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I’m writing this in response to a complaint filed on my blog,by a person who was actually attempting to run their spam past me. I too recognize the mistakes made,primarily in the beginning of my writing,and I blanch just a little myself.  I began writing my blog to warn people of the encroaching problems and half truths that were accompaning the Tea Party candidates, in 2009.  I knew their real goal was to prevent Obama care from happening.

I had no doubt,what their mission was nor who was financing them, since much of what was being said had eerie overtones from both the Joe McCarthy and John Birch Society days.  I knew  Grover Norquist,was an enthusiastic supporter,of both, and no one in the Republican Party got past Grover.

I hadn’t written for years,seriously,as the majority of my endeavors up to that point were spent in research,study,and oil painting.  I still have an occasional mistake, but I feel the message is more important than grammar correctness.  If you disagree with me,then I request that you not burden yourself to lower your higher grammatical standards,over my own.  My attempt is to bring common sense back to the voter or to offer self help or guidance.  I don’t now,nor did I ever profess to be,a teacher of grammar or spelling correctness

To those who share my concerns of what the religious right and conservative right, paid for by the Koch Brothers in the name of Tea Party Patriotism and Christian values, is doing to our States and in Washington,I urge you to vote. It saddens me when they are nothing more than a Trojan Horse to hide in,while they deny Americans their Constitutional rights,outside of their own,”Good Old Boy” system.

The dollars are into unheard of amounts that they are spending to spread falsehoods and propaganda against their competition,and they must be stopped, while the people still have the ability to do so.  Vote November 4th,for the future of the next generations that will follow us,or for your own futures to be pulled from the slavery they are attempting to bind you in,to better serve the needs of the white male and their favored Corporate and Oil Refinery Billionaires. A tragedy is taking place in our Nation and it must be stopped beginning with the mid-term elections,when turn out is statistically low. Only we can stop it!

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I need to apologize to my earnest followers, for not returning to my blog as I had hoped.  Much has happened in both my personal experience of travel, remodel, and enjoyment of my husbands retirement.  At my age, we find ourselves always balancing the good with health problems sometimes co-existing at the same time, as being part of life.

I would just warn you, that the influence of the media such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news, has only grown more hateful, and short of facts, even while most of my readers are already aware of their false propaganda, spreading. When we think they can not outdo their spread of false information, through capitalizing on the ignorance of the voter, we find out just how wrong we are.

Through even more outrageous mockery of our President and their opposition, and through even more spending by the Tea Partyand the Religious Right, they show no shame. Their colors show to the already aware amongst us,during yet another election year;While they continue to bamboozle the voter with their self-serving and deliberate distortion of facts. The majority of Republican conservatives continue to show us just how wrong we are to think they cannot get worse, by increasing spending and false information in triplicate. Both are playing out within our States and through their representatives in Washington.

The only thing that is going down in both monetary value and funding, is the treatment of both the workers and the poor who are increasingly one and the same, as the conservatives and tea party members continue to deny both a fair wage, as the “yes people,” to Corporate America.  What is taking place against the rights of women and their health issues is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice, going unanswered in 31 States, where laws were passed giving the rights to both rapists and the fetus, over the rights of a woman, to the pursuit of justice in America.

These laws were passed and added to the Republican platform without protests, and under lies being broadcasted against the opposition.  Vote against the Republican Candidates for re-election and election on November 3rd, and keep voting against them until the Republican Party hears the voice of the people over the idiots now running their party! Democracy depends on it!

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Hi everyone! I’m afraid I haven’t had much time, as of late, for my blog but plan to be back in full force before the fall elections. I have voted in my own State primaries, and sad to report, I had the shortest primary ballot that I can remember ever having.

I’m afraid there is little to no acceptance for choices on the Democrat ticket, this year, since my State like all other red states appear to be taken over by tea party funding. I’m sure the Democrat machine is more supportive in some of your Blue States, than it is in the Red States, that go overwhelmingly for Republicans,anyway. At least it is my fondest hope, they are!

I’m not ready to come back full time to my blog yet, as at this stage, we are looking at a home remodel,here,followed later by an extended trip out of the heat. I just wanted to remind you, my readers, that the only way we can lose is to believe we are powerless and not vote.

Statistically Democrats do not get out to vote in the off years and in 2010, because of it, 72 new tea party paid Republicans took office in Washington and our States and have been chipping away at the equality of women and minorities ever since! Vote!

Thanks for your continued support of my blog and for your remaining loyalty! Later then!

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I am still surprised when I hear wives and young women being criticized by other women as to why they stay with their politician husbands, following the out break of scandal. Sure it may leave our own excuses or defenses a little more weakened as to why we make or made our decisions under similar circumstances, but is that any reason to point fingers, when others decide differently? In 2013 men are 100% responsible for their own behavior.

Yes, we can agree that the young women who are involved in sex or sexting and come forward and acknowledge their own poor behavior, are showing extremely poor judgment in believing they can some how capitalize on the same. To judge young women any farther than this, unless they become so outwardly obvious and acknowledge they are out for the almighty buck or to destroy a career, should not lie in the character of any of us who judge these often naïve and impressionable women; Nor does it further the equality of women to determine what is appropriate behavior when a woman does decide to remain in her marriage.  That choice belongs to the two people who are in the marriage to decide be they men or women.

Women have been manipulated by the powerful and branded as Jezebels since Biblical days in an effort to give men who behave poorly in sexual behavior, an out for their own sick and often narcissistic behavior. As women in America, we if not men, should be able to rise above the continuation of judgments against each other regardless of media exploitation, political leanings, or the circumstances of the same.

I have heard women, who are thought of as being credible accuse Huma Weiner of having political gain for herself and ambitions of her own as being the reason she stands behind her husband Anthony Weiner. Other people are accusing the young woman (I will not give her name credence or blame in my blog) of dressing sexy in order to trap Anthony Weiner. There is much more gossip against the women involved in the Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal but to repeat any more beyond this is to only add to the gossip.  When will women ever be able to dress in the manner they feel the most comfortable with themselves, before we quit judging them for doing so?

Accusing women of the faults that lie in men goes way back to the days of the discovery of the Old Testament of the Bible. When we realize the largest area of the Country in the region where the Old Testament of the Bible was written, was made up of  many Pagans before Christianity, then we need to understand also the culture present in the belief of its people at the time the old Testament was written.

