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I wrote an earlier post on the rape of Steubenville, Ohio, being treated as an isolated incidence when in truth the fault lies amongst all of us who do not respond, as we should, against the crime of rape.

The news agencies are reporting the cases are old and obsolete and the technology we have today wasn’t available. I’m sure there is truth in that but it doesn’t explain the cases that happened much more recently and as recent as 4 months ago. I will report what I have read and been told many times by those who do serve in police Departments going back many years. What we will never hear reported is that a great deal of politics also lies behind the fact that the rape kits were not sent in to be processed.

To be honest, I did not watch the report done on CNN who brought it to the media attention that 400,000 rape kits were left unprocessed in our Nation. I did watch as one of the women anchors asked, “if the police could be prosecuted or sued for leaving the rape kits unprocessed?” In my own estimation this question, itself, is just more of the finger-pointing and simplifying that is done towards the crime of rape in America.

There are any number of reasons as to why police do not process rape kits, so lets be honest about it. Too many amongst us already take too much delight in finding fault or individuals to blame. I do not understand why police, who for the most part are people of honor, do put in the back breaking hours that too many times ruin their marriages, take them away from their family time and vacations, risks their lives, and often are the most under-paid amongst us, when those amongst us keep finding fault, except for the fact that the majority of the people who serve are people of character. When we point fingers and “pass the buck”, we can at the very least spread the fault out where it belongs.

There are other instances in America where the mayor gets called by the father or mother of the son, or by an alumnus who supports the sports program of their alma mater when the rapist is an athlete, friend, or family member and the Mayors pick up the phone and inform the Chief-of-Police that he will not allow his officers to investigate the crime or process the rape kits or suffer the consequences when it comes to him withdrawing his and his buddies’ monetary support during the upcoming elections.

The Chief of Police then passes the message down the line of command. Rarely is it in that terminology but the words used amount to the same definitions and do not go left unheeded when delivered by those of Status, Power or Wealth.

All these cases did not occur in Chicago, as many are trying to politicize, already. They are spread around the Nation. Just as the Mayors in some cases make the calls, so do Judges receive like calls as do prosecutors have a history of never prosecuting cases after the Police put hours into investigating the crimes and processing the kits; due to similar calls by the elitists in America with threats of withdrawal or support of monetary value at election time. The police are at the bottom of the chain of command, no matter how many would have us believe they are given a great deal of discretion, when it comes to processing rape kits. Intimidation lands the hardest on the backs of the police officers when they are threatened with dismissal if they proceed with the investigation.

If it is some one of importance that can directly influence the jobs of the police, lower their standing in the Department, or demote them to desk jobs then they do not have discretion to process rape kits and anyone who refuses to acknowledge this happens throughout police Depts. regardless of size through out our Nation then we are lieing to ourselves. The same organizations or media who are not reporting accurately, in regards to why rape kits are not processed, are also reporting less than the facts.

The bosses who will lose the political support of the benefactor if they do prosecute or don’t drop the cases are the ones who tie the hands of the police’ in directly much larger cases than it is right to do so. The police many times can only keep the kits until a better or different climate towards the understanding of the “horror” of rape is elected to office by “We the People.”

There are those who are called the “Good Old Boys”, in many but not all Police Departments, in the majority of States who know if its an appointed or elected position and a member of the Clergy or their sons then it is just the girl’s/Woman’s word against the boys/man’s word and they will and do bury rape kits. Without the investigation or rape kits the knowledge is the victims can prove nothing. The only reason many of those kits have been saved is because in many other crimes or cases the police or prosecutors are waiting for the right political climate to be able to prosecute the offenders.

In communities when it comes to the so called “right kind of People”, being charged with rape the Community itself becomes out-raged if the police or prosecutors do try to convict rapists.

As a Nation, too many amongst us still refuse to accept that wives and prostitutes as well as mistresses are indeed raped. Others in a community still refuse to accept the high number of boys who are raped and, often times, refuse to accept that incest and rape exists in the numbers of victims it does in their own families and neighborhoods or amongst their friends.

When the culture exists for adults to call friends “aunties” or “uncles” too many parents will accuse their own children of lying before they will accept that they are telling them the truth. The most protected criminals of all in a community still remains the star athletes, clergy, and “one of their own”. The unfounded belief, that is totally void of fact, is that the streets are the greatest producer of rapists and that rape does not happen in our own back yards by people we know when statistics show just the opposite to be true.(Please Read my Previous Post entitled ,”Steubenville Exposes The Ugly Truth On Rape” for a more comprehensive study as to why rape cases go unrecognized and prosecuted as the Serious Crime it is.)

Some States that are more inclined to be involved in the realities of, “the truth in reporting”, and the life-long seriousness of rape, have jettisoned into the twenty-first Century by taking away the statute of limitations when it comes to the crime of rape. Many others are still living in the dark ages as technology no longer leaves any shred of doubt as to who is telling the truth. Unless the majority of us get past the mentality of “Boys will Be Boys” and instead insist that regardless of the standing in the community; “rapist are not to be allowed special favors,” we all risk re-raping the victims in every State of the Union.

I applaud those who are at least exposing the Ugly truth of Rape but unless we as a Nation tell, “The whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth”, in a Court of Law and in reporting rape, we still bind the hands of the police or those who would prosecute rape.

I do not deny that there are crooked cops just as their are those in Universities and the military who have denied that rape exists in their ranks for generations. It is when we start pointing our fingers at the heroes of all who serve, while blaming them for the rotten apples, we become as guilty as the politicians when it comes to trying to sweep the full tragedy and facts of rape under the rug.

No matter what changes are made in the law, we still run the risk of tying the hands of the police hired to serve us when we refuse to elect those who will and do prosecute rape.

Certainly electing Conservative and Tea Party Members who try to call a child” borned of Rape”, the intent of God or those who pass bills in Congress to define rape as anything but; ” When A woman or child says “NO”, it is rape. When it is a child below the age of 14 to 16 it is always rape since they do not have the brain development to give consent regardless of the situation. When children or women have been drugged, abused, intimidated, forced into having sex it is rape”. When the largest majority of all rapes occur by neighbors, friends, family, or colleagues and we know incest is rape; then who is it that needs to be protected by defining rape? The victims as well as anyone above the age of six already knows the definition of rape

Rape isn’t anything too complicated to define when we get past those who would protect the rapists or the “Right Kind Of People.” Nothing a little common sense and decency couldn’t solve. The solution certainly isn’t to blame those whose hands we help to tie.

None of us like to admit that perhaps we, ourselves, made a mistake when we voted for a candidate and as a result we often leave them in office year after year feeling as though they are responsible for correcting the mistakes they promised to do when elected and then our responsibility is over with as our elected officials will speak for us.

In too many cases when judges are appointed or Sheriffs, and Prosecutors come up for re-election, especially, will they get left in offices before much investigation is done by us, unless they themselves are convicted of crimes or a petition is started up against their ineffectiveness. As a result some will remain in offices doing little to nothing for those of us who sent them there while paying homage to the elitists, year after year. We cannot complain if we deny or ignore the fact that the same happens and simply shrug our shoulders and simply accept the fact:” that is just the way it is.”

“We The people”, only need to be more pro-active about being honest with ourselves when it comes to rape as well as the people who we put into office to represent us,by treating every human being with an equal amount of truth and respect and demanding that all who serve, do the same when technology does not lie. Politics are almost always local and a healthy amount of skepticism, for those who we elect or leave to appoint to office, is almost always good to possess despite those who would advise us to the contrary.

We can also vote the bums out when they profess ignorance because rape hasn’t been defined clear enough. When we become pro-active enough to recognize fact over lies and when we go to the polls each election cycle, we empower the victims so they do not suffer rape again at the hands of the system.

I hope all of us have a nice evening at home tuning in on this terribly violent day of storms. May we all be protected against more devastation that is out of our control while we tune in more to positive actions towards helping those who continue to be wronged by acknowledging their pain. We can make a difference one person at a time, once we commit to the same. First of all we have to want to help.

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We currently are hearing so many feigned voices of shock and surprise about the rape in Steubenville,Ohio, after having had an election while one Republican candidate for the Senate spoke of legitimate rape after having co-sponsored the same bill with the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan in Congress, to define legitimate rape as opposed to regular rape. Another Virginia Republican candidate called rape and the children born out of the same,” The intent of God.”

If women raped men we could all bet that women would be accused of being Jezebels and inspired by Satan if the reverse happened.  We could also guarantee ourselves it would be discussed as the most evil of acts and no woman would be left severely unpunished, regardless of how the rape occurred.

Men have gotten off with the excuse of going into a blind rage in an act of murder and instead charged with manslaughter when they kill another where women are often charged with murder 1 since the judicial system does not equate fear in women with the level of rage in men.  It totally discounts the idea that women can to act out of rage after years of abuse. Where women need a well documented history of rape or abuse, men need to establish little to no history either supportive or contrary to their own word in order to get a lesser sentence of manslaughter or for lawyers to refuse prosecution for rape charges.

When women are prosecuted for twice the amount of time that men are when death occurs in a domestic dispute, but treated more justly in other charges, we do not need to even guess how much harsher Society would be on a woman rapist than they are on men. Why so much shock and surprise over a statement that has been promoted for generations by the “Good Old Boys”,caused such a stir in the elections this year is beyond me.

Let me take this time to clarify the fact that rape amongst athletes has been taking place for generations just as the mentality has existed for Centuries, “That good girls cannot get pregnant from rape”, has existed as well. for the Republican Party or Press to deny the same is what is at the root of the ignorance in America.  To feign ignorance over rape amongst athletes or the idea that a child born from rape is a “Blessing from God,” are new ideas should leave us all sickened with those who continually dismiss the truth.  These ideas have existed since the beginning of time.

In the minds of the “Good Old Boy System”, and unfortunately some women as well, a legitimate rape is one that involves Street mugging or when a rapist breaks into the home of a woman and rapes her.  Any rapes that happen when a woman is in the company of men or marriage or in the man’s Apartment, barracks, frat house or territory, provocatively dressed or drinking, and the woman is raped it is no big deal to this mentality.  To many of both genders feel when this happens a woman is just asking for sex and rape does not happen under these circumstances.This attitude has always existed over the years, and continues being the attitude of to many.

Etiquette stated years ago, and perhaps still does,”One should never speak of politics,sex, or religion while in mixed company.”  Although I believe we have developed too casual of an attitude towards good manners, I do believe that not talking about politics,sex, or religion has left too many of us brain-dead on the issues that should matter and be discussed by all of us.  When we say the subject bores us then we are the ones who lose.  This post discusses all three subjects.

