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I need to apologize to my earnest followers, for not returning to my blog as I had hoped.  Much has happened in both my personal experience of travel, remodel, and enjoyment of my husbands retirement.  At my age, we find ourselves always balancing the good with health problems sometimes co-existing at the same time, as being part of life.

I would just warn you, that the influence of the media such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news, has only grown more hateful, and short of facts, even while most of my readers are already aware of their false propaganda, spreading. When we think they can not outdo their spread of false information, through capitalizing on the ignorance of the voter, we find out just how wrong we are.

Through even more outrageous mockery of our President and their opposition, and through even more spending by the Tea Partyand the Religious Right, they show no shame. Their colors show to the already aware amongst us,during yet another election year;While they continue to bamboozle the voter with their self-serving and deliberate distortion of facts. The majority of Republican conservatives continue to show us just how wrong we are to think they cannot get worse, by increasing spending and false information in triplicate. Both are playing out within our States and through their representatives in Washington.

The only thing that is going down in both monetary value and funding, is the treatment of both the workers and the poor who are increasingly one and the same, as the conservatives and tea party members continue to deny both a fair wage, as the “yes people,” to Corporate America.  What is taking place against the rights of women and their health issues is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice, going unanswered in 31 States, where laws were passed giving the rights to both rapists and the fetus, over the rights of a woman, to the pursuit of justice in America.

These laws were passed and added to the Republican platform without protests, and under lies being broadcasted against the opposition.  Vote against the Republican Candidates for re-election and election on November 3rd, and keep voting against them until the Republican Party hears the voice of the people over the idiots now running their party! Democracy depends on it!

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It may come as a surprise to some of you, who are younger than ourselves, but many of the same things that frustrate you, have frustrated us the older generations, over the years, as well

The stresses you face today are many of the stresses we were up against and are the same frustrations that drove us as well. Just like every other generation before you, however, you do have some only unique to your own generation.

Many in our generation failed at the responsibilities that were their own and often laughed or bragged to us about how they may not have paid their bills on time but always landed on their feet while not giving two cents notice to the fact they were not providing for their future retirements, knowing full well that Social Security would not fill all of their needs. We even heard people say, “You have to be a damn fool to save for old age.”

By no means were they the majority as an equal amount of people who had parents that invested in the stock market said to our generation, “Just buy the stock and leave your money in it,” or “land is the one thing that will always increase in value as God is making no more land,” only for some in our generation to see the values of both fall so great as to bankrupt them.

Many others thought they had done everything right only to find out they had made high risk investments, when they were ready to retire and had nothing in reserve.

Every generation has had to deal with the apple shiners in the market place who looked pretty and impressed the bosses or were too lazy to breathe strenuously on their own. It was a continual frustrations with all of us who had to train them or worse yet, train lazy family members, to only find our jobs were ended when they were ready to take over their family businesses.

None took more advantage of their parents inability or guilt to say “no”, though, more so than has some done so in your generation. I understand your lack of willingness to share a collective financial pool with them thinking that you can do better on your own without them.

Rare is the person, who does not learn the lesson that whether we plan for it or not, we all must learn that plans are what many of us do, while life has a way of showing us that we only amuse ourselves in thinking we have control over our lives. For that reason alone, if you do achieve financial freedom you more than most generations before you do need controls in place over your medical care and costs through affordable health care now and Social Security later.

When the young amongst you share the belief that the tea party and Republicans share and professes, that they can invest in the stock market over placing money into Social Security, we older people understand as many of you do, who had parents ripped off understand, just as soon as the corrupt get insider tips and dump a company of its assets or management is failing to invest in your pension funds, it will be you who lose everything just as some of our generation, did.

You have the lessons that many generations before you had to learn, and too many of your generation and especially those who get elected are going around America spouting off their great ability to achieve success for you if you only elect them, just as too many other generations did, but at no time in recent history did other generations have the heavily paid for machines willing to invest billions in order to tell lies to get their candidate of their choice elected, as today.

The one thing we do have on our side is the ability to use technology to research credible web sights. Recently a white conservative candidate placed pictures of minorities taken from the inter-net all over his web sight to give the appearance of being minority friendly, only to beat out the candidate who actually is, so we all must use our own due diligence in selecting credible web sites.

The conservative pipe dreams being promoted by them as a replacement for healthcare and Social Security will ultimately find yourselves penniless when you are ready to retire and without the ability to buy medication or food to sustain yourselves, because they did away with healthcare and Social Security for the middle class and the poor, and you voted for them, just as too many of our generation continue to do so.

You will be confronted with even greater realties than our generation faced but instead you will have to deal with poverty as your grandparents or great-grandparents did because you are being fed a “sale of goods,” by the Conservatives and Tea Party who have also been responsible for the falling of your own wages, by eliminating unions and establishing, “the right to work laws.”

You, just like ourselves who retired well, will be responsible for not only your own salvation but for paying off the debt incurred by our generation because we have had a Congress with a conservative majority for the last 14 years out of 16 who refused to pay the bills, while they expressed concerns about spending money on the needs of the middle class, while they instead invested government money into pork and the rich got richer.

This frustrates many of us in the older generations who made sound investments, while not listening to the charlatans who told us ,”You have to spend money to make money,” of our day as well as it does you.

To clarify that statement, it is true that if we have extra cash to invest in our futures, it does sometimes take money to grow our business, to make sound investments, or to pay our obligations, if we lose our jobs. What I am talking about are those who think we have cash not invested, laying around so they are as entitled to it as we are if they promise to pay it back, because they can’t afford their own lifestyle. In much the same way the Tea party through the Ryan plan is suggesting just that to all of you who have already paid into Social Security.

When Congress fails to pay their bills they only increase added debt with money we pay in that could be better utilized towards health care or job creation. We can compare it to a family member who thinks we can pay high interests rates if we cash in our IRA early, risk the lost of our homes to foreclosure by taking equity out of our homes, pay penalties for early withdrawals, or are convinced we can take out a second mortgage in order for them to live a better lifestyle. It frustrates all of us, regardless of our age, that Congress does nothing but campaign in their own best interests.

Not all of you, anymore than all of us, but many of you did have parents who did or who could entrust enough faith in you to make your choices matter and to assume your responsibilities, and who found while taking care of our own needs, our concerns and frustrations are as great as your own for your futures despite all you have already learned in self-sufficiency.

Many of us had to learn or already knew the conservatives have done nothing about paying off the debt they refused to pay when the economy was good, nor have the tea party done anything but obstruct the justice we all earned to help us care for ourselves. We know they get away with it too many times because they hind behind the shield of family values and religious freedom, which is far from how they actually vote or which lobbyist they promote and who promoted them.

It worries us greatly that if we as a Nation continue on the vein of the Tea Party and Conservative movement, steeped in a history of lies that only benefit themselves and Capitalism, and they continue with their platform that is self-limiting to choices of all races and genders, that our children and grandchildren will never understand the freedom of Democracy that, you, better than any generations before you, have promoted.

You are our future and our pride and joy so the frustrations many of we older people feel, who have not hid behind denial, has been filled with the same frustrations by our own generations refusal in some cases but their inability in other cases, to deal with their problems. a

We as much as your generation know and understand that it is you who must deal with the after affects created by both generations before you, and those who fail to understand the disaster taking place in the Republican Party, due to the tea party and the religious right-wing mentalities drive to destroy our own Constitutional rights, both as women and minorities.

When you think we aren’t there ready to stand with you, some of you might be surprised to find out that as independent and willing as you are to get on without our help, we are standing beside you at the election polls.

Enjoy your day and know that America always does come along and rights itself in the election polls, despite those who would try to stop us from doing so, as we are a Nation of many blessings and a majority of common sense and decency. We all have had to develop patience in and with the process, before the light comes on for those who are slower to catch on, than some of the more aware are. It seems to be the American way that eventually does draw us all together as one voice to correct the wrongs of a few misguided amongst us. Nothing spells success faster than voting them out of office. It works every time!

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The truth when it comes to Republicans is before Obama care was even drawn up and voted on, they were going all over the red States and telling anyone who attended their town hall meetings horror stories against Obama care.

The Republicans have been trying to stop both Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid since the 1980’s and the conservatives since the 1950’s.

The Republicans certainly are not now going to see Obama care passed, since they are a conservative majority, while they are working on trying to pass the Ryan plan with vouchers going into the pockets of private insurance companies.

