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When I heard Mitt Romney speak this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative, I could not believe what I heard.  He talked in glowing details about free enterprise being responsible for the wealth established out West in the 1800’s and how we needed to quit giving aid without work.  He said and I quote, “Before then there was terrible poverty in the West in the 1800’s and because of free enterprise we were able to bring wealth to that part of the Country.

When we realize there were few settlers in the region yet in the 1800s and Sioux Indian Wars were still raging in the plains that led to General Custer’s death in 1875, my eyebrows arched when I heard Mitt Romney say something so ridiculous. Even though treaties had been signed by the Indian Nations there were still renegade Indian Wars as well as wars between the Indian Nations and the United States Calvary still being fought out West in the 1800s.

The gold rushes that took place out West and in South Dakota did make instant millionaires out of a very few but it was the Railroads that were built by the Army and United States Government that opened up the West for trade that was responsible for the wealth that would follow.

Without either it is highly doubtful that Free Enterprise would have established the railroads that connected the West Coast with the East Coast. As a matter of fact because of claim jumpers and large landowners burning out smaller settlers,highway men or robbers,houses of ill repute and gamblers who often won the deed to other’s land in the 1800’s it has been said that anyone who got wealthy West of the Mississippi in the 1800’s did it dishonestly. The only law available in most of the West in the 1800’s was the colt 45,a rope, and the perceptions of the vigilante that was usually controlled by the large land owners. If a person so much as looked at a member of the vigilante wrong they could find the colt pulled and a bullet in their head.  So much for free enterprise’s role in the wealth of the West that Mitt was glorifying.

The construction and operations of the intercontinental railroad was authorized by the Pacific Railroad Acts of 1862 and 1864 while the Civil War was still being fought.  Congress supported it with 30 year U.S. government bonds and extensive land grants of government-owned land.  It was the culminating success story of the 1800’s as it made possible the transportation of goods and produce from the West into the Cities of the East.  There were smaller railroad lines built by wealthy men prior to this but it was the Army that designed the first Continental railroad with government subsidies that brought both people and trade from the East Coast to the West Coast.

It is true that this was a time of great wealth for large land owners along with  oil magnates in Texas, and coal and gold mine owners in Wyoming and the Dakotas but their families, for the most part,all lived in previously established land owned by Mexico or on the East Coast during this time. Mansions of the gold miners early success did interspersed the landscape of the wealthy who struck it rich in mining but they were few and far between.  They did not share their wealth with the workers but instead paid them drastically poor wages. The railroads shipped in Chinese laborers to do what were very high risk jobs working with explosives both in transport and carving the railroad through mountain rock due to the shortage of people in the West.

American ingenuity was second to none when it came to the inventions of Edison and electricity,Bell and the telephone, and Ben Franklin’s advancement of civilization through the printing press.  The quality of work of Tiffany and Sons and various Silversmiths along with the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gen were all factors of American ingenuity. No one could hold a candle to entrepreneurship of the Americans. Cabinet makers who had arrived to the East Coast and potterers and glass makers from Ohio to Indiana made such quality work that it is still highly collectible today.

With the later invention of the automobile and assembly lines by Henry Ford making the automobile affordable to the masses and followed by the Industrial revolution,  interState systems paid for by government and invention of the technology era, we as Americans led the field, but these inventions and advancement of free enterprise were still a long way from reaching the West in the 1800’s as the majority of Americans out West were still living in squalor conditions and the American Natives were starving due to the depletion of their hunting grounds.  American ingenuity and inventions will always bring wealth through free enterprise but this was still a long way off in the West during the 1800’s.

The workers were given deplorable living conditions when they could find work and only those who worked with explosives since their lives were short-lived were given a little extra in pay.  The same was true about those hired to work the oil rigs and to work in the mines.  The only wealth that was brought to the West at the time was no different from what too many Conservative and Tea Party Republican members of the Congress and Senate are trying to accomplish today.

The owners got richer on this so-called free enterprise and the poor were replaced by other poor immigrants as they died off from deplorable working conditions, and they got even poorer. Later they would be paid in tokens that could only be used in the Company stores and by the time they paid the Company housing rents and bought food for their families they usually ended up owing the Company Store far more than they earned.

