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Every time John McCain offers an ounce of  hope from recovering from his own embarrassment of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate he opens his mouth and brings more humiliation down on himself.

For those who missed it over the weekend John McCain said, ” The Democrats are going to have to pay for humiliating the Republicans.”  Is there anyone left in America who does not agree that this child-like behavior by the Republican Party, itself, is at the root of the problem that is wrong in the Republican Party?

Haven’t we had enough of an absent Republican Party who is so busy on the witch hunt committees against the Obama Administration, ran by Republican Congressman Darrell Isis, that no one is left in the Republican Party other than obstructionist, to govern?

Isn’t it just more insults too many, when these arrogant members of the Republican Party and Republican Congressman Darrel Isis, appears on television and calls Social Security and Obama care, entitlements when the American people pay for them, while our people struggle? Do they not get,  “Hell yes, if we pay for it we pay for the service!” How long do they think they can insult hard working Americans who pay for their health care, by suggesting they are free loaders, and not find themselves,ostracized?

No one has turned the American people against them or humiliated the Republican Party ,other than themselves, due to their own behavior.  They drew attention to themselves when they decided to expose themselves and their own behavior.  For 12 years they have hidden behind blaming Democrats for their own refusal to pay for two  wars during the Bush Administration and for 5 years for blocking through filibustering or obstructing any and all attempts made by the Obama Administration to bring relief to the middle class and help to minorities and women.

We have heard absolutely every nasty criticism made by the Republicans against Harry Reid, Eric Holder, President Obama, Ben Bernanke, and Nancy Pelosi, the people’s government, and every other group or person they could attack for 12 years, while they have failed to do anything other than Mitch McConnell  saying ,” Our only interest is to make sure President Obama is a one term President.”

Does John McCain now seriously believe that we believe this same bunch of loafers and dodgers of their responsibility to govern, changed just because they added another few tea Party members to Congress in 2012? Does he really think the American people believe the Republicans have not spent 12 years making the Democrats and the American people pay for their own failures to govern? Even I, John McCain, was so humiliated for you when you made that statement, I wanted to reach out and give you a hug and say, ” God forgive him for he knows not what he says.”

Just because President Obama refused to go out and supervise the play ground of these Republicans behaving like the tea party bullies led by Ted Cruz that they are and children seeking revenge because President Obama had the nerve to pass through Obama care to help relieve premium costs and bring about health care for those who could not get it, are we now suppose to believe it was President Obama who humiliated the Republicans because he did not settle the Republicans own quibbles amongst themselves or their own bullies did not listen to reason and common sense in their own party?

The Republicans had the vote and the ball was in their hands and their end zone, to make certain the people’s government was not shut down, and they made the decision to drop the ball on the people. For all the posturing going on about the tea party alone being responsible. if Boehner had of followed procedure and brought it to a vote, the Republicans could have prevented a shut down from ever happening. If the Republican body had have put as much pressure on Boehner as did the tea party they could have prevented the shut down.  Instead the entire Republican Party are responsible and have behaved badly. For John McCain to now blame the Democrats for letting the Republicans humiliate themselves is absurd. The Republicans thought they could continue to win on their criticisms of President Obama and the Democratic leaders, and Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were overheard on an open mic saying just that.

The Republicans humiliated themselves by openly exposing themselves as a party who could care less about the majority of American people because it was their intent to once more appeal to their own constituency by making an issue out of Obama care for the forty-first time,  because they wanted to attract attention to their base and believed in doing so they would win the respect of the voters. Sorry Republicans, you pushed it too far and the hot air balloon blew up in your own faces.

It is not the job of the President or the Democrats to save the Republicans from humiliating themselves;  Just because you have cried wolf forty- one times too many and it finally blew up in your own faces to the point you exposed your own childish and vindictive behavior, to the voters. You have no one to blame but yourself, and to declare on public television that you are seeking revenge against the Democrats because you humiliated yourselves, is comparable to a child’s temper tantrum.

Sorry again,  John McCain, and fellow Republicans but  there comes the day that you have to face the enemy and acknowledge that the enemy is you.  Just like President Obama and the Democrats did not pick Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, they did not pick this fight either. The Democrats in the House and Senate were all ready as was President Obama  to sign the Senate bill passed before the government was shut down.  25 Republicans in the House also said they were as well, but then failed to stand up for their convictions, as every conservative media outlet attacked them by saying,” the moderates were the worse thing to happen to the Republican Party.”

You, the Republican Party, humiliated yourselves by picking a fight that the American people refused to let you win. You exposed yourselves, for just how low  your own members will stoop because of their own brand of hate and need to win, even when winning meant holding the people’s government for ransom at the obvious prolonged suffering of the American people.

The truth sometimes hurts and change can be difficult, but it is the only way you, the Republican Party, can erase the humiliation you created yourselves and hope ‘we the people’, can some time down the road, notice through your own actions, you are willing to change. It is your job to stop the intimidation of the bullies of the tea party minority in your own party,  The Democrats, President, OR WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU AND OBVIOUSLY NONE OF YOU ANY LONGER UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR JOB IS.

Our children and people have sacrificed at the hands of your selfishness for too long.We are praying that you do wake up and, “smell the roses”, before we or you have to pay a greater cost because of your own refusal to compromise! the clicking you are hearing is from the people turning off your paid for conservative media, that you can no longer depend on to spread your own brand of lies. Good Luck!

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Common sense through out our history has always been that one barometer backed up by the thinking of “crying wolf one time too many,” that the common man could rely on as to who was telling the truth and who wasn’t.  What Politicians said in order to get elected have been suspect for just as long.  The majority of us always knew when any one Party cried wolf one time too many it was time to discount everything they said.

What leaves me perplexed are the polls that show 57% of  the American public blame President Barack Obama for the government shut down. When does crying wolf one time too many happen with this Republican Party before we all wake up and wise up and recognize they do not have our best interests at heart? Are we so out of touch that if they keep repeating the same lies over and over again that they brain wash us into believing their lies.  Give us a break, enough of their assumptions that we are too dense to figure it out, has been spread for too long and too far at this point.

The only way my common sense isn’t going off the charts on this one is to consider how inaccurate the polls by the same media reports were when President Obama won in 2012.

We must all know by now as a Nation and understand that the Republicans attempts to hi-jack the passage of Obama care for two years with the exact say arguments they are using today, did smell like a skunk then as well.

Their arguments to stop it then were identical to why they refuse to take the blame for shutting down the government today. Sure we recognize if the Republicans were filibustering Obama care in the Senate, refusing to pass it in the Congress then there must be some concern about obstructionists on their part, and something is not quite right with their reasoning.  Is there a single person amongst us who does not remember the ever rising cost of healthcare at the time or premiums at the time were rising at 40% that same year, when President Barack Obama followed through on enacting Obama care, and those costs are dropping under what have already been enacted by Obama care?

This same Republican Filibustering Senate Led by minority leader Mitch McConnell and the same Congress led by majority leader Eric Cantor with House Speaker Boehner have only been made worse with the addition of the 40 Tea Party Libertarians in 2010,  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist anymore to figure out: the interests of the people, high premium costs, and job growth of the middle class are not their interests. These Republicans have made 41 attempts to shut down, repeal, or to find Obama care unconstitutional.

The Republicans in Congress, along with the little dictator, Ted Cruz, whose job it is to pay all of the bills and to pass laws safeguarding the safety of we the people, have taken a page out of the terrorists handbooks by holding the people’s  government hostage through acts of ransom and extortion.  We all know those are criminal acts for which we would be imprisoned, so why aren’t these same Republicans facing criminal charges or facing impeachment? Instead they continue to be paid.

While using up the time President Obama has in office to get the rest of his agenda accomplished these same Republicans are doing nothing to pass the Bill protecting our women and children against abuse, immigration reform has failed to even be brought up for discussion, they are jeopardizing the funding of our military  families health care and transport home of our war heroes, our safety in airports and in diseases control have been jeopardized or shut down, children are going hungry at even greater numbers and the list of what these Republicans have jeopardized while they have done nothing, but campaign for 5 years, has become astronomical to the cost to us, the people. Yet none of  this is not enough proof to 57% of the population; that the Republicans have cried wolf with the same old same old arguments too often as to have lost all credibility with the voters?

