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I am still surprised when I hear wives and young women being criticized by other women as to why they stay with their politician husbands, following the out break of scandal. Sure it may leave our own excuses or defenses a little more weakened as to why we make or made our decisions under similar circumstances, but is that any reason to point fingers, when others decide differently? In 2013 men are 100% responsible for their own behavior.

Yes, we can agree that the young women who are involved in sex or sexting and come forward and acknowledge their own poor behavior, are showing extremely poor judgment in believing they can some how capitalize on the same. To judge young women any farther than this, unless they become so outwardly obvious and acknowledge they are out for the almighty buck or to destroy a career, should not lie in the character of any of us who judge these often naïve and impressionable women; Nor does it further the equality of women to determine what is appropriate behavior when a woman does decide to remain in her marriage.  That choice belongs to the two people who are in the marriage to decide be they men or women.

Women have been manipulated by the powerful and branded as Jezebels since Biblical days in an effort to give men who behave poorly in sexual behavior, an out for their own sick and often narcissistic behavior. As women in America, we if not men, should be able to rise above the continuation of judgments against each other regardless of media exploitation, political leanings, or the circumstances of the same.

I have heard women, who are thought of as being credible accuse Huma Weiner of having political gain for herself and ambitions of her own as being the reason she stands behind her husband Anthony Weiner. Other people are accusing the young woman (I will not give her name credence or blame in my blog) of dressing sexy in order to trap Anthony Weiner. There is much more gossip against the women involved in the Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal but to repeat any more beyond this is to only add to the gossip.  When will women ever be able to dress in the manner they feel the most comfortable with themselves, before we quit judging them for doing so?

Accusing women of the faults that lie in men goes way back to the days of the discovery of the Old Testament of the Bible. When we realize the largest area of the Country in the region where the Old Testament of the Bible was written, was made up of  many Pagans before Christianity, then we need to understand also the culture present in the belief of its people at the time the old Testament was written.

We can understand why people who were raised generations in advance of Science held women responsible for the behavior of men because it was written In Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 26:My Son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe My ways, For a whore is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a strange pit. She also lieth in wait as for Prey and increases the transgressors in men.”

The belief was also promoted and still exists today that it was Eve who enticed Adam to eat of the apple instead of it being a mutual decision as we now know transcriptions clearly shows it to have been mutual and these artifacts have been preserved in the archives of the Church. As more Historical facts becomes available along with the knowledge of mankind changes we do need to consider both into our own moral framework as a civilized Society.

The Early Church so believed that married men who had sex with prostitutes were not responsible for the sin of adultery, because they were enticed by women and had no control over their own sex drive. They saw no separation between the animal world and human kind and judged the need of man to procreate or have sex for mankind’s survival as being on the same level between man and animal.

Sex with sheep amongst herders was not only practiced but acceptable behavior in its day. When Science discovered it was leading to madness and death in men due to an outbreak of syphilis then the acceptance of the same changed.

These beliefs were held well into the 17th Century but as the need for man to learn became more prominent it took the knowledge of Science to grow in order to gain knowledge about mankind and what free-will and intellect does as far as understanding the differences in what makes mankind the absorber of knowledge and truth over the animal kingdom.

Even into the Victorian era and yet today some Religions still refuse to give up the idea that even incest that takes place in children is not the fault of child or women entisement. The Conservative following have the numbers of rape due to incest, much lower than what in truth they still remain today. What we now refer to as sexual sociopaths was referred to as sexual deviants in the Victorian era and was just the beginning of the era in which men were being held responsible for their own sexual vulgarities.

Those Religions who throw out all study of Science still cling to the Bible verses of the Old Testament while totally dismissing the knowledge learned of men and sexual peculiarities or sexual predators, that we have gained knowledge of today through the knowledge of Science.

If we still have not learned that women do not create the character flaw in men who think they are too powerful to fail and that Science shows that it is more likely the absence of fathers in the home or early childhood abuse through incest that leads to feelings of rejection that increase the libido in both these women and these men, then what rock have we taken residence under?

Yes, both women and men who have reached adulthood are equally responsible for the choices they make in their lives.  When Anthony Weiner was made aware of his own short comings and illness and still behaved badly, by running again for public office knowing full well he was lying, then how can any of us judge his wife harshly or the women he continued to show his private parts to? If a mother is concerned about what the absence of a father, in the life of her child will make and decides to stay in the marriage, that is her decision to make without being called ambitious or any of us offering her anything beyond understanding.  Todays children need their parents in their lives and if the couple reaches an agreement on how they will deal with their marriage must we always feel their decisions reflects on all women?

If  young adult women are being manipulated or making a poor call of judgment that too should be their decision to make. Why do we so often see or hear those who seemingly have made the biggest mess of their own marriages or those who also behaved poorly when young women or men, too often become the harshest judges against other women or men?  Did we listen or was it our own responsibility to learn for ourselves, what our real values were or where we placed them?  Did we not have that right to do so?

We all should understand the options given all of us to use our own intellect and free-will should be the greatest entitlements that all of us will ever receive, shouldn’t we? What right does the media, un-related people, or pundits have of making any calls in the personal lives of people who use their own hearts and minds to call the shots in their own marriages or personal lives, have in the first place? If you don’t like the man, Anthony Weiner, then do not contribute or vote for him and if you are doing so for fear of what others may think then isn’t that more your problem than theirs?

The Karma we put out is also the Karma we get back, or if you prefer, “what goes around comes around”, and I suspect that was also the Plan of our Maker, when He gave both genders free-will and intellect from the beginning of mankind.  Who amongst us, has not already learned the same or will not learn it before we breathe our last breath? As the saying goes,” An unkempt garden, produces poor fruit”.   Does our own back yard need our attention or weeding?

As women we have enough Conservative movements underway who will deny us the equality already granted us before we have been successful in getting full equality, without attacking or sitting in judgment of each other.  As long as we, women, let the divisiveness amongst us continue to do so, we can all understand it will only cause further harm to those who most need our help. If it does not happen now, then it will tomorrow, or the next time we, ourselves or loved ones, need understanding the most.   I have learned to be a realist and understand what true unity requires of all of us.  Make it count!

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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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Since I have spoken about the greed in politics and business it would be a failure on my part to not speak about the greed in Religion.  Todays post is about just a small sector of that greed as it pertains to the Evangelical belief but by no means is it only a part of their belief as a large part of the same belief is shared by other Religions, such as the Mormon Faith, as well, they just are not as outwardly obvious about it.

Prosperity ministers who are  outwardly preaching the value of greed in America are a new twist to the teaching of Religion.  They are a growing breed of ministers tied to the Charismatic Evangelical movement.  They run the gamut of people who show no shame in their high pitch sales job of the merits of rewards that come along with giving to those who use more subtle nuances.  People like the Joyce Meyer’s ministries from Missouri are very aggressive in claiming entitlement to a rich life style due to God’s gifts to her while others like  Joel Osteen of Texas are less verbose, but both types are prosperity ministers.

When Americans became bored with the often boring and staid teachings of or disillusioned with Traditional Religion and divorce became more prevalent or lifestyles changed, people began looking for more entertaining ways to worship, and many turned to Evangelicals to provide them with Spiritual guidance.  Although Evangelicals  originate primarily from Methodists and Presbyterian beliefs along with the 1700’s Piety and Puritan beliefs of the Bible preaching’s, to tie Evangelicals to any one belief factor would be wrong.  They’re definitely the majority who see themselves as Conservative Christians but there are also those who are liberal and even some who would be considered as really non-committed who do not believe it necessary to attend Church Services and Bible Studies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Evangelicals are popular with the African-Americans through the Baptist Church just as the faith is practiced by all members and Nationalities in America and all walks of life.  It is the largest growing Religion in America with an estimated 28.3% or 90 million Christians in America. Brazil is only larger in percentages than the United States is in growth.

To pen point any similarities beyond their belief in  “Born Again” and “Catholics as Heretics who do not teach the literal interpretation of the Bible”, would do them a disservice as even though they have a high number of Republican Conservatives, through the minority population, they have an equally large number of Liberal Democrats. Some want nothing to do with the mention of politics while others feel they should be front and center in the influence of politicians and their decisions. Many believe in Rapture and await the second coming of Christ, others believe in healing of the sick and disabled by the laying on of hands, while others speak in tongue.  Many credit their success as a direct Blessing from God and believe they are guided by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. They accept most of Protestant beliefs but the crowds many times are more exuberant and reactive than in Traditional Religion.

Many of the ministers, due to their own lack of training in Divinity and Seminaries, often expound their own interpretations of the Bible and so the messages often vary from one Church to the next with individual understanding or interpretation of the chapters and verse of the Bible. Some are guided through life by a literal interpretation of marriage:” being of one man and one woman,” while others allow for gay rights. Many hate to be perceived as fundamentalists as they were in the 1700’s when Evangelical beliefs initially arose in Europe.

Not all Evangelicals are Charismatic nor believe in Prosperity Ministers nor are all obsessed with Heaven and Hell.  One thing that is certain is if they do preach the Word many have little to no training in Divinity, although many do have honorary Dr. degrees without formal education from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and  other Evangelical Universities. Some get their degree to preach from a mail order house out of California while others get theirs for a fee over the internet.

They all believe they were given a calling and were inspired to preach when God appeared to them. Some are very simple people who come from the coal mines in the Appalachians. Others have high school diplomas while some do have Associate degrees or two years and still others have Bachelor degrees of four years of college, from non-credited schools ran by the Evangelical ministries. Others have had Seminary training in other more traditional Protestant Religions and have left that faith to start their own Evangelical Church.  Universal, Grace, Life, Good Will, Glad Tidings, etc.  are usually a part of the name of these Churches over that of Jesus, the Apostles, or Saints most commonly found in other more Traditional Religions.