There was wealth only if you were someone who belonged to the American aristocracy such as Cornelius Vanderbilt,the Rothschilds,the Rockefellers,the Astor’s, Hunts, or a member of the Standard oil family such as Rockefeller and Flagler etc., who were worth a Billion in the 1890’s and the first monopoly or Corporation in America.  They however all lived on the East Coast and not out West. They may have been given credit for being the builders of America or the founders of American Industry, but they did not provide for the sacrifices born out of the American laborers,make up the Calvary or Military, nor provide for the hardships that went into the making of the transcontinental railroads.

That was done out of the blood,sweat,starvation,death and tears of the poor. There were only two kinds of people in the 1800’s when it came to wealth or the lack of the same.  They were either the very wealthy engineers of American progress or the very poor laborers in the 1800’s.  Too many times the artists as well as the cabinet makers along with the inventors would find their own efforts stolen from them by the wealthy because of their families own desperate situations or circumstances. There were no laws to protect the poor and even if there was they could not afford to pay a lawyer. If the 1800’s is something that Romney wants to glorify then we can understand why he does not relate to us.

When produce could be brought from the West by refrigerated cars, later,  the large land owners employed immigrant and migrant workers paying them next to nothing to do slave labor.  The housing conditions for the workers again were deplorable and in many cases not much more than a horse stable or hog shed.

The railroads helped increase the wealth of landowners because they could transport perishable items and profit from it. The smaller producers grouped together to protect their profits from the large producers by forming the Grange or Co-ops. I assure everyone who reads this, free enterprise did not bring wealth to the general masses in the West in the 1800’s. I could not believe that Mitt spoke about this as being a time in History that we must all aspire to because it was a time of great turmoil and unrest in the West.

Beginning in the later part of the 1800’s Germans,Czechoslovakians,Persians, Irish,Asians,Scottish,Swedish, Israelis,Syrians,Russians,along with many other over seas Nationalities, began to arrive through the Great Lakes or our shores to escape persecution, wars, or starvation and mostly settled in the Cities. Some came for the hope of jobs or heard stories of wealth being told about a New Country called America. Those who could farm were offered free land in return for clearing away the trees where forests existed and to make improvements on the Land in States along the Mississippi and Ohio  Rivers.

Some who were paid to fight in the Civil War to replace the sons of the American Aristocracy, arrived during the mid 1800’s and if they survived the war they bought land from the government with the $250.00 they were paid by the wealthy, once the war ended. There was a whole regiment of German-speaking men and other Nationalities who fought in the Civil War, in place of the sons of the wealthy. The African-American slaves who fought in the Civil War was amongst the lowest provided for but the bravest of the regiments. They were sent in front of the troops and suffered the worse casualties due to their bravery.

Fur traders,missionaries, and store owners who traded with the American Natives,arrived earlier and there were scattered settlements out West in the later part of the 1800’s. The French and Spanish had arrived much earlier and had owned a great part of America from Louisiana and all the way into Utah. It all belonged to the American Natives prior to our signing the Indian treaties with them that moved them to the Reservations. It would lead President Abraham Lincoln to ask in the 1800’s prior to the freeing of the African-American slaves, “Did we believe the slaves or the Indians had it worse?”  When the slaves were freed they were never given a mule nor their 40 acres that was promised them by the Republicans.Only California which was established much earlier by the Spanish, before the American and Spanish war, was a center of wealth and growth.

A large part of  the West was still anywhere but close to being established late into the 1800’s when towns or villages were just beginning to pop up few and far between alongside of the railroads. Instead workers were primarily kept in outdoor conditions or in what were called camps. California had their own established wealth from trade,gold mines and an agreeable growing season. Much of the Western Plains were deserts where only scrub brush,tumble weeds,sage brush and cactus would grow in the 1800’s.  Land that produced would turn into farmland much later with the building of dams and irrigation funded by the government.  Next to the Native Americans both the French Canadians and the Spanish were here before the majority of our ancestors arrived in the West.

Farms and towns or what we would call villages started springing up more following the early 1900’s,as government gave incentives to Americans and foreigners from other Countries to move West. They brought with them their ability to survive hardships and to do without while improving the fruit trees and farming.  It is true that many families other than the store owners or those who established banks, were poor in the West.  When the railroads arrived and they could start sending their beef and grain to the East or West Coasts, they realized better living conditions, but it was agriculture and the railroads that made it possible and certainly not free enterprise that helped them improve their living condition.

