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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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It’s that time again folks.  Just when we can’t  take another campaign of lies it  starts heating up again.  The reason all politicians need to take so many breaks to go home to their constituency is to take home the pork that drives up the deficit with them and to convince the people of their States that they need their vote. It no longer is about what they stand for but how many lies they can tell about the opposition.  The people we elect don’t work in Washington for us but instead work in their own home States to win the next election.

The reason more moderate Conservative Republicans do not stop the lies and nonsense  about  President Obama denying the people their Constitutional rights, on the lies the far-right are spreading by the likes of Ted Cruce, and Rush Limbaugh, along with the Tea Party, is because they are afraid of the money and the powers-that-be in the Tea Party. They are afraid that it will cost them their own elections if they start telling us, the people, the truth about the dirty tricks that are pulled by the Tea Party.

If I would compare it to anything myself, I would compare the fear of the so-called rational Conservatives to the Tea Party  with the need of the people who attended Trump University.  Students for the most part do not have money or are not stupid but it is like they lost all touch of their common sense for an opportunity to rub elbows with Donald Trump.

Trump University was nothing more than a rip off that cost 5000 students $35,000.00 each.  Most of us  have to wonder why anyone would pay a non-credited school that price much less attend any school just to see Trump but that is what some of the students are claiming.  They said, “We thought we would at least be able to see Donald Trump but instead we only got to take our pictures with a cardboard cut out of him,” as though that was their biggest complaint after having been exposed as suckers. Isn’t it scary as hell to think that any of these people might hold power over any of us in the future?

It should scare all of us in just how easy it is for some  People in America to be taken in by other people who carry a large credit line or billfold and never have to prove anything. It could cost Trump millions for running a scam but the right-wing or the Tea Party bully tricks seemingly are working in their own Party as well as in the opposition.

Where the large majority of us can and do understand that men like Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are for the most part self-serving and entertainment worthy of being not much more than a joke; too many others will  too often take what they say serious .  The majority of us do see through their rhetoric and do view them as a bunch of cheap tricks and hot air, knowing there exists amongst us those who cannot separate truth from fiction and instead think these men credible.  Many others who know better treat them as being credible and pay them lip service because they feel that if they invoke this same mentality they can win or there will be something in it for them if they do.

It can be compared to thinking a mirage in the desert is the real thing.  Others know if they don’t accept this type of hate and rhetoric,  that these men spit out, as based on fact, and is often heard at  CPAC,  they will pay too great of a price in what it will cost them so they just generally accept the fact that these men who spread hate and lies are just part of the bigger picture and are a stepping stone  to their access to power. In much  the same way  Conservatives and Republicans alike, understand without taking the Tea Party money and support they will lose their elections.

These are not always stupid people but people who can be and are taken in by both money and power and are by nature controlled by greed, the idea of being part of the power or fame, or think they can change a system they are passionate about changing. They never do, of course, as they either get out or accept that the hate and rhetoric is part of what they have to accept and instead of making changes or a difference  they simply get absorbed into what is wrong in the Republican Party in the first place.

Do not mistake me  for a moment in what  I am saying, as  those in the Conservative cause are so dedicated to their principles that they are very sincere in the belief, ” that they and only they,” have the right to talk about family values and hold the high ground of morality for what is the right thing to do for all of us. Since it is so black and white to them they are often blind-sided to the idea that they are out-of-place since each person in America regardless of race, creed, gender, or color have a right to choose their own identity and destiny.

None of us deny that there does exist right and wrong in America and as such we do need to continually work towards a more perfect Union but when an entire group of people, whose perception of the truth or the differences amongst us are already misconstrued, are turned loose with the power that exist and the feelings of arrogance that they and they  alone are right and everyone else who disagrees with them are wrong, then we have an unjust system on all levels of Society.

Without considering the differences in cultural, religious beliefs, economical back grounds, and often times what may be wrong for one person to act on but life threatening if another doesn’t have the accessibility to act on the same behavior, then we should all be able to understand the heresy in the  black and white mentality and that its perceptions are seriously flawed. At the very least we should be able to accept the injustice that accompanies that mentality when we deny equality or choices from any American Adult to choose, when the capacity to do so is their inalienable right to do so.

When anyone outside of their black and white beliefs or narrow visions, is a person or are  people who excel beyond  their chosen spectrum of acceptance, the general belief of these Conservative fanatics is that the person who succeeds when  they deem they had no right to,  breaks through their barrier and  too often they genuinely feel threatened as though these people are robbing everything they are entitled to themselves, from them.

They themselves do not always have to be held up to the standards of their own moral virtues, but “By Damn,” the opposition or under class better bend to it.  Is it any wonder then when those of us who check out these often out spoken politicians own records, we  realize they often sound like hypocrites even though the same fails to register with them? It is not a rare exception, when a person or people who live/ lives beyond or outside of the Conservatives  perceived expectations, then literally they become their enemy because in the Conservatives’ moral convictions, it simply was not intended to apply to them or be that way.

They often over-look entirely the right of choice by the workers, minorities, and women or literally the common decency they extend to what they call, “One of our own,” or those who they can mold, because they are so convinced those rights belong to the Upper class of Society, which most commonly is the white heterosexual male. When they themselves are taken less seriously by the voters than what they take themselves they are left clueless. So convinced are they that they hold the moral high ground and the right to speak for the Nation they feel that they alone have the right to dictate, “what is what’. Gone are the old guard Republicans such as, Bob Dole, who felt America had a moral obligation to feed its hungry, and to  provide for the poor, disabled, and elderly through maintaining a strong government healthcare system, in this Republican Party.

Since they all have aides and speech writers of their own, they learn to measure their steps by saying what they think the people want to hear and can sometimes even ignore  the fact that Grover Norquist is always standing by with pen and pledge and not too unsubtle threats that if they do not comply to his and the Tea Party mentality and approval, then they can kiss any election win good-bye nor need they attempt to run for office, if they are foolish enough to think they can win without Tea Party money or support.  The mere fact that this group of bandits still refuse to believe their hand-picked candidate, Mitt Romney  was a joke, should tell the majority of us why the powers-that-be in the Republican Party are in essence destroying the GOP. When we combine that knowledge with its refusal of accepting equality in its platform at their National conventions ,then we understand the  mockery that these people are making out of what was once, “The Proud Old Party,”

Both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Conservatives  know they can lose their own elections  to the money and power behind the Tea Party, so instead of standing up to them and disputing their lies they play along with them, as to do so, they will be rewarded in their next election wins without competition, even when they know  what the right-wing and Tea Party  are saying  is plain ridiculous and there are no grounds to impeach our President. They view the Tea Party and fanatics as the lesser of two evils because they are so convinced anything less than Conservative is simply wrong or evil.

Conservative  Republicans will suggest that it is getting close to meeting standards of Impeachment where the few Democrat Conservatives will remain quiet and in doing so add to the weight of  the erroneous beliefs of those who are both brain washed and misguided into believing  that Americans are losing their freedoms, even though these politicians lower their own image and values in the process.  The only freedoms that we are losing are coming from this bunch of right-wing bandits and their propaganda.  I don’t know which is more pathetic.  Those who play along with Impeachment of our President, even though they know it is an insane suggestion or those who really believe they have grounds to do the same.

I realize that the Liberals talked about doing the same to George W. Bush as well, and certainly they can have similar actions when it comes to their refusal to budge, but there was that little problem thing that Bush did and it was to lie to the Congress in  order to go to war over weapons of Destruction that both the U.N. and intelligence told them Iraq did not have. They did not actually say they wanted to get out the oil that rightfully belonged  to British Petroleum and Halliburton, as that might have been classified as an illegal war. There may have been some grounds there if the Liberals had started 5 different committees on it like the Republicans have on Benghazi.

It cost these same Conservatives the election when they tried to go after Bill Clinton, for impeachment,  so why doesn’t the far-right and those who kiss their butts wake up to the dangers they cause in their own party when they even whisper such a thing.  Don’t they think the rest of the Nation catches on to their infiltration attempts?  Won’t even their fondest believers eventually wise up after a while and see a pattern forming here, right under their nose? They have gotten away with it for so long that they actually  are  working on the next generation of believers.