Allow me to tell you,the not so uncommon stories of its’ day in regards to women and rape.   I change the names and do not name the locations but I will not tell anything but the facts in the telling of these three stories. The names or locations are not important as these stories took place across our Nation in Jane and John Does and in anywhere U.S.A. during the era in which I write, along with years in advance of the same.

One generation does not often tell these kinds of stories from previous generations because it has to often been bred into the older generations to keep secrets in the past, or perhaps with time memory does get lost, behind both denial and disease.I begin from the truth of my own memory, that is still well-preserved. I Thank You for that Dear Lord, as I also inherited the mouth to tell the truth! Way back when there were the Landers Sisters writing and publishing the Nations problems, I was nicknamed Ann Landers since both men and women felt comfortable in telling me things that they would not even tell their husbands or wives.

1. It was the Spring of 1959 and an eighth grade girl ,who was rumored to  have been molested by a family member, was dating a young man,and together they had sex,previously,to the young girl attending a keg party with highschool athletes.  She was severely gang raped that night, as a result of drinking at the party.  No local lawyer, would take her case. The young victim had a wealthy aunt who lived 75 miles distance from the town, who could afford to pay for a lawyer, so they were able to hire an out-of-town lawyer.

When the case came before the judge, the victim’s boyfriend had been rounded up and forced to acknowledge that he had sexual relations with the girl who was the victim in this story.  The Judge threw the gang rape case out of Court and his finding stated,”No young man much less young boys could be held responsible for rape when the young girl in question, had previously de-flowered herself and was drinking alcohol under age.”Nothing was said about the young boys drinking illegally,of course.

2. In the Winter of 1964 a Catholic Priest, who the Church knew had a History of molesting young women, was given dispensation from duty as a Parish Priest and instead sent on the rounds of filling in as a speaker while conducting retreats in Convents and All Girls Catholic boarding Schools.  The same happened during this time with Priests celebrating retreats in all Boys Schools, when they had a history of molesting young boys.  The Catholic Church has come clean about their history but so many other Private Schools and Colleges are still denying that this still continues in their schools.  The Penn State Coach is NOT an uncommon story but just one of many.

3.  Going back to my farthest memory, any Sports player or Coach who brought fame to their sports program whether it was highschool, college, or the pros, were entitled to take anything they wanted to take, regardless of the size of the Town, City, or Religious affiliation. If the athlete is part of the team but not a star player then they will be used as the fall guy for the stars to remain clean. Unless it was burglary, where a Store refused to drop charges but in most cases even they could be bought off, if the athlete was a star and changed his ways.  Most Teams, while traveling elsewhere to play outside of their own town or City will have a team of scouts scouting out the local scene for a Party for them to return to.  These Parties since the 1960’s have both girls of questionable morality as well as virgins rounded up to attend.

Highschool girls have always been amongst the attendees of both sports and fraternity parties. It may be cool to a 16-year-old virgin, or not, to think they look older than they do and to go ahead and drink but when these girls do, it excuses the boys from showing the girls, respect. To many believe that when a girl says “NO” they are only teasing and instead they really want sex.  Boys have been told for generations that some girls need more convincing and when they say “No”, they really mean yes. Dress and drinking in women has always been grounds for rape, if they get drunk or even if drugs have been placed in their drinks, at these parties. I certainly do not accept that this mentality has ever been right but pretending we have not only tolerated it but promoted it for generations, makes it even more deplorable now when we deny the same.

A woman or young girl who is unconscious from drugs or alcohol has never been hands off in the minds of some boys and men and to pretend that this behavior does not happen or has not happened in the past is just another lie of the “Good Old Boy System.” I do not deny that there are some girls whose morality can make some mens’ behavior, pristine, but until we accept that prostitutes are raped, then we deny reality.

We fail women and our sisters alike, when we hold all women responsible for the behavior of a few.  All women have always been held responsible for those few women; where as all men and their behavior has been excused because of the behavior of the few women, who would set up men and yell “rape.” Rape is as unpleasant for most women to have to divulge the details and to relive the rape in a Court of law, regardless of their background, as it is for a man to get his penis removed, and yet we have always blamed victims of rape, for causing rape. Women, not men, are raped again by our judicial system.

Regardless, if it is a house party or a frat house across America the boys and men of the crowd are egged on to feel that rape is justified because “Good Girls” would not be there drinking if they didn’t want sex, has always been the mentality of the “Good Old Boy System”This mentality has existed in the “bad boys” as well as the Sports teams going back at least to the 1950’s when I first heard the stories told to me by the girls who had been raped.  Going to a man’s house or apt. under the guise of having a cup of coffee or to listen to his music, has existed for just as long, as a reason for rape.  It doesn’t have to be alcohol and to pretend that it does is only promoting the same lies. I’m sure those older than myself will tell my readers the same statement of fact, if they care to be honest with their grandchildren.

For a bunch of right-wing Republican men and the media that backs them,to feign ignorance or to act flabbergasted at the same while they continue to deny women,that this has been and remains the mentality amongst the “Good Old Boy System,” for centuries, sickened me in the Republican elections this year.  The fact that the media is now pointing a finger at Steubenville,Ohio, as being small town and unique in their cover up of the most recent rape being broadcasted, leaves me equally sick.

No one who has ever served as a cheerleader or been part of the popular or un-popular group could not possibly have attended highschool and had a successful Sports team, without knowing that this behavior took and takes place whether they were or are girls or boys.  The mentality that allows whole communities to protect rape and the behavior and mentality that broadcasts,” That these women deserve to be raped”,comes from a background in which we began early, hearing these stories as always being the fault of women. Too many women who serve on Juries are even worse than male juries when it comes to pointing a finger at the rape victims. To many times the lives of all boys, girls, and women who are raped, are destroyed by the men and women who protect these lies.

To deny that as a fact, has to make all of us ask,”Just how far has America slipped into denial?’  Will we deny that 67 Republican Tea Party members attempted to hold up funding for the Hurricane Sandy victims while FEMA was saying they were going broke and could not pay back the families who had paid into their flood Insurance?

Will we remain in denial of the fact that 183 Republican Congressmen and Senators could have cared less if it cost the middle class 100s of thousands of jobs, if we had gone over the fiscal cliff?  Did we elect them because their ideology is more important to us, than are our children and elderly, who will go hungry or without effective medical care? Will we all do better living on the Republican and the N.R.A. ideology that makes us feel unsafe without a gun in our homes even though a third of all deaths of children result as our having a gun in our homes. Will their ideology make us a better Democracy if we cannot provide for our families?

Does the N.R.A. lobbying the Republican Congress, who followed through on their bidding, to disallow funding to the Disease Control Center, make us feel even safer against Disease? If this sounds like a stupid analogy to those of you who protect the Republican Congress, rape, and guns, then just think of what you, yourselves, must sound like to the rest of the World!

Will we keep denying the fact that 50 some economists outside of Washington are saying that the only thing that is stagnating the American Economy is the 67 Tea Party members voting against the needs of the people along with the far right in Congress, who clearly want to see government go broke before they serve the needs of our elderly? Even Wall Street has joined the side of the Democrats on the damage being done to Business growth and jobs by the uncertainty of the Republican Congress. How much more can we deny until denial renders us all brainless when it comes to human decency and common sense?

I ask you,”Are we now going to pass the blame on to a bunch of kids in Steubenville,Ohio, for doing what men have always done or are we going to finally acknowledge the injustice of it, ALL! The guilty in Steubenville needs to be prosecuted along with others in our Nation.  I certainly do not mean to make allowances for the people responsible for such an ugly crime in Steubenville, Ohio, but it is our Nation’s problem. We all must take responsibility for denying these problems have always existed and still do exist.

We begin by eliminating the mindset that allows us to remain in denial, to the point that those amongst us simply accept it as “Just being the way it has always been,” before another election brings in more of the same mentality that cripples us as a Democracy. To accept it as being the way it is, has always been a second crime of humanity, against both our children and women. Those who tell us they want to go back to the 1950’s morality are lying to all of us about the truth that existed then just as it does today.

I warn all parents to think twice when they think popular,”is all that,” because a cheerleader and a popular girl are twice as likely to be raped than is a less popular girl. These girls also peak early just as the ball players do, and their best memories are as children or in highschool.  They learn ,too often, to settle for less and have a far greater chance of becoming pregnant as teenagers.  The “nerds”, on the other hand, have far greater statistics when it comes to those who go on to challenging careers following a College education and happy and contented lives.  If we parents cannot consider long-term results as a priority in our lives, then how can we expect those younger than ourselves to have common sense?

When we set up our own children to continue under the system that many of us tried to stop, we punish our children for the sins of the parents.” When we lack common decency,our children lack the same.  When we make everything about ourselves then our children do as well. When we as adults deny truth of fact and our children are raised on the same, we create the monster that often leads to more half-truths and false accusations against the victims of our Society.

Ultimately the same mentality leads to an increase failure in families and a bigger concern of increased crime in children at a much younger age. We cannot deny that the viciousness of our youth crimes are not increasing with the mentality that blames the victims over the perpetrators. As a Society brain washed in gun ownership our children have emerged as the losers. We need to hold both parents responsible for the failure of the child while we increase our endeavors to spot and treat both mental illness and drug addiction as the diseases that they are.  We need to give trained professionals who recognize the need for early intervention and parents the ability to get the help these children need through our Court Systems.

Those who claim family values would not need to talk about family values, if they had any.  Conversation along the lines of family values or the worsening of morality ultimately gives our Churches a bad name for failing at their jobs. The Conservative right is doing a bang up job of destroying Religion along with the Republican Tea Party, when they are not doing it to themselves. When questionable and charismatic Religion preaches the “Prosperity Gospels” while bleeding money from the poor and middle class and then blame the poor and middle class for their own poverty due to a lack of Faith, it is time we all voice our outrage. It takes the voice of the people to stand up to the injustices taking place and have taken place under our noses for generations. It begins with placing the emphasis on the right priorities without attacking the victims.

It never solves anything to talk when we need to be acting to stop the mentality in all of the new generations while charging those,” who do not get it”,in a Court of Law.  The mentality of,”Boys will be Boys,” has always laid at the root of the corruption in morality, since the beginning of mankind. If we want to make a difference, then we must begin today in telling the younger generations, who are our future, the ugly truth of yesterday.

To tell our grandchildren that children and women experienced a kinder gentler time in History, is and always has been a lie. Any adult who refuses to accept reality, needs to also accept that they are jeopardizing the future of their children and grandchildren, when they choose denial of the facts, over the truth. When we know better then we need to do better as a Society and as a Nation of laws.

To blame Steubenville alone is ludicrous, because if we leave them carrying the bag for what has been wrong for generations,around the World, we leave all of our children unprotected against rape,guns, and our own stupidity.  For the sake of our children, we must begin with changing the mentality, that we have allowed to go on.  We can no longer deny our own behavior and motives when technology shows us the truth and refuses to tolerate lies.