In 1904 the Kincaid Act was signed and this is what brought the majority of people West as posters were placed overseas offering free land to settlers as well as East of the Missouri.  This brought the majority of white foreigners and previous settlers to America and the West as more towns were established along the railroads, and helped establish the West further.  Anyone who would clear a section of land and build improvements on it would be given the land clear and  free.  These relatively New States of the West,  needed to establish a government and have people to pay taxes in order to do so. They did that by giving people the land in exchange for the taxes they paid into their State Governments.

To suggest that the Father’s of Industry were somehow responsible for bringing free enterprise to the West and therefore increased the wealth of the West is simply fallacy as it was the increase in population and supply and demand that brought the much-needed food supply as well as the coal for heating and the lumber for buildings to the populated areas through use of the railroads.

The Aristocracy simply owned everything in the West that added to their own personal wealth.  Without the railroads financed by government and the laborers who risked renegade and outlaw attacks,snake bites, infections,broken limbs, horse falls,starvation, yellow fever,black lung,tuberculosis,blizzards, drownings, raid attacks by the Mexican out laws,prairie fires,dust storms, heat,cold, floods,plague,diphtheria, to name a few, that took  their lives along with low pay and long hours, and gave of their own ingenuity of blacksmithing,leather making, boot repair along with their understanding of mines to solve problems, none of the progress credited to the Fathers’ of Industry, would have been feasible in the 1900’s, much less the 1800’s.  It did take all of us working together then just as it does today to solve the problems of the future.

It was not until after World War 11 that there was even a middle class in America of any substantial size.  It was the GI Bill with affordable education and housing that was provided by the government and better working and living conditions with better pay that  was  responsible for the middle class and it is what made all dreams possible for all Americans. Companies paid for workers training on the job instead of asking them to get outside training, before they hired them.  For the first time in America the poor could gain wealth through affordable education and fair pay. Our economy boomed as a result of the middle class having discretionary spending and both the Company and the workers profited.

Government initiatives combined with the formation of workers Unions brought wealth to the poor and the workers.  Education guaranteed by government and supported through fair pay laws protected through Union negotiations for the American workers played a much larger role in making wealth possible for All Americans. When free enterprise is left on its own without government controls and Union support for the workers, our pay decreases while their profits increases and our economy falters.

American workers will and are returning to  poverty because of the greed of our free enterprise system and the  lifting of regulations that became worse during the Bush Administration.  When Corporations realizes the quality of the American worker over a sub standard product,and again understand that minimum wages will not spark the economy but only fair wages will, we will again return to a strong middle class.

Companies working together in partnership with Unions,educators,government and on the road that President Obama has established, will again bring  back good paying jobs that we are trained for at our Community colleges, but it will take time to return the middle class to its rightful place. It has taken decades for the greedy to put us in this hole and it will take at least a decade to get us back out of the same hole they dug for us.  When we all have the dignity to be able to provide again, America will return to the fiscal strength my generation became accustomed to. We need to give President Obama four more years before we can see the fruition of it.

Mitt Romney is only right in that Free enterprise does play a role in giving the workers a job but to credit it with bringing wealth to the West or to the workers, when the truth is it was made possible by Government working for us, is a large factor missing in the equation. Government giving immigrants land in exchange for taxes,  government bonds that went into the railroads and the building of our infrastructure,free education provided through government and the Army who mapped out the Railroads,and the military that protected and continues to protect our Freedom,  is the main reason people could ship their product and migrate West.  Government adding armed guards to the trains and sheriffs and policemen  on our Streets so we could move West without fear of death or robbery, seems to be left out by Mitt Romney in the retelling of History.

It was not Free Enterprise that made American Dreams come true but Government being there in partnership with the poor every step of the way to work with us and help us out of poverty, that we of the middle class and many who gained their own wealth have had help from, and we need to support government through a fair and just tax system in return. Our United States Treasury is in desperate need of being replenished by all of us from Wall Street to main Street.

To rob our own government treasury, as Mitt Romney and the Republicans suggest, by adding another 5 trillion dollars to the deficit with a further drop in taxes to the wealthy only continues digging the hole deeper.  To suggest,as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have, that some how we are dependent on the government instead of the workers having worked in partnership with government to provide for the growing needs and freedom of the American people and free enterprise, is not just an insult to us but an insult to the struggles of our and their own ancestors, as well.

