to gain in America with violence?

The gangs destroying their own on the streets of Chicago,Philly, and L.A.  all say the same,”I was disrespected.”  Who in their right mind would respect a gun totin, get even, drug pusher? The anarchists and terrorists amongst the thousand different hate groups in America, are no different.

My message to you is simple:  If you think you have some powerful message to deliver, and you have a keyboard,then write a blog or your representatives in the Congress or the Senate, as I can’t imagine anyone who deserves hearing your views more. By writing out your message, those of the same mentality, will join you and then you can listen to what you think is your intellectual exchange and convince yourselves that the rest of the world are morons, while you are geniuses if you like, and the rest of us will try our best to reserve judgement and stay off your site.

I’m not pleased with what has happened to the “Proud Old Party” either, no differently than millions of other Americans, but we will go to the election polls and vote because we would much rather be winners than losers, and have enough empathy for the cause of the elderly,working poor,middle class,minorities,immigrants,gays and transgendered, and women who we do want to effect change for and to help them get back the rights or perhaps for their first time as Americans enjoy the rights that we natural-born Americans have enjoyed.

We need to stop both the Tea Party and Conservative drives to deny us both our rights to equality and our civil rights but the only way we can do that  rationally is at the  election polls. I look forward to the day that we are all treated as one. We still have a long way to go but anything worth working for comes with its own rewards. It is not the first time throughout history that the Republican majority have tried to deny us those rights and if our ancestors did not quit them neither shall we.

We nor do you, have to blow up bridges or people and are not stupid enough to believe either will do anything other than bring harm to others along with our loved ones. We know the best way to eliminate or at least slow down the greed is to get them out of office through the election polls. When we fail to vote we also fail to take on the privilege and duty as a citizen. The blending of our colors and races in America is what makes us great.

The misguided idea that you are fighting the fight of the righteous does not make you Superior, far from it, when all you can do is hate and harm the rest of us;instead it makes you idiots and brings shame to your family. Hiding behind your weapons of destruction, hoods and masks only makes you cowards. The real heroes in America are fighting in Afghanistan so we can all remain free from people like yourself, who hate and destroy.  You are the losers that a free Society unfortunately breeds in its efforts to right itself.

We understand in America that the Republican Convention is the night that the Republican Party has a right to celebrate.  We would not dream of trying to ruin their festivities because we understand that is not the American way.  They are coming from all over America to Tampa and many of them rarely,if ever, have traveled to Florida before and will have shattered nerves in their rush to get from the airport to their lodging as it is, without the threat of a possible hurricane.  It takes the mentality of an imbecile to add to their already trepidation.

In the entire history of the World, anarchy,hate,terrorism, and violence of any kind has only led to the death of innocents and self-destruction.  It has never effected change when it was born out of revenge, stupidity, or hate of  gangs, anarchists and terrorists. Without a doubt, all of you who encourage or practice the same, hands down, are the dumbest amongst us with a heart of stone and a cruel streak that will ultimately be turned loose on those who you do care the most about along with yourself.

They will be the ones who are left to pay the price for your hate and stupidity, because they always are, the ones who suffer the most, and only second to your victim’s loved ones. Where your hearts should be is over-ridden with your need for revenge and instead the victims along with your own loved ones are left with a wound that can never heal while you face a certain death. Where is the intelligence in that?  You nor those who promote the revenge and hate  or righteous attitudes can ever win because your thinking is so misconstrued that it renders you stupid and stupid never wins.  It only leaves behind the victims families along with your own to grieve the injustice you create out of ignorance, while your loved ones remain despised

Prove me wrong; that you are not the dumbest amongst us and cowards, by giving it a rest, at the Republican Convention in Tampa and the Democrat Convention in Charlotte.  The best direction you can take is to read a book or turn on the unfiltered news and try to learn something, because right now  it is apparent to all of us, a little education is what  you need the most. Trust me you will be rewarded as knowledge is the one gift that no one can ever take from us while we are still breathing.

As Americans our very worse days are better than the rest of the World who live under the threat of bombings and guns.  If you are helping to create the same atmosphere in your own neighborhoods then wave the white flag and call a truce. When you work towards keeping  your best days ahead of you and your worse days behind you, by laying down your bombs and guns now, you will find the hope you seek.

Your Moms along with the majority of all Americans, who want you to work with us to effect the change peacefully, that is still desperately needed by changing the minds and hearts of those who are trying to deny all of us our rights will be the most grateful, when you do. President Obama and the Democrats can not fight those who are denying us our rights and freedoms and do it alone, without us. We all are at our best and strongest when we are all working together.We need you to join us at the election polls because some of us will be eliminated by their voter suppression laws and we can only win in numbers.  Vote in November

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The uproar in the Republican Party leadership and the Conservative media, over the Todd Aiken comments on rape is so hypocritical and only infuriates the members of the Republican Party, because like President Obama giving amnesty to the latino and Hispanic population who were brought here as children, it draws attention to what the real divide in the two parties has been about while the Republican Party wants to keep this quiet since they know that it will cost them the women’s vote; even while they lie and some in the media promotes the same lie, that it is women who want this since they overwhelmingly choose the pro-life view that the Good Old Boys continue to force on women.

