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Hi everyone! I’m afraid I haven’t had much time, as of late, for my blog but plan to be back in full force before the fall elections. I have voted in my own State primaries, and sad to report, I had the shortest primary ballot that I can remember ever having.

I’m afraid there is little to no acceptance for choices on the Democrat ticket, this year, since my State like all other red states appear to be taken over by tea party funding. I’m sure the Democrat machine is more supportive in some of your Blue States, than it is in the Red States, that go overwhelmingly for Republicans,anyway. At least it is my fondest hope, they are!

I’m not ready to come back full time to my blog yet, as at this stage, we are looking at a home remodel,here,followed later by an extended trip out of the heat. I just wanted to remind you, my readers, that the only way we can lose is to believe we are powerless and not vote.

Statistically Democrats do not get out to vote in the off years and in 2010, because of it, 72 new tea party paid Republicans took office in Washington and our States and have been chipping away at the equality of women and minorities ever since! Vote!

Thanks for your continued support of my blog and for your remaining loyalty! Later then!

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It is with great pleasure that I direct this post to those believers in the GOP and media who think, “we older people just do not understand.

The common theme that runs through the Tea Party and conservative mentality is, “Older people just don’t understand.” This has been the song of the Harvard business graduates for years. You Ivy league boys have been so fed on your own importance that some of you, seem to think if we are older and middle class, we simply do not understand what the younger generations are up against and certainly will never know the pressures to succeed as you who are the elite must deal with, when it comes to balancing budgets or the difficulties the younger generations are living through.

Every older generation must deal with the arrogance of the young, who believe that everything they read in their history books are true, when they are in college, and once they get out and must apply it to real life, often find that it really didn’t matter if they did go to Harvard or JUCO, it was all about being at the right place at the right time or who Daddy owed a favor to or if he could sit you up in your own medical practice or law firm. Like Mitt Romney said, “If you don’t have the money, ask your parents for it.” The rest of us were out pounding the pavement, long before the internet, and grateful to get any job we could because we started out our lives in debt.

Todays’ generations are no different from what our own was, as we too had to out think, out work, out sacrifice, and out position the next person to move up the ladder, if we were a member of the poor or middle class with an education. Much about what all college students read about have absolutely nothing to do with what were the common nuances, beliefs, and or actions felt by the people at the time, when history does most certainly repeat itself, so the young think every idea or philosophy they derive or read about is brand new and has never been tried or endured before.

That was certainly true in the age that my husband and I graduated, as we were the first generation to actually see history move forward with a progress dedicated to the needs of the people. The generations before us saw manufacturing move as rapidly as we saw improvements being made in the requirements of what people would never again be willing to settle for in the way they would be treated by others. Each generation brings with it both set-backs and improvements and the older generations are well versed on both.

Generations had before us, began the movements to bring civil rights and equality forward along with financial and health care for the elderly through government. It wasn’t until social security was passed we would see it set up in a government trust fund and taken out of our checks as early as our teen years, for the first time, with our generation.

We were the first generation to actually see the FICA taxes removed from 16 through 66 to provide for our retirement. Every generation prior to us would pay in for a part of those years and gain cost of living raises the longer they lived.

Prior to this in the 1940’s and going back into the 1800’s, and all years earlier, as America was developing as a Democracy, America was building it’s foundation on Capitalism and it was all about the almighty dollar and serving the needs of the ruling class or the wealthy over the needs of the workers.

Some of today’s Ivy league graduates are with the conservative movement while denying workers minimum wage or equal rights is nothing new and certainly everything we older people know about and understand. We were the first who heard all the same arguments then that the Tea Party and Conservatives are saying about minimum wage bankrupting small business then just as they are today. Oh! But how the older generations does understand your brand of conservatism!

As I have said often, before unions and fair wages, the wealthy provided pentinence to the workers, for wages. The wealthy wives or mothers, who were considered the Elite ladies were expected to dress in full refinery and regality and go out in their buggies to show their refinery to the poor each day, because so out of tune was this generation of Rockefellers, Vander Belts and RothChilds that they actually believed if they got all dressed up in their best it would actually raise the spirits of the poor and downtrodden.

They refused to believe the workers were paid so little that they could only use flour sacks for clothing but instead these wealthy women thought the workers wives would want to buy silk and copy their dresses. Sadly the mentality hasn’t changed much beyond that today. The distain for the wealthy by the poor still carries over from those day just as even today we find people still gather at that magic hour of ten in the morning or two in the afternoons, to socialize, just as they did then to be seen in their fancy buggies by the workers.

If we had a dime for every 40 year old who came out of an Ivy League college with a business degree and who felt they were an expert on matters of budgets, we could fill barrels full of our dimes to sort out, before we would be lucky enough to find a hand full of nickels from the great many of them who do go into politics and even have a clue of how the poor or middle class feel or thinks, much less are credible when they say,” the older generation just does not understand.”

We look at the Kennedy’s sufferings and loss as well as the suffering of Roosevelt due to polio and add the farm boy beginnings of Truman to politics and we can understand why these men knew what previous generations had not learned. They knew and understood just as did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who came out of humble beginnings know and understand,”A Nation where people continue to being put last over the almighty buck is a Nation that will fade into anonymity.”

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why the hardships and suffering of both the Kennedys and Roosevelt over-rode the wealth of the Kennedy’s and Roosevelt, but why their pain taught them instead compassion for the people. It is no less of a stretch to those of us who understand the sacrifices made in agriculture as to why farm life taught Truman how to speak frankly in all of their dealings in government by putting the needs of the people before, Capitalism.

The needs of their own elite class, when viewed through the eyes of suffering was as shallow to them then as it is to the middle class today who are falling farther behind into poverty while the richer are getting richer. These new young brilliant Harvard grads of the todays conservative movement and tea party, who cannot think beyond enriching themselves, as though their fresh new ideas aren’t the same ideas that our parents and grandparents hated and warned us against, will never understand as they accuse older people of not understanding them.

Our parents knew, just as yours’ do, unless we were educated we would be taken advantage of just as they were, We paid for our own education costs in most cases just as you do, but they made the sacrifices necessary while telling us about the tactics, the tea party now believes are new and fresh ideas.

As our Dads, and in some cases moms, returned from world war two, We would be the first educated generation who could call the bluff of the employers who were no longer willing to show us any loyalty in exchange for the hours we worked, while many felt we were over-paid when the laws were passed during our tender to pay minimum wage.

We were educated so they could not treat us as poorly as what had been forced on our ancestors, previously. It was we who grew the private sectors who are responsible for the jobs you now work. We knew that to rely on jobs that were offered by the elite would mean our families would go hungry as those jobs went to their friends and who their friends knew and who they felt obligated to hire. We found that minimum wages hurting the private sector was as much of a ruse then as it is today because when families are provided for our work ethics increase. The jobs become part of us and your profits increase the better we can care for our families. We older people know very well the arguments of Conservatives.

Our parents were the poor or lower middle class in most cases and knew they were dependent on the wealthy to support their families. They were always over-worked and under paid by the wealthier amongst them. They knew this mentality most certainly would arise in their treatment of us if we were not educated. Our grandparents and parents always knew and feared that the mentality of the tea party and conservative movements would return. Many of us in the older generations have always understood exactly what the conservative movement is all about, while we have watched our ancestors worse fears realized.

You are not the first generation to get out of college and be lucky that you found part time work nor are you the first generation who may not ever be able to find work in your own field. You are dealing with, however, the largest generation of adult males who ever felt less shame by living at home or moving home to live off of mom and dad, for years, because their lifestyle is the only lifestyle too many of them will even accept living. Starting at the bottom and working their way up, just as other adult males and women and minorities always have done will not afford them with the lifestyle that some amongst them feel their right to live.

Women and minorities are not taking jobs from them, but in some cases,they simply have not yet learned the lessons that the older generations have and that is what goes around comes around. The less effort they make towards employment or inspiration applied to the job market the less anyone wants to hire them. When adults fail to venture out on their own to seek
independence in their youth,the more it hurts their future outlooks towards employment. In short they put themselves, many times, in a real catch 22 because of their refusal to make sacrifices, by moving to the location of the jobs.