When it has been both the poor and middle class who have made the wealth of free enterprise possible,when we are of all nationalities and have shed our blood and lives for the furthering of the wealth of free enterprise and helped advance our civilization,when we have paid in to our retirements both out-of-pocket and through sacrifice, when we have sacrificed blood, life and limb for a Democracy born out of our Constitution; then the insults of Mitt Romney, who was lying on the beach of France spelling out a love letter to Ann, during his deferment as a Mormon from the draft that he protested in favor of during the Viet Nam War, becomes just that more grievous to us.

The very idea of the Republican complaints against the use of food stamps now that some of us are in a temporary need, that were initiated by their own Bob Dole for a time of need, that they themselves helped create out of greed, by the lifting of regulations over free enterprise is reminiscent of another time in history.  It is attributed to Marie Antoinette that when she was told “the peasants are out of bread” she told them”let them eat cake.” The present group of Republicans led by their hopeful Mitt Romney appear to most of us to have lost sight of the reality and the truth that they themselves have created this deficit of government funds and instead have lifted the regulations that keep the greedy amongst us in check.

It has always been ALL Americans working together, with government and our elected officials working for us, that has made us the greatest and strongest Nation in the World. Jobs provided through free enterprise that only furnished slave labor,deplorable living conditions, and caused the workers to “Owe their soul to the Company Store”, is nothing that we should ever strive to return to, while the rich get richer. Stop their drive to defeat us by voting Democrat in November.

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If we watched Saturday Night Live we saw the spoof they did on the undecideds.  I would like to relate the conversations that I have had with people who lead me to believe that the millions held back to attack Barack Obama, by the Romney campaign, will be wasted on deaf ears and have the potential to back fire instead on Romney.  The conversations follow:

1.Devout Republicans who admit to voting twice for George W. Bush: I quote them,” I was wrong about Bill Clinton and listened to too much of the right-wing propaganda against him at the time,as he really was a good President for the People.”  “I won’t vote for President Obama but if I was forced to vote for President I would  sure as the hell vote for him before I vote for Mitt Romney.  “I am afraid that I will sit this election out because I can’t vote for either candidate.”  “I got screwed believing Bush and because of it I will not turn around and vote again for the same man because I can’t see any difference between what Mitt Romney is saying and what George W. said.” ” I won’t vote for  any Republicans because to do so is a vote against my own needs and those of my daughters and sons.”

2. Luke warm Republicans or People who became Republicans because of the Liberal view on abortion and gay rights:  I quote.” My problem is I don’t know which of the candidates are telling the truth.” “My dad was always Republican and I usually vote that way but I just can’t get behind Mitt Romney.”  “I never vote for a man I can’t set down and drink a cup of coffee with even though I usually do vote Republican.” “I probably won’t even vote this election because I just can’t, in good faith, vote for a Mormon.”  “I don’t like Barack Obama but I do feel that he does care about the workers where Mitt Romney would rather get rid of my job to make a profit for Business, so I will sit this one out before I vote for him.”  My experience has been that both Devout Republicans and luke warm Republicans who are of the moderate thinking and not part of the lunatic fringe of the Tea Party and the right are far more disillusioned by  Mitt and have their minds made up.

3.  The undecided:”I am neither Republican or Democrat I am American and I can’t vote for either candidate because I think we should all be paying more taxes in because the taxes we all pay are insignificant.”  “I haven’t even paid attention to the election because I am neither Democrat or Republican.””I have never voted in an election and I am proud of that fact.”  “I use to vote but I don’t bother to anymore. “”When we come up with a third Party that is credible and speaks for me and the things that I care about then I will vote.” I feel as though this group of people will either vote for the person they feel the most comfortable with,with or without facts, if they do vote at all. Those who still remain undecided, I feel, are those who take pride in the fact that they do not vote.

With the more aggressive ads, Romney’s campaign likes to call the lack of facts attacking President Obama aggressive, coming out supporting Mitt Romney, I feel that he risks losing the voters who may have voted for him but are still  trying to accept him. Americans as a whole do not like negative ads  and the combined fact that We are having a hard time believing Mitt Romney as being a candidate for anyone other than the “Fat Cats”,I feel, the negative ads against the man we like will only increase our dislike for Mitt Romney.

