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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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Since I have spoken about the greed in politics and business it would be a failure on my part to not speak about the greed in Religion.  Todays post is about just a small sector of that greed as it pertains to the Evangelical belief but by no means is it only a part of their belief as a large part of the same belief is shared by other Religions, such as the Mormon Faith, as well, they just are not as outwardly obvious about it.

Prosperity ministers who are  outwardly preaching the value of greed in America are a new twist to the teaching of Religion.  They are a growing breed of ministers tied to the Charismatic Evangelical movement.  They run the gamut of people who show no shame in their high pitch sales job of the merits of rewards that come along with giving to those who use more subtle nuances.  People like the Joyce Meyer’s ministries from Missouri are very aggressive in claiming entitlement to a rich life style due to God’s gifts to her while others like  Joel Osteen of Texas are less verbose, but both types are prosperity ministers.

When Americans became bored with the often boring and staid teachings of or disillusioned with Traditional Religion and divorce became more prevalent or lifestyles changed, people began looking for more entertaining ways to worship, and many turned to Evangelicals to provide them with Spiritual guidance.  Although Evangelicals  originate primarily from Methodists and Presbyterian beliefs along with the 1700’s Piety and Puritan beliefs of the Bible preaching’s, to tie Evangelicals to any one belief factor would be wrong.  They’re definitely the majority who see themselves as Conservative Christians but there are also those who are liberal and even some who would be considered as really non-committed who do not believe it necessary to attend Church Services and Bible Studies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Evangelicals are popular with the African-Americans through the Baptist Church just as the faith is practiced by all members and Nationalities in America and all walks of life.  It is the largest growing Religion in America with an estimated 28.3% or 90 million Christians in America. Brazil is only larger in percentages than the United States is in growth.

To pen point any similarities beyond their belief in  “Born Again” and “Catholics as Heretics who do not teach the literal interpretation of the Bible”, would do them a disservice as even though they have a high number of Republican Conservatives, through the minority population, they have an equally large number of Liberal Democrats. Some want nothing to do with the mention of politics while others feel they should be front and center in the influence of politicians and their decisions. Many believe in Rapture and await the second coming of Christ, others believe in healing of the sick and disabled by the laying on of hands, while others speak in tongue.  Many credit their success as a direct Blessing from God and believe they are guided by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. They accept most of Protestant beliefs but the crowds many times are more exuberant and reactive than in Traditional Religion.

Many of the ministers, due to their own lack of training in Divinity and Seminaries, often expound their own interpretations of the Bible and so the messages often vary from one Church to the next with individual understanding or interpretation of the chapters and verse of the Bible. Some are guided through life by a literal interpretation of marriage:” being of one man and one woman,” while others allow for gay rights. Many hate to be perceived as fundamentalists as they were in the 1700’s when Evangelical beliefs initially arose in Europe.

Not all Evangelicals are Charismatic nor believe in Prosperity Ministers nor are all obsessed with Heaven and Hell.  One thing that is certain is if they do preach the Word many have little to no training in Divinity, although many do have honorary Dr. degrees without formal education from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and  other Evangelical Universities. Some get their degree to preach from a mail order house out of California while others get theirs for a fee over the internet.

They all believe they were given a calling and were inspired to preach when God appeared to them. Some are very simple people who come from the coal mines in the Appalachians. Others have high school diplomas while some do have Associate degrees or two years and still others have Bachelor degrees of four years of college, from non-credited schools ran by the Evangelical ministries. Others have had Seminary training in other more traditional Protestant Religions and have left that faith to start their own Evangelical Church.  Universal, Grace, Life, Good Will, Glad Tidings, etc.  are usually a part of the name of these Churches over that of Jesus, the Apostles, or Saints most commonly found in other more Traditional Religions.

Prosperity ministers are those ministers who pretty much share tears in the wickedness of their ways before “they got drunk on Jesus,” and before God appeared to them and made them rich.  They are very charismatic and crack jokes and do a sales job on their parishioners, telling them if they give to their Church until it hurts they will be Blessed ten fold and maybe even 100 fold.  If their parishioners think they can give 10 dollars or even a 100 dollars and it does not mean deprivation or sacrifice on their part, for God, then they do not really believe in God.  If a thousand dollars really hurts then they should give a thousand dollars and not worry about the bills as God will provide, If they really believe. They play on the guilt of the poor by making them feel like the reason they are poor is because they do not believe hard enough.  The great majority of the money they receive comes from their radio or television ministries and is established fact that the poor give at a higher percentage rate of their income than do the wealthy.

They tell their followers how they did not have a dime, the wolves, were at their door, the bill collectors calling constantly and when they took their last few dollars to Church and gave it to God they were Blessed with manna from Heaven. Their  good fortune just fell from the skies.  They quote the passages of the Bible that says “and God Blessed and rewarded them with good fortune”, and totally over look the parts of the Bible that say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to gain Heaven,” and Christ’s teaching’s about  mankind’s need to give away all his riches to serve the poor, in order to gain heaven.

Prosperity ministers beliefs that they have found the Blessings of God’s favor through becoming rich is so prevalent that they take parishioners money to buy $10 million dollar corporate jets, $200,000.00 in antique furnishings, they drive Mercedes and BMW’s in the $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 dollar range and feel entitled while living in million dollar homes while giving their children all the best that their parishioner’s money can buy.  So warped are their beliefs of entitlements to wealth and so charismatic are their sales pitch that they can and do convince  their followers, they are God’s voice on earth, even without seminary training or practical applications in divinity. Some even claim they are living out their gift from God now, while others in their Congregations struggle to make ends meet.

Their followers, just as do the ministers, fail to see the hypocrisy in the message they preach when they preach the need of every one to take responsibility for their own needs; and the poor could be rich if they just believed.  Since they offer the poor hope they are often times kept poor through their weekly contributions to the Prosperity Ministers, as every dime is followed by more from the poor with the poor being the Prosperity Ministers greatest contributors.  The prosperity ministers and parishioners fail to reach the understanding of the ministers dependency on the Mercy of the people, before they gained their own riches. God does not deal in dollars but sales people certainly do, and it would do us all well to begin there with that introspective thought.

Because these ministers forgive every sin through their “Born Again Beliefs”, regardless of how grievous the sins, without individual confession and penance and they relate to their parishioners about their own sinfulness and really stress how they were sinners, People flock towards the ability to be born again and all their past sins forgiven.

In the more conservative Evangelical Churches, parishioners are often shamed into living exemplary lives just as their ministers do, even though there are some who are no different from the rest of us with the same foibles and mistakes or sins committed by all of us. In the more Conservative Churches the parishioners cling to the belief that often these uneducated clergy can speak for God and give them a greater place in Heaven and a get out of Hell free card, if they only embrace their lives in the constant presence of Christ and continue to give of their money, which they are told is in most cases intended for the poor. This is true unless they are Prosperity ministers as good deeds are encouraged in most Evangelical Churches. The  Prosperity clergy often claim to draw salaries that do not compensate for the riches they gain. Many of the more liberal parishioners belong for the fellowship more than they do for the strict observance of the teachings as is common in many Religions, who do not set strict guidelines.

As a neighbor of mind once said, “I would hate to think I was such a bad sinner that I would have to spend my life in Church.” I have always enjoyed travel because I love the diversity that is America over tying myself to one group for a life time but that is just my own personal choice and many people are comfortable and justifiably so in their own communities.

I like many believe that: Spirituality just like physical and mental needs are a necessity of mankind in the fulfillment of life and living but are dollars really a part of what makes mankind great or saves us from hell? Can we really buy ourselves into Heaven or are we better judged for the value of our compassion for, the time we place on, and we give of ourselves to humanity? We do need to sometimes question the motives behind what appears to be an exorbitant lifestyle of riches regardless of the person or people who are promoting the same, at the expense of the people.  We cannot wear blinders just because those vulgar displays of wealth are arising from our ministries any more than we can when they come from our politicians.  Both depend on the generosity of the people and should be suspect and held responsible for such displays.

The great majority of us want to see people who have made wealth through hard work and sweat equity enjoy the fruits of their labor as it offers hope to those of us who dream. Certainly ministers and some politicians put in long hours and hard work as well, but when their income is earned on the charity of the poor, the vulnerable, or the greed of lobbyists, the majority of us see these excessive lifestyles of displayed wealth as being vulgar.  It is not what we want of either our clergy or our politicians whose main concerns should be dedicated to the needs of the people. When a family of 4 or more make $50,000.00 a year and they are pressured or cajoled into writing $10,000.00 checks so they can prove the power of their faith in God or a politician can get elected, and the clergy and politicians cannot understand the immorality of their exorbitant lifestyle, then who can we turn to when we ask for legitimacy in our Churches or our government ?

Does the riches gained by our politicians who are threatening to deny payment of Social Security to the elderly, wages to the Military and middle class, and GI benefits, by shutting down government over Obama care, mean they are deserving to be great and Blessed? Wouldn’t we all do better with their compassion shown and their time given to our needs without strings attached?  Something else to ponder that’s for sure. Doesn’t take much common sense to figure out, does it?;)

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The problem with the media today, as far as I see it is, they are so caught up in getting the first interviews with politicians who do not serve on the Intelligence or Security committees but are known to be partisan to a degree of incompetence, that the media itself is rendered incompetent.  To claim  these opinions, speculations, and partisan leanings do not sway public opinion is to claim the sun never sets.  They in kind then lead the American people to believe that President Obama and his team are weak leaders even when there have been clear-cut history of similarities in the World of Geo-politics played out around the World, throughout history.

I was within miles of SAC headquarters, I believe it was October, 1962, as I with my junior class participating in a mock UN meet, when the nuclear threat from the Cuban missile crises was imminent and President John F. Kennedy had our missiles aimed at Cuba.

Kennedy was in a real bind of credibility at the time because just a month before this he had promised the American people,” Cuba would never get missiles and the United States not go to war against Cuba and Russia.”  Because we had like 5000 missiles to Nikita Khrushchev of Russia only having 300 and we had missiles set up in Italy and Turkey pointed at Russia no one thought Khrushchev would be foolish enough to build missiles or nuclear war heads in our hemisphere.  It would be quite by accident a month after Kennedy made his announcement that a U_2 boat picked up the fact that Russia was indeed building 6 missile sites in Cuba, even though Russia had denied it.

At the time of the accidental discovery of nuclear missiles sites being built by Russia in Cuba were discovered, many of the elected officials and even some of those on the Intelligence Committees thought Kennedy battling with the wording and action between a blockade or strike was a sign of weakness, and made no bones about it then ,as people have over President Obama, today.

We did not  have both Liberals and Republican Senators playing to their base in order to reassure their own re-elections, while criticizing President Kennedy’s leadership and siding with the personal attacks against President Kennedy, with Khrushchev. Plenty of them hated Kennedy for not going to a full-out war against Russia, at the time, but the egos of those left out of the planning stages were not more important than negotiations then as it is today, nor were they racing to get on camera to express that opinion.