All the tea party and far-right fanatics  do is spread hate and lies and hurt their own Party. They never accomplish anything beyond campaigning and winning on their fear tactics.  Nothing gets done for ‘we the people’ beyond the pork they bring home. Is it possible these people stoop to this level because they only run in order to line their own pockets or is it to  make sure the white male gains back  what they think is their rightful Supremacy over women and minorities? Certainly a self-respecting Conservative with any values at all, which they all claim to be the “gatekeepers of”,  must know  these campaign messages of the Tea Party and right-wing fanatics do not sound too far-flung from what the Ku Klux  Klan sounded like in the 1950s

These same  right-wing fanatics and Tea Party Conservatives  create a Civil war in their own Party and try to deliberately slow down our Nation to a  trickle  when it  comes to hiring the middle class, job growth, and making major gains on the GNP. The main stream Republicans are afraid of them and can’t get along with them but that does not stop them from faulting President Obama in public as being a weak leader when they themselves cannot get them to budge and it is their elected job to do so.

The mainstream Republicans  instead refuse to agree with President Obama’s  agenda in public even when they acknowledge it is the right thing to do in private. These Conservatives cannot get along with these fanatics and show leadership in their own Parties so in their effort to not offend the Tea Party they play along with their lies. They have their well established media flashing the same rhetoric.  The right-wing Republicans along with the Tea Party who in many instances are even farther right-wing than the fanatics,  have made it clear that they have dug in their heels and will not pass anything that either the Democrats in the Senate or President Obama hands them.

One would think a person with any intelligence at all, would realize that President Obama is not running so the 2014 and 2016 elections should be about the positive points in the candidates who are running but ‘nope’ they are starting out this election no different from what they did in 2010 when the Tea Party won by a landslide. They are so arrogant as to think the majority of Americans will support them in their attempts to shut down the government in order to stop Obama care, because no one feels they dare stand up to them in their own Party.

It pretty much gets down to ,”If we tell the people the truth about ourselves or what we are really thinking or planning, we will never win so let’s go out there and spread any lies we can against President Obama.”  The sad thing is , it worked for them in 2010 so will it work for them again in 2014? If it does then are not we the voters to blame?

They are so intent in the blame game and spreading hate that it has not yet occurred to them they  are skating on thin ice themselves  when they totally dismiss the anger they create amongst the American people when they push forward to destroy the voters rights act while “doing nothing’, but obstruct the needs of the people.

Clearly there is enough evidence by now in the lack of courage in the few level-headed left in the Republican Party to stand up to them, so it is going to take the majority vote of the people to clean these obstructionist in our recovery, out.  When are the people they represent going to vote them out by recognizing they are either foe or coward, and replace them with people of courage? If that kind of politician can even exist in the Republican Party in Washington anymore.  If the Republicans can once more have a Party that is something more than an embarrassment, they need to stand up against the fanatics of the Tea Party, so when will they get started ?  That’s my question for the day.

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As the Republicans and the few Conservative Democrats go out in mass in the Red States spreading their fear tactics amongst the, knowledgeable, unsuspecting and gullible against Obama Care, with what they refer to as “listening” town meetings in some States, let me assure you all we have been here and done this before.

If you don’t remember the mid-term elections of 2010, then let me assure you that these same attempts were done when it came to initiation of minimum wage in the 1960’s. Just as the Corporate world is gearing up to cut back the workers to part time, with the excuse they cannot afford Obama care, let me assure you they pulled the same stunts in the 1960’s to get out of paying minimum wage.

What are really pathetic about these so called listening meetings, are that these candidates to start with, are paying back the Tea Party financial support they took to get elected. Much of what these meetings contain are not necessarily the views of the candidates but those of the powers-that-be, who paid for their elections.

When it is a listening town meeting it eliminates the need for the conservatives and tea party to have to back up what they are saying with any kind of proof or facts, or give the public pause to question their thinking. They need not tell us what they are going to replace Obama Care with nor what they expect to do when Corporate America puts all the workers on part time thus eliminating their own responsibility to providing the workers with health care.

Instead they will give us all some song and dance about health care costs going down or remaining low as long as Insurance companies are made to compete with each other. As people we are suppose to let go of that minor problem that defeats their arguments, by realizing competition has always existed amongst Insurance Companies and instead of our costs falling the Insurance Companies all establish their own price in mutual agreement, while they all charge us the same.

The Conservative and Tea Party truth have proven false, when it comes to the drain out of our own pockets and the increasing costs that we pay out for Insurance costs for health care. let me assure all of us they do believe they are too smart to let us think this way so they scare us instead about the high cost of Obama care.

So lets think about it. Haven’t Insurance Companies piled on higher deductibles and charged higher co-pays over the years and paid less as they did so? Haven’t premiums escalated over the years? Don’t we often find when we need health care or hospitalization that the costs are not covered even though we were led to believe they would be? After years of paying in don’t we regularly find that our loved ones are denied coverage because of pre-existing disease? When we get sick isn’t there always a cap placed on what Insurance Companies will pay? Don’t most of us pay into healthcare more year after year for our deductibles and co-pay and get nothing back in return with the Insurance Companies pocketing that money?

Obama care prevents Insurance Companies from doing all of this so the big push to allow Insurance Companies to continue to compete at our own expense is being financed by the Insurance Companies and those whose associations to profitable health care, remains intact themselves, and who have paid politicians who are fighting for them, and them alone.

None of us need fool ourselves into believing these politicians are working for “We the People,” or that competition amongst Insurance Companies will decrease our costs when Insurance costs go up and their profits fall, when they are allowed to compete on their own is even remotely close to the truth. The only way we will all get the coverage we all will need, at some time in our life, is through Obama care, who will limit the high costs by buying insurance through the Insurance Companies in large blocks, that will force them to compete against each other for larger shares.

Do we really believe that any company that hires us part time will pay for our Insurance costs? The law in every State says that Companies of all sizes and not just those of 50 people or more are not obligated to provide any kind of benefits to a part-time employee and that includes the agreement that they all have when there are Unions present, as well. That my friends, is just a small example of the Republican’s answer to health care cost, when they say competition drives down the costs.

As people are forced into working part time so that Companies and Corporations no longer have to pay for health care, where are we the middle class going to be able to get affordable health care if not from Obama care?

Certainly we aren’t going to buy into the Conservative or Tea Party paid answers of competition driving down cost from Insurance Companies; When that is all we have ever had prior to Obama care, and there appears to be no bottom to the rising costs and the inadequacy of coverage we currently get, through competing Insurance Companies, are we? We can see right through that and acknowledge that they have zip, nana, nothing for a replacement can’t we?

Corporations just as businesses will need to learn what places like Cosco and companies before them have learned, and that is if it cost more initially to hire full time workers, and even that is debatable, and provide health care it will save much more in the long run to keep the workers happy.

Already American Companies are starting to realize when we can order any product over the World-wide Web ourselves, their product value in the United States is falling. With so much massive production taking place in Countries like China and India, with fewer regulations, the product that they sent there to be built and have staked their name on is being devalued, in many cases, before it even leaves the factories in both China and India.

When others have the finances to build a better product here, or dare I say, “A better mouse trap”, there will always be people who will pay a greater price for quality over a sub-par products. The current products, that we are getting from over-seas or across the border from producers, who have little to few guide lines, will not last with the American consumers.

This makes “Old Money” very nervous. We only need to wait them out, with the help of Obama care. Right now it is the only choice we do have but the tide is changing, the more the powers-that-be determine the middle class does not matter. They have always gotten by with treating the poor this way, so it is natural for them to believe they can treat the middle class the same way.

Unless the middle class has expendable incomes and education becomes affordable to all Americans, the money of the Powerful will never decrease. The more money the middle class has the more America’s over-all economy improves and the more unemployment goes down. When this happens, then Companies and Corporations of more than 50 employees have to pay up in order to fill supply and demand. These Businesses are already feeling lost in having sent their products over-seas and buying across the border and instead of blaming it on their own greed, they are using their next best tool, and that is to raise education costs, while cutting back the hours and income of the workers. This mentality always fails as history will prove out again.

When Companies have to start messing around with scheduling part time workers in work places where the records of attendance or showing up to work are already poor in many cases or sketchy at best, and paying more in higher costs because of more workers needed to fill a full time job, in workmen’s compensation claims, and law-suit settlements for injury on the jobs, they will go back to swallowing their greed for profits and hire the full time workers.

When our own capabilities and talents are treated as nothing more than what a part-time worker can do by employers and as having no value over that of those who line the streets looking for jobs, then we have no real need to want to see their Companies grow either.

Rare, is the Company who has not been found to be more efficient by the worker or workers whose loyalty have discovered a better invention or way of cutting costs, while under full-time employment. As part-time workers, we no longer need to be driven to give up family time or sick days in order to please the bosses or to insure our own employment. Instead of it becoming a two way commitment by both workers and employers it becomes just a job. They can,” Take it or leave it.”

