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I am still surprised when I hear wives and young women being criticized by other women as to why they stay with their politician husbands, following the out break of scandal. Sure it may leave our own excuses or defenses a little more weakened as to why we make or made our decisions under similar circumstances, but is that any reason to point fingers, when others decide differently? In 2013 men are 100% responsible for their own behavior.

Yes, we can agree that the young women who are involved in sex or sexting and come forward and acknowledge their own poor behavior, are showing extremely poor judgment in believing they can some how capitalize on the same. To judge young women any farther than this, unless they become so outwardly obvious and acknowledge they are out for the almighty buck or to destroy a career, should not lie in the character of any of us who judge these often naïve and impressionable women; Nor does it further the equality of women to determine what is appropriate behavior when a woman does decide to remain in her marriage.  That choice belongs to the two people who are in the marriage to decide be they men or women.

Women have been manipulated by the powerful and branded as Jezebels since Biblical days in an effort to give men who behave poorly in sexual behavior, an out for their own sick and often narcissistic behavior. As women in America, we if not men, should be able to rise above the continuation of judgments against each other regardless of media exploitation, political leanings, or the circumstances of the same.

I have heard women, who are thought of as being credible accuse Huma Weiner of having political gain for herself and ambitions of her own as being the reason she stands behind her husband Anthony Weiner. Other people are accusing the young woman (I will not give her name credence or blame in my blog) of dressing sexy in order to trap Anthony Weiner. There is much more gossip against the women involved in the Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal but to repeat any more beyond this is to only add to the gossip.  When will women ever be able to dress in the manner they feel the most comfortable with themselves, before we quit judging them for doing so?

Accusing women of the faults that lie in men goes way back to the days of the discovery of the Old Testament of the Bible. When we realize the largest area of the Country in the region where the Old Testament of the Bible was written, was made up of  many Pagans before Christianity, then we need to understand also the culture present in the belief of its people at the time the old Testament was written.

We can understand why people who were raised generations in advance of Science held women responsible for the behavior of men because it was written In Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 26:My Son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe My ways, For a whore is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a strange pit. She also lieth in wait as for Prey and increases the transgressors in men.”

The belief was also promoted and still exists today that it was Eve who enticed Adam to eat of the apple instead of it being a mutual decision as we now know transcriptions clearly shows it to have been mutual and these artifacts have been preserved in the archives of the Church. As more Historical facts becomes available along with the knowledge of mankind changes we do need to consider both into our own moral framework as a civilized Society.

The Early Church so believed that married men who had sex with prostitutes were not responsible for the sin of adultery, because they were enticed by women and had no control over their own sex drive. They saw no separation between the animal world and human kind and judged the need of man to procreate or have sex for mankind’s survival as being on the same level between man and animal.

Sex with sheep amongst herders was not only practiced but acceptable behavior in its day. When Science discovered it was leading to madness and death in men due to an outbreak of syphilis then the acceptance of the same changed.

These beliefs were held well into the 17th Century but as the need for man to learn became more prominent it took the knowledge of Science to grow in order to gain knowledge about mankind and what free-will and intellect does as far as understanding the differences in what makes mankind the absorber of knowledge and truth over the animal kingdom.

Even into the Victorian era and yet today some Religions still refuse to give up the idea that even incest that takes place in children is not the fault of child or women entisement. The Conservative following have the numbers of rape due to incest, much lower than what in truth they still remain today. What we now refer to as sexual sociopaths was referred to as sexual deviants in the Victorian era and was just the beginning of the era in which men were being held responsible for their own sexual vulgarities.

Those Religions who throw out all study of Science still cling to the Bible verses of the Old Testament while totally dismissing the knowledge learned of men and sexual peculiarities or sexual predators, that we have gained knowledge of today through the knowledge of Science.

If we still have not learned that women do not create the character flaw in men who think they are too powerful to fail and that Science shows that it is more likely the absence of fathers in the home or early childhood abuse through incest that leads to feelings of rejection that increase the libido in both these women and these men, then what rock have we taken residence under?

Yes, both women and men who have reached adulthood are equally responsible for the choices they make in their lives.  When Anthony Weiner was made aware of his own short comings and illness and still behaved badly, by running again for public office knowing full well he was lying, then how can any of us judge his wife harshly or the women he continued to show his private parts to? If a mother is concerned about what the absence of a father, in the life of her child will make and decides to stay in the marriage, that is her decision to make without being called ambitious or any of us offering her anything beyond understanding.  Todays children need their parents in their lives and if the couple reaches an agreement on how they will deal with their marriage must we always feel their decisions reflects on all women?

If  young adult women are being manipulated or making a poor call of judgment that too should be their decision to make. Why do we so often see or hear those who seemingly have made the biggest mess of their own marriages or those who also behaved poorly when young women or men, too often become the harshest judges against other women or men?  Did we listen or was it our own responsibility to learn for ourselves, what our real values were or where we placed them?  Did we not have that right to do so?

We all should understand the options given all of us to use our own intellect and free-will should be the greatest entitlements that all of us will ever receive, shouldn’t we? What right does the media, un-related people, or pundits have of making any calls in the personal lives of people who use their own hearts and minds to call the shots in their own marriages or personal lives, have in the first place? If you don’t like the man, Anthony Weiner, then do not contribute or vote for him and if you are doing so for fear of what others may think then isn’t that more your problem than theirs?

The Karma we put out is also the Karma we get back, or if you prefer, “what goes around comes around”, and I suspect that was also the Plan of our Maker, when He gave both genders free-will and intellect from the beginning of mankind.  Who amongst us, has not already learned the same or will not learn it before we breathe our last breath? As the saying goes,” An unkempt garden, produces poor fruit”.   Does our own back yard need our attention or weeding?

As women we have enough Conservative movements underway who will deny us the equality already granted us before we have been successful in getting full equality, without attacking or sitting in judgment of each other.  As long as we, women, let the divisiveness amongst us continue to do so, we can all understand it will only cause further harm to those who most need our help. If it does not happen now, then it will tomorrow, or the next time we, ourselves or loved ones, need understanding the most.   I have learned to be a realist and understand what true unity requires of all of us.  Make it count!

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For those who have not been aware of the inaction in Congress to do anything, which I doubt there are many, the Republicans have sent Obama care to the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional only to have been proven wrong and it is now the law.  The Congressional Body has a lawful duty and were sworn into Congress to uphold the law. They instead have voted to either defund Obama care by holding the Country hostage or voted to repeal Obama care over 40 times while doing nothing else but denying food stamps and protecting the taxes of the 1%.  They have also increased pork spending to their State Constituency in marked increased spending, while campaigning on being fiscal conservatives and budget conscious.

Obama care is already saving premium costs and health care costs in the States where is has been adopted at even a remarkable surprise to those who favored Obama care.

The Republicans were out in mass force with their town hall meetings telling, all who attended why Obama care was disastrous to all of us, before it even passed the Senate and Congress.  The reason there is so much distrust against Obama care is because these same Conservative Republicans have tried for three decades to prevent the funding of all programs that were initiated by Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower and to add Obama care only prevents them from moving ahead with turning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and farm subsidies over to the private sector thereby driving up the cost to all of us.

Because the government Insurance company is 7 times larger than all the other insurance companies combined, it can and does buy medical care at a markedly decreased rate than what private insurance can provide.  By buying healthcare in a far larger block than what is possible by private insurance, The savings in premiums to us, along with the increased healthcare benefits we receive helps us, the premium payers. It drives down the costs private insurance can afford to charge for their premiums while stopping the cutting back on the coverage we get.

Private Insurance Companies and the Companies who provide Insurance have gotten by for years by raising premium costs and charging the workers more for poorer coverage while offering the Companies they insure incentives to use their insurance.  Obama care makes this obsolete and instead offers complete coverage to all Americans including those who have pre-existing disease.

Add to the Conservative drive and scare tactics against Obama care 40 Tea Party Anarchists in Congress who want Religion in control of government then we have a Republican Party made up of dictators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy, fund Obama care, pay the bills for the last two years, and “frankly, My dear”, do not give a damn,” if government shuts down. They all spout the same gobbly-gook to the contrary, of course.

Any agenda that comes to them from the President is automatic reason for them to do nothing but fight against it ever passing, while lying about why it would be a disaster to our Country, simply because it came from our President and Democratic Senate. The Tea Party only made the far right in the Republican Party even worse than what it was already as they then became controlled by an Antagonistic Conservative Party because they want nothing more than anarchy and are playing strictly to their constituency.

The Republican Party is in complete disarray and can agree on nothing other than they all agree on making sure that the taxes are not raised on those who can most afford it, minimum wage does not go up, and Obama care does not pass.  Their greatest fear at this point is if Obama care does pass and we the people all reap in the rewards of the same, they are  going to look like the fools we already know they are but also it will make their attempts to defund and turn Social Security and  Medicare over to private Insurance, through vouchers, that more difficult.

Anyone who thinks it is the fault of President Obama and the Democrats who initiated and passed affordable healthcare, to agree to continued delay tactics or defunding of Obama care and they should now agree with the Republican anarchists and dictators with their refusal to pay for Obama care, then I have to ask what triggers your thinking?

May I ask you if you seriously believe delaying Obama care for another year won’t mean just the same argument by these same Republicans to delay again for another year will not come up a year from now?

Do you really believe Companies like UPS won’t continue to hide behind the excuse of Obama care and cut your hours down or refuse to carry your spouse or children on your health care program?

Do you believe that 10,114 people will not die this next year because they could not get health care insurance?  Do you really think your autistic, asthmatic, cancer or heart patient child or a child who suffers a serious accident or your cancer ridden or dementia parent or yourself, will not reach their/your cap and be dropped from health care due to pre-existing health conditions, if Obama care is delayed for another year? If you don’t think any of this can happen to you in  a years time then how realistic are you?

Any of you who do not think a year matters, need to learn more about what Obama care does offer for those who suffer from pre-existing health problems and how much it currently cost you/us in premium increases because people who suffer from debilitating diseases and injury get dropped and cannot get coverage.

Do you really think that these same Democrats who spent hours on bringing healthcare relief to the people so they did not have to die or remain without insurance are now going to defund it while agreeing with the Republicans to refuse to pay for birth control including the morning after pill for rape cases, and believe that neither are at stake?

How does a President negotiate on another delay or with a body of Republicans that cannot even agree amongst themselves and when they do they attack every effort made by President Obama, to lessen the strain on the middle class, by refusing to vote on any agenda he puts forward?

These Republicans only want to blame rather than agree. To accept such an onslaught as the Republicans have attempted against our Constitution, is a slap in the face of Democracy.  The sooner we all understand that truth the sooner we will replace them with those who do want to solve the problems of Washington, in 2014 and 2016 and for now hold them responsible for the shutting down of our government and the calamity that will cost to our economy the longer government remains shut down, not to mention the lost of income to those who protect our Country in our military and security.