Much of it was printed then as print led the other sources of media then, and there were a few very vocal dissidents but we just viewed it as the sour grapes it was, The great majority  held their tongues during the planning stages, even though President Kennedy had plenty of  doubters and enemies of his own. When it comes against President Obama and they are the same ones who fought against President Obama retiring obsolete weapons and were outraged when he said, “diplomacy over war,” or “they were for it before they were against it’, it seems disingenuous now.

Lets face it, when haven’t they criticized President Obama every chance they have gotten for everything he has attempted?  When it was known they, cried wolf”  against President Kennedy too often the  media as well as the people paid little attention to the criticisms in print having any credibility.  When the Republicans just switch out faces today and take turns on their attacks against President Obama, then it all should just become one big blur after the other as it does weaken our own credibility as a Nation.  Do any of us who vote  elect them to get on camera to air their disgust against our President who wins the majority vote, even when an election is looming? Don’t most of us, already know they are just playing to their base of  financial support for their next re-election?

The biggest difference between then and today is we did not have News media expressing their views, speculations, or tripping over their feet to get the latest interviews of those most partisan; or the clearly slanted views of reporting, while they accuse every move made or not being made as being done for political reasons or as a goof. There were no panels with limited information discussing what is happening or what could happen.  The media simply reported the news based on the available facts in the 1960’s when President Kennedy was in the White House and out of respect for the office of Presidency they kept their mouths shut about the personal lives of the families.

We didn’t have Conservatives moving in favor of impeachment because of the personal lives of our elected officials or dirty tricks by the Tea Party. There was no Grover Norquist’s threatening,” sign the pledge or lose your elections.”  We were concerned about what kind of elected officials they were when it came to the job they did, when elected, and just like  the rest of us now, we felt  when we are off the job, our personal lives just like theirs was the business of their families and their own.

The Social media were non-existent in the 1960’s, so people were forced to think for themselves and to draw their own conclusions, without being swayed by the anti-war or the anti-peace groups and their opinions and speculation nor the partisan opinions. The anti-war groups would arrive at the end of the 1960’s and primarily on the College campuses, as many students were graduating and getting their draft notices with the escalation of the war in Viet Nam. They paid attention to the war more so then,  than they had earlier.

My husband volunteered to join as an officer, following getting his College degree but didn’t pass the physical due to an inherited back problem.  I had two brothers and a sister who all volunteered, however, in Viet Nam, with one in espionage in the Air Force, while another was a paratrooper and gunner in the Army, and the last being a nurse in the Navy. My sister would marry a Marine so my family represented the four branches of military and would have mixed opinions following the war. Not all of the baby boomers were protestors or in communes.

I will not deny, however, that many of the girls in our group in high school, yet in 1962, were not falling apart with the announcement of strikes being eminent against Cuba, as we were within striking distance of the SAC base but the war protestors had not yet arrived by then as Kennedy had only sent in advisers to Viet Nam at that point, and would be assassinated a year later, following the missile crises.  Some of us were nervous in 1962,since we were unwittingly and ironically holding our Mock UN meet, when we were being placed on National alert to the Cuban crises.

The great majority of us were not so cynical or paranoid then  as not to trust in the World leaders even though there would be 16 days of slow an unnerving debate amongst our leaders, if it was going to be a strike, blockade, or an all out nuclear war, while we waited. At the time the United States had no plans made because the intelligence simply was not there until  after the fact and by accident, when it was discovered.

The EXCOMM hurriedly discussed any options and came up with 6 possibilities and they were:

1. Do nothing.  Our vulnerability to missiles were being threaten all the time during the cold war just as it  is today by terrorists

2. Diplomacy; Get Russia to come to the table then, as the Obama team has tried to get them today over Syria

3.Warning: Send Castro a warning of the dire threat he is in, as we have done with both Iran  and Syria for two years.

4.Air strikes; hit all the missile sites in Cuba, using our Air Force

5. Blockade: Use our Navy against Russia’s efforts to send missiles into Cuba

6. Full force military use against Cuba

Unlike his advisers who wanted to go to war John F. Kennedy held out while his full Joint Chiefs of Staff were advocating war. Kennedy was skeptical that Russia would not strike back and history would later review that it is as close as we have ever come to Nuclear warfare, because even when we did learn of the missile site, our intelligence had not shown that Russia had sent in 100 planes already equipped with nuclear warheads.

It was not revealed until 50 years later that if Kennedy had not drawn back from his initial assessment of war, and risked the view of being perceived as being weak, and which  trust me, was not popular by Congress then either, and if he had not taken time to open up negotiations over protests, it is estimated that 100,000 Cubans along with 100,000 Americans would have died from nuclear war; and with the number of war heads we had in the region of Russia and USSR at the time, those numbers could not even compute.  How many would have died if we had gone to a full-out war is anyone’s guess if Kennedy had not have risked putting his own credibility on the line no differently from the courage that has been shown by President Barack Obama, today? China was claiming an army of 600,000 strong that they would turnover to the cause of Russia’s use against us.

At no time of our or Russia’s history have the people come closer to perishing as they did during the Cuban Missile crisis.  It was estimated that the United States was one hour away from pulling the trigger when Kennedy said lets rethink this. It was a long 16 days, unlike to-day while we waited not knowing if we would be in war or what was going on because in those days we did not have media speculating on what could go wrong on what our President should do, or people with nothing more that partisan views who were armed with nothing more than partisan opinions being raced after for interviews.  We did not have panels or slanted views as to who might be negotiating or who might look weak or who would listen to the people or not going on in the media. We never knew how lucky we were then to be able to watch the news and to only get pertinent facts.

Instead the American people waited for 16 days while heads of State negotiated not only with the UN but also with the Northern allies and Western allies while people who were chosen around the World to make those decisions were allowed to make them without paranoia or criticism by those who were retired or played no role in the decision-making.

There have been plenty of opportunity for the media to discuss the wisdom learned from Wars going back to the beginning of mankind, when “haste made waste.” or inaction spelled disaster.” It is when we fail to understand the differences in our chosen leaderships that we fail ourselves. If the media doesn’t want to go back that far then educate the American people, without political spin or opinion, along with the World population with historical facts on, World War 1, World War 2, Kosovo, A number of the African Wars, Grenada, or the Cuban missile crisis etc. while we wait on the decisions being made by our President and World Leaders.

The truth is the polls show 3 out of 4 American people have little to no knowledge beyond Viet Nam,  Iraq, and Afghanistan on what has been learned from strikes or wars  or the difference between the leaders who did and do show courage.  Not all people’s eyes glaze over when foreign affairs and the importance of the same are discussed, so perhaps if we were made to find it as interesting as Honey Boo Boo, without spin or criticism, we would read or watch something than was less than criticism.

I just do not think that the American people’s’ level of intelligence has dropped to the point that the majority of us want to hear about stinking feet or passing gas by Honey Boo Boo. I know the media is not going to change if those who sign their checks do not change, but gives us enough credit to know and understand when today’s people are asked, “if they have seen such action as that taking place before?” and they answer,” never,” or “Only with Watergate,” we know we  get nothing other than the media spin; even when the media professes to tell both sides we still get their opinion.  When reporters stand outside of the White House, and are announced to be experts in information coming from the White House, and we hear instead about what they think President Obama REALLY MEANS  we know we are getting that reporter’s slanted views, as well

Is it any wonder too many turn to inaccurate information on Social media, when we do?  I had no problem understanding what President Obama and his team have said or was saying because I have time to watch it and I understand what is at risk in the region. That any elected member of the Congress or Senate does, should scare all of us. Not everyone has the luxury of retirement as I do but even with that,  I am more willing to believe that people’s’ confusion comes instead from the media. It would do us all well for the media to stop speculating and instead give factual history with less mouths running.   I can only hope, I guess that the media will bring back people like Edward R. Morrow or Huntley and Brinkley, as if the media did more educating and less speculating, we would all better understand.

It simply is not true that Nations as great and powerful as ours and their leaders, have not been here plenty of times before. This is and has been the way of war throughout history.  The biggest difference is we have not always had a media tripping over their own reviews to get out the latest interviews both on the News networks and in print or the social media running wild with criticism along with a partisan Congress and Senate whose made tongue, is criticism, to the degree it is today. Nor did we always have owners who were buying television networks or newsprint so they could present their own slanted views and demanding reporters report their views.

When we vote it would do us all well to remember why we might need some of the older population left in the media, politics, and on our Intelligence and Security  committees.  They remember the history others either don’t bother with or want to remember, and they can stay out of the news if they are not getting the heat like John McCain has, more often than not. When we reach a certain age and we do it on our own, some of us, are more times often humbled by the legacy of truth, over politics.

One thing for certain is: none of us can spend the rest of our lives blaming all our politicians for older men like Rumsfeld and Cheney, and think Democracy will last.  Sometimes we have to look for heroes and when we ourselves quit complaining about the lack of them, we will and do find them in history as well as in our own leadership, today.  Age coupled with a positive attitude, is not always a bad thing to have on our side, nor is one exclusive of the other:)

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So who are these Republican Libertarians who are supported by the name of Tea Party? There are minor variances between them but they have been brought to prominence by the Tea Party name. They won in Our Country in a landside in 2010 on the fear tactics and inaccuracies told against Obama care and against President Obama, himself.  72 new Tea Party or Libertarians entered into our State Capitals and Nation in 2010. Although there had been others like Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul a number of years earlier. They take their name from Liberty lest we be mistaken they have any connection what-so-ever with genuine Patriotism.

They run a number of their own military camps under the auspice of Patriot names  and are strong supporters of  our military as long as the military protects us as a Nation here at home, but does not stand up against tyranny or help any other Nations who may require our help.  When I see the organized war protestors with professionally printed signs all saying the same thing, I personally believe that the majority of supporters who are protesting and showing up at Republican and Conservative held Town meetings and against our going into Syria are members of the Libertarian belief or Tea Party. It does not take a rocket Scientist to notice they are too well-organized to be at random individual protestors and they crave the attention of the media that they receive.

Anyone holding out hope that Congress will vote to approve the air strikes in Syria are wasting their time in an attempt of futility since this Congress has not passed any bills or legislation from President Obama since he has taken office, unless they were shamed into it or fearful of the lost of future elections as was the case when they eventually voted to pass on lowering taxes for the middle class. The Tea Party money paid into this Republican Congress campaigns holds the members hostage to passing any votes without the approval of the Tea Party Libertarians.  So strong is the belief by the Libertarians that our military should never fight against tyranny, they will block any and all efforts or attempts made by Congress towards approval of the air strikes in Syria.

Grover Norquist is their mentor and hero, amongst others, as Grover worked as an aid to Barry Goldwater when Barry Goldwater was heavily  supporting Richard Nixon after the break-in of Watergate, and McCarthyism which he felt were all lies told by Liberals. Barry Goldwater, as is, Grover Norquist, were and are strong supporters of the John Birch Society where many of their by-laws derive from.  Because they accept Mormonism while the John Birch Society was totally against the belief that the Mormon Religion was Christian, they have made a few revisions. Many believe that the Tea Party Libertarians sprung from combinations but have heavy Corporate support. The John Birch Society was began by the disturbed mind of the Brach Candy heir.