The self-serving goal of the conservative movement is not in the best interests of the people, and that is fact. They can’t hardly eliminate government insurance if they can’t eliminate the Social Security trust fund and then add another trust fund to government with the affordable health care act.

While the tea party and conservatives continue to state emphatically that the people have heard horror stories on Obama care they absolve themselves entirely from using these scare tactics, that they themselves initiated.

The private Insurance companies got away with ever-increasing profits for years with selling worthless policies and kicking people with pre-existing diseases off of their policies. By selling these worthless policies so that business could claim to be providing health care to their employees, while corporations were getting tax relief from tax breaks, and the employees felt the brunt of the high premium costs that provided little to nothing, Obama care would not even be necessary.

Obama care is offering the people better coverage so that Insurance Companies can no longer get together and set their own prices with escalating higher premiums while offering the workers little to nothing in coverage.

What the private insurance companies would cover has been dropping even while the premiums have been rising, because no one was regulating it before Obama care became law. If the employees are insured or stricken with serious disease or a family member suffers the same, they just kicked them off the policy because of pre-existing diseases as companies like UPS is trying to do before having to adopt Obama care, and if it cost Corporation or business more, then the employees were fired because of increasing costs to the Corporations or companies.

While these same hypocrites who are talking about the horrors they hear from the people, and denying they led most of the people to believe many of these horror stories by giving them false information they started themselves, they are now backing it up with the Obama care sight not being safe.

The same Republicans and tea party conservatives who tried to stop or repeal Obama care 42 times are now finding the perfect excuse that Obama care is a failure by hiding behind the system sight failures. Their talking points also stress,”if big business gets a delay then the people should get a delay.”

We are all too stupid to see what is behind their reasoning, of course, because another of their talking points is the older people just do not understand as they do what a disaster it will be to our economy. Since when did paying for our own use for a policy that protects us, while offering us good secured health care and peace of mind if the worse should happen to us or our loved ones, so we do not have to pay for those who refuse to get health care, become a horror story to anyone but the Republicans and the insurance companies? The better insurance we have the more we will have to put back into the economy instead of into the pocket of the Board of Directors who own major stock control of the insurance companies.

It is just more of the hypocrisy and they’re all on the same page with their talking points to make us feel cheated, some how, as they themselves are using these talking points to confuse us. In all of the Democrat or Blue States where they chose to adopt Obama care and two of the Red States, all systems are running smoothly and reporting favorable response to their successful enrollment.

It is only through the middle and into the South of our Country where the worst reporting or horror stories are being told by the Republican talking points, and where the State’s leadership are still trying to stop Obama care from working, that we are hearing stories of disgusts over Obama care. If any of us are confused as to where these horror stories have risen, we need not be. The facts are, we are seeing the worse results in States where a great deal of that responsibility of propaganda and horror stories are still being told by Republicans due to their leaders still refusing to co-operate with setting up and installing Obama care.

Small business does not have to provide insurance anymore than they ever did. Small business over-whelming numbers of employees are paid by the hour. Insurance has always been the hourly workers responsibility to buy through the company or business, where they work. Insurance was never a part of the benefit package for hourly workers, which Corporations provided their monthly or bi-monthly paid waged workers. Corporations often got a break from the tax system as well as the Insurance companies themselves, if they bought the increasingly becoming worthless policies they were more times than not offering their employees.

After the primarily Republican and tea party conservatives started all these horror stories against Obama care,they are not now about to tell the people the reason they are asking for a year delay is because it is just more of their effort to prevent Obama care from ever taking place.

In 1972 the Federal government enacted the anti-kickback Law. It was suppose to prevent insurance companies, agents, and politicians alike from promoting one insurance company over the other or to lie against government Medicare and Medicaid. Fraudulent practices can have a wide range effect on a customer’s decision to get health care. Passing the law and trying to enforce it are often separate endeavors in the world of capitalism and politics.

Fraudulent practices can effect the patients financial well-being and health and unfairly strengthen a company’s standing in the market place, as well as increase the amount of premium costs to individuals who must purchase the product. Federal penalties are suppose to reduce the number of fraudulent incidents and thereby lower the over-all costs to the Federal health-care system. It would appear to the great majority of us who hear these conservatives repeating the disaster of Obama care before it was even decided on, that they are doing as poor of a job towards promoting affordable health care to us, over capitalism, as they are in governing in Congress.

As long as the Obama care sight is not working smoothly, the Republicans can buy more time to delay Obama care, with their continued talking points and scare the people into believing their private information is not safe so we refuse to sign up, there by making Obama care unaffordable and that is exactly what they want.

We the people do not need the delay because the people are being offered legitimate health care coverage through Obama care and, the sooner the better. It is big Business that needs the delay so they can accept the fact they will have to provide legitimate health care and pay legitimate costs if they are going to continue to offer it in employee package deals, and to understand they will lose both the incentives they have gotten from tax breaks and insurance companies.

Because government health care insurance is 7 times larger than all insurance companies combined, if the Republicans cannot stop Obama care from taking place, the Insurance companies are going to have to compete and stop their practices of higher premiums with little to no coverage and stop kicking off people with pre-existing conditions in order to increase their profits. They have gotten by with doing just that for years and by only insuring healthy people.

The Republicans know as we all should know by now, they will lose their own package deals from the insurance lobbyists when they cannot continue to broker a deal for the insurance companies’ profits.

Yes the Obama care system is frustrating but it will be running smoothly given enough time. People will not be penalized as long as the system is not performing correctly. It took 7 years before the first Social Security checks were mailed out and that was not nearly as complicated as trying to run a secured sight.

It took Power ball years before I could get up and check my numbers because the system was over ran by high traffic. Obama care isn’t about making the people pay unjustly for pathetic insurance policies but instead making certain that Insurance companies and their paid for Republican politicians can no longer get by with punishing the people. If government insurance was so bad, then why do all the politicians continue using their free policies that the rest of us pay for? The horror stories will become decreased greatly once the Republican Party can no longer use their talking points and we can help them by voting them out of office.

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One of the main reasons we are seeing so many disgruntled and displaced people joining up in the conglomerations of Hate groups, John Birch and Tea Party like groups, combined with the religious-right is because we have a whole group of kids who were never forced into getting out of bed or taught goals or application of work standards.

The other problem being,as the behavior problems started, more and more children were sent to what is known as Jesus camps. The camps had a two fold mission, stress the importance of loving Jesus and indoctrinate them in serving the Lord much in the same way Al-Qaida indoctrinates their followers. They are suppose to come out of these camps as Soldiers willing to fight for the Lord.

I don’t know for sure when it started but I know by the 1980’s class room time was taken up in many public schools with disruptive kids to the point that school time was turned into basically assignment time. Instead of teachers being able to teach, class room time got shorten while extra curricular increased. This meant that instead of having time allotted for student-teacher time much of what was learned was done by home work being sent home for the students to be taught by parents or if parents were absent to help it either did not get done or students taught themselves.

When the time shortened in the class rooms meant that time had to be shared by the behavior problems who were disruptive then the teacher student time lessened even further. Add to that the attempt to correct the increasing problems later with the no child left behind program and we ended up with a whole generation of children who either taught themselves, were tutored by those who could afford tutoring, or by parents out of work, or they went through 9 years of school only to drop out in frustration or due to hardship and necessity due to a lack of parents working.

Although the idea and concept of no child left behind had the right idea and intention it would prove to be a dismal failure because the discrepancy in family incomes were also widening. We started seeing children skipping schools in increased numbers, shop lifting increased, street gangs increased with girls gangs and children joining at younger ages since they would not be held as adults as the older gang member would be, and more and more children roamed malls.

While this is all taking place with our children, parents are being over-whelmed with increased work hours because pay is beginning to go down. Parents are having to add on another job or work holiday time because they get time and a half and the families need every extra dollar they can get.

Where a high school diploma previously meant these same parents use to be able to make a good living and maintain a home those jobs were becoming fewer and fewer between as they were being replaced by automation and technology, so instead of the man of the house being able to earn a good living, although he was seldom ever seen at home; while the wife stayed home or worked part time for minimum wage to pay for little extras, a high school education now meant both parents worked minimum wage and picked up any hours they could get and while their application increased to their jobs, many of their children were being spoiled as they had been when their parents had more.

As the stresses in the work force and the homes increased so did divorces increase leaving parents fighting over custody of the children who were/are often used as pawns between the parents. With children being used as pawns between warring parents eventually the parent who had visitation rights failed to show up or keep promises made to the children.