If we do not blame the Republicans for such insane actions and inactions, when they themselves have been lying to the American people and using scare tactics about Obama care for four years, then who should we blame?  Ourselves for continuing to elect them?  It’s a thought:)

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Since I have spoken about the greed in politics and business it would be a failure on my part to not speak about the greed in Religion.  Todays post is about just a small sector of that greed as it pertains to the Evangelical belief but by no means is it only a part of their belief as a large part of the same belief is shared by other Religions, such as the Mormon Faith, as well, they just are not as outwardly obvious about it.

Prosperity ministers who are  outwardly preaching the value of greed in America are a new twist to the teaching of Religion.  They are a growing breed of ministers tied to the Charismatic Evangelical movement.  They run the gamut of people who show no shame in their high pitch sales job of the merits of rewards that come along with giving to those who use more subtle nuances.  People like the Joyce Meyer’s ministries from Missouri are very aggressive in claiming entitlement to a rich life style due to God’s gifts to her while others like  Joel Osteen of Texas are less verbose, but both types are prosperity ministers.

When Americans became bored with the often boring and staid teachings of or disillusioned with Traditional Religion and divorce became more prevalent or lifestyles changed, people began looking for more entertaining ways to worship, and many turned to Evangelicals to provide them with Spiritual guidance.  Although Evangelicals  originate primarily from Methodists and Presbyterian beliefs along with the 1700’s Piety and Puritan beliefs of the Bible preaching’s, to tie Evangelicals to any one belief factor would be wrong.  They’re definitely the majority who see themselves as Conservative Christians but there are also those who are liberal and even some who would be considered as really non-committed who do not believe it necessary to attend Church Services and Bible Studies every Sunday and Wednesday.

Evangelicals are popular with the African-Americans through the Baptist Church just as the faith is practiced by all members and Nationalities in America and all walks of life.  It is the largest growing Religion in America with an estimated 28.3% or 90 million Christians in America. Brazil is only larger in percentages than the United States is in growth.

To pen point any similarities beyond their belief in  “Born Again” and “Catholics as Heretics who do not teach the literal interpretation of the Bible”, would do them a disservice as even though they have a high number of Republican Conservatives, through the minority population, they have an equally large number of Liberal Democrats. Some want nothing to do with the mention of politics while others feel they should be front and center in the influence of politicians and their decisions. Many believe in Rapture and await the second coming of Christ, others believe in healing of the sick and disabled by the laying on of hands, while others speak in tongue.  Many credit their success as a direct Blessing from God and believe they are guided by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. They accept most of Protestant beliefs but the crowds many times are more exuberant and reactive than in Traditional Religion.

Many of the ministers, due to their own lack of training in Divinity and Seminaries, often expound their own interpretations of the Bible and so the messages often vary from one Church to the next with individual understanding or interpretation of the chapters and verse of the Bible. Some are guided through life by a literal interpretation of marriage:” being of one man and one woman,” while others allow for gay rights. Many hate to be perceived as fundamentalists as they were in the 1700’s when Evangelical beliefs initially arose in Europe.

Not all Evangelicals are Charismatic nor believe in Prosperity Ministers nor are all obsessed with Heaven and Hell.  One thing that is certain is if they do preach the Word many have little to no training in Divinity, although many do have honorary Dr. degrees without formal education from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell and  other Evangelical Universities. Some get their degree to preach from a mail order house out of California while others get theirs for a fee over the internet.

They all believe they were given a calling and were inspired to preach when God appeared to them. Some are very simple people who come from the coal mines in the Appalachians. Others have high school diplomas while some do have Associate degrees or two years and still others have Bachelor degrees of four years of college, from non-credited schools ran by the Evangelical ministries. Others have had Seminary training in other more traditional Protestant Religions and have left that faith to start their own Evangelical Church.  Universal, Grace, Life, Good Will, Glad Tidings, etc.  are usually a part of the name of these Churches over that of Jesus, the Apostles, or Saints most commonly found in other more Traditional Religions.

Prosperity ministers are those ministers who pretty much share tears in the wickedness of their ways before “they got drunk on Jesus,” and before God appeared to them and made them rich.  They are very charismatic and crack jokes and do a sales job on their parishioners, telling them if they give to their Church until it hurts they will be Blessed ten fold and maybe even 100 fold.  If their parishioners think they can give 10 dollars or even a 100 dollars and it does not mean deprivation or sacrifice on their part, for God, then they do not really believe in God.  If a thousand dollars really hurts then they should give a thousand dollars and not worry about the bills as God will provide, If they really believe. They play on the guilt of the poor by making them feel like the reason they are poor is because they do not believe hard enough.  The great majority of the money they receive comes from their radio or television ministries and is established fact that the poor give at a higher percentage rate of their income than do the wealthy.

They tell their followers how they did not have a dime, the wolves, were at their door, the bill collectors calling constantly and when they took their last few dollars to Church and gave it to God they were Blessed with manna from Heaven. Their  good fortune just fell from the skies.  They quote the passages of the Bible that says “and God Blessed and rewarded them with good fortune”, and totally over look the parts of the Bible that say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to gain Heaven,” and Christ’s teaching’s about  mankind’s need to give away all his riches to serve the poor, in order to gain heaven.

Prosperity ministers beliefs that they have found the Blessings of God’s favor through becoming rich is so prevalent that they take parishioners money to buy $10 million dollar corporate jets, $200,000.00 in antique furnishings, they drive Mercedes and BMW’s in the $80,000.00 to $100,000.00 dollar range and feel entitled while living in million dollar homes while giving their children all the best that their parishioner’s money can buy.  So warped are their beliefs of entitlements to wealth and so charismatic are their sales pitch that they can and do convince  their followers, they are God’s voice on earth, even without seminary training or practical applications in divinity. Some even claim they are living out their gift from God now, while others in their Congregations struggle to make ends meet.

Their followers, just as do the ministers, fail to see the hypocrisy in the message they preach when they preach the need of every one to take responsibility for their own needs; and the poor could be rich if they just believed.  Since they offer the poor hope they are often times kept poor through their weekly contributions to the Prosperity Ministers, as every dime is followed by more from the poor with the poor being the Prosperity Ministers greatest contributors.  The prosperity ministers and parishioners fail to reach the understanding of the ministers dependency on the Mercy of the people, before they gained their own riches. God does not deal in dollars but sales people certainly do, and it would do us all well to begin there with that introspective thought.

Because these ministers forgive every sin through their “Born Again Beliefs”, regardless of how grievous the sins, without individual confession and penance and they relate to their parishioners about their own sinfulness and really stress how they were sinners, People flock towards the ability to be born again and all their past sins forgiven.

In the more conservative Evangelical Churches, parishioners are often shamed into living exemplary lives just as their ministers do, even though there are some who are no different from the rest of us with the same foibles and mistakes or sins committed by all of us. In the more Conservative Churches the parishioners cling to the belief that often these uneducated clergy can speak for God and give them a greater place in Heaven and a get out of Hell free card, if they only embrace their lives in the constant presence of Christ and continue to give of their money, which they are told is in most cases intended for the poor. This is true unless they are Prosperity ministers as good deeds are encouraged in most Evangelical Churches. The  Prosperity clergy often claim to draw salaries that do not compensate for the riches they gain. Many of the more liberal parishioners belong for the fellowship more than they do for the strict observance of the teachings as is common in many Religions, who do not set strict guidelines.

As a neighbor of mind once said, “I would hate to think I was such a bad sinner that I would have to spend my life in Church.” I have always enjoyed travel because I love the diversity that is America over tying myself to one group for a life time but that is just my own personal choice and many people are comfortable and justifiably so in their own communities.

I like many believe that: Spirituality just like physical and mental needs are a necessity of mankind in the fulfillment of life and living but are dollars really a part of what makes mankind great or saves us from hell? Can we really buy ourselves into Heaven or are we better judged for the value of our compassion for, the time we place on, and we give of ourselves to humanity? We do need to sometimes question the motives behind what appears to be an exorbitant lifestyle of riches regardless of the person or people who are promoting the same, at the expense of the people.  We cannot wear blinders just because those vulgar displays of wealth are arising from our ministries any more than we can when they come from our politicians.  Both depend on the generosity of the people and should be suspect and held responsible for such displays.

The great majority of us want to see people who have made wealth through hard work and sweat equity enjoy the fruits of their labor as it offers hope to those of us who dream. Certainly ministers and some politicians put in long hours and hard work as well, but when their income is earned on the charity of the poor, the vulnerable, or the greed of lobbyists, the majority of us see these excessive lifestyles of displayed wealth as being vulgar.  It is not what we want of either our clergy or our politicians whose main concerns should be dedicated to the needs of the people. When a family of 4 or more make $50,000.00 a year and they are pressured or cajoled into writing $10,000.00 checks so they can prove the power of their faith in God or a politician can get elected, and the clergy and politicians cannot understand the immorality of their exorbitant lifestyle, then who can we turn to when we ask for legitimacy in our Churches or our government ?

Does the riches gained by our politicians who are threatening to deny payment of Social Security to the elderly, wages to the Military and middle class, and GI benefits, by shutting down government over Obama care, mean they are deserving to be great and Blessed? Wouldn’t we all do better with their compassion shown and their time given to our needs without strings attached?  Something else to ponder that’s for sure. Doesn’t take much common sense to figure out, does it?;)

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Through out history there has always been a mix between frustrations, amusement, and arrogance that allows mankind to justify their own actions.  The thinking of mankind has always existed, since the beginning of time and is not only prevalent today, but has always been.  The Human mind is not only complicated but also relatively easy to understand once we understand the role of greed that is clearly present in the mind of too many.

When we hear the Tea Party say that government has no rights to establish law on property rights as long as no one is acting against the civil rights of others, it may sound like a very natural belief or philosophy to have, and even inspire some of us who are tired of dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s to join their cause.  It is when we get into the history of why these laws have been passed or have been established, we start seeing that the Tea Party Libertarian’s belief has no depth or morality to it.

We all need water to drink and food to eat, in order to live.  Even soda and sugary drinks require water.  If government allowed property owners to run with impunity over others by dumping toxic wastes in our ground water or our air, then the entire Nation would ultimately die off. Those who produce our food  we eat would no longer be able to produce due to toxic waste, not only in our water but saturated into the soil as well.  Without government deciding the rights of everyone over those who do act out with impunity with the use of their property, no one would be held responsible for their careless or criminal acts against the entire Nation.

These careless property owners could not be held responsible for acting out against our civil rights with the reasoning of the Tea Party, under a dictator rather than a Democracy, since the dictator would decide if it was the right of the property owner to determine the rights of the use of their property over the needs of the people.

With this reasoning any lending institution could charge any interests rates they wanted to charge since it is their lending institution the usury laws against these lending institutions would be unconstitutional, by their justifications. Just as an apartment owner would not have to fix the drains or pipes in their buildings since they own the building and the renters property damage would not be the problems of the property owners because the property owner would have a right to do whatever they wanted with their property despite the rents they are paid, since clothing and the property of the renters  could be viewed as material goods over their civil rights to own property.