Prosperity ministers are those ministers who pretty much share tears in the wickedness of their ways before “they got drunk on Jesus,” and before God appeared to them and made them rich.  They are very charismatic and crack jokes and do a sales job on their parishioners, telling them if they give to their Church until it hurts they will be Blessed ten fold and maybe even 100 fold.  If their parishioners think they can give 10 dollars or even a 100 dollars and it does not mean deprivation or sacrifice on their part, for God, then they do not really believe in God.  If a thousand dollars really hurts then they should give a thousand dollars and not worry about the bills as God will provide, If they really believe. They play on the guilt of the poor by making them feel like the reason they are poor is because they do not believe hard enough.  The great majority of the money they receive comes from their radio or television ministries and is established fact that the poor give at a higher percentage rate of their income than do the wealthy.

They tell their followers how they did not have a dime, the wolves, were at their door, the bill collectors calling constantly and when they took their last few dollars to Church and gave it to God they were Blessed with manna from Heaven. Their  good fortune just fell from the skies.  They quote the passages of the Bible that says “and God Blessed and rewarded them with good fortune”, and totally over look the parts of the Bible that say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to gain Heaven,” and Christ’s teaching’s about  mankind’s need to give away all his riches to serve the poor, in order to gain heaven.

Prosperity ministers beliefs that they have found the Blessings of God’s favor through becoming rich is so prevalent that they take parishioners money to buy $10 million dollar corporate jets, $200,000.00 in antique furnishings, they drive Mercedes and BMW’s in the $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 dollar range and feel entitled while living in million dollar homes while giving their children all the best that their parishioner’s money can buy.  So warped are their beliefs of entitlements to wealth and so charismatic are their sales pitch that they can and do convince  their followers, they are God’s voice on earth, even without seminary training or practical applications in divinity. Some even claim they are living out their gift from God now, while others in their Congregations struggle to make ends meet.

Their followers, just as do the ministers, fail to see the hypocrisy in the message they preach when they preach the need of every one to take responsibility for their own needs; and the poor could be rich if they just believed.  Since they offer the poor hope they are often times kept poor through their weekly contributions to the Prosperity Ministers, as every dime is followed by more from the poor with the poor being the Prosperity Ministers greatest contributors.  The prosperity ministers and parishioners fail to reach the understanding of the ministers dependency on the Mercy of the people, before they gained their own riches. God does not deal in dollars but sales people certainly do, and it would do us all well to begin there with that introspective thought.

Because these ministers forgive every sin through their “Born Again Beliefs”, regardless of how grievous the sins, without individual confession and penance and they relate to their parishioners about their own sinfulness and really stress how they were sinners, People flock towards the ability to be born again and all their past sins forgiven.

In the more conservative Evangelical Churches, parishioners are often shamed into living exemplary lives just as their ministers do, even though there are some who are no different from the rest of us with the same foibles and mistakes or sins committed by all of us. In the more Conservative Churches the parishioners cling to the belief that often these uneducated clergy can speak for God and give them a greater place in Heaven and a get out of Hell free card, if they only embrace their lives in the constant presence of Christ and continue to give of their money, which they are told is in most cases intended for the poor. This is true unless they are Prosperity ministers as good deeds are encouraged in most Evangelical Churches. The  Prosperity clergy often claim to draw salaries that do not compensate for the riches they gain. Many of the more liberal parishioners belong for the fellowship more than they do for the strict observance of the teachings as is common in many Religions, who do not set strict guidelines.

As a neighbor of mind once said, “I would hate to think I was such a bad sinner that I would have to spend my life in Church.” I have always enjoyed travel because I love the diversity that is America over tying myself to one group for a life time but that is just my own personal choice and many people are comfortable and justifiably so in their own communities.

I like many believe that: Spirituality just like physical and mental needs are a necessity of mankind in the fulfillment of life and living but are dollars really a part of what makes mankind great or saves us from hell? Can we really buy ourselves into Heaven or are we better judged for the value of our compassion for, the time we place on, and we give of ourselves to humanity? We do need to sometimes question the motives behind what appears to be an exorbitant lifestyle of riches regardless of the person or people who are promoting the same, at the expense of the people.  We cannot wear blinders just because those vulgar displays of wealth are arising from our ministries any more than we can when they come from our politicians.  Both depend on the generosity of the people and should be suspect and held responsible for such displays.

The great majority of us want to see people who have made wealth through hard work and sweat equity enjoy the fruits of their labor as it offers hope to those of us who dream. Certainly ministers and some politicians put in long hours and hard work as well, but when their income is earned on the charity of the poor, the vulnerable, or the greed of lobbyists, the majority of us see these excessive lifestyles of displayed wealth as being vulgar.  It is not what we want of either our clergy or our politicians whose main concerns should be dedicated to the needs of the people. When a family of 4 or more make $50,000.00 a year and they are pressured or cajoled into writing $10,000.00 checks so they can prove the power of their faith in God or a politician can get elected, and the clergy and politicians cannot understand the immorality of their exorbitant lifestyle, then who can we turn to when we ask for legitimacy in our Churches or our government ?

Does the riches gained by our politicians who are threatening to deny payment of Social Security to the elderly, wages to the Military and middle class, and GI benefits, by shutting down government over Obama care, mean they are deserving to be great and Blessed? Wouldn’t we all do better with their compassion shown and their time given to our needs without strings attached?  Something else to ponder that’s for sure. Doesn’t take much common sense to figure out, does it?;)

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So who are these Republican Libertarians who are supported by the name of Tea Party? There are minor variances between them but they have been brought to prominence by the Tea Party name. They won in Our Country in a landside in 2010 on the fear tactics and inaccuracies told against Obama care and against President Obama, himself.  72 new Tea Party or Libertarians entered into our State Capitals and Nation in 2010. Although there had been others like Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul a number of years earlier. They take their name from Liberty lest we be mistaken they have any connection what-so-ever with genuine Patriotism.

They run a number of their own military camps under the auspice of Patriot names  and are strong supporters of  our military as long as the military protects us as a Nation here at home, but does not stand up against tyranny or help any other Nations who may require our help.  When I see the organized war protestors with professionally printed signs all saying the same thing, I personally believe that the majority of supporters who are protesting and showing up at Republican and Conservative held Town meetings and against our going into Syria are members of the Libertarian belief or Tea Party. It does not take a rocket Scientist to notice they are too well-organized to be at random individual protestors and they crave the attention of the media that they receive.

Anyone holding out hope that Congress will vote to approve the air strikes in Syria are wasting their time in an attempt of futility since this Congress has not passed any bills or legislation from President Obama since he has taken office, unless they were shamed into it or fearful of the lost of future elections as was the case when they eventually voted to pass on lowering taxes for the middle class. The Tea Party money paid into this Republican Congress campaigns holds the members hostage to passing any votes without the approval of the Tea Party Libertarians.  So strong is the belief by the Libertarians that our military should never fight against tyranny, they will block any and all efforts or attempts made by Congress towards approval of the air strikes in Syria.

Grover Norquist is their mentor and hero, amongst others, as Grover worked as an aid to Barry Goldwater when Barry Goldwater was heavily  supporting Richard Nixon after the break-in of Watergate, and McCarthyism which he felt were all lies told by Liberals. Barry Goldwater, as is, Grover Norquist, were and are strong supporters of the John Birch Society where many of their by-laws derive from.  Because they accept Mormonism while the John Birch Society was totally against the belief that the Mormon Religion was Christian, they have made a few revisions. Many believe that the Tea Party Libertarians sprung from combinations but have heavy Corporate support. The John Birch Society was began by the disturbed mind of the Brach Candy heir.

Barry Goldwater pretty much suffered several break downs and lived in a State of alcoholism in the 1960’s when he ran against LB Johnson for President.  Although he had his followers and was loved by African-Americans in the South, the rest of the World viewed him somewhere between a mental case and dangerous.  He lost by a landside to Lyndon Baines Johnson because States who typically vote Republican thought Barry Goldwater’s beliefs dangerous to Society as well as Democracy.  That view was held by many when the hippie movement began as well.  Grover Norquist would be hired by President Reagan and thereby the rebirth of Conservatism according to some even though it never disappeared entirely after the 1950’s.

Libertarians believe in property and the freedom to do anything they want to do supposedly as long as it does not encroach on others’ civil rights.  The key here is they determine which are ours’ as well as theirs’ civil rights and deny it as they do. All these really insulting beliefs and measures against women when it comes to rape, vaginal probes, and taking jobs from the white males are brainchild’s of the Libertarian but also shared by the Conservative belief.

The reason why the Libertarians have not been rejected by the Republican Party, since they are obstructionists more than a governing body, is because they do share many of the same beliefs as the Conservatives and they spend a huge amount of money on campaigns to the point no one can win an election without them. The Republican Party is made up of more than 70% of Conservatives.  The moderate Republicans are a dying breed.

The Socialism beliefs of and in our government and the Democrats being Communists is also their brainchild.  That was also the belief of Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater hated Unions and wanted them all eliminated and I must admit that the Tea Party Governors are well on their way to realize Barry Goldwater’s dream for him with the passage of their “right to work laws.”  They hold that they were the first Liberals in our Nation, since lets face it, the Liberals have a good record in government when it comes to both equal rights and human rights, but in my opinion and that of most all Liberals that I know, these Libertarians are only trying to ride the shirt tails of liberals in order to gain an established History.  The Libertarians are anything but liberals.  A true Liberal believes in helping everyone who needs help, where Libertarians believe in every man for himself.

Libertarians pride themselves as having risen from the period of enlightenment.  Required reading is always Communist Ayn Rand along with the Barry Goldwater memoirs.  They believe a Dictatorship is often more orderly and welcoming and much more efficient than a Democracy and  our forefathers never intended America to become established as a government of a Democracy.