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I cannot sign off of politics until I say Thank You Voters! Three times I have watched elections, in my life time ,where the “Good Old Boys” tried to disenfranchise us. Never have I ever seen it get this close to the edge of destroying Democracy and I hope I never do again.

Until and unless, you the Republican Party, recognizes that women,African-Americans,Asians,Latinos,Hindus,Muslims,Jews,Hispanics,the gay community,American Natives,the elderly, the poor,the handicapped, the youth, and any other minority group are as protected by our Constitution and as equal to all the rights of life,liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as the white Christian male or the Plutocrat, the Republican Party will be rejected by us.   Tonight we proved to you that we are the growing majority. We are born with all the same rights as any American citizen or immigrant who comes here and works,loves,and breathes on American soil. We did send you, the Republican Party, a mandate because it is our numbers that are growing.

If anyone doubts our unity or the Republican lack of the same, all anyone needs to do is look at the tape of the limited races who were in the Romney crowd as verses the diversity of races in our President’s crowd.  The differences of representation were massive. When we join together in unity and tell you, the Republicans, that we must be recognized as equals by you, have no doubts about it, we are unified. None of us will ever deny any of the rest of us the right to our own healthcare,procreation,or equality in the job force or on the pay scale. Each of us will protect the full right to equality for all of us, and you did get a mandate from us.

As soon as our President won the elections tonight the Republicans started talking about now President Obama is going to have to make the effort to go to Congress and work with the Republicans, because he did not win a mandate.  As a member of the new majority, I think I speak for all of us when I say,” you are wrong.”  It is you who needs the new attitude adjustment.  Tonight you got a mandate from us that you will not treat our President like he is less than you are and YOU will work with him on His agenda, and compromise. We are tired of your filibusters and witch hunts and you must stop the behavior and instead use your time to help “We the People” who elects you secondarily to our President and Vice President.

If you as a Republican or one of the “Good Old Boys’ refuse to accept the fact that “We the People” spoke tonight and told you that President Barack Obama and Joe Biden are our choice, and now you must compromise, then you will find a Taxi-cab waiting at the corner for you when you come up for re-election too. We will not tolerate a Congress ran on filibusters or bills being attached that denies any of us our right to our own health decisions or our own bodies or Constitutional rights. It is clear to all of us that you refused to take our message to heart and to listen to us, the American voters, the first time we elected President Obama from your horrid disrespect of him and your refusal to hear us through him, these last four years.

We will not Tolerate another CPAC retreat where all Republican members must sign a pledge to vote against our President’s Agenda or not raise taxes on the wealthy. We will not vote for people who do not tell us the truth or whom we cannot trust because their lies are self-evident.  Too many of us would prefer to see all the Bush tax cuts run out  on those of us who can afford it, so we can replenish our Treasury.

We know that affordable health care needs more work and we expect you to make concessions and to co-operate with our President, so we can take temporary care of the unemployed middle class, the students who are our future, the abused and mistreated, the hungry, ill,elderly,handicapped and,any others of the groups you have chosen to disenfranchise, when they need a hand up.  We will not tolerate anymore bigots in our government who feel superior to anyone member or feel entitled to encourage their own to disrespect our President or any one group in our new majority nor can you ever run another campaign as dishonorable as the one that was ran this year.

We expect you to stop paper capitalism for the lobbyists, by recognizing that regulations do not eliminate profits but instead it eliminates greed. When you work together to cut the deficit you must first deny Corporate and oil company welfare, before denying us Medicare and Medicaid. We will not continue letting you convince us that the EPA is heavy-handed while we watch our children gasp for air. You must not interfere as President Obama appoints his own Federal and Supreme Court judges simply because they are not Conservative judges.

We know we will have to listen for a month at least, while you, the pundits, and Conservative media refuse to accept that you, the Republicans, lost because you offered your own party such pathetic choices both in the primaries and the general election.  I know you will never put the blame on your own backward mentality nor acknowledge the fault lies in the GOP. If you cannot eliminate the Tea Party and “Good Old Boys” from your own ranks, then we the American voters will have to do it for you. We have the power to disenfranchise you because we want to live in a United Nation where everyone is treated equal.   We much prefer that you sweep out your own trash.

Thank goodness this year and half of an election is over.  I never thought for a minute the polls were right as I know too many Republicans who said they could not vote for Mitt Romney, even while my State went 100% Republican. The Republicans were embarrassed watching the long list of right-wingers step forward in the Republican primary debates and shook their heads saying,”There isn’t a one of them I can vote for if they do win the primary,” and their minds never changed. My great concern all along was not that we didn’t want President Barack Obama and Joe Biden back but that your dirty tricks would cause them to lose.

I am always moved to tears of joy, when I see Democracy is still alive and well and that we will never be anything less than a Great Democracy,because character and hope will always win out over fraud and cynicism. No matter how hard you Republicans try to stack the deck against us, Democracy and the entitlement of freedom granted to all of us through our Constitution and Equal Rights Amendment, will eventually  always win.  We the majority, will recognize anyone who tries to return under another cloak of lies or to  deny our rights to our own health issues or equality for all.

You do not have nor will you ever have a monopoly on,”We the People.”  Good day,good luck, and happy thoughts to all of us. I am so proud of all of us regardless of how we voted because I know the hate and lies comes from them and not the majority of us! We want a strong two Party system where everyone plays by the same rules and understands and respects that we are all entitled to make our own decisions,we are Free, and we belong, regardless of the playing field. America belongs to all of us regardless of race,gender,creed,color or gender orientation.  As the 1970’s Helen Reddy song said,”Hear us Roar!

P.S. to Lars—We aren’t dead yet.  America is on its way back to being better and stronger than ever with a new majority! Just watch us as we move forward and grow by doing what Denmark has, and invest in our people.:)

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Mitt Romney has said,” government does not give jobs or build businesses but private business is what makes our lives better and gives us jobs.”  Mitt Romney is going to have a hard time convincing those on the East Coast,that government does not make their lives better or won’t give them jobs.  We in the Heartland have learned following tornadoes as have those in the South and on the West Coast  learned following  hurricanes and earthquakes and already know, that Mitt Romney is wrong because yes government does. We have all learned, regardless of the situations in our lives, that government does rebuild our lives,our businesses,gives us checks to rebuild our homes, and gives us jobs to repair our transportation and infra-structure when we need them most.

With the Army Corp of Engineers building up and rebuilding walls to protect the American people on the East Coast from future storms and government paid firemen,first responders, and police protecting their lives and property,the military reserves making rescues and protecting their property from looters, bringing gasoline in when gas stations run out, giving aid to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to feed the hungry,offering roofs over their heads, working to turn the power back on,repairing their transportation systems,rebuilding bridges and the boardwalk, removing strewn garbage and wreckage from their property, pumping water out of their homes,businesses, and subways,they as we already know, are seeing just how much Americans do depend on our government to be there for them and to give a damn without gouging them in the process. It doesn’t matter what race, religion,skin color,how much money they have, if they are employed, or what social economic position they belong to, they all need government to be there for them now, just as we have had to depend on them in the past or will need to in the future.

Is there an American left in the Nation that believes private Industry along with private Insurance Companies would do the same for us, without gouging us on prices in the process? We know that the system is rigged to keep smaller businesses out by lobbyists who pay the Republican Party in forms of gifts and feel entitled to the contracts in return, and they demand all things business belongs to them,the 1%, unless they choose to reject it. The Republican Party has become their prostitute of the night who when taken out to dinner are expected to perform.

We should also know that we as a private business will not qualify when it comes to gaining contracts from the government, if it is turned over to private Industry, because instead of government deciding our fate the Wall Street lobbyists tell the politicians what our fate is once they are done deciding it themselves. The Republicans are not against the Federal government sponsoring their pork programs they are just against the Federal government sponsoring our programs. When Mitt Romney said,”We need to eliminate FEMA and send it back to the States or better yet turn it over to private Industry, he was speaking for his own belief system which is the same and just more of the problem that created the mess we have spent 4 years trying to climb out of in order to correct the system. We cannot afford their policies and it has been proven that it does not work.

If their cronies are given contracts during the rebuilding of the East Coast won’t there be companies who proceed with business as usual, by charging the people exorbitant costs through the use of government?We may find at times that the wheels of government and the bureaucracy of red tape moves too slowly but in the end they will eventually make it right and we cannot always say that about those who take our money and give us nothing in return. Regardless of what we think of government aren’t they the ones that we find we rely on the most in a disaster situation?Isn’t it important because of lobbyist, who get an unfair break in free enterprise over our own needs, that we keep the needs of the people in the hands of government?

Don’t we rely on our government to maintain many of these same services on any day of our lives, to keep our town,cities,businesses,lending,agriculture and our health care running smoothly?  Isn’t it government that guarantees us that if we pay into the system or fight for the Democracy, we hold dear, then we will be provided for in our older years or on our return from battle?  Do we really believe that private business would protect us from safety in air flight,against diseases and pay for new discoveries in medicine that will heal us ,without price gouging in the open market? Will they protect the life of we the consumers against inferior and often dangerous products and produce if they stand to make a profit?  How efficient and willing will private business be to let go of their own profits in order to defend us against criminal activity,abusers, against terrorist,global warming,pollution that chokes the life out of our children and destroys their futures, find new discoveries that improve our health and longevity of life without forcing us to over-pay for their discoveries or services?

Don’t we need that protection from the greed of Private Industry more now than we ever have, with a Tea Party filled Republican Party that does not believe in a middle class being entitled to a good wage for a honest days work or Democracy? Don’t we need government to defend our right to equality regardless of gender,race,creed,or color of our skin? Don’t we need government to enforce the laws that protect us against these would be abusers,makes sure education is available to all Americans,and frees itself of corruption because “We the People” vote for those who will while we eliminate those who won’t?

When our own community is decimated by Mother Nature or man-made fires or disasters, we need people in government to be there for us who are knowledgeable on helping us regain our footing.We need people who do believe in the warnings given to us from Scientists on global warming and other man-made disasters being there to help us correct the problems before they arise if we are fortunate enough to get a warning, and certainly after a crises occurs. We all depend on our early warning systems provided to us by our government.  We do not need a Republican Party who refuses to accept these realities by making certain it is not part of their platform or they do away with a government who protects our needs, in favor of private Industry, who too often charges us outlandish prices when they do help or cancels our policies after we have paid into them for years..