In the Tea Party’s attempts to present a picture of utopia to those who are limited by toxic waste, mining, or loaning practices, the presentation of, “We can do whatever we want to do as long as property owners do not offend the civil rights of others,” may sound justifiable in their world or utopia, but it is when we dig further, look at history before us, or even review import practices today, we will see the errors in their thinking. If we don’t want to look back but only deal with the present we only need to look at the recalls on people who are made sick on imports today that are not regulated by their government as our products are, and we can see the fallacy and misrepresentations of the arguments made when the Tea Party says, “Property owners can do anything they want with their property.”

“The Stand Your Ground Laws” supported with money and scare tactics from backers of the Conservative and Tea Party are a prime example of the justifications used by their reasoning.  Where it is true that we as a Nation are sick of drug users and gangs, who only exist because of the sell of drugs, breaking into our homes to steal there are too many of those in favor of these laws that have used justification over sound judgment. We are already seeing those who favor these  laws, who were not of the criminal element before, being able to justify criminal activity to get around hate crimes, to kill the innocent, or against law enforcement.

When it is clear to the World that not all people should be given passes to  the property of guns, we find each time  that fact is proven out,  more money flows out to make certain everyone has a right to arm themselves.  When efforts to pass gun laws against those who should never have access to guns are attempted in order to  protect the innocent, the stronger the lobbyists threats become against those who would pass laws to deny the use of weapons to the disturbed, under-aged, and careless gun users.

Even when a third of all deaths of children in our Nation are as a result of guns in the home, those same politicians who refuse to pass laws to restrict the use of guns in the hands of the unstable and immature are the first to scream out against the tragedy of innocent deaths. Instead these same politicians deflect the argument in favor of gun laws by the majority of us, through passing the blame of lost of innocent life elsewhere or through justification of the rights to bear arms. We all know that as long as there are no or only weak laws against gun ownership, as currently exists, more people will die needlessly, due to those who claim to interfere with the property rights of gun ownership is Unconstitutional,

The property of a gun in the hands of some will always interfere with the civil rights of others much in the same way the carelessness of neighbors in the use of their own property will as well.  Common sense alone should make us all understand that as long as people are careless or have criminal intent all arguments of the Tea Party about government passing laws to protect the best interests of the people through establishing property laws are a necessity in order to prevent further lawlessness .

When it was decided in the 1920’s to take cocaine out of products from cola to cough syrup the medical profession protested against drug abusers as being charged with a criminal offense over an illness and instead said it needed to be treated as an addiction to be treated by the medical staffs for the drug addiction it is. Both government, then, and the Churches said it needed to be prosecuted as criminal activity as they were able to point to and  justify  that families would be charged for an unnecessary expense, the drug addicts would steal to feed their addiction, and making it illegal and prosecuting them in a Court of law  would deter criminal activity.

As drug use accelerates in our Nation and fills our prisons we are seeing all the arguments used then to justify charging drug addiction as a crime fall apart, just as we did when laws were passed against alcohol with the same reasoning. Instead of it deterring people from the use of drugs  as government and the Churches thought it would, it has led to far greater crimes and torn apart families further, who if treated would have had the ability to lead productive lives and been spared from becoming  generational criminals.

Instead of passing mandatory laws to treat the drug addictions as it was suggested then by the medical profession, the justifications used in favor of jails have proven to be false, as it only increased the criminal activity. “The Stand Your Ground Laws” much like the laws passed due to drug addiction, is just  more justification towards lawlessness than it is to protect the rights of all Americans. Without laws passed by government to require mandatory treatment against drug use, however, we also make all the arguments against drug use being enforced as a mandatory treatment, just as problematic.

Without laws passed on property rights or against drugs by government, I will use an example of the predicament that a friend of mind is presented with, today.  With the passage of the loosening of restrictions against marijuana laws, in some States, she and her husband are confronted with problems that never existed before in the State.  They bought land to build a cabin on and to just enjoy both producing their own food and to enjoy life away from emerging population growths.  Since the passage of these bills are relatively new in these States, the laws have yet to catch up with the reality that is happening in these States.

Marijuana producers who have seen that there is money to be made in the trade of marijuana, both legally and illegally, are moving in and producing large amounts of marijuana, near the property sight of where my friend wishes to build their cabin on the property they own, even though these States limit marijuana growth to personal use. Because it is illegal to produce large amounts of marijuana in these States and because of drug cartels  coming across the border to get in on the possible cash cow that exists in legalization of marijuana, they are moving in to produce it in areas that had previously not been hampered by crime, or in what others might refer to as  the Wilderness.

Since it is illegal to produce large amounts of marijuana, due to it’s ill effects on our younger population and has been proven as fact by all experts in their field from medical, to social workers, to employers, and by law enforcement who makes the arrests, the people hired to grow marijuana on  these farms are of the criminal element. The use of marijuana and IF those who grow or smoke it are law-abiding and its use is for medical reasons may be justifiable for a greater need of the ill, but the argument of adult recreational use is only credible to those who already do use it and like alcohol comes with a far greater risk to the innocent and our larger population.

My friends who moved their camper and trailer onto their new property to start their cabin building project cannot hire credible people to come into the area to build because nothing they leave there remains by the criminal element in the area, who have been hired to grow the marijuana. My friends have found that to be true as well with the break-ins of their own camper and trailers and law enforcement has told them that they should clear out as the laws of the State, at this point, says that they can only keep the illegal growers under surveillance and prosecute the illegal people who are growing the crop, but they seem to know when law enforcement is coming and disappear before they arrive. Without laws being passed on the landowner who allows illegal growing of marijuana on his property, my friends are held captive against going ahead with their rights to use their property as they wish.

This was also true when our Nation was being settled by the first settlers in the West.  Large landowners would wait until smaller landholders proved up the land and then burn them out or run them out in order to take  over title to their lands. The same is true in Cities where a neighbor wishes to cut down a tree or limb on their property and it falls and destroys the house or roof of their neighbors. Just as it is with unlicensed builders or Construction personnel who build shoddy products  and require all people in the business to be licensed as well as be governed according to the greed of those who preceded them. Where zoning laws are not part of the towns and cities in the past, other laws have needed to be put in place as there had been a disregard of the cost of upkeep of the Streets and roads paid for others by heavy equipment or in other cases prostitution and the selling drugs and sexual predators have moved into school zones or suburbs.

Since laws are made and passed on property owners, out of necessity to protect all of us, the justifications and arguments that government is denying us our Constitutional rights, made by both the Tea Party and Conservatives, is more justification to aid those who have no qualms against careless or criminal acts than it is of sound reasoning.  The truth is: laws passed by government are always behind the carelessness or criminal activity of others. Property Laws are not made or passed until after other property owners have already had their rights trampled on.

The mind when it belongs to those of us who have little to no understanding of laws, can justify we all should be able to do anything we want with our own property, until or unless we are encroaching on the civil rights of others, can justify the argument made by the Tea Party and Conservatives. We can even be convinced that intrinsically bad laws passed by both the influence and power of the Conservatives  and Tea Party to protect individual rights over laws that protects the rights of all of us, are good laws.

The Tea Party and Conservatives passage of, “the stand your ground laws,” and the “right to work laws” in I believe 32 States now, are bad laws for the poor and middle class, just as imprisonment for drug abusers is.  The wealthy have always been slapped on the hands with 30 days or over-night imprisonment and then sent off to treatment centers, if jailed at all, while the poor and middle class drug abusers often spend years in prison. Both ‘the stand your ground laws’ and ‘the right to work laws,’ will enhance the rights of the wealthy who will ultimately be the only people who can afford to own property.

When we understand that “the stand your ground laws” have already been used as a defense to kill the innocent who only tried to take steps off their trip home by cutting across property, we only need ask if these laws can also be used to justify the killing of those who pick the crops in the field or orchards, do the gardening  work, clean stables, or clean the pools of the wealthy and try to collect their payments, or will meter readers, delivery people, or those who solicit be safe? The way the law reads now is; the property owner only needs to say they felt threatened by anyone who entered their property, in order to shoot to kill. Will hired guards be able to shoot to kill anyone  who comes in to try to help organize the workers to stand up to unfair labor laws in their place of employment, as they did in the 1800’s under,” the stand your ground laws? Will history, as it often does, repeat itself, before we understand just what bad laws these are?

When we take a clearer look at both ‘the stand your ground’ and ‘the right to work,’ laws, we recognize the ability to abuse the rights of the poor and middle class and to get by with doing the same abounds by those who can afford to own property. When we take it a step further we realize as the reduced wages in the poor and middle class is increased following the “right to work laws,” and as such over time the only people who will be able to afford property or to hire others will be the wealthy, it doesn’t take a long stretch of the imagination to be able to understand who will be hurt by these laws and who will be protected by both these laws.

The ‘right to work laws’ in an effort to eliminate government and Unions, adds to the end of the middle class as we know it, as both government and Unions establish rights for the workers.  With ‘the right to work laws,’ in effect to replace both government and Unions the rights of the workers along with minimum wage and benefits for the middle class and poor, is already being eliminated in favor of increased profits with over-seas workers and part-time employment, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. With talks going on between Wendy’s and Burger King to trade their workers back and forth to work half days at both places, by working  full-time  and working both places a half day, will eliminate the need for minimum wage, and benefits since part-time workers are not entitled to either. If it is successful we can bet other companies will follow.

It is with common sense and clear reasoning that we are  able to understand the need for property rights, restrictions, and laws that are fair and equitable to all of us, once we understand that not all people are as concerned as we are with a fair days pay for a hard days work, keeping out toxic waste from our land and water, or with the rights of those who do not have the ability to stand up to large property owners, criminal activity, or just careless neighbors, that government does need to intercede on behalf of the people without any of us yelling, “Unconstitutional.”

When mankind does quit using justifications to justify greed, criminal activity, and power over the less fortunate, then the argument may lay more in  favor of the Tea Party but until then, we need to understand that government does not make property law but people who disregard the rights of others, establish law that government is forced into making in order to protect the greater good of all of us.

If any of us are standing around expecting that mankind will change after thousands of years we aren’t really using the common sense we all have an entitlement to use. Have a great weekend and let up on the justifications, as they become to easy and habit-forming, instead just be honest and  accept that sometimes we are entitled to just be lazy and the “honey do” list or the “bucket list” can wait. We are all more complete when we do things as time and energy are part of our day so we can act on what needs to be done and when we confront life with common sense over justifications or excuses. Enjoy!

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Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal either from birth or aging. It can most often be seen in 60 year olds and most older adults will all have some form of spinal stenosis by the time they reach relatively old age. Disc herniation, fractures, tumors, infection and degeneration with the aging process can all be causes of stenosis in adults. Age changes everything when Acquired stenosis is as a result of serious accidents injuring the spine and then there are no age specifics attached.

When an abnormality causes a narrowing of a canal then the neurologic (nerve) structures become irritated or compressed. This leads to a variety of symptoms ranging from tingling, numbness, severe pain that is persistent, and weakness and pain with physical activity. It can and does lead to disability in cases where damage becomes to congested to attempt the risk of surgery or when normal treatment of injections fail.