That run away spending they keep bringing up is just another one of their massive lies.  Our taxes and spending both are as low as they were in the 1950’s when we were fighting the Korean War.

The fact that these same Republicans are now threatening to return the gross national product back to where it was before President Obama was sworn in and when most of these same Republicans were in office during the Bush years; to help create the fall should make all of us wise enough to know exactly what the tea party Republicans with their good buddies the Conservatives are up to.  Do we need a boulder to fall on our heads or do they before they understand that we are aware of what they are doing has nothing to do with what is in the best interests of the people, anymore than it has had to do with what is in the best interests of women, minorities, and the middle class for the last three decades.

Remember when the same media and networks were touting the polls showing Mitt Romney was leading and pulling away from President Obama as a clear winner in the elections and Grover Norquists refused to believe Mitt Romney had lost the election in Minnesota and Michigan so held out against Romney seceding the lost to  President Obama because they thought for sure they had stacked the deck high enough that they could not lose those States?

If the polls are more accurate now than they were in 2012, it makes absolutely no sense that 57% of the American Public hold President Obama responsible for not being stupid enough to once more meet with them so they can defeat necessary health care for the people, when we know  the Republican Party is offering nothing in return.  Can any of us deny that the Republicans have sat on their butts and done nothing but obstruct for the 5 years that President Obama has been in office?

The American people are better educated and wiser under the educational efforts made by President Obama and every generation has their members who are pliable or a bit obtuse, but I simply refuse to believe that “crying wolf 40 times too many”, as the Republicans have done, isn’t still a reliable source of common sense to cast doubts on the Republican veracity, no matter how many times the media says both are at fault.  Do their noses need to grow before we need to be told which of  them are telling the truth and acting accordingly to what is in the best interests of “We the People,” over their health care and insurance lobbyists?

I certainly have more faith in the American people than I do have in the polls and the Republican tea party Libertarians and Conservatives and I’m pretty sure the majority does agree with me. The dangerous game being played is by the Republicans and they are all playing it at all of our expense, and yet they continue to play us for stupid? The only recourse we have is at the voting polls, at this point, polls or no accurate polls. (excuse the pun)

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No position on earth is lonelier than the position of Head of a Nation such as our own; we are not only the largest economic Country in the World but also the most powerful militarily and the oldest Democracy.  The person on top of the mountain is almost always the most resented and hated of all by those who think they have the right to make those decisions which we ask our Presidents to make and set the Agenda that we elect our Presidents to do.  Regardless of the decisions made by our Presidents throughout History there are those who will be offended far more often than they will  praise the man of power over them.

This is true in a Corporation or any position of power even if it is just a matter of people who have more wealth and power than we do.  It is the nature of people around the World to hate and segregate the person or people who have power over us.  We do not  want the burden or necessarily the money that goes along with the power, as the majority of us want to earn a fair day’s pay or win the money for ourselves through a lottery.  Just as the Nations who do not have a military powerful enough to defend against terrorists, themselves, need to rely on our military to protect them, many of them also resent us for their own feelings of inadequacy to defend their own needs.

The same is true of all of us  who are dependent on the bosses we work for in the workplace.  We often think they do nothing while we do all the work because our work shows where theirs’ does not.  We are dependent on their mercy to provide for our families and when they are less than understanding or merciful to  our own needs we resent them for the power they have over us and hate them for their inability to understand our needs.  Other times even when they do attempt to please us it will be impossible to please everyone. That is not to say that there are tyrants that do hire us to work for them and that comes with a different set of rules.

The majority of us, however, are not very introspective as people when it comes to our own incompetency on the job, in foreign affairs, or military operations, nor are those around the world who resent  Americans for their power.  We often need to be evaluated as a World power, boss, and Head of Nation, and military.  President Obama has turned to both us and the World for that evaluation, which is very rare indeed.

Sure we all Love Bill and Hillary Clinton now but the hatred over both Clintons when they were in the White House, was fodder for discussion pressed forward by News Agencies such as Fox News and the right of politics, nightly, when they were in power of the White House.  If Hillary decides to run as President and wins we can bet on the fact it will start and begin again, and as a woman in Power, the criticism will be that much greater, from the right. There were those whose hatred was so palpable  against Bill Clinton when he was in office that their faces turned red every time the name Bill Clinton was mentioned. The worst of them now claims He and Bill together solved the problems, as though he never hated Clinton.

When I remember the hatred in the Conservative held power across America, then and now I remember a growing hatred that took root and has grown even larger now, to the point it divides our Nation today.  We have not seen such growing hatred since the hatred by  Democrats over the crimes of the Nixon Administration and the Forgiveness of his crimes by President Ford. Some claim that it was the outrage against President Gerald Ford that started the grassroots of Conservatism.

None of that hatred, however, approached the level of hatred we have seen against, President Barack Obama, continually displayed by men like Ted Cruz, Senator Issis, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and others along with the majority of those Conservatives and Libertarians who have been paid for and bought by the Tea Party and by the Conservative movement and media as a whole, today.

In this atmosphere of hate in the Senate and Congress pressed on by men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist, we ask our President to lead and in other cases demand that he does while he is continually criticized both by the Conservative right and Tea Party libertarians who pat themselves on the back for being gatekeepers of family values.  Is it any wonder the majority of free thinking adults in America see so much hypocrisy in the Conservative movement?

Those who have not paid attention for the last two and a half years as the crises in Syria has grown are now asking our President for the use of diplomacy.  It is not just those here at home but also those who blocked any attempts or efforts by the Obama Administrations doing just that with the World community through the UN. Both Russia and China have blocked any and all efforts to even place the crises taking place in Syria on the table for discussion.

There are other Nations in the United Nation whose trade and or debt is held by China or who have oil distribution or interests as well as trade interests in Iran or Russia who are just as guilty of not voting in favor of  any efforts made by the United States, when it came to diplomacy in Syria.  Because of these Nations in the UN’s refusal to do so Putin walks around with a strut that allows Syria to go on with impunity, even while these Nations of the United Nation depend on our military  for their Defense. These same Nations signed the International agreement of law that bans the list of weapons of mass destruction and are members of NATO.

The great majority of us who follow the votes or lack of votes of support for the United States and the “right thing to do,” have found the U.N irrelevant for years and especially on Syria.  There seems to be a complete absent of understanding not just here but elsewhere in the World, that when elected President Obama not only demanded but pressed for diplomacy, not with just our allies and friends, but also with our enemies and was met with out-rage and criticism on both the World Stage and by the Conservatives, here at home. Therefore it is almost amusing, if not so maddening, that Russia, Members of the UN, Iran, and the Conservative following  are now saying more can be done towards diplomacy.

Any efforts to convince us or any other Nation that negotiations or anything for that matter is as it appears or is always black and white and we believe that,  those who do are all bound to lose.  There are those who simply do not want to hear the truth or believe that negotiations with tyrants such as Assad is even a possibility while others believe that negotiations always are possible even after they have been attempted repeatedly while 100,000 Syrians have died.

In a World where we deal with rational leaders or those who refuse to hide in the shadows, once negotiations are repeatedly tried and exhausted, it does require military intervention. When any tyrant feels that their position of power is being protected or threatened they do not negotiate but instead dig in deeper. It is no different to get this kind of a tyrant to reason or to even talk to us about possibilities, than it is to get a person in a coma to.  It is not until they see for themselves that their regime will be demolished by the power and technology of a military so great as to destroy their entire hold of power in 5 minutes ,will a tyrant consider coming to the table to negotiate. Then and only then will they come to the table if they understand that they can be left in power as long as they give up weapons of mass destruction and follow international law in regards to the same. This is what is being offered to Assad of Syria.

Some tyrants are so deranged as was Saddam Hussein and Hitler that negotiations could not even be considered as an option so they fought to their deaths rather than give up their power. We ,however, are not asking Assad to do that but instead to sign agreement to stop the use of banned weapons. Assad has been notified and attempts made for him to come to the table for two and half years by the  Obama Administration and the requests have been ignored by him.