We have heard for a year how the Republicans will repeal affordable healthcare or Obama care and turn Medicare into vouchers while sending Medicaid back to the States.  Is there anyone left, who thinks after New York and New Jersey along with other States like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Connecticut get done rebuilding from their recent hardships, that they will have funds left to care for the healthcare needs of their people if the Republicans repeal Obama care and send Medicaid back to the States while they get rid of the Federal governmental Agencies that protects all of us? Like everything else about Mitt Romney, he like every Republican before him will not tell us what he will replace it with but we should know it will be with private Industry making a generous profit and at added expense to all of us, because it is the Republican way to make sure it is always at the expense of the middle class.

As sad as it is to all of us, as a Nation, to know so many people are suffering and have suffered unimaginable lost, isn’t this a wake up call to all of us that “We do need Government in our lives?” When we hear men who belong to the Tea Party, such as Ron Paul say,”We shouldn’t have to pay for it because they lost their house,”doesn’t it make our skin crawl? Don’t we want government there for us when we face our next tragedy?  As Americans aren’t we all,” One Nation under God conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal with freedom and justice  for all?”

It is true that sometimes out of tragedy there often comes a reminder to all of us that we do need each other and it does take all of us pulling together with the help of our government, to come back better and stronger than ever.  This has been the focal point of the Obama/Biden campaign from the beginning, and they need to be thanked by all of us for not having lost sight of that message and for having led consistently and admirably by putting in the good fight for us, the American citizens.

When we forgot just how important it is that as Americans we all pull together, they never lost sight of the fact that we all are in it together, because we are Americans and that is what Americans do. They will continue to insist that we all play by the same rules from Wall Street to Main Street. We know we can trust their character as being real because they have earned our trust and lived our lives. They fight for us because they have not forgotten from where they came.

If you haven’t already voted for the candidates who will make certain that those who lead our government will be there to guarantee all of us our rights and freedoms as Americans, in a United Nation, then I urge you to make certain that you do. Vote!

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The Heritage Foundation bills itself as a Conservative think tank when in truth they are lobbyist and responsible for hiring the people who spread the lies against the Democrat majority and President Obama both on the blog-o-sphere and the air waves. It, along with Grover Norquist, was responsible in helping elect President George W. Bush.  They sponsor Rush Limbaugh and work in unison with Grover Norquist refusal to raise taxes. Grover Norquist is a frequent guest as are Tea Party members Ron and Rand Paul on CNN

Phillip Morris Tobacco  along with the Choctaw Indian Tribe and Time Warner who owns CNN are large contributors. CNN likes to call their polls following the debates Scientific and the erratic campaign of Mitt Romney as being mostly true but their poll following the debates have  always had more Republicans than Democrats in it as CNN claims that Republicans watch the debates more than Democrats.  I point that out so when we see other Networks with a double-digit difference in favor of President Obama we understand why CNN is trying to spin it in favor of Mitt Romney.  What I saw of Mitt Romney was anything but Presidential as he was sweating,blinking his eyes and licking his lip which again are symptomatic body language of someone who is less than honest. I sure wouldn’t want Mitt Romney negotiating for my release if  I was ever held hostage ,negotiating nuclear disarmament with Korea or unfair trade practices with China.  As the saying goes”Never let them see you sweat” or”He who blinks first loses.”

But I digress, many believe that the Heritage Foundation along with Grover Norquist also played a major role in helping defeat John McCain because they were the ones responsible for putting Tea Party candidate Sarah Palin on the ticket.  When they did so, John McCain’s support, fell into the dunking tank as far as most women were concerned. I personally  think that any Republican was going to lose the election following George W. Bush and the Tea Party knew that so set John McCain up so  he wouldn’t be in their way this year.

Remember when we did not know Sarah Palin was a Tea Party member but only speaking at their Convention?If we would have known the truth then, The Tea Party would not have been able to ride in on their “Trojan Horse” and claimed they wanted to clean up the Republican Party after The Bush Administration debacle. No one whispered the same in the Republican Party but instead left us puzzled as to why they would support the Tea Party.

Too many voters were led to believe by the media that the Tea Party was a brand new grass-roots movement and many of the followers had to make sacrifices to attend their Conference in Indiana, in 2010, even though the Tea Party members have been part of the majority and the members financially well backed for at least 13 years because Paul Ryan has been a member of Congress for that long as has Ron Paul, and in the World of Politics that makes them old timers. The lies have spread like wild-fire against President Obama since their so-called grass-roots movement with the Help of the Heritage Foundation.

This election year in Maricopa County Arizona, Hispanic voters are being told to show up two days after the election to vote on November 8th instead of November 6th.  The officials there are saying it was just a mistake made in their printing and that might be believable if it was not for the fact that voters in Ottawa,County in North West Ohio, who voted heavily for President Obama in 2008, were not being told the same thing by Republican officials.  Voters are being intimated by the Conservative vote group in Texas and elsewhere by asking questions that are not any of their business and asking for unnecessary ID.  Please be aware that this is all organized mayhem in order to run off the voters for President Obama by these sleazy groups being supported by the Republican Conservative base and the Tea Party.

The Heritage Foundation was behind electing John Roberts to the Supreme Court and in making  large sums of money in campaigns legal.  They have convinced too many Conservative voters that electing President Obama means bringing in Socialism and Communism to our government and to America. Senator Allen West claim that”All 81 Democrats serving on the budget Committee to reduce waste and to support a plan to reduce the deficit are all Communists,” is supported by Tea Party members, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, along with the Heritage Foundation.  Mitt Romney has said he will appoint Allen West of Florida to his cabinet if Mitt Romney is elected.

They are no different from the McCarthy era of the 1950’s nor the John Birch Society of the 1960’s except they accept Mormons who are as far right as they are,  and have paid for and continue to finance the Tea Party. They spread the rumor that the Tea Party was grassroots in the 2010 election and were concerned about spending when their real goal is to eliminate all moderate Republicans and take over the Republican Party while promoting the end of the FDR programs and equal rights for women.

Mitt Romney became their choice for President when Newt Gingrich lost his bid to win the primaries.  Do not be fooled by Mitt Romney’s apparent swing to the middle in his debates as the handlers knew if Mitt Romney stayed right where he has been campaigning he would lose the moderate vote. They cannot win without the moderate vote so Mitt Romney is saying everything that appeals to the moderates while wooing the right-wing in the Primary elections.  They are so far right that they make the Conservative right look liberal. The war on women is real as they try to bring back the white male race to what they feel is the entitlement of the white male to prominence over minorities and women in the work force even though they are less educated and many times less qualified for the current job market.

Grover Norquist, who often speaks for them and sits on the board of the National Rifle Association, has informed the Conservative people we do not need a President that comes in here with an agenda of his own but instead a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to, has always been a member of the extreme right and worked as an aide for Presidential hopeful,Barry Goldwater,who was financed and  supported by The John Birch Society in the 1960’s.

Mitt’s professed views on rape and women equality,even though they were not the same in the primaries as they are now, makes no difference  as the Tea Party attempt to stack the Senate, Congress and Governorships in our States with strong pro-life stances and with a majority to do away with the rights of women to make choices on their own health and body and to do away with Unions that protect the working conditions and rights of the workers.  It will not matter as to what Mitt Romney’s views are as with a majority vote Mitt Romney will sign into law the inequality of women. The Heritage Foundation supports and backs the heroes of Conservatism such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and as a result have led the Conservatives to believe that they are telling them the truth because their views on women inequality is even more harsh than the view of most Conservatives against Women’s rights.

It is the aim of both The Heritage Foundation and Grover Norquist’s along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and to turn it all over to private Industry by cutting government to half the size it currently is today.  In doing so they will eliminate all controls and regulations as they did under the Bush Administration and do away with the Consumer Protection Agencys as well as the government Agencys that protect the rights of the poor and middle class.  As Mitt Romney has said,”I will get rid of HUD,turn Teacher’s Unions over to another government Agency, and do away with Planned Parenthood and Obama care the first day I am elected”.

The Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform co-mingle and are one and the same in their belief system and strong supporters of the Tea Party and their supporters through their Foundations.  Both are lobbyists for their own causes and any and all Republican candidates, who take so much as a dime of their money, must sign an agreement to not raise taxes as they want government to go broke so they can shrink it to half of its size and turn the government wealth over to Private Industry.  Unlike the Conservatives the Tea Party does not believe in Democracy nor does Grover Norquist.

Americans For Tax Reform was founded and is ran by Grover Norquist.  Both the Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform have pumped in 4 million dollars into the Tea Party in an effort for the lies to be spread against Democrats, President Obama, and Obama care, prior to this election year.  Since they saw to it that the money paid in by outside groups does not have to be reported by getting John Roberts elected as a Supreme Court Justice and swinging the vote to their side on unlimited dollars going into campaigns, no one knows for certain to what a degree their dollars have gone into the Mitt Romney Campaign once Newt Gingrich was defeated in the primaries.

Mitt used an unlisted mail box in Park City, Utah to receive his cash funding during the Republican primaries. They flooded the State of Nebraska and pumped money into the pockets of all Republican candidates and are supporting Republican Deb Fisher against Democrat Bob Kerry  in the Senate Race even though they hold no other interest in the State due to the Law that does not allow Corporations into Nebraska to compete against Agriculture. The Republican Congressman of Nebraska who is running for re-election, Adrian Smith, has always had their backing and votes with them.Their  interest is two fold: to sign all Republicans to their pledge to not raise taxes or let the Bush taxes run out on the wealthy while increasing their tax breaks in exchange for paying for both Nebraska campaigns and to do away with the Equal Rights of Women.

Nebraska has already approved the Personhood Bill that gives all rights to the egg while denying women,including those of rape and incest, the right to make decisions on their own body and health. In their efforts to stack the Supreme Court with Conservative Justices it is their belief that they will over throw Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the States where Roe vs. Wade will be over thrown  in favor of the Bill guaranteeing Personhood to the egg and thereby deny women the right to make decisions of their own on their own health issues.  The Personhood bill criminalizes abortion, irregardless of the circumstances, while criminalizing Doctors who would attempt to save a woman’s life or to prescribe the Morning After Pill (Plan B) following a rape, as those rights under the Personhood Bill would go to the egg even when women are not pregnant. Nebraska is only one example of many States voting in or attempting to vote in laws of Personhood, by Tea Party controlled Republican Governors  and legislatures in our States.

Grover Norquist has said,” Conservatives protest in favor of values when in truth they have no values.”  The Conservatives do not know yet that they are being ripped off by the Tea Party and the Heritage Foundation along with Americans For Tax Reform because Mitt Romney could never win this election without the Conservative vote any more than he can win it without the moderate Republican vote, and they know it.  After George W.Bush won election Grover Norquist said,”Pat Robertson’s staff is so much a part of the White House, Thems is Us, and Us is Thems,” while saying Conservatives do not have any values and are against business.