As I said in my previous post, ‘Matt Roloff And Owning Disability’ there are two different kinds of Spinal Stenosis. Although fairly rare, Congenital Lumbar Stenosis appears at an early age in adults between 30 and 40. The Congenital form of spinal stenosis is seen in individuals who are born with a narrow spinal canal. In these individuals, even minimal changes in the structure of the spine brought on by age can cause severe spinal stenosis. With severe spinal stenosis problems with the bowels and bladder also exists.

Congenital spinal stenosis is largely a mysterious condition than can neither be predicted or prevented. The onset does not distinguish by sex, race, or ethnicity, and is not associated with any particular occupation or body type.

Acquired lumbar stenosis is more common and generally develops in persons in their 60’s or older. This form of stenosis is caused by progressive changes in different spinal elements, as I mentioned above. As people age, all these different elements sag or bulge and form arthritis that narrows the spinal canal.

In my own case, although I have been told that my condition is my own fault as well as a rare familial disorder (depending on which Doctor I talked to and at which age I was treated, by different Doctors, as my records did not always follow me). I was told much later, after the fact, in my later thirties of the destruction and changes taking place in my spine and that my spine was in serious condition.

I was born of a mother who experienced scoliosis as a child. She spent 4 years in a body cast. Some studies do show that off-spring of mothers with Scoliosis can and do sometimes present with spinal defects, as well.

I also over-worked my spine and was hospitalized both at the age of 28 when x-rays showed shadows that indicated arthritis, following an hour and 45 minutes of CPR in the field as an EMT. My back pain began at the age of 19, and I did not seek medical help as it improved with exercise and I grew up in a family where back aches were as common as headaches.

We didn’t go to the Doctor as children when we were in pain and I was even made to work following torn ligaments in my knee. When my Mother finally did accept I was in pain, scar tissuing had set in and they could do nothing about it at that point. However my mother was yelled at such loud of a volume that I heard everything he said through the wall and for a great length of time by the Doctor who saw me. He warned her, that I would have arthritis at an early age because I was made to walk on it.

At age 32, I presented with sciatica down both legs and with nerves pinched in 5 locations on both sides of the spine in the low spine, and at this time the Neurologist treating me said I had a herniated disc while the Orthopedist threw the diagnosis out.

Eventually I would burst or break off a partial piece of the disc in question and black out from the pain. Since I was hospitalized for a month and anxious to return to normalcy, I went home and resumed my normal activities and the disc which wasn’t suppose to be there, burst or broke,( I’m sure that is the lay person term). I was not given any explanation for the pain beyond psycho-somatic until 5 years later when I was told, “it is nothing but wear and tear arthritis normal for my age,” which was 37 years of age at the time. Hind sight tells me the Orthopedist who I was sent back to was covering for his own mistake as his partner had previously, a year before this, told me I had Spinal Stenosis as had my regular Doctor.

I grew up on a farm where physical labor is always a requirement beginning in early childhood and had spent 18 months both tearing down a house as well as helping rebuild it at the age of 32. I had been use to hard physical work right along side my brothers and did not know that the upper strength in a woman is never comparable to the muscle strength in men. Yes I should have known that but didn’t at the time. There was no special treatment when it came to work on the farm just because my twin and I were girls.

Because I had completed the work and was doing simple work for four months after the completion of our home, I never was certain my back problem did have anything to do with our remodel. My own case, as to if I had congenital stenosis or acquired stenosis probably will remain a mystery to myself, as both in my situation have distinct possibilities due to both behavior and genetics’

I just generally accept that my spinal stenosis and disability depends on which Doctor has said which diagnoses is correct, and have learned that very seldom will a doctor reverse his/her own diagnosis. I do understand that once a disc does burst or break off,(again the correct term fails me but means the same thing. There are three classifications of a disc and I believe when it breaks it is called sequestration), not much can be done and there are a number of difficulties not necessarily related to each other, with my back.

To me it doesn’t really matter so much now as it once did, as either way I am left with the results and thankful my children have not inherited the same nor would I tolerate their over-using their backs or bodies as children.

Although there are a number of treatments that do give a great deal of relief to many people who do suffer as I did,in my own case I found that they met with mixed results. I cannot express enough that what works for one person and is a great success does not always work for the next person.

I did eventually go the rhoute of spinal injections to find that they failed as their effectiveness never lasted longer than 10 days. I did have micro-neural surgery for stenosis on one side of my spine but the other side was too compacted by the time I switched Doctors, to even attempt surgery. I was told by the Dr. that did surgery, many years later, the injections more than likely failed because the damage done to my spine was too extensive. I went through my alcohol days of drinking, like the majority of pain sufferers do, but quit cold turkey before going on narcotics.

I refused to take narcotics until after my children married, knowing the mood changes they can cause and I had already experienced that with alcohol. Ultimately a Doctor did prescribe narcotics and I found some improvement while taking both hydrocone and morphine, but when their effectiveness wore off, and I was only treating the addiction, I quit on my own, again cold turkey, rather than suffer the results often occurred by higher doses.

Most people do not realize that addiction from narcotic pain pills even when prescribed can begin within 5 days of treatment and I was on the hydrocodone at double normal dose for a period of 7 years and combined with morphine for 3 years. Because getting off the narcotics without any help was such a horrific experience, I refuse to take any narcotics now.

I may not have been able to stop the deterioration of my spine but I still have hopes of preventing my brain from deteriorating due to narcotics. For 45 years I did my best to assume responsibility and be there for my loved ones but the beauty of finally reaching the age that spinal stenosis is normal for most of us is; at the age of 67 I can finally take it easy and enjoy my retirement with my husband. When winter comes we will head south and play, again.

Acquired spinal stenosis is very prevalent on my father’s side of the family with Osteo-arthritis in both my parents families. I had both a great uncle on my mother’s side as well as several on my father’s side who were disabled by arthritis. There are also those who did abuse morphine and narcotics to the point they became mentally imbalanced and impaired. Spinal stenosis is very common in little people at earlier ages but not so common in normal height people under normal circumstances.

I write this, so those current today and future generations do not have to spend the amount of time that I did when I was left without any explanations and questioning my own sanity, as well as for all young adults who do not feel they are getting a qualified explanation as to why they are experiencing ambulatory pain or any pain for that matter. Before it gets really bad and persist, I highly reccomend that you see all the Doctors you need to see before you do feel you do get the explanation you need. Once pain becomes chronic it is very difficult if not impossible to treat.

I was under medical care when both ambulatory pain and pain that caused me to blackout did happen and still carry resentment that I did not understand the seriousness of back pain, or persist harder in any Doctor explaining what was happening to me that made an ounce of sense or recognize when I was being put off, or have an accurate diagnosis at a time when I might have been helped.

What would become perhaps the hardest problem of anything else that I had to deal with, minus the persistent severe pain, was either the inability or unwillingness of the Doctors that I dealt with to answer my questions. Today with the internet we can find many of our own answers that did not exist during the time I was left entirely in the dark to fend for myself, unless it is yet unknown by the medical profession. Well intentioned family and friends who force their own, “so called wisdom,” on us are only secondary to the confusion that we are left in when the medical profession either refuses to share information they have or can’t say “I don’t Know.”

It some cases questions were simply brushed off even while they treated me for a known serious back problem. When I complained about needing help and being in pain a couple of the Doctors either told me to stay on treatment that was causing symptoms of there own, or simply wrote in my records and refused to look at me while they said nothing or turned on their heels and walked out, another Doctor literally threw a bag of anti-depressants at me before he turned on his heels and walked out, and they weren’t even the worse that I had to deal with.

The truth is that medicine cannot help everyone but unless we try all options available to us, we run the risk of suffering needlessly. My experiences may be totally different from those who have the same conditions that I had because our bodies do not respond in the same manner to identical treatments. I think the majority of us would feel better if we were told by a Doctor that not all conditions are treatable. Sometimes the patient does need to accept the cure of what is wrong with them lies in our own behavior and as such when we change the behavior we will get better.

In my own case,when I accepted for myself that I had tried what was available with limited to negative success, it was time that I took control over my own condition and accepted it was simply up to me to make the best of what I could do for myself. I was smart enough to stay away from those who make adjustments to the spine,or chiropractors knowing that any kind of adjustment could cause a spur to injure my spinal cord and lead to paralysis and other complications. Ice packs and heating pads can often relieve more pain than can narcotics. Slowing down what was my normal activities and accepting disability became my best treatment. After that I learned, “If it hurts, stop or find another way to do the same.

There are great Doctors, good Doctors, and there are pathetic Doctors, but only three out of about 13 that I saw in total, who I could recommend and do often. I’m sure they are all good in their fields when they can make a difference in a person’s life, and they all do make a difference in the lives of others.The one that I resent the most was considered the best in the State before he got caught prescribing himself too many drugs and got disciplined for it, soon after treating me. I’m sure as an Orthopedist surgeon he did save a great deal of pain in others, I just don’t like being lied to by anyone.

The Best Doctor is always the Doctor each of us have the most confidence in as a Doctor, and who does his homework and remembers our condition and is not afraid to discuss the differences we are experiencing. I have never had a Doctor ask me how my back problems started after the initial diagnosis, other than the Doctor who did surgery on me. He was leaving to go on vacation the next day and delayed it until after he did surgery on me. A doctor can be 98% of any cure, because many times all a patient really needs in order to get better is time, and a Doctor they believe in. Doctors are no different from any other human being as either we connect with them or we don’t.

The better they are sometimes the worse their bedside manner is as when they are great they often are over-worked. They don’t bother me nearly as bad as those who put their own egos before the diagnoses or refuse to say they don’t know when truly they don’t or withhold information that I pay for in order to know the results.

I have always believed if I was a man seeing male Doctors, which they all were themselves, I would have been treated much differently, even though I understand they get frustrated too when they can’t help a patient. If I asked for information or complained too much about my back or shoulder that is greatly affected by the stenosis in my neck, the standard practice was to change the subject and order a mammogram or a pap smear to be scheduled.

That would ultimately take on a whole life of its own with diagnoses and treatment becoming totally disgraceful by the treatment of me by two doctors. I will spare the details as that part of my anatomy is not affected by problems of the spine and that is what this post is about along with my going through a history of unanswered questions.

I do know, intellectually, it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway if the original Orthopedist had of accepted the Neurologist’s finding of a herniated disc instead of throwing it out and it could have been much worse if the spinal stenosis was primary to the herniated disc in the first place. At this point I doubt I ever find out which came first the herniated disc that blew or the spinal stenosis.

Many more problems with many other discs bulging and herniating, followed by bone on bone and wearing down of the vertebrae, as well as spinal stenosis in my neck did follow my initial problems with the original herniated disc and the Lumbar stenosis. While spinal stenosis in the lumbar or low back region is most common with older adults it can also appear in the neck or right below the neck.  Many Doctors who practice a lifetime will never see a patient like myself who has spinal stenosis in both the low back and neck.