We are at the point that we need military strikes to get the Assad Regimes attention in order to let him know that outside of his cozy neighborhood of Iran and China and Russia, we are serious.  Will the saber-rattling lead to more?  It very well could but if it does our allies in the Region will take on the battle, after we weaken the Assad Regime’s ability to use weapons of mass destruction against our friends and allies.  If atomic weapons, which we still believe are not developed in the region, are used by Iran then the whole World will get involved and take action. We cannot hide in the shadows against the threat of tyranny and expect to maintain the credibility and right of power necessary to prevent tyrants from taking over the World as well as our Nation.

Do we the American people, want America as a Nation that cowers and says “NO” when innocent children are being killed, raped, and tortured?  Is that the Nation that “We the People”, the Senate and Congress want America to become? In a Democracy we all have a voice to decide that question  through the people we elect.

Are we going to lose all credibility on the World Stage, because we refuse to stand up to those who break International law and commit war crimes so grievous as to destroy innocent children? You bet we are and we should lose credibility because as the Nation with the most powerful and the latest technological military in the World, we have already decided that we will finance a military not only to keep us safe but to safe guard our allies around the World as well. This is not just President Obama’s credibility and responsibility but ours and our elected officials as well.  What freedoms we gain as a Nation we are also many times called on to pay back for that freedom, no differently from those who depend on us for that military capability.

When we elect a government,” of the people, for the people. and by the people,” we ask those we elect to government to make those decisions that give them special powers to view information protected from the rest of us through intelligence and for reasons of safeguarding our own Security as well as our allies.  They need to hear us but they also sometimes need to over-ride us because of the classified information they receive.  I find it ironic that a Congress who has refused to hear a thing we have said for over 5 years is now ducking their own responsibility once again, and instead holding the war protestors responsible for the decisions they make, by again blaming the Obama Administration.  What else is new, huh?

It is a heavy decision for all of us, but most especially for those we elect, as what ever vote they cast there will always be those who are suspect by the nature that our Nation has been divided.  “We the People” are the only ones who can change that by uniting together behind our President or deciding to remain divided on the Strike that our President says needs to happen.

Unlike popular opinion, by too many politicians, and other paid lobbyists and voices, it is not the main job of our elected officials to gain our votes through election and re-election by lies, threats or intimidation but to protect our Nation and that of our Allies against Tyranny. It is our job to seek out information on the candidates, to listen to the candidate who most represents our own views, to check their voting records, to understand the platforms of the Parties they represent, and to determine their credibility without influence from outside sources, and then to vote in a convenient location and time provided equally to all of our convenience, regardless of race, nationality or Creed.

Didn’t President Barack Obama win the majority of our votes on trust?  I know that is why I stand beside, behind, and with Him. Each of us are given that right to decide for ourselves, however none of us, have a right to demand our President, Secretary of State or Nation, or Commander-in-Chief of military operations to broadcast to us point by point what their military plans are  or what they plan to do.

We do not have the right to know anymore than do the Senate or Congress, outside of the Security and Intelligence committees. The rest of or the main body of the Senate and Congress do get briefings of a greater significance than we do, but not equivalent to those who serve on the Special Security and intelligence Committees, nor are they entitled to the same. This raises the hackles of both the Libertarians and Conservatives when Diane Feinstein says trust me more so than when one of their own does.

Most of the posturing that is going on by the Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians in Washington, is just white noise to make “we the People” believe that the main body of Senate and Congress are being denied their just due, and to make us believe they have no obligation beyond voting for the people rather than for the oath of office they are sworn to uphold.

They are not obligated to vote with or according to the voice of the people who elect them in matters of National or World Security. Kind of ironic that Congress is even trying to suggest that they have acted in the best interests of the people in the past 5 years, isn’t it? Will the Libertarians and Conservatives in the Democratic and Republican Parties then follow through on their responsibility under the oath of office they swore to uphold against tyranny or will they justify their way out of that obligation out of allegiance to Grover Norquist?  Will the liberals also be swayed by the powers that be?  Who knows from this bunch?

If we all knew what the Special committees knew, and there being no love lost between Parties, it would only give the enemy incentive to buy information or knowledge so that any attack by us would only render our operations weaker and put our own people in harm’s way.  Just like the banter being bandied about over Snowdon’s lack of loyalty to maintain the allegiance of secrecy to an oath taken by all who are hired in the Department he was employed in, there will always be those who can justify wrong over right or right over wrong depending on our own perspectives. The American mind just like the World’s mind  is often persuadable  by a little money or lack of conscious sworn under oath to uphold the clearance of secrecy granted. Intelligence is supposed to be kept secret and is not intended to be reality television. If it was it would not be intelligence.

We have already heard more than what most of us have heard in the past about the plans and the reasoning behind the strike. Those retired officers in the military are not privileged to any classified information on the current strike nor are  men like Rumsfeld or any one else in the Pentagon, who are not directly involved with the immediate operation, nor are the media, entitled to anymore information than we are.  What we read and hear from most of them on the plans of the strike are nothing more than their opinions or speculation. Much of what we read through Social media is the opinion of those who have little to no knowledge beyond what they read on Social media and that which is written by those paid on social media to spread lies. By the same token much of what we watch on television  or read in print through the media is to spread conjecture or to sway opinions slanted usually by the owners who sign their pay checks.

There is an old saying in America, and I will attempt to clean it up but it says,  “Opinions are like rectums, we all have one but nobody wants to see it.”  We do well to remember that when we listen to excuses of elected officials who take an oath of office to defend against tyranny and  then  abdicate from their responsibility to do so; just as we should those who do not have our best interests at heart or dictators.  If we take the opinions of Russian television, or people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, seriously, we are really listening to flawed opinions.  That also includes all news agencies, as well as, those who report less than the news.  Any information gained in conversation when it is not on the level of reporting news, on the Social networks, as talk News networks, talk shows, or printed as opinion,  are simply that, their opinions.

Because we are not use to having information on strikes shared with us, we don’t know what to do with it as most Presidents in the lives of most of us, have never given that choice to “We the People” or the World to hear to the degree as President Obama has. Because our President, Barack Obama, has always given, “We the People,” the right to speak our own opinions as well as shown the United Nations its due respect, we have taken it for granted that this has been the nature of all other Presidents when it has been far from the nature of the White House to do so. The great majority of Presidents have shared limited information with us and the U.N. after attacks. America has never bent from its right to defend our Constitution or against tyranny aimed at either us or our allies, and as such there are enemies who do hate us. When President Bush said we would hunt down Osama Ben Laden following 9/11  very few in the U.N. backed us up then  and including when the Obama Administration took him down.

If we, or the Congress, or Senate ,or the World, refuse to take this strike against Syria as seriously as they should or refuse to accept our or their own responsibility to trust those in charge of this operation, as it being the only action left to us as a Nation, and the right thing to do, then those in charge of this operation have every responsibility and duty, according to our Constitution and the Geneva Convention, to follow their own conscious as it is their duty as elected officials to limit tyranny in the World along with every other Nation of NATO, since the announced strikes are neither a Declaration of War or an announcement of war.

When others refuse to defend against tyranny and 198 Nations have signed on to do just that, we are left defenseless except with the support of a few of our own allies, to act alone.  As the only Nation powerful and committed enough to stand up against tyranny in the World, since this is neither a declaration or announcement of war, we will set the example to the whole World that terrorists, tyrants, and infamy can not reign as long as we The United States of America are willing to show the courage required of us. We all wish for peace and hope for the day that the Middle East decides as we do, but until then it is the duty of good people to defend against Nations who allow for and promote tyrants.

It then becomes our responsibility as a Nation and the World’s duty to support those who do decide if the strike is the only available option they have, to make the Assad Regime, follow the laws that are supported by 198 other Nations. That law refuses to allow any head of any Nation to destroy its own people and has been  a matter of International Law since 1925.  We elect officials so when in time of criminal activity and torture, they will make their decisions matter to humanity. That is what Democracies do. God Bless all of us and God Bless the United States of America.