There may be a few Independent and Republican voters still left in America who will vote that do not understand the failure of Trickle Down economics but those who do are more likely to be offended by the ads and stay home in November. I did see a woman interviewed in Colorado who did say,” I think because Mitt Romney is wealthy he will spread some of that wealth on to us.”  The majority of the rest of us know, that too many people who do get wealthy keep it and do not spend it in an effort to increase the wealth of the workers but to improve their own standing in wealth, and we have seen it at work with “Trickle Down Economics” for too many years while they get richer and our wages decrease instead of going up.

Attacking President Obama viciously, which is what they call aggressive ads, will turn off far more voters than it will help because President Obama is that man that we could have a cup of coffee with and we could leave knowing he heard us.  Regardless if we vote or what our Party affiliation is or isn’t we do like President Obama and we have fallen in love with Michelle Obama.

There simply are not enough angry white males left to make up the difference in favor of Mitt Romney, because those who are, too many times will not vote or do not trust a Etch-a-Sketch politician, they know what Romney’s policy is on the “right to work laws” and against Unions, or are still turned off by Romney being a pro choice and pro-gun control Governor while in Massachusetts, and they don’t feel they can trust a Plutocrat or a man who switches sides as often as Mitt has to increase his own political base over what he really will do if elected President. When we walk into the election polls to vote the majority of us will vote for the person we most like and we feel we can trust over the one who is more offensive to us.

Too many States with Republican Governors, have a middle class population who have had to pay the price for loss of jobs and voter discrimination or suppression in their States, to think that Mitt Romney will ever care about them no matter how many times Mitt Romney has and will try to correct his statements about the 47%.  When Mitt Romney believes that the middle class makes between $200,000.00 and $250,000.00 per year and all the rest are simply addicted to government handouts and he refuses to say whose loopholes he will close,too many people are already suspicious of the man who pretends to understand our needs,even before the tape was discovered and played.

No matter how hard the Republican right has tried to denigrate President Obama the majority of the Country,who votes, are not bigoted and do like Barack Obama.  The fact that Mitt Romney has and continues to play to the right-wing base under the guidance of Grover Norquist, is already costing Mitt Romney voters in his own Party. In my conversations with the Senior group I can affirm that Mitt’s own off the cuff remarks along with adding Paul Ryan to the ticket has hurt Mitt Romney in ways that he will never be able to come back from even though he says he likes being behind at this stage of his campaign.

Every time he panders to the right another Republican candidate running in their own States fall in the Polls. I predict that all the money in the Romney campaign combined with the Debates will only cost Mitt Romney the loss of votes rather than help him.  There is an old saying that has existed for generations and that is “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

Mitt Romney,himself, will be responsible for costing himself the election just as I predicted he would,following the primaries in the Spring. His views on the “Dream Act”,”Women’s rights and health issues”, and “those people”, I predict, will make it a landside Republican loss in November.

The only way we can get around the huge amount of dollars coming from the Fat Cats and going into the Romney campaign and the Republican voter suppression laws, regardless of how others feel about Romney in his own Party, is if we all show up to Vote for the man who hears us in November. Return President Obama to office so he can complete what he has started. Vote.

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It may or may not be offensive to some when they hear the words”those People” but to me it indicates immediately an effort to separate a part of society from the rest.  With Mitt Romney referring to “those People” I think the majority of us do feel immediately that Mitt Romney who likes to speak of class warfare is actually guilty of it himself, even though he likes to accuse the working poor and the middle class of the same, along with the non-existent envy in all of us.

When he refers to large families, that occur in his own Religion, the  military, and Seniors,as feeling like they are victims and entitled to handouts or are moochers, because lets face it, they consist of the largest majority of middle class citizens who do not pay income tax, we as a Nation should be offended.

The more children in a family the less likely a person is to pay income tax even when they are a member of the middle class. This is why the Mormon State of Idaho ranks amongst the highest in the Nation when it comes to families not paying income tax. In States such as Texas and Wyoming no one regardless of income pay taxes that the rest of us pay, period, and all three States have amongst them strong Romney supporters, while Mitt accuses all Americans who do not pay income taxes of being victims and voting for President Obama, regardless.

The Military who have risked everything so that we may remain free from Dictatorship and enjoy the freedoms that we do, also make up the list of people who vote Republican and they get GI or government benefits in return for their sacrifices and do not pay income taxes while serving overseas.  Seniors who have paid into Social Security for 45 to 50 years, and are the first generation of Americans to do so, are now being called moochers by Mitt Romney, even though Seniors typically vote Republican.