If Spinal stenosis was a primary cause and they had done a spinal infusion surgery and my back continued to drop as it has I could have possibly have been worse off. On the other hand if the herniated disc that burst, because I was told I did not have a disc problem so therefor didn’t know it burst, and it was the cause of everything else that followed perhaps I did have a chance through surgery. Through my own experiences and self- education I eventually understood, years later, when I blacked out that I blew the disc.

I was experiencing seizures, dizzy spells and sciatica in both legs but it was all being explained away by Doctors and the Physical therapist, so it was just more of the same to me at the time, when I did blackout. I was told I was getting up too fast when I could hardly move or sit up or they questioned if I had a back problem at all. Ultimately it led to treating me with prednisone and anti-depressants and telling me it was psycho-somatic but they knew it hurt. Back surgery itself comes with its own complications and many different types of back surgeries have been attempted with mixed results. Men reverse the table over women in these endeavors, and often pay the higher price for back surgeries that fail, since they are viewed as being less emotional than women, so I don’t know,myself, if I would have been better or worse off either way.

I have always been glad that they did nothing to worsen my back after the initial assault on it, by trying a surgery that would most certainly have failed later, and recognize their Hippocratic Oath as Doctors demands they do no harm. It is questionable if with holding information the patient is entitled to does not do more harm than good. Some people want to hear the truth where others wish to remain in denial. I was so clear that I needed answers in the beginning but did eventually quit asking as I knew it fruitless to even try, and by then the damage was done. I pretty much forget about the resentment until I hear some kind of foolish statement made.

My resentment certainly does not control my life since I do not hold grudges or carry a desire to get even and understand Doctors are human and we all do have our own share of win and loss records, but I’m not willing to deny that I will carry a tinge of resentment until I die, either.

To this day the only explanation I have ever gotten by the medical profession excludes all Doctors as to what spinal stenosis is, or what I was dealing with, or if spinal stenosis is primary or secondary to the herniated disc. I don’t even get call backs from Doctors on my MRI results after I have them ran, other than from the Dr. who did surgery.

Sometimes an office staff would call but mainly I had to call several times just to talk to a nurse. At this time in my life it became clear to me that any tests done on my back were simply ran to update my records as little to nothing changed in my treatment. When I asked questions I got a lot of, “I haven’t got a report back yet’, “the report was very sketchy”, or “the results are on the Doctor’s desk and he hasn’t read it yet.” They shared any other tests I had ran but never on my back.

When I called the Dr., who ran the cat scan initially and left the truth out about his own error, to ask him what my spinal stenosis was, a nurse told me he was busy but she could tell me it was calcium in the vertebra which really was the same as telling me nothing, since all arthritis of the spine involves calcium. The biggest difference is if it is outside or inside the spine. I actually appeared at the home of another Dr. and demanded knowing the truth to only be told to talk to the Dr. who refused to tell me the truth or to return my call.

Needless to say even I knew it was time to switch my entire team of Doctors, at this point, and it led me to a Doctor who is on my list of three and to the surgeon who will always remain number 1. Any questions I have, he answers, if I am smart enough to ask the right one and he has called me, personally himself, as late as 10:30 at night to discuss the results of testing I’ve had done. He doesn’t volunteer any information but he doesn’t leave me hanging with unanswered questions either.

I don’t ask him if my spinal stenosis is secondary or primary to the herniated disc because I know since he was not my Doctor of record he couldn’t nor would he be able to answer it. The damage is done and that won’t ever change nor will it give me back my young adult years. I feel Blessed that I refused to give up and have a long-lasting marriage, raised successful children, and have bright grandchildren, all of whom I love dearly.

It isn’t that I am a Pollyanna but more of a realist. I accept the fact that Doctors, like the general population do make mistakes. Some of them may think they are infallible but they are no different from the rest of us. If it didn’t happen to me it could have happened to some one else less equipped to deal with it and we always had great insurance coverage.

When ever it gets really difficult, I often ask, “If  not me then who?” and feel greatly relieved that my loved ones have not had to go through it as I have. My thinking wasn’t always so generous initially, but now that I made it through it, I’m pretty much grateful. I doubt I could have ever learned gratitude to the depth that I have, if I hadn’t of gone through it. It is true, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Since I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy, however, I am writing this post in hopes of sparing someone else and to tell you how important it is to take it easy with your backs, when they are hurting. Walking not lifting is the best exercise of all.

It was the responsibility of those who I dealt with in the beginning to be honest with me and when I was aggressively seeking answers to have had the decency to just sit down and explain to me what the effects of spinal stenosis would consist of, what it actually involves, and what happened that my back deteriorated so quickly that it was too late to do anything about it before I even celebrated my 40th birthday.

Through educating myself over the years I no longer need an explanation as I pretty well know by now what happened and why I am disabled. I had at my own disposal the symptoms that followed and I could track each with the knowledge that existed in Medicine at the time.

The after facts of being ignored and lied to however still remain and Instead of my questions being answered they either went ignored or I was left to research on my own in order to determine why I felt the pain I did and what led to the results I was dealing with, over the years. Even I know, I did receive pathetic treatment because the Doctors got their egos in the way and refused to say at least, “we don’t know”, or refer me to references to check out for myself.

As I mentioned previously, at that time there was very little information on the internet about spinal stenosis. I had symptoms effecting my entire body due to the drugs that often flared up other body systems as well as my spine and I had to discover which was spinal stenosis and which was drug related since no one ever did tell me my entire body could be systematic of the injury to the spine.

There certainly was never any listing of Congenital stenosis at the time I was researching or much of any explanation of someone my age having so many problems. I almost hoped it was mental because I always had the attitude, “Id rather be dead than in a wheelchair,” and if it was mental I had more hope than I had if it was physical, was my thinking at the time although I have reversed the same by now.

When I looked up stenosis it spoke about blockage of the heart. Spinal Stenosis was very scarce to non- existent and when I did find something it was pretty much the same as I got from the nurse and one sentence. Our local library had nothing so I bought books along with a medical dictionary and started looking. Today it is quite easy to gain information on spinal stenosis on the internet.

I end this then by again stressing that what I suffered at a young age is more of a rarity in backs than a regular thing but I also want to stress that care of a back is extremely important as are the answers to what we can do to help prevent further damage is, when we are fortunate enough to get the answers we need. If nothing else, remember to always lift with the knees and not the back and if it is heavy let a lift do the work.

Most back pain, especially in someone as young as I was, is only because mankind began life on all fours before they evolved to the upright position and as a result most backaches are because the human back was not designed for the upright position. (I Know this Science drives those who throw Evolution out– mad:) The majority of back pain can be easily treated and does not require surgery. It is important to listen to our own bodies because pain is a warning sign, and I write this as a reminder for those of you who ignore it, as I did.

For all others who are dealing with a future that may or may not lead to physical disability, I hope you read my long post entitled “Matt Roloff And Owning Disability,” and in doing so you can gain a nugget or two of inspiration or perhaps learn from my mistakes, when my own common sense failed me.

I had no intentions of making this or my other post on owning disability as personal as I have, but if someone else recognizes themselves in my behavior or treatment, and I can help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into with self-doubts, I gladly share my own personal story. Have a good day or do something that works for you if the rest of the day sucks.

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It has been obvious to me and the majority of us for years that Tru T.V. owned by CNN has been placing together re-enactments by pathetically bad actors and actresses and calling it reality t.v.

I don’t doubt that these people do exist and are real under the titles they use but come on, If a pawn shop in Detroit, a City that is bankrupt, was throwing out as many angry customers per day as they do on Hard Core Pawn the customers along with the employees would be disappearing in droves. 

This Pawn Shop could not exist in business with so many upset and angry customers in any size of a City, where the body guards were consistently throwing out the customers while a family who was constantly yelling at both the customer and amongst themselves would not also drive away business and leave behind a business that left a sour taste in the stomachs of all of it’s employees. 

The re-po shows on TruT.V. and the logging shows on the History network speak for their own pathetic staging.  A 5 year old child can spot them.  The fights that just so happen to break-out on their Storage War auctions on TruT.V. seemingly do not exist on other networks and even if they did the acting is so poor as to feel as though we are being set-up or staged ourselves, if we fall for this crap.  

Could the main reason we know these shows are fake, beyond the obvious, possibly be because the majority of people in America regardless of poverty, back ground, or race are civil in the face of adversity, as the majority of us who  use our brains for something other than trash television, already understand?

Sure repossessing anything can be a dangerous occupation but the hot heads are not as prevalent as shown on TruTV.  The great majority of people who cannot pay are begging for another chance or asking the re-po people to wait if the repo people are even spotted, or stay hidden out of shame or embarrassment.  People who repossess vehicles learn when we are working, at the mall, or sleeping and are good at getting in and out without being caught.  It is their job to use their heads and to alert as few people as possible to what they are doing. A very few times in the career of a re-po person will the owners catch them and then a very few  may get angry and raise their voices but If fist fights add to the appeal of these shows for our enjoyment then what must it say about the intelligence of the American people who watch them?

If any of us believe this is True television then is it any wonder people fall for the rhetoric of the Tea Party or believe they actually care about paying off the deficit?  I say Hooray Chris Christy for exposing the dangerous rhetoric that is spealed by the Tea Party leaders and especially,  Rand Paul and the likes of Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz.

But I digress so getting back to the exploitation of ignorance on cable television, we cannot leave out the worse offender of all.  Hands down the award of stupid goes to TLC’s Honey Boo Boo.  I smiled when it beat out the Republican Convention in the ratings but come on people, I have been in the South many times and to use a show like Honey Boo Boo to depict people of the South just as using Hard Core Pawn to depict people in Detroit is an injustice to both. Do any of us really believe that a family of 19 and Counting can afford to travel, when there is no visible means of income in a family who works separate from the show, beyond that paid for by the sponsors of the show? Don’t we understand away from the show this family would in reality be living in poverty?

The television crews and networks went looking for people who would agree to act or play stupid or actually found a few and put them on the television to be exploited by the people who do the programing for cable networks. 

It is the only explanation for the junk that is available for the viewing by those of us who are as equally stupid to believe this is reality t.v. or whose lives are so boring as to believe these shows are not a waste of our own intelligence and in that regard, in my opinion, anyone who watches these shows are also being exploited.

I agree there are  some shows as equally staged and called reality t.v. that are enjoyable; Such as the Iowa pickers on American Pickers, on the History network,
whose Nashville store I have been in and is constantly mentioned by them. It is smaller than mind or your living rooms and was empty other than for a few over-priced items and what I would call junk or perhaps better yet, trash, since I have been collecting antiques for 40 years I do understand the difference, in my opinion. As all of us do know, however, people who want something bad enough will pay almost anything, myself included, but in my opinion the old buggy seat and the sofa losing it’s stuffing were nothing a self-respecting mouse or flea would sit up a home in much less be appealing to people who thought they might like to buy antiques; After all that is what it has been billed as being on the show.