When we combine that reality with the reality that many times they do want to work but greed and profits matter to those who hire way too much, then we see too much significance placed on
the worship of the almighty buck. This has always been the truth in the lives of all of us if we are educated or not. When
It is more important than your own willingness to pay your way or for the needs of the people, all generations always will lose but the younger generations have far more years to lose than do the older generations.

We, war babies, placed our money in the government Social Security Trust Fund, in good faith for some as long as 50 years, to be paid back to us when we retired and could no longer compete with you for jobs. During the time the middle class paid out far more than the wealthy ever have in percentages
so when we retired and needed food and medicine we had our trust funds that the wealthy take for granted.

It was the conservative groups who felt no obligation to the poor and middle class, not unlike the tea party, who spent our money on Capitalism over the needs of the people. Now when one Paul Ryan is saying to us, “We can’t afford you,” it isn’t that we don’t understand it so much as it is that we are in disbelief of his own callousness. We understand that bills need to be paid but it would appear that those in the tea party elected and conservative movement, who we elect, are the ones confused on that simple fact or that it takes raising taxes in a just way to put receipts into our National treasury.

Paul Ryan can parade his mother around as he did, during his last campaign, but I’m sure it will be all of us who lose when people fail to matter entirely to the GOP. When John Boehner says, “We might as well go home for Christmas because Congress isn’t going to do anything, anyway,We older people do understand and are not so confused as to not understand the simple truths, much better than you realize.

When jets and bullets become more important to the tea party and conservative GOP and their media, than education, medicine or food for the poor and elderly or more so than minimum wages that will support our families, I’m pretty sure the entire middle class and poor understand exactly what they mean, regardless of our ages.

It seems to be the conservatives who do not understand that it is we, the middle class, who pay them to represent us the people. I’m sorry,but it is not the older generation who does not understand but they who will learn when the heart is removed from any cause, we all lose when we elect those who see no real value in the people they serve.

Perhaps when you, the younger generations of the tea party and conservative movements find that wisdom applicable to your great wealth of wisdom, then you all will work together again by putting the needs of the people, first, for the sake of all of those who understand you, as we older people will be long gone before you learn the practical lessons of life that all of us already had to learn before you.

No matter how much jubilation you are getting now,over the slow start off of Obama care,by 2016 it will be a non-argument because you the tea party populists and Republicans refused to pass legislature for the people when we needed immigration, jobs, and tax reform along with wage increases. It is you who failed to change the GOP platform to one of equality .

Texas has already began disenfranchising minorities and women at their election polls just as you did last time and on your platform but it will not buy you an ice cube in Alaska much less a vote, any better this time, than it did last election.

We’ll remember that, for you, as you continue to practice your own theories. This time you can’t turn and say to each other, “let’s not do anything, but lie and say we did.” Oh! Not only do women and minorities of all ages understand you,but many of we older white people, who you think you can count on to elect or re-elect you sure do understand you, as well!

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Lets really analyze this for a moment.  Just how insane must we look to the Christ that we profess to love and who loves US unconditionally. I thought Christians were suppose to turn around and love thy neighbor unconditionally or at least as much as themselves.

As Christians paying out millions of dollars for militias, hate groups, and to prevent Democracy through elections because a same sex couple may fall in love and marry in a civil marriage, is insane!  When did we get so worked up over people loving each other that it sent us into a tizzy of hate that we had to arm ourselves by establishing militias or paying in millions of dollars to a group or organization to promote hate for us?

Where are our religious rights being trodden on?  Aren’t the Christians the ones who are denying equal rights to the gay couple, that is guaranteed to them both under the Constitution and in a Democracy as stated in the Constitution?

Just because the Catholic Church paid 1.8 million and the Mormon Church matched it with 3 million to make sure that Prop 8 passed and gays could not marry, did not make our voting for it legal to do so. Equality is the law. The conservative Judge who brought it forward to be voted on, was acting outside of the law, when he gave his o.k. for it to be placed on the ballot. The gay couples are not demanding that you the Churches marry them and neither is the government.  Your Constitutional rights to worship or marry are not being denied.  You are denying them, theirs!

Christians did not get their rights trampled on, the gay population did and thank God we still have a system that works to guarantee us our legal rights even after attempts are made to take those rights away because if we did not we would be denied our rights as well by someone with a bigger wallet than our own.

Despite the Christian attempts to deny the gay population equality, if they ever would win against the gay population would we be judged next because we weren’t considered Christian enough, and wouldn’t we want the law on our side, as well? Christians did not get their Constitutional rights denied them, their vote was simply illegal. No church has a right to enforce their beliefs on anyone, even when we are a member of their Church.  God gave us all, both men and women, the free will to decide.  We do not get to decide the will of God, for Him. This we can all take to the bank.

If the Religious and conservative right along with the Tea Party are ever successful in their fight to deny women the right to their own decisions on procreation and the gays to their equal rights, under the law, then no one will have equality or Democracy and we will be ruled instead by a member of a hate group, that some of you currently pay for, so your side can win. What is it that you will win, if you think you win? Has everybody gone mad! There are 18 different Christian hate groups being paid money to make sure they spread hate, against the gay population alone, and we call that Christian?

Do we have to ask why our children are being bullied or committing suicide? With the kind of mentality that is being whipped up into a lather by people like Ted Cruz or Ralph Reed and they are being called heroes by the religious right, what does that say about Christianity? Aren’t they instead an obvious case study in psychology and shouldn’t they be at very least test subjects for insanity? Do we like paying for all of those who are on the internet projecting hate and telling lies, while being paid for by Christians through the Faith outreach programs?  Is that Christian?

Christians are paying money into a group of misfits who are sitting around to plot the next execution of a police officer who is here to defend us, and the Christians scream that government is stepping on their Constitutional rights?

Did it ever occur to any of you, that we are being played against each other so the Tea Party and right-wing can take away the power of the rational people in the Republican Party, with the help of the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson so they can get out of paying taxes, and they can’t do it without our help, because they need our vote at the election polls?

Wouldn’t we all rather pay a little more in taxes and see the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson pay their fair share, as well, and work towards a stronger economy by supporting our President in getting through his jobs package that was passed through the Senate and the Congress is failing to even look at it? Do you hate African Americans and minorities to such an extent that you wish yourselves to fail?  The truth always does win out and rational people know you are on the wrong side of Christian values. Wouldn’t we all be better off getting back to work and helping each other again instead of listening to constant hate and lies?

Hasn’t it always worked better when we all worked together instead of being told the FBI is compiling a list and Christians are protesting government is taking away their Constitutional rights.  Wouldn’t it be fun just to sit down at a table of our friends or family, who vote differently from what we do, and laugh again, like we did before the Tea Party came to prominence? Just how do we expect the FBI and Homeland security to go about finding these home grown terrorists, as well as the Al-Qaida  terrorists?  Do we  think the terrorists come up and introduce themselves to the FBI and homeland security?

Would we rather continue hearing,” its all those damn liberals fault because they want to stop Christians from prayer and especially President Obama who is shoving Obama care on us.” Did it become a sin for a President to want to make an effort to make sure children and our mom and dad who cannot get insurance, can get it so they don’t die and the rest of us can quit paying your hospital cost because you don’t want to have to share in the cost of it? When did asking Christians to pay their fair share become denying you your Constitutional rights!

I could go on and on and on about the insanity taking place today by people who ordinarily pride themselves in being good Christians and instead they are paying to form 1008 hate groups and 1360 Patriot groups with militias who are arming themselves in the name of Christian values.

Who is denying who their Constitutional rights, folks?  I can only pray that everyone buying into  hate, does wake up and wake up soon before it is your loved ones who are shot first by the militia you are arming or before you find out, like sacrificial lambs to the altar, you will be the first to go into this mayhem of lies and insanity. Two wrongs have never made a right.

We don’t live in the year 80 AD nor were those fantasies told us by people like Glen Beck, Sarah Pahlin, Ted Cruz, or Rush Limbush ever real.  Politicians were never given the right to steal from the tax payers to give to the Christians because if they ever tried it they would get their butts thrown in jail.