Since women statistically had custody the fathers dropped out of the lives of their children and single parent homes began to increase with absentee dads. In cases of dads getting custody moms failed to show up to see their children. Many men quit working out of spite against paying child support and what was once a middle class family was thrown into poverty with women needing to work more jobs and children becoming latch-key children, who raised themselves, unless moms remarried.

Single parent homes also increased in the poorer neighborhoods with baby daddies who were very rarely a part of the family structure in single parent homes, and it led to increased gang activities in children where increased street violence became everyday happenstance. Drug exposure increased throwing parents into jails over treatment and children being shifted to different family members or foster homes, in both the poor and middle class homes. It has now become a three generational problem going well into the fourth generation in many families.

On the other end of the spectrum as education increased parents hours increased with it. Because these educated adults knew and understood competition for fewer jobs were increasing they began over-whelming their children with the need for and importance in sports, and other extra-curricular activities if they were going to get into the best colleges.

All this driving but lack of conversation while the children caught up with home work on the way to activities saw one of the parents running continuously in transporting of children in pushing them to be their best to the point of exhaustion on the part of the child as well as the parent.

They lived in the car and came home exhausted while disappearing to their rooms. The sad thing is while these children were being coached they were never able to think for themselves but instead, just like when they were attending Jesus Camps, they were being told what to do and how to think. So ultimately despite the wide discrepancy in education and incomes in children of these generations both suffered from the insecurity brought on by absent parenting and exposure to the alcohol and drug cultures.

Long story short we end up with a whole generation of kids who got a better education than their parents had and on the opposite end a generation of dropouts and neither were ever taught application, ambition, nor did either have much parental input into their years when it was necessary for them to transcend from child to adulthood and the responsibilities that goes along with each of these growth stages.

If they were not being neglected to grow up on their own or taught by gangs then they were being neglected through being trained by coaches or by strict disciplinarians in Jesus camps who were to be ran as al-Qaida groups in the rural areas or by nannies in the upwardly mobile neighborhoods. The idea that sports build character from the past was fading fast as more and more pressure was placed on coaches to win or leave by the alumni children felt the pressure placed on them.

There hasn’t ever been a generation that did not deal with the lack of competition they got from the indifferent or lazy on the work force. Every generation has dealt with both the under and over educated but this is the first decade they aren’t even trying to show up for work. What else are they going to do when they get out of college or drop out of high school and can’t even get minimum wage? They come home and mooch off of Dad and Mom,of course, or if they drop out of high school they marry young in order to feel loved and hit the Streets as drug runners, prostitutes, or anything that will give them whatever everyone else has.

The number one thing that none of them want to do, regardless of their back grounds is to bust their backs like their parents did on one specter of background while another has no choice but to remain unemployed since they dropped out and in no way are they going to work a two-bit job has often covered for the fact that they cannot even find a job, so we end up with grown men not working,

As they feed each other with the idea they are told they become more convinced they are victims and being discriminated against and that all jobs are going to minorities and women, even though the majority of them have no interests beyond video games and partying. They are ripe for the picking as being picked off by militia and hate groups where with a gun in their hands they feel like somebody.

Whether these kids were from the poor neighborhoods or the upper class neighborhoods they both had absentee parents, because when parents were there it was all about competition and being your best and join, join, join, but when they went home exhausted they faced the same absentee parents because no one sit down at the table any longer and shared their ups and downs of the day. Application, ambition, and goal setting never got taught to these generations.

When parents did not have jobs they hung out with their kids and let them drink a beer or smoke a joint and was their friend instead of their parent. When parents who earned good incomes had time it was spent as friends to their kids because they felt guilty they had spent so little time with them so money had no boundaries.

They threw the biggest and best parties while their kids friends entertained them with even bigger parties. In the poorer neighborhoods where mom and dad both dropped out,alcohol and drugs lessened their sense of feeling like failures, while on the other hand both worked so many hours for less pay they did not have family time, or sometimes both were in and out of prison due to the use of drugs.

In both neighborhoods the one thing that did and could draw them together, providing there was time, were the Churches and when Dad could not go then the kids and mom went. Sunday and Wednesday were Bible reading time and summers Bible or Jesus camps. In many cases it was the only time in the lives of both walks of life that these children felt the genuine comradeship of shared interests off of the sports or the academic fields or being left alone to entertain and teach themselves. Religion and Faith in God has always been the nectar and in many cases the only luxury of the poor.

Without the ability to work in some due to the lack of education, the lack of desire or interests in others to work when they have an education but were never told no, the entire lack of teaching by parents and not by a coach or friend or camp councilor in
earlier application and ambition, we have idle men who are finding a lot of free time to play but not to work.

Women have pretty much grown up the care takers in the family so in many ways they like minorities who are generations behind white males, when it comes to being denied the ability to succeed
have faired much better because they are better educated, more driven, better organized, less dependent on others to fulfill their needs, and accustomed to working harder for less.

Many parents during this time were parents and taught their children an even balance of responsibility to care for their own needs while giving them a balance of guidance, application, education and teaching the necessity to earn ambition and to set goals through providing for themselves. Their exposure to religion was one of giving their children choices instead of enforced indoctrination In short they were parents who behaved as parents whether they divorced or remained married. But because their kids were exposed to the dysfunctional homes their job as parents had increased pressures not felt by other parents in the past and those pressures continue, today.

Unless we learn importance of being educated and taught ambition and application through practicality and self expression,with hands on work experience and attention from both parents and business input, and beginning early teaching our sons something other than sports the trend will continue with boys not growing into men and taking on responsibility but instead feeling like victims.

With parents refusal to be parents but instead friends to their children and their lack of acknowledgement when it comes to application and teaching the importance of self-respect through their own example, of both establishing goals and ambition or work is not punishment but the thrill of rising to a challenge, we are going to see more and more hate groups and self-righteous organization brainwashing and manipulating those who cover their own sense of failure by joining hate groups and being driven by religious fanatics.

Not only are these politicians already into our government this same mentality is growing daily in our own families where parents being parents and teaching their children the importance of education, ambition, and application has been on a decline in favor of parents being friends and doing everything themselves to compensate for their own guilt; or the opposite of that is
parents who are not educated having to work sometimes 3 jobs just to feed their families because minimum wage has not increased since 1989 and cannot sustain a families needs.

As a society of people we need to do better by getting rid of the Grover Norquist Conservatives and Tea party who are forced to sign either the tea party or Grover’s “No More Taxes” pledge and with schools, parents, and businesses working together again to strengthen the middle class and needs of families again by training our people for better paying jobs, teaching our kids early with skills they can apply to real life, and by increased receipts paid back into our government treasuries.

We just learned what happens when government is shut down by these groups and how important government is to our economy. Our kids and grand kids need to know, as a Nation, we support them so they will not be left with a debt that is unattainable for them to pay, while government fails, due to lack of funding. They will need to be able to provide for their children, while government continues to feed the hungry, and provide health care and housing for the elderly who have paid into the Social Security trust funds, as we did.

Our children and grandchildren need a government, that is funded, and is able to provide protection, against the radicals and extremists groups denying future generations the Democracy we have enjoyed. With out taxes or receipts, because of the ever increasing debt in government, too many will adapt to the mentality of the radicals and extremists views to eliminate a strong government and a Democracy, over that of a dictatorship.

We need to take ownership of our own failures instead of doing nothing by passing blame, in order to begin to find solutions for those failures, if we are to succeed, as a Nation. It all begins in our homes, schools, and communities and with follow up at the election polls. Texas is already trying to eliminate women and minorities with voter ID requirements although they have only had 1 reported fraud case in their recent history, so be aware, that this bunch of Republicans are offering just more of the same.

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Yes folks, Crazy Cruz and the Cruzers and the Conservatives crashed, only to once more for the 14th time, prolong the crises in Washington until Jan. 15th.

We all deserve to be totally upset and displeased by them for what they continually cost us, the American people, because they refuse to do the job for which they were elected.  These same elected officials who keep yelling about spending and debt have added billions to what is unnecessary spending every time they behave poorly, just as they have done for the last 16 days and we pay for it.

When we realize there are 218 Republicans in the Congress and only 30 of them voted last night in favor of opening up government and to approve the debt ceiling so our government would not default, we all have a pretty good idea of who they are who are not doing their job in Washington, don’t we? 188 Republicans in the House of Representative would have preferred to seen our credit rating fall again and government default on paying their bills and the American people continue to suffer than compromise, on what was necessary for our Nation, despite their totally poor behavior and lost of any credibility.