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While I took a break to remodel, read, paint and to travel I have experienced the dichotomy of the American and political brain when it comes to words not being put forth into actions and the handling of disasters.

Sadness spread by the hurricane on the East Coast followed much later by the tragedy in NewTown, only to be brought to an increased crescendo in Boston and now the disasters in Moore, Oklahoma will certainly(or should) rain on the parade of the Isis witch hunts or the GOP’s strategy sessions to degrade our President’s attempts to help the American middle class even further.

I will explain myself further if I am the only one who is correlating the dichotomy of the contradiction of the American politics in America:

1. At a time that politicians in Oklahoma are passing the personhood bill to ensure all rights of human life to a fetus who in many cases may not even be viable to sustain life outside of the womb and in other cases can lead to the death of a woman, they fail to see the importance of providing tornado shelters for the alive children in their States.

2. AT a time when Isis appears on the network and cable news assuring the public that he is going to work with President Obama to pass immigration changes he continues to attack and berate Eric Holder and President Obama as being in cahoot’s to lie to The American people and of intimidation and corruption, while off camera.

3. While the GOP and Conservatives in the Democrat Party reach out in an effort to express horror over the NewTown shootings they hands down vote down measures that would and do protect the American people and our children from future attacks in our schools, on our streets and in our homes. 

4. The above mentioned; along with the Tea Party, white supremacists groups,members of Washington D.C.’s political power, lobbyists, and our States show up at the NRA Convention where they help promote the lies to the NRA membership of 75,000 strong that these efforts to safeguard our children are only efforts by the Obama Administration and the Liberals to take away their guns.

5. Anyone who can not see the dichotomy of the Tea Party and Conservative cause that bans equal rights to women in their National Platform but profess concern for future generations while professing to be God Fearing and protectors of the Faith, Constitution, and Democracy clearly are not seeing reality.  To continually operate opposite of speech in action is a clear cut reality of not just the far right, Tea Party, and Conservative cause but also of the way too many amongst us vote.

6. The two headed monster of dichotomy in America is alive and healthy in too many of the burbs and rural areas in the Red States and the Conservative hold outs in the Blue States across America.  I noticed the very large billboards advertising the various number of Churches while we were driving into Pensacola Florida. 

Would Christ truly approve of such commercialization knowing over a 5 year period that those billboards cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 per sign and each Church has their own sign of advertisement? Couldn’t that money be better utilized elsewhere, since all the churches are also listed in both the motel room directories as well as the yellow pages? 

I also saw many of the Breadbasket and Bible belt States accusing a caring and compassionate Democracy that treats ALL American’s needs as being the practice of Socialism. Those billboards and signs are interspersed amongst the States that claim Christian values along our highways as well.

Since so many, I noticed, are also driving around with bumper stickers that read: “Put Christ back in Christmas,” to the point they fail to see the over-whelming generosity towards the less fortunate and the most innocent amongst us at Christmas time, of non-Christians and Christians alike, is the most Christ-like behavior we can express; couldn’t we argue that perhaps the majority of us are failing to see the obvious while the politicians and their paid for media are playing us for fools because too many of us are disengaged or in denial?

Where is the outrage when the IRS does question legitimately the huge numbers of groups who clearly are political that hides behind Religious or freedom of ideology just to get tax breaks that are not legal? 

Where is the outrage when the same people who start the witch hunts failed themselves to legislate the necessary funds that would have safeguarded our Embassys over seas? 

Where is the outrage when the innocent amongst us are left unprotected because the members of the GOP refuse to allocate the funding necessary to keep our children safe, or for that matter pass laws that would limit the amount of fire power by limiting the number of bullets in the size of the magazines?

We the People keep speaking to the political leaders across the Nation and their reponse is to actually accuse the government for interfering while we continually see the need for government to help us but our elected officials are refusing to do anything that will help us. 

Perhaps the only part of government we truly do need to down size and eliminate are our elected officials in Congress who claim to be on our side when tragedy strikes but votes against us when they have both a moral responsibility to vote for our needs and are elected to show competency as our elected officials.

While the media broadcasts and the GOP tries to tie a link with the mismanaged, scandalous and sometimes misunderstood depts. of government to our President has anyone even noticed that the deficit is going down, the previously uninsured can now get insurance while healthcare costs have gone down, the interests rates charged to students who are interested in improving their education and skills have remained low, the students who wish to go on with their education are now covered on their parent’s insurance, The GNP (Gross National Product) has doubled, housing has gone up and the economy is improving due to the changes made by the Obama Administration that is putting Americans back to work?

Where is the media reporting on the truth when Americans need to know? Hasn’t our President gone the extra step when it comes to tragedy and disaster in our Nation? Isn’t his concern and efforts for immigration change once more being stymied by those who insist they want the Latino and Hispanic vote, as usual? What bill other than the ones that apply to them personally along with their lobbyist, who purchased them, have the Conservatives in the Senate and the Congress passed in the last five years, that they were not pressured into doing because of their fear of not being re-elected? Have we forgotten that they only begrudgingly passed funds necessary to help those hit by the hurricane on our East Coast or to bring relief to the middle class and unemployed?

I will continue staying tuned in with my concerns while enjoying the retirement that my husband and I balanced the budget for that enables our enjoyment in the last quarter of our lives.

Every now and then when nothing has changed; as the GOP readies it’s strategy, with the help of the TEA Party, to enter under qualified candidates who are financially supported in the 100s of thousands and even millions of dollars and owe their souls to the cause of the Tea Party political machine; over those candidates who would put the American people first, I will check in with my readers. The Conservative and Tea Party groups claims of Social ideology over political based control or greed hurts my ears if it doesn’t yours.

With the 2014 elections coming up in less than 18 months can we not all smell the manure of another attempt to denigrate the Obama Administration
with increased witch hunts and lies spread by the Tea Party as we heard in 2010?

My empathy as always is with the suffering and tragedy of the American people. Will we ever have Republican and Conservative legislatures who acknowledge that the needs of “We the People”, needs to be their first and main concern by doing something in Congress and our States that would indicate the same?

Don’t we already have enough proof of the stall tactics of the GOP and Tea Party sponsored candidates to do nothing but to eliminate the pay scale of the middle class jobs, to lower education abilities,to protect capitalism over the people, or their failure to do that which is right for the American People as equals? Will we the majority of the electoral body get out of denial and get engaged in the true dichotomy of American politics? And so it goes………..

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Once more I watched Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, spread the fallacy about Corporate taxes being the highest in America than anywhere else in the World, over the weekend, and the reporter do nothing to clarify that Statement.

The following is a direct quote taken from the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities as of 2005:”The U.S. corporate tax burden is smaller than average for developed countries(1)Corporations in 19 of the member States of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developement paid 16.1 percent of their profits in taxes between 2000 and 2005,on average, while corporations in the United States paid 13.4 percent.

Neverless, some have argued that U.S. corporate tax rates unduly burden U.S. Companies by pointing to the Country’s top statutory rate which is 35%. For example a recent Wall Street Journal editorial calling for corporate tax cuts noted that this is the second highest top statutory tax rate amongst developed countries (2)While true this gives the false impression that corporate tax burden is greater here than in developed countries. Because the U.S. tax code offers so many deductions,credits, and other mechanisms by which corporations can reduce their taxes the actual percentages of profits that the U.S.corporations pay in taxes—or what analysts refer to as their effective tax rate——-is not high ,compared to other developed countries.

Because the average U.S. corporate tax burden is low,many economists believe a revenue corporate tax reform that reduces statutory corporate tax rates,while broadening the tax base by eliminating costly tax breaks could improve efficiency and likely benefit the U.S. economy."

Since the finding was published in 2005 the U.S. statutory tax rate has risen to 38% and is tied with Japan. The overall tax rates with the Bush tax cuts in place,have lowered the rates most corporations pay to even less that those of other developed Countries since this report was printed in 2005, however, with some Corporations paying 0% of their profits in taxes due to the welfare and entitlements given to Corporations by the Bush tax breaks. When the Republicans complain about high corporate taxes paid by American Corporations they or nor do reporters, that I have seen, ever point out that with the deductions they gain they pay 0 to very little in taxes along side of other developed Countries.