The government would not be stepping all over the Constitutional rights of Christians if they put a member of the Tea Party in jail, for taking the peoples money from government, instead they would be putting a common thief in jail.  It is a privilege to live in America and people all over the world envy us for that freedom, To not pay taxes for that privilege would be a total lack of character on the part of anyone who calls themselves Christian or American.

Pope Francis said it best when he said,” Who am I to judge the gay if they love God?’ and “The church is making to much to do about abortion and social issues, when they need to get back to serving the people.”

The only thing I can add to that is if Christians don’t quit paying political groups through their place of worship for the hate and lies that are being told to them by the  Charlatans, none of us will stand the test of hate against us next.

Pray that the Republican Party is able to repair itself and kick out people like the Koch Brothers, Sam Adelson, the religious zealots who have lost their way to hate and militias, and the tea party so that they can heal their own Party and  be made whole again. If The Republican Party does not, we all will lose, and lose big! What is happening in the Republican Party in the name of Christ, is no different from spitting in the face of God.

The real problems destroying and hurting families today, and sadly never gets discussed, are parents wanting to be friends instead of parents, abuse of the vulnerable, and drugs and alcohol.  That is where the focus needs to be on the family.

We don’t need to make certain  that equality is denied to anyone, because quite frankly, none of us were given the power to play God in another person’s life or to deny equality granted to all Americans in a Democracy; or to arm ourselves or a militia, while being told lies, mixed with hate or bullets, if we don’t get our way.  It is insane to think  what is happening is even anywhere close to being Christian or rational! Think about it, who is denying who their Constitutional rights to freedom?  Is it you?

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I am taking a step away from politics for now because by now people have either tuned in to what has happened to the government shut down or tuned out and anymore I have to say on the subject for now, is only preaching to the choir, who does understand the problem.  Instead, I am going  to write on a subject that is to often responsible for the most destruction done in families of adult children’s lives and marriages.

I have read entirely too much recently on the beliefs being projected by too many and that is that some how adult children need to be guided or influenced through out their life time by parents who set the example.  Too many are hearing this, and being told this, and the fallacy lies in the idea that if the parents belonged to an individual religion then they did a good job of parenting or parents always know more than the adult children.

Many times, It simply is not always true, as often younger adults hold more wisdom than did the parents ever have. I know my own children will smile about this post, because as someone who did not have parents I could turn to for advice, I too believed a parents’ job was never done and do find myself offering unsolicited advice, although I constantly work at biting my own tongue.

The facts on the subject are two-fold.  If children are raised never doubting or questioning their parents’ love, and are raised to take responsibility for their own success or failure, by the time they reach adulthood they will resent further guidance from parents attempts to influence or to guide them once they do become adults. If on the other hand parents were more absorbed in their own lives during the adolescent and teen years than they were in parenting, there may always be a feeling of a void in the lives of our adult children, who feel regardless of how old they are, they always will need the help and advice of their parents.

Just as parenting must be individualized according to the needs of the child, so must we quit believing there is a magic book, pill, person, or pattern that says all adult children must follow the influence of their parents in order to find success and a parent of adult children must parent for a life time. The truth is more parents today need to let go and accept that their children, just like they weren’t, will not always be perfect.  Sometimes they will make mistakes and may even embarrass us.  They, just like we did before them, will learn far more from the mistakes they make than they will from parents who insist they listen to them and follow their example.

The third truth, and one often left unspoken is the lack of maturity in a child that follows throughout adulthood and often into old age. It is not uncommon when a disability or mental illness is present that we do experience the adult child who can not or will not ever be capable of being an adult as prescribed by the standards of adulthood.  It is not uncommon when parents add to what is already a complicated genetic pool, by refusing to allow these children to grow up and to remain co-dependent for life.  Other times these adult children simply do not have the capacity to be able to mature beyond the age of their disability and too many times these parents are ostracized for it. For the sake of all of these families, who already feel too much judgment against them, I will not deal with them in this post.

We have our children for a very short time so if we do not do the best job we can as far as setting an example, teaching them right from wrong, and influencing a value system that works according to their own independent choices by the time they are 18, we cannot expect then to parent adult children, later.

Adult children need room to make both choices and mistakes in order to learn from those choices and mistakes, just as we did. If we failed to teach our children independence and maintain rules that would guide them throughout their lives by the time they were 18, then we can expect that we can continue influencing them as long as they live under our roof. Not all children grow up by the age of 18 and some will require our help and guidance through their mid twenties if they are still students.

If they on the other hand are adult children who are neither disabled or suffer from mental illness and are mooching off of us, their parents, while manipulating us with their own hard luck stories or using us through our own guilt, and they are too old to be living at home and we find they still are, we must acknowledge to our own selves that we have formed a co-dependency with our child that can follow failure in their lives and marriages, for years to come. Rare is an adult child who cannot share living expenses with a friend if they are not to lazy to choose to.  If they can play they can also work to earn their keep. If they don’t have friends then they probably do suffer from depression and may need medical help.

It is our responsibility as adult parents to tell our adult children to leave and to quit paying their expenses or doing their laundry, if they are still living at home as adult children and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. When we want them to stay then too often we are guilty of refusing to raise them to become adults, because something is lacking in us or our own marriages as parents of adult children. I am not talking bout adult children who sometimes must move home to help out with aging parents, and one should not be confused by the other, as those who move home to help with aging parents should be applauded for their maturity.

When a couple marries, and they still rely heavily on the influence, finances, and guidance of their parents over that of their spouses, then the percentages of their marriages failing because they have never accepted the responsibility of being independent adults increases greatly. They may remain married due to maintaining a life style they have become comfortable with or to please mom and dad but the kind of marriage they have will often worsen, year after year, until the couple becomes almost like strangers to each other.

When a couple marries they need to turn to each other over the influence of a parent.  They must choose their own religion, where they will live, if they will have children and if so how many, and any decisions that an adult makes is expected to be made by the adult couple without unsolicited or unwanted advice from parents. If they do ask us for help or advice, we must always remember to keep the advice short and the finances limited according to our terms and not their wants.

We will always need and want to give financial gifts to our adult children and if they are gracious about it and it does not interfere with the relationship of the couple or does not mean sacrificing on the part of the parents but is understood as a gift unless they choose to repay it, then parents can gift their adult children.  First we must understand that the couple agrees and not sneak money to our own children.

In adult couples any advice offered by parents when it is neither asked for or wanted often becomes the dividing force between couples.  Many marriages have failed as a result of an adult child turning to a parent against the advice of their spouse or when an adult behaves like a child and says, “daddy or mommy says…….”, or “mommy and daddy don’t think like that.” The couple needs to be adult enough to blend together the beliefs and understanding of the backgrounds of both families.

If one adult child came from an abusive home and the other a loving home they need to be able to recognize the mistakes that were made in both homes and be able to establish their own rules for their own homes.  It certainly does not mean that a child who was abused will be abusive nor a child who comes from a loving home will be loving. Both can reverse the trend in their own homes as often those who learned abuse or neglect will make certain their own children will never have to feel the pain and lost while those who were never told “no”, can be terribly abusive as adults just as adults can repeat the mistakes of their own childhoods.

When we have children following our own example too often we have adult children repeating the same mistakes from one generation to the next. When abuse is occurring in a home then all adults must report the same to legal authorities or Social Services. Sometimes for the sake of the children, if we know  for a fact that abuse is taking place it is best to call Social  Services or the authorities so we can remain anonymous incase the abused need to save their own pride, and ask for our help, later. Reporting simply because we do not like their agreed on parenting skill will definitely lead to being tossed out of own children’s’ lives.

The important thing to remember is for adults to behave as adults if they want to be treated as adults and that includes the parents as well. To be adults means we must be older than 16 and old enough to make rational decisions.

Dating should always be restricted in adolescents and until the teenager is old enough to understand healthy relationships from abusive or controlling ones and the consequences of having sex. Once our children start dating they will listen to their peers before they will listen to their parents and be influenced by their behavior over our own. That does not mean the job of parenting stops at this point. It is o.k. parents if our teenagers become upset with us and the rules since it is the nature of teenagers to do so. When a parents reaction is lowered to the high drama of a teenager’s the parent needs to understand it is their place to keep their own emotions from boiling over and adding to the distress. This is the time in parenting where our own example should count the most. Most teenagers are ready to date by the age of 15 or 16.

