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The concentration of media  Companies in the World  pretty much is  owned due to media convergence or consolidation, so when we turn on television and it all sounds alike, we are greatly persuaded as a Nation by broadcasts television, especially if we do not seek out reading material or books that give us an authors point of view or form an individual or  separate view inspired by academics,  but we constantly absorb the same broadcasting agents day after day.

Much the same is true if a journalist writes a piece and it gets picked up by move on.org or the Church of Christ and it is rewritten to either reflect their far-right or liberal views.  We then become reliant on news print for many of our own formed opinions or views on the political or world slant we often take on in forming what we think is our own opinion.  Many of us are influenced by something or someone else, when we often think our own ideas are unique or unusual.

In cases where people either don’t care or are indifferent to what is happening politically and neither watch or read the news, we also find Americans who either do not vote or if they do they are influenced to vote by a spouse, pastor, or parent or some other authority figure.

If the only information we get is from radio that is 66% owned by Christian Broadcasts networks, we can be greatly effected or influenced by people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh if we listen to Christian talk radio and not even be aware of their influence on us.  Just as Sarah Palin  never goes away but blends into this right-wing mentality we are finding people more and more falling for  more extreme and radical beliefs which is having a detrimental effect on the leadership in the Conservative movement that is being elected by a majority in Conservative States.

It pretty much gets down to a power of control within the Republican Party as to if the extremist or the more moderates conservatives will come out the victors. We are seeing this going on in the Republican party today, but make no mistakes about it much of what has influenced their views is all the same.  It all depends if they are Conservatives from top down or bottom up.

Even  if our thinking or belief system  is not an independent thought or one borrowed of independent thinking that has not been persuaded by academics or what is sometimes considered a charismatic leaders view, we find that most concepts of political or rational thinking is very limited in range since mankind only uses 10% of their brain.

When the brain is constantly  influenced by the same or like thinking day after day eventually as a people we can often become brain washed by the contributing factors that we hear or listen to over a great length of time or if as in Religious beliefs, we feel a spiritual obligation to believe then we can become so encompassed into the belief of another as to be led by their beliefs.  We often refer to the Sheppard as being Christ and His people as the flock or lambs. When a charismatic minister or priest gains the spiritual power over their flock we/they can readily be influenced politically, if the leadership or priest is of the desire to change or persuade election results..

Too many Charismatic leaders are influencing the thinking of people who are interpreting the Bible and believing mankind needs to return to the Biblical days in preparation of the Rapture and they are being misguided in their thinking just as often occurs in other sectors of Society.

In reading the signs they are preparing for Armageddon at an expense to individual expression and views.  Many who are part of the far Religious right believe that the Democrats are responsible for a one World view and globalization because it was President Clinton who signed the World trade agreements, even though it had been agreed on prior to his getting into office.

if Hillary Clinton decides to run and is elected we can bet this same group of right-wing religious fanatics and tea party power  and control will continue to attempt to limit any power Hillary or any President, who may run and win.  They believe that they or Religion was intended to control a small government and that taxation is unconstitutional and it all plays into both the Conservative view which the tea party really is as well as into the view of the Religious right.

Since George W. Bush was elected by the Conservative right, or Evangelicals, they were highly offended when President Bush went against the efforts to control him or government.  He offended the two most powerful religious right leaders, Pat Robertson and Dr. James Dobson who control and influences much of the Evangelicalism and the Conservatives in America.

One or the other if a candidate for the Republican Party is elected through conservatism will ultimately influence the election and be funded by the small minority or 1% of our Nation. George W. Bush often went against their sometimes extreme beliefs so when it came to the choice for President in the Republican elections the conservatives combined with the religious right I previously mentioned in an earlier post. They  were going to make certain they could control the choice of Republican President or at very least have more influence over him than they had over Bush, and that is what led to such a pathetic field of  Republican candidates in the last election.

Just as the small handful under the guise of liberal or moderate Democrats will decide who are the most likely to win in the Democratic Party will be left up to a handful of powerful people in the Democratic Party.  Soros is to the Democrats as are the Koch Brothers are to Conservatives. Although we are being led to believe that somehow the tea party libertarians are different from the conservatives they in truth are one and same with just more or less extreme views.  Which extreme or less extreme view will ultimately win out in the power base struggle within the Party is left to be seen,

The large media conglomerates around the world and who control the news we hear in the media and who greatly affect our minds when we watch broadcast news networks are the following:  Viacom, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, News Corporation, Bertelsmann AG, Sony , Comcast, Vivendi, Televisa, The Walt Disney Company, Hearst Corporation, organizabcoes Globo, and Lagare Group.

As of 2012, the Walt Disney Company was the largest media conglomerate in the United States, with News Corporation, Time Warner and Viacom ranking second, third, and fourth respectively, and if we become dependent on them for forming our opinions or world or political views then we are or can be as greatly influenced by our views as those who we often feel or think are brain washed in the far right religious views.

For that reason if we always watch MSNBC we can be greatly influenced through liberal views where as if we watch Fox news we will be influenced in our thinking in the far right views.  If networks who are more moderate fail to offer  a more moderate or balanced view, we ultimately end up more married to either a left or right view in both our thinking and politically.  When we think of how limited we are by the control of the powers that be through the media, we are becoming more and more entrapped in our convictions that are being influenced through religion, the media, and politicians just as much as we are influenced through the academics that the conservatives accuse of teaching Godless views.

In Nations described as authoritarian by international think-tanks and NGOs like Human Rights Watch, China, Cuba, and Russia, media ownership is generally something very close to complete state control over information or indirect ways,  If we who live in a Democracy, even one as developed as our own, do not doubt or question what we hear or are viewing but instead hear the same thing repeated again and again as we are hearing against Obama care we can be just as much turned against what is in truth of value to us.

The Republicans began their list of talking points against Obama care in town hall meetings mostly in smaller rural areas, before Obama care was even completed, and so married are they to those talking points, that in the State of Kentucky where they already love Obama care and the system is operating smoothly, although it is considered a Republican State, two Republican Senators found it necessary to take out a full-page ad with their talking points repeated for one more time against Obama care.

We all need to be concerned and to monitor what the media and those who would attempt to influence us by repeating anything over and over again or we will all end up being nothing more than robots void of independent thought or action, at all, or lambs to the altar to only be sacrificed for the cause, in the name of hate,  while professing Christian love.

Once we reach the point or time in our life that we view everything as black or white or refuse to listen to another point of view or as a broadcaster or reporter fail to report the balance of both sides while claiming to be balance or moderate, then as a media outlet, you become less effective than those who have converted the already liberal or conservative believers to their news.

It is as necessary for any news agency to practice what they advertise,  if they wish to maintain their credibility as it is to those of us who monitor them. We should always expect our news outlets to be as they report themselves to be.  It has cost Fox news a great deal of credibility in its insistence of being the no-spin zone as once the viewing public finds the news shows reporting opposite of what they advertise, they will lose viewership of those who deal in the ability to  still think for themselves.  Have a good day all.

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Robert Louis Shulz is the Founder and Chairman of WE the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress and a Constitutional activist.  Most of us would think then that he is a lawyer, but no his training is as an engineer, and has no formal training in law.

He has filed over 100 law suits against the Federal government stating that paying taxes is Unconstitutional because the 16th amendment to the Constitution was never ratified.  On August 8, 2007 an injunction was filed against him stating the following:

The district court found that Shulz illegal activities were harming individuals, who were exposing themselves by following the ill-conceived instructions. It required that Schulz provide the identity and contact information of recipients of the tax materials, and to enable government to  monitor Shulz obligation under the injunction to provide a copy of the district court’s order to recipients’ materials. They also found that this illegal material handed out to the recipients of this ill-conceived reasoning against paying their taxes was doing harm to the government.

The Court had to go to Court again after Robert L. Shulz  and find him in contempt of Court on April 7, 2008, for failure to follow the Injunction and Court order, and at that time charged him with $2000 per day to comply with Court Order.

On May 8, 2008 Robert L Shulz filed agreement to the effect that he had turned over all records which included, telephone number, e-mail and mailing addresses, and Social Security numbers of all the people on his mailing address.

It would be much later when the United States government would find that this same group was behind much of the thinking that would spawn other movements in the United States that included right-wing religious groups as well as Conservative groups and organizations, and hate groups.  (See my earlier post “Who is: The We the People Foundation”)

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Lets really analyze this for a moment.  Just how insane must we look to the Christ that we profess to love and who loves US unconditionally. I thought Christians were suppose to turn around and love thy neighbor unconditionally or at least as much as themselves.