We can understand why people who were raised generations in advance of Science held women responsible for the behavior of men because it was written In Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 26:My Son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe My ways, For a whore is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a strange pit. She also lieth in wait as for Prey and increases the transgressors in men.”

The belief was also promoted and still exists today that it was Eve who enticed Adam to eat of the apple instead of it being a mutual decision as we now know transcriptions clearly shows it to have been mutual and these artifacts have been preserved in the archives of the Church. As more Historical facts becomes available along with the knowledge of mankind changes we do need to consider both into our own moral framework as a civilized Society.

The Early Church so believed that married men who had sex with prostitutes were not responsible for the sin of adultery, because they were enticed by women and had no control over their own sex drive. They saw no separation between the animal world and human kind and judged the need of man to procreate or have sex for mankind’s survival as being on the same level between man and animal.

Sex with sheep amongst herders was not only practiced but acceptable behavior in its day. When Science discovered it was leading to madness and death in men due to an outbreak of syphilis then the acceptance of the same changed.

These beliefs were held well into the 17th Century but as the need for man to learn became more prominent it took the knowledge of Science to grow in order to gain knowledge about mankind and what free-will and intellect does as far as understanding the differences in what makes mankind the absorber of knowledge and truth over the animal kingdom.

Even into the Victorian era and yet today some Religions still refuse to give up the idea that even incest that takes place in children is not the fault of child or women entisement. The Conservative following have the numbers of rape due to incest, much lower than what in truth they still remain today. What we now refer to as sexual sociopaths was referred to as sexual deviants in the Victorian era and was just the beginning of the era in which men were being held responsible for their own sexual vulgarities.

Those Religions who throw out all study of Science still cling to the Bible verses of the Old Testament while totally dismissing the knowledge learned of men and sexual peculiarities or sexual predators, that we have gained knowledge of today through the knowledge of Science.

If we still have not learned that women do not create the character flaw in men who think they are too powerful to fail and that Science shows that it is more likely the absence of fathers in the home or early childhood abuse through incest that leads to feelings of rejection that increase the libido in both these women and these men, then what rock have we taken residence under?

Yes, both women and men who have reached adulthood are equally responsible for the choices they make in their lives.  When Anthony Weiner was made aware of his own short comings and illness and still behaved badly, by running again for public office knowing full well he was lying, then how can any of us judge his wife harshly or the women he continued to show his private parts to? If a mother is concerned about what the absence of a father, in the life of her child will make and decides to stay in the marriage, that is her decision to make without being called ambitious or any of us offering her anything beyond understanding.  Todays children need their parents in their lives and if the couple reaches an agreement on how they will deal with their marriage must we always feel their decisions reflects on all women?

If  young adult women are being manipulated or making a poor call of judgment that too should be their decision to make. Why do we so often see or hear those who seemingly have made the biggest mess of their own marriages or those who also behaved poorly when young women or men, too often become the harshest judges against other women or men?  Did we listen or was it our own responsibility to learn for ourselves, what our real values were or where we placed them?  Did we not have that right to do so?

We all should understand the options given all of us to use our own intellect and free-will should be the greatest entitlements that all of us will ever receive, shouldn’t we? What right does the media, un-related people, or pundits have of making any calls in the personal lives of people who use their own hearts and minds to call the shots in their own marriages or personal lives, have in the first place? If you don’t like the man, Anthony Weiner, then do not contribute or vote for him and if you are doing so for fear of what others may think then isn’t that more your problem than theirs?

The Karma we put out is also the Karma we get back, or if you prefer, “what goes around comes around”, and I suspect that was also the Plan of our Maker, when He gave both genders free-will and intellect from the beginning of mankind.  Who amongst us, has not already learned the same or will not learn it before we breathe our last breath? As the saying goes,” An unkempt garden, produces poor fruit”.   Does our own back yard need our attention or weeding?

As women we have enough Conservative movements underway who will deny us the equality already granted us before we have been successful in getting full equality, without attacking or sitting in judgment of each other.  As long as we, women, let the divisiveness amongst us continue to do so, we can all understand it will only cause further harm to those who most need our help. If it does not happen now, then it will tomorrow, or the next time we, ourselves or loved ones, need understanding the most.   I have learned to be a realist and understand what true unity requires of all of us.  Make it count!

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It is well established fact that Ralph Reed who runs the Faith and Freedom coalition of America is an ally with Grover Norquist and that both Newt Gingrich and Carl Rove, who was the so-called brains along with Ted Cruz swinging the Evangelicals to voting for George W. Bush, have spoken before the Faith and Freedom Coalition of America.

Fred Koch father of the Koch Brothers was owner of the second largest business in America and was a founding member of the John Birch Society.  Many say the tea party adapted all of the beliefs of the John Birch Society with the exception of dropping their opposition to the Mormon Religion which has a strong presence in the Tea Party. Others claim that they are the same organization but the John Birch Society simply dropped its prejudice against the Mormons. The John Birch Society is organized and present in every State of the United States with clear affiliation to the Christian Right who believe taxation of any kind is unconstitutional and they share the belief that Religion was intended to rule over government and their Constitutional rights are being trodden on by government tyranny, due to the liberals, and  Democrats  who refuse to accept conservative views in government.

It is also well established fact that the Faith and Freedom Coalition is highly funded by the Koch Brothers investment interests.  Those who do not know how the Koch Brothers got their billions, it was pretty much gained and inherited from their father from the proceeds of oil refinery and there in lies the tie with the Conservative and Religious right to being watch dogs in the Republican Party for oil investments, and the out cry against accepting approval of the Keystone Pipeline. It is just one big happy family in the Republican Party held by a Conservative majority and Tea Party Obstructionists.  I will break it all down for those who may be confused.

Pat Robertson who ran for President had at his helm Ralph Reed when Pat Robertson was the founder of Christian Coalition of America.  When Christian Coalition of America turned to Faith and Freedom Coalition of America and was established by the Tea Party, Reed made the transition, as a good ally of Grover Norquist, to run the newly established Faith and Freedom Coalition of America and Pat Robertson went back to running Christian Coalition of America. Both Religious backed Coalitions have the same beliefs because both were headed by Reed.