Adults must date prior to getting married or starting a committed relationship in order to understand better what their preference in a mate is and to better understand their reaction to a person who they are willing to commit to in the future. Both people in a relationship must determine what being an adult entails before they marry. When they do so, then they need to be allowed to set their own example, influence their own children, and parent for that very short time they have, before it is time for them to have to let go of their children.

Adult children must understand if they fail or succeed in their lives that they are no different from the rest of us who learned from trial and error how to become adults and parents.

The belief;” just because parents of adult children are older they can somehow continue to parent adult children,” is ridiculous.  What parents of real adults can do is to offer their never-ending support in compliments and understanding of the stress often experienced in the lives of all of their children and spoil the grandkids rotten if they have approval from their parents.

In our hearts we are always parents until we die, but in our actions we must know when to keep quiet and when to speak or suffer the consequences of the wrath of adult children, justifiably. Letting go of our adult children so they can better learn the lessons necessary to pass on to their children, who will represent the next generation, is always difficult and many times we do shed tears in the process.  Those who never do let go of their adult children will almost always shed many more tears for opposite reasons.  Believe me, if we raised them to be adults, and then we try to tell them what they need or should do, we will feel wrath over understanding.  It may sting when they do become upset with us, but when we realize ,” Hey we did o.k. as parents,” we recover rapidly.

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The definition of a monger according to Webster Dictionary is someone who tries to stir up or spread something that is petty or discreditable. When we add power to it and we are talking about what is taking place in Washington, if I had a newer dictionary, I would have undoubtedly  seen the Tea Party caucus of the Republican Party with either Michelle Bachman or Ted Cruz as their leader.

Less we mistakenly believe that a power monger has power or credibility let me assure my readers many times they have neither.  They are the people who like to make others believe they do.  They run from Harvard grads to men like Donald Trump to truckers who pass their time listening to Christian Broadcast Networks and pack heat to be the first in line to unload their cargo, outside of Washington.

They all share callousness for others, selfishness, over exaggerated egos, (some say small penises),are by nature control freaks and like to rub shoulders with those in power who they think if they network with them, they can become powerful as well.  Most have the gift of gab and average to good looks and can out preach the preachers on the campaign trails.

Many have what most of us would consider exemplary backgrounds as they’re some who are ex-military, ministers, police, or Doctors.  We often find them as queen or lord of their manor and if they have a job they don’t want to do, that may compromise their good name, then they will manipulate another into doing so.

Any hand up they get they feel they deserve but if even so much as a dollar goes to feeding a hungry child and it comes out of their pockets their voices echo loudly, “take care of yourself, you lousy child!” Perhaps it is more symbolic than literal since they believe no one should have to pay taxes and without taxes there is no government, but even so they fail to see that shutting down of government makes the already hungry children even hungrier.  The generosity of Americans is second to done until they are forced to pay and then just like trying to get out of paying or dodging their responsibility to pay their taxes is rapid, so does their generosity fade when forced into it.

When the Conservative right-wing or Tea Party paid members enter Washington as politicians they have no qualms what-so-ever in shutting down the government because they will still get their pay checks and be able to use their gyms and pay their rent or make their house payment. If we can not they don’t care since that isn’t their problem while they once more yell, “take care of yourself, you lousy freeloaders.”

They have lived the majority of their lives without anyone ever telling them they are jerks because they have always gotten by with manipulating others into doing their bidding.  Many have been raised to believe they are the “golden boys,” or “the prettiest and most entitled of all,” as children growing up.  Others felt they were mistreated or their exceptional intelligence lacked appreciation and understanding, as children. Those who have come up through different means and back grounds know to keep it quiet and live in fear as if they are found out they will be shunned by the rich and famous. When they find the Tea Party or religious-right they often feel they belong for the first time in their life.

When they join the Tea Party they have no need to think that the government belongs to the people because they do not now nor have they ever believed in a Democracy based on fairness to everyone. Women, minorities and gays are allowed in to organize in areas where the white male would fear to tread and to better organize grass roots and party affiliations but will never be the Head of the Party, once fully established. They simply serve the purpose to bring an appearance of softness and acceptance in the far-right conservative movement and tea party populace mentality, and will be the first to be rejected or defunded, as the lambs to the wolves, once they are established.

It is their way or the highway.  Compromise is for suckers or their subordinates, it certainly does not apply to them. They are often very ambitious when it applies to their own pedigree or future but make no mistakes about it they will lie, cheat and steal to reach their goals unless Daddy has a wallet large enough to stretch along with the ego of the Tea Party member.

Their one and only  goal is to make it to the top and then they will become this kindred spirit of a dictator that will decide himself who needs his attention as government will no longer be necessary.  Families and Churches will take care of their own. What they fail to understand is that a person without character will always remain a selfish jerk especially with power.  Many a dictator has had to learn that the hard way so these so-called enlightened people refuse to accept that they themselves are the scourge of humanity.

They all belong to the Republican Party because the very definition of what the Democratic Party stands for is so revolting to their so-called senses that even they could not imagine having the power it would take to change a party of the people into one of callous disregard for the people’s government.

They have been fed on and indoctrinated with the belief that Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower were members of the Gestapo from the beginning of their indoctrination.  They truly believe a compassionate Democracy is how  socialism entered America, through these Presidents.

They don’t care about tax reform, immigration reform, head start, abuse against the vulnerable, education through public schools, middle class jobs, minimum wage, farm subsidies helping feed the poor, Planned parenthood or free preventative medicine offered through free mammograms and pap’s smears through Obama care, social security, Medicare, or health care of any kind because it all, to them, is just more socialism and cuts into their own personal pockets through what they get from the lobbyists and their personal ownership of their own ‘cash cows.’ It is all about them and what they gain and just lip service to get elected or re-elected when they claim to care.

The only way they can make it all go away or to put an end to government as we know it is: to refuse to raise taxes, to defund government, refuse to pay down the deficit, refuse to work on tax reform, and refuse to pass bills that will improve the lives of the American people. The right wing and tea party Republicans are not known as the Filibustering Senate or the do nothing Congress because they have done anything differently than that  for the last 12 years.

They certainly are not going to scuff their shoes on the door step of a Democrat by compromising, much less become a member of any party they find so degrading as to be made up of minorities, women, and gays who are given full equality to the white male nor people who hold concerns for the safety and needs of people when it does not apply to their future endeavors; after all they are the Tea Party, Americans will bow to their supreme knowledge or be left out in the cold.

For those who  fail to understand what is happening with our government, I have just told you who and why and when.  It’s up to you to believe me or not to, as you’re never going to get the truth from a member of the far right or a Tea party financed member of the Republican party nor from the media, whose bread and butter comes from and is often financed by a like mentality.

The Tea Party itself will tell anyone who wants to listen that they are the ones who care about the people when no one else in Washington does.  The biggest thing they do and what they feel gives them the most power is their propensity to lie or to confuse.

Once we see their true colors in Washington and our States in every election they run in, as we haven’t seen anything yet, and the more people enter their eminent domain, the less we are going to like them. Shallow is as shallow does and the well needs to run dry on the Tea Party and right-wing Republicans. Vote them out in 2014, 2016, and until they are all gone and if we need to lessen our frustrations in between we can email them and let them know what we think their chances for re-elections are:) Enjoy the weekend with a good book or your loved ones. Everybody needs a break from the jerks of the world.

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Somewhere over the last 30 years some women have seemingly forgotten we were granted the power of Free will, no differently from the male gender, by our Maker or Creator.

The very same people who relied on birth control, themselves, seem to be very remote in their own memories when it comes to granting the equality of choice to future generations.

It is reminiscent of the older Prostitute, who gains respectability through marriage, and then sits in judgment of the young woman who gets pregnant out of marriage the first time she has sex or when the often told joke in the South touched more on truth than humor.

It was often repeated in the South, accordingly:” I know I got her pregnant Paw but I hain’t going to marry her.” Why not Son? “Because she was a virgin when I met her.” “Well then son if she hain’t good enough for her own family, then she hain’t good enough for our own.”