Mitt Romney is telling us that President Obama will ruin entrepreneurship because by charging more taxes to small business they will all go out of business. He is calling for people like the Koch Brothers and Florida Resorts to tell their people that they better vote for him or lose their jobs and they along with other CEO’s are threatening their employees with the same.  Only 1% of 1% of small business makes a million dollars or more per year and the other 99.99% of small business will profit under President Obama’s tax plan.  Despite these facts, Mitt Romney, continues to claim that 60% of  the people hired by small business will lose their jobs if President Obama’s Tax plans go into effect as small business employs 60% of all workers in America.

In closing then the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform are as big of a lie as what Mitt Romney and the Tea Party spreads. It is no accident that Mitt swung to the middle so far on his first debate that he totally left President Obama in a daze.  In both his second and third debate he continued to deny almost everything that he has said on the campaign trail in order to influence the moderate vote while assuring the Conservatives of his opposite stand on the campaign trail.

MITT ROMNEY AGREED WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA SO MUCH  ON  LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE ON FOREIGN POLICY THAT HE SOUNDED MORE LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VICE PRESIDENT CHOICE.  After listening to Mitt Romney talk about how President Obama is doing everything right on Foreign Affairs we would have to be stupid to get rid of the Inventor of these ideas as President Obama’s Administration has done everything right according to Mitt Romney during the debate but on the campaign trail Mitt Romney has been vicious in his attacks against President Obama’s foreign policy.The Tea Party  are in all of our States backing all Republican candidates both in our States and in Washington in an effort to take over the Republican Party and to deny equality to both women and minorities and to send us back to the 1950’s.

They will not be stopped, unless we stop them together at the election polls.  Vote for the re-election of President Obama and for Democrats now or on November 6. They have tried so hard to rig the system that if we do not vote we will all lose, if Mitt Romney and the Republicans are elected or re-elected in November. That includes you as well, Republicans.  There is not a single moderate amongst them even if they think they will be because the only way they can win their election is by taking Tea Party advanced money, and that includes Mitt Romney, as moderate hopefuls for President, were cut out of the vetting system, before the selection of candidates for the Republican primaries. Why do you think they had such a pathetic selection in the primaries?  Your original instincts on, Mitt Romney,saying what ever it takes to win the election even when his actions and private conversations held before the “Fat Cats” prove differently, were not wrong. Trust them now.  Vote!

(Late edition to my readers:  Today Colin Powell endorsed President Obama because he was concerned about Mitt Romney’s change of views at the debate and feels he is all over the map and may have neo-conservative views in his foreign policy and is not coming clean with the voters. For those of you who are concerned about balanced budgets,the economy and jobs, and why people vote Republican, I urge you to read my post entitled,” The History Of Balanced Budgets” and the question and answers that follow.  It was written on May 2,2012, and can be either typed into this site where it says search or you can simply press on May 2012 at the side of this post and find it.  Thank you!)

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As we count down the days now before election day on November 6, Mitt Romney is really putting the emphasis on women. President Obama has been there with us all along and signed the equal pay for equal work bill on his first day in office so women could play on an even playing field with men despite the fact that the Republicans voted against the same. To pretend that the Hispanic and women vote will not win this election is the equivalent of All Americans putting on those blinders that Mitt has tried to place on women and Hispanics on social issues and immigration or possibly to hide out in a binder.

We are supposed to wear blinders when it comes to the fact that Mitt has claimed that before he was Governor that he was in business for 25 years even as he disclaimed it at another time by saying he was no longer at Bain Capital when Bain Capital was accused of outsourcing jobs that had previously been jobs done by Americans. Since some women already have a pair of blinders when it comes to Mitt’s belief of women on social issues they need to be careful not to over use them.

The women that  Romney is courting, and if we believe the media, winning over, must be wearing blinders if they are falling for the Romney spiel when it comes to his protests in favor of women. To add a little levity to it, since Mormon women wear binding underwear all their lives, perhaps binders and women go together in the World of Mitt Romney; But Seriously, does it not occur to women that if Romney had been a successful business man for 25 years,as he claims, that he would not have to find women organizations who put women in binders in order to find competent female employees?  This is Mitt Romney’s own State and he does not know enough women to Staff his own cabinet?

The big part of the Story that gets left out of the telling of the story; and there always seems to be a big part left out by Romney and Ryan and the media who protects their drive to win, is that only one woman worked at Bain Capital after Romney’s 25 years in Business.  Mitt Romney had to go to women’s organizations, who had resume’s of women qualified to staff his Cabinet in binders, because hiring women was never a priority of his prior to running for political offices. He did not play a role in appointing women in any company that he likes to point out that he started after laying off thousands of people in Companies he took over while at Bain Capital.

After this great wealth of business acumen that Mitt brags about on the campaign trail he did not know any qualified women because he had never made hiring women a priority of his previously and if he was going to run as Governor on his way to President he needed to give the appearance of being women friendly.  Mitt Romney has been running for President ever since the voters in Massachusetts more or less told him that he need not apply for a second term because he could not win a second term.

How sad is it and out of touch is Mitt that he could not in the last two decades,when women have been better educated than men since the 1980’s, come up with enough women to make up his staff?  Wouldn’t most of us take a look at our husbands or ourselves and be able, after 25 years in business, to come up with enough loyal and qualified women to make up 30% of our staffs with competent women?  Wouldn’t it even be that much easier if we needed to do this in our own State?

Wouldn’t most of us want to hire even a larger percentage of women to our staffs knowing that women continue being more educated and qualified than men? Since women make up the majority of the population along with the work force shouldn’t those numbers be reflected not only on the candidate staffs but in Congress and the Senate as well?  Isn’t the fact that women still make up the minority of power but the majority of the job market the reason more women lost their jobs in the crises that followed the Bush Administration?

Wasn’t it because more of us were hired over men, since of our qualifications were better than men and because of the Republicans refusal to pass the “equal pay for equal work Act” previously to President Obama passing it into law, that companies could hire us for less, and in doing so it was our numbers that was eliminated the most during the slow down in the economy due to the greed of free enterprise?

Is it any wonder that in the World outside of where Mitt Romney apparently lives, that women have been hit the hardest, because of controls being lifted on the banking industry and Wall Street in the Bush Administration? Isn’t it the refusal of a Republican controlled Congress to pass President Obama’s jobs package and the Republicans efforts to keep unemployment high that is impacting women the hardest and increasing our numbers into the poverty range?

How can Mitt Romney possibly know the real hardships and injustices that women face in a “Good Old Boy” system when he has been part of that system all his life?  If a man is  in business for 25 years and has a College degree and he cannot even come up with enough women he trusts to staff his inner circle without reaching out to outside help doesn’t that tell us that he is either terribly out of touch with women and the issues that they face or he has lived in the Mormon world of male dominance or is a long time supporter of “the Good Old Boy” system?

Can we ignore that in the Mormon world women are expected to be home makers and not have career interests outside of being child bearers, and not understand that women in the work place probably wasn’t important to Mitt Romney until he knew his record needed to reflect that he was not impartial to women when he ran for the office of Governor or President? (See my previous Post:Mormon women:America’s second class citizens and Is Being a Woman A Crime?)

How sad is it that Mitt had to get outside help just to find women who would be considered competent enough to work in his staff? Within 2 years the numbers of women in his staff fell below 30% and for those of us who do not wear blinders or are  in binders, we ask,” if the commitment on Romneys’s part was to women over image why weren’t the women who quit or  laid off, in that period of time, replaced by other women?” When we think of all of the magnificent College professors and the qualified women on the Staffs of  other Companies while Mitt claims to have built up and created jobs  and he himself along with two partners started Bain Capital doesn’t it leave we women questioning why Mitt was unable to staff his own Cabinet if he was so women friendly in the work place?

Mitt Romney in a conference call in June to the Federation of Small Business told CEO’s to tell their employees how they felt as it is not against the law to express their views to their employees on how the CEO’s thought they should vote  and to explain to them they would lose their jobs if they voted for President Obama over himself. Mike White of Rite-Hite in Milwakee has told his 16,000 employees they will lose their benefits if they vote for President Obama, Koch Brothers have told their 45,000 employees that they better vote for Mitt Romney or face lost of their jobs, as has David Siegel of Florida Resorts sent e-mails warning his employees of the same, along with other CEO’s of other Companies are telling their employees to Vote for Romney or lose their jobs.

Instead of reporting this intimidation by CEO’s against thousands of employees taking place across America the media is reporting the Conservative view who are reporting the failure of a Republican Conservative woman being refused a full-time position at the University of Iowa because she is a Conservative Republican where the University hiring team says instead that she had poor interviews and it has nothing to do with her political beliefs.

Conservative Will Cain on CNN is insisting as the Conservatives all do that Universities only hire liberals.  In the world of Conservatism, Evolution being taught instead of Creationism, is considered liberal teachings and Science has been banned in the Republican platform.  This one teacher being denied full-time employment is so much media driven and yet we hear nothing of the threats being made by Companies to fire thousands of employees if they do not vote for Mitt Romney. Can we really believe that Mitt Romney cares more about our jobs than his own election?

When we take a good look at the team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and add together the whole story of events while combining it with common sense their history of actions taken against us shows: in their world of business and politics too often both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan came out short with their actions in support of Hispanics and women. Too often both men were for it before they were against it or against it before they were for it and they will sway any direction and will do or say anything to win elections. As the old saying goes, in my part of the Country, its time that both we women and Hispanics show the “Good Old Boys” at the election polls,”Action talks, Bull S— walks.”

Re-elect President Barack Obama who does have a history of proving his support for women and Hispanics when it comes to passing or making the efforts to pass forward on bills protecting womens’ equality and fairness in the Hispanic community and will finish what he started, and then Vote Democrat November 6th.

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The Doctrine of Celestial marriage in the Mormon Church, which basically states that women will join their first husbands for eternity on the various planets that allow for a man of the Mormon Faith  to become God like on that planet, denies women the right to divorce in the Mormon Church.

The more children attributed to a Mormon man in the celestial heavens then the more power that man will have on the celestial planets that he over-sees. Due to this Covenant in the Mormon belief, women are strongly encouraged to not use birth control in order to bring greater glory to their husbands and themselves in their after-life. Unless a woman can fully document adultery by letter in very detailed and humiliating terms to the elders, divorce is never allowed in the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church does not allow for either abuse of wife or children in a marriage by a husband or father because if either exists, it is their belief, that it is the fault of or error of the wife and child to honor or to perform to the wishes of the husband or father.  Since both is considered the blame of women and children neither are grounds for a divorce in the Mormon Church but can only be obtained through civil divorce, and to do so leads to excommunication from the Church when a woman does file for divorce.