Grover Norquist tie in with the Tea Party goes back to the 1960’s when he worked as an aide to Barry Goldwater, when Barry Goldwater was a Presidential Candidate.  Barry Goldwater was adamant against civil and equal rights and a  strong sympathizer of McCarthyism  and the John Birch Society which is the predecessor of the Tea Party and there in lies the connection of Grover Norquist to the Tea Party, to the right-wing religious and conservative movement in America, and to Ralph Reed through Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, to the Koch brothers Faith and Freedom supported Coalition, to Ralph Reed who headed both. Pat Robertson has equally strong opinions on the subject of gay rights, as do all religious right advocates.

They promote and broadcasts  the much maligned views against the gay community,  they detest:civil rights, women’s rights, President Barack Obama, Obama care, and promote the lost of religious freedom, destruction of the Constitution under liberals, the take over of the Constitutions and persecution of Christians by regulatory Agencies and law enforcement.

They are the power and support behind  the current Religious right and right-wing Conservative and Tea Party Republican Platform that are against all of the following: abortion even in cases of rape because good girls do not get raped according to their beliefs, gay rights, a woman’s right to her own reproductive rights,  welfare, Medicare, Social Security, Obama care, food stamps, the Department of Agriculture, the Federal government regulatory agencies, the FBI and the IRS, and just about everything except vaginal probes to prove a woman isn’t lying about her pregnancy,  They were behind the people’s government shut down and the crass behavior of Tea Party member Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. Many of these religious right groups just as Grover Norquist of the heritage Foundation praised Ted Cruz for being a hero on CNN.

So why should we care about any of them and why should they matter to any of us, who do not accept the Republican platform as an Independent and a Republican and we  just vote for the candidate any way?

What are you going to vote for when the candidate you vote for both in your State and Washington has to first pass the Faith and Freedom Coalition of America’s  inspection?

The answer is pretty simple.  Remember last election when as an Independent and Republican you were watching the primary debates and wondering why the Republican Party had such a pathetic bunch of Republicans running for the office of President and the Democrats were laughing their heads off and doing high-fives knowing none of these so-called geniuses could find their way out of a box much less win the Presidency?

Well guess who the Coalition of Faith And Freedom interviewed before the field of primary candidates could be approved by the powers that be in the Republican Party? Make no doubts about it,you have the Faith And Freedom Coalition paid for by the Koch Brothers fielded by the religious right and right wing conservatives and Tea Party to thank for that weak field of Republican candidates who ran in the Republican primaries.

But I digress, these geniuses under the leadership of Reed, Rove, and Grover Norquist, and their minions with willingness to sign the Grover Norquist, “no more taxes pledge’, interviewed for the position of Presidency to the Republican Party and ran for the primaries after completing their try outs they are the following:

Tim Pawlenty

Mitt Romney

Michelle Bachman

Herman Cain

John Huntsman

Ron Paul

Rick Santorum

Newt Gingrich apparently was not deemed Koch money worthy as he was financed by his own  organization Contract With America which was formed on the same concept as Grover Norquist Heritage Foundation.  Newt has sponsored a couple tea party members for elected office and gained his largest contribution from Sam Adelson owner of the Casino sands and a strong conservative ally.

The last candidate on the list to run for President on the Republican ticket was Governor Rick Perry who was sponsored by another radical rightwing and religious right group called Focus on the Family ran by Dobson.

Want to bet that the line up is going to be more of the same in 2016? We already know they think the same can defeat the Democrats is 2014 and the media is already predicting that the Republicans shutting down government was just a blimp on the political screen but how do we the voters feel or think about that regardless of our Party affiliation?

Do we really want to spend the rest of our lives living with part-time employment and uncertainty because the Tea Party, right-wing conservatives, and the religious right who own and control the Republican Party refuses to do their job and govern by starting one witch hunt after the other and kicking the can down the road?

I won’t even ask the Democrats.  This time I am asking the Independents and Republicans, Do you really want more of the same representing you in Washington?  You decide, it is your turn to do something to change 30 years of the status quo by not making the already bad, worse.

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I am taking a step away from politics for now because by now people have either tuned in to what has happened to the government shut down or tuned out and anymore I have to say on the subject for now, is only preaching to the choir, who does understand the problem.  Instead, I am going  to write on a subject that is to often responsible for the most destruction done in families of adult children’s lives and marriages.

I have read entirely too much recently on the beliefs being projected by too many and that is that some how adult children need to be guided or influenced through out their life time by parents who set the example.  Too many are hearing this, and being told this, and the fallacy lies in the idea that if the parents belonged to an individual religion then they did a good job of parenting or parents always know more than the adult children.

Many times, It simply is not always true, as often younger adults hold more wisdom than did the parents ever have. I know my own children will smile about this post, because as someone who did not have parents I could turn to for advice, I too believed a parents’ job was never done and do find myself offering unsolicited advice, although I constantly work at biting my own tongue.

The facts on the subject are two-fold.  If children are raised never doubting or questioning their parents’ love, and are raised to take responsibility for their own success or failure, by the time they reach adulthood they will resent further guidance from parents attempts to influence or to guide them once they do become adults. If on the other hand parents were more absorbed in their own lives during the adolescent and teen years than they were in parenting, there may always be a feeling of a void in the lives of our adult children, who feel regardless of how old they are, they always will need the help and advice of their parents.

Just as parenting must be individualized according to the needs of the child, so must we quit believing there is a magic book, pill, person, or pattern that says all adult children must follow the influence of their parents in order to find success and a parent of adult children must parent for a life time. The truth is more parents today need to let go and accept that their children, just like they weren’t, will not always be perfect.  Sometimes they will make mistakes and may even embarrass us.  They, just like we did before them, will learn far more from the mistakes they make than they will from parents who insist they listen to them and follow their example.

The third truth, and one often left unspoken is the lack of maturity in a child that follows throughout adulthood and often into old age. It is not uncommon when a disability or mental illness is present that we do experience the adult child who can not or will not ever be capable of being an adult as prescribed by the standards of adulthood.  It is not uncommon when parents add to what is already a complicated genetic pool, by refusing to allow these children to grow up and to remain co-dependent for life.  Other times these adult children simply do not have the capacity to be able to mature beyond the age of their disability and too many times these parents are ostracized for it. For the sake of all of these families, who already feel too much judgment against them, I will not deal with them in this post.

We have our children for a very short time so if we do not do the best job we can as far as setting an example, teaching them right from wrong, and influencing a value system that works according to their own independent choices by the time they are 18, we cannot expect then to parent adult children, later.