Unlike Mitt Romney who has never paid into payroll taxes since he has never had a  job that required he be hired by someone else and required him to pay into payroll taxes, but instead borrowed money to buy Bain Capital;supported himself and Anne in college with a million dollars of valued stocks given to them by his Dad, and otherwise drew money from the Government tax base, himself as Governor, all of the above people have also paid into payroll taxes.

Mitt  seems to be unable to find any distinction between what he calls middle class moochers and his own Cayman Island accounts and other tax loopholes that are available to the upper 1% only, that he qualifies for and takes advantage of in order to get out of paying a fair or balanced amount of taxes himself. Thousands of people making a million dollars or more per year do not pay income taxes.  We know that the Romney five sons that Mitt supports do not pay income taxes since Mitt Romney pays the taxes on all 6 families and that is part of the 14% paid for in his trust accounts. He fails to appreciate or understand that he is the last person who should be talking about tax avoidance or entitlements.

Pay roll taxes that all working poor and the middle class pay into separate from Social Security,property taxes, and sales taxes, provide for unemployment benefits. Many of us will exhaust all possibilities to find another job first before we do draw unemployment or ask for food stamps.  For Romney to be upset that Americans who are out of work feel as though they are entitled to benefits after they have paid for those benefits only shows all of us just how out of touch that Mitt Romney really is. What part of the equation does he not understand when we understand that “we paid for those benefits does he not get when he calls us moochers?”

The fact that Mitt Romney has berated and belittled,” 47% of the American population as people he is not concern about because they are dependent on government handouts and feel entitled to the same since they see themselves as victims and will never vote for him anyway,” makes Mitt Romney the most divisive candidate to ever run for the office of President.

On the campaign trail both he and Paul Ryan accuse President Obama instead of being divisive.  They treat all of us as being out of touch with their own hypocrisy as well as Paul Ryan’s voting records and  act as though we do not have a clue what caused us to be out of work. The fact that many of the middle class and working poor now need to draw on unemployment and food stamps because of the jobs sent over-seas by them and the greed of  Corporate America during the Bush Administration, gives them some kind of false bravado while they call us victims instead.

Can we really trust Mitt Romney when he calls for more tax relief for the wealthy while promising to reduce our taxes as well? Doesn’t that lead to the deficit as they dry up the United States Treasury? Why does he attack us to his benefactors instead of discussing the need to lower or eliminate Corporate welfare or oil company subsidies if his policy won’t be born out of the same greed that led to the crises that we feel the most, and he knows the fat cats in the room, just like himself, would not hear of it?  Isn’t the needs of humanity greater than the continued accumulation of wealth at least on the moral level? As the income of the wealthy has risen by another 1.7 trillion in the last year that of the middle class has decreased by 39% over the last 20 years, thanks to the Republican initiatives or the lack of the same at work. Why would any of us want to go back to the Bush economics when we are the ones paying the greater cost of those years?

Mitt is not simply offensive to us just as he was to the London  Olympic committee and the Palestinian people and just about anyone else who is not part of his inner-circle, he is planning on cutting us out, if he is elected. Out of the 47% of voters who do not pay income taxes he has left out the fact that he too qualifies for that sector of people with his many tax loop holes and a great deal of his own supporters, qualify as well. When he refers to the moochers that support President Obama regardless, it clearly is his general belief, that it is”those people” and foreign to his belief of people being Americans who he has any obligation to represent, if he is elected President.

Only 6.9% of our population have never paid into our tax base since they cannot afford to take care of their own needs or are students, which Romney, himself, was when he lived on his father’s stocks and did not pay income taxes as a young adult.  Many of the people in poverty who cannot work are debilated with Downs syndrome,Cerebral Palsy,severe autism, and childhood diseases of all kinds, others are blinded and injured by foreign attacks and accidents while in the Service of our own Country or suffer brain damage as young adults, others are older Americans suffering from cancers, Parkinson’s, or  dementia and have a long history of ill-health or brain damage.

When we have as a Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who has already said,” I don’t care about the poor,” previously, along with saying, “the first offices I will get rid of is HUD and Planned Parenthood” who offer cancer screening for the poor and middle class, and his running mate, Paul Ryan, whose voting record clearly shows he does not care about anyone other that the wealthy white male and a fertilized egg even though he expresses great concern for future generations; can they now claim they are running for 100% of all Americans?