The Mormon Church hires a full battalion of lawyers who will defeat any law firm of any less than substantial size, if a women sues for legal support or half of what is rightly hers in no-fault States following a divorce, or a child sues against rape or incest charges after they are excommunicated from the Later Day Saints or the Mormon Church.  The Mormon Church refuses to acknowledge the fault of men against crimes of humanity in their Patriarchal Society and in a man’s family. The view prominently held by the elders and Bishops of the Church who are not ordained ministers but instead lay men such  as Mitt Romney, is the blame of the women or children to follow Church Law towards accepting the wishes and the final authority of the Man of the family.

Women can only be joined to their husbands in the temple if they have never allowed a another man other than their husbands to touch them. 16 years old sons have the power to advise their mothers as the Mormon Church advocates a Patriarchal Society with women being the child bearers and  home makers. A son nor a man can be seen doing house work on any level since this is women’s work. Mitt not knowing what he picked up at the Store is very likely the truth, since more than likely his shopping trips were done by the efforts of his handlers to appease the American public who will vote for him over it being a habit of his to shop. The handlers have worked over time in the campaign from having Mitt Romney appear in blue jeans to making him look like just a common “Joe” of the people.

Once a woman, usually as a very young woman since the Mormon Church promotes marriage in its young people, visits the temple for the first time she is given the sacrament of Endowment, and shown how to wear the “sacred undergarments’.  They are always white and consists of a top and bottom that is binding to remind her of her commitment to God and her husband.  Women are banned from wearing shorts,swim suits, or any clothing that is considered provocative and in most cases from wearing short sleeves.  The virginity of a woman is her responsibility, regardless of the attention or force placed on her by a man, as good girls cannot become pregnant by rape if they do not allow a man to have his way with them or dress provocative as to encourage impure thoughts or actions by a man.

Since the Mormon Religion teaches that the more children men have in the Celestial planets the more God like they are and will become, other women can be assigned to a married man in the Celestial Heavens, even though polygamy is banned in the Mormon Church on earth and only practiced by fundamentalists who have been excommunicated by the Mormon Church.

A woman who fails to marry a Mormon man in her first marriage is often assigned to the Bishops of her Church along with her children, in the after life, if she marries a Mormon man as her second choice. However, the Church is much quicker to accept pregnant brides in the temple and rarely will accept a divorced woman unless she can properly document adultery in her first marriage.

Because virginity is so important in the Teachings of  the Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church a woman who is engaged or spoken for, while her future husband goes over-seas to preach the Mormon Faith and to gain converts, will often stay with the family of the husband to be, as did Ann Romney stay with Mitt Romney’s parents while Mitt was in France furthering his Faith.

While men are over seas they cannot be in the company of other women, watch television or listen to music and women while their fiance is over seas must  give up their own choices for those two years waiting for their future husbands.  The teachings of Mormonism believes that when young people are taught these restraints for their Church they will remain in the Church for a life time.  The returning men must marry within 6 months of returning home.  Many brides who marry in the temple are pregnant, some figures say as high as 70%, but the Mormon Church would rather see pregnant brides than tolerate divorce.

The Mormon Church in America is the only Religion that has ever been given full and complete dispensation from the Military draft on grounds of religious beliefs. No Mormon will ever serve in the military so we should question if Mitt Romney is even fit to be Commander-in-Chief since being in the military has already been contested by him on Religious convictions during the Viet Nam War. Because  George Romney ran against Richard Nixon for President during this time in history, attention was drawn to  Mitt Romney protesting in favor of the draft and against over-turning it, during the Viet Nam War, and it caused many to see Mitt as a hypocrite even then. Mitt was in a castle in France with Religious Dispensation during this time while Ann Romney was living in the home of Mitt Romney’s father George Romney, waiting for Mitt’s return and their eventual marriage.

Although the Mormon Church has never held as other Religions do that Eve made Adam eat of the apple in the Garden of Eden, it does believe that it is the intent of God for women to be home makers and to produce as many children as the husbands want. All women in the Mormon Faith are expected to be married and to bear children for the men of the homes. Because the number of children produced increases the man chances to become God like in the Celestial Heavens, birth control is greatly frowned on. In a Patriarchal Society that is promoted by the Mormon Church, the Father and husband are the only voice of the home and what they say is the same as if God Himself has spoken.  In more liberal homes a husband will listen with compassion to the needs of his wife and children but what he says is the final word and must not be disobeyed.

Since patriarchal authority is so much the Covenant of the Mormon Church and without this belief both men and women are denied the ability to gain Heaven, the Mormon Church put in billions of dollars in today’s monetary values to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment from 1921 to 1971 when it was finally passed by a majority of the Congress.

They used the argument as did all the Churches who fought against equality for women did, that the equal rights amendment was not necessary for women because it was already guaranteed in the Constitution.  This same argument is used by today’s Tea Party members and was used throughout history to deny civil rights to minorities in the past and is still used to deny equality to the gay population today, as well.

The Republican Party’s majority refusal to even acknowledge the gay population with claims that they are not recognized by any laws, is no different from the argument that was used for generations by the “Good Old Boy”System.  This argument existed for centuries when it came to in-equality for women and minorities and made it possible for both to be denied their equal rights guaranteed in our Constitution.  Without the Equal Rights Amendment that guarantees our Civil rights of equality, the Good Old Boys ” made up of white males, had control over women and minorities, under these exact same claims and arguments.

Can we trust Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to stand up for equality for women and a fair wage of equal pay for equal work or for that matter to sign into law any Bill or Act that protects women and minorities against the abuse of the “Good Old Boy” system or in the equality that protects procreation for women today? When Mitt refuses to say he will support equal pay for equal work for women and says he gave women flexible hours  so they could go home and cook dinner for their families isn’t he playing into the stereo-type of his Mormon faith?  In many homes outside of his religion, men often do the cooking.

Flexible hours are as important for men as they are women and should not be gender specific and certainly not based on women cooking dinner, unless of course we are as out of touch with real life as Mitt Romney is out of touch. The true purpose of flexible hours is to make it possible for both sexes to be able to go to Dental, Dr., and business appointments as well as to be with their children if they need to see a Dr. and to attend their activities.  Do any of us think Romney understands the real purpose of flex hours outside of the Mormon Church?

Make no mistakes about it, Mitt Romney, is guided by his Mormon Religion as a Bishop of that Religion and has never said as John Kennedy said,”that if his (Catholic) Religion interferes with his duties as President to all people of all Faiths and all Americans, that he will resign as President of the United States.”

We have already seen Mitt Romney outsource jobs as Governor of Massachusetts and to gain wealth for the wealthy at Bain Capital. Mitt Romney left his own State in such a mess when it came to contracts on infra-structure and unemployment that he was not wanted back by the voters so he only served one term.  Even today he is losing his own State by a whopping 25% in Favor of President Obama while he instead claims he was a successful Governor despite the fact that Massachusetts fell to 47th in the Nation in job creation.Can we really trust Mitt Romney to get jobs in America for the middle class when his record indicate otherwise?

Since Mitt Romney does not specify that it was his actions as Governor of Massachusetts that created number 1 schools in Massachusetts, he does not get a “liar pants on fire,” from Politico but instead an incomplete. Massachusetts has always had good schools and to question if they are number 1 in the Nation is legitimate enough to do so. Maryland, instead, holds the record of having the Number 1 schools in the Nation and many credit the Democrats for making it possible. When we understand that Mitt Romney hired the same Paul Ryan team that made up the Ryan plan to do his budget can we trust that Mitt will not reward the wealthy and punish the elderly and middle class?  Is that why Mitt refuses to tell us which loop holes he will close?  Can we trust the fact that Mitt Romney will not do away with Medicare in favor of vouchers or Obama care in favor of the greed of Capitalism?

Can we trust Mitt Romney not to appoint the next two Supreme court Judges as the next two retire, to protect the equal and civil rights of All Americans.  If he chooses instead from his Mormon base, in which there is a strong fraternity, then can’t we be certain that the Equal Rights Amendment along with Roe vs. Wade will be thrown out by a majority of Conservative judges who consistently vote as Judge Scalia votes? We are that close in this election to denying equality to many in America and to defeating Democracy as we have known it.

If it is your son or daughter or grandson and granddaughter can  you afford to  gamble on that when the past actions and statements of both Mitt Romney and Tea Partier Paul Ryan, disallows for the equality of all Americans?  Did Mitt Romney really mean what he said against 47% of American voters and Paul Ryan agreed with, on the 30% of Americans? Was it just coincidence that they are both on record as saying the same thing against the American people they claim refuse to work and would rather be victims?  You decide, and then re-elect President Barack Obama and vote Democrat in November.

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You know your campaign is in trouble when as soon as the debate is over the biggest complaint you have is the opposition smiled or laughed too much.  If smiling and laughing is something that any of us feel we have to criticize, is it any wonder there is so much doom and gloom in the Republican Press and Party? Lets face it, all Romney and Ryan do is criticize President Obama without offering any details and most of the nonsense they try to spread is laughable.

CNN and Fox News are the only Networks that have declared Ryan a winner.  If we have watched either networks over the months, we have noticed when they thought Romney would walk away with the Election, they quoted the polls of registered voters until President Obama started pulling away from Romney.

The Conservatives complained and said that the polls that showed likely voters indicated it was a closer race. When this happened CNN started showing the likely voters polls.  When it did not change after the first debate, they went to the Pew Polls that come from the internet to show that Romney is pulling ahead.  There are any number of ways that the media can trick us into believing that our candidate will lose or win and CNN should be ashamed of themselves for their obvious attempts to sway voter opinion.  We know that Fox News does it all the time and that is why they are called Faux News.

The Truth is old Joe spoke from the heart because his whole life has been about us, the middle class.  No different from Harry Reid of Nevada, who the Conservatives hate as well, Joe Biden has worked over time in his extinguished career to bring attention to the plight of the poor and middle class and to watch out for us so that we do not get screwed by Republicans. Romney and Ryan, are the perfect example of people who would eliminate the government that protects our rights.

Their plan is to take from our government that protects us and put it in the hands of Free Enterprise that will in turn drain the government dry.  By replacing the government  Agencies that protect us with their government Agencies, they would have all controls on the greed of Capitalism removed while breaking down Social Security,Medicare, and Medicaid and put it in the hands of Insurance Companies.

Insurance Companies then would in short not have to compete because they would end up getting paid the overcharges Seniors could not afford because government would pay it and there would  be no limitations to the amount the Insurance Companies could charge Seniors because we who saved for retirement will be charged the extra cost since they will freeze healthcare benefits that we get  in 2022 and any increase in healthcare after that date would come out of our pockets. Those of us who cannot afford the extra cost would have government pay it, according to the Ryan Plan.