Adult children need room to make both choices and mistakes in order to learn from those choices and mistakes, just as we did. If we failed to teach our children independence and maintain rules that would guide them throughout their lives by the time they were 18, then we can expect that we can continue influencing them as long as they live under our roof. Not all children grow up by the age of 18 and some will require our help and guidance through their mid twenties if they are still students.

If they on the other hand are adult children who are neither disabled or suffer from mental illness and are mooching off of us, their parents, while manipulating us with their own hard luck stories or using us through our own guilt, and they are too old to be living at home and we find they still are, we must acknowledge to our own selves that we have formed a co-dependency with our child that can follow failure in their lives and marriages, for years to come. Rare is an adult child who cannot share living expenses with a friend if they are not to lazy to choose to.  If they can play they can also work to earn their keep. If they don’t have friends then they probably do suffer from depression and may need medical help.

It is our responsibility as adult parents to tell our adult children to leave and to quit paying their expenses or doing their laundry, if they are still living at home as adult children and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. When we want them to stay then too often we are guilty of refusing to raise them to become adults, because something is lacking in us or our own marriages as parents of adult children. I am not talking bout adult children who sometimes must move home to help out with aging parents, and one should not be confused by the other, as those who move home to help with aging parents should be applauded for their maturity.

When a couple marries, and they still rely heavily on the influence, finances, and guidance of their parents over that of their spouses, then the percentages of their marriages failing because they have never accepted the responsibility of being independent adults increases greatly. They may remain married due to maintaining a life style they have become comfortable with or to please mom and dad but the kind of marriage they have will often worsen, year after year, until the couple becomes almost like strangers to each other.

When a couple marries they need to turn to each other over the influence of a parent.  They must choose their own religion, where they will live, if they will have children and if so how many, and any decisions that an adult makes is expected to be made by the adult couple without unsolicited or unwanted advice from parents. If they do ask us for help or advice, we must always remember to keep the advice short and the finances limited according to our terms and not their wants.

We will always need and want to give financial gifts to our adult children and if they are gracious about it and it does not interfere with the relationship of the couple or does not mean sacrificing on the part of the parents but is understood as a gift unless they choose to repay it, then parents can gift their adult children.  First we must understand that the couple agrees and not sneak money to our own children.

In adult couples any advice offered by parents when it is neither asked for or wanted often becomes the dividing force between couples.  Many marriages have failed as a result of an adult child turning to a parent against the advice of their spouse or when an adult behaves like a child and says, “daddy or mommy says…….”, or “mommy and daddy don’t think like that.” The couple needs to be adult enough to blend together the beliefs and understanding of the backgrounds of both families.

If one adult child came from an abusive home and the other a loving home they need to be able to recognize the mistakes that were made in both homes and be able to establish their own rules for their own homes.  It certainly does not mean that a child who was abused will be abusive nor a child who comes from a loving home will be loving. Both can reverse the trend in their own homes as often those who learned abuse or neglect will make certain their own children will never have to feel the pain and lost while those who were never told “no”, can be terribly abusive as adults just as adults can repeat the mistakes of their own childhoods.

When we have children following our own example too often we have adult children repeating the same mistakes from one generation to the next. When abuse is occurring in a home then all adults must report the same to legal authorities or Social Services. Sometimes for the sake of the children, if we know  for a fact that abuse is taking place it is best to call Social  Services or the authorities so we can remain anonymous incase the abused need to save their own pride, and ask for our help, later. Reporting simply because we do not like their agreed on parenting skill will definitely lead to being tossed out of own children’s’ lives.

The important thing to remember is for adults to behave as adults if they want to be treated as adults and that includes the parents as well. To be adults means we must be older than 16 and old enough to make rational decisions.

Dating should always be restricted in adolescents and until the teenager is old enough to understand healthy relationships from abusive or controlling ones and the consequences of having sex. Once our children start dating they will listen to their peers before they will listen to their parents and be influenced by their behavior over our own. That does not mean the job of parenting stops at this point. It is o.k. parents if our teenagers become upset with us and the rules since it is the nature of teenagers to do so. When a parents reaction is lowered to the high drama of a teenager’s the parent needs to understand it is their place to keep their own emotions from boiling over and adding to the distress. This is the time in parenting where our own example should count the most. Most teenagers are ready to date by the age of 15 or 16.

Adults must date prior to getting married or starting a committed relationship in order to understand better what their preference in a mate is and to better understand their reaction to a person who they are willing to commit to in the future. Both people in a relationship must determine what being an adult entails before they marry. When they do so, then they need to be allowed to set their own example, influence their own children, and parent for that very short time they have, before it is time for them to have to let go of their children.

Adult children must understand if they fail or succeed in their lives that they are no different from the rest of us who learned from trial and error how to become adults and parents.

The belief;” just because parents of adult children are older they can somehow continue to parent adult children,” is ridiculous.  What parents of real adults can do is to offer their never-ending support in compliments and understanding of the stress often experienced in the lives of all of their children and spoil the grandkids rotten if they have approval from their parents.

In our hearts we are always parents until we die, but in our actions we must know when to keep quiet and when to speak or suffer the consequences of the wrath of adult children, justifiably. Letting go of our adult children so they can better learn the lessons necessary to pass on to their children, who will represent the next generation, is always difficult and many times we do shed tears in the process.  Those who never do let go of their adult children will almost always shed many more tears for opposite reasons.  Believe me, if we raised them to be adults, and then we try to tell them what they need or should do, we will feel wrath over understanding.  It may sting when they do become upset with us, but when we realize ,” Hey we did o.k. as parents,” we recover rapidly.

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The hardest job to do on earth is the job of the stay at home mom—Oprah

Periodically, I read or hear people who are disillusioned about stay at home moms say: “I wish I could watch television all day or only had to worry about one child, like other stay at home moms.”; or “I see how slovenly the homes of stay at home moms are on television.” or “She never worked a day in her life as all she ever did was sat on her butt.” Of course the same people who make these remarks never fail to accept invitations of hospitality to the meals and homes of the stay-at-home-moms. Too many have the attitude, “what else are they going to do, as they don’t work, anyway.” The list is endless and the innuendoes ever-present about how lazy a stay at home Mom is and how they never work as hard as the working woman so have no idea just what other women have to deal with.  This same criticism came up with the Democratic chair woman in regards to Mrs. Romney and I wrote about it then, as well.