With all their clamoring about the debt, they themselves are responsible for both spending and paying the Nation’s bills.  President Obama can only present his agenda which they have turned down every year he has tried to get something done, by deliberately doing nothing but adding their own pork to it.  Presidents do not do the spending, Congress does.  Presidents can only approve or veto it and the fact that this Congress passes nothing President Obama has a surplus of ink, since he has neither had a bill to accept or reject from this Congress when it comes to job bills, immigration, or the farm bill.

President OBama spoke this morning and said that Washington needs to sit down and work out an agreement now on both the farm bill and immigration.  After 5 years of Congress doing nothing, do any of us really think a whole load of Republicans who got exposed for their childish behavior in Washington, are now going to act or change and work for the American people on a budget agreement or to play fair on immigration or to feed the hungry?

The Conservatives in the Senate and Congress did agree to cut 39 billion out of the food stamp budget when one child every five minutes is dying due to hunger or hunger related diseases in the United States. They did not specify the cuts were to eliminate fraud nor form a committee to look into fraud, which I think all of us will agree does exist, but they just said over the next 10 years we are going to eliminate food stamps and unemployment benefits.

The Tea Party wants to totally eliminate the Dept. of Agriculture because they claim that it doesn’t do anything any more but give out food stamps and there is some truth in their role of distribution, in both food stamps and distribution of farm subsidies, for the poor but by eliminating that department, we as a Nation are asking more children in America to die of starvation or starvation related diseases.

One of the tea party elected officials to Washington, from one of the largest agricultural states in our Nation, is Adrian Smith of Nebraska, who was paid for and bought by the tea party and elected specifically to help eliminate the Department of Agriculture. One third of all of his campaign funding came from the Club For Growth, which is a conservative group, that believes in the banning of all taxes.

As of 2009 there were 512 anti-war and anti-government Patriot groups listed and by 2012 they have grown to 1360 extremists groups according to the latest figures kept by the Southern Poverty Law group. Some are anti-immigration and anti-Semitism.  The Club for growth is just one of the  Patriot groups who are anti-government and anti-tax. Some of these Patriot groups support racism and militias but others of the group who are considered more conservative groups fund campaign money to some of the Conservatives and tea party members.

The main intent of those who fund politicians is to eliminate all regulatory agencies of government along with Obama care. Because of these groups the Republicans were able to out spend liberal Democrats 34 to 1 in 2010 and 2012.  The Club for Growth, keeps record of how their paid for politicians vote, as they all do.  Their push is to make certain their paid for politicians push for the defunding of Obama care in 2013. These groups are behind the reason Cruz and the Cruzers shut down the people’s government.

Our problem in Washington is two-fold as the far-right Republican Congress has been bought and paid for by anti-tax and anti-government groups and as a result of that, the lack of proceeds coming in from the taxes collected are not sufficient enough to pay for the needs of our people. Since our taxes, as is, our spending are as low as they were in the 1950’s, due to the Tea Party extremists and the Conservative majority in the Republican Party, we simply aren’t getting the debt paid down or able to fund the needs of the people.  Do we think they will compromise when it comes to passage of the farm bill due to the Tea Party of Ted Cruz’ caucus who has said he isn’t done shutting down government yet?

The main reason the farm bill passed out of the Senate, and remains untouched in the Congress, is because the far right Conservatives from the South and Midwest  farm belt such as, Adrian Smith from Nebraska, continues to run unopposed in their States because of the huge contributions paid into their campaigns, each time they or he runs by an arm of the tea party conservative  anti-tax and anti-government groups, even though all of these Red States along with the State of Nebraska is about 90% dependent on agriculture and small producers in the State.

The Conservatives would have us all believe that huge pay outs in the farm bill goes to large producers when there are many smaller producers than there are large producers in many of our States. Without our farm producers getting protection a year of fires, floods, blizzards as happened in Rapid City already this year, and winds and drought can wipe out our farmers who if they are lucky break even when they average out the risk they are up against with Mother Nature.  Some years are better and others are worse. The larger the operation the greater the lost when disaster hits. Some States have already suffered fires and drought for two years and require aid just as the ranchers in Rapid City do, who lost whole herds of cattle in the recent storm. Without operating capital to insure or produce a crop, they are often forced to sell the land that has been in their families sometimes for 5 generations.

The hypocrisy of all of this is far more tax dollars are paid out in tax breaks and corporate gifts to both Corporations and oil companies, than even comes close to that paid out in farm commodities that go to the poor. They  get paid just to hire people in the United States.  The Conservatives, of course, do not want to touch those tax breaks or freebies as those are the lobbyist that put money in their own pockets. They pile on more pork than do the liberal Democrats.  As a Nation, we should never stop as long as even one child goes hungry in the Richest Country in the World. Do any of us who elect these Republicans to Congress out of the Red States really believe they are looking out for our best interests, when most of us are pretty dependent on agriculture and those who feed our Nation?

Going clear back to Reagan days the Conservatives have been promising every election year that they were going to fix the problems with immigration.  Even the Tea Party acknowledged after Mitt Romney’s humiliating lost that they needed to do something on immigration in order to gain the growing Latino vote, but then after a few weeks it just all fizzled out and the next thing we hear is they think Mitt Romney was just the wrong candidate; and they have enough of the white vote to win, if they just get a  better organized grass-roots organization to get out the vote and to get more people registered.

Don’t we all think that both the farm bill and the immigration bill will continue to sit in Congress or be a non-starter and never pass?  I hate to sound so cynical but after the last 16 days aren’t we all entitled to feel that way when it comes to this Republican Party?

Listening to Gardner of the Heritage Foundation, Grover Norguist brain child, praise the courage shown by Ted Cruz and the Conservatives while faulting the moderate Republicans who voted in favor of re-opening government, spelled out clearly why Congress fails to function. It was scary to listen to and just more of the same controversy that divides us as a Nation, but now we have our answer for certain where the problem in  Washington lies, don’t we? Thank God we have a few weeks before it begins again. WHEW!

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Drug addicts  use to be a problem that effected inner-cities or poverty.  It still exists there as strongly as ever, and probably much worse with prostitutes as they are often introduced to drugs so they will continue prostituting in order to get the drugs. What most people are not aware of is that alcohol and drug addiction has become a three generational problem in both the middle and upper classes of America.  Just as children and house wives are prostituting to get money to keep up with their classmates, neighbors, or to get drugs so are the number of prostitutes increasing with the lack of Congress to pass job bills for people who want to work in our current economy.

Sending drug addicts to juvenile delinquency halls or jail without any or only token treatment or understanding of why they do drugs and have no fear of the lost of their lives, has become the tragedy carried over from the 20th century into this one.

Drug addiction affects every level of society and because we imprison drug addicts instead of rehabilitate them, unless they are Hollywood or music celebrities, and fail to put them through psychological testing much in the same manner we do first time offenders or people who are  alcoholics, the numbers increase and the addiction worsens.  They simply learn other ways to get drugs and feed their addiction from more experienced hard liner drug abusers when they are sent to prison or juvey..

Too many of us have had the attitude for too  long, “it isn’t my problem, my kid doesn’t do drugs”, and when I hear parents say that, I want to say,” Are you sure?” There is no answer sadly, to that kind of attitude because too many already have the attitude, “If they are stupid enough to do drugs and get caught they should go to jail.” What people do not realize too many times is the kind of back ground many of these kids have had to endure and if we do not reach out and help these kids it certainly will be our problem.  The break-ins in our homes, cars, and property when we leave for vacation are almost always drug or drug and alcohol party related.

When we send adults drug addicts to jail, because of their drug use, before they are sent to jail, many of these same alcohol or drug addicts are leaving behind children who are also addicts. We are now past the third generation of drug addicts in our Society in both the middle and upper classes of America. It is not their peers who addict these children many times, but instead their parents who are drugged or stoned and pass it to their kids as early sometimes as 8 years old.  Because of the diminished effects in judgment of these parents, it is not unusual at all, that these parents have passed to their children a blunt which is marijuana laced with cocaine, meth, the parents own narcotic prescriptions to calm an upset child, or played friend instead of parent to their children’s keg parties or they brag about their daughter or sons going to fraternity parties with college kids.