The Republican Party’s growing war against women was brought to the fore front in what the Tea Party and Conservatives have really believed on rape going back to 1988 when the then Republican representative from Delaware, alluded to the same view. This was the belief of Church officials going back to the 1300’s and was even used as a way to know if a woman had been of loose morals prior to a rape. Doctor John Wilkie reported the same insane belief in 1999 and Todd  Aiken was quoting him about women not being able to get pregnant in a legitimate rape.

Dr. Willkie is a supporter of candidate Romney going back to 2007. He was so important to Romney that he headlined Dr. John Willkie as a supporter at the time. Mitt Romney now calling for the resignation of Missouri Senator Todd Aiken of Missouri to resign in as fake  of an act of disgust for his comment on rape as is the rest of the Republican Party’s pretence to be alarmed by the same.

The belief that good girls secrete a fluid, out of fear and therefore cannot get pregnant in a legitimate or what they prefer to call a forcible rape, has always been the universal view amongst them.  They are now  trying to attack  Todd Aiken for saying out loud what they have grown to accept and for the media to promote his view as an extreme view of the right and not the view of Romney and Ryan, is as big of a lie as everything else that the Republicans are trying to keep quiet in their move to deny  minorities and women both their civil and equal rights.

They had hoped they could go into their Convention next week without drawing attention to the fact that their own platform denies women any rights at all to their own decision to contraception or their health but instead give those rights to the fertilized egg, in what they call the Personhood bill that they have attempted to try to pass on the floor or attach to the bills that Democrats have tried to pass since 2004.

The law of “Personhood” has already  been  passed in Virginia,Oklahoma,Kansas,Nebraska,Idaho and Arizona.  Women are back to crossing the border into Mexico from Arizona and again being aborted by unlicensed abortion practitioners in an unclean environment or are getting what is a prescription abortion pill,without direction from a Dr. or pharmacist in the United States, just as they had been forced into doing prior to the passage of Roe vs.Wade.

Because women are being handed these pills they are taking as much as the whole bottle that is leading to hemorrhaging again as it did  in the 1950’s.  Even in the 1930’s, 18% of pregnant women got illegal abortions.  Wealthy women always had a Dr. who would perform an abortion in a clean environment and they would list it as a miscarriage.  Men who feel they can make women subservient to them again by keeping them pregnant abound in the Republican Party. There are more than 1000 more bills pending in other States that run the gamut from pressing criminal charges on women who seek abortion to banning the use of birth control for women.

There is not, nor have there ever been any laws to ban condoms,surgery for men, or testosterone decreasing drugs for men,or Viagra by these same hypocrites who are attempting to have the fertilized egg rights increased over the rights of women, while they out-law the use of birth control for women, as well. By ignoring the use of birth control or non-birth control in men they are stripping women of the right to make decisions for their own procreation and instead giving the right to men, to determine the size of the family or the number of fatherless children they produce. 38 States have already removed Insurance coverage  to women for any form of birth control for women, while they continue paying for men, including Viagra .Drug Companies continue to develop a birth control pill for men without any protests from the Republican Party.

When we live in a society where too many men are refusing to work, or being paid cash under the table, rather than pay child support and single mothers are instead getting support from our States, these elected Tea Party and Conservatives in the Republican Party and to a much lesser degree 16 Conservative Democrats are supporting the decisions of men in procreation, over women.

In doing so they are trying to limit divorces that  they think will force women into choosing between poverty or being subservient to men by forcing too many women to remain in abusive or miserable marriages or relationships. If they were truly trying to stop or prevent abortions they would not be attempting to ban the morning after pill or birth control for women, because even an idiot would understand that to do so, will only increase the number of abortions.

By making birth control and abortion for women illegal and pressing criminal charges against women, it will only take women back to the 1950’s when they were dying of infections or hemorrhaging in back alley abortions again. If they are stupid enough to think they can take  free will from women that God granted us all,including women, away from us then we need to get them out of Republican Party since clearly they are only proving they do not have a clue how women do feel or think.