Barry Goldwater pretty much suffered several break downs and lived in a State of alcoholism in the 1960’s when he ran against LB Johnson for President.  Although he had his followers and was loved by African-Americans in the South, the rest of the World viewed him somewhere between a mental case and dangerous.  He lost by a landside to Lyndon Baines Johnson because States who typically vote Republican thought Barry Goldwater’s beliefs dangerous to Society as well as Democracy.  That view was held by many when the hippie movement began as well.  Grover Norquist would be hired by President Reagan and thereby the rebirth of Conservatism according to some even though it never disappeared entirely after the 1950’s.

Libertarians believe in property and the freedom to do anything they want to do supposedly as long as it does not encroach on others’ civil rights.  The key here is they determine which are ours’ as well as theirs’ civil rights and deny it as they do. All these really insulting beliefs and measures against women when it comes to rape, vaginal probes, and taking jobs from the white males are brainchild’s of the Libertarian but also shared by the Conservative belief.

The reason why the Libertarians have not been rejected by the Republican Party, since they are obstructionists more than a governing body, is because they do share many of the same beliefs as the Conservatives and they spend a huge amount of money on campaigns to the point no one can win an election without them. The Republican Party is made up of more than 70% of Conservatives.  The moderate Republicans are a dying breed.

The Socialism beliefs of and in our government and the Democrats being Communists is also their brainchild.  That was also the belief of Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater hated Unions and wanted them all eliminated and I must admit that the Tea Party Governors are well on their way to realize Barry Goldwater’s dream for him with the passage of their “right to work laws.”  They hold that they were the first Liberals in our Nation, since lets face it, the Liberals have a good record in government when it comes to both equal rights and human rights, but in my opinion and that of most all Liberals that I know, these Libertarians are only trying to ride the shirt tails of liberals in order to gain an established History.  The Libertarians are anything but liberals.  A true Liberal believes in helping everyone who needs help, where Libertarians believe in every man for himself.

Libertarians pride themselves as having risen from the period of enlightenment.  Required reading is always Communist Ayn Rand along with the Barry Goldwater memoirs.  They believe a Dictatorship is often more orderly and welcoming and much more efficient than a Democracy and  our forefathers never intended America to become established as a government of a Democracy.

The Libertarians bend and sometimes re-write the Constitution to fit their beliefs, while they profess it is our government who denies us our Constitutional rights. They increasingly encourage their followers to believe that the Constitution does not give government authority over the people, but instead, the people the authority over government.

Laws in regard to personal property and the actions of the people who do not infringe on the civil rights of others are Unconstitutional according to these Conservatives and Libertarians; and to enforce these laws  over the people is a denial of the people’s Constitutional rights according to them. They disregard the fact that our established Federal and State governments most definitely gave the Senate, Congress. Our executive Branch of the office of the President, and the Supreme Court along with our States the right to pass and enforce laws  and authority over the people.  Just exactly who does the Tea Party Conservatives and their followers think set up our Federal and State governments with explicit rights to establish laws over the people, if not for our Constitution and forefathers?

They maintain that people have been brainwashed into believing that the mere word Dictator is someone to fear and dictatorships are always bad but they profess faith in a kind dictatorship over Democracy, was the intent of our forefathers and disregard entirely the influx of Europeans and other Nationalities who fled to America to escape oppression from Dictators.

They are good at convincing the Conservatives, and when we see every now and then someone in the crowd want to know when the Republicans are going to Impeach President Obama, or when an elected official states President Obama should be impeached.  The Libertarians are responsible for putting that nonsense in the minds of the gullible.  John McCain would say it wasn’t right and then reverse it and threaten impeachment when obviously someone who could directly effect his own re-election laid on the heat.

The Libertarians profess to believe there should be no government Agencies to distribute food stamps or surpluses to the poor and to do so is illegal as it is Socialism.  They Believe that Democrat Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and Republican Eisenhower, turned our Nation into Socialism, by the initiation of programs from Social Security, to farm surpluses to feed the poor, to rural conservation programs.  They do not support any government programs that help others through government, since they do not believe that it was ever the intent of our forefathers to have government give us a hand up in our lives, but the responsibility of the Churches.  Government according to them was only intended for the purpose of maintaining a strong military and to maintain a legislature. Anything else that government does was intended to be handled by the open market place.

The battle over the middle class paying taxes was held up as a result of the Tea Party bringing up almost any insane attempts to limit or pass insignificant legislation over the call of reducing taxes for the middle class.  They only passed tax reductions for the middle class when they were eventually shamed into it and knew it would cost them future elections if they didn’t and only agreed to bringing the taxes back to current levels when Grover Norquist gave his o.k. as long as they refused to raise taxes on the wealthy. This is a pretty common attempt to obstruct legislation by them in their attempts to stall on passing anything in Congress and has been successful  as many Conservatives who take Tea Party campaign support are expected to vote with them as well. Since they are systematically weeding out the old guard Conservatives by choosing their own younger candidates who agree with their beliefs, any of the Republicans who did pass legislation before have been weeded out.

They do not believe that anyone under any circumstances was ever intended to pay taxes and that the Department of the IRS should be eliminated along with all government Agencies that both bill for and collect taxes.  They believe that government collecting taxes for any purposes is no different from a person who robs a bank. With every man for himself, he would be obligated to take care of a pregnant wife at home, but people who could not afford property of their own would live together in communes.

With qualified health care workers living in these communes the cost of healthcare would be minimal.This would eliminate the need for Social Security and many other government Agencies from Medicaid to Medicare and most definitely Obama care as the poor and the elderly would be provided for in communes through the support of Churches and health care purchased on the open market through vouchers with household support given by those who could work and provide income.

There are many more tenements to their beliefs but all pretty self-serving to their superior knowledge and vision that fails the common man.  What it all boils down to,  when it is all said and done, there is no Liberty about any of their beliefs other than for those who partake of the Upper Class, and unless we are a white male who works in the free market place that would replace  government. They of course would tell the rest of us how we should live in a cheaper and more orderly way and while they run a kind and orderly Dictatorship.  According to their beliefs, American government  was intended by our forefathers from the beginning, to be a small entity in the life of it citizens along with being a kinder dictatorship as viewed in Roman days.  I don’t know for sure who those Roman dudes were that were so kind because from what I remember they were out killing everyone who wasn’t Catholic or Christian in their Crusades?

Obviously they have, nor did they ever have any intention beyond what they promised in their  campaigns in 2010, of budget reducing. They are not fiscal conservatives because they are some of the worse offenders when it comes to passing bills on “PorK” spending. There really hasn’t been a  desire on their part to reduce budgets but instead to stop the payment of all taxes so the United States government treasury would dry up, and default on its payments.  The Congress hasn’t paid a bill for 2 years so apparently they are well on their way.  They could care less about budgets or balances nor are they in  any way concerned about paying down a deficit, because according to them the money that is derived from taxes is illegal anyway.

In what the Leaders of the Tea Party think of as their great wisdom and free spirit where no one pays taxes, is the dream or utopia of all deserving Americans, they fail to see absolutely everything they believe in is a total contradiction of the very belief of Freedom or Liberty to which they ascribe, or without inclusion of other Nations  who depend on us militarily while living in isolation, none of us will be able to maintain freedom In this little world of nice dictatorships and enlightenment.

The Libertarian followers fail to see these contradictions, sometimes entirely, as what the Leaders are promoting is in truth very  much closer to that of Communism and Socialism where a Dictatorship rules and the rest of the peons serve the Leaders while the Leaders partake of all the riches. So convinced are they of the utopia presented to them they fail to rationalize or use much common sense when it applies to, a kinder dictatorship.  A kinder Democracy, on the other hand, where we are given equality and choices and always trying to continually improve for the benefit of all  Americans is far more worthy of an effort than anything they suggest, We wouldn’t of course pay the Libertarians homage under that system and perhaps there lies the rub.

They refuse to accept that a benevolent Democracy is the eventual goal of all of us and men and women have fought and died for our right to maintain it.  Our forefathers may never have ever imagined that Democracy could be refined as well as it has, but none the less, the majority of Americans demand on maintaining and improving on it. We neither want or need the Libertarians or Tea Party corrupting what works for the American people even though we understand it requires vigilance and improvement.

Not only are the Libertarians a bunch of self-serving egos who think of themselves more enlightened than the rest of us bozos, but in my view they are dangerous as hell to both our way of life and to our Nation to which the rest of us stand.

This is far more information about their beliefs than I ever cared to share but with the organized war protestors being promoted by both the media and those elected officials in the House and Congress,  I felt it time to write a post explaining a small iota of their beliefs, so those who have wondered what divided our Nation and where the escalation of lies and hate have come from would better understand it came in with the Libertarian or Tea Party movement through the social media.The language used by some of  those who hide in the Social media and spread hate is almost always filled with anger and name calling and palpable against anything President Obama or Vice President Biden  and their staffs say or do.

When the local leadership gather together in public they are very easy to spot as a group, as they are always in men’s suit or sport jackets and women are in heels and dresses, even on a casual Friday, and as a group usually walking and carrying briefcases.  I tried very hard not to hit them with the water spray when I was cleaning off the sidewalk in Portland;) Publicly when Libertarians take the stage of public representation and or campaigning they present the persona of being polite, self-assured and often soft spoken, always attractive, always clean-cut looking and well-groomed adults, not too unlike the young missionaries who dress to  work for the Mormon Church. Check it out if  you haven’t noticed it yourself already and you will see what I mean.

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I have always identified myself as a Liberal.  The fact that America does need to do air-strikes in Syria to help our Allies and I support it, does not change my identity as a Liberal.

In my book, there are two kinds of Liberals.  Those who believe,” it is not our problem,” when it comes to war or air strikes, and call themselves a liberal even though the very definition of that statement itself, erases all doubts that they are not a Liberal; and The genuine Liberal, as I am, who sees any person or people on earth at an unfair disadvantage , and asks ,” If not me, then who?”

Is there no significance to those marchers on the street and those politicians in Washington these are our allies who are not just asking for our help, but they are begging for it?  Never mind upholding our own credibility and International law, do we only care when it is a matter of our oil or business interests  and otherwise lining up dead bodies of Syrian children “Is not our Problem?”

I am not very proud of the politicians in Washington or those who are making professional posters while they march in the Streets right now.  I don’t give a damn if it is Charlie Reagle who is against the strikes.  God knows Charlie, just because he is a Liberal Democrat is not always right and in this matter he is dead wrong! President Obama didn’t just get out of bed one morning and say “Let me See, who will we aim airstrikes at today.”  Anyone with a heart and vision can look at the Obama Team and see it in the faces of all of these men, they really wrestled over having to make their decision. A record of a mans’ past always tells the truth about him, today.  They all have records of getting out of wars, and are not planning for a war but a strike.

This is not Iraq, this is only to even out the playing field for our allies.  When I hear the politicians in Washington say, “Oh it is just gas and it’s against International law but no big deal,” my stomach flips and my mouth drops.  Do we no longer have the hearts of Americans who believe when duty or our Allies call, we come?”