What goes along with part-time workers and is non existent to minor problems in the full-time workers, who are kept happy and loyal, employers today will learn just as they did in the 1960s when it came to getting out of paying minimum wage, they cannot afford the scheduling or the lack of loyalty that goes along with saving profits by hiring the part-time workers over full-time workers.

They will learn they can ill afford to hire a part-time worker, over a full-time worker because full-time workers are the people who do add to the profits of any business. They will also realize that we will deal with organic Farmers’ Markets or raise our own with-in our own borders to cut food costs, before we buy food products from chain stores that import unregulated food products or pay more for a product that lasts over one that is not safe or falls apart.

The company heads’ egos sometimes refuse to let those in the board rooms see the truth, that those of us who have been both workers and set on boards, already know and that is without full-time workers, health Insurance and other benefits, and loyalty shown the full-time workers, Company products or business will also fail to live up to the expectations of the customers.

They are not the first generation to have to learn this and they wont be the last, unfortunately, either. Every few decades out of every Century the powerful have had to learn this same lesson and when they do the strong-holds currently held by the Tea Party and Conservatives also fall. It has happened so many times in the history of America that it has become, known as “the American Way,” or better known as Capitalism.”

The great Blessings of Capitalism is that the road runs both ways. Not only do the Powerful gain their profits, periodically, but so do the workers see their profits change and increase through supply and demand, when we vote for a just Democracy.

It is still true that the American dream is possible for all of us, if we are willing to sacrifice today, we will be rewarded tomorrow and some of those who fail to understand our value will also find the powerful will be renting from us. The Conservatives and Tea Party mentality have had a run of 30 years plus years and will lie to maintain that power.

These last three decades, of Conservative Power, have seen the middle class get poorer and decrease in size as the profits of Corporate and the wealthy have increased by 400% during the same period, while remaining at 1%. We need to vote out Politicians who embrace Conservative values over the values of the workers, so the middle class and poor who have not had their opportunity, do get a chance of a life-time to prove that a better educated and diverse Society returns to its’ rightful place in the Middle class. We begin by eliminating ever rising Insurance costs, as dictated to us by the Conservative and Tea Party movements and past behavior of Insurance Companies.

Right now the Powerful may be adding to the fears over Obama care but ultimately they will be embracing the availability of less costs that is found in Obama care. No one does deny that Obama care can be improved upon but as long as Conservative Republicans and the Tea Party and their lackeys are spreading their fear tactics while they threaten to shut down government over funding Obama care, then we the middle class have no hopes to believe we will ever have affordable healthcare.

The Republicans are offering nothing over what got us into the high costs of health care with poor coverage in the first place. If we don’t stop this so called fair competition amongst Insurance Companies none of us with have health care including the elderly.

Its one thing when the Republicans refuse to get real and use Obama care, and their refusal to fund the same, as reason to shut down the government but it is all together another thing if we the voters refuse to accept their malarkey for what it is and get real ourselves.

If you attend one of these Town Hall Meetings, I strongly suggest, if you are allowed to ask questions, that you ask these Republican Geniuses, if they plan on providing all of the people the same health coverage they get as our Representatives in Government?” It is not only worth a try but a laugh as well to see just how broad of a spectrum of answers they can spread or how deep the B.S. gets. We can also ask them if they would be willing to give up their government coverage of Insurance since we cannot afford it?

If you can’t attend the Town Hall meetings then I suggest we all e-mail them and ask them the same questions. If you don’t know your State representatives just type in the name of your State followed by Representatives and they will appear along with their e-mail addresses.

If we don’t get an answer back, or just more of their propaganda if we do, then can we all assume that they only see the problem of Obama care not being affordable when it comes to us having health care, but when we pay for their healthcare then they do not see anything other than their own entitlements? Since they clearly are not working for the needs of the people who elect them, by shutting down government and refusing to fund Obama care, wouldn’t Mitt Romney call them free loaders who feel entitled to tax payer’s money? Have a good day all.

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The Conservative  Republicans are going around the Country calling Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan a bold and Gutsy decision on the part of Mitt Romney.  I could not agree with them more because to choose a man who has sat in the Republican Congress since 1998 and voted for every bill that was passed through by the Bush Administration,that led to the worse economic crises in our history as a Nation since the Great Depression, has to be either bold and gutsy or they are so out of touch that they think they have indoctrinated the Nation of voters to the point that we neither think or believe anything beyond what they tell us.

Others, would prefer to say the Republicans who are out of touch elitists, shows in their views and  attitudes and the belief that we the American voters are too stupid to know the truth because they feel the Tea Party and Conservatives so effectively lied to us and trashed President Obama,and that all women should be subservient to a male, in their minds anyway,is more likely the truth.  Electing a member of the Congress that has only a 10% liking rating is border-line insanity. Others question if Mitt believes he can buy the general election as he did the primaries?

Clearly he has read the polls that say the American voters have become much more informed than we were on the Tea Party in 2010 and the polls now say that 69% of us oppose the Tea Party.  The Republicans must feel that they have been successful enough in blocking the election polls and early voting so “We the People” will not be able to cast our ballots or they feel with the help of people like Grover Norquist,Adelson and the Koch Brothers, they  can effectively do as they did in the Gore and Bush campaign and dismiss our votes, while gaining the electoral votes.

785,600 voters in Pennsylvania alone, do not have voter ID although many marched with Martin Luther King to gain their civil rights.  Without a birth Certificate  some will be unable to get the ID to vote and they are primarily the elderly from war-torn Countries or the Black population who were born at home before birth certificates were given to home births.  Without a birth certificate they cannot get picture ID although until this election they have voted for years and are supporters of President Obama. The Tea Party are openly anti-Civil rights no differently from The John Birch Society.  Something is not just fishy in Denmark but in the Republican Party,as well.  Most of us are smart enough to understand where the rotten fish originate from, without having to question the motives.

Mitt Romney has a campaign ad running that they want to save Medicare and is handing out the same spill on the campaign trail.  They claim that President Obama is taking $716 Billion out of medicare while they are saving medicare.  The truth is that yes President Obama is removing $716 Billion to pay the Seniors back the money they put into it for early cancer screenings and other check-ups and closing the donut hole that saves the cost of drugs for Seniors.  The money that Seniors paid into is going back to them as well as the Seniors currently on long-term care and on Medicaid, while President Obama brings down healthcare for the rest of us by cutting out fraud and waste in the system and in doing so it will  bring down the costs charged by Insurance Companies, Hospitals, and healthcare providers.

The media that is owned by Wall Street, are moving fast on promoting the Romney/Ryan lies, because a Obama re-election means that any attempt to take regulations off of Corporations,oil companies, and Banking will end if President Obama and the Democrats are re-elected while all of the Republicans get the boot.  The billionaires will also have to start paying their fair share along with Corporations loop holes being closed.  I’ve never been more ashamed of CNN than I am today.  We have always know that Fox News was faux news but CNN’s new low is just that, a new low.  To claim that you are fair and honest and then to not question the obvious lies, is not to their credit.  They have been dropping in the polls so perhaps that is part of their problem but I have given Wolf Blitzer more credit than he apparently deserves.

The lies being promoted by the media and The Romney/Ryan plan is that they will save the middle class and Seniors money and in doing so they will save Medicare. They are telling the same people, the Romney and Ryan Plan are not the same but instead Romneys plan.  They are claiming that President Obama is taking money out of medicare and giving it to Obama care and will bankrupt medicare for Seniors..

The truth is that the Romney/Ryan Plan takes out the exact same amount that President Obama does, but instead of giving it back to the Seniors who put the money in they give  it to drug Companies,suppliers,Insurance Companies and hospitals and in doing so they keep open the donut holes while charging the Seniors to make up the difference out of their pockets. By taking yet more money from Seniors they claim that they will refurbish Medicare when in truth not giving it to Seniors will not save us the working poor, middle class, and Seniors,  but enrich the Insurance Companies in form of subsidies by robbing the working poor and middle class workers with increased cost of Insurance policies and taxes in the subsidies they give instead to Insurance Companies.

They plan on repealing Obama care that would lower costs over the next ten years to all of us by forcing Insurance Companies, healthcare suppliers and drug Companies to compete more effectively and to eliminate the waste and fraud in their own systems in an effort to be more efficient and cost-effective to small businesses and the middle class. Staying on our parent’s policy until the age of 26,closing the donut hole and saving Seniors millions already,free preventive screenings for all patients of all ages, Insurance Companies not being able to kick off the chronically ill, and free birth control all are already in place with Obama care.  Paul Ryan’s father was a lawyer who died when Ryan was 16 and his own college was paid for on Social Security benefits from his Father’s account.