The great majority of us who are capable of common sense are all to aware of the fact that high school kids and most of our college kids should avoid a fraternity party because of what happens at these parties way too much.

The probability that our own child or grand child is a frequent attendee of these parties is not rare in homes where parents have the attitude,” They are grown up now, what can you do?” or “I trust my child they would never get pregnant or do drugs.” Sadly because parents are turning their adolescents out because they trust them, they often are the first to get pregnant or to try drugs. They may look like adults but they are still children.  Their friends parents let their child do it and they are really cool is the judgment of children. As long as they are still making remarks like that they are not mature enough yet to deal with or to stand up to peer pressure.

Every time I hear many of the statements made by parents of 13 to 15 year olds I just want to grab the parents and say, “Do you know your child is going to the den of inequity by going to parties where college boys are present and the parents leave or drink with them, or they are at clubs where drugs are everywhere and with fake IDs that aren’t checked very well?”

“What parents can do is to make sure their children are where they tell us they are going even if it means showing up and embarrassing them when we do find out they are not at the library studying, set a curfew, and do not let them go to unsupervised parties until they start talking in conversational terms commonly used or heard amongst adults.  Know who their friends are and delay dating until they are mature enough to handle the stresses in their lives with out a great deal of drama. Do not fall for the old, ” you do not trust me lines like my friend’s parents do,” as that is just another of those lines kids who are still too dramatic, to use their own common sense, use all the time.

Mature teenagers who are assured that they are loved and have parents for parents instead of parents for friends are not intimated in the least bit to say “No thanks, my parents would kill me, or ‘my mother or father are always up when I go home and” if I ever tried it they would know it,’ and I’d be grounded for life,” or ” I have a curfew and I need to get home before I get killed.”  They know of course they will not get killed but they value the fact that they do know they can use their parents as an excuse to stand up against peer pressure because they will be disciplined if they do not follow rules.  We have rules on the job, on the highways, in the malls with drink cups and every where we go so why some parents do not think we need rules when raising the next generation of adults, has never registered on my yard stick of common sense.  It isn’t just a phase folks it may be their lives.

We all need to understand that drugs and drug addicts are our problem, and our children cannot go anywhere without being exposed to them. When we think a third generational child of drug addiction is someone else’s problem then I can assure everyone who has that attitude, that one out of three of you and in other cases all of you, will indeed have that problem if not today or tomorrow but sometime in the future,  Sadly that attitude does go hand-in- hand with denial.

The more immature children who have their parents complete trust are exposed to the life style, and it only takes once because they are still immature, for them to think or say, ‘if my parents don’t care about me, then I’ll just show them.”;  Insecurity is prevalent in children who do not have guidelines to follow or do not feel loved because they feel they do not get their parents attention enough. It rarely is true but too often it is the child’s perception and that is all it takes for them to reason the way they do.

Drugs do come in to school yards and church functions just like they do other places. It very well is likely our child will be the first generational drug user in our family followed by our grand child and great-grandchild. I’m not trying to use scare  tactics on parents who have their hands full,as it is, but trying instead to bring an awareness to parents to when we  can trust the judgment of our teenagers and let go so they can learn from their mistakes while we are still  close by to catch them if they fall or we are able to supervise their behavior and are observant enough to understand the pressures of absentee parenting that our own children have to deal with everyday through their exposure to it.

The trashing of ex-NFL player’s home, Brian Holloway, in New Jersey when kids were bragging about the fact they urinated on the floors and broke windows and showed it on social media, themselves, is just  part of a bigger picture of  alcohol and drug use, and the lack of parenting we are seeing in our teenagers.  The fact that Holloway was willing to give them a break by having them come back and clean up and only 5 kids and one parent came, is just part of the mentality of misplaced priorities that is lacking in what is being taught to our kids by their parents.

The bigger and more damaging picture is these same parents of these 300 kids are now considering suing Brian Holloway for showing the camera footage of their children doing $20,000.00 worth of damage to his home, when their kids showed pictures of themselves doing it and bragging about it on social media, should tell all of us as parents,  there is a clear lack of maturity, teaching, and supervision going on in homes by parents. These kids come from what are considered, “good homes,” because they show well, but how can kids be expected to know right from wrong when parents behave poorly?

Clearly these kids and kids like them in America are not being parented in the values necessary to be the next generation leaders of tomorrow and our kids are going to school and being affected by this same mentality all over our Nation.  This sadly, is not an isolated moment.  Children everywhere are being exposed by the pressures of this lack of mentality has on them, and are being trusted by absentee parenting who have no idea of how our own children are being affected by it because, “I trust my child”, or “what are you going to do, they are adults now?” This is clearly sending the wrong message to all of our kids, when they are not taught guidelines or rules are not enforced by parents who have no rules.

Our kids deserve parents who love and teach them instead of parents who encourage more bad behavior and are more concerned they will be embarrassed rather than doing their job of teaching their kids values and character. The sad thing is that this has been affecting children for three generations in all levels of society.  It is not just some of todays parents who are failing their kids, it has been going on for what now seems forever and nothing ever gets done about it except our children become more hardened criminals due to the lack of parenting.

It is time we acknowledge that indifference in parenting, drug addiction and mental illness is everywhere including rural areas, and quit talking and start treating both the sick and addicts as a medical problem instead of as a criminal problem because in too many States law enforcement are filling up our jails with parents and kids and releasing them again and again untreated and in doing so, it is ruining families and has been doing so for too long.

The lack of judgment in these parents who are addicts and parents in general who deny or ignore the mental disorders that goes along with addiction are indeed the major crises of family dysfunction in America, and the reason for the deterioration taking place in families. We need to start talking honestly about drug use and mental illness in the United States, just as we need to talk in the same manner about parenting.  It is ridiculous that both subjects are still considered taboo subjects in families.

We need to quit blaming and start treating.  It is way past time we quit blaming single parents, video games, and movies for ruining families.  The problem is every bit as prevalent in homes where both parents live, although alcohol and drugs do tear marriages and families part when one parent uses while the other one doesn’t.  Too often though. the person living with the alcoholic or drug addict starts using as well and then the children are totally lost to parents who no longer deal in reality.

The problems of games and movies may have minor to some major effect on the already unstable of our children but they do not even qualify in numbers next to the destruction done by  families when mom and dad are absent in the teaching of values to their children, jailed instead of treated, and the child who is already addicted as well, is shifted from one family member or foster home to the other because no one can get along with them. These children, through no fault of their own, are dealing with conduct disorder, drug disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder due to the fact their parents who wanted to be their buddies or their peers said, “What are you chicken?”

We can not continue to sweep these major problems effecting the well-being of our families under the rug anymore, as the shame of not treating the sick is going hand in hand with the attitude of all drug and alcohol abusers who live amongst us and who truly don’t give a damn anymore.   Those who lack empathy for others,  are not just in the Tea Party movement in America, but they are the drug and alcohol users in our own families and/or in our friends’ families. As a Nation we have failed these families for too long.

I hope when the Conservatives and Tea party members of the Republican Party, realize and understand in their total disregard for the people who cannot get affordable health care, they take time to pay attention to the needs of families in America better than they have taken care of the needs of government. Families do need intervention that treats instead of always punishing and after the last 16 days I can only hope the crazy Cruz and the Cruzers Caucus learned something about compassion for the people now, but I’m  pretty sure it is “we the People” who learned more than we ever wanted to know about the deficit of character in Washington.

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Every time John McCain offers an ounce of  hope from recovering from his own embarrassment of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate he opens his mouth and brings more humiliation down on himself.

For those who missed it over the weekend John McCain said, ” The Democrats are going to have to pay for humiliating the Republicans.”  Is there anyone left in America who does not agree that this child-like behavior by the Republican Party, itself, is at the root of the problem that is wrong in the Republican Party?

Haven’t we had enough of an absent Republican Party who is so busy on the witch hunt committees against the Obama Administration, ran by Republican Congressman Darrell Isis, that no one is left in the Republican Party other than obstructionist, to govern?

Isn’t it just more insults too many, when these arrogant members of the Republican Party and Republican Congressman Darrel Isis, appears on television and calls Social Security and Obama care, entitlements when the American people pay for them, while our people struggle? Do they not get,  “Hell yes, if we pay for it we pay for the service!” How long do they think they can insult hard working Americans who pay for their health care, by suggesting they are free loaders, and not find themselves,ostracized?