The Libertarians bend and sometimes re-write the Constitution to fit their beliefs, while they profess it is our government who denies us our Constitutional rights. They increasingly encourage their followers to believe that the Constitution does not give government authority over the people, but instead, the people the authority over government.

Laws in regard to personal property and the actions of the people who do not infringe on the civil rights of others are Unconstitutional according to these Conservatives and Libertarians; and to enforce these laws  over the people is a denial of the people’s Constitutional rights according to them. They disregard the fact that our established Federal and State governments most definitely gave the Senate, Congress. Our executive Branch of the office of the President, and the Supreme Court along with our States the right to pass and enforce laws  and authority over the people.  Just exactly who does the Tea Party Conservatives and their followers think set up our Federal and State governments with explicit rights to establish laws over the people, if not for our Constitution and forefathers?

They maintain that people have been brainwashed into believing that the mere word Dictator is someone to fear and dictatorships are always bad but they profess faith in a kind dictatorship over Democracy, was the intent of our forefathers and disregard entirely the influx of Europeans and other Nationalities who fled to America to escape oppression from Dictators.

They are good at convincing the Conservatives, and when we see every now and then someone in the crowd want to know when the Republicans are going to Impeach President Obama, or when an elected official states President Obama should be impeached.  The Libertarians are responsible for putting that nonsense in the minds of the gullible.  John McCain would say it wasn’t right and then reverse it and threaten impeachment when obviously someone who could directly effect his own re-election laid on the heat.

The Libertarians profess to believe there should be no government Agencies to distribute food stamps or surpluses to the poor and to do so is illegal as it is Socialism.  They Believe that Democrat Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and Republican Eisenhower, turned our Nation into Socialism, by the initiation of programs from Social Security, to farm surpluses to feed the poor, to rural conservation programs.  They do not support any government programs that help others through government, since they do not believe that it was ever the intent of our forefathers to have government give us a hand up in our lives, but the responsibility of the Churches.  Government according to them was only intended for the purpose of maintaining a strong military and to maintain a legislature. Anything else that government does was intended to be handled by the open market place.

The battle over the middle class paying taxes was held up as a result of the Tea Party bringing up almost any insane attempts to limit or pass insignificant legislation over the call of reducing taxes for the middle class.  They only passed tax reductions for the middle class when they were eventually shamed into it and knew it would cost them future elections if they didn’t and only agreed to bringing the taxes back to current levels when Grover Norquist gave his o.k. as long as they refused to raise taxes on the wealthy. This is a pretty common attempt to obstruct legislation by them in their attempts to stall on passing anything in Congress and has been successful  as many Conservatives who take Tea Party campaign support are expected to vote with them as well. Since they are systematically weeding out the old guard Conservatives by choosing their own younger candidates who agree with their beliefs, any of the Republicans who did pass legislation before have been weeded out.

They do not believe that anyone under any circumstances was ever intended to pay taxes and that the Department of the IRS should be eliminated along with all government Agencies that both bill for and collect taxes.  They believe that government collecting taxes for any purposes is no different from a person who robs a bank. With every man for himself, he would be obligated to take care of a pregnant wife at home, but people who could not afford property of their own would live together in communes.

With qualified health care workers living in these communes the cost of healthcare would be minimal.This would eliminate the need for Social Security and many other government Agencies from Medicaid to Medicare and most definitely Obama care as the poor and the elderly would be provided for in communes through the support of Churches and health care purchased on the open market through vouchers with household support given by those who could work and provide income.

There are many more tenements to their beliefs but all pretty self-serving to their superior knowledge and vision that fails the common man.  What it all boils down to,  when it is all said and done, there is no Liberty about any of their beliefs other than for those who partake of the Upper Class, and unless we are a white male who works in the free market place that would replace  government. They of course would tell the rest of us how we should live in a cheaper and more orderly way and while they run a kind and orderly Dictatorship.  According to their beliefs, American government  was intended by our forefathers from the beginning, to be a small entity in the life of it citizens along with being a kinder dictatorship as viewed in Roman days.  I don’t know for sure who those Roman dudes were that were so kind because from what I remember they were out killing everyone who wasn’t Catholic or Christian in their Crusades?

Obviously they have, nor did they ever have any intention beyond what they promised in their  campaigns in 2010, of budget reducing. They are not fiscal conservatives because they are some of the worse offenders when it comes to passing bills on “PorK” spending. There really hasn’t been a  desire on their part to reduce budgets but instead to stop the payment of all taxes so the United States government treasury would dry up, and default on its payments.  The Congress hasn’t paid a bill for 2 years so apparently they are well on their way.  They could care less about budgets or balances nor are they in  any way concerned about paying down a deficit, because according to them the money that is derived from taxes is illegal anyway.

In what the Leaders of the Tea Party think of as their great wisdom and free spirit where no one pays taxes, is the dream or utopia of all deserving Americans, they fail to see absolutely everything they believe in is a total contradiction of the very belief of Freedom or Liberty to which they ascribe, or without inclusion of other Nations  who depend on us militarily while living in isolation, none of us will be able to maintain freedom In this little world of nice dictatorships and enlightenment.

The Libertarian followers fail to see these contradictions, sometimes entirely, as what the Leaders are promoting is in truth very  much closer to that of Communism and Socialism where a Dictatorship rules and the rest of the peons serve the Leaders while the Leaders partake of all the riches. So convinced are they of the utopia presented to them they fail to rationalize or use much common sense when it applies to, a kinder dictatorship.  A kinder Democracy, on the other hand, where we are given equality and choices and always trying to continually improve for the benefit of all  Americans is far more worthy of an effort than anything they suggest, We wouldn’t of course pay the Libertarians homage under that system and perhaps there lies the rub.

They refuse to accept that a benevolent Democracy is the eventual goal of all of us and men and women have fought and died for our right to maintain it.  Our forefathers may never have ever imagined that Democracy could be refined as well as it has, but none the less, the majority of Americans demand on maintaining and improving on it. We neither want or need the Libertarians or Tea Party corrupting what works for the American people even though we understand it requires vigilance and improvement.

Not only are the Libertarians a bunch of self-serving egos who think of themselves more enlightened than the rest of us bozos, but in my view they are dangerous as hell to both our way of life and to our Nation to which the rest of us stand.

This is far more information about their beliefs than I ever cared to share but with the organized war protestors being promoted by both the media and those elected officials in the House and Congress,  I felt it time to write a post explaining a small iota of their beliefs, so those who have wondered what divided our Nation and where the escalation of lies and hate have come from would better understand it came in with the Libertarian or Tea Party movement through the social media.The language used by some of  those who hide in the Social media and spread hate is almost always filled with anger and name calling and palpable against anything President Obama or Vice President Biden  and their staffs say or do.

When the local leadership gather together in public they are very easy to spot as a group, as they are always in men’s suit or sport jackets and women are in heels and dresses, even on a casual Friday, and as a group usually walking and carrying briefcases.  I tried very hard not to hit them with the water spray when I was cleaning off the sidewalk in Portland;) Publicly when Libertarians take the stage of public representation and or campaigning they present the persona of being polite, self-assured and often soft spoken, always attractive, always clean-cut looking and well-groomed adults, not too unlike the young missionaries who dress to  work for the Mormon Church. Check it out if  you haven’t noticed it yourself already and you will see what I mean.

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How can the United Nations vote that the use of chemical weapons used on any human beings since 1925,has been against International Law and when it is so obvious that it has happened in Syria, set back and do nothing?

In the world of humanity which includes all breathing people of every race and Nationality, when any National representative or World  leader of any civilized Nation  fails to act against war crimes, then that leader becomes a threat to the security of all its people and allies living within and outside of the borders of that Nation.

When no stand, by a leader of a Nation or an ally, is  taken against the use of chemical weapons then every rogue Nation that has stock piled both chemical and biological weapons will use them against,” you the people”, before they attack a Nation that stands up to their crimes against humanity. Any signs of weakness by any Nation or ally is an open invitation to these inscrutable cowards to flex their muscles against humanity as they always hit what they view to be the weak links first.  The threat of National Security that goes  disregarded as “Not being our problem,” becomes the nightmare of all of its’ people and allies in an allegiance or in a Nation that withdraws from its responsibility to pursue war crimes, and therefore the crimes are crimes against all humanity and is not just the problem of the Syrian population.

If any world leader or representative of the people have to ask, “By what authority do any leaders of a civilized world have to act against such heinous acts,” as are taking place in Syria, and they fail to understand the need for  common decency to protect against these crimes of mankind, is the only authority any Nation needs, then they themselves need to be replaced. Civilized and not so civilized Nations have had to stand up against evil throughout the history of the World.  This is not so complicated or difficult for a descent human being to understand.

Where is the courage of these delegates and Nations that belong to the UN and those of civilized governments who believe that such transgressions are the responsibility to defend against by Americans only, and where is the courage of the American people who speaks out in one voice and says, “We will not Tolerate such actions?”

Silence and inactions are the breastplates of cowards.  The greatest tragedy of all is when good people stand by and do nothing more than accept horror as onlookers in the face of evil. When media tries to distract the common decency of mankind to act on such atrocities as are happening in Syria; “as being nothing more than political or simply President Obama’s ‘red line,” and they share no  responsibility as World governments to act, then the price we all will pay for our silence will be greater than the humanity that is lost in the screams of the children.

When any Nation or Leaders place the threat to financial stability over that of in-action against a Nation or Nations who in essence are guilty of war crimes matching that of the Holocaust, then we as a World/Nation of people must certainly acknowledge that we are living in an era of cowards never seen before at any time in the History of the World.

Many things will change over the years but protecting children and women  against a gaseous chemical that can neither be seen or detected in a Country or Nation by the rest of the World should never change.  To protect the innocent will always be the right thing to do regardless of the language  or the voice of leadership of all  Nations. To deny that one simple truth as being the right thing to do  means the beginning of our own destruction as thinking or caring human beings.