As Christians paying out millions of dollars for militias, hate groups, and to prevent Democracy through elections because a same sex couple may fall in love and marry in a civil marriage, is insane!  When did we get so worked up over people loving each other that it sent us into a tizzy of hate that we had to arm ourselves by establishing militias or paying in millions of dollars to a group or organization to promote hate for us?

Where are our religious rights being trodden on?  Aren’t the Christians the ones who are denying equal rights to the gay couple, that is guaranteed to them both under the Constitution and in a Democracy as stated in the Constitution?

Just because the Catholic Church paid 1.8 million and the Mormon Church matched it with 3 million to make sure that Prop 8 passed and gays could not marry, did not make our voting for it legal to do so. Equality is the law. The conservative Judge who brought it forward to be voted on, was acting outside of the law, when he gave his o.k. for it to be placed on the ballot. The gay couples are not demanding that you the Churches marry them and neither is the government.  Your Constitutional rights to worship or marry are not being denied.  You are denying them, theirs!

Christians did not get their rights trampled on, the gay population did and thank God we still have a system that works to guarantee us our legal rights even after attempts are made to take those rights away because if we did not we would be denied our rights as well by someone with a bigger wallet than our own.

Despite the Christian attempts to deny the gay population equality, if they ever would win against the gay population would we be judged next because we weren’t considered Christian enough, and wouldn’t we want the law on our side, as well? Christians did not get their Constitutional rights denied them, their vote was simply illegal. No church has a right to enforce their beliefs on anyone, even when we are a member of their Church.  God gave us all, both men and women, the free will to decide.  We do not get to decide the will of God, for Him. This we can all take to the bank.

If the Religious and conservative right along with the Tea Party are ever successful in their fight to deny women the right to their own decisions on procreation and the gays to their equal rights, under the law, then no one will have equality or Democracy and we will be ruled instead by a member of a hate group, that some of you currently pay for, so your side can win. What is it that you will win, if you think you win? Has everybody gone mad! There are 18 different Christian hate groups being paid money to make sure they spread hate, against the gay population alone, and we call that Christian?

Do we have to ask why our children are being bullied or committing suicide? With the kind of mentality that is being whipped up into a lather by people like Ted Cruz or Ralph Reed and they are being called heroes by the religious right, what does that say about Christianity? Aren’t they instead an obvious case study in psychology and shouldn’t they be at very least test subjects for insanity? Do we like paying for all of those who are on the internet projecting hate and telling lies, while being paid for by Christians through the Faith outreach programs?  Is that Christian?

Christians are paying money into a group of misfits who are sitting around to plot the next execution of a police officer who is here to defend us, and the Christians scream that government is stepping on their Constitutional rights?

Did it ever occur to any of you, that we are being played against each other so the Tea Party and right-wing can take away the power of the rational people in the Republican Party, with the help of the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson so they can get out of paying taxes, and they can’t do it without our help, because they need our vote at the election polls?

Wouldn’t we all rather pay a little more in taxes and see the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson pay their fair share, as well, and work towards a stronger economy by supporting our President in getting through his jobs package that was passed through the Senate and the Congress is failing to even look at it? Do you hate African Americans and minorities to such an extent that you wish yourselves to fail?  The truth always does win out and rational people know you are on the wrong side of Christian values. Wouldn’t we all be better off getting back to work and helping each other again instead of listening to constant hate and lies?

Hasn’t it always worked better when we all worked together instead of being told the FBI is compiling a list and Christians are protesting government is taking away their Constitutional rights.  Wouldn’t it be fun just to sit down at a table of our friends or family, who vote differently from what we do, and laugh again, like we did before the Tea Party came to prominence? Just how do we expect the FBI and Homeland security to go about finding these home grown terrorists, as well as the Al-Qaida  terrorists?  Do we  think the terrorists come up and introduce themselves to the FBI and homeland security?

Would we rather continue hearing,” its all those damn liberals fault because they want to stop Christians from prayer and especially President Obama who is shoving Obama care on us.” Did it become a sin for a President to want to make an effort to make sure children and our mom and dad who cannot get insurance, can get it so they don’t die and the rest of us can quit paying your hospital cost because you don’t want to have to share in the cost of it? When did asking Christians to pay their fair share become denying you your Constitutional rights!

I could go on and on and on about the insanity taking place today by people who ordinarily pride themselves in being good Christians and instead they are paying to form 1008 hate groups and 1360 Patriot groups with militias who are arming themselves in the name of Christian values.

Who is denying who their Constitutional rights, folks?  I can only pray that everyone buying into  hate, does wake up and wake up soon before it is your loved ones who are shot first by the militia you are arming or before you find out, like sacrificial lambs to the altar, you will be the first to go into this mayhem of lies and insanity. Two wrongs have never made a right.

We don’t live in the year 80 AD nor were those fantasies told us by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Pahlin, Ted Cruz, or Rush Limbush ever real.  Politicians were never given the right to steal from the tax payers to give to the Christians because if they ever tried it they would get their butts thrown in jail.

The government would not be stepping all over the Constitutional rights of Christians if they put a member of the Tea Party in jail, for taking the peoples money from government, instead they would be putting a common thief in jail.  It is a privilege to live in America and people all over the world envy us for that freedom, To not pay taxes for that privilege would be a total lack of character on the part of anyone who calls themselves Christian or American.

Pope Francis said it best when he said,” Who am I to judge the gay if they love God?’ and “The church is making to much to do about abortion and social issues, when they need to get back to serving the people.”

The only thing I can add to that is if Christians don’t quit paying political groups through their place of worship for the hate and lies that are being told to them by the  Charlatans, none of us will stand the test of hate against us next.

Pray that the Republican Party is able to repair itself and kick out people like the Koch Brothers, Sam Adelson, the religious zealots who have lost their way to hate and militias, and the tea party so that they can heal their own Party and  be made whole again. If The Republican Party does not, we all will lose, and lose big! What is happening in the Republican Party in the name of Christ, is no different from spitting in the face of God.

The real problems destroying and hurting families today, and sadly never gets discussed, are parents wanting to be friends instead of parents, abuse of the vulnerable, and drugs and alcohol.  That is where the focus needs to be on the family.

We don’t need to make certain  that equality is denied to anyone, because quite frankly, none of us were given the power to play God in another person’s life or to deny equality granted to all Americans in a Democracy; or to arm ourselves or a militia, while being told lies, mixed with hate or bullets, if we don’t get our way.  It is insane to think  what is happening is even anywhere close to being Christian or rational! Think about it, who is denying who their Constitutional rights to freedom?  Is it you?

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Since I have spoken about the greed in politics and business it would be a failure on my part to not speak about the greed in Religion.  Todays post is about just a small sector of that greed as it pertains to the Evangelical belief but by no means is it only a part of their belief as a large part of the same belief is shared by other Religions, such as the Mormon Faith, as well, they just are not as outwardly obvious about it.

Prosperity ministers who are  outwardly preaching the value of greed in America are a new twist to the teaching of Religion.  They are a growing breed of ministers tied to the Charismatic Evangelical movement.  They run the gamut of people who show no shame in their high pitch sales job of the merits of rewards that come along with giving to those who use more subtle nuances.  People like the Joyce Meyer’s ministries from Missouri are very aggressive in claiming entitlement to a rich life style due to God’s gifts to her while others like  Joel Osteen of Texas are less verbose, but both types are prosperity ministers.

When Americans became bored with the often boring and staid teachings of or disillusioned with Traditional Religion and divorce became more prevalent or lifestyles changed, people began looking for more entertaining ways to worship, and many turned to Evangelicals to provide them with Spiritual guidance.  Although Evangelicals  originate primarily from Methodists and Presbyterian beliefs along with the 1700’s Piety and Puritan beliefs of the Bible preaching’s, to tie Evangelicals to any one belief factor would be wrong.  They’re definitely the majority who see themselves as Conservative Christians but there are also those who are liberal and even some who would be considered as really non-committed who do not believe it necessary to attend Church Services and Bible Studies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Evangelicals are popular with the African-Americans through the Baptist Church just as the faith is practiced by all members and Nationalities in America and all walks of life.  It is the largest growing Religion in America with an estimated 28.3% or 90 million Christians in America. Brazil is only larger in percentages than the United States is in growth.