As the numbers of rape done through strangers, acquaintances, and incest are being denied amongst those who now understand the life-long horrors done to women by rape, while the numbers remain constant or grow, the same people who are most aware, seemingly, want to deny women in even greater numbers, their right to choose.

Too often women, who understand and fight for both our equality and inalienable legal rights granted through “The Equal Rights Amendment”, and our moral right of free will, that separates us from the animal species, are branded as if the fight for equality is a dirty word and done by evil women who are branded as feminists.

Sadly, because of the negative twist that is too often applied to the word feminist it is a word that too many times gets used as a word of disrespect amongst those who deny the equality of genders. Feminists ranks right up there with the word “bitch” that is too often applied to competent women.

When I read the series of books entitled the “Good Wife” or see women gather to learn to better please their husbands in bible groups or in scrap booking groups in individual homes, I am left with a sense of deja vu all over again. Throughout history women have been there and done that while being made to feel the guilt of a marriage that fails.

The Conservative movement in America is really doing a major disservice to the equality of women who come out of cultures who have not advanced to the equality entitled to all Americans or who are made to carry the guilt of blame of what are determined to be deteriorating families in the eyes of the “Good Old Boy” system.

It is true that there are both men and women who marry and neither remains faithful and it is equally true women file for far more divorces than what men do. What women fail to hear are the reasons that women are left to file for divorce.

Men rarely take the vows of matrimony as serious as women do. If it wasn’t for a woman’s insistence of marriage many men would be content to reproduce themselves without the benefit of marriage vows and without legal restrictions to support the child. It is a fact that women to a larger percentage over men, marry for life.

When vows are broken through infidelity, domestic abuse is present, refusal to maintain a family financially exists, and trust is lost, Divorce is most often the burden left for women to carry through on. Although women are guilty of all the same above faults these are faults largely attributable to failures in men.

Men are much more likely to use the lack of a divorce as an excuse to not re-marry again but to move in together without strings attached over women’s desire to re-stabilize their own future prospects. When these above faults are present in the men who women marry too many times women are made to feel guilt that they some how caused the weakness in these men who never had the character of backbone in the first place.

Women are better educated and as such they are becoming the larger bread earners in America today. Men are more content to stay home to help out and raise families, than they have been in the past but a man’s idea of child rearing too often means hiring a nanny or cleaning Lady so he can be free to discover himself.

When parents fail to teach empathy and responsibility to children so children grow up understanding the world isn’t just about them and their wants and needs but also about the wants and needs of those we hold most dear, friends, neighbors, and family who depend on us, families fail. Laziness, Selfishness, or a lack of empathy is not now nor has it ever been gender specific.

I urge all women of all races and backgrounds to remember the word Feminists is a word we all need to be proud of, as it is or should be, the battle cry of all women who seek the justice of moral free will and inalienable legal rights for all people.

It should never matter if Americans are men or women or if they are people who work, breathe, eat, pray, love, vote, drive, gather, marry, remain single, dedicate their lives to others, raise families, stay at home, or discover their own substantial worth or value in America, they are all equal because of the efforts and sacrifices of feminists.

We can never forget that without Civil Rights workers, suffragists, and feminists we would never be able to vote in 2014; Nor would we rank any higher in the eyes of mankind as any one other than a man’s property or chattel.

We need to stop the deterioration taking place by the Conservative movement in America, in an effort to gain back our moral right to free will granted to us by our Creator and our legal rights of equality granted to us by the Equal Rights Amendment by voting as the most powerful block of voters in 2014.

The disgrace in America is not deterioration of families because of the feminists but rather deterioration of respect due to those Americans who hide behind Religious Freedom as an excuse to deny Americans the equality due all of us regardless, of sexual orientation, race, Creed, or gender through the Conservative movements and paid for groups who speak for individual Conservatives in America.

When we become like too many members of the Tea Party who openly say: “it is not my problem if their house falls in the bay, if they do not have Social Security, or if a poor man in a coma dies due to lack of insurance.”; then we can no longer deny the lack of empathy for all Americans is at the crux of the problem.

When we tell those who promote these ideas and attitudes that they are dead wrong at the voting polls through our votes next year perhaps they too will see the faults in their reasoning.

In order for women to right the wrongs, and trust me, it will take women as history has always dictated that it does. We need to begin to turn around the narcissistic movements under way in America through consensus of sisterhood.

It is equally important that we use the elections on the horizon, by joining in fellowship with those politicians whose records prove they also seek justice for all, regardless of gender.

We begin now, by both parents empowering our own children and grandchildren with the power of empathy for all by teaching them charity and sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. We need not be fooled by those who conclude the false assumption,” that a hand up”, is just another name for Socialism.

If both parents fail in teaching the future generations understanding and compassion for others’ rights beyond their own, then Democracy will fail for all of us. Lets get started living by teaching through our own example today. Our actions must match our spoken words if we are to be successful in our own endeavors as parents of the next generations.

The Free will of all future generations depend on it, if we are ever going to have equality for all. None of us ever know if we will be the next one to need a hand-up tomorrow and that we can all take to the bank, even politicians.

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While I took a break to remodel, read, paint and to travel I have experienced the dichotomy of the American and political brain when it comes to words not being put forth into actions and the handling of disasters.

Sadness spread by the hurricane on the East Coast followed much later by the tragedy in NewTown, only to be brought to an increased crescendo in Boston and now the disasters in Moore, Oklahoma will certainly(or should) rain on the parade of the Isis witch hunts or the GOP’s strategy sessions to degrade our President’s attempts to help the American middle class even further.

I will explain myself further if I am the only one who is correlating the dichotomy of the contradiction of the American politics in America:

1. At a time that politicians in Oklahoma are passing the personhood bill to ensure all rights of human life to a fetus who in many cases may not even be viable to sustain life outside of the womb and in other cases can lead to the death of a woman, they fail to see the importance of providing tornado shelters for the alive children in their States.

2. AT a time when Isis appears on the network and cable news assuring the public that he is going to work with President Obama to pass immigration changes he continues to attack and berate Eric Holder and President Obama as being in cahoot’s to lie to The American people and of intimidation and corruption, while off camera.

3. While the GOP and Conservatives in the Democrat Party reach out in an effort to express horror over the NewTown shootings they hands down vote down measures that would and do protect the American people and our children from future attacks in our schools, on our streets and in our homes. 

4. The above mentioned; along with the Tea Party, white supremacists groups,members of Washington D.C.’s political power, lobbyists, and our States show up at the NRA Convention where they help promote the lies to the NRA membership of 75,000 strong that these efforts to safeguard our children are only efforts by the Obama Administration and the Liberals to take away their guns.

5. Anyone who can not see the dichotomy of the Tea Party and Conservative cause that bans equal rights to women in their National Platform but profess concern for future generations while professing to be God Fearing and protectors of the Faith, Constitution, and Democracy clearly are not seeing reality.  To continually operate opposite of speech in action is a clear cut reality of not just the far right, Tea Party, and Conservative cause but also of the way too many amongst us vote.

6. The two headed monster of dichotomy in America is alive and healthy in too many of the burbs and rural areas in the Red States and the Conservative hold outs in the Blue States across America.  I noticed the very large billboards advertising the various number of Churches while we were driving into Pensacola Florida. 

Would Christ truly approve of such commercialization knowing over a 5 year period that those billboards cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 per sign and each Church has their own sign of advertisement? Couldn’t that money be better utilized elsewhere, since all the churches are also listed in both the motel room directories as well as the yellow pages? 

I also saw many of the Breadbasket and Bible belt States accusing a caring and compassionate Democracy that treats ALL American’s needs as being the practice of Socialism. Those billboards and signs are interspersed amongst the States that claim Christian values along our highways as well.

Since so many, I noticed, are also driving around with bumper stickers that read: “Put Christ back in Christmas,” to the point they fail to see the over-whelming generosity towards the less fortunate and the most innocent amongst us at Christmas time, of non-Christians and Christians alike, is the most Christ-like behavior we can express; couldn’t we argue that perhaps the majority of us are failing to see the obvious while the politicians and their paid for media are playing us for fools because too many of us are disengaged or in denial?