To ask for diplomacy when the Obama Administration has tried doing just that for 2 years, and no one is listening because a tyrant is in charge of Syria and protected by Russia, while Putin struts, it then becomes time to, “step up and man up.” To attempt nothing else is the knee jerk response of cowards as brave men go where others fear to tread,  Will sarin gas still mean nothing if we delay to the point the only option we have is to send  our own men in masks and boots on the ground? Do we deny that the code and history of the United States is and has always been bravery, when others fail to show up? Do we just bury those brave men who preceded us in graves and forget the History of our Nation?

If we do not go in with air strikes and help our allies we leave the door open for every terrorists in the World to enter when our allies and friends like Jordan,Lebanon’s and Turkey’s resources are already stretched and they are vulnerable.

Where are our Conservative Congress members who less than just  a year ago backed Mitt Romney in his continual speeches of our need to do air strike in favor of our ally and friend Israel? Was that just another one of their many ruses to alienate the American public against President Obama’s call for diplomacy then, as we expected, and now they are proving it was nothing more than “Hot Air”? Do we not have to defend against the take over of our military, intelligence capabilities, and air strip facilities in the region? Opinions of what can happen and speculations in the face of disaster, are nothing more than the weapons of losers.  Calmer heads have and will plan for every eventuality.  To deny that reality is just another cop-out by those who refuse to accept that there are no reasons of value when we fail our allies.

Terrorists will go in to any Nation and feed their hungry and offer aid and when we leave our allies forced to take the help of terrorists because no one else came to help, then we really stand alone.   Since when did United States draw a line between ourselves and our allies?

There were many against our going into World War 2, and The older Kennedy who was the Democrat base, refused to talk to Democrat Roosevelt when he made the decision to join the war, so we have been here before.  How much different would our own world have looked like today if that generation had refused to go with  their allies to defeat a mad man like Hitler, do we even dare to try to imagine? They committed to a full fledge war. President Obama is only talking about a few missiles.

Do we cower in fear over speculation if it does go bad as many feel might happen or do we not do as we have always done throughout our proud history of the Oldest and most refined Democracy in the World? Can we not trust todays military to act while we support them as a Nation and hope for the best and plan for the worse?  To do nothing out of fear of what can happen is a serious malady of our Leadership in the halls of Washington, as well as a severe insult to all the brave people who preceded and died for Democracy so the World could free itself of tyrants. Are we as a Nation not willing anymore to stand up for what is right? Do we now say with the best and most powerful military in the World we cannot trust the military to act when called on or to do their job? I ask again, do we now replace bravery with fear and speculation and if we do how long do we believe our own freedom will last?

Reaching out with air strikes does not open up Syria for terrorists taking over as much as it levels the playing field so the Syrian people can eventually go back home, and help take the drain off our allies. Terrorists at heart, are cowards.  They will be the first to leave when confronted with our or any military air strikes.  They like all other bullies will run or stay and die.  There are only those two kinds of terrorist for the most part.

There is enough money in the defense budget to pay for this strike.  The funds for defense have already been allocated. The Arab Nations that include Saudi Arabia and the Turks have offered to pay for the Air strikes as well as any troops willing to volunteer on the ground. They are willing to foot the entire bill, yet we hear how President Obama has no Countries willing to help. Nations from Canada to Poland to France including a total of 24 Nations and Organizations have said if there is proof of sarin, which is now undeniable by everyone, they would help where needed. As far as Iran saber-rattling when wasn’t Iran and Korea saber-rattling?  Do we really believe they will do less of it if we fail to, Man Up,” and refuse to help our allies?

We are not trying to replace one bad actor with another or one bad dictator with another, but only leveling the field  in favor of our allies to fight on after we leave. It is and still will be a civil war where they decide who comes and who stays.  We are only trying to enforce International law, while going when called to assist our allies.

For those who say and actually believe we haven’t support, “we can’t go it alone,” then I ask, “When did America refuse to stand alone if need be, for Humanitarian reasons and our allies?” We have had more offers of help than we can use so I am hearing every single argument against air strikes, and not one of them to date holds any water as far as our not standing with our allies in time of need or for humanitarian reasons, or because it will really be a mess if we wait into we are forced to act later, and we will be. I am not just picking up a poster to demand we  stay out of Syria like too many other of my fellow Liberals, but instead asking why not Syria ?  What I am finding  are all the arguments to stay out are based on nothing of solid value or reasoning that represents the America that we and our allies could always before count on, “to do the right thing.”

If our not helping is our pay back for those who failed to come to our aid after 9/11,  are we now going to stoop to their level?  Do two wrongs make a right?  Are Americans now saying we are not going to stand up with and for our allies? The very definition of allies means we are not going in alone, we have their backs and they have ours  Do we still need Mother Britain or else we won’t do the right thing? Do none of the other offers of help and more who have promised help, not matter if Britain does not enter with us or is it just more excuses?

It is our place, our responsibility , and our credibility to stand along side of our allies in time of need and against tyranny.  The United States needs to honor their commitment.  We are not some rogue Nation who rattles  swords and talks tough, we act when it is the right thing to do and when Nations start lining up dead children.

We are a proud Nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  We have met on the battle field throughout our History to prove that no man stands alone to dictatorships who destroys their own people. When the American people along with our elected officials fail to understand what our responsibilities are when we are in possession of the largest and the best military in the World, and no ally will call and we will fail to come; then it is time that our elected officials swallow their fear and develop a spine and a back bone and stand up to protect our allies from tyranny and infamy. After all it is part of the oath of office, they all take when sworn in. “The only thing to fear is fear itself!”

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No position on earth is lonelier than the position of Head of a Nation such as our own; we are not only the largest economic Country in the World but also the most powerful militarily and the oldest Democracy.  The person on top of the mountain is almost always the most resented and hated of all by those who think they have the right to make those decisions which we ask our Presidents to make and set the Agenda that we elect our Presidents to do.  Regardless of the decisions made by our Presidents throughout History there are those who will be offended far more often than they will  praise the man of power over them.

This is true in a Corporation or any position of power even if it is just a matter of people who have more wealth and power than we do.  It is the nature of people around the World to hate and segregate the person or people who have power over us.  We do not  want the burden or necessarily the money that goes along with the power, as the majority of us want to earn a fair day’s pay or win the money for ourselves through a lottery.  Just as the Nations who do not have a military powerful enough to defend against terrorists, themselves, need to rely on our military to protect them, many of them also resent us for their own feelings of inadequacy to defend their own needs.

The same is true of all of us  who are dependent on the bosses we work for in the workplace.  We often think they do nothing while we do all the work because our work shows where theirs’ does not.  We are dependent on their mercy to provide for our families and when they are less than understanding or merciful to  our own needs we resent them for the power they have over us and hate them for their inability to understand our needs.  Other times even when they do attempt to please us it will be impossible to please everyone. That is not to say that there are tyrants that do hire us to work for them and that comes with a different set of rules.

The majority of us, however, are not very introspective as people when it comes to our own incompetency on the job, in foreign affairs, or military operations, nor are those around the world who resent  Americans for their power.  We often need to be evaluated as a World power, boss, and Head of Nation, and military.  President Obama has turned to both us and the World for that evaluation, which is very rare indeed.

Sure we all Love Bill and Hillary Clinton now but the hatred over both Clintons when they were in the White House, was fodder for discussion pressed forward by News Agencies such as Fox News and the right of politics, nightly, when they were in power of the White House.  If Hillary decides to run as President and wins we can bet on the fact it will start and begin again, and as a woman in Power, the criticism will be that much greater, from the right. There were those whose hatred was so palpable  against Bill Clinton when he was in office that their faces turned red every time the name Bill Clinton was mentioned. The worst of them now claims He and Bill together solved the problems, as though he never hated Clinton.

When I remember the hatred in the Conservative held power across America, then and now I remember a growing hatred that took root and has grown even larger now, to the point it divides our Nation today.  We have not seen such growing hatred since the hatred by  Democrats over the crimes of the Nixon Administration and the Forgiveness of his crimes by President Ford. Some claim that it was the outrage against President Gerald Ford that started the grassroots of Conservatism.

None of that hatred, however, approached the level of hatred we have seen against, President Barack Obama, continually displayed by men like Ted Cruz, Senator Issis, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and others along with the majority of those Conservatives and Libertarians who have been paid for and bought by the Tea Party and by the Conservative movement and media as a whole, today.

In this atmosphere of hate in the Senate and Congress pressed on by men like Carl Rove and Grover Norquist, we ask our President to lead and in other cases demand that he does while he is continually criticized both by the Conservative right and Tea Party libertarians who pat themselves on the back for being gatekeepers of family values.  Is it any wonder the majority of free thinking adults in America see so much hypocrisy in the Conservative movement?

Those who have not paid attention for the last two and a half years as the crises in Syria has grown are now asking our President for the use of diplomacy.  It is not just those here at home but also those who blocked any attempts or efforts by the Obama Administrations doing just that with the World community through the UN. Both Russia and China have blocked any and all efforts to even place the crises taking place in Syria on the table for discussion.

There are other Nations in the United Nation whose trade and or debt is held by China or who have oil distribution or interests as well as trade interests in Iran or Russia who are just as guilty of not voting in favor of  any efforts made by the United States, when it came to diplomacy in Syria.  Because of these Nations in the UN’s refusal to do so Putin walks around with a strut that allows Syria to go on with impunity, even while these Nations of the United Nation depend on our military  for their Defense. These same Nations signed the International agreement of law that bans the list of weapons of mass destruction and are members of NATO.

The great majority of us who follow the votes or lack of votes of support for the United States and the “right thing to do,” have found the U.N irrelevant for years and especially on Syria.  There seems to be a complete absent of understanding not just here but elsewhere in the World, that when elected President Obama not only demanded but pressed for diplomacy, not with just our allies and friends, but also with our enemies and was met with out-rage and criticism on both the World Stage and by the Conservatives, here at home. Therefore it is almost amusing, if not so maddening, that Russia, Members of the UN, Iran, and the Conservative following  are now saying more can be done towards diplomacy.

Any efforts to convince us or any other Nation that negotiations or anything for that matter is as it appears or is always black and white and we believe that,  those who do are all bound to lose.  There are those who simply do not want to hear the truth or believe that negotiations with tyrants such as Assad is even a possibility while others believe that negotiations always are possible even after they have been attempted repeatedly while 100,000 Syrians have died.

In a World where we deal with rational leaders or those who refuse to hide in the shadows, once negotiations are repeatedly tried and exhausted, it does require military intervention. When any tyrant feels that their position of power is being protected or threatened they do not negotiate but instead dig in deeper. It is no different to get this kind of a tyrant to reason or to even talk to us about possibilities, than it is to get a person in a coma to.  It is not until they see for themselves that their regime will be demolished by the power and technology of a military so great as to destroy their entire hold of power in 5 minutes ,will a tyrant consider coming to the table to negotiate. Then and only then will they come to the table if they understand that they can be left in power as long as they give up weapons of mass destruction and follow international law in regards to the same. This is what is being offered to Assad of Syria.