I am here to correct the false hood that stay-at- home- moms are pampered or lazy one more time.  I begin by saying some of the laziest people I have ever known were those who were employed.  I rarely met a stay-at-home mom who had time to even set down and eat much less spend the mornings sleeping in or the afternoons watching television.  Stay at home moms shovel the snow, fix the appliances and plumbing,, mow the lawns, paint the rooms, and scour the toilets as well as run the errands that are common for husbands to pick up.  When I suggested to my children we get tools for their dad for Father’s Day even at the age of 3 and 4 they asked me, “Why Mommy, when you are the one who uses all the tools?”

I never bought a home that anyone else wanted but always got the best buy in the best neighborhood because I was a stay-at-home-Mom and could tear the walls down and take it back to bare 2 by 4’s at the same time I mudded, textured, painted and wall papered the walls, stripped the wood. and removed cabinet doors and replaced hardware while running children to dance, swimming, baton lessons, and gymnastics and teaching religion classes all as a volunteer.  I could close off a room and tear one room down as easy as I could build one back up and save thousands of dollars in the process. I did this on three different homes while a stay-at-home-mom.

In my free time I worked as a volunteer EMT, attended advanced classes, worked the blood mobile, ran for elections, served on boards, taught CPR, and volunteered for Red Cross.  When I had the time I helped campaign for my husband and friends who were running for office.  I baked cookies and invited a large area of people into my home when a dispute over a bus driver took place.  Our softball parties usually meant cooking for upwards of 40 people no differently than did the foot ball games.  I never asked anyone to bring in a warm dish or to help out with food preparation.

When my schedule lessened a little then I wall papered and painted for friends and family as well as cooked for them when they were sick or lost a loved one and even shampooed rugs to help fight the dust bunnies for them.  I had a widowed mother who turned to me for help and advice when I was still just in my twenties. My luxury in life was preparing a desert and cleaning my home for an afternoon of bridge playing while the children remained out-of-the-way as much as possible so as not to disturb the older ladies. I would repeat the same activities when it was our turn to entertain 22 couples for our card playing clubs held in our homes and required coming up with hor’deurves fixed from scratch and not just chips and salsa.

I was both a chauffeur and a chaperone for play dates and sports activities and birthdays and often substituted for mothers who worked when their child required transportation or was sent home sick. Many stay at home mothers are library assistants, teachers’ helpers, day care and shut-in  readers. I often baked for funerals and remember peeling and preparing scalloped potatoes for 250 at the same time I got an emergency ambulance transport call of 75 miles.

The list is endless to what  a stay-at-home mom does.  I would point out that the greatest number of hoarders suffer from mental illness and have jobs out of the home and do not represent stay-at-home-moms anymore than they are exclusive to working moms.  Many days I was a stay-at-home-mom holding the hand of working moms who complained endlessly about their jobs while I was pouring them coffee, I dreamt about the easy days of life I had when I was paid to run an office and hand out work assignments to 200 women and men who worked under me.

No I never got paid a dime or ever got many compliments as a stay-at-home-mom and often I had to learn imaginative ways to stretch a dime but what I did get were: the skills of self-education, the confidence of taking a project from start to finish without passing my responsibility on to someone else, the knowledge that men have passed off the most boring jobs on to women for years, the gratitude of a job well done, and the confidence and understanding that nothing a woman sets her mind to is not attainable, when she does it herself.

My greatest Blessing in life is: through my example my two daughters are carrying out the example I set for them  to even a greater depth than what I had the capacity to teach as my life became limited at too early of an age due to spinal stenosis.  I could not be more proud as a mother and a grandmother than if I had taught them through the example of having been a CEO.

Knowing I did it all without reward of salary taught me far more than if I had have been paid well. Just as there are lazy employees there are lazy stay-at-home moms but one is not synonymous with the other.  The employee who works the hardest always has had to compensate for the lazy on the job and in any field of work. The negative of life or the squeaky wheel will always get the most attention.  The only way we change that or make life more fair is to quit making false assumptions and broad speculations.

A pay check does not eliminate laziness anymore than does a married couple work fewer hours or less harder than a single parent. Less is expected of a single parent than what is expected of a couple. lazy is lazy and has no background dictated as to if it takes place at home or on the job or in Congress.

For the more informed, statistics show that both parents work much harder today than did grandmother or grandfather or mom and dad.  Far more hours are expected of parents today than yesterday.  Past generations may have had far more children but children worked for the parents.  Older children took care of younger children and all children did chores that fall on the shoulders of parents, alone, today. Past generations went to bed when it got dark where todays parents often have to work into the midnight hours both at home and on the job.  Education was free and college education unheard of in many homes; and when it was feasible it was cheap and did not require extra hours of work. All the requirements of parents today from toys to technology to play time did not exist then nor was the wardrobe required then as it is today  for both working parents and stay-at-home-moms and dads who represent their communities through volunteerism, elections or board positions, today.  One good set of clothing for Sunday Church or funerals was the only requirement needed then and the reason closets in older homes are so small.

Long story short then, if a person ask if they are lazy they probably have the answer to their own question.  It is not a question often asked by todays parents or certainly not by many stay at home moms who know the difficulty of their jobs. Quite frankly, to suggest that all stay at home moms are pampered or lazy is judgmental, a tad bit moronic, and is a false statement to make, not to mention prejudicial.

Stay-at-home parents, whether they be moms or dads need to be applauded instead for the slack we help pick up for both working parents who earn pay checks and for our time given, the often mundane work we do, and the cost we often absorb ourselves in order to work for the needs of others free of charge without strings attached. The work we do as volunteers for our families, friends, strangers and in and out of our communities never did denote laziness.

Doing the right thing for others, on the other hand, does not make heroes out of us any more than parents who need or want to work should ever feel guilty because they do.  If we can at least erase the mentality that too many have and lose the notion that earning a paycheck means ambition while the lack of one means laziness, then we can perhaps let go of stereotyping the stay-at-home-moms as well as the working moms.