Paul Ryan, is denying that they are banning birth control for women, even though he has introduced or co-sponsored or voted  for 62 bills that limit women the right to their own health and to making their own decisions, on procreation. Mitt Romney in the Republican primary debates said, and I quote,”I hope that the Congress passes legislation that bans all abortions because if they do, as President, I will sign it into law in a heart beat.”  the Mormon Church, of which he is a Bishop, also denies women the rights to the use of birth control. The media that now tries to promote the out rage of the Republicans against Todd Aiken of Missouri for his comments on rape are as hypocritical as the Republican Party, itself, is over their so-called outrage.

In 2008 the Republican representative from Texas made the comment”Rape is inevitable as the weather so a woman might as well set back and enjoy it,” and many in the Party have held the idea or belief that this is what cost John McCain the women’s vote in 2008 and they sure as the hell were not going to make that mistake again.  Paul Aiken did make that mistake on repeating their over-all view on rape and in doing so he committed the unforgivable sin in the Republican Party and they acted in agreement over what they feel is betrayal by Todd Aiken for exposing their belief.

The Republican platform next week, states that all abortions will be banned by the Republican Party,  in all cases of  a fertilized egg including all rapes and when women’s lives are in jeopardy.  This has been the big secret that they wanted to keep even though it has already been adopted to their platform and has been the same since 2004 but has gone unreported. They will deny women any and all rights and instead turn all those rights over to the fertilized egg, by passing what they call “the Personhood Bill” and in doing so it will deny women all use of contraception.

Aiken and Ryan sponsored the  HR3 bill together on the House floor that tries to define rape and denies women of rape their own rights.  The belief in the Republican Party, that they are trying to distance themselves from Todd Aiken’s belief, along with their own belief that good girls do not get pregnant when raped but those who they call whores (any non-virgins) do because of their behavior,how they dress, or the fact that they are drinking alcohol,or fall for a man’s lie of,” come in for a drink”, then they  ask for rape, is as common in their belief as the sun rising. They have been and do separate various degrees of rape from being forcible rape and therefore the fault of the womans’ behavior, and to deny that they do is just more of the lies of “Good Old Boys.”

For them to come out in force now and pretend that they have not been trying to define different levels of rape and attach bills of Personhood to a fertilized egg on every attempt made by President Obama and the Democrats to pass through bills on immigration and on bills that would help balance the budget or give job relief to the middle class,or farmers and ranchers relief in a comprehensive farm bill, is nothing more than the lies that have existed for 4 years in the Republican Party.

In a study done in 1996 and reported in the American Journal of gynecological and obstetrics, approximately 32,000 women per year who are raped get pregnant or 5% of all women raped.  If any of us believe that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will allow these women the choice to choose abortion to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy, then it is time you get out of denial before the next people they decide to take away freedoms and rights from is yourself.

As much as Romney denies now, that he will follow his Party platform, we can relate it to the same as when he says,”You are just going to have to take my word for it when I say, I pay taxes.” If you believe him then take to heart what Grover Norquist,who is the Republican Party, has said,”We do not need a President who comes in here with an agenda or plans on making policy changes, all we need is a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to sign.”

As long as the Republican Party could promote through the media that it was President Obama who would not co-operate with them and was  responsible for the divisiveness between the two parties and the media  promoted  that idea then they could defeat President Obama and do as Mitch McConnell promoted and that is make President Obama a one term President.  They took a pledge under the guidance of Grover Norquist, to do the same at the CPAC retreat, ten days after President Obama was signed into office, and 95% of the Republican Party agreed to it.  All newcomers to the Senate and Congress in 2010 were also asked to sign it, and since they were all Tea Party members they knew they would, with Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell leading the pack. It caused the Tea Party favorite to win the election in Kentucky against Senator Lugar because Lugar refused to sign it and instead voted for Obama’s affordable health care.

With their efforts to defeat President Obama,they are pumping in billions of dollars through right-wing groups such as Citizens United,The Christian Coalition,Americans for Prosperity,The Christian Family Group,etc. while Romney/Ryan supporters are writing $10 million dollar checks to defeat affordable healthcare that provides free screening for all of us and birth control for women. The lies are astronomical coming out of the Republican campaigns this year. They think if they buy enough ads and keep repeating the lies, while they campaign with the same lies, that we will eventually believe their lies and vote for them.  As far back as 1962 or 60 years ago, Adlai Stevenson who ran for President against Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50’s, said and I quote,”If the Republicans will quit lying about us,(the Democrats) we will quit telling the truth about them.” Its way past time we show them what we do think of their lies.

Vote in November even though it will mean sacrificing our time getting picture ID,a birth certificate and two proofs of residency, standing in line, and time away from our work and families, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States.  In some cases,if you are in college,it may even mean skipping school and going home to vote. We need to show them that no matter how difficult they make it for us to vote, they cannot nor will they deny women,minorities, and immigrants equality nor will they break our spirits in the efforts to deny us our freedom. The important thing is that we Vote or we will be the ones who lose, the most, and you will be next.

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