On the campaign trail when Romney/Ryan are not talking about repealing Obama care that takes corruption and over charges out of Insurance Companies and passes the savings on to “We the People”, in form of eventual lower insurance policies and in doing so it strengthens Medicare, aren’t they again telling us that they do not care about the elderly and the middle class?  When both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are clearly telling us that the purpose of their running for office is to take regulations off of Wall Street and banking and  to provide cheap employment here in America and abroad,through the failure of trickle down economics that has failed miserably for the middle class and working poor already, then what does it take for all Americans to vote them out at the election polls?

They do not talk about the cheap jobs they will generate with the right to work laws that eliminate Unions of course ,but instead they talk about an America that they will invent, over the reality of their failure to help the 47% while in their own role as Governor of Massachusetts and the previous 14 years Paul Ryan has been in the previous Republican Administration and in Congress, that laid us off and shipped jobs over-seas instead. No matter how much Romney and Paul Ryan try to play to their base by hinting at President Obama being a socialist or communist that has been  promoted by the fringe element of the Tea Party and is the belief of a large part of their base,  they are only promoting the ignorance that unfortunately exists amongst some of the far right, but the rest of we Americans  have not been brain washed into believing these lies and find them ridiculous.

Clearly both Romney and Ryan must know that government already redistributes wealth in a Democracy, like all other civilized Democracies do, when government  redistributes taxes the majority of us all pay, to pay for Corporate welfare,the 1% tax loop holes,Oil company subsidies, Headstart,teachers, low-income housing,healthcare of the poor and elderly, infrastructure, police and firemen.

No matter to what degree the Republican pundits try to clean up Mitt Romney’s words, the one thing that we can be certain of , when it comes to the truth coming from Mitt Romney, what he said when he thought he was behind closed doors and speaking to his own is most likely what he believes.  Remember he was not speaking the words then of the script writers that are written for him or at other times that he has spoken or acted against us. Many of us regardless of Party affiliation do ask, if not for severe brainwashing, then,”Why do so many keep voting against their own lively hood, belief system, or generosity of spirit?”

Mitt Romney has  shown half of us his genuine disdain, despite his efforts to refute it and pass the blame onto President Obama with redistribution of wealth tactics, and much like a child, who says,” you are worse than I am”.  Mitt does believe that 47% of the Nation are moochers while he is entitled to his entitlements.  How will he be able to act as President for that half of Americans, when he believes we are all on our own and even when our heroes are on the list along with the wounded, the ill and the elderly? His own constituency makes up a large part of the list and still he expects them to vote for him in November.

Aren’t we  ourselves to blame if we dismiss his attempts to sugar coat the meaning of his legitimate words, after the truth of how he really feels has been exposed, if we then turn around and elect him to the highest office of government? Don’t we see at least a smither of hypocrisy in the fact that as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign to eliminate  government offices that protect us and the taxes we paid into along with what they call the moochers, they  themselves are conspiring to gain the two highest offices of government in an effort to protect and lower their and their cronies taxes while increasing their welfare?

Hasn’t Mitt Romney already shown us too many times that it is his policy as well as his own lack of moral compass that is flawed? If we dismiss Mitt as being simply offensive and elect him anyway, then we are voting against half of  all Americans and that makes us as morally tainted and as out of touch as Mitt Romney has become.

I do not believe that the majority of Americans are  so self-serving nor as self-centered as the Plutocrats that rule America are. In the richest Nation in the World, Blessed both with freedom and wealth, I do believe that “We the People” do feel  we as a Nation should pay back those who have paid in through sacrifice,lost of limb,trauma, and out of their own pockets as well as take care of those who cannot care for themselves. This has been a long-held belief not just in our government but in our Churches as well.  It is the backbone of all Religions and the value system of Democracy.

How dare Mitt Romney belittle us for our beliefs,sacrifices, and payments we paid in to assure ourselves the protection that we needed in event we were laid off or became elderly by calling us moochers when he has spent the majority of his life shipping his own money over-seas in an effort not to pay his fair share and instead paid into little to nothing other than his own Church along with the Mitt Romney trusts funds.  Vote in November!

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It seems to fail Mitt Romney entirely to what extent We the American People were affected by 9/11.  When asked how he felt about President Barack Obama’s show of strength in taking out Osama Ben Laden his reply was,”I would have done the same thing.  Even Jimmy Carter would have made the same decision.” As Americans we were suppose to ignore or forget his original statement, “That getting Osama Ben Laden was not worth moving Heaven and earth to go after him.”