When we cannot at least get together as a body of United people and launch a few rockets into a Nation so corrupt as to fry its own children and women even if it is not the Syrian military, which is an insane idea or an excuse to do nothing in the first place, then what good is humanity? We certainly cannot call ourselves people of courage, now can we? Where is that out cry for family values?

When speculation of what can happen before it does, sins of greed of the past, or worship of the pound, lira, Renminbe, ruble,Franc, yen, dollar, Euro, Deutsche mark, etc. drowns out  voices of reason and common decency, today, over actions to save women and children of Syria from another Holocaust, then we can all be certain that the reason to exist in a World of Universal mankind will become inferior to all of us today, tomorrow. When mankind turns a silent voice and a blind eye to atrocity of such depth of despicability as what has happened in Syria by doing nothing, who is to say that any other Nation in the World will find that, “what goes around comes around,” when they or we scream out?

If we sit by and watch any people burn and die from burns as the German people did during the Holocaust then we simply show the World that only some people matter and the rest are not worth saving. The indoctrination of the German people by another terrible man of power and the lost of life when a person of German descent spoke up against the atrocities taking place against the Jews, in their own Country, cannot possibly be compared on the same level  to the silence heard today or the excuses and voices of cowards heard most severely around the World today.

What will we tell our children and grandchildren when they ask, “Why we did nothing, while human beings burned?” The old standard, “It was a different time,” will not work this time as they will know that the World had access to both Social media and Free communications, and were watching children scream out while doing nothing and without threats of hardship or from propaganda. Will we be made to bear the burden of shame, as the German people have been forced to?

As someone, myself, who was taught in private schools by Nuns from Germany, I witnessed often the scars that were still left on the German nuns in their behaviors even when a jet flew over and left behind a sonic boom yet into the 1960’s. It is a life and a burden that follows those who remain remorseful the rest of their lives. Can we look our children and grandchildren in their eyes and tell them that we did not stop the burnings because,” it was a time in the World when  no one cared and all courage of conscious was absent?”

This tragedy taking place in Syria and our actions or lack of actions  taken to correct it, is not just about being President Barack Obama’s legacy but the legacy of the entire human race, around the World.  When the media fails to state that fact emphatically it fails at the accuracy of reporting that should be expected of it in a civilized World.

No matter how many excuses the World or the people of America can invent as to why they/we refused to give President Obama their/our support in military, expenses,  and vote; history will document this as the era the human race burned and no body cared. Hind sight and historians, like truth, are never denied.  No matter how much others try to make excuses, escape into denial, depart from reality, or clean the truth up there will always exist those who refuse to lie.  Bank on it!

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It definitely isn’t my intent to leave the impression that change frightens all people by my title but it certainly has it’s fair amount of believers.  Many amongst us are equally turned off by,” the same old, same old,” and too often feel it futile to recognize that change needs to happen while the group who are in Power refuses to change, or dig in their heels even further to defeat our efforts.  Since many of us, do understand that change is not only necessary in the advancement of ideas, education, invention, and health I do not attempt to deal with those of us who see the necessity for change in this Post.

Although fear of change can and does effect every facet of our lives, this post primarily deals with the history of why generations before us, as well as some of us today, fear to question the powers-that-be when it comes to the fear of losing our jobs. I begin then with the number one reason, People fear change and that reason is because for the most part these groups or generations of the same, as rarely is it just an individual unless it is someone like, Nelson Mandela, who did stand alone in the beginning, have pretty much gone through their childhood into adulthood accepting that life is pretty much black and white and that is just the way it needs to be or should be done. When people adjust to a lifestyle, no matter how difficult that lifestyle may be, the fear of the unknown is often greater than making any kind of change that could be foreign to what they have always known.

They never question why things were done that way because the Bible says so, their Grandparents said so, they have become settled with living the lifestyle, or that is just the way they have always done things. They live a simple life never questioning another way of life and find it fairly easy to brand anyone else who does not believe as they do, either as an heretic, as being stupid or strange, or as an eccentric. Often they go through life in osmosis while never questioning and repeating both the success and failure of that reasoning that was established long before they were born. 

Many times because they are so certain that change is wrong they can and do become the first to be manipulated and exploited. When they are victims of those who prey on them, they become that more fearful of what they refer to as outsiders.Paranoia can often grow in leaps and bounds and that distrust spreads from one generation to the next.

Families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellars, Carnegies. etc. were amongst families who gained the first massive wealth earned on the backs of the poor, so these families have for generations believed they and only they, and those they appoint or accept into their own World,are entitled to remain the power of the Nation as long as one of their kind remains in America. Since no one else had the money or organized ability to dispute this theory they accepted that as being foolhardy or futile to change. It was also the established fact in the Countries where the immigrants were migrating from. Only the wealthy could provide them with the income necessary to feed their families.

It doesn’t mean for one moment that change would be unhealthy but the idea or attitude to actually formulate a plan to do so and to actually promote change would be foolhardy on the part of anyone who wished to make a niche in the world of their own, has always existed. Sadly, the “nouveu riche,” have lost much of the compassion for the poor and the arts, that was often present in the earlier Blue Bloods, when it comes to any belief of giving back to the less fortunate, although it has never been good when it comes to support of the poor in their own Districts.

The great majority of those who do dig in their heels against change do so out of fear.  Many came from other Countries where any expression of injustice against the uneven distribution of power or wealth would often lead to certain hangings or death in their birth Countries. When many of the families of power and wealth were getting established as the power of the New Nation, it never occurred to the new immigrants that changing what they had become accustomed to in Europe would be wise.

So while the wealth of those in power grew in the 1800’s the poverty of new immigrants was second nature to them when it came to not trying to change what had always been. They, just as their ancestors before them, accepted that they were beholding to the Powers that be, to provide them with income through hard work so they could feed their families, no matter how scant those wages were and the hunger and poor working conditions of mere subsistence, that was often provided them.

In much the same way the people of wealth did not want to embrace change either because it meant
they would have to let go of the power they had gained in America. Many immigrants already understood what trying to evoke change led to. The fear of change being passed from one generation to the next,was learned at their grandfather’s knee with real stories often told about deprivation. Just as soon as families lost their wealth, they fell out of power and recognition, so fear of change then just as today, goes both ways and is why Trust funds are often set up to be ironclad amongst the wealthy. Just as the names of power and wealth change so does the contracts often awarded to those who the wealthy rub elbows with, often change. It has often been said, “the first generation to make wealth, the second generation to hold it together, and the third generation to lose it all,” however the wealth gained in the 1800’s in America by a hand full of families was so large it would last well into the 21 first century.

Every County, City, and State have families that represent the same power as the first families of New York still represent. Politicians especially take advantage of this fear while campaigning during elections as do other groups too many to name.

Unless we think fear of Change continues to be only applicable in rural areas or the South, let me assure you that some of the greater offenders of the refusal to change are New Yorker’s, who have gotten away for years believing they and only they could determine the pulse of the Nation, because they were established as the first and largest bed of Democracy. 

The different ethnic groups within the boroughs as well as the powers that be very much, in their own minds anyway, feel they have the right to determine who are the normal people in America and everyone else they refuse to allow into their Social network are hill billys or backwards, while they write huge checks to the Churches for the poor since they feel they earned the right to determine “Who was Who or “One of Us,” through their ancestors generations prior to today. We see the same convictions in the publishing houses and broadcasting networks where some go back generations and are often the mouthpiece of those who feel entitled. (Please note: my previous post entitled, Isn’t Cable Television Exploiting Ignorance?)

Since New Yorkers are so certain they are the bed of Democracy and Manufacturing many who are educated do not even have an awareness of the fact that they were not the manufacturing center of America nor the first to be enlightened.  Think about it for a moment.  In New York; Indiana and Ohio are the Midwest.  If we never know that there are States like Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and The Dakota’s lying dead center in the United States and half the Nation lies West of these States then calling States like Indiana and Ohio the Midwest does not seem so egotistical or ignorant to a New Yorker as it does to the rest of the Nation or as it does to foreigners.

It has been centuries since the 13 original Colonies were established but the number one reason areas denoted as the Midwest have not changed is because no matter how progressive New Yorkers want to believe they are, they are not that comfortable with change, either.  God save them if San Francisco or Dallas would replace them as the cultural center of the Nation.

Change when it came to granting States rights as our Nation grew or equal powers to the rest of the Nation, the Blue bloods feared would hurt them financially and could weaken their own power base along with their believed right to the natural resources across the Nation, the more other States were known to foreign travelers and investors. Imagine for instance the financial crises they have managed to convince other Nations that would take place if the Stock Exchange would leave New York even though with todays technical support and trading the New York Stock Exchange could pretty much trade just as well in any major City in the United States. 

The mere thought of change would break some out in rashes and cause others to form nervous tremors and tics after having spent generations believing it could never exist elsewhere, much in the same way they refuse to accept the Banks have gotten too large to fail. It is well established that some New Yorkers believe they are entitled to be the Cultural Center of the Nation, the base of international trade, and the Intellectual center of the world surrounded by the Ivy League Colleges in the East and any change to that belief would create havoc if it should ever change and perhaps split it with say Dallas and San Francisco who are as equally capable of establishing themselves as New York has.

The list of why people fear change can go on and on and have extenuating circumstances and many offer excuses but the real reason when all excuses are removed is because for too long people have enjoyed being on top and do not want change, as many of those who do live in fear of change do so out of fear they and their loved ones have been brought up to believe, or they have experienced on their own when they perhaps were viewed as being gullible, or fear of lost of income. The Blue Bloods have become comfortable feeling they are entitled to tell the rest of the World, Country, State, County or City, along with us, what we can expect.