Mitt Romney hired the same team in June, that Paul Ryan has on his Ryan Plan,  to establish his own economic plan. When asked if they have run the numbers or what the numbers are on Mitt’s economic plan his advisers tell the people asking them, “No we don’t know yet but will get back to you.”  They never do, of course, because there are no numbers to run as the same numbers on the Ryan plan adds to the deficit and does not balance a budget for 30 years.  When Mitt says he will not be using Paul Ryan’s plan he is splitting straws because he has the same plan from the same team just as Romney care and Obama care are the exact same plan as stated by Johnathan  Gruber of MIT, who formulated both plans.  Gruber says that Mitt Romney is lying when he says they are not the same.

When did Mitt Romney ever tell any of us the Truth?  Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich both called him a liar when he ran against them and Rick Santorum even said,”He is the worse possible man to run against Barack Obama.”  His prediction is coming true if the voters are as well-informed as I believe them to be.

We know how bad Mitt Romney’s record in Massachusetts was and that the voters did not want him back a second term because job loss escalated making Massachusetts 47th in the United States, while jobs were being shipped to India, under his governorship.  It took Democrat Governor Patrick two full terms just to clean up the messes that Mitt Romney made in the bridges after he left and Massachusetts is now at tenth place in job production.  So What kind of record does Paul Ryan have in Congress?

In the 14 years that Paul Ryan has been a Tea Party Congressman he has only been able to pass through his own Party as well as the Democrats two bills.  One of those was to name a Post Office.  He engineered and tried to pass through the bill that all women who wanted to get an abortion,even victims of rape and incest included, would first have to have an ultra-sound with a vaginal probe, while the person giving the ultrasound would look the other way or revert their eyes so the women would not feel embarrassment or raped again.

Since this is an election year, even the Republican cowards in his own Party had to return to their home towns, otherwise they would have voted in favor of it. We can be certain both that bill will pass while the lost of Pell Grants and student loans, that both Ryan and Romney along with the Republican majority want gone, will not pass after the election, if any of us are foolish enough to vote for them. Paul Ryan as a bold and gutsy new leader,as they claim voted with the Congress in its entirety to filibuster 83 times any thing that President Obama tried to pass and this was agreed on when they all  took a pledge to so 10 days after President Obama was sworn into office.

The Democrats tried to pass through 300 plus bills that would help the middle class as well as the drought stricken farmers and ranchers but on each of these bills, Paul Ryan who is being touted as the bright young leader of their Party along with 100%  of the Republican Congress were made to take a pledge again at their Convention retreat just ten days after President Obama was sworn in,that they would attach an anti-abortion Bill to each bill the Democrats tried to pass through.

The Republicans all rose to the occasion and followed through as planned and at no time did this bright young leader suggest anything was wrong with their plan morally.  He is a big promoter of wealth and has voted for each and any bill that increased Corporate and Oil welfare subsidies, while taking it from the working poor and middle class by increase cost in medical care and increasing taxes to the middle class.  He was just another one of the Tea Party members who held out against giving us the decrease in taxes in January, if I may remind all of us.

He was amongst the Republican leadership who refused to work with the Democrat majority to pass healthcare unless the Democrats refused to shut down women’s healthcare by banning any and all medical provisions and clinics that gave healthcare to women not approved by them. He is first and foremost a Tea Party member of Congress and did not show up on the turnip truck with the rest of the yahoos in 2010, but has been in the Congress long enough that he has been effecting Republican policy going back to the Bush years.

He is both a radical in his policies and thinking and claims that his moral convictions come from Russian philosopher Ayn Rand (that is before he was chosen as Mitt’s VP and now he says no just her theories in economy). Just like Mitt he has proven to change stream when it suits him or the truth leaks out. Ayn Rand was an atheist all her life and did not believe that children were a necessary part of Society.  Paul Ryan has said for years that Ayn Rand was the person who most influenced him in life and the reason he decided to go into politics but now that he is running as VP he says he did not know she was an atheist when she was always very open about her beliefs.  It’s like  saying we do not know the Pope is Catholic.  The fact that he has  told on numerous occasions that Ayn Rand was his mentor and shaped his morality and this offends the sensibilities of the right-wing, he is now denouncing Ayn Rand.

For Paul Ryan to deny it or that he does not support the Farm Bill,Personhood and all of the rest of the things his records indicate, explains to most of us why he and Mitt Romney feel close to each other.  Neither has to take lessons on how best to deceive the American people, so they can get out hot on the trail without the necessary time it takes to teach either how to best lie bogging either down. Now he claims he is Catholic in his morality

To be fair,many of the Catholic Leadership claim his radical plan is  one void of compassion. The bus load of nuns have been out on the bus for months telling Americans just how unfair his intentions for the poor and middle class is as he plans on doing away with Medicaid altogether and let the States decide if they want to continue it or not and eliminate food stamps in their entirety.  With States that are run by TEA Party governors since 2010, do any of us think these same Governors will give health care needs and food to our children and our long-term elderly who go off of Medicare and onto Medicaid?

We do know the Tea Party governors along with our State Republican legislatures are firing police,firemen, and teachers as quickly as they can without drawing too much of that to our attention in our States don’t we? They have instead replaced those who protect us, with vigilante law entitled “Stand your ground Laws” co-sponsored by the NRA. To add insult to injury the Tea Party along with Republican legislatures in our States have passed,”the right to work laws” that gets rid of the Unions who protect our wages while lowering those wages by 36% over a two-year time Span, and then both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan along with the Republican majority are blaming President Obama for the decrease in pay that we the middle class are receiving along with the 5 trillion-dollar deficit that only Congress can pass when they themselves have blocked every effort attempted by the Democrats to pass through job relief for the middle class.

When the Republican elected Congress has totally tried to deny equality to women and as the majority have clearly failed to pass a budget and control the purse strings while they blame the Obama Administration for a failure to understand how businesses work or for failed policy, that they themselves have created, how can we the American public not believe that the Republican Party has fallen into the abyss and  slime of their own doing. Every budget cut the Ryan plan makes is on the backs of the working poor and the middle class while bringing the taxes Mitt Romney and Billionaires pay down to 0 (zero). This has gone on in the Republican majority since the Bush Administration and continues today in Congress. To re-elect any of them is a vote against us, the working poor and middle class along with our children and Seniors.

Together on the campaign trail Paul Ryan is as effective as Mitt has been in saying, “He was for it before he was against it,” when it serves his needs and spares them both from telling us the truth,which would lead to boos from even some of their own Conservatives in the crowd.  Mr. Etch-a-Sketch and Etch-a-Sketch Junior are headed to your town in the near future.

In the meantime we still wait for the never present tax returns of Mitt Romney’s to be turned over while he hems and haws or says it is just more ammunition for the Democrats to jump on.  When we hear the word ammunition, then why wouldn’t we ask, “Where is the smoking gun,Mitt?”

You will recognize the Republican hopefuls from the fact that they will tell you they will get back to you on a question, which they never do, or by the lies they tell as their noses get even longer, as the truth in the Republican Party only belongs to the leadership of the Republican Party until their campaigns end in November, and the facts cannot be told in truth and in its entirety.  Vote them all out before they continue to spread as the cancer that they created since the Republicans gained control in 2000 and threw America along with the working poor and middle class into a crises state.It will take us through 2016 to eliminate them all and to gain back our equality along with a fair wage for a days work. VOTE!

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Democrats must be high-fiving around America today over the disastrous choice of Mitt Romney for his Vice President. Mitt has clearly chosen wealth over humanity today in his choice for the VP.  We already knew that was the direction he was headed but the choice of Paul Ryan leaves us no doubt.

The Romney/Ryan plan is nothing more than a return to “Trickle Down Economics” on steroids or the Bush Economics moved to an increased sucking sound out of the pocket of Seniors,the working poor, and the middle class. I will present proof of those facts further down in this post, but first I want all of us to remember those days when American workers were being laid off at the rate of 750,000 workers per month as our jobs were being shipped overseas.

The Ryan plan takes wealth for the wealthy even further by doing away with taxes on all the investment income made by people like Mitt Romney, which will take the taxes that many Billionaires pay down to zero; but then again,we have not seen Mitt’s tax returns for the last 6 years, while he lived on that same kind of income, so which of us even knows if that is not what Mitt and his cronies pay with all their loopholes, already?