Both the ratty buggy seat and the primitive sofa took up a great deal of the floor space leaving little room for anything else other than a man’s leather jacket that was ‘crispy’ and children’s worn out boots that were overpriced and would sell for 50 cents at Goodwill. A couple other items picked from the show were on display as well; A machine that was over-priced and the red outdoor arrow along with a few other items, but certainly nothing that I may have been interested in buying.

I certainly wasn’t going to buy something simply because it was picked by them while on television. Sadly, though I do think there probably are people who would. Another large Michelin man was not for sale. Otherwise they sold caps and t-shirts of their television show, when I stopped by to check it out in February. The majority of that large warehouse they bought is taken up with a candy store and a workout gym in business and takes up more than half of the warehouse. Perhaps a whole sum of 4 people could stand in what the Pickers refer to as their music jamming section, which is nothing more than a small corner of the room. I was not impressed and my husband could not even get the car parked fast enough for me to view the merchandise and be out the door.

The Vegas Pawn Stars also brings in a lot of humor usually at the expense of and as a result of Chumlee, even though sometimes I think Chumlee is more intelligent and ambitious than the rest of the crew, and most of it is just put on and done for the audience on the History Network. I do enjoy these shows along with a few others, myself. I’m grateful the people in charge of programing decided to have customers bring in items and get estimates instead of the original idea that program gurus initially had and that was to have hold-ups at the night window of the pawn shop. Had they done this instead, it would have been just another fake and stupid reality show.

My complaint is with the so-called reality shows which start exploiting the apparent ignorance found in the American population under the guidance of pure stupidity or violence. In my estimation, something is seriously wrong with the viewing public who watches these shows. Can’t most of us agree there just has to be something innately immoral about paying people who obviously lack any kind of self-respect or dignity in abundance to pretend it is normal behavior and call it reality? What about us, the people who watch these shows, so that their ratings increase? When television shows try to depict reality as not pretend on the part of the people whose behavior is poor to pathetic, then aren’t the networks really setting these people up to look stupid through exploitation? Aren’t we being duped by the Networks who pass it off as being true t.v. or reality and don’t we give them permission to think the American public is stupid every time we watch this trash and it goes up in the ratings?

I am not denying the right of all people to, “different strokes for different folks” and there are a few of the cable shows that are legit, informative, and in some cases even humorous and educational, but come-on people aren’t some of these shows an insult to our own intelligence after a hard or monotous day of work? To count on the accuracy of any cable network shows after the mermaid hoax and shark week on the Discovery station and 5 years of aliens being
reported as real and living amongst us on the History network as educational fact, when it is anything but, is to leave those who count on television to educate themselves brain dead and uninformed of both truth and facts.

Is it any wonder that many of us feel cable networks are taking advantage of all of us with assumptions we are all ignorant? Maybe it is time that we all stop at the library on our way home and pick up a book so that cable television drops these trash shows that only exploits all of us. If we never develop our own intelligence beyond the level of cable t.v. can any of us imagine just what we are turning loose with our children on both the work and school environment in America? Think about it. Have a good day all!

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I think many amongst us, who are not schooled in the knowledge of feminists would be surprised to know; many of the leaders in the feminist and civil rights movements actually began in the various monasteries and sister-hoods with-in the Catholic Church. Even gay rights was a very early movement began by Nuns in America.

Where there have been many contributors to the causes amongst both the religious and the clergy in the Catholic Church in America, Rome, has always remained steadfast in it’s retraction of support for these causes.

Today we know about the “Nuns On The Bus”, outwardly criticism of Tea Party and Candidate for Vice President, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s, austere drive against the poor but long before women and minorities gained equality of any kind it was the movements within the Catholic Church in America, who played a responsible role in the causes for equality in America.

For those who were/are considered liberal in the Church there were/are an equal amount who were/are considered Conservative who upheld/uphold the law of the Church in the Conference of Bishops according to the dictates of Rome.

Just as this has always been true and still is true today, the same has always followed throughout the History of the Church. This assembled group of Conservative men, within the Church, have always been influential in having their views heard, sometimes at the destruction of the Churches’ views, in my and many others opinions within the Church.

Today I write about just one of the views within the Catholic Church that has always and will continue to separate the faithful of the Catholic Church. That is the view of a woman’s right to choose abortion over the loss of her own life. The Church teachings is that a woman must die for the sake of the fetus even though the fetus fails to thrive when the woman dies.

Today the “Personhood Bills” that takes the rights of women to choose their own destiny away from women, is being sponsored by Conservative Politicians in the “Red States” where Conservative views are suggesting, as in the past, that it is the moral view of the majority, to pass such bills.

We know from past elections this simply is not the majority view of Americans. In many incidences this bill has already passed in States where Conservative Doctrine is being dictated to the People, in totally controlled Republican Legislatures without the vote of the people.

Perhaps because I am more familiar with the name of Margaret Traxler, than most, because she hailed from the bread basket of America, where I have also lived the majority of my life, I took a deep interests in her feminists views.

The other thought, I have, is it may be because Sister Traxler was an intricate part of my own ability to question and to use common sense in the role of authority. I do have to ask where does any Church or Legislature get the authority to subtract Constitutional rights and God given free will from women, so that they feel these rights can to be denied by men, in the first place?

I have always felt that all Christian Religion should support the causes of those more poorly treated by Society, rather than deny them rights already granted. The role of Religion, in my estimation, should be to protect rather than to deny equality granted to all of us.

When history tells us it was women who carried on and established the practice of Christianity following the crucifixion of Christ, it has always left me uncomfortable in the knowledge that the beliefs of women should be secondary to men and in times of the History of Christianity, squelched, entirely, within Religion. Without the work of women many believe that Christianity would never have survived.

I personally believe that Margaret Traxler dropped Sister Traxler in her cause for Civil Rights and Equality, for two reasons:
1. She was being sanctioned by Rome to cease and desist.
2. Because she knew herself, she was crossing the line between Church and State in the expression of her views.

First, Margaret Traxler, as she would later wished to be called, although she remained in the Religious Sisterhood of Notre Dame Sisters until her death, was a person fighting for what was the right thing to do in America and for all Americans to be heard.

Sister Traxler was borne in 1924 in Henderson, Minnesota, the daughter of a Country Doctor and a mother who was a nurse. She entered the novitiate of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1942 and her education would be extensive following the taking of her vows, including getting her Doctrine degree.

She first came to my attention when I was questioning a great deal in my own personal life about the discrepancies in what the Catholic Church taught as how they applied the same teachings to their own behavior in the 1980’s.

Much stands out in my mind about the accomplishments of Sister Traxler, that I admire, from her march on Selma, Alabama with Martin Luther King, Her involvement in the protests of the Viet Nam War, being both an assistant and a Director of educational services while establishing integregated schools, her participation on the staff of the National Catholic Conference for International Justice, and even the award given to her by Golda Meier,but nothing caught my attention more than her work as a feminist.

None of us will truly know to the fullest extent that Sister Traxler was sanctioned by the Church when she took her view on abortion but we do know much was made and said at the time from within the Church and the Conference of Bishops in America against the advertisement printed in the New York Times.

In 1984 Sister Traxler was one of 26 Religious Sisters who signed their names to an advertisement in the New York Times entitled “A Catholic Statement On Pluralism and Abortion.”

The ad stated that there are more than one Catholic positions on abortion, and called for religious pluralism and the discussion within the Church.
The ad stated and showed results of the poll taken at the time amongst Catholic membership, the results were: only 11% of Catholics in good standing within the Church were against all abortions, irregardless.

The ad read that the great majority of Catholics found and reached understanding for the necessity of abortion. When we take into consideration that the Equal Rights Amendment had only been signed into law, a mere 13 years at the time, then we must acknowledge those with the best memories and who lived through the tragedy of non-equality clearly favored a woman’s right to choose.

Sister Traxler would ultimately uphold the teachings of abortion taught in the Church, but would then choose to go by her given name following the advertisement. She continued to dedicate her life to equality in America, up until she suffered a devastating stroke in 2000. She died two years later in 2002.

Two other sisters, who were much braver in my opinion, but unfortunately names that I fail to remember, would be expelled from the sisterhood for taking the views of a woman’s right to choose.

I am not sure that my analogy of “braver” is a just analogy since leaders of all movements are made to feel greater pressure than fellow members. Perhaps Sister Traxler felt she could accomplish more within the Religious community than she could out of it, as her record speaks for itself.

I simply write this post today to point out one of the things I did admire about my training as a Catholic was the encouragement that I did get from the Religious Sisterhood to think for myself.

I have always believed equality is not handed out in parcels but given in its entirety to all people, and until Women get complete and equal treatment under the law and in the work place with the white male, people of other Races, Creeds, and Sexual orientations will be denied as well.

Feminism is so much more than just the fight for equality for women, as it embraces equality for all people around the World, and Sister Margaret Traxler practiced and lived that belief.

It was only after listening to the views of those who profess to place Conservative views on all of us as the view of the Churches over those of a more compassionate view held by other beliefs in the Churches in America, that I realized my beliefs do matter.

I know Christ did Teach the more liberal views held by the Church and threw out much of what was previously written as acceptance of morality in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Christ taught the love of God for His children over the severe punishment by an angry God often spoken of in verses of the Old Testament. The use of Stoning against women and children as being against God’s will just as usurping the authority of God to Judge his children, appear for the first time in the teachings of Christ.

When I saw the discrepancies of the Conservative held views were often times self-limiting and I felt unjust, I walked away from all established Religion, rather than accept the limited view of equality that was becoming louder in the Churches across America.

I still refer to myself as Christian because I did not walk away from the interpretation of what Christianity was meant to be. I perhaps am more Christian today than I was while listening to views, I could not nor never would accept. There are thousands just like myself, because of the lack of equality taught in the Churches, who struggle with leaving their Churches, just as I did.

I do feel the next time any Church questions why they are losing more people in their own Churches or their Congregation are leaving to join another Church or becoming Agnostic or Atheists, the Churches themselves, must first take a good look at their own backyards.

Instead of blaming higher education and Satanists leanings and the poisoning of views by Liberals who encourage self-expression and equality for all of mankind, they need to guard first against the practice of hypocrisy as well as against the division of equality, within their own ranks.

Democracy spells equality and inclusion for all, just as should Christianity also spell the same, but sadly, the more Conservative Government gets in America and the more Conservative Religion gets the larger the erosion of equality also becomes. This is not my opinion but shows up in the study of past history.

I ask everyone today to think about where our thoughts and stands comes from and on what we base it, within our own individual consciousness, without the voice of our families, ministers, or politicians ringing in our ears.

Are we still even capable of distinguishing what our own consciences tell us or has that been replaced by propaganda, bias and divisiveness, another person’s own interpretation, or what we think other people think we should believe?

It is never a bad question for any of us to ever ask ourselves as in the end of each of our lives, it will be our own personal beliefs that we do get judged on.