If we can’t accept a woman’s right to stay at home and a woman’s right to work out of the home, as being equal and respectable rights and move ahead with accepting stay-at-home-dads when the moms are better trained and educated and can and want to work, then as a Society we will continue to refuse the rights of each individual to determine if they want to accept  role reversal as agreed upon in individual families and Nations. Since each generation is susceptible to seeing the next generation make changes to what they felt was always the way it should be, the friction of change is often palpable in families and Society, and yet change must always take place in an ever-changing World and economy.

When we fail to challenge those boundaries. too often we fail to understand, the rights of all our people in a Nation, or the need and equality for educational advancement and other exploratory fields of research in order to maintain a civilized society. Without change and advancement any Nation fails to excel on the world stage and in the understanding of the need for competition and the acceptance of all of its people. Change is always the mechanism that must  pull us forward as a civilized Nation at any time in our history.

When we fail to prepare our people towards a necessary change while  teaching  an awareness of choices then the failure towards teaching the necessity of advancement in a civilized Nation will most certainly fail future generations.   Going backwards to another time in history out of fear of change or as a solution to prevent divorce or equality, simply stagnates the future of the next generations.

It is when we understand the 1950’s were never a time of “Father knows Best,” but instead a time when women and minorities were refused equality through often brutal measures and the tragedy of the Jim Crow laws that  often condoned or looked the other way when death and hangings in the African-American population were occurring, we understand the necessity of change in a civilized Nation.

The memory  of those tragedies and the pathetic treatment of both wives and children because of the lack of birth-control that often trapped both women and men into sometimes loveless marriages due to what was known as shot-gun weddings are scars we who lived through that era will never forget. Doctors could not accept  that parents  were responsible for the wounds, broken bones, burns, and the mistreatment and death of their own children, for far too long.

When husbands determined wives were their right to dictate to as they saw fit because the Bible said, “wives obey your husbands,” and men were not held accountable for their abuse to women, because no law existed to hold men responsible for the devastation permeated against women. A married man could not even be held responsible for the beatings or rape of his wife because that was not considered a crime any more than incest or child abuse was a crime against children, in the 1950’s.

Conservatives who  think women, minorities or children of today can go back to those days by romanticizing them into a kinder and gentler time, are irrational in their thinking as are those who promote it as a time of family values and a time to return to. When we  understand the truth of that era and the years preceding it only changed due to the change in attitudes and our laws because of the injustice against our people of that era, then we can understand why we readily need to move forward always, into acceptance of progress through change or fail our own people in the lack of action to do so.

Sadly,  before we can accept equality on equal footing of genders and a woman’s right to choose along with the acceptance of the diversity of our people, we first must let go of old bugga-boos and acknowledge that traditional roles or changing of traditional roles are the individual rights of all the people, based on Democracy for all, in our Nation. Hopefully we will get there and progress according to the needs of the people despite the efforts to prevent it by some interests in the paid for by the Tea party and Conservative held views in too many of our States and Congress. AMEN!

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If you have been as tired of the lies around the government shut down this week, as I have been, I suggest that you do as I have done and start handing out awards to those who stooped the lowest in their efforts to forsake their jobs in government this week.  It wont accomplish anything as far as Congress doing their job is concerned but it makes me feel better to know I refuse to buy into their programmed and staged B.S. How many witch hunts,complaints, tax payer’s dollars,  and committees have these same Republicans formed in an effort to find fault in the failure of other government Agencies to do their jobs have we had to hear about and pay for during these last five years, do you think?

The Republicans can act as children and as the selfish or spoiled brats they are and even like little mighty dictators all they want but they are elected to do the best job they can for the people, their behavior does not change these facts. On a personal level. as far as I am concerned, I am relieving my frustration over the shut down with a greater crises looming Oct. 16 and knowing these same people will be there acting just like they have been acting, by awarding the Republican majority by painting them with the broadest brush or scope in my vocabulary.

If my idea fails to make you feel better or less hopeless then I suggest you e-mail the little dictators of the Republican Party and Tea Party libertarians in Congress, as I have, and let them know they fool no one when they behave like children and make a mockery out of our Congress and Democracy, as they have done. Don’t we all get tired of their continue playing us as stupid? Do any of us truly believe a word that they say anymore?  HOW bright are they to think they would have won but Mitt Romney was just the wrong choice in 2012? Aren’t they still showing us that they did not learn anything nor did they care to learn, when it came to “we the people?”.

When we understand, even when the Republicans insist on playing games despite their denial to the contrary, that these are real lives they are dealing with, it is hard to not get frustrated by the Republican antics.  Have any of us suffered from so much dementia that we fail to remember all the times these same people insisted on negotiations and discussions in an effort to delay the passage of Obama care, while premium costs were rising at 40%, in the first place?  I recommend in our e-mails that we remind them that their job is to pay all of the bills including those of healthcare and at no time were they elected to cherry pick which bills they could pay and which ones they would default on. The Republicans  who have received by their own failure, my awards this week then are the following:

1. Republican House speaker Boehner’s claim that they are following the wishes of their constituency who are egging them to stay on the path they are on deserves an award for the most crap thrown against the wall  in hopes it sticks award; as clearly it does not include the people as much as it includes the lobbyists who line their pockets.  When the polls show that 90% of the people were against shutting down of the government and 10% supported it, we need not ask who is placing the needs and wants of the lobbyists against the wishes of the people who sent them to Washington.

2. As I mentioned previously, Huffington Post, caught Tea Party head Rand Paul and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in their lies of acknowledging they are lying so I will award them the Pinocchio award since they have behaved like the children they are and have consistently lied for more than four years, and only stepped it up with more of the same with  the government shutdown.  Both men have acted over the years as wood caricatures who have no concern of the needs of the people.  Instead of being the puppets however they have been the string pullers.  They get the Pinocchio award then for obvious reason.

3. Mark Rubio, who has had design on the Presidency, and who was more than glad to stand along side of Tea Party radical Ted Cruz until the press started exposing the Tea Party Libertarians for the dictators that they are, gets the cowardly Lion award of the week, by me.  Now that exposure of the Tea Party radicalism is coming to light and they no longer can hide behind their real purpose in Washington, Mark Rubio decided this week to try to distance himself from the Tea Party, who brought him there.