I urge Catholics not to be swayed by Paul Ryan’s claims of being Catholic as he may be in good standing with his Church but even Jesuits and Priests will claim privately that his own interpretation of Catholic doctrine are self-arrived and he arrives to those conclusions on his own, without benefit of Church views. The nuns are clearly out in protests as to what the Paul Ryan plan does against the poor and humanity in general.

In 2010 the Tea Party swept into our Government by pulling the wool over our eyes.  Too few people understood that they are even more extreme than the far right is because they believe that Our Constitution neither called for America to be a Democracy or for the formation of a middle class.  The Conservatives do not know yet that the Tea Party is not on their side.  The Tea Party does not believe in a government of the people, for the people, and by the people but instead they believe in self-rule by the political elitists and in promoting wealth.

Without government,police and our fire departments or public schools the poor would be protected and taught by them in,” for profit schools,”  and there would be no middle class in America. In this extreme direction there would be no elected officials  by “We the People” but instead they would be chosen  by the affiliation of Churches and the wealthy. To a great extent that direction has already been attempted by the far-right extremists that are following the Grover Norquist’s direction in the Republican Party. The Tea Party takes it another step further into self-rule by the elitists. This is the bold new plan of the Tea Party that they like to  talk about while holding the whole truth from the American People.  The John Birch Society of the 1960’s tried and failed the same attempt through the election of Barry Goldwater.

I offer you the following fact checks that show that Paul Ryan’s plan takes from the middle class and working poor and instead distributes it to the already,’ wealthy”

False claim:  Paul Ryan claims his recovery plan will improve the economy,keep promises for the retired,close tax loopholes, and even that it preserves current Medicare.

fact check;  In realty the Republican budget would do none of that. Ryan’s budget plan would end the Medicare guarantee and shift costs to Seniors according to the Independent Congressional Budget Office,while protecting tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and Big oil Companies.  The plan also threatens to destroy millions of jobs, while increasing the deficit.

False claim: Ryan writes, “The plan to Prosperity” which builds on reforms and bi-partisan solutions offered over the last year, provides a future of economic prosperity and opportunity….”

Fact check:  Ryan’s Plan threatens the economy and will cost  American’s jobs.

the Ryan plan will  cost the American people 1.3 million jobs in 2013.  The Ryan plan does not just slow job growth ,it aggressively slows growth.  Against the current policy baseline, the budget cuts discretionary programs by about $120 billion over the next two years and mandatory programs by 284 billion over the next two years sucking demand out of the economy when it is most needed and leads to job lost. In would lead to approximately 1.3 million jobs lost in 2013 and 2.8 millions jobs lost in 2014 or 4.2 million jobs lost through 2014.   This is according to the Economic Policy institute that is independent of Washington.

False claim:  Ryan’s plan ,”delivers on the promise to the American people”……and strengthens health and retirement security….

Fact check: Ryan’s plan ends Medicare and would force Seniors to pay more coverage out of their pockets.

According to the Congressional Budget Office:  Ryan’s plan would likely shrink medicare benefits and increase the numbers of the uninsured.  “Medicaid benefits under Ryan’s plan will fail to exist . The number of people uninsured  could be much higher because it would repeal President Obama’s affordable care program.  Ryan’s plan would switch some of the healthcare of those who are uninsured to government subsidies to private insurance companies. What Seniors cannot pay would be granted under subsidies to private insurance Companies.

(please note as this is my study and comments through the rest of this post)  What Seniors cannot pay would be shifted to the costs of the working poor and middle class in both insurance policies being increased with even higher deductibles as well as tax increases, while adding to the increase wealth of the Insurance companies and increase taxes to both the working poor and middle class workers.  Medicare under the current program keeps costs down because the Government Insurance Company is currently 6 times larger than all the Insurance companies combined and as such it can and does buy healthcare in a larger package while keeping cost down to Seniors and the tax payers.

Long term care patients from the brain-damaged,to Parkinson’s to Alzheimer will not have medical coverage,nor will our children who have already been dealt an unfair blow from diseases like autism,cerebral palsy,juvenile diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis,juvenile arthritis,and many brain injuries or diseases etc. will not be provided for in the Ryan plan, since it will do away with Medicaid and they plan on repealing Obama care on the first day they foolishly think they will be elected by those of us who share their greed over humanity.

I personally feel that the greater number of American voters will not watch our parents or children suffer endlessly or needlessly without medical care or by passing it on at even a larger cost to the next generations, so that the Republicans can increase Defense spending even further on weaponry without removing the obsolete weapons and technology that President Obama is requesting, while we become a Country without a conscious.  Our Defense spending  on weaponry doubled under the Bush Administration and Congress along with the Tea Party plan to increase it even further, even though we are no longer in Iraq and our troops are coming home from Afghanistan.  Is that the priority of “We the People”over the health needs of our loved ones and do any of us even think they care?

Even some Republicans have said the Ryan plan could spell disaster to their  political futures if the American Public ever truly understands to what a degree it does do away with healthcare to Seniors,the working poor and the middle class.  In my opinion along with many much brighter economists than I, the Ryan plan spells disaster to humanity while increasing the wealth of the ultra-wealthy. Currently this sector of the 1% already own 46% of the wealth in America and the Romney/Ryan plan backed by the Tea Party members and Conservatives will insure them another very large piece of that pie.

In my opinion Mitt Romney just committed political suicide knowing he did not have a prayer of winning so decided to further support the Tea Party Newcomer. A great deal of us do not know Paul Ryan who is a career politician in Washington going back through all of the Bush years, but what is familiar to all of us is the Ryan Plan that will mark both him and Mitt Romney as people who do not understand that 49% of all retirees do not have a supplemental program to Medicare and depend on their Social Security check that they paid for, some for as long as 50 years.  Seniors now feel that they are receiving  what they feel is truly no different from if their money was being taken from  a savings account that they paid into..

The Republicans sadly do see Social Security and Medicare as nothing different from just another entitlement the same as welfare and the Ryan Plan does throw that into the face of Seniors whether that is their intention or not.  The Romney/Ryan team can ill afford to offend Seniors in an election year as they are the generation that is most likely to smell Bull when they hear it and many have a long memory of when Roosevelt fought for their right to have the same.  When we realize that the money these same Seniors paid the government had been protected and did pay for our care through 2072 and the Bush Administration could not wait to get their hands on it and deplete it in its entirety and the current Congress continues to take from it, the Ryan Plan has more than just a sieve with holes in it to the Senior population whose livelihood depends on Social Security and medicare.

I repeat; the Tea Party are actually against Democracy along with government giving any American a helping hand or job, while they are strongly and closely allied to the NRA who promotes bigotry and hate groups in America against all equality for women, liberals,minorities,gays and transgender Americans and instead promotes the Superiority of the White heterosexual male. The Tea Party initiated “the right to work laws that decreases the pay of the middle class by 36%.  The Tea Party claims to be defenders of decreasing the budget but the Ryan Plan that is being adopted by Mitt Romney, if he wins, actually adds to the deficit another 4.6 trillion in costs to the poor and middle class while cutting the taxes paid by that amount to billionaires.  This has been fact checked and found to be true.

I can go much further on the way the American Public along with the Conservatives people have been deceived by the Tea Party both with lies and false claims but I am sure that the Obama Campaign along with the Democrats in our States will spell that out plainly in the near future. Never has it ever been made clearer in an election that this election is IF we believe in humanity in America or in Wealth.

There are many different ways that the deficit can be paid down in a Country where trade both speculative and real along with currency and retail averages 3 trillion dollars per day (Forex Index).  In comparison to what America trades even a 1.6% to a 2.3% growth that we currently have is the envy of Europe and speaks trillions for America.  This election is about preserving us, along with the humanity that makes America number one in a Democracy of the people, for the people, and by the people.

I urge you to listen carefully,check voting records. and then vote the Republicans out of office until their greed is corrected and they return back to ,”We The People”. The gap between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is widening to the point that it should be a clear vote for those of us who do want to see Americans prosper and not just the rich.

If “We The People” do not stop the greed in the Republican Party it will continue to threaten the mere existence of the middle class until it does die of extinction. We the middle class and working poor must show them that “We The People” are not too stupid to understand that they will not win in their efforts to eliminate us, nor will we any longer buy into their lies.