Where is the outrage when the IRS does question legitimately the huge numbers of groups who clearly are political that hides behind Religious or freedom of ideology just to get tax breaks that are not legal? 

Where is the outrage when the same people who start the witch hunts failed themselves to legislate the necessary funds that would have safeguarded our Embassys over seas? 

Where is the outrage when the innocent amongst us are left unprotected because the members of the GOP refuse to allocate the funding necessary to keep our children safe, or for that matter pass laws that would limit the amount of fire power by limiting the number of bullets in the size of the magazines?

We the People keep speaking to the political leaders across the Nation and their reponse is to actually accuse the government for interfering while we continually see the need for government to help us but our elected officials are refusing to do anything that will help us. 

Perhaps the only part of government we truly do need to down size and eliminate are our elected officials in Congress who claim to be on our side when tragedy strikes but votes against us when they have both a moral responsibility to vote for our needs and are elected to show competency as our elected officials.

While the media broadcasts and the GOP tries to tie a link with the mismanaged, scandalous and sometimes misunderstood depts. of government to our President has anyone even noticed that the deficit is going down, the previously uninsured can now get insurance while healthcare costs have gone down, the interests rates charged to students who are interested in improving their education and skills have remained low, the students who wish to go on with their education are now covered on their parent’s insurance, The GNP (Gross National Product) has doubled, housing has gone up and the economy is improving due to the changes made by the Obama Administration that is putting Americans back to work?

Where is the media reporting on the truth when Americans need to know? Hasn’t our President gone the extra step when it comes to tragedy and disaster in our Nation? Isn’t his concern and efforts for immigration change once more being stymied by those who insist they want the Latino and Hispanic vote, as usual? What bill other than the ones that apply to them personally along with their lobbyist, who purchased them, have the Conservatives in the Senate and the Congress passed in the last five years, that they were not pressured into doing because of their fear of not being re-elected? Have we forgotten that they only begrudgingly passed funds necessary to help those hit by the hurricane on our East Coast or to bring relief to the middle class and unemployed?

I will continue staying tuned in with my concerns while enjoying the retirement that my husband and I balanced the budget for that enables our enjoyment in the last quarter of our lives.

Every now and then when nothing has changed; as the GOP readies it’s strategy, with the help of the TEA Party, to enter under qualified candidates who are financially supported in the 100s of thousands and even millions of dollars and owe their souls to the cause of the Tea Party political machine; over those candidates who would put the American people first, I will check in with my readers. The Conservative and Tea Party groups claims of Social ideology over political based control or greed hurts my ears if it doesn’t yours.

With the 2014 elections coming up in less than 18 months can we not all smell the manure of another attempt to denigrate the Obama Administration
with increased witch hunts and lies spread by the Tea Party as we heard in 2010?

My empathy as always is with the suffering and tragedy of the American people. Will we ever have Republican and Conservative legislatures who acknowledge that the needs of “We the People”, needs to be their first and main concern by doing something in Congress and our States that would indicate the same?

Don’t we already have enough proof of the stall tactics of the GOP and Tea Party sponsored candidates to do nothing but to eliminate the pay scale of the middle class jobs, to lower education abilities,to protect capitalism over the people, or their failure to do that which is right for the American People as equals? Will we the majority of the electoral body get out of denial and get engaged in the true dichotomy of American politics? And so it goes………..

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Hate comes from an inner turmoil within the thoughts of an individual and can commonly rise to the level of anger that explodes out of control in individuals or groups. What may begin as a neighborhood dispute between two people can end up becoming a neighborhood dispute involving the entire block if people begin taking sides. The same thing often happens in families with everyone being forced into taking sides, when any issues should remain between the two individuals to work out together.

We often find the similar thing happening in divorce cases where each of the members try to convince their friends, and sometimes their children who were the victims in a marriage, while an over-whelming amount of the time the divorce couples themselves divide the loyalty of their friends or their children’s affections. Too often because the real abusers in the relationship are often charismatic by nature, people will side with the abuser over the victims; Even when marriages remain intact children will often side with the abuser since they are so starved for affection from the parent who abuses they can be manipulated by the abuser who often with holds affection or pays them off with praises or money. Hate can arise from extreme dislike of ourselves and others.  Hate arises from:oppression,fear, envy,greed,ignorance,jealously or any number of negative feelings that arises from an individual person and can spread from that individual through a group.

In organizations,gangs,or groups that demand membership surrenders its own ability to think for themselves to the leaders of these groups, hate can spread through intimidation,brain washing techniques or come from a person who longs to be accepted.  Because these groups often seek out  individuals who feel that they have been disrespected by others all their lives, to join their group or gangs hate spreads through ignorance. When the majority of membership when left on their own really would have nothing against the groups they are trained to hate, they are taken advantage by the leadership that works them into a frenzy of hate.  What often comes out of these groups is the by-product of hate against people that they have absolutely no rational reason to dislike,much less hate.

Rarely if ever is hate based on rational feeling. Greed is involved in gang wars that kill over drug territory for instance.  People get killed without even having so much as discussed their differences with the ones they kill. Many times people who have no knowledge of the beliefs of the Hindu or Muslim Religions will hate entire groups who practice their religious belief.  We find irrational hate against both Religions because a radical, Osama Bin Laden,outside of the beliefs of Muslim Faith, attacked us on 9/11.  The Hindu Religious group in Milwaukee was attacked out of the same ignorance of what appears to be a deranged individual.  Many times people are harassed or attacked for nothing more than skin color while it is supported by law in States like Arizona.

We can hate the spread of hate and we can insist our leaders stop hate but unless mankind educates themselves to understand their own irrational fears or learns to  control  negative feelings, hate can spread like a wildfire and has been a part of history since the beginning  of human existence.

The Middle East has been at war between Religious sects that vary in their beliefs and who view the other as their enemy since 76 AD. Children are taught at a very young age there, just as they are here, who they should hate. Hate is not just a product of America but it spreads around the World with apartheid in Africa and Dictatorship in Cuba.  A mistrust always lays as the basis of hate.

When we have groups like the NRA,The White Supremacy,The Skin heads, 330 Militia Groups Of the Tea Party, gaining support in the Republican Party due to the growth of the Tea Party within its membership, then we see acceptance of hate when it should not be tolerated by government. Some believe there is a  total of 1000  hate groups currently in America.  They range from the radical of animal rights to the anarchists that often are sent to protests in our Streets from across the Canadian border. In these groups we  find the leaders working the members into a feeding frenzy of hate while telling those who already feel disenfranchised from America’s Social fabric, that they are being victimized.  When  hate is spoken about and bandied about combined with drinking cases of beer,hate often begins in one individual and spreads through an entire group of people.

Other times hate is spread against the gay community in Churches with preaching of the Bible verses against the gay population. A huge sector of the internet and social media will spread lies against the innocent or tell half-truths to try to turn people to their cause through hate. Members of hate groups will send out their hate propaganda to friends through email.  Many times gossips will do the same in offices or small communities or neighborhoods. The Conservative Republican legislature refuses to even recognize the gay community as existing, as they claim they have not been recognized by law. In many cases the Bible that was intended to be a guide to lead mankind out of hate and a guide to lead us instead into acceptance of each other, gets misused by Churches and is used instead to stir up hate against groups that they profess to be marked for, “Hell and Damnation.”

The only way any of us can stop the spread of hate is through education and acceptance of all of us.  When we have the very groups who should be helping to educate people against hate responsible for helping spread hate, then it often takes the citizenry to educate those who hate one at a time.  Even when we do we still will find that students who feel like outcasts,those who feel they are superior even though they are often times filled with fear of inadequacy themselves, and workers who get laid off will still be a threat to Society because of the irrational thinking that explodes in the individual who seeks out revenge through hate.

As a Nation we need to recognize the compassion that we have and to do a better job of dealing with the treatment of the mentally ill. Too many even in the medical profession, refuse to promote real and comprehensive reform in healthcare for those who suffer from mental illness because too many times their hands are tied due to Insurance Companies refusal to carry mental patients long-term.  Churches need to take another look at the way they handle the gay issue and abortion and be ever cognizant of those in their own midst that will use either as an excuse to be a hero in the eyes of the Church, by gong on a killing rampage.