4. And the biggest hypocrite award of the week goes to Tea Party House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, for lining up what are supposed to be lab researchers and Doctors in white coats from NIH who are supposedly upset with the Democrats not being stupid enough to figure out that the Republicans are cherry picking health concerns so as not to lose future elections. The fact that the Center for Disease Control has been totally shut down by these same Republicans has not gone by unnoticed by anyone.  With Eric Cantor professing his love of pediatrics Cancer research he and the so-called medical profession who he lined up on stage, failed to point out that these same Republicans decreased the budget of the NIH by 1.7 billion dollars in 2012 by refusing to stop the sequester.  Now in their compassion for children  and cancer research they are willing to finance back to the 2013 levels that still denies the jobs and research money of 1.7 billion dollars while Eric Cantor says the Democrats refuse to vote on initiating the cut  and therefore are responsible.

5. And finally then, to all of the Tea Party and Conservatives Republicans in Washington, in an effort to restrain my own frustrations I would like to say: “The greatest Jerks in Washington award, goes to the entire Republican Party this week.”  Please step forward and take your bows while the American public restrains their feet from kicking your derrieres while you bend over. I can promise you, many of us will see to it that these are the last awards you will receive from the people who elect you.

Every dog eventually shows their spots and the Republicans have done far greater damage to their own party than any legislature before them in the recent history of time and since the greed of the 1880’s. They are fooling no one but themselves, those they thought they had indoctrinated, which do not consist of the majority of the white race, and those fools who lined  their pockets. I even saw a  person who will influence votes for years to come, refer to the Republicans as being the RepubliCONs. It was not a typo, I assure all Republicans!

After thought: I give the like on the bottom to you who so aptly named the current GOP by your clever remark and continue to try to remove the advertisement from my like button that has been disabled but gone ignored apparently by Word press.

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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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It’s that time again folks.  Just when we can’t  take another campaign of lies it  starts heating up again.  The reason all politicians need to take so many breaks to go home to their constituency is to take home the pork that drives up the deficit with them and to convince the people of their States that they need their vote. It no longer is about what they stand for but how many lies they can tell about the opposition.  The people we elect don’t work in Washington for us but instead work in their own home States to win the next election.

The reason more moderate Conservative Republicans do not stop the lies and nonsense  about  President Obama denying the people their Constitutional rights, on the lies the far-right are spreading by the likes of Ted Cruce, and Rush Limbaugh, along with the Tea Party, is because they are afraid of the money and the powers-that-be in the Tea Party. They are afraid that it will cost them their own elections if they start telling us, the people, the truth about the dirty tricks that are pulled by the Tea Party.

If I would compare it to anything myself, I would compare the fear of the so-called rational Conservatives to the Tea Party  with the need of the people who attended Trump University.  Students for the most part do not have money or are not stupid but it is like they lost all touch of their common sense for an opportunity to rub elbows with Donald Trump.

Trump University was nothing more than a rip off that cost 5000 students $35,000.00 each.  Most of us  have to wonder why anyone would pay a non-credited school that price much less attend any school just to see Trump but that is what some of the students are claiming.  They said, “We thought we would at least be able to see Donald Trump but instead we only got to take our pictures with a cardboard cut out of him,” as though that was their biggest complaint after having been exposed as suckers. Isn’t it scary as hell to think that any of these people might hold power over any of us in the future?

It should scare all of us in just how easy it is for some  People in America to be taken in by other people who carry a large credit line or billfold and never have to prove anything. It could cost Trump millions for running a scam but the right-wing or the Tea Party bully tricks seemingly are working in their own Party as well as in the opposition.

Where the large majority of us can and do understand that men like Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are for the most part self-serving and entertainment worthy of being not much more than a joke; too many others will  too often take what they say serious .  The majority of us do see through their rhetoric and do view them as a bunch of cheap tricks and hot air, knowing there exists amongst us those who cannot separate truth from fiction and instead think these men credible.  Many others who know better treat them as being credible and pay them lip service because they feel that if they invoke this same mentality they can win or there will be something in it for them if they do.

It can be compared to thinking a mirage in the desert is the real thing.  Others know if they don’t accept this type of hate and rhetoric,  that these men spit out, as based on fact, and is often heard at  CPAC,  they will pay too great of a price in what it will cost them so they just generally accept the fact that these men who spread hate and lies are just part of the bigger picture and are a stepping stone  to their access to power. In much  the same way  Conservatives and Republicans alike, understand without taking the Tea Party money and support they will lose their elections.

These are not always stupid people but people who can be and are taken in by both money and power and are by nature controlled by greed, the idea of being part of the power or fame, or think they can change a system they are passionate about changing. They never do, of course, as they either get out or accept that the hate and rhetoric is part of what they have to accept and instead of making changes or a difference  they simply get absorbed into what is wrong in the Republican Party in the first place.

Do not mistake me  for a moment in what  I am saying, as  those in the Conservative cause are so dedicated to their principles that they are very sincere in the belief, ” that they and only they,” have the right to talk about family values and hold the high ground of morality for what is the right thing to do for all of us. Since it is so black and white to them they are often blind-sided to the idea that they are out-of-place since each person in America regardless of race, creed, gender, or color have a right to choose their own identity and destiny.

None of us deny that there does exist right and wrong in America and as such we do need to continually work towards a more perfect Union but when an entire group of people, whose perception of the truth or the differences amongst us are already misconstrued, are turned loose with the power that exist and the feelings of arrogance that they and they  alone are right and everyone else who disagrees with them are wrong, then we have an unjust system on all levels of Society.

Without considering the differences in cultural, religious beliefs, economical back grounds, and often times what may be wrong for one person to act on but life threatening if another doesn’t have the accessibility to act on the same behavior, then we should all be able to understand the heresy in the  black and white mentality and that its perceptions are seriously flawed. At the very least we should be able to accept the injustice that accompanies that mentality when we deny equality or choices from any American Adult to choose, when the capacity to do so is their inalienable right to do so.

When anyone outside of their black and white beliefs or narrow visions, is a person or are  people who excel beyond  their chosen spectrum of acceptance, the general belief of these Conservative fanatics is that the person who succeeds when  they deem they had no right to,  breaks through their barrier and  too often they genuinely feel threatened as though these people are robbing everything they are entitled to themselves, from them.

They themselves do not always have to be held up to the standards of their own moral virtues, but “By Damn,” the opposition or under class better bend to it.  Is it any wonder then when those of us who check out these often out spoken politicians own records, we  realize they often sound like hypocrites even though the same fails to register with them? It is not a rare exception, when a person or people who live/ lives beyond or outside of the Conservatives  perceived expectations, then literally they become their enemy because in the Conservatives’ moral convictions, it simply was not intended to apply to them or be that way.