The  younger generations will then have to pay back the government as well as the Insurance Companies who would no longer have any control over them for setting prices at any level they wish to.  The Seniors who saved for retirement along with  the middle class would be hit both by increased taxes as well as a rise in insurance policies, according to the Ryan Plan. According to the Ryan Plan the Republicans will not balance a budget for 30 more years.  President Obama by going around the Insurance Companies and eliminating waste and fraud from the Insurance Companies and hospital providers has been able to hold Insurance rises to less than 4% which is the lowest that it has been in 50 years. These are the details that neither Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan will tell us.

Wouldn’t all of us laugh,smirk or sneer if we heard what Ryan told us last night versus the facts? My first reaction when I hear some one who tries to cover up the facts, as I know them to be real, is to laugh and say, “You have got to be kidding me, why would I ever vote for that.”  Rest assured that my husband and I not only payed taxes for ten years but paid the higher tax rates for 30 years to assure our healthcare benefits, and we will also be paying the extra taxes and the higher policy prices right along with you now if the Ryan Plan is approved.  With President Obama’s plan and the addition of Obama care our costs will not escalate like it had been doing in the past years, and my husband and I will be able to get Social Security that we paid for as well as enjoy our retirement.

The same thing is going on right under our noses with women’s issues.  Mitt claims he will allow abortions for rape and the life of women but he just wants to ban Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the States. He wants to make sure that there is another Judge Scalia on the Supreme Court who votes right-wing every time. In doing so the Conservatives would own the Supreme Court and Roe vs. Wade will be over turned. Mitt knows full well that the Republican platform that is being carried out in the Tea Party and Conservative  Republican controlled States allows for no exceptions. His   V.P. pick, Paul Ryan, worked with Todd Aiken to try to pass a bill on legitimate rape as verses rape.(See my previous post: Is Being A Woman A Crime?)

No matter how anyone tries to tweak it or belittle Joe, because he gets his words messed up, they cannot deny that Joe loves us and has proven it every year he has served.  A numbers man like Paul Ryan who still refuses to tell us Romney’s tax plan, will never win a debate against a person who cares and shows it.

To compare what Joe Biden has slipped up on saying to what Romney said against 47% of Americans being moochers and thinking we are victims  when  talking to the “Fat Cats” is laughable.  If we do not laugh about their unkindness then we will get angry enough to hit someone.  To say what Mitt Romney has said against the poor and people who have served our Country well along with Senior citizens who have paid into Social Security for 40 years, as thinking government owes us and we don’t have to work and expect entitlements, as both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have said, will not defeat us but will make us laugh in their face.

Hell yes we paid for those benefits and we are entitled to get our money back, just as you will be when you reach retirement age and the only way that will happen is to get rid of the Ryan Plan.  Unlike Mitt we do not send our money on vacation to Europe and the Cayman Islands so that we get out of paying the taxes that we have paid through sacrifice and lost of limb.

Good Old Joe likes us and regardless who wants to spin it, Joe gave us his heart last night like he always has.  Thanks Joe for being there right along side of President Barack Obama, who is the other politician in Washington who cares about us and  fights for us.  The spin doctors and pundits are listening to a different drummer because hands down, Joe won the debate and I laughed right along with him at the absurdities that I heard coming from Paul Ryan. Smile America and do not apologize to anyone for it! Better yet have a good laugh today as we all need to laugh more. Vote Democrat in November!

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If we look at the current views of both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who are trying very hard to run away from their past statements and actions in regards to women issues we do know that their actions have blended in with the Conservative right establishment.

Before I even get started, I would like to point out to the males in the crowd, that if you don’t think any of this is your problem, I simply ask you how would you feel if your girlfriend,sister,mother,daughter or wife were reminded daily of the rape they sustained by being forced to carry that egg?What if they are simply dating a jerk and you know that they are and she is bound to life to that jerk because she could not use birth control?  How would you feel if your 16-year-old daughter or son,who you have invested all your time into making  a future success for,comes home and says “Congratulations Dad, you are going to be a grandpa”, and you know that statistics show that their future is more likely to be a life lived on the poverty line unless you are willing to bankrupt your own account and then find after you do that the truth was your son or daughter had no ambition to become the success you wished for them?

How would you feel if your daughter was raped at 10 and forced to carry a child when she is still a child herself? There are parents who are placed in this difficult scenario and they need a Dr. who is not criminalized for doing abortions to help them through this difficult time. Although the majority of young girls get their periods around the age of 12 many as young as 9 begin their cycles as well and are as susceptible as any women of any age to pregnancy by rape, regardless of what Todd Aiken and too many of the right-wing claim about good girls not getting pregnant.  Women’s issues are as much about you as it is about women. You yourself may find what you thought was just a reckless night of drinking and fun makes you a Dad over night, before you are able to find your own direction in life and child support becomes a monthly responsibility that you face before you are even able to buy the car you’ve dreamt of having.

Regardless of the circumstance of conception, the price is paid by the child when they are a child born before the parents are ready to be a parent and that absence of bonding that they miss out on, unlike a wanted child who is wanted feels, follows the unwanted child throughout their lifetime. Many of them will end up being abused or neglected because their birth interfered with the parents’ future plans for themselves, and they never understand why that frustration was taken out on them.  They will question everything about themselves including their own ability to love.

Because your own gender refuses to take responsibility for their children while you take care of yours’, aren’t you  being branded right along with them, if you do take responsibility?  Will you find yourself sitting across the table with a woman you neither like or gets on every nerve in your body because you did the honorable thing and married her? Will you instead want to be a father to that child and are told instead,”Get out of our lives and stay out of our lives, I don’t want your child support?” Will you reach retirement age and find the success you yearned for and found is worth nothing because of what you live with is the lonely regret of having not been a father to your child, who despises you for your absence?

I ask  you to continue reading about the hardships your Grandmother and maybe even the battles your Mom has had to fight in order for you to have the choices that you now have.  When you do read this, I ask that you feel the disgust that women feel now that they are being again denied by the Conservative majority that you may be a member of and if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win this election. I hope you will join in helping us stop this movement from going forward and to put it to rest forever.

As American voters and as women we are supposed to wear blinders and pretend that the rights of women on the use of birth control and abortion including rape and incest does not matter to us but only jobs do.  Never mind that the Conservatives who support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and make up 70% of the Republican party want to appoint Supreme Court justices who will do away with Roe vs. Wade and criminalize women and doctors who get or do abortions.

Once Roe vs. Wade is overturned if they win, then any and all abortions, regardless of what Romney says about supporting abortion in case of rape and the life of the mother, will again become a crime in America. Romney has also said  he will refuse funding for all Planned Parenthood clinics, thereby making it impossible for many single women as well as poor and married and single middle class moms to get cancer screenings, birth control pills, or have their general healthcare needs protected. In doing so they are banning outright the free will granted women by God to make decisions effecting their own person and criminalizing the choices women make in regards to their own health care.

Mitt Romney is trying to duck the truth when he says he wants to over-turn Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the States as he should know in doing so there will be and are no exceptions being made for rape,incest or a woman’s or child’s life, in any of the States attempting to pass or have already passed bills against the rights of women.  When we consider that rape begins in incest at the age of 8 and 6% of abortions that are reported truthfully as incest, occur in children often 12 or younger, we should be outraged.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade means the law will ban all abortion,period, just as the Republican platform states.  With the numerous attempts being made to stop abortion in the  States by Republican majorities and Conservative Judges, all rights of a woman to her own body will be denied in favor of the Personhood Bill. Mitt is no different from all the other Conservative and Tea Party members who are attempting a diversion tactic on women to end their rights to equality.

Anyone who thinks that the poor and middle class will find a doctor who will go near any of their healthcare needs when Obama care is repealed and abortion and birth control are criminalized isn’t thinking logically or realistically. We will go back to where only the wealthy or the mistresses of wealthy men have a Dr. who will terminate a pregnancy and call it a miscarriage. Already where Planned Parenthood clinics are being forced to close in Texas and Arizona, women are crossing the border and jeopardizing their own lives without medical guidance.

Ann Romney is campaigning in front of older women by saying,”We need to rely on men when we get sick.” The truth is as many of we women know, “men rely on us when they get sick.” It doesn’t matter if it is our boy friends,sons,widowed fathers, or husbands men in most cases, will not even see a Dr. or follow directions towards treatment unless a woman encourages them to and as a result women outlive men and single men die younger, but we are supposed to pretend that without a man’s guidance we are the most  helpless of the genders.

Republican conservatives believe by doing away with the services that poor and  middle class single women and moms depend on, they will be able to slow down or eliminate divorces and put control of the poor little things (women) who do not know their own minds back into the hands of men. Remember Mitt Romney thinks the middle class makes between $200,000 to $250,000 a year, so there is no reason that the middle class can’t afford to pay for private services.

We women, who lived that era when only men had a voice, remember when women justifiably complained about lazy and uncaring  abusive husbands were accused of being too emotional because they were having their periods and were mentally unstable during this time so needed the logic of men to balance their moods.  In earlier years men could even commit wives to mental institutions if they wanted to and a woman had no say over it. Many a straying man found it a convenient excuse to take on a new wife by eliminating his old wife through commitment to a mental Institution.

Is being a woman in America becoming  a crime if we do not perform according to the expectations of Conservative men?  When we start dissecting that question and really get into the whole of the matter with the Conservative base that controls the Republican Party we see the behavior of men going back to controlling women with their attitudes being that of past generations that have held the idea that when it comes to women,”the poor little things just don’t know what is in their best interests so we men need to control them against their own emotional outbreaks.”

Statistics show that 11% of Dads, who can afford child support, are dead beat fathers but the break down does not include dads who are too poor to pay child support.  When we know that many of these Dads do or can work but instead are paid under the table or refuse to pay child support so don’t work, instead of making this part of the issue that needs to be changed the Republicans  want to do away with support for single moms.  The general thinking behind doing this is that fewer women will divorce if they are not getting financial support from the government.  That line of thought continues with their desire to do away with Headstart even though many married parents use the services of Headstart along with single moms.

The Republican Party, with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as their leaders, also want to eliminate free meals at schools knowing full well that this is the only time that poor children have food to eat.  Instead they think that it is the responsibility of Churches to feed the hungry.  I have not yet figured out how they think that Churches will be able to come up with the financing when the Republican’s goal is also to eliminate government subsidies for food stamps and surplus food supplies that currently provide the food for the food Pantry’s that supply the Churches the food. This has led to an outcry in many of the Churches across America.

They are also  behind a  drive to do away with public schools and to switch to privatizing schools with “for pay schools” only and home schools for those who cannot afford to pay tuition.  Mitt Romney has said that he is in favor of ,”for pay schools.”  Already servicemen and women who are entitled to free public education in return for their service are being ripped off by Conservative advisory services ,who are taking government money , and guiding unsuspecting service people who are not aware of their own choices in education towards “for pay schools” while charging the high tuition costs for our Service personnel, to the Government.