As a Nation we need to enforce hate crimes while not enforcing them to the point that they infringe on our rights to freedom of Speech, and that is such a delicate line to cross, that often times law enforcement is damn if they do and damn if they don’t. We need to better educate people in the different religious beliefs and the history of the races without parents yelling Fowl.  We need to teach respect for all people and religions in America but too often when civil rights leaders attempt to do this they are ridiculed and derided for infringing on the rights of white  Americans.  We need to start educating and not stop even while the far right continues to fight against education.

With the younger generations coming up and making friends with people of different beliefs and skin colors we always look for hope in them teaching acceptance and educating the adults to become more tolerate but too many times schools produce the worse kind of hate because the parents accuse the teachers for promoting unity amongst their students, when the parents do not want their children co-mingling due to their own hate issues. Other times parents themselves are so desperate to have their children accepted and popular that they deliberately encourage feelings of superiority in their children when the children themselves feel an inferiority. Some children, who form cliques and are held together by hate, will spread it through phone calls or the internet when they are intimidated by the group to do so if they wish to remain a part of the group.

Due to the mixed emotions  we parents too many times instill in our own children,  groups often form in schools that learn to either co-exists or it leads to disenfranchising a whole group of children because they are not a part of the “cool group” or “one of us.” To often parents create the hate that surfaces in their own children.  This mentality exists in the parents just as bullies are a product of home environment and are a by-product of hate.

The long and short of hate is that it is very complicated and comes from all directions. Even if we could make laws to counter act hate we would have protests from another group that their rights were being infringed on.  The best solution of all is when”We The People” hear words of hate from our children or their friends we take the time to educate our children and support both our Schools and Church leaders in doing the same.  We need to be the leaders against intolerance in our own homes,neighborhoods, schools, and Churches without passing the buck onto another day or another time.  If it is going on in our schools and Churches ,then we the membership, must stand up against it by demanding that the spread of hate stops and is replaced instead by understanding our differences and acceptance of all Americans as equals.

It often only takes one of us speaking out to turn hate into acceptance in our own neighborhoods, one block at a time. We need to get started making a difference now.  Our Republican Congressmen and  Senators need to quit making excuses and start making comprehensive laws of acceptance of Native Americans, the gay population, and Hispanics that grant them rights. The Republican Senate who has filibustered it, can now rethink their previous objections, by passing the Violence Against Women Act that includes Native Americans, the gay populations and Hispanics.

Anyone who has hate issues themselves needs to get help before you help raise the next generation of people made miserable by their own intolerance and feelings of hate. One thing people who hate never find is joy or contentment.  To think that our child or grandchild will never be happy but instead only hate should spring all of us into action by stopping the spread of hate each time we hear it. The media are easy to deal with as all we need to do is switch stations or turn them off, when they spread their hate. “We The People”, are not so easy to deal with, so we need to get started and lead by example for the next generations coming up, so they never hear the hate that we have heard escalating and spreading these last four years. The voters have spoken.  God Bless all of us!

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The uproar in the Republican Party leadership and the Conservative media, over the Todd Aiken comments on rape is so hypocritical and only infuriates the members of the Republican Party, because like President Obama giving amnesty to the latino and Hispanic population who were brought here as children, it draws attention to what the real divide in the two parties has been about while the Republican Party wants to keep this quiet since they know that it will cost them the women’s vote; even while they lie and some in the media promotes the same lie, that it is women who want this since they overwhelmingly choose the pro-life view that the Good Old Boys continue to force on women.

The Republican Party’s growing war against women was brought to the fore front in what the Tea Party and Conservatives have really believed on rape going back to 1988 when the then Republican representative from Delaware, alluded to the same view. This was the belief of Church officials going back to the 1300’s and was even used as a way to know if a woman had been of loose morals prior to a rape. Doctor John Wilkie reported the same insane belief in 1999 and Todd  Aiken was quoting him about women not being able to get pregnant in a legitimate rape.

Dr. Willkie is a supporter of candidate Romney going back to 2007. He was so important to Romney that he headlined Dr. John Willkie as a supporter at the time. Mitt Romney now calling for the resignation of Missouri Senator Todd Aiken of Missouri to resign in as fake  of an act of disgust for his comment on rape as is the rest of the Republican Party’s pretence to be alarmed by the same.

The belief that good girls secrete a fluid, out of fear and therefore cannot get pregnant in a legitimate or what they prefer to call a forcible rape, has always been the universal view amongst them.  They are now  trying to attack  Todd Aiken for saying out loud what they have grown to accept and for the media to promote his view as an extreme view of the right and not the view of Romney and Ryan, is as big of a lie as everything else that the Republicans are trying to keep quiet in their move to deny  minorities and women both their civil and equal rights.

They had hoped they could go into their Convention next week without drawing attention to the fact that their own platform denies women any rights at all to their own decision to contraception or their health but instead give those rights to the fertilized egg, in what they call the Personhood bill that they have attempted to try to pass on the floor or attach to the bills that Democrats have tried to pass since 2004.

The law of “Personhood” has already  been  passed in Virginia,Oklahoma,Kansas,Nebraska,Idaho and Arizona.  Women are back to crossing the border into Mexico from Arizona and again being aborted by unlicensed abortion practitioners in an unclean environment or are getting what is a prescription abortion pill,without direction from a Dr. or pharmacist in the United States, just as they had been forced into doing prior to the passage of Roe vs.Wade.

Because women are being handed these pills they are taking as much as the whole bottle that is leading to hemorrhaging again as it did  in the 1950’s.  Even in the 1930’s, 18% of pregnant women got illegal abortions.  Wealthy women always had a Dr. who would perform an abortion in a clean environment and they would list it as a miscarriage.  Men who feel they can make women subservient to them again by keeping them pregnant abound in the Republican Party. There are more than 1000 more bills pending in other States that run the gamut from pressing criminal charges on women who seek abortion to banning the use of birth control for women.

There is not, nor have there ever been any laws to ban condoms,surgery for men, or testosterone decreasing drugs for men,or Viagra by these same hypocrites who are attempting to have the fertilized egg rights increased over the rights of women, while they out-law the use of birth control for women, as well. By ignoring the use of birth control or non-birth control in men they are stripping women of the right to make decisions for their own procreation and instead giving the right to men, to determine the size of the family or the number of fatherless children they produce. 38 States have already removed Insurance coverage  to women for any form of birth control for women, while they continue paying for men, including Viagra .Drug Companies continue to develop a birth control pill for men without any protests from the Republican Party.

When we live in a society where too many men are refusing to work, or being paid cash under the table, rather than pay child support and single mothers are instead getting support from our States, these elected Tea Party and Conservatives in the Republican Party and to a much lesser degree 16 Conservative Democrats are supporting the decisions of men in procreation, over women.

In doing so they are trying to limit divorces that  they think will force women into choosing between poverty or being subservient to men by forcing too many women to remain in abusive or miserable marriages or relationships. If they were truly trying to stop or prevent abortions they would not be attempting to ban the morning after pill or birth control for women, because even an idiot would understand that to do so, will only increase the number of abortions.

By making birth control and abortion for women illegal and pressing criminal charges against women, it will only take women back to the 1950’s when they were dying of infections or hemorrhaging in back alley abortions again. If they are stupid enough to think they can take  free will from women that God granted us all,including women, away from us then we need to get them out of Republican Party since clearly they are only proving they do not have a clue how women do feel or think.

Paul Ryan, is denying that they are banning birth control for women, even though he has introduced or co-sponsored or voted  for 62 bills that limit women the right to their own health and to making their own decisions, on procreation. Mitt Romney in the Republican primary debates said, and I quote,”I hope that the Congress passes legislation that bans all abortions because if they do, as President, I will sign it into law in a heart beat.”  the Mormon Church, of which he is a Bishop, also denies women the rights to the use of birth control. The media that now tries to promote the out rage of the Republicans against Todd Aiken of Missouri for his comments on rape are as hypocritical as the Republican Party, itself, is over their so-called outrage.