No one has turned the American people against them or humiliated the Republican Party ,other than themselves, due to their own behavior.  They drew attention to themselves when they decided to expose themselves and their own behavior.  For 12 years they have hidden behind blaming Democrats for their own refusal to pay for two  wars during the Bush Administration and for 5 years for blocking through filibustering or obstructing any and all attempts made by the Obama Administration to bring relief to the middle class and help to minorities and women.

We have heard absolutely every nasty criticism made by the Republicans against Harry Reid, Eric Holder, President Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Nancy Pelosi, the people’s government, and every other group or person they could attack for 12 years, while they have failed to do anything other than Mitch McConnell  saying ,” Our only interest is to make sure President Obama is a one term President.”

Does John McCain now seriously believe that we believe this same bunch of loafers and dodgers of their responsibility to govern, changed just because they added another few tea Party members to Congress in 2012? Does he really think the American people believe the Republicans have not spent 12 years making the Democrats and the American people pay for their own failures to govern? Even I, John McCain, was so humiliated for you when you made that statement, I wanted to reach out and give you a hug and say, ” God forgive him for he knows not what he says.”

Just because President Obama refused to go out and supervise the play ground of these Republicans behaving like the tea party bullies led by Ted Cruz that they are and children seeking revenge because President Obama had the nerve to pass through Obama care to help relieve premium costs and bring about health care for those who could not get it, are we now suppose to believe it was President Obama who humiliated the Republicans because he did not settle the Republicans own quibbles amongst themselves or their own bullies did not listen to reason and common sense in their own party?

The Republicans had the vote and the ball was in their hands and their end zone, to make certain the people’s government was not shut down, and they made the decision to drop the ball on the people. For all the posturing going on about the tea party alone being responsible. if Boehner had of followed procedure and brought it to a vote, the Republicans could have prevented a shut down from ever happening. If the Republican body had have put as much pressure on Boehner as did the tea party they could have prevented the shut down.  Instead the entire Republican Party are responsible and have behaved badly. For John McCain to now blame the Democrats for letting the Republicans humiliate themselves is absurd. The Republicans thought they could continue to win on their criticisms of President Obama and the Democratic leaders, and Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were overheard on an open mic saying just that.

The Republicans humiliated themselves by openly exposing themselves as a party who could care less about the majority of American people because it was their intent to once more appeal to their own constituency by making an issue out of Obama care for the forty-first time,  because they wanted to attract attention to their base and believed in doing so they would win the respect of the voters. Sorry Republicans, you pushed it too far and the hot air balloon blew up in your own faces.

It is not the job of the President or the Democrats to save the Republicans from humiliating themselves;  Just because you have cried wolf forty- one times too many and it finally blew up in your own faces to the point you exposed your own childish and vindictive behavior, to the voters. You have no one to blame but yourself, and to declare on public television that you are seeking revenge against the Democrats because you humiliated yourselves, is comparable to a child’s temper tantrum.

Sorry again,  John McCain, and fellow Republicans but  there comes the day that you have to face the enemy and acknowledge that the enemy is you.  Just like President Obama and the Democrats did not pick Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, they did not pick this fight either. The Democrats in the House and Senate were all ready as was President Obama  to sign the Senate bill passed before the government was shut down.  25 Republicans in the House also said they were as well, but then failed to stand up for their convictions, as every conservative media outlet attacked them by saying,” the moderates were the worse thing to happen to the Republican Party.”

You, the Republican Party, humiliated yourselves by picking a fight that the American people refused to let you win. You exposed yourselves, for just how low  your own members will stoop because of their own brand of hate and need to win, even when winning meant holding the people’s government for ransom at the obvious prolonged suffering of the American people.

The truth sometimes hurts and change can be difficult, but it is the only way you, the Republican Party, can erase the humiliation you created yourselves and hope ‘we the people’, can some time down the road, notice through your own actions, you are willing to change. It is your job to stop the intimidation of the bullies of the tea party minority in your own party,  The Democrats, President, OR WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU AND OBVIOUSLY NONE OF YOU ANY LONGER UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR JOB IS.

Our children and people have sacrificed at the hands of your selfishness for too long.We are praying that you do wake up and, “smell the roses”, before we or you have to pay a greater cost because of your own refusal to compromise! the clicking you are hearing is from the people turning off your paid for conservative media, that you can no longer depend on to spread your own brand of lies. Good Luck!

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The much reviled by the Tea Party crowd, Harry S. Truman, who in truth was hated by the opposition during his term of office for his outspokenness and honesty said, “Any  politician who gets rich is a crook.” The household terminology during the Truman Administration was, “Give them hell, Harry!”

Like it or not, Harry S. Truman, was one of our greatest Presidents because his down home approach and humbleness and ability to place the common man above himself and his ego, spoke of his character. Most people who take the high road are not necessarily liked by many but they are respected by all, and that is what matters. Shutting down government earns the respect of no one but the dysfunctional. Without  respect none of us can ever own character and without character in our leadership, as a Nation we will fail.

The bling on a person’s hand or around their neck or the kind of car they drive or how ritzy the neighborhood they live in may be, is not what gains respect for a person.  It is how he or she treats others on the barometer of choosing right over wrong, even when it is difficult and means swallowing our own pride at times, is what builds both the back bone and character of a person; Being able to speak out for the downtrodden and sometimes those held in hostage by others, is the character of a human being.

It is also the job of the office of a politician, but there is a real disconnect in today’s conservative right and tea party paid Republican Party who have a misguided impression that if they say the right things when they campaign to their benefactors and they tell the public who votes for them what they want to hear although they have no intentions of following through on it, then it is the winning that matters. Unfortunately they become so convinced when they do get to Washington the voters will acknowledge their character and hold them in high esteem or forget their bad behavior they fail to understand first of all they have to earn our respect.

There was a lot done about the sexual behavior of Bill Clinton that enraged the far-right, but what the people knew was that Bill Clinton gave a damn about us,’ and was working for us.  When the right-wing conservatives tried to impeach him on his personal life they failed and never learned, they did not find the people who were not on the right, agreeing with them. Just because the far right religious community maybe praising men like Ted Cruz and the cruzers, the majority of us see him as nothing more than a mouth playing the fall guy for the tea party and right-wing.  There is no character or real concern for the people in the movement.  Without that there is also a real void of character or respect for the movement in the majority of us. “fool us once shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.”

The problem with the dug in obstructionists in the Republican Party led by John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan is they have yet to learn that doing the right thing for the majority, and not just those who brought them there, is what their job entails. Shutting down government because they don’t get their way entirely when the Democrats have already conceded to them everything they wanted except defunding Obama care is not working for the people but instead the behavior of what is often referred to as, “spoiled brats in childhood.” Governing is not about them and their egos but about keeping their own selfish aims out of governing.

Character is not something that perhaps the younger crowd always demands of the people they hang out with or for that matter neither do many older adults but it is what most of us expect of our politicians.  We know that in many ways that analogy, itself, is a pipe dream but we do expect to see some proof of character in the fact that they give a damn about us. at most. Without character through proof of action, we have nothing more than robots in our elected politicians in Washington taking their orders from men like Grover Norquist or from oil companies, real estate companies, and insurance companies lobbyist paying them for their votes in The Senate and Congress even when that means filibustering, stalling and obstructing.

Since those of us who follow politics closely have seen nothing else from this Conservative and tea party leadership with Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner bowing to the freshmen of the tea party demands, why wouldn’t we want to replace them all in the elections?

They’re hoping by election time we will forget they are holding the people’s government hostage while they demand ransom, because there are a small amount of them to be replaced in 2014, but 2016 is what matters, and they are certain we will all forget by then, as if their behavior has been normal up to this time:) This has been the pattern and behavior of all of them who have remained there and the new ones who have joined them in the right-wing of the Republican Party for 12 years.  They are the ones who created the mess that President Obama inherited.

These Republicans really think what they are doing now will just be a minor blimp on the screen of politics, just because the media says this is normal behavior? Give us all a break!

When our infrastructure is collapsing and endangering lives and could put thousands of our people to work, our children are going hungry and the only action they take is to cut food stamps, while our people are working part time and haven’t seen an increase in minimum wage since 1989, and they block any efforts to adjust for the tax rates of the wealthy, while they continue to ignore immigration and passing abuse laws against the vulnerable just because the Democrats in the Senate included Native Americans and the gay population and this Republican Party ,unlike every Republican party before them refuses to pass it, because they refuse to accept the gay population, and they think we do not care that they do their job and pay the bills that drive up our debt higher, while they sit there and do nothing but obstruct, stall and delay for 12 years and we won’t remember that?