If we are not part of that 1% then for just as many generations our ancestors have been afraid to challenge or change because the simple truth is people learned ways to play on the fear of those who dared to implement change by labeling or branding them, profiling them, tar and feathering them, putting them in their place or making it very clear to those who would make a change, what other people who lived in the community also knew for generations and understood that when “You live here You will do what we do, or “While in Rome do what the Romans do or get out.” 

The problems, as they saw it, with the middle class major growth following World War 2 and the continuation of the same up until 30 years ago was that the middleclass, up until the Conservatives took control over the Republican Party 30 years ago, were growing in wealth and power of their own. As the middle class grew so did Capitalism expand. This steady change in the balance of wealth was a concern for the wealthy and did not go unnoticed by them.

When the middle class had expendable income their wealth could grow through investments, college education or through intellectual innovators until they had every bit the same opportunity to gain wealth and power without needing the approval of the powers that be. They could keep them out of their social venues but they could not prevent this change from taking place amongst the middle class in America because they did not have the politicians or the law on their side prior to the gradual decline of the middle class.

The Blue Bloods did not mind the middle class wealth so much because as long as Capitalism grew so did their own wealth and they were able to stay ahead of the pack, until they started losing a great deal of their own wealth because the younger generations were needing to hire lawyers who often cost them small fortunes in divorce settlements and staying out of jail because of crime, alcoholism, and snorting cocaine. Cocaine was the drug of choice and huge amounts were shared amongst the 80’s generations attending the parties of the younger generations. While the new generations were making gross displays of their Wealth by playing hard, gambling large sums, and jet-setting around the World, they were spending scandalous sums of money. They, unlike the previous generation who added to their wealth, simply refused to work a day in their lives, and the sucking noise on the lost of old money began increasing.

As the old Money blue bloods were losing money from in-breeding or law suits due to poor morals and work ethics and gross displays of wealth in the blue blood communities, the middle class as a group were gaining steadily on the great fortunes of the 1800’s. By throwing out the Unions and reducing the income of the middle class these last 30 years along with iniatiation of “the right to work laws,” by the Tea Party Governors and Conservative legislatures the middle class have been sliding rapidly into poverty while their wages drop steadily or remain stagnate while many in the class of the Super rich or that of the Old Money incomes have increased during the same period by 400%.

It has always been easier to keep the man who is dependent on the Powers-That-Be for a job, hungry enough so that he/she do not initiate change or revolt against the cost of high medical care, unjust and unfair wages, or high cost of educational costs for fear if they do they will lose the only income they do have. The poor are much easier to control than those whose wealth, when joined together is equal to or greater than the Powers-that-be. That was the reason why Unions protecting the workers, in the first place, were ever formed in America.

Without the threat of the middle class making financial gains on the wealthy they can be certain that the distribution of power does not change for another 100 years, just as we can be certain that the “same old, same old” will remain where the ‘rich get richer’, and ‘the poor get poorer,’ until we, ourselves, learn to embrace change by voting out the balance of the Conservative and Tea Party supported power in our States and Washington D.C. beginning in 2014 and 2016.

Every election the politicians, who are supported by big money will promise us change while working on our worse fears of what will happen if we elect or re-elect their opposition. Those who have always voted Party tickets and their minions, over checking out the bases of funding for individual candidates and how they have voted in the past, will go to the polls and elect those conservatives and tea party candidates who year after year bring home the pork to make it appear they are working for the people.

Sadly, at the same time these exact same politicians are taking a pledge at their CPAC Conventions, to make sure women and minorities are denied equality, affordable healthcare or Obama care is stopped, educational costs do not get cut, minimum wage does not go up, immigration bills do not pass, and the middle class wages remain poor to stagnate. If we, who are the majority do not embrace real change by voting out those whose political ties and votes go against us, but instead listen to and foolishly believe those who continue their fear mongering in an effort to win our votes, while they work against our own needs, then nothing else will ever change to improve our own circumstances either. Make each day count!

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I have tried to correct the grammatical errors in this post previously written by me but in doing so I have managed to take it entirely out of my own blog.  Suffice it to say, I neither have the time or the desire to rewrite the same but I will offer the jest of the same now.

Basically, I wrote that we women must also take responsibilities in the eroding of our own equality due to the often petty and jealous personality disorders that are often borned of the same negative views we hold towards each other. 

Unless we quit judging others who have never walked in our shoes and know we will never walk in theirs, place higher expectations on ourselves and our children than what we wear or what we pay for a pair of shoes, and understand that without Feminists none of us would have choices as to if we worked in the home or out of it, then we will continue losing our right to equality.

We must all understand that women who have the right to choose their own lifestyle and destiny are all feminists.

Before feminists, women were mere chattel that belonged to their husbands and took orders from the same. To be a feminist, who cares and acts accordingly for the rights of all women to determine their own choices, is neither a heretic or a dirty word.

In 2013 we all need to understand the history of women prior to the passage of the “Equal Rights Amendment.” Too many States led by the GOP are once more placing it under attack and weakening the foundation that guarantees women equality and the right to choose.

As long as working Moms think that stay at home moms are both too lazy and ignorant or too pampered to work or the stay at home moms think the working moms are too selfish to make the sacrifices, then we will continue to have division in our own ranks.

When older women who are no longer of child baring age think they have a right to decide for a victim of rape or make a decision against abortion for a woman who will certainly die in child birth if she is not allowed the choice, then we will continue to have division in our ranks.

When women of influence and means misguidedly think the closing of Planned Parenthoods across the Nation, who offers affordable healthcare to the poor, have nothing to do with their or their daughters’ and grand daughters’ own future screenings and birth control choices and they say and do nothing, then we have division in our ranks

When women who have been abused learn to arm themselves while women who have not and a third of all children who die, die from guns in our homes and both groups of women are at opposite ends of the spectrum, then we will still have divisions in our ranks.

When too many women believe that women who choose career over child birth or a single life over marriage are eccentric or selfish, then we will find division in our ranks.The list is long and often petty in the ways we women do divide our own best interests and we do need to take responsibility for the same.

It does us all well to understand there are pertinent truths and necessary facts, regardless of how unpleasant they may sound, when it comes to solving the problems of inequality that still remains in America yet in 2013.

I do not deny that the “Good Old Boy” system has been front and center for generations in dividing us and helping turn us on each other in so many of the political, religious and work areas of our lives. We must accept, however, to rely more on our own intelligence, intuition, sense of fair play, and common sense in knowing that without our permission or vote, we can not be divided in our own unity towards sister-hood.  

When we women are the biggest voting block in the Nation and the politicians often court us through dividing us, and sadly it is a fairly simple manner to do so, we must acknowledge our own role into why women are losing rather than gaining equality in America.

When women far out weigh men in numbers, education, and wealth but we are being denied equal rights by Conservative and Tea Party Mayors, Governors, Senators, and Congress elected members and all Republican Politicians  who support the GOP platform then isn’t something seriously wrong with the picture?

When we know full well that another election is just beyond the horizon in 2014, and these same politicians depend on our votes, then shouldn’t we be held responsible for not voting the GOP incumbents,who are running, all out of office?

Shouldn’t our common sense tell us, unless we are taken seriously as the major voting block in America by the Conservative and Tea Party majority, our right to equality will continue to erode? If we cannot do so for ourselves, then certainly we should be able to do so for our daughters and grand daughters.

Before we begin to criticize the fault in others, it would do us all well regardless of gender, to ask ourselves what it is we,ourselves, are doing right or wrong today?

When we worry less about what our neighbor does but join together in unity instead, without criticism, we often find the results are much more favorable for all of us.  Make it count and enjoy.

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We currently are hearing so many feigned voices of shock and surprise about the rape in Steubenville,Ohio, after having had an election while one Republican candidate for the Senate spoke of legitimate rape after having co-sponsored the same bill with the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan in Congress, to define legitimate rape as opposed to regular rape. Another Virginia Republican candidate called rape and the children born out of the same,” The intent of God.”

If women raped men we could all bet that women would be accused of being Jezebels and inspired by Satan if the reverse happened.  We could also guarantee ourselves it would be discussed as the most evil of acts and no woman would be left severely unpunished, regardless of how the rape occurred.

Men have gotten off with the excuse of going into a blind rage in an act of murder and instead charged with manslaughter when they kill another where women are often charged with murder 1 since the judicial system does not equate fear in women with the level of rage in men.  It totally discounts the idea that women can to act out of rage after years of abuse. Where women need a well documented history of rape or abuse, men need to establish little to no history either supportive or contrary to their own word in order to get a lesser sentence of manslaughter or for lawyers to refuse prosecution for rape charges.

When women are prosecuted for twice the amount of time that men are when death occurs in a domestic dispute, but treated more justly in other charges, we do not need to even guess how much harsher Society would be on a woman rapist than they are on men. Why so much shock and surprise over a statement that has been promoted for generations by the “Good Old Boys”,caused such a stir in the elections this year is beyond me.

Let me take this time to clarify the fact that rape amongst athletes has been taking place for generations just as the mentality has existed for Centuries, “That good girls cannot get pregnant from rape”, has existed as well. for the Republican Party or Press to deny the same is what is at the root of the ignorance in America.  To feign ignorance over rape amongst athletes or the idea that a child born from rape is a “Blessing from God,” are new ideas should leave us all sickened with those who continually dismiss the truth.  These ideas have existed since the beginning of time.

In the minds of the “Good Old Boy System”, and unfortunately some women as well, a legitimate rape is one that involves Street mugging or when a rapist breaks into the home of a woman and rapes her.  Any rapes that happen when a woman is in the company of men or marriage or in the man’s Apartment, barracks, frat house or territory, provocatively dressed or drinking, and the woman is raped it is no big deal to this mentality.  To many of both genders feel when this happens a woman is just asking for sex and rape does not happen under these circumstances.This attitude has always existed over the years, and continues being the attitude of to many.