To pen point any similarities beyond their belief in  “Born Again” and “Catholics as Heretics who do not teach the literal interpretation of the Bible”, would do them a disservice as even though they have a high number of Republican Conservatives, through the minority population, they have an equally large number of Liberal Democrats. Some want nothing to do with the mention of politics while others feel they should be front and center in the influence of politicians and their decisions. Many believe in Rapture and await the second coming of Christ, others believe in healing of the sick and disabled by the laying on of hands, while others speak in tongue.  Many credit their success as a direct Blessing from God and believe they are guided by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. They accept most of Protestant beliefs but the crowds many times are more exuberant and reactive than in Traditional Religion.

Many of the ministers, due to their own lack of training in Divinity and Seminaries, often expound their own interpretations of the Bible and so the messages often vary from one Church to the next with individual understanding or interpretation of the chapters and verse of the Bible. Some are guided through life by a literal interpretation of marriage:” being of one man and one woman,” while others allow for gay rights. Many hate to be perceived as fundamentalists as they were in the 1700’s when Evangelical beliefs initially arose in Europe.

Not all Evangelicals are Charismatic nor believe in Prosperity Ministers nor are all obsessed with Heaven and Hell.  One thing that is certain is if they do preach the Word many have little to no training in Divinity, although many do have honorary Dr. degrees without formal education from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and  other Evangelical Universities. Some get their degree to preach from a mail order house out of California while others get theirs for a fee over the internet.

They all believe they were given a calling and were inspired to preach when God appeared to them. Some are very simple people who come from the coal mines in the Appalachians. Others have high school diplomas while some do have Associate degrees or two years and still others have Bachelor degrees of four years of college, from non-credited schools ran by the Evangelical ministries. Others have had Seminary training in other more traditional Protestant Religions and have left that faith to start their own Evangelical Church.  Universal, Grace, Life, Good Will, Glad Tidings, etc.  are usually a part of the name of these Churches over that of Jesus, the Apostles, or Saints most commonly found in other more Traditional Religions.

Prosperity ministers are those ministers who pretty much share tears in the wickedness of their ways before “they got drunk on Jesus,” and before God appeared to them and made them rich.  They are very charismatic and crack jokes and do a sales job on their parishioners, telling them if they give to their Church until it hurts they will be Blessed ten fold and maybe even 100 fold.  If their parishioners think they can give 10 dollars or even a 100 dollars and it does not mean deprivation or sacrifice on their part, for God, then they do not really believe in God.  If a thousand dollars really hurts then they should give a thousand dollars and not worry about the bills as God will provide, If they really believe. They play on the guilt of the poor by making them feel like the reason they are poor is because they do not believe hard enough.  The great majority of the money they receive comes from their radio or television ministries and is established fact that the poor give at a higher percentage rate of their income than do the wealthy.

They tell their followers how they did not have a dime, the wolves, were at their door, the bill collectors calling constantly and when they took their last few dollars to Church and gave it to God they were Blessed with manna from Heaven. Their  good fortune just fell from the skies.  They quote the passages of the Bible that says “and God Blessed and rewarded them with good fortune”, and totally over look the parts of the Bible that say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to gain Heaven,” and Christ’s teaching’s about  mankind’s need to give away all his riches to serve the poor, in order to gain heaven.

Prosperity ministers beliefs that they have found the Blessings of God’s favor through becoming rich is so prevalent that they take parishioners money to buy $10 million dollar corporate jets, $200,000.00 in antique furnishings, they drive Mercedes and BMW’s in the $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 dollar range and feel entitled while living in million dollar homes while giving their children all the best that their parishioner’s money can buy.  So warped are their beliefs of entitlements to wealth and so charismatic are their sales pitch that they can and do convince  their followers, they are God’s voice on earth, even without seminary training or practical applications in divinity. Some even claim they are living out their gift from God now, while others in their Congregations struggle to make ends meet.

Their followers, just as do the ministers, fail to see the hypocrisy in the message they preach when they preach the need of every one to take responsibility for their own needs; and the poor could be rich if they just believed.  Since they offer the poor hope they are often times kept poor through their weekly contributions to the Prosperity Ministers, as every dime is followed by more from the poor with the poor being the Prosperity Ministers greatest contributors.  The prosperity ministers and parishioners fail to reach the understanding of the ministers dependency on the Mercy of the people, before they gained their own riches. God does not deal in dollars but sales people certainly do, and it would do us all well to begin there with that introspective thought.

Because these ministers forgive every sin through their “Born Again Beliefs”, regardless of how grievous the sins, without individual confession and penance and they relate to their parishioners about their own sinfulness and really stress how they were sinners, People flock towards the ability to be born again and all their past sins forgiven.

In the more conservative Evangelical Churches, parishioners are often shamed into living exemplary lives just as their ministers do, even though there are some who are no different from the rest of us with the same foibles and mistakes or sins committed by all of us. In the more Conservative Churches the parishioners cling to the belief that often these uneducated clergy can speak for God and give them a greater place in Heaven and a get out of Hell free card, if they only embrace their lives in the constant presence of Christ and continue to give of their money, which they are told is in most cases intended for the poor. This is true unless they are Prosperity ministers as good deeds are encouraged in most Evangelical Churches. The  Prosperity clergy often claim to draw salaries that do not compensate for the riches they gain. Many of the more liberal parishioners belong for the fellowship more than they do for the strict observance of the teachings as is common in many Religions, who do not set strict guidelines.

As a neighbor of mind once said, “I would hate to think I was such a bad sinner that I would have to spend my life in Church.” I have always enjoyed travel because I love the diversity that is America over tying myself to one group for a life time but that is just my own personal choice and many people are comfortable and justifiably so in their own communities.

I like many believe that: Spirituality just like physical and mental needs are a necessity of mankind in the fulfillment of life and living but are dollars really a part of what makes mankind great or saves us from hell? Can we really buy ourselves into Heaven or are we better judged for the value of our compassion for, the time we place on, and we give of ourselves to humanity? We do need to sometimes question the motives behind what appears to be an exorbitant lifestyle of riches regardless of the person or people who are promoting the same, at the expense of the people.  We cannot wear blinders just because those vulgar displays of wealth are arising from our ministries any more than we can when they come from our politicians.  Both depend on the generosity of the people and should be suspect and held responsible for such displays.

The great majority of us want to see people who have made wealth through hard work and sweat equity enjoy the fruits of their labor as it offers hope to those of us who dream. Certainly ministers and some politicians put in long hours and hard work as well, but when their income is earned on the charity of the poor, the vulnerable, or the greed of lobbyists, the majority of us see these excessive lifestyles of displayed wealth as being vulgar.  It is not what we want of either our clergy or our politicians whose main concerns should be dedicated to the needs of the people. When a family of 4 or more make $50,000.00 a year and they are pressured or cajoled into writing $10,000.00 checks so they can prove the power of their faith in God or a politician can get elected, and the clergy and politicians cannot understand the immorality of their exorbitant lifestyle, then who can we turn to when we ask for legitimacy in our Churches or our government ?

Does the riches gained by our politicians who are threatening to deny payment of Social Security to the elderly, wages to the Military and middle class, and GI benefits, by shutting down government over Obama care, mean they are deserving to be great and Blessed? Wouldn’t we all do better with their compassion shown and their time given to our needs without strings attached?  Something else to ponder that’s for sure. Doesn’t take much common sense to figure out, does it?;)

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I think many amongst us, who are not schooled in the knowledge of feminists would be surprised to know; many of the leaders in the feminist and civil rights movements actually began in the various monasteries and sister-hoods with-in the Catholic Church. Even gay rights was a very early movement began by Nuns in America.

Where there have been many contributors to the causes amongst both the religious and the clergy in the Catholic Church in America, Rome, has always remained steadfast in it’s retraction of support for these causes.

Today we know about the “Nuns On The Bus”, outwardly criticism of Tea Party and Candidate for Vice President, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s, austere drive against the poor but long before women and minorities gained equality of any kind it was the movements within the Catholic Church in America, who played a responsible role in the causes for equality in America.

For those who were/are considered liberal in the Church there were/are an equal amount who were/are considered Conservative who upheld/uphold the law of the Church in the Conference of Bishops according to the dictates of Rome.

Just as this has always been true and still is true today, the same has always followed throughout the History of the Church. This assembled group of Conservative men, within the Church, have always been influential in having their views heard, sometimes at the destruction of the Churches’ views, in my and many others opinions within the Church.