With the new slogan in the Republican Party being "Drill Baby Drill", when it comes to convincing the American public that gas prices will drop at the pumps, it is just another of the half truths coming out of the mouths of the Republican Party.

60% of all the increase we are paying is estimated to be as a direct result of speculators on Wall Street in the commonities market betting on if the price of oil will go up or if it will drop. Since all of our oil drilled is traded on the global market not an ounce
of it is guaranteed for U.S. consumption.

If America opened up all of our National Parks tomorrow, for Oil exploration and drilling, it would not make one drop of difference as to the price we pay at the pumps. We have so little oil in America along side of other oil producing Nations, even with totally ignoring carbons if it was all drilled tomorrow we would still need to buy on the global market. America uses 20% of all world production although that has fallen in the last 3 years by a percentage point or two. America has such little oil within the boundaries of America that Saudi Arabia would not lose sleep even with drilling both in California and Alaska. We stand to gain far more in both solar and wind power as that cannot be sold on a global market but instead can only be used within the continental United States boundaries. The Obama Administraation is pushing for more research and development of the same in order to make us energy independent from the global markets.

As it is,we are drilling for more oil and natural gas in America than at any time in our history and it has not made any difference at the gas pumps. The Republicans saying it did in 2008 are ignoring the fact that prices fell due to the drop of use during a recession. Since oil lobbyist pay an average of 8.8 billion dollars a year in contributions to legislatures, in Washington, it just pays for the Republicans who gain much of that to say, "drill baby drill." Another fallacy is the amount of jobs created by the drilling.With opened up drilling in the U.S. over the last four years only,70,000 jobs have been added.The exagerations in jobs created by both the Republicans and the billions paid in ads by the oil Companies is another one of those half truths. It has accounted for less than .01% of the drop in unemployment.

Once more the Republicans continue to play the American people for the fools that has always worked for them in the past. The Tea Party lies mixed in with their old worn out half truths in 2010,
won them a great deal of seats that none of us can any longer afford they hold in November. Vote their cronies out now and get them out in the following election so that we the American people can laugh again, and know,"We got the last laugh on them."

The Tea Party are still Republicans and instead of meaning what they say, they go the opposiite direction,no different from their other party members.Right now that is the only thing that we can count on in the Republican Party. It shouldn't be enough for any of us who go to the polls to vote on unless we are the gullible fools that they continue to play us for. Its in our hands with our votes at the polls in November. If we don't vote them out then we have no right to bitch. America needs to get back to happier times and the majority of us want you to step up to the plate and to vote for truth and Democracy for all of us.

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I would tell you President OBama, “Do not back down on the bullying being done by the Right-wing Conservatives.” The fact that the Catholic Church has declared war against you publicly, only indicates just how desperate the Conservatives have gotten this week. Catholics usually keep that information close to their vests, unless they are feeling desperate. Women and children of incest and rape are depending on you not to back down.

Women, gays and minorities, as well as, the working poor and middle class are behind you and backing you. The low turn outs in all of the States in both of their caucuses and primaries all show that. Mitt Romney only won 8% of the total vote in Florida while winning 16,900 votes out of a population of 2,900,000 in Nevada. The lower than normal turn out also happened in Iowa.

Rick Santorum’s sweep also is equally weak even in highly Catholic Districts. Out of a population in Mo. of 6,010,688 in a pretend race he did his best in a highly Evangelical State. There he won 138,957 votes out of a population of 6,010,688.

In a military State and heavily populated Catholic State he only won 26,372 votes in Colorado out of a population of 5,024,748. Going to war without using Diplomacy first and the Ryan Plan are both very unpopular in the State.

In an older population of Protestant descent, as Minnesota is, he only won 21,436 votes out of a population of 5,344,868. These are like all the other turn outs in all the other States where turnout is less than 2008 results, when the Republicans lost badly to the Democrats.

Clearly the voters understand and know that Rick Santorum has not yet shown his millions gained from office and lobbying in his tax forms. The fact that he voted twice for increased gifts from lobbyists and piled on ear marks has taken from the clean image and lack of character, the Evangelicals would like to hide. Being a lobbyist himself, at a time when the top ten Corporations pay more for lobbyists than they do in taxes, will follow him on the campaign trail no differently from what Mitt’s millions will him. Rick Santorum has to talk about social issues because economically his record is a disaster, until it comes to his own gains.

He voted against discrimination towards gays as being a hate crime and is against women’s rights to their own reproductive health. So his Social issues are not much better outside of the world of the “Good Old Boys”. States like Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana are not likely to forget that before he was a Conservative he was a Tea Party candidate who are anti-Unions, as he talks about bringing back factory jobs. There is a reason that highly Catholic Pennsylvania did not want him back for a second term.

I urge you, Mr. President, not to back down to the bullying as those of us who back you are looking to you for your leadership to not let the bullies win. If you need to make a concession do not make it at a risk to women’s health or the rights of gays,minorities or the working poor and middle class, as we are your constituency.

Thank you for making the best decision you can make for us as we do know that we cannot celebrate in your win, if you do not make some compromises as well.

If they are going to win elections with lies in the Super Pacs then more power to you, if you do compromise in using Super Pacs, as well. We do understand that in a war that has been declared by the right-wing, Tea Party and Republican Party against You and the Democrats, you will need to fight “fire with fire.” Hope to celebrate your win in November.

Thanks for the job that you are doing and have done under such hateful attacks. It’s time to let those who support the “Good Old Boys”in Washington and those who are “hopefuls” take a drink from their own verbal poison.

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Today I will write on my thoughts, about those who follow the Tea Party and Conservatives and what a negative opinion on everything they have except between them they support the 1%, war,guns,water boarding, and white male supremacy,in their own opinion as well as mind. This ideology or mentality of hate is building in America, while the Republican Party announced,”All rascism in America is gone.” They must think we are all stupid or if they say it often enough,everyone will believe it.

With the exception of Ron Paul, who is against war and against everything else to do with Democracy as well, we have Republicans running like, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, or before them, Dick Cheney and George Bush, who have never gone to war themselves nor have their children ever gone to war,nor will they ever, who are of the mentality that we owe it to ourselves to just bomb the hell out of other Countries.

They appear to enjoy flexing their muscles with the lives of other people’s children which is a sad way to run Democracy. They would not know the value of saving lives through diplomacy if it hit them in the face and nor does the idea to bring peace to the World through talking with our enemies and setting ground work first appeal to their anti-mentality. In my opinion it makes them dangerous as leaders and only adds to the hate that they build around the World.

If you read my post yesterday on “Who are the Pro-choice” then you know what I think of the conservative movements who think they have a right to force their views on women whose circumstances in life are far different from their own. They lose sight of their own arrogance that would strip the legal and moral rights away from other women who have special circumstances in their lives, that will never match the life they will ever live.

This anti-movement that has arisen in America, in my opinion, is threatening to destroy both Democracy and our freedoms for individual rights. The anti-government movement is the most anti-movement of all. They do not want government to tell them what to do but they have no problems thinking they have a God-given right to force their views,lies, and bombs on others.

The Republican movement to block Democrats from voting if they are senior citizens,minorities, and students without picture ID and more likely to vote for Barack OBama is a prime example what I am talking about. It is totally against our Constitution and we should be in an uproar over it, regardless of where our voting interests lies but instead, it appears to be just fine with those who hate. Win at all cost to Democracy, seems to be the new battle cry that is being fed by Ron Paul and the Conservative movements in America.

I feel people like Ron Paul, Rick Perry,and John Huntsman are simply running to gain electoral votes for Mitt Romney, that he would never get otherwise from the independents and conservatives, who do not like him nor would vote for him, because of his personality,lies, job history or Mormon religion. Obviously they would have dropped out of the race and left the field if they did not want to gain electoral votes that they can switch over to Mitt Romney, in order to defeat OBama, if Obama wins the popular vote.