There will be no more excuses left as to why we did not use our own intellect and free will, given to us as gifts by our Creator, in the final analysis of life. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Was George Zimmerman a want-to-be-cop? In my opinion he lived for the day that law enforcement would give him a chance to join the force.

I typically do not offer an opinion until after a jury comes in with a verdict but with all the speculation going on, “why not I offer an opinion as well.” I will precede forward with my own analogy and the reasons I believe as I do.

The facts are:

1. both sides agree that George Zimmerman was a member of Neighborhood watch. Those of us who are familiar with neighborhood watch understand when we sign up, we are instructed to simply report suspicious activity to the local law enforcement.

2. We are warned not to follow or try to apprehend the people or person we feel are out of place in our neighborhoods. We are warned against entering our own homes or unlocking or leaving our cars if we suspect suspicious activity in or near our vicinity and to report the same in our own neighborhood.

Furthermore common sense can tell us when George Zimmerman was told about a break in at his neighbors house by two African Americans,the actions of George Zimmerman were an attempt to solve the break-ins. Why else would he break all the rules that were taught him in the Neighborhood Watch Program, if not?

What we don’t know is if some law-enforcement officer encouraged George Zimmerman to take on the responsibility of arming himself and investigating the same or if George Zimmerman thought he could add a feather to his cap if he would find those who did break-in. Trayvon Marten was not one of them and that has been made clear.

We Know George Zimmerman took a College Course on profiling in relationship to being a law enforcement officer and his Professor said he got high marks even while George Zimmerman denied he knew anything about the same.

We understand that want-to-be-cops count into the thousands across our Nation. We know, as a general rule, these want-to-be-cops can and do make a pest out of themselves. Very rarely does one ever get admitted to law enforcement. These want-to-be-cops usually get assigned to the newbies to be let down gently. If they don’t take the hint they get chased out. Very rarely will one be granted a chance to try out as an officer.

These want-to-be-cops use words like perpetrator or suspects when they contact law enforcement, just as George Zimmerman did. You and I say things like, “I hope I am not over-reacting, but there is something suspicious going on in my neighborhood watch area, when we call in to report suspicious activity.

We also know the following:

1.We do know neither the defense team or the Prosecutors denied that George Zimmerman used language not typical of the lay person when placing his call to 911.

2. Zimmerman followed Trayvon after being told to stop by the 911 operator, both in the car and on foot.

3. We know George Zimmerman armed himself, even though to do so is against the rules of the Neighborhood Watch program.

4. We know George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin just as police officers profile people they suspect of possible crime.

Doesn’t our common-sense make it fairly easy to understand that these are all the actions of a want-to-be-cop?

To wear a hoody in the rain is just common sense. Haven’t we all turned around and walked backwards rather than have rain hit us in the face and don’t we also cut across when it is raining? Who amongst us can honestly say we have never looked in a window when the blinds aren’t pulled, just out of curiosity, while passing a home? Most of us do like to see how another home is furnished.

If you doubt me, I suggest you have an open-house and if you don’t find out the neighbors show up to snoop, you should be more surprised when they don’t than when they do. Trayvon’s behavior was pretty normal and not classified as odd by the majority view.

Going to the store to get candy and a drink at night time is not suspicious behavior either,but instead what most teenagers do. Remember we only have George Zimmerman’s word that any of this behavior, even happened.

It is a sad statement of fact when the only voice in a Court room is that of the defendant George Zimmerman, when he could simply have stayed in the car, not followed Trayvon on foot, or walked away when Trayvon ran to get away. How many chances did George Zimmerman need to have before using deadly force and chose not to? We should all be heart broken, by the results of George Zimmerman’s behavior and the law that allowed the end results to happen.

Shouldn’t the larger question be,” why was George Zimmerman out on patrol acting as a “Barnie Fife” if not to find African American males or if he was investigating a crime, knowing full well it broached both the ethics and rules of the Neighborhood Watch Program?

The only thing we do not know, if we listen to the defense team speak is; who was the aggressor in the case? They tried to convince us it was Trayvon Martin as it is the defense job to do so, if they are going to claim self-defense.

How can any of us not call on our own common sense and ask ourselves if being followed in the dark by someone so intent on doing so, as George Zimmerman was, that he first follows Trayvon in a car and then he gets out and follows Trayvon on foot, is not an act of aggression?

In my opinion what ever the jury decides, it was Trayvon Martin who was acting in self-defense whether he threw the first punch or not. Trayvon was clearly being harassed by a stranger who placed him under great fear of bodily harm.

I hope there isn’t a person who calls themselves a parent, who will argue that finding, knowing it could be their own child, tomorrow. Would you want your child followed both by car and on foot by a stranger only to have your child end up dead, and call it justice? Could you show half the class that Trayvon Martin’s parents have?

It is not a crime to follow anyone in America but it is an assault on common decency and a total lack of respect for humanity to do so, knowingly, under the conditions that George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin. Sadly, stupidity is not a crime, either.

If George Zimmerman did not see his actions as harassment, which is a crime, then why did he behave as he did? Stupidity is also not a defense against the law. Would any of us leave our vehicle on a rainy dark night, if not to harass or to prevent forward movement of a person, especially after being told not to?

If we are acting in this manner because we think we can please law enforcement and inform on a possible link to a crime as an informer, because we want to be part of law enforcement, then wouldn’t it make more sense if we behaved as George Zimmerman did?

That is the bigger question, we all have to ask ourselves, honestly. Does everything have to be set aside or debated as law before our common sense and common decency tells us more than what we heard in this Court room in this case?

A jury, however, has to face the facts presented in the case. I know this was a difficult case to decide after it was presented. We do not have to use anything other than our own common sense.

I am the first to admit that all any of us can do is to speculate, since only George Zimmerman is left to tell what happened and inconsistencies all lay in his favor, when he speaks. Was George Zimmerman so desperate to join the police force that he saw giving law enforcement the lead they needed on the robberies and break-ins, in the neighbor hood, was going to give him a step-up into realizing his dream?

Was all, George Zimmerman, needed to break the case open for the police officers, in his mind, was an African American, he called a suspect, walking the Streets in the dark?

Was this going to be his ticket to helping solve the crimes in his own mind? Remember the only thing George Zimmerman wanted his wife to hear was, ” I shot someone.”

In my opinion this should have been the course taken by the prosecutors from the opening gate out. Not a single eye-witness saw the beginning or the finish and for the prosecution to begin with the eye witnesses who only saw snippets of what happened, instead of loading their case with the want-to-be-cop approach which George Zimmerman clearly was, they lost the jury before they could even establish their own case or bring forth the lack of DNA found on Trayvon Martin.

Had they began with the fact that George Zimmerman was the clear aggressor because he was out acting like a Barney Fife and taking the law into his own hands, they would have more likely have kept the jury understanding what it was that George Zimmerman did do wrong and what led to the fight in the first place. In my opinion the prosecution only added to the defense’s theory and played right into their hands.

Juries are lay people who are untrained in law and the presentation of the law to the juries is mind boggling at best. Research shows the vast majority of people form an opinion of another in the first 15 minutes of meeting someone. That also means the attention span of the majority of us last 15 minutes, as well. Any notes taken by the jury would simply be taken to back up the opinion they reached in the beginning stages of the trial.

When police and prosecutors work hand in hand in solving crime, rarely do prosecutors point a finger at police informers or possible police involvement nor do they leave open that possibility for the defense to investigate. Evidence in regards to wanting to be a cop or vigilante justice abounds in this case, by nothing more than the actions taken by George Zimmerman.

The Lead prosecuting attorney, failed to take this route, in my estimation, due to political pressure. Anyone who does not view this case as being purely political has not been paying attention to the entire case.

If the robberies and break-ins had been reported as having been done by Hispanics or Caucasians, or Asians, George Zimmerman would have behaved the exact same way towards anyone of them as he did towards Trayvon Martin.

I am so convinced of this, because I am convinced that George Zimmerman has all the traits of a want-to-be cop as well as he behaved exactly as a want-to-be-cop would behave. If he had stopped when told to by the 911 operator, I might feel differently.

Since George Zimmerman did not heed the advice of the 911 operator he is guilty of causing the death of Trayvon Martin, through no ones fault but George Zimmerman’s own. No one can deny, if George Zimmerman
had of taken the advice of 911,
Trayvon Martin, would still be alive.

With “Stand your ground laws” in 22 States, if these laws are not done away with immediately in the next elections, and George Zimmerman is not found guilty of ignoring the 911 operator and taking the law into his own hands, we are certainly going to see many more innocent people killed in America.

That is my opinion and I am sticking to it,regardless of what the jury says. If they find George Zimmerman “not guilty”, then I sincerely know this case will be appealed to a higher authority, even if it is not done on earth, but in Heaven.

Am I proud of myself for being so certain? No, I am not, but when it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, and walks like a skunk, I have learned not to let go of my gut instincts or the facts.

If I am wrong, my intuition along with my past history, also tells me I will pay the price for making a false judgment call based on years of my experience in human nature.

I hope I am wrong, because I never want to hear another case like this one again, in a court of law. As parents of a child, Trayvon Martin’s parents, YOU, have all the respect anyone can ever gain, from many folks who believe as I do. God Bless you and your loved ones, always.

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Somewhere over the last 30 years some women have seemingly forgotten we were granted the power of Free will, no differently from the male gender, by our Maker or Creator.

The very same people who relied on birth control, themselves, seem to be very remote in their own memories when it comes to granting the equality of choice to future generations.

It is reminiscent of the older Prostitute, who gains respectability through marriage, and then sits in judgment of the young woman who gets pregnant out of marriage the first time she has sex or when the often told joke in the South touched more on truth than humor.

It was often repeated in the South, accordingly:” I know I got her pregnant Paw but I hain’t going to marry her.” Why not Son? “Because she was a virgin when I met her.” “Well then son if she hain’t good enough for her own family, then she hain’t good enough for our own.”

As the numbers of rape done through strangers, acquaintances, and incest are being denied amongst those who now understand the life-long horrors done to women by rape, while the numbers remain constant or grow, the same people who are most aware, seemingly, want to deny women in even greater numbers, their right to choose.

Too often women, who understand and fight for both our equality and inalienable legal rights granted through “The Equal Rights Amendment”, and our moral right of free will, that separates us from the animal species, are branded as if the fight for equality is a dirty word and done by evil women who are branded as feminists.

Sadly, because of the negative twist that is too often applied to the word feminist it is a word that too many times gets used as a word of disrespect amongst those who deny the equality of genders. Feminists ranks right up there with the word “bitch” that is too often applied to competent women.

When I read the series of books entitled the “Good Wife” or see women gather to learn to better please their husbands in bible groups or in scrap booking groups in individual homes, I am left with a sense of deja vu all over again. Throughout history women have been there and done that while being made to feel the guilt of a marriage that fails.

The Conservative movement in America is really doing a major disservice to the equality of women who come out of cultures who have not advanced to the equality entitled to all Americans or who are made to carry the guilt of blame of what are determined to be deteriorating families in the eyes of the “Good Old Boy” system.