In summary then the Republican’s thinking is: women who cannot get healthcare or birth control will have these children they cannot afford to feed so they will stay in an abusive marriage rather than file for divorce and see their children go hungry. Single women will not have sex for fear of pregnancy and according to this thinking only men have sexual needs or sexual appetites so it is the responsibility of good girls to control themselves as well as men, when they are single but once they are married, a man is entitled to have his sexual drive fulfilled in any way he sees fit other than sodomy. This has been the belief in the Mormon Church since they wrote their Covenants.

The Republican Party is financing and  supporting Todd Aiken of Missouri, as we knew they would, and their outrage including that of Mitt Romney’s was simply for show. They believe as Todd Aiken said,”good girls cannot get pregnant during rape.” In short then if women cannot feed their children and they are left to go hungry instead; if women get an abortion including incest and rape victims; if women do not give up their jobs to home school their children  or pay someone to educate their children;all behaviors will be criminalized and women will do jail time if they do not follow the law of the Republican majority.

They,of course, believe that women will gladly follow all of these demands in favor of giving birth along with the best interests of their children so women will not have to do jail time.  According to their reasoning children will thrive in a two parent home and our value system will magically re-appear.  It won’t bring forth the drug use or criminal activity that they blame single parent homes for, although their statistics are flawed. Other Statistics show where children are loved by both parents and not neglected in single parent homes those statistics are not the truth.  There is no difference between a two parent home as versus a one parent home where children feel loved by both parents.  Two parent homes do not guarantee anymore of a success rate that a one parent home does when love is with held to a child.

They ignore all the years when divorce was not possible and where secrets were kept while affairs went on, when their drunken neighbor or Uncle Harry raped their sons and daughters, and the children were told to keep their mouth shut. When women,often mothers of other children who lived in poverty, died from back alley abortions. They forget the mother’s who resented  their children and reminded them that the only reason they were born was because they thought birth control was wrong and the parents who hated each other because they felt trapped in a loveless marriage. When both women and children were beaten due to resentment, each day before breakfast just because they laughed too loud the few moments they could find laughter, and they had no laws that protected their rights.

Those of our generation and before who lived those years will never forget them and we need to remind our children and your children about how much misery comes out of a home where women are forced to give birth to children they cannot tolerate. Not all women are nurturers and those that aren’t many times are the least likely to give their child up for adoption because they look towards a child too often as their way out.  Prostitution almost always begins in the home. When women are denied their right to choose,the children too many times pay the price.  A woman knows and understands her own capacity to parent and if she was wounded as a child those wounds too often are passed on to the next generations.

Some women are inspired instead towards career fulfillment through the law, medicine,business,technology or the arts and should not be criticized,judged or demeaned by those who try to force them into parenthood.  Others wish to remain single and find their nurturing instincts fulfilled in charitable contributions towards Society over motherhood.  We must never fall back on those years where equality was denied women and all women were forced into motherhood or lost their say over their own bodies but instead continue moving forward where women are granted the equality that men have always had.

Conservatives are not against laws and government agencys and enforcement when it is their laws and government that is being enforced.  The Courts have never been back logged further by more than 1000 attempts being made in our States to do away with women’s rights. The cases run from doing vaginal probes to declaring Personhood to an egg two weeks before a woman conceives.  Paul Ryan himself has sponsored 56 bills, one of them with Todd Aiken, to do away with the rights of women and their health in favor of the rights of a fertilized egg. Paul Ryan has bragged that he is so far right he is even right of the right.

If the Personhood Bill is given to the egg, women carry two weeks before they even have sex, then we can be certain birth control will be eliminated as well, while no laws will be passed banning the sperm that fertilizes that egg. The Personhood bill has already been passed in Virginia,Mississippi,Oklahoma, Nebraska and Idaho. It is pending in other Tea Party and Republican controlled States and expected to pass there as well.

By giving the egg legal status of Personhood they can ban the morning after pill out right even though it takes 72 hours for the sperm to reach the egg. To declare that the Republicans led by the Tea Party members in both Washington and our States, who are against equal pay for equal work for women, are not at war with women or are attempting to control women with the threat of making women’s equality a crime of womanhood is like saying:”The sun never rises.” If we truly care about the future of our children and grandchildren we will Vote Democrat in November.

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Romney led us to believe that he did not mean all the things that he has told the “Fat Cats” at the debates nor anything he has been saying for the last year.  Instead he has returned with a whole new list of contradictions of his previous campaign on both domestic policy and now,today,Mitt’s Foreign Policy kept the fact checkers busy on his bashing of President Obama.

After the fact checks were done on both Romney’s bashing and the truth at the debate and on his announcement of his foreign policy today, Mitt Romney failed badly and came away with a truth score of 0 (zero) According to the Associated Press.  The fact checkers found  all of Mitt’s statements against President Obama on Foreign Affairs to be  either inaccurate or misleading.

What else is new?  The only thing that should disturb all of us is that  Mitt Romney could win this election on a total sheet of lies. Notice how much he blinks when he is debating and make sure you file away the fact that blinking of the eyes ranks on top of the list of a liar and has been used by people in law enforcement and the military interrogation as a strong possibility that the person who is being interrogated is not telling the truth for centuries.

According to Gallup Poll the poll now shows Obama–49   Romney—47  while  the Pew Poll gives Romney a slight lead.  The only thing that Mitt Romney said in the Debate that even resembled anything he has said in the last year was that he would get rid of Big Bird (which he now denies) even though Sesame Street is totally self-supporting, and 91% of the American Public watches PBS at some time during the year.
I am always amazed with the lack of interest in the American voters when it comes to sorting out the truth for the people who have ambition to gain the White House.  If saving the government $1.35 per person per year is such glorious news to those who watched the debates, because Mitt Romney is going to balance the budget by getting rid of PBS while refusing to tell us anything else, and this changes the public minds on voting for Mitt Romney then we as a Nation are in as much trouble as the Republican naysayers have been saying since the day President Obama was sworn in. Remember when we knew the Republicans were degrading our President before he even had a chance to turn around the economy and the outside of Washington economists were crediting the stimulus money passed by the Democrat majority as the reason that we did not go into the Deep Depression that the Republicans were predicting along with Wall Street?

Just like the Mayan calendar predicted,according to the scholars,that the World would end on December 21,2012, further investigation along with finding and  gaining further knowledge has since revised that prediction.  They now realize that a Mayan Year lasted 500 years which makes the original prediction invalid and all of us safe from destruction.

What is or should be terrifying to all of us or perhaps it follows more along the line of sadness or comedy, is a whole sector of Americans amongst us, would rather dig holes in the ground and store food and water and live in the caves with their ammunition and guns than accept the fact that the good news is that the World is not going to end after all. WE have moved from a positive Nation of the Clinton years when we knew they were lying to a bunch of negative “Nellies” who would rather accept false facts and bad news than we would good news.

The number of people amongst us who find it easier to believe messages of doomsday predictions and lies over truth have grown amongst our ranks and they will be voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because they believe the lies that are being told about our President and the economy being as bleak as these Republicans are saying it is.  What does it say about us as a Nation when we accept lies in a debate over substance  along with the absence of details  totally missing, like always, when Mitt Romney speaks.

Our lives are stressful enough without having the use of fear tactics being generated by the Republicans and Wall Street used against us.  The Market is the strongest that it has ever been in history and the hoarding of money being sent over-seas should leave us more concerned than the negativity that has been launched against President Obama has been for four years. When our tax base disappears because of their greed then  aren’t we all headed for real problems?

I refuse to believe that the Greatest Country in the World has more of the sad sacks who are being manipulated by fear tactics in it, than there are those of us who do know the challenges that President Obama faced going into the mess, that he inherited, and just how far we have come since then.

The economy, partially due to the problems in Europe along with what the Democrats and Republicans were left with,many of them more responsible than President Obama was for the mess, was headed to a dismal future for all of us before President Obama took office.   Real life doesn’t happen like it does on so-called reality television.  With real problems comes real-time and a who;le lot of effort.  I am proud of all of us who do understand that to be the truth.

The first year of every Presidency is the budget of the previous Administration so  President Obama could not change the budget given him in 2009, according to law, the first year he became President.  Once we understand that we all should be pleased in what President Obama along with the Democrats and a few Republicans did, in less than 3 years with a Congress and Senate that refused to work with him.

To all of us who do understand how deep the hole was we were in thanks to them, we do know; it is just short of a miracle that President Obama and the Democrats were able to stop a Great Depression.  The Republican naysayers like to talk about the Democrats having had two years and  they did nothing, but in truth they had one year and did quite a bit.  The “Do Nothing” Republicans have been in both the Congress and Senate since the addition of the Tea Party in 2010, and yet the voices of the naysayers echo hate in our ears simply because politics bores them and they base everything on the lies told them,  with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan along with the other Republican candidates laying it on thick, during the debate and on the campaign trails.

Shouldn’t it be disturbing to all of us who not only know too many people believe negative ads but they also believe the lies that come out of the mouth of the Right-Wing Republican candidates along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Why is it that we are allowing those who demean and belittle progress and success in the gains that President Obama has made over their own corruption hold us back, while others are hanging onto the lies of those who are putting forth negative reports against the very people and their efforts to bring us hope that is proving to be real?

Instead of believing the lies of bullies who would again return us to an economy based on greed shouldn’t we support those whose philosophy is based on the  belief that America belongs to all of us and working together we will always make life better for everyone,  be a prominent theme this election year? When did we arrive at the point that those who create problems can also fix the problems they created when their actions belie that truth and their leader accepts that 47% of us are parasites?

Have we become a Nation that finds it easier to believe those who would rather degrade our gains over those who will fight to build us up? Aren’t we all tired of the naysayers who bring us down and entitled to the understanding that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the efforts of President Obama? Haven’t their diversion tactics to turn a good day into a bad day with lies and negativity gone on too long? The worse is behind us and we not only survived it but we have reason to believe in most cases that we refused to let them defeat us.  Why would any of us go back to that while many of us are still struggling to recover from their greed?

Every State is showing an upswing  in the housing market along with employment while States like South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota were not  affected by the Recession but will pay the price of the Drought without a farm bill having been passed by the Republican Congress.

President Obama’s policys haven’t solved everything and they need more tweaking and more time but they certainly are an improvement over going back to the Bush Policy.  Regardless of what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are telling us every fiber in their being along with their actions and conversations with the “Fat Cats” makes it clear that is what they will take us back to if we do elect them.  “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck”, especially when we are not present and the person speaking is a member of the 1%”  Vote Democrat!

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