Etiquette stated years ago, and perhaps still does,”One should never speak of politics,sex, or religion while in mixed company.”  Although I believe we have developed too casual of an attitude towards good manners, I do believe that not talking about politics,sex, or religion has left too many of us brain-dead on the issues that should matter and be discussed by all of us.  When we say the subject bores us then we are the ones who lose.  This post discusses all three subjects.

Allow me to tell you,the not so uncommon stories of its’ day in regards to women and rape.   I change the names and do not name the locations but I will not tell anything but the facts in the telling of these three stories. The names or locations are not important as these stories took place across our Nation in Jane and John Does and in anywhere U.S.A. during the era in which I write, along with years in advance of the same.

One generation does not often tell these kinds of stories from previous generations because it has to often been bred into the older generations to keep secrets in the past, or perhaps with time memory does get lost, behind both denial and disease.I begin from the truth of my own memory, that is still well-preserved. I Thank You for that Dear Lord, as I also inherited the mouth to tell the truth! Way back when there were the Landers Sisters writing and publishing the Nations problems, I was nicknamed Ann Landers since both men and women felt comfortable in telling me things that they would not even tell their husbands or wives.

1. It was the Spring of 1959 and an eighth grade girl ,who was rumored to  have been molested by a family member, was dating a young man,and together they had sex,previously,to the young girl attending a keg party with highschool athletes.  She was severely gang raped that night, as a result of drinking at the party.  No local lawyer, would take her case. The young victim had a wealthy aunt who lived 75 miles distance from the town, who could afford to pay for a lawyer, so they were able to hire an out-of-town lawyer.

When the case came before the judge, the victim’s boyfriend had been rounded up and forced to acknowledge that he had sexual relations with the girl who was the victim in this story.  The Judge threw the gang rape case out of Court and his finding stated,”No young man much less young boys could be held responsible for rape when the young girl in question, had previously de-flowered herself and was drinking alcohol under age.”Nothing was said about the young boys drinking illegally,of course.

2. In the Winter of 1964 a Catholic Priest, who the Church knew had a History of molesting young women, was given dispensation from duty as a Parish Priest and instead sent on the rounds of filling in as a speaker while conducting retreats in Convents and All Girls Catholic boarding Schools.  The same happened during this time with Priests celebrating retreats in all Boys Schools, when they had a history of molesting young boys.  The Catholic Church has come clean about their history but so many other Private Schools and Colleges are still denying that this still continues in their schools.  The Penn State Coach is NOT an uncommon story but just one of many.

3.  Going back to my farthest memory, any Sports player or Coach who brought fame to their sports program whether it was highschool, college, or the pros, were entitled to take anything they wanted to take, regardless of the size of the Town, City, or Religious affiliation. If the athlete is part of the team but not a star player then they will be used as the fall guy for the stars to remain clean. Unless it was burglary, where a Store refused to drop charges but in most cases even they could be bought off, if the athlete was a star and changed his ways.  Most Teams, while traveling elsewhere to play outside of their own town or City will have a team of scouts scouting out the local scene for a Party for them to return to.  These Parties since the 1960’s have both girls of questionable morality as well as virgins rounded up to attend.

Highschool girls have always been amongst the attendees of both sports and fraternity parties. It may be cool to a 16-year-old virgin, or not, to think they look older than they do and to go ahead and drink but when these girls do, it excuses the boys from showing the girls, respect. To many believe that when a girl says “NO” they are only teasing and instead they really want sex.  Boys have been told for generations that some girls need more convincing and when they say “No”, they really mean yes. Dress and drinking in women has always been grounds for rape, if they get drunk or even if drugs have been placed in their drinks, at these parties. I certainly do not accept that this mentality has ever been right but pretending we have not only tolerated it but promoted it for generations, makes it even more deplorable now when we deny the same.

A woman or young girl who is unconscious from drugs or alcohol has never been hands off in the minds of some boys and men and to pretend that this behavior does not happen or has not happened in the past is just another lie of the “Good Old Boy System.” I do not deny that there are some girls whose morality can make some mens’ behavior, pristine, but until we accept that prostitutes are raped, then we deny reality.

We fail women and our sisters alike, when we hold all women responsible for the behavior of a few.  All women have always been held responsible for those few women; where as all men and their behavior has been excused because of the behavior of the few women, who would set up men and yell “rape.” Rape is as unpleasant for most women to have to divulge the details and to relive the rape in a Court of law, regardless of their background, as it is for a man to get his penis removed, and yet we have always blamed victims of rape, for causing rape. Women, not men, are raped again by our judicial system.

Regardless, if it is a house party or a frat house across America the boys and men of the crowd are egged on to feel that rape is justified because “Good Girls” would not be there drinking if they didn’t want sex, has always been the mentality of the “Good Old Boy System”This mentality has existed in the “bad boys” as well as the Sports teams going back at least to the 1950’s when I first heard the stories told to me by the girls who had been raped.  Going to a man’s house or apt. under the guise of having a cup of coffee or to listen to his music, has existed for just as long, as a reason for rape.  It doesn’t have to be alcohol and to pretend that it does is only promoting the same lies. I’m sure those older than myself will tell my readers the same statement of fact, if they care to be honest with their grandchildren.

For a bunch of right-wing Republican men and the media that backs them,to feign ignorance or to act flabbergasted at the same while they continue to deny women,that this has been and remains the mentality amongst the “Good Old Boy System,” for centuries, sickened me in the Republican elections this year.  The fact that the media is now pointing a finger at Steubenville,Ohio, as being small town and unique in their cover up of the most recent rape being broadcasted, leaves me equally sick.

No one who has ever served as a cheerleader or been part of the popular or un-popular group could not possibly have attended highschool and had a successful Sports team, without knowing that this behavior took and takes place whether they were or are girls or boys.  The mentality that allows whole communities to protect rape and the behavior and mentality that broadcasts,” That these women deserve to be raped”,comes from a background in which we began early, hearing these stories as always being the fault of women. Too many women who serve on Juries are even worse than male juries when it comes to pointing a finger at the rape victims. To many times the lives of all boys, girls, and women who are raped, are destroyed by the men and women who protect these lies.

To deny that as a fact, has to make all of us ask,”Just how far has America slipped into denial?’  Will we deny that 67 Republican Tea Party members attempted to hold up funding for the Hurricane Sandy victims while FEMA was saying they were going broke and could not pay back the families who had paid into their flood Insurance?

Will we remain in denial of the fact that 183 Republican Congressmen and Senators could have cared less if it cost the middle class 100s of thousands of jobs, if we had gone over the fiscal cliff?  Did we elect them because their ideology is more important to us, than are our children and elderly, who will go hungry or without effective medical care? Will we all do better living on the Republican and the N.R.A. ideology that makes us feel unsafe without a gun in our homes even though a third of all deaths of children result as our having a gun in our homes. Will their ideology make us a better Democracy if we cannot provide for our families?

Does the N.R.A. lobbying the Republican Congress, who followed through on their bidding, to disallow funding to the Disease Control Center, make us feel even safer against Disease? If this sounds like a stupid analogy to those of you who protect the Republican Congress, rape, and guns, then just think of what you, yourselves, must sound like to the rest of the World!

Will we keep denying the fact that 50 some economists outside of Washington are saying that the only thing that is stagnating the American Economy is the 67 Tea Party members voting against the needs of the people along with the far right in Congress, who clearly want to see government go broke before they serve the needs of our elderly? Even Wall Street has joined the side of the Democrats on the damage being done to Business growth and jobs by the uncertainty of the Republican Congress. How much more can we deny until denial renders us all brainless when it comes to human decency and common sense?

I ask you,”Are we now going to pass the blame on to a bunch of kids in Steubenville,Ohio, for doing what men have always done or are we going to finally acknowledge the injustice of it, ALL! The guilty in Steubenville needs to be prosecuted along with others in our Nation.  I certainly do not mean to make allowances for the people responsible for such an ugly crime in Steubenville, Ohio, but it is our Nation’s problem. We all must take responsibility for denying these problems have always existed and still do exist.

We begin by eliminating the mindset that allows us to remain in denial, to the point that those amongst us simply accept it as “Just being the way it has always been,” before another election brings in more of the same mentality that cripples us as a Democracy. To accept it as being the way it is, has always been a second crime of humanity, against both our children and women. Those who tell us they want to go back to the 1950’s morality are lying to all of us about the truth that existed then just as it does today.

I warn all parents to think twice when they think popular,”is all that,” because a cheerleader and a popular girl are twice as likely to be raped than is a less popular girl. These girls also peak early just as the ball players do, and their best memories are as children or in highschool.  They learn ,too often, to settle for less and have a far greater chance of becoming pregnant as teenagers.  The “nerds”, on the other hand, have far greater statistics when it comes to those who go on to challenging careers following a College education and happy and contented lives.  If we parents cannot consider long-term results as a priority in our lives, then how can we expect those younger than ourselves to have common sense?

When we set up our own children to continue under the system that many of us tried to stop, we punish our children for the sins of the parents.” When we lack common decency,our children lack the same.  When we make everything about ourselves then our children do as well. When we as adults deny truth of fact and our children are raised on the same, we create the monster that often leads to more half-truths and false accusations against the victims of our Society.

Ultimately the same mentality leads to an increase failure in families and a bigger concern of increased crime in children at a much younger age. We cannot deny that the viciousness of our youth crimes are not increasing with the mentality that blames the victims over the perpetrators. As a Society brain washed in gun ownership our children have emerged as the losers. We need to hold both parents responsible for the failure of the child while we increase our endeavors to spot and treat both mental illness and drug addiction as the diseases that they are.  We need to give trained professionals who recognize the need for early intervention and parents the ability to get the help these children need through our Court Systems.