While the political right fed media and the Romney/Ryan team yell about the weaknesses in the Obama Administration foreign policy, it has been the Obama Administration who  has eliminated Ben Laden along with 20 to 30 of his closest leaders that was making this reminder of 9/11 more palatable to the American public.

Certainly, this has been a show of force and resolve on the part of the Obama Administration to bring some justice to the families who both lost their loved ones, along with many  who were heroes, in the eyes of the American people.

The fact that the right-wing accuses the main stream media of giving President Obama a free ride on foreign affairs is as insane and as ludicrous as their comments are. We can all rest assured that if the Obama Administration had a record of failure, the main stream media would be reporting the same, just as the Conservative media along with the Romney campaign belittles and denies President Obama’s successes.

After ten years of looking for justice for the destruction done to our American families we were able to feel some relief from the sadness that permeated America for ten years because we have been a Country without justice until the Obama team brought us that longed for justice. The Romney team along with Mitt Romney just do not seem to understand that tarnishing that record only shows their own desperation.

Mitt Romney shooting from the lip at a time that we are again reminded of our mourning on 9/11 with the attack of our Embassy and the death of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, before their families are even notified, only convinces those of us who do follow World events, just how incompetent and insensitive Mitt Romney truly is. The apology from the Embassy for a dreadful movie film trailer produced by a right-wing American citizen, was simply issued to stave off attacks six hours before the attacks even occurred on the American Embassy, and had nothing to do with an apology from President Obama.

When we realize that, Mitt Romney, made the same shameful remarks against the Obama Administration, while Hillary Clinton was involved in sensitive meetings working for the freedom of a Chinese dissident; he then followed that shooting from the lip by quickly insulting the Olympic committee in London; and followed that up with the insults to the Arabs in Israel; and the list of lies and misspoken statements goes on, we do need to question if Mitt Romney is even capable of leading America.

After the attacks on the World Trade Buildings, then President George W. Bush, apologized to the Muslim Nations for the blame being placed on them as a result of the radical behavior of the right-wing extremists in their land.  By Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigning on the weakness of the Obama Administration on foreign affairs, they themselves, are feeding into the right-wing extremists who are part of our own Society.

Obviously to those of us who deal in reality and common sense, the poorly produced  film made under false pretenses in L.A. by an American citizen, unrelated to the Obama Administration, plays a major role in the upset feeding into the extremists on the right in the Middle East. President Obama could not have prevented the U-Tube production and has no blame to play in the role of this misguided American’s attempt to ridicule Mohammed.  At the same time it does not give extremists the right to kill and maim the people who have helped them gain their freedom, if Democracy is truly the goal of their people.We as a government under an Obama Administration would never condone such hatred against another’s religion or our own people, and this view has been stressed by the Obama Administration and was voiced by then President George W. Bush, as well.

To use a time when America is just recovering from a time of grieving to being able to feel that ever slight sense of celebration, knowing that justice has been served, and then to be placed back into that mourning by the loss of more Americans by these extremist groups, who spew hate and violence in the Middle East, is a merry-go-round of emotions for All Americans.  The fact that the Romney/Ryan team would use that to stir up hatred for the Obama Administration and to try to get political gain for themselves, only shows to what a degree of desperation they will stoop in order to win.

If we do not question the competency as well as the human decency of this behavior by both the Romney and Ryan ticket along with the media who continues to feed us the notion that the Obama Administration has gotten a free ride on foreign affairs, then we have not paid attention to the weakening of the moral fiber by the right-wing in our own Country.

We need to send a message of our own to the Republican Party who seems to ignore the moderate and the liberal amongst us, but instead prefer to feed the coffers of the right-wing extremists in our own Country, just what we think of their efforts to  destroy our moral fiber, as a Nation, at the election polls in November.

We need to go to the polls with family or friends, for a two-fold reason:  in order to both entertain ourselves in the long lines, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States, and to make this an election of notable history in which “We the People” take back our rights from those who do pander to the right-wing, in our Country. We will not sit back while they continue to produce so-called leaders who do not hear us or feel our pain.  It is way past time that We the American Voters place the shame on those who continuously show us their own callous disregard to our needs, in an effort to gain their own political power.  Vote

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