Today I write about just one of the views within the Catholic Church that has always and will continue to separate the faithful of the Catholic Church. That is the view of a woman’s right to choose abortion over the loss of her own life. The Church teachings is that a woman must die for the sake of the fetus even though the fetus fails to thrive when the woman dies.

Today the “Personhood Bills” that takes the rights of women to choose their own destiny away from women, is being sponsored by Conservative Politicians in the “Red States” where Conservative views are suggesting, as in the past, that it is the moral view of the majority, to pass such bills.

We know from past elections this simply is not the majority view of Americans. In many incidences this bill has already passed in States where Conservative Doctrine is being dictated to the People, in totally controlled Republican Legislatures without the vote of the people.

Perhaps because I am more familiar with the name of Margaret Traxler, than most, because she hailed from the bread basket of America, where I have also lived the majority of my life, I took a deep interests in her feminists views.

The other thought, I have, is it may be because Sister Traxler was an intricate part of my own ability to question and to use common sense in the role of authority. I do have to ask where does any Church or Legislature get the authority to subtract Constitutional rights and God given free will from women, so that they feel these rights can to be denied by men, in the first place?

I have always felt that all Christian Religion should support the causes of those more poorly treated by Society, rather than deny them rights already granted. The role of Religion, in my estimation, should be to protect rather than to deny equality granted to all of us.

When history tells us it was women who carried on and established the practice of Christianity following the crucifixion of Christ, it has always left me uncomfortable in the knowledge that the beliefs of women should be secondary to men and in times of the History of Christianity, squelched, entirely, within Religion. Without the work of women many believe that Christianity would never have survived.

I personally believe that Margaret Traxler dropped Sister Traxler in her cause for Civil Rights and Equality, for two reasons:
1. She was being sanctioned by Rome to cease and desist.
2. Because she knew herself, she was crossing the line between Church and State in the expression of her views.

First, Margaret Traxler, as she would later wished to be called, although she remained in the Religious Sisterhood of Notre Dame Sisters until her death, was a person fighting for what was the right thing to do in America and for all Americans to be heard.

Sister Traxler was borne in 1924 in Henderson, Minnesota, the daughter of a Country Doctor and a mother who was a nurse. She entered the novitiate of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1942 and her education would be extensive following the taking of her vows, including getting her Doctrine degree.

She first came to my attention when I was questioning a great deal in my own personal life about the discrepancies in what the Catholic Church taught as how they applied the same teachings to their own behavior in the 1980’s.

Much stands out in my mind about the accomplishments of Sister Traxler, that I admire, from her march on Selma, Alabama with Martin Luther King, Her involvement in the protests of the Viet Nam War, being both an assistant and a Director of educational services while establishing integregated schools, her participation on the staff of the National Catholic Conference for International Justice, and even the award given to her by Golda Meier,but nothing caught my attention more than her work as a feminist.

None of us will truly know to the fullest extent that Sister Traxler was sanctioned by the Church when she took her view on abortion but we do know much was made and said at the time from within the Church and the Conference of Bishops in America against the advertisement printed in the New York Times.

In 1984 Sister Traxler was one of 26 Religious Sisters who signed their names to an advertisement in the New York Times entitled “A Catholic Statement On Pluralism and Abortion.”

The ad stated that there are more than one Catholic positions on abortion, and called for religious pluralism and the discussion within the Church.
The ad stated and showed results of the poll taken at the time amongst Catholic membership, the results were: only 11% of Catholics in good standing within the Church were against all abortions, irregardless.

The ad read that the great majority of Catholics found and reached understanding for the necessity of abortion. When we take into consideration that the Equal Rights Amendment had only been signed into law, a mere 13 years at the time, then we must acknowledge those with the best memories and who lived through the tragedy of non-equality clearly favored a woman’s right to choose.

Sister Traxler would ultimately uphold the teachings of abortion taught in the Church, but would then choose to go by her given name following the advertisement. She continued to dedicate her life to equality in America, up until she suffered a devastating stroke in 2000. She died two years later in 2002.

Two other sisters, who were much braver in my opinion, but unfortunately names that I fail to remember, would be expelled from the sisterhood for taking the views of a woman’s right to choose.

I am not sure that my analogy of “braver” is a just analogy since leaders of all movements are made to feel greater pressure than fellow members. Perhaps Sister Traxler felt she could accomplish more within the Religious community than she could out of it, as her record speaks for itself.

I simply write this post today to point out one of the things I did admire about my training as a Catholic was the encouragement that I did get from the Religious Sisterhood to think for myself.

I have always believed equality is not handed out in parcels but given in its entirety to all people, and until Women get complete and equal treatment under the law and in the work place with the white male, people of other Races, Creeds, and Sexual orientations will be denied as well.

Feminism is so much more than just the fight for equality for women, as it embraces equality for all people around the World, and Sister Margaret Traxler practiced and lived that belief.

It was only after listening to the views of those who profess to place Conservative views on all of us as the view of the Churches over those of a more compassionate view held by other beliefs in the Churches in America, that I realized my beliefs do matter.

I know Christ did Teach the more liberal views held by the Church and threw out much of what was previously written as acceptance of morality in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Christ taught the love of God for His children over the severe punishment by an angry God often spoken of in verses of the Old Testament. The use of Stoning against women and children as being against God’s will just as usurping the authority of God to Judge his children, appear for the first time in the teachings of Christ.

When I saw the discrepancies of the Conservative held views were often times self-limiting and I felt unjust, I walked away from all established Religion, rather than accept the limited view of equality that was becoming louder in the Churches across America.

I still refer to myself as Christian because I did not walk away from the interpretation of what Christianity was meant to be. I perhaps am more Christian today than I was while listening to views, I could not nor never would accept. There are thousands just like myself, because of the lack of equality taught in the Churches, who struggle with leaving their Churches, just as I did.

I do feel the next time any Church questions why they are losing more people in their own Churches or their Congregation are leaving to join another Church or becoming Agnostic or Atheists, the Churches themselves, must first take a good look at their own backyards.

Instead of blaming higher education and Satanists leanings and the poisoning of views by Liberals who encourage self-expression and equality for all of mankind, they need to guard first against the practice of hypocrisy as well as against the division of equality, within their own ranks.

Democracy spells equality and inclusion for all, just as should Christianity also spell the same, but sadly, the more Conservative Government gets in America and the more Conservative Religion gets the larger the erosion of equality also becomes. This is not my opinion but shows up in the study of past history.

I ask everyone today to think about where our thoughts and stands comes from and on what we base it, within our own individual consciousness, without the voice of our families, ministers, or politicians ringing in our ears.

Are we still even capable of distinguishing what our own consciences tell us or has that been replaced by propaganda, bias and divisiveness, another person’s own interpretation, or what we think other people think we should believe?

It is never a bad question for any of us to ever ask ourselves as in the end of each of our lives, it will be our own personal beliefs that we do get judged on.

There will be no more excuses left as to why we did not use our own intellect and free will, given to us as gifts by our Creator, in the final analysis of life. Have a good weekend everyone.

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It seems to fail Mitt Romney entirely to what extent We the American People were affected by 9/11.  When asked how he felt about President Barack Obama’s show of strength in taking out Osama Ben Laden his reply was,”I would have done the same thing.  Even Jimmy Carter would have made the same decision.” As Americans we were suppose to ignore or forget his original statement, “That getting Osama Ben Laden was not worth moving Heaven and earth to go after him.”

While the political right fed media and the Romney/Ryan team yell about the weaknesses in the Obama Administration foreign policy, it has been the Obama Administration who  has eliminated Ben Laden along with 20 to 30 of his closest leaders that was making this reminder of 9/11 more palatable to the American public.

Certainly, this has been a show of force and resolve on the part of the Obama Administration to bring some justice to the families who both lost their loved ones, along with many  who were heroes, in the eyes of the American people.

The fact that the right-wing accuses the main stream media of giving President Obama a free ride on foreign affairs is as insane and as ludicrous as their comments are. We can all rest assured that if the Obama Administration had a record of failure, the main stream media would be reporting the same, just as the Conservative media along with the Romney campaign belittles and denies President Obama’s successes.

After ten years of looking for justice for the destruction done to our American families we were able to feel some relief from the sadness that permeated America for ten years because we have been a Country without justice until the Obama team brought us that longed for justice. The Romney team along with Mitt Romney just do not seem to understand that tarnishing that record only shows their own desperation.