Why else would they continue in a race that is costing them millions and have no way of winning? Sure they are posturing with their hate ads, as to be Republican requires that,sadly, in todays’ environment of Republican hate. If they don’t they will not be able to pick up those votes from people who do not like Mitt Romney. The truth about themselves and their inability to carry on their pious acts, angers them more than anything else,other than their hate for OBama.

In the final analysis they will turn over both their electoral votes as well as their followers to Romney, as the one thing that drives them all, is their hate for Obama. Rod Paul has to support Romney because if he doesn’t he will hurt the political future of his conservative son, Rand. I predict that he will not run on the Libertarian ticket for the same reason. I also predict that the the hate against Romney is strong enough that if Ron Paul had not have run, the voters who support Ron Paul, would not have even bothered to vote.

The John Birch Society, which is representative of the mentality of the Tea Party movement today, and the Right-Wing Conservatives,are claiming to be both anti-socialism and anti-communism. They would lead us to think they both exhibit clear traits of supporting both cummunism and socialism in their inevitable drive to deny the following rights to all Americans, as one or the other or both support:anti-Democracy,anti-Social Security that works, anti-medicare that works, anti-poor,anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-civil rights, anti-equal rights, anti-government, anti-NAFTA, Anti-Pro-Choice, anti Jews,anti-immigration, anti-Muslims,anti-global warming,anti-education,anti-Science,anti-Unions, Anti taxes,Anti- middle class,anti-Supreme Court Justices,anti- liberals or progressives,anti-UN,anti-OBama, and the list of what they continue to be against just continues to grow while they profess forgiveness and brotherly love.

These people aren’t against injustice,instead they create injustice, because they represent those who would eliminate jobs and are against programs that work and people who do not agree with their questionable morality. To think that our own survival and finding our own lives to be sacred enough to protect them against those who think we owe our own life and livelyhood to their demands, simply fails their mentality. Sadly they are driven more my their power to influence than they are by fair play. The more government and unions are eliminated, it is the jobs and lives the middle class and the poor, who are effected the hardest. Ultimately we all pay for the lack of protection and safety we have as a Nation, without government in our lives.

The sad thing they are not in favor of much of anything other than depleting the middle class of revenue and training minorities to work for the wealthy. Their own little narrow views and bigotry, appears to govern the idea that they will do anything out of that hate to stop Barack OBama, including stacking the electoral votes so that the election is over before “We the People,” even go to the polls to vote, in my opinion. Because of that it is important that people who would vote for Barack OBama, as Independents, who can vote in the Republican primaries, are not voting for losers or Ron Paul, as that simply gives them more electoral votes to give to Mitt Romney.

The danger, about all of this hate and anti-movements taking place amongst our young people, who are so upset with our economy, is that they are the generation who have had the most freedom and benefits over any generation before them. Unless they are willing to sacrifice, as our brave soldiers who have fought in these wars have, they will never be able to deal with the realities of life. They will unfortunately,instead, play right into the hands of those who will only worsen the economy for the middle class and defeat the future for all of us, in my opinion.

Sometimes life and the economy does “suck” and when it does, we tighten our belts and use our imaginations and brains to think positively in ways that we can help solve problems, instead of creating more through hate. If we listen, we soon hear that the great majority of people who have gone to war, do know and understand the need for diplomacy over bombs.

The anti-movements are playing into this inability for some of the young people, who seem to not understand,”that if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem.” when we choose to deny freedom and equal rights to others, we lose everything of value, along with our own freedom. By dividing them against us, we lose our own freedom and are told what our choices are instead of deciding for ourselves what our options are. We are all into this together, if we are to win as a Nation.

I totally applaud those who protest against injustice as they too are sacrificing for our Nation. Those who would deny the occupy movement that right or try to stop it, have forgotten to develop their own skills into something else other than what they originally planned, and instead they are not realizing that anti-attitudes and hate will only destroy us as a Nation and leave a far worse trail for all of us to follow.

It is through positive Nation building that both we as a Nation and our economy will start growing, at a more rapid rate than it currently has for the last 22 months, again. We do that by supporting our diversity and our Democracy by getting rid of those politicians who are putting the money into their pockets from government, while they are feeding us the hate and promoting the anti-movements and accusing us of attacks on capitalism, when it is so not about that, but their desire to cut revenue to the middle class, in order to gain profits for the oil companies and corporations, in America.

We need to ask ourselves instead, what we have to offer to make the private sector grow faster. How are we going to make our economy grow at the rates that we feel we are adding to the solutions? If you can’t get a job then offer your talent,sell apples on street corners as our ancestors did,accept a job that has a future even if it means it is out of your career range,invent something and try to promote it,sell cookies or bagels,or move to States that do have jobs available, and are begging for people to come work, but do something positive to rejuvenate the economy instead of trying to defeat,Barack OBama, who is working the hardest for you.

The sad reality is the longer you are out of work the less likely you will be hired. People who have been unemployed for six months or less are slowly being hired back. Only you have the motivation to make life work. When you stay where there are no jobs you will find for everyone like you there are ten more who are better qualified, so make it happen for you and you can still reach the American Dream.

My husband and I, along with almost every generation I have ever known, had to learn this lesson, as well as, move and lose our home, so I am not asking anything of you that we didn’t have to do. We will retire well, at the end of the year, because we did do what I ask of you. You just may have to take a different path to get there, than you planned, but it is all in believing that you can do it and being dedicated to it. We cannot ask sacrifice of others if we are not willing to do the same,ourselves.

This is all based on how I feel, as a result of knowing that young minds are being poisoned by the Tea Party and conservative movements, and as a result, it is threatening our Democracy, both inside our Country as well as outside of our boundaries.

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When we accept that our children will represent both the best of us as well as the worst of us, perhaps more people would learn to like themselves and accept others, before they marry, instead of unloading their own baggage on both their marriage as well as their children.

With people waiting longer to marry we have real hope of being able to accomplish doing just that.However, with the falling numbers in the educated since the 1980’s to the drive underway to prevent acceptance of both education and Science in the Right-wing,Tea Party and the Republican platform, taking place, we are seeing an outbreak of bigotry across America instead of an improvement in acceptance of our diversity that does make us the Democracy we are.

On a lighter side perhaps Mother Nature was making us wake up when the earthquake hit the home of the politicians in Washington D.C, who will refuse to allow Science to be part of the Republican platform in 2012. Was she saying if you doubt Science is real I’ll give you a taste of just what Mother Nature still holds through science, by following up with the hurricane as well? Isn’t that the same reasoning that Pat Robertson and Michele Bachmann used to speak of God’s attack on mankind and the Baptist hate group has been using to disrupt military funerals, to show God’s displeasure against gays? Religion has used bad storms and ill-health as signs of God’s displeasure against mankind since the beginning of time and perhaps both are simply normal for the scientific circumstances that exist. I guess it is only fair that we can use it both ways, shouldn’t we think?

Our attitudes are totally dependent, many times, on what we are able to accomplish in understanding ourselves and the reasons behind why we do what we do and why we react to the stimulus in life that we do. Unless we accept Science along with Religion and educate ourselves, we will never fully understand what makes up the components of mankind much less ourselves. The understanding that we reach, through ourselves, also goes towards making huge improvements in how we raise and understand the differences in our own families. Through Science we all learn what makes us tick.

How hypocritical is it that the same party and voters will be the first to embrace modern medicine and support drug companies who base their findings on Science? Are we to believe if they or their loved ones get sick they will refuse Science then as well? Can they tell any difference between atmospheric pressure or the reality that when heat is put into the earth then it must escape somewhere else? What about what goes up must come down? What about reality,is it real?

In homes where both snobbery and bigotry or the self righteous and the intolerant, are central themes, we leave behind an indelible mark for life on our children. Growing up not understanding that to segregate ourselves from others means our own lost, on our future ability to be able to work side by side, in unison, with our fellow workers,can become one of the greatest hardships parents will visit on their children. In America we live in a World of diversity. We are not always going to be able to understand our differences in culture but if we are taught to hate or to separate ourselves from others, because we have been fed hate or told that others are inferior,our children will pay the price of our own ignorance.