Some tyrants are so deranged as was Saddam Hussein and Hitler that negotiations could not even be considered as an option so they fought to their deaths rather than give up their power. We ,however, are not asking Assad to do that but instead to sign agreement to stop the use of banned weapons. Assad has been notified and attempts made for him to come to the table for two and half years by the  Obama Administration and the requests have been ignored by him.

We are at the point that we need military strikes to get the Assad Regimes attention in order to let him know that outside of his cozy neighborhood of Iran and China and Russia, we are serious.  Will the saber-rattling lead to more?  It very well could but if it does our allies in the Region will take on the battle, after we weaken the Assad Regime’s ability to use weapons of mass destruction against our friends and allies.  If atomic weapons, which we still believe are not developed in the region, are used by Iran then the whole World will get involved and take action. We cannot hide in the shadows against the threat of tyranny and expect to maintain the credibility and right of power necessary to prevent tyrants from taking over the World as well as our Nation.

Do we the American people, want America as a Nation that cowers and says “NO” when innocent children are being killed, raped, and tortured?  Is that the Nation that “We the People”, the Senate and Congress want America to become? In a Democracy we all have a voice to decide that question  through the people we elect.

Are we going to lose all credibility on the World Stage, because we refuse to stand up to those who break International law and commit war crimes so grievous as to destroy innocent children? You bet we are and we should lose credibility because as the Nation with the most powerful and the latest technological military in the World, we have already decided that we will finance a military not only to keep us safe but to safe guard our allies around the World as well. This is not just President Obama’s credibility and responsibility but ours and our elected officials as well.  What freedoms we gain as a Nation we are also many times called on to pay back for that freedom, no differently from those who depend on us for that military capability.

When we elect a government,” of the people, for the people. and by the people,” we ask those we elect to government to make those decisions that give them special powers to view information protected from the rest of us through intelligence and for reasons of safeguarding our own Security as well as our allies.  They need to hear us but they also sometimes need to over-ride us because of the classified information they receive.  I find it ironic that a Congress who has refused to hear a thing we have said for over 5 years is now ducking their own responsibility once again, and instead holding the war protestors responsible for the decisions they make, by again blaming the Obama Administration.  What else is new, huh?

It is a heavy decision for all of us, but most especially for those we elect, as what ever vote they cast there will always be those who are suspect by the nature that our Nation has been divided.  “We the People” are the only ones who can change that by uniting together behind our President or deciding to remain divided on the Strike that our President says needs to happen.

Unlike popular opinion, by too many politicians, and other paid lobbyists and voices, it is not the main job of our elected officials to gain our votes through election and re-election by lies, threats or intimidation but to protect our Nation and that of our Allies against Tyranny. It is our job to seek out information on the candidates, to listen to the candidate who most represents our own views, to check their voting records, to understand the platforms of the Parties they represent, and to determine their credibility without influence from outside sources, and then to vote in a convenient location and time provided equally to all of our convenience, regardless of race, nationality or Creed.

Didn’t President Barack Obama win the majority of our votes on trust?  I know that is why I stand beside, behind, and with Him. Each of us are given that right to decide for ourselves, however none of us, have a right to demand our President, Secretary of State or Nation, or Commander-in-Chief of military operations to broadcast to us point by point what their military plans are  or what they plan to do.

We do not have the right to know anymore than do the Senate or Congress, outside of the Security and Intelligence committees. The rest of or the main body of the Senate and Congress do get briefings of a greater significance than we do, but not equivalent to those who serve on the Special Security and intelligence Committees, nor are they entitled to the same. This raises the hackles of both the Libertarians and Conservatives when Diane Feinstein says trust me more so than when one of their own does.

Most of the posturing that is going on by the Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians in Washington, is just white noise to make “we the People” believe that the main body of Senate and Congress are being denied their just due, and to make us believe they have no obligation beyond voting for the people rather than for the oath of office they are sworn to uphold.

They are not obligated to vote with or according to the voice of the people who elect them in matters of National or World Security. Kind of ironic that Congress is even trying to suggest that they have acted in the best interests of the people in the past 5 years, isn’t it? Will the Libertarians and Conservatives in the Democratic and Republican Parties then follow through on their responsibility under the oath of office they swore to uphold against tyranny or will they justify their way out of that obligation out of allegiance to Grover Norquist?  Will the liberals also be swayed by the powers that be?  Who knows from this bunch?

If we all knew what the Special committees knew, and there being no love lost between Parties, it would only give the enemy incentive to buy information or knowledge so that any attack by us would only render our operations weaker and put our own people in harm’s way.  Just like the banter being bandied about over Snowdon’s lack of loyalty to maintain the allegiance of secrecy to an oath taken by all who are hired in the Department he was employed in, there will always be those who can justify wrong over right or right over wrong depending on our own perspectives. The American mind just like the World’s mind  is often persuadable  by a little money or lack of conscious sworn under oath to uphold the clearance of secrecy granted. Intelligence is supposed to be kept secret and is not intended to be reality television. If it was it would not be intelligence.

We have already heard more than what most of us have heard in the past about the plans and the reasoning behind the strike. Those retired officers in the military are not privileged to any classified information on the current strike nor are  men like Rumsfeld or any one else in the Pentagon, who are not directly involved with the immediate operation, nor are the media, entitled to anymore information than we are.  What we read and hear from most of them on the plans of the strike are nothing more than their opinions or speculation. Much of what we read through Social media is the opinion of those who have little to no knowledge beyond what they read on Social media and that which is written by those paid on social media to spread lies. By the same token much of what we watch on television  or read in print through the media is to spread conjecture or to sway opinions slanted usually by the owners who sign their pay checks.

There is an old saying in America, and I will attempt to clean it up but it says,  “Opinions are like rectums, we all have one but nobody wants to see it.”  We do well to remember that when we listen to excuses of elected officials who take an oath of office to defend against tyranny and  then  abdicate from their responsibility to do so; just as we should those who do not have our best interests at heart or dictators.  If we take the opinions of Russian television, or people like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, seriously, we are really listening to flawed opinions.  That also includes all news agencies, as well as, those who report less than the news.  Any information gained in conversation when it is not on the level of reporting news, on the Social networks, as talk News networks, talk shows, or printed as opinion,  are simply that, their opinions.

Because we are not use to having information on strikes shared with us, we don’t know what to do with it as most Presidents in the lives of most of us, have never given that choice to “We the People” or the World to hear to the degree as President Obama has. Because our President, Barack Obama, has always given, “We the People,” the right to speak our own opinions as well as shown the United Nations its due respect, we have taken it for granted that this has been the nature of all other Presidents when it has been far from the nature of the White House to do so. The great majority of Presidents have shared limited information with us and the U.N. after attacks. America has never bent from its right to defend our Constitution or against tyranny aimed at either us or our allies, and as such there are enemies who do hate us. When President Bush said we would hunt down Osama Ben Laden following 9/11  very few in the U.N. backed us up then  and including when the Obama Administration took him down.

If we, or the Congress, or Senate ,or the World, refuse to take this strike against Syria as seriously as they should or refuse to accept our or their own responsibility to trust those in charge of this operation, as it being the only action left to us as a Nation, and the right thing to do, then those in charge of this operation have every responsibility and duty, according to our Constitution and the Geneva Convention, to follow their own conscious as it is their duty as elected officials to limit tyranny in the World along with every other Nation of NATO, since the announced strikes are neither a Declaration of War or an announcement of war.

When others refuse to defend against tyranny and 198 Nations have signed on to do just that, we are left defenseless except with the support of a few of our own allies, to act alone.  As the only Nation powerful and committed enough to stand up against tyranny in the World, since this is neither a declaration or announcement of war, we will set the example to the whole World that terrorists, tyrants, and infamy can not reign as long as we The United States of America are willing to show the courage required of us. We all wish for peace and hope for the day that the Middle East decides as we do, but until then it is the duty of good people to defend against Nations who allow for and promote tyrants.

It then becomes our responsibility as a Nation and the World’s duty to support those who do decide if the strike is the only available option they have, to make the Assad Regime, follow the laws that are supported by 198 other Nations. That law refuses to allow any head of any Nation to destroy its own people and has been  a matter of International Law since 1925.  We elect officials so when in time of criminal activity and torture, they will make their decisions matter to humanity. That is what Democracies do. God Bless all of us and God Bless the United States of America.

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I, like some of you feel that the United States, because it has  a much more advanced and  such a large military, should always be cognizant of the use of our military in times of need around the World.

I am comfortable in believing that our President is ever cognizant of the same and unlike other Presidents, who are war hungry or eager to go to war, the decision for President Obama and Secretary Kerry whose anti-war commitments have been well documented, as well as the war experience  of Chuck Hagel’s, these are all men who are slow to go to war.

President Obama’s record as Commander-In-chief and coordinating with military staff when it came to getting us our of Iraq, while working us out of Afghanistan, and hitting the mark on Osama Ben Laden, speaks for his courage and ability to listen to others.  Both Secretaries Kerry and Hagel’s war records taught them the mistakes of war, first hand, and that combined knowledge has been imputed  into the thought process necessary to consider the repercussions of a strike in Syria.

This is not the same team of George W. Bush who was eager to finish off what his Dad started when men like Rumsfeld and Cheney both felt that the Older Bush should have taken Sadam Hussein out after Desert Storm.  Bush and Cheney served in no wars  or had personal military experience of their own, outside of the United States, nor do British Petroleum or Halliburton own oil rights in Syria like they do in Iraq. Nor are our oil reserves at an all time low as they were when we went to war in Iraq.

Therefore I can openly admit to my readers that I understand your complaints of getting involved militarily in Syria; However, to compare this with Iraq and different leaders is no different from comparing apples to oranges.  I appreciate the right to protest as being one of the rights of Democracy.  I do however think that the pink hands displayed on the House floor are not the place to protest, as much as it is an act of disrespect shown to those who are wrestling with a very heartfelt and tough decision. It is very rude, when protests take place inside a workplace but would be appropriate outside of the same.  The floor of the Congress and those making life and death decisions do require respect and understanding.  When we fail to understand that, then we defeat the understanding for our own cause.

If you read my previous post, you will understand my concern as to why it is so difficult for anyone to accept the fact that the use of sarin gas or chemical warfare is not a war crime and does not require retaliation once a Country such as Syria has stepped over the line and used it against her own people.

I had an aunt and a cousin who saw their brothers come home from World War 2, to never find peace or be able to fit into a comfortable life of normalcy again. One would eventually end his own life while the other drank himself to death.  I appreciated their views and rights to be pacifists and I do know there are people who refuse to accept that war is ever the right thing to do. Those who have served ,as did John Kerry, who showed great bravery, perhaps have a greater right to protest, however so does every other American because we are a Democracy. At least they are following their own conscious and speaking out.

I know we ask our military families to sacrifice at the maximum of sacrifice, but the ironic part of it is: Where these families do not celebrate the ability to go to war very often, they are committed to the knowledge that war is sometimes a necessity bigger than themselves.  The honor of being able to serve a Nation as great as our own means they do not hesitate to go when called. A soldier is never so weary as not to be able to suit up and pack up and go where duty calls.