Mitt Romney shooting from the lip at a time that we are again reminded of our mourning on 9/11 with the attack of our Embassy and the death of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, before their families are even notified, only convinces those of us who do follow World events, just how incompetent and insensitive Mitt Romney truly is. The apology from the Embassy for a dreadful movie film trailer produced by a right-wing American citizen, was simply issued to stave off attacks six hours before the attacks even occurred on the American Embassy, and had nothing to do with an apology from President Obama.

When we realize that, Mitt Romney, made the same shameful remarks against the Obama Administration, while Hillary Clinton was involved in sensitive meetings working for the freedom of a Chinese dissident; he then followed that shooting from the lip by quickly insulting the Olympic committee in London; and followed that up with the insults to the Arabs in Israel; and the list of lies and misspoken statements goes on, we do need to question if Mitt Romney is even capable of leading America.

After the attacks on the World Trade Buildings, then President George W. Bush, apologized to the Muslim Nations for the blame being placed on them as a result of the radical behavior of the right-wing extremists in their land.  By Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigning on the weakness of the Obama Administration on foreign affairs, they themselves, are feeding into the right-wing extremists who are part of our own Society.

Obviously to those of us who deal in reality and common sense, the poorly produced  film made under false pretenses in L.A. by an American citizen, unrelated to the Obama Administration, plays a major role in the upset feeding into the extremists on the right in the Middle East. President Obama could not have prevented the U-Tube production and has no blame to play in the role of this misguided American’s attempt to ridicule Mohammed.  At the same time it does not give extremists the right to kill and maim the people who have helped them gain their freedom, if Democracy is truly the goal of their people.We as a government under an Obama Administration would never condone such hatred against another’s religion or our own people, and this view has been stressed by the Obama Administration and was voiced by then President George W. Bush, as well.

To use a time when America is just recovering from a time of grieving to being able to feel that ever slight sense of celebration, knowing that justice has been served, and then to be placed back into that mourning by the loss of more Americans by these extremist groups, who spew hate and violence in the Middle East, is a merry-go-round of emotions for All Americans.  The fact that the Romney/Ryan team would use that to stir up hatred for the Obama Administration and to try to get political gain for themselves, only shows to what a degree of desperation they will stoop in order to win.

If we do not question the competency as well as the human decency of this behavior by both the Romney and Ryan ticket along with the media who continues to feed us the notion that the Obama Administration has gotten a free ride on foreign affairs, then we have not paid attention to the weakening of the moral fiber by the right-wing in our own Country.

We need to send a message of our own to the Republican Party who seems to ignore the moderate and the liberal amongst us, but instead prefer to feed the coffers of the right-wing extremists in our own Country, just what we think of their efforts to  destroy our moral fiber, as a Nation, at the election polls in November.

We need to go to the polls with family or friends, for a two-fold reason:  in order to both entertain ourselves in the long lines, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States, and to make this an election of notable history in which “We the People” take back our rights from those who do pander to the right-wing, in our Country. We will not sit back while they continue to produce so-called leaders who do not hear us or feel our pain.  It is way past time that We the American Voters place the shame on those who continuously show us their own callous disregard to our needs, in an effort to gain their own political power.  Vote

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I’m not sure if the mean-spirited in America have always existed or if it hasn’t simply been made more public and been made worse as a result of the social networks, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Fox news,Right wing extremists, the Tea Party, and NRA involvement that incites violence and hate.

When children are committing suicide because of the mean-spirited texts being sent over their cell phones by their class mates,When we have little girls who set up a Facebook page to spread lies under the false pretense of being one of their classmates, when we have the same being done to an innocent couple who are forced to defend themselves in a court of law, and right-wing idiot’s who attempt to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio, for no other purpose but to destroy the lives of the innocent in their efforts to create anarchy then we have a mean streak that is evident across our Nation.

Yesterday, in order to give credit due where credit is deserved in that all people involved honestly, in the debate and are aware of the courage it took to make the decision that President OBama made to take out Ben Laden, Mitt Romney tried to cheapen the act of courage by saying, “Of course I would have made the same decision even Jimmy Carter would have made that decision.” Mitt Romney is the same man who campaigned in 2008 by “saying to go after Ben Laden is a waste of time and money.”

Whether we agree with the politics of Jimmy Carter or not, no one who has any awareness beyond Fox News in America, cannot be callous enough to not understand the great contributions that Jimmy Carter has made to the poor and the American people since leaving office. To deliberately attack a man who has done so much good for the poor in America is just another attempt by the out of touch and mean-spiritedness of the Romney campaign. If it would win him the votes Mitt would attack anyone who would stand in his way of winning and he proved it yesterday in his inability to say anything nice about his opponent. President OBama, who showed courage in an effort to gain for the American people the terrorist who was promised them by the previous Administration.

There is certainly more grounds to show the retired Presidents amongst us more respect than there is to show it to the likes of the right-wing Conservatives that currently hold the offices of Minority whip in the Senate and Majority whip in the Congress or for those who run the Mitt Romney campaign and I suspect Mitt Romney, himself. When the silent majority says nothing about the hate campaigns then we indicate to those who are mean-spirited that we approve.

What feeds all of this is the right-wing extremists and the Conservative broadcasts that claim to be in the no spin zone or those who call themselves Christians. Apparently it is better to speak out in favor of a fertilized egg than it is to speak up for our fellow-man.

I just heard a person actually respond to a question asked on the relevancy of the Occupy movement by saying, “they are just a bunch of whiners who do not even have a job and no particular message”. Duh! that is the message of the Occupy movement in that we are being raped by the
1% and out of work, and yet we hear that same response by the brain washed Americans in our midst, time and time again, because that is the message that the Tea Party and Conservatives want us to take away from it. The Dear Lord help us if truth in America could ever help heal the wounds of those so-called righteous amongst us.

Instead when the truth is being told by the very words that come out of their own mouths then they yell,”Divisive! Divisive!Divisive!. We will hear that word a great deal this campaign season because the film footage that tells the story on the hypocrites who yell divisive, when truth is being told about them, is massive. It is a favorite of both Boehner’s and Mitch McConnell both to use as their excuse against President OBama and to explain their own hate tactics in Congress and the Senate.

We have always seen and known of the hate in America against minorities,gay people and the disabled but the fact that Americans are spreading so much hate against even their own, only brings home just how badly the extremists in America are inciting the brain washed and ignorant amongst us to create harm to any and all who disagree with them, who they are jealous of, or who they hate for the principle of just hating.

All this in the name of Christianity is what should sadden all of us. Not only as Americans are we better than this but we are also better than this as Christians and certainly much wiser than this. The message of Christ is love and clearly this group must feel that only they are loved as obviously they would not be spreading hate to the point that it has reached the level of their children,neighbors and mankind in general.

If they were truly Christian they would know about,”Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Children do not learn hate from their friends,at school or at the mall. They learn it in one place only and that is from the home. It may come more from neglect of their needs so that they are that more vulnerable to others or from mouths of those whose job it is to teach them that “Christ so loved the little children.” Either way the right-wing extremists are defiling the very Bible that they claim to be protecting with all their hate in America.

The best way to stop this mean-spiritedness is through the election polls,by not stooping to their level so that they can only fight amongst themselves until they exhaust each other with their own hate, and by teaching our own children respect for all of humanity. I think the Occupy movement is bringing all those messages home, if we bothered to get past the negative media reports against them. All we have to do is click the remote, delete their messages from the social networks, or turn the off button on those who would deny us our right to Democracy for all and to vote in November. We have tolerated this movement of hate for too long and now it is time to stop it. Democracy only fails,”When good people do nothing.”

UPDATE: Just to prove my point,”Mitt Romney will say anything that gains him votes,” he just stood in front of the New York crowd and praised President OBama for getting Ben Laden while saying he would have done the same thing. He also claimed to have the same views in 2008. It would not gain votes from New Yorkers if he had of repeated his message of yesterday and 2008. The film footage is already out there for the rest of us to view, while he claims that the OBama campaign is dividing Americans. Give us a break Mitt for knowing the difference in the Etch-A-Sketch man who would be the leader of the Free World. The insult to our intelligence is over-whelming not only in Mitt Romney says but by those who refuse to understand the lies that he tells when it suits his needs over that of the American people!

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Living in a Society that is both civilized and advanced requires educating ourselves to levels equal to or greater than those who do threaten both our fiscal as well as our personal safety.