It’s never been more important to Vote in November.  We all must make sure we have all the voting requirements necessary to vote, since it is “We the People,”who the Republicans are trying to block voting on in our States with the help of the lead of Tea Party elected Governors. Early voting in the Democrat Counties of Ohio has been cut by the Republicans of your State while leaving it open in the Republican Counties.  Pennsylvania and Michigan voters be aware of the cut in voting days in your States.The days following Church services in Michigan, when the African-American majority typically votes, have been cut in the State of Michigan, as well.  All others check out if the law has changed in your States on early voting by contacting your city or county legislature or the Democrat campaign headquarters closest to you.  Check also with the Motors Vehicle Dept. to see if your picture ID is current to meet the requirements of voting rammed through by the Republicans in you State. Vote!

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If the Tea Party and Evangelicals speak for the majority of Americans in this election year then we can all be certain that we will hear neither the truth or anything based on reality.  The combination of both along with the Conservative media is destroying Democracy as we know it and understand it and yet even the mainstream media is giving more time to their views over that of the views of the majority held views, as Romney slips in the polls. It was said first by Thomas Jefferson:”When we force our Religion on to others then we run the risk of them forcing their’s on us.”

In fairness to the Evangelicals I do believe they are being used as lambs to the slaughter by the Carl Rove groups, the Tea Party, and Grover Norquist  as well as the conservative media to the point they will be the first to fall or be discarded if these groups do get what they want this election year.  When we are brainwashed with lies then we all begin to believe these lies; when we are fed with hate then we all begin to hate;when we are armed with weapons we become violent and the scenario continues throughout our lives.

With the introduction in the 17 States of “Stand Your ground laws”,with 1000 bills passed by the Tea Party led governors against women’s rights to their own procreation and health,with the lies spread that President OBama is not a citizen or a Christian,With the introduction of the “right to work laws” that strip away our protection from the Unions, with even the lunatic fringe calling for treason against President OBama and the list of lies continuing we the majority will not and cannot sit back and just assume that this election will be won on truth and common sense.

These groups were infiltrated in Church camps as young people and even in some of the more severe training camps they bragged about using the same techniques that were used by Ben Laden.  This is a severely brainwashed group of people in some cases that truly believe they are Christ’s soldiers and speaking for God. When they lie for the most part they have no reality of the fact that they are lying since they believe what they are told and hear by the limited views that they live.  Even when they lie they have no real contact with the morality of what they are doing as they believe that the more lies told is the way they win elections.The empathy that we feel for our fellow man is missing in many of these Tea Party members who believe they are the superior race and have a right to wrestle it back from those they felt stole it from them.  When we consider that they are being armed and fed this bunk from everyone from the NRA to every white Supremest group along with the Tea Party and the Carl Rove groups then we understand why common sense and truth will not win this election.

They deliberately concentrate on the strengths of President OBama and then attack it with lies.  President OBama and  his wife Michelle have done more for the Veterans than any other President since Roosevelt, and are only second to him in their efforts to help the military vets.  These groups therefore spread lies about how OBama is attacking the veterans and threatening their benefits in his effort to trim spending in the defense budget.  The truth is of course that President OBama has raised the benefits along with lowered taxes on their housing and are giving companies tax breaks to hire vets.  The only place President OBama is cutting back on spending on the defense budget is eliminating obsolete technology and equipment.

Another example of their campaign of lies has been to attack President OBama who has done more for the Jews than any other President in recent history by saying he is deserting the Jewish population. This is the old Carl Rove and Grover Norquist tactics that worked for them to defeat Senator Lugar of Tennessee because he dared to break the filibustering that the Republicans began on the first day of President OBama taking office.  These same tactics won the election for George W. Bush when they attacked the heroism of John Kerry to cover the fact that George W. Bush hid out in order to avoid going to Viet Nam while John Kerry volunteered for one of the most risky positions in the war.

Because their lies are so effective with these groups who have been brainwashed into believing their hate propaganda against President OBama they can literally guarantee these voters to their candidate of choice.  They only need to credit themselves with the strength of President OBama through lies as we see Mitt Romney doing with the automobile industry and the mainstream media along with 420 conservative outlets running the same lies,and they can guarantee the votes of the people brainwashed into believing the lies.

Any time we the majority,the working poor and the middle class become comfortable in thinking we will not need to vote because people know the truth and will vote with their common sense we will be the losers this election year.  It has never been more important for us to stop this infiltration of lies and the promotion of the lie that Mitt Romney will give us jobs as they only keep talking about jobs while doing nothing to pass bills that will give us jobs.  We can all bet that if the Republicans or Mitt Romney had a jobs bill that would guarantee the working poor or the middle class jobs that President OBama would have signed it into law.  It is just like their health care that denies health to the working poor and middle class while promoting welfare for Corporations when they do try something like the Ryan Plan.

“We the People” need to know and understand that neither the Evangelicals or the Tea Party speaks for us and vote for our jobs and our President who is working to save them along with our rights in November.  Vote for Barack OBama and a Congress that will work with him in November.

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It was not that long ago, when we consider the amount of time than mankind has lived, when we or our family members were all on the list of the despised and hated.  The Republicans need to acknowledge that their time of discrimination has ended.  A new wave of acceptance has reached America.

Just as the Republican Party, the Churches, and the red necks of America fought against the acceptance of a Catholic President, a Black President,  and while other’s believed the Mormon Faith was a  cult, the last prejudice against an entire sector of people in America is falling.  Even though the Republican Party and those remaining Churches who still refuse to accept the gay population of America have many friends and colleagues that are gay, they still are denying the equality to them than no man has a right to deny any American who pays into our tax base,fights for our Country, and  is a citizen of America.

When we ourselves are victims of prejudice we have a full understanding of the ways in which we are discriminated against and the names and ways the bigots try to hide behind Christian values, as a more endearing or kinder excuse to gain acceptance of their views, over that of acknowledging prejudice.  The argument against marriage in the gay community sounds eerily the same as it did before Jews could marry into the white population or the reverse discrimination when Jews were not allowed to marry outside of their faith,before Catholics could marry Protestants or again the reverse discrimination when Protestants could not marry Catholics, and before inter-racial marriages were allowed. We all felt that discrimination or our family members did when we fell in love with someone outside of our religious convictions and were not allowed to marry them without threat of excommunication.  The very people who were discriminated against, not that many years ago and those who still are, have clearly forgotten what discrimination felt or feels like and looks like when they were denied the right to marry because discrimination has always been raised to a higher level behind the excuse of Christian values.

For those who argue that the beliefs of the Churches  is not mean-spirited, that may be true to those who do not deal with the situation on a personal level, but when I remember being a Catholic and marrying a Protestant during this period of time, I can assure you it felt like hate.  To be told that my husband as a non-Catholic could not go to Heaven or the reverse from a Protestant mother-in-law that the Catholic Church was storing guns in their basement to attack non-Catholics while she tried her damnest to break us up and to invoke her Preacher’s name; it still is very difficult for me to believe that hate did not feed into these views of prejudice. It did not even come close to the hate during that same time and the Bible being quoted against the sin of a”white woman laying down with a black man.”  The views out of the Christian communities in the past as well as against the gay population today, are very much fed on hate when we are the people who are involved with loving the person who the Churches deny us the right to marry.

The Republicans along with too many of the Churches are dead wrong on this issue.  Either we are a Country of equality for all or a few in this Nation, that call themselves Republicans, are the ruling class of America and have the right to tell the rest of American people what  their rights and place in America are.  The last I remember they were not given the power to discriminate against anyone in our Constitution but instead only in their Churches.Seperation of Church and State is the law in America.

For Romney to say,” that the gay people have rights as they can visit each other in the hospital when they are sick,” seems to be a generous concession on the part of the Republican Party who has appointed themselves as the ruling class.  Without marriage children will always be considered ill-legitimate in America.  Without marriage a committed couple remains single for life.  Without marriage siblings have a larger right in many States to the property and assets that  a committed couple spends their lifetime working together to earn.  To claim that marriage is just the right of heterosexuals and to hide behind Religion sounds a lot like it sounded when slaves were refused the right to marry on Religious convictions when inter-racial marriages were wrong because of religious convictions, and when Jews, Catholics and Mormons were burnt out of their homes for fear that one of their children would marry a white Protestant, because they were considered to be lesser than the white Protestant, by the religious convictions in the community of their day.

How far back do we have to fall or how much rule will we tolerate giving over to the Republican Party over all of us, who are ourselves or family members of discrimination,  before we all vote for equality and justice for all in America?  When the same Party denies that the gay population falls into the arena of hate crimes, while voting against it, and they have a History of yelling, “Religious Convictions,” for 200 years now, haven’t we who are or were one of those discriminated against, forgotten our own roots?  It is time to quiet that over-worn excuse that allows their hate to grow while dividing the civility of the American people. Vote for equality for all Americans in November.