Although It isn’t always true and I certainly am not denying it is, as many are committed to their own beliefs, I have found there are those as well, who do not see a need greater than their own needs, are often anti-war protesters. Where a soldier and their family will sacrifice everything the largest complainers,  in my experience of having known war protestors, are  those who have a gross disdain for the Muslim people regardless, those who are against a draft, or those who feel their taxes are more important than the fact that children are being gassed to death. The small minority are committed to absolutely no wars period, and many are committed to that belief but there are also those who often come across the border from Canada and are protesting on our streets as well as those who are paid to create mischief.

I do not write this to blame, to be  graphic, or to shock but I do acknowledge it may have that effect.  I write it because I understand that many of us just do not feel comfortable with war or military strikes and because I know that it is easy to dismiss almost anything that does not happen in our own homes or back yards. Out of sight out of mind is a wonderfully blissful place sometimes for all of us to escape to.  Sadly some will go there and never leave:)

I ask you to look at your child and grand child and ask yourselves, if military intervention or any intervention from an outside source would be important to you if your sweet child or grandchild was attacked with  gas that caused burns so bad that the skin hung loose on their arms or if you had to watch them unable to breathe because their lungs became paralyzed and they could not even take in a breath much less take in oxygen while you were forced to watch and feel the helplessness of watching  your healthy child and grandchild contort and die.  Could you justify an air strike then or would you simply say, “I am against all efforts to help my child if it requires military force?”

Sometimes it takes imagining ourselves in the shoes of others who scream out for our help to understand that life is never so black and white that we can claim that a military strike is always wrong.  Sometimes it takes that to understand just how grateful we all should be for men and women who fight against despicable enemies so that our child or grandchild never have to suffer what other innocent children in places like Syria have had to suffer.

I can promise all of us, however, if we never do stand up to the atrocities like the Assad regime, it could very well be in our own children’s and grandchildren’s future.  Many people who have had to suffer from tragedies know how they felt it would never happen to them either, until it did.

When a Nation like our own has the largest military on earth, and men and women who are braver than we are, and are willing to step up where we aren’t, then the very least we can do is support them when they feel called to and honored to protect those who are being tragically destroyed by the Assad Regime.

Our President Barack Obama as Commander-In-Chief, Secretaries Chuck Hagel, and John Kerry all need both our prayers and support as do those who will engineer and carry out  the strike so that innocent children will not die from such tortuous death by other dictators in the World, and the Assad regime, now, more than ever. Without our support we only isolate them when it comes to having to make tough decisions.  I have no doubt that Americans of both a great Democracy and a Great Nation will again rise to the cause of what is the right thing to do. Throughout history we, along with the World leaders, have been able to count on our military. God bless them All!

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I am perplexed when I hear both politicians and the media question what National Security of the United States is at risk just as I am when I hear those who say the war in Syria is a Civil war.

I like everyone else felt that as long as Syria was fighting a Civil war the United States needed to stay out of the war and to remain neutral, despite the rantings of Republicans  John McCain and Lindsey Graham . We had no right to enter into a civil war being fought in any Country as long as it was a civil war.

Unlike others, however, I understand that when chemical weapons are used in Syria it is no longer a Civil War but a threat to our friends and allies in the region as well as war crimes that should be punishable by the entire body of the United Nations.  Using chemical weapons changed the entire complexity of the war.

I find it interesting that only members of the Tea Party Libertarians such as Ron Paul and Rand Paul and the rest of their body in the Senate and Congress acting with both Iran and Russia, are the only ones who are saying that the chemical gas was released by the terrorists in the region who have had neither the ability or the launchers to release the chemical gas.  All other credible authorities have no doubts that chemical gas was released by the Assad regime. To compare this with Iraq is ludicrous as Our President and his team made certain through independent testing, that weapons of mass destruction were used before they initiated any efforts to move ahead with a strike, much to the complaints of Lindsey Graham and  John McCain.

I also find it interesting that when Mitt Romney was campaigning it was the Tea Party and Conservative’s out cry against President Obama letting down Israel’s security against Iran that was very vocal and loud.  The very fact that these same people, do not now understand what a direct threat it is to Israel’s future, if we do not take a strong stand now against the use of chemical warfare in Syria, leaves me wondering what happened to change their thinking when threat is imminent to Israel?  Need I ask if they are in possession of  a conscious that is only self-serving or  limited?

The UN is waiting for the lab tests before it commits, if it commits at all. Quite frankly the decisions made by the UN body have become quite irrelevant over the years and with Iran, Russia, and China supporting the Assad regime it is even more irrelevant in the case of Syria.

When Diplomatic measures, as many in the UN are insisting on now, may have worked and United States did bring up discussions of the same, any discussions of Diplomatic measures were blocked by Russia rendering the subject mute. These same Nations who are now saying we need to give Diplomatic efforts a chance did nothing towards demanding Russia’s efforts to block the same then, so now that Syria has crossed the Line, America has been left with the only option available to us and that is military action. Certainly even the UN delegates must understand that any Head and Leader of any Nation, who burns their own children, is a despot incapable of reasoning much less one who would succumb to diplomatic talks. As is almost always true the UN does more through inaction to tie our hands while asking, “What Is the United States going to do now?”

For those who ask how our National Security is at stake I remind you that our friends and allies who have been with us for decades are neighbors or bordering States to both Syria and Iran.  Turkey has been as much of an ally to United States  as has Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in the fight against terrorists, and they all border Syria or Iran. When their lives or livelihoods or National Security are threatened, as our allies our National Security is threatened as well.  Much of our intelligence gathering comes from the region of our allies.

We have many installations, along with American Military personnel, in Turkey as well as the use of their air to launch our own flights. Turkey’s air space has been very instrumental in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the United States endeavors.  Turkey’s friendship to us, is of utmost importance when it comes to the security of American interest as are our installations in Turkey a necessity to safeguard our allies in the region.

The very definition of an ally is that if we are under threat they have our backs and if they are under threat we have their backs.  Jordan has been over whelmed by the influx of refugees coming into their country.  With 12 different terrorists groups in Syria the very stability of our friends and ally in Jordan, who have worked hand in hand  with us against the fight against terrorists, is under direct threat by the release of chemical warfare in Syria and the threats of the terrorists in Syria.

This is all a matter of obvious and public information that is available to everyone everywhere, and I am smart enough to know and understand that the general public does not know a tenth of the importance our allies in the region are to the National Security of the United States but this narrow amount should leave us all perplexed as to why the media or the politicians even have to question what threat Syria is to our National Security.  If we blink now then that only further empowers Iran to go ahead with its own weapons of mass destruction in the region.

The delays taking place are insuring the Syrian people who before we strike at the targets we are gathering all the necessary World support as well as the support of the American people before we strike.  Obviously the delays alone are preventing the Assad regime from using anymore weapons of mass destruction while we gather the necessary support of other Nations.

It also allows the Syrian people the necessary time to get out of harms way. The terrorists also run when they feel the threat of a strike and it gives us a greater chance to arm the Syrian Free Army who do not want terrorists taking over Syria. Time is both on our side as well as on the side of the Syrian people. Going into this difficult strike requires the time and planning of level heads over going in half-cocked.

What Syria can move around is very limited when taken into consideration that we are not going to create further danger to the Syrian people by targeting the chemicals themselves, but instead the means that Assad has  to launch them. Our satellite viewing of the Assad regime as they attempt to hide their weapons from us is as clear as any in the World, and an almost fruitless attempt on their part when they try to move them while we watch.  They don’t have Mountain ranges or places to hide them since refugees are crossing the border into Jordan every 12 seconds.  the populated areas are thinning out with the time allotted to the people to get out. Delays are not hurting the Syrian people at this point as much as they are helping them.  When ever we strike we will have the element of surprise on our side if it is today, tomorrow, or a month from now.

We did not have the evidence or proof necessary to strike, from our own independent testing until this week.  Without proof we could not plan for a strike, since we are a Democracy and not a dictatorship. They are not going ahead on mere intelligence or without a plan of action, as they did in Iraq, but instead with established limitations and fact taken from both the blood and hair of the victims and the knowledge that only  the Assad Regime had the means to deliver chemical weapons.

Regardless of what the media is reporting it was wise of President Obama To take another look at involving the Senate and Congress before acting on his own decision. With the never-ending complaints made by the Republican party along with the established dread of war by  Liberals, the World is very aware of the refusal to pass on President Obama’s agenda.  Many feel that the Assad regime would not have moved to use chemical weapons on its own people if they did not have a shortage of ammunition or feel that Americans would do nothing, if they did.

Because of this, It is of utmost importance that the American people understand that this is not another Viet Nam or Iraq but instead a limited strike against the Assad regime to limit their ability to continue to destroy their own people or move against our allies. Since our own military is 7 times larger than all of the militaries combined in the World, if we do not act against weapons of mass destruction, no one else can.

It is important to the credibility of the United States who has the only modern military capable of stopping the atrocity in the region by the Assad regime and that “We the People” show our support for  our President; Just as it is for the Senate and Congress to pass legislation in favor of these Strikes so that the World knows and understands that it is with strong support and credibility Americans say in unison, “We will not stand by and watch any Nation burn their children and people and do nothing!” (see my previous post entitled, “Where Is The World’s Courage?”)

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How can the United Nations vote that the use of chemical weapons used on any human beings since 1925,has been against International Law and when it is so obvious that it has happened in Syria, set back and do nothing?

In the world of humanity which includes all breathing people of every race and Nationality, when any National representative or World  leader of any civilized Nation  fails to act against war crimes, then that leader becomes a threat to the security of all its people and allies living within and outside of the borders of that Nation.

When no stand, by a leader of a Nation or an ally, is  taken against the use of chemical weapons then every rogue Nation that has stock piled both chemical and biological weapons will use them against,” you the people”, before they attack a Nation that stands up to their crimes against humanity. Any signs of weakness by any Nation or ally is an open invitation to these inscrutable cowards to flex their muscles against humanity as they always hit what they view to be the weak links first.  The threat of National Security that goes  disregarded as “Not being our problem,” becomes the nightmare of all of its’ people and allies in an allegiance or in a Nation that withdraws from its responsibility to pursue war crimes, and therefore the crimes are crimes against all humanity and is not just the problem of the Syrian population.

If any world leader or representative of the people have to ask, “By what authority do any leaders of a civilized world have to act against such heinous acts,” as are taking place in Syria, and they fail to understand the need for  common decency to protect against these crimes of mankind, is the only authority any Nation needs, then they themselves need to be replaced. Civilized and not so civilized Nations have had to stand up against evil throughout the history of the World.  This is not so complicated or difficult for a descent human being to understand.

Where is the courage of these delegates and Nations that belong to the UN and those of civilized governments who believe that such transgressions are the responsibility to defend against by Americans only, and where is the courage of the American people who speaks out in one voice and says, “We will not Tolerate such actions?”