We do not always need to sit in a class room to educate ourselves when all things relevant is just a keyboard away. Not all people have the luxury of formal education but to own a computer and to not check out the facts but instead to say,”politics bores me because they are all alike,” is no excuse to not educate ourselves on the differences before we vote. If we only check those sites that agree with our own views then we operate from ignorance rather than intelligence as to consider the view of the opposition is what education really entails. All candidates who have held previous office will have a voting record that can be easilly checked out at any.GOV website as well as elsewhere on the net.

It is not the responsibility of people who write blogs to refer us to their chosen sites and lets face it,it is quite lazy of us to depend on that as a source of our information as many of those websites are slanted to project the view of the person responsible for either writng it or presenting it. If the Democracy that brave men and women have fought and died for in order to preserve freedom for all of us is not worth our time to check out credible websites on our own, that are free from political views, then we should question our own value system.

The Conservatives are in such control of the Republican Party today, they will not allow either Science or global warming to be part of their platform at their National Convention, that will be held to select their candidate for President later this year.

When we as a Society need to change our text books, as they have in Kansas and elsewhere, to eliminate and get rid of the the theory of evolution and to replace it with only Creationism;when a Republican majority passes laws that state life begins two weeks before conception or before the sperm meets the egg;When men meet to determine that women are not entitled to equal pay for the same job or to protest their firing as men are allowed to do, or to decide on the use of birth control;when laws are backed up in our States in regard to the rights of Americans in the bedroom and to marry; when people of a different colored skin than the white male are being stopped in automobiles to check if they have a green card;when children born in America are denied citizenship; when workers’ Unions are being eliminated and the list that is being made longer each year by the Tea Party and right-wing Conservatives, individually or together, to eliminate both public schools and our freedoms; it does not take a high level of intelligence to realize that someone or something is drastically denying reality by setting up a smoke screen to divert our attention elsewhere through the use of lies in the Republican Party.

When children are bullied and both are punished equally then do any of us have to question why children return with a gun to their classrooms?
Children are no different from adults in that what they really want is respect from adults for doing what is right and respect for what belongs to them.Why can’t an adult act like an adult and make the children sit down and disguss why the bully feels entitled to pick on someone who refuses to stoop to their level of ignorance and use fists to solve anything?

Perhaps respecting each other and our differences needs to be taught in class rooms since parents obviously are not teaching it at home. Sometimes it requires nothing more than keeping the bullies a few minutes longer by allowing the child or children who are being abused to leave a few minutes earlier with or without parents support, and yet adults that are suppose to keep our children safe will not take those few minutes to assure the safety of our children.

School boards can make rules and ask that they be enforced when common courtesy is missing in the home, if they themselves do not fear the child or parents position in the community. Most people who have an iota of common sense will and would question what is taking place in America that makes us not want to seek justice in an intelligent way over that of showing children how to be a better bully by punishing the already abused with the same punishment that the bully receives. Too many schools will expell the innocent along with the guilty when they do try to defend themselves. Years of research shows that children who are taught to respect others do not become criminals where as those who have no respect for others,do.

Instead some Americans voted in the “Stand your ground law” that was inacted by the Republican majority in 17 States that will give the bullies of America even more power to bully those who refuse to let ignorance rule their lives by the use of fists or force. These same Republicans are eliminating Unions who set the standards of safety and establishes the level of wages for all middle class workers by voting in favor of “the right to work laws” that require workers to work longer hours and to receive less pay.

To the rest of the World whose economy is at a minus rate and the best that the economy is expected to grow in the Nations who use the euro is .03% our growth rate at 2.3% is a booming economy. We always have looked like a bunch of whiners to a world economy that has faltered and stopped many times while we continue growth at a larger or much greater rate than they do. We also are much more under taxed than these Nations are, while the Republicans talk about lowering taxes even further and driving our deficit even higher. Common sense should tell all of us if we just keep borrowing on our accounts and never put anything back in that we will go broke and farther in debt. That is exactly what has happened and is happening in America because our federal tax rates are the same as they were in the 1950’s and we are not putting money back into the United States Treasury to pay for our bills and yet Mitt Romney and the Republicans want to lower the taxes paid by the wealthy another 4.6 trillion dollars.

When we have politicians and voters both of the attitude that the only thing that is important in a free Country is to make sure President OBama loses and instead their candidate wins, even when he is a well documented liar,was unpopular in his own constituency and State and quit rather than run again because he knew he would lose if the people of Massachusetts voted; when he did win the election he took his own State to being 47 in the Nation for job gain and amongst the largest for job lost, while the economy was still healthy on the very same things he is running on in order to increase job growth today and denies his intent to return to the Bush era politics; we know he supports the Ryan Plan that literally robs money from our own pockets, after we have already paid in, to give to the 1%;he embraces the likes of a man such as Ted Nugent instead of standing up against hate;and we can expand that list further, then America and Americans are being offered far less than what we deserve as a free and rightfully Proud Nation. Intelligence as well as common sense should be the reason for our votes in November if we are to defeat ignorance in America. Vote in November.

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Since Google was kind enough to bring this post to my attention by promoting it to the top of the line under Catnjammer64’s Blog I feel it merits my re-writing it. 

It is entitled “I’m Dead Set Against Abortion—But I am Pro-Choice”.  I present it again, with a few changes made where it is necessary to update it, but for the most part in it’s entirety. I apoligize in advance for it’s length but the importance of it has never been more relavent than what it is currently.

I believe that I speak for millions of pro-choice people when I say the above title of this re-write.  If you are confused how I can be both against abortion for myself and daughters but be pro-choice then consider this scenario:

Parents, not I, have a 16 year old daughter who becomes pregnant and has one of these disorders that can only be stabilized by guardianship or medication: pneumonia,severe asthma,cancer,Chrone’s Disease,Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis of the Spine,diabetes,Cerebral Palsy,Multiple Sclerosis,retardation,severe physcosis etc.  Teenagers can have the exact same disorders that afflict all adults of all ages.

None of this is about rape or incest by Serial rapists, or killers,but about young women and girls who somehow  survive or are pregnant because they thought they were in love or a man or boy or cousin, takes advantage of their diminished capacity and convinces them they are loved in return; Because of their preexisting disease, without staying on their treatment, they are certain as is the fetus, of dying or becoming disabled for life if they do give birth. 

However, if they do get an abortion they can remain under guidance or medication and live a fairly normal and happy life.  In some cases they can even reach a ripe old age. Would any of us deny a Doctor and their parents the right to make this decision for their child?  If the child was 12, 13, 14, 15, would it make any difference?

Now lets talk about rape and incest.  We know most incest begins at the age of 8 while some begins in infancy. As much as 90% of these cases go unreported so we have no accurate information on just how prevalent incest is or how many fetuses are aborted due to incest, because these young girls are told to lie, by their own parents, about it in many cases. 

With maturity age and menstral cycles sometimes beginning in 8 to 10 year old girls, would any of us insist that these children be raped again and go through the heartbreak of adoption on top of it, if it was our child or grandchild?  Haven’t they already been through enough pain?  

A great number of these children are the same drug addicts who are prostituting themselves on the streets of all of our towns and cities.  What I may consider wrong in my safe and protected environment does not register in the lives of many of these girls because they only know protection from the pimp who beats them if they do get pregnant or do not bring home enough money.  Most are addicted to drugs deliberately by these same men.  Do you or I have any right to tell these girls or women that they cannot use birth control or get an abortion knowing that will jeopardize their life?

What may be wrong in our circumstances or religious beliefs, takes on new meaning for people less fortunate than ourselves or those who believe differently both morally and religiously than we do. None of us, not me, not you, not our Priests,Ministers, or Rabiies have a right to deny any woman her God given right of Free will or her Constitutional right of Equal rights because of the Constitution or the Equal Rights Amendment.To do so is to destroy the Democracy every American, who has been born into society, is entitled to.

We are not to judge them but to help them. Sadly too many who call ourselves Christians instead chase them out of our neighborhoods and feel entitled to, while we try to defeat Roe vs. Wade, which many times is the only law that is keeping them alive.

I do not doubt that they’re women who use abortion as birth control because they want to look good in their bikini but these statistics are so low that they do not even register in the statistics. The great majority of abortions happen as a result of a mother who is unable to feed her child, if it is born.What women are being told primarilly by men, are quite frankly, falsehoods

My faith and belief tells me that the problems other girls and women face, who are all deserving of my understanding,empathy and compassion,is the only conscionable thing for me to understand, when it comes to protecting the choices for all women and children and turns me to be an advocate for pro-choice. Pro-choice is much more about understanding the needs of humanity and less about the cruel division of all women who are entitled to make the same choices towards the care of their own bodies, just as every white male enjoys the same.