It is true that there are both men and women who marry and neither remains faithful and it is equally true women file for far more divorces than what men do. What women fail to hear are the reasons that women are left to file for divorce.

Men rarely take the vows of matrimony as serious as women do. If it wasn’t for a woman’s insistence of marriage many men would be content to reproduce themselves without the benefit of marriage vows and without legal restrictions to support the child. It is a fact that women to a larger percentage over men, marry for life.

When vows are broken through infidelity, domestic abuse is present, refusal to maintain a family financially exists, and trust is lost, Divorce is most often the burden left for women to carry through on. Although women are guilty of all the same above faults these are faults largely attributable to failures in men.

Men are much more likely to use the lack of a divorce as an excuse to not re-marry again but to move in together without strings attached over women’s desire to re-stabilize their own future prospects. When these above faults are present in the men who women marry too many times women are made to feel guilt that they some how caused the weakness in these men who never had the character of backbone in the first place.

Women are better educated and as such they are becoming the larger bread earners in America today. Men are more content to stay home to help out and raise families, than they have been in the past but a man’s idea of child rearing too often means hiring a nanny or cleaning Lady so he can be free to discover himself.

When parents fail to teach empathy and responsibility to children so children grow up understanding the world isn’t just about them and their wants and needs but also about the wants and needs of those we hold most dear, friends, neighbors, and family who depend on us, families fail. Laziness, Selfishness, or a lack of empathy is not now nor has it ever been gender specific.

I urge all women of all races and backgrounds to remember the word Feminists is a word we all need to be proud of, as it is or should be, the battle cry of all women who seek the justice of moral free will and inalienable legal rights for all people.

It should never matter if Americans are men or women or if they are people who work, breathe, eat, pray, love, vote, drive, gather, marry, remain single, dedicate their lives to others, raise families, stay at home, or discover their own substantial worth or value in America, they are all equal because of the efforts and sacrifices of feminists.

We can never forget that without Civil Rights workers, suffragists, and feminists we would never be able to vote in 2014; Nor would we rank any higher in the eyes of mankind as any one other than a man’s property or chattel.

We need to stop the deterioration taking place by the Conservative movement in America, in an effort to gain back our moral right to free will granted to us by our Creator and our legal rights of equality granted to us by the Equal Rights Amendment by voting as the most powerful block of voters in 2014.

The disgrace in America is not deterioration of families because of the feminists but rather deterioration of respect due to those Americans who hide behind Religious Freedom as an excuse to deny Americans the equality due all of us regardless, of sexual orientation, race, Creed, or gender through the Conservative movements and paid for groups who speak for individual Conservatives in America.

When we become like too many members of the Tea Party who openly say: “it is not my problem if their house falls in the bay, if they do not have Social Security, or if a poor man in a coma dies due to lack of insurance.”; then we can no longer deny the lack of empathy for all Americans is at the crux of the problem.

When we tell those who promote these ideas and attitudes that they are dead wrong at the voting polls through our votes next year perhaps they too will see the faults in their reasoning.

In order for women to right the wrongs, and trust me, it will take women as history has always dictated that it does. We need to begin to turn around the narcissistic movements under way in America through consensus of sisterhood.

It is equally important that we use the elections on the horizon, by joining in fellowship with those politicians whose records prove they also seek justice for all, regardless of gender.

We begin now, by both parents empowering our own children and grandchildren with the power of empathy for all by teaching them charity and sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. We need not be fooled by those who conclude the false assumption,” that a hand up”, is just another name for Socialism.

If both parents fail in teaching the future generations understanding and compassion for others’ rights beyond their own, then Democracy will fail for all of us. Lets get started living by teaching through our own example today. Our actions must match our spoken words if we are to be successful in our own endeavors as parents of the next generations.

The Free will of all future generations depend on it, if we are ever going to have equality for all. None of us ever know if we will be the next one to need a hand-up tomorrow and that we can all take to the bank, even politicians.

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This has been previously published by me but it does us all well to be reminded in the current environment that our children need to be made aware that we adults are always fighting for their need to feel secure and safe.

Sadly there are too many adults who claim to be representing the best interest of our children while neglecting the most innocent amongst us. I will continue to post reminders, every once in awhile, just as I did this post ,previously, until we all know that all of our children are safe:

I’ve heard it for years now that “children are flexible” and I have always wondered about the truth in the belief. It is true that children are more accepting than adults. At least in the beginning years of their lives.

Watch children playing at a playground side by side and one can readily see their acceptance of each other. They play together by playing around each other without really communicating. They reach the same place at the same time and one will instinctly go under while one goes over or one will squeeze to the side or stand back and let another pass without ever communicating the direction that each will take.

It is only later, say in about the 9th year of their life that they appear to start noticing the differences between themselves. Much of the cruelty we see in children comes from the environment of their own homes and is spread through out the school grounds or on school buses. I doubt that acceptance and flexibility are the same. I believe that children effected by trauma are no different from adults who are effected by trauma. We see so many obese children, with some being diet related, but isn’t there also the possibilty that children are stuffing their feelings down with comfort food no different from what adults do?

I know adults who have no memory of their childhood because they have learned to block it. Is it a learning that started in childhood where they began blocking trauma so have no memory of it as adults? Do quiet children who go off and play while saying little to nothing of their trauma as accepting as what we are made to believe. If so why do the symptoms of the same often wait to express themselves in suppressed memories through health problems decades later?

The medical field sees children younger and younger who are suffering from anxiety, stress related illness, psychosis, and other ailments considered adult related in the past. The arguments stand, “it is just a better ability to diagnose earlier.”

If so is that a symptom of children suffering their traumas in silence in years past? Children go into denial and start fanatasizing a better life for themselves, where abuse is present, and isn’t that in truth the same behavior we see in adults when their life doesn’t work according to what their plans for themselves were in their youth? Did this behavior begin in childhood and then just got set aside temporarilly when things appeared to be working for the adults who then switched to denial to justify why their dreams did not come true, later?

If children are so flexible then why do children of alcoholics grow up to be alcoholics? Why do children of abusers grow up to abuse? Why do children of drug users grow up to use drugs? Why do children of batterers grow up to batter? Why do sexually abused boys sexually abuse as men while sexually abused girls become promiscuous?

Many times there are a great deal of withdrawal symptoms in form of social developement in all of these children. It is not unusual that parents instead determined their child to be shy, emotionally immature, or sadly too often, “they are just happy normal children” when that is so far from the truth. I understand that none of these patterns of behavior are set and true in all children of parents that behave badly. Sometimes the children will actually use their parent’s behavior as a pattern as to how not to behave. We refer to it as learned behavior or environmental but isn’t it also possible that it is as a result of trauma in infancy or childhood and in truth our children are not so flexible, after all?

I maintain that unless, we as a Society, get over the idea that children are flexible and start paying more attention to them, when they do speak, that we will ultimately be inviting government into every facet of our lives. If we want laws that protect us, we must first begin with our children in order to eliminate the need of government in lesser degrees, in our lives later.

The long and short of laws and government is that if “we the people” are doing our job and accepting our responsibility then there is never a need for government to intrude into our lives. My experience has always been that government is an asset to all of us who pay our taxes, bills, take care of what we can afford and follow the laws of our States. When we can’t we should never be ashamed for asking our government for a hand up because many others are just a pay check away, themselves, from having to ask government for help. I have never seen the person who complained about their taxes going to the hungry who did not have to learn that lesson as well.

As long as children continue to be used as pawns amongst divorcing parents. Ignored, neglected, or bought off by the self-centered. Severely abused by the irresponsible, spiteful, or mean spirited parents, adults, or care givers or left to go hungry by the narcissistic personalities amongst us; then we are opening up the flood gates of government to move into all of our living rooms.

If any of those words seem to be harsh then consider yourself what words you would use when it comes to abusing an innocent child, neglecting a child because a parent ignores the child’s emotional needs over their own, or an adult believes children with less opportunity should be left to die of starvation? We all must realize our own responsibility or take a position on how to deal more effectively with the most innocent amongst us, if we truly consider ourselves human. If Americans cannot be grateful and give back then WHO? Luckily, most Americans do understand and realize that their own success has been as a result of generosity and opportunity.

Too often over-worked and under paid Children Protective Services only return these children to dysfunctional homes so they are offended again. When I think of some of the foster care homes that I have known, personally, I shudder. I do understand that in many cases they are a God-send over the abusive homes many of these children come from, just as well. As a Nation we should not have to be dealing with children in adult Courts on charges of murder. We need to do better for our children.

I leave it up to all of us, Do we really think that children are flexible or should we as a community be doing more to help or do we need to continue with the “mind my own business” theory that has ran the way of thinking for generations? The other thought that I will leave everyone with is,”How can we acknowledge that neglect, abuse and battering is happening” as long as we deny that it happened to us?

Doesn’t the responsibile amongst us have an obligation to help those who won’t take responsibility, when it comes to child care or do we wait until government enters our living rooms and then gripe about government being there?

Doesn’t it ultimately, become the responsibility of all of us to have less rather than more government in our lives? It is amazing how many of us never do have to deal with government once we pay our fair share of taxes, live according to law, and only deal with government when we collect our earned pension, GI Benefits, or Social Security checks. It isn’t like government is breathing down the backs of those who give of their time and good fortune, show children our love and develop responsibility through example, while obeying the laws of our States and Nation.

Why are so many Conservatives and Tea Party members, today, so disgruntled over healthcare for those who most need it, housing and Agricultural food surpluses provided for the homeless and hungry, early childhood education that often does mean the difference between pass or fail in our children? Why do they profess family values while they attempt to eliminate the size of government that provides for these needs if they are living the same moral convictions that is common in all of the rest of us? Just something to ask ourselves.

Common sense should tell all of us: We do need to put the rules of common decency first for all of our children, if we are to eliminate me first and only as in selfishness, rudeness, crimes, and all other ills of Society before these same children grow up to become adults. Bringing more children into the World to be further mistreated is not the answer for anything other than for using birth-control, unless we are all willing to help those who are already here.

We see and hear every hour on the hour and every day of the week in conversations and on the news, where perhaps our children were not so forgiving and flexible after all, and it shows once they become adults.

When we can have so many great and positive results in children as we do,(Yes including in gay, loving, and single parent homes, where parents compromise). Isn’t it way past time we all maintain the same security for all of our children through better laws to safeguard them and those who fall through the holes?

Why don’t we demand that our elected officials take the fact that 1/3 of all children in America die from guns in the home, while one child dies of hunger or hunger related diseases every 5 minutes in America, and education is the way out of poverty through affordable cost, for the truth and facts that they represent?

Will we vote accordingly to protect our children? Will we ever accept total responsibility of all of us, as an obligation to the safety and well being of all children, if not in name then in concern; whoever they are and wherever they live? It begins with one person at a time until we hear the voices of justice rising from all of the adult population amongst us. Too many have relied too long on the belief, ” Children are Flexible.”

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