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If you do not know yet what happened after the meeting with the Secret Service Agents and Ted Nugent, I think by now we do know better than to think that we will hear the real truth, but what appears to be the result of the meeting is that the NRA deleted the tape in which Ted Nugent made his threats in St. Lewis. Sadly, they only deleted the one That the NRA had, as it went virile and is still all over U-tube througout the internet.

To be certain, Mitt Romney’s claim that he did not seek out the endorsement of Ted Nugent is a lie. A reporter was nearby at the gun show that Ted Nugent was attending when he recieved the call directly from Mitt, himself. When Ted asked and was reassured that Mitt Romney would do nothing to change the gun laws then Ted Nugent said he would endorce Mitt Romney.

The reason the support of Ted Nugent and the NRA is so important to Mitt Romney is because the Conservatives will not support him if he does not get the support of the NRA. It was Mitt Romney who when thirsting for the office of Govenor of Massachusetts and campaigning for election as Govenor of the State, who said, “I support stiffer gun control laws.”

He had to make sure that tape could not be used against him in this campaign by seeking out the support of Ted Nugent as well as the NRA. It is the old,”I was for it before I was against it” Mitt Romney, who needs to cover his back from so many lies he has made in his campaigns, it is amazing the man hasn’t grown long fingernails and a wart on his chin, just trying to deny, deny, and deny and cover up. He also needs to have the polls show that he can beat President OBama if he is going to get campaign dollars and support from “We the People”, so now you know if you read my post yesterday, another reason I am suspicious of the polls. The thing about a liar is if they lie on small things they definitely will lie on important things.

Since Ted Nugent is such a low life, that in order to get out of the draft in the 60’s, he crapped and peed in his clothes for a month and refused to change or shower and then showed up at the draft board in order to get out of being drafted and going to Viet Nam. Romney on the other hand hid out in a Castle in France and behind his Mormonism in order to avoid the same draft. Some of us feel that the character of Mitt Romney and Ted Nugent may not be all that far apart. Truth has no basis in either of their lives when it comes to getting what works out best for their own interests, and the rest of America be damned, is the way some of us view both of them.

Let me make something very clear to the NRA and all people who have been told by them that President OBama would take their guns away from them: this is a total and out and out lie that has been spread through the NRA and Republicans. It got started by them in 2008 when President OBama was running for office and is still promoted heavilly by them.

At no time has Barack OBama said anything about changing the gun laws, nor has he even whispered the word gun in his campaigns or while in office. That is why you will never see the NRA,Conservatives, Republicans,or Tea Party running any kind of tape that shows that Barack OBama was going to do anything against your Constitutional rights. I repeat.”he has not even so much as whispered anything in regards to it or the word gun.”

You are the jerks who are attempting to take over the rights of the American people,and not just the women and minorities. This so called “might means power”mentality of the right wing erodes our individual rights to the freedom to live in a non-threatening Society. More guns and more ammo and “you don’t have to take that off of them,” ignorance stands in the direct way of all of our rights to feel safe in a Democracy, that we have all enjoyed.

It is that same mentality, “if he is bullying you then hit him back” of the playground that permeates the right-wing bullies who will deplete our freedoms as a Nation. When we all understand that serious crime does not come from understanding our differences but instead from striking back when sticken, then perhaps we will all enjoy a kinder and gentler Nation. To use the God given good sense given to most of us to communicate our differences is lost on these bullies.

I personally am amazed why people in America are having to ask themselves why there are so many more bullies today, and it never dawns on most, that it comes from the home and the attitudes of abuse. Words spoken in hate and anger to our children or about another group of Society in an effort to demean them, will always result in both rage and the acting out of violence against others. Until we learn to educate ourselves on the mentality that incites both, our children along with the rest of Society, will always be the victims of this ignorance. Ted Nugent calling people cockroaches and the NRA doing nothing to stop this language then must take responsibility for promoting it since it is their board he sits on and represents. Clearly Ted Nugent himself is so filled with talk of violence he is encapable of human decency.

Because the lies spread by The NRA and the likes of Ted Nugent have been able to increase power,prestige, and win over the arm of the Tea Party as well as the Conservatives by increasing the igorance of “take your stand”, that is acted out in these insane laws in 17 States of “Stand Your Ground Laws,” all of us, who live in those States or elsewhwere, are susceptible to the Zimmermans or Barnie Fifes on any given day.

People who are non aggressive and non-violent without a gun become morons and a threat to all of us with a gun in their hands. Typically, without the gun to make them feel like a Clint Eastwood or a John Wayne, they are non-violent individuals and it defeats the argument, “guns don’t kill people–people kill people.” A gun in the wrong hands will always be at fault in the “Take Your Stand laws’,where a person feels they have the lawful right and support of the law to settle a score while armed. Add alcohol or drugs to it and even the armed meek amongst us is a time bomb ready to go off.

The rights of people to have a registered gun in their home has never been at issue.Statistics show guns are more often used against a member of the immediate family, carried off to schools by children, and/or jobs and used against the innocent in far greater numbers than the gun is ever used against an intruder. It is and would still remain a sacred law of the land even with President OBama being re-elected, since no one in the Democratic PARTY has challenged anyone’s right to do so.

No one politician, much less President, in the history of our Nation has ever tried to remove the hunting guns from the hunter but the NRA always minipulates the hunters, who are their main source of income, into believing removing or controling assault rifles, which would blow game hunting to smithereens, is just the first step of the hunters losing their guns. They also protect the ammunition which only purpose is to penetrate the vests worn by law inforcement with the same lies.The main lie that has worked for the NRA since the beginning of the NRA orgainization, is that hunters are under attack by the Liberals.

To make a law that allows the ‘Barnie Fife’s of America’, to carry a gun should shake all of us who live in those States as well as we who do not, to the roots. There was a reason that Andy only allowed Barnie to have one bullet and kept it in the drawer and only let him have it if there was a real genuine criminal on the loose. Sadly fiction is sometimes wiser than the facts being told in America.

There simply are too many “want-to-be cops” and “would be criminals”, who will and do get a false sense of courage from a gun and do and will use the law against the innocent. Defense lawyers all over the Nation will use this law to get their clients who kill their wives or wives who kill their husbands off. They only need to claim they thought it was an intruder. It does not begin to tell the truth of what can and will happen to the innocents on our streets,in our schools, or workplace, as we have just seen in Florida.

For the Republicans who all allowed this bill to come to fruition and sponsored this bill, we should make sure none of them are ever re-elected in our States, and certainly never sit in an office in Washington. If this is the mentality who will appoint Supreme Court Justices of like mentality, then we may as well all kiss our Freedoms good-by. For them to say that was not their intention of the law is either a direct display of their stupidity or proof to what extent they are capable of lying. The NRA, if not the most powerful lobbyist in America, then they are close to it, was owed it’s debt by the Republican Party. In States where Republicans passed and moved forward laws not once but twice to receive more and bigger gifts from lobbyists we are seeing the pay off that the NRA expected to see in return. It is called “Stand Your Ground Laws.”

For anyone who does have these laws in place that brings back the Old West to your States, let me say,” you are seeing the prime example of your fine Republicans at work.” The Republican Party is not what it use to be and as voters you really need to wake up.

These laws would never have been passed if the Republicans had not agreed to upping the anti on the gifts they received from lobbyists and then lied to us about the need for such a law. The NRA inacted it’s pound of flesh for the gifts it gave. Your and our lives are not safe as there are many more deaths of the innocent ahead, if you do not demand change in your own States, by contacting both your legislatures and the NRA that you support directly, and by voting them all out in November. Failure to do so only means that you hold responsibility for Trayvon Martin”s death along with all the other children and innocents who will follow. This post is not a lie,scare tactic,bullying or anything other than fact, they however are guilty of all the above. Vote wisely in November.

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I try to remain out of the fray that gets into name calling but there are some times when the names fit the person so perfectly and when that happens then I am no different from the masses in that I find it necessary to speak the obvious.

I took interest in politics at a very young age and as a result I go back to the days of my Father’s interests and remember clearly the Adlai Stevenson and the Ike Eisenhauser race of the 1950’s. The Conservatives were angry then and talking the same rhetoric that they do today in how it is illegal to pay taxes and no one should have to pay any taxes. The same bunch who is always eager to send the young men and women, as long as it is not their children or grand children to war, do not feel they owe Our Country anything of a monetary value.