If Roe vs. Wade needs reworking then this needs to go through proper channels by presenting a case before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, who was given the final say over all mankind; Churches and Religious Institutions included.

We have always had children in America starving, being killed,abused and raped while the offender did 90 days or no time at all;that parents could treat their own children in such a manner was so foreign to Doctors that this was denied by the medical profession as happening, until the case was taken before the Courts in 1969,children get and got used as pawns in miserable marriages, no differently from what they do in some divorces;children were and are put into prostitution and addicted to alcohol or to drugs by their own parents, and if we acknowledge it at all we all act as if this is new behavior on the part of adults, etc. This is nothing new but goes back to the days of the Bible. Many of us had grandmothers and great grandmothers mistreated this same way, as we had grandfathers and great grandfathers being raped, but it was a secret kept in the family because of ignorance or shame. It is a credit to our Society today,that we do now acknowledge it all and do prosecute it as the crime it is.

Mitt Romney whose own religion still denies that any of this happens and retains hundreds of lawyers to fight against the person who tries to bring these cases forward, certainly is not the person we need to lead us, when he says,”I want to bring back the soul to America.” We should all be aware by now of what Rick Santorum’s views on birth control use is as he says,”It is just plain wrong,” even though his wife has tried to cover for him since. Both candidates have said their goal is to do away with Planned Parenthood even though they provide some 700,000 mamograms a year for College students and women who would not otherwise have medical care.

Are we so arrogant and self righteous as to think that we have the right to take what little rights or laws that abused women and children have, away from them, by thinking that if we ban birth control or abortion, we do not create more hardship for women and children?  Do we just wear blinders and pretend that these problems do not exist like our grandparents did? Do we really think that all orphanages will treat children well when many are ran to gain government subsidies or entitlements? Do we think all wealthy people, who can not have children of their own because they are afraid their husbands will have affairs if they get fat, would give them a better life?

Get real Americans, many of them will go to boarding schools and become a statistic no differently from children of all walks of life.  Money does not guarantee good or better parents. Many will get lucky and find love that they would never find otherwise, but too often we forget those who are neglected or abused as well. No one has the right to deny another American their rights as protected by our Constitution nor do any of us have a right to play God in anyone else’s life.

Just because a few women are narcissitic enough to misuse the law and the intent of the law in order to look good in their clothing, none of us have a right to deny others’their rights of the law that protects all of us from abusers.This excuse for getting abortions has been so exaggerated to the point it has become a focal point with too many who would do away with all healthcare for women. Just as Conservatives John Kyle, Bill O’Reilly and others have exaggerated the real purpose of Planned Parenthood being nothing more than an abortion clinic.

To blame Planned Parenthood or women who require medical health care as being frivolous or all about abortion is no different from saying because a few Doctors file fraundalent claims on Medicaid or Medicare then we need to either eliminate Doctors or Medicaid or Medicare. It is a total insult to both the intelligence and integrity of women as well as the almost gut wrenching decisions that women are placed under having to sometimes make both for their own survival as well as for their daughters.

Taking The embalance of consideration for women even further and putting the onus on the accusers we could even say, “Why not ban Social Security because others file fraudently;or guns because others use them to kill. or cars because people die when their gas pedals fail or stick; or planes because their engines fail and fall from the skies or sometimes they are hi-jacked by terrorists and people die; or ban alcohol because people drink and drive and people die in far greater numbers than women get abortions.”

Husbands and boyfriends both batter and kill so should we put all husbands and boyfriends in jail for life? It would make as much sense as making birthcontrol and healthcare both unavailable to women.

What about getting rid of government sanctioned killings on death row instead because innocent people are put to death?What about protesting the fact that euthnasia has been made a part of womens’ rights when both genders have to make these tough decisions for the sake of loved ones? What about forcing the medical profession into putting our loved ones on life support, knowing they have no hope, because some prosecutor or conservative judge will prosecute them if they don’t? What about individual studies done on immigration before we vote against the dream act? What about children starving in America while we scream about welfare or entitlements never once mentioning the welfare and entitlements granted oil Companies or Corporations? Where is the moral outrage by these Conservatives on so many other issues instead of hearing Sarah Palin talk about the “liberal death camps” as applied to euthanasia and abortion?

Why is it always women’s issues that are made paramount by these Conservatives when they speak about Social Issues and especially by white male men and conservative feminists? Why isn’t their lack of truth and sincerity ever placed under the microscope? The list goes on as to why it is considered immoral when women make choices in their lives, but when did we ever hear the same about white male men or these women who would prevent us from doing what is morally right for all Americans? Sadly, only when an innocent child gets shot and killed, or civil rights workers are killed do these same people speak out against injustice not related to abortion or the dying. Women and alive children should never be treated any differently from the way white males are treated in our Society. To treat any American otherwise, regardless of race creed or color, is immoral.

For those who advocate pro-life, I do not doubt that some of your intentions are good, but if you truly cared about the sanctity of life beyond abortion and euthansia(which is almost always the expressed wish of the dying in order to save prolonged suffering), you would be equally committed to the causes of women,children,the less fortunate,children who commit suicide because your child has learned to hate gays from you,bullying and sometimes death done to people of other faiths, because the bigotted and misguided feel justified to do so in your environment, the immigration issue where many are sentenced to a death sentence of poverty or political persecution when sent back home,innocent people who are convicted unfairly and a very long list of improvements that still remain undone in the treatment of women,children, and minorities as well as Americans of different faiths. When we are pro-life we do not get to choose which life matters, period!

Pro-life,for those who yell,”fry them” while ignoring the truth and instead appointing conservative Judges who agree with their narrow interpretations, are only pro-life when it comes to abortion or the dying, and that is what is truly wrong in America today. When the majority of Conservative principles spreads to appointments to our Supreme Court, as it has today, All Americans really need to make certain that we protect the rights of both ourselves and future generations by making certain that we do not elect a Conservative or Tea Party sponsored President who will appoint the next two Supreme Court Judges, since two of those seats will become empty in the next few years. To do so will only lead to another 30 to 40 years of the law that protects us, changing to their narrow interpretation of the same, and our further loss of freedom.

Pro-choice is about giving women control over their own lives as well as their own health issues.  It is about a woman being given the respect to know and understand her own emotional and physical limitations and abilities.  Its about a woman choosing if she wants an education, a career,to be a homemaker; if she wants to marry or remain single; if she wants to dedicate her life to the improvement of the lives of other women or children even when they do not live in her neighborhood or attend her Church.  In short it is about showing women the respect they have a right to both own and choose.

It’s about educating abusers and con artists in the fine art of understanding that we women, will no longer fall for your abuse and mistreatment regardless of your gender.  It’s about women standing for women and refusing to let the “Good Old Boys” divide us any longer, as we are the real power in America. White male men who are comfortable with their own conscious,morality, careers,and choices,want to share power with us. They respect both women and minorities as well as people of other faiths and backgrounds. Once we recognize our own value as women, they will gladly work with us to right the injustices in America. Unless we work with these men of Character, we will not find the justice we seek for all Americans.

We will no longer excuse anyone who will continue with the hate,lies or bigotry, or those who placate or dismiss us,nor those who verbally belittle us or batter us to think they have the power to divide us as women and Americans, from doing the right thing for all of our brothers and sisters. We will tell them what is acceptable behavior instead of them demanding that we perform according to what they deem to be acceptable.

We will no longer allow other men or women to make it more important to act on stopping women from making their own God given and State given decisions by denying us the right to make decisions for ourselves. We will speak out in order to gain the health care that we either earn through benefits from the job we work or from the premiums we pay their insurance companies.

We will ask, “if a fertilized egg is life, then what price do these men who would defeat us, pay for fertilizing that egg with their sperm when they force sex on wives,women, and children,” since that is their interpretation of when life begins. Will they be denied the use of Viagra under their insurance program? Would it be appropiate for them to be castrated for making an egg a life, by their own terminology? Why is there never questions asked or laws made against the men who force abortions on women through intimidations and bullying?

We in unison will start asking the questions that they demand we follow, “by what do they base their deductions on?” We will ask them, “if it follows in our best interests both morally and medically”, because our brains are capable of study. Then we will check out the basis for which they claim to be in control, since we will show them the respect they deny us. We will no longer allow Bills effecting women to be initiated and passed on only by “The Good Old Boys”.