Silence and inactions are the breastplates of cowards.  The greatest tragedy of all is when good people stand by and do nothing more than accept horror as onlookers in the face of evil. When media tries to distract the common decency of mankind to act on such atrocities as are happening in Syria; “as being nothing more than political or simply President Obama’s ‘red line,” and they share no  responsibility as World governments to act, then the price we all will pay for our silence will be greater than the humanity that is lost in the screams of the children.

When any Nation or Leaders place the threat to financial stability over that of in-action against a Nation or Nations who in essence are guilty of war crimes matching that of the Holocaust, then we as a World/Nation of people must certainly acknowledge that we are living in an era of cowards never seen before at any time in the History of the World.

Many things will change over the years but protecting children and women  against a gaseous chemical that can neither be seen or detected in a Country or Nation by the rest of the World should never change.  To protect the innocent will always be the right thing to do regardless of the language  or the voice of leadership of all  Nations. To deny that one simple truth as being the right thing to do  means the beginning of our own destruction as thinking or caring human beings.

When we cannot at least get together as a body of United people and launch a few rockets into a Nation so corrupt as to fry its own children and women even if it is not the Syrian military, which is an insane idea or an excuse to do nothing in the first place, then what good is humanity? We certainly cannot call ourselves people of courage, now can we? Where is that out cry for family values?

When speculation of what can happen before it does, sins of greed of the past, or worship of the pound, lira, Renminbe, ruble,Franc, yen, dollar, Euro, Deutsche mark, etc. drowns out  voices of reason and common decency, today, over actions to save women and children of Syria from another Holocaust, then we can all be certain that the reason to exist in a World of Universal mankind will become inferior to all of us today, tomorrow. When mankind turns a silent voice and a blind eye to atrocity of such depth of despicability as what has happened in Syria by doing nothing, who is to say that any other Nation in the World will find that, “what goes around comes around,” when they or we scream out?

If we sit by and watch any people burn and die from burns as the German people did during the Holocaust then we simply show the World that only some people matter and the rest are not worth saving. The indoctrination of the German people by another terrible man of power and the lost of life when a person of German descent spoke up against the atrocities taking place against the Jews, in their own Country, cannot possibly be compared on the same level  to the silence heard today or the excuses and voices of cowards heard most severely around the World today.

What will we tell our children and grandchildren when they ask, “Why we did nothing, while human beings burned?” The old standard, “It was a different time,” will not work this time as they will know that the World had access to both Social media and Free communications, and were watching children scream out while doing nothing and without threats of hardship or from propaganda. Will we be made to bear the burden of shame, as the German people have been forced to?

As someone, myself, who was taught in private schools by Nuns from Germany, I witnessed often the scars that were still left on the German nuns in their behaviors even when a jet flew over and left behind a sonic boom yet into the 1960’s. It is a life and a burden that follows those who remain remorseful the rest of their lives. Can we look our children and grandchildren in their eyes and tell them that we did not stop the burnings because,” it was a time in the World when  no one cared and all courage of conscious was absent?”

This tragedy taking place in Syria and our actions or lack of actions  taken to correct it, is not just about being President Barack Obama’s legacy but the legacy of the entire human race, around the World.  When the media fails to state that fact emphatically it fails at the accuracy of reporting that should be expected of it in a civilized World.

No matter how many excuses the World or the people of America can invent as to why they/we refused to give President Obama their/our support in military, expenses,  and vote; history will document this as the era the human race burned and no body cared. Hind sight and historians, like truth, are never denied.  No matter how much others try to make excuses, escape into denial, depart from reality, or clean the truth up there will always exist those who refuse to lie.  Bank on it!

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Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal either from birth or aging. It can most often be seen in 60 year olds and most older adults will all have some form of spinal stenosis by the time they reach relatively old age. Disc herniation, fractures, tumors, infection and degeneration with the aging process can all be causes of stenosis in adults. Age changes everything when Acquired stenosis is as a result of serious accidents injuring the spine and then there are no age specifics attached.

When an abnormality causes a narrowing of a canal then the neurologic (nerve) structures become irritated or compressed. This leads to a variety of symptoms ranging from tingling, numbness, severe pain that is persistent, and weakness and pain with physical activity. It can and does lead to disability in cases where damage becomes to congested to attempt the risk of surgery or when normal treatment of injections fail.

As I said in my previous post, ‘Matt Roloff And Owning Disability’ there are two different kinds of Spinal Stenosis. Although fairly rare, Congenital Lumbar Stenosis appears at an early age in adults between 30 and 40. The Congenital form of spinal stenosis is seen in individuals who are born with a narrow spinal canal. In these individuals, even minimal changes in the structure of the spine brought on by age can cause severe spinal stenosis. With severe spinal stenosis problems with the bowels and bladder also exists.

Congenital spinal stenosis is largely a mysterious condition than can neither be predicted or prevented. The onset does not distinguish by sex, race, or ethnicity, and is not associated with any particular occupation or body type.

Acquired lumbar stenosis is more common and generally develops in persons in their 60’s or older. This form of stenosis is caused by progressive changes in different spinal elements, as I mentioned above. As people age, all these different elements sag or bulge and form arthritis that narrows the spinal canal.

In my own case, although I have been told that my condition is my own fault as well as a rare familial disorder (depending on which Doctor I talked to and at which age I was treated, by different Doctors, as my records did not always follow me). I was told much later, after the fact, in my later thirties of the destruction and changes taking place in my spine and that my spine was in serious condition.

I was born of a mother who experienced scoliosis as a child. She spent 4 years in a body cast. Some studies do show that off-spring of mothers with Scoliosis can and do sometimes present with spinal defects, as well.

I also over-worked my spine and was hospitalized both at the age of 28 when x-rays showed shadows that indicated arthritis, following an hour and 45 minutes of CPR in the field as an EMT. My back pain began at the age of 19, and I did not seek medical help as it improved with exercise and I grew up in a family where back aches were as common as headaches.

We didn’t go to the Doctor as children when we were in pain and I was even made to work following torn ligaments in my knee. When my Mother finally did accept I was in pain, scar tissuing had set in and they could do nothing about it at that point. However my mother was yelled at such loud of a volume that I heard everything he said through the wall and for a great length of time by the Doctor who saw me. He warned her, that I would have arthritis at an early age because I was made to walk on it.

At age 32, I presented with sciatica down both legs and with nerves pinched in 5 locations on both sides of the spine in the low spine, and at this time the Neurologist treating me said I had a herniated disc while the Orthopedist threw the diagnosis out.

Eventually I would burst or break off a partial piece of the disc in question and black out from the pain. Since I was hospitalized for a month and anxious to return to normalcy, I went home and resumed my normal activities and the disc which wasn’t suppose to be there, burst or broke,( I’m sure that is the lay person term). I was not given any explanation for the pain beyond psycho-somatic until 5 years later when I was told, “it is nothing but wear and tear arthritis normal for my age,” which was 37 years of age at the time. Hind sight tells me the Orthopedist who I was sent back to was covering for his own mistake as his partner had previously, a year before this, told me I had Spinal Stenosis as had my regular Doctor.

I grew up on a farm where physical labor is always a requirement beginning in early childhood and had spent 18 months both tearing down a house as well as helping rebuild it at the age of 32. I had been use to hard physical work right along side my brothers and did not know that the upper strength in a woman is never comparable to the muscle strength in men. Yes I should have known that but didn’t at the time. There was no special treatment when it came to work on the farm just because my twin and I were girls.

Because I had completed the work and was doing simple work for four months after the completion of our home, I never was certain my back problem did have anything to do with our remodel. My own case, as to if I had congenital stenosis or acquired stenosis probably will remain a mystery to myself, as both in my situation have distinct possibilities due to both behavior and genetics’

I just generally accept that my spinal stenosis and disability depends on which Doctor has said which diagnoses is correct, and have learned that very seldom will a doctor reverse his/her own diagnosis. I do understand that once a disc does burst or break off,(again the correct term fails me but means the same thing. There are three classifications of a disc and I believe when it breaks it is called sequestration), not much can be done and there are a number of difficulties not necessarily related to each other, with my back.

To me it doesn’t really matter so much now as it once did, as either way I am left with the results and thankful my children have not inherited the same nor would I tolerate their over-using their backs or bodies as children.

Although there are a number of treatments that do give a great deal of relief to many people who do suffer as I did,in my own case I found that they met with mixed results. I cannot express enough that what works for one person and is a great success does not always work for the next person.

I did eventually go the rhoute of spinal injections to find that they failed as their effectiveness never lasted longer than 10 days. I did have micro-neural surgery for stenosis on one side of my spine but the other side was too compacted by the time I switched Doctors, to even attempt surgery. I was told by the Dr. that did surgery, many years later, the injections more than likely failed because the damage done to my spine was too extensive. I went through my alcohol days of drinking, like the majority of pain sufferers do, but quit cold turkey before going on narcotics.

I refused to take narcotics until after my children married, knowing the mood changes they can cause and I had already experienced that with alcohol. Ultimately a Doctor did prescribe narcotics and I found some improvement while taking both hydrocone and morphine, but when their effectiveness wore off, and I was only treating the addiction, I quit on my own, again cold turkey, rather than suffer the results often occurred by higher doses.

Most people do not realize that addiction from narcotic pain pills even when prescribed can begin within 5 days of treatment and I was on the hydrocodone at double normal dose for a period of 7 years and combined with morphine for 3 years. Because getting off the narcotics without any help was such a horrific experience, I refuse to take any narcotics now.

I may not have been able to stop the deterioration of my spine but I still have hopes of preventing my brain from deteriorating due to narcotics. For 45 years I did my best to assume responsibility and be there for my loved ones but the beauty of finally reaching the age that spinal stenosis is normal for most of us is; at the age of 67 I can finally take it easy and enjoy my retirement with my husband. When winter comes we will head south and play, again.

Acquired spinal stenosis is very prevalent on my father’s side of the family with Osteo-arthritis in both my parents families. I had both a great uncle on my mother’s side as well as several on my father’s side who were disabled by arthritis. There are also those who did abuse morphine and narcotics to the point they became mentally imbalanced and impaired. Spinal stenosis is very common in little people at earlier ages but not so common in normal height people under normal circumstances.

I write this, so those current today and future generations do not have to spend the amount of time that I did when I was left without any explanations and questioning my own sanity, as well as for all young adults who do not feel they are getting a qualified explanation as to why they are experiencing ambulatory pain or any pain for that matter. Before it gets really bad and persist, I highly reccomend that you see all the Doctors you need to see before you do feel you do get the explanation you need. Once pain becomes chronic it is very difficult if not impossible to treat.

I was under medical care when both ambulatory pain and pain that caused me to blackout did happen and still carry resentment that I did not understand the seriousness of back pain, or persist harder in any Doctor explaining what was happening to me that made an ounce of sense or recognize when I was being put off, or have an accurate diagnosis at a time when I might have been helped.

What would become perhaps the hardest problem of anything else that I had to deal with, minus the persistent severe pain, was either the inability or unwillingness of the Doctors that I dealt with to answer my questions. Today with the internet we can find many of our own answers that did not exist during the time I was left entirely in the dark to fend for myself, unless it is yet unknown by the medical profession. Well intentioned family and friends who force their own, “so called wisdom,” on us are only secondary to the confusion that we are left in when the medical profession either refuses to share information they have or can’t say “I don’t Know.”