Once we all realize that children form cliques in junior high often over nothing more than the brand names of the clothes on their back,because they think the way everybody else in the clique thinks, and the street address of their parents,as well as, group together out of an insecurity and fear to become the individual they are meant to be, perhaps the majority of us can mature enough to accept through Science we learn the only differences that separates all human beings, is the melanin in our skin and that which determines our gender. All mankind are directly made according to their own special genetic code and otherwise there is no difference between the rich,the poor,the races or gender orientation.

The worse kind of segregation takes place in our prisons across America. If that is not an indication of just how we cheat our own families when we choose to set ourselves up as being superior to others, then I do not know what it will take, to open our eyes to the prison we place ourselves and our children in when we can only accept those who share our shade of skin color,think what we think, or live at an address provided by their parents. It should be just a little scary to all of us.

We have not yet reached the place in America,outside of the prison walls, where we do need to depend on the safety in numbers aspect,if we arm ourselves with knowledge through educating ourselves and voting wisely while using common sense in taking precaution, unless we are under attack by criminals,terrorist or our own petty jealousy that often needs companionship, as does snobbery, bigots,and hate groups need to form to keep others out. On the other hand, none of us can deny Mother Nature will always prove to all of us how much we do need to rely on our government, of “For the people by the people,” many times, in order for us all to work together when it comes to digging ourselves out of a National disaster.

The longer we remove truth by removing Science and education from our lives,and replace it with ignorance, the more likely we will reach the point that ignorance will depict how we live. We need to get out of the funk of,” I don’t care anything about politics,” because that will be the number one reason that the ignorant (often times the intolerant or self-righteous) can and will succeed in running America, and we will all be left out of what has become the greatest Democracy of the World.

(Do I need to offer anymore proof of the ignorant ruling America other than looking any further than the Tea Party and the right-wing conservative candidates who have declared and those that may run,for President in 2012, in order to prove my point?)

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We have all known them. They are the ones who say,”No matter how hard I tried, I could never catch a break.”,”I just wasn’t lucky like other people were”,”My husband never had the temperament that would have ever allowed us to succeed”,”I could never have done that,” “Or it seems like whatever I did there was always someone out to get me.’

A great deal of the cloud that seems to follow some,at least in their minds, does have to do with their own attitudes. Many do have an opportunity to prove themselves but when they reach the point it is going to mean real effort on their part they quit or fail to put forth the effort it takes to achieve. There are people who are genuinely afraid of success because if they fail at it, they will not be able to blame anyone but themselves nor will they be able to convince others or themselves what a hollowing success they could have been if they were just given the chance to prove themselves. Other times we have such a low self-esteem that we will defeat ourselves before we even get started.

Our attitudes play a great role in the signals we give off to future or current employers.Our appearance and how we dress, use to play a bigger role on the job than it does now, but most places still hire on that alone,if we have the youth and education to go along with it. Previous experience will always win out over none. If we argue each time that we cannot put in the extra hours it will not be long before we are slated for heading out of the door. If we always have aches and pains or allergies that interpret to the idea that we are not able to handle the job, we won’t be asked to do it, and we will once more be slated for dismissal.If we are the local loud mouth who knows everything but our performance lags then we also many times will get the pink slips.

There are many times, people who take jobs because they are getting pressure from home and have no intent of holding the job any longer than it takes to leave and draw unemployment,We need to show initiative to get ahead on our own and many times when we don’t we defeat our own ability to make gains in the Company, Others have the attitude that they are better than the 9 to 5 job. They think they are slated for greater things and the 9 to 5 jobs are for losers and slouches but not for them.

Most of us fail to realize that the largest part of our wealth, we will ever gain towards retirement comes from the income that we earn during our productive years. If we never save and spend every penny of it we will never have what others have. We may have a nicer wardrobe or more shoes that go out of style one season to the next but we will not be able to accumulate enough income that will grow towards retirement.If we do not pay bills when they are due then the amount of the fees and interests we pay along with the over-draft fees many times will come to much more than what we spent on the original item in the first place. We all have way more money to spend once we realize how much is going out and make being debt free our first priority. Much of our earned income is often times the only money that we will ever have.

Many investments will and do fail. Too many people will stick whatever they have all in one basket and if the person who runs the Company,Savings and loan, or fund is corrupt or has hired an inept person or people, we will and do lose every penny we did set aside for later. Often the failure will frighten us off to the point that we never invest again. When we do allow failure to frighten ourselves off we can be certain that we will lose even more, in the long run. Every financially successful person has failed a number of times before they did get it right.

Unless we work for family or are able to establish a successful small business of our own, rare is the person who will not be laid off at least once,lose one home and need to move. Even when we do work for ourselves more will fail than succeed. To think we won’t stumble or be forced to start over at some point in our life is somewhat naive. More people will work and retire at 65 when they work for a small business than a large firm. It is almost unheard of today in any large Company or Corporation.

We need to understand the credentials and history of all the top echelon,who are calling all the shots on our investment. We need to beware of diversity and spreading what we are able to save, through various avenues other than putting our earned income all into one basket. As bad as it is to lose part of our investment, it is always better than to lose all of it.

Just because a business has a store front or a past reputation of making money or delivering good advice, does not mean that all people within the network are always capable. Many times Dad and Grandpa will have run a profitable business and the children will run it into the ground, along with board members who are more valued out of friendship than business savvy.

Check on your investments. Don’t just put them in and assume they are safe. Sometimes we will know more or understand the economy better than those hired to protect our investments. If it is too good to be true then it is too good to be true no matter how good of a friend your friend says this guy is. We never pay anyone anything to win or to inherit anything and anyone who tells us that we have won or been left an inheritance that we just have to pay the taxes on are nothing but scam and con artists and in some cases can be quite dangerous if we refuse to pay after we have already made the mistake to pay once.

The reason our grandparents told all of us to set aside a little something for a rainy day is because it was wise advice. When the day comes when we need to replace the roof or buy new appliances we do not want to take out another loan on the house, whatever we or the savings or loan or the banks call the loan, a home improvement loan or a loan by any other name that clears equity in our homes is, nothing more than taking out a second mortgage. It may be that we borrow against another holding or replace one appliance at a time as the need arises. Other times we can save our bonuses and tax returns so that we can do individual rooms at a time, and pay cash as we go.

Refinancing,unless it is for a lower interests rate,is never more than a second mortgage. Second and third mortgages do not only raise our interests rates across the board they make us all more vulnerable as our house will be foreclosed on where the homes with equity in them have other options at the time our lives take drastic changes. When we still have equity in our homes, we will have the option to sell sometimes at a comfortable profit and reinvest in something smaller or to reorganize or refinance, because we will have leverage in equity or cash.

I repeat, people never want to take the equity they gain out of their homes as to do so means we are getting second and third mortgages and making ourselves much more vulnerable when the job decides we have reached 50 and it is time to work us out of the Company because the department we were hired to work in is being phased out or we are being laid off at any age. Too many people fail to realize that no matter how loyal we are to a large Company or Corporation, the company is only interested in profit and that is their bottom line. Their intent is to please the stock holders first. There are no more of the work until your 65 and we will give you the gold watch ceremonies, left in Large Companies or Corporations.

More and more people are finding that their terms of employment are ending between 45 and 50. There are supposed to be laws against that but all Companies have their own team of lawyers who dot every I and cross every t before they lay us off and can find grounds by simply saying the Company is going a new direction. There will be tons of class action lawyers trying to get you to pay a little something or to sign on the dotted line and they will go after the bastards but believe me, it is for the lawyers benefits more times than not. More Companies are also hiring two-part time employees over one full-time in order to get out of paying for benefits.We need to be aware of our own ability to put aside and to invest and never trust someone else who is promising us a sweet deal. Too many sweet deals end up in their pocket and they are the only ones who will get the sweet deal. The rest of us will be broke. Never believe the person who tells us that they just need to borrow for a short time until their own cash comes,unless we can verify the information ourselves. If it means paying a penalty to cash in our own personal investments, then don’t do it.