When they try to dismiss us, they will need to gain respect from us along with our opinion or we will walk out on them.  It is no different from my own daughters telling me when I allowed family members to abuse me,”Mom we are losing respect for you for letting them treat you that way, because you would never tolerate
anyone treating us that way.”

Until we as women do understand, just as the blue collar workers must, that the Conservatives and Tea Party members are doing a number on us, we will continue being lied to by them.Maybe there
isn’t so much difference after all, from what separates some Christian women from the prostitute, since both are performing according to these men’s desires who promote both anti-Science and anti-education. Some women are being trained to serve husbands and sons over their own needs while their daughters’ learn the same without any hope towards future ideas of success gained by their own strengths. At the same time, the blue collar worker is becoming more of a servant,since they are the most under-employed while their wages are dropping the most, due to the “right to work law”. If we do not vote them out of office, then the discrepancies between equality will continue.

Vote against Republican Conservatives and Tea Party sponsored candidates in November, to show them, they were dumber than they thought, we were. It is difficult for all of us who fought this battle, both men of character and women, for you in the 1950’s and 60’s, to believe that these groups have again raised their ugly heads to deny equality once more for American citizens. Don’t let these Conservatives make you have to fight it again for your children.

We enjoyed the freedom that you have been fortunate enough to be able to take for granted and our grandmothers envied us for. They are a miserable bunch to have to get rid of because of their fear of women,minorities, and gays along with their fear of defeat of power;in order for all Americans to enjoy Democracy and our own God given right of free will, as it was intended to be enjoyed, they need to be replaced. Christ never asked women to be subserviant to the male gender much less to deny their own abilities or to sell their intelligence and values short. Household duties are meant to be shared without elevating the male gender to boss while women lower their own standard of needs. Equality begins in the home and follows into the voting booth. We need to make up for the difference for those who either feel they cannot or are not strong enough in their own faith of self to make the right decisions for all Americans.

We begin by getting involved in what is taking place with the erosion of our rights and becoming more politically involved with the damage being done by the right wing conservatives combined with the dollars and lies being spread by both the Conservative movement as well as the Tea Party. The 70% foothold that these groups already have in the Republican Party needs to be taken seriously by all Americans, if we are to maintain the greatest Democracy in the world. Elect a man of character, re-elect Barack OBama in November.

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The movement known as, ‘Conservative Feminists’, is nothing more than the same smoke screen thrown up by all Conservatives.  The women are trained and brain washed,  in the same ideology of the Conservative movement, to up hold the same by laws as their male counterparts and to eliminate birth control and to bring women back to the wedding altar, as virgins, through marriage. By keeping women uneducated and pregnant at home, they believe women will not compete with the white maLe for the jobs they feel white males are entitled to. 

The Conservative feminists are trained to eliminate government and in doing so to eliminate the Equal Rights Amendment that makes women equal to men in all specters of Society from financial,job,family planning, and when using their own voice to choose their own health issues. They are as committed to elimininate Unions and minimum wage as the male Conservative.

After generations of the Conservatives fighting against the so called liberal Feminists, who fought for and won the Equal Rights Amendment for all genders and minorities, the Conservatives are simply adopting the name feminist to establish women in politics. They think by acquiescing to the name feminists, they will be able to gain the vote of minorities, the middle class, working poor and women. 

These women are trained to eliminate taxes, government that protects the rights and hires the rest of us and to promote free Interprise at the expense of the 99%.  Make no mistake about it, these new Conservative feminists will not be able to stray from the concepts established by their male counterparts.


By using the name feminists they are attempting to fool women voters into believing that they too are fighting for the equality of women. 

Sadly, it is just an attempt to endoctrinate women who will help the white male race establish an image of being something more than the”Good Old Boy” system when they run for election. Any woman who calls herself a Conservative Feminist and gains election, will not find support by the Conservative majority, in any party, if she fights for the equal rights of minorities, gays, women,the working poor or the middle class. 

The appointment of Supreme Court Justices either in our States or on the Supreme Court of America, who will protect the rights of women to choose their own destiny, will be equally challenged by these Conservative feminists as they are by their male counterparts. Under no cicumstance will the voice of the Conservative Feminists be heard over that of the”Good Old Boys.” They are simply a smoke screen to gain the vote of women who are the majority voters in America.

When we reach the point in America that a Federal judge from Billings Montana by the name of Cebull can send out an e-mail on the Federal level, suggesting that President OBama’s mother had sex with a dog and Rick Santorum says the same about the gay population while The Conservative spokesman Rush Limbaugh, can accuse a student from Georgetown University, who stood up for the rights of all women a slut, then it is way past time that we as a Nation do understand the corrosion being done to our Society by these Conservatives.

Anyone group or business who would support either should be boycotted by all of us. We the tax payers who pay for the radio station to the military that carries Rush Limbaugh should protest to our Elected officials for our tax dollars going towards providing the military with Rush Limbaugh’s bigotted lies and views often reported as such. If we do not speak up then this hate will continue spreading across this beautiful land that we call America.

Mitt Romney certainly is not the candidate to bring God back to America, as he suggests,when his own Religious beliefs refuses to accept abuse of children and women as being a reality, any more than those bigots who would represent justice in America are the people we need to retain as judges. It is time that we eliminate all the bigots before they eliminate our rights to the freedom we are entitled to, while they accuse government of their own destruction to Society.

If we don’t think it can happen we only need to look at the destruction done to our fellow citizens, livelyhood,property, and reputations not to mention Liberty during the McCarthy era when these Conservative ran groups were equally damaging to both the truth and Freedom of our fellow citizens.

Sure they blame a comedian from the left of being no different, and I agree that the name calling does need to stop but does anyone take a comedian as seriously as those amongst us take those who have the power or influence over our lives that Rush Limbaugh has over his dedicated listeners or that of a Federal judge who does and will hand out his corrupt idea of Justice?

Don’t be fooled in your State or National elections by thinking that just because the candidates are women that they will represent the views of women.  These Conservative Feminists are finding support from both the Tea Party and Conservatives, once they are trained in the image of a true Tea Party and Conservative candidate. They are as politically dangerous to  Democracy and the freedom of all Americans as their male counter parts. 

We all need to check them out before voting in both our State and the National election, this election year.


 I think you will find that they will not be as obviously naive and ignorant as Sarah Palin was when it comes to how the game of lies works within the Conservative movement. It was when Sarah Palin spoke without being guided sufficiently by them that they found they had an embarrassment on their hands. 

These new Conservative feminists will be much better trained to fool the majority of voters who do not typically vote for a Conservative candidate. The “Good Old Boys” learned their lesson with Sarah Palin and will not repeat that mistake again. Many feel that when Sarah Palin was chosen as McCaine’s Vice President, it cost the Republicans a loss of 15% of the womens’ vote and tied up the election for Barack OBama in 2008. Others say, “that is nonsense, as Barack OBama would have won irregardless of the loss of women voting for McCain after he chose Sarah Palin and is typically Republican bull.”

The real guarantee for the continuation of Democracy is to re-elect Barack OBama in November with a strong moderate constituency.  Don’t think for a moment that there will be any separation in the elimination of the Equal rights Amendment between Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney has as big of a debt to pay back to both the Tea Party and Conservatives, at this point, as does Rick Santorum.

The Conservative view has always represented the Mormon view of women being second class citizens, as well.  There is no separation in the views of the two Republican candidates for President, when it comes to the denial of rights to women,gays, and minorities.  The Mormon Church banned African Americans well into the second half of the 20th century. They also spent billions to stop the Equal Rights Amendment from passing between 1921 to 1971. Mitt, as Bishop in his Church, has an obligation to revoke it just as Rick Santorum believes he does, although that is not an universal view in the Catholic Church.

It has never been more important than what it is this election year to educate ourselves, on what is the truth, about the candidates who will serve our States and Washington D.C. We need to educate ourselves,trust our own judgement when we do, and pay attention to the contradictions that will come out of the mouths of all of the Conservative candidates, as well as, the Republican candidates in our States, who are running on the same old, same old, Bush idea of the 1% getting richer.

The 99%, who the 1% hire until they no longer need them while refusing the majority benefits, can no longer afford to care for the needs of their families when they elect these politicians, regardless of gender, who masquerade as wolves in sheep’s clothing;nor will theDemocracy that I have enjoyed last. Vote wisely in November.  


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