They often over-look entirely the right of choice by the workers, minorities, and women or literally the common decency they extend to what they call, “One of our own,” or those who they can mold, because they are so convinced those rights belong to the Upper class of Society, which most commonly is the white heterosexual male. When they themselves are taken less seriously by the voters than what they take themselves they are left clueless. So convinced are they that they hold the moral high ground and the right to speak for the Nation they feel that they alone have the right to dictate, “what is what’. Gone are the old guard Republicans such as, Bob Dole, who felt America had a moral obligation to feed its hungry, and to  provide for the poor, disabled, and elderly through maintaining a strong government healthcare system, in this Republican Party.

Since they all have aides and speech writers of their own, they learn to measure their steps by saying what they think the people want to hear and can sometimes even ignore  the fact that Grover Norquist is always standing by with pen and pledge and not too unsubtle threats that if they do not comply to his and the Tea Party mentality and approval, then they can kiss any election win good-bye nor need they attempt to run for office, if they are foolish enough to think they can win without Tea Party money or support.  The mere fact that this group of bandits still refuse to believe their hand-picked candidate, Mitt Romney  was a joke, should tell the majority of us why the powers-that-be in the Republican Party are in essence destroying the GOP. When we combine that knowledge with its refusal of accepting equality in its platform at their National conventions ,then we understand the  mockery that these people are making out of what was once, “The Proud Old Party,”

Both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Conservatives  know they can lose their own elections  to the money and power behind the Tea Party, so instead of standing up to them and disputing their lies they play along with them, as to do so, they will be rewarded in their next election wins without competition, even when they know  what the right-wing and Tea Party  are saying  is plain ridiculous and there are no grounds to impeach our President. They view the Tea Party and fanatics as the lesser of two evils because they are so convinced anything less than Conservative is simply wrong or evil.

Conservative  Republicans will suggest that it is getting close to meeting standards of Impeachment where the few Democrat Conservatives will remain quiet and in doing so add to the weight of  the erroneous beliefs of those who are both brain washed and misguided into believing  that Americans are losing their freedoms, even though these politicians lower their own image and values in the process.  The only freedoms that we are losing are coming from this bunch of right-wing bandits and their propaganda.  I don’t know which is more pathetic.  Those who play along with Impeachment of our President, even though they know it is an insane suggestion or those who really believe they have grounds to do the same.

I realize that the Liberals talked about doing the same to George W. Bush as well, and certainly they can have similar actions when it comes to their refusal to budge, but there was that little problem thing that Bush did and it was to lie to the Congress in  order to go to war over weapons of Destruction that both the U.N. and intelligence told them Iraq did not have. They did not actually say they wanted to get out the oil that rightfully belonged  to British Petroleum and Halliburton, as that might have been classified as an illegal war. There may have been some grounds there if the Liberals had started 5 different committees on it like the Republicans have on Benghazi.

It cost these same Conservatives the election when they tried to go after Bill Clinton, for impeachment,  so why doesn’t the far-right and those who kiss their butts wake up to the dangers they cause in their own party when they even whisper such a thing.  Don’t they think the rest of the Nation catches on to their infiltration attempts?  Won’t even their fondest believers eventually wise up after a while and see a pattern forming here, right under their nose? They have gotten away with it for so long that they actually  are  working on the next generation of believers.

All the tea party and far-right fanatics  do is spread hate and lies and hurt their own Party. They never accomplish anything beyond campaigning and winning on their fear tactics.  Nothing gets done for ‘we the people’ beyond the pork they bring home. Is it possible these people stoop to this level because they only run in order to line their own pockets or is it to  make sure the white male gains back  what they think is their rightful Supremacy over women and minorities? Certainly a self-respecting Conservative with any values at all, which they all claim to be the “gatekeepers of”,  must know  these campaign messages of the Tea Party and right-wing fanatics do not sound too far-flung from what the Ku Klux  Klan sounded like in the 1950s

These same  right-wing fanatics and Tea Party Conservatives  create a Civil war in their own Party and try to deliberately slow down our Nation to a  trickle  when it  comes to hiring the middle class, job growth, and making major gains on the GNP. The main stream Republicans are afraid of them and can’t get along with them but that does not stop them from faulting President Obama in public as being a weak leader when they themselves cannot get them to budge and it is their elected job to do so.

The mainstream Republicans  instead refuse to agree with President Obama’s  agenda in public even when they acknowledge it is the right thing to do in private. These Conservatives cannot get along with these fanatics and show leadership in their own Parties so in their effort to not offend the Tea Party they play along with their lies. They have their well established media flashing the same rhetoric.  The right-wing Republicans along with the Tea Party who in many instances are even farther right-wing than the fanatics,  have made it clear that they have dug in their heels and will not pass anything that either the Democrats in the Senate or President Obama hands them.

One would think a person with any intelligence at all, would realize that President Obama is not running so the 2014 and 2016 elections should be about the positive points in the candidates who are running but ‘nope’ they are starting out this election no different from what they did in 2010 when the Tea Party won by a landslide. They are so arrogant as to think the majority of Americans will support them in their attempts to shut down the government in order to stop Obama care, because no one feels they dare stand up to them in their own Party.

It pretty much gets down to ,”If we tell the people the truth about ourselves or what we are really thinking or planning, we will never win so let’s go out there and spread any lies we can against President Obama.”  The sad thing is , it worked for them in 2010 so will it work for them again in 2014? If it does then are not we the voters to blame?

They are so intent in the blame game and spreading hate that it has not yet occurred to them they  are skating on thin ice themselves  when they totally dismiss the anger they create amongst the American people when they push forward to destroy the voters rights act while “doing nothing’, but obstruct the needs of the people.

Clearly there is enough evidence by now in the lack of courage in the few level-headed left in the Republican Party to stand up to them, so it is going to take the majority vote of the people to clean these obstructionist in our recovery, out.  When are the people they represent going to vote them out by recognizing they are either foe or coward, and replace them with people of courage? If that kind of politician can even exist in the Republican Party in Washington anymore.  If the Republicans can once more have a Party that is something more than an embarrassment, they need to stand up against the fanatics of the Tea Party, so when will they get started ?  That’s my question for the day.

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