Those who claim family values would not need to talk about family values, if they had any.  Conversation along the lines of family values or the worsening of morality ultimately gives our Churches a bad name for failing at their jobs. The Conservative right is doing a bang up job of destroying Religion along with the Republican Tea Party, when they are not doing it to themselves. When questionable and charismatic Religion preaches the “Prosperity Gospels” while bleeding money from the poor and middle class and then blame the poor and middle class for their own poverty due to a lack of Faith, it is time we all voice our outrage. It takes the voice of the people to stand up to the injustices taking place and have taken place under our noses for generations. It begins with placing the emphasis on the right priorities without attacking the victims.

It never solves anything to talk when we need to be acting to stop the mentality in all of the new generations while charging those,” who do not get it”,in a Court of Law.  The mentality of,”Boys will be Boys,” has always laid at the root of the corruption in morality, since the beginning of mankind. If we want to make a difference, then we must begin today in telling the younger generations, who are our future, the ugly truth of yesterday.

To tell our grandchildren that children and women experienced a kinder gentler time in History, is and always has been a lie. Any adult who refuses to accept reality, needs to also accept that they are jeopardizing the future of their children and grandchildren, when they choose denial of the facts, over the truth. When we know better then we need to do better as a Society and as a Nation of laws.

To blame Steubenville alone is ludicrous, because if we leave them carrying the bag for what has been wrong for generations,around the World, we leave all of our children unprotected against rape,guns, and our own stupidity.  For the sake of our children, we must begin with changing the mentality, that we have allowed to go on.  We can no longer deny our own behavior and motives when technology shows us the truth and refuses to tolerate lies.

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The Heritage Foundation bills itself as a Conservative think tank when in truth they are lobbyist and responsible for hiring the people who spread the lies against the Democrat majority and President Obama both on the blog-o-sphere and the air waves. It, along with Grover Norquist, was responsible in helping elect President George W. Bush.  They sponsor Rush Limbaugh and work in unison with Grover Norquist refusal to raise taxes. Grover Norquist is a frequent guest as are Tea Party members Ron and Rand Paul on CNN

Phillip Morris Tobacco  along with the Choctaw Indian Tribe and Time Warner who owns CNN are large contributors. CNN likes to call their polls following the debates Scientific and the erratic campaign of Mitt Romney as being mostly true but their poll following the debates have  always had more Republicans than Democrats in it as CNN claims that Republicans watch the debates more than Democrats.  I point that out so when we see other Networks with a double-digit difference in favor of President Obama we understand why CNN is trying to spin it in favor of Mitt Romney.  What I saw of Mitt Romney was anything but Presidential as he was sweating,blinking his eyes and licking his lip which again are symptomatic body language of someone who is less than honest. I sure wouldn’t want Mitt Romney negotiating for my release if  I was ever held hostage ,negotiating nuclear disarmament with Korea or unfair trade practices with China.  As the saying goes”Never let them see you sweat” or”He who blinks first loses.”

But I digress, many believe that the Heritage Foundation along with Grover Norquist also played a major role in helping defeat John McCain because they were the ones responsible for putting Tea Party candidate Sarah Palin on the ticket.  When they did so, John McCain’s support, fell into the dunking tank as far as most women were concerned. I personally  think that any Republican was going to lose the election following George W. Bush and the Tea Party knew that so set John McCain up so  he wouldn’t be in their way this year.

Remember when we did not know Sarah Palin was a Tea Party member but only speaking at their Convention?If we would have known the truth then, The Tea Party would not have been able to ride in on their “Trojan Horse” and claimed they wanted to clean up the Republican Party after The Bush Administration debacle. No one whispered the same in the Republican Party but instead left us puzzled as to why they would support the Tea Party.

Too many voters were led to believe by the media that the Tea Party was a brand new grass-roots movement and many of the followers had to make sacrifices to attend their Conference in Indiana, in 2010, even though the Tea Party members have been part of the majority and the members financially well backed for at least 13 years because Paul Ryan has been a member of Congress for that long as has Ron Paul, and in the World of Politics that makes them old timers. The lies have spread like wild-fire against President Obama since their so-called grass-roots movement with the Help of the Heritage Foundation.

This election year in Maricopa County Arizona, Hispanic voters are being told to show up two days after the election to vote on November 8th instead of November 6th.  The officials there are saying it was just a mistake made in their printing and that might be believable if it was not for the fact that voters in Ottawa,County in North West Ohio, who voted heavily for President Obama in 2008, were not being told the same thing by Republican officials.  Voters are being intimated by the Conservative vote group in Texas and elsewhere by asking questions that are not any of their business and asking for unnecessary ID.  Please be aware that this is all organized mayhem in order to run off the voters for President Obama by these sleazy groups being supported by the Republican Conservative base and the Tea Party.

The Heritage Foundation was behind electing John Roberts to the Supreme Court and in making  large sums of money in campaigns legal.  They have convinced too many Conservative voters that electing President Obama means bringing in Socialism and Communism to our government and to America. Senator Allen West claim that”All 81 Democrats serving on the budget Committee to reduce waste and to support a plan to reduce the deficit are all Communists,” is supported by Tea Party members, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, along with the Heritage Foundation.  Mitt Romney has said he will appoint Allen West of Florida to his cabinet if Mitt Romney is elected.

They are no different from the McCarthy era of the 1950’s nor the John Birch Society of the 1960’s except they accept Mormons who are as far right as they are,  and have paid for and continue to finance the Tea Party. They spread the rumor that the Tea Party was grassroots in the 2010 election and were concerned about spending when their real goal is to eliminate all moderate Republicans and take over the Republican Party while promoting the end of the FDR programs and equal rights for women.

Mitt Romney became their choice for President when Newt Gingrich lost his bid to win the primaries.  Do not be fooled by Mitt Romney’s apparent swing to the middle in his debates as the handlers knew if Mitt Romney stayed right where he has been campaigning he would lose the moderate vote. They cannot win without the moderate vote so Mitt Romney is saying everything that appeals to the moderates while wooing the right-wing in the Primary elections.  They are so far right that they make the Conservative right look liberal. The war on women is real as they try to bring back the white male race to what they feel is the entitlement of the white male to prominence over minorities and women in the work force even though they are less educated and many times less qualified for the current job market.

Grover Norquist, who often speaks for them and sits on the board of the National Rifle Association, has informed the Conservative people we do not need a President that comes in here with an agenda of his own but instead a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to, has always been a member of the extreme right and worked as an aide for Presidential hopeful,Barry Goldwater,who was financed and  supported by The John Birch Society in the 1960’s.

Mitt’s professed views on rape and women equality,even though they were not the same in the primaries as they are now, makes no difference  as the Tea Party attempt to stack the Senate, Congress and Governorships in our States with strong pro-life stances and with a majority to do away with the rights of women to make choices on their own health and body and to do away with Unions that protect the working conditions and rights of the workers.  It will not matter as to what Mitt Romney’s views are as with a majority vote Mitt Romney will sign into law the inequality of women. The Heritage Foundation supports and backs the heroes of Conservatism such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and as a result have led the Conservatives to believe that they are telling them the truth because their views on women inequality is even more harsh than the view of most Conservatives against Women’s rights.

It is the aim of both The Heritage Foundation and Grover Norquist’s along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and to turn it all over to private Industry by cutting government to half the size it currently is today.  In doing so they will eliminate all controls and regulations as they did under the Bush Administration and do away with the Consumer Protection Agencys as well as the government Agencys that protect the rights of the poor and middle class.  As Mitt Romney has said,”I will get rid of HUD,turn Teacher’s Unions over to another government Agency, and do away with Planned Parenthood and Obama care the first day I am elected”.

The Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform co-mingle and are one and the same in their belief system and strong supporters of the Tea Party and their supporters through their Foundations.  Both are lobbyists for their own causes and any and all Republican candidates, who take so much as a dime of their money, must sign an agreement to not raise taxes as they want government to go broke so they can shrink it to half of its size and turn the government wealth over to Private Industry.  Unlike the Conservatives the Tea Party does not believe in Democracy nor does Grover Norquist.

Americans For Tax Reform was founded and is ran by Grover Norquist.  Both the Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform have pumped in 4 million dollars into the Tea Party in an effort for the lies to be spread against Democrats, President Obama, and Obama care, prior to this election year.  Since they saw to it that the money paid in by outside groups does not have to be reported by getting John Roberts elected as a Supreme Court Justice and swinging the vote to their side on unlimited dollars going into campaigns, no one knows for certain to what a degree their dollars have gone into the Mitt Romney Campaign once Newt Gingrich was defeated in the primaries.

Mitt used an unlisted mail box in Park City, Utah to receive his cash funding during the Republican primaries. They flooded the State of Nebraska and pumped money into the pockets of all Republican candidates and are supporting Republican Deb Fisher against Democrat Bob Kerry  in the Senate Race even though they hold no other interest in the State due to the Law that does not allow Corporations into Nebraska to compete against Agriculture. The Republican Congressman of Nebraska who is running for re-election, Adrian Smith, has always had their backing and votes with them.Their  interest is two fold: to sign all Republicans to their pledge to not raise taxes or let the Bush taxes run out on the wealthy while increasing their tax breaks in exchange for paying for both Nebraska campaigns and to do away with the Equal Rights of Women.

Nebraska has already approved the Personhood Bill that gives all rights to the egg while denying women,including those of rape and incest, the right to make decisions on their own body and health. In their efforts to stack the Supreme Court with Conservative Justices it is their belief that they will over throw Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the States where Roe vs. Wade will be over thrown  in favor of the Bill guaranteeing Personhood to the egg and thereby deny women the right to make decisions of their own on their own health issues.  The Personhood bill criminalizes abortion, irregardless of the circumstances, while criminalizing Doctors who would attempt to save a woman’s life or to prescribe the Morning After Pill (Plan B) following a rape, as those rights under the Personhood Bill would go to the egg even when women are not pregnant. Nebraska is only one example of many States voting in or attempting to vote in laws of Personhood, by Tea Party controlled Republican Governors  and legislatures in our States.