The question was then,”Do we Choose Our Own Financial Misery?” The answer is many times “yes”, especially when we ourselves are the worse offenders of all when it comes to spending more than we earn. Other times it’s a little greyer of an area. Some of us are just too trusting, other times people are immigrants and not aware of our laws, cons prey on the elderly who no longer have the ability to reason and do not have family members to guide them. Other times people are bankrupted by health and crime.Corrupt Evangelists or corrupt Cults can convince many deeply religious or confused people to sign over everything they have or own.

No one is better skilled than the manipulator or con artists who sometimes are our own children,parents or extended family members. Yes we do all need to understand that people will stand in line once they find out that we are generous or aging, to get every dime we have and we are responsible to know the difference, but many times we are people who fail to know that con people are everywhere. It is important that we do appoint a trustworthy person to handle our accounts or to set up trusts and handle our estates while we do have the ability to know who is dependable and not.

If the estate is small, then the safest way many times, is putting it into small varied accounts and C.D.s,bonds, or interests bearing savings accounts in your local bank. You won’t get rich this way but at least your money will be safe as the bank will ask you why you are taking out the money and they can advise you if that would be wise or not. Never,never, never trust the person who tells you not to tell your bank why you need the money. That has crime written all over it.

I guess then the truth to the question is yes,if we are talking about a family who had the physical and mental potential to earn a middle-class existence or better,unless we are victims of health problems that bankrupt us and of crime that we could not foresee. We all have a responsibility to make and find our own financial stability. We are not only responsible for earning the income but also responsible for how we use or spend the income we earn.

We need to educate ourselves as well as listen to the opinions of the experts, to know if it is more feasible to borrow money and on what terms as well as where and when we should invest. It is true that many times those who are willing to take the greater risk, as long as it is done with some knowledge or common sense, are more likely going to make the greater gains. We can be too cautious if we do not educate ourselves on taking a few risk and doing our own research on it.There are still more honest people in the business than dishonest.Many times we can and do well to use a combination of both ourselves as well as bonded brokers,realtors,bankers,and financiers,which the great majority are.Some will be “dice throwers” while others are conservative investors and if you have done your homework you will know the difference. Sometimes the investments can justify borrowing money as the investment will bring us a greater return than what we will pay out on interest.

Too many people have wrongly gone with the idea; “we need to spend money in order to make money”, without understanding fully what the risk are that it entails.Some not many people, who have more knowledge and income than we do, can make that idea work, but it does not come without a high risk ratio, especially if we go into it blindly. If getting rich this way was such a sure thing or a common occurrence then there would be more than 1.3% of the population,with most of those having inherited from oil, in the wealthy class. As long as we look for blame and make excuses we can always find both but neither will protect our income.

Many of us do not knowingly cause our own hardships but regardless of if it is our homes,checking accounts, or extra income we do need to get the information that is necessary to protect ourselves against those who would manipulate or con us out of it. Although our hearts do go out to those who really did think they were doing the right thing and met the wrong person or people whose only interests lie in making certain that the trusting and good of heart do end up broke. We cannot spend everything in our productive years and think we will be retired to do the things that we wish to do when we retire. The Ryan Plan backed by the Republican majority is another such move to spell disaster to those who are unprepared for retirement. We must tell our Congressmen,to “Leave Social Security and Medicare, alone!”

We should make the laws tougher against the corrupt and con artists but sadly a great majority of them are never prosecuted because it cost too much to do so. We all need to remember that regardless of our age, our own identity can be stolen in a matter of seconds, and that is no treat to try to correct,either. All credit cards,checking accounts and Social Security numbers are subject to theft with or without our own carelessness, sadly.

If we remember nothing else,”Ignorance is no excuse in the face of the law,” and “the only person we can trust to be as concern as we are about our own money is ourselves,” If we fail, before we turn our money over to another, to check to see if an insurance company, savings and loan Company, a broker or an individual is licensed, Federally insured or are bonded, as well as,check out the safety and financial records that are a matter of public record, on other institutions, we do need to understand that sometimes our money is not safe.

We need to both educate ourselves ,as well as, understand that everyone even those that others call a good Christian person is not always an honest or moral person. We are no less responsible than if we turn over our money to a family member who is a drug or alcohol addict and we know they will spend it on drugs or alcohol. Just because they attend our Church does not mean they have our best interests at heart. Too often we blame the banks when it is our own lack of knowledge as well as those closest to us that we should evaluate closer.

We can’t live our lives in paranoia so we need to do the next best thing and that is use our own common sense and learn to protect that which is ours. If we do not check out their credentials or make certain our money is guaranteed safe or protected, then we do need to take responsibility when it is lost. The stock market is no better of a bet, sometimes, than a slot machine in many cases. When we decide to take the risk to earn more we are doing just that,”We are taking a risk,”The good news is Americans are paying off personal debt at a higher rate than ever. Have a good day folks and understand a smile goes much further than gossip towards making us all feel better.
(Please note: I repeated myself in several places so that it does stick in our minds)

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It matters not whether we wish our fellow mankind Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas as a friendly greeting ,of any kind, is almost always warmly accepted when we are in the spirit of giving or receiving. To make or take issue with such a small matter when 50 million children, are reported,to go to bed hungry shows how petty some people have become or more about what is missing in their spirit, in my opinion.

As 2010 comes to an end, I would like to reach out and thank all of you who have taken out a moment of your time to read my blog and to comment as well. Whether you agreed with me or not,it matters a lot the large majority of you, showed real class in what the majority of we Americans represent, and that is respect of our fellow mankind to express themselves, in a free Democracy.

I began my blog on New Years’ eve 2010, and have enjoyed writing my posts. I can’t imagine what I left unsaid, and I know in areas where I am more passionate, I did repeat myself a number of times, my sentence structure and spelling left a lot to be desired at times, and you all were kind enough not to point that out. I thank you,for that, as well, as it was appreciated by me.

What has always and still does matter a lot, to me, at this time, is if 50 million children are going to bed hungry in the United States of America each night and one child is dying every 5 minutes, as a result of starvation related diseases in America, is true or a guise to contribute to not such reputable agencies? These are the figures being reported on radio, in America. I would hope someone with influence and the ability to check such figures would look into this matter.

It makes absolutely no sense to me at all, when the government gives away so much food in its surplus programs of commodities such as peanut butter and cheese, Americans contribute millions if not trillions of dollars as well as food products, through their private donations to food pantries, taxes,Churches,businesses,private organizations from Feed the children to the Red Cross to the Salvation Army (to name a very few) Corporations, and Banks that this food and the money to buy the same ,along with a great deal of food that is available free, is not reaching the hungry in America.

We are no longer living in the dark ages where hungry children could not be reached due to transportation difficulties. Every place where mail and technology can reach in America, so should food to the hungry be shipped or made feasible. So I ask again, if 50 million children are going to bed hungry and 1 child is dying every 5 minutes, why? When the buildings,sometimes utilities,upkeep,volunteer labor etc. is all offered free through volunteer efforts, where does the millions to trillions of dollars and pounds of food, donated, go and why isn’t it reaching the hungry in America?

Some children will always slip through, due to human error ratio, but we are not a third world country and to accept 50 million hungry children as well as so many children dying each day, as a norm, in a developed country such as our own should, I would think, alarm us all. If we can see every nook and cranny in America through satellite shouldn’t we also be able to make certain no child ever goes hungry in America? It is not a lack of generosity on the part of the American people or government to give, as we are the most altruistic Nation in the world. We are also the largest producer of food produce in the world. I understand a great deal of our altruism is spread around the world but shouldn’t we feed our own,first? Perhaps someone as concern as myself, with much more influence than I, can check this out in 2011 and report back to the Nation?

Since this will be the last of my posts for 2010, I again, offer my thanks to you all for taking out a little of your time to either read,curse, or hopefully perhaps, without seeming too indulgent of my own ego, to find someone who just might have understood what you were feeling. I wish each and every one of us a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! When we are generous and kind in our thoughts,speech and actions to one another, it changes negative attitudes that predispose some towards entitlement and greed,stops gossip and lies,and brings refreshment to our souls. It matters a lot!

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