We know this is not normal behavior nor has it ever been in the history of these United States, for an elected party to behave as poorly as this one has and for such an extended time, as has those in the right-wing of the Party are doing now and have been doing for too long.

We applauded Bill Clinton for standing up to the bullies in the conservative movement and for letting them shut down government before he capitulated to their demands because we knew he just like President Obama was fighting for us, and we knew our economy could withstand it for a day or two then. That’s not the same economy we have today and we want something done for us instead of all this pathetic behavior of rewarding the wealthy and the lobbyists, that has taken place for too long.  We have ran out of patience with this Republican Party.This is totally different because we the people have already over-extended our patience with this Republican Party. At one time even conservatives gave a damn about the people. This is no Bob Dole Republican Party.

This right-wing Republican Party is all about them and their egos and  we sense a total absence of character, in the people holding our government hostage. It is that lack of character that is going to follow this Republican Party long after they decide when government can start-up again.

The media can report all they want that Republicans are blaming Democrats and Democrats are blaming Republicans but just how it is sitting out here with us common folks, in these Red States, the barometer is not showing that to be entirely accurate.

The Press, just like the Republicans. read too much of their own press these days instead of bothering to research the facts. This Conservative controlled Republican Party, quite frankly, has blown it with the American people because they proved through their own actions: When they campaigned it was just a shell filled full of hot air making promises they had no intention of keeping, and lacking the character to be honest enough to admit it.  For those who didn’t know, that is my analogy of “what is character.” I know many do agree with it as well. I’m sorry we have to continue seeing the lack of it in Washington, but we all have the power to change it at the election polls.

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Today, Republican sweet heart and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio of Florida voted against Americans defending the Geneva Convention and International law that was signed into law in 1925, making any use of chemical weapons an act of war crimes. Like Mitt Romney, Rubio, was for it before he was against it.

After undeniable proof of Satellites showing planes departing from the Assad bases loaded with and releasing chemical weapons and sarin gas in both the hair samples of blood of the children who died, 7 Conservative and Liberal Democrats  and Conservative and Tea party Libertarian Republicans sitting on the special committee  voted “No” to strikes in Syria in closed committee today, even knowing clearly that Syria was using weapons of mass destructions and threatening not just the welfare of their own people but all our allies in the region.

I am no less pleased with the Liberals such as Chris Murphy from Connecticut but the liberals do not pretend to represent someone who they aren’t. Anyone who thinks true Liberals  are going to be big supporters of military strikes 100% of the time, are not thinking clearly. I expected their no votes.  They foolishly think that humanitarian objectives to feed the 3,000,000 refugees starving in the sandstorms and heat of the desert will not be joined by the influx of terrorists in Jordan and meet a worse fate. To them it is some how preferable to taking out weapons of mass destruction. It doesn’t occur to them that our ally Jordan can and will be over-thrown if we do not make it possible for the refugees to return home after the strike.

It might not be so head-shaking of an announcement if not just a little more than a year ago, Mitt Romney as the Conservative and Tea Party favorite had not have said, ” if any movement of chemical weapons were seen to be moving in Syria , He, unlike President Barack Obama , would order immediate strikes against Assad.  He would not hesitate to send in troops to prevent the Hezbollah from getting their hands on chemical weapons.”

This of course after making his one and only trip on foreign affairs to meet with Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel to re-assure him that if he would be elected President he would not hesitate to send in troops to prevent Iran from getting Nuclear weapons.  Remember his and the Conservative out-rage against President Obama for not making certain Jerusalem belonged to Israel? I don’t remember any attempts on the part of the Tea Party or Conservatives to attempt to pass an initiative or bill towards that means, do you?

Mitt,  later of course during the Presidential debates, sounded more like President Obama’s speech writer in an effort to win the Liberal vote. With an election coming up, is that now their new approach with their vote today? It should be no surprise to any of us that Mitt Romney was a  hand-picked choice of the Tea Party and Grover Norquist and became an expert at saying what ever it took to win the elections. We already knew that about Mitt but we did think that there might be some sincerity in his concern for Israel’s interests. We are all  going to have to pick up shovels for sure, if we are going to be prepared for the boat load of manure coming our way, on Obama care and the next election. The phones and recordings are ringing loudly in the red States.

I guess the good news is; they are already accusing President Obama for doing the right thing just in order to avoid all their numerous committees against him and the government, while they try to distract from their own  pathetic votes against our allies and the Geneva Convention. Their other big attack remains  Obama care following town hall meetings and a month’s vacation of campaigning.  Since  we already know what their messages are, without having to answer our phones, it might be a good deal to just unplug them.

But I digress, as the real sweet heart and party favorite of the right-wing Conservatives was Rick Santorum.   He was the runner-up candidate to Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries.  Remember him; just over a year ago when he said on NBC, “If he became President he would demand that Iran open up all their suspected nuclear program or face air strikes.”

Don’t forget just months ago He launched a campaign against Chuck  Hagel claiming Hagel hated Israel and was a neo-con who loved Iran.  The conservatives never did trust Mitt Romney as they didn’t trust that he was a true Conservative. If both candidates were not lying in order to win elections or the Conservatives and Tea Party today are not putting politics before the lives of children and the Geneva Convention, and over the common decency of humanity, then don’t we all have to ask, “Where did the love go between Israel and the Conservatives and Libertarians after today’s vote?”

Who are the real Conservatives and Libertarians paid and bought for by the Tea Party? If we pay attention to what it is that they are all saying we notice they all say the exact same thing.  They may have different adjectives and colloquialisms but it is like they take a page from the same  book and repeat identically the same way.  It goes like this: “if Obama is going to make the decision without us why bother.” “President Obama got in too late so now has no credibility,” “Obama waffles because it isn’t his red line but the World’s red line” “Because of President Obama’s weak leadership the cost of getting in is too high ,” It never has to do with them.

We of course are suppose to be too stupid to know that President Obama did not establish the red line in 1925 of International law or The red line established by the Geneva Convention in the 1950’s, and later by congress in 1993.  They complained when President Obama was being advised to go in without their vote and now are complaining because he waited to get their vote.  All 300 plus of them say the exact same thing always! 

Surely, they must understand that if the Israelis did not feel threatened by chemical weapons being used in Syria they would not be test firing missiles or handing out gas masks.  Are they friend or foe to our allies and friends in the Region?  Was it just lies as we suspected in order to win an election?  Is all that talk of immigration reform by Marco Rubio just more  of the same?  Is that why Mitch McConnell started campaigning the day after President Obama was elected and his seat appears to always be empty?

Yes both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum lost their campaigns so why do either have any relevance now, you might ask? The answer of course was because their supporters were out-raged while these men professed that President Barack Obama was failing to protect our good ally and friend the Israelis and cheered wildly when both men talked tough about not hesitating to put boots on the ground or commit to air strikes in order to protect our ally. So is the truth that it is President Obama who has tried every peaceful and humanitarian rescue only to fail to stop a tyrant,  and is now asking for air strikes in order to prevent boots on the ground later, the reason these crowds have reversed themselves on the need to protect our allies that is driving their anger? If it is what does that say about the American people.

When are the Heads of other Nations, who depend on our military, which is the only military large enough and capable enough and equipped with the latest in technology to under go the strikes, going to stand up and speak out for not just President Obama but for their own people and humanity in general?  The Syrian people  as do Jordan both need their humanitarian aid as well as their courage to say the Assad regime needs to go.  Do we in President Barack Obama and the nine others who have voiced their out rage and support publicly have the only Heads of State who are not afraid to voice opinion?  Where are the other World Democracies who are hiding in the shadows while asking, “What is America going to do about it?”

Are we to now believe that the 39% of the Republican Conservative base who have consistently showed support for the Iraq war and George Bush now convinced that all war or military strikes are wrong?  Does it mean nothing now when it comes to Assad refusing to up hold the Geneva Convention and International law and killing children and adults with weapons of mass destruction and endangering Israel along with our other good friends and allies in the region along with our National Security? Are we to believe that the South has gone hippie and turned into peaceniks?

Rand Paul of Kentucky, another of the tea party favorite of course, is claiming that he has not heard one single person say they are in favor of the strikes in Syria.  He also claims he gets standing ovations in Kentucky when he speaks out against it.