In 2008 the Republican representative from Texas made the comment”Rape is inevitable as the weather so a woman might as well set back and enjoy it,” and many in the Party have held the idea or belief that this is what cost John McCain the women’s vote in 2008 and they sure as the hell were not going to make that mistake again.  Paul Aiken did make that mistake on repeating their over-all view on rape and in doing so he committed the unforgivable sin in the Republican Party and they acted in agreement over what they feel is betrayal by Todd Aiken for exposing their belief.

The Republican platform next week, states that all abortions will be banned by the Republican Party,  in all cases of  a fertilized egg including all rapes and when women’s lives are in jeopardy.  This has been the big secret that they wanted to keep even though it has already been adopted to their platform and has been the same since 2004 but has gone unreported. They will deny women any and all rights and instead turn all those rights over to the fertilized egg, by passing what they call “the Personhood Bill” and in doing so it will deny women all use of contraception.

Aiken and Ryan sponsored the  HR3 bill together on the House floor that tries to define rape and denies women of rape their own rights.  The belief in the Republican Party, that they are trying to distance themselves from Todd Aiken’s belief, along with their own belief that good girls do not get pregnant when raped but those who they call whores (any non-virgins) do because of their behavior,how they dress, or the fact that they are drinking alcohol,or fall for a man’s lie of,” come in for a drink”, then they  ask for rape, is as common in their belief as the sun rising. They have been and do separate various degrees of rape from being forcible rape and therefore the fault of the womans’ behavior, and to deny that they do is just more of the lies of “Good Old Boys.”

For them to come out in force now and pretend that they have not been trying to define different levels of rape and attach bills of Personhood to a fertilized egg on every attempt made by President Obama and the Democrats to pass through bills on immigration and on bills that would help balance the budget or give job relief to the middle class,or farmers and ranchers relief in a comprehensive farm bill, is nothing more than the lies that have existed for 4 years in the Republican Party.

In a study done in 1996 and reported in the American Journal of gynecological and obstetrics, approximately 32,000 women per year who are raped get pregnant or 5% of all women raped.  If any of us believe that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will allow these women the choice to choose abortion to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy, then it is time you get out of denial before the next people they decide to take away freedoms and rights from is yourself.

As much as Romney denies now, that he will follow his Party platform, we can relate it to the same as when he says,”You are just going to have to take my word for it when I say, I pay taxes.” If you believe him then take to heart what Grover Norquist,who is the Republican Party, has said,”We do not need a President who comes in here with an agenda or plans on making policy changes, all we need is a man with five digits who will sign into law what we tell him to sign.”

As long as the Republican Party could promote through the media that it was President Obama who would not co-operate with them and was  responsible for the divisiveness between the two parties and the media  promoted  that idea then they could defeat President Obama and do as Mitch McConnell promoted and that is make President Obama a one term President.  They took a pledge under the guidance of Grover Norquist, to do the same at the CPAC retreat, ten days after President Obama was signed into office, and 95% of the Republican Party agreed to it.  All newcomers to the Senate and Congress in 2010 were also asked to sign it, and since they were all Tea Party members they knew they would, with Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell leading the pack. It caused the Tea Party favorite to win the election in Kentucky against Senator Lugar because Lugar refused to sign it and instead voted for Obama’s affordable health care.

With their efforts to defeat President Obama,they are pumping in billions of dollars through right-wing groups such as Citizens United,The Christian Coalition,Americans for Prosperity,The Christian Family Group,etc. while Romney/Ryan supporters are writing $10 million dollar checks to defeat affordable healthcare that provides free screening for all of us and birth control for women. The lies are astronomical coming out of the Republican campaigns this year. They think if they buy enough ads and keep repeating the lies, while they campaign with the same lies, that we will eventually believe their lies and vote for them.  As far back as 1962 or 60 years ago, Adlai Stevenson who ran for President against Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50’s, said and I quote,”If the Republicans will quit lying about us,(the Democrats) we will quit telling the truth about them.” Its way past time we show them what we do think of their lies.

Vote in November even though it will mean sacrificing our time getting picture ID,a birth certificate and two proofs of residency, standing in line, and time away from our work and families, due to the Republican voter suppression laws in our States.  In some cases,if you are in college,it may even mean skipping school and going home to vote. We need to show them that no matter how difficult they make it for us to vote, they cannot nor will they deny women,minorities, and immigrants equality nor will they break our spirits in the efforts to deny us our freedom. The important thing is that we Vote or we will be the ones who lose, the most, and you will be next.

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It was not that long ago, when we consider the amount of time than mankind has lived, when we or our family members were all on the list of the despised and hated.  The Republicans need to acknowledge that their time of discrimination has ended.  A new wave of acceptance has reached America.

Just as the Republican Party, the Churches, and the red necks of America fought against the acceptance of a Catholic President, a Black President,  and while other’s believed the Mormon Faith was a  cult, the last prejudice against an entire sector of people in America is falling.  Even though the Republican Party and those remaining Churches who still refuse to accept the gay population of America have many friends and colleagues that are gay, they still are denying the equality to them than no man has a right to deny any American who pays into our tax base,fights for our Country, and  is a citizen of America.

When we ourselves are victims of prejudice we have a full understanding of the ways in which we are discriminated against and the names and ways the bigots try to hide behind Christian values, as a more endearing or kinder excuse to gain acceptance of their views, over that of acknowledging prejudice.  The argument against marriage in the gay community sounds eerily the same as it did before Jews could marry into the white population or the reverse discrimination when Jews were not allowed to marry outside of their faith,before Catholics could marry Protestants or again the reverse discrimination when Protestants could not marry Catholics, and before inter-racial marriages were allowed. We all felt that discrimination or our family members did when we fell in love with someone outside of our religious convictions and were not allowed to marry them without threat of excommunication.  The very people who were discriminated against, not that many years ago and those who still are, have clearly forgotten what discrimination felt or feels like and looks like when they were denied the right to marry because discrimination has always been raised to a higher level behind the excuse of Christian values.

For those who argue that the beliefs of the Churches  is not mean-spirited, that may be true to those who do not deal with the situation on a personal level, but when I remember being a Catholic and marrying a Protestant during this period of time, I can assure you it felt like hate.  To be told that my husband as a non-Catholic could not go to Heaven or the reverse from a Protestant mother-in-law that the Catholic Church was storing guns in their basement to attack non-Catholics while she tried her damnest to break us up and to invoke her Preacher’s name; it still is very difficult for me to believe that hate did not feed into these views of prejudice. It did not even come close to the hate during that same time and the Bible being quoted against the sin of a”white woman laying down with a black man.”  The views out of the Christian communities in the past as well as against the gay population today, are very much fed on hate when we are the people who are involved with loving the person who the Churches deny us the right to marry.

The Republicans along with too many of the Churches are dead wrong on this issue.  Either we are a Country of equality for all or a few in this Nation, that call themselves Republicans, are the ruling class of America and have the right to tell the rest of American people what  their rights and place in America are.  The last I remember they were not given the power to discriminate against anyone in our Constitution but instead only in their Churches.Seperation of Church and State is the law in America.

For Romney to say,” that the gay people have rights as they can visit each other in the hospital when they are sick,” seems to be a generous concession on the part of the Republican Party who has appointed themselves as the ruling class.  Without marriage children will always be considered ill-legitimate in America.  Without marriage a committed couple remains single for life.  Without marriage siblings have a larger right in many States to the property and assets that  a committed couple spends their lifetime working together to earn.  To claim that marriage is just the right of heterosexuals and to hide behind Religion sounds a lot like it sounded when slaves were refused the right to marry on Religious convictions when inter-racial marriages were wrong because of religious convictions, and when Jews, Catholics and Mormons were burnt out of their homes for fear that one of their children would marry a white Protestant, because they were considered to be lesser than the white Protestant, by the religious convictions in the community of their day.

How far back do we have to fall or how much rule will we tolerate giving over to the Republican Party over all of us, who are ourselves or family members of discrimination,  before we all vote for equality and justice for all in America?  When the same Party denies that the gay population falls into the arena of hate crimes, while voting against it, and they have a History of yelling, “Religious Convictions,” for 200 years now, haven’t we who are or were one of those discriminated against, forgotten our own roots?  It is time to quiet that over-worn excuse that allows their hate to grow while dividing the civility of the American people. Vote for equality for all Americans in November.

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