One escapes all of the hate and stupidity once we start out of the Bible Belt of America and instead they get into the gang wars of the cities. Armeggedon and Biblical wars seem to justify this mentality in some, in the more rural areas of America. With the National Rifle Association or better known as the NRA meeting in St. Louis this year they divided the difference between the redneck territory of America.

Mitt Romney, like every Repubican President before him, met with the NRA and spoke while asking for their support,and as such he does need to stand up and speak out in regards to the hate coming out of the mouth of board member of the NRA, Ted Nugent,whose words are clearly being said in an effort to incite violence against our President. It is a disgrace to all Americans that the Republicans have not seen it as their duty and responsibility and demanded that Ted Nugent cease and desist or they will withdraw from the membership of the NRA. Instead Mitt and the gang continue to curry the favor of Ted Nugent and the NRA that he represents. What Ted Nugent is saying is not a suicide threat as suicide patients go to hospitals and not jails, and to say so is only a cop out.

There has not been an election, in my memory, where the NRA has not stirred up the waters of hate or convinced a certain sector of America of believing that the Democrats or Liberals will take away their guns.

They gather together and nod their heads and agree that they will eliminate all Democrats and Liberals who protect the rights of gays,minorities,and women at the election polls, before they have their hunting rifles taken from them. Because of this insanity and bigotry fed into the Bible belt by the NRA they have been an important and intricate part of the Republican Party going back to the beginning of their roots. Typically every Republican running for the office of President, whether they have ever shot a gun or gone hunting, will meet with them for their support since they are one of their greatest indoctrination forces in the the Heartland and points South,North,East and West in America. Many Republican Presidential Candidates will put on the clothing of a hunter and go out and pose for a photo opp.

The truth is that the Democratic Party pretty much leaves the NRA alone. The Brady bill that led to pre-registration of guns, prior to buying a gun and was long over-due, was passed because it was President Ronald Reagan who was shot, and passed through by the support of Republican Party, itself.

All the stupidity and scare tactics are played out with words like Socialists and Communists and crude slang for African Americans,Latinos,American Arabs,Viet Namese and any minority in their area,and gays, being chatted by the skin heads and red necks of America, every election year. Each election year the Red necks gather around a beer and talk about the damn commies,gays and minorities infiltrating America and threatening to take away their guns. Because of the influence and often stupidity fed by the NRA into American Society the Red Necks truely believe that the Democrats are out to destroy their Constitutional right to bear arms. In some of the more red neck groups along with the hate groups there is more talk about hunkering down and arming themselves against the damn Liberals in their manmade bunkers. Ammunition and gun sales go up along with cammoflage and the NRA accomplishes it’s goal of making the paranoid amongst us just a little more paranoid.

What makes Ted Nugent both an idiot and a coward with his statement,”if President OBama is re-elected he, Ted Nugent, will either be dead or in jail next year.” is he is deliberately promoting that one of those paranoid rednecks around him, ends up dead or in jail by assassinating our President. It is the same lack of responsibility that the Pro Life members take when an abortion clinic is blown up and the people inside are all killed by one of their own who wants to become a infamous hero in their eyes. Unfortunately this type of rhetoric works in the mentally embalanced in any group or organization.It is a direct attempt to incite a threat of assasination by an man of questionable skill and intelligence.

If Ted Nugent was not the coward he is he would have made a direct threat and the Secret service would throw his butt in jail and pump him sunshine. By talking in the words that he did he sounds tough and ready to give his life to the cause when in truth he is much too big of a coward to do anything other than to threaten the life of an Honorable man who stands head and shoulders above the likes of Ted Nugent.

I will not give further credence to the words of an idiot other than to prove my point in that this Tea Party member has also said that “Sarah Palin is the most capable politician in America.” If that does not prove what an idiot he is, then I rest my case.

Sadly in America there is an arm of the Tea Party who does feed hate and advocate violence and keeps the Conservative base of the Republican Party stirred up and convinced that President OBama is a worse enemy of the people than what Hitler was to Germany.

The redneck community often feels as though they are victimized by government because everyone else around them, in their minds, do not work as hard as they do but has more than they do. When it is not their fault, which it never is in their minds, then it is the government’s fault and people who run it. They believe that all the jobs they are qualified for are being denied them and instead going to women, minorities, and gays. They in their misguided minds see the white male as being entitled to first choices as that has always been the norm in their experience. Women belong at home taking orders from the man just as do the minorities need to understand that the white male gives the orders, and do not compete with them in the work force. The only thing that separates them from the hate of the Ku Klux Klan is the different names they call themselves. They do not nor will they ever see government as the protector of the people.

The Tea Party ideology that feeds into this mentality only leads to the kind of hate that is coming out of the mouth of Ted Nugent. I have said for years and truly mean it, we are under a greater threat from these type of terrorists groups within our own Country than we are from the terrorists outside of our boundaries.

These cowards who spew hate are not just located in sections of the cities but are far greater in the rural areas of America. Each year their rhetoric becomes louder and more hateful and because of that it is important that the Republican Party takes a strong stand against this kind of hate that does come out of the mouth of a very hateful man such as Ted Nugent, and the groups that feed into it.

I believe we have seen the lack of leadership in the man who wants to be President in, Mitt Romney, in regards to his lack of handling this situation with Ted Nugent. If the best Mitt can do is to correct the language of a would be terrorist, who threatens the life of Our President, is “watch your language,” then just what kind of a leader will he make?

Is the same man who professes to be a great business leader and a protector of the people even capable of leading?A man who can only understand the needs of the weathy, is just another politician too many in the minds of many. I think at heart this is the real thing that concerns all of us about Mitt Romney. A man who has been a liberal, a moderate and now a conservative because it suits his needs to be elected is always capable of becoming whatever the “Powers that Be” want him to become. With Ted Nugent exposing the under belly of the Tea Party and the mentality of the Conservative, can any of us afford to have a President who will be easilly influenced by this hate and unable to pronounce that such hate will not be tolerated in America, as our leader? You decide in November.

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I have been interested in and followed politics for many years, but never have I heard so many lies as I heard in 2010 and already this election year; for that reason I am including the following quotes as a reminder to all in the Conservative movement,Tea Party movement, and the Republican Party to understand the value of Truth.

Lies are not only a corrupt way to win elections they also erode the very foundation of what “We the People” hold dear in Democracy. The truly great men of History did recognize the Honor of truth. An election won on lies is never won by great men or women but only by losers, as no person who wins on lies, can ever win the respect of A Nation or the World, for long.

Regardless of what the bigots or the 1% do towards stroking their ego or how much wealth they endow their campaign with, or how great their own lust for power and greed or to rub elbows with the wealthy is, none will ever measure up with the great men in history, unless they run an honorable campaign based on truth.

It is up to “WE the People” to recognize the truth over the lies before we vote. Sadly, there are more lies than truth coming from those who want to represent us in both the incumbents as well as those who wish to lead in the Republican Party all over our Great Country. When women lose their right to choose it will only be a matter of time for everyone else in the middleclass to lose their right to choose,as well. If we waste our votes on their lies, then we only erode our own freedom. Here then are the quotes on Truth that I have selected:

1.It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak it and another to hear it–Henry David Thoreau

2. A Nation that is afraid to let it’s people judge the truth or falsehood in the marketplace, is a Nation that is afraid of it’s people—John F. Kennedy

3.Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to Society—–Thomas Jefferson

4. Morality is the basis of things and truth is morality—Mahatma Ghandi

5.The object of a Superior man is the Truth—Confuscious

6.The truth is incontrovertible,malice may attack it,ignorance may deride it but in the end it remains—-Winston Churchill

7.When I despair, I remember throughout all history it is love and truth that have always won. There have been Tyrants and murderers, and for awhile they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.—-Mahatma Ghandi

8.I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarilly defeated is stronger than evil triumphant—-Martin Luther King Jr.

9.I am for truth no matter who tells it, I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I am a human being first and as such I am for whatever or whoever benefits humanity the most.—Malcolm X

10.Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted with truth in large matters—-Albert Einstein

11. Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you.—-Stephen Klein

12. Above all do not lie to yourself, as the man who lies to himself and listens to his own lies comes to the point that he cannot distinguish the truth in him or around him, so loses all respect for himself and others,in losing all respect he ceases to love.–Fyodor Dostoyesky from “The Brothers Karamzov

I hope you enjoyed my, “Ode to truth”, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Heaven knows after a long Republican primary bordering on insanity at times, the majority of us can agree on one thing and that is truth in the Republican Party is long over-due.

Hug those close to you and send love to those far from you this weekend if YOU have been meaning to call or e-mail. If not then just enjoy your space.

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