Grover Norquist has said,” Conservatives protest in favor of values when in truth they have no values.”  The Conservatives do not know yet that they are being ripped off by the Tea Party and the Heritage Foundation along with Americans For Tax Reform because Mitt Romney could never win this election without the Conservative vote any more than he can win it without the moderate Republican vote, and they know it.  After George W.Bush won election Grover Norquist said,”Pat Robertson’s staff is so much a part of the White House, Thems is Us, and Us is Thems,” while saying Conservatives do not have any values and are against business.

Mitt Romney is telling us that President Obama will ruin entrepreneurship because by charging more taxes to small business they will all go out of business. He is calling for people like the Koch Brothers and Florida Resorts to tell their people that they better vote for him or lose their jobs and they along with other CEO’s are threatening their employees with the same.  Only 1% of 1% of small business makes a million dollars or more per year and the other 99.99% of small business will profit under President Obama’s tax plan.  Despite these facts, Mitt Romney, continues to claim that 60% of  the people hired by small business will lose their jobs if President Obama’s Tax plans go into effect as small business employs 60% of all workers in America.

In closing then the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform are as big of a lie as what Mitt Romney and the Tea Party spreads. It is no accident that Mitt swung to the middle so far on his first debate that he totally left President Obama in a daze.  In both his second and third debate he continued to deny almost everything that he has said on the campaign trail in order to influence the moderate vote while assuring the Conservatives of his opposite stand on the campaign trail.

MITT ROMNEY AGREED WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA SO MUCH  ON  LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE ON FOREIGN POLICY THAT HE SOUNDED MORE LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VICE PRESIDENT CHOICE.  After listening to Mitt Romney talk about how President Obama is doing everything right on Foreign Affairs we would have to be stupid to get rid of the Inventor of these ideas as President Obama’s Administration has done everything right according to Mitt Romney during the debate but on the campaign trail Mitt Romney has been vicious in his attacks against President Obama’s foreign policy.The Tea Party  are in all of our States backing all Republican candidates both in our States and in Washington in an effort to take over the Republican Party and to deny equality to both women and minorities and to send us back to the 1950’s.

They will not be stopped, unless we stop them together at the election polls.  Vote for the re-election of President Obama and for Democrats now or on November 6. They have tried so hard to rig the system that if we do not vote we will all lose, if Mitt Romney and the Republicans are elected or re-elected in November. That includes you as well, Republicans.  There is not a single moderate amongst them even if they think they will be because the only way they can win their election is by taking Tea Party advanced money, and that includes Mitt Romney, as moderate hopefuls for President, were cut out of the vetting system, before the selection of candidates for the Republican primaries. Why do you think they had such a pathetic selection in the primaries?  Your original instincts on, Mitt Romney,saying what ever it takes to win the election even when his actions and private conversations held before the “Fat Cats” prove differently, were not wrong. Trust them now.  Vote!

(Late edition to my readers:  Today Colin Powell endorsed President Obama because he was concerned about Mitt Romney’s change of views at the debate and feels he is all over the map and may have neo-conservative views in his foreign policy and is not coming clean with the voters. For those of you who are concerned about balanced budgets,the economy and jobs, and why people vote Republican, I urge you to read my post entitled,” The History Of Balanced Budgets” and the question and answers that follow.  It was written on May 2,2012, and can be either typed into this site where it says search or you can simply press on May 2012 at the side of this post and find it.  Thank you!)

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There is a misconception in America that balanced budgets are the norm and that Republicans balance budgets where as Democrats create deficits through spending on entitlements.  Clearly that is all it is, a misconception. I present the following  facts.

Harding was the first President of the twentieth century to preside over a balanced budget in 1923-24 and only the second in the history of America. Before that Congress spent money during hard times and paid down the deficit during good times.
It has been said and part of history that it was the laissez-faire attitude of Calvin Coolidge (R.1924-1929) that lead to the Great Depression. He believed no one should have to pay taxes but the 2% of the wealthiest and they were the only ones who did pay taxes.  The economy roared during the 1920’s due to the invention of radio and airlines and this led to the ability of both Harding and Coolidge having balanced budgets.  It was still a time when wages were low due to the lack  of  power or absence of the Unions and no restrictions were placed  on Businesses.  We still did not have what would become known as the Middle class at that time.  It was only the wealthy and the working poor of America.  It would be the influence and increasing power of the Unions who would eventually establish the Middle class along with the government backing of the Veterans benefits following Word War 2 that would establish todays’ Middle class.  Coolidge believed that the majority of Americans did not have to pay taxes and this led to the down ward spiral that many historians believe created the Great Depression.
It would be Conservative Republican Herbert Hoover in the 1930’s who would preside over the next balanced budget.  In an effort to pull America out of the Great Depression his agenda that was accepted by Congress was to increase taxes on the wealthy from 25% to 63% while increasing taxes on Corporations as well.  Raising taxes while controlling spending in a deep Depression would prove  disastrous.  He believed all charitable work and what the Republicans call entitlements today should be handled by volunteerism and as a result he is considered, if not the worse President, at least, one of the worse in the History of our Nation by historians.
It would take Democrat President Roosevelt  creating jobs and making government responsible for feeding the hungry that would lead to a sustained economy; combined with the return of the soldiers and their benefits following World War 2.  We would become a more educated Society due to the GI Bill as before that only the wealthy could attend college. The G.I. Bill was also passed during the Roosevelt Presidency.  Low income housing was also provided under the GI Bill and the Republicans would refer to these benefits as entitlements. Women, who worked in the factories to replace the absent soldiers while they were at war, found they enjoyed working out of the home and this led to women in the market place as well.  For the first time in history Americans who were not wealthy could own their own homes.  With the return of a healthy economy due to the establishment of the Middle Class and discretionary spending  economists established  the knowledge that as long as the middle class did well so did the economy.  Since then historians have not dismissed that theory even though todays’  Republicans are trying to eliminate all programs started under Roosevelt including Social Security as we know it, under the Tea Party backed Republican Ryan Plan.
The next balanced budget was done while President Eisenhower presided over Congress in the 1950’s  and was  followed by Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson in the 1960’s.  There would not be another balanced budget until the 1990’s  when Democrat President Bill Clinton presided as President and it would also be the last balanced budget to date.  Bill Clinton not only presented the Bush Administration with a balanced budget but also with a surplus.  Social Security was in what the Democrats referred to as a “lock Box” and  Al Gore who won the popular vote, campaigned on leaving Social Security alone and in the “lock Box” as it provided for the healthcare of Senior Citizens through 2072.

It is a myth that Presidents create budget deficits since it is Congress who holds the purse strings and Presidents can only present their agendas and then it is up to Congress to pass the same or to vote against it.  For President OBama to be accused of the 5 trillion dollars deficit by a Republican majority in Congress is no different from President Bush being accused of the 7 trillion-dollar deficit during his time in office.  Certainly we know that the Republicans refuse to accept any budget President OBama has presented to them while adding their own “PORK” to the spending.

President Bush inherited a surplus from the Clinton Administration and instead of the Republican majority, who were in office during his first term paying down the deficit as has happened throughout history, they increased the deficit while spending the money set aside for Social Security. President Bush had a Republican majority for the first term followed by a Democrat majority and neither paid for the two wars that George W. Bush was responsible for and for that reason he does share in the deficit created due to the wars he enacted. He believed that he could create a global Democracy in the World and it helped lead to a fiscal disaster that we are now bearing the weight of. Part of the disagreements on foreign affairs with the Conservative hate stems  from the fact that President OBama neither believes or supports the idea that we can force Democracy, as we know it, onto the rest of the World.  President OBama’s belief that other Countries  must decide their own future success or failure without America’s enforcement has partially led to  the Conservative hate campaign against President OBama, and their vocal disagreement with him on foreign affairs.

When we hear CNN counting down the days since the budget was balanced (which they have since stopped) or Fox News describing the lack of a balanced budget as the disaster of the OBama Administration then we understand how the media can unwittingly mislead us on the facts, or in the case of Fox News, outwardly lie to us. As I have shown balanced budgets are a rarity and have only happened when the Congress pays down the deficits during a good economy while helping the middle class through spending during a bad economy. When we consider that we have had a balanced budget only 6 times in the history of our Nation, then we all understand better how we can be mislead by what we hear in the media or from the opposing Parties. The fiscal health of the Middle class is what creates jobs and a healthy economy and yet the Republicans keep weakening the strength of the middle class in favor of the Wealthy and “trickle down economics”.  If we do not all know by now that “trickle down economics.” is a failure and only increases the wealth of the wealthy, while the middle class never sees any of the income earned on our backs, then it is only because we refuse to deal with reality.

It is the Middle Class who spends and builds the economy with their discretionary spending and when our income drops by 30% while theirs’ rises by 120% or more, then we have a stalled or slow recovery. As long as the Tea Party supported and the Conservative Republicans keep decreasing  the discretionary spending through eliminating the Unions with the “Right To work laws” we will be stuck in a slow recovery.  Combine that with a minus or .03 expected growth in Europe and we are still expecting a progressive but slower than hoped for recovery.

We have had and continue to have a sustained 24 month growth rate that the rest of the world envies, under President OBama, even though most of us President OBama as well, would like to see a more robust economy. With the economy being at crises state when President OBama took over office it will take time for us to get back to where we would all like to be.  It took much longer than two and a half years to pull out of the Great Depression and it will take longer than that to gain a robust recovery now.  In the first year of any Presidency, the past President establishes the budget for the next year, and the new President can do nothing to change it for the first year.

With Mitt Romney going back to  business as usual by eliminating government agencys that protect “We the People” while giving the wealthy another 4.6 trillion dollar tax cut and again removing the restrictions on Corporations and Wall Street, as they did during the Bush years, then we are talking about another disaster worse than the one we have just pulled out of, that continues to deplete the middle class of America.  Vote in November.

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