It some cases questions were simply brushed off even while they treated me for a known serious back problem. When I complained about needing help and being in pain a couple of the Doctors either told me to stay on treatment that was causing symptoms of there own, or simply wrote in my records and refused to look at me while they said nothing or turned on their heels and walked out, another Doctor literally threw a bag of anti-depressants at me before he turned on his heels and walked out, and they weren’t even the worse that I had to deal with.

The truth is that medicine cannot help everyone but unless we try all options available to us, we run the risk of suffering needlessly. My experiences may be totally different from those who have the same conditions that I had because our bodies do not respond in the same manner to identical treatments. I think the majority of us would feel better if we were told by a Doctor that not all conditions are treatable. Sometimes the patient does need to accept the cure of what is wrong with them lies in our own behavior and as such when we change the behavior we will get better.

In my own case,when I accepted for myself that I had tried what was available with limited to negative success, it was time that I took control over my own condition and accepted it was simply up to me to make the best of what I could do for myself. I was smart enough to stay away from those who make adjustments to the spine,or chiropractors knowing that any kind of adjustment could cause a spur to injure my spinal cord and lead to paralysis and other complications. Ice packs and heating pads can often relieve more pain than can narcotics. Slowing down what was my normal activities and accepting disability became my best treatment. After that I learned, “If it hurts, stop or find another way to do the same.

There are great Doctors, good Doctors, and there are pathetic Doctors, but only three out of about 13 that I saw in total, who I could recommend and do often. I’m sure they are all good in their fields when they can make a difference in a person’s life, and they all do make a difference in the lives of others.The one that I resent the most was considered the best in the State before he got caught prescribing himself too many drugs and got disciplined for it, soon after treating me. I’m sure as an Orthopedist surgeon he did save a great deal of pain in others, I just don’t like being lied to by anyone.

The Best Doctor is always the Doctor each of us have the most confidence in as a Doctor, and who does his homework and remembers our condition and is not afraid to discuss the differences we are experiencing. I have never had a Doctor ask me how my back problems started after the initial diagnosis, other than the Doctor who did surgery on me. He was leaving to go on vacation the next day and delayed it until after he did surgery on me. A doctor can be 98% of any cure, because many times all a patient really needs in order to get better is time, and a Doctor they believe in. Doctors are no different from any other human being as either we connect with them or we don’t.

The better they are sometimes the worse their bedside manner is as when they are great they often are over-worked. They don’t bother me nearly as bad as those who put their own egos before the diagnoses or refuse to say they don’t know when truly they don’t or withhold information that I pay for in order to know the results.

I have always believed if I was a man seeing male Doctors, which they all were themselves, I would have been treated much differently, even though I understand they get frustrated too when they can’t help a patient. If I asked for information or complained too much about my back or shoulder that is greatly affected by the stenosis in my neck, the standard practice was to change the subject and order a mammogram or a pap smear to be scheduled.

That would ultimately take on a whole life of its own with diagnoses and treatment becoming totally disgraceful by the treatment of me by two doctors. I will spare the details as that part of my anatomy is not affected by problems of the spine and that is what this post is about along with my going through a history of unanswered questions.

I do know, intellectually, it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway if the original Orthopedist had of accepted the Neurologist’s finding of a herniated disc instead of throwing it out and it could have been much worse if the spinal stenosis was primary to the herniated disc in the first place. At this point I doubt I ever find out which came first the herniated disc that blew or the spinal stenosis.

Many more problems with many other discs bulging and herniating, followed by bone on bone and wearing down of the vertebrae, as well as spinal stenosis in my neck did follow my initial problems with the original herniated disc and the Lumbar stenosis. While spinal stenosis in the lumbar or low back region is most common with older adults it can also appear in the neck or right below the neck.  Many Doctors who practice a lifetime will never see a patient like myself who has spinal stenosis in both the low back and neck.

If Spinal stenosis was a primary cause and they had done a spinal infusion surgery and my back continued to drop as it has I could have possibly have been worse off. On the other hand if the herniated disc that burst, because I was told I did not have a disc problem so therefor didn’t know it burst, and it was the cause of everything else that followed perhaps I did have a chance through surgery. Through my own experiences and self- education I eventually understood, years later, when I blacked out that I blew the disc.

I was experiencing seizures, dizzy spells and sciatica in both legs but it was all being explained away by Doctors and the Physical therapist, so it was just more of the same to me at the time, when I did blackout. I was told I was getting up too fast when I could hardly move or sit up or they questioned if I had a back problem at all. Ultimately it led to treating me with prednisone and anti-depressants and telling me it was psycho-somatic but they knew it hurt. Back surgery itself comes with its own complications and many different types of back surgeries have been attempted with mixed results. Men reverse the table over women in these endeavors, and often pay the higher price for back surgeries that fail, since they are viewed as being less emotional than women, so I don’t know,myself, if I would have been better or worse off either way.

I have always been glad that they did nothing to worsen my back after the initial assault on it, by trying a surgery that would most certainly have failed later, and recognize their Hippocratic Oath as Doctors demands they do no harm. It is questionable if with holding information the patient is entitled to does not do more harm than good. Some people want to hear the truth where others wish to remain in denial. I was so clear that I needed answers in the beginning but did eventually quit asking as I knew it fruitless to even try, and by then the damage was done. I pretty much forget about the resentment until I hear some kind of foolish statement made.

My resentment certainly does not control my life since I do not hold grudges or carry a desire to get even and understand Doctors are human and we all do have our own share of win and loss records, but I’m not willing to deny that I will carry a tinge of resentment until I die, either.

To this day the only explanation I have ever gotten by the medical profession excludes all Doctors as to what spinal stenosis is, or what I was dealing with, or if spinal stenosis is primary or secondary to the herniated disc. I don’t even get call backs from Doctors on my MRI results after I have them ran, other than from the Dr. who did surgery.

Sometimes an office staff would call but mainly I had to call several times just to talk to a nurse. At this time in my life it became clear to me that any tests done on my back were simply ran to update my records as little to nothing changed in my treatment. When I asked questions I got a lot of, “I haven’t got a report back yet’, “the report was very sketchy”, or “the results are on the Doctor’s desk and he hasn’t read it yet.” They shared any other tests I had ran but never on my back.

When I called the Dr., who ran the cat scan initially and left the truth out about his own error, to ask him what my spinal stenosis was, a nurse told me he was busy but she could tell me it was calcium in the vertebra which really was the same as telling me nothing, since all arthritis of the spine involves calcium. The biggest difference is if it is outside or inside the spine. I actually appeared at the home of another Dr. and demanded knowing the truth to only be told to talk to the Dr. who refused to tell me the truth or to return my call.

Needless to say even I knew it was time to switch my entire team of Doctors, at this point, and it led me to a Doctor who is on my list of three and to the surgeon who will always remain number 1. Any questions I have, he answers, if I am smart enough to ask the right one and he has called me, personally himself, as late as 10:30 at night to discuss the results of testing I’ve had done. He doesn’t volunteer any information but he doesn’t leave me hanging with unanswered questions either.

I don’t ask him if my spinal stenosis is secondary or primary to the herniated disc because I know since he was not my Doctor of record he couldn’t nor would he be able to answer it. The damage is done and that won’t ever change nor will it give me back my young adult years. I feel Blessed that I refused to give up and have a long-lasting marriage, raised successful children, and have bright grandchildren, all of whom I love dearly.

It isn’t that I am a Pollyanna but more of a realist. I accept the fact that Doctors, like the general population do make mistakes. Some of them may think they are infallible but they are no different from the rest of us. If it didn’t happen to me it could have happened to some one else less equipped to deal with it and we always had great insurance coverage.

When ever it gets really difficult, I often ask, “If  not me then who?” and feel greatly relieved that my loved ones have not had to go through it as I have. My thinking wasn’t always so generous initially, but now that I made it through it, I’m pretty much grateful. I doubt I could have ever learned gratitude to the depth that I have, if I hadn’t of gone through it. It is true, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Since I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy, however, I am writing this post in hopes of sparing someone else and to tell you how important it is to take it easy with your backs, when they are hurting. Walking not lifting is the best exercise of all.

It was the responsibility of those who I dealt with in the beginning to be honest with me and when I was aggressively seeking answers to have had the decency to just sit down and explain to me what the effects of spinal stenosis would consist of, what it actually involves, and what happened that my back deteriorated so quickly that it was too late to do anything about it before I even celebrated my 40th birthday.

Through educating myself over the years I no longer need an explanation as I pretty well know by now what happened and why I am disabled. I had at my own disposal the symptoms that followed and I could track each with the knowledge that existed in Medicine at the time.

The after facts of being ignored and lied to however still remain and Instead of my questions being answered they either went ignored or I was left to research on my own in order to determine why I felt the pain I did and what led to the results I was dealing with, over the years. Even I know, I did receive pathetic treatment because the Doctors got their egos in the way and refused to say at least, “we don’t know”, or refer me to references to check out for myself.

As I mentioned previously, at that time there was very little information on the internet about spinal stenosis. I had symptoms effecting my entire body due to the drugs that often flared up other body systems as well as my spine and I had to discover which was spinal stenosis and which was drug related since no one ever did tell me my entire body could be systematic of the injury to the spine.

There certainly was never any listing of Congenital stenosis at the time I was researching or much of any explanation of someone my age having so many problems. I almost hoped it was mental because I always had the attitude, “Id rather be dead than in a wheelchair,” and if it was mental I had more hope than I had if it was physical, was my thinking at the time although I have reversed the same by now.

When I looked up stenosis it spoke about blockage of the heart. Spinal Stenosis was very scarce to non- existent and when I did find something it was pretty much the same as I got from the nurse and one sentence. Our local library had nothing so I bought books along with a medical dictionary and started looking. Today it is quite easy to gain information on spinal stenosis on the internet.

I end this then by again stressing that what I suffered at a young age is more of a rarity in backs than a regular thing but I also want to stress that care of a back is extremely important as are the answers to what we can do to help prevent further damage is, when we are fortunate enough to get the answers we need. If nothing else, remember to always lift with the knees and not the back and if it is heavy let a lift do the work.

Most back pain, especially in someone as young as I was, is only because mankind began life on all fours before they evolved to the upright position and as a result most backaches are because the human back was not designed for the upright position. (I Know this Science drives those who throw Evolution out– mad:) The majority of back pain can be easily treated and does not require surgery. It is important to listen to our own bodies because pain is a warning sign, and I write this as a reminder for those of you who ignore it, as I did.

For all others who are dealing with a future that may or may not lead to physical disability, I hope you read my long post entitled “Matt Roloff And Owning Disability,” and in doing so you can gain a nugget or two of inspiration or perhaps learn from my mistakes, when my own common sense failed me.

I had no intentions of making this or my other post on owning disability as personal as I have, but if someone else recognizes themselves in my behavior or treatment, and I can help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into with self-doubts, I gladly share my own personal story. Have a good day or do something that works for you if the rest of the day sucks.

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