There are of course rumors going around that Rand Paul is making threats against those who refuse to speak out against the strikes and the future of their election success.  Just so he wouldn’t be able to repeat in public again the idea that he hasn’t heard a single person in favor of the strikes, my Republican friend sent him an email reminding him that she was in favor of the strikes and just kind of wondering out loud how he planned on winning as President if the only thing he was going to do was to surround himself with anti-war protestors.  Sooner or later that boy is going to need a spoon full of reality just as Marco Rubio is, if they ever do think they can carry an election or make up their own Constitution and law.

I have a few questions to ask all of you who are weary of war and against the strikes to stop a despot from torturing children and breaking the laws of humanity.  Would we be better off to try to stop the Assad regime from ruthless and horrendous murders  and rape or is it better to stand back and do nothing while tyrants control our allies and the World?  Would you tolerate them doing the same thing in your/our own Country before taking a stand to do the right thing? Would your freedom have been better if that had been the justification of those who fought Stalin or Hitler? How much lip service about how you feel so bad or hate what is going on can we stand, before our National Security interests and the lives of our friends and allies are destroyed, will make a difference?  You seem to think you know better that to do nothing will some how solve the problem. When was it ever not true that, “Bullshit walked while actions talked?”

I’ve spent enough time in the South to know that the people of the South depend on and like their military. It is the main employer in areas of the South.  The military first and for most job is to protect and to go when called.  It is not the military that is weary since they do know when good men do nothing it will be their job to risk it all to protect our allies and the Syrians, out of honor. The more we delay the more our own military will have to face sarin gas and will have to put boots on the ground.  Make no mistakes about it if we do not act now we most certainly will have to later. Will that make a difference to you when we jeopardize their lives further? The thought that people of the South are going to become “peaceniks” any time too soon is the same as saying, “Some day Rush Limbaugh is going to tell the truth.”  or “men in history who chose to do nothing did not perish.” Think about what it is we all are jeopardizing when we tuck our children and grandchildren into bed tonight. They need us to be the heroes in their lives.

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While I took a break to remodel, read, paint and to travel I have experienced the dichotomy of the American and political brain when it comes to words not being put forth into actions and the handling of disasters.

Sadness spread by the hurricane on the East Coast followed much later by the tragedy in NewTown, only to be brought to an increased crescendo in Boston and now the disasters in Moore, Oklahoma will certainly(or should) rain on the parade of the Isis witch hunts or the GOP’s strategy sessions to degrade our President’s attempts to help the American middle class even further.

I will explain myself further if I am the only one who is correlating the dichotomy of the contradiction of the American politics in America:

1. At a time that politicians in Oklahoma are passing the personhood bill to ensure all rights of human life to a fetus who in many cases may not even be viable to sustain life outside of the womb and in other cases can lead to the death of a woman, they fail to see the importance of providing tornado shelters for the alive children in their States.

2. AT a time when Isis appears on the network and cable news assuring the public that he is going to work with President Obama to pass immigration changes he continues to attack and berate Eric Holder and President Obama as being in cahoot’s to lie to The American people and of intimidation and corruption, while off camera.

3. While the GOP and Conservatives in the Democrat Party reach out in an effort to express horror over the NewTown shootings they hands down vote down measures that would and do protect the American people and our children from future attacks in our schools, on our streets and in our homes. 

4. The above mentioned; along with the Tea Party, white supremacists groups,members of Washington D.C.’s political power, lobbyists, and our States show up at the NRA Convention where they help promote the lies to the NRA membership of 75,000 strong that these efforts to safeguard our children are only efforts by the Obama Administration and the Liberals to take away their guns.

5. Anyone who can not see the dichotomy of the Tea Party and Conservative cause that bans equal rights to women in their National Platform but profess concern for future generations while professing to be God Fearing and protectors of the Faith, Constitution, and Democracy clearly are not seeing reality.  To continually operate opposite of speech in action is a clear cut reality of not just the far right, Tea Party, and Conservative cause but also of the way too many amongst us vote.

6. The two headed monster of dichotomy in America is alive and healthy in too many of the burbs and rural areas in the Red States and the Conservative hold outs in the Blue States across America.  I noticed the very large billboards advertising the various number of Churches while we were driving into Pensacola Florida. 

Would Christ truly approve of such commercialization knowing over a 5 year period that those billboards cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 per sign and each Church has their own sign of advertisement? Couldn’t that money be better utilized elsewhere, since all the churches are also listed in both the motel room directories as well as the yellow pages? 

I also saw many of the Breadbasket and Bible belt States accusing a caring and compassionate Democracy that treats ALL American’s needs as being the practice of Socialism. Those billboards and signs are interspersed amongst the States that claim Christian values along our highways as well.

Since so many, I noticed, are also driving around with bumper stickers that read: “Put Christ back in Christmas,” to the point they fail to see the over-whelming generosity towards the less fortunate and the most innocent amongst us at Christmas time, of non-Christians and Christians alike, is the most Christ-like behavior we can express; couldn’t we argue that perhaps the majority of us are failing to see the obvious while the politicians and their paid for media are playing us for fools because too many of us are disengaged or in denial?

Where is the outrage when the IRS does question legitimately the huge numbers of groups who clearly are political that hides behind Religious or freedom of ideology just to get tax breaks that are not legal? 

Where is the outrage when the same people who start the witch hunts failed themselves to legislate the necessary funds that would have safeguarded our Embassys over seas? 

Where is the outrage when the innocent amongst us are left unprotected because the members of the GOP refuse to allocate the funding necessary to keep our children safe, or for that matter pass laws that would limit the amount of fire power by limiting the number of bullets in the size of the magazines?

We the People keep speaking to the political leaders across the Nation and their reponse is to actually accuse the government for interfering while we continually see the need for government to help us but our elected officials are refusing to do anything that will help us. 

Perhaps the only part of government we truly do need to down size and eliminate are our elected officials in Congress who claim to be on our side when tragedy strikes but votes against us when they have both a moral responsibility to vote for our needs and are elected to show competency as our elected officials.

While the media broadcasts and the GOP tries to tie a link with the mismanaged, scandalous and sometimes misunderstood depts. of government to our President has anyone even noticed that the deficit is going down, the previously uninsured can now get insurance while healthcare costs have gone down, the interests rates charged to students who are interested in improving their education and skills have remained low, the students who wish to go on with their education are now covered on their parent’s insurance, The GNP (Gross National Product) has doubled, housing has gone up and the economy is improving due to the changes made by the Obama Administration that is putting Americans back to work?

Where is the media reporting on the truth when Americans need to know? Hasn’t our President gone the extra step when it comes to tragedy and disaster in our Nation? Isn’t his concern and efforts for immigration change once more being stymied by those who insist they want the Latino and Hispanic vote, as usual? What bill other than the ones that apply to them personally along with their lobbyist, who purchased them, have the Conservatives in the Senate and the Congress passed in the last five years, that they were not pressured into doing because of their fear of not being re-elected? Have we forgotten that they only begrudgingly passed funds necessary to help those hit by the hurricane on our East Coast or to bring relief to the middle class and unemployed?

I will continue staying tuned in with my concerns while enjoying the retirement that my husband and I balanced the budget for that enables our enjoyment in the last quarter of our lives.

Every now and then when nothing has changed; as the GOP readies it’s strategy, with the help of the TEA Party, to enter under qualified candidates who are financially supported in the 100s of thousands and even millions of dollars and owe their souls to the cause of the Tea Party political machine; over those candidates who would put the American people first, I will check in with my readers. The Conservative and Tea Party groups claims of Social ideology over political based control or greed hurts my ears if it doesn’t yours.

With the 2014 elections coming up in less than 18 months can we not all smell the manure of another attempt to denigrate the Obama Administration
with increased witch hunts and lies spread by the Tea Party as we heard in 2010?

My empathy as always is with the suffering and tragedy of the American people. Will we ever have Republican and Conservative legislatures who acknowledge that the needs of “We the People”, needs to be their first and main concern by doing something in Congress and our States that would indicate the same?

Don’t we already have enough proof of the stall tactics of the GOP and Tea Party sponsored candidates to do nothing but to eliminate the pay scale of the middle class jobs, to lower education abilities,to protect capitalism over the people, or their failure to do that which is right for the American People as equals? Will we the majority of the electoral body get out of denial and get engaged in the true dichotomy of American politics? And so it goes………..

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